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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/20/05 23:22 Potomac Falls VA Triangle 5 minutes I saw 3 lights at high altitude. At first I thought it was 3 separate objects but all 3 lights moved at the same speed (very slowly) di 6/20/05
6/20/05 21:00 Galesville WI Formation 20 min The objects were dark and circular. They would disappear and then reappear in a different location.One object seemed to be in the shape 6/20/05
6/19/05 21:46 Portland OR Sphere 2 minutes 30+ spheres observed flying in formation during thunderstorm due to large multiple lighting flashes. 6/20/05
6/19/05 21:45 Cardston (Canada) AB Disk 4 minutes Seen out of vehicle, observed with binoculars, had 2 bright lights that never flashed, no stream in backend, same speed of a usual airp 6/20/05
6/19/05 20:33 Washougal WA Other 10 seconds An object was sighted that flew in an irratic pattern completely unlike any other airborne object ever seen. 6/20/05
6/19/05 20:15 Northern Florida (panhandle area) FL Teardrop 30 minutes on and off Witnesses saw what appeared to look like a "teardrop" One reported that a loud boom was heard, like an explosion while walking on a bea 6/20/05
6/19/05 18:00 Damascus OR Circle 1 minute a shining metallic sphere moved swiftly from ground level to high altitudes 6/20/05
6/19/05 15:30 Bethel NY Sphere 5 Seconds It was in the middle of the day in broad daylight. Did anybody else see this? 6/20/05
6/19/05 15:10 Silverdale WA Rectangle 20-30 seconds A black rectangular object flew from south to north in a straight line at a constant speed making no sound. 6/20/05
6/19/05 14:00 Canton PA Cone 2 minutes Military aircraft and a UFo flying close by. 6/20/05
6/19/05 12:50 Albuquerque NM Unknown about 5 min A brightly flashing object was seen in broad daylight. It rose suddenly, hovered, then dived and sped away. 6/20/05
6/19/05 11:00 Burley ID Circle 15 seconds the craft was traveling at a high rate of speed the 1st time it appeared. I was quizzical the 1st time I seen it and then it did a 45 t 6/20/05
6/19/05 09:00 Orland Park IL Sphere 20 minutes 5 spheres rising and headed north, 2 silver, 3 white 6/20/05
6/18/05 22:55 Edinburgh NY Light 35 minutes Amazing UFO sighting from the Great Sacandaga Lake in Upstate NY !!!!!!!!!!! 6/20/05
6/18/05 22:00 Tuscola TX Flash 15 minutes Strobing Light .. 6/20/05
6/18/05 21:05 Granite Falls MN Other 45 seconds Cigar/Triangular shape, changing colors across skyline, met by darting white object 6/20/05
6/18/05 20:14 Boston (north of; on Flight AA96 from) MA Teardrop 15 secs Horseshoe crab - shaped silver object quickly overtaken by our AA 757, at same altitude - not recognised as an aircraft. 6/20/05
6/18/05 20:00 Salt Lake City UT Sphere 20 minutes UFO sighting over Salt Lake City 6/20/05
6/18/05 18:15 Chicago IL Circle 5 minutes Neighbor caught some UFOs 2 bright white circular round objects flying over Chicago on his new digital video camera Saturday evening. 6/20/05
6/18/05 00:50 Fair Oak (Eastleigh) (UK/England)

((NUFORC Note: Probable flare from Iridium satellite #62. PD)) Hampshire UK sighting, multiple witnesses desire no contact. 6/20/05
6/17/05 23:00 Modesto CA Sphere 10 seconds Orange translucent sphere's traveling at high speed just below the clouds in the direction of 135 degrees SE. 6/20/05
6/17/05 22:28 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Unknown about 40 secs possible ufo ?? 6/20/05
6/17/05 20:30 Trinadad CA Changing four minutes silvery sphere with attached rectangle emerges from clouds and heads out over ocean 6/20/05
6/17/05 20:30 Romeoville IL Sphere 5-10 min. Two brite pulses of light in a circular shape seen for 5-10 minutes moving away from each other at a good rate of speed 6/20/05
6/17/05 19:08 Overland (St. Louis) MO Sphere 10 minutes Slow moving sphere shaped object that lit up moving very slowly from the Northwest to Southeast in St. Louis Missouri. 6/20/05
6/17/05 14:30 Los Angeles CA Disk 5 minutes Hovering black object spotted over my house. 6/20/05
6/17/05 13:40 Manassas VA Other 2-3 minutes black cube that flashed coded lights 6/20/05
6/17/05 04:40 Goodrich TX Light 2 minutes 3 star like objects moving in unison with precision to the north, no change in direction, like small constellation moving fast 6/20/05
6/17/05 02:10 Coventry (UK/England)
Cigar 10 mins Train driver and other railway worker witness multicoloured cigar shape object low in the sky at night. 6/20/05
6/17/05 00:20 Downers Grove IL Circle 2 Minutes Green and White Lights in Formation Over Strip Mall 6/20/05
6/16/05 23:30 Dateland (just before AZ Triangle 1-2 min. Mysterious lights over the desert just before Dateland, Arizona 6/20/05
6/16/05 23:00 Betetourt County VA Light 2 seconds Super Fast Object Spotted in Night Vision Scope 6/20/05
6/16/05 22:03 Rocking Chair Mtn/Sedona AZ Sphere 3-5 seconds While looking toward rocking Chair mountian from the North side close to cottonwood desert area at 22:00 hrs A huge Sphere came from th 6/20/05
6/15/05 23:50 Deltona FL Light 4 seconds large light travels very fast across sky. 6/20/05
6/15/05 23:00 Durham NC Light 30 sec oddly blinking light with an irratic path goes east then circles to go north. 6/20/05
6/15/05 21:27 Phoenix AZ Light 1 hour 15 min. Even more "Phoenix Lights", this time over what seemed to be Southwest Phoenix 6/20/05
6/15/05 04:21 Fristo MO Unknown 3 Minutes Unexplained Lights in the Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites in polar orbit?? PD)) 6/20/05
6/15/05 00:15 Shilo IL Flash 3 seconds High velocity pulsating light 6/20/05
6/14/05 23:20 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Other approx2 minutes after examination of photo I noticed a greenish oval and line through it like a flash 6/20/05
6/14/05 22:45 Phoenix AZ Light 15 minutes Yet again...more Phoenix Lights over North Phoenix, Peoria and Surprise. 6/20/05
6/14/05 15:15 Winter Haven FL Oval 5+ minutes strange skies over Winter Haven 6/20/05
6/14/05 03:00 Riverside CA Light 30 - 40 minutes Bright Rotating Light In Night Sky 6/20/05
6/14/05 00:00 Baltimore MD Unknown Early Morning Unknown Humming Sounds In Early Morning In Baltimre,MD. 6/20/05
6/13/05 23:34 Brampton (Canada) ON Cross 15 min IT WAS CROSS SHAPED AND WAS TRAVELLING SLOWLY ALONG SIDE OF MY CAR 6/20/05
6/13/05 22:30 Kendall FL Circle 5 minutes Cars stopped to watch in awe. Light fell and then stood still, then turned sharply to right. 6/20/05
6/13/05 21:45 Bertram TX Oval 5 mins. oval slow moving craft 6/20/05
6/13/05 21:15 Santa Clarita CA Other 1 minute Very large, slow moving boomerang/flying wing craft with blinking red lights 6/20/05
6/13/05 20:34 Seattle/Tacoma (between) WA Unknown 4 minutes Shiny distant metallic silver object through binoculars at sunset...Associated with a rising black balloon-like object. 6/20/05
6/13/05 13:55 Elk Park MT Triangle <1 minute Silver triangle shaped crafts hovering in a formation 6/20/05
6/13/05 03:45 Crestline CA Circle 10 seconds Early mourning sighting 6/20/05
6/13/05 02:30 Freeport IL Flash 60 sec. yellowish green flash moved from the south east to the north in a curve followed buy a jet 5 mins later 6/20/05
6/13/05 00:30 Fort Lauderdale FL Circle 30 seconds Circular Pink Object flying straight line in Ft Lauderdale. 6/20/05
6/12/05 13:00 Chicago IL Triangle 1-3 minutes three triangular black objects hovering in a trianglular formation 6/20/05
6/11/05 23:30 Gresham OR Light 7 min. Woman witnesses peculiar red light in the southeastern sky. 6/20/05
6/11/05 23:30 Gresham OR Circle 7 minutes Below cloud line circular bright red glowing object possible small white middle rotating- AMAZINGLY CHILLING! 6/20/05
6/11/05 23:20 Gresham OR Fireball 7 min bright red light in the sky 6/20/05
6/11/05 23:20 Gresham OR Fireball 5-7 min Brite red light in sky 6/20/05
6/11/05 23:00 Gresham OR Triangle 30 min Red triangle shaped object with red lights sighted over Gresham ,Oregon. 6/20/05
6/11/05 21:00 Tuckerton NJ Circle 5min so the moon was comming up pretty fast, so we thought 6/20/05
6/11/05 18:00 Batemans Bay (NSW, Australia)
Light 5 sec softball size super white light very fast 6/20/05
6/11/05 15:00 Surprise AZ Triangle 25 sec just a black triangle flying fast and silent. southeast direction. from my front yard. just flew into a cloud and never return 6/20/05
6/11/05 01:30 Halifax (Canada) NS Other 20 min So much to say and so little space. Odd Dark object flying from Dartmouth out of Harbour, not a bird! 6/20/05
6/11/05 00:30 Rockford IL Light 2 minutes possible satellite, but no scheduled viewing, and the object flash/glowed brightly for a second or two. 6/20/05
6/11/05 00:10 Jacksonville FL Disk 30 minutes Witnessed saucer from afar glowind with white lights, constantly diming and disapearing ever so often. 6/20/05
6/11/05 00:00 Buffalo NY Light 1 minute bright ball of light moving at crazy angles and speeds 6/20/05
6/10/05 20:30 Moose Jaw (Canada) SK Oval 20 minutes few friends and myself seen a silver, oval object over a field 6/20/05
6/10/05 14:00 Gainesville FL Triangle less than 1min Short sighting of UFO 6/20/05
6/10/05 14:00 Freeport NY Unknown 30 seconds Strange sight on Long Island...daytime 6/20/05
6/9/05 23:36 Olathe KS Rectangle 10 min. A rectangular object appeared coming up over a line of trees and rose into the sky and began to make circles, another joined it and mao 6/20/05
6/9/05 23:00 Carlisle PA Unknown 15 min. I stepped outside for a ciggetett. As I looked up at a star, I noticed flaches of light at different points around this particular star 6/20/05
6/9/05 22:50 Torrington CT Light 30 Seconds Two Jupiters!!! 6/20/05
6/9/05 21:00 Fort Wayne IN Triangle 10 seconds triangle shaped UFO with a light on each end 6/20/05
6/9/05 20:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Circle 5 hours + UFO sighted from Melbourne suburb, Australia. 6/20/05
6/9/05 12:14 South San Francisco CA Disk 15 seconds California Bay Area sighting 6/20/05
6/8/05 23:30 Yakima WA Triangle 2 Seconds Trianglular craft spotted over Yakima. 6/20/05
6/8/05 21:20 Phoenix AZ Light 5 min. More "Phoenix Lights" over North Phoenix at approximately I-17 Freeway and Carefree Highway 6/20/05
6/8/05 20:20 Tweed Heads (Australia)
Circle 15 minutes Two groups of orange lights,lots of people saw them 6/20/05
6/8/05 15:20 Nevsehir (Turkey)
Disk cappadocia i was sitting in my cafe's garden and saw this material for 5 seconds only, it was very fast and going up , the weather is clean and ve 6/20/05
6/8/05 10:40 Hopewell Junction NY Light 5-10 sec single point of light grew and traveled slowly then disappeared 6/20/05
6/8/05 10:25 Wayland MI Light 30-45 seconds Bright orange bobbing light 6/20/05
6/8/05 10:08 Hickory NC Changing
the object wasn't moving then moved disaperd and reapered when it changed shape the went into clouds 6/20/05
6/8/05 00:00 Neosho MO Sphere over an hour brilliant "star" that hovered and moved while other stars remained stationery 6/20/05
6/7/05 22:00 San Diego CA Unknown 15 min 12-15 red lights over the Pacific (many miles out) changing formation, but NOT moving, and very distinct from our beach condo 6/20/05
6/7/05 22:00 Patterson CA Sphere 15 sec On 6-07-05 around 10:00pm there was a Jet going over head leaving a long trail at first I didnt think much of it, but I had my Camcord 6/20/05
6/7/05 21:45 Westwood NJ Triangle <1 minute While observing Jupiter from the back yard, we noticed a very large triangular object at high altitude (+20K feet). The color of the ob 6/20/05
6/7/05 21:30 Mauston WI Light 4 seconds Four large horizontal red lights in Mauston, WI. Starts as 4 lights, goes to 2 lights and then disappears 6/20/05
6/7/05 20:10 East Setauket NY Circle 20:50 White flashing object hovers and retreats back over 40 minute time frame. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a celestial body. PD)) 6/20/05
6/7/05 13:00 Eagan MN Circle 2 or 3 minutes 5 Dark Round-Orbs in a String Form Decending form the Cloud Bank 6/20/05
6/7/05 13:00 Peterborough (Canada) ON Oval 30 min Small white dots in sky. 6/20/05
6/7/05 12:00 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Circle 2 minutes Brilliant white circular light seen over North Wolverhampton, England 6/20/05
6/7/05 09:30 Launceston (TAS, Australia)
Oval 2min strange thing in australia 6/20/05
6/7/05 07:30 Sibley MO Other 2 or 3 minutes I and children were looking at a commercial jetliner coming towards us, from west to east, when son saw "another one" in the sky, I tur 6/20/05
6/7/05 00:50 Milwaukee WI Unknown about an hour Odd long-interval flashing lights surrounding bright star (Jupiter?) at very high altitude for almost an hour. 6/20/05
6/6/05 23:00 Fresno/ Dinuba CA Other a couple minutes LIghts creating triangular like shapes across the sky and small lights following what appears to be jets or commercial airplanes. 6/20/05
6/6/05 22:20 Lawton OK Unknown 30 Seconds Satellite-like object over Lawton, OK, June 6th 2005 6/20/05
6/6/05 22:13 Bossier City LA Changing 3-4 minutes It was dark and round with lights, then changed into a rectangular form with lights. 6/20/05
6/6/05 19:00 Kansas City MO Triangle 3 minutes triangular shaped object over kansas city missouri june 6 05 740 am 6/20/05
6/6/05 15:52 Casper WY Rectangle 20 min A CD case like craft hovered for 20 minutes over mountian line. 6/20/05
6/6/05 13:28 Deming NM Disk 1 minute? Surprised to find flying disk in photograph 6/20/05
6/6/05 12:40 Duluth GA Circle 15 seconds Spotted a black round object traveling at fast and steady pace WSW around noon, June 6th, 2005 6/20/05
6/6/05 03:05 Montgomery IL Unknown 2 min a slow moving light too far to be an airplane that faded away 6/20/05
6/6/05 02:00 Mishawaka IN Light 5-6 seconds UFO crosses sky in the dead of night. 6/20/05
6/5/05 22:30 Neosho MO Cross 20 sec I thought it was the moon at first behind the clouds and then it moved 6/20/05
6/5/05 22:15 Phoenix AZ Formation 2 minutes 6 lights appear and then 2 more fly down and move into a formation with the others 6/20/05
6/5/05 21:35 Yerington NV Cylinder 2-5 seconds BLUE GREEN Cylinder/Bullet object with RED aura seen over Yerington, Nevada 6/20/05
6/5/05 21:00 Seattle/Tukwila WA Triangle 20 TO 30 SEC. ALIENS AND U.F.O.S SIGHTED NEAR HOME. 6/20/05
6/5/05 21:00 Stover MO Other 3 min strange disk shaped object with rotating white and orange lights motionless then vanishes in seconds 6/20/05
6/5/05 20:30 New York City, Manhattan NY Circle 20 minutes Objects hovered over Brooklyn in one location for more than 20 minutes, viewed by many observers 6/20/05
6/5/05 16:35 Bangor (Northern Ireland)
Cylinder 1 minute Long thin white object 6/20/05
6/5/05 14:00 San Antono TX Sphere 1 ,minute I saw a dark sphere travelling west , then morph into two spheres, then 5- 10 seconds later go back to a single black (or grey) sphere. 6/20/05
6/5/05 12:00 Asbury Park NJ Disk 2 minutes Sudenly a shiny object appeared...It seemed to go up --then down---and wavered ---it shined as a 'silver' metalic object---almost in th 6/20/05
6/5/05 12:00 Asbury Park NJ Disk 2 minutes I already reported this just a few minutes go--but forgot to mention--on my way home from work every steet light went out in rows as I 6/20/05
6/5/05 11:35 Lincoln RI Other :20 The spheres never moved, only changed colors then faded away. 6/20/05
6/5/05 01:30 Royal AR Light 3 or 4 seconds Bright Blue/White Meteor-like Object Manuvering Over Arkansas 6/20/05
6/4/05 23:00 Creston NC Flash 2 minutes Fast flying object that zig zagged across the sky. 6/20/05
6/4/05 22:23 Sonora CA Other About 2 minutes Flashing Object Observed over Sonora, CA on Evening of June 4, 2005 6/20/05
6/4/05 19:40 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 5 minutes Slow moving star-like object seen during daylight hours 6/20/05
6/3/05 16:23 Shanghai (China)
Teardrop 1/500th sec (Shutter Time Strange object captured over Shanghai's Pearl Tower. 6/20/05
6/3/05 14:15 Englewood CO Circle 1 minute 1 object turned into 4 objects and hovered below a storm cloud for approx one minute and disappeared back into the thunderstorm. 6/20/05
6/3/05 00:55 Tuscola TX Disk Few Seconds Object there, then gone .. 6/20/05
6/2/05 22:15 Cedar Rapids IA Other 10 seconds Object heading direct west moving about 3 times the speed of a plane, with one light flashing, jumping from position to position. 6/20/05
6/2/05 19:30 Spokane WA Sphere 5 to10 sec. shpere looked like it exited a cloud at high speed going N.E. then vanished. 6/20/05
6/2/05 15:00 Rahns PA Other 5 seconds Three red potato shaped objects seen 6/20/05
6/1/05 23:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 1 minute a bright orange circular glow which projected two multing balls falling from it. 6/20/05
6/1/05 22:00 Fate TX Triangle 30 minutes Four white lights moving fast dispersing blue laser lights from the object off of Interstate 30 west near Rockwall, Texas. 6/20/05
6/1/05 21:00
NV Circle 10- 20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Probable hoax. PD)) Unbelievable lights in the sky. at least 60 lights in circle formations. 6/20/05
6/1/05 17:35 New York City (Astoria; Queens) NY Rectangle 5 minutes Rectangular-Shaped greyish-black object flying low over Astoria, Queens and Manhattan's West Side 6/20/05
6/1/05 15:00 Albuquerque NM Circle 1/2 hour 1 circular partially clear object sat in sky for about 1/2 hour and did not move. It changed opacity several times, stayed in same posi 6/20/05
6/1/05 13:50 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown 2 seconds Streaks of Light close to the ground, followed by odd sensations 6/20/05
6/1/05 01:00 Chico CA Fireball 3 mins Blue-green fireball appeared over Chico, then split into 4 smaller similiar shapes. News reports call it a meteor, no debris of any kin 6/20/05
5/31/05 22:30 Waves NC Chevron unknown 2 sets of "V" shaped green lights that were stationary and not seen the night before 6/20/05
5/31/05 22:30 Harwood Heights IL Light 5sec On may 31 2005 at about 10:30 pm I saw very fast moving light .It was flying across the "Big Dipper" constellation,making two circles w 6/20/05
5/31/05 19:45 London (UK/England)
Oval 6 seconds A very bright silver oval type disk, going very fast through the air, then suddenly taking a turn a disappearing into the clouds.I saw 6/20/05
5/31/05 03:30 Golden Valley MN Unknown 2-3 mins NOT a sattelite. 6/20/05
5/31/05 02:00 Myrtle Beach SC Light 5 sec UFO was a stationary beam of light that seemed to leave a light trail as it accelerated. At first I didn't really notice it because it 6/20/05
5/31/05 02:00 Lake Leelanau MI Light 5 minutes Bright blue light over Lake Leelanau 6/20/05
5/31/05 01:20 Doncaster (South Yorkshire) (UK/England)
Unknown 10 minutes Bright red light hovering and taking off 6/20/05
5/30/05 22:50 Knoxville/Alcoa TN Chevron 10" Shallow Boomerang sighted in E. TN. 6/20/05
5/30/05 22:00 Weymouth Dorset (UK/England)
Light 10 sec White ball of light travelling at enormous speed, level flight no tail from N/W over weymouth Dorset 6/20/05
5/30/05 20:00 Tucson AZ Other 2 hours ((NUFORC Note: Likely sighting of Sirius. PD)) Moving star-like objects and Red Flashing Lights. 6/20/05
5/30/05 19:00 Guernsey (UK/England)
Rectangle 5 mins Whilst looking out of our roof window, I noticed a silver coloured object in the sky. The object was travelling at some speed and was n 6/20/05
5/30/05 13:00 Bayonne NJ Changing 2 minutes Green object on memorial day in the NJ skies 6/20/05
5/30/05 11:00 North Las Vegas NV Sphere 6 hours 3 White spheres in Las Vegas on memorial day. 6/20/05
5/30/05 03:00 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Changing 3 min dissapearing bright orange objects 6/20/05
5/30/05 02:36 Anaheim Hills CA Light 27 minutes Very slow almost hovering lights that seemed like aircraft lights but only moved maybe a mile in 27 minutes in an odd shaped path 6/20/05
5/30/05 00:15 Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Disk 15 The objects were moving to and fro like gaurding something 6/20/05
5/29/05 19:00 Riverview FL Unknown 10 to 15 seconds moved really fast across the sky with no sound heard and the lights were white and flashed and they were not like those seen on an airp 6/20/05
5/29/05 11:30 Covington KY Chevron 3 minutes Experimental Stealth craft over CVG airport? 6/20/05
5/29/05 11:30 Indianapolis Speedway IN Disk 12 seconds stealth bomder and a glistening disk or bell in the way 6/20/05
5/28/05 23:15 Belmont NC Triangle 5-10 minutes (cannot reme PERFECT Triangle shaped craft. 3 lights on bottom (round) with dull glow on entire underside. The craft was observed over Lake Wylie 6/20/05
5/28/05 22:45 Bishop/Mammoth Lakes CA Light 20 seconds Pinpoint of light grows larger and shines bright blue/white and staggers it's course. 6/20/05
5/28/05 21:45 Modesto CA Triangle 20 mins Triangle shaped object with red and blue lights hovered for sometime. 6/20/05
5/28/05 17:55 Glens Falls NY Sphere 3-5 minutes loss of satellite radio reception, "black dot" viewed in sky for 3-5 minutes. 6/20/05
5/28/05 17:00 Meadowlands Marshes NJ Sphere 2 min Meadowlands Sighting 6/20/05
5/28/05 11:35 Vacaville CA Disk 5 minutes Disk shaped object hovered briefly then travelled eastward, captured video footage of it as it left. 6/20/05
5/28/05 11:30 Petretxema Mountain (Spain)
Dicovered on image vailable to see. 6/20/05
5/28/05 03:05 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Unknown 10 minutes A triangular shaped object came in from the west and took something away. 6/20/05
5/28/05 02:00 Tuttle ND Disk
A 16 year old girl sights saucer in Tuttle ND. 6/20/05
5/27/05 23:59 Tacoma WA Triangle 1 min Saw triangle close up through 12 inch Dobsonian telescope. Duration of observation approximately 1 min. 6/20/05
5/27/05 12:00 Denver CO Disk 1 minute We saw a saucer shaped craft in the day time in a very populous area, hovering approx. 1000 feet in the air 6/20/05
5/26/05 23:00 Jõgeva (Estonia)
Fireball ca 20-25 sec REAL PICTURES. 6/20/05
5/26/05 13:00 Ruther Glen VA Cone 45 seconds small shiny metalic circle high in the sky, could only view it when i blocked out the sun. 6/20/05
5/25/05 17:00 London (UK/England)
Circle 10 second I was shooting to london bridge, when i decided to shot this building that was eggshape . in the left corner is the craft. 6/20/05
5/25/05 03:30 Mason City IA Unknown 5 Minutes didnt notice untill my friend asked me if i saw what he saw the object was in the sky very far away, may have been in space but couldn 6/20/05
5/25/05 Hellier KY Light 2min. My two sister's wife, grandson,and myself saw three objects looking like stars, but flying south to north at a steady rate of speed the 6/20/05
5/24/05 21:15 Sullivans Island SC Disk 7-10 minutes Orangish, multiple light source objects appear out of nowhere, then vanish in the order they appear. 6/20/05
5/23/05 22:30 Midway GA Triangle 45-60 seconds I went outside at about 10:30 on what I believe the date to be as May 23rd 2005 to get some fresh air. It was a clear night and I could 6/20/05
5/23/05 21:30 St. George Island FL Chevron 1 min I was facing south, looking over the Gulf of Mexico at the full moon that was rising. One by one, red lights appeared to the east of th 6/20/05
5/23/05 11:45 Cozumel (Mexico)
Formation not sure we watch alot of shows on this subject and what we have in this picture closely resembles a UFO formation 6/20/05
5/21/05 15:15 Calgary (Canada) AB Other
There are 2 objects in my photo..I will send it to you if you warrent it...I don't have an email addy to send it to that is the only wa 6/20/05
5/20/05 20:03 Henderson NV Sphere 1 min 27 sec Six photos of unusal object at sunset on May 20th 05. 6/20/05
5/19/05 06:00 El Paso TX Sphere 1hr15min Unknown stationary shiny sphere 6/20/05
5/16/05 19:15 Oklahoma City OK Triangle 8 minutes triangular shaped craft two. hovering then following each other at highrate of speed. three extreemly bright light two white one red 6/20/05
5/15/05 23:00 Faber VA Triangle 1.5 min craft was deltiod in shape had white lights at each end non blinking a red light in the center which blinked made a dull rumble when di 6/20/05
5/15/05 22:00 Chicago "highway" IL Cylinder 1:00 Driving on highway and saw a white UFO moving very fast and low. 6/20/05
5/15/05 20:30 Whittemore MI Unknown half hour Sightings in iosco county michigan by 4 diffrent people 6/20/05
5/15/05 17:00 Apple Valley MN Disk
I accidentally took a picture of a ufo. 6/20/05
5/11/05 15:30 Kansas City MO Unknown 20 minutes Whole bunch of lights flying in the air. 6/20/05
5/11/05 11:30 Petaluma CA Flash 1 Second 2 Flashes of light in the Petaluma Country 6/20/05
5/10/05 17:30 New Orleans LA Cylinder 30 sec cylinderical ufo streaks low over New Orleans on weather tv broadcast 6/20/05
5/10/05 11:20 Beth-Shemesh (near) (Israel)
Triangle 5 minutes 3 Triangular shaped objects. One above a moving car, the two others 500m ahead high in the sky. (NUFORC Note: Witness is Ph.D. PD)) 6/20/05
5/9/05 23:00 Chandler AZ Light
Light in sky, twice-15 mins apart 6/20/05
5/7/05 22:00 Sedona/Verde Valley AZ Light 15 minutes Erratic moving red and white light seen through night vision 6/20/05
5/7/05 21:15 Sedona/Verde Valley AZ Light 5 minutes Merging white lights near the cement factory and Mingus Mtn. 6/20/05
5/6/05 21:00 Sedona AZ Light 5 minutes Erratic lights west of Airport Mesa 6/20/05
5/1/05 00:45 Portland OR Light 5+ minutes Three reddish lights seen over Pearl District of Portland, OR 6/20/05
4/29/05 21:05 Tampa FL Light approximately 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch out of Cape Canaveral. PD)) UFO Sighting 04-29-05 Tampa, FL 6/20/05
4/24/05 12:00 Willits CA Circle about 2 min Black spot, killed digital camera 6/20/05
4/22/05 22:40 Orange County (location unspecified) FL Other 5 Seconds GEORGIA UFO GROUP Report/Tom Sheets: Joint Investigation-Central Florida UFO Group/Georgia UFO Group--Glowing Light and Dark Object 6/20/05
4/20/05 21:00 Rapid City SD Triangle 1-2 min the object was hanging in the air above us for about 15-20 secodns and flew away very slowly... 6/20/05
4/20/05 06:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Disk 5 min I saw a disc object with a green glow underneath, I then saw a flash of green light and passed out for 2 hours 6/20/05
4/17/05 16:00 Wake Forest NC Unknown 5 Minutes Aircraft with pressure wave ahead of it? 6/20/05
4/16/05 16:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Unknown 10 minutes At first it looked like two baloons spinning around each other I couldn't tell just what it was so I ran to get my camera so I could st 6/20/05
4/12/05 13:00 Ricmond CA Oval 5 seconds Oval or blimp like object moving faster and disappering, next to Jet aircrafts going in and out of SFO 6/20/05
4/9/05 21:12 Sidney TX Triangle 3 mins I just got finish watching a show about UFO's and then I went to the centers website and i say the photo of the Texas UFO and it looks 6/20/05
3/31/05 05:45 Simi Valley CA Light 5 seconds bright orb, moving extremely fast , no trails behind it 6/20/05
3/21/05 20:40 Zionsville IN Fireball several minutes Lights that looked like big balls of fire seen over Zionsville. 6/20/05
3/16/05 13:35 Rota (??) (Spain)
Unknown 30 minutes Ok first im an air traffic controller we have a radar system we use here called a PAR or precision approach radar. its a steady beam 6/20/05
3/14/05 00:00 Philadelphia PA Triangle 5 minutes buzzing triangular aircafts beams lights and leaving an aura. one very close, beams to the ship 6/20/05
2/18/05 04:00 Collinsville IL Triangle 10 minutes Triangular aircraft with bright white light hovered silently over houses. 6/20/05
1/17/05 23:05 San Diego CA Light 1-2 minutes bright speck of light moves in strange path in western sky of pacific beach 6/20/05
1/15/05 23:30 Kildeer IL Unknown 2-3 seconds Electro camoflage military? 6/20/05
12/26/04 21:00 Tahlequah OK Oval 10 group of craft seen 6/20/05
12/25/04 20:00 Long Beach CA Triangle 3 mins On Dec 25th , 2004 I was heading east on stearns going towards cal state long beach on my way home for christmas dinner. As I made a ri 6/20/05
11/27/04 13:35 Republic of Ireland
Unknown 7 mins Alien sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report. We cannot be certain. PD)) 6/20/05
9/10/04 23:30 Columbia MO Light 30 seconds - 1 minute ((NUFORC Note: Student rept.; address invalid; possible hoax. PD)) Low flying round shaped object with lights around bottom. 6/20/05
8/15/04 03:00 Savannah GA Triangle 1 minute Moon surface ufo sighting 6/20/05
7/31/04 01:30 Galveston TX Circle 1 minute We were fishing off the North Jetties and my father in law pointed up and said, "What's that?" I then looked up to my left and could s 6/20/05
7/25/04 22:00 Mexico
Sphere few seconds fast moving object across bay 6/20/05
7/8/04 12:00 Petrified Forest (near; on I-40) AZ Other 1 minute 3 black object, moved vertically up in to cloud, initially motionless. 6/20/05
7/4/04 22:00 Mexico
Sphere few seconds fast moving object across bay 6/20/05
7/1/04 23:00 Visalia CA Triangle 30 sec i was looking for mars and saw a triangular blicking object 6/20/05
6/11/04 01:50 Pawtucket RI Other 10 min The aircraft was hovering in the sky and then another one came and got next to it and they jsut dissapeared 6/20/05
6/5/04 14:30 Russia
Bright light shaped like a circal flew up up then down, left then right, then shoot up. 6/20/05
6/1/04 18:00 Mt Rainier WA Sphere 5sec mt rainier the craft appeared and disappeared while photo was taken, ufo is in picture 6/20/05
4/9/04 02:04 Lawrenceville GA Cigar 12 minutes Took several daylight photos of very unusual tubular cloud along with a small dark object and a blue orb. 6/20/05
12/31/03 08:00 Bloomingdale IL Cigar 3 minutes Silent balloon shaped object 6/20/05
11/8/03 21:00 Washington NC Light 2-3 minutes 50-75' lights hover than streak away out of sight 6/20/05
9/20/03 23:00 Hickory NC Circle
an orb or ball hovers around space station for a couple of seconds 6/20/05
8/1/03 21:00 Moxee WA Sphere 1 min a brown sphere moved south and lit up like bright halogen light and dissapeared 6/20/05
4/18/03 11:45 Lapeer MI Oval 3 minutes Huge, cloaked craft seen over unpaved runway at small local airport. 6/20/05
7/28/02 10:00 Truth or Consequences NM Changing 5 min shinny square no windows with 2 rotating blades on bottom 6/20/05
6/15/02 22:00 North Haledon NJ Fireball Couple minutes A red ball of fire, watches us, then dives away. 6/20/05
12/28/01 01:00 Tucson AZ Disk 45 minutes I was running a night shift in the middle of the desert,using a track hoe to feed an incinerator.I am a 4 year vetran of the army and m 6/20/05
10/28/01 00:28 Beaver WV Disk 15 minutes Silver disk. lights in middle, windows, gaseous haze around disk 6/20/05
9/13/01 23:00 Rockford IL Fireball 5 Minutes Fireball in the sky around 911, being chased by the military! 6/20/05
6/24/01 13:00 Tupelo MS Unknown 1 hour UFO over Tupelo, Mississippi ???? 6/20/05
11/11/00 17:30 Berlin MA Disk 5 min It slowly hovered over 4 lanes of traffic about 30 feet from the ground and it didn't seem to care that it was daylight. 6/20/05
7/14/00 21:00 Ragly LA Unknown none The lights kept disappering and reappering. 6/20/05
7/4/00 21:00 Urbandale IA Light 1 hour Red Light in Urbandale Iowa July 4th 2000 6/20/05
5/15/00 01:00 Derby (UK/England)
Diamond 5 mins 10 UFO seen in space of 5 minutes moving in fleet formation 6/20/05
4/15/00 22:00 Meraux LA Rectangle about 1 minute Rectangular shaped flying Huge box kite looking thing (about 15 ft across) 6/20/05
4/10/00 23:00 Owls Head ME Diamond minute UFO, most likely a space probe of some type 6/20/05
3/15/00 16:30 Boulder CO Diamond 14 hrs Convoy of crafts came from the ground one at a time, looked like airplanes at nightfall. 6/20/05
8/15/99 00:00 Kelowna (Canada) BC Oval 8 minutes Purple Glow, Oval Black Shiny Metal 6/20/05
7/17/99 23:00 Parma (Italy)
Triangle 5 sec A triangle form U.F.O. with lights diveded himself into 3 perfect triangles and then disappeared. 6/20/05
7/15/99 17:05 West Bend WI Egg evening it is true they do exsised. 6/20/05
11/15/98 22:00 Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville NC Triangle 1 minute Triangular shaped ufo witnessed by 200 Marines in Camp Lejeune, NC. 6/20/05
8/1/98 23:00 Albuquerque NM Triangle 10 Minutes Triangular UFO over South Valley High School 6/20/05
9/16/97 19:00 Minneapolis MN Other 1/2 minutes Morphing Triangle 6/20/05
6/18/97 22:00 New Albany IN Cigar two to three seconds the ufo was trailing the air craft 6/20/05
6/15/97 14:00 Edmond OK Disk 2 -3 minutes daylight sighting. saucer. up close and personal 6/20/05
6/1/97 21:00 McComb OH Triangle 30 seconds Triangular object spotted between Gilboa and McComb. No sound. Light on each corner. 6/20/05
6/1/97 01:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 4 hrs ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the possibility of twinkling stars. Just a guess. PD)) Stationary red-green=white lights. 6/20/05
4/1/97 21:00 Homestead FL Unknown 2 hours Red lights along the side, white light in front, in a search-like pattern: slow over water, very fast over land. 6/20/05
2/14/97 20:00 Ormond Beach FL Chevron .20 minutes Large Chevron shaped ufo floats over Ormond Bch. Florida 6/20/05
2/12/97 03:30 Chatham (Canada) ON Triangle 30sec Huge, Slow , Silent with 7 dim orange lights in a V shape pattern passed overhead, no trail or sound. 6/20/05
2/1/96 15:00 Doyline LA Triangle 3 minutes TRIANGLER CRAFT NEAR BARKSDALE 6/20/05
7/1/95 21:00 Seymour IN Other 1 1/2 - 2 minutes A giant glowing object resembling a car headlight floated across the night sky and then shot straight up through the clouds 6/20/05
6/3/95 21:00 Durham (UK/England)
Other seconds Dim small light shoots across sky in wavy line, nmo tail 6/20/05
3/12/95 23:54 Cumberland MD Unknown couple seconds extremely loud 6/20/05
8/20/94 23:00 Yuma AZ Oval 1 minute Small red dot zoomed in at high speeds, came up to us. Saw the craft in slight detail. 6/20/05
5/1/94 06:30 Glencoe KY Sphere 30 minutes Sphere hovering over pond. 6/20/05
1/1/93 01:00 Auckland (New Zealand)

5 minutes moving object changes direction to avoid enemy fire,.,.. 6/20/05
11/14/90 19:30 New London NH Other 10 minutes formation of lights pulls manuevers then shoots off 6/20/05
11/22/89 21:00 Cooper City FL Triangle 10 sec. Couple witness arrowhead triangle, w/ 7 lights, streak overhead during night launch of Space Shuttle. 6/20/05
8/20/88 19:30 Clayton NC Sphere 2 Minutes Sphere shaped object about the size of a water tower, spinning rapidly. 6/20/05
10/8/87 23:00 Wytheville VA Light 8-12 minutes A bright white object was sitting still in the sky while a half dozen smaller red lighted craft buzzed about. 6/20/05
8/20/83 18:00 Peoria County IL Cigar approx. one minute In the summer of 1983, while driving home from work in a rural setting, I saw a huge reddish orange cigar shaped object that looked lik 6/20/05
7/31/83 17:00 London (UK/England)
Disk 1-2 mins flying saucer over waterloo bridge london 6/20/05
5/13/83 17:00 London (UK/England)
Disk 2 mins silver disc sighted on Waterloo Bridge, London, England in 1983 6/20/05
9/8/80 06:00 Brewerton NY Changing 36 They're here. 6/20/05
7/1/80 02:00 Tracy CA Triangle every night for a few mon Mount Diablo - Devil Mountain and UFO's 6/20/05
1/1/80 19:00 Yorkeys Knob (North of Cairns) (QLD, Australia))
Other 2 - 10 minutes 1 slow moving UFO rising from East (ocean) to West, on straight path, rectangular/cylindrical shape. 6/20/05
8/20/78 00:00 La Mesa CA Disk 20min I saw a Yellow light in my room I thought it was Traffic light blinking Then I jump up and looked straight at it I remember everything 6/20/05
4/12/78 09:00 São Paulo (Brazil)
Cylinder 2 mn Por volta de 9:00 da manha descendo a serra de santos de trem,perto de paranapiacaba avistei entre a fenda um objeto de forma cilindric 6/20/05
6/17/77 01:00 Columbia NC Oval 15 min As I stood in my yard the object came toward me. Hovered above my yard at 100ft for ten mins. Rotated west and moved on. 6/20/05
12/6/76 05:30 Davie FL Changing 40 minutes I have checked your log report and found that the sighting I reported shortly after December 6, 1976, was not filed. I am dismayed but 6/20/05
1/10/76 18:00 Prince George (Canada) BC Other 5 seconds Glowing red saucer shaped object in the winter sky. 6/20/05
11/15/75 21:30 Girard OH Oval 45seconds? low flying oval light with zig zag bands on it . 6/20/05
8/15/75 03:00 Kingman AZ Cylinder 3 min. stationary rocket shaped approx. 6 levels of windows,some lit. setting horizontal in sky. no noise.1/4 mile away.mountain background, p 6/20/05
6/25/72 15:00 Albany NY Cigar 10 seconds Sighting report: Cigar shapped object over the Hudson River, Albany N.Y. 30 years or so ago 6/20/05
3/1/69 21:00 Perth Amboy NJ Light 2 minutes While observing Venus through telescopes, my friend and I saw several lights at high altitude that were able to come to complete stops, 6/20/05
6/20/67 18:00 Fairfield CA Cigar 1 minute I believe 6/20/05
4/21/67 19:30 Stamford CT Cylinder 30+ mins. At approximately 7:30 P.M. I and my father and some neighbors were out in the street chatting when a large cylindrical object drifted t 6/20/05
4/1/67 21:00 Homestead FL Unknown 2 hours Red lights along the side, white light in front, in a search-like pattern: slow over water, very fast over land. 6/20/05
8/12/66 19:00 Caseyville IL Light 10 minutes UFO in trouble? 6/20/05
7/12/66 03:00 Cam Rahn Bay (Viet Nam)
Unknown 10 minutes The object with its bright light bounced up and down over the flightline like a bouncing ball,and had no engine sound. 6/20/05
6/1/66 22:00 Conshohocken PA Disk 10 minutes Gun metal grey disk shaped craft seen at 50-60 ft. above the ground 6/20/05
6/15/57 13:00 Hartford City IN Disk 5 minutes flying sausers are as real as real gets 6/20/05