National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/12/03


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/3/04 07:30ShakerOHUSAOther2early morning sighting by 8 y.o.12/3/04
12/3/04 01:00Norquay (Canada)SKCanadaSphere20 minutesThey were observing us.12/3/04
12/2/04 00:00Santa CruzCAUSACircle4 secoundsThree objects traveling west..very cold clear evening. thought were shooting stars, no trails, gold in color moveing so fast, very very12/3/04
12/2/04 22:25LongmontCOUSALight12-15 minutesStrange lights hovered low in the sky then accelerated quickly from Longmont CO to Boulder.12/3/04
12/2/04 20:00CarrolltonVAUSALight1 hour plusZig-zagging starlike object.12/3/04
12/2/04 18:17San AcacioCOUSALight20 secondsThe lights seem to make some what of a large triangle12/3/04
12/2/04 18:00LindsborgKSUSAUnknown32 minutesWest of Lindsborg Kansas is a Military bombing range. These craft have been seen on many Occasions, especially when bombing practice is12/3/04
12/2/04 17:30West GreenwichRIUSATriangle1min30secMy co-worker told me I should report this on this site. This is the first time I have seen this. Myself and my fiend just fininshed a d12/3/04
12/2/04 16:30Bowling GreenKYUSADiamond20 minutesI am a graduate student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. I was on my way to an evening class. I exited Cumberland Par12/3/04
12/2/04 06:30PottsvilleARUSATriangle10 minuteslights,qiuet,slow drift,,"whats all theses strang lights flying around".12/3/04
12/1/04 23:00WylieTXUSATriangle5 minutesPyramid-shaped craft with pulsating light seen emitting red flare.12/3/04
12/1/04 19:30Hawthorne/LawndaleCAUSATriangle4 or 5 secondsAqua green florescent lights on leading edge of triangular craft moving at great speed downward and seemed to disapeared into a portal12/3/04
12/1/04 19:15EmisonINUSASphere5 minutesYellow-Orange Lights in sky - Emison, Indiana12/3/04
12/1/04 09:00DublinOHUSAEgg1.5hrsegg shaped craft12/3/04
12/1/04 08:05Pincher Creek (Canada)ABCanadaTeardrop2 minutesThe UFO was shaped like a tear drop on fire and descended slowly until out of sight.12/3/04
12/1/04 05:00SeattleWAUSACylinder10 minheading north to south, was a strobe light,dissapeared in clouds.12/3/04
12/1/04 02:35PlanoTXUSAFireballSecondsBright blue fireball of unusual size and distance; possible investigation.12/3/04
11/30/04 19:15Port RicheyFLUSADiskI was taking pictures of the Christmas lights I just put up with my digital camera and when I put it on my computer there it was. I ema12/3/04
11/30/04 17:45AuberryCAUSALight1-2 min.Bright white light seen traveling N to S for 1-2 min., with apparent fighters in area immediately afterwards.12/3/04
11/30/04 12:00WayneNJUSAUnknown3 secondsLoud Explosion Booms w / Earthquakes Heard all over North Jersey USA 11/30/200412/3/04
11/30/04 05:00North Bay (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond10 minAn object observed hovering with candle white lights hued purple in front of house.12/3/04
11/29/04 23:47TucsonAZUSADisk2-3 min.there were 3 disks hovering in the sky flying in formations that i have nere seen before they hovered in the air then they started to c12/3/04
11/29/04 23:14Whitley CityKYUSADiamond7 Diamonds were glowing in a patern in the sky. ** **** **12/3/04
11/29/04 22:00PerrysburgNYUSALight22:30It was a bright white light the flaoted 300 yards over our head and stayed in the same area all the time. It would dissaper then reappe12/3/04
11/29/04 13:23New BuffaloMIUSACone8:00Raped by Aliens, ETC>.12/3/04
11/29/04 13:05MarlboroughMAUSAChevronaprox. 5 min.At approximately 13:05 I was looking out a window at work, when I spotted a fairly stationary object in the air above our company parki12/3/04
11/29/04 05:29LincolnMAUSASphere11 minspinning, lights like a triangle, and flying slow12/3/04
11/29/04 05:21WaylandMAUSASphere15-20 secondsGold,spinning, 3 lights that we visible but not flickering, went in a circle then dissapeared, was lower than airplanes.12/3/04
11/29/04 05:21WaylandMAUSASphere15 secondsgold, spinning, 3 non flickering lights pretty big, close enough for some details to be seen12/3/04
11/29/04 05:20PortervilleCTUSALight45-55SEC.FAST MOVING UNDULATING LIGHT.RO12/3/04
11/28/04 18:47Yuba CityCAUSAFireball5 secondsI see these from time to time by the small mountain range by hw 99 and hw 20 and I-5. and hw 113 ......this time i was answering the12/3/04
11/28/04 16:53Spirit LakeIDUSALight6 secondsWhile watching International Space Station from Northern Idaho on Nov. 28th, 2004, observed Extremely bright light to the left.12/3/04
11/28/04 10:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLight2 minutesBright light outside of Edmonton/Sherwoodpark12/3/04
11/28/04 05:45Key WestFLUSALight5 minutesOrange object over Key West, Florida12/3/04
11/28/04 03:30Myrtle BeachSCUSAFlash30 minslights in the middle of the ocean.......12/3/04
11/28/04 01:00MckeesportPAUSADisk20 minutesi was outside my house ,,when i saw a bright light in the sky. i called my wife out to see we watched for 20 min. it changed direction12/3/04
11/27/04 19:35ClantonALUSALight5 minsTwo very bright solid orange lights fly overhead with no sound.12/3/04
11/27/04 19:00EverettWAUSALight1min.An object resembling a satalitte moving north, changes directions and heads straght up and fades into the sky.12/3/04
11/27/04 18:30LewisvilleTXUSAEggan hourBright lights in Lewisville, TX12/3/04
11/27/04 18:30LewisvilleTXUSALight1 hourMy friends and I saw up to 40 lights in the North Texas sky.12/3/04
11/27/04 18:00SalemORUSALight5 minutesA moving light observed. ((NUFORC Note: Possible overflight and sighting of the ISS. PD))12/3/04
11/27/04 18:00KernTXUSAFormation30 sec.Witnesses to a cluster of lights passing overhead very quickly.12/3/04
11/27/04 17:24San FranciscoCAUSAOval1 hourthere was a blue streak from the sky, then showering yellow and after the showering, there was left a red oval shape craft with one bli12/3/04
11/27/04 17:00FresnoCAUSAOvala few secondsLarge meteor or UFO spotted in Fresno.12/3/04
11/27/04 14:00JacksonNJUSAUnknownShowed up on download12/3/04
11/27/04 13:05CathlametWAUSAFireball15 minsFireball over SW Washington12/3/04
11/27/04 02:00GilmerTXUSAChanging1 hourBLUE LIGHT MOVING AS A CHOPPER WITH A BEAM OF LIGHT12/3/04
11/27/04 01:00GardenaCAUSADisk30minuteshuge disk with others nearby changing direction/speed in a blink of an eye. lights very quiet no noise at all. came over my apartment l12/3/04
11/27/04 00:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomDisk10 minsUFO dancing12/3/04
11/26/04 20:15LouisvilleKYUSALight15 minutes4 lights moving across the moon12/3/04
11/26/04 19:30San JoseCAUSADisk45secondsIt looked like a saucer... It was all light up and quite large in size.12/3/04
11/26/04 13:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomOval7 minutes3 oval shaped ships with bright lights/beams12/3/04
11/26/04 11:00Gifford National ForestWAUSAone hourUnknow shape in forest12/3/04
11/25/04 23:30San Marcos & EscondidoCAUSALight2 MinutesSMALL ORANGE LIGHT - flew low over Hwy 78 and then South along I-15 (nearly overhead) with seemingly no visible craft attacted to it.12/3/04
11/25/04 21:45Oklahoma CityOKUSADisk4 secondsFireball or whatever south of Okla. City, 21:45 local, 11/25/0412/3/04
11/25/04 19:00Surrey (Canada)BCCanadaCircle40 secondsUFO's in Surrey? I Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself!12/3/04
11/25/04 14:00Three RiversMIUSAOther5 minuetsHawk like object12/3/04
11/25/04 05:00OttumwaIAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular UFO w\red,blue lights,spinning clockwise,completely silent12/3/04
11/25/04 03:30SacramentoCAUSALight30 secondsFast light approaches me and I shoot 2 Quicktime clips of it passing overhead while driving!12/3/04
11/24/04 21:00Western Shore (Canada)NSCanadaLight1.5 hoursI observed a bright light off in a distance over the water. The object would steadily and slowly move over the ocean and over oak islan12/3/04
11/24/04 20:30AntiochCAUSAFireball15 minutes3 fireballs dropping smaller balls of light seen in the north sky moving east over antioch california12/3/04
11/24/04 07:20AlleganMIUSAUnknown1-2 minutesBright light/enormous aircraft hovering over Allegan County12/3/04
11/24/04 00:00Winter GardenFLUSAChangingapprox 2 minutes3 purple/white objects , fast no sound 1000ft , against black sky around midnight electrical dist in truck12/3/04
11/23/04 19:00Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoCirclea few minutesLarge spheric objects in the sky.12/3/04
11/22/04 19:30ClioMIUSATriangle5 minIt just floated like bobber in a lake12/3/04
11/22/04 06:10San FranciscoCTUSA2-3 secondsTwo bright lights in the southeastern sky that waxed and waned in brightness in unison.12/3/04
11/21/04 12:00CampbellCAUSATeardrop5mincontrails and lil orbs real pics taken from a hp 735 digital ((NUFORC Note: Photos are ambiguous. PD))12/3/04
11/21/04 10:14London (Heathrow, Cranford) (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minsWell, i saw three lights above the clouds, the clouds were very scarce and scattered, above you can see the dark sky and the stars.12/3/04
11/20/04 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging10 minutesRound to oval morphing Characteristics12/3/04
11/20/04 20:00Hellevoetsluis (Netherlands)NetherlandsCirclesecondsstrange lightned circles movind around for a short time12/3/04
11/20/04 19:15Fountain HillsAZUSAChanging10 minutesObject morphed12/3/04
11/20/04 15:00Pembroke PinesFLUSALight5 minutesbright light ,then circled by 4 other objects moving fast then stopping12/3/04
11/20/04 05:30Tarpon SpringsFLUSAFormation30 minA large perfect circle of lights dispersed leaving a trail.12/3/04
11/20/04 02:11Boca RatonFLUSAUnknown45-60 MinutesSleeping Male Vanishes From Home Late AM ((NUFORC Note: Investigated by MUFON/Florida. Report unconfirmed.. PD))12/3/04
11/19/04 23:00Salem/Montrose (between)SDUSALightLight explodes in sky above Canistota, SD. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor from the Leonid meteor shower. PD))12/3/04
11/19/04 19:30UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCross1 minflying cone in the sky12/3/04
11/19/04 17:30OrlandoFLUSASphere2 minutesSphere of light descends, emitts blinding bright light across city, then shoots up back into atmosphere at light speed12/3/04
11/19/04 02:10ValenciaCAUSAUnknown1 min2 large flashes of light12/3/04
11/18/04 20:45SequimWAUSAUnknown45 secondsdeep, throbbing, sound heard; nothing sighted12/3/04
11/18/04 20:10Laguna NiguelCAUSAChanging4 minutesLaguna Niguel CA 3 lights moving from same point on the horizon to differnt points in space.12/3/04
11/18/04 19:00Thankerton (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknownFew MinutesUFO Sighting12/3/04
11/18/04 18:00MendhamNJUSALightat least 20 minutesclusters of low-flying white lights moving rapidly in formation, silent.12/3/04
11/18/04 16:30JacksonvilleFLUSASphere10 minutesTwo round unsusal objects spotted a very high altitude - video tape confirms not to be airplane12/3/04
11/18/04 11:30AikenSCUSACircle2 min'sSilver cylindrical object; no wings; no vapor trail; no sound .12/3/04
11/18/04 11:30AikenSCUSACylinder2 MinutesStraight-line flight with no visible wings or no vapor trail.12/3/04
11/18/04 08:30IdalouTXUSATriangle2-5 minutesThere was two huge lights on one side of the triangular craft. There wwas a light on each corner, making the total 5. About the size12/3/04
11/18/04 05:50HolidayFLUSALight20 minutesPhotographic anomaly12/3/04
11/18/04 02:30MahopacNYUSAUnknownAn unknown object in front of my house.12/3/04
11/18/04 00:34RaefordNCUSADisk2 MIN((HOAX??)) flat, fast, lite up.12/3/04
11/17/04 23:17Orange CountyCAUSATeardrop3 minvery big teardrop shaped,many small lights it had a haze around it that changed color and left a trail.12/3/04
11/17/04 21:00Cuba/San Isidro (between)NMUSATriangle5 minutesMoving around 20 MPH and did not make a sound as it passed right in front of me12/3/04
11/17/04 20:00Pueblo WestCOUSAFlash30 minutesBright Flash of light and than darkness12/3/04
11/17/04 19:00DowneyCAUSACircle3 hoursThe object was a circle that was blinking red blue and green at diferent times then another one was doing the same12/3/04
11/17/04 18:26WaupacaWIUSAFormation.30bright amber lights going on and off in a pattern then stopped abruptley and stopped12/3/04
11/17/04 09:20SalinasCAUSACircle1 minuteRound white object near Salinas freeway12/3/04
11/17/04 05:44SavannahGAUSALight5 minutes5 minutes of visability, 45 degrees high, moving from the northeast to the southwest12/3/04
11/16/04 22:00Ellicott CityMDUSACigarone hourToo slow to be a plane, too fast to be a star and stayed within a small radius, and want to know if there are other reports.12/3/04
11/16/04 22:00LouisvilleKYUSADisk30 minsit floated past inside a hase12/3/04
11/16/04 19:15MohawkNYUSALight10 seconds3 Golden Lights, Appear and Disappear12/3/04
11/16/04 18:00RidgewoodNJUSAOval10 minutes7 oval shaped lights moving in formations for 10 minutes, may have left trails, then disappeared.12/3/04
11/16/04 17:30Nipawin (Canada)SKCanadaTriangle40 secondsCraft went fast across the sky and vanished12/3/04
11/16/04 17:05Jalisco (Mexico)MexicoDisk5 minutosal evisar fotografias de un paisaje tomado en la sierra de Tapalpa Jalisco descubri unos puntos negros al momento de hacer la ampliacio12/3/04
11/16/04 16:45Pacific Ocean/X-43a launchPacific OceanCircle3-4 minutesBlack circular craft seen on NASA live streaming broadcast12/3/04
11/16/04 06:00RidgecrestCAUSATriangle3 minAn orange triangular craft that made no sound observed in the Mojave Desert.12/3/04
11/15/04 22:27Drummondville (Canada)QCCanadaOther1octogonal yellow flashing light.12/3/04
11/15/04 20:35HinesburgVTUSALight1 minuteHovering formation of lights, dimming and brightening just above treeline12/3/04
11/15/04 20:15Newbury ParkCAUSAChevron20 secondsA chevron shape that appeared several miles away and flew over me and away in less than 20 seconds.12/3/04
11/15/04 20:00KilgoreOHUSADisk20 secondsFlying Saucer hovering over powerline in smalltown Ohio12/3/04
11/15/04 19:00MayagüezPuerto RicoLight3 minutesI live in the country part of Puerto Rico and I know something weird is happening. One night, I was outside, sweeping the front porc12/3/04
11/15/04 17:55Hermosa BeachCAUSAChangingminutesA triangle of three flashing red round objects moving very fast and changing formation.12/3/04
11/15/04 06:50Endicott-VestalNYUSADisk1 minuteThick saucer seen in upstate NY12/3/04
11/15/04 02:30LondonOHUSAFormation20 minsmultiple light display over central london12/3/04
11/15/04 01:25San DiegoCAUSATriangle10 secondsThey flew silently, straight, and very quick.12/3/04
11/15/04 00:02Nybro (Sweden)SwedenDiamond10minDiamond shaped vessel in Nybro, Sweden.12/3/04
11/14/04 22:30TerrebonneORUSADiskabout 15 minone object, made of spinning circles of light above my car in the cloud cover, followed me for about 15 min12/3/04
11/14/04 21:45MaxNDUSAFlash5 minutesFlashing lights moving quickly in the sky12/3/04
11/14/04 17:55VenturaCAUSAFormation4 minutesThree orange spheres traveling silently in triangle formation until lead sphere broke formation.12/3/04
11/14/04 17:05Orland Park/TinleyParkILUSAFormation1 hour2 bright orange lights flashing (too wide apart to be a plane) in one spot, than moved to another stationary spot.12/3/04
11/14/04 01:14Dupree VOR (in-flight)SDUSALight4 minutesWhite pulsing light12/3/04
11/13/04 23:20MontgomeryvillePAUSAChevron10-15 secondsOne chevron-like object appeared in Casseopia was then joined by 3-4 others that circled briefly then flew west.12/3/04
11/13/04 22:31WorcesterMAUSALight1 sec.I was standing outside having a cigarette, and saw a red light on the horizon. It was south and it zigzagged12/3/04
11/13/04 21:55PeotoneILUSALight10 minutesFast, flickering, ball of red and white lights seen in the northern sky traveling I57 near Peotone, Illinois12/3/04
11/13/04 21:40GardenaCAUSATriangleminutesA vshaped object with no sound flew overhead. It was up pretty high, yet the craft was large enough to identify.12/3/04
11/13/04 21:10Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)PortugalOval30 secondswhen i was arriving home i see a blue light coming down from the sky very fast ,then the light become slow and disapear into the woods12/3/04
11/13/04 21:07DoylestownPAUSALight5 minutes[still going]threr were two distinct ships i even saw one turn and a flash off the metal shined from the other ship12/3/04
11/13/04 17:25WarrenOHUSALight10 secondsBright red orb found amongst 9 U.S. jets in Warren, Ohio!!!!!!!12/3/04
11/13/04 15:00Las VegasNVUSAOvaldon't knowIn 1965 at Fort Lewis Wa. me and 2 other soldiers saw 3 circle shaped glowing Ufo's in the night sky.12/3/04
11/13/04 10:20HancockMAUSASphere7-10 secShimmering globe, appeared stationary for 7-10 seconds then just vanished.12/3/04
11/13/04 05:20Duncansville/AltoonaPAUSALight4-6 minutesRedish Pink light moved at signifigant speed12/3/04
11/13/04 01:15RidgecrestCAUSASphere10 minutesIts actions were incredible and is not consistent with anything I or the general population would associate with our present technology12/3/04
11/13/04 01:10RidgecrestCAUSALightabout 2 min.I have seen this twice, both times with witnesses, but i failed to report it the first time. i saw the first one a few days before it12/3/04
11/13/04 01:00Mindarie (Australia)AustraliaOvalhalf an hourWe saw the 2 objects and they were shining an oval then they shot across the sky very fast.12/3/04
11/13/04 00:30CongersNYUSAOther10 secondsblue rectangular shape moves north to south along horizon12/3/04
11/12/04 21:30Van NuysCAUSALight5 minutesBright Red Light moving strangely over Van Nuys and then Bolting away fast.12/3/04
11/12/04 21:00MemphisTNUSATriangle30 secondsMy exited triangular craft sighting12/3/04
11/12/04 20:00DothanALUSALight30 secondsSaw a big light in sky moving a bit and then it left VERY quickly.12/3/04
11/12/04 19:05SeoulKoreaUnknown1 minuteA light flight to norh in straight and zigzag. Then disappeared.12/3/04
11/12/04 19:00Pune (India)IndiaOther10 minsA air craft like sphere in shape , i cant explain what was that, but surely not any plane from earth , it was something like sphere fly12/3/04
11/12/04 15:15ClevelandOHUSACircle20 secondsCircle (Silver) perfect in shape, flying at speeds at least 3X faster than a fighter jet12/3/04
11/12/04 13:15MinneapolisMNUSACylinder2 minsSilver metallic cylinder moving slowly on Hwy 55 Minneapolis from east to west12/3/04
11/12/04 07:30Kansas CityMOUSACigar<1 minuteI saw a shiny slender object in the sky while driving north on 435 at about 7:30. There is a large Bayer factory next to the highway,12/3/04
11/12/04 06:30Santa AnaCAUSATriangleMorningUnidentified Shape12/3/04
11/12/04 04:15San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown1 minuteBlack object hovering in front of clouds in san fransisco12/3/04
11/12/04 02:00Wiltshire (UK/England)United KingdomDiamondshining diamond object above my friends heads(smaller than football ball). I had make three picture with 5.2 MP camra, object is moving12/3/04
11/11/04 21:54PortsmouthOHUSASphere30 secondsBright white, round light swells in size and then dissapears completely.12/3/04
11/11/04 19:40UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCircle10 secsthe 2 brightest objects I have ever seen12/3/04
11/11/04 19:00College StationTXUSAChanging5 min.I have made several reports recently and had the most disturbing sighting last night. I previously reported seeing objects that appeare12/3/04
11/11/04 19:00MemphisTNUSAChanging1 minuteMe and my sister were outside and saw what looked like an airplane hen it got closer and it was triangular12/3/04
11/11/04 18:25London (UK/England)United KingdomLightis still continuing18:25 on 11/11/04 several light formations seen circling sky underneath clouds.12/3/04
11/11/04 12:30Sioux Falls (near)SDUSALightapprox. 5 minsMy husband and I were driving south on Interstate 29 going to Sioux Falls. When we were about 6-7 miles north, of the city, I was looki12/3/04
11/11/04 02:00Brisbane (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCircle10secIt was a huge black round thing and it was leaving a green trail of smoke behind it. It made a buzzing sound.12/3/04
11/11/04 01:00Quebec (Canada)QCCanadaEgg10 minutesCraft sighted over lake.12/3/04
11/10/04 20:11Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)MexicoLightongoingOdd lights remain over the Bay of Banderes, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.… ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars, we suspect. PD))12/3/04
11/10/04 19:00Coral GablesFLUSAOther5-10 secondsFast moving white fuzzy circular object flying across the sky12/3/04
11/10/04 11:30WoodwardOKUSAUnknown10 minutespossible ufo sighting12/3/04
11/10/04 05:40North AndoverMAUSACirclethis object is rainbow colored flashing .its comeing closer by the second it is very small. it is dosen't look like a plane12/3/04
11/10/04 05:15Hwy. 6 & 68 (Canada)MBCanadaOthercontinuousAlmost perfect alignment of the moon & 2 planets. Aurora extraordinary in colour. "PULSATING BALLS OF LIGHT"12/3/04
11/10/04 00:00ReadingOHUSAUnknownabout an hourUFO's moving at unknown speeds across the skies with lights of different colors.12/3/04
11/9/04 23:45NewarkOHUSAOval25 minutesUfo sighting12/3/04
11/9/04 22:00Wormley, Hertfordshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle2-3 minutes11/9/04 22:00 circular shape glowing orange travelling slowly diagonally downwards across the sky visible for 2-3 minutes12/3/04
11/9/04 21:00ElizabethtonTNUSADisk5 minutesSeveral craft at one time12/3/04
11/9/04 20:15Delta (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minbright orange slow moving orb several hundred feet above treeline12/3/04
11/9/04 20:00FairfieldPAUSADisk15 minutes3 craft with saucer like appearance within miles of underground pentagon.12/3/04
11/9/04 17:35Tracy CityTNUSAFireball3 secondsWhite light Plumb as though burning up on rentery.12/3/04
11/9/04 10:02Ueno City (Japan)JapanFireball1 hourA Bright Shining Object Opposite of the Sun12/3/04
11/9/04 06:20MinotNDUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball near Minot, ND12/3/04
11/9/04 03:30Puerto Vallarto (Mexico)MexicoLight2 Hours +Odd light formations over Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...12/3/04
11/9/04 01:30Nevada CityCAUSATriangle10 secondslooked to the north and saw three white lights in triangular form, moving in unison accross the sky.12/3/04
11/8/04 22:30McKees RocksPAUSAUnknown23:45Red, green and blue horizontal lights, up to five crafts - not in formation12/3/04
11/8/04 21:30OswegoILUSALight2 hoursThree red lights equally spaced one on top of another in Eastern Sky12/3/04
11/8/04 20:30HopkintonMAUSADisk2 minutesBright White Saucer Shaped Object Sighted At Tree Height12/3/04
11/8/04 18:45College StationTXUSAChangingongoingI saw 6-8 craft of some sort descending to the ground and dissapearing behind the trees.12/3/04
11/8/04 11:19Colorado SpringsCOUSAOval1500/secPicture of possible craft traveling to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.12/3/04
11/7/04 23:00ShakopeeMNUSAOther2 MinutesOn November 7th 2004 my friend and I seen two red lights blinking across the night sky moving very slowly.12/3/04
11/7/04 20:00BarnesvillePAUSAFlashquickGiant LED light12/3/04
11/7/04 18:20Fort BelvoirVAUSALight3-4+ secondsSmall accelerating round object, intensly bright at its center.12/3/04
11/7/04 17:00East PatchogueNYUSAOvalabout 6 minutesGlowing white oval object on the horizon. Stationary,never moved.Disappearing and reappearing in the same location12/3/04
11/7/04 07:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSADisk3-5 minutes4 metallic silver, disc-shaped objects gliding over Manhattan...12/3/04
11/7/04 01:40IndianapolisINUSALight15 secsA series of 4 lights appearing and disappearing in night sky, one at a time, in a straight line formation.12/3/04
11/6/04 22:00Ridgecrest/China LakeCAUSALight15 minutesBright orangish ball of light in northern desert....12/3/04
11/6/04 21:00Beale AFBCAUSACircle120 seconds+Various uknown objects over Beale air Base. Small blue craft(S)12/3/04
11/6/04 18:57MoraviaTXUSALightless than 1 minuteRapidly moving object.12/3/04
11/6/04 18:00BradfordPAUSAFireball15 secondsGreen Fireball12/3/04
11/6/04 00:30MarionINUSASphere10 seconds2-4 pale orange spheres appeared hovering 30 degrees above the western horizon and vanished instantly12/3/04
11/5/04 22:00Show LowAZUSACylinder4 seconds4 objects moving very rapid and lazer like decending, going strait, acending then disapearing.12/3/04
11/5/04 06:30Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaLight10 secondsgreen light travelled through clouds for 8 seconds then exploded.12/3/04
11/5/04 06:00Fort LewisWAUSALight10 Minutes@ Bright lights in the Morning sky caught my eye.12/3/04
11/5/04 05:45Bangalore (India)IndiaOther10 secondsBoomerang/V shaped UFO, atleast as big as boeing747, over Bangalore ,India, on nov 5th 0412/3/04
11/4/04 22:32MaumeeOHUSACigarA Minute Or SoObject had no lights till it was gone moved horizontally.12/3/04
11/4/04 04:15RaymoreMOUSAUnknown15 min.slim green-bue beam12/3/04
11/3/04 21:30WoosterOHUSADiamond5 minutesLarge, diamond-shaped object in Wayne County Ohio12/3/04
11/3/04 20:15Chalybeate SpringsALUSAUnknown5 mingoing down a dark road between chalybeate springs and moluton me and my were goning down the road when i saw about 6 lights which at fi12/3/04
11/3/04 19:20Girard TownshipPAUSARectangle20 min.Glowing objects,flying in formation,around Lake Erie12/3/04
11/1/04 19:00Agoura HillsCAUSALight1 minuteTwo brilliant white lights hovered in the Southeast near Malibu Canyon and slowly faded at the same time12/3/04
11/1/04Yi-Ning City, (XiJiang) (China)ChinaI just came across a videotaped UFO news in China. I think it is interesting so I forward to your center. The video was recorded12/3/04
10/31/04 00:00SeattleWAUSAFireball10 seconds3 of us were standing out on my deck halloween nite. we were talking about telescopes. I started to point at a star in the clear nite s12/3/04
10/31/04 20:00SeattleWAUSALight15 secondssingle light going away12/3/04
10/31/04 18:12ArdenNCUSAUnknownUFO Detector Based on Magnetometer Triggered12/3/04
10/31/04 08:00SeattleWAUSALight.10103104 Bright Light12/3/04
10/30/04 21:01LincolnNEUSAOther16 minsTwo red lights. It was like they were on each end of a bar and just moving slowly from the east sky to the south sky and faded as they12/3/04
10/30/04 01:00MissoulaMTUSAOther2-3 minutesMissile shape left mountaintop without sound or lights disappearing into a black cloud .12/3/04
10/29/04 23:45BoydTXUSADiskThree minutesObject in the night sky.12/3/04
10/27/04 20:00MansfieldOHUSALight30 MinutesMany lights of different brightness combine, get brighter and disperse.12/3/04
10/27/04 06:30Casa GrandeAZUSACigar3 MinutesSaw a UFO at 10,000 feet 2 Miles south of I-8 & I-10 near Casa Grande, Arizona.12/3/04
10/24/04 15:30HonoluluHIUSADisk35sec.the object has no sound,no lights,no windows,silver like color, moving fast.12/3/04
10/19/04 12:00West BridgewaterMAUSATriangleThere has been many sightFour friends of mine and I observered at different times and sepperate locations triangular Craft with 3 lights flying through the sky12/3/04
10/18/04 20:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCylinder1 mincigar shape object that hoverd above a house then at speed whent in to the sky12/3/04
10/18/04 16:45Hampton BaysNYUSALight5 min"Star takes off"12/3/04
10/17/04 00:32Libau (Canada)MBCanadaUnknownnot ended variesMy friends, ----- and ---- and I went out on an excursion looking for a meteor shower. Instead we came face to face with a UFO. We s12/3/04
10/16/04 18:45YonkersNYUSADiskstill going on at 7:03Over the hudson river. ((NUFORC Note: Probably advertising lights. PD))12/3/04
10/11/04 22:29LaredoTXUSAFireball22:31Large flaming tail and eratic movement - sudden change of direction12/3/04
10/9/04 08:45HopatcongNJUSAUnknown45 secondssilet oject with red light northern NJ12/3/04
10/3/04 03:00LilburnGAUSACircle5 secondssoft-white glowball12/3/04
10/1/04 20:27RichmondVAUSATriangle5 MinutesTwo triangular shaped craft with white and red lights going Northeast.12/3/04
9/30/04 22:00DavisCAUSALight10 minutesStrange Crescent Light Phenomena: Davis, CA12/3/04
9/20/04 05:30ChandlerAZUSAOther2 MinutesI saw the low flying aircraft about 200 yards away flying at almost ground level and it had three filtered lights under the craft.12/3/04
9/16/04 06:00CharlotteNCUSADisk15 secI,d never seen anything like it befor. It was a red string of lights.It didnt move.12/3/04
9/11/04 23:00EmbdenMEUSATriangleapprox. 1 minuteTHREE LIGHTS IN TIRANGLE FORM move quickly across sky, stop get hazy and appear to just disappear.12/3/04
9/6/04 03:00ClevelandOHUSATrianglelost trackobject fled making a 45 degreee turn at high rate of speed. There was no banking on either object.12/3/04
9/6/04 00:35LakelandFLUSALight2-3 minWent over house during hurricane12/3/04
8/31/04 19:54Tinley ParkILUSALight10 minutesA different take on the three lights above Tinley Park, IL 0n 08/31/0412/3/04
8/21/04 23:30Oak ForestILUSAChanging25minthere were red lights which slowly moved over my location, which then "winked out" one by one.12/3/04
8/21/04 21:00HoustonTXUSALightabout 2 or b3 hoursBeam of light in NE Houston12/3/04
8/19/04 13:00MinneapolisMNUSASphere5 MinutesI seen an object in the sky, thought it was a balloon, but it was too large and too high, in five minutes it barely moved.12/3/04
8/16/04 00:00Bel AirMDUSADisk1 hourOne night I walked outside to get a breathe of fresh air and a saw two lights in the sky. They were not air planes because they were mo12/3/04
8/15/04 23:12St. Paul (southern part)MNUSAFormation7minutesthree craft travel in formation above Minnesota. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail, we believe. PD))12/3/04
8/15/04 11:00West LebanonNHUSALight30 MinutesMy freind Aaron and I took nightly walks this summer almost every night. We walked the same paths each time through the grave yard and12/3/04
8/14/04 16:30St MarieCAUSAOtherJackson TrialUnknown Crafts in Santa Barabra During Jackson Trail & Bright Light & Unknown Noisy. I saw a very bright light in sky but I was no12/3/04
8/12/04 02:00BozemanMTUSALightalmost a minuteA point of light similar to a satellite flew at high speed and made several turns of 90 degrees or less.12/3/04
8/4/04 22:00RosevilleMIUSAFormation5 minBright lights dancing in the night sky12/3/04
7/21/04 12:45RenoNVUSADisk20 minutesAt about 12:45pm on July 21st this year, two close friends and I were on my back patio smoking when one of my friends spotted something12/3/04
7/14/04 10:30ChicagoILUSAOther2 minutesit was spying on us. it flew away when we looked at it.12/3/04
6/25/04 12:00Glastonbury Festival (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder15 minutesGlastonbyry Festival Somerset England 200412/3/04
5/14/04 20:00TopekaKSUSADisk2 hoursOn May 14, 2004, I saw a black, disk shped craft come out of a cloud bank and fly low over a park and a shopping center in Topeka, KS.12/3/04
5/14/04 03:25BrycevilleFLUSADiskapprox.15 min.The eye may be sometimes decptive but if you get poked in it --it hurts!12/3/04
4/20/04 01:30Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaSphere2 minutesSphere with bright headlight.12/3/04
1/15/04 04:20Buenos Aires (Argentina)Argentinaim not suremi name is A.G and im from argentina, and y can´t write bery well in inglish so im gona write in spaish estaba en la playa con un amigo12/3/04
9/25/03 22:30Chester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle3minutesthe B-2 lookalike moved from being Stationery over my head and moved off at slow speeds from my position.12/3/04
7/1/03 21:00Moses LakeWAUSASphere10-15 secok I was sitting out on my drive way with my best friend (we were under 18 so no alcohol was involved) but anyway we'd relax on warm ni12/3/04
7/1/03 00:00Moses LakeWAUSAOthera few hoursmany fast moving objects12/3/04
4/20/03 01:00ChesterfieldMOUSASpheresplit secondI saw a grate ball of fast moving flying gas.12/3/04
3/23/03 00:00MinookaILUSATriangletriangular shape in minooka12/3/04
3/20/03 06:45HampdenMAUSADisk2-3 minSaucer-type white slow moving,then zoomed off.12/3/04
10/4/02 00:00QuartziteAZUSATriangle3 mindriving home on I-10 west from Phoenix notice this strange triangular shape of lights gently take off from desert floor it had big ligh12/3/04
7/16/02 23:00White River (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 MinutesStarlike object traversing night sky12/3/04
2/2/02 22:00Yeehaw JunctionFLUSAFormation45 minutesLOOKING FOR OTHER WITNESSES12/3/04
2/2/02 22:00Moore HavenFLUSAFireball45 minsLooking for other witnesses!!!!!12/3/04
9/18/01 19:00GraftonMAUSALight10-20minsBright white light zig-zags and dissapears12/3/04
8/16/01 19:30TaftCAUSALight1 hourwhat happened to the report i gave about this event . we saw three lights very high over S. San Joaquin Valley that moved around12/3/04
11/15/00 22:00FruitportMIUSATriangle3 minutesHuge silent Aircraft flew overhead incredibly low and slow.12/3/04
8/20/00 11:00TroyMOUSADiamondI was rock hunting in a warsh out when a hafe a Diamond shape was sicking out of the hill it was in sandston rock it was soft too the12/3/04
4/15/00 22:00San DiegoCAUSAFormation9 seconds3 stars pyramid shaped roaming slow then disappeared one by one. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly NOSS satellites in formation? PD))12/3/04
3/13/00 00:30JacksonvilleFLUSALight5 minutesA small white light moving through the night sky. (Not a sattelite!)12/3/04
2/15/00 02:30Rocky MountNCUSAUnknown20mins2:30 2000 feb. Rocky Mount N.C. Space Traverlers Object came throgh a circle in space then emitting smaller objects .12/3/04
1/5/00 02:00FlorissantMOUSARectangle3-5 secondstwo story rectangle flys low and silent over the city of Florissant12/3/04
12/31/99 09:00Cali (Colombia S.A.)ColombiaFireball4 hoursOne very big metallic UFO and 17 lights near noon seen on the sunny sky on Cali-Colombia -12-31-9912/3/04
5/1/99 14:00Terre HauteINUSASphere10 minutesThis object was watched and photographed by my son one day at high school band practice. It was a silver color and was noticed as it mo12/3/04
3/23/99 14:15Colorado SpringsCOUSASphere45minutesa glance at norad12/3/04
11/20/98 20:00AuroraCOUSATriangle5-10 minutesTriangle shaped object traveling slowly over Colorado neighborhood12/3/04
11/5/98 02:00Punta GordaFLUSATriangle30 secondsI saw 3 triangular craft in the night sky over my home in Florida.12/3/04
10/1/97 00:00BemidjiMNUSATriangle10 MinutesIn october 1997 my dad and I seen 3 lights in the shape of a triangle tumbling over each other in Bemidji Minnesota.12/3/04
8/30/97 18:00San JoseCAUSAFormation5minI saw round solid color objects flying in pairs in daylight12/3/04
5/10/97 00:00AustinTXUSAFlash3 secondsit flashed very bright and then took off at the speed of light with a blue trail following it.12/3/04
3/21/96 21:00Three RiversMIUSALight10-15 minuetsWihte light UFO 1912/3/04
10/21/95 22:00RochesterNYUSADisk10 minutesUFO followed me12/3/04
6/15/95 04:30Fraile Muerto (Uruguay)UruguaySphere1 minuteSmall glowing ball doing violents moves up and down into a truck loaded with cows a few feet away from me12/3/04
4/15/95 22:00PinehurstNCUSATriangle30 secondsTwo triangular craft, hovering low12/3/04
12/10/94 20:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomOval30 secondsLarge zeppelin shaped craft moves many miles effortlessly across London sky then disappears.12/3/04
11/25/92 04:30Santa CruzCAUSALight5 minutesI was driving down the highway 17 to highway 1 south junction.. A light enveloped the car. I pulled over and got out of the car. I l12/3/04
11/15/91 23:55Ufa (Russia)RussiaFormationmore than 30 minutesFive white disks a bit smaller than the moon formed a letter C above the Krupsky Park, Ufa, Russia.12/3/04
10/25/91 00:05Prague (Czech Republic)Czech RepublicSphere10 secondsYellow sphere with a red blinking sphere on the top, flew straightly in very high speed without any sound12/3/04
9/1/91 13:00PrescottARUSASphere2hrsUn like other incounters I have read about, The ship I saw was landed12/3/04
4/14/91 07:15Panchgani (India)IndiaOther10 minsshooting star like ufo12/3/04
8/12/88 19:00UnionSCUSADisk10 minutesA round circular craft with bright lights followed me home and hovered over my front lawn.12/3/04
6/20/88 20:00ColumbiaPAUSAOval3 minutesoval ring of lights hovering, moved vertically and fast12/3/04
10/20/84 05:00ColumbusOHUSALight4 hrDriving in a thick pea soup fog. Car headlights went out suddenly. I had seen "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" a few years ago. ( th12/3/04
7/16/80 10:00FleetvillePAUSADisk2 Minseeing this hovering there with no sound and moving away so quickly12/3/04
3/1/79 23:29DowneyCAUSAChevron12 secondsVery large silent slim chevron aircraft over Downey CA 197912/3/04
2/25/79 21:00TallmadgeOHUSATriangle9 mins.Slow moving triangular shape---at least the light pattern,seen in tallmadge ohio 2-5-7912/3/04
8/23/78 19:00BluepointNYUSADisk5 minutesI was in my Chevolet van driving east on Montauk Hwy, it was a humid night and the light was almost all gone, just about the time you w12/3/04
8/30/75 22:00White BirdIDUSALight15-20 minutesUFO Pinball?12/3/04
7/15/75 17:00MoreheadKYUSACircle5 or 6 min.This changed the way I look at things forever and no one can tell me that I didn't see what I saw. NO ONE12/3/04
9/15/74 20:00HattiesburgMSUSATrianglea few minutesthree lights in triangle shape bright flashing and incredible movement12/3/04
5/27/74 12:00Spring LakeMIUSAOval10 minutesIn the spring or early summer of 1974 we saw a dull gray object flying in a straight line over Spring Lake, Michigan at about noon time12/3/04
4/20/74 02:15GalesburgMIUSADisk5 minutesHuge circle of rectangular light beams shoot into the night sky on highway 9412/3/04
10/24/73 18:45CentervilleOHUSAOther45 minsoft-white glowball12/3/04
6/30/73 20:00West AllisWIUSALight2-3 hoursBright light hovers & makes Fast right angle turn into atmosphere12/3/04
6/20/72 20:00Los AngelesCAUSALightone hourUFO's put on a show for mother and children over the Santa Monica ocean.12/3/04
12/20/71 16:00MountainviewCAUSATriangle10 minutesParticially hidden, behind cloud, hovering craft with large observation window clearly visable12/3/04
10/30/69 21:00FultonNYUSACigar4 minutesorange cigar shaped object drops something that bursts into flames.12/3/04
11/30/68 21:30Locust ForkALUSALight3 minutesSmaller UFO comes from behind mountain and enters larger one.12/3/04
4/5/68 23:00WestlandMIUSADisk2-3 min1968 Westland MI, and 1982 US. NAVY sighting's12/3/04
10/12/67 01:45Viet Nam (jungles of)Viet NamOther1 hourLights in the Nam12/3/04
5/15/67 20:00Palm WellsCAUSAFormation10 MINUTESsmall lighted spheres apparently hovering just above the ground; about a quarter mile away12/3/04
6/15/65 10:00GlenvilNEUSAUnknown2 minutesIt was not a visual occurance but one of sound and motion.12/3/04
6/15/47 14:00GackleNDUSAOtheraprox. 1 hourAlien hawk sighted in North Dakota12/3/04
16:35Albinea (Italy)ItalyCigar00:15solo vista astronave color metallo a forma di rettangolo molto stretto12/3/04