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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/18/04 02:16 Lawrenceburg IN Triangle 20 sec seen twice big with lights 6/18/04
6/17/04 23:15 Redding CA Light 30 min Star that moves in circles. 6/18/04
6/17/04 22:30 Ranshaw PA Sphere 3:00 Fast moving UFO followed by two other objects which appeared to be domestic... 6/18/04
6/17/04 11:30 Puyallup WA Sphere 20 minutes 2 possible crafts seen over Puyallup,WA 6/18/04
6/16/04 22:27 Bristol TN Other 4 minutes MUFON/TN REPORT: Two joined objects spotted during nightly observations. 6/18/04
6/16/04 13:18 Portland OR Sphere 3 minutes Object seen in sky over Downtown Portland Oregon moving very slowly coming from N.E. Direction to S.W. direction. Appeared silver in c 6/18/04
6/16/04 Willoughby Hills OH Triangle 1 minute Triangle object, multiple witnesses, 100 feet from ground. Hovering over wooded area 6/18/04
6/15/04 21:30 Phoenix AZ Light 45 Seconds Low, bright orange lights appear and multiply suddenly, then disapper as abruptly 6/18/04
6/15/04 20:45 Ottawa (Canada) ON Cigar 3 min Bright elongated object traverses sky 6/18/04
6/15/04 14:30 St. Paul Park MN Circle
moving lights that go then stop 6/18/04
6/15/04 14:00 Boulder CO Light 3-4 minutes Object avoids jets contrail, stops and changes direction 6/18/04
6/15/04 01:10 Shepton Mallet (UK/England)
Cigar Less than 1 minute The object moved at speed but low with lights at the back and bright lights along the side. Not a conventional aircraft. 6/18/04
6/14/04 23:11 Bellevue MI Triangle 20 min. Triangled shape UFO 6/18/04
6/14/04 21:00 Phoenix AZ Light 5 minutes Our home is approximately 20 miles north of downtown Phoenix, in the planned community of Anthem, right off Highway 17 on the way to Fl 6/18/04
6/14/04 20:45 Scottsdale AZ Sphere
2 sets of 3-4 orange lights (non-moving and silent) in sky over mountain range in horizontal position. 6/18/04
6/14/04 20:40 Glendale AZ Formation 5 minutes While putting the kids to bed, my wife pointed out very bright and unusual lights in formation to the sothwest. We live on a mountains 6/18/04
6/14/04 20:35 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 Minutes Incredible light show in South Phoenix 6/18/04
6/14/04 20:30 Papillion NE Rectangle 35 minutes Unusual rectangular green "bi-wing" object observed for 30 minutes. 6/18/04
6/14/04 20:30 Goodyear/Buckeye/Gila Bend AZ Formation 20 minutes Bright red/orange balls of light in the SouthWest (Goodyear/Buckeye) sky 6/18/04
6/14/04 07:15 Orem UT Sphere 1/2 hour Sphere with left side lit by sun and slight bright line outlining the right 6/18/04
6/14/04 05:00 Lake Worth FL Light 4 min On the morning of 6/14 at 5:10 am, I saw a point of light traveling from west to east in a abnormal path. It had a up and down path Tha 6/18/04
6/14/04 03:30 Newark OH Oval 30 min Unknown Object In the Sky 6/18/04
6/13/04 23:15 Sandy UT Triangle 10 min Two triangular shaped silent translucent white objects seen gliding in night sky. 6/18/04
6/13/04 23:14 Midland TX Light 1-5 min It was one solid light. 6/18/04
6/13/04 23:00 San Francisco CA Triangle 5 to 10 minutes self-illuminated triangle-shaped craft flying in "v" formation 6/18/04
6/13/04 23:00 Sandy UT Triangle few secs each 2 transparent triangles travel silently through the night sky. 6/18/04
6/13/04 22:45 Woodridge IL Light 9 Seconds The light appeared, traveled at a low speed, shook and took off. 6/18/04
6/13/04 22:00 Cardiff (UK/Wales)
Rectangle 2 mins REctangle shaped craft 6/18/04
6/13/04 21:00 Crisfield MD Sphere 2 minutes+ It was a UFO About 9:30pm, I was just happed to be outside and I saw this--- Just a red-sphere, that I seen before...I have seen many 6/18/04
6/13/04 20:30 La Ceja (Antioquia) (Colombia)
Light 3 Minutes it was a clear night when, we saw a red light in the azimut moving from the north to the south 6/18/04
6/13/04 20:15 Los Angeles CA Fireball 15 mins Two people observe pair of very bright comet-like objects over Los Angeles. 6/18/04
6/13/04 15:00 Southampton (UK/England)
Cylinder 20 minutes Silver grey tube shaped object spotted in skies over Southampton, Hampshire. 6/18/04
6/13/04 12:45 Parker CO Triangle 1 minute Triangular Craft 6/18/04
6/13/04 12:28 Conconully WA Disk 5 seconds Saucer-shaped object appeared to move across sky quickly in rural Washington ((NUFORC Note: Possible bird in flight. PD)) 6/18/04
6/13/04 11:30 Burien WA Teardrop 12 seconds Silver teardrop 40' above ground. 6/18/04
6/13/04 02:00 Toledo OH Circle 5 seconds A white circle-shaped object was spotted a few moments before it became distorted, flickered, and disappeared. 6/18/04
6/13/04 00:24 Jessup PA Unknown 3 Seconds Basically seened UFO make a sideways U turn, lasted 3 seconds red in color, odd shape 6/18/04
6/13/04 00:00 McAlester OK Diamond 23 seconds solid fast very tangable NOT OF THIS WORLD as we know itp 6/18/04
6/12/04 22:00 Phoenix AZ Light 5 min Lights in southern sky seen from Phoenix on 6/12/04 6/18/04
6/12/04 16:00 Long Beach CA Light 1 hour Lights moving over SoCal in the afternoon 6/18/04
6/12/04 15:03 Torrance CA Disk 7 minutes High up metal object w/sun reflecting from it @times,moving west,then northwest,7 min.time of viewing. 6/18/04
6/12/04 11:30 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 15 to 20 min. blue shiney sparkle ball.Far away clear and slow moving. 6/18/04
6/11/04 22:48 Wichita KS Light 8 seconds Light blue object traveling at unnatural speed across eastern sky. 6/18/04
6/11/04 22:35 Krusevac (Serbia)
Unknown 2 min Lights on sky 6/18/04
6/11/04 22:20 El Paso TX Light 5-10 sec very bright star that faded quickly ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite? PD)) 6/18/04
6/11/04 22:20 Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) (Portugal)
Light about 1 hour many lights moving, one at a time in many directions 6/18/04
6/11/04 20:40 Buffalo NY Oval 1 minute Saw black oblong oval shaped object which turned into a shining metallic color and dissappeared. 6/18/04
6/11/04 20:15 Hyderabad (Pakistan)
Triangle 10-15seconds on a hot june night me and my friend Ali ahmed were chatting and we herd sound like it was comming from a fighter(s) we thaught it was 6/18/04
6/11/04 15:30 Charleston IL Other 2 MINS 3FT TRANSLUCENT OBJECT LEAVES 10 FT CONTRAIL 6/18/04
6/11/04 04:30 New Port Richey FL Disk walking dogs disc like shape bursting into colors 6/18/04
6/11/04 04:00 New Port Richey FL Changing walking dogs phenomenal bursting lights in the sky over the gulf of mexico 6/18/04
6/10/04 23:28 Sturgis SD Unknown 15 seconds A ufo consisting of 2 white lights moving north easterly over I90 near Piedmont, SD. Sighted on June 10, 2004 6/18/04
6/10/04 23:15 Portland OR Unknown 25 minutes Weird lights revoling around a center light in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD)) 6/18/04
6/10/04 18:00 San Antonio TX Disk 1 Unexplained circles in 1 acre yard 6/18/04
6/10/04 16:36 Sonora CA Cylinder 4 to 5 minutes Cylindrical UFO Videotaped over Sonora, CA 6/18/04
6/10/04 14:30 South Royalton VT Other Constant Black object in the sky, in different locations over an hour or so period. I have original photographs if they need to be documented. 6/18/04
6/10/04 09:15 Sault Ste. Marie (Canada) ON Cigar 1min 30sec One silver cigar shaped object with no contrail and made no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD)) 6/18/04
6/9/04 00:00 San Leandro CA Circle 15 mins Humming oval shaped object with tiny red lights on bottom 6/18/04
6/9/04 18:00 Wilmington NC Unknown
it just seemed to dissapear 6/18/04
6/9/04 18:00 Nelson/Ruby Bay (New Zealand)
Teardrop until morning Tear drop shaped UFO and other UFOs seen in Ruby Bay, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND 6/18/04
6/9/04 03:00 Chula Vista CA Other
they were very visable as if they were at the same level that planes fly at.But they moved realy fast.The light seemed to follow them! 6/18/04
6/8/04 23:18 Maineville OH Light
Sshooting star but then it started going in the opposite direction, then down, then it was gone. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? PD)) 6/18/04
6/8/04 22:58 Nanaimo, Parksville (Canada) BC Triangle 10 minutes Hovering craft above Nanoose Bay, B.C. 6/18/04
6/8/04 05:15 Argos IN Other 5min Stealth Bomber shaped object at 1:00 postion of moon.Taken 5:15AM June 8,2004 ((NUFORC Note: Bat in flight. PD)) 6/18/04
6/8/04 00:40 Birmingham AL Circle 45 seconds Was at the rail yard, out-skirts of town, at given time, on report. Saw what appeared to be neither "space debris" but a round object 6/18/04
6/7/04 23:30 Bastrop LA Fireball 25-30 seconds huge round green pulsing light floating toward the ground outside Bastrop Louisiana 6/18/04
6/7/04 23:00 Christmas Valley OR Other 35-40 minutes Bright lights changing color and pattern above skyline, like I've never seen before. 6/18/04
6/7/04 22:39 Cotati CA Formation 2 minutes satalite due-3 viewed ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of NOSS satellite triplet. PD)) 6/18/04
6/7/04 22:30 Argyle FL Sphere 30 seconds It was brightly the moon...and about half its size....seen by mother and daughter 6/18/04
6/7/04 22:00 Covington LA Fireball 5 seconds fireball traveling over Interstate 12 in Louisiana 6/18/04
6/7/04 22:00 Crestview FL Circle 30 seconds It was an amazingly clear, calm night, 3/4 moon and no wind or breeze. My husband, my 2 sons, and I went outside for a late night walk 6/18/04
6/7/04 21:00 Royal Palm Beach FL Unknown
White little light than a little red flashing light and gone 6/18/04
6/7/04 03:40 New Westminster (Canada) BC Light 5 minutes 3 arch shaped lights in New Westminster 6/18/04
6/7/04 00:40 Sault Ste. Marie MI Light 30 seconds to 1 Minute It was a large light, bigger than any other in the sky, going from SW to NE at a fast speed zig zaging here and occured at 12:40 AM on 6/18/04
6/6/04 23:00 Brockville (Canada) ON Light 3 minutes bright light in western sky doubles in size and intensity, changes direction and disappears. 6/18/04
6/6/04 23:00 Alentejo (Portugal)
The fenomen was registered by the portugese air force. At least one photo was taken by a portugese student of engeneering. There is als 6/18/04
6/6/04 15:00 Ashland KY Changing 10+ minutes Round object spotted in Kentucky sky. 6/18/04
6/6/04 13:08 London (UK/England)
Oval 2 minutes there were two oval objects flying in the air 6/18/04
6/6/04 04:00 Rockne TX Other 30 mins. yellow-orange-domed shaped object moving slowly from south to north and blinking out. 6/18/04
6/5/04 23:53 Ottawa (Canada) ON Fireball 1.5 - 2 seconds Bright object see moving over Ottawa, Ontario; it 'flared' three times during the brief sighting by three witnesses. 6/18/04
6/5/04 22:50 Springville CA Triangle 10 min. triangular and transparent flying craft seen saturday night 6/18/04
6/5/04 22:30 Jasper AR Triangle 30 seconds Triangle formation of lights in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Report not inconsistent with U. S. Navy NOSS satellites. PD)) 6/18/04
6/5/04 22:30 Bloomer WI Light about an hour Moving lights ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus or Jupiter, we suspect. PD)) 6/18/04
6/5/04 22:00 Westminster CO Chevron 8-10 sec amber orb chevron fly -by over evening backyard party 6/18/04
6/5/04 19:50 Flushing NY Light
My husband took it on home digital video camera on that night. I was out with my friend's wife. My husband and my friend were smoking o 6/18/04
6/5/04 19:00 Santa Rosa CA Light 15 min About 7pm PDT 6/5/04 I saw two small bright objects to the South East about 45 degree elevation over Sonoma Mountain. The tiny dots wer 6/18/04
6/5/04 19:00 Livonia MI Circle 1.5 hours Six round, silver balls in the upper atmosphere flew at formation, stayed in one spot. 6/18/04
6/5/04 16:00 Hanna WY Circle
bright light in day time with what apperaed dashes around it 6/18/04
6/5/04 12:15 Lake Alpine CA Other 20 seconds While fishing at Lake Alpine, I saw what I thought to be a silver aricraft, possibly a Cessna 140 or an Ercoupe, as these planes often 6/18/04
6/5/04 12:00 Eureka IL Circle 25 seconds Round black object flying North at high speed 6/18/04
6/5/04 04:15 El Dorado Hills CA Changing 20 Minutes Bright light with red around center moved towards us 6/18/04
6/5/04 01:04 Santa Barbara CA
1 second Bright and quick-flash lit up WHOLE sky for a split second, like a nuclear explosion at 1:04AM 6/18/04
6/5/04 01:00 Tulare/Bakersfield CA Other 10 min Flashes and fireballs in the south-west sky in central california 6/18/04
6/5/04 00:05 Hickory NC Fireball 10 seconds Fireball seen in Western NC 6/18/04
6/4/04 23:15 Reno NV Light 2 minutes Satellite looking object making right angle turn 6/18/04
6/4/04 23:05 Galena IL Light 30-40 seconds Moving star like light, flashes, changes direction, then fades away ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite flash. PD)) 6/18/04
6/4/04 23:00 Adrian MI Circle 1 hour craft with blue and red aura around it ((Twinkling star??)) 6/18/04
6/4/04 22:44 Eagle CO Flash 20 seconds One witness saw a bright flash south of the big dipper. Other two witnesses focused on the area and saw a second bright flash directly 6/18/04
6/4/04 20:40 Eugene OR Cigar 2-3 minutes "blimp" like shaped object moving across the sky at sunset. Absolutely silent. Let us have a good look, but got no pic. ((Contrail??) 6/18/04
6/4/04 18:00 Maple Valley WA Oval 3 minutes after the incident was gone we talked about it and really wondered what it really was 6/18/04
6/4/04 02:45 Monterey CA Diamond 6 miutes scary but interesting all the dogs in neighberhood were howling like the had seen a demon 6/18/04
6/4/04 02:30 Glendale AZ Other 45-50 minutes Cloudlike smudge moving in a N to S orbital path. Occasional flickering and small flashes were observed. Size was about 120% of a full 6/18/04
6/3/04 23:30 Seattle WA Light 3 sec 3 lights travelling across western sky ((NUFORC Note: Possibly U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites. PD)) 6/18/04
6/3/04 20:40 Douglasville GA Triangle 45 sec saw a triangular glowing light pattern 6/18/04
6/3/04 11:00 Peoria IL
2 minutes i saw a round white moving ball in the sky and couldnt tell its size it was june the third. i also saw a white cloud with grey tips p 6/18/04
6/3/04 02:40 Kennewick WA
seconds At 0240 hrs I was sitting stationary in my vehicle, as I was on a security detail. ((NUFORC Note: Dramatic meteor. PD)) 6/18/04
6/2/04 21:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Unknown 5 min I was making pictures of my daughter on the beach. Two pictures out of 50 contain undentifined objects. While I was making them, i did 6/18/04
6/2/04 19:00 Pahrump NV Oval
Frist we did not see them or hear them. I have a digital Binocular camera. been taken pictures for about a month with it and never an 6/18/04
6/2/04 02:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC
30 seconds the strange lights on our balcony 6/18/04
6/1/04 23:00 Portugal
Fireball 45 minutes An imense light crossed Portugal during 45 minutes, making no sound, thousands saw it ! 6/18/04
6/1/04 11:00 Newark CA Rectangle seconds San Francisco Bay Area southwest and about 80 degrees above horizon. 6/18/04
5/31/04 23:00 Knoxville TN Sphere 20 minutes MUFON/TENNESSEE REPORT: Follow-up on Knoxville sighting 6/18/04
5/30/04 17:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 1 minute Bubble visitor(s) in Sedona? 6/18/04
5/30/04 16:00 Yosemite National Park CA

Disk object dicovered on vacation photo's in Yosemite National Park 6/18/04
5/29/04 22:00 Sparks NV Circle 40 seconds Red light 6/18/04
5/28/04 23:15 Minneapolis MN Light 45 to hour I saw a light in the sky, it was moving around at odd angles, would disappear and reappear. I had pointed it out to two people who were 6/18/04
5/28/04 20:10 Tucson AZ Fireball 2 seconds Extremely fast, huge, bright fireball. 6/18/04
5/27/04 23:00 Cold Lake (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes It looked like a star and the it started to move all over the place, and eventually went so high up I couldn't see it anymore. 6/18/04
5/27/04 15:10 Klamath Falls OR Unknown 5 min Solid radar return with no visual 6/18/04
5/24/04 10:40 Breckenridge CO Light 20 seconds Group formation of transluscent light/objects. Moved in tandem, occaisionally thrusting. 6/18/04
5/21/04 23:37 Clinton MO Diamond 5 min MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: UFO photo over Clinton, MO submitted by witness via email to the investigator 6/18/04
5/21/04 15:00 Greeley CO Formation 5 minutes formation of 9-10 6/18/04
5/20/04 02:00 Loganville GA Other 25 min lighting the whole woods up 3 times as bright as the moon. 6/18/04
5/16/04 11:00 Naples FL Disk 5 sec what ever it was it was halin ass from a complete standstill to like out of sight 2 -3 second tops 6/18/04
5/15/04 03:00 Hanna City IL Other 2 hours bluish white lights 6/18/04
5/11/04 02:30 Pico Rivera CA Light 3 minutes in mid-May 2004 at around 2:30am (PDT), i went outside to grab my book bag out of my car. when all of a sudden i saw two dark yellow/br 6/18/04
5/7/04 22:00 Houston TX Other 30 seconds three blimp like objects glided in front of our car and disappeared into the trees. 6/18/04
5/1/04 22:00 Las Vegas NV Light 1 minute Several floating lights joined in a strange V shape formation on the Las Vegas strip. 6/18/04
5/1/04 02:00 Butte MT Triangle 2minutes I was driving east from Continental Drive onto Farrell Street and I saw an aircraft I thought was a small plane. I thought, "what kind 6/18/04
4/24/04 21:00 Davie FL Cigar 5 seconds Brightly-lit cigar shaped craft flew silently and quickly over Boy Scout gathering. 6/18/04
4/15/04 04:00 Hayden ID Light one minute Driving south from Hayden, Idaho to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho about 4AM mid-April 2002.

I looked over to the east and three star-like obj
4/6/04 00:00 Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Other 1 hour there were approx 10 small circular shapes formig a large circle,moving around and around in the same area in the sky for approx 1 hour 6/18/04
4/5/04 02:14 Derby (UK/England)
Cigar 4 mins + 2 cigar shaped objects moving accross the early morning sky in an un natural mannor and motion. 6/18/04
4/3/04 11:45 Alcalde NM Disk 55 minutes + Daylight disk near Alcalde, NM 6/18/04
3/31/04 11:15 Grootebroek (Netherlands)
Oval about 10 seconds The object looked like a oval metallic subject wich lit up for about ten seconds. It was hanging shorlty above the ground and a few sec 6/18/04
3/19/04 12:10 Atlanta GA Circle 5-10 min.
3/15/04 22:00 Napa CA Triangle 10 seconds It was a triangle shape with 5 white lights and it made a sound like hi-tech jet. 6/18/04
3/12/04 21:20 San Diego CA Cigar 5 sec witnessed small oblong object with red and blue lights hovering above my vehicle. 6/18/04
3/10/04 00:30 Broken Arrow OK Sphere 2-3 mins Orange orb in the sky vanishes..... 6/18/04
3/7/04 11:00 Watsonville CA Circle
Feet of five craft "gliding" in air. No engine noise. Flying low to the ground. 6/18/04
3/5/04 22:00 Punta Gorda FL Cross 10 Minutes At about 10:00 PM on 3/5/04, I was ready for bed and went out on the lanai to check if the screen door was locked. It was a very clear 6/18/04
3/4/04 16:30 Denver CO Changing 2 hours flew in circles, changed shape, landed somewhere in the city. 6/18/04
2/7/04 12:00 Tehran (Iran)
Light two years dear sirs: a few nights ago I was sitting outside on my chair in the yard that I noticed a star was addressing me while I was looking u 6/18/04
1/23/04 10:00 Midwest U. S. (in-flight)
Cigar 3-5 minutes strangest damn things I ever saw. 6/18/04
1/14/04 03:00 Culpeper VA Unknown not sure All I saw was ablue,purple and pink blur with a white dot seeming to be on top, soaring in a zig-zag formation, then finaly zoomed off 6/18/04
12/15/03 00:00 Central IN Circle 2 minutes My mom and me were coming up our drive way when she told me to look into the sky. A circular, glowing THING went across the sky in a wa 6/18/04
11/15/03 21:00 Irmo SC Circle 5 minutes Strange Hovering Object 6/18/04
9/24/03 20:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Triangle 2 minutes It had no running lights and did not make a sound. 6/18/04
9/10/03 21:30 Soap Lake WA Circle 2 hours 10-20 Blinking light crafts near Soap Lake, WA 6/18/04
9/1/03 23:00 Grants Pass OR Other 3 min We saw a lobed orb over Grants Pass, Oregon, on 9/1/03. 6/18/04
8/15/03 03:45 Loma Linda CA Sphere 15 min. Sphere creating light all around it changing size and shape when it moved. 6/18/04
8/10/03 22:00 Hannibal MO Light 15 minutes August 10th 2003 large, bright object in low earth Orbit. 6/18/04
8/10/03 19:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown 100 minutes Stationary object over New Mexico 6/18/04
7/17/03 20:00 San Antonio TX Sphere 5-10 minutes three metallic spheres moving at great speeds and with difficult maneuvers, watched for 5-10 minutes 6/18/04
7/13/03 01:00 Humble TX Unknown 1 hour My wife and kids, and I, were watching the stars after midnight when a giant, asymmetrical, pulsing amoeba-like mass of light appeared. 6/18/04
7/1/03 22:00 Chicago IL Fireball 22:30 a bunch of mysterious fast moving objects appearing to have red and green strobe lights. 6/18/04
6/16/03 03:00 Greeley CO Light Approx 5 min. Bright unmoving amber light hovered in the southern sky for approximately five minutes. 6/18/04
5/29/03 16:35 Lee's Summit MO Cigar 1-5mint cigar shaped cylinder object white and silver colored 6/18/04
3/27/03 21:30 Norton OH Disk 15 minutes 3/2003 UFO in NE Ohio ~A low-flying craft gliding at night that was silent until it was out of sight and about a half mile away 6/18/04
1/7/03 03:00 Stockholm (Sweden)
Formation 20 min. A chilly wind hit us from behind on a night with no wind at all. 6/18/04
12/30/02 23:00 Orlando (outside) FL Unknown 20 minutes Three lighted objects flying in formation. 6/18/04
12/27/02 09:37 Roby MO Light
MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Investigator Brian Adams for Missouri sighting on 27DE02 near Roby, MO. 6/18/04
7/20/02 22:30 Maybrook NY Fireball 5 seconds I have seen the same fireball object as recently reported by someone else. 6/18/04
5/12/02 03:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 64 seconds oval, gold shining, UFO 6/18/04
4/21/02 19:00 Mammoth Cave KY Other 2 hours Crashed metal flying machine. 6/18/04
3/13/02 00:00 Lac du Bonnet (Canada) MB Sphere 30 min Sphere floating for 30 min. 6/18/04
7/1/01 22:30 Kimberling City MO Formation 1 hour We may have been an experament 6/18/04
5/26/01 00:00 Bates City MO Light a few seconds Two orange light flying in patterns now plane, nor plane, nor helicopter could match. 6/18/04
12/7/00 10:50 Hollywood CA Sphere 20-minutes Shimmering daylight orb casually traveled in a north-west direction near the Hollywood Bowl in December 2000 6/18/04
11/18/00 01:30 New York City NY Triangle 3 minutes Black, unidentifiable, triangular object seen flying over Hudson River/Manhattan at night. 6/18/04
10/29/00 21:30 Dateland/Welton AZ Diamond 10 min Odd amber lights in AZ 6/18/04
8/21/00 23:00 Midland (Canada) ON Triangle 1 minute Triangular brightly lit object. 6/18/04
7/1/00 21:00 Phoenix AZ Formation 1 or 2 minutes The lights stretched out in a arc type fashion, stationary, evenly spaced and appeared to be as big as Camelback Mountain. 6/18/04
4/20/00 17:00 Austin TX Fireball 0:02 objects over central texas so bright look like stars except its broad daylight 6/18/04
3/3/00 04:00 Longwood FL Light 20 seconds A circle of light collapsed on the starlight, and it fled due east. 6/18/04
1/2/00 02:00 Aegean Sea (Turkey/Greece)
Unknown 10-20 minutes 1/2/2000 Aegean Sea 6/18/04
6/15/99 22:00 New Haven WV Sphere 30seconds The object slowly climbed up just above the horizon, disappeared, reappeared some distance away, and disappeared again. 6/18/04
1/18/98 19:30 La Grande OR Circle 10 min Myself and two others were up in the mountains driving around after work, shoting guns and being young guys."age" myself at the time 20 6/18/04
1/1/98 06:00 Hoboken NJ Disk 30 min Incredible UFO sighting in Hoboken NJ around 1997-1998 6/18/04
7/26/97 18:00 Warrensburg MO Triangle 45 minuts Two UFO's observed over Warrensburg MO for 45 minutes in broad daylight. 6/18/04
7/4/97 21:15 Dadeville MO

6/20/97 01:00 Ocala FL Light 5 minutes It was amber orange in color glowing and pulsating behind a cloud or vapor floated very slowly and split in two 6/18/04
8/10/96 23:00 No. Hollywood CA Sphere 5 seconds Ball of Light Buzzes Burbank Airport 6/18/04
8/8/96 20:30 Tularosa NM Sphere 35-45sec Glowing orb of light follows test sled and then shoots off toward viewer. 6/18/04
6/12/96 12:00 unknown (Out skirts of Lake Don Pedro, near modesto) CA Oval Seconds Up close, day time object in the woods. 6/18/04
6/1/96 Kambalda (Western Australia)
3/22/96 21:30 Maple Valley WA Oval 45 seconds Object with flashing colored lights on its underside hovers over home in Maple Valley for almost 1 minute. 6/18/04
9/10/95 20:00 Effingham IL Cigar 30sec ILLinois. siting 6/18/04
7/21/95 23:15 Philadelphia PA Light 2-3 min. Bright Light over I95 (Philly) which shot off at an incredible speed and angle. 6/18/04
6/15/95 21:00 Miami FL Light 10 - 15 Min. Arizona lights...over Miami? 6/18/04
3/30/95 05:30 Hollywood CA Cigar 5 minutes early-morning cigar-shaped UFO hovered behind trees in Hollywood near Harold Way/101 Freeway in March '95 6/18/04
1/15/95 02:00 Blythe CA Light unknown I saw a bright light but saw nothing or no one around me 6/18/04
9/17/93 22:00 Red Deer (Canada) AB Other 1- 2 minutes Strange shaped object, no sound, no lights, moving slowly about 20 ft off the deck. 6/18/04
5/1/93 18:00 Magnolia MS Cigar 5 minutes or so Oval shaped object with flashing lights had no sound & it only was there few minutes & left as a flash thru the sky. 6/18/04
1/14/93 04:00 Ridge NY Unknown 2 minutes A very large craft with 3 lights underneath flew slowly over the trees silently from east to west. 6/18/04
9/15/92 20:00 Maccan (Canada) NS Sphere 10 minutes Amber colored spheres following the vehicle, moving in erratic directions in the Maccan area 6/18/04
8/29/92 18:00 Algonac MI Light 3 MINUTES bright object bacame 8 separate objects and flew off in separate directions 6/18/04
6/24/92 22:00 Laramie WY Light 2 odd lights Odd intelligent seeming lights seen during a UFO conference in Laramie, WY. 6/18/04
3/15/92 15:30 Tampa FL Disk 10 minutes UFO Saucer was seen hovering beyond trees as we were driving towards home and then disappeared. 6/18/04
8/20/91 22:00 Parrsboro (Canada) NS Rectangle 30 - 60 minutes Very large regtangular object blocking out the stars with an almost inaudible but loud sound? 6/18/04
8/16/91 01:00 Arizona (northern) AZ Other 20 seconds the alien stood there in a form I could be comfortable with while looking at him. 6/18/04
11/25/89 22:00 Monroe-Bastrop LA Unknown 1 hour Something flying in and out of formation within a triangle shaped constellation 6/18/04
9/25/87 18:00 Alvarado TX Light 10 min Hey, it's Following Us! 6/18/04
3/23/87 00:55 Apache Junction AZ Changing 30 seconds On March 23rd 1987 at 0055 a object broke up above us to the left of salt river dam, and we heard a crash near weaver's needle. 6/18/04
6/1/86 05:00 Plainview TX Egg 5 min. seeing an egg shape object in the daylight sky 6/18/04
8/1/85 20:00 Black Diamond WA Other 15min Object landed in our field,some type of persons on board looking cloned or identical with unpigmented white skin. 6/18/04
6/20/84 12:00 Sacramento CA Circle 00:25 I worked at a west coast AFB. We had a project called Deep Space Probe. It is a powerfull telescope that would track satillites. On on 6/18/04
6/15/84 22:30 Indjifa (Yugoslavia) PA Disk 30 SECOND CIRCLE CRAFT WITH LIGHTS ON IT 6/18/04
7/15/83 21:15 Poughkeepsie NY Other 3 Minutes 1500-2000 foot UFO seen above Mid-Hudson Bridge by Poughkeepsie, NY in July 1983. 6/18/04
8/16/80 23:30 Pine Springs TX Light 2 to 3 minutes A Falling Star That Changed its Mind because it went back UP! 6/18/04
7/11/80 11:00 San Andreas CA Unknown 1.5 to 2 hrs Lost time very strange.Sense of everything was O.K. 6/18/04
4/15/79 03:00 Jacksonville TX Other 30min Mothership and three saucers left behind 6/18/04
8/11/78 22:00 Auburn CA Unknown 15 minutes The object hovered and dissapeared then came back several times. 6/18/04
7/1/78 21:30 Toledo (near) OH Light 5 minutes I was listening to Peter's interview with George Noory on June 4th. I thought I would mention this. My companion at the time also saw 6/18/04
6/1/78 22:00 Paxton IL Unknown 5 seconds White beacon of rotating white light followed by the same in green 6/18/04
9/15/76 21:00 Hoodsport WA
1-2 minutes Heard Strange sounding flying object above tree tops 6/18/04
7/20/76 22:50 Newbury Park CA Unknown 20 minutes I saw what appeared to be the lights of a plane that seemed to be going to crash nearby which then became a swirling mass of light and 6/18/04
6/1/76 23:00 Newark OH Circle 5 minutes Craft hovers over our house in Newark Ohio across from the OSU Newark campus. 6/18/04
5/1/76 20:00 Coventry RI Formation 3min red orbs 'dancing' around a central orb 6/18/04
12/31/75 19:30 Webb MS Disk approx 5 mins My wife and myself were traveling to a friends house for a new years party. We started from Coffeville Missisippi on State Road 32 via 6/18/04
10/12/75 01:00 Perth (w. of; Southern Cross) (Western Australia)
Fireball 15 minutes fire ball and min min 6/18/04
9/5/75 20:00 Sonoma Mountain CA Light 10 minutes We found ourselves looking at a huge, round, pure, white light as big as a mansion, hovering over the retreat. 6/18/04
6/9/75 22:00 St. George (Canada) ON Disk 2 minutes our neighbour was walking from the barn to the house when a flying saucer with many colored lights suddenly hovered about 50 feet dire 6/18/04
5/23/75 17:00 San Antonio TX Disk 45 seconds I was sitting on a barrel in the middle of the arena holding the reigns of my horse who began to walk around spooked a bit I look up an 6/18/04
8/9/74 12:00 Spokane WA Other 10 seconds I was 11 years old and happened to be in a car with my mom, and we saw a bullet shaped craft with flames comming out of the rear. I hav 6/18/04
7/15/74 02:00 Mediterranean Sea
Unknown 25 to 30 min. underwater light outruns one of the US NAVY'S fastest ships and the coverup that insues 6/18/04
6/15/73 21:30 Ballwin MO Disk 20 minutes In June, 1973 myself and 6 others watched a huge, silent, metallic disk hover over my house. 6/18/04
5/19/73 20:10 Huntsville (Redstone Arsenal) AL Disk 45 minutes We were in the U.S. Army at the time and 18 years old.The night before we watched the Skylab as was reported on the radio to do a flyby 6/18/04
9/5/72 00:00 Sinop (Turkey)
Sphere 30 minutes Round lighted sphere being orbited by a smaller lighted sphere. 6/18/04
7/1/72 03:00 Stone Mountain GA Circle 10 minutes Drone or Survey Mission in Stone Mountain? 6/18/04
8/15/71 23:00 Woodland WA Light 15 seconds Three very bright, extreamly fast globes of white light 6/18/04
7/22/71 00:15 Tucson AZ Teardrop 1 minute just after midnight ,craft travling about 45 mph,at 100ft from north to south on the west side of the waste dumps at pima mine 30 mile 6/18/04
11/7/70 21:00 Franklin TN Sphere 5 minutes White globe above river at prehistoric indian site 6/18/04
6/10/70 17:00 Princess Anne MD Oval 5 Min Bright orange disk with vertical stripes, or ribs. Eastern Maryland. 6/18/04
8/1/69 12:00 Ohio (northwest) OH Other 1 minute floating craft 80 yds long by 30 yds wide, 6 spheres connected by cylindrical passages in the shape of a rectangle. 6/18/04
6/6/68 22:00 Minot ND Disk 30mins Minot 1968 missle arming 6/18/04
12/30/67 17:10 Bithlo FL Disk Approx. 7 hours On the evening of December 30, 1967, shortly after dusk, I observed along with two other witnesses, a circular craft, approximately 40 6/18/04
9/22/67 22:30 Albuquerque NM Unknown ~1hr A property search and a "close encounter" with unknowns? 6/18/04
9/15/67 19:30 Chiloquin OR Disk 2 minutes It was steel gray, simigloss exterior.It was a disk. the sun was behind the horizon.

It was dusk. the craft was hovering over the ri
9/1/67 19:30 Winchester KY Cigar 15 We observed the craft approaching the city limits from the SE at a slow pace and as we approached the intersection of Highway 15 and Ma 6/18/04
8/15/67 23:00 Gula AK Circle 40 min Circle 6/18/04
7/15/67 02:00 Marshfield WI Disk 30-60 seconds When I was a kid, not unlike most… I enjoyed sleeping outdoors with my friends to watch shooting stars and satellites while gazing at t 6/18/04
7/1/67 01:00 Chatfield MN Unknown unknown No sighting, but strange sounds and flickering lights after midnight. 6/18/04
6/23/67 22:30 Boise ID Light 2 minutes Light landing on runway, traveling past end zone, travelling overland over roadless area then turning to merge into freeway traffice 6/18/04
1/1/67 23:00 Yoza Dakke Air Station, Okinawa (Japan)
Light 15 min This incident took place in 1967 or 1968 while I was stationed in Okinawa in the Air Force. I was assigned to maintain and operate a sm 6/18/04
5/10/66 Tulsa OK Rectangle 10 min V shape object moving in a V shape. 6/18/04
4/15/66 23:00 Francis E Warren AFB WY

UFO sightings , 1966, Francis E Warren AFB, Wyoming 6/18/04
4/15/66 13:30 Interior (near) SD Disk 15min entire episode is too involved to list all details here. Experienced magnetic anomily, also. 6/18/04
12/22/65 09:00 Houston (west of) TX Formation 3 minutes 45 of us were on the Bus, standing to see the objects, then flash, and everyone was in their seats again 6/18/04
8/15/65 22:00 West Lafayette IN Disk 5 minutes Saucer, slow speed, rotating, red blinking lights, approx. 75' diameter, 7 miles SE of Purdue Univ. 6/18/04
7/15/65 22:00 Mansfield OH Disk 15min The night Duke the dog died 6/18/04
5/15/65 07:30 Burlington WA Disk 5 minutes One morning waiting for the school bus,my brothers and cousins noticed a silver disc in the clear sky.It seemed motionless for the firs 6/18/04
6/1/64 20:00 Los Angeles CA Disk unknown Bright, White, Saucer-Shaped Light in Arizona Desert 6/18/04
5/1/64 22:00 Orangevale CA Light Five minutes Chased by a single light - Sacramento, CA 1964 6/18/04
7/11/63 20:00 Albert Lea MN Oval 6 min It was a round blue that glowed and moved toward us slow without making any noise. 6/18/04
7/1/63 16:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval ~3 minutes CRAFT FLYING ACROSS THE NEW YORK CITY SKYLINE 6/18/04
6/1/63 16:00 Waukegan IL Formation 15 minuts Group of stationary objects high in afternoon sky with new objects entering group and some leaving 6/18/04
6/15/61 12:00 Huntsville AL Triangle about 3-4 minutes The craft just sat over us, no sound, no lights. 6/18/04
8/15/57 01:00 Longview WA Triangle 3 seconds My uncle and I were standing outside on a warm summer evening. We were talking about unions and looking up at the stars. It was about 6/18/04
7/15/57 13:00 Houston TX Diamond 2 min broad daylight incident in Houston about 1957 6/18/04
5/15/57 02:00 Atlantic Ocean (off Africa)
Unknown 0:30 While flying night navigational mission. We picked up a target on radar flying from east to west. Navigator clocked target flying at 50 6/18/04
7/11/47 Roswell NM
One hour Information 6/18/04
2/15/31 14:00 Holyoke (6-8 miles southwest of) CO Oval 1minute In the winter of 1931, I saw a flying machine (UFO) as I was riding on a horse in the draw of a pasture. 6/18/04