National UFO ReportingCenter
Report Index For Post Date 050528

Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/27/05 23:50 Roanoke VA Fireball 30 seconds Brilliant object fades then arches across sky and disappers. 5/28/05
5/27/05 23:30 Noble OK Triangle 4 minutes Fighter jet observed chasing a triangular craft in central Oklahoma 5/28/05
5/27/05 21:26 St. Petersburg FL Circle 1-2 minutes Grey circle gliding in the sky 5/28/05
5/27/05 14:00 Brookville NY Formation 5 seconds Five shiny, silver, dome shaped objects were seen flying across the sky in formation. 5/28/05
5/26/05 23:00 Vancouver WA Disk 35 sec I was sitting on my deck. I looked up as an airliner was going over the usual landing path in our area went overhead. Next to the air 5/28/05
5/26/05 22:58 Chimacum WA Flash 5-8 seconds Flashing object seen shooting northwest high over the Olympic Peninsula! ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling rocket booster?? PD)) 5/28/05
5/26/05 22:00 Fort Wayne IN Light 10 minutes I saw several strange white lights moving in multiple directions. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites, we believe. PD)) 5/28/05
5/25/05 23:00 Sacramento CA Triangle 15 seconds Triangle object, moving sideways, south-by-south west over Sacramento, CA. 5/28/05
5/25/05 22:15 Coral Springs FL Circle 4-6 minutes My friend were on the patio when we noticed two bright lights dancing in the sky at around 10:15 PM in south Florida. 5/28/05
5/25/05 22:02 Montreal (Canada) QC Teardrop 15 seconds The objects decended from the north heading south. Fisrt apeaered as a cluster of falling stars. All stopped. shapes resembled teardtro 5/28/05
5/25/05 19:45 South Bend IN Changing 20 minutes I witnessed a black shape-shifting black mass in the sky . 5/28/05
5/25/05 16:15 San Francisco CA Changing 20 seconds A shiny dime sized metalic object appeared out of nowhere and vanished within 20 seconds overr San Francisco 5/28/05
5/25/05 02:45 Montgomery AL Triangle 30 seconds Triangular objects of incredible speed and movement 5/28/05
5/25/05 02:21 Oriental NC Disk 2 TO 3 MINUTES Eerie purple and greenish glow from craft of about 24 feet diameter that hoovered in tree limbs, or partly concealed by them, as three 5/28/05
5/25/05 00:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Egg ? may the 25th 2005 in america new york looking over the cornfield a sphere like shape appeared and then immerged into the air 5/28/05
5/24/05 00:00 Zagreb (Croatia)
Light 4-5 minets There has been only wan light. It where very higt, and too fast for a plane on that altitude. The object move littel right, and then li 5/28/05
5/24/05 23:15 Cape Girardeau MO Egg 10 min Very large ,stationary,illuminated like a 100 watt bulb egg or football of light 5/28/05
5/24/05 22:30 Austin TX Changing 90 seconds fire and triangles in the sky over austin texas may 24 and 25 2005 5/28/05
5/24/05 20:30 Chandler AZ Other 10 min. We saw a round, "covered-bowl"-shaped object, large as a house,of luminous white light,slowly move,hover, & float down out of view. 5/28/05
5/24/05 19:35 Volcano HI Disk 5 minutes A UFO was seen over Hawaii near the Mauna Kea Observatories. 5/28/05
5/24/05 19:20 Puyallup WA Light seconds object banked and disappeared quickly 5/28/05
5/24/05 18:30 Anchor Point AK Disk 5 minutes Large UFO over Mt. ILIAMNA Alaska. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail behind a high-altitude jet?? PD)) 5/28/05
5/23/05 23:00 Otis (over the ocean) OR Light 5 hours` Light in sky which was bigger than a star or planet and which simply hovered for several hours. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 5/28/05
5/23/05 20:25 Phoenix AZ Teardrop 5 seconds My wife and I were at South Mountain in PHX watching the moonrise. With all of the Pollution in the air... The moon looked like an oran 5/28/05
5/23/05 19:00 Pomona CA Light 10 seconds illuminated object in the sky 5/28/05
5/22/05 23:00 Franklin Park IL Teardrop 4 minutes A yellowish-orange glowing shape rotating counter clockwise on what appeared to be an assymetrical axis. 5/28/05
5/20/05 21:05 Russelllton PA Unknown 5 Minutes The UFO was seen on Bakerstown Rd in Culmerville PA it was moving east towards Tarentum PA it was a long line with two heads of the obj 5/28/05
5/19/05 03:00 Johnstown CO Formation 2 minutes 2 starlike objects travelling together N to S/SE 5/28/05
5/15/05 21:40 DeBary (central FL) FL Light 5 minutes or so lights joining and flying in formation across central florida sky 5/28/05
5/11/05 03:30 Oklahoma City OK Unknown 3 seconds Bright orange light glowing through the kitchen window. 5/28/05
5/7/05 13:00 Castilla (Colombia)
Disk none any one cant see the saucer at that time but went i see the photos in the camera appears some saucer in the photos if u cant prove that 5/28/05
5/6/05 15:06 Donnacona (Canada) QC Disk Unknown Hynek's classification: Daylight Disc (D.D.) 5/28/05
5/5/05 17:30 Greenville/Port Jervis NY Cigar 5 seconds Shiny, silver, cigar-shaped object appeared out of hazy clouds 5/28/05
3/15/05 20:00 Hanceville AL Triangle 10 seconds Pink trianglular shaped UFO/lights off of I-65 in Alabama. The object(s) were in a field on the west side. 5/28/05
7/4/04 18:00 Pacific Beach CA Light 30 min looked like satellite on the 4th of july 5/28/05
2/15/02 19:00 New Port Richey FL Circle 5 to 10 mins FEB 15, 2002 WE SAW A LARGE ROUND CRAFT THAT HOVERD 1 MILE FROM MY HOME FOR ABOUT 5 TO 10 MINS 5/28/05
11/20/96 Los Angeles CA

Airline pilot reports peculiar object near Gorman VOR in California. 5/28/05
9/15/96 21:00 Woodville AL Triangle 3 Minutes Object had 4 white lights shining their beams behind it. They swept around to the front and it took off north. 5/28/05
5/12/96 02:00 Idaho Falls ID Light 1 minute I never have told anyone about this because of the illegal nature of what we were doing when the event occured. Given the anonymous nat 5/28/05
6/10/94 21:00 Waterbury CT Circle ? time stopped when the ship came. 5/28/05
9/22/90 19:00 Champaign IL Egg 2 min Black silhouette in twilight sky, almond shaped UFO moving N to S at constant speed and low altitude 5/28/05
10/21/88 21:00 Holmes/Pawling NY Formation 20 min aprox Flyimg V seen over whaley lake/ ultra lites this time 5/28/05
6/1/86 08:00 Levuka (Fiji)
10/1/79 12:00 Morden, Surrey (UK/England)
Circle momentary Spinning metallic object. 5/28/05
9/5/76 02:00 Broadview Heights OH Disk 3 minutes Low flying metalic saucer slowly flying over apartment complex (30 feet in air and silent) 5/28/05
9/15/69 22:00 Merced CA Unknown 10-15 minutes One evening when I was returning from classes at the local college, I was driving west on M Street that at that time led back into town 5/28/05