National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2003/09/04


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/4/03 03:15MinneapolisMNUSAFormation20 Mins.Three faint blue triangles high in the sky.9/4/03
9/3/03 23:05Coal ValleyILUSAFormation20-30 secondsThree objects spread apart near the constellation of Draco and travel in tandem until they ultimately grow faint and disappear.9/4/03
9/3/03 22:00SeattleWAUSAFormation5 seconds (approx.)Telephoned Report: A man calls to report that while he was out walking his dogs in the vicinity of Northgate in Seattle, his periphera9/4/03
9/3/03 21:00Federal WayWAUSATriangle10 minutesSpeeding Triangle Shaped UFO9/4/03
9/3/03 19:10Ponca CityOKUSADisk20 seci seen a bright silver disc, with black dot in middle, going straight,then side to side.9/4/03
9/3/03 15:35Slavonski Brod (Croatia)CroatiaCigar20 secondsIt moved very slowly, it didn't have any lights and there was no trail. It was cigar shaped and it was grey.9/4/03
9/2/03 22:55Naharia (Israel)IsraelCirclehalf an hour09/02/03 at 22:50 Three small crafts for about half an hour moved repidly at the same area on the sky , no nise was heard9/4/03
9/2/03 22:20University PlaceWAUSATriangle20 secondsUFO over University Place/Tacoma area flying in a zig zag motion.9/4/03
9/1/03 23:30SavannahGAUSALight30-45minFlashing object in western sky, blue, red, amd amber lights, never moving, just flashing slow then fast9/4/03
9/1/03 20:30Seattle (Alkii Beach)WAUSALight2-5 sec.Bright light flashed and moved up(vertical)9/4/03
9/1/03 20:05ResedaCAUSAOther4 minutesBright light seen above Los Angeles...fades and moves northerly at high speed9/4/03
9/1/03 18:15DenverCOUSALightten minutesPoint of Light spotted in denver on 9/01/039/4/03
9/1/03 17:30FlorenceKYUSAUnknown5 minSmall object over Florence, KY9/4/03
9/1/03 17:25CypressTXUSACircle15 to 20 sec'slook i was taking photos of a bad storm on Sept 1, 2003 @5:23pm in Cypress Texas. i took my camera outside to get pictures of the stor9/4/03
9/1/03 11:00SpringfieldORUSAOval10 minCraft seen in daylight over Oregon9/4/03
9/1/03 04:30Van NuysCAUSACircleRed light SW sky L.A. CA -might be Mars but...9/4/03
9/1/03 01:50La MesaCAUSALess than 2 minutesIt wasn't what I saw, but what I heard. low whiring sound directly over my home, but it caused no rumbling of my wind9/4/03
9/1/03 01:30PortlandORUSALighthour plussmall compact formation of lights, no movement; but bursts of red and yellow lights - very faint.9/4/03
9/1/03 00:30Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park (south side of)WAUSAUnknownat least 10 minutesBright point of light flashing on and then off at irregular intervals9/4/03
8/31/03 23:00SpringfieldNJUSATeardropThis was a normal night, I was outside with my husband and friend. My husband had an odd look on his face. I asked him what was wrong9/4/03
8/31/03 23:00Los AngelesCAUSALight5-10 minRe: Bright Red Light hovering above LA9/4/03
8/31/03 22:44San JacintoCAUSADiskstilldisc shaped object orbiting in one place flashing green and red lights9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30MadisonWIUSALight10 Sec.Bright light flying at a low level and high rate of speed - much faster than any aircraft and too low to be a conventional space craft.9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30YarmouthMEUSATriangle20 SecondsAnother night of star gazing, I was viewing towards the east when I notice a triangular shaped mass of stars moving south. As the mass9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30RyanIAUSALightapprox. 4 secondsFlying ball of light too large to be anything explainable, also too fast and flew in zig zag formation and appeard and dissapeard insky9/4/03
8/31/03 22:00Ajijic (Mexico)MexicoSphere45secWe observed a red and bright white sphere for some 45 seconds, travelling rapidly in an arc from WSW to NE, below medium cloud cover.9/4/03
8/31/03 22:00Cedar KeyFLUSALight20 minutesVery intense bright and changing light with many colors very far away .9/4/03
8/31/03 21:50OaklandCAUSATriangle4 sec.three trianglular objects moving silently across entire sky before turning ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "NOSS" satellites. PD)9/4/03
8/31/03 21:02La CanadaCAUSAOther5 - 10 sec.At first I thought this was a helicopter, and it may well have been, but the lights were odd, and didn't quite fit for a helicopter.9/4/03
8/31/03 20:35ElberonVAUSAOther45 seconds approxAn object appearing to be wide with four lights, hovering, two on each end, with the outer lights being slightly larger than the 2nd9/4/03
8/31/03 20:32SalemORUSALight6 secondsVery Bright Light9/4/03
8/31/03 20:30BurbankCAUSALight8 MinutesTwo bright orange objects viewed from Burbank.9/4/03
8/31/03 20:11West SayvilleNYUSALight5 secondsbright star-like object ascending out into space.9/4/03
8/31/03 19:00Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaDisk1 minutesHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Disk with a number of lights on it.9/4/03
8/31/03 16:00Basingstoke (UK/England)United KingdomCigar20 minutesShiny black cylindrical object close to gliders.9/4/03
8/31/03 13:15El PasoTXUSACircle10 minutesA large white round object moving slowly across the sky and helicopters flying near the vicinity.9/4/03
8/31/03 05:00Panama City BeachFLUSACircle20 secondsIt seemed to hover in small circles about three times then it shot out of site toward the southeast sky.9/4/03
8/31/03 02:30AvenalCAUSALight3.5 secondsTwo bright lights moving extremely fast and change directions, zig-zagging through the sky.9/4/03
8/31/03 02:00SalemORUSAUnknown30 MIN?Salem OR, slow moving lights at midnight and 2 hours later heard noise but nothing spotted9/4/03
8/31/03 01:00Bolton (Canada)ONCanadaOther2 SecondsUFO Rod with 3 balls of light swayed for 2 seconds and disappeared.9/4/03
8/31/03 00:30Barrie (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Car enveloped in a very high intense white light!9/4/03
8/31/03 00:27Los AngelesCAUSALight20 minutesRed flashing object appeared in the Eastern direction gradually moved north-east, and suddenly disappeared.9/4/03
8/31/03 00:20MontebelloCAUSACircle0031Brilliant glowing red "star" in the sky that was no identifiable aircraft and moved before vanishing9/4/03
8/31/03 00:11MontebelloCAUSAFireball00:20on sunday the 24th of august at 00:14hrs we witnessed a bright red spot in the sky as red as a stop light. It looked like a star.we all9/4/03
8/30/03 23:59McGregorMNUSAChevron5 minutesHuge, stealth like craft passses over us with red and white lights, only to be followed by squadrons of fighters in its path9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55Los AngelesCAUSASphere20-30 minThe object was sighted by many Los Annelinos according to the local news..9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55McGregorMNUSAOther5 mins.Large V shaped aircfaft slowly flying overhead while other planes scramble to catch up.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55AlbuquerqueNMUSALight30 secondsSaw two steady red lights moving very fast, very silently, jerking around, East to West over Albuquerque, NM.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55McGregorMNUSAOther1.5 hoursVery large, slow moving, wing shaped craft was chased by 3 F15's. 4 white lights, 4 red lights.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55McGregorMNUSATriangle1:45At 11:55 pm on August 30th, ten people who were gathered around a campfire in northern Minnesota witnessed a triangular shaped craft th9/4/03
8/30/03 23:50SpokaneWAUSAsky ripped open - bright white light9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30Los AngelesCAUSALight5-10 min.object was stationary for one min. then moved NW at a very slow slow speed then lights went out.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30BrainerdMNUSAFormation2 minutes3 seperate sighting of a series of 6 red lights taking on a wing formation, slow moving, engine sound (but not jet engine)9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30Port Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A very large green light streak across the sky.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30Penticton (Canada)BCCanadaFireball3 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Massive bluish colored ball of light.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30MaricopaAZUSAUnknown2 hours17 stationary and slow moving starlike objects emitting brilliant rainbow lights9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00AlhambraCAUSALight2 minutesI heard many stories ,but this time I witnessed it.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30-45 minutesMysterious red light in the northeast section of los Angeles.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00Monterey ParkCAUSALight20 minsFiery red light to the right of Mars seemed to be composed of three smaller lights in a triangular configuration.9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00NisswaMNUSAOther10 minutesA chain of lights moving slowly in the eastern sky9/4/03
8/30/03 22:35WhittierCAUSALight70 minutes?Unblinking red light motionless for over one hour in the sky.9/4/03
8/30/03 22:30YarmouthMEUSALight30 minutesBouncing Stars9/4/03
8/30/03 22:30Farr Lake (near Rosseau) (Canada)ONCanadaFormation3 lights moving in triangle formation in Ontario 08/30/03 ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy NOSS satellites. PD))9/4/03
8/30/03 22:25RosemeadCAUSACircle45 minSLOW MOVING FIRE RED BALL IN THE SKY9/4/03
8/30/03 22:05Barcelona (Spain)SpainFormationca 15 secondsI saw 3 lightballs comming towards me as if an airplain was comming in at about 5 miles distance. We all were watching incomming airtra9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00MontebelloCAUSALight45 minsWe filmed this bright red light off and on for 45 minutes or longer.Though we could visibly see the light,you couldn't tell it was movi9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00RomePAUSACircle5 secondscircular object which looked like the total eclipse of the moon but 2/3's it's size traveling the speed of an airplane9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00Mississaugam (Canada)ONCanadaEgg12:30 AMIt was around 10:00 pm saturday night. the sky was clear and we were looking for mars on the south side of the sky.but then i looked st9/4/03
8/30/03 21:45SpringfieldNJUSAOval15 min.Large object lit brightly came across sky near our home, outlined by brighter blue-white lights--silent & so bright,&low.9/4/03
8/30/03 21:30LindenNJUSADiskLinden,NJ UFO9/4/03
8/30/03 21:15Boca RatonFLUSACircle1 minuteWhile traveling home on a major highway in Boca Raton, FL, I saw a spaceship in the sky with a light coming out from the bottom.9/4/03
8/30/03 21:00MontebelloCAUSAFireball1 1/2 hourthe red star in the sky9/4/03
8/30/03 21:00HarrisburgPAUSAUnknown10 minutesReddish object sits still for 10 minutes and then shoots across sky9/4/03
8/30/03 20:30London/Sarnia (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown20 minutesa cloud that eminiated the colours of the rainbow but was circular9/4/03
8/30/03 20:00SayrevilleNJUSAOval3-4 minAugust 30th 2003, UFO Appearance in Sayreville9/4/03
8/30/03 18:40PasadenaCAUSAChanging1 minuteObject over Altadena witnessed by 29/4/03
8/30/03 17:25Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSpherebriefRotating, opaque sphere, bright and dark side, moving rapidly on a path curving downwards like curvature of "sky dome"9/4/03
8/30/03 14:00ColumbusOHUSAFormation15 minutesFormation of five points of lights in daylight, hovering and changing foramtion, comparable to satalites in brightness, rising up until9/4/03
8/30/03 13:35Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder10 SecondsWhile driving north on the DVP at 1:35pm and we looked up in the sky and saw a white cylindrical object flying east.9/4/03
8/30/03 13:30SeattleWAUSACylinder30 minutesShiny cylndrical object hovering over downtown Seattle9/4/03
8/30/03 13:00EverettWAUSAChanging1.5hrs+3 white shape changing UFOs over Everett Wa.9/4/03
8/30/03 06:00RichmondVAUSACirclea minute or twoVery weird.9/4/03
8/30/03 04:30Apache JunctionAZUSALightongoingRed and blue over Superstition Mountain9/4/03
8/30/03 04:05San BernardinoCAUSALight5 seconds2 different high speed objects observed from the little dipper.9/4/03
8/30/03 01:30San BenitoTXUSAChevron5 minutesBoomerang shaped figure seen with a red hue!9/4/03
8/30/03 00:15MerrickNYUSAOther45 minutes4 elliptical lit objects surrounded by a haze/halo, proceeding to individually dive, climb, zigzag. Lasted about 45 minutes.9/4/03
8/29/03 23:45MargateFLUSAFireball20 mins +I recorded an object that was glowing brighter than a star. I thought it was Mars and I recently saw a story on the local news about a9/4/03
8/29/03 22:50Chilliwack (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle~3 MINS.Triangular shape of 3 light points travelling at high altitude ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "NOSS" satellites. PD))9/4/03
8/29/03 22:30PortlandORUSATriangle7 minutesSilent Triangle over Gresham/Portland Oregon remains motionless, rapidly accelerates away. ((OREGON/MUFON REPORT INCL.))9/4/03
8/29/03 21:35Middlesbrough (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown40 secsoon as we saw , it was not an aeroplane9/4/03
8/29/03 20:58Atlantic CityNJUSALightFor minutesI saw lights in the sky while coming back from Atlantic City in a bus!9/4/03
8/29/03 19:30Tel-Aviv (Israel)IsraelCircle3 minutesTwo ufo's were seen in Tel-aviv - Israel9/4/03
8/29/03 10:30Curacao (Dutch Antilles)CuracaoLight1-2 minutesLights in the sky over Curacao9/4/03
8/29/03 04:00BarstowCAUSADiamond1HRStrange lights:red, blue, green, and yellow in Barstow CA.9/4/03
8/29/03 01:00KatyTXUSAChanging19minOrange silver cross was not the dancing light, plasmic shere taped. Bizarly On and off camera were not same.9/4/03
8/28/03 23:30EvansvilleINUSAOther2-3 minutesOur family had gone to bed for the night, when my daughter entered my bedroom and expressed concerned over an outside "light" that was9/4/03
8/28/03 23:30HollywoodCAUSATriangle1min & a halfOn Thursday Aug 28 at or about 11:30 pm as my Mom and I were driving on the 101 fwy north between the Rampart and Silverlake blvd.We su9/4/03
8/28/03 23:15AustinTXUSALight20/25seconds5 pure white lights, long cylinder moving fast9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00KingmanAZUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shape craft with diamond shape lights9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATeardrop1-2 minutesteardrop shaped craft with 3 steady lights underneath9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00SandstoneMNUSACircle1 1/2 minutesI saw a very bright red cirucular shaped object travel jerk through the sky9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00MontebelloCAUSALightAbout 1 hourBright red light in the skies over Los Angeles - stationary at first, then blinking in morse-code9/4/03
8/28/03 22:30MiltonFLUSACigar45seconds08/28/03 10:30pm object appeared houvered,pulsated,and blinked while it rotated for 30 to 40 sec. then disappered9/4/03
8/28/03 22:10Nastola (Finland)FinlandChanging5 minutesThe object changed shape rapidly, and was surrounded with a bluish haze. It moved very fast, before it stopped for a few minutes, and t9/4/03
8/28/03 21:45EuniceLAUSALight5 min.I was returning from town to my farm located 4 miles NE of Eunice. I turned north off of the main Hwy. and as I cleared some trees to9/4/03
8/28/03 21:30Maple (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 minutestar flying across the sky, moving like a snake.9/4/03
8/28/03 21:15SacramentoCAUSACigar45-60 secondspossibly disk shaped craft with changeing colored lights in a horizontal row.9/4/03
8/28/03 21:04Fort SmithARUSALight20 secondsBright Orange Lights with Rapid-Shift Right to Left9/4/03
8/28/03 20:00GlenburnMEUSAOther10-15 minutesIt was very fast,round,with a orange/yellowish clow & very bright9/4/03
8/28/03 19:30SurpriseAZUSAOther?motionless night time-exposure photo of unexplained object9/4/03
8/28/03 13:30McClellanvilleSCUSAOther3 minutesSlow moving craft9/4/03
8/28/03 06:10Apache JunctionAZUSADisk1 minute08/28/03 Apache Junction,AZ photo of circular object9/4/03
8/28/03 01:30DelawareOHUSALight10 minsStaying up late is sometimes a part of being a student! Right before going to sleep, after spending several hours of reading, I often9/4/03
8/27/03 22:00AkronOHUSACircle20 secondsWe saw 2 bright stars that were stationary and started moving (keeping the same distance apart) and disappeared after 15-20 seconds.9/4/03
8/27/03 22:00San DiegoCAUSALightapprox. 4 sec.rapidly moving white light--not meteor or satellite or aircraft9/4/03
8/27/03 21:15MarbleheadOHUSAFlash90 minutesover a 90 min. span of time 10-20 objects flashing and moving very fast traveled across thesky.9/4/03
8/27/03 19:30Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 secondsIt was plainly round & metallic. It move from east to west against the wind at a pace that moved it out of view in ten seconds.9/4/03
8/27/03 02:00StrykerOHUSAFlash2 minAn object of light that had a 20 second span between flashes directly above me that seemed to be going up and away from me as each time9/4/03
8/26/03 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAOther2 hoursBright stationary orange light of short duration near Mars9/4/03
8/26/03 17:00Indiana (general location)INUSACylinder10 secondsOne small cylindrical object in sky9/4/03
8/26/03 13:00SingaporeSingaporeUnknownA few minutesMoon-like object spotted up in the sky next to the sun during the afternoon9/4/03
8/26/03 00:00Fort SmithARUSAOval30 secondsI was coming home from work around 12:00 pm Tuesday August 26, 2003. When I saw 3 round lights in the sky. Within another second or s9/4/03
8/25/03 15:00Wiltshire-Stonehenge (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 minsTwo disk flying in formation over stonehenge(U.K)9/4/03
8/24/03 22:00Mount Shasta (on)CAUSALight2X about 10 secondsTwo occurrences of lights appearing to play leapfrog on eastern slope of Mt. Shasta9/4/03
8/24/03 16:00MonroeWAUSAFireball5 secondsMassive low altitude fireball speeding north over the horizon above Monroe, WA, at 16:00 on 8/24/03.9/4/03
8/24/03 15:50MonroeWAUSAFireball5 SECOval fireball, bright white and blue-green, with trailing tail, comes down swiftly at steep angle. (Nuforc Note: Meteor?)9/4/03
8/24/03 00:15MontebelloCAUSALight10 - 15 min.The large red light moved accross the sky, and stopped on the north side of our home. Affter about 15 min. it just vanished.9/4/03
8/24/03AtlantaGAUSABoom! Mystery solved Noises in sky just Lockheed flight tests By DAVE HIRSCHMAN The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The mystery of the t9/4/03
8/23/03 23:00San MarcosCAUSAOther15 minutesMoving lights with very bright colors moving from horizon to horizon.9/4/03
8/23/03 22:23HendersonNVUSAOval4 hours3 UFOs spotted in Henderson, NV9/4/03
8/23/03 01:30West SpringfieldMAUSAOther4secondsbright green tailed luminous object .9/4/03
8/22/03 16:22Courtenay (Canada)BCCanadaCylinderUnknownJust noticed it when we looked at photos taken on our fishing trip.9/4/03
8/21/03 16:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaFlashsecondsObject photographed with digital camera but not seen by the naked eye.9/4/03
8/20/03 00:15BurbankCAUSAFireballapprox. 6 MinutesStationary Red Glow Caught On Mini DV Cam.9/4/03
8/14/03 18:30RooseveltNYUSAFormation3-5 min.UFO sighting on Long Island, the night of the blackout.9/4/03
8/7/03 22:15Sakinaw Lake (Sunshine Coast) (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 seconds ?HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The light split into 4 lights which formed a square.9/4/03
7/28/03 01:00Kamloops to Kimberley (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown1 hourHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: UFOs, Beam of Light, Puzzled And Frightened Residents.9/4/03
7/25/03 13:00RentonWAUSAOther20 mins.Looked like a streetlight, hovering like a helicopter in Fairwood, Renton9/4/03
7/5/03 18:00Rend LakeILUSAOval2-3 minutesMUFON/Illinois Report: 2 bright white objects seen over Rend Lake, IL during airshow9/4/03
6/15/03 11:00MalibuCAUSADiamond?this object could only be seen through the eye of a camera.Highly stealth.9/4/03
5/15/03 23:54Montreal (Canada)PQCanadaOther5 secondsCrescent -shaped, silent, moving in a straight line, white, fuzzy edges, fast-moving.9/4/03
2/2/03 02:00Adelaide (Australia)AustraliaCylinder1.5 MinSmall cylinder craft spinning around, lights beaming off it, small objects flew from the craft and fell somewhere!9/4/03
11/14/02 04:35KennesawGAUSASphere1minStars that run when you see them?9/4/03
9/15/02 15:27LortonVAUSADisk2 min.I wish I had known about this reproting system sooner, so that the explanation I am about to give would be fresher in my mind. Neverthe9/4/03
8/20/02 22:00Tiruvannamalai (India)IndiaCircle15 secondslight in the sky !9/4/03
3/1/02 17:00New OrleansLAUSASphere<1 minuteI saw a small white sphere cross the sky in a straight line9/4/03
12/1/01 02:00KahuluiHIUSADisk2 hrsBright Star or Planet when magnified turns out to be metallic saucer shaped object.9/4/03
8/19/01 20:00Santa RosaCAUSAOther15 minutes3 bright white flashes high up in night sky and "V" shaped craft faint white w/round white lights silently going overhead so. to north9/4/03
7/7/01 23:00PoposkyMNUSAUnknown40 minme and my girlfriend were traveling north on hwy 89 leaving bemidji mn going to redlake mn and the sky was dark you could not see any s9/4/03
2/21/01 03:00Surrey (UK/England)United KingdomFlash2 minsto giant flashes in the sky ( bright white ) with no sound9/4/03
11/23/99 02:00PetalumaCAUSALightover an hourClouds over small aircraft airport flashing coded laser light to ground or vice versa, animals making noise9/4/03
7/16/99 00:00BirminghamALUSASphere10 minsThe object was seen over my house it was silverish gray and seem to just hover in place for 10 mins.9/4/03
6/15/99 23:30Point PleasantWVUSATriangle1hourI saw a large triangular craft with 3 non flashing/blinking lights just above my car.9/4/03
6/15/99 21:30PhoenixAZUSATriangle2-3 Minutestriangular craft with three red lights sighted in western phoenix9/4/03
8/15/98 22:45PontiacMIUSALight1 minuteBlue Lights and Missing Time9/4/03
7/28/98 18:45BristolVAUSADisk7/28/98 Bristol , Va. metallic disc 4 min. no sound , no lights , 3 windows , antenna on top , stayed in 1 spot, gone in a flash9/4/03
3/15/98 08:00Gympie (Australia)AustraliaTriangle20secEarly morning travel with three blue triangles.9/4/03
11/17/97 03:00Clearwater BeachFLUSAOval1 hourEncounter On Caladesi Island/ Clearwater Beach, Florida -Two Crafts With Glowing Amber Lights9/4/03
7/3/96 05:00Union CityPAUSAOther5 min.we ar more primitive than we think!9/4/03
8/26/95 02:38Interstate-5CAUSACigar1:10UFO contact on a road trip9/4/03
8/15/95 20:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaChanging10-15 seconds4 lights turned into 6, then turned into V-shape and took off.9/4/03
3/15/95 21:00Clinton/Maroa (between)ILUSAChanging15 secondsBlue light lit the whole sky at night on the highway, like it was DAY9/4/03
10/8/94 11:30Kalletal (Germany)GermanyLight10 min4 coloured lights in triangle shape9/4/03
1/12/94 18:00Cedar KeyFLUSAChevron5 minutesHuge bluish black delta wing 50 feet or less over my head while deer hunting from my tree stand in FL !!9/4/03
7/15/91 22:00SidneyMTUSATriangle3-4 SecondsTriangle or V of lights traveling fast and low with no sound at all.9/4/03
7/25/89 22:00JacksonNJUSALight15-20 minutesObjects moved very fast made right angle turns and varied in light intensity. Disappearing and reappearing for approx. 20 minutes.9/4/03
7/15/85 23:00Belleville (near) (Canada)ONCanadaDisk2-3 minutesOutside of Belleville, a large disc flew toward us, hovered in mid air for a couple minutes then flew away.9/4/03
6/15/80Caribbean Sea (USS W.S. Sims)Caribbean2 weeksU.S. Navy destroyer escort dispatched to Puerto Rico to observe unknown underwater contact which remained undetermined.9/4/03
11/15/79 22:30Wassaic (Falls Village)NYUSACircle30-60 minsArea of Wasaiic Developmental Center late 1979 - 1980-New York/Connecticutt area9/4/03
8/30/78 22:00Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomCigar3-4 mins"like someone had hung christmas deccy's in the sky"9/4/03
7/26/78 18:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknownminutesRed light from outside lights up the my bedroom.9/4/03
7/1/78 20:00RiversideCAUSATriangle10 minutes3 triangular shaped ufos over an empty field in Riverside, CA with beams of light searching the field; no noise, no wind, not copters9/4/03
7/15/76 20:00OrlandoFLUSADisk10 minsLarge disc shaped with light panels around the edge of this disc9/4/03
6/10/75 02:30Roberts Creek Mtn. (30m N. Ely)NVUSAUnknown00:03:00 min.White light w/electrical failure9/4/03
5/15/75 20:00Lithia SpringsGAUSADisk5 minA friend and i were riding down by the chattahoochee river right at dusk(on lower river road). When i saw a light off in the distance .9/4/03
4/15/75 01:30Highway locationFLUSALightLarge bright ship with four smaller ships put on an arial show for me and others on Florida highway.9/4/03
5/15/73 22:00ChugiakAKUSARectangleseveral minutesBlack oblong boxes, connected by what looked like a hose, silently floating at tree top level with no lights about the size of big rigs9/4/03
6/26/68 13:00WyomingMNUSADisk1minI sent this in the other day tothe national reporting site as well....My brothers and I and other friends have saw ufo's in the area ov9/4/03
3/15/65 14:00JonesboroGAUSADisk5 minutesflat transparent disk rolling end over end, across the clear blue sky, northeast to southwest9/4/03