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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/03 03:40 Seattle WA Unknown 15-20 minutes Strange hovering and engineless jet noises too near for comfort. 10/31/03
10/31/03 03:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 15 minutes From right put of "Lost in Space The original. Rotating multi-colored lights bottom and side, silent low hover, EERIE 10/31/03
10/31/03 00:00 Sacramento CA Sphere couples of seconds SPEAR SHAPE OBJECT BLUE IN COLOR 10/31/03
10/30/03 23:00 Scappoose OR Triangle 5 seconds (x2) 2 more fast, noiseless, triangular objects seen above Scappoose, OR within 1 week of first sighting 10/31/03
10/30/03 20:00 Compton CA Light 10 minutes Red Star like light in LA night sky 10/31/03
10/30/03 16:45 Michigan City IN Oval 5 Minutes Bright orange light that appeared after the solar flare, disapeared within 5 or 6 minutes. 10/31/03
10/30/03 07:10 Sagamore Hills OH Light 15 minutes At about 7:10 PM on the 30th of October, halloween(halloween was changed to the 30th in this area because of a major football playoff g 10/31/03
10/30/03 07:00 Topeka KS Disk 5 minutes I was driving north and saw a silver disc in the northern sky. 10/31/03
10/30/03 06:35 Whittier CA Light 5 sec light that was not a plane 10/31/03
10/30/03 04:35 Williamson NY Other
circular square object with flagging movement w/no sound 10/31/03
10/30/03 Singapore
4 oval lights circling and merging 10/31/03
10/29/03 20:15 Bartlett IL Light 45 minutes Mysterious white orbs in night sky - moving in a repetitive sequence - within the same circular area - which stayed in the same spot . 10/31/03
10/29/03 19:49 Miami FL Other 5 seconds An irridescent boomerang shaped object in the western sky, and five minutes later it came back moving the same direction 10/31/03
10/29/03 19:15 Powder Springs GA Light 15 minutes Very Bright Blue Star 10/31/03
10/29/03 18:55 Rayne LA Light 3-min. THERES SOMETHING WEILD GOING ON UP THERE ! 10/31/03
10/29/03 06:15 Tallahassee FL Sphere 30 seconds flash of light, great speed, rounded turn/change of course, abrupt full stop 10/31/03
10/29/03 00:34 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light seconds This Object was no sattellite! 10/31/03
10/29/03 00:15 Thomson GA Flash 3-5 seconds I've seen a bright flash of light three times in the same area. 10/31/03
10/28/03 11:35 Atkins TX

This is in reference to an entry you posted on 2/01/03. The informant wrote about a green light he and his grandson saw as they watched 10/31/03
10/28/03 10:10 New York City (Manhattan) NY Sphere 5 min. I looked up and saw a sphere very high up over the Helmsley Palace Hotel... 10/31/03
10/28/03 05:00 Malshej Ghat (India)
Fireball 10 mins UFOs Sighted in India 10/31/03
10/28/03 01:00 Pasadena MD Unknown 2 hours I was starting to doze off durring the david letterman show. i was awaken by a repetitive sound kinda resembling a phone of the hook bu 10/31/03
10/27/03 20:30 Hot Springs Village AR Triangle 30 minute On October 27, 2003 was heading home from seeing friends in Hot Springs Village which is 8 miles Northeast of Hot Springs, AR. The eve 10/31/03
10/27/03 18:10 Rohnert Park CA Other 1 1/2minute Horseshoe flat disklike craft with oval shaped white strobing head lamps with pale yellow lights each outer edge. 10/31/03
10/26/03 23:00 Staunton VA Cigar 1.5 hrs. Cigar w/ two lights (--). Staunton, VA 10/31/03
10/26/03 22:30 O'Fallon IL Other Aprox. 3 minutes I am now a believer in UFO's because of my experience with a Green object last night. 10/31/03
10/26/03 22:30 Lake Hiawatha NJ Light 5 seconds A flying yellow silent explosion-esque shape, faster than any plane I've seen. 10/31/03
10/26/03 22:05 Vale (Guernsey) (UK/England)
Light 2 seconds a fast red light shot appeared across the sky with vapour trail and disappered in seconds. 10/31/03
10/26/03 16:20 Allen TX Unknown 2mins this afternoon while sitting outside on my patio, I saw it again, last week I saw it and now again!! it is like the shape of a boomeran 10/31/03
10/26/03 14:45 Westerbork (Netherlands)

Photo of UFO in the Netherlands Hello This is a picture taken at 26 october 2003 at the radiotelescope in Westerbork, the Netherlands 10/31/03
10/26/03 10:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Sphere 10 SECONDS playing golf, frosty morning no wind at ground level,completely blue sky,no cloud at all. looked up to see if buzzards about and the ob 10/31/03
10/26/03 02:30 Telkwa (Canada) BC Other unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: ball of off white light with a ring of bright white light running around it. 10/31/03
10/26/03 00:00 Los Molinos CA Triangle 10 seconds A large "V" shaped object passed overhead, it flipped or banked, then disappeared. 10/31/03
10/25/03 22:40 Trotwood OH Other 2 mins I saw a object hoovering approx 6 - 8 feet above some trees as I was approaching a 4 way stop. 10/31/03
10/25/03 22:00 San Lorenzo CA Changing 15 minutes Tubular shaped thing,that changed shape and seemed to navigate its directions was flying over my home. several witnesses 10/31/03
10/25/03 21:39 Westminster CO Triangle 15 seconds Silent, Black Triangle with lights on the corners and amber, glowing lights at rear of craft. 10/31/03
10/25/03 21:15 Scappoose OR Triangle 5 seconds Swift hard-to-see triangular object moving in a straight line across night sky with 3 luminous tips, one at front, two at rear. 10/31/03
10/25/03 21:00 San Diego CA Triangle 5 minutes ((name deleted)) see's a Ufo land on her property 10/31/03
10/25/03 02:00 Springfield IL Disk 2 minutes In the sky over my head 2 bright white disk shaped objects that seemed to be chasing each other just playing around. Then they just too 10/31/03
10/25/03 01:00 Bruce WA Oval 30 seconds the object did not emit any light onto the land 10/31/03
10/24/03 23:00 Shawnee and Geary OK Unknown 45min. strange things in the sky 10/31/03
10/24/03 21:00 Huntington WV Triangle
i seen two ufos,one last sep,2002 near crum wv,one oct 24,2003 on 64 going to huntington wv,they both was triangle shped 10/31/03
10/24/03 20:15 Wickiup AZ Triangle 10 min The triangular craft reminded me of the one seen over phoenix a few years ago. 10/31/03
10/24/03 20:00 Alice TX Light 5 min Tiny fast moving ball of light, also an airplane flying nearby but had NO landing lights visible 10/31/03
10/24/03 20:00 El Paso (East) TX Disk not known An unknown object was seen floating in a deserted place not far from homes. 10/31/03
10/24/03 16:00 Hollywood FL Disk less than 1min Devins clouds an uncexpected sighting 10/31/03
10/24/03 02:29 Fort Smith AR Teardrop for an hour now quivering flashing object high and distant in the Northeast sky ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD)) 10/31/03
10/24/03 01:45 Houston TX Rectangle 10 seconds Strange Happenings in Houston 2003 10/31/03
10/24/03 01:30 Hurst TX Triangle 2 hours+ and still going Triangular shape light in Hurst texas that stayed making small movements for over 2 hours ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD)) 10/31/03
10/24/03 00:00 Lexington TN Light 2 hrs. I witnessed it on my back porch a; an object hovering around with a bright white light with a red light behind it. 10/31/03
10/23/03 23:00 Hot Springs AR Unknown approx 5 min Glowing clearlike color hovering over Lake Hamilton 10/31/03
10/23/03 23:00 Renton WA Unknown 1 hour My wife & I saw 100+ UFO's last night! 10/31/03
10/23/03 22:30 Pensacola FL Triangle 5 minutes Replicating triangle light patterns over I-10 in Florida 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:40 Seattle WA Circle 10 seconds A bright white circular object moving quickly from north to south. 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:30 West Seattle WA Fireball 5 seconds 10/23/03 9:30pm I saw a glowing blue object with a long blue tail hurtling towards the ground and disapearing after 5 seconds. 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:18 Vancouver WA Circle seconds Irredescent green circular ball of light flying easterly at 10 to 15 degrees off horizontal horizon. 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:18 Seattle WA Cone 10-12 seconds It was a red and green coneshaped object that flashed briefly across the night sky. 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:16 Bainbridge Island WA Sphere 2 seconds Very pretty bright lime green spherical object moving very fast 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00 Pueblo CO Light 20 seconds Suspended orange lights in Northwest sky 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00 Houston TX Light 2 minutes Mundane Satellite? 10/31/03
10/23/03 21:00 Seattle WA Unknown 3 seconds "W" shaped meteor burns up above Seattle 10/31/03
10/23/03 20:30 Kuusamo (Finland)
Well we were hunting with my son in Kuusamo. We went to the car about 20:30 a clock, and started to bag our hunting stuffs. The sky was 10/31/03
10/23/03 10:15 South Kingstown RI Unknown 2 seconds Loud explosion heard along southern Rhode Island coast. 10/31/03
10/23/03 06:30 San Luis Obispo CA Changing 8 seconds fireball flying in a straight path across the horizon 10/31/03
10/23/03 00:15 Dade City FL Unknown 2 mins a bright yellow object floating from the heavens. 10/31/03
10/23/03 00:10 Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)
Light 30-45 mins bright white lights over the Sierra Madres in Mexico 10/31/03
10/22/03 23:00 Chatham VA Flash seconds Big Flash. 10/31/03
10/22/03 21:11 Martinsville IN Diamond 20 sec. they had flashing lights and left a green and red formation in the sky it 4 red lines and a green one 10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00 Abingdon VA Fireball 30 minutes Fireball reported by numerous persons in rural VA 10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00 Cheltenham (UK/England)
Fireball 30mins Fireballs on garden 10/31/03
10/22/03 21:00 Bouse AZ Light 3 minutes, twice Multiple rows of bright yellowish lights seen against night sky 10/31/03
10/22/03 20:55 Wikieup AZ Formation HOUR AND HALF UFO ENCOUNTER IN ARIZONA 10/31/03
10/22/03 20:54 Houston (Canada) BC Fireball 3 to 4 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large blue fireball steaks across the sky. 10/31/03
10/22/03 20:00 Dover AR Unknown 5 hrs To whom this may concern and please take seriously, We could not contact or find a no. to call.While looking at the northen star on 10/ 10/31/03
10/22/03 20:00 Rockford ID Oval ufo sighting My sister and I were leaving Blackfoot to head out to Aberdeen where Ab-Cent Myndid (local band) was recording a EP. when we came up to 10/31/03
10/22/03 19:00 Houston (Canada) BC Light 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Huge bright light drops right over the tree tops. 10/31/03
10/22/03 18:40 Skyline Drive UT Disk 4 min. Watched 3 disk shaped objects, stationary, and in a v-formation, for about 4 minutes. 10/31/03
10/22/03 18:30 Cliffside NC Sphere 30 sec south of post office in cliffside. moveing east to west almost as fast as you could turn your head 10/31/03
10/22/03 18:24 Centerton AR Sphere 5-10 seconds Saw an object flying higher and faster than anything I've seen before, travelling in a straight line 10/31/03
10/22/03 10:20 Wichita KS Cross Southeast Cross Shape UFO Seen Wichita,ks and then vanishd. 10/31/03
10/22/03 08:00 Winfield (Canada) BC Rectangle ? i have a picture of what can only be a ufo 10/31/03
10/22/03 07:00 Anchorage AK Other 30sec Me and my freinds saw a red light and it whent straight up fast (no plain can move up that fast)then disapered after about 30 sec 10/31/03
10/22/03 06:45 Rockford IL Light 1 -2 min Spectral kind of light 20 degrees above the horizon than vanished. 10/31/03
10/22/03 06:30 Asker (Norway)
Unknown 30 seconds 3 lights floating soundless some hundred meters up in the sky, a dark and starry morning. 10/31/03
10/22/03 02:45 Las Cruces NM Unknown ongoing ...Just a little to weird to be a star. 10/31/03
10/21/03 21:10 Chillicothe OH Fireball 3 sec Bright green light streaks twice in Ohio sky between Waverly and Chillicothe on clear night. 10/31/03
10/21/03 21:00 Racine WI Sphere 30 minutes Circular craft over Lake Michigan 10/31/03
10/21/03 21:00 Olathe KS Light 5 minutes 5-10 small objects that look liek little stars shooting around the sky, follow by to large possible planes. 10/31/03
10/21/03 20:45 Scandia MN Light 15 minutes Bright pulsating multi-colored light turning into disk shape with circle of red lights. 10/31/03
10/21/03 20:30 Grand Blanc MI Triangle 2-3 minutes I was driving south on Saginaw St. in Grand Blanc at about 8:30pm and I noticed a triangular thing hoovering just above the trees above 10/31/03
10/21/03 19:00 Waterford NY Triangle 20-30seconds A very large slow moving triangle with bright strobes and no sound 10/31/03
10/21/03 16:15 Austin TX Oval 5 minutes An oval, saucer-shaped object moving slowly with brilliante colors of light flashing. 10/31/03
10/21/03 03:00 Yukon Territory (rural) (Canada) YT Triangle 30 minutes Triangle of lights in the Yukon. 10/31/03
10/21/03 02:45 Vacaville CA Rectangle 2 minutes 2:25 am while satelite watching noticed an object moving sw to ne,with binacs,saw 3 objects or triangle formation now going w-east 10/31/03
10/20/03 23:30 Kannapolis NC Light < 60 seconds A long light, like a star that moved fast and kinda sparkled. Moved in full view, low in the sky in less than 60 seconds 10/31/03
10/20/03 21:50 Cullowhee NC Fireball 2 or 3 seconds My wife and I saw a huge glowing blue ball enter the atmophere. 10/31/03
10/20/03 21:30 Pollock Pines CA Light 40 seconds bright white light get bigger then smaller and then travel away from or into space. 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:55 Indian Trail NC Unknown 1-2seconds I saw a bright light flash that lit up the sky, and I caught a glimpse of a orange/red tail die. 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:50 Greensboro NC Fireball 15 seconds Big brilliant white fireball, size of full moon with long white tail falling from overhead to the South of Greensboro, NC 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Beckley WV Circle 10seconds? I saw an amazing bright flouescent green fireball fall to the earth from the south on a clear night that took only seconds. 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Martinez GA Fireball 3-4 sec. I saw an object with a greenish tail trail across the sky in an easterly direction in Augusta,Ga area 10/20/03. 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Clayton NC Fireball brief witness to the too close meteor in durham, nc. : meteor or ufo? 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Jacksonville FL Fireball 5 seconds Green object with tail headed from the sky straight down 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Honea Path SC Flash
The sky lite up blue then a streak of greeninh white light came down from the sky and exploded. 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Hampton FL Sphere 15 seconds A green and yellow object traveling at a high rate of speed 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Vanceboro NC Fireball 10 to 15 seconds large yellow fireball with long green tail 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Macon GA Fireball 20seconds saw same light in sky 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:45 Beckley WV Rectangle 3-5 seconds I was driving down S. Kanawha St about 8:45. My friend and I suddenly saw a huge glowing flourescent green flash shooting down from the 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:38 Jacksonville FL Fireball 3-4 seconds It appeared to be a very bright and large shooting star falling downwards with a trail 10/31/03
10/20/03 20:00 Swannanoa NC Fireball aprox. 4 seconds On Mon. Oct. 20, 2003 at approximately 8:45 PM I saw a fireball like object streak across sky in a east to west direction. 10/31/03
10/20/03 19:30 Ft. Campbell KY Fireball less than 1 second Goldish fireball with green tail in Kentucky/Tennessee 10/31/03
10/20/03 16:45 Chicago IL Disk 1 min Standing on my backporch I saw a disklike object gliding slowly through the air 10/31/03
10/20/03 16:05 Memphis TN Circle 15 minutes Round circular object, small cross section 10/31/03
10/20/03 13:30 Oklahoma OK Cylinder 45 seconds low flying object just fadded away slowly as we watched it. 10/31/03
10/20/03 13:00 Austin TX Teardrop 3 to 5 minutes Teardrop/triangle silver and shiny object moving at slow steady speed in perfect weather during broad daylight in Austin, TX. 10/31/03
10/20/03 09:45 Atlanta GA Fireball 2 seconds Green streak of light sighted in Atlanta, Ga. around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, October 20 10/31/03
10/20/03 07:35 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Unknown 4 or 5 minutes Australian UFO sighting 10/31/03
10/20/03 01:30 Mercersburg PA
1hr and still going Object hovering at top of mountain rising slowly but steady up and to the right. The object has a bright white light that stays on all 10/31/03
10/19/03 23:30 Monson ME Triangle 10 - 15 Minutes First of all I'm 17/M and I am a Junior at HS. I was sitting at home after the 2nd World Series game, when I was about ready to go to b 10/31/03
10/19/03 23:30 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Red light falling vertically. 10/31/03
10/19/03 21:30 Buena Park CA Other 15 seconds Bright star like object overhead that went dim, then disappeared from the sky. 10/31/03
10/19/03 20:40 Van Nuys CA Light pm2040 Two stars blinking at nite with same colors 10/31/03
10/19/03 19:00 Fareham (UK/England)
Other second Turquoise smoky light crossing the sky, duration:second 10/31/03
10/19/03 17:30 Fontana CA Other 3 seconds neon green glowing blob 10/31/03
10/19/03 17:05 Indianapolis IN Unknown 1 to 3 Seconds Sky Boom possible Sonic Boom 10/31/03
10/19/03 16:00 Center TX Oval 10 seconds Odd Object in the Sky Over Northeast Texas in Broad Daylight 10/31/03
10/19/03 12:30 Laredo TX Sphere 25 MIN Metallic sphere seen by many over Laredo Texas. 10/31/03
10/19/03 12:00 Telkwa (Canada) BC Sphere 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A large glowing white globe of lights flew very quickly over the tree tops. 10/31/03
10/19/03 12:00 Rome GA Disk not sure Silver disk seen over the Rome, Georgia area. 10/31/03
10/19/03 07:00 Yermo/Ft. Irwin CA Egg Unknown Possible Craft Landing Site in Southern California Desert Near Military Base 10/31/03
10/19/03 05:45 Cottage Grove MN Triangle 7-10 min, A large black trianle shaped aircraft with three lights quietly and slowly hovering very low. 10/31/03
10/19/03 02:45 Modesto CA Changing 2 hours UFO 's video taped over Modesto, California on Oct. 19th 2003 , showing bright starlike objects 10/31/03
10/18/03 23:20 Bono AR Light 5 seconds stationary blue/green orb quickly shot off to the South-Southwest 10/31/03
10/18/03 23:00 Miama FL Unknown 4-5 MIN TOTAL OF 11 UFOS SIGHTED OFF OF COAST OF MIAMI, FLORIDA 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:40 Kansas City MO Fireball less than 20 seconds Shooting stars that changed direction. 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30 Mukwonago WI Fireball 15 minutes Orange Ball in the West Sky. 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30 Oakland CA Sphere 15 Seconds Distant bright sphere, cruising... 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:30 Mukwonago WI Fireball 20 minutes Fireball flew over our heads on a clear night. 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 3 minutes a fast moving object over Los Angeles. 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00 Columbus IN Light 4-5 minutes Steady, non-flashing, rotating red light moves off to west. 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00 Berkeley CA Unknown 5 minutes Flickering orange light (on fire?) moving across the sky; possible debris stream 10/31/03
10/18/03 21:00 West Chester OH Chevron About 1 minute Several strange aircraft, directed light my direction and retreated when spied upon with telescope.. 10/31/03
10/18/03 20:45 Nashua NH Circle 1 minute 8 to 12 Very bright round objects seen over Nashua, NH 10/31/03
10/18/03 20:15 Clearlake CA Unknown Thirty seconds Strong bass sound that cycled up and down from the sky . No crafts in sight . 10/31/03
10/18/03 20:00 Greeley CO Diamond all night these ufo's are just hovering, and more seem to be adding to the night skys 10/31/03
10/18/03 19:00 Tuscumbia/Cherokee (between) AL Other about 10 minutes I saw an red glowing arrowhead shaped object hovering in the sky. 10/31/03
10/18/03 18:45 Austin TX Other 20 Slow-moving high-altitude object seen in Austin, Texas the evening of October 18th. 10/31/03
10/18/03 18:43 Liberty TX Light 2 seconds Lit object spotted near aircraft. 10/31/03
10/18/03 17:35 Columbia MO Circle 5min 3 silver circles floating in the air in a triangle pattern.Traveling east to west with the point of the triangle to the south. Insatntl 10/31/03
10/18/03 17:00 Knoxville TN Circle 2 minutes Large seemingly round object burning up with tail that dissipated towards end of sight, too big to miss,orange tail 10/31/03
10/18/03 17:00 North Bend WA Disk five minutes What appeared to be a disk zigzagged over a small town 10/31/03
10/18/03 16:10 Modesto CA Sphere 8 minutes Two luminescent spherical ufo's in flight pattern over Modesto, CA. 10/31/03
10/18/03 15:45 Watersmeet MI Cigar 1-2mins Daylight Cigar Shaped Craft 10/31/03
10/18/03 14:23 Bedford TX Rectangle about a minute on the drive home from work at the airline i work for i started seeing movement in my forward vision. Iwas driving and looking almost d 10/31/03
10/18/03 13:30 Fair Oaks CA Disk 4 min I saw a disk shaped black and white very sleek and shiny, at least a 1/4 mile in front of me able to travel very slow or very rapid 10/31/03
10/18/03 12:48 Kingsport TN Changing 2 minutes It stayed in the clouds darting back and forth changing shapes, it reminded me of a Dragon! 10/31/03
10/18/03 12:34 Blountville TN Changing 4 min It was an object that changed shapes while seeming to be swooping down. It looked like a taradactal. 10/31/03
10/18/03 11:15 Everett WA Sphere 30 seconds Red, blue, and green lights, in one sphere shaped object. 10/31/03
10/18/03 03:30 Marion AR Light 1 minute White lights race through the sky in clear daylight, fighters in persuit 10/31/03
10/18/03 02:00 Route 80 W (between ex 25 and 24) PA Sphere 10 mins about 3 craft on interstate 80 west took control of my auto 10/31/03
10/18/03 02:00 Mason TX Light still Looking to the East, it looks like a "sparkler" type fireworks, it is radiating blue, green, silver and red light, it's hovering. And i 10/31/03
10/18/03 01:44 Salem OR Other bout 10 secs. saw red light appear move rapidly through the sky in salem, or and then dissapear. 10/31/03
10/18/03 01:00 Purlear NC Unknown 2+ hours for 2 hours observed object moving slightly colored lights blinking randomly 10/31/03
10/17/03 23:14 North Platte NE Circle 3 min BRIGHT LIGHT CHASED BY AIRCRAFT. 10/31/03
10/17/03 23:00 Petaluma CA Light over 2 nights so far rapidly blinking far off red and blue bright lights 10/31/03
10/17/03 22:00 Lovingston VA Unknown seven seconds There was a bright light in the distance a few miles away with the intensity of a radio tower beacon. The light was bright white and a 10/31/03
10/17/03 21:00 Missoula MT Circle 20 min there was a haze around object 10/31/03
10/17/03 20:45 Opp AL Triangle 15 mins Triangle Shaped craft between Opp and Andalusia 10/31/03
10/17/03 20:15 Montreal (Canada) PQ Light approx: 70 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The 4 lights at equal distance from one another. 10/31/03
10/17/03 19:30 Venice FL Triangle 2 minutes Triangular craft spotted over Venice, FL 10/31/03
10/17/03 19:00 Richardson TX Circle 20 minutes It has been several years since I saw a hovering large ball outside, barely moving, for several days. Last night, while reading in my l 10/31/03
10/17/03 16:54 Cape Town (South Africa)
Sphere 30 sec Round sphere speeding along a horizontal path 10/31/03
10/17/03 06:40 Marietta GA Light Approx. 10 seconds 2 luminous objects seen traversing sky(space?) @high speed, VERY high altitude 10/31/03
10/17/03 02:45 Little Rock AR Other 15 seconds about 2:45 am saturday morning, my boss and I were standing outside and talking. we saw a blue flash in the eastern sky that was simila 10/31/03
10/17/03 02:00 Dallas TX Unknown 5 minutes I noticed a "plane" headed directly for my building at some distance thought nothing of it until it got closer and I kept an eye on it 10/31/03
10/17/03 00:30 Opp AL Sphere several hours Strange stationary lights in the sky. 10/31/03
10/17/03 00:00 Baghdad (Iraq)
Unknown ? Object tracked and annotated by Air Ops Center covering Iraq 10/31/03
10/16/03 22:30 Sumner WA Changing 45 min-1hr. Odd lights and shapes in Sumner, Washington 10/31/03
10/16/03 20:17 Pinos Altos NM Unknown 1.5 - 2.0 sec. Very unusual atmospheric entry of unknown Craft. 10/31/03
10/16/03 18:00 Columbus OH Light 15 minutes Bright, slow moving light. 10/31/03
10/16/03 08:15 Stevensville MD Light 5-10 mins We see these lights very often at night looking towards the bay just to the right and above the Baltimore area. These whitish orange li 10/31/03
10/15/03 21:00 Hernando FL Unknown CLEAR RAPID SPEED AND CHANGE DIRECTION 10/31/03
10/15/03 20:30 Wofford Heights CA Circle 15 to 20 minutes Bright light broke into 6 objects two turn toward us the others vanished metal sparks fell from sky to ground 10/31/03
10/15/03 19:25 Collinsville OH Light 10 minutes Several UFOs reported in southwest Ohio over several days and this may be another sighting. 10/31/03
10/15/03 19:15 Elizabeth PA Disk 5 minutes saucer shape seen from bottom with triangular lights with point in center, grey in shape.300' up. 10/31/03
10/15/03 18:45 Sheridan AR Cigar 10 min It was a slim cigar shaped silver metal object (like a plane with no wings). It had a orange glow-possible reflection from the sun. 10/31/03
10/15/03 06:30 San Jose CA Triangle 4 min transluscent pink tree like object -2 ft tall hovered and then floated horizontally 10/31/03
10/14/03 23:00 Indianapolis IN Oval split second I was outside and a large brite perfect ball of lite with a mist trail behind zoomed from the sky very fast to ground just one or two b 10/31/03
10/14/03 23:00 Indianapolis IN Oval split second large brite white ball with mist trail falls just half mile east of downtown 10/31/03
10/14/03 21:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 seconds Triangle Formation Over Los Angeles 10/31/03
10/14/03 11:30 Yelm WA Oval 15 minutes Oval obj: FLASHING RED N WHITE KEOPPEN RD YELM WA 10/31/03
10/13/03 23:15 Zanesville OH Rectangle 3 minutes Very large object w/ white and blue flashing lights.. 10/31/03
10/13/03 21:00 Provo UT Light 15 minutes Large Orange light gave us chills 10/31/03
10/13/03 06:00 Craig CO Triangle 17 min it was sitting in the sky like it diddent care that i was watching 10/31/03
10/13/03 00:00 Dayton (WPAFB) OH

Possible explanation for 10/13 Weird Aircraft Siting 10/31/03
10/12/03 22:20 Dallas TX Sphere 5 minutes Luminous translucent red sphere 10/31/03
10/12/03 18:35 Reevesville SC Other 12 to 15 mins. october 12th sunday 2003 6:35pm. /distorted airway/sky perhaps portle 15/20feet high same width on our land facing westnorthwest 10/31/03
10/12/03 02:00 Antioch CA Circle 25 minutes Peculiar lights over the Antioch, CA sky 10/31/03
10/12/03 00:00 Acton/Aqua Dulce CA Circle 8-10seconds BRIGHT RED OBJECT DECENDS/THEN TURN BRIGHT GREEN/BLUE AND SHOOTS OFF! 10/31/03
10/12/03 Salatiga (Indonesia)
Disk 22 seconds UFO in Salatiga,Indonesia 10/31/03
10/11/03 19:05 Placerville CA Light Ten minutes Unverified pair of bold star lights diminishing in perfect unison. 10/31/03
10/11/03 00:00 San Diego CA
2 days? Lost two days awaken to power out tv fried and blood from ear.Disoriented 10/31/03
10/10/03 20:25 Temperance MI Oval over 5 hours pulsating green white and red object in the northwest sky at 45degrees 10/31/03
10/9/03 16:48 Everett WA Cylinder 2 minutes Polished metallic cylinder stationary in daytime sky slowly rotates then disappears instantly 10/31/03
10/9/03 07:30 Ferndale MI Rectangle 10 minutes Rectangular object hovering over I-696 in Ferndale, Michigan 10/31/03
10/9/03 03:00 Livonia MI Light 40 mins "star" darting from one place to another and stoping abruptly, chnged colors and went in loops 10/31/03
10/8/03 19:00 Rising Sun MD Other 10 min. A cluster of lights, then suddenly a head light moving slowly and lower. No landing gear rounded shape. No sound. 10/31/03
10/8/03 03:30 Lowell MA Rectangle 30 seconds Quickly, I tugged the shade hold down. Previous experience had taught me not to get mesmerized!! 10/31/03
10/7/03 20:00 Urbandale IA Formation 2 min Formation of white lights moving in a random pattern in a northwesterly direction 10/31/03
10/7/03 18:00 Meriden CT Disk 1 Min Bright reflection off an object but not like an airplane it moved from the left of the sky to the right and then to the left again 10/31/03
10/7/03 10:00 Walnut Creek CA Oval 15 minutes It was oval/disk shaped object, brilliant white aura, moved slow, stopped, appeared and disappeared, got 4 photos 10/31/03
10/7/03 01:30 Perth (Western Australia)
Triangle 1 second 1 mile away on the other side of the Canning River at 1:30am 10/31/03
10/6/03 11:45 Rainbow Lakes Estates FL Other 45 seconds Ghost airplane, so large dissapears with no sound in day time. 10/31/03
10/4/03 23:00 Hayward CA Light 2-min-3-min Bright light drops other bright light. 10/31/03
10/3/03 02:00 Baltimore MD Disk 30 seconds i dont know what it was but i saw something it wasnt any form of aircraft that ive ever sen 10/31/03
10/2/03 22:15 Pueblo West CO Other 10-15 seconds Intense red light, spinning rapidly, droning sound. 10/31/03
10/2/03 21:00 Bayfield CO Triangle 5 min Flying triangle in Bayfield, CO 10/31/03
9/25/03 19:10 Charlotte NC Oval 3 minutes One oval, silver craft spotted over highway, appeared to hover and then fly away 10/31/03
9/23/03 20:30 Morgan Hill CA Other 4 seconds A bright glowing green peanut shaped object shot off into the sky leaving a white trail 10/31/03
9/21/03 23:00 Paarl (South Africa)
Oval 15 seconds UFO flew above us in a "S" shape and flew away at high speed 10/31/03
9/21/03 12:29 San Francisco CA Other 10 minutes White spheres connected with what had the flexiblity of rope. Moved like a snake thru the sky. 10/31/03
9/20/03 21:00 Maryhill WA Light 10 minutes A Mars like object presented itself and disappeared. 10/31/03
9/20/03 19:50 Southampton (Hampshire) (UK/England)
Light 30 seconds Fast Flying Light 10/31/03
9/19/03 20:00 West Point NE Light 15 to 20 min strange orange lights in the night sky 10/31/03
9/16/03 22:15 Fort Worth TX Light 2 minutes Red light that flew almost horizonally then suddenly "fell" from the sky. 10/31/03
9/16/03 00:00 Huntsville (outside of) (Canada) ON Sphere 10 to 15 mins Light seen over ridge in Algonquin park. 10/31/03
9/14/03 16:30 London (UK/England)
Circle 1 hour 4 craft,clear afternoon,DV video evidence.formation flying,ball shape,went up. 10/31/03
9/11/03 21:00 Tupper Lake NY Light 20- 30 mins 1 strange light in the Sky then 3 big orange lights. Both were gone Within 30 minutes 10/31/03
9/11/03 20:00 Orwigsburg PA Circle 20 minutes Two bright colored lights came from the east and stood over Orwigsburg at 8:00. I was up at my computer when my Mom yelled up to get do 10/31/03
9/10/03 12:30 Osterburg PA Teardrop 3-5 min We were outside building a roof for our dogs new doghouse when i happen to hear a faint buzzing sound. So I looked up and tapped my br 10/31/03
9/7/03 00:00 Montebello CA Fireball 1 hour Red ball of light over East Los Angeles 10/31/03
8/30/03 21:00 Daytona Beach FL Other 7 seconds Glowing football shaped objects flying in straight line formation wing tip to wing tip over Daytona Beach, FL 10/31/03
8/28/03 23:00 Coldwater MI Unknown 2 seconds The wings of the craft emmitted a low intencity green light, and the craft flew low, slow, and silent. 10/31/03
8/24/03 14:00 Westland MI Disk 4 minutes talking with freinds on drive way we saw a disk shaped object 10/31/03
8/23/03 21:55 St. Charles MO Triangle Aprox 30 seconds Large Triangular Shaped Object with Orange Lights along to edges - no sound 10/31/03
8/22/03 23:20 Vancouver (Canada) BC Flash 1 second A bright moon shaped object with an emerald green tail moved across the horizen in a split second 10/31/03
8/19/03 01:00 Council Bluffs IA Disk 15 min. It looked like it was gong slow because my car was movine same dorection but it was rilly moving along after I stoped 10/31/03
8/15/03 12:30 Haarlem-Leiden (Netherlands)
Other 5 sec hanging planes 10/31/03
8/8/03 03:00 Yakima/Ellensburg WA Light 1.5 minutes Very fast moving and maneuvering light in sky above Washington State...... 10/31/03
7/29/03 23:00 Arlington WA Unknown 5 Minutes Continuous Fireworks in the sky near Arlington, WA 10/31/03
7/15/03 14:00 Gurnee IL Cylinder 5 minutes Slow moving "rod?" in a crystal clear sky 10/31/03
7/15/03 00:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light approx: 3 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Kelowna, British Columbia - Another Connection To Missing Time Case 10/31/03
7/14/03 15:33 Beaverton OR Oval 21 min White-pink oval object seen & photo'd while rising up thru high cloud. 10/31/03
7/4/03 23:00 Clear Lake OR Light
light in sky that bobed and had big spotlight threw trees,made no noise 10/31/03
6/30/03 01:30 Plymouth NC Other 20 minutes A bluish-whitish glowing ragged line of light in the shape of a large "W" lying on its side. 10/31/03
6/28/03 04:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 1 minute or so Photos of UFO in sky above Sandia Peak, NM 10/31/03
6/15/03 02:00 Manchester TN Light 45 min My girlfriend and I saw an object that resembled a moving "star" for about 45 minutes. 10/31/03
5/25/03 13:00 Lake Omak WA Unknown 5 mins While over in Okanogan County in May of this year (2003) we were taking pictures of various places, using a Fuji digital camera. We did 10/31/03
5/21/03 23:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Circle 35 minutes Three different sightings of dim, orange lights arranged in various shapes passing soundlessly over my house. 10/31/03
5/10/03 04:00 Boscastle (Cornwall) (UK/England)
Sphere 45 mins Small balls of light in the woods UK 10/31/03
4/20/03 21:30 Victoria (Canada) BC Circle 10-15 seconds a round ,glowing green object apeared in the northern sky, remained stationary for seconds and then went out, definitely not the moon 10/31/03
4/13/03 21:15 Greenville GA Other Appx. 30 seconds MUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Joint NUFORC/MUFON of Georgia Investigation, Meriwether County Georgia 10/31/03
4/10/03 18:00 Santa Monica CA Cigar 15 minutes Silver cigar-shaped UFO hangs over Santa Monica Beach 10/31/03
4/1/03 17:00 Asheboro NC Cylinder 2 to 3 min Large, shiny, motionless cylinder. 10/31/03
3/28/03 10:00 St. Louis (outside of) MO Other 10 min Lines in the Sky, Seen from Airplane 10/31/03
3/22/03 Highway I-70 MO Changing 4 seconds Going home from Escelior, Kansas City, MO to Columbia, it was after midnight (5) of us travel down highway I-70. 10/31/03
1/6/03 22:00 Miami FL Light 10 seconds A light that looks like a star, then becomes brilliantly bright white light then disappears within a wink of an eye. . . 10/31/03
10/15/02 18:00 Bosler WY Unknown 2 minutes Women pass through Bosler, Wyoming twice without turning around. 10/31/03
10/15/02 05:45 Comox (Canada) BC Formation
On the 15 of oct a friend and I where look up at the star when we say the intention space station we followed it till it fall out of s 10/31/03
10/5/02 00:30 Hillsboro IL Light 5 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Bright flashing lights in a circ. pattern, 34-50 yards in dia. hovering about 4 stories up. 10/31/03
8/16/02 19:30 Alliance OH Cylinder 2-3 Minutes Missle shaped craft, no wings, no lights, no landing gear, no sound, no CHEM TRAIL 10/31/03
7/23/02 22:05 Los Angeles CA Changing 10 Minutes By now, I have read a number of accounts from others who witnessed what I did this night. (I am reporting this over one year following 10/31/03
7/15/02 15:00 Rock River (southeast of) WY Oval 2 minutes Carrier retrieves two small craft southeast of Rock River, Wyoming. 10/31/03
7/8/02 23:00 Miami FL Triangle 10 Seconds A triangular shape approximately two house lengths completely black hovering above the treeline across the street 10/31/03
6/29/02 14:00 Richmond KY Other at least 20 minutes small mystery object over Wal-Mart 10/31/03
6/15/02 00:30 Regina (Canada) SK Rectangle 20 sec Was standing in backyard with buddy and we were star gazing when objects came into view in sky above houses. Six rectangle with tee sha 10/31/03
6/6/02 23:15 Columbia MO Disk 30 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Noticed something flying over highway. 10/31/03
5/25/02 00:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 45 min. CRAFT AND IT'S PROBE MOTIONLESS OVER NUCLEAR DEPOT ONE HOUR AT AFB IN ALB,N.M. 10/31/03
4/1/02 10:50 Columbia MO Sphere 2 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Metallic sphere flying from south to north, relatively slowly. 10/31/03
11/25/01 20:00 Bramptom MI Circle several minutes Wife and I in our hot tub waking to a disc shaped object and flashing light 10/31/03
10/17/01 00:00 Johnstown OH Fireball 30 sec I was actually staying up all night trying not to go to sleep 2 fireball shaped ufos they were zig zaging all over then lights started 10/31/03
10/5/01 21:00 Henderson KY Oval 20 sec. Green meteor? That altered heading?? 10/31/03
9/18/01 22:00 Lincoln City OR Light 1-2 minutes Orange/bronze flare of light over ocean, not moving. 10/31/03
8/15/01 22:00 Roswell NM Triangle 3-4 minutes Dark Triangle, silent craft "floating" with 3 lights on the bottom heading NNE over SW Roswell between July-Sept 2001 10/31/03
8/10/01 22:00 Arlington TX Fireball 15 seconds Bright orange ball that seemed to crash to the ground, making a loud, sharp noise; the whole dark sky lit up in a deep blue color. 10/31/03
7/20/01 22:00 White Butte (near) ND Circle 15 seconds Red -orange firey disk that flew past me slowly, and then speedup and was out of sight in about 10 seconds. 10/31/03
7/19/01 23:00 Mineral Point MO Light 1 minute MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Aa satellite moving SW. When it reached the treeline I noticed another "star" moving N. 10/31/03
7/1/01 11:50 Laramie WY Other 5 minutes Blood-red cloud splits in two and rains onto ground. 10/31/03
6/20/01 15:00 Tracy CA Disk 5 minutes The object seemed to dissipate at certain points and then reappear in a different spot in the sky. As if moving so fast that it became 10/31/03
12/1/00 20:23 Avoca IA Light 1.5-2MIN AT ABOUT 20:23 ON 1 DEC. 2000 (I BELEIVE) I was driving westbound in an 18 wheeler on I-80 at mile marker 60, near Avoca Iowa, when I 10/31/03
11/1/00 01:00 Austin TX Disk 30 seconds The craft shot a ray of solid light up into the sky and connected to what appeared to be a star. 10/31/03
5/1/00 01:00 New York City NY Flash 3 seconds flashing lights zig-zag 10/31/03
2/1/00 23:00 Babbitt MN Other 8-10 minutes Opaque white beams of light that repeatedly hit a lamp, turning it on and off... 10/31/03
1/15/00 23:45 Houghton Lake MI Flash 20 minutes Rendezvous of 2 white lights, followed by enormous, pulsing light rings. 10/31/03
12/19/99 02:30 Santa Fe NM Circle 10 seconds UFO floats over, truck stops, distributor is stuck to inside of roof, magnetized. 10/31/03
12/1/99 20:00 Grandview WA Formation about 5 minutes Two groups of lights in formation 10/31/03
11/19/99 22:00 Andes NY Cylinder 15:00 Craft hovered over a mountain for 15 10/31/03
10/25/99 21:00 Lawrenceville GA Triangle 2 min. A football field size triangular object with a fire-burner on the very back floated, with no sound, over my counsin and my head. 10/31/03
10/15/99 19:00 Kansas City MO Other 3-5 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I was looking to my left when I spotted a white light about 9 o'clock high 10/31/03
9/24/99 22:00 Beaconsfield (UK/England)
Triangle 1min 3 disks of dim light connected to triangular shape in night sky 10/31/03
8/17/99 17:00 Guildford (UK/England)
Sphere soccer game slowede down over our soccer game and spn there for about 40 seconds and left extrmely fast 10/31/03
8/15/99 00:00 Saint John (Canada) NB Disk 3 Seconds Disk shaped object with green lighted tail. 10/31/03
6/19/99 01:00 Kansas City MO Disk unknown MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I looked up to the north and saw the object, it was treetop level. It was so big! 10/31/03
6/15/99 11:00 Ontario CA Egg 10 min Egg shaped object near Ontario International Airport, in Ontario Ca. 10/31/03
6/14/99 19:00 Kennewick WA Sphere 5 minutes two sightings/ #1 orange earthlights follow each other & #2 massive silver ball moves at high altitude across sky 10/31/03
11/1/98 13:00 Fort Hood TX Circle 15 seconds Spinning discs in West For Hood, TX 10/31/03
9/30/98 21:00 Herman MO Triangle 15 seconds Three silent lights pased overhead from north to south at a constant speed and position 10/31/03
9/12/98 09:00 Corpus Christi TX Sphere 4 days As I left my home I saw a clear sphere in the sky with a type of irridescent light inside of it. The shape inside was like or was a med 10/31/03
8/8/98 02:00 Houston (Canada) BC Disk 10 minutes Craft follows vehicle on Canadian Highway with spotlight 10/31/03
8/5/98 01:00 Newton KS Formation 30 minits all 3 started to move forwored very slowly 10/31/03
7/5/98 03:00 Panora IA Sphere brief Iowa lake ufo 10/31/03
6/15/98 01:00 CA (Interstate 40) CA Unknown 5 min. Three very bright lights close to the ground. 10/31/03
6/11/98 00:15 Gateshead (UK/England)
Triangle 30 seconds black trianglur craft with colour lights underneath it. 10/31/03
2/1/98 01:00 Newbury Park CA Chevron 10 min It was the largest thins I've ever seen well over a mile in length, and it hovered near the navel base. 10/31/03
1/8/98 17:00 Petoskey MI Light 10 - 12 seconds Blueish-Green "light" appears & then accellerates in another direction. 10/31/03
12/15/97 20:00 Salida CA Light 10 Seconds Two lighted circular UFO's play follow the leader 10/31/03
10/15/97 22:00 Alvarado TX Chevron 30 secs "V" Shaped craft over Night Sky in Alvarado TX. Oct. 1997 10/31/03
9/1/97 20:00 Pleasant View TN Fireball 5 seconds large white fireball or super flare... 10/31/03
8/16/97 12:00 Rutherfordton NC Cigar 7 hours A cigar shaped craft with 2 6-ft tall beings obucted me and later crashed in the mountians of lake lure. 10/31/03
5/1/97 22:00 St. Petersburg FL Triangle 5 min I was hypnotized upon a star and a triangle shaped craft moved before my eyes about 50 FT away. 10/31/03
9/30/96 18:00 Central Butte (Canada) SK Circle 2 minutes Looked like a birthday cake with very bright white flashing lights, stationary in sky above until it quickly moved on. 10/31/03
8/1/96 02:00 Independence MO Triangle unknown MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Triangle in Independence, Mo. 10/31/03
6/8/96 16:30 Beloit WI Other 20 minutes Oddly shaped black object hovering high in the daytime sky for about 20 minutes and then dissappearing. 10/31/03
1/1/96 23:00 Seattle WA Sphere 20 seconds saw circle in lightning 10/31/03
11/11/95 10:00 Pichacho Peak AZ Circle 15 min Driving from Phoenix to Tucson Arizona,about half way (Marana Arizona), Nov. 11, 1995 I looked toward Kitt Peak (the famous observatory 10/31/03
10/1/95 17:00 Ashland KY Disk less than 5 minutes Disintegrating object. 10/31/03
8/16/95 23:30 Redmond WA Unknown 5 minutes redmond washington sighting 1995 10/31/03
4/4/95 04:00 Williamsburg VA Sphere 25 minutes Sphere witnessed in VA 10/31/03
3/5/95 12:00 Anaheim CA Other 15 minutes In March of 1995 returning from St. Joseph Hospital to give blood for a upcoming surgery I was going west on the 91 Freeway at about 12 10/31/03
8/26/94 13:00 Fort McCoy WI Disk 20 seconds Disc shaped object darted across the sky in a reverse Z pattern. 10/31/03
8/15/94 18:30 Glenwood Springs CO Light 2 min very bright light in the sky moving slowly made a sudden jump upwards and disipeared 10/31/03
8/15/94 00:00 Rock River WY Disk 2+ hours Revolving lights seen in clouds south of Rock River, Wyoming. 10/31/03
6/1/94 21:00 Montgomery AL Triangle 2-3 hrs triangular object with 3 bright lights moved east to west across east montgomery over the v.a. hospital. 10/31/03
5/15/94 22:00 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Light 2 hours streams of light and triangular lights seen over Saskatoon, SK. 10/31/03
12/10/93 19:30 Morganton NC Circle 20 seconds Red Object over my backyard. 10/31/03
11/11/93 22:00 Albuquerque NM Triangle Ten seconds Triangle. 10/31/03
10/15/93 00:00 Butte MT Sphere 30 secs A hovering object in the vicinity of "The Lady of the Mountains". 10/31/03
8/23/93 19:56 Laramie (east of) WY Changing 9 minutes Cloud-like object at extreme range changes shape. 10/31/03
8/19/93 21:10 Fort Collins CO Unknown 5 minutes Red-lighted UFO with bluish flashing light flits over vacant field. 10/31/03
6/17/93 15:00 Laramie WY Unknown unknown Artificial pulsating sound heard, no craft seen. 10/31/03
5/10/93 13:00 Laramie (south of) WY Formation one minute Formation of Tremonton-like "daylight disks" in Wyoming 10/31/03
12/15/92 05:55 Lenox MA Disk 4 min It came up through the trees and had red lights spaced around it. I could see it plain as day in front of me 10/31/03
6/15/92 00:30 Tinnie NM Formation 3 min. Lights flying in the formation of the shape of a small aircraft, split into 3-4 seperate and different colored orbs and flew off fast! 10/31/03
4/17/92 23:45 Billings MT Disk 5 Min One Disk shaped object with many colored lights. 10/31/03
4/8/92 21:00 Ventura CA Disk 10 min Disc shaped object, multi colored lights around perimeter of the disc, bright spot light shining from bottom of craft, comfirmation 10/31/03
10/7/91 20:15 Virginia Dale CO Light 2 minutes Four nocturnal lights, one winks out, deer appears. 10/31/03
11/15/90 23:30 Jubail (Saudi Arabia)
Oval 2min Pre-sighting of March 1996 Blue Oval near Jubail Saudi Arabia 10/31/03
9/2/89 12:00 Pickering (Canada) ON Triangle 3 min. as i was reading a sighting from someboby in ohio on my first time here. it reminded me of acraft i seen in late 80s or early 90s in la 10/31/03
9/1/89 14:00 Franklin NC Sphere 15secs A perfect sphere, almost transparent , very transluscent , soundlessly floating above me 10/31/03
8/1/89 23:00 San Diego CA Formation 1 minute The silent object had three orange ball-shaped lights that seperated from eachother as it flew over the mountain. 10/31/03
1/19/89 20:15 Laramie WY Disk 10 minutes Witness is lured out of house, silent craft glides overhead, more body marks are discovered. 10/31/03
1/17/89 20:00 Laramie WY Other 15 minutes Silent lighted craft flies over house, witness later discovers body marks. 10/31/03
1/7/89 17:32 Fort Collins (north of) CO Light 20 minutes Stationary brilliant variable white light masquerades as planet Mercury. 10/31/03
10/22/88 20:30 New York City (Queens) NY Sphere 1 minute Sphere coming out from the Moon 10/31/03
8/1/88 05:30 Tecate CA Light 10 minutes I am a retired U.S. Border Patrol supervisor, having spent 37 years in the Border Patrol and INS. I was a patrol agent in charge on bo 10/31/03
1/15/88 23:00 Vandalia MO Triangle 10 minutes The shape was a dark sharp triangle that made no noise and seemed transparent from directly below. 10/31/03
9/18/87 23:00 Lima OH Rectangle 5-8mins. I saw a battleship size ufo that was outlined with lights but was transparent at the same time. 10/31/03
7/30/87 21:20 Asheville NC Light 1:30 to 2 mins pre-awarenees would see UFO -- falling star - changing to dancing light - then very high speed departure 10/31/03
10/15/86 14:00 Pinson AL Circle Abt. 10 Seconds Redish orange , traveling slowly and quietly! 10/31/03
9/15/85 21:15 Annandale NY Oval 10 min Late summer 1985 large object hovering over Annandale NY 10/31/03
1/1/85 23:00 Caribbean Sea FL Other 15 minutes explosion and orbs in carribean waters 10/31/03
7/1/83 04:00 Strandburg SD Formation 2-3 minutes Oval multicolored object that had sharp-jagged twinkling lights around it. Green, red and gold lights. 10/31/03
7/1/83 02:30 Ft. Huachuca AZ Light 2+ hours The light was so bright, we could see the shape of every bone in our hands, almost like an x-ray. 10/31/03
6/1/83 15:30 San Diego CA Unknown 1 minute An object traveled directly above then flash and split into eight equal size objects traveling at same speed but opposite directions. 10/31/03
9/20/82 19:00 Dixie ID Disk 4 hrs High mountain Idaho sighting, disc shaped revolving lights underneath,like a memory game,30 ft across. 10/31/03
7/5/82 00:00 Madison CT Light 30 mins Gigantic mass of light lit up the bay then followed me and split into two shooting lights over my head 10/31/03
12/24/81 20:00 Bedford County (Stewertsville Area) VA Disk 1hour to 1 hour and 30 m close encounter of the second kind, 15 feet from disk shaped craft. 10/31/03
11/29/81 00:30 Bartlesville OK Unknown several minutes The cloaked figure with huges eyes was hovering between the bed and the door. 10/31/03
7/16/81 22:00 Mont-Tremblant (Canada) PQ Disk 45min Light in the sky, Missing time, Orange Giant Saucer, 3 witnesses 10/31/03
12/30/80 23:30 Chicopee MA Diamond 5 minutes Black diamond with green lights lands on porch roof 10/31/03
12/27/80 01:00 RAF Bentwaters (UK/England)
Rectangle 2 hours Additional information (eyewitness account) of the Bentwaters Incident 10/31/03
4/20/80 14:00 Dayton OH Cigar 5 Mins Cigar shaped craft outruns fighter jets 10/31/03
8/15/79 21:00 Iwakuni (Japan)
Light 5-10 minutes Single strange light travels at great and varying speeds, making sharp turns and disappears into the moon. 10/31/03
6/20/79 20:00 Valley Cottage NY Disk 20 min it was big enough to swollow it keep in mind this was a 4 or 5 bedroom home It was round or disk 10/31/03
6/15/79 02:00 Morocco
Unknown 5 min Northern Africa 1979 3 objects seen in the sky 10/31/03
7/22/78 01:30 Ft Irin (Goldstone Tracking Station) CA Oval 5 minutes We didn't see it appear but it was like we were suspended in time 10/31/03
5/6/78 00:00 Fort Worth TX Light 20:00 UFO manuevering over an uninterested Carswell Air Force Base 10/31/03
5/5/78 13:00 Pasadena CA Cigar several minutes I submitted the following to a French UMMO site isn1997.

For years I have been trying to track down a craft's symbol my 4 yr.

3/15/78 01:00 Lolo MT Light maybe 2 - 3 minutes The animals were in terror. 10/31/03
12/18/77 18:30 Minsk (Belarus)
Disk a few minutes the silver object looked like as a plate that flew with amazing speed, hanged in the sky for a few minutes 10/31/03
8/10/77 21:10 Minneapolis MN Disk 1 minute Saucer Shaped Craft, Late 70's in suburban Minneapolis, around 9pm. seen at extremely close range of 40 feet 10/31/03
7/25/77 23:00 Hebron KY Oval 1 minute Strange very bright lights moving faster that aircraft from west to east. 10/31/03
7/12/77 14:00 St. Petersburg FL Disk 2 minutes Rare sighting of ufo formation shadow on the ground. 10/31/03
11/25/76 23:00 Omaha NE Rectangle seemed like 1 minute, but White rectangular "door" opens in night sky, emiting orange beam of light 10/31/03
10/15/76 23:00 Almena WI Unknown 4 hrs Electrical failure of my reliable vehicle and some missing time. 10/31/03
9/16/76 23:30 Western Pacific Ocean
Oval 2-3 Minutes I often wondered why we were the only two that saw the UFO on such a large ship. 10/31/03
1/2/76 12:00 Dayton OH Other over several days I knew well a retired air who reveiled he was a doctor present at the examination of bodies at Dayton, Ohio. 10/31/03
10/28/75 18:00 Cleves OH Cigar don't know about thirty m As I was driving down Bridgetown Rd. to pick up my son from Taylor High, while going down hill, I saw an object in the sky, it was the 10/31/03
10/15/75 22:00 Ryegate (south of) MT Circle 1 hour 10/15/75. Round shape, extremely bright white light, took off (up) when I told it to "come get me". 10/31/03
8/20/75 01:00 Fort Wayne (just outside of) IN Other 15 seconds Triangular shaped craft spotted on highway outside of Fort Wayne. Rest Area janitor coroborates sighting 10/31/03
7/1/75 09:00 Coarsegold CA Circle 12 seconds Small white light pursuing large green disc or ball. 10/31/03
6/30/75 20:00 Miami Beach FL Light 5 minutes 10 bright lights move slowly north across south beach sky in 1975 10/31/03
4/12/75 07:00 Houston TX Unknown 30 sec. Unusual movements observed of a bright object flying over the Houston skyline. 10/31/03
9/1/74 20:00 Auburn/Montgomery (between) AL Rectangle 30 minutes A flattened "thread spool" shaped object with alternating white and red lights passing approximately 500 feet above us. 1/2 hour durati 10/31/03
7/24/74 21:00 East Berkshire VT Light 2 minutes Farm children see two orange nocturnal lights. 10/31/03
7/21/74 22:30 Apple Valley/Burnsville MN Disk Unknown My background is with the Department of Defense Special Technical Operations. I do not wish to mention which company or location for ob 10/31/03
7/5/74 23:00 Jackson MS Triangle 10-15 minutes Three bright lights positioned like a jet 's landing lights follow the car in Mississippi. 10/31/03
7/1/74 21:30 Lynden WA Light 3-5 min It was early evening yet not yet completely dark on a clear night. In an slightly rural area. Our parents and siblins were already in t 10/31/03
6/6/74 20:30 Washington, D.C. DC Disk two minutes Roiling, red/orange disk traverses nation's capitol at supersonic speed, near White House...never reported (1974). 10/31/03
4/23/74 20:00 Rosalia WA Chevron 90seconds UFO seen near Rosalia, WA in the early 1970s. Shape of UFO disputed. Not disputed are three eerie green chevron shaped bow shockwaves 10/31/03
6/1/73 02:00 Folkston GA Light 3-4 houres I left home in Macclenny Fla and drove north on rt. 23/121 into Georgia around 2am I came to a crossroads just out side of Folkston Ga. 10/31/03
4/1/73 00:00 Lufkin (general area, east Texas) TX Disk 15 minutes Family encounters with glowing objects, spanning 50 yrs., for three members. 10/31/03
9/15/72 21:00 Rensselaer IN Light 5 minutes One evening about an hour after sundown in 1972, approximately half-way between Rensselaer and Francesville, Indiana, an elderly friend 10/31/03
9/9/72 21:00 ?? CA Rectangle 5 minutes It was well over 20 years ago, but I will never forget how unusual it seemed to me. I still don't know just WHAT it was, maybe you can 10/31/03
7/5/72 14:00 Park City KS Disk 5-10 seconds?? I saw a flying saucer hovering above me in the middle of the street. 10/31/03
3/21/72 20:00 Cozumel (Mexico)
Light one minute I married a woman from the Mexican island of Cozumel, state of Quintana Roo. This was in 1970. My wife an I opened a store in my brothe 10/31/03
9/20/71 16:00 Woodland WA Disk 6 minutes Saucer shaped craft at roof level just hovering, round windows along the side and dome in the middle. 10/31/03
6/6/71 21:00 Victorville CA Light 30 minutes Blinking star randomly, instantly, jumping about in an area about 20 to 30 deg. above Mojave horizon. 10/31/03
12/15/69 16:00 Glenmore LA Circle 15/20 sec A very clear sighting on highway U.S. 165 in Louisiana north of Oakdale near the small town of Glenmora in 1969. 10/31/03
11/1/69 22:00 Hogans Camp Resort CA Circle five minutes Lighted round craft hovered and then dropped down quickly and shot straight out and away. While hovering, craft made a moaning sound. 10/31/03
8/15/69 23:00 Ensenada (15 miles south of) (Mexico)
Formation one hour My brother, a friend, and I witnessed six craft over Baja, Calif, beach in October of 1969 10/31/03
7/7/69 22:00 Fresno CA Other 2 min 30 years ago large ufo with stinger like object emitting sparks then sped away. 10/31/03
7/5/69 10:53 Valdez AK Disk 17 minutes Orange water 10/31/03
8/8/68 18:00 Cherry Hill NJ Disk 45 minutes Early 1960's South New Jersey Large circular craft, zig-zag movement, visable more than 20 minutes. 10/31/03
7/1/68 20:45 Salt Lake City UT Circle 2 min Reddish ball shaped objects. 10/31/03
6/12/68 02:30 St. Paul MN Circle 2 Minutes Witnessed a silver and round with 2 back high fins UFO when I was 12 10/31/03
5/15/68 20:00 Morocco (Sidi Yahia U.S. Naval Facility)
Disk 3 hours UFO sighted by four people in Sidi Yahia, Morocco, North Africa 10/31/03
9/30/67 23:00 Lone Rock WI Oval 3 to5 min I had just had my car tuned-up that day and my mother and I were on our way to work at an ammunition plant, 2nd shift. When the car qu 10/31/03
6/1/67 16:00 Warrensburg on Highway 13 MO Other 20 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: We saw two parallel lights cross in front of our windshield very, very rapidly. 10/31/03
8/30/66 17:30 Rochester NY Disk 15 seconds Disc shaped object came down from clouds, hovered for 15 seconds, then slowly went back up into the clouds. 10/31/03
8/17/66 01:45 Bass Harbor ME Disk 5 min Disk shape object seen in Blue Hill Bay, Bass Harbor, ME , 1966 10/31/03
8/15/66 22:30 Seattle WA Disk 30 minutes Summer 1966, 10:30pm, 4 witnesses, round/dome shape object appeared , approached then hovered in the sky approx. 200' approx 15 mins. 10/31/03
12/10/65 21:00 San Marcos TX Light 1 minute What happened on that buss in 1965, in Texas 10/31/03
12/9/65 00:00 Pittsburgh PA Unknown 5 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I Saw The Kecksberg UFO! 10/31/03
4/14/65 23:00 Daytona Beach FL Cigar 4 min. we had got off work at 11:00 that night and went for a ride in rural volusia county. we observed a large object in the sky in a direct 10/31/03
8/1/63 22:00 Wenatchee WA Formation 5 Seconds V formation of 7 to 9 lights fly from horizon to horizon 10/31/03
7/10/63 20:00 Evanston IL Disk 5-7 minutes We watched the saucer with lights for five minutes as it remained stationary above us at about a 45 degree angle. 10/31/03
7/2/63 19:30 Tucson AZ Other 15 -20 min Large blimp like object 1960's 10/31/03
4/4/62 Washington, D.C. (area) DC Sphere total 30 to 40 minutes My brother.

At a family gathering in the early 1960s when my brother, who served in a special part of the armed forces, revealed tha
6/17/61 19:00 Chicago IL Disk 5 min Disk shapped saucer over the city of Chicago. 10/31/03
11/2/60 18:00 Westbury NY Disk 1 minute Father Mother and son in car stopped in middle of street to see a saucer with lights around the rim hovering above their house. 10/31/03
6/10/60 18:00 Philadelphia PA Sphere 3-4 SECONDS SPHERE 3 TIMES MOON SIZE, WITH MOVING COLORS WITH-IN IT 10/31/03
5/15/59 04:00 Evanston IL Unknown 20 minutes Distant craft in the same part of the sky for 3 nights, seen by a group 10/31/03
9/7/58 19:00 Arthur ND Unknown 5-15 min. Two lights of alternating color traveling and stopping at unexplainable rates of speed. 10/31/03
6/15/58 15:00 Coffeyville KS Cigar ? This object was observed by 4 adults and 7 of us kids, I felt a loss of time I can't explain. 10/31/03
6/1/58 19:00 San Francisco CA Oval 2 minutes A low flying huge silver flying saucer positions itself over home in San Francisco in 1958. 10/31/03
11/10/57 19:00 Corpus Christi TX Light 10 minutes UFO over Corpus Christi near naval yard on November 10, 1957 10/31/03
7/7/57 23:00 Korea
star thought to be sputnik stops a few seconds and then leaves in a 90 degree turn from the point it came 10/31/03
9/10/55 23:00 Bullhead (Davis Camp) AZ Disk unknown ufo getting power from dam 10/31/03
8/15/55 14:00 Woodland Park CO Oval 10-15 sec. Orange disk in night sky 10/31/03
8/14/55 01:00 Madisonville KY Light unknown traveled 50 miles with no driver after being the light 10/31/03
1/15/54 20:00 Santa Monica CT Light few seconds very bright light zig-zagging fast across the sky, then zoomed straight up 10/31/03
8/15/52 17:00 Smithson's Valley TX Cigar 20-30 minutes 2,500 long cigar shaped object hovered over a hill for about 20-minutes. 10/31/03
7/1/52 22:00 Detroit MI Sphere 5 minutes object sits stationary for 5 minutes and then accelerates out of sight in 5 seconds. 10/31/03
6/15/52 Timmins (Canada) ON Disk hours 1952 disks and missing time 10/31/03
1/1/52 Salt Lake City UT Unknown Unknown My great-uncle was certain he saw 2 UFOs over the Wasatch Mountains in the early 1950s. 10/31/03
5/15/49 06:30 Grays SC Light 2-5 min. I am not sure of the exact date or time of this event but it took place in the early morning hours somtime in the late 40's to early 50 10/31/03
03:00 Sparks NV Other 30 sconds A Cone shaped craft flying at unexplainable speeds with distint lighting passing in clos proximity to my location. 10/31/03