National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/02/12


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/12/04 15:45WenatcheeWAUSALight2 minutesBright light approz 2x the size of Venus in western sky above ridge of foothills. I pulled over to see what it might be, or if it was2/12/04
2/11/04 20:00WarehamMAUSALight15-20 minutesstrange bright orange light hovering in sky, fading in and out , same spot on multiple occasions, darted across sky2/12/04
2/11/04 20:00PeoriaILUSAOvalall eveningRed, white and blue unmoving orb.2/12/04
2/11/04 19:30KingmanINUSAFireballappx. 15 min.Orange slightly red balls motionless in the distant horizone.2/12/04
2/11/04 10:15IrvineCAUSAEgg2 minutesAn object that disappeared in the clear blue sky2/12/04
2/11/04 10:00Kista (Sweden)SwedenStrong bright light, the colors was yellow, blue and red. The shape is diffrent from craft to craft some are round. They comming from n2/12/04
2/11/04 08:22LyndhurstOHUSACigar10 secondssilver metallic wing less cigar rapidly moved north while presenting side on view and dissapeared.2/12/04
2/11/04 00:00FresnoCAUSALight5 minutesI saw a bright red light in the far distance that moved slightly, faded in and out slightly, and a piece broke off and fell.2/12/04
2/11/04 00:00West Palm BeachFLUSADisk20-30 minutesUFO here in florida. 4 witnesses no BS.2/12/04
2/10/04 22:30TitonkaIAUSATeardroproughly 45 sec-1 minWe saw 3 white teardropped shape unidentified objects hovering in the sky for 45 sec to 1 min. on 2-10-04 22:30.2/12/04
2/10/04 22:14Alice Springs (NT, Australia)AustraliaDiski am only 16 but i am into ufo aircraft, so me and a few freiends went out bush to look through the teliscope, we were out for a whilew2/12/04
2/10/04 21:30PrattKSUSACircle15 minutescolor changing spherical object, moving slowly over the night horizon2/12/04
2/9/04 20:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaSphere30min2 bright objects in the sky hovering and signaling each other.2/12/04
2/9/04 20:30ConyersGAUSALight3 minutesI stepped out onto the driveway to have a smoke with my wife I noticed what looked like to planes very close together. as i watched one2/12/04
2/9/04 20:00LebanonINUSAFireballabout 4 minObserved several orange round fireballs in the night sky. They appeared and disappeared very quickly.2/12/04
2/8/04 21:00MiddleburyCTUSAFireballunknown4 or 6 Scattered Ball lights.. similar to the top of a cell phone tower.. but there were no towers2/12/04
2/8/04 18:37San JoseCAUSALight45-55 Secondsobject in the shape of a round bright light2/12/04
2/8/04 18:25LowrysSCUSALight5 minutesOne light, no fuel cell lights, no tail aircraft sound or vapor trail..during pass over dogs were barking loudly.2/12/04
2/8/04 11:34HaywardCAUSACircle45minutesClear blue day with three lights in the sky while being at the park.2/12/04
2/8/04 06:20ShilohNCUSATriangle5-7 minI was comming home from work.The craft was running at tree top level as I crossed a little bridge on 343 the craft flared to the left.2/12/04
2/8/04 00:49FredericksburgVAUSALighta couple of secondsGreenish glowing ball seen decending in the sky over Fredericksburg2/12/04
2/8/04 00:00Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 hoursstrange light above woods2/12/04
2/7/04 19:00RedmondORUSAChanging1 1/2 hr.We watched a bright light off our pourch till it vanished.2/12/04
2/7/04 18:05RiversideCAUSALightabout 45 secBright white light moving west to east, faster than commercial jet2/12/04
2/7/04 00:00SarasotaFLUSALight10 minsmy fiancee and her mother as well as myself witnessed what appeared to be a star that moved in an extraordinary vertical,2/12/04
2/6/04 22:50Egham (UK/England)United KingdomLight5minuteslight in the sky with peculiar movements2/12/04
2/6/04 21:00Orlando (Lake Downey Park)FLUSA10 mins or soit was about 8:30 9pm or so I was catfishing at LakedownyPark off high way 50 and Dean road just east of downtown orlando.I had a feeli2/12/04
2/6/04 18:36SolvangCAUSACigar5 minutesLow "hum", white lights change to red and appear to almost merge at one point...cigar-like shape.2/12/04
2/5/04 21:00Split Lake (Canada)MBCanadaCircle2 minutesThe craft was not moving but it was in rotation emitting several different colours.2/12/04
2/5/04 19:53SunnysideWAUSAFormationabout 5 minbright clusters of light2/12/04
2/5/04 19:30BurbankCAUSATriangle10 minutesV-shaped craft with 4-bright lights on it's front tow sides, traveled over the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles, CA.2/12/04
2/5/04 19:30Port St. LucieFLUSASphereApprox 10min+-Spherical with corona and tail Approx 10 min in duration2/12/04
2/5/04 16:30Monmouth CountyNJUSALight1-2 minutesAnother white blipping light object/orb.2/12/04
2/5/04 11:30Sun CityCAUSASphere2.5 minutesMenifee, Ca: 4 Spheres seen by 3 people2/12/04
2/5/04 08:50MesaAZUSADisk30 minGold hub cap-like shape that bobbed along rather unsteadily.2/12/04
2/5/04 06:45St-Hilaire (Canada)QCCanadaDiskUFO Sighting in St-Hilaire, Québec2/12/04
2/4/04 20:35ShalimarFLUSASphere4 minutesred spheres flying in large cilrcles2/12/04
2/4/04 20:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther30 secondsdim white light with centerless circles in a triangular formation all one craft silent and quick.2/12/04
2/4/04 19:00NorthfieldOHUSASphere20 minutesMany objects appearing to be spheres, made up of erratic squiggly lines at various altitudes.2/12/04
2/4/04 18:05SeatacWAUSATriangle10secLights over Seatc.2/12/04
2/4/04 16:20San MarcosTXUSATeardrop30 secondsSaw huge object less than 500 feet from ground started to emerge from overcast of clouds2/12/04
2/4/04 12:00Kearney/ElizabethNJUSAOvalongoingI've noticed a number of reports about a glowing blue/white object in the vicinity of Kearney, Elizabeth, and the New Jersey Turnpike (2/12/04
2/3/04 23:00ScottsdaleAZUSADisk30min.5 ships move from n.east to the south. All ships of disk shape.2/12/04
2/3/04 21:37SultanaCAUSADiamond42minutesOn the night of February 3, 2004 me and a friend where watching the night sky we noticed a strange craft in the western hemisphere it w2/12/04
2/3/04 20:45SalisburyNCUSAOther15-20 minutesThe object was stationary, possibly 300-400 feet in the air and less than 1/4 mile away. We were facing west. The object appeared to be2/12/04
2/3/04 20:00Grand HavenMIUSAUnknown50 secRed lights moving in the sky2/12/04
2/3/04 19:00Wijk bij Duurstede (Netherlands)Netherlands3 hwell im going nuts here nothing but "verry" fast flying machines hearing and seeing here -there not the tipicle cause thay move way fas2/12/04
2/3/04 15:25SuffolkVAUSASphere6 secondsA sunny afternoon with Blue sky and a few white clouds. temp. upper 40s. coming out of a cloud were these flying objects(White in colo2/12/04
2/3/04 03:05MedfordORUSAUnknown3 minutesFast moving object disappears into night sky2/12/04
2/3/04 01:30RoxboroNCUSASphere5-7 minutesMe and my friend were driving home from a party and we saw two spherical objects off to the west. They were red/orange in color and th2/12/04
2/2/04 22:30Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaOther5 MinutesI saw a bright orange "ball" hovering and moving short distances at speed2/12/04
2/2/04 19:30TillamookORUSACylinder10 MinutesBrightly lit cylindrical object rises slowly above Tillamook Bay, Oregon2/12/04
2/2/04 19:30Charlottetown (Canada)PECanadaFireballsecondsfireball over charlottetown2/12/04
2/2/04 18:30Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaDisk3 mins3 big white disks, shot into the sky and out of sight within 4-5 second when I approached.2/12/04
2/2/04 07:00CoquilleORUSA01I believe I was ALMOST abducted.2/12/04
2/1/04 19:00ColebrookNHUSALight1 1/2 hoursbright white light that exploded into a green light and small tendrils coming down to ground2/12/04
2/1/04 16:30GastoniaNCUSASphere30 secondsRound metallic object flying high in sky with no sound and no vapor trial.2/12/04
2/1/04 12:30CliftonNJUSADisk5 SecondsUFO Tears Through Clifton NJ Skies Silently and at Lightning Speed.2/12/04
2/1/04 11:57HawthorneCAUSALight11 minutesTwo white round star objects moving very slowly over Los Angeles during daytime bright blue skies.skies2/12/04
2/1/04 11:00CohuttaGAUSADiskseveral minsFilmed Unidentified Flying Objects !2/12/04
2/1/04 06:30Winter ParkFLUSAFlash30 MinutesThe light was white with a hint of orange in it in the east. Then, another light flashed right next to it and the were burning at the s2/12/04
2/1/04 05:06Los AngelesCAUSATriangle2 min2 strange craft over downtown and greater los angeles basin2/12/04
2/1/04 01:00South BendINUSAUnknown>1 hourWe saw some object in the sky move very slowly that was not a plane or a star.2/12/04
1/31/04 23:00StandishMIUSALightstill thereone bright round light with 4 moving fashing objects2/12/04
1/31/04 23:00Fort MyersFLUSACigar10min1 object was flying east southeast, cigar shape ,were small plane are. this had no strobe light. It stoped turned on a brite white ligh2/12/04
1/31/04 21:00JeromeMOUSARectangle10 minWitness telephoned me at the radio statio where I was on duty. He and his friends and realitives had seen this object in the Jerome, M2/12/04
1/31/04 19:00WolfeboroNHUSALightappx 10 minour house faces a strand of large pine mother was sitting on the right had side of our living room i was sitting across the2/12/04
1/31/04 19:00Hampstead (near Wilmington)NCUSAFireball3-5 secondsFIREBALL LIKE OBJECT (LOOKS LIKE FLARE) Spotted in North Carolina2/12/04
1/31/04 19:00AuburnMEUSALight15 Min.A bright light hovering in one place over the western sky for a long time it than it was gone.2/12/04
1/31/04 16:45Mill ValleyCAUSACircle15 minutesVery high altitude object hovered in the eastern sky at very high altitude. Moved rapidly south and again remained stationary for a few2/12/04
1/31/04 09:15San RamonCAUSAOther1 minuteObject seen moving in a west-bound direction, stopped, faded in and out as shifting angles, vanished...2/12/04
1/31/04 04:00Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaLight25 minutesRichmond, BC - Jan 31/04 - 4:am - Odd rushing air sound and a row of four lights hovering in the sky which quickly disappeared.2/12/04
1/30/04 23:00Kirchzell (Germany)GermanyLight20 minSighting/Abduction?2/12/04
1/30/04 19:30Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSADiamondapprox60 minutesOne very bright light in one location moving from slightly from side to side for about an hour then faded out2/12/04
1/30/04 16:00WorcesterMAUSAChevron1 minuteChevron shape on side and very shiny but not blinding.2/12/04
1/29/04 21:50HowellNJUSATriangle7-10 minutesTwo low-flying triangular craft with three bright lights2/12/04
1/29/04 18:45LevittownPAUSATriangle20-30 minbright lights in the sky2/12/04
1/28/04 22:00Capetown (CPT) (South Africa)South AfricaDisk3 Minutesflying disc streaking across the sky (in outerspace) in South Africa at almost the speed of light.2/12/04
1/28/04 21:47King Country (New Zealand)New ZealandFlash5 minsUFO sighting, Whareorino Hut, central North Island, New Zealand.2/12/04
1/28/04 20:55ClarksvilleNYUSATriangle7 minAs I was watching, it slowly began to move off to the left, above the tree tops.2/12/04
1/28/04 20:30MesaAZUSAOval10 min.Lights over Phoenix again& again.2/12/04
1/28/04 12:30New OrleansLAUSASphereless then 30 secondsThey were flying in a tight fomation like fighter jets do, but they were no fighter jets.2/12/04
1/27/04 18:43Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomLight12 secondsyellow light that hovered and the flew straight the upwards2/12/04
1/27/04 07:20MexiaTXUSAFireballapp. 3 min.flaming ball of fire2/12/04
1/23/04 19:45Santa RosaCAUSALight5 minutesbright light - high altitude crossing sky at high velocity, (no collision beacons).2/12/04
1/21/04 20:00WillitsCAUSAFireball00:30/00:45video freeze framing reveals fireball turning into a rod of 11 connected smaller light balls and then going back into a fireball shape2/12/04
1/21/04 12:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther10 secondsI saw myself driving my car!2/12/04
1/17/04 10:35Tijuana B.C. (Mexico)MexicoOtherabout five minutesImagine the space shuttle on steoids, with stubby X-15 like wings. Object flew overhead, fast and low, then rose quicly, at one point i2/12/04
1/14/04 19:00Mariano LakeNMUSAOval10 minutesA low flying oval shaped craft with no noise whatsoever just above the treeline in our vicinity.2/12/04
1/12/04 18:30NeillsvilleWIUSAUnknown5 minutesred-yellow-blue lights in southern-western sky in Neillsville WIS2/12/04
1/8/04 17:00VailCOUSALight4 secondsA fast moving red orange light flew in a straight line for about 3 or 4 seconds, then dissapeared2/12/04
1/8/04Fingal (North Dublin) (Republic of Ireland)IrelandThis was sent to me today 1/8/04 by a friend in Ireland: UFOs spotted over North Dublin By John Manning and Hubert Murphy FINGAL is bec2/12/04
1/4/04 17:00ToledoOHUSAChanging10minit was black and seemed to get smaller2/12/04
1/1/04 00:05Funchal (Madeira) (Portugal)PortugalTriangleabout 2 minsIn the end of the fireworks i saw a small light in the sky2/12/04
12/31/03 23:00Canyon LakeCAUSACross1-2 hoursobjects flew up thousands of ft., dissappearred,re-aprd, touched eachother, very fast, yet floated at times.2/12/04
12/27/03 20:00HonoluluHIUSASphere5 minThe object was a slightly illuminated brownish/orange sphere, barely visible in the night sky.2/12/04
12/24/03 22:00Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaCigar5 minutesAbove Sydney Harbour bridge, 2 pics taken 5 minutes apart during motorcycle film shoot. 5 megapixel Digital camera, UFO only noted some2/12/04
12/22/03 18:00MadisonWIUSAOther20 secondsShape -changing brown "tarp"2/12/04
12/8/03 22:00Guayaquill (Ecuador)EcuadorUnknown1secondI did not see any craft. I took a number of photo's and for some reason one has 3 round objects in it that I have no explanation for. I2/12/04
12/7/03 17:00Yellowknife (Canada)NTCanadaRectangle2 mins.WE WERE driving from the west to the east on Highway 3 approx. 35kls. from Yellowknife when I observed what appeared to be a bank of VE2/12/04
11/28/03 11:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaOtherpmFIive glowing light travelling in a speed about 300~600km per hour or higher.2/12/04
11/13/03 18:45London (Canada)ONCanadaOtherLarge square object with white lights flying about 40 feet over my head completly silent2/12/04
10/5/03 15:00Rio Grande CityTXUSACigar5 secLarge cigar object floats and disappears over texas brushland, all in five seconds2/12/04
9/18/03 04:00Surf City (Topsail Island)NCUSALight2 hrsMany craft coming from and returning to a paticular fixed object in the sky.2/12/04
9/1/03 21:00CountryINUSALight2-3 min.3 brite lights running parallel to us, merged into 1 and continued course, then Vanished 2-3 min, duration2/12/04
8/15/03 23:00KermanCAUSAFlash3 minutesIt looked very much like a ball of fire. At first I thought it was a child's ball, however a child's ball would not be flying that hig2/12/04
6/23/03 21:00Canoga ParkCAUSATriangleNightimeV-Shaped UFO appears over canoga park california.2/12/04
4/6/03 13:00Bagdad (Iraq)IraqRectangle5 secondsFlying drill bit2/12/04
4/5/03 22:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAChevron15 minutesExtemely large "flying wing" hovering above a shopping center in Albuquerque NM then left southbound at slow speeds.2/12/04
3/2/03 00:01Istanbul (Turkey)TurkeyChanging3 sec.two diamonds after 30 minutes that a disk has seen in 3 second (İstanbul- Bosphorus)2/12/04
2/10/03 10:00MadrasORUSASphere3 min.Spherical metallic object seen about 7 miles NE of Madras, OR2/12/04
12/23/02 20:00Rose BudARUSAOther2-5 secondsbright green light falling from the sky2/12/04
8/1/02 21:30Rancho Santa FeCAUSATriangle3 - 4 mins2 triangles at 500 feet2/12/04
7/17/02 02:50Barton CityMIUSAFireballabout 3 minutesMultiple silent orange lights flashing on and off, then going all out after a few minutes, followed by sound of jets but none visible.2/12/04
6/22/02 15:00MarionNYUSATeardrop10minA dark bell or teardrop shaped object hovered in the sky and disappeared behind some clouds.2/12/04
3/15/02 20:30GallupNMUSALight5 minutesStrange star-like object emits lights from sky.2/12/04
2/9/02 14:00PlymouthMAUSACylinder40secondsCylinder shape and falling from the stratosphere and landing approximately in 40 seconds. It seemed to be the size of an airplane. The2/12/04
5/27/01 23:00SheltonWAUSAFormation5 min.A strange craft flies over tents as camping we follow only waiting to see what happens next ....2/12/04
2/11/01 18:00Gulf BreezeFLUSAOval5 minutesI was driving home I pullued into my driveway when I noticed several bright lights at tree top level.I thought it was someone shooting2/12/04
12/5/00 00:00O'FallonILUSATriangle5-6 minutesWatched Triangular Object Hover Over My Barn For At Least 5 Minutes2/12/04
5/9/00 10:30LawtonOKUSASphere5 to 10 secondsHusband and I were driving on the interstate near the Deyo, OK. Exit sign..saw that sign a few minutes after our UFO incident, made it2/12/04
3/15/00 14:00UticaNYUSADisk2MINTwo black disks chashing an airforce jet traveling at aprox. mach speed. One disk stayed with the jet, while the other stayed low, and2/12/04
5/7/99 21:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaEgg30 secNickel sized egg moving through the sky.2/12/04
3/10/99 20:00Glen BurnieMDUSAUnknown30 Minutes3 Lights In Triangle Shape...Glen Burnie, MD / Pasadena, MD2/12/04
9/12/98 16:00Harris RanchCAUSADiamond5 secondsFaster than the speed of life.2/12/04
9/7/98 14:50Berthierville (Canada)QCCanadaDisk2minthe saucer was as big as my house, and there where no rush,just like a sunday afternoon ride.2/12/04
9/25/97 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight10-15 minreddish orange lights popping in and out of sky randomly all in different spots2/12/04
1/15/97 01:15Mankato/Lake CrystalMNUSASphereabout 10 secondsTwo spheres, one silver, the other emerald. Great speed, seen from 1/4 mile away.2/12/04
7/1/96 20:00KatyTXUSADiamond30 minsSaw 3 diamond shaped crafts. Two small flanking a huge mother ship. Each had 3 lights each. Mother had red/green lights around belt.2/12/04
10/14/95 20:05BelmontMIUSATriangle30 minutesOne large triangle craft, 20 small red, clear, and green lighted craft2/12/04
2/14/95 19:45Klang (Selangor) (Malaysia)MalaysiaFireball8minsThe sun was setting, was in car with my mother heading home from grocery store. saw floating fireballs like in the sky. tought they2/12/04
7/30/92 06:00Gil CommunityTXUSADiamond5 minutesdiamond shaped craft with lights and a slight buzzing sound2/12/04
5/1/91 14:00Garden GroveCAUSASphere45min+Lazer like fire from staionary objects in sky!2/12/04
8/20/90 22:00Pärnu (Estonia)EstoniaLightSea sideA UFO who play with tractor driver2/12/04
8/10/90 21:30Cross CityFLUSATriangleapprox.,30min.In moonless but bright star country sky, Dark Triangular shape follows family in car.2/12/04
12/12/89 07:00Douglas IslandAKUSASphereten secondsthe object seemed to use cloud cover to hide behind2/12/04
10/11/89 02:30Copenhagen (Denmark)DenmarkFireball3min.MAX'ann:Light as an exploding thing then taking form to a ball'and first scatter the to the nearest corner,next the opposit'site of the lau2/12/04
8/1/88 01:30Rachel (Highway 318)NVUSADisk10 minutes or lessRed Craft, Highway 318, possibly Nye Conty, NV 1am August 1988, traveling at a high rate of speed smoothly.2/12/04
8/10/84 07:00Dorintosh (Canada)SKCanadaSphere20 minutesObserved crop circles while being made........2/12/04
6/15/83 20:00RenoNVUSALight5 minutessquare green flourscent light projecting a control beam of light by speed and depth from the sky to ground2/12/04
10/15/82 18:00SnoqualmineWAUSAOval15 secObserved a glowing orange object about the size of a dime at arms lenght. it was dark and raining. object looked to be only a few miles2/12/04
7/15/82 21:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFormation1 hourOkanagan Triangular UFO's Fly in Formation2/12/04
3/25/79 23:50North WebsterINUSAOther15 MINWe had went to FT.Wayne ,IN. We left Ft. Wayne at 11:15pm to head home , we allways take ST RD Old 30 WEST out of Columbia City ,We was2/12/04
8/14/78 13:00SaginawMIUSAFormation5 minuteswitnessed formation that came to a stop,turned suddenly went different way and disappeared2/12/04
8/8/78 20:00Aokville (Canada)ONCanadaOther30 minitues+red hypnotic light in the sky at night.2/12/04
7/9/77 20:30California HotspringsCAUSADisk1 hourFelt like we were in a trance the whole time.2/12/04
6/20/77 23:00El Yunque (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoCigar7minutesufo 29 years ago2/12/04
8/15/76 19:00BuelltonCAUSAOthernot sure, at least 5 minuStealth looking glider hung 20 feet over our house for a minute or so2/12/04
6/15/76 21:00WesternKSUSARectangle3 minutesIt appeared as a "Wall of Fire" @ 50ft High and 1/4 mile Long2/12/04
10/20/75 03:15Watkins GlenNYUSA10 minutesLarge wheel of no substance flickering and copying itself.2/12/04
1/15/75 16:00CairoNYUSATriangle35 min.Silent Triangle viewed for half an hour.2/12/04
10/15/74 23:00La JuntaCOUSAOther20 secondswe saw a glowing green pencil shaped object going from south to north. it moved out from behind one hill only to disappear behind anot2/12/04
3/1/73 01:00Santa Fe (near, on highway)NMUSAUnknown10 minutesI had an Out of Body experience while driving down the road at night.2/12/04
4/11/71 23:00CarroltonGAUSACircle30 minutesLights in the night sky of carrolton2/12/04
5/30/70 22:00Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaDisk45 min.while watching the eclipse of the moon I noticed a light far out in the heavens that was quite larger and brighter then the other stars2/12/04
6/1/68 21:00Winnie (near)TXUSAFireball2 minuteswas returning to Houston from Port Arthur... near Winnie....clear night....cloudless sky.... emerged from car....studied sky....a2/12/04
1/15/68 19:30Memramcook (Canada)NBCanadaOther+- 15 min ??Car sized flashing light followed silently overhead2/12/04
3/15/51 10:30Espanola (Canada)ONCanadaCigar15 secondsLarge silvery cigar shaped craft was seen by a 10 year old in Northern Ontario, Canada in 1951.2/12/04
02:45BlackeyKYUSACylinder1 minutecessna pilot gets his 4 snapshots first and hope not to see this thing again///2/12/04