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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/21/03 21:45 Phoenix AZ Other 2-5 seconds bright diamond object over south Phoenix 4/22/03
4/21/03 16:00 Lincoln (UK/England)
Unknown 15 minutes Small black object seen over a common. 4/22/03
4/20/03 23:43 College Station TX Chevron 7-10 seconds object having a V chevron shape moved rapidly below cloud cover S-N then turned east and vanished no sound. 4/22/03
4/20/03 21:00 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Unknown 1 -2 min unidentified craft seen accelerating to masive speeds then instantly change direction. 4/22/03
4/20/03 02:10 Yorktown IN Formation ~5 seconds Formation of lights appeared in the sky, dashed away to the horizon. 4/22/03
4/20/03 02:00 Gallup NM Light 3:00 minutes SW view. Very sharp, fast flashing red light. Very similar to what I thought was an airplane. Light was traveling SW at a slow pace. S 4/22/03
4/20/03 01:00 San Diego CA Fireball 8 Min. Outlined below is information regarding an early morning Sunday, April 20, 2003 sighting.

LOCATION: North Park/San Diego area.
4/19/03 00:30 Anchorage AK Light 15 seconds "Stars" moving together over Anchorage 4/22/03
4/18/03 19:30 Royal AR Disk 10 minutes We were taking pictures just before dark on a lake.We did not see objects until we downloaded pictures on our computer. 4/22/03
4/17/03 20:05 Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Light 03 The ufo which amused in good thursday. 4/22/03
4/16/03 21:00 Plattsburgh NY Circle 1 min It6 moved at a high rate of speed from northwest to southeast leaving no trail and showing no indication of being a manmade aircraft. 4/22/03
4/16/03 20:30 Clay City KY Circle
Bright light and round and it dispeared into the clouds. I looked and looked for it, for a long time and it isn't crazy okay but i thin 4/22/03
4/16/03 00:00 Cement City MI Triangle 5 minutes i saw a triangular shaped craft with lights at each angle then flew away. 4/22/03
4/15/03 22:50 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
Egg 1 minute Object enters with flash of light and explosion,flys, hovers,exits with bang & disappears, 3 sitings same location. 4/22/03
4/15/03 20:00 Miramar Beach FL Fireball 30 The light lasted for approximately 30 minutes. 4/22/03
4/15/03 04:55 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown Less than 1 minute Lout jet noise heard in Toronto - but no jet. 4/22/03
4/14/03 23:20 Houston (Canada) BC Light 5 to 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Single red light low over China Nose Mountain 4/22/03
4/14/03 16:00 Cedar Rapids IA Oval 3 min Formation of five shiny metallic ovals 4/22/03
4/13/03 22:00 New York City NY Light 2 minutes brownish lights forming triangle shape 4/22/03
4/13/03 21:40 Meriwether County (rural) GA Other 15 to 25 seconds Last Sunday, April 13, '03, my husband, his brother and I made a trip from Greenville, Ga. to Albany, Ga. to visit my husband's sister. 4/22/03
4/13/03 21:15 Meriwether County (rural) GA Cylinder 15-30 seconds Last Sunday, 4-13-03, my brother, my wife and I were coming home from a day's visit to my sister in Albany Ga. We were appx ten miles f 4/22/03
4/13/03 21:15 Meriwether County (Greenville) GA Other 15 - 25 secs A hoard of bright red strobbing and some laser-like lights manifested inside my automobile, while I was driving. 4/22/03
4/12/03 23:06 Eau Claire WI Formation 30 seconds 3 lights flying west to east 4 to 5 times airline speed maneuvered as if one or on same wave length. 4/22/03
4/12/03 22:05 Monterey CA Circle 10 seconds Circular blue object traveling east to west over Central California Coast. 4/22/03
4/12/03 20:30 Pensacola FL Light 1 minute I thought it may be a satellite, but now I don't know because of the way the light it emitted just simply turned off. 4/22/03
4/12/03 16:40 Plantsville CT Disk 2 minutes Small metallic saucer spotted over I-84 near Plantsville, CT. 4/22/03
4/12/03 15:30 Muskegon MI Circle 2 MINUTES 04/12/2003 3:30PM CIRCULAR OBJECT VERY HIGH IN THE SKY 4/22/03
4/12/03 13:45 Portageville MO Disk 5 minutes Disk over MO bootheel 4/22/03
4/11/03 22:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx; 2 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Noticed to very bright lights. 4/22/03
4/11/03 22:15 Hazel KY Changing 30 minutes morphing object emitting pulsating lights 4/22/03
4/11/03 20:31 Apopka FL Cigar 8:00-8:30 On April 11th at 8:31 .We saw a cigar shaped U.F.O,with non-flashing red color light and flashing white lights.First the U.F.O hovered 4/22/03
4/11/03 20:10 Fresno CA Formation 20 minutes Triangular light pattern over Fresno CA 4/22/03
4/11/03 20:00 Houston (Canada) BC Light 10 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: lights were, yellow, blue and red and zipping around. 4/22/03
4/11/03 15:40 Stockholm (Sweden)
Disk 40-60 seconds Me and my girlfriend saw a disc hovering over housing area in Stockholm, got about 3 sec on film. 4/22/03
4/11/03 15:00 Charlotte NC Egg 30-45 secs Brief sighting of Egg/Orb heading North to South 4/22/03
4/11/03 09:30 Los Realejos (Tenerife Island/Spain)
Oval 00:00:20 a oval craft moved in oposite direction´s with no lights and no noise. 4/22/03
4/11/03 02:00 Norwich (UK/England)
Unknown 40 seconds the object directed us into the road, and hovered from left to right and then completly disappeard 4/22/03
4/11/03 01:55 Magna UT Unknown seconds A streak of smoke just appearing from over the Oaker Mountains. 4/22/03
4/10/03 23:15 Pensacola FL Chevron 30 sec Chevron shaped lights slowly moving south to north. 4/22/03
4/10/03 22:30 Milford MI Light 15 minutes we could not detect any "object" only the EXTREMELY bright color changing lights- seemed to be spinning-it was not a helicopter or plan 4/22/03
4/10/03 19:17 Corona CA Disk 1min.40sec single bright saucer shaped object slowing propelling forward, with the front tilted downward 4/22/03
4/10/03 17:35 St. Albans (UK/England)
Other 3 to 5 mins black figure eight object shimmering moving side to side at slow pace at 150ft 4/22/03
4/10/03 12:10 Yaphank NY Other 10 seconds White Blob Hovering over Minumum Security Facility 4/22/03
4/9/03 22:00 Howe IN Circle
looked like a star from the ground but when seen through binoculors and video camera it was round displayed different colors ,such as a 4/22/03
4/9/03 03:30 Millville MN Oval 1/2 minute star shaped moving south to west in straight, and up and down direction flashing and growing to return to star like self 4/22/03
4/8/03 23:30 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Other 1hr it was hovering and rotating 4/22/03
4/8/03 22:51 Uppsala (Sweden)

Unknown light shown over Uppsala, Sweden witnessed by many people 4/22/03
4/8/03 21:50 Gold Bar WA Cigar 10 seconds Three bright lights observed hovering over Skykomish River in Gold Bar, WA 4/22/03
4/8/03 12:05 Tempe AZ Cylinder 1 minute or so Noontime sighting on a sunny, cloudless day of a long, brightly glaring craft that disappears from view. 4/22/03
4/8/03 01:30 Dubuque (County Highway 151) IA Light 5 seconds a very bright gold-bronze light appeared in front of my car and passed through and around the right side of the car. 4/22/03
4/7/03 22:47 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle a couple of seconds I'm bewildered. I don't have a clue as to what i've just seen it make no logical sense! 4/22/03
4/7/03 14:30 Franklin TN Disk 7 Seconds My family and I were driving home from a grocery store when I saw an U.F.O. out the side window. 4/22/03
4/6/03 23:59 Saint James MN Formation at least 30 minutes I saw a cluster (7 min.) of tiny lights stationery in the sky like stars with shimmering lights for at least a half hour. 4/22/03
4/6/03 23:35 Kabul (Afghanistan)
Cigar 30 seconds we heard this strange beeping sound then we saw it a cigar shaped object which just hovered there for about 20 seconds and then another 4/22/03
4/6/03 23:30 Studio City CA Chevron 30 seconds Stately progress of 25 or so round white lights in a chevron formation 4/22/03
4/6/03 23:00 Langdon (Canada) AB Disk About 5 minutes Sky lit up red when it disapeared. 4/22/03
4/6/03 16:50 Phoenix AZ Sphere 35 mins object moved at various speeds, stopping at times and then changed direction almost at a 90 degree angle the appeared to go up and dis 4/22/03
4/6/03 03:05 Isle of Palms SC Changing 4 min. triangular shaped craft moves to join huge circular formation 4/22/03
4/5/03 19:00 Fresno CA Chevron 3min Boomarang object with lights floating across the night sky. 4/22/03
4/5/03 18:12 Eureka CA Disk APPROX 30 MIN I was sitting in my bedroom listening to my shortwave radio when the neighbors started yelling for me to get outside.I forget the exact 4/22/03
4/5/03 15:15 In-flight (Texas) TX Cigar 3 MIN I Saw this today! i was on a flight from LA to Nashville tn. around 3:15 central Time NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE!! 4/22/03
4/5/03 12:15 Los Alamos CA Cigar 1 minute I witnessed a cigar-shaped object being pursued by two F-16's in the skies over Los Alamos, CA. 4/22/03
4/5/03 10:30 Bedford TX Unknown 2.5 minutes burning object came down changing trajectory as it crashed unknown type/origin. 4/22/03
4/4/03 23:38 Coral Springs FL Triangle 60 seconds we saw a dark figure outside the window. at first we thought it was a man. A naked man in the middle of the road. but after about half 4/22/03
4/4/03 22:00 Concord CA Circle 10 min. its color was bright orange and it was round It moved slow and would stop and hover then it started dropping things 4/22/03
4/4/03 21:30 Concord CA Fireball 3-5 minutes firball craft in sky over concord california 4/22/03
4/4/03 20:00 London (just west of) (Canada) ON Sphere 5-10 seconds A blue sphere crashes towards the earth, illuminating the sky in a glowing blue light. 4/22/03
4/4/03 18:35 Aloha OR Sphere 2 seconds Large sphere entering clouds at high rate of speed. 4/22/03
4/4/03 14:00 White Bear Lake MN Disk 10min I watched this on live t.v on cnn,fox news,msnbc.It was durning the war coverage.They were showing the live feed from baghdad.Shots wer 4/22/03
4/4/03 06:00 Jacksonville FL Circle 20 seconds or less The objects appeared in the photo, after I "took away" the darkness of the sky. 4/22/03
4/3/03 22:55 Terrace (Canada) BC Cross approx: 9 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Flying cross with panels of lights on the underside. 4/22/03
4/3/03 22:30 Lake Jackson/Brazoria/Richwd TX Circle 3 seconds Green fireball fell from sky near Richwood, Texas in the vicinity northeast of FM2004 and north of Hwy 288 4/22/03
4/3/03 00:46 Portland MA Triangle 5 minutes I was driving on a road in a wooded area just outside of Portland Maine with my girlfriend, when we both observed strange and unusual l 4/22/03
4/2/03 21:45 Carlisle PA Triangle 45 second triangular Shaped craft light in each corner seen on 4/2/03 Carlisle PA time 2145 4/22/03
4/2/03 07:53 Blairs VA Disk
3 Curves in it it was not round!! 4/22/03
4/2/03 06:00 Quezon City (Philippines)
Disk 5mins. i was walking in our newly bought land at the province when suddenly i caughta glimpse at a mysterious saucer-like object in the sky. a 4/22/03
4/2/03 05:15 Wapakoneta OH Light 2-3 minutes bright light moving through the sky, then rapidly faded away. 4/22/03
4/1/03 05:10 Wapakoneta OH Light 1-2 minutes At work, approx 5:00am (still dark out) I was smoking a cigarette outback with a co-worker when I saw a large bright circular light mov 4/22/03
4/1/03 02:00 Holden MA Rectangle 5 minutes The vehicle looked like a "flying car" with three large bright headlights flew slowly without sound and at tree top level. 4/22/03
3/31/03 21:00 Menstrie (near Stirling) (UK/Scotland)
Crash Rocks Little Menstrie 4/22/03
3/31/03 14:00 Tucson AZ Circle 4 minutes Two spherical ufos seen in Tucson skies from 2:00 to 2:04 in the afternoon, approximately 45 degrees altitude, above the mountains, nor 4/22/03
3/31/03 14:00 Tucson AZ Circle 4 minutes Two white spheres suddenly appear in clear , NE Tucson skies in daylight , moving eastward, disappearing after 4 min. 4/22/03
3/30/03 22:30 Loanhead (near Edinburgh) (UK/Scotland)
Cone 20secs large distant bright pink cone shaped object 4/22/03
3/30/03 21:05 New Brighton (UK/England)
Light 5 min white starlike object travelling at speed west to east no sound 4/22/03
3/30/03 21:00 Burbank CA Fireball 10 minutes UFO over Burbank is just a clear bag with 4 burners 4/22/03
3/30/03 20:30 Stanwood WA Triangle 3minets very big the size of an aircraft carrier going north to south very slow . 4/22/03
3/29/03 23:22 North Royalton OH Triangle 3 min Me and my friend were in our jacuzi at my house. The lights on our jacuzi change color every 2 or 3 seconds. We saw a light very far 4/22/03
3/29/03 22:30 Iliamna AK Cylinder 30 seconds it was green and fast and move at the speed of sound. 4/22/03
3/29/03 21:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Cross 10 min. The ship moved at a speed that we both have never seem before. 4/22/03
3/29/03 20:30 Sunrise FL Light 7-10 minutes bright star-like objects that changes colors and brightness 4/22/03
3/29/03 11:00 Skjaldbreid (Iceland)
Egg picture Skjaldbreid Iceland 4/22/03
3/29/03 05:35 Albuquerque NM Light 15+ min. still happening Small white light slowely gaining altatude over Albuquerque Morning sky! 4/22/03
3/29/03 02:40 Cornwall (Canada) ON Circle 5 minutes Yeah,contact me at (613) ((number deleted)) 4/22/03
3/29/03 02:00 Iriga City (Philippines)
Cigar sightings somewhere in the mountain of mt. asog of iriga city, philippines we have seen a strange cigar-shaped object flying in the sky just abov 4/22/03
3/28/03 23:59 Capac MI Light a couple of minutes I woke up to take pain reliever at midnight, turned on the tv and sat on the livingroom couch facing the window on my front porch. I th 4/22/03
3/28/03 23:15 Seaside FL Changing 5 minutes It was dark outside and I was looking in the sky then this object started to flash off and on and more started to appear 4/22/03
3/28/03 20:20 Cape Town (South Africa)
Light 20/30 seconds Star like object, 45o on the horizon, grew from dot like dimensions to roughly twice the size of planet Jupiter at its brighest. It the 4/22/03
3/27/03 17:45 Winchester VA Cone 10 seconds Extremely shiny metalic-looking cone-shaped object flying 200 feet above trees at about 400-500 mph 4/22/03
3/27/03 01:00 Manistique MI Teardrop 5 seconds Distinct teardrop light over Lake Michigan. (red&green) ((NUFORC Note: Probable meteor/asteroid entering atmosphere. PD)) 4/22/03
3/26/03 20:00 San Jose CA
5 seconds Possible alien encounter. Not UFO, actual alien... 4/22/03
3/26/03 14:00 Carlsbad CA Triangle 30 seconds Wobbling silver craft seen in Carlsbad, CA with bright light in broad daylight. 4/22/03
3/25/03 20:55 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Triangle 4 sec Huge black triangle travels quickly 4/22/03
3/24/03 16:00 Mt. Morris NY Oval 16:20 it was an oval shaped ship in the sky, with red lights all around it. there was a oval dome on the top of it. it stayed in the sky for 4/22/03
3/23/03 19:40 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx: 8 to 9 sec. A Terrace B.C. resident reports - it went immediately 2 times very bright before speeding up again and continuing towards the NW. The 4/22/03
3/23/03 11:59 Windsor NY Changing aprox 7 minutes Kept changing shape. Started as 2 after circuling a military jet. I have pictures of the jet as well as the 2 round then cigar shaped t 4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50 Morton WA Changing 3 seconds An electric blue pulsating sphere held its position at high noon to observe our car and then did a spastic series of turns and flew off 4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50 Morton WA Changing 3 seconds 2 witness UFO sighting on highway 12, just west of Morton, WA... felt observed... light which emitted fog or smoke... 4/22/03
3/23/03 02:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Light very fast HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I was wondering if there was any UFO sightings in MR'03 in the Terrace area. 4/22/03
3/22/03 22:00 Gainesville FL Oval 15 seconds UFO in the sky of University of Florida 4/22/03
3/20/03 22:30 Montverde FL Oval I stayed out there for 30 Object in sky over Clermont, FL 4/22/03
3/19/03 04:15 McKenzie (Canada) BC Light approx: 3 to 4 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright flash of white light. 4/22/03
3/16/03 19:30 Edmonds WA Triangle 30 seconds Follow-up on triangle sighting. 4/22/03
3/15/03 18:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Light
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: bright light glowing object moving around 4/22/03
3/14/03 00:30 Manchster CT Fireball 1hour + Looked like a star but moved in all diffrent directions in the clear night sky. 4/22/03
3/13/03 23:00 Panama City FL Chevron 10-15 seconds Three boomerang shaped objects hover the ocean. 4/22/03
3/10/03 23:30 Sipoo (Finland)
Unknown 10 minutes Unnaturally bright light coming from an old, remote dense forest in the middle of a night. 4/22/03
3/8/03 20:15 Greenbelt area MD Chevron See account. Totally Silent 'Flying Wing' Seen Twice Within D.C. Beltway, March 8, 2003 4/22/03
3/7/03 22:00 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx: 7 sec. A " yellow-golden " ball flew close the ground 4/22/03
3/7/03 01:45 Bristol (UK/England)
Light 03hrs l saw a flash in the night sky 4/22/03
3/7/03 Terrace (Canada) BC Triangle
30 + witnesses watch two black triangles 4/22/03
3/3/03 11:00 Bethel CT Egg 3 Hours We left our school early that day, and then went bike riding in Huntington Park. We stopped for a picnic, and saw some craft flying by. 4/22/03
2/19/03 03:00 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC Sphere approx: 30 sec. glowing sphere, red and orange-ish at low level 4/22/03
2/15/03 16:00 Buffalo NY Other 10 seconds Half a Yellow Blimp 4/22/03
2/15/03 14:00 Huntington (near) WV Cigar 4 minutes cigar-shaped ufo spotted . 4/22/03
2/15/03 03:45 Bendigo (Australia)
Light 10 seconds A Bright star-like light moved in an arc across the sky and grew fainter as I watched. Duration 5-10 seconds 4/22/03
2/8/03 02:03 Highland IL Triangle 2 minuters triangle passes by in the sky 4/22/03
2/4/03 22:30 Playa del Cura (Grand Canaria Island)
Light 30 minutes approx Two bright reddish lights appearing horizontally in the night sky off the coast of Gran Canaria repaced 2 or 3 times by similar objects 4/22/03
2/1/03 11:00 N./A TX Other 1/2 SECOND "Roswell Rod" checks out the Columbia as it breaks up. 4/22/03
1/31/03 05:45 Summit Point WV Other approx 90 minutes The object was conical, changing colors and hung motionless in the sky. 4/22/03
1/15/03 02:00 Taos NM Unknown 30 min it was about 2:00 am. and i could not sleep so i went outside to the porch for some air. i was looking up at the sky when i noticed two 4/22/03
1/1/03 19:30 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Rectangle approx: 6 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Rectangular shaped object. 4/22/03
12/1/02 21:00 Renton/Seattle WA Light 7 minutes Two objects flying at a great speed with ability to instantly alternate flying directions. 4/22/03
11/15/02 19:30 Maidsville WV Triangle
it was over my car. 4/22/03
11/1/02 22:00 Urbach (Germany)
Ich habe zwei orangene Ufos gesehen, die aussahen, wie eine fliegende Untertasse. 4/22/03
11/1/02 03:34 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Triangle 10 min the triangle shot across the sky with a huge roaring sound 4/22/03
10/15/02 04:30 Cadillac MI Fireball 2 mins softball size fire ball in sky 4/22/03
10/1/02 16:00 Grants NM Fireball 3 to 10 seconds In October 2002, I was driving east on Interestate 40 (close to mile marker 100), when I saw a greenish "comet-like" shape movng very 4/22/03
8/13/02 18:30 Laplata MD Fireball 10 seconds It was a glowing ball that shot across the sky and left a trail of light behind it moving very fast. 4/22/03
7/15/02 22:00 Pittsfield ME Unknown 10 min. the one thing we will never foreget was that there was no noise just a pulsing vibration in the air......?? 4/22/03
7/10/02 01:00 UK/England
Circle 20 seconds triangular shape object 4/22/03
6/25/02 18:35 Washington County WV Circle 2 Minutes A circle light in the Sky 4/22/03
6/23/02 03:00 Luton (UK/England)
Unknown 3.00 mins ball rise out of the trees and hoverd then change to a disk it then strobed black and blue makeing it look like a bird hover from a dis 4/22/03
6/15/02 22:30 Coral Springs FL Light 45 seconds there was only one bright light in the night sky. it hovered side to side in the distance, east to west. but it moved across the sky in 4/22/03
5/15/02 20:30 Walnut Creek CA Light 3 Min. One orb, followed by a jet, followed, in turn, by another orb. I am not certain exactly when this happened. 4/22/03
5/7/02 20:55 Albany CA Chevron 30-45 seconds Silent chevron shaped craft flying low over Northern California 4/22/03
4/17/02 Australia
Cone 2 6 humming cone objects 4/22/03
1/10/02 12:30 100 Mile (Canada) BC Disk hour it had came as close 50 metres from the house. 4/22/03
8/16/01 22:00 Abersoch (UK/Wales)
Oval 10 minutes I was in Wales on holiday, lying on the grass watching the stars with my friend, and i happened to see this orange bright oval shape re 4/22/03
7/28/01 16:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB

Rod, Bird or Possible Bug ??? 4/22/03
7/15/01 22:45 Ashford (UK/England)
Rectangle 1 min fast moving, rectangular, smooth, silent bright object. 4/22/03
6/6/01 14:00 Waianae HI Sphere 10 seconds we saw this in broad daylight, and the sky was perfectly clear. 4/22/03
6/5/01 10:37 Hokitika (New Zealand)
it was red and and rhe size of a truck it just hoverd in the sky then ther was a flash of light and it was gone 4/22/03
2/5/01 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Light 2-5min Lights over Scottsdale early Feburary of 2001. 4/22/03
1/10/01 15:00 Berlin MA Disk 20 min I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what I saw was not manufactured by a human being. 4/22/03
12/29/00 Austin TX Formation
Three lights in triangular formation. One craft or three I could not tell. 4/22/03
12/16/00 22:30 Johannesburg (near) (South Africa)
Triangle 4-5 min. Triangular craft in South African skies. 4/22/03
12/13/00 20:40 Cleveland TN Triangle 3 minutes i was coming home from church ,on a country road iseen a v shaped ufo flying from the right, it flue over me and landed in a w 4/22/03
9/15/00 06:15 Merritt Island FL Triangle two min i was sitting in the north bound turn lane on a red lite on rt 3 to go west on 528.and looked north north east just north of sea ray an 4/22/03
8/18/00 20:00 Prairie Grove AR Cigar 30 Seconds Strange white cigar shaped light in the sky, observed for 30 seconds. 4/22/03
7/8/00 15:22 North San Francisco CA Disk 3 or 4 minutes 2 aircraft circilling each other 4/22/03
6/15/00 Kayseri (Turkey)
in summer at 8 clock morning there is no cloud it is very clearly day ı m looking for sun is setup i see a flying object coming t 4/22/03
5/15/00 21:30 Ladson SC Other 10 minutes A formation of hundreds of pulsating white lights, moving slowly parallel to the road 4/22/03
10/11/99 18:00 Parry Sound (near) (Canada) ON Disk 6 seconds A silvery disk shaped object, flew over an aircraft, then disappeared. 4/22/03
8/2/99 14:00 Ontario (Canada) ON Fireball 10 seconds Fire in the sky 4/22/03
7/1/99 23:00 Xangrila (in Rio g Do Sul State) (Brazil)
Triangle 10 minuts b Before i report this sighting, i mustad some extra information , because i believe to be crucial from my experience, and sorry 4/22/03
6/1/99 19:00 Sylmar CA Rectangle 20 sec. I was driving north on the 14 freeway towards LA where the 405 the 5 & the 210 meet . I looked up into the horizion to see a rectangula 4/22/03
6/1/99 02:00 Rocky Hill CT Sphere 5 minutes Sphere shaped object traveled at right angles, and high speeds. 4/22/03
3/15/99 22:10 New York City (Bronx) NY Circle 4-5 minutes there it was two round circles gliding across the sky heading west toward manhattan college. 4/22/03
1/13/99 22:45 Edwardsville IL Other 1minute the object followed my cousins car for about 30 minutesthen my cosins car stopped and then it left with a bang. 4/22/03
12/23/98 22:00 Miami FL Circle 3 minutes Big round red pulsating, plasma like ball in S. FL heading west & disappearing from view 4/22/03
8/20/98 15:00 Oxnard CA Triangle 10 mins 4 triangular objects hovering in clear sky, almost invisible to the eye. 4/22/03
7/15/98 19:00 Aurora CO Unknown 4 sec 7/00/98 aprox aurora co looked like star 4-5 seconds object moved slowly westward 4/7/03 4/22/03
2/4/98 21:00 Whananaki (New Zealand)
Light 30 seconds 3 lights flying across the sky. 4/22/03
8/24/97 21:00 Elk River MN Triangle 1 minute it was three green lights in the shape of a tryangle and this took place at night, and these 3 lights flashed and then it moved to a d 4/22/03
8/15/97 21:00 Soulatge (near St. Paul) (France)
Oval 1,5 hours very large 5 miles away staying in the air and 1000 ft above ground 4/22/03
7/25/97 17:00 Phoenix AZ

saw news clip of what the USAF said were flares form a jet on a 5 pm newscast here in Bos. MA on 7/25. My wife said there was clearly 4/22/03
7/4/97 21:00 Hazel Park MI Disk walking the traveler 4/22/03
6/15/97 17:30 Salt Lake City UT Other 10 min I was taking a walk near an elementary school and decided to sit down. It was the evening, but the sky was still bright. I was looking 4/22/03
7/15/96 22:00 Sioux City IA Triangle 10 seconds Triangular shapes that only I could see. 4/22/03
6/10/96 01:00 Eddington ME Triangle 4 minutes Triangular shaped UFO with blue lights hovering above field off of Route 46 in Eddington, Maine. 4/22/03
5/26/96 21:20 Neodesha KS Unknown 2 min. We thought it was an airplane, then it zoomed away. 4/22/03
1/11/96 20:15 Snowflake AZ

Seattle UFO investigator relays report from her mother in Snowflake, AZ 4/22/03
8/7/94 22:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Oval several minutes i know what i saw 4/22/03
6/11/93 22:00 Kihei HI Oval 1 1/2 UFO and lights appear in sky in Maui Hawaii in '93. 4/22/03
8/1/91 22:00 Toledo OH Other 4-5 minutes track pattern of lights 4/22/03
8/16/90 19:38 Adana (Turkey)
Das war einem august nacht. Ich und mein bruder wier wolten eigentlich draussen gehen, bevor wir tür standen haben wir ca.6km entfernun 4/22/03
7/15/90 23:59 Thoiry (France)
Unknown 30 seconds zigzagging light traveling through space and traveling around stars 4/22/03
5/24/90 23:00 Eugene OR Light 3minutes three vertical red lights in the sky 4/22/03
11/11/89 05:30 Jamaica
Cylinder a few minutes A cylinder looking object, which travelled at great speed with fire reddish, blueish flames 4/22/03
8/7/88 15:30 Basking Ridge (near) NJ Chevron 30 seconds Daylight NJ i78 large chevron shaped craft 50 plus eye witnesses 4/22/03
6/15/88 01:00 Westfall/Matamoras PA Unknown 10 seconds? very large lights in a row. 4/22/03
7/20/87 23:59 Windsor MO Cigar 1 hour +/- April 16th, 2003 After the first few years of being on the receiving end of skeptical facial expressions as well as accusations of “ma 4/22/03
6/15/85 20:00 Rolla MO Circle 1 minute I went outside. As soon as I stepped ouside through the front door. I looked up and seen 3 different colored circles in a triangle form 4/22/03
4/15/85 22:00 Granville Summit (West Franklin) PA Disk 5-7 minutes Flat saucer like object rises out of a pond, turns on edge and disappears. 4/22/03
9/1/84 19:00 Pacific Beach CA Oval 30 mins Mystery craft scares Pacific Beach residents 4/22/03
8/2/83 23:00 Marieville (Canada) PQ Formation 5-6 seconds first in the evening I spotted a star which seems to turn off the light. I saw the same thing at north west before I saw the disks. N 4/22/03
4/15/83 21:00 Rincon (Puerto Rico) PR Circle 1 min Two bright object, one in pursuit of the other 4/22/03
12/1/78 01:30 Edison/Asbury Park NJ Other hours was follow by object in edison, abducted for 4 hrs. returned to asbury pk saw craft on ground and in sky changed my life. 4/22/03
5/2/78 21:00 Midway/Marion KY Other 15 min My friend and I seen this square ufo at my fluorspar mine, it was about 40+40+40ft. it did not have any lights on it, my lights reflect 4/22/03
10/25/77 19:30 Christmas Valley OR Formation 5 min Strange incident in 1977 4/22/03
7/15/77 21:45 Huntington Beach CA Rectangle 10 min. This was a rectangular object with a red and green pulsing lights there were two officers which apparently also saw this. 4/22/03
7/15/75 21:00 Smithland KY Triangle approx 10mins I noticed 5 amber light in the shape of a triangle moving from east to west. 4/22/03
9/5/74 21:00 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Triangle 2 Minutes Black triangle with a white light on each point, trails from back two points 4/22/03
6/15/74 21:00 Pensacola FL Sphere 1 minute a sphere shaped object hovered over us while on the beach. A police officer was heard reporting seeing something at the same time. 4/22/03
8/15/72 09:00 Roanoke VA Circle 2 minutes+ Children see hovering craft above house 4/22/03
7/15/72 20:00 Houston TX Light 2 Min I have seen three things in my lifetime that I am sure were not from this planet. The three things I saw were things in the sky that 4/22/03
8/5/69 19:00 North Haven CT Disk 20 mins UFO explosion and sighting 4/22/03
6/15/69 19:30 Alajuelita (San José) (Costa Rica)
Formation five hour June 69: I was student of secondary. Past the 7:00 PM with my family saw a triangular formation of some 6-8 objects that emitted light 4/22/03
10/15/66 20:00 Utica NY Triangle 3minutes i and a friend were coming home one cold fall evening outside of Hugh R. Jones Elem. School . There was a triangle of a red, green, whi 4/22/03
8/15/65 21:00 Beaverton OR Cigar @ 5 seconds This was when i was @6y/o, I lived at the end of a mile long dead end road in rual washington co.Oregon.Surronded by wheat fields and w 4/22/03
5/5/58 20:00 Palmer Park MD Sphere 15-20 min. I saw a white spherical light zig zaging across the sky leaving a plasma trail at unthinkable speed. 4/22/03
6/15/20 Musselshell County MT

Multiple sightings reported in rural Montana from the early 20th Century. 4/22/03