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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/11/03 22:00 Mebane NC Light 30 min. saw a bright light with red and green lights sitting in the sky, too slow for a plane,moving very slowly to the north. 9/12/03
9/11/03 21:00 Saratoga CA Circle ~00:10:00 On 09/11/03 about 21:00 Hrs Ca time 3 star like obj at hi altitude travel acrosss sky from south to north within moments of eachother. 9/12/03
9/11/03 02:13 Mandeville LA Triangle 20mins A Twenty Minute Experience @ 2:13 AM in Mandeville Louisiana 9/12/03
9/10/03 23:30 Kenai AK Flash 30 sec A Light In The Sky 9/12/03
9/10/03 22:30 Patchogue NY Light one minute 10:30pm i was taking my garbage to the dumpster outside when i looked at the stars. They were bright and beautiful. Then i saw a bright 9/12/03
9/10/03 21:50 Calgary (Canada) AB Triangle 4 to 5 seconds Three bright lights moving in a triangle formation in a low altitude 9/12/03
9/10/03 20:50 Barriere (Canada) BC Light approx: 30 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object chased by military helicopters. 9/12/03
9/10/03 20:23 Bonnybridge (UK/Scotland)
Other 3 MIN 10/09/03- 20:23gmt bonnybridge Scotland- dome shape light which disapeared quickly 9/12/03
9/10/03 20:00 Glenfield NY Circle seconds A bright light almost a peach color, faded completely then reappeared again after several minutes 9/12/03
9/10/03 12:00 Movie ("Arlington Road")

9/10/03 05:10 Valley Springs CA Circle 2 minutes Very bright light seen in California sky. 9/12/03
9/9/03 23:40 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Light an hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Orange colored light moving around the sky - Mars. 9/12/03
9/9/03 22:15 Tallahassee FL Other 15 minutes rocket shaped, flat bottom, changing from vertical to horizontal, speed increasing suddenly seen floating around 9/12/03
9/9/03 22:00 Myrtle Beach SC Other 10 seconds More orange lights over Myrtle Beach 9/12/03
9/9/03 22:00 Calexico CA Circle 15 minutes Suspended lights on the northeastern sky of Mexicali 9/12/03
9/9/03 21:00 North Richland Hills TX Light 2 Super fast moving comet like light moves horizontally in one direction, stops, then flies in the direction it came from 9/12/03
9/9/03 21:00 Norfolk NY Light 10 MINUTES three crafts viewed appearing and reappearing at a rapid pace 9/12/03
9/9/03 20:45 Ellicott City MD Triangle 2 minutes Three bright lights in a triangular formation to the right of Mars that hovered then turned orangish color then disappeared. 9/12/03
9/9/03 18:27 Los Angeles CA Changing 7minute it was a very interesting object. 9/12/03
9/9/03 12:23 Lake Worth FL Other 30-50 Seconds I see 3 Orange "Orbs" in a triangular formation 9/12/03
9/9/03 02:30 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 3 minutes look like somethig cought on fire while entering the atmosphere 9/12/03
9/8/03 23:30 Anchorage AK Light 20 secs More stars moving around over Anchorage 9/12/03
9/8/03 22:20 Maple Valley WA Light one second Driving maybe 2 miles south of Maple Valley, heading south on Hwy 169 towards Enumclaw, I caught a brilliant green light moving fast fr 9/12/03
9/8/03 22:00 Fife (UK/Scotland)
Light 5 minutes My husband and I were looking out at the sky as it was a very clear night.I spotted a light that looked like a star moving,I pointed th 9/12/03
9/6/03 06:00 Manchester (UK/England)
Disk 2 minutes It lasted 2 mins, disc shaped objects, flashing lights, dissapeared. 9/12/03
9/5/03 21:30 Chandler AZ Triangle 1 minute THE OBJECT SWOOPED DOWN AND DECENDED EASTWARD, TOTALLY SILENT 9/12/03
9/3/03 23:10 Barriere (Canada) BC Cylinder approx: 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: saw a huge cylinder shaped craft flying very quickly. 9/12/03
9/2/03 04:45 Edmonds WA Light approx. 10 min. Bright object in the sky flashes on and off 9/12/03
9/1/03 19:30 Los Angeles CA Disk about 5~10 minutes I saw 7 lights in the sky and I saw the figure when the deadlights sweeped on it. 9/12/03
8/31/03 05:20 Centereach NY Other
Silent,red and green arc shaped object going over trees from left to right,twice.Small round light in center 9/12/03
8/30/03 22:15 Sandy UT Triangle 5 seconds silent, white, kite-like object zooms through the sky 9/12/03
8/23/03 15:00 Reno NV Sphere 2 minutes Moving star-like object seen in daytime sky. 9/12/03
8/16/03 16:00 Houston TX Unknown 45 minutes A UFO report that I submitted for August 16, 2003 is not included in the viewable database records on the website. Peter Davenport requ 9/12/03
7/21/03 02:30 Bamberg (Germany)
Light 7 days Bright light moves in sky daily. 9/12/03
4/19/03 22:30 Fenton MI Circle 4 min. blue and red ufo seen 60-70 ft.up in sky perfectly still three to four min. 9/12/03
11/29/02 06:00 Asbury MO Changing 5 seconds Large glowing ball straked across sky and broke in to three smaller objects of equal size. 9/12/03
10/16/02 22:15 Las Vegas NV Egg 20 minutes I was looking up in the night sky, when I noticed some objects moveing of to the left of rio casino.

I focused on them thinking they
7/10/02 01:30 Tooele UT Fireball 1 minute Ball of light with helicopters in persuit. 9/12/03
8/15/01 21:00 Sunnmøre (Norway)
Disk ? Gray saucer-shaped UFO, discovered at a picture. 9/12/03
9/15/00 21:00 Ozark AL Light 15 seconds ETV's (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle) sighting 9/12/03
7/9/00 12:00 Palmer MA Unknown Approx. 1 Min. Unknown black object caught fling straight up on video tape by accident. 9/12/03
6/15/99 12:00 Inglis FL Disk 20 minutes Steering wheel size disc does fantastic manuvers for 20 minutes. 9/12/03
9/15/98 18:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle 10 minutes Object zig zagging east to west and stopping in distance turned out to be huge triangle with many lights when it flew directly overhead 9/12/03
9/15/97 22:00 West Milton (north of) OH Light 10 minutes Red blinking high in the sky leading the way. 9/12/03
11/28/96 22:30 Wheelersburg OH Light 25 seconds A pair of stars begin to circle each other....shoot off...then return to their original positions.... 9/12/03
6/1/95 02:00 Culpeper VA Unknown 5 minutes Alien abduction. 9/12/03
11/15/94 21:45 Portsmouth VA Flash 10 seconds Two flashes of illuminating green light that lasted 3 seconds each & lit up the surrounding area. 9/12/03
6/15/89 20:30 Pensacola FL Unknown 15 minutes Orb of light, thought it was the north star, until it jetted up and away so fast that it left a streak of light behind it 9/12/03
6/1/86 23:00 Jay FL
30min's my daughter was born with an in-opertable brain tumor, we were visited late one night by three cloaked beings, when they entered our ro 9/12/03
6/15/85 19:00 Mohave Desert (near Edwards Airforce Base) CA Oval 10 minutes My husband and I were driving along when all of a sudden, to our left, we saw a huge, about the size of a football field, luminous blue 9/12/03
6/6/83 22:00 North Bend OR Oval 3-4 mins My wife, two kids, ages 9 and 13 and myself. We were going home east just turning from No.BAY Dr, onto No. Way. As we all looked up the 9/12/03
4/23/83 20:30 Oshkosh WI Triangle 10 minutes Triangular Object in 1983 exactly like one reported here May 2003 from Kirkland, WA 9/12/03
6/15/77 21:30 San Diego CA Sphere five seconds 1977, Intense blue light over San Diego. 9/12/03
8/15/75 06:00 Orange Lake FL Disk 15sec gray shaped like 1/3 ball top of disk rotated but not 360 degrees it roated clockwise then counter clockwise several degrees moving ver 9/12/03
3/7/75 19:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Disk 10 minutes The craft hovered directly over a resturant called pier 66 about 50 to 100 feet above it. 9/12/03
11/25/74 21:00 West Milton OH Circle 10 minutes Two orange globes traveling slowly north to south. 9/12/03
10/15/68 21:30 Pacific Ocean (1500mi.sw of U.S.mainland)
Circle 30 sec. Bright, white soundless orb with no trajecory nor trail of flames 9/12/03
9/1/67 23:00 North Royalton OH Disk 10 min. what did we see? 9/12/03
6/15/67 03:00 Detroit MI Sphere 1min huge metal ball shaped ship hanging low in air then moved away at 2 o'clock angle at great speed. 9/12/03
6/1/65 12:00 Knobnoster MO Oval we watched 20 minutes In 1965, we saw one near Whiteman AFB, Missouri 9/12/03
7/1/63 21:12 Lincoln MO Other four hours This report is based upon a witness who said that a great armada of bright lights in the Benton county sky was so bright that it was l 9/12/03