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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2004/12/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/14/04 04:30TremontMSUSALight2-3 minsA strange sound appeared to be coming from something hovering over our house. As soon as it came it all of a sudden stopped.12/14/04
12/14/04 00:30GarlandTXUSAUnknown1 min 30 sec.I saw a dim indeterminately shaped object that flew silently about 1.5 degrees per second whose only hint of its appearance was in the12/14/04
12/13/04 23:59BiloxiMSUSAUnknown6 to 8 secsV shaped light formation travleing S/SW in Biloxi12/14/04
12/13/04 22:30TrioSCUSALight10 secondsMore night sky activity in Salters12/14/04
12/13/04 22:15SeattleWAUSA2 secondsHi Mr. Davenport: Just spoke to you about the “meteorite” that I saw or think I saw last night,Dec. 13, 2004 at approximately 10:15 to12/14/04
12/13/04 21:07Upper Black EddyPAUSACircle10 secondsfast ball of light moving every which way12/14/04
12/13/04 20:35ExeterRIUSALightless than a secondunusual light in sky12/14/04
12/13/04 18:27AlexandriaLAUSA15-20 secondsDate: Dec. 13, 2004 Sighting Time: 06: 28 p.m. c.s.t. Location: Alexandria, Louisiana My wife and I were traveling by SUV over the12/14/04
12/13/04 06:00ClevelandTNUSAUnknown15 MinutesSporadic movement from light, with cross glare.12/14/04
12/13/04 03:11TucsonAZUSAFireball3 secondsI was watching the geminids towards about I think it was Venus ENE I am located in NE Tucson AZ The fireball was slow for other meteor12/14/04
12/13/04 02:00Machesney ParkILUSAUnknown15-20minutes15-20 minutes of Extreme light in the sky with very strange noises.12/14/04
12/12/04 22:46La JuntaCOUSALightsecondsRed light across the sky12/14/04
12/12/04 22:15College StationTXUSATriangle5 minutes22 orange-yellow UFOs, flying low, fast and silently east to south over Texas A&M University 4 randomly moving followed by 18 in a line12/14/04
12/12/04 22:00NashvilleTNUSALight30 min.lights circling inside clouds over Nashville12/14/04
12/12/04 21:13MesaAZUSAFormation10 secondsa formation of 5 yellowish orange flexing noodles flying across the sky12/14/04
12/12/04 19:00Tinley ParkILUSAFlash5 minutesseries of exploding white, green, orange lights in NE area of Tinley Park within 5 mins12/14/04
12/12/04 17:00Santa ClaritaCAUSASphere30minutesBright red lights hoovering over Santa Clarita12/14/04
12/12/04 10:00PhoenixAZUSASphere2 minutesglowing gold spere seen 10 am in nw phoenix -hovered then moved from s to n across west valley12/14/04
12/12/04 02:45PuyallupWAUSASphere5 Minutesorange glowing object that drops smaller glowing ojects.12/14/04
12/12/04 02:00FriendswoodTXUSATriangle45 minTriangular shape craft seen from the Houston, Tx. area on 12/12/04 @ 2 a.m.12/14/04
12/11/04 22:00GreenvilleTXUSATriangle10-20 secondsTriangle shaped lights slowly fade out and disappear.12/14/04
12/11/04 21:55Van AlstyneTXUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular formation of lights seen in the western sky above Van Alstyne, Texas fade away into the ether.12/14/04
12/11/04 21:50Fort WorthTXUSALight1 minuteThree lights in form of triangle in sky west of Fort Worth disappeared completely. Two were brilliant white & one orange.12/14/04
12/11/04 21:00WilliamsportMDUSAFireball6 secondsGreen light emmitted from sky in Western Maryland ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))12/14/04
12/11/04 20:00College ParkMDUSAFireball2 secondsBig Green Ball of Light Falling over College Park, MD on December, 11 2004 ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))12/14/04
12/11/04 19:55GaithersburgMDUSAOther2 secondsBrilliant green comet or meteor12/14/04
12/11/04 19:55ManassasVAUSALight15 - 20 sec.Huge glowing green object in Northern VA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))12/14/04
12/11/04 19:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAUnknownunknownPossible UFO seen in skies over nation's capital12/14/04
12/11/04 14:30Monmouth BeachNJUSALight3 seconds12 brilliant silver orbs surge from the cloud cover12/14/04
12/11/04 00:00Coconut CreekFLUSADiamond5 minutesthis object looked like the north star was getting 20 times closer to earth.12/14/04
12/10/04 04:45Los AngelesCAUSALight5 secondsSmall light heading north got brighter then flashed and headed south.12/14/04
12/9/04 22:10BristolTNUSATriangle25 secondsTriangular object photographed12/14/04
12/9/04 22:05Lourinha (Portugal)PortugalTriangle6 sec.Triangle shaped lights disapeard on the sky12/14/04
12/9/04 19:45Lindsborg to LyonsKSUSALight1Hr 15 MinBright orbs appeared in the sky, bigger than stars and much brighter,also bigger than plane lights.12/14/04
12/9/04 17:10Palm DesertCAUSAOther5-10 minutesSaw a luminous yellow-green color craft, with external white lights. It was quite large. It was low on the horizon, so low that it wa12/14/04
12/9/04 16:15Yellowknife (Canada)NTCanadaOval8 minutesTwilight sighting of bright, glowing, red, oval and moving object in northern Canada.12/14/04
12/9/04 07:30NasonILUSALight10 Minutesmoving vanishing star12/14/04
12/9/04 01:46MariposaCAUSALight3 hoursStrange Lights over Mariposa California.12/14/04
12/9/04 00:04ChicoCAUSATriangle5 secondsObserved flying triangle with five orange lights as it flew silently and slowly in an eastwardly direction over city.12/14/04
12/8/04 23:33HendersonNEUSAFormation6 sec.3 gold colored connected lights very large moving East to West12/14/04
12/8/04 23:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAOtherIn the air flying very low 20 feet above tree line. No sound at all. Moving from north to south. looked like a flat dark hangglyder typ12/14/04
12/8/04 19:30Surfside BeachSCUSALight20 minutesOrange lights with many strobes over ocean in Surfside.12/14/04
12/8/04 18:45PeeblesOHUSALight1.5 minsOrions belt, Brighter than I ever saw anything, then two aircrafts departed in opposite directions from it.12/14/04
12/8/04 18:00Greenwood LakeNYUSAOther15 sec3 lights moving very fast from east to west. First 2 lights merged then moved out of sight.12/14/04
12/8/04 06:30GoldbarWAUSALight1.5 hrsthere were 3, bright glowing objects hoovering in the pitch black sky.12/14/04
12/8/04 05:20LithoniaGAUSALight5 secondsA bright green light with a quick burst of speed infront of my car while I was driving12/14/04
12/8/04 00:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChevron5 to 10 secondsOrangish - Reddish Glow moving in a zig zag pattern about midnight!12/14/04
12/7/04 21:45Midwest U. S.OHUSAUnknown30 minutes +Airline pilots see strange lights approaching Cincinnati12/14/04
12/7/04 21:00KingsportTNUSADiamond15-25 minutesA large amount of UFO's in the sky, including a low flying one that was nearly silent and a sort of diamond shape with 5 lights.12/14/04
12/7/04 21:00Johnson CityTNUSALightshortstrange lights over washington county tennessee12/14/04
12/7/04 19:55AlexandriaLAUSAFormation10-15 secondsWhile driving a friend ogf mine and I both saw random glowing lights appear in the sky then formed a strait line and dissapear12/14/04
12/7/04 19:05Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown10 SecondsWhite lights, in unison, left to right, not change in velocity, direction, or speed, much too large for a normal A/C12/14/04
12/7/04 18:30SaltersSCUSALight30 secondsSaw the same lights again tonight that we saw on October 20, 2004.12/14/04
12/7/04 17:30ChattanoogaTNUSAFireball10 secondsFireball observed Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004 in Chattanooga, Tennessee12/14/04
12/7/04 17:18TucsonAZUSACylindersecondsPhasing Cigar UFO over NE Tucson AZ12/14/04
12/7/04 05:45Fort WorthTXUSACigar2 secondsGold Cigar shaped object seen moving away from Carswell AFB. Object was moving very fast. I thought it was an Aircraft ditching into La12/14/04
12/6/04 21:00OakwoodGAUSALightless than a secA beam of light like a firefly makes but at a way larger scale12/14/04
12/6/04 20:00ElyriaOHUSALight10 minsThe lorain county airport is literally in my back yard. the object that i saw was a pulsing light of a full spectrum of colors. the o12/14/04
12/6/04 19:00Oxnard to Yuma (enroute)CAUSAFlashsplit secondsintense flashes light up whole sky12/14/04
12/6/04 18:55BrandfordFLUSATriangle5 minutestriangle w/three lights followed us 1/4 of a mile12/14/04
12/6/04 06:34Harbor BeachMIUSAUnknown2 hoursit was large and blinking kind of haveing a fierce glow around it , there was things dropping off of it.12/14/04
12/6/04 04:00Richmond (Australia)AustraliaUnknown10minBright lights and shaking New South Wales Australia 6th December 200412/14/04
12/5/04 22:20Bishkek (Kyrgyzistan)KyrgyzistanUnknown2 hoursA bright shining object emitted multicolored beams of light12/14/04
12/5/04 22:00Strathroy (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond10 minutesSlow moving diamond/triangle shaped low flying craft without any sound w/bright white lights on tips and scrolling blue and red lights12/14/04
12/5/04 21:35BainbridgeNYUSADisk2 minsI was driving West on NY state I88 when I spotted a UFO in the shape of a disk/saucer hovering above a field. It was silver/gray with b12/14/04
12/5/04 20:30OrlandoFLUSALightabout 7 or 8 secondsA bright green, flourescent light that traveled at a very rapid speed leaving a trail and changed direction rapidly before disappearing12/14/04
12/5/04 07:00East StroudsburgPAUSALightapproximately 5 seconds eobject in the vacinity of the airplane that appeared to be a bright orange light, similar to what you would see as the sun rise reflect12/14/04
12/4/04 23:00Kansas CityMOUSAOther3 minutesConvoy crosses Kansas City sky.12/14/04
12/4/04 23:00Geelong (Australia)AustraliaLight5 Minutes3 Lights in Triangular Formation Moving Accross The Sky ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites?? PD))12/14/04
12/4/04 22:13ElmhurstILUSALight15 minsBright flashing point of light12/14/04
12/4/04 21:08HialeahFLUSAOval2 secondsA small oval white light shape going through a part of the sky from east to west then turns to north12/14/04
12/4/04 21:00RockfordILUSADiamonda few minutesA diamond shaped object was found near Rockford Illinois.12/14/04
12/4/04 20:30Burlington (south of)INUSATriangle20 minutesOrange flashes followed by appearance of objects12/14/04
12/4/04 11:40Santa MonicaCAUSALight15 MINUTESTwo white, pinpoint lights at approximately 20,000 feet for 15 minutes12/14/04
12/4/04 00:45PittsburghPAUSALight1 minuteGlowing orange orb moving at high speed and changing direction over city of Pittsburgh, PA12/14/04
12/4/04Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomLight25 secondsFiery light12/14/04
12/4/04PapillionNEUSAOther3 secondsAt 9:30 pm a whiteish blue light swiftly flew over my car, and it was to low to be an aircraft, and it made no noise12/14/04
12/3/04 22:00SacramentoCAUSADisk10 secSaucer orbiting the moon very close to its surface.12/14/04
12/3/04 21:00JamestownNYUSAFormation1 hourhorizontal ovular formation of white lights rippling through clouds12/14/04
12/3/04 20:30WinnemuccaNVUSATriangle10 secondsViewed a large V shaped pattern of square lights moving quickly overhead from NE to SW.12/14/04
12/3/04 20:30HersheyNEUSARectangle5 MinutesSpinning and sliding sideways group of light that were Rectanglure in shape12/14/04
12/3/04 20:00NorwalkCAUSACigar30 secondsWhile taking my dog out for a potty call last night, i happened to look up in the eastern region of the sky and saw a very unusual UFO.12/14/04
12/3/04 19:45Los AngelesCAUSATriangle60 secondsHuge triangle with red lights12/14/04
12/3/04 18:00Sunol/PleasantonCAUSATriangle30sec7 Lights, Big to small, moving to the center of the triangle, appearing out of no where as if going un cloaked.12/14/04
12/3/04 18:00GrapevineTXUSAFireballsecondsBright Blue flash seen in the N.W. sky.12/14/04
12/3/04 17:50LakewoodOHUSACigar2-3 sec.Cigar shaped ufo along with heavy military air traffic in the area12/14/04
12/3/04 15:00LexingtonKYUSASphere2 MINUTESTwenty white objects spotted hovering over University of Kentucky campus12/14/04
12/3/04 05:30Reed SpringMOUSALightaprox. 2 hrs5:30 met friend to go to work. he is talking about light he has been watching in the south and also another much brighter light in the12/14/04
12/3/04 02:37YorkPAUSAOther10 - 15 minutesStrange glows appeared in sky, moving about in realativly close range.12/14/04
12/2/04 21:00Del RioTXUSAOther3 minOn Dec 2nd two strange lights appeared around 9:30 - 9:45 pm coming from north- east going south-west12/14/04
12/2/04 19:05MemphisTNUSATriangle30 secondsPure machine- If it was ours it will be on Memphis approach radar or be given clearance to enter TCA for MEM.12/14/04
12/1/04 23:40ShelbyMTUSAFireball5secfireball/meteor12/14/04
12/1/04 00:00RiversideCAUSADisk40 minFloursent green "stars" that actually fly in the skies over So. Cal.12/14/04
11/30/04 18:00MesaAZUSAOther30sec- 1 min"V" shaped object seen in Mesa, AZ 11/30/04 6:00pm12/14/04
11/30/04 06:15Syracuse/Weedsport (between)NYUSATriangle5 minutesSaw bright lights on ufo as truck near it on I90West 11/30/04 unidentified craft over field looks like triangle.12/14/04
11/30/04 02:30LancasterOHUSAFireball5 secondsBright blue fireball12/14/04
11/29/04 22:15IrvineCAUSAUnknown.2 secthe object emitted sparks from the side and rear and hit the earth at a fantastic speed. no light was emitted upon impact.12/14/04
11/27/04 18:00AthensTXUSATriangle3 hours11-28-04 At 6:00 pm cdt,me, my wife and my grandauther were ridind around on farm to market roads approx. 25 miles from athens tx when12/14/04
11/27/04 16:45ClarionPAUSACirclefive minutesI was heading in my daughter's garage on the east side of the house and noticed what I fist thought was a hot air balloon, which therea12/14/04
11/26/04 05:00Seaford/Millsboro (from/to)Millsboro, to RehobotDEUSALight40 minutes or moreLight followed car from start of journey to destination, stopping when vehicle stopped and so forth.12/14/04
11/25/04 23:15San MarcosCAUSALight1-2 MinutesOrange Light over Highway 7812/14/04
11/16/04 11:00Tombstone to Saguaro nat parkAZUSAOther30 minsa balloon/fish shaped object hovering above the mountains ((NUFORC Note: Possible INS or Customs balloon. PD))12/14/04
11/1/04 04:54Middleburg HTSOHUSATriangle40 minutesDegree in electronics. Reporting via a PDA. Black triangle. Good look at it. 200' in size. Seems the lights on tips are electro ion. Li12/14/04
10/31/04 20:00Orland ParkILUSATriangle3 solid red lights in a triangle over Tinley or Orland Park , east of LaGrange Road hovering12/14/04
10/31/04 20:00Tinley ParkILUSAOther1/2 hour3 Bright Red Objects in South Eastern Sky that took different formations then disappeared.12/14/04
10/31/04 19:00LexingtonKYUSACircle15 minDark orange, circular, stationary object12/14/04
10/14/04 14:20RenoNVUSAChanging2 hoursWhite snake -like plume with objects on either end12/14/04
10/11/04 14:00Arroyo GrandeCAUSACircle1 minuteobserved Angel Hair type UFO12/14/04
10/9/04 00:35AustinTXUSAChanging1-3 minutesone light that stretched into 3 white lights, with a red light on the left, very suddenly12/14/04
10/4/04 20:00RussellvilleARUSALight10 minutesThis is in response to a similar report from Pottsville, AR that occurred on 12/2/04. On two occasions, I've sighted a similar object i12/14/04
9/10/04 02:00North HollywoodCAUSATriangle5 - 10 minI stood outside smoking when I gazed up toward a bright star shining blue and a bit red as well as I blew smoke up in awe of the stars12/14/04
9/6/04 04:00WaynesboroVAUSACigar1 hourSpinning red cigar in gyrosphere.12/14/04
9/5/04 13:00Mexico City (Mexico)Mexico??hey did anyone see that thing on CNN about a single ufo in Mexico? I dont remember the time that it happened or even what month it was,12/14/04
9/3/04 01:00WeehawkenNJUSALightover 45 minsTwo flashing lights following aircraft over NYC on the last night of the RNC 04.12/14/04
8/23/04 19:00MidlothianILUSA2 minutesGovernment Helicopter May Have Known About Tinley Park, IL UFO12/14/04
8/22/04 01:00DexterKSUSALight30 MIN.Round bright star like object lighting up the ground below it. Shot off silently.12/14/04
8/19/04 17:00ShorewoodMNUSAEgg5hoursobject floating over minneapolis area August 19, 200412/14/04
8/19/04 01:20Metchosin/Sooke Area (Canada)BCCanadaLight20-minutesTwo Unidentified Nocturnal Aerial Lights in the Sooke Hills - Sooke Basin Area, Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada12/14/04
8/8/04 12:00United StatesUSAyearsI thought I saw a UFO but it was a homeland security drone.12/14/04
7/30/04 11:00AkeleyMNUSATriangle30 minutesencountered 33 foot ufo in road close as 20 feet for over 30 minutes duration other evidence w/ photo12/14/04
7/10/04 04:00Cumberland/RavensdaleWAUSAChangingmonthssmall morphing lights make half diamond shape then seperate into large blimp like creatures12/14/04
9/26/03 18:45LoganWVUSACylinder15-50 minutesflying silver cylinder object12/14/04
10/1/02 13:35Karavostasi (Greece)GreeceCross1 minutea look-through aircraft a la 'predator'12/14/04
9/27/02 19:30KentWAUSASphere6 1/2 minI really saw a dark grey sphere hovering motionless then moved slowly got smaller and dissapeared!!!!!12/14/04
8/20/02 20:00AugustaKSUSALight5 minutes2 sets of bright white lights in a horizontal line, no sound, no movement, approx. 5 minutes12/14/04
8/7/02 03:00ScottsvilleKYUSAUnknown1 hourSeveral Lights Above Grandma's House12/14/04
5/15/02 14:00CapitolaCAUSATriangle2-3 minutesSmall triangle with two props 3 feet from each wing tip and perfectly quiet at a low altitude.12/14/04
12/13/01 22:25Kansas CityMOUSAFireball10 minutesfalling satellite12/14/04
2/4/01 17:50Fairmont Township (Luzerne Co.)PAUSASphere7 secondsPale yellow sphere near nuclear plant in PA.12/14/04
6/30/00 17:00WantageNJUSACircle10 minutesTwo glowing yellow objects, floating in the sky.12/14/04
9/9/99 19:00MarathonFLUSADisk10minutesWe were driving in a car going south on us1. just south of the airport i said look at that. My friend and his wife saw it when i pointe12/14/04
5/28/99 02:00Half Moon BayCAUSAUnknown8 secondsMy room lit up a brillant orange on three occasions.12/14/04
5/1/99 22:00Cape CanaveralFLUSACircle1 minuteufo seen by the US Coast Guard Cutter Laurel12/14/04
8/1/98 20:00BrigantineNJUSALight5 min3 orange lights over NJ bay area, with REALLY loud humming noise heard.12/14/04
6/9/98 21:30BrownsvilleTXUSALight15min.I just called a friend that also witnessed the UFO to verify the time. As for the sighting goes. About ten of my closest friends and my12/14/04
4/29/97 17:00Fresh PondCAUSAFormation25 minutesLarge green glowing ball of light over the Sierras12/14/04
3/12/97 18:20Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomSphere10 minsTwo objects doing imposible manovers12/14/04
1/1/95 10:00OxnardCAUSAChanging10 min1 light turns into 4 (light show)12/14/04
12/10/94 18:40TemeculaCAUSADisk3-4 minsLast night, while driving home from work I spotted an unusual looking flying object. The UFO traveled slowly like a blimp. It was t12/14/04
6/1/94 03:00RaymoreMOUSATriangle5-10min4-5 lights & 1 large ship 10-11 years ago. Did you see it?12/14/04
10/15/93 15:30SulphurLAUSAOval5 TO 10 MIN.Two large black objects fly over town ... 0nly 4 people observed them .....12/14/04
10/10/93 03:00Zlatoust (Russia)RussiaSphere20 minutesI woke up at night and looked out the window near my bed. There was a huge sphere of shining light in front of our nine floor apartment12/14/04
3/20/93 20:00Joshua Tree National MonumentCAUSAFireball30-40 minutesFirebsall probe from large craft, exibiting obvious intelligence.12/14/04
9/1/91 19:00Boston (above)MAUSACircle20 to 30 secndsThe object was absolutely solid as I observed it, but appeared to fly thru the windows.12/14/04
8/25/91 23:00MarquetteMIUSA3 secSecond and Third witness to report.12/14/04
10/10/89 00:00CalabasasCAUSADiskapprox 5 minUnidentified object on Mulholland Highway.12/14/04
8/15/86 13:30OgdenUTUSACigar15 minutesEarly afternoon siting of cigar shapped object, August 1986, Pineview Reservour, Ogden Utah12/14/04
7/16/85 21:00GriffithINUSAOther2 minutesMe and my freind Joe Crowley drove a car and went to a deep area path beyond Griffith Park to a vast area of weeds and trees, as we wen12/14/04
1/6/82 17:00Edwards AFBCAUSALightaprox 5 minutesLate afternoon/early evening, series of 3 lights, equally spaced, descending, disappear/reappear Edwards AFB area.12/14/04
7/8/80 02:00LouisvilleKYUSACigar40 MinutesDefinitely followed my car over 20 miles and shone lights, went way below the second loop of power line noiselessly12/14/04
2/5/79 21:00TallmadgeOHUSATriangle1-2minsufo lights seen in Tallmadge, Ohio ,beginning on 2-05-7912/14/04
11/7/76 22:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandDisk10-15 minutesLarge flying circular craft over Auckland12/14/04
11/15/75 23:00MiamiFLUSADisk3 to 4 minThe object ws sighted from the cockpit of a Choey Lee sloop, docked by a condo on a causwat between Miami & Miami Beach. It first appea12/14/04
11/8/72 20:00TucsonAZUSATriangle10-15 minDark triangular object emitting "dread", searching for something, then challenges USAF base security.12/14/04
7/30/72 18:00Mojave (vicinity)CAUSALight90 secondsCraft must have been setting on ground when we arrived. We were on vacation and were headed home from Northern California. We had pulle12/14/04
7/1/72 12:00Salt LakeUTUSAOval45 secondsa real event12/14/04
3/4/72 02:00ScottsvilleKYUSADisk30 minutesFlying Disk Lands in Field.12/14/04
9/9/69 21:10AustinTXUSASphere12-15 MinutesA ring of light appeared, filled in with golden light, increased in brightness while moving, then gradually faded away.12/14/04
12/20/66 20:00Trinidad (location unspecified)TrinidadUnknownLIQUID12/14/04
9/16/66 20:00ChicagoILUSACigar10MINUTESChicago 1966 sighting when no aircraft were flying.12/14/04
7/15/66 22:00MalibuCAUSATriangle10-15 secondsHuge triangler shape object seen up close over the tree line in the Malibu mountains in 196612/14/04
6/6/65 02:45CalihamTXUSALight5 minIt happened one nite when I was young I was at most 5 years old. I had the habit of getting sleeping with my 2 older Sisters and gettin12/14/04
4/15/53 12:00Los AngelesCAUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball traveling north at a low altitude over Los Angeles12/14/04