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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/7/05 23:40 Nottingham (UK/England)
Triangle 10-20 seconds 23:40 Monday 7th Feb 05 - Black triangular craft seen moving across night sky and rising vertically before vanishing. 2/8/05
2/7/05 19:00 Nogales (Chile)
Cylinder a few seconds i saw one object crossing the sky when i was swimming in my pool it was flying really fast it and left a trail behind 2/8/05
2/7/05 07:05 Biggs CA Diamond 15 min Two diamonds flying in the sky. 2/8/05
2/7/05 06:00 Issaquah WA Disk 10 min 4 craft with red & white lights hovering over Lake Sammamish, WA. 2/8/05
2/7/05 00:00 West Haven CT Disk i dont no what that means it was like it was waching me and my friends 2/8/05
2/6/05 23:57 Napa CA Light 3 minutes Orange light slowly travels across the sky and rapidly ejects smaller lights downward from it, before disappearing. 2/8/05
2/6/05 19:00 Spokane WA Unknown 2 minutes white lights turning to red then gone 2/8/05
2/6/05 01:08 Middletown PA Light 10-15 seconds 2 orange lights moving in circular motion in the middle of the night 2/8/05
2/5/05 06:00 Cashel (Republic of Ireland)

2 mins 3 strong lights that faded out when approached by fighter jets 2/8/05
2/5/05 05:10 Fort Smith CA Light 10 min Saw a strange thing in the early morning sky Saturday morning February 5, 2005. It looked like a comet southeast of Fort Smith over For 2/8/05
2/4/05 19:54 Riverdale UT Light 2-3 seconds Light was about the size of a BB held at arms length 2/8/05
2/4/05 19:30 Newton IL Fireball 15-30 sec. Bight Fireballs in the sky 2/8/05
2/4/05 18:45 Port Orchard WA Triangle 3 min Triangle, Port Orchard,WA 2/8/05
2/4/05 18:40 Port Orchard WA Triangle 3 min Triange Port Orchard, WA Witnessed at 2 different locations 2/8/05
2/4/05 09:45 San Jose CA Sphere 2 Minutes Sphere emits Rainbow of Colors 2/8/05
2/4/05 04:00 Centreville VA Circle 2 min. saw circular figure with moving lights 2/8/05
2/3/05 22:30 Colorado Springs CO Circle 20 minutes Bright white ball flew from west to east, did strange manuevers over and around Polaris. 2/8/05
2/3/05 20:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5-7 seconds Reddish fireball 2/8/05
2/3/05 18:00 Sheffield (UK/England)
Electric Blue Light 2/8/05
2/2/05 20:00 New Hartford CT Light months Two sets of blinking lights in the sky. Can be seen on clear nights. 2/8/05
2/2/05 20:00 New Iberia LA Circle 2-3 mins. we saw a big, round ,colorful ufo just stopped in one spot a few feet in the air, and it took off, and it was no where's in sight. 2/8/05
2/2/05 19:15 Tulsa OK Light less than 5 min Bright Bluegreen LIght 2/8/05
2/2/05 19:00 Beacon NY Light 6PM till after 7PM As I steped outside to the front of my house I saw what I thought was the radio tower of the mountain(Beacon MT.) it started to move sl 2/8/05
2/2/05 17:29 Hauppauge NY Unknown 3-4 minutes Five contrails noticed in the sky moving counterclockwise and disappearing/reappearing. 2/8/05
2/2/05 14:20 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 5-10 minutes I'm a high school student around 16. I would like to say that I was witness to another sighting, that appeared on ABC News, the one tha 2/8/05
2/2/05 13:23 Cedar Falls IA Fireball 10MIN 3SEC FIREBALL TYPE CRAFT SAW FOR 10 MIN 3 SEC 2/8/05
2/2/05 07:30 Berkeley CA Oval 20 seconds The object hovered over a park then flew off extremely fast 2/8/05
2/1/05 21:10 Laguna Niguel CA Light Still there, 1/2 an hour Looks like a normal star, but moves around. No other star around it does that. 2/8/05
2/1/05 20:30 Scituate RI Light long Has anyone else in RI, CT or MA seen this? 2/8/05
2/1/05 19:00 Clarks Summit PA Triangle 2 minutes Triangle craft that split up into three speeding crafts with white lights and little to no sound 2/8/05
2/1/05 17:40 Adamsville OH Formation 15 min+ 5 identicle slow moving large disks took 20 minutes to drift across sky 2/8/05
2/1/05 17:30 Adamsville OH Formation 25minutes+ 5 shiney objects first resembled airplanes with short trails, all 5 identicle in size, shape, tail, altitude and distance apart. Sprea 2/8/05
2/1/05 09:25 Kent WA Sphere 3 min This was a spherical object adjacent to an airplane contrail 2/8/05
2/1/05 05:30 Adamsville OH Formation 25minutes+ formation of 5 disk like moving very slowly , spread across horizon moving towards same location 2/8/05
1/31/05 22:45 Puyallup WA Light seven minutes Nighttime UFO sighting in east Pierce County, wa 2/8/05
1/31/05 22:00 Columbia City IN Triangle 3 minutes Object hovers and melts frozen pond. 2/8/05
1/31/05 19:30 Commack NY Chevron 30 seconds boomerang shaped object moving steady and quietly 2/8/05
1/31/05 19:00 Penn Valley CA Other 5 minutes VERY Large Craft silently flys overhead slowly to the east, accompanied by large electric blue explosion 2/8/05
1/31/05 18:20 Homer Glen IL Unknown 3 min Low flying quiet with lights flashing 2/8/05
1/31/05 07:30 Tallahassee FL Sphere 1-2 mins Sphere, Shiny, disapear 2/8/05
1/31/05 07:15 Hartford CT Other
I saw a ufo in the distance it caught my eye by the orangeish sun reflecting off it. 2/8/05
1/31/05 Wood River NE Oval
Bright oval shaped object picking up a cow. 2/8/05
1/30/05 23:12 Modesto CA Chevron 5 -10 secs 5 white lights arranged in chevron pattern, silent 2/8/05
1/30/05 20:15 Morgan Hill (12 mi. north of on 101) CA Light 2 minutes Stationary object off US 101, blinding lights flashing and then disappeared. 2/8/05
1/30/05 19:00 Yelm WA Triangle 30 seconds Well My boyfriend (nathan) and I were driving on Yelm highway which is in the boonies. There are no street lights and the road is surro 2/8/05
1/30/05 17:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Oval 5 minutes bright red and white fast flashing oval light sitting in one spot for 3 minutes..... 2/8/05
1/29/05 19:05 Orangevale CA Triangle 3-5 seconds Vee shaped red/orange lights moving east to west over Sacramento. 2/8/05
1/29/05 17:00 Los Angeles CA Disk 4 min We saw a subject size if a helycopter, round and it had a whole in the midle, it looked like a donut,block and you cood see sky throoh 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:50 Mesa AZ Light 10 minutes Bright red light floating almost overhead in western Mesa, AZ - just to the SE a little. Floated/moved slowly until it vanished. 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:45 Hastings (or Winona) MN Oval Approx. 4 minutes Oval shaped object performs remarkable aerial feats over Hastings, MN 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:10 Mesa AZ Other 5 minutes This was not a balloon, known aircraft,spotlight,,flair ,star, or planet. What in our world was it? 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:04 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Formation 10 minutes 5 objects in a straight line ,but very bright in color 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:03 Mesa AZ Formation normal Friday night Formation of three red lights. 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:00 Mesa AZ Triangle 30 minutes red lights over mesa arizona 2/8/05
1/28/05 21:00 Mesa AZ Light 15-20 mins red rotating lights that drop 2/8/05
1/28/05 20:00 Mesa AZ Triangle 30 min 3 red triangle lights over mesa arizona moving at a slow rate of speed. 2/8/05
1/28/05 19:30 Durban (South Africa)
Light 90 secs Lights in formation flying over Mount Edgecombe South Africa 2/8/05
1/28/05 18:00 Blaine MN Unknown 5-10 seconds red and blue alternating lights, hovering then moving at an incredible speed then gone 2/8/05
1/28/05 07:45 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 1 minute bright light disappears with no trace 2/8/05
1/28/05 05:32 Hamlet IN Other 8 min. A bug shaped flashing craft. 2/8/05
1/27/05 20:00 State College PA Diamond 40 min. 6 Diamond shaped crafts with lights that flashed from red to blue to white on each tip. 2/8/05
1/27/05 19:30 Corsica PA Oval 5 minutes Extremely bright oblong object sighted in sky, 7:30 pm, in rural area, viewed app. 3", moved away pulsing 2/8/05
1/27/05 19:15 Phoenix AZ Light 15 minutes Leaving my girlfriend's grandparents house, noticed a blinking whitish light moving to the northwest. Thought that it was a plane, but 2/8/05
1/27/05 19:00 Abingdon MD Light 5 minutes object emitting a brilliant solid white light beam in a reverse triangle pattern 2/8/05
1/27/05 04:15 Naperville IL Other 30 seconds Silent Translucent U shaped craft, Slow moving, Full moon, light Snowy night , Fast jet after 2/8/05
1/26/05 21:00 Saybrook OH Rectangle 30 minutes Rectangular Cloud? 2/8/05
1/26/05 21:00 Morristown TN Triangle 15 minutes MUFON report /Trucker reports hovering triangle over Interstate 2/8/05
1/26/05 02:00 Rogersville TN Fireball 10 seconds Red light in sky Moving Quickly and Disappeared. 2/8/05
1/25/05 21:45 Wellington (New Zealand)
Light 20 minutes What i thought was a satellite over Porirua, Wellington, increased in speed and made zigzag and circular patterns. 2/8/05
1/25/05 17:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cylinder 1 minute Craft above field outside NYC, black torpedo glowing lights, flashed then disapeared. 2/8/05
1/25/05 10:00 Belize (during cruise)
Unknown 1 hour on jan 25 2005 about ten at night we noticed bright lights that were very strange. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD)) 2/8/05
1/24/05 22:45 Wimberley TX Light 2sec. Bright greenish blue light dropping down(southern horizon) and gone. I expected to hear a big bang, but alas, it was silent. 2/8/05
1/24/05 15:42 Maui HI Fireball 1 second Bright spherical object seen on north side of Maui 2/8/05
1/22/05 19:00 Olympia WA Light 10 minutes My husband and I witnessed 4 spinning white lights,which changed to 1 spinning light while traveling north at tree top level . 2/8/05
1/16/05 08:00 Howell MI Flash 5 sec blinding flash 2/8/05
1/15/05 12:00 Sandy Cove (Canada) NF Other 8 minutes it was orange and yellow and it floated up and down and then away from us, and it looked like it was photograping us or something. 2/8/05
1/15/05 03:20 Atlanta TX Other 2 hours STRANGE LIGHTNING 2/8/05
1/15/05 00:00 Las Vegas NV Other party It was about midnight we were having fun playing around then it happened ((NUFORC Note: Note a serious report, we suspect. PD)) 2/8/05
1/13/05 06:40 Liverpool (UK/England)

10 seconds flash, then bright streak 2/8/05
1/10/05 10:15 Savannah GA Sphere 15 seconds This white dot was moving across the sky from the NW to SE in Savannah GA about 10:15 am on 1/10/05. No noise. It went into the clouds 2/8/05
1/5/05 14:15 Cullman AL Triangle 9 Min. Me and a few friends were outside working on my fathers truck when we looked up and saw all saw a black triangular craft hover over us. 2/8/05
1/5/05 06:15 Renton WA Circle 2 minutes Hovering, circular UFO over Lake Washington, Renton WA, Early January 2005 2/8/05
1/5/05 01:30 Bridlington (UK/England)
Flash on/off for approximatly 2 Bridlington, England 2/8/05
1/1/05 00:00 North Hollywood CA Formation 21 minutes I witnessed a UFO dogfight. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a serious report. PD)) 2/8/05
12/29/04 15:30 Rockford MI Oval 15 sec. While heading south on Ramsdell going to a local Deli to pick up dinner, I was coming to a stop sign onto Cannonsburg Road, I was almos 2/8/05
12/27/04 23:59 Wenatchee WA Chevron 3 to 4 min bright lights forming a giant chevron formation 2/8/05
12/21/04 21:00 North Myrtle Beach (Cherry Grove) SC Circle 5.min Every thing was a very bright gold color. 2/8/05
12/20/04 20:00 Indianapolis IN Disk one hour Drove directly underneath a UFO in Indianapolis, saw the underside and inside of the UFO. 2/8/05
12/13/04 22:00 Neosho MO Oval 20 seconds An addendum to my report made in December 2004 for the sighting on Dec. 13, 2004. 2/8/05
11/25/04 23:00 Houston TX Light 10 MIN UFO TWICE ABOVE MY HOUSE. 2/8/05
11/22/04 13:45 Newport (UK/Wales)
Cigar 5 I was walking home from school and got to the gates of my house. it was a clear blue sky. i looked in the air and saw a cigar shaped cr 2/8/05
10/24/04 19:30 Bethlehem PA Other 60 minutes Blue orbs appeared near lunar eclipse 2/8/05
10/23/04 05:00 Greenville SC Light 2hrs on October 23, 04 my girlfriend and I were driving home from Charlotte NC. Not long after crossing the Greenville county line I noticed 2/8/05
10/22/04 03:45 Lakewood WA Disk 30 min A disk appeared and performed several impossible turns/twists. 2/8/05
10/15/04 23:00 Saint Paul MN Sphere 10min 11 balls of solid light formed a circle around the horizon, sat still for a while then quickly darted around and disappeared. 2/8/05
10/6/04 15:00 Placerville CA Disk 5 min. 8 objects flying in a figure 8 a very high altitude.. 2/8/05
9/8/04 23:00 Park City UT Other
6 lights flying VERY fast 2/8/05
9/1/04 22:00 Destin FL Light 3 minutes Lights in sky above gulf waters in Destin, FL 2/8/05
8/15/04 20:00 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Triangle 7min I am 10. I was with my mom when I looked up to see 3 stars I was looking at were gone. Around them was three "stars" In a purfect dist 2/8/05
7/3/04 00:00 George WA Light 3 minutea Red lights in the Columbia River Gorge 2/8/05
5/3/04 22:00 London (UK/England)
Circle 15 mins The sky was clear and this large objet was just hovering 2/8/05
4/30/04 21:00 Gadsden AL Cigar 12 minutes It seemed to hover above the water as opposed to gliding through it. 2/8/05
4/15/04 17:00 Pittsboro IN Light 45min The objects was briht orange-ish yello, and approx. to the north in a clearing of tthe clouds. 2/8/05
3/6/04 23:00 Hertfordshire (UK/England)
Triangle 2 hours Faster than Mach 5, made barely any noise, far better technology than ours 2/8/05
1/28/04 23:10 Modesto CA Chevron 15 secs My girlfriend, her friend, and myself were standing and talking out on my back porch looking briefly up at the stars, when we all saw w 2/8/05
9/17/03 21:00 Toronto (Canada) ON
30mins Controlled Explosion had been suggested as a way to protect against abduction. 2/8/05
9/15/03 17:50 Socorro (outside of) NM Rectangle Approx 1-2 minutes Silent flying rectangle with lit windows at dusk close to the ground out in the desert flying in the direction of White Sands 2/8/05
9/9/03 00:31 Sarasota FL Fireball 8-10 min Bright yellow ball with red comet tail turning into 3 lights in the shape of a triangle 2/8/05
5/23/03 01:00 Franklin NE Changing country Sight seeing places in NE if you believe you will see. 2/8/05
4/19/03 00:00 Seattle WA Unknown unknown Possible abduction? MILAB? Strange visit from the health department? 2/8/05
11/17/02 19:30 Birmingham (UK/England)
Unknown 10 sec max I arrived from work quite late parked my van outside my home and as always on a clear cloudless night I look up at the stars. I was loo 2/8/05
8/10/01 11:30 Salida (near) CO Sphere 2-3 Seconds 2 Silver Orbs passed under our C-130 Aircraft 2/8/05
7/15/01 19:00 Ellisville MS Circle 90 seconds Distant lite circular hovered briefly and then streaked away (not of this world's technology) 2/8/05
3/1/01 23:00 Madison AL Circle 15-20 sec. the moon apeard far to north of its usely path and moved so fast that it could not be moon as I know it. 2/8/05
12/31/00 23:00 Fountain Hills AZ Unknown 15 seconds Low flying black craft flies over my house, no lights, and seemed to be too low for comfort. 2/8/05
4/23/00 23:00 Eugene OR Disk 10 min. It followed me for about 10 minutes. 2/8/05
4/2/00 14:00 Fremont IA Unknown 15 sec I had an encounter with a creature who was doing a Reptilain Hosting or demonic possession of my exwife. 2/8/05
10/15/99 23:00 Stockbridge GA Triangle 1 minute green lights in triangle pattern hovering above trees and strange dreams for 2 months after. 2/8/05
6/15/99 00:00 Sherwood Park (Canada) AB Light 2 min Sherwood Park (southeast area) 2/8/05
5/1/99 03:00 San Bernardino CA Triangle 5-10 minutes 1999 Camping with friend in backyard triangular craft 20ft away...perfectly silent completely still. 2/8/05
11/16/98 21:00 Baraboo WI Triangle 10 min Triangular UFO near Baraboo, Wisconsin 2/8/05
10/6/98 23:00 Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Triangle 10 mins Three star like objects. 2/8/05
3/7/98 18:45 Port St. Lucie FL Light 5 MINUTES two bright beams of light in the eastern sky 2/8/05
11/23/97 23:00 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Chevron 5 minutes Walking home one evening i noticed the ground light up around me. i looked up to see a row of lights blinking off and on.when my eyes 2/8/05
8/15/97 20:15 Buffalo NY Sphere Over 15 min Orbs/Spheres over Hertel Avnue Looking North West towards Niagarg street 2/8/05
7/16/97 17:20 Edmonds WA Triangle 20 mins. day light sighting of a dark triangle 2/8/05
5/10/97 05:30 Lawton (vicinity) MI

Two turkey hunters are illuminated by a bright "beacon" from above. Illuminated woods around them. See bright blue light above them. 2/8/05
1/11/97 22:00 Carrollton TX Circle 45 minutes Very distinct object (circular in shape) passed over three major suburb cities of Dallas, Tx. 2/8/05
11/27/96 Graham County NC

Police report--Possible twinkling star. 2/8/05
10/31/96 09:00 Murfreesboro TN Circle halloween 10/31/1996 shape of a circle white light like the moon can move at very fast speed 2/8/05
7/1/96 19:00 Bovina TX Unknown 2 minutes Blue & White Lights 2/8/05
6/1/96 02:00 Gibsonton FL Light 30 seconds A 2 person witness to a UFO entering a type of "worm hole" 2/8/05
5/20/95 23:00 St. Louis MO Cigar 3 seconds Neon green cigar shape craft with neon red tail emission traveling noiselessly at high speed . 2/8/05
5/8/95 23:00 Lindsey (Canada) ON Sphere a few seconds Suddenly a yellow orange orb travelled from one cloud to another.... it was too fast to look for distinguising features,but it was too 2/8/05
10/17/94 10:35 Kannapolis NC Light 20 seconds brilliant light coming and going 2/8/05
8/7/94 19:00 Northern NSW (NSW, Australia)
Circle 1-2 minutes Silent golden globe executing radical manuvers before accelerating up into space. 2/8/05
9/3/92 19:00 Wilmington NC Disk 5 - 9 mins multiple saucers, there and gone. 2/8/05
2/19/91 18:00 Rockyface GA Cylinder thirty minutes I watched a brilliant gold colored cylindrical object with several pink and blue lights floating in the air 2/8/05
10/15/88 20:00 Missouri (rural; location unspecified) MO

Man views lighted blimp-like object float over house. Many UFO reports that night. 2/8/05
10/15/87 22:00 Eastchester NY Triangle 2 -3 minutes huge dark dimly lit Triangle slowly passes over Platform Tennis Courts in Eastchester NY 2/8/05
6/11/87 09:00 Sarasota (Myaka State Park) FL Disk 5 min state road 72 disk with lights around it flew in a fast horizontal motion. 2/8/05
7/15/82 01:30 Williamsport PA Light approx 12 sex a star-like light traveling in a zig-zag pattern at the speed of light. 2/8/05
8/1/81 03:00 Austin (Lake Travis) TX Formation 7 minutes circular light pattern that flew off with great speed in formation with 2 Air Force Jets on its tail. 2/8/05
1/12/80 23:00 Orinda CA Sphere 40 minutes My house was on the golf course i became very uneasy and had butterflys in my stomache I picked up a firearm before the sighting a s 2/8/05
6/6/76 23:00 Mansfield OH Disk 30 MIN ONE HUGE MOTHERSHIP 2/8/05
7/14/75 21:00 Girard MI Unknown @ 45 minutes have watched the lights .. come ... go.. .bright ...split and disappear 2/8/05
11/15/74 21:00 Higgins Lake MI Circle 10 minutes Higgins Lake ,Mi. Nov.1974 at night. Round, bright white object hovers over the lake. 2/8/05
9/22/74 17:00 Jamul (east of) CA Fireball 30-35 min. round glowing fireball traveling northt to south and straight up and straight up and down 2/8/05
7/15/71 18:00 Big Rapids MI Oval 10 minutes Flying object observed over Big Rapids, MI and eventually chased by SAC planes. 2/8/05
9/15/70 Gillingham (UK/England)
Watching Discovery Science on TV about the Pheonix lights brought to memory an event that happened to me in I think 1970 in either Sept 2/8/05
6/30/69 10:00 Westphalia IN Egg 1hr ret. mst. u.s.a.f 2/8/05
10/20/68 19:30 Fleetwood (UK/England)
8/8/67 10:00 Middlesboro KY Oval unknown the bottom was gray and as large as the fild we were in. 2/8/05
9/15/59 11:30 Dayton OH Disk 15 mini formation of 6 saucers moving from Wright Paterson east to Dayton Ohio 2/8/05