National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2005/01/11


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/10/05 22:06ScottsdaleAZUSAChanging35 minutesPulsating twinkling light in the sky over the mountains in SW Phoenix.1/11/05
1/10/05 19:22HoustonTXUSAOval1 minuteAn oval object with lights very close to the Fwy1/11/05
1/10/05 19:00Fortescue (over the Delaware Bay)NJUSACircle30 secondsLight with erratic flight pattern1/11/05
1/10/05 18:45BellevueWAUSAChanging15 minutesMulti colored object, split into 3 lights, then split into 2 white lights northwesterly of Mercer Island, WA1/11/05
1/10/05 18:00Lincoln CityORUSALight3 minutesBright light over ocean that was later joined by another. Both meandered around each other before disappearing.1/11/05
1/10/05 01:22Herzliya (Israel)IsraelLight5Orange ball moving on the horizon with small stops in mid air along the way until it disappared1/11/05
1/9/05 23:45OrindaCAUSAFireball2 secondsa fireball that moved very quickly in a straight line across the night sky1/11/05
1/9/05 18:45AshvilleOHUSAFormation5 secondsA stunning display of 6 objects,incredibly fast,no plane can move out and back in formation like that.1/11/05
1/9/05 18:45San Jose Villanueva (El Salvador)El SalvadorCircle30 mina lot of ufo"s folowing each other1/11/05
1/9/05 18:25Athens (Greece)GreeceFormation1 minformation of lights moving1/11/05
1/9/05 12:30SedonaAZUSACircle2.5 min.the circle shaped cloud sat still for about 2.5 minutes then dissappered1/11/05
1/9/05 03:00WorcesterMAUSAEgg1 secondEggs in the sky1/11/05
1/8/05 23:53DallasTXUSACircle4-5 secondsUFO seen over north Dallas1/11/05
1/8/05 20:10Castro ValleyCAUSALight2 MinutesFast moving bright Light leaves contrail1/11/05
1/8/05 06:30ChicagoILUSALight10 MINSLight moving fast over Chicago1/11/05
1/8/05 00:15CumberlandRIUSATriangle0:10Triangular craft hovered for awhile, then shot off northward1/11/05
1/7/05 22:30RichmondVAUSAFireball<2 secondsA light outside Richmond, Virginia.1/11/05
1/7/05 20:51MiamiFLUSAOther10 sec.Unusual object traveled at rapid speed across Miami nighttime sky1/11/05
1/7/05 20:51MiamiFLUSADisk10 SecondsLocation: Miami, Florida. The incident occurred between 8:51 and 8:53pm Eastern Time. The observers cannot be more precise about the1/11/05
1/7/05 18:45WaterfordPAUSAUnknown2 minsFloating Craft zooms away as I stop to look at it, weird!1/11/05
1/7/05 12:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSACylinder5 minutesThe objects moved slowly from east to west1/11/05
1/7/05 08:03BakersfieldCAUSASphere3 minutessphere flying over traffic congestion in Bakersfield Ca January 051/11/05
1/5/05 23:30BuffaloNYUSALight15 secondsTwo sets of red lights loop around the sky before disappearing.1/11/05
1/5/05 21:25OrangeCAUSAFormation2 minutes9 lights in changing formation moving steadily southward1/11/05
1/5/05 20:00Los AngelesCAUSAFireball10 secsI saw a green fireball travelling across the night sky towards earth.1/11/05
1/5/05 19:10DallasORUSACigar2 minutesUFO in Dallas Oregon - Hellicopters - Cigar shaped - Shooting sparks from the bottom!1/11/05
1/4/05 23:20HarrisburgNCUSADiamond00:02:00Extremely brilliant multi-colored symmetrical light source no sound hovering 1.5 minutes low in sky moving off at moderate velocity1/11/05
1/4/05 20:05Kidderminster (UK/England)United KingdomLight06 minutes2 orange lights making sudden manouvres in the sky, seperating and rejoining.1/11/05
1/4/05 19:25BremertonWAUSADiamond1-minuteI was hooking up my tractor/trailer at my company's yard in West Bremerton, Wa. (West Hills), I happened to look out toward the Northwe1/11/05
1/4/05 19:15DallasORUSACircle10 minBuring orange sphere burning out over Salem Oregon1/11/05
1/4/05 19:10Castro ValleyCAUSALight30 secondsObject moving across CA sky Jan 4th 2005 7:10PM1/11/05
1/4/05 17:45CalabasasCAUSALight2 secondsLights in Calabasas, California1/11/05
1/4/05 16:24SunnyvaleCAUSASphere5-6 minsSphere like objects in rainbow seemed to "cloak" or "chamelon" colors of the spectrum then vanish1/11/05
1/3/05 17:15SeattleWAUSAReported light over Seattle, it was a satellite!1/11/05
1/3/05 00:35AlpineCAUSALight20 mincluster of 5 circular white lights1/11/05
1/2/05 23:00HelenaALUSAUnknown2 mins.craft traveling VERY VERY FAST. Red flashing lights. Tried to track with telescope,craft much to fast to do so.1/11/05
1/2/05 20:00PawtucketRIUSACircle~5 minsphere hummed overhead while flashing red and blue - slowly departed to the east, into South Attleboro / route 951/11/05
1/2/05 19:00LaCrosse/Dusty (between)WAUSAFlash~30 secA light slowly gradually grew brighter until there was a flash, then immediately disappeared.1/11/05
1/2/05 17:18SeattleWAUSALight3-4 minuteswhite light similar to satellite traveling high over Seattle1/11/05
1/2/05 03:40SeattleWAUSALight45 minutesTwo objects with pulsating lights in Seattle over Puget Sound.1/11/05
1/2/05 00:45BrentwoodCAUSALight3 minutesThree red lights float across the sky and sound.1/11/05
1/1/05 21:00ColumbusGAUSALight5 minutesFour individual lights moving rapidly across the night sky, at common interval, all in same direction1/11/05
1/1/05 20:45Toowoomba (Australia)AustraliaFormation30 secondsformation of lights appeared out of nowhere high above us1/11/05
1/1/05 17:30TampaFLUSADisk1 minuteSaucer-shaped object , about the size of two football fields traveling at high speed over air force base!1/11/05
1/1/05 17:25Route 202NJUSALightabout 1 minuteCluster of lights fade then disappear1/11/05
1/1/05 13:45ColumbiaSCUSAChanging5 minutesWhite objects at high altitude and high speeds during clear daytime conditions.1/11/05
1/1/05 06:51Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoEggless than 1 secondi was just taking pictures of night view with my digital camera, and i suddenly realized that i took a picture of UFO1/11/05
1/1/05 03:00Ocean ShoresWAUSAFlash4hrsthier were ligth flashing ,moving in all diff. dications,they made diff pattten,they were there untill the sun came up.they were all in1/11/05
1/1/05 01:49BrentwoodCAUSARectangle10 minutesI went outside to turn off the hot tub and I saw an orange glowing light in the distance. The light seemed to be getting closer. As I l1/11/05
1/1/05 01:45ChicagoILUSAChanging2 minutes3 shape-changing objects, interacting with each other, seen flowing southward over downtown chicago1/11/05
1/1/05 00:59Coimbra (Portugal)PortugalOther10Y-shape light effect over the valley1/11/05
1/1/05 00:30Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoCross4 to 5 miniutesObject moves from west to east, makes a u-turn, and goes back west. Glows orange. Repeat of 12-24 event.1/11/05
1/1/05 00:20Waltham Abbey (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5-6minuteshi, we let off fireworks to see in the new year, as the last one was finishing we noticed three circles of light in a tri-angular forma1/11/05
1/1/05 00:15FullertonCAUSALight10 minutesNew Year's Day around 1:30 a.m two redish/yellowish/orange lights appear in the sky, one after the other diasappears1/11/05
1/1/05 00:05Las VegasNVUSAOval5 secondsI had never seen such speed of an object up on the sky.1/11/05
1/1/05 00:02BelleviewFLUSAUnknown11:02 11:08scary shit1/11/05
12/31/04 23:15Santiago (Chile)ChileRectangle10-15 minutesVery bright red-orange "blinking" light in northern horizon (west of Pleiades) - brighter than Mars, two sightings, Santiago, Chile1/11/05
12/31/04 23:00Centurion (South Africa)South AfricaSphere45minsphere balls in sky1/11/05
12/31/04 22:00Hastings (New Zealand)New ZealandFireball5 minYellow gold starlike object slowly rising in the western sky1/11/05
12/31/04 21:20Hastings (New Zealand)New ZealandOther15 minutesHastings New Zealand. A slow moving bright orange cup shaped disk very clear and visible1/11/05
12/31/04 16:00LombardILUSADisk3 minutessaucer shaped object in the sky glows white and fades three times in sky1/11/05
12/31/04 13:00FriendswoodTXUSATriangle10-15 min.Saw orange light appear and dissapear on different parts of the sky for alteast 10 minutes1/11/05
12/31/04 06:25SumterSCUSALight3 MINPoint of light1/11/05
12/31/04 01:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomCone15 minsCone shaped object1/11/05
12/30/04 20:30WellsvilleNYUSAFireball3 minutesBright orange glowing object that hovered, moved across the sky and down, then disappeared.1/11/05
12/30/04 20:00AnchorageAKUSALight15 minTwo hovering lights above Anchorage, Alaska1/11/05
12/30/04 11:30FullertonCAUSAOval20 minHovered up and down and side to side1/11/05
12/30/04 09:15SebringFLUSACircle30 secondsBright white light appeared in clear blue sky for about 30 seconds around 9 A.M.1/11/05
12/30/04 06:15Quebec (Canada)QCCanadaLight5 minThe objects stayed in the sky without moving.1/11/05
12/30/04 06:00InglewoodCAUSACircle2 MinutesPossible International Space Station Siteing1/11/05
12/29/04 21:10GainesvilleFLUSALight5MINSI COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES1/11/05
12/29/04 18:30BillericaMAUSACircleat least 2 hoursLarge White circles of light racing in circles at fast speed above the clouds in Billerica, Ma1/11/05
12/29/04 11:42Lake CityFLUSACircle12 minutesSeven brite dots seemed to hover for 12 minutes, then vanished instantly.1/11/05
12/28/04 21:00Fox ChapelPAUSATriangle90secsThsi not one of the UFOs I see before.1/11/05
12/28/04 21:00PhoenixvillePAUSATriangle20 minsLight along the sides with a shape of a triangle1/11/05
12/28/04 04:00Havre de GraceMDUSAUnknown@ 1 HOURthe object looked like a star and appeared to get brighter at times as it moved up and down across the nights sky1/11/05
12/27/04 09:05SebringFLUSACircle30 secondsBright white light appeared in clear blue sky for about 30 seconds around 9 A.M.1/11/05
12/26/04 23:10TobyhannaPAUSALight5 SecondsRed light in the Sky1/11/05
12/26/04 20:00Green LakeWIUSALightat least 1 1/2 hrsVery bright object low in the evening sky that seemed to spin while emitting light in many different colors.1/11/05
12/26/04 19:38Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFormation6 SECONDSAt about 19:38 pm I was out trying to view the comet Machholz as I was looking up in the sky directly above me while standing facing di1/11/05
12/26/04 16:00SarasotaFLUSACylinder3-4 minutesTwo silver white cylinders moving way to fast for a blimp1/11/05
12/26/04 13:30Coimbatore (India)IndiaDisk2minSaucer shaped object brown metallic was seen descending just as i was watching the report on sea surges throughout asia thought these1/11/05
12/26/04 00:00Winter ParkFLUSAChanging36 Min 27 Seconds3 Multi colored objects hovored over my calm lake...1/11/05
12/25/04 22:25GloucesterMAUSAChanging5 MINUTES2 triangles split apart to many stars and hovered near Orion.1/11/05
12/25/04 18:35Garden CityNYUSALight4 secondsI saw a white light in the sky flare brightly, then dim, then flare again, less brightly, then disappear.1/11/05
12/25/04 17:00EugeneORUSAChanging5 minutesAfter exiting my garage on my way to the car, my eye caught something odd in the night sky. I observed what seemed to be an object with1/11/05
12/25/04 06:20BakerCAUSALight30-45 secondsFireball in Desert near Baker, Ca.1/11/05
12/24/04 23:00Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoCross45 secondsOn December 24th at about 11:00pm a jet shaped objected moved across the sky glowing orange at a high altitude.1/11/05
12/24/04 20:58ViennaVAUSAFireball1 secBright BLUE/GREEN object streaked cross the sky from NE to SW.1/11/05
12/24/04 19:35PeshastinWAUSALight5 MinutesSlow Moving , Gold in Color,Started to Flash and Dropped a Light same in color as the object continued slow without any noise1/11/05
12/24/04 19:00South WebsterOHUSASphere3 secondsBlue Green Falling Star-No Trail1/11/05
12/24/04 04:00ColumbiaMDUSAOtherover an hourobject looked like a star, but the color changed back and forward1/11/05
12/23/04 16:30MurfreesboroTNUSASphereSeveral secondsBright orb of fiery red light seen beneath cloudy overcast in southern sky.1/11/05
12/23/04 05:00SomervilleTXUSAOtherVery bright static light with multi-colors.1/11/05
12/23/04 04:20MalvernIAUSALight5 secondsshooting star which stopped and suddenly shot upward1/11/05
12/23/04 01:00Palo AltoCAUSAFormation15 SecondsV shaped formation floats across sky,1/11/05
12/23/04 00:00ChatsworthGAUSADiamond1 minutei came out an looked cuze of my dogs noise and there it wuz over the mountain1/11/05
12/22/04 23:00TulsaOKUSAUnknown3-5 minutesstrange noises in the night time sky of tulsa. ((NUFORC Note: Please see note. Sound probably related to aircraft activity. PD))1/11/05
12/22/04 21:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomFlash3 seconds3 white lights flash downward within about 0.3 seconds1/11/05
12/22/04 20:30PortlandORUSAUnknown10 MinutesLoud object with three lights.1/11/05
12/22/04 16:39Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaCigar2 minutes6 cigar shaped objects over Vancouver1/11/05
12/22/04 01:00Lansdale (on highway)PAUSAUnknownfew secondsCraft was speeding along at an insane speed and then stopped on the dot, hovered then flew back at an insane speed.1/11/05
12/22/04Oxford (UK/England)United KingdomCigar3-4 minutessilver sparkly object splits into two!!!!!!1/11/05
12/21/04 21:10WenatcheeWAUSAFireballSecondsLarge shooting star over eastern sky1/11/05
12/21/04 20:00Ponce (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoCircle1 minuteZig Zag shaped light does fast movements in the sky then banishes in one direction1/11/05
12/21/04 06:30San Marcos (Escondido, Rancho Bernardo)CAUSAOther20 minsenormous size blue ufo followed over 3 cities1/11/05
12/21/04 04:30FairviewNCUSAChanging2 hoursUFO sightings in the eastern sky.1/11/05
12/21/04 01:00St. PaulMNUSACircleOngoingAppear as two very bright stars with red centers. They are fairly fixed in the sky in a southeast location above the Mississippi River1/11/05
12/21/04 00:05North MiamiFLUSAOval90 secondsI have never seen anything that could move that quick and make a 90 degree turn, then go backwards!!1/11/05
12/20/04 20:50Prescott ValleyAZUSAongoing5 "stars" in a curved pattern under Orion of a bright magnitude that don't belong thereand have never been there before!1/11/05
12/20/04 18:00SalomeAZUSACirclefive minutesThree motionless orange lights appear, disappear, then reappear above Salome, Arizona.1/11/05
12/20/04 17:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown20 secoundsIt was a bright light that was desending , then a big burst of something and then sped upward and out of sight1/11/05
12/20/04 16:00West LafayetteINUSAOval20 seconds2000 mph metalic oval with con trail in day time sky over Indiana.1/11/05
12/19/04 20:00KuwaitKuwaitOval4 minuts4 din lights in the sky ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))1/11/05
12/19/04 18:00Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteA bright light hovered some distance away for a minute, before bursting into 4 or 5 lights and all of them disappearing.1/11/05
12/19/04 17:00TecumsehMIUSALight11 huge glowing lights over Southern Michigan1/11/05
12/18/04 22:20Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFlash1 secondSilent blue lightning shoots from the sky1/11/05
12/18/04 19:32CoronadoCAUSAFlash10 secondsit flashed for three or four seconds and disapered.1/11/05
12/18/04 19:06TacomaWAUSAFireball5 secondsBrite white ball with tail ..same as one in china seen by 700 or more people1/11/05
12/18/04 19:05Guarda la Vaca (Cuba)CubaLight5minsBright Orange Light seen over Cuban Sky1/11/05
12/18/04 19:00RockvilleINUSAFireball1minGlowing Disk Craft hovering over high power wires with fast strobing light on top and bottom ,1/11/05
12/18/04 18:45RedmondWAUSASphere5 secondsDriving East on 520 freeway, off of NE 148th blue sphere traveling very fast about the size of a basketball appearing to head downwards1/11/05
12/18/04 13:00Santa MonicaCAUSACone40 MinutesUnknown object over Santa Monica, CA.1/11/05
12/18/04 05:30TexarkanaTXUSACircle1 hourI saw a UFO without a doubt a UFO!1/11/05
12/18/04 05:05Thousand OaksCAUSADisk25 min.The object or light would move quickly from right to left, and move in a circular motion vertically. ((NUFORC: Possibly Venus?? PD))1/11/05
12/18/04 00:00San FranciscoCAUSALight45 minUFO hiding in star constellation1/11/05
12/17/04 16:35BellmarNJUSAFormation20 minutesFOUR WHITE OBJECTS MOVING SLOWLY SW IN FORMATION1/11/05
12/17/04 09:00Los AngelesCAUSATriangle5 MinHuge1/11/05
12/17/04 00:30East IslipNYUSALight5 secondsIncredibly fast moving bright light in an oscilloscope-like path1/11/05
12/16/04 22:40GaylesvilleALUSARectangle5 secondsEnormous oval object with three lights flew just above tree tops and over my car.1/11/05
12/16/04 20:30AnaheimCAUSAFireball2-3 seclarge blue fireball moving very fast1/11/05
12/16/04 18:05FarmersKYUSALight5 + minutesvery bright object in sky, no movement, 2 bright headlight shape with faint light in center.1/11/05
12/16/04 15:40BinghamtonNYUSAOther10 minThis may not be reportable, but I feel that I must publish it. While going east to west in Binghamton, I was watching what appeared to1/11/05
12/16/04 12:00AndersonSCUSACigar5 minutesSilver cigar shaped object with no wings that stopped and changed direction in mid-air1/11/05
12/16/04 11:00São Paulo (Brasil)BrazilFormation30 minblack twins UFO1/11/05
12/16/04 04:30ArdmorePAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright, randomly flashing, zig-zagging craft or object (possibly orb) off in the distance.1/11/05
12/16/04 00:15VeedersburgINUSALight5 minutesAt 12:15AM a large extremely bright object in the northern sky was slowly moving south. As it moved closer, its size appeared even gre1/11/05
12/15/04 23:00CharlestonMOUSAUnknown10 minutesLow flying craft with no sound1/11/05
12/15/04 19:45Poole, Dorset (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 seconds2 objects travelling at slow speed (dim light)....then seperated at great speed on a tacking motion..and disappeared.......our first ev1/11/05
12/15/04 19:35CarmelINUSAOval4+minutesBright pinkish orange oval radiating light at 19:35 close to the horizon and about 15-29 degrees east of due north.1/11/05
12/15/04 09:55Lajes Air Force Base (Portugal)UTPortugalSphere10 secondsnone of the below was seen or experienced1/11/05
12/15/04 09:00PaolaKSUSATriangle2 min3 traingle shaped objects, low to the gorund1/11/05
12/15/04 08:10Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaCircle~40 minutesSix white lights encircling greenish dot, seen over Washington state,10000 feet, high moves slowly southward1/11/05
12/15/04 05:00Palo AltoCAUSAFormation34 MinutesSeveral V-Shpaed Formations of Amber glowing craft float across the night sky1/11/05
12/15/04 04:35Long BeachMSUSALight5 minutesIt was 4:25 a.m. on Wednesday 12/15/04 and I was preparing to set out for work. I had taken some water outside to de-ice my truck winds1/11/05
12/14/04 23:30Pond Inlet (Canada)NTCanadaCircle10-15 secondsRacing lights1/11/05
12/14/04 23:00Charleston/Mt. PleasantSCUSASphere5 secondsGold, non moving light in sky that vanished completely over river near Charleston1/11/05
12/14/04 22:30Johnson Village/South ParkCOUSATriangle10 min.Traveling home my daughter noticed 3 stars that came closer and closer then we noticed that it dropped 2 ball like objects that came f1/11/05
12/14/04 22:20SeattleWAUSA2 secondsHi again Mr. Davenport: I wanted to let you know that I spoke to my brother in law, who is a ferry boat captain on the North Vashon Is1/11/05
12/14/04 21:00SandyUTUSASphere15 minstrange changing light above south mountiain1/11/05
12/14/04 18:28Lucerne ValleyCAUSATriangle6 MinLarge Triangle spotted In Lucerne Valley, CA on a clear cool night1/11/05
12/14/04 17:00Chatham (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 minutesTuesday, December 14, 2004 While driving to Chatham from Ridgetown on the 401 at apx. 4:50 pm I noticed a jet above the clouds on the1/11/05
12/14/04 06:58Orange (also visable from Covina)CAUSAFireballabout 5 minutesSaw Strange line of light due east of location in Orange, CA shortly before sun crested over horizon. Ran into house to get camera and1/11/05
12/14/04 06:30PhoenixAZUSALight5 MinutesLight above South Mountain, Phoenix1/11/05
12/14/04 05:15BrooklynMIUSALight2 minutesBright orange light flares, changes into tight cluster of blinking lights that moves erratically over Brooklyn, Michigan.1/11/05
12/14/04 01:00OrrvilleOHUSAOther3-5 minutes3rd time seeing the most peculiar aircraft I have ever seen.1/11/05
12/13/04 20:00EmoryTXUSAConeTwo hours - plusI witnessed a cluster of extremely bright white, blue and red strobe type lights at a low altitude for about two hours.1/11/05
12/13/04 18:20Myrtle BeachSCUSALight60 secondsSonic boom in Myrtle Beach1/11/05
12/12/04 17:00Chino HillsCAUSAOval15 min12/12/2004 Chino hills objects hoverin very far from Earth Vshape formation.1/11/05
12/9/04 03:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAthis being was observed in the city. ((NUFORC Note: Bizarre creature apparently witnessed by sec. guard in Washington, D.C.. PD))1/11/05
8/10/02 15:00EmoryTXUSAEgg5 SecondsI saw a reddish orange egg shaped object fly north to south at a low altitude.1/11/05
6/1/02 16:00Blenheim (New Zealand)New ZealandEgg3 minutesGleaming white smooth low flying egg over Woodbourne, Blenheim, New Zealand1/11/05
11/23/95 01:00GaithersbergMDUSAFormation15sec-1minNovember, 1995 sighting of a red "V" formation followed by a wavy string of greenish lights.1/11/05
8/20/93 02:00GoshenOHUSATriangle5min?I was driving home from work east bound on rt.28 outside of Goshen OH when i caught sight of a group of helicopters flying in V formati1/11/05
7/14/80 23:00HamburgNYUSATriangle3 hoursTriangular UFO sends probes into Lake Erie1/11/05