National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/09/29


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/29/04 17:45Kent (UK/England)United KingdomChanging15 minstwo objects moving together and then apart one turned onto its side it was a cross shape9/29/04
9/28/04 22:45FresnoCAUSALight4 secondsSide by side cruise over Fresno CA.9/29/04
9/28/04 19:30Wooster/Mansfield (half-way between)OHUSALight3-5 minutesDriving due West toward Mansfield from Wooster, Ohio on US route 30, I noticed an intense RED light straight ahead, at an altitude some9/29/04
9/28/04 18:15PhoenixAZUSATriangle10-15 minsTriangle UFO with red and white lights over Phoenix AZ9/29/04
9/28/04 08:39Fort CollinsCOUSA3 sec.white Streak of light9/29/04
9/28/04 04:03MuskegoWIUSAUnknown8 SecondsBright flashes9/29/04
9/27/04 23:00MurfreesboroTNUSATriangle5 MinutesDelta Shaped Object seen flying toward Nashville TN from Murfreesboro TN.9/29/04
9/27/04 21:55NoblesvilleINUSACircle5-secondsYellow-White Flat Round Light travels west to east then another travels east to west all in 15 seconds9/29/04
9/27/04 20:43BrandonFLUSADiamond1 minuteWe saw object(s) flying in tight formation and or lights on the underside of an odd shaped craft .9/29/04
9/27/04 20:20ThorpWIUSALightseconds3-4 horizontal lights in WSW, visible only seconds but bright as moon.9/29/04
9/27/04 19:40KuwaitKuwaitLight15 sisaw a red small light NE kuwait city sky suden is on than it gos off then came back moor brighter it wasnt moving than it turn off iwa9/29/04
9/27/04 13:00100 Mile House (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 minuteswhite round object quickly moves in , stops and hovers overhead changing direction, then disappears.9/29/04
9/27/04 07:30Glechien (Canada)ABCanadaTeardrop6 inutes3 identical bright white objects with contrails re entering atmosphere9/29/04
9/26/04 23:30Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight1 secondvery brief streak of bright light moving at an incredible speed from south to north over winnipeg.9/29/04
9/26/04 22:50Camrose (Canada)ABCanadaSphere45 secondsSlow moving light rises, fades, disapears, then falls straight down.9/29/04
9/26/04 22:15PhiladelphiaPAUSAFormation5 minutessighting in philly south of the city moving west of 3 lights that seemed to be independant, and flying in formation9/29/04
9/26/04 22:15Middle IslandNYUSALight15 secondsA bright light in the clear night sky disappeared.9/29/04
9/26/04 20:43Santa ClaraCAUSALight1 secondA very bright multi colored light that shot across the sky and then vanished.9/29/04
9/26/04 20:35TyroNCUSAFlashless than a minutebright white object seen above trees9/29/04
9/26/04 20:30Three RiversMAUSALight35 minutesI was sitting outside talking to a lady friend of mine when I noticed a starlike object hanging to low in the sky. It sat above the tre9/29/04
9/26/04 20:15PortlandORUSALight15 secondsSpouse and I saw a silent, bright fast moving light cross the sky, change color to red, then fade completely away.9/29/04
9/26/04 18:15EnglewoodCOUSASphere20 minutesdaytime sphere stationary over Denver sky for 20 minutes9/29/04
9/26/04 14:25FairviewUTUSACylinderone minutesilver grey disk shaped9/29/04
9/26/04 10:41KokomoINUSALight2 minutesa very bright white and yellow pulsating light emitted a smaller light of same consistancy9/29/04
9/26/04 08:05BataviaNYUSATeardrop3 secondsTear-dropped shaped, butane colored craft/fireball descending from SE to SW across sky.9/29/04
9/26/04 05:20London (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle15 secondsLooked up to sky noticed a triangular shaped object with red lights on each point of the triangle flying from north to south like an ar9/29/04
9/26/04HartlandMIUSALight1 hour or moreVery bright lighted orbs, NOT stars hovered in the early morning skies ((Venus??))9/29/04
9/25/04 20:00Snoqualmie Pass/Blewett Pass areaWAUSASphere5 minutesMushroom picking on Blewitt Pass area about 730-8pm....9/29/04
9/25/04 19:30ChicagoILUSACircle1 minSaw a circular/ring shaped dark craft above the shore of Lake Michigan/downtown Chicago against a blue sky.9/29/04
9/25/04 17:45BellevueWAUSAUnknown15 MInutesHigh Tech Survelliance or Millionare seen High Above Bellevue, WA9/29/04
9/25/04 06:00DetroitMIUSALight5 minutesShaft of light above Detroit9/29/04
9/25/04 00:20Tess CornersWIUSALight7 minTess Corners - Lights in Formation9/29/04
9/24/04 22:10LibertyvilleILUSACircle20 minutes and still goincolor changing, bouncing object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the object may have been a star. PD))9/29/04
9/24/04 20:19StrattanvillePAUSADisk10 minutesorange glowing ufo9/29/04
9/24/04 19:40Warsaw (Poland)PolandLight5 seconds6 bright sphere lights seen above the Warsaw9/29/04
9/24/04 06:30Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomLightThe ball of light just hovered above the motorway.9/29/04
9/24/04 02:00CharlotteNCUSALight45 secondspulsing light racing us on the highway outside charlotte, nc9/29/04
9/24/04 00:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop10 minsTeardrop shaped object follows me9/29/04
9/23/04 21:40Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaFormation6 secThree dull orange lights in a straight line formation varying in distance from each other .9/29/04
9/23/04 21:30Phoenix (40 mi S. of)AZUSA5 sec intervals6 Birght lights similiar to the "Phoenix lights" of 1997, danced across the desert sky.9/29/04
9/23/04 21:23Durham (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown7 secondsit looked like a shooting star but lasted longer, not as bright and then curved round before dissapearing. it travelled in an east-nort9/29/04
9/23/04 20:50don't knowNJUSASphere20 secondsA friend called me while on the road to tell me about bright lights in the sky that hovered, then dissapeared rapidly.9/29/04
9/23/04 20:30YarmouthMAUSALight25 secSATTELITES MOVE, THESE OBJECTS DID NOT.9/29/04
9/22/04 23:45BrookparkOHUSATriangle3 minutesBlack triangle seen fairly close and quite clearly9/29/04
9/22/04 22:25IndianapolisINUSAFlash1-2 secsI saw two yellow/pink flashes of light just left of the moon approx. 5 mins apart, not weather related.9/29/04
9/22/04 22:10MarsingIDUSAUnknown45 minSpotted UFO in the clear autumn night traveling across the sky in a SE direction toward an Air Force Base9/29/04
9/22/04 20:10Los AngelesCAUSALight30-45 SecondsFast moving object heading South to Northeast.9/29/04
9/22/04 19:00MemphisTXUSASphere30 minutesManuevering bright objects in the western sky, leaving short contrails, disappearing and reappearing.9/29/04
9/22/04 13:15PetalumaCAUSAFormation15 mins6 small disks grouped together, changing formation, variable brightness, visible for 15 minutes, no clouds.9/29/04
9/22/04 10:00HollisterCAUSAOther12 minutesThese were 4 or 5 connected globs of white material floating down out of the sky, no sound, no aircraft seen.9/29/04
9/22/04 09:00PloverWIUSAOther30:00amazing 3 huge light balls9/29/04
9/22/04 06:45NovatoCAUSATeardrop5 minutesThree objects equal distance from each other following same course.9/29/04
9/22/04 04:15MiltonKYUSAUnknown30 minstrange colored lights9/29/04
9/22/04 04:00Toledo-ClevelandOHUSACircleUFO Stops Traffic on the Ohio Turnpike between Toledo and Cleveland9/29/04
9/21/04 22:15Browns PointWAUSALight<1 minuteBright light over South Puget Sound.9/29/04
9/21/04 21:45Church Point (Canada)NSCanadaCircle1 minuteBright red flare like object travelling at a high rate of speed level with horizon from W to ENE for about one min flicred then gone.9/29/04
9/21/04 21:20BrickNJUSATriangle8 minutesBlack triangle.9/29/04
9/21/04 21:00HartvilleMOUSALight45 minutesSingle object emitting multi-colored light - red, green, white, blue in a static position in the western sky at about 30 desgrees up fr9/29/04
9/21/04 20:40BremertonWAUSASphereapprox 8 mins.Two pulsating objects rapidly changing colors, hovering over Bremerton Naval Base!!9/29/04
9/21/04 20:38LevasyMOUSAOvalUntil I drove out of sighOval bright white shaped object, with an even brighter ring around it, observed in sky for over 15 minutes.9/29/04
9/21/04 20:25EagleWIUSAOval2 minutesat approx. 20:25 pm tonight while traveling east on state hyw. 59 from Palmyra to eagle, WI. with my family wherew hyw Z intersects hyw9/29/04
9/21/04 19:30ColumbusOHUSADisk5 minutesGlowing UFO seen in Columbus that began traveling backwards nearly instantly9/29/04
9/21/04 05:30PortlandORUSACircle20 minAt approx 5:30 AM I looked out my window and saw a large yellowish light in a circular form. It almost looked like a bright city lamp9/29/04
9/21/04 02:42CincinnatiOHUSAFireballfew secondsBig white light coming down9/29/04
9/21/04 01:20Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaOther20minsinvisible UFO??9/29/04
9/20/04 22:20Southern PinesNCUSAFlash2secondsBlue star burst that lasted about 2 seconds with a sonic boom, no smoke trail .Very clean light .9/29/04
9/20/04 22:00Vlachata, Kefalonia (Greece)GreeceTriangle20 secondsTriangular object with orange lights in each corner seen over Kefalonia, Greece, September 2004.9/29/04
9/20/04 21:20WataugaTNUSADisk45 sec.Blue Glowing object trailing airplane9/29/04
9/20/04 21:15WhitneyTXUSAUnknown10 minOne large set of red and white flashing lights followed by several smaller sets of red and whte flashing lights.9/29/04
9/20/04 19:30ShumwayILUSALight5 minutesWitnessed two bright lights that moved quickly then disappeared only to reappear in the sky approximately 1/4 mile distant at 500 feet.9/29/04
9/20/04 19:20Ft. BraggCAUSAOther3-5 minutesTwo thin football shaped objects were seen flying in, towards landfall, from the Northwest, by me and my girlfriend, right about sunset9/29/04
9/20/04 19:00CoatesvillePAUSACross30 SecondsUnkown Craft Flying Over Coatesville.9/29/04
9/20/04 19:00PrescottAZUSALight<1 minuteThree lights in western sky over northern AZ9/29/04
9/20/04 13:40BerkeleyCAUSACigar4 min.Fast moving (UFO)object over Berkeley9/29/04
9/20/04 13:30CrozetVAUSASphere10 to 15 secSupper fast object stops dead ;wavers left then right; then shoots strait up and gone; MIDDAY!!!!9/29/04
9/20/04 09:30San FranciscoCAUSAOvalphotoDark oval object photographed over San Francisco9/29/04
9/20/04 00:00TryonNCUSACigar4 minutesa gigantic aircraft that had no sound at all.9/29/04
9/19/04 23:30Buffalo/WilliamsvilleNYUSALight10 minutesUnknown light moving above Buffalo/Williamsville area, second sighting in a week9/29/04
9/19/04 22:00HuronOHUSALight1-2 minutesThree light able to move very quickly9/29/04
9/19/04 22:00Johnson CityTNUSAEgg8 minutesCollege Professor reports acorn shaped anomolous object9/29/04
9/19/04 21:25ConwaySCUSALight8 seconds3 or 4 lights in circular or triangular pattern with one trailing behind ((NUFORC: Satellites? PD))9/29/04
9/19/04 20:35ManchesterNHUSAFlash1-2 minutesAt approximately 20:35hrs greater than what conventional aircraft (40+ thousand feet) a brightness of two very strong white lights appe9/29/04
9/19/04 20:00TemeculaCAUSALight20 MinutesLight turning on and off9/29/04
9/19/04 16:35CantonOHUSACigar10to15secondsSEPT.19,04 16:35HRS 4:35PM BRIGHT SILVER CIGAR OR BLIMP SHAPE OBJECT MOVING VERY FAST N.E.TO S.W.9/29/04
9/19/04 16:00Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 minutes2 bright white lights in clear sky moving north > south direction9/29/04
9/18/04 22:30State CollegePAUSALight5 secondsLight that zigzaged across the sky and dissapeared9/29/04
9/18/04 22:30BuffaloNYUSAFormation10 secWe observed 7 circular lights in V formation traveling WNW-ESE. Lights in the rear were criss-crossing within the formation. They trave9/29/04
9/18/04 22:00Kanata (Canada)ONCanadaChevron30 seconds"chevron shaped object silently flys over house in Kanata, Ontario9/29/04
9/18/04 21:30Buffalo/WilliamsvilleNYUSALight10-15 minutesTrio of lights seen over Buffalo/Williamsville NY9/29/04
9/18/04 21:30PlacitasNMUSADisk30 minLights in the sky9/29/04
9/18/04 19:45SeattleWAUSATriangle1-2 minutesBlack Triangle over Lake Washington9/29/04
9/18/04 18:15Prescott/Prescott ValleyAZUSA5 - 10 min4 equidistant unexplainable lights/spheres over Prescott Valley, AZ9/29/04
9/18/04 17:30ChicagoILUSACircle6-8 minutesWould it be possible they were stars?9/29/04
9/18/04 15:00NorcrossGAUSASphere10 minutessaw what is beleived to be a weather balloon hovering and then disappear9/29/04
9/18/04 12:00HermitageMOUSAUnknown1-2 minutesV formation of lights , glide across bottom of storm cloud.9/29/04
9/18/04 07:00Tegal (Indonesia)IndonesiaFormation3 jamsaya dan sekitar 100 orang di kota kami melihat pesawat asing, berjumlah 10 buah. semuanya membentuk formasi bulan bintang. keren se9/29/04
9/18/04 06:31ChicagoILUSAUnknownUNKWhat could it be ??9/29/04
9/18/04 04:30Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight1-2 HoursManitoba UFO9/29/04
9/18/04 04:25VoorheesNJUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle craft over southern NJ9/29/04
9/18/04 03:15Spring GroveMNUSADiamond4 hoursOne very luminated bright light just hovering in the sky, than it would slowly fade,see a haze than re-appear. ((Celestial objects??))9/29/04
9/18/04 03:00LyndhurstOHUSALight30 minutesBright, color changing first magnitude object hovers and dances for half an hour9/29/04
9/17/04 23:30EurekaCAUSATriangle10 minutesI witnessed an elongated, triangular aircraft moving at a very slow speed approximately trenty feet above the Redwood trees.9/29/04
9/17/04 22:14SonoraCAUSATriangle2 to 3 minutesFourth Triangular Object Videotaped over Sonora, CA9/29/04
9/17/04 21:09San AntonioTXUSATriangle30 secTriangle shape craft sighted moving north west aprox 15 knots @ 1,500 agl, with large lights surrounding the craft.9/29/04
9/17/04 19:30DugasAZUSARectangle5 minutesflashing square-shaped motionless light in night sky9/29/04
9/17/04 13:50LittletonCOUSACigar3-5 secondsCigar shaped flying object appears for 3-5 seconds in the southern sky9/29/04
9/17/04 05:30Grand JunctionCOUSAOval3 minutesGrand Junction, Colorado 3 minutes9/29/04
9/17/04 05:00BremertonWAUSASphere3-4 min.I noticed Venus in the wrong place and it was moving!9/29/04
9/17/04 03:47AustinTXUSATriangle5Triangle shaped craft hovering over middle school in south austin sped away silently to the west9/29/04
9/17/04 01:00China LakeCAUSAFormation5 minutesRed and white lights.9/29/04
9/16/04 21:00BossMOUSALight45 secondsfour orange lights9/29/04
9/16/04 21:00Ruislip (UK/England)United KingdomFormation20 minstiny bright flashing lights in a formation changing into organised patterns9/29/04
9/16/04 21:00PoulsboWAUSALight10 minLighted object seen near the Bangor Naval Subbase exibiting irrational flight behavior.9/29/04
9/16/04 20:35PasadenaCAUSAUnknown00:01:00Faint moving object glows white then disappears over Pasadena 9/16/04 ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite "flare?" PD))9/29/04
9/16/04 20:30Grand RapidsMNUSASphere2 minutesthis thing was super bright!!!9/29/04
9/16/04 20:15Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown10 minslights moving closer and farther away same direction and still at one point and a ufo lighting up the sky with its red/orange light9/29/04
9/16/04 20:10MarysvilleWAUSATriangle2 minuteslow flying unfamiliar object just ahead in the sky9/29/04
9/16/04 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSALight30 minPossible Weather Balloon?9/29/04
9/16/04 19:15Grand JunctionCOUSADisk15 minfirst object was huge second much smaller both chased by fighter jets.9/29/04
9/16/04 19:00Truth or ConsequencesNMUSALight1 hourPossible metalic object reflected sun's light very brightly for over an hour.9/29/04
9/16/04 10:20Nice (France)FranceDisk2 minitsbright light with changing colores under need speeding from west to east at high altitude9/29/04
9/16/04 07:50WallingfordVTUSASphere3 minutesround anomolies.9/29/04
9/16/04 01:30Tauranga (New Zealand)New ZealandLight3 hoursa light in sky changing colour like star but much brighter and moving very farst in all directons in no real order red white blue green9/29/04
9/16/04 01:00TopangaCAUSAUnknown1minBlood Red light in night sky with no sound9/29/04
9/16/04 01:00Ravenna (Canada)OHCanadaLight3 secondsfast light going around a star and up9/29/04
9/15/04 23:00LewistonMEUSATriangle5 minSeptember 15,04 in Lewiston Maine, a triangular lit up object slowly moves over my back lawn9/29/04
9/15/04 21:30Rancho CucamongaCAUSAFireball3 secondsUnusual object dropped from airplane, lit up half of the sky.9/29/04
9/15/04 21:30Copperas CoveTXUSACigar5 minutesUFO Observance, 15 SEP 04, South Southwest of Copperas Cove, Texas9/29/04
9/15/04 20:35SalinasCAUSALight5 minsmoving object acossed central california9/29/04
9/15/04 20:30RobinsonTXUSACircle3 mimutesNear Waco Texas, Several objects were observed at extremely high altitudes and at high rates of speeds9/29/04
9/15/04 19:30WarrenOHUSARectangle10minphoto attached9/29/04
9/15/04 19:00Oklahoma CityOKUSALight8 - 10 secondGroup of 15 to 20 lights flying North to South9/29/04
9/15/04 17:05CharlotteNCUSARectangle5-10 secondsLarge Rectangle UFO floating over north Charlotte, NC9/29/04
9/15/04 06:55AntiochCAUSADisk5 minThree metallic looking objects found in sky over Antioch on morning of 9/15/04.9/29/04
9/14/04 23:50CarrollIAUSATriangletwo minutestriangle of light suddenly cruises past the stars in unison9/29/04
9/14/04 22:40Humboldt (Canada)SKCanadaChevron5secondsThe objects were orange/red tinged,not in our atmophere,extremely fast,flew in v-formationon monday ,indian file on friday9/29/04
9/14/04 22:15IrvingTXUSAChanging20 minutes or moreDancing lights in the sky for more than 20 minutes in a populated DFW skyline.9/29/04
9/14/04 20:45DallasTXUSALight2 secondstravelling southbound on Highway 67, I saw a very bright light travelling very quickly away from the city. It was very high in the sky,9/29/04
9/14/04 02:00Launceston (TAS, Australia)AustraliaOther1 hour or soto the east of tasmania, australia9/29/04
9/14/04 00:50New ZealandNew ZealandSphere1 secondMeteorite?9/29/04
9/13/04 23:00Chelsea (Canada)QCCanadaDiamond20 secondsthree star formation as big as formation at an airshow ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps U. S. Navy NOSS satellites. PD))9/29/04
9/13/04 22:30UK/EnglandUnited KingdomFlash1 and a half hourssharp sparadic white flashes, which had no sound.9/29/04
9/13/04 21:05Los AngelesCAUSAFireball10-15 secondsOrange fireball in sky near LAX dissipating into glowing ember9/29/04
9/13/04 20:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAChevron30sec.No lights much larger than any aircraft very high rate of speed over 10000 ft. AGL9/29/04
9/13/04 20:25HarleysvillePAUSAUnknown15 minutesSep 13, 8:25 PM- witnessed ship that had a Mercedes like logo above Harleysville, PA9/29/04
9/13/04 20:25FranklinMAUSALight3-4 minI arrived home with my children at approximately 8:25 P.M. and noticed a bright star in the north. At first I thought it was a bright s9/29/04
9/13/04 20:00Chelsea (Canada)QCCanadaTriangle45 SECSTRI-POINTED STAR AT APPROX!!!20 000 FEET?? EXTREMELY !!!!!!! BRIGHT9/29/04
9/13/04 19:55HonoluluHIUSASphere15 sec.As I exited the Halawa K-mart something above cought my attention. I immediately looked up and what I saw was a brilliantly lit, sphere9/29/04
9/13/04 19:15Atibaia (Brazil)BrazilLight30 secsapart from the bright flare type light they looked like two stars moving at speed9/29/04
9/13/04 19:15KingwoodTXUSATriangle15 -20 secTwo triangular metallic objects moving across the sky approaching dusk9/29/04
9/13/04 17:00CasselberryFLUSADisk30 secFlorida, Casselberry: Disc shaped object flying from NE to NW about 2000 ft altitude, unknown speed.9/29/04
9/12/04 23:10Westlock (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle15 seconds at mostThe craft seemed to be darker in color, possibly grey/black, or a charcoal color but stood out from the color of the clear night sky9/29/04
9/12/04 21:10North BendORUSAUnknown4 minutesA strange shape, maybe wedge shaped? I could see a large circular shape with spokes on the bottom of it.9/29/04
9/12/04 20:40SunnysideWAUSALight20 minthe lights were hovering and would go on and off and line up in different angles9/29/04
9/12/04 20:00TorringtonCTUSALight3-4 MinutesStrange Light Returns9/29/04
9/12/04 17:30Auburn HillsMIUSASphere10 minutesit looded like a star but it was daylight and it moved9/29/04
9/12/04 11:11SeattleWAUSACigar10 secondsCigar shaped object with two lights over Seattle9/29/04
9/12/04 05:00Andover (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5minsformation of slow moving pairs of rapid flashing lights possibly triangles9/29/04
9/12/04 04:00South Wirral (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 minutesPresumed Satalite that disappears into white orb9/29/04
9/12/04 03:00Palo AltoCAUSATriangle10 SecondsTriangle Shape Zooms overhead , no noise, pulsates, changes sizes 3 times, then each point of light seperates and zooms off.9/29/04
9/12/04 01:00LeadSDUSAFlash30 minuteslight in the sky flashed once approx. every 2 minutes but never moved. Stayed in one location and flashed once every 2 minutes!9/29/04
9/11/04 23:30FindlayOHUSAFlash30 min.strob light in sky moved left to right up and down fast movements9/29/04
9/11/04 22:30AnokaMNUSALight3 minquick flashing lights west of anoka minnesota9/29/04
9/11/04 22:00SaratogaNYUSAUnknown5 Seconds3 lights flying at high altitude in a "V" or triangle formation. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of the U. S. Navy satellites. PD9/29/04
9/11/04 22:00RiverdaleUTUSALight1-2 minutesSlow moving, bright light, with no flashing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the ISS orbiting overhead? PD))9/29/04
9/11/04 21:15EwingNJUSAFlash1 1/2 hrsStationary light flashing white, red, blue, west of Ewing NJ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? PD))9/29/04
9/11/04 20:45Fair HavenNYUSAFireball5-10 min.Orange light which traversed the starlite sky from due south to due north9/29/04
9/11/04 20:40ParmaOHUSALight<1 min.Two stars, one bright the other dimmer moving from N to S very close together on 9/11/04 8:40PM9/29/04
9/11/04 20:00MadrasORUSACircle5minlight ,white blinking,rotating on a circle,like a flat horizontal ferris wheel.saw the same thing in thesame place 2 times this week ov9/29/04
9/11/04 20:00WalthamMAUSADisk15 minutesI saw a disk-shaped object covered with lights that was in the sky, and it was just hovering there.9/29/04
9/11/04 16:45Little Rock (Lonoke)ARUSATriangle20 minutesSlow moving triangle over Little Rock, AR.9/29/04
9/11/04 03:00London (Canada)ONCanadaFlash2 hoursbright light hovering above trees, moving in short jerky movements, with a strange high pitched sound.9/29/04
9/11/04 02:00KeesevilleNYUSAOvalsitting on my roof 5 crafts flew down and seemed to chase one another.9/29/04
9/11/04 00:00Germantown/FarmersvilleOHUSAOther2 hours 30 minutesBand of red and white lights. Moved slowly. Movement was up, down, left, and right, within the same general vicinity. Moved below treel9/29/04
9/10/04 22:45Vine GroveKYUSALight20-30minColored lights near Brandenburg Kentucky ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star. PD))9/29/04
9/10/04 22:15Darien CenterNYUSALight15 minutesFast moving light sighted south of Darien Center, NY several times, by several people9/29/04
9/10/04 22:00London (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleApprox. 30 Sec.Triangular shaped object flying quite fast accross evening sky ((NUFORC Note: Low-flying aircraft?? PD))9/29/04
9/10/04 20:30SonoraCAUSADisk3 to 4 minutesLow Flying Glowing Object Videotaped over Sonora, CA9/29/04
9/10/04 20:00Mastic BeachNYUSALight30sec.NY Bright light no blinking no sound.high altitude but real bright,heading south vanished,,5 min later same object 8:30 p.m L.I.9/29/04
9/10/04 19:00Mitzpe Ramon (Israel)IsraelLight2 minetsthere was a light , stronger then a star , above in the sky , flying to the north - east9/29/04
9/10/04 12:00AsheboroNCUSAOval45 secondslarge super bright white 3 football fields long ufo spotted in asheboro n.c.9/29/04
9/10/04 00:35Llandeilo (UK/Wales)United KingdomUnknown2minsBright lights followed by dimmer lights. After lights came a glow. No noise hovered. Lasted about 2 mins.9/29/04
9/9/04 23:00Kansas CityMOUSADisk1.5 HoursPulsating lights dance over Kansas City's downtown Exhibition Center. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of birds. PD))9/29/04
9/9/04 22:00CorunnaMIUSATriangle4 minsFlying Triangle seen over a field in Michigan, witnessed by a family of 3.9/29/04
9/9/04 21:45Krimpen a/d Ijssel (Netherlands)NetherlandsLight5 secTwo fast as a couple moving red lights9/29/04
9/9/04 21:30LincolntonGAUSAFormationseconds6 flashing lights south of lincolnton in a perfect horizontal line before disappearing9/29/04
9/9/04 21:05LincolnNEUSAUnknown5-10 minutesMultiple, flashing white lights along south edge of Lincoln, NE.9/29/04
9/9/04 21:00NatchezMSUSAUnknown1:00It looked like a star, a bright white light. it was moving from South to the north east.It was moving very fast, and it accelerated fro9/29/04
9/9/04 21:00Dubai (UAE)United Arab EmiratesDisk15 secssilver, disk shaped object with lights surrounding edge of underside, which hovered for about 15 secs.9/29/04
9/9/04 20:35RacineWIUSARectanglehigh flying object in near earth orbit9/29/04
9/9/04 20:35RacineWIUSALight2 minutesHigh Altitude Fast Moving light that changed direction 90 degrees in less than a second and continued at same speed.9/29/04
9/9/04 20:03FresnoCAUSALight4 minutesObject at 8:03 p.m. 09/09/2004 object was going from the west to east at about 60 deg from south 40 deg from straight up to south. The9/29/04
9/9/04 19:30RaefordNCUSATeardrop10-15 secondsPinkish/Orange oval shaped object seen over Raefod North Carolina.9/29/04
9/9/04 15:30Whangarei (New Zealand)NYNew ZealandOther5 secIt moved at about 40 miles per hour.9/29/04
9/9/04 02:30LantanaFLUSAUnknown15 sec.Rapid southbound silent parallel glowing lights.9/29/04
9/8/04 21:00PuxicoMOUSATriangle??on sept.9th 04 looking northwest at 9pm triangle shape with 3 color lights it shimmered and seemed to bounce or spinn9/29/04
9/8/04 19:00MaywoodCAUSATriangleone hourOn 09/08/04 6:30 to 7:15 pm clear sky some clouds due east. Craft was triangle hazey ,black, lights on it side.9/29/04
9/6/04 20:10SeattleWAUSATeardrop3-4 secondsorange-yellow teardrop flying very fast over south seattle9/29/04
9/6/04 19:00BedfordTXUSASphere40-50 secondsSmall white sphere noticed in the sky on Labor day in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area.9/29/04
9/5/04 22:30BrackettvilleTXUSAFireball2 secondslarge orange ball with green tail turning into an orange tail9/29/04
9/5/04 22:10HidalgoTXUSAFireball15 secondsFireball flying over deep south Texas.9/29/04
9/5/04 22:00San FranciscoCAUSALight15-20 secSatellite-like light in night sky making unexpected direction and speed changes9/29/04
9/5/04 00:30LudingtonMIUSADisk5 minvideo over lk. mi.9/29/04
9/4/04 23:00Etobicoke (Canada)ONCanadaLight15 secondsMysterious light seen over Lake Ontario9/29/04
9/4/04 18:00AustinTXUSAUnknown45min-?Small black orb hovering in the sky moving irregularly north or barton hills9/29/04
9/4/04 17:30Baton RougeLAUSACigar5 min.while watching live football game, an allumminum sigar shaped object appeared above the clouds, I took picture.9/29/04
9/4/04 14:00LeicesterNCUSAFireball15 secondsthe object looked like a bright star and immediately disappeared.9/29/04
9/4/04 11:15SayrevilleNJUSARectangle5 MinutesWhite Rectangular Object sighted near Sayreville Water Tower9/29/04
9/4/04KalispellMTUSATriangle2 MinutesTriangle Craft ((NUFORC Note: NOSS satellite formation?? PD))9/29/04
9/3/04 20:00River FallsWIUSATeardrop1 minuteI read the report on the bright object high up in the sky over the metro area. I posted one on 8/24/04 stating that I saw a very bright9/29/04
9/1/04 23:30Constanta (Romania)RomaniaTriangle4-5 minit moved fast and changed direction very quickly without a sound9/29/04
8/29/04 18:00West Los AngelesCAUSADiamond15 minutesOver Santa Monica, Slow Moving Bright in the Atmosphere9/29/04
8/28/04 16:00Campbellford (Canada)ONCanadaOthernot surecreature was very unusual looking9/29/04
8/27/04 21:00BeaumontTXUSALight10 minutesExploding, traveling light that traveled far faster and more sparatically than any craft I've seen.9/29/04
8/25/04 10:10CarlsbadCAUSADisk10 secondsI was driving south on Interstate 5 when I noticed a silver disc shaped craft in the sky about one mile ahead just past the Palomar Air9/29/04
8/24/04 21:24MillersvilleTNUSATriangle1 min 27 secTriangular object encounters small plane in the night sky9/29/04
8/21/04 03:30MilwaukeeWIUSAFormation1 1/2 hoursufo's formed a circle over our roof and hovered there for about 11/2 hours9/29/04
8/20/04 22:00Stacksteads (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 minutesthe light moved silently& slowly in a straight line & flashed over a cloud lighting it up9/29/04
8/19/04 22:15Orange BeachALUSACircle~30 secondsOrange Lights over Gulf of Mexico (Orange Beach, Ala.) ((NUFORC Note: Flares?? PD))9/29/04
8/19/04 22:00Longueuil (Canada)QCCanadaFormation15 minutesOn august 19 Iwas on my balcoon and I saw a formation of 3 lights coming from north and going south . The objet going in triangular for9/29/04
8/19/04 15:30MinneapolisMNUSASphereapprox 2 hrsWhite sphere viewed with naked eye and telescope in broad daylight was most likely a high altitude balloon9/29/04
8/14/04 16:30Walsenburg (approx 20 miles north of)COUSACircle3-5 minutesround object moving in and out of thundercloud, after flitting back and forth,sped north at high speed9/29/04
8/13/04 18:13GardinerNYUSADisksaw in photoTaking picture of the last of sunset , something shows up on image , that I did not see.9/29/04
8/8/04 22:50SonoraCAUSATriangle5 to 7 minutesTriangular Object Reappears for Third Time over Sonora, CA ((NUFORC Note: Probable aircraft. PD))9/29/04
8/1/04 22:30London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle30 secondsThree orange triangles appear, perform aeronautically impossible manoeuvres, then flying off at great speed.9/29/04
7/23/04LonokeARUSAChanging20 min.on my way home, july23 2004 i followed a glowing light to my driveway.9/29/04
7/20/04 19:45Litchfield ParkAZUSACross1 minuteA cross shaped object illuminated with lights so low it as if you could reach out and touch it9/29/04
7/15/04 21:00Show LowAZUSAOther15 minutesred glowing, slow moving large and long verticle shaped object.9/29/04
7/15/04 03:15Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknowntill day breakStrange star or moving object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))9/29/04
7/13/04 03:00Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaFormation100+-sec.looking southwest at aprx. 80 degrees incl. , sattelite trac , however this one stopped for aprx. 5 seconds then turned bright blue , f9/29/04
7/9/04 02:00Galilee (Israel)IsraelFlash4 minutesThe object appears to be very bright. The shape is consistant in three of the photos.9/29/04
6/15/04 21:00ClintonMSUSATriangleunknownOn-going UFO sightings ((NUFORC Note: Multiple sightings reported by witness; date is approximate. PD))9/29/04
6/15/04 14:00IndianapolisINUSADisk3 minitesi saw a disk come from behind my place9/29/04
6/13/04 20:00MobileAZUSAUnknown15 mn.Seen two lights about 100ft. off groung as i moved tward them thay went off an reappeard obout 1 mi. away in less than two sec,I got ou9/29/04
5/19/04 11:38Greenland (above, inflight)GreenlandDiskvery shortUFO photo took over Greenland9/29/04
3/2/04 23:00WilmingtonNCUSAChevron2minsI had got off from work at around 11 pm and i arrived home at 1120 pm,I was locked out of my house(i had forgotten key).I looked up to9/29/04
1/29/04 21:50HowellNJUSAUnknown3-5 minutesStrange, silent flying craft over Howell, New Jersey!9/29/04
12/26/03 16:30Mt.VernonILUSACigar10 minutesSilent wingless silver tube.9/29/04
12/4/03 22:00CrawfordTXUSAOther10 minutesGlowing Lights Over President Bush's Ranch9/29/04
11/5/03 20:35MabankTXUSAOval5 SecondsIt came up from the pasture and darted toward the car. It had a yellow glow around it.9/29/04
9/24/03 21:15Fort EdwardNYUSADisk5 to 10 minI wrote in last year and never heard if anyone had seen what we did. Again I will tell you what we had seen. My daughter and I were com9/29/04
8/15/03 21:30WheelingWVUSACylinderapp 2 minDark, slow moving Cylinder overhead in a clear sky ((NUFORC Note: Sighting by astronomer. PD))9/29/04
1/27/03 03:00MonroeMIUSATriangleabout 2 hourstriangles and balls of light appeared in monroe MI 3 carloads of whitnesses the were by the power plants and the cory's9/29/04
9/25/02 10:00Lee's SummitMOUSALight40 secondsBright objects in NE Sky9/29/04
9/16/02 21:50KapaaHIUSACircle4 min.Array of small white with purple belly lights following eachother in an angle over slleping giant Kapaa HI.9/29/04
8/10/02 22:00Studio CityCAUSADisk>5 minutesOur first UFO sighting together9/29/04
8/1/02 23:00FlowoodMSUSA5-7 seclook guys awhile back my wife and i saw something that was very strange,we had gone to bed and was laying there talking the lights were9/29/04
7/15/02 22:30NampaIDUSALight5 secJust west of Nampa, ID. Bright white light moves away rapidly.9/29/04
6/1/02 15:00Brighton TownshipMIUSAOther5+ minuets4 brown connected spheres with several spikes poking out traveling at 300 ft altitude, steady course, silent.9/29/04
9/18/01 04:00PhoenixAZUSACircle5 - 10 secBright green object races across the early morning horizon one week after 9/11.9/29/04
9/17/01 21:00Fort SmithARUSAUnknown15 minuteBright Light with Tail in Ft Smith Night Sky9/29/04
9/15/01 17:00Raritan BayNJUSAOther45 minutesExperienced local private pilot and aircraft buff with wife could not figure out what this object over NYC was.9/29/04
6/13/01 00:00RomaniaRomaniaDisk3-4 minutesI saw a Strange Ship Go Down!9/29/04
9/15/00 22:00Pinos AltosNMUSACircleone minute or lessAn orange ball of light moved out from behind a far off cliff - stopped and stayed in one place for about a minute (my feeling was that9/29/04
8/23/00 00:0070 Mile House (Canada)BCCanadaOtherMeteor showerIt was as bright as a star, and it appeared as if it were avoiding them too, as was zigzaging away.9/29/04
7/6/00 21:30ColumbiaMOUSATriangle5-10 minutes07/06/00 21:30 Columbia, MO Huge black triangle, bright lights at tips hovering over city 5-10 minutes. Slowly moving east then gone!9/29/04
6/1/99 19:00MercedCAUSACircle1 minute2 gold colored speherical objects w/ pointed ends9/29/04
6/20/98 21:30WilmingtonNCUSAOtherUSA/Night sightingThere is "NO" aircraft that can fly that slow, with the exception of a helicopter/glider, and have enough "air lift" to stay aloft.9/29/04
1/10/98 18:00London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle4 minsLarge orange ball of light over London late 1990's9/29/04
6/14/97 03:30NewbergORUSAOther4 hoursi was sleeping on the trampoline when a v shaped object appeard over head hovered for a few hours and left9/29/04
3/23/97 00:00CyprusCyprusCircleit was midnight at my uncles house when as used to as little i liked to see the stars. i saw 3 ufos in line then forming a triangle in9/29/04
5/24/96 01:50Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1-2 minutes3 dim trianglular lights on a black trangular base moving slowly low to the ground over Toronto W to E.9/29/04
4/15/96 21:00Salmon Arm (Shushuap) (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 minutesFlying Fireballs , Piloted by ?9/29/04
9/10/95 09:30MarionVAUSATriangle10 minutesThe football field sized object was triangular and had a gondola - shaped structure underneath.9/29/04
12/4/94 11:00Tampico, Tamaulipas (Mexico)MexicoFormation15 minutosflotilla de ovnis tomada en video en Diciembre de 1994 en Tampico, Tamaulipas. Mexico.9/29/04
9/1/93 22:00Bethel (Albany Township)MEUSALight2 minutesA bright star made right-angle turns without deceleration and sped down over the horizon.9/29/04
8/10/93 21:00FrankfortNYUSADisk30 secondsMulticolored disk across the street.9/29/04
4/15/92 19:30MidlothianVAUSAEggroughly 2 minutesUnreported 1992 Sighting9/29/04
10/15/90 21:00Omaha (LaVista/Ralston)NEUSACigar5 minCigar shaped object flying level at about 750ft. Has fiery tail, triangular windows, fighter escort ...was called space junk by9/29/04
6/26/90 01:00NewtonNJUSACircleabout 2 minIt was at tree top level and it was not a plane. It was to low and i could tell it was round.9/29/04
6/1/89 23:00EnloeTXUSATriangle20 minutesBlack Triangle spotted over rural Texas in late 80's9/29/04
10/12/88 16:30Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCigar15 MIN'SLarge cigar shaped craft,flying sideways,over bay,toward's our car.9/29/04
6/20/87 09:30AuburnMAUSAFireball5 secondsFireball went down into the woods. Moments later we heard rustling through the leaves, twigs breaking9/29/04
6/13/87 01:30CedarburgWIUSAFormation40minIt was dark we looked into the sky notticed 5 bright red lights doing formation stunts9/29/04
4/21/84 22:00MagnoliaTXUSADisk5 min.The object came out of the East and traveled along side the car just above the tree tops.9/29/04
3/24/84 08:00NewburghNYUSACircle25min3/24/84 Newburgh NY circle 25min One large mass. Longer than a football field. Saw it for 25min.9/29/04
11/14/83 18:30Buckhorn Lake (Canada)ONCanadaDisk5-10 minClose encounter five adult witness9/29/04
11/11/81 03:00Plum GroveTXUSACircleunknownApparently obvious craft hovering without making a sound9/29/04
7/15/80 02:00MolineILUSADiskten minutesThe object moved up and down and in a zig-zag formation and was round.9/29/04
5/25/80 23:00DekalbILUSACircle20 MINUTESCircular object with alternating flashing lights with a bright beam of light focused on a tower.9/29/04
5/22/77 20:00MaranaAZUSASphere60 min ??That's NOT the moon!9/29/04
9/20/75 18:30RoscommonMIUSAOval35 minBright light in the sky, amazing speed and menuvers9/29/04
9/12/75 18:00AndersonINUSATriangle2 minuteshelicoptor with a spot light on (posibly a police Jetranger) flying Nth towards us at 100 to 150 ft altitude. ufo makes a non banking9/29/04
8/1/70 21:00EvertonMOUSALight1 hourstrange lights follow automobile9/29/04
12/23/69 18:00MiddletownCTUSACircle1 minutei think the year was 1969 and im possitive it was in the winter because i was slideing down our driveway. i have been trying to find in9/29/04
10/25/68 19:00SpringfieldMAUSADisk5 MinutesUnexpected siting of a disk shaped object fully illuminated by bright, circling lights around this object9/29/04
9/5/66 00:00BakersfieldCAUSACircle3 min?1966, I was 11 flashing multicolored lites, red green blue, I think white not sure, moved from stationary positon. fast!9/29/04
10/15/65 21:00TaborIAUSAOval45 min.sCraft hovers noiselessly over witnesses in 1965, in Southwest Iowa, is photographed by 2 photographers, photos stolen later.9/29/04
7/14/64 13:00HamiltonMTUSAOval15minSummer of 1964, red-orange saucer-ovals sighted from Missoula, to Darby, Montana.9/29/04
8/17/55 21:00CovinaCAUSADisk10 minutesIt was about 1500 ft up. It just stayed there in one spot for 10 mins then was gone.9/29/04
7/7/54 20:00Walnut CreekCAUSAUnknown5 minutesI have not reported this before. I feel it should be recorderd somewhere. My friend and I used to take time-lapse photos of the stars a9/29/04