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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/03/09


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/9/04 03:20CarlsbadCAUSADiskdont knowBRIGHT WHITE SAUCER LANDS IN ROAD!!! ((NUFORC Note: Unconfirmed report. Witness remains anonymous. PD))3/9/04
3/9/04 03:12HollywoodCAUSAChanging15 minDancing Lights Los Angeles; Triangle; straight line; always changing shape [sic]3/9/04
3/8/04 23:00AlexandriaVAUSARectangle20 secondsA huge craft that appeared to be attempting to cloak itself soundlessly flew from the west to the east and blended into the night sky.3/9/04
3/8/04 21:00StevensonWAUSACircle1 hour +Colorful sunburst shaped object sends streaks of red and green "dots" (lights) toward Earth. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))3/9/04
3/8/04 13:00SeattleWAUSACylinder2 minuteslong, narrow cylindrical object hanging horizontally above Seattle for about 2 minutes, then disappearing completely in 4 seconds.3/9/04
3/7/04 23:45LawrenceMAUSALight5 minI live in the 3rd floor and I have access to the roof and I live alone and that night I went up cause it was A full moon I love to loo3/9/04
3/7/04 22:00Fountain LakeARUSALight25 minA very bright aircraft hovering above the ground for about 25 minutes then it disappeared behind the mts. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius??)3/9/04
3/7/04 21:00Luton (UK/England)United KingdomChanging20minsi seen two objects in the sky3/9/04
3/7/04 19:00London (UK/England)United KingdomOther90 minsBrillently lite Trident shaped object hung in the sky3/9/04
3/7/04 16:30Los AngelesCAUSACigar20 minutesWhite streaks, angled down as if landing3/9/04
3/7/04 14:00PalmyraMOUSASphere10 secondsIt was white and sphereical and I have never seen anything like it.3/9/04
3/7/04 08:00Franklin/NashvilleTNUSAFormationhour and 40 minutesLarge blinking objects that appeared to defy the laws of physics appearing and disappearing were seen in the skies over Franklin TN.3/9/04
3/7/04 04:00Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)CAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle Shaped UFO, Red Green Blue Lights Underneath, Los Angeles, March 20043/9/04
3/7/04 01:37MinneapolisMNUSAFireball10 minutesseen three fireball type crafts hovering over local park as i was walking back from friends house. the center craft had a beem of green3/9/04
3/6/04 22:45Perth AmboyNJUSAFormation15 sec4 white lights moveing around area after initial UFO then into formation3/9/04
3/6/04 20:30SpringfieldCOUSA1 minuteWas driving north of Campo Colorado last night (SAT) when i looked up and there were 5 large lights in the north sky. I watched as they3/9/04
3/6/04 20:00New Jersey (southern)NJUSALight2 minutesMother and two children witness peculiar bright light near Moon, which is seen to accelerate suddenly.3/9/04
3/6/04 17:45BeaumontTXUSADisk05 minuteswaiting for crane at chemical plant late afternoon object left no vapor trail every other air craft in area left one3/9/04
3/5/04 23:30ElizabethtonTNUSALight4-5 minutesMy daughter and granddaughter were were letting me out of the car in my driveway. As I got out I glanced at the mountain about 3/4 mil3/9/04
3/5/04 04:30ValenciaCAUSALight30 secondsVery low, loud oscillating sound, 3 streaks of thin green light3/9/04
3/5/04 00:56White PlainsNYUSAChanging5 secondsSwirling in Circles3/9/04
3/4/04 22:30El PasoTXUSAChangingfar east el paso sighting on march 4, 2004 ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))3/9/04
3/4/04 20:20Las AnimasCOUSAOval2+ minutes3/4/04 8:20pm A large oval white light with a very load roar over Las Animas, Colorado3/9/04
3/4/04 20:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaOther5 secswhite LIGHT lasted 5 seconds3/9/04
3/4/04 19:00Palm DesertCAUSA15 minWestern Sky brilliant lights reflecting red, streams of green blue extending far past the point of a twinkling star.3/9/04
3/4/04 06:45AuroraCOUSAOtherWhile driving to work me and my friends daughter saw a very black egg shaped object in the sky that came closer very quickly3/9/04
3/4/04 03:00Springer (I-25)NMUSAOvaltwo hoursseen two light blue lights,area had low clouds around Springer N.M. was travelling north on I-25. I went over Raton Pass and lights rea3/9/04
3/4/04 02:00HaywardCAUSASphere5 secondsblue light in hayward, califma3/9/04
3/3/04 22:15MonroviaVAUSAPossible Cattle Mutilation3/9/04
3/3/04 22:05Virginia BeachVAUSAFormation10 secondsOrange lights seen moving very fast across the sky above the clouds from east to west.3/9/04
3/3/04 21:47HealdsburgCAUSAOtherfraction of secondAt 9:47 p.m.m PST, I was walking close to due north on Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA. I saw a very bright white object (about 10 degre3/9/04
3/2/04 23:00La MiradaCAUSAFlashapprox 20 minRed bright flashing light that hovered moving slowly east and west a couple of times throughout its 20 minute showing.3/9/04
3/2/04 21:30EnglewoodFLUSAOther25 secondsfast moving object3/9/04
3/2/04 21:00AmeryWIUSATriangle30 secondsthree lights in shape of tringle disapered and then reapered seen in car out in country side at about 9:00pm.3/9/04
3/2/04 21:00BethpageTNUSAUnknownThree to five minutesDancing red/orange object observed over Bethpage, TN3/9/04
3/2/04 19:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaCigar1 minutei am an alien that is what they said to me ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))3/9/04
3/2/04 17:45BelmarNJUSAOther5 minutesThis description must be classified as a UFO for the present time, however, my explaination claims otherwise. For the past several3/9/04
3/2/04 14:00PortlandORUSA10 secondsacross the sky faster than most anything3/9/04
3/2/04 13:16MerriamINUSAFormation4 minutesWhat a day!! We saw them as we stopped to fill up our RV at a gas station. A whirring noise made us look up and directly overhead we3/9/04
3/2/04 12:35PasadenaCAUSAEgg5 minutesSmall ovid object observed coming in from the San Gabriel mountains and hovering over Pasadena3/9/04
3/2/04 08:20ClermontFLUSAstill happeninga perfect ring around the moon ((NUFORC Note: Moon ring caused by ice crystals in atmosphere? PD))3/9/04
3/2/04 01:00San JoseCAUSADisk10 sec.Weird buzzing, and I black out!3/9/04
3/1/04 21:00North PortFLUSAChanging20 minutesBright red lights with an unusal pattern in the evening sky.3/9/04
3/1/04 10:50AnaheimCAUSAChanging5-7 minutesA coworker and I noticed a black roundish object that appeared to be hovering above the Disneyland hotel.3/9/04
2/29/04 17:30BristolTNUSADisk15 minutesMUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Disc filmed in daytime sighting3/9/04
2/29/04 17:30KingsportTNUSAFormation20 minThey were the brightest lights I ever saw in the sky during the day3/9/04
2/28/04 03:45YorkPAUSALightAprox. 2 minutesFour red lights dancing around heading due west.3/9/04
2/27/04 22:30PontiacILUSAUnknown10-15 sec.four horizontal lights, dimly lit and flying in a unusual way3/9/04
2/26/04 00:00ArgentinaArgentinaUnknown?APARECIO DESPUES EN LA FOTO, YO NO OBSERVABA EL CIELO3/9/04
2/26/04 01:00Lima (Peru)PeruCross45positive id by numerous airliners ((NUFORC Note: Photos do not appear very convincing to us. PD))3/9/04
2/25/04 01:30Emma (approx.)MOUSAUnknown15 MinutesVery large object in the night sky about 3 hundred feet off of the ground not moving or making a sound w/blue flashing lights.3/9/04
2/23/04 23:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight4 nights4 Nights i observed a hovering orb of light with 2 other observers this is the story ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a celestial body. PD))3/9/04
2/23/04 16:15BastropTXUSAFireball3 sec.I saw a green ball of light with an orange tail for 3 sec. in central Texas.3/9/04
2/20/04 22:55Bowling GreenKYUSADiamondminutesi seen a space craft that was hovering an then it faded away it didn't hide behind anythin.3/9/04
2/19/04 15:30Burton Dassett (UK/England)United KingdomCircleunknownPhoto taken on unexplained object in Warwickshire3/9/04
2/17/04 21:00JeffersonvilleKYUSADiamond30LOOK LIKE DIMONDS IN THE SKY FADING AWAY ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius. PD))3/9/04
2/16/04 21:30Central IslipNYUSAFireball20 secondsThis was no ordinary green light....................3/9/04
2/16/04 20:35CommackNYUSAUnknown10 secondsCommack Road Sighting maybe in association with Amityville sighting3/9/04
2/15/04 22:00DoniphanMOUSAFireball10 minutesThe craft was fireball shaped and was red and orange in color, It followed us for 10 minutes just above the roadway.3/9/04
2/8/04 17:45HoustonTXUSASphere20 minutesSmall reddish spherical object that flashed red at varying intensities and intervals and that seemed to slightly wobble laterally3/9/04
2/7/04 18:00Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown30 secondsfilm footage of a possible craft, and a flashing red light in the sky3/9/04
2/2/04 03:00WaxahachieTXUSASphere10 seccondsBright, red colored Spere, sounded like a train, seen twice3/9/04
1/10/04 18:00JacksonMSUSALight10-15 minThree lights in a triangular white ligt formation without red flashing lights moving east to west making no sound.3/9/04
1/7/04 19:30DuluthGAUSATriangleAppx.5 MinutesMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Large Dark Triangle3/9/04
1/7/04 03:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaDisk30-35 secondsblue and white lights on the aircraft then it shot into the night sky !3/9/04
1/3/04 00:20WaterburyCTUSAChevron4 minuteslarge, v-shaped craft spotted on a farm in waterbury, ct3/9/04
12/31/03 21:00SacramentoCAUSAOval10 sec.Bright oval shaped object, flameing center, large tail, varying magnitude, moving across sky rapidly.3/9/04
12/23/03 02:30GasportNYUSALight3 hrsBright light shot across the sky from the horizon up. Made several right angle movements.3/9/04
11/20/03 22:00Koh Samui (Thailand)ThailandChanginghoursDramatic prove of E.T. visiting earth!3/9/04
7/5/03 00:34IthacaNYUSALight10 minutesLight seen in night sky at a camp fire in itaca, ny3/9/04
11/1/02 01:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle5 min to 10November 1, 2002 I seen a Triangle shaped craft.3/9/04
6/30/00 14:00MorrisonCOUSARectangle1.5 secondslarge black rectangle anomoly appeared high in sky for 1.5 seconds3/9/04
8/15/95 20:00FlagstaffAZUSAOval3 minutesTwo craft seen over flagstaff. one craft had a lage ligh come on in the center . . .3/9/04
8/15/89 00:00St. JosephMOUSALight15-20 seconds?orange florecent or glowing light the shape of a doorway seen above large tree , and feeling like something happened to us.3/9/04
7/16/88 23:45WhittierCAUSAEgg2minsLow flying egg shaped object observed by hospital employees as it flew in front of Hospital3/9/04
2/9/86 23:00Kemayan (Malaysia)MalaysiaUnknown1 minuteSharp turning flying object with orange light in Malaysia. Year 1986 Feb 9th.3/9/04
9/9/80 20:30BrickNJUSAChanging10 minutesFive spheres witnessed in the evening sky in Brick, New Jersey.3/9/04
11/20/79 07:10DetroitMIUSALight30 minutesObserbed bright disc in upper right quadrant of windshield as I was backing out of my drive, car was facing sough. As I drove eastward3/9/04
7/1/79 00:00FlorenceMSUSADiskLESS THAN 5 MINUTESAround midnight came to a T section silver disc was hovering treetop level above trailer & zoomed up & to the left & disappeared with n3/9/04
6/8/79 00:00Green Township/EriePAUSAOthermissing timethe same thing happened to me in green township/ERIE PA in june of 1979 was babysitting for my moms friend. was awake and next thing i3/9/04
3/15/75 19:00New Cambria (2 Miles SE of)KSUSARectangle1 hourSPRING 1975 - Central Kansas - 2 Aliens3/9/04
8/18/74 23:50Colwyn Bay (town) (UK/Wales)United KingdomCircle00:10object seen over wales england,in the 1970`s3/9/04
8/8/74 03:00East HavenCTUSALight1 minutePolice officers observe UFO 2 nights consecutively in August of 19743/9/04
5/20/68 19:00TowacoNJUSACircle40 minutesI, and my wife at the time, saw what appeared to be the center star in a star cluster I believed was big bear move in a half circle and3/9/04
1/1/54BrunswickMEUSAUnknownunknownThis descripition is second hand from my father. He was a radar operator at Brunswick Navy Air Station from 1954-58. The guys that we3/9/04
4/5/16 13:00France (above; from aircraft)FranceCigarabout 1 min.((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. PD)) Saw 3 cigar shaped crafts.3/9/04