National UFO ReportingCenter
Report Index For Post Date 040430

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/29/04 23:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 1 hour The only logical explanation would be flares. That must be one fast boat. 4/30/04
4/29/04 20:30 Pitman NJ Light 5 Mins Red star sized flares in Southern NJ. ((NUFORC Note: Probably the "flare" from Iridium satellites. PD)) 4/30/04
4/28/04 23:35 Varnville SC Triangle 5 minutes Three lights on the bottom of an unidentified aircraft form a triangular shape. (in South Carolina) 4-28-04 in Varnville at 11:35 p.m. 4/30/04
4/28/04 23:00 Bristol/Canandaigua NY Other 3 hours an object that was bigger than the light it projected , which through binoculars you could see some of the outline that was not lit 4/30/04
4/28/04 22:00 Socorro NM Light minutes as i was driving on highway 60 just west of socorro nm an orange light-ball shaped-seen going south to north across windshield at low a 4/30/04
4/28/04 21:00 Superior AZ Disk 15 seconds Sighting of craft in night sky twice in Arizona 4/30/04
4/28/04 20:32 Keeseville NY Light 16 seconds unusually shaped, very bright light-no other colors, slowly moving over the town, then disappearing from sight-no sounds 4/30/04
4/28/04 14:30 West Des Moines IA Changing 2 minutes Iowa Air National Guard and 727 watched by UFO in West Des Moines Iowa ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) 4/30/04
4/28/04 12:23 Maricopa AZ Disk 5 seconds I was driving back to work after lunch and saw an object in the sky. It was white on the top and grey color on the bottom. It was like 4/30/04
4/28/04 04:00 Tempe AZ Sphere 2 seconds BRIGHT light falling, hour later light leaving south 4/30/04
4/28/04 00:22 Round Rock TX Oval 5 sec. 4 UFOs flying in formation 4/30/04
4/27/04 15:30 Oakley UT Disk seconds I was taking photos of some property in Oakley, UT when I caught this disk shaped object in the sky. 4/30/04
4/27/04 03:00 Hastings NE Unknown Party We were at a Party (No Drugs were there) we went outside say lights turned around and they were gone. 4/30/04
4/26/04 22:00 Atherstone (UK/England)
Unknown 1 minute White pulsing object, clear night sky. 4/30/04
4/26/04 21:30 Niles MI Other 2 minutes 3 extremely bright lights all in a row hover above trees on side of road, move, then come back, then take off in seconds. 4/30/04
4/26/04 21:00 Longmont CO Cigar 1 minute Very fast low flying cigar shaped object with 4 diamond shapes on the bottom. 4/30/04
4/26/04 20:00 Harmony PA Light 15 seconds a green and yellow flahing light, that moved vertical in a matter of seconds in a very rapid speed. then no lights. then dark red ligh 4/30/04
4/26/04 19:30 Olympia WA Light 20-30 minutes 5 objects over Olympia, WA chasing each other while turning into bright concentrated balls of light then to nothing. 4/30/04
4/25/04 21:35 Bend OR Formation 10 minutes String of star-like lights drift through sky in straight line, with equal distance apart from one another. 4/30/04
4/25/04 20:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Circle 2-3minutes 1 cluster of white lights surrounded by 2 larger circles of lights, all flashing and rotating it was the base of something very large 4/30/04
4/15/04 20:00 Morgan City LA Light 10 seconds Took placed on a thursday night. I was just looking at the stars when I noticed a fast moving object in the sky. It moved in a fashio 4/30/04
3/23/04 21:00 Maricopa AZ Light 20 min watched lights for 20 minutes in the desert. 4/30/04
12/4/03 11:00 Caledonia (Canada) ON Light 10 sec I was outside taking pictures of some horses before lunch and there was a light in the sky and as it moved it left a trail with points 4/30/04
11/9/03 19:30 Kau HI Fireball 2.5 Hr. In Nov. 2003 my two friends and I saw 50 or so Fireballs 4/30/04
10/1/03 18:15 Perry Township OH Cigar 20 min an object appeared to get larger then smaller till it disappeared 4/30/04
4/27/03 14:00 Alberta Rocky Mountains (Canada) AB Diamond 30-45 sec While caving a diamond shaped object flew past our team with no sound or wind. 4/30/04
2/8/02 16:37 Dix IL Diamond 30 seconds I walked my dog and saw a UFO. 4/30/04
10/23/00 00:30 Stockholm (Sweden)
Triangle 10min triangle shaped ufo high up in the sky outside of stockholm year 2000 4/30/04
8/15/99 00:00 Plano TX Unknown Unknown transported into another place by unknown, possibly alien contact attempting to show me something. 4/30/04
4/10/94 18:30 Willow Springs MO Triangle 20 to 30 min Huge Triangular Object after dusk seen with lights outling the perimeter, and a bright light in the middle . 4/30/04
5/20/92 14:00 San Lorenzo CA Circle 5 min Circular, 2 storys, rotating mirrored windows 4/30/04
9/27/89 20:30 Oak Ridge (over classified Y12 facility) TN Disk 20 to 30 min Huge Saucer with lights seen, over Oak Ridge, hovered, lights changed, and suddingly disappeared . 4/30/04
6/15/62 20:00 Booneville NC Disk 10 minutes Just overhead, slightly above the trees, saucer, very large. Good long view, good details. 4/30/04
7/15/57 22:00 Salt Lake City UT Disk 15 min 5 Silver Saucers flying from over the Salt Lake, and flying over the Oquirah Mountains towards Dugway 4/30/04