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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/08/11


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/11/04 13:00Riding Mountain (Canada)MBCanadaDisktwo hoursAn object was seen in the sky to the south of the south-east corner of the Riding Mountain National Park.8/11/04
8/11/04WenatcheeWAUSAPeter, I've noticed that some reports describe a starlike object that gets incredibly bright and then dims. I have seen this myself man8/11/04
8/10/04 23:55ArlingtonTXUSAEgg2 minutesDark object with glowing green-yellow light seen over Arlington, TX8/11/04
8/10/04 21:23Hoover/Bluff ParkALUSATriangleseveral secondstriangle of white and red lights8/11/04
8/10/04 05:00WinstedCTUSADisk3 min.we take the dogs out every morning at 4 am. this morning we were comming back to the house when i notice a star like object flying low8/11/04
8/10/04 02:26PottstownPAUSACircle10-15 secondsLighted Object shooting straight up in the sky makes TV go haywire8/11/04
8/10/04 00:43Madeira (Portugal)PortugalOval4minIt was really strange cause near is an aircraf and ther i can hear the airlines.8/11/04
8/9/04 23:15Lake Zurich (sub of Chicago)ILUSAFlash1--2 secondsA sudden extraordinary occurance in the sky...seeing at near range a ufo...traveling fast, low, horizontal as a ball and streak.8/11/04
8/9/04 22:30MaricopaAZUSALight5-10 minutesblinking lights above Table Top mountain...8/11/04
8/9/04 21:55Spanish ForkUTUSATriangle15 Secunnatral high flying craft flys faster than any man made craft triangle light pattern8/11/04
8/9/04 21:05RidgecrestCAUSALight5 secondsWhite satellite or starlike object that did an "S" turn and a loop before disappearing8/11/04
8/9/04 19:00North ReadingMAUSAUnknown2 minthere was 3 objects moving in a circular motion, then went in oposite directions faster than i ever seen anything move.8/11/04
8/9/04 04:45SacramentoCAUSALight10 minutesBright light near Venus8/11/04
8/9/04 01:00Corner Brook (Canada)NFCanadaLighthalf a minuetbright object traviling in the sky for half a min, it was flying over the city and heading for the mountains8/11/04
8/9/04 00:50PortlandORUSATriangle5 SECONDS7 very fast moving lights over Portland Oregon!8/11/04
8/9/04 00:40MesaAZUSACigar2 minutesI was turning from Baseline onto southbound Hawes RD. I saw what appeared to be a redish orange blimp looking object. It was very brigh8/11/04
8/8/04 23:30SheltonWAUSALight5 secondsBright orange object flying very rapidly to the southwest, no tail and too fast to be meteorite.8/11/04
8/8/04 23:00MemphisTNUSAChevron3 minutesCluster of Orbs followed by formation of single Orbs8/11/04
8/8/04 22:00Blind Bay (Canada)BCCanadaFlash? so far 15 minsA stationary object in the northern sky over Shuswap Lake, flashing colours of red, blue & white. I first noticed the object at 10:008/11/04
8/8/04 18:00RochesterNYUSACigar30-40 secCigar shaped object in sky8/11/04
8/8/04 16:30Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaDisk10 secWe were at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne waiting for a relatives flight from Queensland to arrive. I was filming aircraft taking off8/11/04
8/8/04 15:30FargoNDUSACigar1 secondLarge, bright silvery object moving very rapidly inside chemtrail.8/11/04
8/8/04 15:20WilmingtonDEUSASphere15 sec.I observed a metallic sphere travelling west to east below cloud level.8/11/04
8/8/04 13:45LancasterPAUSACircle40 mins30 plus circle objects8/11/04
8/8/04 11:25RedmondWAUSACircle1 minute11:25am - East of Redmond, WA. - white circular object moving in a zigzag manner. Moved North for a little while and then went East.8/11/04
8/8/04 10:30AntiochCAUSAFlash10:30-11:30blue flashing light with undulating whisp traling seen south west of downtown antioch from 10:30-11:30 pm on 08/08/20048/11/04
8/8/04 04:30YorkPAUSAOther2 hoursI saw 5 lights in a row close together, stationery but moved backwards over the course of 2 hrs, high in the sky. ((Venus??))8/11/04
8/8/04 03:00East WillistonNYUSASphere13 min.UFO over Long Island ((Venus??))8/11/04
8/8/04 03:00Highland/Pokahontas (between)ILUSAOtherBetween 5 to 10 minutes.White object seen pacing my car on Innerstate 70 between Highland and Pokahontas Illinois.8/11/04
8/8/04 00:10Sarnia (Canada)ONCanadaChevron6 secAt 12:10 approx, we were watching satelites. The wing shapped object appeared directly over head and moved due north. The rate was abou8/11/04
8/7/04 23:00LovelandCOUSAFlash1 minuteBright flash of light for a few seconds in Loveland, CO.8/11/04
8/7/04 20:00RidgelandMSUSACircle30 secondsBall of light moving at a rapid speed.8/11/04
8/7/04 15:30Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomOval5:00minutesOval silver shaped object darts left to right and vanishes8/11/04
8/7/04 13:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADiskhalf hourSaw object in picture after viewing it on the computer.8/11/04
8/7/04 03:45Fort WorthTXUSASphere.75 secondsRed Orb flying vertically up into clouds.8/11/04
8/7/04 03:10El CajonCAUSATriangle2 hoursWe saw the bright lights and others over the the hills near the mountains ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? ))8/11/04
8/7/04 01:18PhoenixAZUSAOvalone minuteOne bright yellow oval shaped unidentified flying object8/11/04
8/7/04 00:30Jakarta-Tokyo (inflight)Oval2 minutesMorphing glowing orange oval object seen on a flight from Jakarta to Tokyo8/11/04
8/7/04 00:00Johnson CityTNUSAFlash2 secondsShooting Star in TN?8/11/04
8/6/04 23:30TualatinORUSALight15 mins1 boomerang shaped, bright lighted object...8/11/04
8/6/04 22:20Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 secondsRound object changing shape and speed made an S turn - rapidly accelerated out of sight8/11/04
8/6/04 22:15UticaKYUSAUnknown5 minutesMy daughter (age 27) who lives in KY called me in CA at the time of this sighting. She called and asked me if 2 satellites ever travel8/11/04
8/6/04 22:15HuntsvilleALUSALight15 secondsBright light moving and fading to dark, like high altitude rocket thruster, seen briefly near Cassiopea.8/11/04
8/6/04 13:13Hampshire (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownA minute or soI was outside feeding goat's, when I looked up and saw a quite long thin white object passing slowly overhead.8/11/04
8/6/04 04:20Sedro WoolleyWAUSAUnknown5 minutesI saw an object that was lit up as bright as a full moon all by itself in the sky.It appeared to be bending light.The object was brilli8/11/04
8/5/04 22:08RenoNVUSAFormation3 minutesPossibly huge craft, two red lights, flying over Reno.8/11/04
8/5/04 21:00SparksNVUSADisk2 hoursObjects in the sky give terrific light show!!! (Venus??)8/11/04
8/5/04 21:00Panama (Central America) (Panama)PanamaCylinder5 SecMy sister was filming the sky after she had noticed a lot of silent thunder, she was hoping to catch thos long strikes of lighnin. but8/11/04
8/5/04 19:00PhoenixAZUSALightlightslights arownd south mount.8/11/04
8/5/04 03:49GallowayNJUSAUnknown2-3 minI was asleep, in a deep sleep, or so I thought, when I heard a loud noise approaching. I dismissed it somewht because there had been th8/11/04
8/5/04 01:00GladstoneMIUSATriangle10 secondsround fuzzy light finally seen through binoculars8/11/04
8/5/04 00:45Amazon (Brazil)BrazilDisk30 min +Huge craft in horizon of sao paulo forest.. caught on cell fone cam... reported on major network TV Bandeirantes (
8/5/04 00:15LawrenceKSUSAChevron~2 minutesIsosceles triangle shaped craft, seemingly hovering, and then disappearing.8/11/04
8/4/04 21:20AuroraCOUSALightArox 20 minssmall faint star like object crosses the sky from the NW to SW then as the object got farther to the SE it faded and vanished..8/11/04
8/4/04 16:19Apple ValleyMNUSASphere2-3minapproximately at 16:19 I was observing the sky (it was beautiful) and there were a few passenger planes passing, going in and out cloud8/11/04
8/4/04 04:10Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaLight9 minutesI looked out my bathroom window to the east (to Oshawa area) and noted a bright light. It was a cloudy night and therefore no stars co8/11/04
8/4/04 01:05Bloomfield HillsMIUSACone2 minFast moving, low to treeline ufo8/11/04
8/3/04 22:30Cape MayNJUSADisk3 secondsNeon-Blue Disk w/ Many Lights on Bottom Seen Over Cape May Beach8/11/04
8/3/04 17:50PaumaCAUSADisk25 secsilver cylinder turns into a black saucer8/11/04
8/3/04 15:30MojaveCAUSASphere5 seconds15:30 observed 2 spheres flying high altitude from west to east. VERY fast, passing below sun I could see spherical shape8/11/04
8/3/04 14:00Albuquerque (20 miles east of)NMUSASphereapprox 30 secSilver sphere seen over mountain in New Mexico8/11/04
8/3/04 05:16StockbridgeGAUSAChangingAppx. 30 minutesGEORGIA UFO GROUP Report/Tom Sheets: Shape Changing Glowing Orb/Light8/11/04
8/3/04 03:33TempeAZUSALightmore than 30 minutesbright light in eastern sky above treeline (Venus??)8/11/04
8/3/04 02:00West SacramentoCAUSAFlashSplit SecondIt left skid marks in the sky with a trail of smoke. It was a blue light of a flash which I thought were fireworks that never popped. T8/11/04
8/2/04 22:35RoyUTUSALight0.5 secondsUFO fast lights seen in Roy, UT.8/11/04
8/2/04 22:15Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)MexicoOther20minlarge light object that stayed in sighting for approx. 20 to 25 minutes. moving west to east8/11/04
8/2/04 20:00SebastopolCAUSATriangleaprox. 15mins3 lights, bright red, orange, faded white in color in a close, touching, triangle formation, slight cw/ccw rotation.8/11/04
8/2/04 12:00ScioNYUSAOval20 secoundsThe object floated for a matter of secounds then took off very fast.8/11/04
8/2/04 03:41Sedro WoolleyWAUSACircle2 secondsObject was in northern sky and streaked across the sky from a 12 oclock position to a 2 oclock position covering about 25 degrees of th8/11/04
8/2/04 02:13PortlandORUSAUnknown3 minutesSmall craft, rapid movement and flight path, no sound.8/11/04
8/2/04Southwest U. S.USASimple passive Radar8/11/04
8/1/04 21:00KentWAUSAFireballless then a minuteI was traveling north on the Valley Freeway (SR167) Kent, Wa. this past sunday night Aug.01,04 @ 2100 hrs. (9-PM), and a very small obj8/11/04
8/1/04 17:45Port Colborne (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5 minutesThe slow moving satellite-type craft travelled from the Southern skies to the west - in daylight and in low altitude.8/11/04
8/1/04 12:45Sydney (NSW) (Australia)AustraliaFireball6minFireballs dance in the sky over Sydney Australia8/11/04
8/1/04 12:30Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaOval1 minute3 balck objects to the S,E, one big 2 small, going aprox 300kmph. weird!8/11/04
8/1/04 06:05MariettaGAUSALight10-25 secSlow moving bright light that faded out seen before dawn.8/11/04
8/1/04 05:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaTriangle15mini was driving home, and i saw this huge white light hovering in the shy, at first i thought it must of been a plane,i pulled over and g8/11/04
8/1/04 04:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown3-5 secondsAt between approximately 4:00am and 4:30am I was looking at the stars and saw what appeared to be a very high flying aircraft, flying s8/11/04
8/1/04 03:30Wrightsville BeachNCUSAFormation1.5 hours plus3-4 objects moving around eachother about 45 degrees over Wrightsville beach (Venus??)8/11/04
8/1/04 02:00AstoriaNYUSAOther4:00 Hours2 objects in the Sky- Sunday, August 1st, 20048/11/04
7/31/04 22:45UK/EnglandUnited KingdomFireball10 minutesBright orange fireball-like objects moving very fast from north to south, 6 in total.8/11/04
7/31/04 22:20E. FalmouthMAUSASphere3 to 5 secondsSphere of light travelling from the south shot off at amazing speeds.8/11/04
7/31/04 19:35AlbuquerqueNMUSACircle3 minutesBright white sphere traveled across Albuquerque sky8/11/04
7/31/04 18:15JoplinMOUSAOther20 minObservation of 50+ mechanical devices in sky.8/11/04
7/31/04 18:12Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder10 minsglowing object in clear blue sky8/11/04
7/31/04 03:05CheneyWAUSATriangle1 hour to 4amCome and watch for yourself! (Venus??)8/11/04
7/31/04 02:45BoiseIDUSALight30 minutesStrange lights over the Boise foothills (Venus??)8/11/04
7/31/04 00:30CoalingaCAUSATriangleminutesSimilar sighting to the I-5 UFO phenomenon on NUFORC - probable crop duster8/11/04
7/30/04 22:50SeattleWAUSATriangle10-15 secondsFour lights of yellow-orange color which was in a triangular form that made no noise flying in the SW direction.8/11/04
7/30/04 20:25TruckeeCAUSAOther5 minno sound and fairly close8/11/04
7/30/04 20:15AlexandriaVAUSALight25 minVery bright white point of light in northern sky at dusk.8/11/04
7/30/04 12:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaCircle1:00 minuteGrey dot or circle inside "smoke ring" cloud8/11/04
7/30/04 00:25OmahaNEUSALight2-3 sec.Man witnesses orange ball of light pass across the disc of the Moon.8/11/04
7/29/04 23:45LesageWVUSAOther3-5 minamber orb shaped object moving fast than slow, fast than slow silently with 2 other diff crafts almost following it8/11/04
7/29/04 23:00Ocean IsleNCUSAFireball10 minutesIt was around 11:30 pm and my husband and I had walked to the edge of the ocean front walk way. We both noticed a large red glowing fi8/11/04
7/29/04 22:30Ocean IsleNCUSALightan hourLarge golden red light coming on and then going out, several times in the night sky.8/11/04
7/29/04 21:03Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1 secondA triangular object, lit at all corners, seen travelling at great speed changes direction sharply without pausing or turning.8/11/04
7/29/04 20:30Vero BeachFLUSATriangle45 minsBright white sphere of light 45 degrees from horizon changing into three smaller lights when closer to the ground8/11/04
7/29/04 17:00TomahWIUSAFormation5-10 minutesI observed two craft closing rapidly on a commercial airplane over Tomah, Wisconsin8/11/04
7/29/04 16:00AllentownPAUSADiskAfter viewing pic of helicopter, we saw a disc shaped object next to the copter.8/11/04
7/29/04 11:00South PlainfieldNJUSAConeunknownSmall black cone spotted floating over shopping center; upon return to area, cone had disappeared.8/11/04
7/29/04 06:10Catheys ValleyCAUSAOther5 minBright, shining,slowly falling oject at dawn . Seemed to fall from space to earth.8/11/04
7/29/04 03:36Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaLight4 hoursstarlike objects seen over lowville. Third incident among my group of friends8/11/04
7/29/04 01:45PuyallupWAUSAFireball10 minutesFirey orb, moved slowly, silently, changed shape and emmitted strange glowing red balls, then disappeared.8/11/04
7/29/04 00:00Garden City BeachTNUSALight20minutesI went out to the balcony on the 12th floor of my condo to enjoy the sounds of the ocean and I saw a bright orange light over the ocean8/11/04
7/28/04 21:00Garden City BeachSCUSALight5 minutesA series of eight orange-red lights, four horizontal, and 2 sets of 2 vertical, lasting 15 to 30 seconds each8/11/04
7/28/04 20:45HelendaleCAUSACircle20 secondsLight in Sky8/11/04
7/28/04 05:00Palm SpringsCAUSADisk1 hourI saw a bright object in the western sky over the San Jacinto Mts. shoot a colored orb from its body.8/11/04
7/27/04 21:45WoodinvilleWAUSATeardrop35 minutesHorizontal teardrop, with dome, moved from southwest to northwest, blue-ish color.8/11/04
7/27/04 21:10Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomRectangleapprox 1minVery large white rectunglar shaped object.8/11/04
7/27/04 02:30MojaveCAUSADiamond8 hoursbright light from the west came close within a few feet then shot into hyperspeed to the north8/11/04
7/27/04 02:00AshlandMAUSAOval20 minAshland, MA UFO on Chestnut St.8/11/04
7/27/04 01:30New Mexico (Interstate 25, Exit 138)NMUSAOther2-3 minssighting in NM8/11/04
7/26/04 23:40Hershey (or Sutherland)NEUSAOther30 MinutesNeedle nosed object widening out into a triangular shape, The rear of the triangle had a shaft extending out into a oval into a8/11/04
7/26/04 22:55Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5 minutesSTAR LIKE OBJECT MOVING AT SPEED,FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER IN A HALF CIRCLE FLASH.8/11/04
7/26/04 22:38EverettWAUSALight5 min.A bright orange ball of light flying east to west, bouncing up and down, stopping and changing speed.8/11/04
7/26/04 22:38EverettWAUSALight3 minutesHave you seen an orange ball of light bouncing through the sky?8/11/04
7/26/04 22:27WatertownSDUSALight3 or 4 minutesA bright light similar to a very bright star, flew across the sky from the northwest to the southeast at a constant speed.8/11/04
7/26/04 20:00TulsaOKUSACylinder5 minutesThere were two objects, red and white, cylindrical in shape, extremely high up moving at incredible speed.8/11/04
7/26/04 19:30KirklandWAUSASphere1 minuteAGAIN I saw the very high sphereical object moving in circles this time, zig zag sort of. It was very orange/red this time again. I w8/11/04
7/26/04 17:38HendersonNVUSASphere40 secondsIt was a partly cloudy sky when my brothers and cousin saw 8 white spheres flying crazy around 1 sphere, but when I called my mom out t8/11/04
7/26/04 13:00Granite CityILUSACigar15 minutesCigar sgaped (Oblong) Obejct seen hovering over Eastern Illinois8/11/04
7/26/04 05:25Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaDisk20 minsI saw coloured lights in the sky outside through my window when I woke up at 5:30am8/11/04
7/26/04 03:18Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight30 seconds3 Flying Lights In A Triangle Formation8/11/04
7/26/04 02:24San JoseCAUSAUnknown1 minute2 quick flashes of light distant from eachother appeared in the sky over the Santa Cruz mountains.8/11/04
7/26/04 01:20Bolton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown45 minBright red lights, fading in and out, white light could be seen flashing aound the object, object moved sharply and quickly,no sound8/11/04
7/26/04 01:00RosevilleCAUSACircleALL NIGHTI saw these lights last night 7/25/04 so I grabbed my binoculars and what I saw was amazing, looks like a cluster of dancing lights, bl8/11/04
7/25/04 23:30Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle1 hourRed and Blue lights shone at us, huge flashing, alot of strange movement.8/11/04
7/25/04 22:55Abbotsford (Canada)BCCanadaLight2-5 MinutesI saw a light towards me that suddenly went the opposite direction, and fast. A plane would have had to turn around8/11/04
7/25/04 22:07LaceyWAUSALight5 minutesYellow/Red Slow Moving Craft and Two Flashing Starlike Objects Over Lacey, WA8/11/04
7/25/04 20:00EugeneORUSADiamond1 1/2 minuetsblack diamond shped object zigzaging across the sky with glowing red tailflame.8/11/04
7/25/04 20:00Busby (Canada)ABCanadaDisk45 secondsHigh speed saucer shaped object spotted over Northern Alberta Canada8/11/04
7/25/04 14:50HuntsvilleALUSATrianglebout 20 minsObject flys slowly over Huntsville Alabama8/11/04
7/25/04 11:00Mt. PleasantMIUSALight3 minutesWhat appeared to be a start in the Western sky moved at an impressive rate and then stopped.8/11/04
7/25/04 04:15Casa Grande/Phoenix (between)AZUSAUnknownApprox 3 MinutesSmall light moving fast, suddenly changed shape to expose more lights, shape of craft, and a source of the lights.8/11/04
7/25/04 02:02El CajonCAUSATriangle2 hoursWe saw them again and now there are five objects with blinking lights8/11/04
7/23/04 21:45San Joaquin ValleyCAUSALight30 minutesSeveral lights spotted along I-5, maybe helicopters but they flew low over crops, changed their light set ups, and flew real radical.8/11/04
7/23/04 19:30Surfside BeachSCUSAEgg4 to 5 sec.I saw a somewhat egg shaped object follow the coast line.8/11/04
7/23/04 18:30Cleveland/Toledo (between)PAUSACigar5 minutesDriving toward Toldeo Ohio around 7:30 pm, sun just beginning to set. My girlfriend Tamar and I noticed a small cylindrical shaft of b8/11/04
7/23/04 15:00KirklandWAUSASphere2 minutesSeeing the sphere again and again very high, red/orange this time8/11/04
7/23/04 02:00RialtoCAUSAUnknownapprox 1 hourThis is not the fist time I have seen strange objects in the sky. I reported a sighting to George filer approx aug. 2002 along with pho8/11/04
7/22/04 23:30HollandMIUSAFireball3 secondsGreen light streaking vertically towards Lake Michigan8/11/04
7/22/04 23:10PortlandORUSACircle8 secondsAround 11:10 p.m. on July 22,2004 my boyfriend and I were out watching satelites on our front lawn. As I looked to my right I exclaime8/11/04
7/22/04 14:00Huntington BeachCAUSAEgg3 secondsWhile video taping a spider making a web ,I captured a U.F.O. fly bye in the sky behind the spider.8/11/04
7/22/04 03:00West BendWIUSALight2 hoursLight brighter than star moving slowly in various directions and dimming out to blueish glow and back to bright light. ((Venus))8/11/04
7/21/04 00:20Fort PierceFLUSAFlash1 1/2 - 2 minutesA STREAK OF WHITE LIGHT OVER FORT PIERCE8/11/04
7/20/04 01:00Cancun (Playa del Carmen) (2 hours south of)MexicoLight10 MinSatallite with a mind of its own?? Riviera Maya, Mexico8/11/04
7/20/04 01:00AtwaterCAUSATriangle7 minutesI was visiting my parents and had just arrived at their home around 12:30am from the Los Angeles area. My folks were asleep and I put m8/11/04
7/15/04 23:45ElectraTXUSADisk15 minutesSaw craft with bright clear light illuminating from "portholes" hovering over a field near our house8/11/04
7/15/04 23:00Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaSphere4 secondsslow yellow sphere bright yellow light blinking out after 4 seconds in outer space...8/11/04
7/15/04 04:15WichitaKSUSAOther10min.four objects moved to high and fast to be anything human8/11/04
7/14/04 01:00San GabrielCAUSAOther2-3 MINUTESAn object in the sky that resembled a star. It was traveling in a straight line and then went backwards.8/11/04
7/12/04 00:00Island ParkIDUSADisk3 minutesObject coming out of the sky8/11/04
7/11/04 23:30Blowing RockNCUSAFlash20 sec. About((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite sighting? PD)) Small light brightens in night sky and then disapears.8/11/04
7/11/04 23:30Blowing RockNCUSAFlash2 minutsA dim light seen at night brightened into an extremely bright light, dimed down and disapeared.8/11/04
7/10/04 10:00Gurnee (near, on I-55 North)ILUSAOval40 secondsOval object brushed metalic, watched it for about 30 sec and then it disappered. Very low to ground,8/11/04
7/8/04 21:30LindaleTXUSALight5 mins.A strange bee sound and searchlight. Media reported a "fireball" that night.8/11/04
7/5/04 21:43FlagstaffAZUSALightApprox 1 min.Observed what appeared to be a bright, slow satellite do a 180 degree turn.8/11/04
7/4/04 21:52San JoseCAUSALight1-2min ea2 lights in north sky 2-4 min apart same direction.8/11/04
7/4/04 21:00CasselberryFLUSAFlashWe all saw the flash of light and we all felt it when it hit the ground.8/11/04
7/2/04 00:00Midland (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle50 mina triangular looking oblect that wasd on fire flying trough the shy from east to west start and stopping on a dime.8/11/04
6/30/04 17:55Las VegasNVUSACircle3-5 secondAn alien space or an u.f.o that is not an alien space craft.8/11/04
6/28/04 17:10WilmingtonMAUSAOval1 minute topsDriving north on rt. 38 in Wilmington, I looked up into the sky at an angle of about 11:00and watched 10 small oval( like an egg on its8/11/04
6/27/04 04:10PortlandORUSASphere1 min 30 secondsObject seen in sky traveling from southwest to northeast. Silver/white in color with no visible wings and approximately 1000-1500 feet8/11/04
6/23/04 01:50ProsserWAUSALight18 minutesBright light seen in night time sky dims in intensity several times before disappearing8/11/04
6/5/04 20:00GaffneySCUSAFireball1 minuteFireball seen in South Carolina8/11/04
6/1/04 23:00Cedar RapidsIAUSATrianglecity parkThe UFO was a dark shape, almost looking like a helicopter. I almost thought it was a helicopter until i noticed i couldn't hear any n8/11/04
5/17/04 18:45San JoseCAUSASphereApprox. 2 minLight spotted early evening moving rapidly for 30 sec then becoming stationary appearing as white bell-jar shape.8/11/04
5/17/04 07:45CullodenWVUSA15 mins.Witness claimed they saw a black figure run pass the window while cleaning. They also reported seing something fly past and a bright li8/11/04
5/14/04 10:39Valley CityOHUSAone hourA self-employed contractor working in Medina, Ohio area reported that he could not account for an hour of time after powering washing a8/11/04
4/25/04 21:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther5 minutesTwo clusters of four black blobs floating and moving at dusk.8/11/04
4/20/04 08:45Litchfield ParkAZUSATriangle8:45-8:47to dark to see color.8/11/04
4/15/04 21:55I-40 West, mm 228ARUSALight2 min.Bright orange light changing to two dimmer white lights than back again.8/11/04
4/8/04 00:30Peru/RochesterINUSADisk3-4 minObject over Indiana.8/11/04
1/28/04 02:34Deweese (south of)NEUSAOther30 secondsMy brother and I were raccoon hunting. We hunt out in the country where there are no houses and the roads are dirt. We came over this h8/11/04
1/20/04 14:30CranstonRIUSAUnknown1 hourLoud noise like a jet engine that went off and on for an hour making strange sounds.8/11/04
11/4/03 18:00PoulsboWAUSACircle5-10 secSaw a Circular Floursecent Green Object Hover and Disappear near Poulsbo8/11/04
10/25/03 18:24FleetwoodPAUSAOval15 secondsAn oval shaped craft flew directly behind and to the left of a low flying 747 passenger jet. The craft rflected sunlight and it was obv8/11/04
10/17/03 22:00State CollegePAUSAOther5 secondsObject observed on infrared camera.8/11/04
9/19/03 16:00EthelLAUSAOval4 0r 5 minutesOne the date stated me and my father were working in the yard. I am sort-of a big UFO fan and I often "search the sky". I looked up and8/11/04
9/19/03 16:00EthelLAUSAOval4 0r 5 minutesTHEY WENT CRAZY8/11/04
8/14/03 16:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaDisk2-3 minutesIt wasn't a hot-air balloon; it was a saucer-like metallic object that was slowly turning on its side.8/11/04
8/4/03 23:00East Pennant (Canada)NSCanadaDisk10 minutesThis is a synopsis of three sightings from the same point and looking in the same direction - south west, over the Atlantic (we live on8/11/04
8/3/03 12:00In-flight (midwestern U. S.)MTUSAOther7 secondsI viewed a small, strange metallic aircraft positioned just under a commercial jet in flight.8/11/04
6/16/03 17:00Armidale (Australi)AustraliaDisk20 minutesA Disk/cigar shaped object ,100m in lenght , bright orange to silver in colour, splits into 2 craft then reforms as one.8/11/04
1/6/03 19:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandLight15 secsThere was a flash in the sky for less than a second then about 2 seconds it appeared again lower down in the sky then in another far po8/11/04
12/30/02 10:00London (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownabout 5 minitsi was visiting my grandmas on on new years in 2002, we were playing cards in the living room and becouse of the smoke, i left the room8/11/04
10/1/02 09:00GermantownMDUSACigar3 minutesme and boyfriend out on the back deck drinking coffee and we see a cigar shaped craft flying struck me as odd because it8/11/04
8/22/02 12:30YelmWAUSAOther30.00A moon shaped object and the dream i thought was a dream8/11/04
1/20/02 14:30Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomOther20 minutesintelligently controlled starcraft witnessed.8/11/04
11/2/01 09:00Baranduda (Australia)AustraliaUnknown3 secondsLight Stream with Multiple objects.8/11/04
10/29/01 22:30ShorewoodILUSADisk30 secondsVery large disk with a blue light on the bottom and 2 or more red lights on the sides. Made no noise whatsoever.8/11/04
7/20/01 08:30Cairns (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCylinder8 minsShape looked like crushed tin foil.8/11/04
5/21/01 23:00La MesaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesTWO ALIENS CAME TO MY ROOM - PLEASE READ THIS IS SERIOUS8/11/04
6/1/00 13:00LivoniaMIUSADiskLarge Circle Craft on 7 mile road8/11/04
5/10/00 10:00AshtonMIUSAUnknownthe object was small round and bright.8/11/04
6/21/99 04:00Gatineau (Canada)QCCanadaCircle3 minutesi saw 4 obects in the sky.8/11/04
8/7/98 23:00Polzeth (UK/England)United KingdomCircle3 secondseight glowing orbs in v triangular formation, high speed.8/11/04
7/12/98 20:00DecaturALUSAOther2 min or so i ran in scar8 Tentcle type things made of beams attached to a circular craft.8/11/04
5/21/98 20:00St. CharlesIDUSAOther9 hours((HOAX??)) Ship flies into lake.8/11/04
4/22/98 21:20SnohomishWAUSAOval30-40 secondsIntense white oval, stationary at first, became orange blue haloed, then flashing across horizon, stopped again, flashed and vanished.8/11/04
4/22/98 21:20Whistler (Canada)BCCanadaFireball2-5 sec.Two adults, one a former mil. pilot, witness a green fireball pass over car at high speed, southbound.8/11/04
4/22/98 21:20Friday HarborWAUSAFireballa few secondsA bright greenish object streaked into view moving south and was visible for a few seconds; disappeared to the south.8/11/04
8/30/97 23:45Tripoli (Libya)LibyaLight3 minutesseveral lightining points seen moving in Tripoli's sky8/11/04
4/4/97 02:15AtlantaGAUSASphere4 minutesDaytime sighting of spheres over Midtown Atlanta.8/11/04
4/4/97 01:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaFireball1 and a half hoursI was driving down a stretch of highway, just outside of regina. I was about an hour or so from reaching moosejaw. With me was my mothe8/11/04
3/7/97 19:00TacomaWAUSADisk2 minutesObject sighted by New Zealand Tourist in Tacoma 7 years ago.8/11/04
1/1/97 15:30JohnstonRIUSARectangle1 minCube haystack shape seen a between 1997-1998 (not sure of exact date)........8/11/04
8/15/96 01:00LubbockTXUSACircle1 hourSeveral strange lights in Texas8/11/04
7/30/96 11:00GilroyCAUSALight8minutes approxGilroy California8/11/04
3/30/96 17:00N. EverettWAUSACylinder3 MinWe saw a cylindrical object traveling north along the adjacent hills 3 or 4 miles to the east of the I5. Like spilt mercury.8/11/04
10/17/95 01:00BrooksvilleFLUSAFireball5 secondsflying fireball streaked past my grandmothers house in the woods 20 feet off the ground moving near 65 mph.8/11/04
7/29/94 12:00Zadariv (village) (Ukraine)UkraineTriangle1 minTriangle object seen in Ukraine a couple of years after the Belgium flap.8/11/04
3/20/94 22:30London (UK/England)United KingdomOther15 minsIndefinate shaped craft changing colour from blue to red.8/11/04
12/12/90 22:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaDiskapprox 3 - 5 minutesI saw a metallic, saucer shaped, buzzing and very visible saucer at a short distance8/11/04
8/15/84 21:00South Glens FallsNYUSACigar5 minsWe saw a cigar-shaped object fly and then land.8/11/04
6/1/84 17:15MobileALUSASphere5 minutesA single round object traveling due west stopped and another similar object emerged and flew southwest. First object continued west.8/11/04
7/10/82MalibuCAUSACircleI saw a round object with lots of lights over my car making a sound like bood bood.8/11/04
8/20/80 21:00Gifford Pinchot National ForrestWAUSADisktwo or three minutesWhite Saucer in the Gifford Pinchot National Forrest8/11/04
11/1/79 21:00Haltom CityTXUSATriangle60 secondsTriangle craft flying over Haltom City, Tx. 11/01/19798/11/04
12/26/78 02:00Naples (Italy)ItalyOval1 hourUFO Observation8/11/04
7/15/78 01:00St. Albert (Canada)ABCanadaLight20 MinutesThis event happened many years ago; however, I felt compelled to write about it as to this day, I still think about it. At the time, I8/11/04
8/31/77 00:00EvertonMOUSAovernightReport of unexplained events in thearea of previous UFO sighting8/11/04
7/21/76 01:00WarrenMIUSADisk15-20 secIt shot up and out of sight8/11/04
7/15/75 19:00DecaturILUSADiskthree minutesPlease no follow up info8/11/04
7/8/75 22:00BellevueWAUSACigar1 minuteUFO over Drive end Movie Theatre8/11/04
6/6/73 22:00LarchwoodIAUSADiamond10 minDiamond shaped object seen by family of 5 driving near TV transmission tower in South Dakota at Iowa Border.8/11/04
10/1/70 19:00Summit Lake Indian ReservationNVUSAOval25min.ball of light, turned into a doughnut shape, assention, stream, 4 witnesses,seen from higher elevation.8/11/04
7/15/68 22:00Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoCircle10 minutestwo brilliant circles of severals ligths of colours cross the sky in a summer nigth8/11/04
6/10/68 20:30Woodland HillsCAUSADisk5 MinutesSaucer with dome & windows hovering erratically over residential area. Lit by full moon, totally silent, vanished without trace8/11/04
12/6/67 03:30Broadview HeightsOHUSALight20 secondsSaw descending star-shaped object, slow, bright, no trails, no explosion, twice in 15 years.8/11/04
8/8/67 22:00Oxford (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown40minutes2 unidentified lights8/11/04
6/15/65 23:00WellingtonKSUSAUnknown20 minRed glow from unseen object.8/11/04
7/1/60 19:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaOther12-15 minutesHumming object with domed upper portion, flat bottom, numerous lights of multiple colors, 3 witnesses8/11/04
8/9/57 00:30San Diego (north of, at sea)CAUSADisk15 minutesAt least a hundred miles out to sea, a long time ago, in 1957, a very interesting sighting, after midnight. First report.8/11/04
1/18/43 07:15Fiji Islands (S. Pacific Ocean)Fiji10 sec.Crew contingents of 2 USN vessels see reconnaissance plane fly into something invisible to witnesses.8/11/04