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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/23/05 23:00 Statesville NC Unknown 5 minutes Orange/Red light: Stationary for about 3 or 4 minutes. Then it dimmed its light(s) and took off North... out of sight! 5/24/05
5/23/05 06:30 Ormond Beach FL Diamond 1 hour + Black, three dimensional, diamond shaped object which remained perfectly still for an hour and exhibited a faint orange glow around it 5/24/05
5/22/05 22:20 Woodland Park CO Flash 40 seconds Flash "Camera Type" in the sky 3 times in differnt spots. Woodland Park, Co 5/24/05
5/22/05 22:00 Washington, D.C. DC Light still going on. its now 1 Unidentified Light circling houses 5/24/05
5/22/05 21:45 Santa Ana CA Light 30-45 seconds 1: sphere caught in first part of day on video, 2: white light seen at night then disappears 5/24/05
5/22/05 20:12 Waxahachie TX Cylinder more than 2 minutes Cylindrical objects hover soundlessly over Dallas suburb May 22, 2005. 5/24/05
5/22/05 12:00 Kingston (Canada) NS Oval 15 Minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible student report. PD)) Oval shape ship with green red and blue lights there were two that i saw one landed. 5/24/05
5/21/05 23:30 Port Hueneme CA Light 10 second Star change's position. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite, we believe. PD)) 5/24/05
5/21/05 22:10 Arlington TX Light 3 min. ((NUFORC Note: Intl. Space Station. PD)) It looked exactly like a Star and vanished into thin air after about 3min. 5/24/05
5/21/05 22:00 Warm Springs NV Light 8 seconds Large bright blue-white lights tracking in formation with our car 5/24/05
5/21/05 22:00 Son en Breugel (Netherlands)
Fireball 5 minutes a black shaped object with a red light, like fire, advancing it, it flew over soundless, from the south to the north. 5/24/05
5/21/05 20:10 Lewisville TX Changing 45 min. Tumbling and spinning object. 5/24/05
5/21/05 18:00 Oxnard CA Circle 40 minutes There were bright white objects in the afternoon moving slowly in the sky one of them emitted a smaller object. 5/24/05
5/21/05 13:00 Dadeville AL Circle 30 seconds round object ,greyish whiteish in color 5/24/05
5/21/05 09:58 Edgewood NM Circle 30 seconds flying lights hoovering over mountain silent. 5/24/05
5/21/05 02:20 Holualoa HI Changing 30-40 minutes 3 bright lights that moved and changed shapes and colors, and appeard to be checking us out 5/24/05
5/20/05 22:29 Bellevue WA Circle 3 seconds Extremely fast blue-ringed circle seen flying by Bellevue. 5/24/05
5/20/05 22:08 Ipava IL Formation
The u.f.o. looked like a firework that shoots up but never explodes. 5/24/05
5/20/05 22:00 Danvers MA Other about 90 seconds Craft very low to the ground. No sound. Flew along at a slow speed. Never excellerated. 5/24/05
5/20/05 21:30 San Diego CA Circle 2 min My brother, and friend and I were outside enjoying the night when My brother looked up in the sky.

He was saying how beautiful the s
5/20/05 21:20 Plains PA Light 2-4 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD)) Light traveling straight down then vanished. 5/24/05
5/20/05 14:30 Romulus MI Circle 7 minutes Object was stationary, then moved to the right, stopped, one more move to right, stopped then vanished. 5/24/05
5/20/05 13:30 Redwood City CA Other 1 second My mother and I witnessed a strange "blackout" at 1:30 pm on a clear sunny day. 5/24/05
5/20/05 03:00 Fergus Falls MN Triangle 2 min. (est.) Man witnesses peculiar, orange-colored, triangular object against the night sky. 5/24/05
5/20/05 03:00 Fergus Falls MN Triangle 5 minutes I observed a bright orange triangle that made no noise and moved slowly into the North disappearing. 5/24/05
5/20/05 02:53 Fergus Falls MN Circle 60 sec. Woman reports witnessing a "bright red sphere" in the southern sky, viewed from her home. 5/24/05
5/19/05 22:00 Montgomery (50 miles west of; inflight) AL Unknown 7 seconds Pilots see unknown 5/24/05
5/19/05 18:45 Cheyenne WY Oval 2 minutes At 6:45 a silver light object came into view N. of Cheyenne,WY.It had no vapor trail moving at jet speed,but turning on a dime. 5/24/05
5/19/05 15:45 Studio City CA Unknown 15 mins Metallic looking with periodic flashing/reflection. 5/24/05
5/19/05 11:25 Ledgewood NJ Egg about 6 seconds Shiny chrome like eggish shaped object moving slowly but high up then disappearing after going behind some trees. 5/24/05
5/19/05 10:35 Phoenix (90 mi SW of; on I-10) AZ Changing 15 MINUTES 3 objects sited 90 miles SW of Phoenix 5/24/05
5/19/05 06:00 El Paso TX Circle 45min-1hr The objec t that my roommate and I viewed was not at all like anything I have ever seen in my life...please help me 5/24/05
5/19/05 04:00 Tesla WV Triangle 2 minutes Moving stars in a triangle pattern over tesla west virginia. appeared to be in a camoflauge mode 5/24/05
5/18/05 23:00 Grand Cayman (on cruise; Caribbean)
Circle 5 to 10 seconds My wife and I were on a cruise in the Carribean between Cozamel Mexico and the Grand Cayman Islands. We had returned to our room on the 5/24/05
5/18/05 22:00 Phoenix AZ Light 30 min. Phoenix Lights again over North Phoenix both yellowish orange and red near Deer Valley Airport. 5/24/05
5/18/05 21:50 Leicester (UK/England)
Unknown 2-3 mins 3 bright lights and a small red light on a circular craft 5/24/05
5/18/05 21:45 Phoenix AZ Diamond 10 minutes lights hovering over a mountain range near the Cave Creek Rd approximately between Union Hills Rd and Greenway Rd. 5/24/05
5/18/05 21:29 Denver CO Light 1 minute bright white ball of light about 10:00 position in sky NE to SE seen by bionoculars towards end last five seconds stars were going by 5/24/05
5/18/05 20:00 Holloman AFB NM Light 10 minutes Large stationary light, approx. 5 times larger than largest star-light out, no stars visible. ((NUFORC Note: Possible balloon. PD)) 5/24/05
5/18/05 19:30 Santa Rosa NM Sphere appx 1 hr 10 min. Stationary Spherical Light 1 Hour Duration over Santa Rosa, NM. ((NUFORC Note: Possible high-altitude balloon. PD)) 5/24/05
5/18/05 15:00 Black Mesa/Shonto AZ Disk 5 minutes I saw a large round flying object moving very fast. 5/24/05
5/18/05 14:00 Putten (Netherlands)
Unknown 15 sec a strange object right above the sun in a picture 5/24/05
5/18/05 13:20 Edwardsville IL Sphere 8-10 seconds ILLINOIS/MUFON REPORT: Black sphere seen flying rapidly in a straight-line course under clouds. 5/24/05
5/17/05 22:30 Abilene TX Light 20 secs two points of light traversing the west texas sky, one seemingly in pursuit of the other 5/24/05
5/17/05 21:58 Kilgore TX Sphere 30 seconds The object moved at incredible speed, making right angle turns and disappearing from sight. 5/24/05
5/16/05 09:55 Trinidad CO Sphere less than 1 min Object over Trinidad 5/24/05
5/15/05 22:00 Tustin CA Diamond 2 minutes My friends and i were outside at a local park. and all of a sudden we see an extreemly bright light, non of us had seen something that 5/24/05
5/15/05 22:00 Tampa FL Unknown 1 minute Moving "star" that started out stationary and sped off at high altitude. 5/24/05
5/15/05 21:30 Orlando FL Light 3 to 5 mins White lights ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites? PD)) 5/24/05
5/15/05 21:30 Orlando FL Sphere 5 minutes Lights moving across the Central Florida sky ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites? PD)) 5/24/05
5/15/05 20:55 Las Vegas NV Light >1 min looked like a sattelite in speed,shape and color 5/24/05
5/15/05 20:20 Perth (Western Australia)
Cone east Laying on my back gazing at the stars when i seen a light glinps in the sky shaped like a coon going towords earth lick this > 5/24/05
5/15/05 20:00 Dana Point CA Cross 1 minute The sun had just set at around 8 PM and I was looking in my binoculars in to the horizon which was still lit by the glow of the sunset. 5/24/05
5/15/05 19:35 Eagan MN Disk 1 minute We saw them flying over the school about a half mile away. The came straight down and then stopped above the school and took off and di 5/24/05
5/15/05 19:00 Bedford (UK/England)
Triangle 90minutes Total of 26 bright white lights in blue sky 5/24/05
5/15/05 18:00 Catasauqua PA Oval
After reviewing digital pictures on computer, I saw an object near a small plane that I didnt see through the camera. 5/24/05
5/15/05 17:00 Coventry (UK/England)
Cigar 1 minute dark tumbling cylinder sighted in binoculars coventry uk 5/24/05
5/15/05 16:40 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Changing 15 minutes 05/15/05 Winnipeg,MB,Canada - 16:40 Bright Object with lights , descended and lifted mid air 5/24/05
5/15/05 15:00 Grays (Essex) (UK/England)
Changing 30secs Ball shaped ufo seen in england by three witnesses. 5/24/05
5/15/05 13:17 Fresno CA Other 30 Seconds Irregular shaped silver object 5/24/05
5/15/05 13:00 Hounslow (Middlesex) (UK/England)
Light 15 mins spotted 3 very bright, shiny, distant lights moving about in the sky 5/24/05
5/15/05 12:00 Surrey (UK/England)
Circle 2 minutes Orange "ball" in the sky 5/24/05
5/15/05 00:57 Las Vegas NV Triangle 30 seconds Huge, glowing triangle flying over route 215 in Las Vegas, NV 5/24/05
5/15/05 00:00 Earp CA Triangle 4.5 hr Massive number of UFO's observed in one location. 5/24/05
5/14/05 22:30
TX Triangle All Day Black Triangular Craft at Air Base ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. PF)) 5/24/05
5/14/05 10:30 Clear Lake (Beaver Co.) OK Unknown 30-40 seconds Unknown sound of fast and low origin witnessed by three individuals. 5/24/05
5/14/05 02:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 10 min Orange round object appears dims and reappears no sound 5/24/05
5/13/05 22:58 Sebastopol CA Other 5 seconds Just before 11 PM I had finished checking my boxes out in the poolhouse/cottage ( where my office is) and was standing in the dark, enj 5/24/05
5/13/05 21:30 Lake Forest CA Triangle 5 minutes Witnessed several different sets of lights flying very low. 5/24/05
5/13/05 21:15 Emory TX Rectangle about 1 minute Man and wife experience a dramatic sighting of a UFO hovering nearby: A "disappearing cell phone radio tower" 5/24/05
5/13/05 00:40 Blasdell NY Other 20 minutes Too slow and bright to be man made. 5/24/05
5/13/05 00:30 Vista CA Fireball 7-8 seconds Red/Gold streaking light w/ sparking trail flies North to South in straight line over Vista, Ca. (Shadowridge) 5/24/05
5/13/05 00:18 Kirkland WA Triangle 15-20 seconds Black Triangle 5/24/05
5/12/05 23:00 Truckee CA Other 30 minutues Several variouse lights of different color and irratic movement. 5/24/05
5/12/05 22:12 Ball Ground GA Cross 1 minute On May 12th, 2005 I saw a cross-shaped ufo cross over my Northern Georgia home at 22:12 heading north at low altittude. 5/24/05
5/12/05 22:00 Lake Wales FL Formation 30 minutes Flashing lights that quickly moved across the sky, appeared and reappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 5/24/05
5/12/05 20:28 Parker CO Disk 10:28PM-10:32PM it was 10-20 feet above my house. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) 5/24/05
5/12/05 17:00 San Diego/National City CA Cigar 4-5 mins? very bright, slanted, cigar-shaped object witnessed around San Diego 32nd st Naval Base (around National City) 5/24/05
5/11/05 23:25 Selinsgrove PA Fireball 20 sec 2-3 craft streak across the sky 5/24/05
5/11/05 22:00 Wilmington DE Unknown 30 min Flashing red, green and white light. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 5/24/05
5/11/05 21:55 San Anselmo CA Unknown 1 minute Bright as a distant star but moving across the whole sky on a "path." 5/24/05
5/11/05 21:45 Northbridge MA Sphere one hour 2 Darting UFOs, stationary at non-fixed intervals. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 5/24/05
5/11/05 21:00 Montcalm NH Oval 60 seconds New Hampshire 5/24/05
5/11/05 03:45 Phoenix AZ Other 5 minutes Bright White Lights Phoenix 5/24/05
5/11/05 02:30 Wakefield (UK/England)
Circle 30mins Orb with four red lights. 5/24/05
5/10/05 14:15 Willmington CA Light 5 minutes bright white round light,moving little,over Long Beach, seen from Willmington,Ca. 5/24/05
5/9/05 03:00 Carlisle PA Chevron 3 min. I was sitting on the front porch, not able to sleep. My dog was with me. Suddenly my dog became very agitated and seemed to want back i 5/24/05
5/5/05 17:00 Hampshire (UK/England)
Disk 5mintes 5 secs Romsey school and abbey-five identical accounts. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) 5/24/05
5/5/05 14:00 Portage MI Sphere 30 minutes Silver Sphere weaving in and out of a "contral" 5/24/05
5/2/05 21:00 Clovis CA Light 1 minute Follow up on the lights observed on May 2, 2005 in Clovis, CA 5/24/05
5/2/05 14:05 Palmdale CA Circle 14:15: 10 MIN Two (2) silver bright round disk(s) that touched then seperated, numerous times, seem to follow chemtrail over Palmdale, California. 5/24/05
5/2/05 00:30 Angels Camp CA Circle 2 minutes Strange Object in Angels Camp, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of the star, "Sirius," we suspect. PD)) 5/24/05
5/1/05 01:00 Portland OR Oval 3-7 minutes Three amber/orange objects patrol Portland skyline 5/24/05
4/29/05 21:10 Charleston SC Other 5 min Bomerang shaped blue haze followed by what appeared to be a star, then a flash like a firework explosion. 5/24/05
4/27/05 23:00 Whitecourt (Canada) AB Unknown 5 sec I saw what appeared to me as two reddish, dimly glowing lights travelling at high rate of speed in a northerly direction. 5/24/05
4/27/05 05:43 Portland OR Fireball 3 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) Saw a blue flaming asteroid shaped object. there was a weird blue glow around it. 5/24/05
4/26/05 10:00 Tucson AZ Teardrop 15 minutes Object seen and photographed flying in and out of "chemtrail" in Tucson Arizona 5/24/05
4/25/05 22:30 Rose City MI Light about a minute and a half Bright light dimmed to small red dot. 5/24/05
4/18/05 17:58 Philadelphia PA Rectangle unknown Object appears on one digital photograph but not the next frame taken seconds later. 5/24/05
3/17/05 08:30 Idaho Falls ID Cigar 20-30 minutes From my driveway, due South, I observed a "jetstream" in the sky and saw a "plane" descending rapidly straight down vertical. My initia 5/24/05
3/8/05 18:00 West St. Paul MN Sphere 5 seconds Blue glowing sphere descends to Earth between ground witnesses and jet pilots in Twin Cities, Minnesota. 5/24/05
3/1/05 16:00 El Paso TX Sphere three seconds silver shpere climbed slowly then shrank away and disappeared. 5/24/05
2/25/05 02:00 Seeley Lake MT Light 30 minutes + ((NUFORC Note: We have amended the date above. We suspect a sighting of Sirius. PD)) Unusual ball(s) of light in Montana sky 5/24/05
2/5/05 21:45 Morden, Surrey (UK/England)
Unknown unknown Strange object caught on camera 5/24/05
2/5/05 21:15 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Light 15 mins 3rd witness report on Whitehorse, Yukon sighting of Feb 5/05 5/24/05
12/29/04 18:15 Emporia KS Other 5 - 10 seconds Amber lights in the shape of the number 7 or a backward capital F gliding silently across the Kansas night sky. 5/24/05
12/27/04 01:30 Bend OR Triangle 3 and one half minutes I am an employee of the Oregon Dept. of Transportation. I possess a Bachelor of Science degree with minors in Speech Communication and 5/24/05
12/26/04 04:00 North Little Rock AR Other ~1 - 2 hours I remember being dropped off into my house. I was so exhausted when I "fell" into my bed. 5/24/05
12/25/04 06:00 Audubon NJ Unknown 1 minutes Star? Moving Rapidly Across the sky maintaining altitude. 5/24/05
12/25/04 01:00 Bellefonte PA Formation 3 minutes Three bright lights flying in a v formation that were following a smaller yellow-white light. 5/24/05
12/23/04 18:30 Reynoldsburg (east of) OH Light 2 minutes The bright white light moved at high speed from the sky down to the horizon and then horizontally across the treeline. 5/24/05
12/23/04 16:00 Abilene TX Oval 5-10 seconds The shiny hovering object sat there, then it was suddenly gone. 5/24/05
12/22/04 07:01 Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

unknown I'm airline pilot. Last December, 22th I was flying early morning from Tenerife South (Canary islands) to Alicante (Spain).

From the
12/17/04 14:39 Haleakala HI Other 20 minutes 2 cameras record object pass over Hawaii. 5/24/05
12/17/04 04:19 Haleakala (Maui)/Mauna Kea (both) HI Unknown 20 min. (approx.) (explanation of sighting detailed on link) 5/24/05
12/16/04 23:50 Roy UT Egg 5 seconds Very bight light flashes across night sky. 5/24/05
12/14/04 22:00 Frankenmuth MI Triangle 10 minutes we saw an object that we know was not from earth 5/24/05
12/13/04 01:00 Honolulu HI Disk 3 mins I seen the windows around the saucer and I can draw exacly what I saw. 5/24/05
12/12/04 16:15 Sutton cum Lound (UK/England)
Light 10 mins Lights a christmas but not a decoration 5/24/05
12/11/04 21:00 Denton TX Triangle 12-15 seconds Triangle of lights. Very large object west of Denton. Sat still for 10 seconds before fading from view. 5/24/05
12/10/04 19:30 Phoenix/Tucson (between; on I-10 E) AZ Other 5 minutes Unknown Craft Hovers Over I-10 5/24/05
12/6/04 01:00 Oahu HI Flash 5 minutes Large,glowing green,yellow,white ball of light flew over me,hovered & dropped into the ocean.Aircraft followed to investigate. 5/24/05
11/25/04 09:30 Fort Smith AR Circle about 2 minutes There were spinning lights and all of a sudden they just 5/24/05
11/24/04 21:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Light 0:45 Night-time sighting of UFO over Midtown NYC. ((NUFORC Note: Possible landing light on an airliner approaching local airport? PD)) 5/24/05
11/15/04 22:00 Santa Clara CA Chevron 1.5 Minutes Mute, flying object shoots straight up into the sky, then falls back down to leave the same way it came. 5/24/05
11/15/04 05:30 Dillon MT Triangle 70 sec. The object had several dim white lights that flickered at different times, flew just at the edge of the city lights, and had no sound. 5/24/05
10/31/04 00:00 Sun Prairie WI Triangle 10 min. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) We witnessed a soft glowing light off to the NE of our point of reference. 5/24/05
10/29/04 21:00 Liberty MO Triangle 5 minutes Multi-colored lights in a wide V-formation, hovering, hose or shaft of light lowering with light on end 5/24/05
10/23/04 03:00 Big Cedar OK Light 30 seconds What appears to be a star moves across the sky above Ouachita National Forest. 5/24/05
10/20/04 01:00 Harrodsburg KY Light 20-30 minutes Star-like lights moving in incredible and unorthodox ways 5/24/05
10/15/04 21:45 El Paso (rural) IL Light 10 Seconds Large Orange Sphere's Over Rural Illinois 5/24/05
10/13/04 23:00 Parkersburg WV Circle 10 seconds the object gave off a light that illuminated the entire sky then disapated completely. 5/24/05
10/10/04 15:00 Berkeley CA Unknown 3 minutes While driving my car in the mid afternoon of a day in the fall of 2004 on HYW 580 East-bound I had just crossed the San Rafael / Richmo 5/24/05
10/10/04 14:00 Morgantown WV Circle 10 sec Solid round silver ball passing over at about 3000MSL. 5/24/05
9/21/04 22:00 State College PA Light 5 minutes We saw a bright light that reached intense speeds and had abrupt stops. 5/24/05
9/17/04 12:00 New York City NY Disk picture ((NUFORC Note: Possible optical anomaly caused by the Sun? PD)) UFO flying by the Flatiron building in NYC. 5/24/05
9/15/04 21:00 Omaha NE Sphere 12 sec ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites?? PD)) A star like object that grew bright white and or Amber. 5/24/05
9/4/04 23:00 Weymouth (UK/England)
Light 1 hour Red spheres out at sea 5/24/05
8/30/04 20:30 Fresno CA Disk about 30 minutes I saw a bright, pinkish shaped saucer high in the sky moving slowly. 5/24/05
8/26/04 22:00 Chatsworth NJ Unknown 2 Minutes Object hovers slightly above tree level until it dissappears into the forest 5/24/05
8/21/04 22:00 Houston TX Light
Explanation for column or pillar of orange light in Houston skies 5/24/05
8/21/04 21:30 Tinley Park IL Unknown 10 minutes MY friends and i were sititng on my porch talking when i noticed three redish orangish colored lights in the sky.Thinking it was a plan 5/24/05
8/18/04 14:00 Whitesboro NY Light 4 min A little glowing moving dot in the middle of the day 5/24/05
8/16/04 18:00 Morgantown WV Circle 8pm. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail? PD)) I notices that the plains smoke cloud coming off the back. 5/24/05
8/15/04 23:00 Junction TX Disk 15 minutes Way cool but I was not expecting to see a UFO in the night sky over my ranch. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of star? PD)) 5/24/05
8/15/04 03:30 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Unknown 30 minutes Three lights in formation soon followed by single light 5/24/05
8/14/04 17:00 Mt. St. Helens Volcano WA Disk momentary 08/14/04 17:00 Mt. St. Helens, Washington saucer shape momentary I inadvertently photographed this object. 03/26/05 5/24/05
8/13/04 04:35 Olympia WA Unknown 20 seconds point of light moving thru the sky flashes then vanishes. 5/24/05
8/6/04 20:00 Marion MA Changing 5-10 min. On 8/6/04 around 8pm I saw a stange glowing object in the sky changing from a Ball shape to Oval shape! 5/24/05
8/2/04 00:00 Orlando FL Light 10 minutes Saw a light slowly lift straight up from behind the trees, and then head South. The light kept increasing and decreasing in brightness 5/24/05
7/31/04 18:30 Cardiff (Jamaica)
Light 4 seconds Bright light standing still high high high in the skiy, became dim and moved upwards quickly and vanished. 5/24/05
7/27/04 02:00 Duluth MN Other
We have 6 minutes 23secs of video tape on what my husband and I encountered..... 5/24/05
7/23/04 21:12 Houston TX Formation 21 minutes Two craft near Houston witnessed by 8 people....AMAZING!!! Pictures taken... 5/24/05
7/23/04 21:00 Waldport OR Cigar 2 minutes bright craft traveling fast ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite or ISS? PD)) 5/24/05
7/19/04 16:00 Portland OR Sphere 5 min. Sphere Cluster Drops Orb Down to Ground 5/24/05
7/15/04 22:00 Monmouth OR Circle 10 to 15 seconds looked like a star. it made a 60 degree turn without stopping. 5/24/05
7/15/04 13:00 Lewiston ID Cylinder 30 seconds cylinder-shaped silver-metallic object(s) in a triangle formation (one leading in front,two alomgside behind/close and three objects be 5/24/05
7/12/04 23:00 New York City (Yonkers) NY Oval 1-2 hours Mind Controlled by Aliens 5/24/05
7/10/04 20:00 Piedmont AL Circle one hour Several objects in sky - seemed to be twirling and flashing red - green - blue and white lights and would hover then very quickly move 5/24/05
7/9/04 21:15 Reno NV Light 10 minutes two bright lights were fading in and out and sped off at incredible speeds 5/24/05
7/4/04 22:00 Santaquin UT Unknown 20 seconds Saw three lights that formed a triangle, that moved in exact formation the night of the fourth of July 04 5/24/05
7/4/04 20:30 Hollis NH Circle 5 seconds It was just hovering in mid air alot of lights. 5/24/05
7/4/04 05:36 Provo UT Teardrop 30-40 min. I think I was abducted 5/24/05
7/1/04 23:44 Edina MN Triangle 3 minutes Low flying triangular object with a round white light at each corner of the triangle. 5/24/05
6/29/04 23:00 Mt. Union PA Light 25 minutes At Creation East in Mt. Union Pennsylvania, a small light moved irregularly, giving the appearance of a UFO 5/24/05
6/15/04 22:00 Clarksville AR Oval 2 minutes I was outside on our deck with my wife looking for satellite's , sometimes we do this on really clear nights. after about 10 or 15 minu 5/24/05
6/15/04 02:00 Locust Grove VA Light 1 to 2 seconds Light in night sky traveling at high speed and making a right angle turn without changing velocity. 5/24/05
6/15/04 01:30 South Jordan UT Triangle 15-20 Seconds Outside at 01:30 in the morning it appeared over my head, a triangular shaped object that omitted a heat wave and no sound. 5/24/05
6/2/04 23:45 Levittown PA Triangle 3-5 min My boyfriend and I had spent about 5-6 hrs at his very religious grandparents house down in NE Philly (no drinking that night) and as w 5/24/05
6/1/04 19:00 Bradford MA Disk 5 MIN Enormous and loud disk in the sky 5/24/05
5/22/04 13:00 Leusden (Netherlands)
Teardrop about a minute I saw just one UFO flying in the vicinity of my house. The shape of the craft was like a drop. When it moved, it was gray, but when it 5/24/05
5/19/04 21:30 Hastings MI Triangle about 20 sec. big black triangle shaped object lasting 20 seconds or so overhead then gone without any sound 5/24/05
5/12/04 23:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 4 days+ Infra red light photographs (invisible) taken over 4 days may 04 and I day january 05 in same location 5/24/05
5/7/04 22:35 Bremerton WA Other 3 min. at 22:35 i was using my teloscope.i saw a almost rectangular object that had orange lights on it.i saw it for 3 minutes until it took o 5/24/05
5/1/04 18:30 Gardner NY Sphere 5 min Glowing red lights, 2, sespended in place 5/24/05
4/24/04 16:30 Marietta GA Triangle 30 mins. I saw two pink triangles at about 4:30pm in Marietta, GA, on April 24, 2004, which moved in unison then disappeared into the clouds. 5/24/05
4/22/04 11:15 Longwood FL Cigar 10 minutes Long Cigar Shaped UFO Slowly Spinning in Central Florida April 2004 5/24/05
4/16/04 23:00 Belstville MD Fireball one minute After I park my car, I noticed a red object very high, first I thought it was a planet, then I realized that this object was moving at 5/24/05
4/16/04 20:05 Kingston (NY Thruway, I-87) NY Circle 2 minutes Object seen traveling over NYS Thruway. Bright pink/red top with bright white lights along the rim. Seemed to travel back and forth 5/24/05
4/12/04 21:10 Mississauga (Canada) ON Triangle 10-15 sec my girlfriend and I were just doing a little star gazing in the backyard using 10x50 binoculars, we were looking in the direction of 'o 5/24/05
4/12/04 09:30 Prince George (Canada) BC Oval unknown Hovering oval shope reflecting forest below it. 5/24/05
4/8/04 10:30 San Francisco Bay Area CA Rectangle About 20-30 minutes Two bright amber lights hovering, separating, rejoining, then leaving in different directions silently. 5/24/05
4/1/04 01:00 Black Zion MS Disk 30 minutes ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) There were about 10 craft dancing above the trees. 5/24/05
3/30/04 18:30 St. Louis MO Fireball 6sec tailing large fire ball travling from SE to NW at a high rate of speed. Faster then a jet or aircraft. Teardrop with largeest part in t 5/24/05
3/21/04 21:20 Brookston IN Flash 15-20 sec 4 bright orange flashes in a line 5/24/05
3/13/04 00:23 Wishart (Canada) SK Disk 1 hour there was a big saucer shaped object that was a dull grey. there were lights encircling the entire space craft there also was a hummin 5/24/05
3/12/04 10:00 Bryson Hesperia CA Unknown 1 hour Very Bright lights illuminating entire horizon moving quickly 5/24/05
3/2/04 09:00 Augusta GA Fireball unknown whole city witnesses falling light (not meteror, nor plane distress flare) 5/24/05
3/2/04 01:00 Olive Hill TN Changing
While deer hunting this season I noticed what at first seemed to be a very bright light that was pretty close to where my deer stand wa 5/24/05
3/1/04 15:00 King of Prussia (5 miles from) PA Other sixty seconds broad black (w) was in the day and made no sound, none 5/24/05
2/18/04 07:00 Newland NC Oval 8 min Ufo attacked by jet 5/24/05
2/16/04 19:30 Orlando/Oviedo FL Light 5 mins Unknown light in sky, "blasted" off and vanished. 5/24/05
2/15/04 20:15 Sedro-Woolley WA Cigar 20-30 seconds Cigar shaped object with two orange lights flies low and FAST across sky only blocks away with no sound 5/24/05
2/11/04 05:45 West Roxbury (subtown of Boston) MA Light 3-5 Minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of planets?? PD)) Unusual pre-dawn sighting. 5/24/05
1/20/04 20:30 Bathurst (Australia)
Rectangle Less than 30 seconds Medium paced object moving accross the sky with a constant length trail of light following behind it and the UFOeventually dissapears. 5/24/05
1/12/04 21:22 Canberra (Australia)
Circle 1.oo UFO seen in the night sky by father and son in Canberra - Australia 5/24/05
1/12/04 02:00 Templeton MA Light 7 minutes pulsating light 5/24/05
1/12/04 02:00 Santa Fe NM Light 10 minutes Multiple red lights decending towards earth 5/24/05
1/8/04 11:00 Gozo Island (Malta)
Unknown 20 mins apprx inverted shaft of weak light 5/24/05
12/5/03 19:00 Miami OK Light 10-15 seconds As I stepped off my front porch I looked to the northern sky and seen a very bright light, much brighter than the stars around it. I co 5/24/05
11/19/03 02:30 Magnolia AR Triangle 30 Seconds Triangle Craft spins overhead and then speeds away. 5/24/05
11/15/03 18:00 Strawberry AZ Disk 45 min Landed Object viewed with High Power Scope at Length 5/24/05
10/31/03 20:30 Vancouver (Maple Ridge) (Canada) BC Other 2-5 Minutes Small Orange Object, With a tail. Irratic movements. 5/24/05
10/15/03 22:00 Sylvan Beach NY Fireball 45 secons Large fireball falling to earth 5/24/05
10/15/03 18:00 Westerville OH Unknown 40 minutes UFO over Westerville, Ohio? 5/24/05
10/10/03 09:00 New Buffulo MI Light 2 minute Craft that suddenly vanishes and another one that shows up and does strange things at high speeds 5/24/05
9/11/03 19:50 Springfield OH Oval 30 minutes 3 lighted oval aircraft dissapears 5/24/05
9/5/03 16:00 Derby (UK/England)
Disk 45min+ 6 discs at huge altitude.Coordinated movements.Instant stop start. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax, we believe. PD)) 5/24/05
8/30/03 23:15 Vining MI Triangle 5 minutes I am rentering this one. You don,t need to put it back on but, I read on Jeff Rense that some else that saw this same thing by mecgrego 5/24/05
8/25/03 21:45 Phoenix AZ Unknown 16min i was flying near pheonix when a craft flew right in front of my airplane for 16 min 5/24/05
8/24/03 00:35 Brentwood Town (outside Halifax) (Canada) NS Light 1 minute Light moves fast and hovers above tree, then disapears. 5/24/05
8/21/03 20:00 Las Vegas NV
10 minutes We were looking West toward the mountains where there were these three lights up in the sky past the mountains. They seemed to be play 5/24/05
8/21/03 02:30 Cochrane (north of) (Canada) AB Light 45 minutes Shape shifting light in sky in remote forest location 5/24/05
8/13/03 10:30 Springfield OH Oval 15 second ufo seen in ohio 5/24/05
7/25/03 21:30 Woodsville NH Fireball matter of seconds 5 fireballs 5/24/05
7/20/03 22:00 North Logan UT Disk a few seconds Looking for something? 5/24/05
7/15/03 13:00 Portage WI Sphere 3 minutes "Foo-Fighter" seen from ground around Commercial jetliner in Wisconsin 5/24/05
7/4/03 22:15 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 1 minute Red Orb type ball crashing or descending 5/24/05
7/2/03 03:00 Sea Isle City NJ Sphere 5 seconds Sea Isle City UFO 5/24/05
6/18/03 06:30 Anaheim CA Triangle 5 minutes I saw a triangular, see through object 5/24/05
6/15/03 21:00 Island Grove FL Disk
I was playing kick ball with my friends and a big round object with many many many lights flew over us. 5/24/05
6/15/03 19:00 Manchester TN Disk 45 min-1 hour Another (belated but discovered) Bonaroo witness. Science Major, SKEPTIC 5/24/05
6/15/03 17:00 Woburn MA Fireball 30 min 4 fire in the sky over the highway 5/24/05
6/14/03 21:00 Wilmington NC Light 1 minute Two bright lights came into view as we were sitting on our back porch. They appeared to be fairly far away - like bright stars. No soun 5/24/05
6/13/03 22:00 Barstow CA Rectangle 10 minutes There were round red and blue lights on the object., hovering beside us as I was still driving, no sound. 5/24/05
6/13/03 22:00 Barstow CA Rectangle 10 minutes There were red and blue lights round lights coming toward us. It was the size of a small car hovering. 5/24/05
6/1/03 19:30 Westport CT Triangle 10 seconds Westport, CT possible sighting 5/24/05
5/15/03 22:00 Manitowoc WI Other 2 - 3 mins Bizarre object scene over manitowoc airport 5/24/05
4/16/03 15:30 In-flight sighting (over NE??) NE Sphere several minutes Mysterious sphere darts into clouds 5/24/05
4/15/03 17:10 Bristol NH Disk 15 mins Two silver disks above Bristol, Grafton Co. watching the sun set. And I was watching them. 5/24/05
4/15/03 01:00 Goderich (Canada) ON Egg 20 seconds energy glows seen over town following aircraft 5/24/05
4/12/03 03:18 Delaware OH Circle 3-4 minites 4-12-03 Delaware ,Ohio Large White light across field hovering and zipping in straight lines "curious" 5/24/05
4/10/03 02:00 Baytown TX Cigar 30 sec Silvery glowing cigar shaped object moving very fast then dissapearing. 5/24/05
4/1/03 18:00 South Windsor CT Oval 30 sec-1min 2 ufos seen so.windsor connecticut,06074 5/24/05
3/22/03 10:00 Holyoke MA Sphere 1.5 min estimate Three black metallic orbs 5/24/05
3/12/03 14:00 Tulsa OK Cylinder 10 seconds Cylinder over Tulsa 2 years ago. 5/24/05
1/25/03 07:00 In-orbit (heard from Americus, GA) GA Formation 10 sec Strange conversation from columbia space shuttle. 5/24/05
1/1/03 13:00 Houston TX Unknown 10 min Voice mail from something not of this world 5/24/05
1/1/03 05:00 Pismo Beach CA Circle 30-45 min 1 orange circle zig zagging at a very fast pace across the night sky above the ocean changing direction often. ((NUFORC: Sirius??)) 5/24/05
12/31/02 10:00 Milan (Italy)
Other a few minutes Two unusual crafts over Milan, Italy 5/24/05
12/3/02 18:40 Farmingdale NY Triangle 10 seconds A large triangle or boomerang shaped craft, making no sound glided over my house. 5/24/05
11/18/02 04:30 In Earth Orbit
Circle 30-40 seconds An erratically moving object was observed during the NASA Channel's live broadcast of the Leonid meteor shower 11/18/2001. 5/24/05
10/22/02 22:30 London (Canada) ON Triangle 1-2 minutes The object was low to the ground, stationary and had three bright white lights in a triangular formation, with no sound. 5/24/05
10/16/02 20:20 Galion OH Triangle 7-10 minutes Triangle Hovers over town for 6-8 minutes 5/24/05
10/15/02 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 seconds Laurel canyon TRIANGLE craft '02 5/24/05
9/29/02 23:30 Dewey Beach DE Triangle Five minutes Very largeTriangle shaped silent craft moving off of the ocean over our heads with lights at each corner 5/24/05
9/26/02 16:00 Middlesbrough (UK/England)
Teardrop 10-15 mins 3 witnesses to sighting of 7-9 silver/white spheres/teardrops slowly moving into 'V' formation then dispersing in diff. directions 5/24/05
8/22/02 01:00 River Falls WI Disk 30 min. The object was in the sky, then this large gold disk was on the ground. 5/24/05
8/6/02 21:00 Echuca (Australia)
Light 20 minutes Two hovering lights joined by a third dancing at about 100mtrs above the ground, Echuca VIC Australia 5/24/05
8/1/02 16:00 Livermore CA Disk 10 minutes simple silver disk, moved at amazing speeds 5/24/05
7/4/02 02:00 Cumberland TN Circle 2 minutes No lights, no noise just floating through the sky. We wouldn't have seen it if it weren't for all the clouds that were out that night, 5/24/05
6/15/02 21:30 Richmond VA Unknown 15 secs Very big slow moving object with lights 5/24/05
6/10/02 20:30 Myrtle Beach SC Changing 30 min Brightest, most brilliant lights and silent craft that we have ever experienced and can't explain. 5/24/05
6/6/02 01:00 Tuttle Creek/Lone Pine CA Triangle 5 minutes It was about 1000 feet up, and and it didn't make any sound. 5/24/05
5/28/02 22:05 Strathmore/lLndsay CA Changing 2 minutes Large Carft sighted in Strathmore/Lindsay Calif. in May 2002 with large panel lights. 5/24/05
5/20/02 21:00 Fairless Hills PA Triangle 2 minutes Triangular UFO seen directly over head flying 20 mph 5/24/05
5/15/02 03:00 Inside Passage AK Oval 2 minutes while on a cruise to alaska, (the inside passage) i with no hesitation saw 2 unidentified flying objects. they were circleling each oth 5/24/05
5/14/02 13:00 Bedminster PA Disk 5 seconds big space crafts about 50 feet long 5/24/05
5/8/02 17:00 Meriden CT Other 30 secs Bright object moving almost like a circuliar rocket. 5/24/05
5/5/02 13:00

Characteristics: Not aura or haze, but more like emanation of an energy field. 5/24/05
5/5/02 13:00 Orlando FL Disk 1 minute A genuine craft not of manmade origin unless holograhic. 5/24/05
5/5/02 01:00 Laredo TX Triangle 20 seconds Massive object passing over house 5/24/05
4/9/02 20:00 Green Valley AZ Circle 45 secs. Had I not watched the Peter Jennings report, I probably would not have reported this to anyone! 5/24/05
3/6/02 02:40 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 5minutes blue lights making sounds like beez 5/24/05
2/10/02 23:00 Lancaster CA Disk 10 seconds I went camping in the middle of the desert and in the middle of the night I decided to stargaze. After seeing many stars, I saw this br 5/24/05
2/10/02 13:00 Lancaster CA Disk 10 seconds Saucer in one position in sky, all of a sudden jets off and leaves a long trail of yellow behind it and disappears 5/24/05
2/6/02 22:00 St. Cloud FL Light 1 min Satelite Object comes to a stop in Florida, defying manmade flying physics 5/24/05
1/20/02 13:00 Ein Gedi (Israel)
Disk 2 minutes Silvery oval disk hovering for 2 minutes over the cliffs of the dead sea in Israel 5/24/05
1/8/02 07:00 North Hero VT Cigar 10 - 15 mins. Cigar-shaped craft flew slowing and at a low level directly over the back road I was traveling and right over my me. 5/24/05
1/5/02 20:00 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Light 10 seg Rare "star" 5/24/05
1/1/02 13:00 Torquay (outside of) (UK/England)
Sphere 30 seconds A silver sphere of 1 meter diameter floating slowly at low level before rapidly shooting away skywards. 5/24/05
12/17/01 19:18 St. Georges (Canada) MB Cigar 1 min45 secs 2 bright blue lights on a cigar shaped craft, 5/24/05
11/22/01 Greenville SC Fireball 30 minutes Fireballs seen over the sky in Greenville, South Carolina on Thanksgiving 2001. 5/24/05
11/15/01 23:00 Red River Gorge KY Other 2-3 minutes I went to the helipad in Red River Gorge national park to stargaze with my astronomy teacher and several members of the Cincinnati Astr 5/24/05
11/1/01 23:00 Fairfield CA Circle 3 min. Big, round, and glowing white, flipped from one side to the other seeing the black center, and watching it drop gold particules. 5/24/05
10/29/01 22:00 Clarendon NY Sphere 5 min. glowing sphere and small sphere seen, thought it was another plane crashing after September 11th. 5/24/05
10/27/01 22:00 Sebastopol CA Disk 10 minutes Corroborating my friend's UFO siting - it really happened. 5/24/05
10/14/01 03:30 Chicago (downtown, on L. Michigan) IL Other 15 mins Brightly lit, digital-moving flying fish-shaped object with a crest of white-yellow fire emitting from its tail. 5/24/05
9/16/01 22:00 Bar Harbor ME Light 30 minutes Satellites in the sky moving at right angles without slowing down - and stopping as still as a star 5/24/05
9/13/01 22:00 Agua Dulce CA Light 45-50sec Object aproached along ridge, ascendded and vanished. 5/24/05
9/13/01 17:00 New Orleans LA Sphere 3-5 minutes Small mettalic spheres "chasing" each other 5/24/05
9/11/01 11:30 Albuquerque NM Sphere 10 minutes Spherical silver balls which emitted bright white light 5/24/05
9/9/01 11:00 Detroit MI Disk 5 minutes It came out of the southwest disc shaped, black, and heading east northeast, flying silently at a low altitude. 5/24/05
8/26/01 14:00 Fort Wayne IN Other 10 minutes Silver UFO seen up close on U.S. 37 5/24/05
8/12/01 00:00 Fort Wayne IN Oval 15 minutes Giant UFO seen up close 5/24/05
7/23/01 18:00 Mount Morris NY Triangle 5 minutes My sister, a female friend and I had just entered the portch area when the whole house started shaking. There was a very loud roar whic 5/24/05
7/22/01 17:30 San Francisco CA Other 10 minutes Orbs appearing in increasing infrared light from setting sun. 5/24/05
7/15/01 20:15 Islamabad (Pakistan)
Flash 3 min. or so The light was vey strange and it remained there for about 3 minutes or so and then dissappeared in the sky 5/24/05
7/4/01 20:00 Des Moines IA Triangle 20-30 min mother ship 5/24/05
6/19/01 21:00 Ponte Vedra Beach FL Light approx 4 hous LIghts in the sky that disappear and re-appear , with missing time.. 5/24/05
5/17/01 23:00 Mount Kisco NY Triangle
Triangular lights flying by. 5/24/05
5/1/01 23:00 Owls Head ME Diamond 15 seconds Must have been an alien satalite sent to scan our planet...doubtful it was a ship carrying actual aliens 5/24/05
5/1/01 18:00 Okeechobee FL Light 30 minutes strange light in the sky, to high to be street light and to low to be aircraft 5/24/05
4/23/01 17:45 Jacksonville FL Triangle 3-4 mins I was driving down i-95 south and just over the trees on the right I saw a triangle UFO with one light up top a few on the bottom and a 5/24/05
4/15/01 12:00 Lower Lake CA Sphere 10minutes 2001/daylight/ sighting/ bright,sphere/about,5to 10 min/Low /slow/silent/two eyewitnesses/ 5/24/05

3/1/01 10:00 New York City NY Oval 5 minutes small black oval, moving extremely slowly in broad daylight, about 6 or 7 stories off ground 5/24/05
2/24/01 04:00 Fredricktown PA Triangle unknown triangle lights spinng then disappeared 5/24/05
2/5/01 23:50

2/5/2001 While I was walking home I saw a flash light in the sky and it dissapeared after 2 seconds. 5/24/05
1/23/01 20:00 Salisbury NC Disk 1 minute The saucer hovered directly above and kept pace with my car ((NUFORC Note: No date indicated. Possible hoax. PD)) 5/24/05
1/11/01 21:00 Loves Park IL Light 15 min possible explaination of mass sightings in rockford illinois on january 11th 2001 5/24/05
1/7/01 05:00 Miller (outside of) MO Triangle 1:00 a wild night after work 5/24/05
12/25/00 01:00 El Baul (Venezuela)
Changing a few secs Object entered atmosphere and disappeared 5/24/05
12/12/00 22:00 North Pole AK Unknown 2-10 minutes Strange black craft that blocks out stars. 5/24/05
11/10/00 12:00 Kingston (Jamaica)
Oval Morning Just letting you know that three of us standing out side, it was a clear day, very few clouds, there was a plane approaching over my ho 5/24/05
10/30/00 20:30 Pearl MS Triangle 4 minutes 3 of us saw a craft fly, hover, and then take off very quickly - all this with no sound 5/24/05
10/22/00 22:00 Tulsa OK Triangle 10 minutes Five Black Triangles In Formation Directly Overhead 5/24/05
10/15/00 19:00 Strawberry AZ Disk 15 minutes Disk shape on Ground and viewed at length with Scope from a Deer rifle. 5/24/05
10/1/00 20:00 Tillicoultry (central Scotland) (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 1 min Hovered, huge, flashing, silent, wierd. 5/24/05
9/15/00 20:00 Ashburton (UK/England)
Other 20 minutes L-shaped building with luminus edges 5/24/05
9/15/00 19:00 Granite Falls (23 miles east of) WA Unknown 2-3 Minutes Row of 5-6 white or off white lights @ ~3,500 feet 2-4 miles from my position moving silently & slowly West to East. 5/24/05
8/12/00 17:00 El Cajon CA Circle 30 min Was outside watering palm tree, my brother and friend had just left, I looked up for a second to the southeast and saw what I thought w 5/24/05
8/9/00 12:48 Albuquerque NM Circle 20 seconds i was taking pictures of the sunset and didn't notice until later what had passed in front of my lense. 5/24/05
8/1/00 02:00 River Falls/Prescott (between) WI Light 5 minutes Pacing light between Prescott and River Falls 5/24/05
6/26/00 23:20 Chicago (O'Hare Airport) IL Oval ten seconds UFO spotted over o'hare airport. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting by airline employee. PD)) 5/24/05
6/11/00 16:30 Starr SC Other 2 min. I saw a robotic-like Dark gray "hummingbird" come up to my kitchen window! 5/24/05
6/1/00 17:00 Chattanooga TN Disk 6 minutes My brother and I were out playing basketball and then took a break. As I leaned against a pole, i looked into the sky and saw a really 5/24/05
5/12/00 23:00 Milwaukee WI Cone home Somehing is out there. 5/24/05
5/9/00 12:00 Knoxville TN Circle do not know 2 white objects traveled a long distance faster than any plane could have done. 5/24/05
4/20/00 09:30 Longlac (Canada) ON Formation 12 minutes Northwestern ontario sighting while ice fishing! 5/24/05
4/18/00 22:00 Cocoa Beach (near) FL Cylinder 10-11 seconds Gigantic unconventional craft flying 75-100 feet over I-95,no sound, blue and white lights with big panels 5/24/05
4/15/00 22:00 Beatty NV Formation three hrs Dear sir, I saw the program on ABC tonight and discovered there was someone Who would take a little time to hear what Me and my brother 5/24/05
4/13/00 21:30 Texarkana TX Other quick fly by I was sitting outside in my backyard at night watching the stars as the moon was not out that night.....when from the northeast came wh 5/24/05
3/15/00 08:30 Pine Bush/Walden NY Other 30 seconds Monkeys where they shouldn't be, and others saw them too. 5/24/05
3/9/00 20:30 Houston TX Triangle 1 minute It was night and moved in a straight line from west to east at a steady pace. 5/24/05
2/15/00 23:00 West Memphis AR Light 10 seconds IT SHOT STRAIGHT UP!! 5/24/05
2/9/00 21:00 Sea Tac Airport WA Triangle 1 minute Sighting at Sea-Tac 5/24/05
1/8/00 07:30 Knoxville TN Cigar 15 min 2 Cigar shaped ships flying over Knoxville TN 5/24/05
12/25/99 09:30 Mansfield OH Other 5 or 6 min. on christmas day morning(Dec.25) 1999,upon my wife and I waking up,I was using the restroom when she said "come here and look at this 5/24/05
12/20/99 20:00 Murrieta CA Light 7 min group of red/orange objects over plateau followed car down road 5/24/05
12/15/99 North Syracuse NY Light 3 minutes the object was stationary then moved horizotally and away at the same time across the night sky 5/24/05
11/18/99 05:00 Houston TX Formation 20 seconds Seven blueish discs flying in V formation making no sound. 5/24/05
11/14/99 01:00 Milton (Canada) ON Triangle 2 minutes ok... this is my first online description of my experience.. I was driving home like normal, straight up Steeles Ave., Milton Area, ri 5/24/05
11/8/99 11:00 Hurst TX Triangle NIGHT I WAS AT HOME ON THE DRIVE WAY AWAKE . 5/24/05
11/5/99 18:15 Santa Clara CA Rectangle 5-10 minutes On Friday Nov. 5, 1999 just before sunset, a gigantic metalic colored dominoe shaped object flew over the San Francisco Bay Area. 5/24/05
10/10/99 21:00 Rachel NV Light 3 hours Bright lights with incredible agility seen from mailbox at Area 51 on UFO highway in Nevada for several hourse. 5/24/05
9/1/99 22:00 Nenana AK Light 20 minutes Several stars moving then stopping and moving again in another direction. 5/24/05
9/1/99 17:00 Flagstaff AZ Oval 20 minutes oval shaped with some kind of "bumps" on top 5/24/05
9/1/99 06:30 Stockton CA Formation 2 hrs Multiple contrails on polar trajectory 5/24/05
9/1/99 01:15 Bothell WA Formation 3-4 sec i was waiting outside of my friend's workplace (ATL, a Phillips company) for him to get off when i saw 4 star like objects flying in a 5/24/05
8/27/99 19:00 Newburgh (near) NY Triangle 1-2 minutes Triangular shadow passes over moon 5/24/05
8/12/99 23:00 Strausburg OH Triangle 15 seconds I saw a black triangular craft silently move across the night sky. 5/24/05
7/15/99 22:00 Gull Lake (Canada) AB Light 2-3 minutes Bright light in night sky over Gull Lake. AB 5/24/05
6/20/99 23:00 Palmetto GA Circle 1-2 minutes it looked like a cluster of lights @ the interstate exit,then it moved upward,& took off like a bullet 5/24/05
6/15/99 20:00 Great River NY Disk 3 minutes disks in a circle overhead 5/24/05
6/15/99 16:00 Martinez CA Sphere 5 mins. LARGE RED SPHERE COVERD IN WHITE LIGHTS HOVERING. 5/24/05
6/15/99 15:00 Fort Wayne IN Oval 10 secs There were 7-9 slow moving yellow solid moving objects over my neighborhood. 5/24/05
6/15/99 12:00 Omaha NE Fireball
I am 15 years old I think I was around 9 at the time of the sighting. Anyway, it was in the day time and me my friend and their mom we 5/24/05
6/2/99 21:10 Daytona Beach FL Triangle Several Mintutes Four black triangles see close up. 5/24/05
6/1/99 22:30 River Ridge LA Circle 3 minutes Silver aircraft with 3 lights, beeping noise - hovered over my house and then in front of me while watching it from the street. 5/24/05
6/1/99 17:00 Maldon (UK/England)
Other 10mins Motionless object in the sky with three red lights 5/24/05
3/16/99 13:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Triangle 2 minutes 3 star, triangle formation, moved overhead, created spark, moved back out in direction it came from. 5/24/05
2/12/99 01:30 North Pole AK Fireball 30-45 sec White/Blue fireball object fell from the sky. 5/24/05
1/23/99 07:00 Ocala FL Triangle 1-2 minutes bright lights in front of the dark body of the object with perhaps windows over the lights 5/24/05
1/1/99 02:30 Loma Rica CA Light 10-20minutes Lights I saw and now seem to feel. 5/24/05
12/16/98 23:33 Port Charlotte FL Disk approx.1-3min silent ship close enough to hit with a rock(but i didn't) 5/24/05
12/13/98 02:00 Ashburton (UK/England)
Cigar 2 minutes Four large white lights surrounded by a luminus edge 5/24/05
12/10/98 01:15 Camp Pendelton CA Sphere 3 1/2 HRS Blue Sphere 5/24/05
11/6/98 22:00 Barstow (near, on I-15 N) CA Fireball only seconds Green fireball with a tail falls to earth near Barstow, CA 5/24/05
11/5/98 22:00 Kelvedon Hatch (UK/England)
Triangle 10 1 Fast small blue light then 1 large triangle 1 light in each corner 1 large light cente may have been as big 4-5 acres in size 10min s 5/24/05
9/15/98 18:00 Varysburg NY Sphere 5 min 7 red orbs convene into silver orb in proximity of high tention power lines, orb travels se towards wethersfield wind farm. 5/24/05
9/15/98 16:45 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Circle 45 sec. Circular beams of light decended through the cloud, rotating, then did a pitch and yaw manouver before ascending again 5/24/05
8/30/98 04:00 St. Augustine FL Triangle 5-7 minutes Three lights, silent craft, leaving a green Haze in the sky 5/24/05
8/28/98 15:00 Grande Prairie (Canada) AB Triangle 50 seconds ...we looked up to see a small triangular shaped object traveling at very high speed. 5/24/05
8/25/98 14:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Sphere 30 min 4 witness daytime sighting of metallic rotating ball at Winnipeg international air show. 5/24/05
8/20/98 14:00 Grande Prairie (Canada) AB Unknown 3 minutes While flying my R/C plane I noticed a nearly invisible craft flying very high above my model. 5/24/05
8/19/98 00:00 Albuquerque NM Light 3min light in the sky heading west that changed color and like a rubberband it zipped back heading east into space disapearing in the stars 5/24/05
8/15/98 20:00 Toledo OH Unknown 15 min UFO at the Mall 5/24/05
8/15/98 19:00 Keflavik (Iceland)
Circle 6-8 seconds Ball of light traveling at a high rate of speed over Keflavik Iceland, circa late summer 1998. 5/24/05
8/12/98 22:00 Coimbra (Portugal)
Disk 3 minutes It was standing there, looking at us, i don't know why 5/24/05
7/20/98 14:00 Sydney (Canada) NS Sphere 15mins Floating shining sphere in Sydney Nova Scotia 5/24/05
7/19/98 00:30 Arcadia KS Unknown 5 mins Silent, Possible Saucer shaped object with Single light, followed us aprx 5 miles then simply vanished. 5/24/05
7/16/98 22:00 Pine Bush NY Sphere 20 seconds Red/orange orb seen hovering over trees lighting the tips of said trees before vanishing in motion to the left. Pine Bush NY 1998 5/24/05
6/22/98 01:00 Ellsworth WI Light 15 minutes A friend told me that he and his family were in their car when they saw a bright white ball of light just above the horizon. They stopp 5/24/05
6/19/98 16:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 10 seconds Weird Light Beam 5/24/05
6/15/98 21:30 Valley Springs CA Other Unknown Object sighted, no sound, no lights 5/24/05
6/12/98 10:30 Grayling MI Sphere 5 minutes We observed a large orange sphere in the night sky change into two. Then others were seen. 5/24/05
4/20/98 22:00 Brighton IL Triangle 15 minutes The object moved very low and slow, triangle in shape, big, black, and very quiet. 5/24/05
3/15/98 20:00 North Pole AK Sphere 90 sec Red orb, blue orb...similar to the Marfa Lights 5/24/05
3/7/98 18:50 Gilmour (Canada) ON Oval 6 minutes Orange shaft of light eminating up to a wheel 5/24/05
2/18/98 21:30 Mobile AL Circle
Two connecting crafts brighten and shoot off! 5/24/05
10/15/97 01:00 Paris TN Light 10 minutes blue ball of light subdues me and my girlfriend. 5/24/05
8/31/97 17:00 Lincoln NH Formation 60-90 minutes A static formation of 15 metallic spheres observed by about 150 people in a clear daylight sky. 5/24/05
8/26/97 20:00 Wuerzburg (Germany)
Light 20-30 minutes Bright motionless light seen in Germany. 5/24/05
8/22/97 23:30 Atlantic City WY Light 30 sec bright shiny red globe moving slow but able to change direction quickly 5/24/05
8/8/97 15:00 Dracut MA Triangle 2 min A large black flying machine shaped like a triangle that made no sound. 5/24/05
7/16/97 20:00 Mojave CA Light 10min Small triangular formations in desert sky, forming into larger triangle formation 5/24/05
7/15/97 01:05 Prince George (Canada)
Fireball 8-10 seconds Large bright blue fireball on an accending trajectory 5/24/05
7/14/97 05:20 Philadelphia PA Oval 5 minutes The ufo that closely observed college students on campus. 5/24/05
6/23/97 02:00 Howell NJ Sphere 15 It was hovering and left with great speed and there was no sound or exhaust smoke 5/24/05
6/15/97 22:00 Ponte Vedra FL Fireball 5 seconds Fast moving yellow cigar shaped fireball over heavily wooded area. 5/24/05
6/15/97 02:30 Middletown NY
5 minutes(?) Possible Abduction Attempt 5/24/05
6/5/97 16:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 2 Minutes Sighting Over Brooklyn New York 5/24/05
5/20/97 15:00 North Pole AK Unknown 10 seconds Strange noisy craft in North Pole 5/24/05
5/20/97 04:01 Jupiter FL Other 20 Min Flame object giving off colored rings in the sky then exploding. ((NUFORC Note: Possible missile launch?? PD)) 5/24/05
5/3/97 23:30 Freeport IL Triangle 3-5 min Huge, black,silent, triangular craft seen moving low over house with 2 witnesses present. What was this thing? 5/24/05
3/30/97 00:45 Cobleskill NY Light 4 minutes Looking east, low in the sky, a bright orange circular figure was just "sitting" there. 5/24/05
3/15/97 10:30 Buena Vista CO Oval 10 mins White oval with gold light/energy over mountain in daylight 5/24/05
3/13/97 22:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 5-7 seconds light movement none like i've seen before. 5/24/05
3/8/97 23:00 Jaworzynka (Poland)
Cigar 2h A pinkish gold blinking light moving up and down and side-to-side at 23:10 p.m. over Bow, A formation of lights went from the southeas 5/24/05
2/15/97 13:00 North Adams MA Diamond 2 mintues My wife and me were unpacking boxes in our new apartment on a hill overlooking the town. I had decided to take a cigerette break and en 5/24/05
12/20/96 03:26 Centralia WA Unknown 30 seconds Mysterious Red Light Seen Right Outside Bedroom Window 5/24/05
8/15/96 17:00 Clymer PA Other 20 seconds In August in 1996 I attended a picnic at a friend's farm in Clymer PA and observed a bullet shaped craft. 5/24/05
8/15/96 03:00 Beeville TX Light two to three hours I was abducted and I can remember the happenings, I just cant remember what they want. 5/24/05
8/1/96 23:30 Atwater CA Light seconds I did not see a craft, what I saw was daylight at midnight, on a cloudless night. 5/24/05
8/1/96 21:00 Waterbury CT Rectangle 5-10 minutes HUGE rectangular object over downtown Waterbury in 1996/1997 5/24/05
7/24/96 16:00 Seattle WA Rectangle 45 minutes Boomerang shaped metalic craft over the pugit sound 5/24/05
7/18/96 15:50 New Leake (UK/England)
Triangle 10 minutes IT was Clearly A Spacecraft of somesort, It was completely black and it let off a green shockwave before every rapid burst of speed. 5/24/05
7/5/96 22:00 Camden NJ Oval 2min. each time strange orange circles or discs passing overhead 5/24/05
7/1/96 22:00 Plevna (Canada) ON Triangle 2-4 minutes Wittnessed Triangular Shaped Craft half the size of a soccer field fly 50'-75' above tree tops 5/24/05
6/30/96 07:00 Blackwood NJ Disk 7 secs. Comet sighting PLUS! 5/24/05
6/20/96 02:00 Sault Ste. Marie (Canada) ON Triangle 10-15 seconds The three lighted object hovered over us for a while, then glided across the night sky quietly until we could not see it anymore. 5/24/05
6/15/96 23:00 Valley Springs CA Triangle 15 Seconds Triangular shape blocking out stars in front of the Milky Way. 5/24/05
5/1/96 12:15 Butler PA Disk 3 minutes Huge black object with giant lights hovers over Pittsburgh. 5/24/05
4/1/96 22:00 Harrisburg PA Formation 1hr Light formations over Harrisburg, PA on 4/1/96. 5/24/05
10/1/95 18:30 Williamsburg PA Rectangle 10 minutes Low flying rectangular object with very bright lights on all sides. 5/24/05
9/22/95 16:00 Meridian MS Other 30 sec I was on the 5th floor of the hospital in the room with my grandmother who was dying. She died at approx 4 pm. Other family members wer 5/24/05
9/15/95 14:00 Las Vegas NV Other 20-25 min garbage can shaped object 5/24/05
6/15/95 18:00 Orange CA Oval 30-45 seconds Possible sighting of Military Camouflage Technology 5/24/05
6/1/95 23:00 Angels Camp/Lake New Melones CA Light 3 min Lake New Melones California sighting 5/24/05
6/1/95 16:20 St. Petersburg FL Sphere 65 minutes Orange Sphere 10 foot wide just sitting out side our window for 20 minutes! What is it? 5/24/05
4/17/95 19:00 Milton DE Disk 4 hours over DE bay flickering lights moving over DE shore/ New Jersey shore .warm air temp. for April/sky colors 5/24/05
2/6/95 20:30 Hamilton (near?) TX Light 10 - 13 secs 1st week of Feb 1995. abord flight from San Antonio to DFW. Bright light that speed away as we approached. 5/24/05
12/1/94 01:00 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Triangle 3 to 6 minutes 6 black trianges without any light or sound over a night at Rio de Janeiro 5/24/05
8/18/94 00:00 Morrow OH Disk 10 minutes I could hit it with a baseball - the u.f.o. that is (a most VERY true story) 5/24/05
8/10/94 22:40 Fort Irwin CA Unknown 3-5 minutes Yellow-Orange object in sky north of Baker California, August 1994. 5/24/05
7/4/94 20:00 Marion IL Triangle 5 min to 10 Going for a walk by Lake of Egypt power plant. 5/24/05
7/1/94 23:30 Goshen OH Triangle 30 mins Fleet of UFOs over Goshen, Ohio...Summer 1994 5/24/05
6/30/94 Burbank CO
06:00 Ok, this one I have trouble writing as it may seem crazy. But I swear this really happened. Back in about 1993-1994 early morning (don' 5/24/05
6/26/94 21:00 Burbank CA Light 1min.30sec. A row of lights in the night sky vanished after they split formation. 5/24/05
6/15/94 14:00 Jupiter FL Light 8 hours TIME LOSS extremly fast light traveling north 5/24/05
4/4/94 17:00 Hollywood FL Circle
For NUFORC: this message is for contact info on orange orbs in Broward County Florida. I thought the witness section was not for cont 5/24/05
2/20/94 09:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Disk Less than 10 seconds Saw a metallic, daylight disk that left a wake in the clouds. 5/24/05
12/24/93 21:00 Bellflower MO Light 5 minutes max Strange glowing lights hover and then streak across the night sky in Bellflower, MO 5/24/05
12/15/93 17:00 Laguna Beach CA Oval 45 seconds 1993 Observation of object moving at extreme angles and speed off Catalina Island 5/24/05
9/15/93 21:00 San Francisco CA Circle 3 to 4 minutes Round shiny object emitting three rows of blue pulsing arc rays. 5/24/05
9/15/93 15:00 Colchester (UK/England)
Cigar 5-7 minutes We saw a large silver and brightly coloured cigar shape stationary for 5-7 minutes which just dissapeared 5/24/05
8/20/93 20:00 Milwaukee WI Other about three minutes five lights over wisconsin state fair 5/24/05
8/15/93 22:00 Menifee CA Disk 5 min Saucer in California with Red, White, and Blue lights seen when driving 5/24/05
8/4/93 20:30 LaHaina HI Chevron 3-4 sec Maui, August 1993, incredibly fast & quiet lighted craft moves across the sky, news reports confirm sighting with no explanation. 5/24/05
6/13/93 15:20 Sioux Falls SD Fireball 30 seconds Fireball that changed color and split into 3 equal parts 5/24/05
3/15/93 18:30 Round Rock TX Light 4 Hours + SAW 3 BLINKING / JUMPING LIGHTS FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS 5/24/05
1/20/93 21:00 Oliverea NY Light 5 minutes two lights hovering over remote area of Catskill Mountains, made no sound, turned a sharp angle, and sped away 5/24/05
1/15/93 22:30 Canadian TX Triangle 15 minutes It was triangular in shape, massive in size and eerily quiet. 5/24/05
12/15/92 20:00 Fairview (Scott County) VA Disk 5 to 8 minutes Two saucer-like objects with lights floating along a valley seen by two witnesses, went up the mountain and disappeared. 5/24/05
11/15/92 10:00 Sage CA Oval 45 seconds Very bright like alumium when the sun shines on it and hovered in one place for about 45 seconds. 5/24/05
11/6/92 15:30 Jerseyville IL Disk ten min. saucer approached jerseyville boy only 60 feet away and 30f feet above ground. 5/24/05
9/23/92 02:34 Wetumpka AL Triangle about 2 minutes MY DAD had a deck beside the House, where i occasionaly sit & watch the stars at Night I sometimes go out to look at the stars once or 5/24/05
9/12/92 21:45 New Idria CA Changing 2 hours + On approx. September 12 of 1992(a Monday, Tues. or Wednes.) I was at home alone finishing dinner when I heard my pack of dogs start up 5/24/05
8/6/92 01:00 Kamiah ID Unknown 10 minutes March 21, 2005 NUFOR Attn: Peter Davenport I talked with you on the telephone and made a drawing rendition of what I and my wife wit 5/24/05
8/5/92 23:00 Jerseyville IL Light 10 min. my brother and i chased after bright orange light in jerseyville,Il summer 0f 1992 5/24/05
8/1/92 12:00 Belgrade MT Triangle few minutes Unidentified flying bright orange triangle 20 miles north of Belgrade, Montana in late summer of 1992 5/24/05
7/5/92 03:00 Jerseyville IL Flash 3 seconds super fast strobe light over jerseyville ,Il summer of 1992 5/24/05
6/30/92 20:00 Millinocket ME Triangle 30 minutes Alternating red lights in the Northern Maine Woods 5/24/05
6/4/92 01:00 Jerseyville IL Other 10minutes large flame observed over jerseville/IL summer 1992 5/24/05
2/14/92 22:30 Panajachel (near) (Guatamala)
Changing about 7 minutes Beam of light follows me walking, moves high into trees on cliffside, seems to swivel as it fades out. 5/24/05
2/14/92 21:00 Panajachel (near) (Guatamala)
Unknown 15 minutes 4 of ORION'S stars obscured on a clear night at Lake Atitlan 5/24/05
11/27/91 20:15 Brighton MI Circle 1-2 minutes Large object with two bright lights, passed overhead silently. Half-circles connected by rectangle. 5/24/05
10/28/91 13:10 Los Angeles CA Circle 15 minutes It was a clear, sunny day. My friend and I went for a neighborhood walk. It was early afternoon. My friend first noticed 3 round whit 5/24/05
9/14/91 21:00 Fayetteville (near) NC Light 10 minutes Fast moving object that would just stop and then dart off and then just stop again. 5/24/05
8/29/91 20:30 New Idria CA Triangle 150 minutes Two silent perfect equilateral triangle craft observed for atleast 150 minutes at New Idria CA. 5/24/05
7/8/91 19:00 Austin TX Triangle 6 min. Huge blasts of spinning lights (3) scanned at least an acre of land until they zeroed in on us and chased us under a tree where we hid. 5/24/05
7/1/91 02:40 Maunk Chunk PA Light 10 minutes BRIGHT LIGHT SHINED ON US IN OUR BOAT GONE IN SECONDS OVER MOUNTAIN 5/24/05
6/15/91 11:00 Trementina NM Cylinder 5 min Saw hoverering cylinderical object in the air withkout wings. Saw one small light at the top. 5/24/05
6/6/91 23:00 College Park MD Other 30 min. heavy looking object; stationary; hovering and very loud 5/24/05
4/1/91 21:00 Limerick ME Disk 15 minutes disk, spheres 5/24/05
10/5/90 22:00 Fresno CA Changing 1-2hours Three objects in the sky. 5/24/05
2/1/90 21:00 Brigantine NJ Unknown 10 min Light hovering over beach, went dim, moved and became bright again due to my approach. 5/24/05
6/4/89 22:30 Adjuntas (Puerto Rico)
Disk 5 minutes Disc only three stories high, I was directly underneath. 5/24/05
5/12/89 23:00 Tazewell VA Oval 2mintues me and my friend seen this thing come out of no where and it stayed only in one spot for seconds it moved at speeds i have never seen z 5/24/05
11/19/88 01:30 Tecumseh OK Other 25 minutes Hovering UFO 40 feet above my head 5/24/05
11/11/88 19:00 Fort Lewis WA Circle A few seconds A large number of circles flying in several arrowhead formations flew by at a very high rate of speed and altitude. 5/24/05
10/31/88 22:00 Tryon (north of) OK Triangle 5-7 minutes Large, silent, triangular object with huge beam of orange light coming from the underside of the craft viewed by several witnesses. 5/24/05
3/1/88 12:00 In flight (location unknown) CO Unknown Minutes In March of 1988 my 16 year old son was traveling from St. Louis to San Francisco by airplane. He was using an old 110 instamatic came 5/24/05
10/15/87 22:30 Baker MT Light 5 to 10 min bright light came out from behind a cloud and split off into 6 smaller lights leaving at a high speed 5/24/05
6/30/87 19:00 Palm Springs CA
20-30 minutes My girlfriend and I were in Palm Springs in the late 80's at our hotel. It was early evening, about the time you would start to see sta 5/24/05
8/10/86 21:00 Plevna (Canada) ON Oval 10 minutes 08/10/86 UFO Sighting, Plevna, Ontario Canada, Black, Oval Shaped, Huvvered Motionless and Soundless 50' above tree tops. 5/24/05
7/21/85 21:00 Concord CA Oval 10 minutes 2 crafts-one was 30 feet across, blinking red, green,blue,orange,white; second was football-field size but triangular. 5/24/05
9/30/83 20:00 Hamersville OH Sphere 2 to 3 minutes Glowing red sphere with three white lights on the bottom in the formation of a triangle... 5/24/05
2/11/83 00:00 Las Vegas NV Circle seconds First encounter happened some time in the early 1980's. My boyfriend (at that time)and i were leaving Las Vegas and had entered the des 5/24/05
8/18/82 21:00 Liverpool (suburb of Syracuse) NY Triangle 5 Min Low flying Large triangle Silent craft over suburbs of Large City 5/24/05
8/10/80 02:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light 5 minutes Object seen manuvering around the area of Namaeo Airforce base from the vehicle I was a a passenger in. Estimated range was about 5 ki 5/24/05
7/8/80 04:00 Louisville KY Cigar 30 Minutes DEFINITELY NOT FROM AROUND HERE! 5/24/05
9/9/79 22:00 Mount Wilson Observatory (Los Angeles) CA Sphere 10 seconds i was "called" to visit a ufo on mount wilson while i lived in Glendale,California.

As i rounded the last large curve on red box roa
4/13/79 02:00 Jupiter FL Light 5 min Bright Light outside of the house 5/24/05
8/15/77 23:00 Interstate 65 (Alabama/Tennessee) AL Light 30 min was I dreaming or what 5/24/05
3/4/77 20:00 Cebu (Philippines)
Rectangle 1 minute im came from philippines now im here in the philadelphia.when i was 4 to 5 years old that is 1977.i seen a strange person in the dark m 5/24/05
7/1/76 21:00 Hudson MI Cigar 10 minutes Cigar shaped craft spotted just before dark- observed also by police officer 5/24/05
8/25/72 17:00 Cincinnati OH Diamond 45 minutes Stationary , diamond shaped object , only visable thing in the sky between 4 and 5 pm 5/24/05
7/10/71 18:00 St. Cloud MN Light 15seconds I was 15 at the time, and lived on a farm. Finished supper and walked out of the house to work in the barn. Between the out buidings I 5/24/05
8/1/68 19:00 Coxsackie NY Circle 1min. The object hovered and then shot off to the south east making no noise. 5/24/05
6/1/68 05:00 Darmstadt (Germany)
Fireball 6 hours UFO seen with contact and near abduction 5/24/05
5/25/68 20:00 Morehead KY Light 5 min Silent and fast, the 6 lights in the mountian skies were not normal to any of the 13 witnesses that night in Morehead, KY. 5/24/05
9/15/65 15:00 Indianapolis IN Egg 20 seconds Zig Zagging Egg in daytime 5/24/05
8/1/65 23:00 Pearland TX Light 2 minutes In the summer of 1965, when I was 7 years old, my sister and I wwere visiting my aunt and two cousins in Pearland while my uncle, a pil 5/24/05
6/15/63 18:15 Sacramento CA Cylinder unknown Front Porch 5/24/05
8/8/62 14:00 Lodi OH Other 5-10 minutes cluster UFO's looked like one craft with.approx. 10-12 circular with bright red lights. Broke apart into seperate craf 5/24/05
1/1/50 22:00 Mount Hope WV Unknown unknown One of first sightings in U.S. -- 1950s 5/24/05
5/4/45 16:03 Fraer (Jutland) (Denmark)
Young Danish boy witnesses UFO ("RFZ") in dogfight with three U. S. P-51's at end of WWII. 5/24/05
21:00 Greenbriar TN Cross 2 minutes Craft was shaped like a sword, tip was sharp, and the guard glowed green. ((NUFORC Note: May not be serious report. PD)) 5/24/05
01:00 San Angelo TX Triangle 5 min or more Several years ago, my husband and I was setting out on the back porch under a awning on a swing, late night. The object appeared from 5/24/05