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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/31/04 15:00 Bristol TN Egg 45 seconds MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Dark oval object photographed in daytime. 1/31/04
1/31/04 09:00 Saint Johns (15 miles NE of) AZ Sphere 5 min Refractive mirror like Sphere observed in isolated NE Arizona :Via Jeff Rense 1/31/04
1/30/04 21:30 Willard MO Sphere 20 minutes We saw a slow moving orage sphere moving across the sky in figure eight patterns. It disappeared completely after 15 minutes. 1/31/04
1/30/04 20:00 Kent County (Canada) NB Changing 20 minutes A bright object ,with multi-colored lights seen in the southern sky,just above the trees,then it rose up and travelled north. 1/31/04
1/30/04 20:00 Ketchikan AK Light 4 seconds Explosive light over Alaska skies 1/31/04
1/30/04 18:47 Chehalis WA Light 13 minutes Bright light above fields to east of Interstate 5, which did not move while watched for 13 minutes. 1/31/04
1/30/04 03:30 Antioch CA Light 10 MINUTES A bright round yellow/orange pulsing object that moved slowly and silently. 1/31/04
1/29/04 23:30 Woburn MA Cigar 5 MINUTES At approximately, 23:30 hrs several fighter jets where heard in the area, apparently they were tracking an object out of the south west 1/31/04
1/29/04 21:30 Myrtle Beach SC Light two minutes Three big orange lights sat in the sky then vanished 1/31/04
1/29/04 21:30 Pennsauken NJ Triangle 3 minutes suspicious moving lights no sounds in the sky to close to the ground 1/31/04
1/29/04 18:00 Reading PA Disk 90 mins Disk, blue and red lights, stationary in the southeast for 90 mins. Disappeared when aircraft approached 1/31/04
1/29/04 17:00 Hartford CT
1 minute 2 very unusual possibly related events correspond in time with no explanantion in Connecticut. 1/31/04
1/29/04 12:00 Smiths Falls (Canada) ON Disk 5 seconds I looked, facing South-West and this long, almond shaped metalic object began to move across the sky, crossing in about 5 seconds. 1/31/04
1/29/04 10:40 Flagstaff AZ Light 1-2 minuets Red and Blue lights moving across they sky in the shape of a crecent moon 1/31/04
1/29/04 00:00 Houston TX Light 3 hrs fairly bright lights 8 or 9 circling chaoticly yet defined forming a line once north to south another time west to east exactly given 1/31/04
1/28/04 00:00 Gaviota CA Other 10 min 2 giant crafts over Point Conception 1/31/04
1/28/04 21:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 30+mins single large fireball hovered 1/31/04
1/28/04 20:55 Clarksville NY Triangle 7 min Three bright lights in triangle formation hovered ststionary above trees over empty house in complete silence, then slowly moved on. 1/31/04
1/28/04 20:55 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 2 seconds fast moving green light then disappearing 1/31/04
1/28/04 18:35 Richmond VA Cylinder still there as of 19:25 in the northeast sky from my home in the west end of richmond as i was walking my dogs i noticed a bright object in the sky just standi 1/31/04
1/27/04 23:20 Vinton IA Light 3 minutes BRIGHT LIGHTS FAST MOVING IN THE SKY 1/31/04
1/27/04 22:30 Trichardt (South Africa)
Circle farm i saw a U.F.O 1/31/04
1/27/04 22:00 Ogunquit ME Circle 20 minutes or longer I go out at night on our porch to look at the stars. They are usually very bright here. The skys are very clear. when I first looked u 1/31/04
1/27/04 22:00 Portlaoise (Republic of Ireland)
Triangle 1 minute noise less in shape of triangle with three red lights. 1/31/04
1/27/04 19:30 Mesa AZ Formation 10 minutes 3-4 UFO's forming a pyramid formation in a Mesa Arizona Desert. 1/31/04
1/27/04 04:00 New York City NY Triangle 2 minutes Scary Situation Over The Hudson. 1/31/04
1/27/04 00:00 Corpus Christi TX Circle 30 min It was blinking. ((NUFORC Note: Possible description of Sirius? PD))
((NUFORC Note: Possible description of Sirius? PD))
1/26/04 20:50 Phoenix AZ Light 6 minutes The light continued to pulsate very slowly, completely disappearing, and then turning back on. 1/31/04
1/26/04 11:03 San Francisco CA Changing 20 seconds odd lower trajectory over crowded metropolitan area - morphed from single engine aircraft to irregular lighting pattern 1/31/04
1/25/04 19:30 Carnarvon Gorge (Australia)
Other 3 weeks bright lights, colour changing spheres,been observing for 3wks,high in sky. 1/31/04
1/25/04 19:00 West Hollywood CA Chevron ON GOING It looks like a very brightly illuminated star. But there are no stars visible in the sky except for this star. It appears to Have a 1/31/04
1/25/04 18:50 Desert Hot Springs CA Rectangle 2 Minutes The roaring repeating humming noise was eerie. In 58 years, I have never heard such a low heartbeat sound EVER 1/31/04
1/25/04 15:05 Uvalde (north of) TX Unknown
It was so beautiful 1/31/04
1/25/04 15:00 Hayward CA Egg 3 min I just read the other Hayward report on your site. Sound like the same thing I saw this weekend. It was along the Hayward hills, near t 1/31/04
1/24/04 22:30 Columbus OH Oval 15-20 sec 5-7 objects flying in formation 1/31/04
1/24/04 21:00 Victorville CA Unknown 10 secs At approx. 9pm,as I sat outside,looking towards the southern horizon, I saw a small bright object,seemingly traveling slowly towards th 1/31/04
1/24/04 20:15 Belleview FL Unknown still happening light circling in a holding pattern coving a 360 degree area, ongoing for last 15 minutes 1/31/04
1/24/04 19:40 San Diego CA Cigar 5 minutes Bright green mass of light 1/31/04
1/24/04 19:00 Chicago (Midway Clearing Dist.) IL Triangle Hovering Strange Craft Hovers Chicago Midway Clearing District 1/31/04
1/24/04 15:30 Greensboro NC Disk 3 minutes Bright disc shaped object seen over the Greensboro airport during clear conditions in the early afternnoon with many airplanes visible 1/31/04
1/24/04 14:00 London (UK/England)
Triangle 2mins there or not? 1/31/04
1/23/04 19:00 Springfield SC Oval 5 min amazing colors, not an airplane something totally different 1/31/04
1/23/04 11:30 White Plains NY Triangle 15 seconds Strange Flying Triangled shaped object 1/31/04
1/23/04 07:00 Rockwall TX Other a few minutes January 2004 , two sigtings, 3 objects 1/31/04
1/23/04 04:45 Reamstown PA Formation 45 seconds Lights in the sky 1/31/04
1/23/04 00:10 Alger WA Egg 3 seconds Large bright egg shaped flash 1/31/04
1/22/04 22:55 Chesterfield VA Egg 3 minutes saw egg shaped object in southern sky. Reddish in color. hovered for a moment then speed off in southern direction. all three witness' 1/31/04
1/22/04 21:30 Norcross GA Light 5 seconds As we looked for the helicoptor that was raddling our windows, we saw the "star" that was seemingly being chased. 1/31/04
1/22/04 20:00 Englewood CO Light 4 minutes Too bright to be a star, so I grabbed my Handicam and started shooting. 1/31/04
1/22/04 19:50 Deridder LA Triangle 15 mins Yea........... around 750pm on 1-22-04 i spotted something weird over Deridder,louisiana ...some might call me crazy but for me and my 1/31/04
1/22/04 18:45 Olathe KS Triangle 1-2 minutes Lighted triangular craft flying low and slow over traffic on I35. 1/31/04
1/22/04 18:40 Lawrenceburg IN Sphere
large bright sphere in SW sky 1/31/04
1/22/04 17:30 Downers Grove IL Light 30 seconds Object decellerated, stopped, hovered, and then accellerated upward at fantastic rate of speed. 1/31/04
1/22/04 17:10 Deer Park NY Unknown 2 minutes A bright Globe obeserved in the south west sky would streak across making a contrial, then both disappear. 1/31/04
1/22/04 12:45 Albuquerque NM Other 15 minutes In my car on Juan Tabo and Central Ave, at 12:45 I noticed an object flying from an auto car dealership and a silver object that looked 1/31/04
1/22/04 06:25 Babenhausen (Germany)
Flash 2 seconds A Flash of light that lit the ENTIRE sky. It was NOT lightning !!! 1/31/04
1/22/04 01:00 Kennesaw GA Teardrop 3 Min. I saw a big tear shaped ship flying through the sky at unspeakable speeds it pulled off some pretty manuverable stunts for a big craft 1/31/04
1/22/04 00:15 Gold Bar WA Flash 1 second Blue flash lights up sky in Gold Bar 1/31/04
1/21/04 23:40 Silver City NM Fireball 2 minutes ? Something explodes in the skies over Silver City, New Mexico 1/31/04
1/21/04 20:15 Bilaspur (India)
Triangle 5 seconds a ufo with bright light. 1/31/04
1/21/04 20:00 Willits CA Fireball 00:30/00:45 video footage of fireball and inside interior which contains a solid shaped craft moving and hovering 1/31/04
1/21/04 08:35 Columbia CT Cylinder approx 5seconds Missle seen heading South, over Connecticut, on a clear bright day. 8:35 am. 1/31/04
1/21/04 08:30 Las Vegas NV Disk 2 to 3 min We took photos of New York N.Y. Hotel, upon developing photo, disc shaped object appeared in picture. 1/31/04
1/21/04 07:00 Rockwall TX Other a few minutes January 2004 , two sigtings, 3 objects 9 ( correction 1st date was actually wrong) seen on 21st and 23rd 1/31/04
1/21/04 Kincheloe MI Unknown ten seconds light in distance droping fast no sound seamed large 1/31/04
1/20/04 21:00 Hopewell Township NJ Light 5 minutes Three bright lights, one sends down beam over my vehicle. 1/31/04
1/20/04 19:00 Alexandria LA Disk
It was a very large metal disc-shaped aircraft with bright lights hovering just above the tree line and then shot off into the sky. 1/31/04
1/20/04 18:30 Castro Valley CA Light 2 minutes Object travels SLOWLY over Castro Valley, California 1/31/04
1/20/04 17:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Fireball few seconds green fireball from sky falling very fast in the city 1/31/04
1/20/04 00:15 Silver Springs FL Unknown 30 seconds The UFO passed over some tall trees; turned on a search/spot light, and once it realized another vehicle was in the area; vanished. 1/31/04
1/19/04 09:30 Moody/McGregor (between, rural ) TX Other 2 minutes Blimp-shaped object moving slowly over a rural area on a clear day in mid-morning 1/31/04
1/18/04 19:00 Bath NC Triangle 7:30 see washington daily news article-front page. washington, n.c. 1/31/04
1/16/04 20:00 Marion Township MI Circle 10 min january 16th. at 8:30 p.m. a neighbor was watching tv when intense lights appeared over the trees in their backyard. The object appeare 1/31/04
1/16/04 Lake Hopatcong NJ

Possible explanation for Lk Hopatcong 1/16/04 1/31/04
1/15/04 14:00 Beveridge (Australia)
Vision of UFO exposed on digital photograph, part blur suggested high speed, not sighted by photographer or companions at time. 1/31/04
1/15/04 13:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Home Council refers photograph to government agencies An employee of this major municipality during his routine work as a traffic engin 1/31/04
1/15/04 11:00 Kailua HI Light 2 minutes Two brightly reflective objects skimming only feet above the water and moving at a steady speed. 1/31/04
1/14/04 08:30 Kansas City MO Cigar 4 minutes At 08:30 on wednesday 1/14/2004 I observed a burning object streaking over the skies of K.C.,Mo. on a security camera that was pointed 1/31/04
1/3/04 23:45 Crown Point IN Rectangle 3 minutes Floating object over our backyard 1/31/04
12/31/03 17:45 Sarasota FL Disk ? Strange Object in Photograph, Southwest Florida 1/31/04
12/31/03 01:00 Anaheim CA Diamond 1 hour The most best thing that I seen in my life 1/31/04
12/29/03 12:36 Bainbridge GA Triangle 3 minutes I went out to check my mail box. Something caught my eye and I looked up and I saw a craft moving no more than 10 miles per hour. It 1/31/04
12/28/03 15:00 West Branch MI Light 1min. I saw a bright white light with a haze around it when I was on the highway that flew behind a tree and disappeared. 1/31/04
12/25/03 23:50 Boiling Springs PA Triangle 15 min slow moving light just above tree top level. comes closer and the light goes out. then back on once over mountain 1/31/04
12/24/03 10:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 2 seconds Floating sphere outside LAX on Xmas. 1/31/04
12/16/03 11:00 F. Cortaleza (Brazil)
Oval 3-5 minutes White oval or disk shape object in northeast Brazil. 1/31/04
12/7/03 15:00 Estes Park CO Unknown 1.5 hour Light beam and white round semitransparent objects of unknown origin 1/31/04
11/26/03 03:00 Bellemont AZ Fireball 5 minutes A large glowing green fireball. 1/31/04
11/15/03 21:00 Apex NC Formation stationary? I photographed 3 planets lined up but my digital camera came back with a strange "constellation"?? 1/31/04
11/8/03 20:00 Parkertown NJ Other 1-3 secs while watching the lunar eclipse I observed a metallic object over the moon. 1/31/04
10/1/03 18:00 Kennesaw GA Triangle dusk til dawn hovering lights 1/31/04
8/8/03 01:00 Aztalan State Park WI Changing 1 minute Strobing Light Tubes 30 feet long 5 in parallel 1/31/04
8/6/03 23:00 Wrightsville Beach NC Rectangle a few hours Flashing light over atlantic ocean 1/31/04
6/30/03 22:00 Ripon WI Circle 1 hour Strange object sat still in sky for 45 minutes like a star, then very quickly passed over me. 1/31/04
1/29/03 22:36 Houghton MI Diamond 7 min Diamond shaped craft luminating yellow/green w/ periodic purple pulses moving in tiny circular path to southeast by astronomy students 1/31/04
1/28/03 06:30 Broummana (Lebanon)
Other 10-15 minutes Strange long armed creature with no hair light brown skin 1/31/04
1/22/03 20:30 Labelle TX Triangle a half hour and still the UFO sighting ongoing in southeast texas ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/31/04
8/8/02 12:30 Nottingham (UK/England)
Other 3-4 minutes objects flashing lights in a randomly motion as though moving at the same time, not realising that the big bright light i thought was a 1/31/04
1/24/02 22:20 Lebanon KY Triangle 10 min Triangular craft, one light in center, low and slow. 1/31/04
10/1/01 21:00 interstate 5 or tributary between Vasilia and Sacrammento CA Triangle 5 minutes black triangle , 3 lights, silent swift movement, near air force base 1/31/04
7/15/01 21:00 Boynton Beach FL Cylinder 15 minutes red round-shaped objects radomnly and sharply moving at very high speed in the sky over the ocean off Boyton Beach, Florida 1/31/04
5/16/01 13:00 Santa Barbara CA Disk 45 sec. Played peek-a -boo behind a cloud, common for Santa Barbara. 1/31/04
3/27/01 23:58 Las Vegas NV Formation 1 minute Flying formation of several oval/cone shaped objects over Bellagio Hotel. 1/31/04
8/5/00 07:30 White Sands NM Circle momentary Older relative has picture taken at dusk with 3 glowing white round lights with cone shaped metal tops barely visible. Was vacationing 1/31/04
7/20/00 21:00 Lakeville (Canada) NB Other 5 minutes A rock like craft slowly moved across the night sky, it emitted a smaller same shape craft and zipped away. 1/31/04
3/15/00 02:00 Lima (Peru)
Circle 4-5 minutes Colorfull flashing flat sphere-disc above Lima-Peru (march/2000). 1/31/04
3/13/00 17:00 Healdsburg CA Rectangle 60 seconds Gigantic rectangle, dark w/white spots. Followed by jets (2). Similar to Pheonix lights story. 1/31/04
10/30/99 18:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Unknown quite some time I dont know if you want to post this or not but here goes october 1999 six individual lights spaced equally apart with the moon on the 1/31/04
10/15/99 Weed/Yreka (near) CA Fireball < 3 min Fall 1999 sighting of green and gold fireballs in N California 1/31/04
8/29/99 16:14 Salford (UK/England)
5/26/99 15:00 Arco ID Circle 20min Stange Flying object 1/31/04
2/21/99 01:30 New York City (Brooklyn) (Bensonhurst) NY Light 15-30 min A BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY WITH A NARROW LINE GOING DOWN TO THE ROOF ETC. IT "READ" ME AND HID ITSELF 1/31/04
1/1/99 15:00 Réunion Island (France)
Disk unknown Metallic disk below heavy clouds. I've got a picture wich i never showed. 1/31/04
12/11/98 19:50 Pensacola FL Fireball 4 minutes illuminating firey red ball that slowly sunk over the bay between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze 1/31/04
2/15/98 19:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light 2-3 seconds They made no sound and were moving very fast, it seemed like they were chasing each other or playing a game... 1/31/04
3/13/97 20:20 Phoenix AZ
10 sec Phx Lights orb 1/31/04
2/9/97 13:45 Seattle WA Oval 4 minutes Three objects over downtown Seattle, early morning 1/31/04
12/6/96 09:35 Fort Worth TX Cigar 1min.20secs. Huge white mettallic object seen at jet airliner cruising altitude hovers vertically out of sight at warp speed. 1/31/04
8/12/96 22:00 Eureka CA Light 10 minutes 3 minute picture 1/31/04
6/14/96 20:00 Cebu (Philippines)
Light 1 hour or more Four Red lights in a straight line 1/31/04
4/23/96 04:45 Colchester (Canada) ON Circle 15-20 minutes ufo over lake erie in brood daylight / 1996 1/31/04
10/15/93 18:00 Portsmouth NH Light 1 min Strage lights over the river in NH 1/31/04
11/18/92 19:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Formation 5 minutes Pool Rack formation seen over an Army Base in Brooklyn, NY during a meteor shower 1/31/04
5/10/92 10:00 Green Bay WI Disk 3 SECONDS UFO VIDEO TAPED BY T.V. CAMERMAN 1/31/04
8/11/89 18:00 Portsmouth NH Egg 30 sec. Low flying disc shaped UFO 1/31/04
1/29/89 23:00 Montgomery IL Unknown 3-5seconds This happened 15 years ago. I had just finished helping my girlfriend move into her new home, and was heading home myself. I was travel 1/31/04
7/1/88 21:30 Tucson AZ Triangle 3 minutes (?) I saw a very large, dark gray triangular shaped object in daylight, which was not identifiable. 1/31/04
5/14/87 20:45 Whitesburg KY Rectangle 3 minutes I saw two large, rectangle objects, moving silently outlined with small lights at 3 and 5 hundred feet in air. 1/31/04
8/15/82 03:45 Asbury Park NJ Sphere 30mins ????? Three Unknown Sheres not of this world had a close detailed over view of them will never forget it 1/31/04
7/22/82 20:30 Grass Valley CA Other 45 seconds Spectrum of bright colored rings reasembling a bull's eye 1/31/04
7/1/82 21:00 Highland Park IL Cylinder 2 minutes I stood below a very large silent floating cylander with spokes and lights projecting out of it. 1/31/04
9/15/78 18:00 Covington WA Disk 10 mins 1978 Covington, WA Disc-shaped Object 1/31/04
10/24/73 00:00 Jacksonville Beach FL Changing 2-3 Minutes You may be surprised that I am reporting this after 30 years. I remember the date clearly as I told myself I would never forget. I have 1/31/04
6/25/73 22:00 East Liverpool OH Sphere 30 seconds 3-D ufo sighted in 1973 and finally someone to share it with. 1/31/04
5/15/72 22:00 Schaumburg IL Oval UFO Land In Backyard UFO Lands In Mrs Larson's Backyard 1/31/04
5/1/72 01:00 New Mexico (rural, northern part of) NM Unknown 5-10 minutes Out of Body Experience not caused by drugs 1/31/04
8/17/71 18:30 Nuevo Laredo TX Formation 10 min. 9 round red objects spotted over Laredo, TX in 1971 1/31/04
10/31/69 23:00 Fulton NY Circle 20minutes Large bright orange cigar shaped craft. 1/31/04
7/25/69 00:00 Hawley PA Circle don't know Object moved slowly across tree tops and made sound. 1/31/04
6/5/69 07:00 Windsor SC Disk 30mint what was this? ufo or NO ? No doubt a ufo back then.,. 1/31/04
1/15/69 23:00 Butte MT Rectangle unknown Flying car above butte civic center. 1/31/04
8/16/68 03:00 Kansas Ciy KS Changing 27 hours Deep red light changeing to two much larger spheres of white light then changeing back to the red light again. 1/31/04
7/3/68 20:30 Vega TX Disk 5 minutes Counter-clockwise "flowing" lights in Texas. 1/31/04
7/15/65 15:00 Westbury NY Egg 1 minute Object travelled silently around 60(?) MPH.At arms length about fist size-Multi colored and "evaporated". 1/31/04
4/15/59 21:00 Mendham NJ Disk five minutes A saucer-shaped UFO hovered at eye-level about fifty feet away for five minutes, then took off at great speed. 1/31/04
6/12/50 10:30 Budapest (Hungary)
Circle 1min The 'object' made an extremely high speed turn which would be impossible with our traditional thechnology even today. 1/31/04
9/15/49 21:00 Mt Gilead OH Circle 15 min. Brilliant dime sized objects rotating in a circle 1/31/04