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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2003/06/18


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/18/03 00:24PortlandORUSALight12 secondsThis object coud not have been a jet and it was not a "shooting star".6/18/03
6/17/03 22:42WorlandWYUSALight15 secondsThe object was a dim point of light that grew to a brightness of twice what Venus would be and then disappeared & lasted ~ 15 seconds.6/18/03
6/17/03 13:30ArnoldMDUSAOther25 secondsStrange sounding looking shade6/18/03
6/16/03 23:30River FallsWIUSALighton goingmultiple lights seen moving in all directions.6/18/03
6/16/03 23:20FreedomWIUSAFireball20Communication with Lights in Wisconsin6/18/03
6/16/03 18:00DracutMAUSAOvalNot SureI took some pictures yesterday at my sons baseball game, and I was looking at the pictures today and I noticed the image. I will email6/18/03
6/15/03 23:20New Jersey highwayNJUSAOval3 to 4 secondsDull green oval crossed the skyline6/18/03
6/15/03 22:49South Easton (seen from)MAUSALightthe time it took me to quA round bright white light flying quickly perfectly straight across the sky from left to right then disappeared with no smoke.6/18/03
6/15/03 22:25WaxahachieTXUSACircle3-4 secondsSunday night, 6/15/03, Waxahachie. Moving south to north6/18/03
6/15/03 21:30ManchesterTNUSATriangle3 minsslow erie green craft6/18/03
6/15/03 16:10Cambridge (UK/England)United KingdomOther5minsAlmost an Abduction6/18/03
6/15/03 16:00CarthageMSUSAEgg25 minutessaw something weird on the 15th6/18/03
6/15/03 00:17CreswellORUSAOther10-15 mini could tell you this: IT WAS NOT AN AIRPLANE!6/18/03
6/14/03 22:00Key LargoFLUSASphere10where did the jet go6/18/03
6/14/03 17:20Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaFireball5minvery bright light 25deg above horizon, near sunset. caught the attention of other motorist - suddenly vanished6/18/03
6/13/03 23:30Daytona BeachFLUSAUnknownapprox 1 min3 stationary, orange, rectangular lights evenly spaced due east off the fl coast.6/18/03
6/13/03 23:15LargoFLUSAOthera few seconds3 large white star shaped objects6/18/03
6/13/03 23:00SpringfieldTNUSASphere30 secondsWinesssed Glowing white/blue neon sphere and aliens in field while camping with my buddy.6/18/03
6/13/03 22:00High PointNCUSASphere1 minuteA round black object moving horizontal to ground. It made no sound and had no lights6/18/03
6/13/03 10:00Sugar LandTXUSAOther5 minutesStrange red glow in the sky6/18/03
6/13/03 08:00OxnardCAUSALight10Min2 UFO's flew in the sky6/18/03
6/13/03 00:18BirminghamALUSADisk7 minutesMe and a friend were walking on the quad at Samford University when we noticed a saucer-like object hovering aprox. 1/4 of a mile above6/18/03
6/12/03 23:15South ParkPAUSAUnknown5 hoursSustained enveloping noise culminating with a menacing 'voice'6/18/03
6/12/03 22:10LouisaKYUSACircle30 secondsyellowish orange circular shaped light traveled across the sky --briefly changed to a bright white light6/18/03
6/12/03 17:30CamarilloCAUSATriangle5 minutesChevron shaped black object flying low ans slow with no sound and appeard to have been pursued by 3 navy planes.6/18/03
6/11/03 13:40Canberra (Australia)AustraliaChanging1 minuteA big triangle kept on changing colors and dissapering near my school, it lasted at least 1 minute6/18/03
6/10/03 23:20TrentonNJUSALight15 to 20 secondsseven points of light moving together in the same direction a great speed. There paths criss-crossed6/18/03
6/10/03 22:30SpringfieldILUSASphere3-4 minutes4 foot being produces "orb" of bright light and disappears.6/18/03
6/10/03 03:15Signal MtnTNUSAFormationabout 5 minI was out in my drive way about 3;15 AM as I could not sleep. It was clear and the stars were brite. looking toward the southwest I saw6/18/03
6/9/03 22:47PhoenixAZUSALight10 minThree lit objects moving about on I-10 in Phoenix, AZ6/18/03
6/9/03 22:32PuyallupWAUSAFireball30-60 secondsIt gave of light like a search light but was red and falling from the sky with smoke behind it6/18/03
6/9/03 19:30AvondaleAZUSASphere3 minutesStrange zig-zagging object traveling from S.W. to N.E.6/18/03
6/9/03 13:00Thompson Bay (Long Island) (Bahamas)BahamasDisk10secsSaucer shaped object hovered and descended to nearby bushes. 10 second duration6/18/03
6/9/03 03:00OgallalaNEUSAFormation10minThree objects traveling in formation at approx.3:30am6/18/03
6/9/03 00:31Bridgend (7 miles outside Cardiff) (UK/Wales)United KingdomCircle8 minsStrange object in Bridgend, Nr Cardiff6/18/03
6/8/03 23:00Kansas CityMOUSATriangle15 minbrite triangular shaped object hovering over hiway 435 in Missouri6/18/03
6/8/03 22:00OakleyCAUSALight5 minutes2 lights merge, then disappear.6/18/03
6/8/03 21:00Samos (Greece)GreeceRectangle30 secondsBright stationary object started upward movement in fast sharp ZIG-ZAG, chaged color to red and vanished.6/18/03
6/8/03 01:00WoodinvilleWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBlack helicopters and a strange hum!?6/18/03
6/8/03 00:15ClintonNJUSADisk30 secondsDisk shaped craft seen hovering over Round Valley Resovoir in Clinton, NJ6/18/03
6/7/03 02:00Lake OswegoORUSAOval5 secondsOregon UFO Review Case: Football shaped UFO with purple glow and lights seen from inside tent during camping.6/18/03
6/7/03 01:00Universal CityCAUSATriangle30 sec.Two triangle shaped objects with lights on each end.6/18/03
6/6/03 23:30MadisonWIUSACirclefew minutesI drive a cement truck. While on site job, I an a few othe people sited an object in the skiy. It was between 11:00 and 12;OO A. M. It6/18/03
6/1/03 13:00Simi ValleyCAUSADiskSimi Youth Baseball gameA disc-like object flew over us, manuevered in the sky for a minute, then flew away and disappeared from site6/18/03
5/29/03 08:36New York City (Manhattan)NYUSASphere2 minutesSilverly helium balloon-like object6/18/03
5/27/03 22:10PhoenixAZUSACigar10 minutesWhat was that cigar shaped object ?6/18/03
5/26/03 16:45Fort WorthTXUSADisk?It was pink then white then it was goone.6/18/03
5/13/03 10:15Tampa BayFLUSADisk5 secThe craft surpriseingly flew close to poulated area.6/18/03
4/19/03 16:00LafayetteKYUSASphere30 sec.Fast moving Metallic Sphere - movements were impossible for balloon of aircraft to execute.6/18/03
4/12/03 04:00Oak ParkCAUSALightminutesSighting of white foggy illumination on ground6/18/03
1/4/03 22:00Northampton (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2 secondsvery strange! looked out window, saw vey fast object totaly silent go across the sky. same night as eathquake in England.6/18/03
12/28/02 01:52Wellington (New Zealand)New ZealandDiskit had bright lights and then it diserpered6/18/03
12/26/02 23:00??OKUSALightfew secondswhite light makes a 90 degree right turn and vanishes6/18/03
8/15/02 20:30Fawn GrovePAUSALight15-20 minutesA pulsating light followed my movements as i walked it moved as i stopped it stopped.6/18/03
7/27/02 14:00WilmingtonCAUSARectangle2 -3 min.Two Billboard Crafts fly over yard party moments apart then turning and riseing out of site over LAX air space6/18/03
4/14/02 20:40Tweeds Head (Australia)AustraliaI have already sent this report in but I for got to say if you want to you can e-mail me at NUFORC Home Pa6/18/03
4/1/02 23:00Lincoln CountyNMUSALight45 min.More details on the New Mexico Light Shows6/18/03
11/10/01 15:00ArvadaCOUSAOval30 seconds or soDaylight disc , Jeffco Colorado , 20016/18/03
10/4/01 05:00Altus (sw of)OKUSALight20 sectwo lights one revolved around the other, and emitted a blue flairlike object.6/18/03
8/7/01 04:00Aveiro (Portugal)PortugalOther30 minutesA very large bowl-shaped UFO seen near a beach, with a blue light rouding it and making a humming noise...6/18/03
6/15/01 23:00North PlainsORUSATriangle1 minuteBig, black, silent,3 lights at each corner,triangle,wider then a 4 lane free way.6/18/03
9/14/00 21:00HomewoodALUSAEgg5-8 or egg shaped silver ufo floated over mountain crest in alabama.6/18/03
1/2/00 23:00NVUSATriangle30 secondstriange shaped craft with three bright lights came within ten yards of our car on hwy in Nevada6/18/03
9/10/99 12:35ModestoCAUSAFormation15 secondsThree luminous disks trail a jetliner6/18/03
8/15/99 21:00FayettevilleNCUSALightabout 10 minutesBright blinking light makes high speed "C" shaped manuver.6/18/03
4/5/99 15:00HuntsvilleALUSACigar15 minwife an I were driving that afternoon ,when we first saw it it was standing on its end.lost site of it while we made a curve an went pa6/18/03
7/12/98 21:30Cairo (Egypt)EgyptDisk4 secIt was night and I was sitting alone in the balcony. The in the north, something apeared suddenly from space but it was at least 1 km a6/18/03
7/15/97 22:00FayettevilleNCUSATriangle45 minutesTriangular craft followed on foot, and gray at my window. Seperate and presumably unrelated experiences6/18/03
6/1/97 21:00Southern California Operations AreaCAUSATriangle20 minsUFO Sighting on aboard Naval Ship while at sea6/18/03
8/13/96 16:45Texas (in the air over)TXUSASphere7 minutesUnknown Sphere Seen Over Texas6/18/03
7/15/96 21:00AmarilloTXUSAOther2-3hoursKnowledge for a perpetual energy device,and how to create a gravity wave for anti-gravity perpulsion. FREE- ASK6/18/03
5/6/96 20:00New York CityNYUSALight2 hrsWe were followed by 4 dancing lights for over 70 miles6/18/03
8/15/95 21:30BrunswickMEUSAOther30 secthree fire orange colored lights circling a fourth light6/18/03
1/30/95 06:35ElbridgeNYUSAOther3-4 minutescopper colored-top shaped UFO sighted in elbridge,ny6/18/03
10/14/94 20:30CornersvilleTNUSACircle5 to 20 minutesBright, round, white light flies over Coleman RD at night. 4 people saw that I know of. It was moving slow.6/18/03
7/1/93 01:30HughsonCAUSARectangle40min.Orange beams of light6/18/03
6/1/93 19:00MustangOKUSACylinderan hour?A plane like object without wings, with lots of windoows emitting light...I can't tell much more because I remember nothing after that.6/18/03
4/14/93 21:00CrestonNCUSASphere5 MinutesShere shaped object with brilliant bright lights6/18/03
6/15/92 22:00Las VegasNVUSALight30 secondsGreen light moving north at speed through east side of las vegas.6/18/03
6/1/91 02:00YumaAZUSADisk7 hours/uncertainLoss of hours while driving to Yuma, Az6/18/03
10/31/90 18:30FriendshipMDUSADisk30seconds to 1 minuteI saw a saucer shaped, somewhat transparent object moving through the air very slowly about 200 feet from my house for about 1 minute.6/18/03
10/15/90 23:00AustinTXUSAOther4 minsUFO seen over Austin's Robert Muller Airport6/18/03
7/13/90 22:00StoningtonCTUSATriangle2 minTringular object hovering silouhetted against bright starlit night. Country road where absolute dark was at the time (norm) 2 mile dirt6/18/03
6/1/90 02:30LevitownNYUSADiamond5 mini noticed a bright red diamond shape object going over my car,that looked like it was taking off6/18/03
7/10/89 23:00MansfieldOHUSALight15 minutesBall of light enters van twice and dissolves through door and occupants experience missing time.6/18/03
11/14/88 22:30SweetwaterTXUSAChanging30 minWe know we weren't the only ones to see it, but there was never any media reports about it.6/18/03
11/15/86 21:00SavannahGAUSALight3 to 5 minutesI saw a "star" that moved about in a very strange, rapid manner the night sky over Savannah, Georgia late in 19866/18/03
10/14/86 20:30San JoseCAUSALight2 minutesRed, green and gold light amazes multiple witnesses over Santa Clara Valley6/18/03
10/20/85 19:00MoorestownNJUSAOval5-10 minutesIt was a very large oval shaped object/saucer shaped object making no noise and multiple lights, some on and some off.6/18/03
9/20/85 16:00Coconut CreekFLUSADisk4 minutesTwo ships, 500 feet away, over Tradewinds Park and as large as 2 to 3 football fields each6/18/03
7/7/85 23:30Yosemite Forest (Yosemite Valley)CAUSAEgg2 hoursClose Encounter With Aliens and a UFO6/18/03
6/1/80 21:00GrayGAUSAOther10 secondslow hovering large flat object with very loud roaring sound.6/18/03
4/18/80 23:59MiddletownOHUSASphere3-4 min.Red ball of light turns white then red and floats away into the sky,very close to it,only about 25 ' up6/18/03
6/15/78 20:00MancelonaMIUSADisk10 minutesThe craft hummed loudly, was saucer shaped and had lights that were rotating around the edge.6/18/03
6/15/77 19:00Arlington HeightsILUSADisk20 minMy Father, sister and my self saw a disc shaped craft, it looked like a classic "Bell" shaped saucer over Arlington Hts and rolling Mea6/18/03
5/28/77 00:00MeridianIDUSADisk20 minutesIt passed over our house and the other houses dead center of them at such a slow speed, I couldn`t figure how it could stay in the air,6/18/03
6/1/76 23:00Rutherfordton/Outer GilkeyNCUSAUnknown1 minuteit was a mass of blue light that kept us from moving6/18/03
6/1/76 18:00BarbertonOHUSAOval3-4 min.Oval object, surrounded with multiple lights, first just hovering, then swerved and flew fast without sound.6/18/03
2/11/76 22:30Fern ParkFLUSAUnknown15 secondsBeam, Column of light from overhead, no sound6/18/03
6/1/75 15:00MilwaukeeWIUSAChanging10mins? or moreThe hovercraft that watched our game6/18/03
6/1/72 08:00Molong (Australia)AustraliaDisk10sec'sshiny, like floro light on in sunlight, 40'long by 20'high craft, 3 tall 8' men, same glow as ship. 1 walking around 2 ea. side of ship6/18/03
6/1/67 18:00CordovaALUSADisk20 minvery large craft, siting dead still in mid air ,very low and in broad daylight, could see the seams in the metal6/18/03
2/10/66 18:15KentOHUSADisk2 minutesA scout ship sighting followed by a mother ship sighting that lasted well over an hour. .6/18/03
8/12/65 21:30Fort OrdCAUSATriangle< 60 secTriangurlar object peeks at U.S. Army recruits following display of live fire at Fort Ord, CA. around Aug. 12, 1965.6/18/03
7/15/65 22:00Pittsfield/AdamsMAUSADiskSeveral OccasionsUFO Spotted on Mt. Greylock in 1960's. Saucer and some kind of a seperate long white light.6/18/03
11/11/61 23:00BakersfieldCAUSACircle10 minutesRound red glowing object in the night sky...changed colors......and did not seem to be very high......6/18/03
6/1/55 15:29CincinnatiOHUSADiskapprox. 1-1/2 minJune 1955. Bronze saucer/cylindrical craft; approx. 3:30 p.m., no life form sited.6/18/03