National UFO ReportingCenter
Report Index For Post Date 030904

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/4/03 03:15 Minneapolis MN Formation 20 Mins. Three faint blue triangles high in the sky. 9/4/03
9/3/03 23:05 Coal Valley IL Formation 20-30 seconds Three objects spread apart near the constellation of Draco and travel in tandem until they ultimately grow faint and disappear. 9/4/03
9/3/03 22:00 Seattle WA Formation 5 seconds (approx.) Telephoned Report: A man calls to report that while he was out walking his dogs in the vicinity of Northgate in Seattle, his periphera 9/4/03
9/3/03 21:00 Federal Way WA Triangle 10 minutes Speeding Triangle Shaped UFO 9/4/03
9/3/03 19:10 Ponca City OK Disk 20 sec i seen a bright silver disc, with black dot in middle, going straight,then side to side. 9/4/03
9/3/03 15:35 Slavonski Brod (Croatia)
Cigar 20 seconds It moved very slowly, it didn't have any lights and there was no trail. It was cigar shaped and it was grey. 9/4/03
9/2/03 22:55 Naharia (Israel)
Circle half an hour 09/02/03 at 22:50 Three small crafts for about half an hour moved repidly at the same area on the sky , no nise was heard 9/4/03
9/2/03 22:20 University Place WA Triangle 20 seconds UFO over University Place/Tacoma area flying in a zig zag motion. 9/4/03
9/1/03 23:30 Savannah GA Light 30-45min Flashing object in western sky, blue, red, amd amber lights, never moving, just flashing slow then fast 9/4/03
9/1/03 20:30 Seattle (Alkii Beach) WA Light 2-5 sec. Bright light flashed and moved up(vertical) 9/4/03
9/1/03 20:05 Reseda CA Other 4 minutes Bright light seen above Los Angeles...fades and moves northerly at high speed 9/4/03
9/1/03 18:15 Denver CO Light ten minutes Point of Light spotted in denver on 9/01/03 9/4/03
9/1/03 17:30 Florence KY Unknown 5 min Small object over Florence, KY 9/4/03
9/1/03 17:25 Cypress TX Circle 15 to 20 sec's look i was taking photos of a bad storm on Sept 1, 2003 @5:23pm in Cypress Texas. i took my camera outside to get pictures of the stor 9/4/03
9/1/03 11:00 Springfield OR Oval 10 min Craft seen in daylight over Oregon 9/4/03
9/1/03 04:30 Van Nuys CA Circle
Red light SW sky L.A. CA -might be Mars but... 9/4/03
9/1/03 01:50 La Mesa CA
Less than 2 minutes It wasn't what I saw, but what I heard. low whiring sound directly over my home, but it caused no rumbling of my wind 9/4/03
9/1/03 01:30 Portland OR Light hour plus small compact formation of lights, no movement; but bursts of red and yellow lights - very faint. 9/4/03
9/1/03 00:30 Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park (south side of) WA Unknown at least 10 minutes Bright point of light flashing on and then off at irregular intervals 9/4/03
8/31/03 23:00 Springfield NJ Teardrop
This was a normal night, I was outside with my husband and friend. My husband had an odd look on his face. I asked him what was wrong 9/4/03
8/31/03 23:00 Los Angeles CA Light 5-10 min Re: Bright Red Light hovering above LA 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:44 San Jacinto CA Disk still disc shaped object orbiting in one place flashing green and red lights 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30 Madison WI Light 10 Sec. Bright light flying at a low level and high rate of speed - much faster than any aircraft and too low to be a conventional space craft. 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30 Yarmouth ME Triangle 20 Seconds Another night of star gazing, I was viewing towards the east when I notice a triangular shaped mass of stars moving south. As the mass 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:30 Ryan IA Light approx. 4 seconds Flying ball of light too large to be anything explainable, also too fast and flew in zig zag formation and appeard and dissapeard insky 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:00 Ajijic (Mexico)
Sphere 45sec We observed a red and bright white sphere for some 45 seconds, travelling rapidly in an arc from WSW to NE, below medium cloud cover. 9/4/03
8/31/03 22:00 Cedar Key FL Light 20 minutes Very intense bright and changing light with many colors very far away . 9/4/03
8/31/03 21:50 Oakland CA Triangle 4 sec. three trianglular objects moving silently across entire sky before turning ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "NOSS" satellites. PD) 9/4/03
8/31/03 21:02 La Canada CA Other 5 - 10 sec. At first I thought this was a helicopter, and it may well have been, but the lights were odd, and didn't quite fit for a helicopter. 9/4/03
8/31/03 20:35 Elberon VA Other 45 seconds approx An object appearing to be wide with four lights, hovering, two on each end, with the outer lights being slightly larger than the 2nd 9/4/03
8/31/03 20:32 Salem OR Light 6 seconds Very Bright Light 9/4/03
8/31/03 20:30 Burbank CA Light 8 Minutes Two bright orange objects viewed from Burbank. 9/4/03
8/31/03 20:11 West Sayville NY Light 5 seconds bright star-like object ascending out into space. 9/4/03
8/31/03 19:00 Terrace (Canada) BC Disk 1 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Disk with a number of lights on it. 9/4/03
8/31/03 16:00 Basingstoke (UK/England)
Cigar 20 minutes Shiny black cylindrical object close to gliders. 9/4/03
8/31/03 13:15 El Paso TX Circle 10 minutes A large white round object moving slowly across the sky and helicopters flying near the vicinity. 9/4/03
8/31/03 05:00 Panama City Beach FL Circle 20 seconds It seemed to hover in small circles about three times then it shot out of site toward the southeast sky. 9/4/03
8/31/03 02:30 Avenal CA Light 3.5 seconds Two bright lights moving extremely fast and change directions, zig-zagging through the sky. 9/4/03
8/31/03 02:00 Salem OR Unknown 30 MIN? Salem OR, slow moving lights at midnight and 2 hours later heard noise but nothing spotted 9/4/03
8/31/03 01:00 Bolton (Canada) ON Other 2 Seconds UFO Rod with 3 balls of light swayed for 2 seconds and disappeared. 9/4/03
8/31/03 00:30 Barrie (Canada) ON Unknown 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Car enveloped in a very high intense white light! 9/4/03
8/31/03 00:27 Los Angeles CA Light 20 minutes Red flashing object appeared in the Eastern direction gradually moved north-east, and suddenly disappeared. 9/4/03
8/31/03 00:20 Montebello CA Circle 0031 Brilliant glowing red "star" in the sky that was no identifiable aircraft and moved before vanishing 9/4/03
8/31/03 00:11 Montebello CA Fireball 00:20 on sunday the 24th of august at 00:14hrs we witnessed a bright red spot in the sky as red as a stop light. It looked like a star.we all 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:59 McGregor MN Chevron 5 minutes Huge, stealth like craft passses over us with red and white lights, only to be followed by squadrons of fighters in its path 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55 Los Angeles CA Sphere 20-30 min The object was sighted by many Los Annelinos according to the local news.. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55 McGregor MN Other 5 mins. Large V shaped aircfaft slowly flying overhead while other planes scramble to catch up. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55 Albuquerque NM Light 30 seconds Saw two steady red lights moving very fast, very silently, jerking around, East to West over Albuquerque, NM. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55 McGregor MN Other 1.5 hours Very large, slow moving, wing shaped craft was chased by 3 F15's. 4 white lights, 4 red lights. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:55 McGregor MN Triangle 1:45 At 11:55 pm on August 30th, ten people who were gathered around a campfire in northern Minnesota witnessed a triangular shaped craft th 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:50 Spokane WA

sky ripped open - bright white light 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30 Los Angeles CA Light 5-10 min. object was stationary for one min. then moved NW at a very slow slow speed then lights went out. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30 Brainerd MN Formation 2 minutes 3 seperate sighting of a series of 6 red lights taking on a wing formation, slow moving, engine sound (but not jet engine) 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Light 2 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A very large green light streak across the sky. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30 Penticton (Canada) BC Fireball 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Massive bluish colored ball of light. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:30 Maricopa AZ Unknown 2 hours 17 stationary and slow moving starlike objects emitting brilliant rainbow lights 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00 Alhambra CA Light 2 minutes I heard many stories ,but this time I witnessed it. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30-45 minutes Mysterious red light in the northeast section of los Angeles. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00 Monterey Park CA Light 20 mins Fiery red light to the right of Mars seemed to be composed of three smaller lights in a triangular configuration. 9/4/03
8/30/03 23:00 Nisswa MN Other 10 minutes A chain of lights moving slowly in the eastern sky 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:35 Whittier CA Light 70 minutes? Unblinking red light motionless for over one hour in the sky. 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:30 Yarmouth ME Light 30 minutes Bouncing Stars 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:30 Farr Lake (near Rosseau) (Canada) ON Formation
3 lights moving in triangle formation in Ontario 08/30/03 ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy NOSS satellites. PD)) 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:25 Rosemead CA Circle 45 min SLOW MOVING FIRE RED BALL IN THE SKY 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:05 Barcelona (Spain)
Formation ca 15 seconds I saw 3 lightballs comming towards me as if an airplain was comming in at about 5 miles distance. We all were watching incomming airtra 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00 Montebello CA Light 45 mins We filmed this bright red light off and on for 45 minutes or longer.Though we could visibly see the light,you couldn't tell it was movi 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00 Rome PA Circle 5 seconds circular object which looked like the total eclipse of the moon but 2/3's it's size traveling the speed of an airplane 9/4/03
8/30/03 22:00 Mississaugam (Canada) ON Egg 12:30 AM It was around 10:00 pm saturday night. the sky was clear and we were looking for mars on the south side of the sky.but then i looked st 9/4/03
8/30/03 21:45 Springfield NJ Oval 15 min. Large object lit brightly came across sky near our home, outlined by brighter blue-white lights--silent & so bright,&low. 9/4/03
8/30/03 21:30 Linden NJ Disk
Linden,NJ UFO 9/4/03
8/30/03 21:15 Boca Raton FL Circle 1 minute While traveling home on a major highway in Boca Raton, FL, I saw a spaceship in the sky with a light coming out from the bottom. 9/4/03
8/30/03 21:00 Montebello CA Fireball 1 1/2 hour the red star in the sky 9/4/03
8/30/03 21:00 Harrisburg PA Unknown 10 minutes Reddish object sits still for 10 minutes and then shoots across sky 9/4/03
8/30/03 20:30 London/Sarnia (Canada) ON Unknown 20 minutes a cloud that eminiated the colours of the rainbow but was circular 9/4/03
8/30/03 20:00 Sayreville NJ Oval 3-4 min August 30th 2003, UFO Appearance in Sayreville 9/4/03
8/30/03 18:40 Pasadena CA Changing 1 minute Object over Altadena witnessed by 2 9/4/03
8/30/03 17:25 Ottawa (Canada) ON Sphere brief Rotating, opaque sphere, bright and dark side, moving rapidly on a path curving downwards like curvature of "sky dome" 9/4/03
8/30/03 14:00 Columbus OH Formation 15 minutes Formation of five points of lights in daylight, hovering and changing foramtion, comparable to satalites in brightness, rising up until 9/4/03
8/30/03 13:35 Toronto (Canada) ON Cylinder 10 Seconds While driving north on the DVP at 1:35pm and we looked up in the sky and saw a white cylindrical object flying east. 9/4/03
8/30/03 13:30 Seattle WA Cylinder 30 minutes Shiny cylndrical object hovering over downtown Seattle 9/4/03
8/30/03 13:00 Everett WA Changing 1.5hrs+ 3 white shape changing UFOs over Everett Wa. 9/4/03
8/30/03 06:00 Richmond VA Circle a minute or two Very weird. 9/4/03
8/30/03 04:30 Apache Junction AZ Light ongoing Red and blue over Superstition Mountain 9/4/03
8/30/03 04:05 San Bernardino CA Light 5 seconds 2 different high speed objects observed from the little dipper. 9/4/03
8/30/03 01:30 San Benito TX Chevron 5 minutes Boomerang shaped figure seen with a red hue! 9/4/03
8/30/03 00:15 Merrick NY Other 45 minutes 4 elliptical lit objects surrounded by a haze/halo, proceeding to individually dive, climb, zigzag. Lasted about 45 minutes. 9/4/03
8/29/03 23:45 Margate FL Fireball 20 mins + I recorded an object that was glowing brighter than a star. I thought it was Mars and I recently saw a story on the local news about a 9/4/03
8/29/03 22:50 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Triangle ~3 MINS. Triangular shape of 3 light points travelling at high altitude ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "NOSS" satellites. PD)) 9/4/03
8/29/03 22:30 Portland OR Triangle 7 minutes Silent Triangle over Gresham/Portland Oregon remains motionless, rapidly accelerates away. ((OREGON/MUFON REPORT INCL.)) 9/4/03
8/29/03 21:35 Middlesbrough (UK/England)
Unknown 40 sec soon as we saw , it was not an aeroplane 9/4/03
8/29/03 20:58 Atlantic City NJ Light For minutes I saw lights in the sky while coming back from Atlantic City in a bus! 9/4/03
8/29/03 19:30 Tel-Aviv (Israel)
Circle 3 minutes Two ufo's were seen in Tel-aviv - Israel 9/4/03
8/29/03 10:30 Curacao (Dutch Antilles)
Light 1-2 minutes Lights in the sky over Curacao 9/4/03
8/29/03 04:00 Barstow CA Diamond 1HR Strange lights:red, blue, green, and yellow in Barstow CA. 9/4/03
8/29/03 01:00 Katy TX Changing 19min Orange silver cross was not the dancing light, plasmic shere taped. Bizarly On and off camera were not same. 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:30 Evansville IN Other 2-3 minutes Our family had gone to bed for the night, when my daughter entered my bedroom and expressed concerned over an outside "light" that was 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:30 Hollywood CA Triangle 1min & a half On Thursday Aug 28 at or about 11:30 pm as my Mom and I were driving on the 101 fwy north between the Rampart and Silverlake blvd.We su 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:15 Austin TX Light 20/25seconds 5 pure white lights, long cylinder moving fast 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00 Kingman AZ Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shape craft with diamond shape lights 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Teardrop 1-2 minutes teardrop shaped craft with 3 steady lights underneath 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00 Sandstone MN Circle 1 1/2 minutes I saw a very bright red cirucular shaped object travel jerk through the sky 9/4/03
8/28/03 23:00 Montebello CA Light About 1 hour Bright red light in the skies over Los Angeles - stationary at first, then blinking in morse-code 9/4/03
8/28/03 22:30 Milton FL Cigar 45seconds 08/28/03 10:30pm object appeared houvered,pulsated,and blinked while it rotated for 30 to 40 sec. then disappered 9/4/03
8/28/03 22:10 Nastola (Finland)
Changing 5 minutes The object changed shape rapidly, and was surrounded with a bluish haze. It moved very fast, before it stopped for a few minutes, and t 9/4/03
8/28/03 21:45 Eunice LA Light 5 min. I was returning from town to my farm located 4 miles NE of Eunice. I turned north off of the main Hwy. and as I cleared some trees to 9/4/03
8/28/03 21:30 Maple (Canada) ON Light 1 minute star flying across the sky, moving like a snake. 9/4/03
8/28/03 21:15 Sacramento CA Cigar 45-60 seconds possibly disk shaped craft with changeing colored lights in a horizontal row. 9/4/03
8/28/03 21:04 Fort Smith AR Light 20 seconds Bright Orange Lights with Rapid-Shift Right to Left 9/4/03
8/28/03 20:00 Glenburn ME Other 10-15 minutes It was very fast,round,with a orange/yellowish clow & very bright 9/4/03
8/28/03 19:30 Surprise AZ Other ? motionless night time-exposure photo of unexplained object 9/4/03
8/28/03 13:30 McClellanville SC Other 3 minutes Slow moving craft 9/4/03
8/28/03 06:10 Apache Junction AZ Disk 1 minute 08/28/03 Apache Junction,AZ photo of circular object 9/4/03
8/28/03 01:30 Delaware OH Light 10 mins Staying up late is sometimes a part of being a student! Right before going to sleep, after spending several hours of reading, I often 9/4/03
8/27/03 22:00 Akron OH Circle 20 seconds We saw 2 bright stars that were stationary and started moving (keeping the same distance apart) and disappeared after 15-20 seconds. 9/4/03
8/27/03 22:00 San Diego CA Light approx. 4 sec. rapidly moving white light--not meteor or satellite or aircraft 9/4/03
8/27/03 21:15 Marblehead OH Flash 90 minutes over a 90 min. span of time 10-20 objects flashing and moving very fast traveled across thesky. 9/4/03
8/27/03 19:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Sphere 10 seconds It was plainly round & metallic. It move from east to west against the wind at a pace that moved it out of view in ten seconds. 9/4/03
8/27/03 02:00 Stryker OH Flash 2 min An object of light that had a 20 second span between flashes directly above me that seemed to be going up and away from me as each time 9/4/03
8/26/03 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Other 2 hours Bright stationary orange light of short duration near Mars 9/4/03
8/26/03 17:00 Indiana (general location) IN Cylinder 10 seconds One small cylindrical object in sky 9/4/03
8/26/03 13:00 Singapore
Unknown A few minutes Moon-like object spotted up in the sky next to the sun during the afternoon 9/4/03
8/26/03 00:00 Fort Smith AR Oval 30 seconds I was coming home from work around 12:00 pm Tuesday August 26, 2003. When I saw 3 round lights in the sky. Within another second or s 9/4/03
8/25/03 15:00 Wiltshire-Stonehenge (UK/England)
Circle 5 mins Two disk flying in formation over stonehenge(U.K) 9/4/03
8/24/03 22:00 Mount Shasta (on) CA Light 2X about 10 seconds Two occurrences of lights appearing to play leapfrog on eastern slope of Mt. Shasta 9/4/03
8/24/03 16:00 Monroe WA Fireball 5 seconds Massive low altitude fireball speeding north over the horizon above Monroe, WA, at 16:00 on 8/24/03. 9/4/03
8/24/03 15:50 Monroe WA Fireball 5 SEC Oval fireball, bright white and blue-green, with trailing tail, comes down swiftly at steep angle. (Nuforc Note: Meteor?) 9/4/03
8/24/03 00:15 Montebello CA Light 10 - 15 min. The large red light moved accross the sky, and stopped on the north side of our home. Affter about 15 min. it just vanished. 9/4/03
8/24/03 Atlanta GA

Boom! Mystery solved Noises in sky just Lockheed flight tests By DAVE HIRSCHMAN The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The mystery of the t 9/4/03
8/23/03 23:00 San Marcos CA Other 15 minutes Moving lights with very bright colors moving from horizon to horizon. 9/4/03
8/23/03 22:23 Henderson NV Oval 4 hours 3 UFOs spotted in Henderson, NV 9/4/03
8/23/03 01:30 West Springfield MA Other 4seconds bright green tailed luminous object . 9/4/03
8/22/03 16:22 Courtenay (Canada) BC Cylinder Unknown Just noticed it when we looked at photos taken on our fishing trip. 9/4/03
8/21/03 16:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Flash seconds Object photographed with digital camera but not seen by the naked eye. 9/4/03
8/20/03 00:15 Burbank CA Fireball approx. 6 Minutes Stationary Red Glow Caught On Mini DV Cam. 9/4/03
8/14/03 18:30 Roosevelt NY Formation 3-5 min. UFO sighting on Long Island, the night of the blackout. 9/4/03
8/7/03 22:15 Sakinaw Lake (Sunshine Coast) (Canada) BC Light 10 seconds ? HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The light split into 4 lights which formed a square. 9/4/03
7/28/03 01:00 Kamloops to Kimberley (Canada) BC Unknown 1 hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: UFOs, Beam of Light, Puzzled And Frightened Residents. 9/4/03
7/25/03 13:00 Renton WA Other 20 mins. Looked like a streetlight, hovering like a helicopter in Fairwood, Renton 9/4/03
7/5/03 18:00 Rend Lake IL Oval 2-3 minutes MUFON/Illinois Report: 2 bright white objects seen over Rend Lake, IL during airshow 9/4/03
6/15/03 11:00 Malibu CA Diamond ? this object could only be seen through the eye of a camera.Highly stealth. 9/4/03
5/15/03 23:54 Montreal (Canada) PQ Other 5 seconds Crescent -shaped, silent, moving in a straight line, white, fuzzy edges, fast-moving. 9/4/03
2/2/03 02:00 Adelaide (Australia)
Cylinder 1.5 Min Small cylinder craft spinning around, lights beaming off it, small objects flew from the craft and fell somewhere! 9/4/03
11/14/02 04:35 Kennesaw GA Sphere 1min Stars that run when you see them? 9/4/03
9/15/02 15:27 Lorton VA Disk 2 min. I wish I had known about this reproting system sooner, so that the explanation I am about to give would be fresher in my mind. Neverthe 9/4/03
8/20/02 22:00 Tiruvannamalai (India)
Circle 15 seconds light in the sky ! 9/4/03
3/1/02 17:00 New Orleans LA Sphere <1 minute I saw a small white sphere cross the sky in a straight line 9/4/03
12/1/01 02:00 Kahului HI Disk 2 hrs Bright Star or Planet when magnified turns out to be metallic saucer shaped object. 9/4/03
8/19/01 20:00 Santa Rosa CA Other 15 minutes 3 bright white flashes high up in night sky and "V" shaped craft faint white w/round white lights silently going overhead so. to north 9/4/03
7/7/01 23:00 Poposky MN Unknown 40 min me and my girlfriend were traveling north on hwy 89 leaving bemidji mn going to redlake mn and the sky was dark you could not see any s 9/4/03
2/21/01 03:00 Surrey (UK/England)
Flash 2 mins to giant flashes in the sky ( bright white ) with no sound 9/4/03
11/23/99 02:00 Petaluma CA Light over an hour Clouds over small aircraft airport flashing coded laser light to ground or vice versa, animals making noise 9/4/03
7/16/99 00:00 Birmingham AL Sphere 10 mins The object was seen over my house it was silverish gray and seem to just hover in place for 10 mins. 9/4/03
6/15/99 23:30 Point Pleasant WV Triangle 1hour I saw a large triangular craft with 3 non flashing/blinking lights just above my car. 9/4/03
6/15/99 21:30 Phoenix AZ Triangle 2-3 Minutes triangular craft with three red lights sighted in western phoenix 9/4/03
8/15/98 22:45 Pontiac MI Light 1 minute Blue Lights and Missing Time 9/4/03
7/28/98 18:45 Bristol VA Disk
7/28/98 Bristol , Va. metallic disc 4 min. no sound , no lights , 3 windows , antenna on top , stayed in 1 spot, gone in a flash 9/4/03
3/15/98 08:00 Gympie (Australia)
Triangle 20sec Early morning travel with three blue triangles. 9/4/03
11/17/97 03:00 Clearwater Beach FL Oval 1 hour Encounter On Caladesi Island/ Clearwater Beach, Florida -Two Crafts With Glowing Amber Lights 9/4/03
7/3/96 05:00 Union City PA Other 5 min. we ar more primitive than we think! 9/4/03
8/26/95 02:38 Interstate-5 CA Cigar 1:10 UFO contact on a road trip 9/4/03
8/15/95 20:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Changing 10-15 seconds 4 lights turned into 6, then turned into V-shape and took off. 9/4/03
3/15/95 21:00 Clinton/Maroa (between) IL Changing 15 seconds Blue light lit the whole sky at night on the highway, like it was DAY 9/4/03
10/8/94 11:30 Kalletal (Germany)
Light 10 min 4 coloured lights in triangle shape 9/4/03
1/12/94 18:00 Cedar Key FL Chevron 5 minutes Huge bluish black delta wing 50 feet or less over my head while deer hunting from my tree stand in FL !! 9/4/03
7/15/91 22:00 Sidney MT Triangle 3-4 Seconds Triangle or V of lights traveling fast and low with no sound at all. 9/4/03
7/25/89 22:00 Jackson NJ Light 15-20 minutes Objects moved very fast made right angle turns and varied in light intensity. Disappearing and reappearing for approx. 20 minutes. 9/4/03
7/15/85 23:00 Belleville (near) (Canada) ON Disk 2-3 minutes Outside of Belleville, a large disc flew toward us, hovered in mid air for a couple minutes then flew away. 9/4/03
6/15/80 Caribbean Sea (USS W.S. Sims)

2 weeks U.S. Navy destroyer escort dispatched to Puerto Rico to observe unknown underwater contact which remained undetermined. 9/4/03
11/15/79 22:30 Wassaic (Falls Village) NY Circle 30-60 mins Area of Wasaiic Developmental Center late 1979 - 1980-New York/Connecticutt area 9/4/03
8/30/78 22:00 Bristol (UK/England)
Cigar 3-4 mins "like someone had hung christmas deccy's in the sky" 9/4/03
7/26/78 18:30 St. Louis MO Unknown minutes Red light from outside lights up the my bedroom. 9/4/03
7/1/78 20:00 Riverside CA Triangle 10 minutes 3 triangular shaped ufos over an empty field in Riverside, CA with beams of light searching the field; no noise, no wind, not copters 9/4/03
7/15/76 20:00 Orlando FL Disk 10 mins Large disc shaped with light panels around the edge of this disc 9/4/03
6/10/75 02:30 Roberts Creek Mtn. (30m N. Ely) NV Unknown 00:03:00 min. White light w/electrical failure 9/4/03
5/15/75 20:00 Lithia Springs GA Disk 5 min A friend and i were riding down by the chattahoochee river right at dusk(on lower river road). When i saw a light off in the distance . 9/4/03
4/15/75 01:30 Highway location FL Light
Large bright ship with four smaller ships put on an arial show for me and others on Florida highway. 9/4/03
5/15/73 22:00 Chugiak AK Rectangle several minutes Black oblong boxes, connected by what looked like a hose, silently floating at tree top level with no lights about the size of big rigs 9/4/03
6/26/68 13:00 Wyoming MN Disk 1min I sent this in the other day tothe national reporting site as well....My brothers and I and other friends have saw ufo's in the area ov 9/4/03
3/15/65 14:00 Jonesboro GA Disk 5 minutes flat transparent disk rolling end over end, across the clear blue sky, northeast to southwest 9/4/03