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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/22/04 20:00 Hastings (Hawkes Bay) (New Zealand)
Light 20mins very bright blueish light..moved in a large half circle..then stayed in one spot and seemed to be moving away from us as the light was 3/23/04
3/21/04 21:45 Rue de la Montagne (Canada) QC Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Seemed like two X's 3/23/04
3/21/04 21:02 Langford (UK/England)
Triangle 5 minutes Formation of three white pinpoints slowly crossing the night sky at very high altitude. ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellites?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 21:00 Woodward OK Other 4 hours Star looking object moving in zig zagging shapes and various speeds and Changing colors ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:34 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Fireball
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Possible Fireball. 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:30 Lewistown MT Fireball 3 Minutes Object with blueish tail impacts NW of Lewistown Montana 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:30 Carmichaels PA Light 8:00 to 9:30 Object did not look like a plane ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:25 Tinton Falls NJ Sphere 3 minutes More orbs near the Jersey Shore area... 3/23/04
3/21/04 20:00 Onion Lake (Canada) SK Fireball seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Blue turned yellow orangey colored Fireball. 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:37 Ottawa (Canada) ON Fireball 3 seconds Blue Green FireBall Flying close to the Ottawa Airport and the Canadian Forces Base 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:37 Ottawa (Canada) ON Fireball 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Fireball Sighting 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:30 Wapato WA Fireball 20sec There was a bright orange object in the sky it was very bright and lasted 20 sec or so than disapeared. 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:26 Kingfisher OK Triangle 10 minutes triangle shaped brightly lighted ufo 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:26 Kingfisher OK Triangle 10 min Triangle Shape, 2 bright halogen lights, clear or hollow middle 3/23/04
3/21/04 19:21 Champlin MN Fireball 10 seconds blue fireball descending 3/23/04
3/20/04 20:45 Fort Collins CO Chevron 15 sec. I saw the phoenix lights over ft.collins colorado 3/23/04
3/20/04 20:00 Live Oak CA Triangle 2 hours Hovered with bright lights over the house for 2 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/20/04 04:15 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Circle 1:00 very bright white light and changes in color which hovered in a straight line with smaller round lights that shot out from the large on 3/23/04
3/20/04 00:15 Ainsworth NE Light 2-3 seconds Bright blue light covered sky on clear night while driving on highway. 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:30 Bowling Green KY Oval 40 Minutes I am sending you this message to report another strange sighting which occured on Friday night, March 19th, 2004 here in Bowling Green, 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:15 Sheffield Lake OH Disk 3 min. Paced the UFO for about 3 minutes at 30 mph. 3/23/04
3/19/04 23:15 Cheyenne WY Other 2-3 Seconds Green Streaking Object 3/23/04
3/19/04 22:30 Victoria (Canada) BC Cigar 3 seconds long cigar shaped bright green object flying from east to west 3/23/04
3/19/04 22:30 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Other 5 seconds Bright Green light in sky 3/23/04
3/19/04 21:40 Methuen MA Changing 5 minutes I looked over and low to the ground was a shape shifting, almost gas like form. At first I thought it was a balloon bieng launched from 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:50 St-Rémi (Canada) QC Sphere almost 1 hour This object was immobile and looks like to watching or waiting for something. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a star or planet?? PD)) 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:50 Ciel de St-Rémi (Canada) QC Oval approx: 1 hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: It was oval shaped, almost elongated, very luminous and stationary. 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:30 Summerside (Canada) PE Light 10-15 Speeding Ball of Light 3/23/04
3/19/04 20:03 Lawrence KS Light 1 minute This craft moved with too much force, that would've killed a person. 3/23/04
3/19/04 19:00 Shepherdsville KY Triangle 5 min Sphere-like object coupled with two bright lights on each side viewed from a distance, Triangular base 3/23/04
3/19/04 12:10 Atlanta GA Circle 5-10 min. Single adult witness sees a reflective, disc-shaped object fly below high-altitude contrails. 3/23/04
3/19/04 05:30 Brampton (Canada) ON Circle approx: 40 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Two circular quickly started to accelerate north. 3/23/04
3/19/04 00:30 Walkerton VA Cigar 20 min ((HOAX??)) Shot at cigar shaped object, when it illuminated my vehicle. 3/23/04
3/18/04 21:45 Danville KY Other 20 seconds Faint but large boomerang shaped object then small star like object turning red 3/23/04
3/18/04 21:00 Houston TX Circle 10 minutes I did not see a UFO last night, but now I can attest to how a person could mistake Venus for one. Even through the overcast last night 3/23/04
3/18/04 20:00 Noblesville IN Light 3 min Moving light that slowed down, stopped, stood still and then disappeared. 3/23/04
3/18/04 18:40 Pt. Orchard WA Rectangle 30 seconds I was out on the back porch looking S.S West. I thought it was a helicopter, but way too many running lights. It appeared to be about 3/23/04
3/18/04 18:32 Red Bluff CA Triangle 1 minute Triangular, possible aura, definately morphed shape. 3/23/04
3/18/04 17:00 Benton KY Light 5 min ea time yellow/orange lights, hover, flicker, go out,re-appear 3/23/04
3/18/04 16:15 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Triangle 3 minutes Extremely high,barely visible,sudden change of direction, change of light colour from white to amber. 3/23/04
3/18/04 12:15 Vail CO Oval about a minute MUFON/COLORADO REPORT: Two witnesses see UFO buzz by Air Force C-17 transport over Vail, Colorado in daylight. 3/23/04
3/18/04 01:00 Brooksville FL Formation 5 to 10 mins strange array of lights suddenly appear about 1/2 mile in front of my truck, in Brooksville Florida. 3/23/04
3/18/04 01:00 Portland OR Disk 20 seconds? Fast moving round object at night. 3/23/04
3/17/04 23:50 Columbus (south on US 23) OH Unknown 6-10 seconds 2 balls of red pulsing light 1 small blinking.Near aep power plant. 3/23/04
3/17/04 23:15 Pomgali (France)
Light 15 s light in the sky 3/23/04
3/17/04 22:50 Ellensburg WA Other 15-20 min Craft that produced no noise, accelerated from still to unreal speeds, had 3 crafts or 3 sections. 3/23/04
3/17/04 21:30 Oakland CA Triangle 15 seconds I was looking up at the stars as I and a couple of friends were walking to grab a bite to eat, when I noticed an object flying across t 3/23/04
3/17/04 20:10 Yakima WA Light west they moved slowly across the rige to the valley as if looking for something then shot in to the night sky and was gone 3/23/04
3/17/04 20:00 Coventry (UK/England)
Light 20 minutes erratic movement of what appeared to be a star. 3/23/04
3/17/04 19:00 Phoenix AZ Other 5 minutes Lemon-shaped UFO, covered with rows of lights, bigger than a helicopter, bigger than a bus. 3/23/04
3/17/04 18:15 Kirkby in Ashfield (Nottingham) (UK/England)
Triangle 5 mins bright triangle over nottingham (england) 3/23/04
3/17/04 18:00 Aurora CO Other 2 minutes Low, hovering object that appeared to be an airplane, but was too low and slow in the sky, then disappeared. 3/23/04
3/17/04 12:15 Santa Monica CA Sphere 2 minutes The craft came from the West out over the Pacific Ocean. It was flying much higher than the Commercial Jet Traffic over Los Angeles. 3/23/04
3/16/04 20:00 Norwich CT Other 5-10 minutes Strangly lit, loose formation of silent auircraft-like objects, with a treetop level meteor appearing during the overflight. 3/23/04
3/14/04 19:00 Las Vegas NV Light of and on 4 days If anyone around us has a chance, this is happening right now! ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/14/04 17:30 Greensboro NC Cigar 5-10 minutes I saw one or two silver, elongated objects moving across the sky and then they just darted away and vanished. 3/23/04
3/13/04 20:15 McCleary WA Circle 15 minutes Bright light spotted over Black Hills. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD)) 3/23/04
3/12/04 22:30 Decker Lake (Canada) BC Unknown approx: 10 minutes. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: An extremely bright white object with a ring of red lights around the middle. 3/23/04
3/12/04 21:30 Redmond OR Disk 2 minutes small disc shape object with dark orange glow underneath 3/23/04
3/12/04 18:00 Rockwell City IA Light 4 hours Cluster of lights in the sky 3/23/04
3/12/04 02:14 Daytona Beach FL Egg 2 min Orange sphere appeared, turned, blinked, then faded away into the distance 3/23/04
3/10/04 18:00 Los Banos CA Disk 45 min Sitting stationary the pulsating lights looked like a heart beat. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is very prominent in the western sky. PD)) 3/23/04
3/8/04 08:00 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
3/4/04 20:42 San Francisco CA Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball over San Francisco 3/23/04
3/2/04 20:30 Washington, D.C. DC Light 1 minute A "formation" of about 20 pale lights moved slowly across the Washington, D.C. evening sky. 3/23/04
2/15/04 23:00 Elkader IA Unknown seconds A strange creature or being.... 3/23/04
1/11/04 21:30 Stony Point NY Light 3 to 5 mins A blinding Light filled up my car, and all the lights on the dashboard of the car went nuts! 3/23/04
1/5/04 16:03 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Disk
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Saucer shaped object stayed stationary. 3/23/04
11/25/03 14:00 Chilhowie VA Other 3 minutes pyramidal craft daylight sighting 3/23/04
11/15/03 22:00 Athens AL Triangle 15 seconds Triangular shaped craft with three dimmly lit lights on the bottom of it and It was following something on the interstate going south. 3/23/04
10/13/03 17:00 Kansas ?? (In-flight sighting) KS Unknown 15 - 20 minutes Huge Unknown Phenomenon (Distant Stobe Effects) Seen From Airplane Window on Cross-Country Flight 3/23/04
9/8/03 03:30 Maui HI Flash 15-20 seconds My wife and I were on our honeymoon and I was out running on the beach very early in the morning. I stopped to stretch and look at the 3/23/04
4/20/03 13:45 Aurora CO Rectangle 30 seconds large very black object 3/23/04
2/3/03 02:00 Minneapolis MN Light unknown After seeing a UFO with a bunch of friends at a lake in 1974(Minnesota),I have had many odd occurances.

This one happened in my home
8/6/02 23:00 Tofino (Canada) BC Disk 30 seconds Disk shaped with three lights and orange haze and trail seemed to come towards earth and move east over a beach in british columbia. 3/23/04
6/15/01 04:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 1 minute Low flying silent light, takes off fast after 30-40 seconds of watching. 3/23/04
6/1/98 21:00 Salem OR Other 30 minutes We were stargazing, when we saw a dot of light weaving between stars. 3/23/04
7/25/96 01:30 Rush City MN Unknown 15-20 min Possible prior sighting similar to 16 Feb 2004 Amityville, NY 3/23/04
6/21/95 22:40 Burlington (Canada) ON Light 5Min We could not explain it !! 3/23/04
4/10/87 13:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle unknown Trianglar Dream sightings 3/23/04
6/18/85 13:00 Cottage Grove OR Sphere 10 sec.s Orange "golf ball" ufo's fly over Dorena Lake. 3/23/04
6/15/84 02:50 Ashville OH Disk 5-8 min The sighting happened near Ashville Ohio in mann's trailer park.It was hot out ,the moon was bright and in the summer time June or July 3/23/04
9/1/81 20:00 Port Jervis NY Triangle 20 minutes While walking on route 209 south, 2 miles north of Port Jervis, ny, I noticed a dull red light far in the distance. At first sighting, 3/23/04
11/27/78 19:00 Baileyville ME Light 3 hours My ex and I was coming home from his parents house and I was about ready to give birth to my first son. We stopped at a pull off a mil 3/23/04
8/15/78 20:30 Statesboro GA Light 7 minutes In 1978 I saw six star-like objects sit stationary in the sky and then take off at an extremely high rate of speed 3/23/04
8/6/78 22:00 Black Hills AZ Light Over an hour HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Three blue lights come together and shoot up. 3/23/04
6/1/78 22:30 Dryden (Canada) ON Sphere 2-4 min 2 ufo's over Dryden,Ont,late 70's 3/23/04
7/20/68 14:00 Cleveland Heights OH Oval 1 minute UFO object seen over Cleveland Heights Ohio during the sixties. 3/23/04
6/15/65 23:00 Delano CA Formation 15 min. Objects were seen at night headed towards radio free europe transmission towers. 3/23/04
8/12/47 22:00 Saranac Lake NY Disk approx:6 minutes 6-7 Disc shaped objects. ((REPORT FROM: BRIAN VIKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA.)) 3/23/04
7/20/47 22:00 Raton/Des Moines NM Oval 45 Min The object followed us (our car) over 40 miles and then stayed 100 feet off the ground for about 10 minutes. It then went straight up 3/23/04