National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2005/05/11


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
5/11/05 00:05London (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond45 seclights over southwestern ontario tues. may 11 2005 2 diamond shaped ships in "northern lightslike" purple cloud.5/11/05
5/10/05 21:20San DiegoCAUSASphere15 minutes6 white lights moving over san diego5/11/05
5/10/05 21:15Forest HillsNYUSATriangle4 secondsTwo triangular shaped objects, flying parallel to each other, flew by, from east to west, very rapidly.5/11/05
5/10/05 17:00SandpointIDUSAOther10 sec.A missile/cigar-shaped object "suspended" just below the body of a small jet landing in Sandpoint. ID.5/11/05
5/10/05 01:40MesaAZUSAUnknown1second-12 minSonic booms over Mesa?5/11/05
5/9/05 13:00CumberlandMEUSACigar15 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous source. Hoax?? PD)) I was at a party late on Tuesday night with about 4 of my friends from college.5/11/05
5/8/05 22:00Black Canyon CityAZUSAUnknown10 minutessaw a stationary very bright light that looked like a star at a very far distance. As we drove towards it , it started to move very slo5/11/05
5/8/05 21:30Culver CityCAUSATriangle20 secondsBoomerang shaped aircraft 10 lights over Culver City, CA5/11/05
5/8/05 20:00Vermillion ParishLAUSALight1-2 minutesBright red light that faded then suddenly then a second later a white streak shot to the east from where the red light was.5/11/05
5/8/05 11:00PhoenixAZUSASphere10 secondsSmall sphere, moving very fast to the west, directly under my aircraft, 3,500 feet5/11/05
5/7/05 23:00Gothenburg (Sweden)SwedenCircle6 secondsbright light flying object leaving the sky fast5/11/05
5/7/05 21:55WarminsterPAUSALight2 secondsLooking southeast from Warminster, PA. I saw a bright neon-green light angle toward the ground low in the sky (about a 60 degree angle)5/11/05
5/7/05 21:45Johnson CityTNUSAFireball20 secondsVery bright object in sky.5/11/05
5/7/05 17:08CorralesNMUSASphere1minSphere, cloud high5/11/05
5/7/05 12:03San FranciscoCAUSAUnknownA very small craft5/11/05
5/6/05 23:19Blue SpringsMOUSAUnknownJust over 7 minutesAmber-ish burning light shapeshifting into an array of lights moving very in slow motion but fast at the same time.....can't explain it5/11/05
5/6/05 18:30Emerald (near) (QLD, Australia)AustraliaTriangle2 minutesSeen a large black object in the sky with red lights at each point.5/11/05
5/5/05 23:00BristolCTUSATriangle3.5 minBlack Quiet Triangle Spotted5/11/05
5/5/05 23:00RustburgVAUSAUnknown5 minutesit was four reddish orange lights then they turn white and it took off pretty fast faster then any plane i've ever seen5/11/05
5/5/05 22:00MargateFLUSALightone minuteIt looked like a shooting star but it lasted to long,It lasted about a minute and a half.5/11/05
5/5/05 20:30AnsoniaCTUSATriangle2 MinutesTriangle, 3 lights, silent and slow. Low altitude.5/11/05
5/5/05 20:24RockportMAUSARectangle1 minuteMUFON/MASSACHUSETTS REPORT: Rectangle seen in Rockport, MA5/11/05
5/5/05 11:45RonkonkomaNYUSARectangle5 minutesIt was Thursday morning at 11:45 AM on the 5th of May 2005. I was parked in a shopping center waiting for my girlfriend to finish cash5/11/05
5/4/05 22:30Townsville (Australia)AustraliaOtheraround 25 minsStrange, motionless, flickering coloured lights over townsville australia.5/11/05
5/4/05 21:35BeckvilleTXUSALightapx. 4-5 minBright light moving steady across the sky from horizon to horizon.5/11/05
5/4/05 21:00CentervilleGAUSATriangle5 minutespulsing blue light with irratic movement5/11/05
5/3/05 23:30PortlandORUSACircle2 min's05/03/05 23:30hours. the we seen in portland Oregon It moved from north to south and vanished.5/11/05
5/3/05 22:03Glenwood SpringsCOUSAFormation23 secondsWHO KNOWS WHAT THAT WAS? ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD))5/11/05
5/3/05 20:30RigginsIDUSAOval2 eveningsUnbelievable speed and able to stop and hover with no sound.5/11/05
5/3/05 02:00SolonOHUSAUnknown2 MinutesLarge dark soundless craft - white lights - criss-crossed shapes on bottom - low flying5/11/05
5/2/05 21:00ClovisCAUSALightabout one minuteBright white light flased in the sky, followed by 2 red flashing lights move up and down, back and forth.5/11/05
5/2/05 03:44GreensboroNCUSASphere20 secondsUFO flies over Gas Station5/11/05
5/2/05 01:00London (UK/England)United Kingdom1 min3 bright red dancing lights5/11/05
5/2/05 01:00Waiparous (west of Calgary) (Canada)ABCanadaFlash30 minsThe speed and color was amazing to see.5/11/05
5/1/05 23:15Hartlepool (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder2 minutes approxCylindrical object performing complex maneuvers then accelerating at great speed out of my sight.5/11/05
5/1/05 16:11FallbrookCAUSAChanging30 secHuge bright liigt5/11/05
5/1/05 15:21LurayVAUSACigar3 minutesExtremely Long Needle (over 2,000 ft) UFO observed 1 May traveling over 1500 MPH at over 70,000 ft5/11/05
5/1/05 13:00Stevens PassWAUSAOthermomentTiny Mig type jet appeared and then was gone5/11/05
5/1/05 06:20IndependenceKYUSAOther5 minutesstationary disk-like object seen near I-75/Independence, KY5/11/05
5/1/05 03:38RochesterMIUSATriangle20 secondsA triangular craft, disguised as three stars, slowly glided for 20 secs untill it went into some cloud coverage. HUGE!!5/11/05
5/1/05 01:00PortlandORUSADisk5 minutesOrange disk-like orbs over Downtown Portland. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))5/11/05
5/1/05 00:30DowneyCAUSAFormation10-15 min4 orange-reddish objects lights in the sky traveling in non-static formation @ equal speeds and change in appearance5/11/05
4/30/05 21:47MurrietaCAUSACircle1 minuteORANGE UFO.5/11/05
4/29/05 23:30Playa Del Carmen (Mexico)MexicoLight4 minutesLighted UFO following shores of Play Car towards Cancun and making tight circle5/11/05
4/29/05 23:00CheltenhamPAUSADisk15 seconds Object was large and moved from one direction to another quickly5/11/05
4/29/05 23:00ComfortTXUSATriangle1-2 minutesangular shaped object5/11/05
4/29/05 22:45Floral CityFLUSATriangle25-30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Triangular object traveling fast towards Tampa5/11/05
4/29/05 22:33Plant CityFLUSAFormationtwo minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Two objects that at first appeared to just be stars were moving5/11/05
4/29/05 21:45WaterboroMEUSAOval10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) 2 BRIGHT LIGHTS OVERHEAD ONE EMITTING 3 RAYS OF LIGHT5/11/05
4/29/05 21:35OlatheKSUSALightApprox. 3 minsTwo lights in the night sky flying in apparent formation.5/11/05
4/29/05 21:30BradentonFLUSAOvalwent to dinner((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) I walked of of a restraunt and i sal something spining5/11/05
4/29/05 21:30JupiterFLUSAChanging10 MINUTES((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) see above5/11/05
4/29/05 21:30Fort BraggNCUSACircle5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Bbright object enters atmosphere, turns into 2 objects5/11/05
4/29/05 21:20ClearwaterFLUSAFireball2 Minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Red/orange circle and planes flying5/11/05
4/29/05 21:10LithiaFLUSAFormation30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) There were three orange lights that came and then disappeared.5/11/05
4/29/05 21:06TampaFLUSALight3-5 Minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) there were three (they were the size of my fist) and two disappeared…5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00ChelmsfordMAUSASphere1 minute((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Resembled what the ISS looks like when it went overhead one night5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00CaryNCUSALight90 sec((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Two small yellow-white lights moving parallel to horizon; fuzzy ring of light5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00KennebunkMEUSACircle3 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) a bright moving star5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00MiamiFLUSATriangle5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Bright object seen in the sky, seemed to explode shortly after appearance.5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00TruckeeCAUSALight15 secondsA single light following another single light closley and pretty fast no sound.5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00PalmettoFLUSALight2 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Lights formed a plane and a haze appear after the lights changed5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00Lake CityFLUSALight12 seconds((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) 3 orange lights forming triangle, 2 stationary lights5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) me and a friend were standing out side about 8:30 P. M. Talking5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00Palm CityFLUSAChanging120 seconds((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) rocket type sighting5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00WilmingtonNCUSAFireball5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Exploding "Star"5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00KissimmeeFLUSAUnknown2:00 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) I glanced to the sky and saw a plane passing by.5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00Daufuskie Island (off coast of)SCUSAOther1-2 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) My husband and I were looking over the pool area into the sky around 9PM5/11/05
4/29/05 21:00ContocookNHUSA5 Min((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Atmospereic skipping and afterburners?5/11/05
4/29/05 20:58Deerfield BeachFLUSAFireball2-3 min((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Shuttle Early?5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55WaycrossGAUSAUnknown15 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) A weird large orange light with a tail seen and then part of it breaks off5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55WellingtonFLUSALight2mins((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Palm Beach's ufo5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55CharlestonSCUSALight5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) Single craft tremendously high moving north north east explodes5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55Pembroke PinesFLUSAFireball3 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) We saw something in the north sky at around 20:40 that was not normal.5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55JupiterFLUSAFormation20 + minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT) PD)) 3 bright lights high in sky together then separated thin zig zagged rapidly5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55JacksonvilleFLUSALight3-4 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) White light, moving slowly that suddenly expands5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55Orange ParkFLUSACircle5 mins((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) A long orange light moving in the sky. I was uncertain if it was a plane5/11/05
4/29/05 20:55St. Simons IslandGAUSAChanging4 min.((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) firework-looking light(s) changes shape 4 times over ocean5/11/05
4/29/05 20:00HialeahFLUSASphere15 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) they say was a satellite on the news iknow what i saw wasn't such a thing5/11/05
4/29/05 20:00MiamiFLUSALight10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) one light moving south broke into 3 light into a rectangle5/11/05
4/29/05 19:30West Palm BeachFLUSATriangle6 to 10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 2055 hrs (EDT). PD)) What seemed like a meteor or fire ball moves very slowly towards earth serface5/11/05
4/29/05 18:30North Little RockARUSATriangle5 minutesTravelling home from Stuttgart, AR to North Little Rock, AR on US 65. I had just passed into North Little Rock, AR city limits where U5/11/05
4/29/05 01:16PomonaCAUSAFlashclearI notice a bright white flahing object in the clear night sky in the city of Pomona, California.5/11/05
4/28/05 21:05Barnsley (UK/England)United KingdomLight30 secscared the poo out of my cat.........and me........5/11/05
4/28/05 20:13Townsville (Australia)AustraliaDisk1minuteCircular saucer type craft with lights flashing in a rotatry circular fashion whilst driving in east Australia, then it disappeared5/11/05
4/28/05 09:00PhoenixAZUSAFormation45 secondsOne bright one, one faint one traveling together, three more appear from bright one, circle and fly dfferent directions.5/11/05
4/28/05 05:00HolualoaHIUSALight2 minIntermittant light source and strange trajectory immediately got my attention. ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling booster shell?? PD))5/11/05
4/28/05 00:00OrlandoFLUSAFlash45 secondsWas driving and I saw a bright white light hovoring above some trees. It flashed real bright and vanished in the flash. There is an a5/11/05
4/27/05 23:00Alberta (Canada)ABCanada5 secI saw what appeared to me as two reddish, dimly glowing lights travelling at high rate of speed in a northerly direction.5/11/05
4/27/05 04:30Palm BeachFLUSAUnknown2-4 minutesLarge bright object w/multicolored lights hovered for minutes then descended downwards at fast rate of speed5/11/05
4/27/05 04:00Croydon (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 minutesMoving star withiut sound which then vanished for no reason. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite? PD))5/11/05
4/26/05 22:50LoganUTUSATriangle5-10 SecondsTriangular craft defined by five dim lights moves to the North over my head without making a sound5/11/05
4/26/05 22:30Fort SmithARUSADisk30 minutes6 circular objects seen over Ft. Smith @ 22:30 on April 26, 2005. Lights rotated ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights?? PD))5/11/05
4/26/05 21:45TroutdaleORUSALight5 secondsFast Moving Light5/11/05
4/26/05 20:30LewistonMEUSA3 secondsI witnessed this event this evening, 4/26/05 but your form would not let me enter today's date. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium flare. PD))5/11/05
4/25/05 22:15Whitecourt (Canada)ABCanadaFlash3-4 minsI took a minute to watch the star's before heading in for the night. ((NUFORC Note:5/11/05
4/25/05 20:00LexingtonKYUSADisk20 minutesDisk-shaped object hovering up in the sky and traveling slowly for about 20 minutes with a brief flash of light coming out of it.5/11/05
4/25/05 12:00DurhamNCUSACigarWho are these guys flying these machine?5/11/05
4/25/05 03:00LompocCAUSADiamond15 minutesIt moved to slow. Like it was going to land.5/11/05
4/25/05 02:50LompocCAUSADiamond10-20seconds4 main lights, a bunch of little white lines under neath it, a horrible very loud "high pitched humming" (did not sound like an aircraf5/11/05
4/24/05 23:30MantenoILUSAUnknown2hrsUFO/Object tracked and observed over a 2hr plus time span that exhibited a clockwise circular motion with many colors. ((Sirius??))5/11/05
4/24/05 22:45SuperiorWIUSATriangle15 secondsLarge triangular shaped object passed slowly overhead under a full moon sky with no lights and no sound.5/11/05
4/24/05 22:00BostonMAUSAMeteor Shower Surprises New England Sun Apr 24,10:33 PM ET Science - AP BOSTON - A meteor shower Sunday night sparked a flurry of5/11/05
4/24/05 21:45Mechanicsville/AylettVAUSACigarA few momentsMissle shaped craft (est. 3 car lengths long) spotted flying towards mechanicsville down 3605/11/05
4/24/05 21:00NewportORUSACone3 hoursFanned out cones with pointy bright lighted nose. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect lens flares. Witness concurs. PD))5/11/05
4/24/05 19:55MattituckNYUSAOval15 SECONDSAs I was driving an oval UFO with a bright blue color was visible from the front to the middle, the back was yellow. A redish trail wa5/11/05
4/24/05 19:45Hyde ParkNYUSAFireballsecondsDriving north on rt 9g we witnessed a fireball going east to west..... the sun had not yet set.5/11/05
4/24/05 19:45PawtucketRIUSAChanging<1 secUnidentified falling object/light5/11/05
4/23/05 23:00Peachtree CityGAUSALightapprox 30 minutesThis object was not a star, plane, or helicopter! ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a possible sighting of Sirius, but that is a guess. PD))5/11/05
4/23/05 21:25Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 secondslarge green/blue ball falling from a cloud into the lake5/11/05
4/23/05 18:30JuneauAKUSADisk10 - 15 secondsSaucer-like craft flies northwest5/11/05
4/23/05 17:00Mexico City (Mexico)MexicoDiskUknownFour unidentifiable objects in a photograph that I took in Mexico City.5/11/05
4/23/05 12:00Crystal BeachTXUSAChevron30 secondsSmall brown chevron-shaped object over water at Crystal Beach.5/11/05
4/23/05 01:08New StrawnKSUSACirclefew secondsBright streak low on the western horizon going from the south to the north high rate of speed.5/11/05
4/22/05 21:27HitchcockTXUSALightTwo minutesStrange Lights In the Texas Sky5/11/05
4/21/05 22:50PiscatawayNJUSAUnknown2-4 minutesA buzzing sound interupted my piano/singing; 1/2 lit light green slats, white & red lights on other side, 20-30 ft up & from my house.5/11/05
4/21/05 22:23Jackson's Point (Canada)ONCanadaTriangleHourTriangular in shape with flashing orange, red, yellow lights5/11/05
4/21/05 22:05FlintMIUSALight30 secondsRed Object, fast moving craft that did not appear to follow the FAA rules.5/11/05
4/21/05 21:45IdledaleCOUSAUnknown1 hour +Flashing light in western sky ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD))5/11/05
4/21/05 20:55AustinTXUSAUnknown2 minutesLarge, dark, almost rectangular object tumbling and ascending5/11/05
4/21/05 04:50SunnyvaleCAUSALight5 minBig white light leaves with a loud rumbling noise5/11/05
4/20/05 21:45Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOther10 minutesMoving star5/11/05
4/20/05 21:00Los AngelesCAUSALight25 secNorth star brighter than ever!5/11/05
4/20/05 00:00ConstablevilleNYUSAOther2 minutesI saw two red colored almond shaped objects that looked like eyes.5/11/05
4/19/05 23:15Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTrianglearound one minutesilent craft over west end toronto5/11/05
4/19/05 22:40GlennvilleGAUSAUnknown30 minutesDistant stationary object flashing multiple colors ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius. PD))5/11/05
4/19/05 21:00WilmingtonDEUSALight30 secondsLight over General Motors plant5/11/05
4/19/05 18:30San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, BelizeBelizeFireball15 secondsBright lights over San Pedro Town5/11/05
4/19/05 17:45San FranciscoCAUSAOther15 minutesBizarre high altitude, rapidly moving, thin disk-shaped cloud or contrail, surrounded by waves of thermal energy.5/11/05
4/19/05 13:00MoberlyMOUSADiskoff&onI have been reporting strange "moving stars" since Nov. 2003 from where I live in Riverside Cali. After 2 years, I'am so happy to read5/11/05
4/19/05 12:00North HillsCAUSACylinder3 minutesLooked towards north and saw 2 cylinder shaped objects, were traveling north at a slow speed, and suddenly disappeared. The objects w5/11/05
4/19/05 01:00MontgomeryALUSAChanging10 MINUTESA light in sky that changed shapes.5/11/05
4/19/05 01:00Vancouver (near, Camas)WAUSADisk3.5 hrs. +Camas, WA- multiple moving objects observed and filmed 4/19/05 (1:20-4:20a.m.). ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius. PD))5/11/05
4/19/05 01:00Berkshire County (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 MinutesSeveral Strange Lights All Spaced Out Evenly In A 5 Mile Radius5/11/05
4/19/05 00:15Orlando/Lake Buena VistaFLUSACircle7 secondsOrlando Signting5/11/05
4/19/05 00:07Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaFireball2 secondsgreen fireball shoots across the sky westward ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))5/11/05
4/18/05 22:45ShreveportLAUSALight10 minutestwo bright orange lights moving slowly5/11/05
4/18/05 13:20Los AngelesCAUSATriangle4 minutesLA triangle over Glendale Blvd in the afternoon5/11/05
4/18/05 13:00Las VegasNVUSADiskA minute or lessLooking north in Las Vegas I saw a grey disc moving erratically which vanished on a straight incline after less than a minute.5/11/05
4/18/05 11:00Arizona (rural; Buck Eye Salome Rd.)AZUSASphere10-15 secthe spheres moved in unison and seem to follow the leader5/11/05
4/18/05 00:00AnchorageAKUSAOval2 minuteswe spotted an ovular light emmiting craft with telescopes in the night5/11/05
4/17/05 23:00GrovetownGAUSACircle45 minutesObject appeared to be a star at first glance sitting low on the horizon ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius. PD))5/11/05
4/17/05 21:05SonoraCAUSALight30 secondsA probe light intercepts a miltary jet at high speed; pauses next to it; and departs very rapidly5/11/05
4/17/05 17:00AtholMAUSACircle5 minutesThere was a central shiny object with at least 3 light blue objects around it all moving at the same speed5/11/05
4/17/05 15:00SpringfieldILUSACigar3 minutesObjects seen during daytime, moving, hovering, and changing color.5/11/05
4/17/05 14:00Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaOval30 secondsThree oval shaped objects plumeted towards the earth making a horrific buzzing and then screeching sound then vanishing.5/11/05
4/17/05 13:00RutherfordNJUSAOther10 minutesshining orbs appear near chemtrails5/11/05
4/17/05 05:25TopekaKSUSAEgg1 secondIt just all of a sudden came across the sky. It was bright blue with a yellow to orange color tail. It shot across the sky then just di5/11/05
4/17/05 05:15GoshenARUSACircle2 secsI spotted an orb heading NE,electric blue with a white ring around it.. It quickly dissappeared behind the clouds.5/11/05
4/17/05 03:30EriePAUSAOther4 minswirling lighted cload5/11/05
4/17/05 01:00BrickNJUSADiamond3 minutesit was like a diamond and had flashing lights, and it seem to hover in the same spot, then just dissapear ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)5/11/05
4/16/05 22:40HoustonTXUSACircle7 seconds04/18/05 10:40pm Houston, TX, 4 brillant white lights w/soft green glow, each circle shaped, yet in formation as if one individual UFO5/11/05
4/16/05 22:30West LafayetteINUSADisk15 secondshalf lit disc over Lafayette?5/11/05
4/16/05 22:00DefianceOHUSAOther2hrsWhat we saw was a large circle of cloud perfectly centered around the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "Moon Dog." PD))5/11/05
4/16/05 22:00Lake PlacidFLUSALight2 minutesFast Moving Light High up in Atmosphere5/11/05
4/16/05 21:30KokomoINUSAFormation<60 secondsFormation of 6 silent white lights that hovered and dissappeared.5/11/05
4/16/05 20:55LafayetteINUSAFlash1 minit was awesome we saw one big light spilt to 5 and then back to the one main one and went away5/11/05
4/16/05 20:45MulberryINUSACircle80 secondsMy husband and I were at a friends for a cookout. At around 8:45 pm one of our friends said,"hey what is that?" We all looked behind5/11/05
4/16/05 20:30BrookstonINUSATriangle10 secondsapril 16,2005 time 8:30pm bright white lights off towards the north east triangle shape lights5/11/05
4/16/05 18:27Pelham ManorNYUSAOtherabout two minutesShuriken like craft5/11/05
4/16/05 17:00MendonMAUSALight1 hourStationary red, blue flashing lights in sky west, southwest of Mendon MA ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, Sirius. PD))5/11/05
4/16/05 17:00Bowling GreenKYUSAOval4 minutesBlack Oval Object Observed Over City5/11/05
4/16/05 15:00Monmouth CountyNJUSACigarabout 10 secondssmall silver cigar shaped object over New Jersey5/11/05
4/16/05 14:45Van NuysCAUSACircle10 minutesStrange shiny object seen over Van Nuys, CA 4/16/055/11/05
4/16/05 12:00Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)GuatemalaTriangle1 minTriangular shape object near sun ((NUFORC Note: Looks like lens flares to us, but just a guess. PD))5/11/05
4/16/05 07:00SherwoodARUSASphere15 minutes5 spheres in NE direction of the sky5/11/05
4/16/05 00:58RaleighNCUSACircle16 minutesflashing light outside the window5/11/05
4/15/05 22:40Glasgow (UK/Scotland))United KingdomFireball1 minLarge fireball falling through sky at night.5/11/05
4/15/05 21:00St. LouisMOUSACircle15 minutes2 objects in the sky with bright lights moving fast and then stopping on a dime.5/11/05
4/15/05 18:00GulfportMSUSAOther4 minutesThree spheres with lights underneath... all connected. Hwy 53, Mississippi. Turkey hunting.5/11/05
4/15/05 15:15ElizabethtownKYUSACircle3 minutes4-15-05 small star-like object (not jet/plane/satellite) seen Elizabethtown, Ky. in daylight around 3:15pm which made a 45 degree turn5/11/05
4/14/05 22:00Guelph (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 secondsMy girlfriend and I were leaving work at 10pm on Wednesday evening. We walked out the doors at at the same time looked at each other an5/11/05
4/14/05 22:00McDonoughGAUSAChangingAppx. 1 hourGEORGIA UFO GROUP REPORT--Witness Debriefing-Changing Object5/11/05
4/14/05 01:00Del RioTXUSAOvalIt was oval shaped and it just stood so still above the trees and quiet and then it disappear5/11/05
4/13/05 05:22LomitaCAUSACircleaprrox 5 secondsI was standing in my backyard looking at the stars when i noticed a sphere shape with small wings move across the sky then disappear5/11/05
4/12/05 22:15EwingMOUSASphere5-10 MinGlowing orange balls appear and vanish5/11/05
4/12/05 13:15Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30 secGray Triangle no lights no sound no markings completly flat ((NUFORC Note: B-2 bomber? PD))5/11/05
4/11/05 21:54Island PondVTUSACylinder1 minute300ft cylinder moving east to west. White lights in front, blinking red lights on tail.5/11/05
4/7/05 17:01Deming (somewhere near)NMUSAChanging20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Helium-filled heliostat. PD)) The shape-shifting object danced around at various speed, height and direction.5/11/05
4/7/05 06:30Carizzo Plains National MounumentCAUSACircle0:10.30Object slowly moved cross the sky and exploded into three objects.5/11/05
4/6/05 20:00Cuba (north of; at sea; on cruise ship)CubaOther30 secondsCaribbean Sea, revolving boomerang shape with lights5/11/05
4/4/05 03:00WentzvilleMOUSAFireball3-4 secondsBlue/white streak in Southern sky traveling East to West parallel to the horizon.5/11/05
4/3/05 05:00Slippery RockPAUSA5 minutesblue flashes during night snowstorm with power disruption5/11/05
4/2/05 10:30Aviano (Italy)ItalyDiamond4-7 secondsArrow or Diamond shaped object observed near Aviano AB, Italy 2 April 20055/11/05
4/1/05 03:00FlagstaffAZUSALightunknownon or around this date my brother-in-law and I were trashed and up late. not so trashed however as to not know what we were seeing. at5/11/05
3/31/05 18:30Borrego SpringsCAUSAUnknown25 seconds3 cylinder red lights stationary in the sky5/11/05
3/30/05 14:00The DallesORUSASphereapprox 2 minutesspherical shaped object that appeared to be white with a grey shadow flying north to south5/11/05
3/30/05 14:00San FranciscoCAUSAI did not see the craft at the time, but it was noticed on my return when i downloaded the pictures from my digital camera. I took one5/11/05
3/29/05 23:50AustinTXUSATriangle5minTriangular Object, Fast blinking lights, Austin, TX 23:50 03-29-055/11/05
3/29/05 23:00Nassau (Long Island)NYUSALight25 minfour white lights in a straight line with one another. ((NUFORC Note: Possible landing lights on airliners?? PD))5/11/05
3/29/05 19:28SolsberryINUSASphere10 minutesSpereical object not far from Crane Naval Base Drops from the sky.5/11/05
3/29/05 04:30LongmontCOUSACircle4 minutesunknown object sighted and recorded by camera5/11/05
3/28/05 22:30MelbourneFLUSAUnknown2 minStanding in my back yard I obseved two white lights just above the treeline they hovered there back and forth for a few seconds then go5/11/05
3/28/05 21:15Cedar RapidsIAUSADisk1.5 minutesHalf-circle mooon shaped object with 5 brownish-oragneish colored lights on the bottom.5/11/05
3/28/05 02:20MiamiFLUSACircleabout 7 minutesyesterday night 03/28/05 at around 2 oclock in the morning I was on the way to the beach with my girlfriend... Suddenly when I was goin5/11/05
3/27/05 23:00San DiegoCAUSATriangle10 minutesa bright white light over I-5, hovered for about 5 minutes. and then began to move southeast. emerged into a row of bright white lights5/11/05
3/27/05 22:15Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaLight10-15 seconds2 small bright objects moving very fast and doing 360's around each other.5/11/05
3/27/05 20:40Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaCircle12 secondsApparently one red hued object with 2 "lights" becomes 2 near Pearson International Airport at 20:40 HRS March 27 2005.5/11/05
3/27/05 20:26MiltonVTUSAUnknown1.5 secondsTwo bright white flashes seen in the S/SE at around 35-40 degrees above horizon from Milton, VT.5/11/05
3/27/05 17:00Tiwanaku (Bolivia)BoliviaCone?I photographed a metalic cone-shaped craft in the sky near Tiwanaku, Bolivia5/11/05
3/26/05 23:14Palm DesertCAUSATriangle30 secondsSaw a perfect symmetricalTriangle of three lights all connected by light beams in the North Sky.5/11/05
3/26/05 22:30Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaOval5 minutesStrange light over Windsor5/11/05
3/26/05 20:00TampaFLUSALight1 minuteSingle white light moved accross the horizon then vanished5/11/05
3/26/05 17:00PrescottAZUSAFireballsecondsFireballs seen in TN, TX and AZ at the same time.5/11/05
3/26/05 14:34BaldwinWIUSACigar4 minutesgiant cigar flying at a very high rate of speed5/11/05
3/25/05 23:45Albertville(France)FranceFireball6 secondsGreen Bal extremely fast in French Alpes5/11/05
3/25/05 10:11Spruce PineNCUSALight5 minsThe craft was moving faster than I have ever seen anything move in my entire life.5/11/05
3/25/05 09:45England (west coast)United KingdomSphere2 minutesOn 25/3/05 I was on a flight home to Manchester from Tenerife when I saw from the aircraft window a strange black sphere shaped object5/11/05
3/25/05 07:30PloverWIUSALight30 secondsTwo bright quickly moving lights. Daylight sighting.5/11/05
3/25/05 03:00RogersARUSARectangle1 secondgliding wing with no running lights, silent, primitive with many ringlets ontop leading edge.5/11/05
3/25/05 00:02Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaTriangle18Three Green Lights.5/11/05
3/24/05 23:58NapaCAUSAFireball60 secondsHello, Around Thursday 1am. I witnessed a large bright ball of orange red that was traveling in a left to right fashion. It was in the5/11/05
3/24/05 13:00BlancoTXUSACigarUNKNOWNI DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS?5/11/05
3/23/05 20:30Tinley ParkILUSATriangle20 minutesSouth and east of Frankfort, IL, approximately over nearby Tinley Park, myself (52) and my two daughters (13 and 10) observed three bri5/11/05
3/23/05 19:35TehachapiCAUSALight10 minutes3 hovering flashing lites5/11/05
3/22/05 22:45Brooklyn (Lake Columbia area)MIUSALight5 minutesA strange formation of bright scintillating lights bobs up and down in the skies over the Lake Columbia.5/11/05
3/22/05 20:30Tartu (Estonia)EstoniaTriangle3 Seconds3 Objects leaving marks onto the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a photo of the aurora borealis. PD))5/11/05
3/22/05 18:50Brick/Lakewood/Toms RiverNJUSALight5-10 minutesStrange lights over Parkway in Ocean County.5/11/05
3/22/05 00:25ChandlerAZUSATriangle20sec.bright lights in a triangle formation5/11/05
3/22/05 00:20MesaAZUSATriangle20 secondsThree lights in a triangle dim simultaneously5/11/05
3/22/05 00:15TucsonAZUSALight10 seconds3 lights in the shape of a triangle north of Tucson, AZ5/11/05
3/22/05 00:15GilbertAZUSATriangle30 SecThree tinted blue lights in shape of triangle. 12AM 3/22/05 Gilbert/Phoenix5/11/05
3/21/05 21:04Santa MonicaCAUSADiamond3 MinutesIt appeared with three white lights then we saw colored lights and then it went into the clouds and came back out then dissapeared5/11/05
3/21/05 21:00KokomoINUSAFireball45 minutesOdd Orangeish lights.5/11/05
3/21/05 21:00LogansportINUSASphere10 MinutesOrange Lights in the Sky5/11/05
3/21/05 01:20Palmerston NorthNew ZealandLight1:46Red, White and Green Flashing object in Palmerston North, New Zealand5/11/05
3/21/05 00:30Flagstaff (NE of)AZUSATriangle2 minutesGolden triangle of lights in Northern Arizona, 2 min duration, silent and then just disappeared5/11/05
3/21/05 00:17ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle15 seccondsBlack Triangle with three bright lights, over highway 101 in Scottsdale area.5/11/05
3/20/05 23:30TuscolaTXUSALight1 minuteI filed a report back in march and its not on your march or april update ..was for Abilene Texas ..5/11/05
3/20/05 23:00Fort CollinsCOUSAUnknown10 Minutesblinking light on the road for a few minutes then stopped. No lights on houses around.5/11/05
3/20/05 22:00TuscolaTXUSALight1 minute((PROBABLE HOAX))Blue Orb Followed By Jet5/11/05
3/20/05 06:00McCameyTXUSAOvalbriefStrange Hills of West Texas5/11/05
3/20/05 05:40SeriaBruneiCircle5 minutesCircular UFO hovering in the sky and leaving afterwards.5/11/05
3/19/05 23:00NVUSAChangingHi, this isn't an actual sighting, but rather a warning. I take this subject matter seriously and a message board I visit recently beg5/11/05
3/19/05 23:00AnnandaleMNUSACircle30 secondsVery bright white light speeding down HWY94 low in the sky, outside minneapolis on 3/19/05 10:45 pm5/11/05
3/19/05 22:00East Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging10 minsFridaythorpe UK close to Woldgate east yorkshire5/11/05
3/19/05 21:35WaterfordMIUSACircle30 secondsi was on my way home from work on M-59 and i just saw this crazy circle object fly over my head. i was sitting at a light staring up i5/11/05
3/19/05 20:45BurnaKYUSAChanging15-20 minI noticed what I thought was a "shooting star".5/11/05
3/19/05 20:05MiamiFLUSADisk30 minuteson march 19, 2005 at about 8:05 pm my sister, nephew, son and I saw a disk shaped craft in the southern sky moving very slowly5/11/05
3/19/05 20:00Waregem (Belgium)BelgiumOval8 minutesIt was frightening.5/11/05
3/19/05 19:45GardnerMAUSATriangle2 minutesThe object fell, then streaked through the air at a 45 % angle with a blinding speed.5/11/05
3/19/05 14:20HarrisonNJUSAOval20There was about seven objects up extremely high in the sky.5/11/05
3/18/05 22:00St. Helier, Jersey (Channel Islands) (UK/England)United KingdomCircleapproximately 5 secondsVery fast moving circular object, reddish in colour and glowing, no vapour trails, no flashing lights, no sound5/11/05
3/18/05 21:00South PortsmouthKYUSACircle3 secondsFive lights appear in Sky5/11/05
3/18/05 20:00BlanchardOKUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange large bright lights seen in sky over Blanchard, OK March 18th.5/11/05
3/18/05 19:15RochesterNHUSACigar1hr 15 minSaw hovering cigar shaped craft with 12 lights over hill off of RTE 16 in Rochester,NH. Then witnessed more lights going north5/11/05
3/18/05 14:58NewlandNCUSAChanging5 minsOmg it actually excist5/11/05
3/18/05 13:00AntiochILUSACircle2 MINLarge circular charcoaled grey object spotted in Northern Illinois5/11/05
3/18/05 01:00Honey BrookPAUSAFlash15 minutesspace ship flickered lights for what seemed to extend to a mile in length. then a they all lit up at once and then dissapeared.5/11/05
3/17/05 23:07MillstoneKYUSARectangle3 minutesSolid black rectangle with rounded edges, no lights, with a very loud noise, moving very slow.5/11/05
3/17/05 22:30Aylesbury (UK/England)United KingdomOval10 secondsGreen glowing meteor-like object streaks across sky and disappears behind tree-line5/11/05
3/17/05 22:15Newbury (UK/England)United KingdomCircleAbout 10 secscraft with 4 lights "woooooooo"'d over the skies nearby5/11/05
3/17/05 21:00ChillicotheOHUSALight10 minutesLarger orange light emitting smaller orange lights5/11/05
3/17/05 20:30NaplesFLUSALight2 hoursFour Dancing Lights in the Clouds5/11/05
3/17/05 19:25HoustonTXUSATriangle15 minutesThis black triangular object flew towards the direction of my car. It moved slowly above the clouds and had a slight wobble as it moved5/11/05
3/17/05 00:00CarrolltonOHUSAChangingtriangular with 1 light at each vertex; 2 white 1 red then started spinning.5/11/05
3/16/05 22:32Port RoyalPAUSALight30 minutesglowing human shaped figures sighted in wooded area.5/11/05
3/16/05 20:58West LafayetteINUSACircle30 secCircling lights over Lafayette. Grad from Purdue flight program here and these were NOT airplanes. Many people witnessed.5/11/05
3/16/05 20:00CoopertownTNUSAFormationabout 2to3 mins.there were three sets of clear bright lights,with a small faint red light in the center of each one. One set of lights was ahead of the5/11/05
3/16/05 20:00East HamptonCTUSALightConstantBright light with a consistent vertical then horizontal movement and then stops and starts all over again.5/11/05
3/16/05 18:00Bulls GapTNUSADisk2-3 minutesObject seen on hunting trip.5/11/05
3/16/05 16:00GrandviewMOUSACigar5 secondsI had a small craft fly directly in front of my car ,in broad daylight , black, cigar shaped, only4-6ft. in lenght.5/11/05
3/16/05 08:45Distington (UK/England)United KingdomCirclesecondsBALL OF FIRE5/11/05
3/16/05 07:59SomervilleNJUSAOther10-15 SecondsMy daughter and I were in the hottub, looking at the sky. There were 2 objects gray in color flying west to east pretty fast. They had5/11/05
3/16/05 07:56SomervilleNJUSAOther10-15 secondsMy dad and I were in the hottub. We were looking at the moon and saw a grayish sguare and oval shape. It was going across the sky fast.5/11/05
3/15/05 21:50GrantvillePAUSALight5 minutesA bright lights bursts into 4 or 5 other lights then dissappears.5/11/05
3/15/05 21:30Beaver DamWIUSACircle3-5 secondsThere were 2 milky white objects, flying silently, extremely fast, and very low that crossed paths and then vanished.5/11/05
3/15/05 20:00Fort WorthTXUSADiskdifferent timesVery large disc with multicolored lights hovering not exactly horizontally, but slanted, seen by 4 people in different places.5/11/05
3/15/05 19:10FresnoGAUSAOther1 minuteCheck mark shape vehicle flying low over Clovis & Fresno.5/11/05
3/15/05 19:00Yucca ValleyCAUSAUnknown2-3 hrsobject hovered,one object disappeard,another seemed to come after the original,which left at high rate of speed. ((Sirius??))5/11/05
3/15/05 06:20Garden GroveCAUSATeardrop2 minit sound like plane, color orange, and spark with the sun, also with out wings, and faster then any plain I know.5/11/05
3/15/05 01:00MayfieldNYUSALight1 minuteStrange lights over Mayfield5/11/05
3/15/05 01:00SherrodsvilleOHUSALight1 to 2 hoursUnexplained light in the sky.5/11/05
3/15/05 00:00KennebecMEUSALightfive minutesmy friend and i saw one hovering near them in a blueberry field5/11/05
3/15/05 00:00SpringfieldMOUSATeardropfive secondsOnly saw it for several seconds5/11/05
3/14/05 23:00ColumbiaMSUSARectangle30 minutesLarge ,bright white ,rectangular object hovers in western sky5/11/05
3/14/05 23:00BluefieldWVUSAOther15 to 20 secondsdark to light brown "rounded boomerrang" or crescent moon shaped object moves silently overhead.5/11/05
3/14/05 23:00ColumbiaMSUSARectangle30 minutesLarge craft hovering, with bright clear lights5/11/05
3/14/05 20:30San PedroCAUSAOval5 - 6 secondsmultiple UFO sightings over San Pedro, CA.5/11/05
3/14/05 20:00Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaLightfive secondsI saw a bright object very high in the night sky.Just appeared and the light entensified ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite flare? PD) )5/11/05
3/14/05 19:49YorkNYUSADisk3-7blue light zig-zaging5/11/05
3/14/05 13:00GuntersvilleALUSADiskunkownsuacer ufo. i have a picture. others around it.5/11/05
3/14/05 11:30Suffolk (city of)VAUSAUnknown5 sec.cork-screw contrail, low-boom sound flash. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))5/11/05
3/14/05 10:00MatawanNJUSALight3 secondsgigantic light over field5/11/05
3/13/05 23:15WalkerMNUSAUnknown10 minsvery BRIGHT light hovering over the trees5/11/05
3/13/05 23:00CranstonRIUSATriangle2MinutesAt 11pm Est I was driving my girlfriend home on Phoenix Avenue toward the free way exit to travel 95 North. In the sky at first loo5/11/05
3/13/05 23:00KenmoreWAUSATriangle30sec-60secI saw a huge slow moving triangle or pyramid5/11/05
3/13/05 22:00GettysburgPAUSADiamondone minuteWingless oblong diamond craft, three close lights near rear5/11/05
3/13/05 20:10St. CharlesMOUSAChanging15 secondsSaw a series of non flashing lights in the western sky flying towards the north. The shape started as a cros then the lights quickly ch5/11/05
3/13/05 04:00RichlandWAUSATriangle3 minutesPeter; To be exact on time it started at 4:13 am , I was on my way to take my mom to the airport early flight, I came outside took thre5/11/05
3/13/05 02:45Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFormation3 mins2:45 am We observed three white lights very high moving quite fast towards the south.5/11/05
3/13/05 01:30Boulder CityNVUSATriangle10 secondsBlack Triangle With Dim Lights5/11/05
3/13/05 01:00MetairieLAUSALight5 secondsOff-white ball zoomed across the southern sky5/11/05
3/12/05 22:35LedbetterKYUSAUnknown5 minbright white light and craft hovering over the road5/11/05
3/12/05 04:30GambrillsMDUSAUnknown9 sec.brilliant white light flashing on and off at perfect intervals.5/11/05
3/11/05 23:20CantonMSUSAUnknown45 secondsufo - 2 big white lights - Mississippi5/11/05
3/11/05 21:30Des MoinesIAUSADisk3 minutes (maybe)Two objects leading a third, or was the two objects being followed ?5/11/05
3/11/05 21:00Haslach (Austria)AustriaLight2 minmoved from East to West. Red Light. (Not flashing like Airplanes)5/11/05
3/11/05 20:55Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaLight40 secondsNot planes satellites or space debri for sure!5/11/05
3/11/05 20:00HeadlandALUSALight1 to 2 HoursWe were observing a light in the Constellation of Lepus just south of Orion. Light was the size of a star and flashed intermittently.5/11/05
3/11/05 14:00Moreton Island (Australia)AustraliaUnknown10 secondsjudge for yourself5/11/05
3/11/05 13:05Buenos Aires (Argentina)ArgentinaUnknown10 minutesObject was moving in gentil zig zag aperanly at extreem altitude and changed from reflective to opaque5/11/05
3/11/05 00:35Daly CityCAUSALight10Blinking light moving in different directions5/11/05
3/11/05 00:00EustaceTXUSACylinder5 minutesThe object was a wide cylinder, w/colored lights from one side to the other that flashed and alternated, it flew in a 'zig-zag' pattern5/11/05
3/10/05 23:30SuperiorWIUSADisk5 minsStrange Orange/red glowing object with multicolor lights in the middle.5/11/05
3/10/05 20:10LathamNYUSADiamond1 minuteLarge Black Diamond with a dim orange light at each corner moving steadily north up the Hudson Valley at about 3000 ft altitude5/11/05
3/10/05 20:05EmmettIDUSALight2 to 3 minutesBright red light droping smaller orange lights from underneath, made a u turn heading southeast, dimed then winked out5/11/05
3/10/05 19:30ParlinNJUSAOval4 secondsA white dot traveled at amazing speed, followed by a blue light behind it.5/11/05
3/10/05 19:00CastletonNYUSAUnknown2 secondsi saw something skimming the earth,s atmosphere then it disappeared; it was huge.5/11/05
3/10/05 19:00PortlandORUSALight3 minutesVery bright light traveling over Portland ((NUFORC Note: International Space Station. PD))5/11/05
3/10/05 18:34La Cholla, Sonora (Mexico)MexicoSpheresecondsUFO in calm coastal Sunset sky.5/11/05
3/10/05 17:55KelsoWAUSAUnknown5minBright single point of light5/11/05
3/10/05 17:45Beja (Portugal)PortugalCigar30 sCigar shaped aircraft5/11/05
3/10/05 17:35Bainbridge IslandWAUSAEgg2 minutestiny white blob moving irregularly in southern sky5/11/05
3/10/05 15:15BellinghamWAUSASphere10-15 minutesBright reflective sphere high in the sky on a sunny day5/11/05
3/10/05 13:30Baltimore BWI AirportMDUSADisk1 minuteThree disk shaped objects moving near major airport.5/11/05
3/10/05 12:00Palm CoastFLUSACircle1-3 minRound object moving south over Palm Coast, FL.5/11/05
3/10/05 06:09Cardinal (Canada)ONCanadaCigar10-15 secondsblack/grey cigar shaped craft travelling over US land by St Lawrence River - viewed from Canadian side5/11/05
3/10/05 05:40WorleyIDUSATriangle6 minVertical Triangular object hovers high above ground.5/11/05
3/10/05 02:31LancasterCAUSAFireball3 minutesLarge orange light moving out of the w.s.w. to the e.s.e over lancaster, ca. area 02:315/11/05
3/9/05 23:45WellingtonFLUSAOther20 secondsSingularity are true! ((NUFORC Note: One of several bizarre reports from same source. PD))5/11/05
3/9/05 22:15Las VegasNVUSATriangle45 minutesAlot of activity north of Las Vegas5/11/05
3/9/05 21:54CoydonINUSACircle55 minutesLarge White Light as bright as baseball field Lights + two small red blinking lights. ((NUFORC Note: Report from student. PD))5/11/05
3/9/05 21:00West Palm BeachFLUSAOval10 secondsI was looking at the stars, orion constellation, double stars X1 and X2 on top of the head. with a small telescope with an equatorial m5/11/05
3/9/05 20:30Clear LakeTXUSATriangle2 secondsSaw dull orange/reddish glowing triangular shaped craft with an orb (engine?) at each apex of triangle,outter edges of circular orbs/en5/11/05
3/9/05 20:00Virginia BeachVAUSAChanging10 min.Large object in Virginia5/11/05
3/9/05 19:58ThetfordVTUSAFlash10 minutesThere were 3-4 round amber looking shaped in the sky lighting up as if they were trying to connect with one another5/11/05
3/9/05 19:00YorktownVAUSATriangle1-4 minutesPossible UFO- but more importantly, the alien experience5/11/05
3/9/05 17:00ParagonINUSACylinderabout 3 to 5 secondsTwo very large cylinders side by side5/11/05
3/9/05 05:40Camp HillPAUSALight3 minutesFor three minutes around 0540 hrs I observed two bright lights close to each other in the sky afterwhich the lights disappeared.5/11/05
3/8/05 22:00AtglenPAUSASphereOver an hourTwo glowing spheres one quickly moving into a cloud, the other remained stationary for an extended time.5/11/05
3/8/05 21:40Tacna/Yuma (Between , at mile markers 94, 63, 35, 21)AZUSAFormationwithin 30-40 minutesBRIGHT LIGHTS / UFO5/11/05
3/8/05 21:15BelfairWAUSATriangle5 minMy hot tub has a wood grid overhead that basically lets me see satellites and any other moving objects easily. Last night I saw a tria5/11/05
3/8/05 21:00Yuba CityCAUSATriangle5 minutes3 Triangular objects, bright white lights with 2 round red "tail lights", slow speed, low altitude5/11/05
3/8/05 21:00DownievilleCAUSAFlash40 minutesBright flash in the sky for 40 minutes, not moving.5/11/05
3/8/05 21:00MesquiteTXUSAUnknown2 MinutesBright White/Yellow object seen in sky no FFA lights.5/11/05
3/8/05 20:00Idaho FallsIDUSAFireball0.3 secondIt was not a UFO. It appeared in the southern sky, a comet-like flash, perhaps re-entry of falling debris. It was brighter than any s5/11/05
3/8/05 19:30ClaflinKSUSALight50 minCluster of yellow lights over Holyrood Kansas5/11/05
3/8/05 19:30Grants PassORUSALight3 minsa very fast moving starlike light, changing direction then color then vanished ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD))5/11/05
3/8/05 19:20Milano (Italy)ItalyFireball10 min.Great "Globe of Light" on the italian sky on March the 8. 20055/11/05
3/8/05 19:00SeattleWAUSALight3-4 secbright 'star' shrinks out of sight5/11/05
3/8/05 17:00El PasoTXUSADisk90 secSilver disk sighted high above airliners passing directly overhead.5/11/05
3/8/05 09:30VictorvilleCAUSASphere30 MINHow many people have to see them before the government has the ball's to tell the truth? LOOK UP SEE FOR YOURSELF.5/11/05
3/7/05 23:00WestportCTUSADiskUFO spotted disappearing into space!!!5/11/05
3/7/05 22:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight1 hour 20bright light flying in short jerk movements sort of like in a grid pattern ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius or Jupiter? PD)5/11/05
3/7/05 20:30BozemanMTUSA12-15 mins.As my daughters and I sat in our hot tub out oldest daughter asked about a "green star." I looked up and saw what looked li5/11/05
3/7/05 20:00AlturasCAUSATriangle30 MinutesThis is clearly happening here and to quote Mr. Holloway.... "There are UFO's in Modoc County."5/11/05
3/7/05 20:00AlturasCAUSATriangle20 minutesNewspaper Article to March 7th Sighting5/11/05
3/7/05 20:00San AntonioTXUSALight5 minutesWhat did I see last night?5/11/05
3/7/05 19:35SeatacWAUSARectangle3 secondsRectangular shaped lighted object streaks west high across Seattle airport from horizon to horizon in 3 seconds5/11/05
3/7/05 19:30Goulburn (Australia)AustraliaOval10 minutesVertical oval-shaped object seen in skies over Goulburn, Australia, disappeared in orange sparks, before becoming a star.5/11/05
3/7/05 18:15GalesburgILUSALight10 sec.bright light became much larger ((NUFORC Note: Probably Iridium satellite. PD))5/11/05
3/7/05 15:35Mason CityIAUSACircle5MINSAW A CIRCLE5/11/05
3/7/05 13:00London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 secondsCircle shaped object silently flew over, I would of guessed it was saucer shaped if I had seen it from another angle.5/11/05
3/7/05 09:00LancasterCAUSACylinder20 minCylinder object flying low with three balls of light.5/11/05
3/6/05 23:57St. AugustineFLUSATriangleaprox 8 secondsSilent running triangular craft, 7 very dim orange lights outlining the part of the craft I could see .5/11/05
3/6/05 21:30Langley (Canada)BCCanadaFireball5 secondsFireball falling from sky SUPER BRIGHT!5/11/05
3/6/05 21:00Dunnville, Ontario (Canada)ONCanadaLight15 mins+Approximately 9:00 PM to 9:15 PM EST, in the southern sky, at approximately 60 degrees from the horizon, there was a very fast moving l5/11/05
3/6/05 20:30FollansbeeWVUSAOther15-20 secondsOn 3/6/05 at approx.20:30 EST I wittnessed an very bright round banded object in the sky which began to fade away from me & diminish.5/11/05
3/6/05 20:00Westmeath (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCylinderapprox 15 minsrapid scattered flashes in a clouidy sky with a craft emerging that seemed to be associated with them5/11/05
3/6/05 17:00Great FallsMTUSACigar10 minMy son & I were driving down the road when I noticed a strange objet in the sky. The sky was clear blue and the object was in the shap5/11/05
3/6/05 05:12Terre HauteINUSAChevron5 secondsDouble lighted chevron type object passes directly over me in succession- fast and low with no visible structure.5/11/05
3/6/05 05:07Terre HauteINUSAChevron7 secondsSuccession of sightings; chevron was 5 times higher than it's lower counterpart, both of them big and silently fast.5/11/05
3/6/05 00:00Schroon LakeNYUSADisk2 hoursI wa standing outside when i noticed a craft floating above me.I ran inside and a few minutes later went back out and saw three5/11/05
3/5/05 21:30Grand MaraisMNUSAUnknownapprox 1 hr3/5/05 Snowmobiling 9:30 p.m. on northern Mn. lake, several lights appeared above trees, blinking off and on, not moving, 45 min.5/11/05
3/5/05 21:00ElmiraNYUSACirclea few secondsa huge perfect circle showed up on radar over north central pennsylvania. Did anyone else notice it?5/11/05
3/5/05 20:00Gold Coast (QLD, Australia)AustraliaLight3 - 5 minsMoving very slow and then very fast, traveling around planets and then speeding up.5/11/05
3/5/05 19:15DallasTXUSADisk45+3-4 UFOs visit the DFW airport and disrupt flight schedules.5/11/05
3/5/05 18:55FayettvilleTNUSAFireball30secondsGreen fireball shoots across the sky in southern TN5/11/05
3/5/05 17:30Calgary (NE of) (Canada)ABCanadaSphere2 minutes2 foot ball of solid yellow light passed me four feet away and six feet off the sound or heat5/11/05
3/5/05 14:30NilesOHUSACigarapproximately 10 secondsObject moved horizontally across the sky, seemed to change shape and then disappeared5/11/05
3/5/05 11:15Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaFireball8 secThe time of the sighting was probably sometime after 11pm on friday march the 5th. Walking by the intersection of McCowan Rd. and Danf5/11/05
3/5/05 07:30PittsburgCAUSAFireball7 minuteswhite object flying overhead -5/11/05
3/4/05 23:15Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaFireball8 sec.large trail above scarborough5/11/05
3/4/05 22:30Woodstock (outside of) (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle10 minutesTriangular shaped object with yellow lights hovering above a wooded area and corn field.5/11/05
3/4/05 22:30AlbionNYUSALight2 minutesDisappearing Lights In The Sky...5/11/05
3/4/05 22:00Sydney (west) (NSW, Australia)AustraliaFlash2 secsbright orange moving flash???5/11/05
3/4/05 21:19Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaLight3 minutesLights coming through clouds5/11/05
3/4/05 20:45FairbanksAKUSALight15 seconds"star" in an unknown to me, constellation started moving out of the "formation" and down, then another one went right to left.5/11/05
3/4/05 20:25Canberra (Australia)AustraliaCircle8 minutesObject stops still in the sky, changes trajectory and flies back in the opposite direction only to disappear.5/11/05
3/4/05 20:00PlymouthNHUSATeardrop10 min.Three witnesses see multiple UFO sightings over the Plymouth, NH area.5/11/05
3/4/05 19:25MarkhamVAUSATriangle35-40 sec.Two triangle shaped flying objects both giving a greenish-blue light;5/11/05
3/4/05 16:00SacramentoCAUSASphere10 secondsbright light played peekaboo behind clouds over sacramento5/11/05
3/4/05 11:15SevilleOHUSAOther5 min.Large octogonal shape object with Large circular red lights at each point was seen in the sky5/11/05
3/4/05 01:58Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaDiamond3 minutesThe brightest light i ever seen in my life5/11/05
3/4/05 00:30Halfmoon Bay (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown15 minutesblip on radar screen5/11/05
3/4/05St. LouisMOUSATriangleall eveningHave been seeing object in SW sky from about 8:30 to ll p.m. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius. PD))5/11/05
3/1/05 03:30PalatkaFLUSATriangleapprox: 20 seconds or soLarge, Slow Moving Triangular Shaped Object that seems to suddenly disappear...5/11/05
2/23/05 03:00PickensSCUSACircle2 MinutesOn the night of Feb 23,around 3:00AM 2005,I went to the kitchen looked out the kitchen window.There in the sky was this craft,circuler5/11/05
2/22/05 23:30RaynhamMAUSALight2 minutesWeird light formation with blue "explosions?"5/11/05
2/22/05 20:00Kettle FallsWAUSAFireball3 secondsOn 2/22/05 my brother witnessed two objects in the NW sky, with meteor characteristics but unusually large.5/11/05
2/22/05 17:30Green ValleyAZUSATriangle3minutesthree bright bluish-white lights. possible triangle craft?5/11/05
2/21/05 22:00EugeneORUSATriangle10 secondsWhite lights in a triangular formation over a ridgeline drifting slowly and fading out ten seconds after I spotted them5/11/05
2/21/05 19:07New BernNCUSALight5 secI looked up while walking and saw what I assumed was a meteor but as I watched it made several changes in course, not radical, neverthe5/11/05
2/21/05 18:30SouthfieldMIUSATriangle5-7 minsMy son and I spotted a huge ufo traveling at unbelievable speed suddenly stopped then turn and disappeared into the atmosphere.5/11/05
2/21/05 13:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaCigara few secondsthem object moved speedily throught the sky to disapear to the north5/11/05
2/20/05 19:30BostonMAUSAUnknownnot surei took these off a webcam site ( ) and then just forgot about them
2/20/05Murrells InletSCUSAUnknown1 hourspeed and direction ----indications that they were unusual5/11/05
2/19/05 23:47RochesterNYUSAEgg30 secondsthe egg shaped objects were there, and the light flashed and they were gone.5/11/05
2/19/05 22:45KissimmeeFLUSALight30 min.Blue light in the shape of a cross captured by my camera.5/11/05
2/19/05 07:15Altamonte SpringsFLUSACircle??shooting red objects out ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides a minimum of information about sighting. Student report. PD))5/11/05
2/19/05 02:00CleburneTXUSALight2.5minutes dot , way too fast for man kind, no sound .figure eights in sky 1x then shot and see like a cartoon/IM A PILOT MY SELF...5/11/05
2/19/05 02:00La VetaCOUSAFlash20 MinutesUnidentified Flying Object Flashing Lights above the ground. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius in western sky?? PD))5/11/05
2/18/05 20:30RockwellNCUSATriangle10 MINA stationary lit object, hovering for some time, and then instantly sped away ... not gradually, but instantly and silently.5/11/05
2/18/05 18:55Batavia (near)NYUSALightcouple minutesFlashing Vertical Beam of White Light from an unknown source5/11/05
2/18/05 10:01BridgewaterNJUSAOval30 secondsUFO following Chemtrails in Bridgewater, New Jersey5/11/05
2/17/05 16:30MukwonagoWIUSALight25 secondsWitnessed a strange light in the sky, a dark bright blue that blended with the sky.5/11/05
2/17/05 13:30NashvilleTNUSACircle2min 25secPilot sees a Circular object hover and then goes to speed in one second, goes half mile and hovers again.5/11/05
2/15/05 19:35SarasotaFLUSA5 minutesAlien sighting at my door5/11/05
2/15/05 15:00SeattleWAUSAOther5 minutesMiddle February, 2002, 3:00 pm, sunny day, black object east of Seattle, moving erratically within a limited area.5/11/05
2/15/05 14:45ParkersburgWVUSACigar5 minutesCigar shaped silver shining object seen in clear daytime sky.5/11/05
2/15/05 12:40StanwoodWAUSADisk7 minutes or soblack and silver disk - seen again?5/11/05
2/15/05 02:00Ostursund (Sweden)SwedenSphere1-2 secondswitnessed blue sphere, with solid darker blue core, streaking across sky 100 ft awy above apt complex with blue trail coming out back,5/11/05
2/14/05 09:30Grand IsleLAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular shaped craft seen on beach5/11/05
2/12/05 19:00San DiegoCAUSAnot sureMIRAMAR AFB: 805 Freeway closed near Miramar Air base night of sighting 2/12/055/11/05
2/12/05 18:27Nausau (Bahamas)Bahamasthe object was noted on examining the picture only.No eyewitness suspicion at the time of the event.5/11/05
2/12/05 18:00Santa MariaCAUSALight5-10 secThree objects flew from one cloud to the other leaving a "c"ish opening where the cloud appeared to have been disturbed.5/11/05
1/29/05 01:00CarsonCAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesReddish object produced flashes of light, discharged a gaseus material, dissappeared, reappeared and dissapeared again.5/11/05
1/28/05 20:00LyndeboroughNHUSAOther20 mins.The object was flashing and could not be seen with the naked eye5/11/05
1/28/05 07:30WaianaeHIUSATriangle1secHi, when i did take the photograph from my window in a clear early morning,I couldn't see anything unusual. Only after the film had5/11/05
1/15/05 22:00Abbotsford (Canada)BCCanadaSphere10-15 secondsWe were about to go sledding when a SHINY BROWN SPHERE OBJECT soared above US!5/11/05
1/15/05 14:30RiverviewMIUSARectangle3-4 minutesrectangular object that changed shape5/11/05
1/13/05 23:30Bullet County (I-65)KYUSALight5 secondsLight and cellular disruption.5/11/05
1/13/05 22:15ManometMAUSAOvalabout 2 minutes.Peculiar sound and random movement.5/11/05
1/12/05 03:00SmithsALUSAUnknown3 minutesWitness hears strange object pass overhead.5/11/05
1/7/05 20:30MiamiFLUSASphereMOMENTARYOn January 7, 2005, sphere like objects were noticed in digital pics during photo session of Comet Macholz.5/11/05
1/5/05 22:45LewisvilleNCUSATriangleapprox. 10 minOBJECT WAS 3 LIGHTS IN THE SHAPE OF A TRIANGLE WITH BEAMS OF LIGHT ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))5/11/05
1/2/05 06:30FortunaCAUSALight1 secondA bright green light streeked from the sky down to a mountain.5/11/05
10/31/04 03:00MokenaILUSATriangle?there were three red lights and they dissapeared and appeared in different spots.5/11/05
8/21/04 21:30Hawthorn WoodsILUSATriangle1 hoursaw a triangular formation of red lights in the sky5/11/05
5/1/04 08:30SouthgateMIUSAUnknownThree blinking lights.5/11/05
8/14/03 18:30Walpole Island First Nation (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minutesBlack object changing shape with meandering movement on day of big blackout coming from direction of local electric power plant.5/11/05
5/1/03 19:00Wakefield (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle3 minutes?me and my cousen were walking home from a fishshop when we stopped to look at what we assumed to b some srt of shooting star. seconds l5/11/05
1/1/03 06:00Imperial BeachCAUSAFireball10 minutesOdd Silver/gray objects shooting above mountain range, (multiple daily sightings)5/11/05
9/6/02 00:00Mbour (Senegal)SenegalLight1 minuteIn Mbour, Senegal, ( 14deg.,25 min. N , 17 deg. W ) looking at the sky out over the Atlantic Ocean ( i.e. on the W coast of Africa look5/11/05
8/8/02 20:45Mexican WaterAZUSATriangle7 minutesOne night I was sitting outside with my baby girl, hoping to see a falling star. We were just sitting in our lounge chair looking up i5/11/05
5/22/02 04:50NederlandTXUSAChevron6 mOne morning I, looked up and..Wow !!!5/11/05
9/30/01 10:00CypressCAUSADisk20 minutes+starlike metal disk sighted in daylite hovering in fixed position in sky above military airfield.5/11/05
2/15/01 12:00Currumbin (Australia)AustraliaCylinder2-3 minsbest footage i have ever seen5/11/05
10/25/98 19:30VallejoCAUSATriangle45 secondstriangle with four circular lights within moved in unorthodox patterns across the sky 4-5,000 feet above our heads5/11/05
6/20/98 23:00WrightwoodCAUSACircle5 minutesLights in the sky at summer camo5/11/05
4/8/97 19:45SonomaCAUSAChevron4 sec.Extremely massive matte grey/black boomerang with no center section; jets scrambled; no lights, possible aura.5/11/05
3/13/97DouglasAZUSATriangle30'+Triangle Craft seen over Phoenix Az was seen first over Douglas Az flying North. ((NUFORC Note: Date unknown. PD))5/11/05
2/1/96 22:00KensingtonMDUSALightUnknownStationary flashing colors of light behind mist appearing in night sky right above highway very large!5/11/05
6/15/95 02:00CameronLAUSAUnknown1 minuteObject at high altitude and moving extremely fast makes instant course reversal without turning.5/11/05
12/15/90 00:30Ocean CityMDUSAOval3 hours2 hovering discs probing ocean water5/11/05
11/20/90 22:30Canal FultonOHUSAUnknown1-2 minutesUFO hovering a few feet above the car Bright lights and Very Silent.5/11/05
11/15/90 11:00Kerak (Jordan)JordanOval3 minutesoval vehicle with red lights flew directly over me5/11/05
8/20/90 19:00NewportTNUSASphere2,3min."My friend and I seen this pure white ball of light in the sky on the way to his friends house."5/11/05
8/16/90 20:00Seoul (South Korea)KoreaLight9 secA bright small light coming toward at me very slowly.5/11/05
7/15/90 23:30GlenelgMDUSALight2 minutessilent light seen floating in sky in July of 19905/11/05
7/1/90 22:45MiamiFLUSAFireball10 secondsLarge fireball object passes quickly over Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida5/11/05
5/1/90 20:00KingmanAZUSAFlash5 minComet in Kingman?5/11/05
3/1/90 20:30San Pedro (Belize)BelizeOval2 secondsglowing noiseless oval fluttered out of clouds and shot backwards into said clouds.5/11/05
2/8/90 21:00Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle8 secondsLarge Black Triangle with three Red Lights at each corner about 500 Meters big flew at about 100Feet!!!!5/11/05
10/10/89 21:00KranklinKYUSATriangle3minTriangle seen in franklin Ky - october 19895/11/05
10/1/89 20:00PawlingNYUSAOval5 minutesLarge oval craft with lights above house on north side of Route 55 between Pawling and Freedom Plains, NY, late 1980's.5/11/05
6/4/89 22:30Adjuntas (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoDisk1 minuteDisc that emmited beams of light....5/11/05
10/22/88 22:33Interstate 10LAUSAOval6 minutesAt night I saw a large pulsating light at low altitiude, at first stationary, and then flying away at enormous speed.5/11/05
10/17/88 23:00CharlotteMIUSATriangle10 minIt was green, floated in the air and landed about a houndred yards away from me. I tried to duck down. I sat there staring at it for ab5/11/05
10/16/88 00:34Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaTriangle20 minutesTriangular shape lands in a manitoban field. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. PD))5/11/05
9/21/88 03:00Atlantic Ocean (middle)Middle of the Atlantic OceanFireball15 secondsThe light clearly lit up the bow of the vessel, where no light should have been, in the middle of the Atlantic.5/11/05
9/20/88 13:00Atlantic OceanAtlantic OceanUnknown20 secondsThe craft was visible at different positions for about 20 seconds at a distance of 3 to 4 miles to 4 to 500 feet.5/11/05
8/15/88 14:00Walker Valley(Pine Bush)NYUSA1 hourStrange creatures in the woods near UFO hot spots5/11/05
7/22/88 10:45LousvilleKYUSALight6 secondsThat's no meteor, or satellite, or ANYTHING I've ever witnessed! =)5/11/05
7/20/88 02:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomCigar5 minutes?Summer 1984, Cigar Shaped Craft seen in Nottingham U.K.5/11/05
7/1/88 00:00NorwoodMOUSACircle20 minutesBall of Fire in Field and White Lights Darting in the Sky5/11/05
4/4/88 02:00BrunswickMEUSAUnknown10 secsNavy aircraft completely illuminated by moving, elevated bright green light hovering over airfield5/11/05
11/27/87 17:30El PasoTXUSAOval30 secondsA noiseless, round object with colorful bright lights, hovering in the desert of northeast El Paso Tx. by McGregor Range.5/11/05
11/17/87 06:00AnchorageAKUSALight3 minGlowing ball of light5/11/05
11/15/87 22:00ReedsvilleWIUSATriangle8-10 min.Get the hair to stop standing up on my neck ,This Was Too Real .5/11/05
11/1/87 20:00Daytona BeachFLUSACylinder1minThis cigarette shaped object spun without an axis of rotation!5/11/05
8/15/87 19:00BellefontaineOHUSARectangle15 mins +Rectangular object moving very slow5/11/05
7/20/87 23:00Chimkent (Shymkent) (Kazakhstan)KazakhstanCigar30 minOrange sigar-shaped glow with dots of light above were sighted in the mountain area near the Tourist camp.5/11/05
6/12/87 21:00De PereWIUSAfarm100's of lights shining in through the patio door5/11/05
6/1/87 22:00Little Rock (outside of)ARUSAFormation2 or 3 minutesI saw a triangular 'star' formation with fourth moving 'star'.5/11/05
4/11/87 22:00Carolina BeachNCUSACigar30 minutesI SAW WHAT I SAW5/11/05
12/31/86 21:00HoustonTXUSAFormation15-20 secondsFormation of four star like lights appearing and reappearing.5/11/05
12/12/86 20:00PocahontasARUSALight2-3 minutesWhat appears to be 2 comets suddenly shoots overhead and turns into red, pulsating lights in a random formation; hovers 2-3 minutes.5/11/05
9/11/86 22:00CalypsoNCUSASphere1-2 minutesUFO of spherical red and yellow lights hovers over family leaving them with no memory of incident5/11/05
8/2/86 23:00TuolumneCAUSADisk6 hrsDisk shaped, red lights circling the outside, flying on the treeline in the high country in the Sierra Nevada5/11/05
7/15/86 03:00ChicagoILUSAOval10 seconds1986 saucer with white lights over chicago downtown disappears after 10 seconds5/11/05
7/4/86 23:30LincolnNEUSALight3 minutesUFOs amused by July 4th fireworks over Lincoln, NE?5/11/05
6/1/86 19:00GreenbeltMDUSAUnknown> 10 minsLow, slow moving craft over NASA Goddard Space Flight Center5/11/05
4/15/86 15:00LubbockTXUSAOther5 minutes2ft Square , 5 Sided Black Box5/11/05
2/15/86 21:00West Palm BeachFLUSATriangle4 HOURUFO SIGHTING 19865/11/05
12/15/85 17:30AuburnALUSAUnknown5 min. +Bright lighted object 30 feet above me, rose, sped away, emitted shower of sparks in distance5/11/05
11/2/85 01:00PattersonNYUSACigar15 minAs traveling North on Route 22, NY approx town Patterson, my son and I had stopped to see this object with colored lights, traveling ve5/11/05
10/25/85 01:00HawthorneCAUSATriangle20 minutesIn 1985 during a meteor shower asked object to come my way if not a plane, and it did.5/11/05
10/1/85 05:30HoltonMIUSALight3-4 minutesUnknown light makes 90 degree turn and disappears.5/11/05
7/15/85 21:30TrumbullCTUSAUnknown5-8 minsLarge, slow moving...low, dull humming noise as it went overhead. Lights grouped in three's - red/wht/red5/11/05
6/11/85 22:30Houston (outside of)TXUSATriangle40 min.Object passed over, caused vehicle power failure and animal agitation5/11/05
6/2/85 23:30Old FaithfulWYUSAUnknown1 minDark object sighted over Old Faithful5/11/05
5/1/85 14:00Santa CruzCAUSAOther10-15 secondsThis took place at the campus of UC at Santa Cruz ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of YO-3A?? PD))5/11/05
1/1/85 21:00LargoFLUSAOther5 minutesVery large UFO, irregular in shape, glowing red-orange craters, below cloud level, no noise, reported in paper as space debris.5/11/05
12/27/84 21:00Capricorn Coast (Australia)AustraliaLight10minsA super bright, sharp, red light travelled at supersonic speeds around a tropical storm cell, in Australia.5/11/05
11/24/84 13:00ColumbusWIUSACigar10 secondsMid day cigar shape citing while deer hunting5/11/05
9/20/84 21:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSATeardrop5 minutesBRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS SEEN IN THE BRONX IN THE 1980's.5/11/05
9/16/84 15:00ElwoodNYUSAChevron30 minCheveron shaped ojects in V shape formation; daytime sighting, silent moving5/11/05
8/21/84 21:30CedarburgWIUSARectangle45 min.Re occuring sightings in same location., up close and personal proof is waiting5/11/05
7/31/84 19:00RosebudMOUSAOther5 minutesStreaking, flaming object seen outside of Rosebud, Missouri5/11/05
7/10/84 04:00Lake SkinnerCAUSALight5 secondsa bright blue glowing orb that shot out of space made a 90 degree turn shot accross a mountain range then another 905/11/05
6/15/84 20:30WheelingWYUSAUnknown5-10 minutesUFO sighting at twilight over Wheeling, WV5/11/05
5/21/84 21:30LongviewTXUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle object no lights no sound5/11/05
5/1/84 19:00Glen Rose (Malvern)ARUSATriangle20 minutes ?This happened some years ago: I had taken my dog outside, it was dark, pm. I noticed what I thought was a star, the longer I looked, I5/11/05
3/27/84 23:00RosendaleNYUSACircle30 minutesMass sighting in 1984, two newspaper reports about it, police and other reputable peole also made reports.5/11/05
1/8/84 22:00St. GeorgeUTUSAFormation1 minuteEight lights all different colors traveling accross the sky in a uneven V formation with small vapor trails.5/11/05
6/1/83 21:30PhoenixAZUSACircle10 minutes+Monstrous round silent UFO5/11/05
5/1/83 21:00ChesterfieldVAUSACylinder2-5 minutesThe date of this sighting is unknown, so I did best guess. This is among many many sightings I've had as a kid. This is the most memora5/11/05
11/20/82 00:00SurfsideFLUSADiamondone minuteA tumbling football shaped UFO with triangle windows of equal size with a different soft pastel colored light glowing in each window.5/11/05
10/7/82 23:00New HavenCTUSATriangle10 minutesI, and another individual, observed a triangular-shaped, multi-colored, silent object slowly traverse the night sky of New Haven, Conn.5/11/05
8/8/82 22:00TownsenMTUSAUnknown5 minutesspotlights outlining two large cloud formations. Blinked on and off in syncrony. At least 30 of them5/11/05
7/15/82 21:00Las VegasNVUSADiskuncertain9 Years Old , Brothers & I Saw Disk/Craft Very Close.5/11/05
4/30/82 18:55Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaCylinder6 secondsThe above date is a guess but it was reported to the Johannesburg Star who reported that there were other witnesses in rearby suburbs.5/11/05
9/15/81 21:00Grand PrairieTXUSALightIt was brightest energy ball of light hovering to the east of my street.5/11/05
9/1/81 16:50DiamondMOUSALight3 minutesUFO sighting/Time Travel?/Visitors?5/11/05
5/12/80 21:00GreenfieldINUSALight60 secondsBright Spherical light seen over Hancock County field, disappears5/11/05
1/11/80 23:00WichitaKSUSACigar3 to 6 minutesCigar-shaped, city-block long, silent, super-slow forward moving and descending, three red lights, blotted out the stars w/black.5/11/05
12/1/79 01:00Water ValleyMSUSACigar20 secondsthe strange object in the sky that I do not talk about but will always remember5/11/05
11/15/79 21:30FinlandFinlandChanging10 secondsDiamond or kite shaped cluster of high altitude red lights that changed to horseshoe pattern and zipped to the horizon.5/11/05
11/15/79 04:00HonoluluHIUSASphere2 minutessaw a blue sphere hover in front of me---just bigger than a basketball--no noise, heat, etc.--it took off and disappeared as soon as I5/11/05
6/14/78 09:15Los AngelesCAUSATriangle7 minutesTriangle crafts in V formation slowly flew over parking lot in Los Angeles Crenshaw shopping area5/11/05
3/27/77 00:00West Hawk Lake (Canada)MBCanadaOval7 secondsOne yellow oval light observed high in the sky moving due North at a high clip (rate) of speed.5/11/05
1/5/76 21:00Folkestone (UK/England)United KingdomDisk1 hour?Saucer shaped object, flying slowly and silently, with coloured lights moved towards the bright light. I signalled to it,5/11/05
11/13/75 21:15WoodbridgeVAUSACircle10 minBRIGHT OBJECTS CHASED INTO BELMONT BAY5/11/05
6/1/75 21:00CarthageTXUSAUnknown5 secondsI'm an amateur astronomer - a neighbor & I were out in the back yard with my 6 inch reflector - we both saw it (not thru the scope) - i5/11/05
5/20/74 20:30JonesboroGAUSADisk2-3 minutessaucer came across the tree tops in the yard,swayed,then took off across hwy & 1/2 mile beyound then straight down5/11/05
6/10/72 00:00MillertonNYUSADisk20 minutesit desended at a tremendous rate of speed, stopped abruptly above the trees, suddenly a beam of blue white light lit up my car5/11/05
7/15/70 22:00RosevilleCAUSADisk2 to 3 minutesSilent, disc shaped object with rotating vertical bands of light, accelerated away with amazing velocity.5/11/05
6/6/70 03:00MauiHIUSAEgg30+minutesform sucks was making warners bros. movie rainbowbridge with jimi hendrix,chuck wein [andy warhol] movie maker,and ben harris myself w5/11/05
6/1/70 15:00Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaOval5 secondsgreen fiery oval shaped craft5/11/05
7/27/68 20:00Draffenville/BentonKYUSADisk5 minutesred/orange disk shaped light seen at dusk5/11/05
7/21/68 14:00OaklandCAUSACigar5 minutesLarge object on a clear day completely vanished after hovering in plain sight5/11/05
6/15/68 22:00Mojave DesertCAUSALightfew secondsIt was a summer night. I had gone camping with my dog to a mountain elevation (Placerita Canyon)north of LA. The stars were very bright5/11/05
8/25/67 03:15PrincetonIDUSADisk30 mins.Flying Saucer: August 1967-A Teen's Observation5/11/05
8/1/67 19:00CoxsackieNYUSACircle3-5 minutesGreenish-red, hazy, circular object hangs in sky almost like a "bat signal" in Coxsackie, New York.5/11/05
1/7/67 21:30Woy Woy (Australia)AustraliaDisk5 minutesRepeated sightings of similar UFO's over a period of years always landing at one sight.5/11/05
10/10/66 21:00Live OakFLUSADiskSeveral minutesSaucer zaps energy from powerline as my pregnant mother receives mental signals not to pass info5/11/05
5/1/66 00:00KentWAUSASphere20 minutesBoeing testing a flying saucer5/11/05
7/20/65 03:00PulaskiVAUSAFireball5 secondsCould'nt believe it !5/11/05
8/15/59 21:00MohaveCAUSALight2 minutesLites over head cut car lights and motor off.5/11/05
10/15/51 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSADiskunknownSisters observe dark disc in sky over city park; sight landed saucer opening as they hide.5/11/05
12/28/25 18:00Atkinson (6 miles north of)ILUSADisk1 minuteYoung boy witnesses disc in sky above Illinois farmland in December 1925.5/11/05
4/15/97Howard/ArtesianSDUSAObject descends and follows locomotive5/11/05
03:00Fall RiverMAUSAI was on a routine patrol on a state highway in Massachussets, (ironically only a few miles from my home). It was about 3 am in the mo5/11/05
01:00Interstate-5CAUSAOther3 minutesFast Moving Spacecraft diving sideways then rising up.5/11/05