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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/5/05 02:30 Monroe VA Unknown 2:30-3:05 They were in a cluster when I first saw them then a minute or so later dispersed in all directions. 7/5/05
7/4/05 23:45 Lakewood CA Circle 5 min. round shaped, orange colored, hovered in one spot,Then slightly moved and slightly vanished. Then hours later saw exact object again. 7/5/05
7/4/05 23:00 Craigsville WV Light 2 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Intl. Space Station. PD)) 07/04/05 , 11.:00pm, Craigsville WV, craft traveling high, 2 min, 7/5/05
7/4/05 21:15 Scottsdale AZ Flash 15 minutes Three bright blue lights, fading to lighter blue, turning red when changing direction, flashing white when accelerating. 7/5/05
7/4/05 21:03 Santee CA Light 14 minutes One red light over El Cajon during the 9pm fireworks displays. 7/5/05
7/4/05 21:00 San Diego CA Triangle 3 minutes Bright triangle with orange lights spotted above Mission Bay San Diego 7/5/05
7/4/05 21:00 El Cajon CA Light 20-25 mins Red Object West of San Diego, CA 7/5/05
7/4/05 17:50 Laguna Woods CA Flash 30 minutes Silver Ball Flashes Bright Gold with military aircraft orbiting 7/5/05
7/4/05 00:50 Redmond WA Flash 2-3 minutes Single White Flashes in the sky changing positions erratically every 3-10 seconds. 7/5/05
7/4/05 00:15 Belfair? WA Light 30-40 Min Strange floating light in Kitsap or Mason county 7/5/05
7/3/05 23:45 Flintstone MD Light 30 Min Bouncing and rapidly moving "star" in western sky. 7/5/05
7/3/05 23:00 Underwood ND Light 2 hours 4 white lights at high altitude 7/5/05
7/3/05 23:00 Woodburn OR Light 10 minutes Red light in sky - very high - at first thought it was reflection off car dashboard.

Traveled from East to West - then sped off at
7/3/05 22:44 Toronto (Canada) ON Oval 15 seconds 2 V formations fly north along dufferin St. in toronto comprised of glowing oval shaped objects 7/5/05
7/3/05 22:30 Tacoma area WA Unknown 10 minutes was wondering if anyone reported a craft in the sky about this time -- i was talking on the phone with with my sister who lives near Ta 7/5/05
7/3/05 22:30 Howell MI Unknown 10-15 Mins Orange ball of light that was moving from South to North in Howell. 7/5/05
7/3/05 22:20 Westbrook ME Sphere 3 minutes moving stars that disappear 7/5/05
7/3/05 21:00 Clearwater FL Unknown 1 hour Strange lights, fast movements, clear sky 7/5/05
7/3/05 21:00 Lake Waco TX Egg 4-5 minutes We came to show my good sighted brother but it was gone. 7/5/05
7/3/05 20:31 Palo Alto CA Sphere 30 seconds Object following airliner briefly, then moving away from it at a rapid pace. After a few seconds, it disappeared completely 7/5/05
7/3/05 19:57 Malaga WA Unknown 1 Min speed 800 PMH (nosonic Booom) 7/5/05
7/3/05 14:00 Springfield OR Disk 1 hr 30 minutes Saucer shaped reflective object moving and hovering with chasing Government Jets and a Helicopter/Photos taken 7/5/05
7/3/05 09:45 Sunnyvale CA Sphere 2 minutes various white spheres 7/5/05
7/3/05 01:10 Auburn WA Light 20 sec star light explosion 7/5/05
7/2/05 23:00 Windsor (Canada) ON Formation 45 minutes They were lights - no sound; At first there was 1, then another 1. then came 7 lights in formation - this first group of 3 sightings 7/5/05
7/2/05 21:45 Mt. Pleasant WI Circle appx 1.5 min. Red, round object from the east traveling to the west then going north, never seen anything like it. 7/5/05
7/2/05 03:30 Oskaloosa IA Fireball 90 min While sitting in the backyard with a friend. What appeared to be a star, slowly started decending toward the Southeast horizon.It slowl 7/5/05
7/2/05 03:30 Dexter OR Diamond 3 to 4 min Double cone travels northeast to southwest from over Eugene, OR. toward south of Oakridge, OR area at 3:30 7/5/05
7/2/05 03:00 Lloydminster (Canada) AB Oval 1 hour 3 oval objects moved oround the sky in a search pattern over time one decended downward. 7/5/05
7/2/05 00:30 Lawrence KS Light 30 Seconds I went out back to have a cigarette and saw a group of lights flying in a V formation. There were eight or nine on each side. At first 7/5/05
7/1/05 17:00 Manotick (Canada) ON Unknown 8-10 seconds Two shiny lights/objects dancing on the edge of, or in, a thunderstorm. 7/5/05
7/1/05 09:30 Roann IN Diamond 2 minuets Positive UFO photos 7/5/05
7/1/05 01:30 Henrietta MO Circle 2 minutes Circular object hovers over house, changes colors and disappears in Missouri. 7/5/05
6/30/05 23:30 Grapevine TX Light 5-10sec I was talking on my cell phone by the pool and i was looking up into the night sky, I had been there for at least 20 minutes when I saw 7/5/05
6/30/05 22:42 Friendship MD Diamond 2 Minutes Two Diamond shaped craft spotted over southern Maryland 7/5/05
6/30/05 22:30 Portage WI Light 1 minute Bright, White ,Totally Silent Light filmed in Portage. 7/5/05
6/30/05 20:00 Carol Stream IL Sphere 00:30 6 sphear shaped dissapearing craft sighting 7/5/05
6/30/05 04:00 Beaverton OR Light 1 -2 min I was observing a very bright "Star" or planet , it began moving! 7/5/05
6/30/05 01:15 Copenhagen (Denmark)
Light 10 minutes I work late hours and had just returned home. It had been a hot day, so I went out on my balcony to water the plants. There I saw comin 7/5/05
6/29/05 23:25 Fort Worth TX Light 4:00 Dual object 7/5/05
6/29/05 23:04 Guelph (Canada) ON Circle 1.5 minutes My wife spotted an object moving across the sky and pointed it out to me.

We watched a pale orangey-yellow circle travel from east t
6/29/05 22:40 Zakynthos (Greece)
Light 60 seconds Very bright white light travelling NE. No noise. Faster than plane. Stopped for 10 secs. Then slowly disappeared. 7/5/05
6/29/05 22:25 Ogden UT Light 30min Four lights witnessed in West Weber county 7/5/05
6/29/05 22:15 Harbor Springs MI Light 5 seconds? moving planet-like object just disappears 7/5/05
6/29/05 21:46 San Jose CA Light
One huge bright light fliying North East. 7/5/05
6/29/05 21:35 Jacksonville NC Fireball 20 minutes in a building about 180 feet above ground observed two fireball shaped objects appear split and vanish 7/5/05
6/29/05 21:30 Edmond OK Sphere 1 minute Spherical gray or black object with rotating ring of lights making humming noise. 7/5/05
6/29/05 00:30 Carter OK Triangle 4 minutes A low-flying triangular shaped object with three blinking lights flew for about four minutes, then vanished. 7/5/05
6/28/05 22:15 Eugene OR Unknown 15-20 min UFO flashing color changing lights over Eugene OR 7/5/05
6/28/05 22:00 Angola IN Light 30 seconds Bright lights above Crooked Lake 7/5/05
6/28/05 21:50 Stockbridge GA Other 1-2 seconds a bright flash oval like object crossed in front of car from left to right 7/5/05
6/28/05 20:15 Morden, Surrey (UK/England)
Circle 30 seconds Strange sliver glow 7/5/05
6/28/05 13:00 Naples FL Sphere about 2 seconds White sphere with contrail. 7/5/05
6/28/05 13:00 Hesperia CA Disk 10:00 MIN ,I Had seen 2 Matilic shape crafts in the sky ,i had gone in to the Building in which ,I work and got my Friend she came out and ,I had 7/5/05
6/27/05 21:25 Kill Devil Hills NC Sphere 60-90 seconds Dark Orb Moves Erratically over the Beach -- Outer Banks, NC 7/5/05
6/27/05 21:10 Lake CHarles LA Triangle 10 seconds Bright Silvery White Traingular UFO 7/5/05
6/27/05 04:30 LaSalle MI Oval 5 seconds Until you see one it is hard to believe 7/5/05
6/27/05 01:30 Charlotte NC Chevron 15 minutes Chevron shaped Grey Object seen hovering 7/5/05
6/26/05 22:30 Aurora IL Unknown ongoing Darting star-like objects some bright some very faint,move up& down, zig-zag, & change diections rapidly 7/5/05
6/26/05 19:10 Levittown PA Oval 15 minutes Unidentified black oval object in South Eastern Pennsylvania sky disappears 7/5/05
6/26/05 12:02 Fuengirola (Spain)
Light 3 mins a light following another then turning away and disapearing. 7/5/05
6/26/05 11:00 South Holland IL Changing 6 minutes Dark rectangular object in the sky which later appeared as a dark teardrop 7/5/05
6/26/05 09:45 Hardin TX Flash 1+ hrs. large flashes of light spotted 06/26/05 in southeast texas skies over 1 hour duration 7/5/05
6/26/05 02:36 Kerhonkson NY Formation 45 seconds Three points of light in a triangle formation. ((NUFORC Note: Possible NOSS satellites. PD)) 7/5/05
6/26/05 01:00 South Willow Canyon (above Grantsville) UT Diamond 1 minute A diamond-shaped-looking craft with fast, flashing red lights on the bottom 7/5/05
6/26/05 00:00 Whitefish MT Circle 1 minute Bright flying object with red and white flashing lights, soundless, moving erradically. 7/5/05
6/25/05 23:00 Huntington Station NY Sphere 5 minutes Object looked like a firery wheather balloon. 7/5/05
6/25/05 23:00 Lima NY Unknown 1hr These are my sky observations for June 25-27, 2005 using 8x binoculars. There will be more. 7/5/05
6/25/05 23:00 Ottawa KS Light 2 or 3 seconds The light was moving west to east in an eratic manner,with no sound. 7/5/05
6/25/05 22:15 Yuma AZ Triangle 1 minute Massive triangle reported to Yuma county Sherriff office over Yuma, AZ. flying south to Mexico 7/5/05
6/25/05 22:00 Mumbai (India)
Circle 30 seconds Mumbai ufo sighting 7/5/05
6/25/05 22:00 Hilton Head SC Circle 1-3 minutes Large, circular object with 8 or so bright white lights on the bottom, hovering over hilton head island sound involved 7/5/05
6/25/05 21:00 Springfield MO Other four minutes My son laid on our pick nick table and pointed above our apartment complex, and asked,"What is that, is that a hot air balloon? This i 7/5/05
6/25/05 20:50 Portland/Gresham OR Disk 10 A disk shaped object with a haze stood in one place then moved from side to side. Ten others followed with bright lights. 7/5/05
6/25/05 19:00 Lynnwood WA Sphere 10 minutes Observed 3 spherical shaped objects in the sky above our heads. One moved slowly away to the south. 7/5/05
6/25/05 19:00 Springfield MO Changing 5-10 minutes Circular unidentified object directly above our apartment complex 7/5/05
6/25/05 15:00 Cehu-Silvaniei (Romania)
Cone 10 minutes A cone shaped object, about 5 feet tall, started to move straight up when 2 people got about 10 meters from it. 7/5/05
6/25/05 12:01 Newton NC Egg 4 min. Small Silver Floating Eggs seen in NC 7/5/05
6/25/05 04:30 Milan MI Disk approx 30 min Rotating object, looked at first like a star. Rotating lights of red, white, green. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD)) 7/5/05
6/25/05 03:00 Lake Arrowhead CA Oval 3 minutes large oval shaped object surrounded by lights seen over San Bernardino mountain ridge 7/5/05
6/25/05 02:25 Greenville SC Unknown 15 mins. Third kind of encounter? ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 7/5/05
6/24/05 23:00 Baker CA Triangle 5 minutes giant triangle spotted of I-15 N to vegas between barstow and baker, Ca, june 24th at 11pm. 7/5/05
6/24/05 22:46 East Rochester NY Circle 20-25 seconds Objects in the sky over Rochester, NY 7/5/05
6/24/05 22:45 Bobtown PA Triangle 15 min total fast moving point of light preceeds large slow triangle over Pennsylvania. 7/5/05
6/24/05 22:00 Indianapolis IN Triangle 20 sec-? 6/24/05: 5 lights forming a triangular shape in Indianapolis on Meridian Street 7/5/05
6/24/05 22:00 College Park MD Triangle 1 minute Triangular aircraft. 7/5/05
6/24/05 21:30 St. Bernard's (Canada) NF Cylinder 1 minute Myself and a couple of my other friends were walking to a friends house. It was a clear summer evening, not a cloud in the sky. I looke 7/5/05
6/24/05 10:40 Palatine IL Formation parking lot 6/24/05 Friday night at 10:40pm. I observed a formated shape in the sky that I knew was not from any country. 7/5/05
6/23/05 23:01 Brownsville PA Triangle 1.5 minutes Triangular craft made of 3 white lights moving very slowly over southwestern PA. 7/5/05
6/23/05 23:00 Lion's Head (Canada) ON Triangle 20min We thought that it was a satalite moving across the sky until I noticed that it had 3 bright lights(1 in front,2 at back) It was dark i 7/5/05
6/23/05 20:00 Avinger (Lake o' the Pines) TX Cylinder 15 seconds A white cylindrical object apparently without wings flew from SSE to NNW and I took a very good picture of it. 7/5/05
6/23/05 18:45 Houston TX Other 50 seconds I live in Sharsptown, a residential community located in the southwestern side of Houston, Texas. On Thursday, June 23rd 2005 at approx 7/5/05
6/23/05 16:00 Bathurst (Canada) NB Light 4 min Clear day, light in sky 7/5/05
6/23/05 12:00 Edison NJ Flash seconds flash of light...then disapeared~ 7/5/05
6/23/05 02:00 Hartland VT Sphere 1 hour ((NUFORC Note: Probable twinkling star. PD)) Red white sphere. 7/5/05
6/23/05 00:49 Leicester NC Fireball 1to 2 seconds it was a fast moving fireball with no tail or trail ,moving from west to east near asheville nc 7/5/05
6/23/05 00:25 Auburn WA Light 20-40sec Bright Light with direction change 7/5/05
6/22/05 23:30 Encinitas CA Light 15 min. On beach north of San Diego, a multi-color light cluster appears in southern sky, strobing, drifting silently east. 7/5/05
6/22/05 23:30 Millville NJ Sphere 30 minutes + One bright object moving awkwardly interacting with other man-made aircraft. 7/5/05
6/22/05 22:48 De Soto IA Triangle 5 mins 3 lights defining a triangle shape moving slowly in a night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy NOSS satellites. PD) 7/5/05
6/22/05 22:30 Woburn MA Light 30 sec It appeared like a satelite moving across the sky, stopped, did a "S" then streak off at 90 degrees. 7/5/05
6/22/05 22:30 Baker City OR Light 7 minutes Three lights in triangular formation. 7/5/05
6/22/05 22:00 Carrizozo NM Cigar 3 hours LIGHTED CLOUD IN SKY 7/5/05
6/22/05 14:00 Centerville OH Other 15 minutes 15 objects were doing maneuvers and then 9 objects flew at a very slow speed in pattern over our heads. 7/5/05
6/22/05 13:00 Wellington (New Zealand)
Cigar 5 minutes it was high up and moved in a way that an aircraft or any other object could not. it would change course t a 45 degree sharp angle woth 7/5/05
6/21/05 23:35 Worcestershire (UK/England)
Chevron 10 minutes 15, gray, landing legs in a bow shape, green light. 7/5/05
6/21/05 23:15 Rimersburg PA Circle 3 min. Was pulseing red and bright yellow colors from big to little. 7/5/05
6/21/05 22:00 Madison Heights MI Unknown 20 minutes possible aurora aircraft sighting? 7/5/05
6/21/05 20:15 Blue Island IL Triangle 1 minute solid black tri. moving slowly in stright line till went out of sight. 7/5/05
6/21/05 19:30 Istanbul (Turkey)
Other twenty second I am a photographer, when i ceiling of my apartment taking photographs of birds, i saw that. I take this photo Nikon D70, lens is 70-30 7/5/05
6/21/05 19:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Changing 15 mins Black morphing triangular object. 7/5/05
6/21/05 19:00 Hawlian (Taiwan)
Other about 2mins Some strange objects photoed in TAIWAN ((NUFORC Note: Probably not UFO's. PD)) 7/5/05
6/21/05 08:45 Eagle Rock CA Disk 30 secondes Mirror-like, saucer/disc shaped object 7/5/05
6/21/05 03:00 Paradise CA Other 1-2 hours In Paradise,California I observed 2 parallel lines of light at an angle between 3am and 4am in the west not moving or changing. 7/5/05
6/20/05 21:50 Gulf Shores AL Light 30 MINUTES Unexplained lights seen after aircraft passes over beach. 7/5/05
6/20/05 21:45 San Francisco CA Formation 15 minutes Light Color Formation Shapes Changing 7/5/05
6/20/05 16:57 Kaunas (Lithuania)
Circle 10-25 sec. Strange circle-shaped object over Kaunas, Lithuania 7/5/05
6/19/05 19:43 Hillsborough NJ Rectangle 1 hour Sun reflection off a stationary rectangular object in a completely clear blue sky. 7/5/05
6/19/05 17:50 San Xavier del Bac (Tucson) AZ Disk Snapshot Saucer shape photographed at San Xavier Mission, Tucson, Arizona. 7/5/05
6/19/05 17:00 Deerfield Beach FL Other 10-30 minutes black dot not moving high in the sky 7/5/05
6/19/05 14:00 Santa Monica CA Sphere 5 minutes Shiny silver sphere moving at steady pace and altitude 7/5/05
6/19/05 12:15 Palmer Lake CO Disk 45 sec white silver disk moving fast instantly reversed direction and sped off 7/5/05
6/19/05 01:00 Pensacola FL Rectangle 15 mins 06/19/2005 01:00 Pensacola FL 3 points of light translucent, moving North, North East @ a high rate of speed no sound. 7/5/05
6/19/05 00:00 Indiana (location unspecified) IN Other 10 min I was asleep in my bed and woke up suddenly (I face the door to my room when I sleep)I saw the door was opened a little bit and knew so 7/5/05
6/18/05 23:50 Ithaca NY Oval 2 minutes Three oval objects with the one in the middle much larger and brighter flying fast in a diagonal pattern. 7/5/05
6/18/05 14:00 Franklin Square NY Disk 20 min Look I feel kind of crazy writing this: But this is what I saw! I walked outside to smoke in my driveway. For some reason I looked up a 7/5/05
6/16/05 22:30 New Brighton PA Light nearly one hour Flashing, color-changing lights and explosions in the sky. 7/5/05
6/15/05 23:30 Arcata CA Other 5 seconds We had just returned from running up into the hills 40 miles (east from arcata california to willow creek california) because if a tsun 7/5/05
6/15/05 22:17 Candler NC Light 2 minutes Bright red orb type light was seen on two seperate occasions, intelligently controlled and appeared to "scan" 7/5/05
6/11/05 23:22 Northeast Kingdom VT Flash 12 - 15 mins Saturday, 6/11/05- 23:22 Blue bubble-like spheres falling from the sky.

On Sat . 6/11/05 I woke up at about 11:10 p.m. I had gone
6/7/05 13:00 Mojave National Preserve CA Disk unkwown (will explain) Unknown object in the Mojave Desert (CA) midafternoon. Not noticed in the desert; only noticed when I looked at my pictures. 7/5/05
6/3/05 01:00 Braintree (UK/England)
Fireball 10 mins two orange balls of light from west to east about one minute behind each other very high 7/5/05
6/2/05 20:00 Weldon NC Other 1 minute Silent, metallic Grey, Bell shaped object decends and then disapears. 7/5/05
5/28/05 21:30 Eagle Butte SD Light 4.5sec a large bright light was taking our picture. 7/5/05
5/21/05 01:00 Suches GA Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shaped object buzzes a campsite in the north georgia mountains. 7/5/05
5/12/05 18:30 Honeoye Falls NY Disk 2 minutes While working in Honeoye Falls about 6:30 I spotted what vaguely resembled a canopy with some sort of faint object suspended below it. 7/5/05
5/6/05 00:30 Portsmouth (UK/England)
Cigar 5 mins appox cigar shape craft seen 7/5/05
5/3/05 22:00 Japan
Triangle 2-3 seconds Multiple sightings in very narrow, low-altitude air corridor 7/5/05
5/3/05 12:00 Norfolk VA Disk 2-4 minutes When I was sitting there it was spinning around until it went up. 7/5/05
5/3/05 01:07 Troy TX Unknown
I woke to a dim green light a misshapen peanut looking UFO in the sky and saw it once more a few days later. 7/5/05
5/2/05 21:00 Mt. Rogers (near) VA Cone 6-9 seconds Camping out on a clear night, I saw a white cone of light touch the ground from outer space. 7/5/05
4/30/05 02:50 Dunstable MA Triangle 5 minutes coming home late from work, I saw a slow moving triangular shaped craft with red and green lights just above the tree line. 7/5/05
4/20/05 16:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Circle 10 min. A bright circle traveling in the daytime. First South and then another one two hours later traveling North. 7/5/05
4/20/05 13:00 Gderot Settlements (Israel)
Circle village a real ufo 7/5/05
4/15/05 19:00 South Point OH Light 5 minutes The flashing white light was high in the sky flying hundreds of times faster than any other object in sky. 7/5/05
4/9/05 19:09 Sidney TX

Peculiar military craft witnessed near Sydney, Texas 7/5/05
4/1/05 10:00 Blyth AZ Circle 3 min the object was circular and was following my airplane. 7/5/05
3/27/05 23:30 Hialeah Gardens FL Circle seconds I alredy reported this sighting.But I was searching on the web for ufos pictures and videos and i found a video from japan that shows e 7/5/05
3/24/05 00:00 Minnedosa (Canada) MB Cone
there was 4 of them 7/5/05
3/22/05 16:00 Reno NV Oval a few seconds White, oval shaped object, disappeard suddenly. Another sighting more recently, same kind of object. 7/5/05
3/1/05 00:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Triangle long over 2 houers stoped and then spann looking for close life forms i think then stoped and started swooping down 7/5/05
1/19/05 23:00 Ocala FL Changing 30 mins Four balls of white light dance in Ocala night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of advertising lights? PD)) 7/5/05
1/14/05 04:00 Mililani HI Triangle 2 min I was awakened by a helicopter flying outside of my house, I thought it was strange becouse it was so early in the morning, and it soun 7/5/05
1/1/05 00:00 Baltimore MD Circle not sure Experiences worth reading 7/5/05
12/5/04 01:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Rectangle
we were stood outside and it came and went 7/5/05
11/4/04 21:00 Pardeeville WI Flash about 20 min strange mathimatical lights in the sky. 7/5/05
10/20/04 01:00 Markham (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes 3 lights rotating around each other, changing from red to blue to green. 7/5/05
10/12/04 23:00 Delhi (India)
Circle 5 minutes Disk like object sighted in India 7/5/05
10/2/04 23:28 Huntington Beach CA Light 4 minutes Orange light traveling parallel to the Pacific coast emitting streaks of orange light. 7/5/05
9/22/04 23:30 Columbus Junction IA Light 2-3 mins. Distorted lights moving slowly at a high altitude then stopping for 20 to 30 sec. then slow orangish flash and their gone. 7/5/05
8/31/04 07:30 Raynham MA Other 2 minutes Low flying object with three lights flies very quickly over house;no noise. 7/5/05
8/23/04 23:45 Pidgeon Lake (Canada) AB Light 20 minutes Did I see crop circles being made? 7/5/05
8/15/04 21:30 Pelzer SC Oval 1.5 munites Steam power plant 7/5/05
7/10/04 21:15 Victorville CA Disk 10 Large disk followed by blackhawk helicopter flying very low over our heads. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. PD)) 7/5/05
5/12/04 12:07 London (UK/England)
Egg 2mins Flesh textured and dark, with lights on side. 7/5/05
4/1/04 17:00 Azusa CA Sphere 20 seconds UFO sighting in azusa, ca, usa in daylight silver orb 200-300 feet above ground. 2 Witness'. 7/5/05
3/15/04 15:42 Calgary (Canada) AB Formation 1-2 minutes Spherical White-Silver objects in formation seen over Western Calgary 7/5/05
1/22/04 23:00 Moreno Valley CA Circle a few seconds it left at a high speed and it was not that far from the ground, like height of a BIRD 7/5/05
11/15/03 21:00 Bournemouth (UK/England)
8/22/03 22:04 Quintero (5 Region)(Chile)
Unknown 6 Small bright white light passing obove noise, no illumination, travelling in a straight line towards the Pacific ocean 7/5/05
7/30/03 23:00 Paradise Island (Bahamas)
Other 20-30 Minutes Two cloud like objects. 7/5/05
7/22/03 Kalispell MT Unknown 15 minutes object moved in odd directions and amazing manuvering ablitites and speeds 7/5/05
7/17/03 23:00 Cambridge Springs PA Other 5 sec. vertical line of three extremely bright lights moving very very quickly. 7/5/05
7/6/03 18:15 Elwood IL Disk 2 seconds Disc shaped object observed travelling at a high rate of speed in thunderstorm 7/5/05
7/1/03 22:00 Indianapolis IN Other 4 sec. In a moonlit sky, traveling from the west and turning to the southeast, it traversing an open space 30 degrees above the horizon to a p 7/5/05
7/13/02 06:39 Saxonburg PA Changing 6:39 2002 it was in the evening when I saw it shine in the sky. 7/5/05
7/10/02 22:00 Big Sur CA Unknown 5 Minutes + Hot wind followed by bright light. 7/5/05
3/18/02 03:00 Edison NJ Flash <1 minute In mid night, flashing big yellow white lights soared past my window but then my neighbor claims to have seen it too. 7/5/05
10/14/01 17:00 Franklin MA Other 3 minutes Flashing light object jets straight into air and continues climb. 7/5/05
9/1/01 04:00 San Marcos (20 miles west of) TX Other 3 minutes Silent triangle formation of three lights at extreme altitude ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites?? PD)) 7/5/05
8/15/01 21:30 Rockville Centre NY Triangle approx. 2 minutes A friend and I spotted a flying object that was Triangular with a white "V" on the front of it in Rockville Centre, NY. 7/5/05
10/6/00 22:00 UK/England
Triangle about 1 minute RED TRIANGLES, WHITE SPOTS--------VERY FAST!!!!! 7/5/05
8/15/00 09:00 West Tisbury MA Circle 3-4hours Small dot in daylight sky, moved with exceptional speed after staying in one place for three hours. Strange 7/5/05
8/12/99 14:00 International waters (Mexico)
Sphere 4-5mins While on a fishing trip in Mexico i saw a small sperical UFO. 7/5/05
7/15/97 11:00 Allegany NY Sphere 3 minutes Ball of light 7/5/05
7/4/97 21:00 Troy IL Light 3-4 seconds large blue light silently travelling across the sky in a purposeful manner. 7/5/05
3/13/97 22:00 Phoenix AZ Other 30 minutes This was real, and not flares! 7/5/05
11/12/96 01:00
NV Triangle 40minutes large triangle shape flying object hovering silently above me. 7/5/05
9/21/96 23:00 Norwich (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds It was very simular to the one on your sight which was seen in Kirkland.

It was a clear night with plenty of stars about, and i wa
7/18/95 23:00 Fort Worth TX Sphere not sure it stayed in one Black object sits for a while in the darkness of night between earth and the moon 7/5/05
6/15/95 20:30 Long Beach CA Chevron 1 minute + Chevron/triangular orbs of light over Long Beach, CA. 7/5/05
6/13/95 18:00 Omaha NE Disk 10 min There was not a sound when i was looking at the object or when it left the area as it dissapered 7/5/05
5/16/95 23:00 Freeport TX Other 3 minutes my brother and i and a few of his friends were in the back yard of our property. As we were watching our kids on their trampoline we no 7/5/05
4/25/94 02:00 Albuquerque NM Sphere 3 seconds Glowing sphere makes figure eight around two people. 7/5/05
4/11/94 23:00 Louisville KY Triangle not known triangular UFO/ Missing time 7/5/05
5/25/92 23:00 Clarion IA Oval 2min Football sized craft passed over my home in 1992 7/5/05
2/15/91 00:00 Munich (Germany)
Formation 2 minutes I will tell you what three of my friends and I saw some years ago ( it was the time of the first Irak war), lying on the river "Isar" i 7/5/05
9/20/90 23:00 Level Cross NC Sphere 45 minutes plus I and my mother and sister and dog were traveling from greensboro nc to a small commnity in randolph county when it orange ball appeare 7/5/05
10/15/88 01:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Triangle 45 minutes ...triangular in shape blotting out most of the bluff in the background, the horizon and part of the night sky 7/5/05
5/15/87 23:00 Temple TX Cigar 2 minutes cigar shaped ufo seen in Temple 7/5/05
7/20/86 03:30 San Marcos TX Rectangle 10 min Was looking at all kinds of sites that came up on the Yahoo web site. It talked about how people are looking at UFO sites. It reminde 7/5/05
6/14/86 18:30 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 2minutes Sphere light UFO seen near Pulpit Rock, CO. 7/5/05
5/12/86 20:45 Dade City (near) FL Triangle 04 minutes While camping in the late 80's we had several encounters with a silent triangular object 300-400ft above our camp site 7/5/05
3/3/83 13:00 London (UK/England)
Cigar 15 seconds A strange object but no cigar 7/5/05
5/9/81 00:00 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 4 hours An orange fireball above our backyard 7/5/05
6/20/80 21:00 Carolina (Puerto Rico)
Disk 5 Minutes I was about 11 yrs old in Carolina, Puerto Rico had just moved from Chicago 1yr before. My whole family was at my Aunt's house in a hou 7/5/05
9/29/79 10:00 New Brighton MN Disk 10 Minutes A close encounter with some backup. 7/5/05
8/1/79 00:00 Fort Valley GA Sphere 10 minutes White ball of multicolored lights left 2 foot circle burned in grass 7/5/05
8/27/78 03:00 St. Petersburg FL Light 20 minutes Nightmare of UFO attack preceds actual UFO sightings by 24 hours, coincidence? 7/5/05
8/15/77 17:00 Rolla MO Disk Not sure The object was hovering and moving slowly toward the field. 7/5/05
7/20/77 22:30 Milwaukee WI Formation < 5 min Awesome Light Display with Following 7/5/05
9/5/76 21:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Circle 40 minutes Had a close encounter with UFO which moved silently and seemed to be following and watching me. 7/5/05
5/1/76 12:00 St. Thomas PA Diamond couple minutes 2 craft seen for a couple minutes. 7/5/05
2/15/75 21:00 Mukwanago/Genesee (between) WI Chevron 40 minutes Detailed sighting of Boomerang Shaped silent craft in Wisconsin in mid-70's 7/5/05
7/15/70 20:00 Indian Orchard MA Unknown 2 minutes An extra star in the big dipper's handle. 7/5/05
3/21/70 20:00 Camp Pendleton CA Disk 15-20 minutes While using night vison scopes , 28 Marines witness 3 saucer craft hovering near Camp Pendleton rifle range during night firing exersi 7/5/05
6/15/69 20:00 Bryan TX Triangle 1 min the lights of the first craft turned back on and 2 more identically lighted aircraft zipped in on both sides of the lead aircraft ..., 7/5/05
9/10/68 16:00 Corydon KY Disk 10 secs silvery saucer crossing overhead 200-300 feet up clear sky tipping side to side no sound 7/5/05
8/15/67 22:00 Lee Vining CA Disk 20 min A large silent circular object hovered above our campsite blocking out 75% of the starry sky. 7/5/05
4/17/66 05:10 Atwater OH Other 1.5 hours On April 17th , 1966, one of the greatest UFO chases occured With police in NE Ohio and Western PA 7/5/05
8/25/63 22:00 Belchertown MA Unknown app. 1 hour Sighting occurred when I was 9 years old ... I was lying in bed , at night , when suddenly , a bright blue light lit up the room , as i 7/5/05
7/15/62 21:00 Frankfort MI Oval Seconds 7/5/05