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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/13/05 09:00 Wenatchee WA Cylinder 2-3minutes apparently solid cylinder , no wings . Very bright with bumps on it's surface. Very graceful movement 7/13/05
7/13/05 01:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Fireball 7min Orange ball of light with no tail traveled from North East to South West and disappeared.

There was no visable trail on the orange b
7/12/05 23:00 Parker AZ Formation 2-3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible "NOSS" satellites. PD)) Clear night moving triangle formation across night sky, followed by flashing lights. 7/13/05
7/12/05 02:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk
sitting in a field. when all of a sudden. 7/13/05
7/12/05 02:15 Charlotte NC Formation 20 seconds 6 or 7 lights flying in half a 'vee' formation 7/13/05
7/12/05 00:11 River Ridge LA Other :03 Strange long light opens in the sky. 7/13/05
7/11/05 23:45 Indiana PA Triangle 10 Seconds Seven Lights In A Triangular Shape Sighted Over Indiana, Pennsylvania 7/13/05
7/11/05 23:35 Ayr (UK/Scotland)
Other 30 seconds Looking south west, sky clear, height of object difficult to say. First thought I observed a very bright star but then it moved slowly 7/13/05
7/11/05 23:30 Boise ID Light 5 Min Slow moving light that disappeared 7/13/05
7/11/05 23:25 Challis ID Oval 2min A light flew across the sky to a blinking star, then disappeard. 7/13/05
7/11/05 22:30 Fresno CA Light 28 Min. UFO Sighting 7/13/05
7/11/05 22:00 Waldwick NJ Unknown 3-4 minutes Bright red glowing craft seen approximately 200 feet above our heads. 7/13/05
7/11/05 12:00 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Teardrop 10 minutes a balck aircraft floated high in the sky was weaving in and out and was travelling very fast 7/13/05
7/11/05 05:23 Auckland (New Zealand)
Egg ongoing Constant movement of erratic bahaving Yale Blue coloured semi transparent egg like a nite-lite...

I have to admit I have been a sta
7/11/05 00:56 Saint Johnsville NY Oval 17 Minutes 2 police officers observe oval shaped object in sky in Saint Johnsville, New York. 7/13/05
7/11/05 00:00 Middleburg Hts. OH Light 4 minutes Red Glowing Object seen 7-11-05 Cleveland, OH 7/13/05
7/10/05 23:45 Brook Park OH Light 10 min Sat motionless & silent & then flew off into distance. 7/13/05
7/10/05 23:40 Brook Park OH Oval 15 BRIGHT RED BALL OF LIGHT IN THE SKY MOVING SLOWLY 7/13/05
7/10/05 23:00 Cleveland OH Circle 20 stayed stabled for 12 minthen zig zag to the west and lower position till out of sight 7/13/05
7/10/05 22:30 Brick NJ Light 5 Minutes White orbs move through the skies of Ocean County. 7/13/05
7/10/05 22:00 Danville CA Light 10 seconds A group of three bright lights, each moving a different direction. 7/13/05
7/10/05 21:55 Cleveland OH Light 2 minutes Shortly before 10 PM with clear sky I noticed object with strobe light,, slightly zig-zagged, changed colors and vanished. 7/13/05
7/10/05 01:10 Gothenburg (Sweden)
Circle 30seconds bright/starlike object moving fast out of earths atmosphere,when going out lights of. 7/13/05
7/9/05 23:30 Bristol (UK/England)
Cylinder 3 mins in my back garden i saw a bright round globe coming towards me very high up passing low clouds it changed direction several times somti 7/13/05
7/9/05 23:11 Wilmington CA Light 6 minutes Orange ball of light over Carson, CA. 7/13/05
7/9/05 23:00 Marietta area GA Disk 11:00-11:20 3 unidentified aircraft spotted on highway 7/13/05
7/9/05 23:00 Holland PA Light 5-10 minutes 3 satellites in 10 minute span - third one changes direction and stops; resumes at higher speeds 7/13/05
7/9/05 22:45 Brook Park OH Light 10 min Bright red, silent & hovering. 7/13/05
7/9/05 22:30 Bellevue WA Changing 5 minutes Orange shape shifting object in the sky over seattle skyline. 7/13/05
7/9/05 21:10 Montclair CA Triangle 2 min Montclair triangular shaped UFO surrounded by bright lights and shooting off lazers. 7/13/05
7/9/05 21:00 Brook Park (W. Cleveland) OH Light 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. See below. PD)) Bright red light that disappeared quickly. 7/13/05
7/9/05 18:30 Realto (near) CA Diamond 4 Min 3 Stacked balls of light with rings of fire around them blinking red led type lights of the sides from the middle ball of light. UFO!!! 7/13/05
7/9/05 18:00 Titusville FL Formation 5 min 2 objects moving sw to ne 50 mph,2000-3000 agl,constant cousre,speed 1st obj lower in front,2nd higher and behind 7/13/05
7/9/05 17:15 Chicago IL Formation 17:25 Multiple lights hanging in sky 7/13/05
7/9/05 13:00 Kirkland WA Teardrop 3-4 seconds Object shot across the sky at an amazing speed- Blue teardrop with silver center 7/13/05
7/9/05 00:00 Fort Wayne IN Other 5sec fooball shape with wing like appendage self luminous pinkish flying in straight line. 7/13/05
7/8/05 23:59 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 1 minute Starlike, could have been satellite but doesn't match Heaven's Above info. 7/13/05
7/8/05 23:15 Owatonna MN Light 10 min. approx. I thought it was a star until I watched it slowly move across the sky appearing to start and stop as it went along. 7/13/05
7/8/05 22:00 Eugene OR Sphere 15-20 min Sperical glowing craft over eugene oregon 7/13/05
7/8/05 12:35 Killeen TX Cigar 10 seconds The bright silver cigar-shaped object came out of a cloud and disappeared in seconds into another cloud and never reappeared. 7/13/05
7/8/05 00:05 Meridian ID Disk 5 seconds I was approached by a strang flying light driving home in july. ((NUFORC Note: Probably an aerial applicator aircraft. PD)) 7/13/05
7/8/05 00:05 Meridian ID Disk 15 seconds A beaming strong light shined on us and the object flew by. ((NUFORC Note: Probably an aerial applicator aircraft. PD)) 7/13/05
7/8/05 00:00 Inglewood CA Triangle 30s I was driving East on Century blvd a few blocks from Hollywood, Park Casino. I was right next to Jesse Owens Park and I look up to my 7/13/05
7/7/05 23:07 Buford GA Triangle 3 minutes NOT A UFO! 7/13/05
7/7/05 22:30 Tidioute PA Triangle 2 minutes A triangular craft with a large white beam in front with a red flashing light in the middle 7/13/05
7/7/05 21:45 Fort Worth TX Unknown a few minutes fast moving object heading east and very high up but changed directions quick, stopped then headed back east. 7/13/05
7/7/05 19:45 Holland/Newtown PA Triangle 10-20 minutes 3 black triangles in sky defy laws of physics; black helicopter acting strange 7/13/05
7/7/05 18:05 Downers Grove IL Cylinder 10 minutes 4 UFO's seen in Chicago Suburbs 7/13/05
7/7/05 00:00 Shiprock NM Circle 2 minuties Blue Neon Craft 7/13/05
7/6/05 23:00 Rachel NV Light 4 minutes Lights in sky East of Rachel, Nv 7/13/05
7/6/05 22:30 Richardson TX Light 20 Seconds Three lights moving very fast one did a sharp turn that normal planes cannot do and the other two continued to move very quickly. 7/13/05
7/6/05 22:30 Lima NY Unknown 1hr This is my sky observation report of objects seen at night. All look like lights. 7/13/05
7/6/05 22:10 Clovis CA Other 10 seconds At 22:10pmwe saw for 10 sec. a huge flourescent green double circular with black "something" in the middle, in the S.E. skies. 7/13/05
7/6/05 21:00 Boundary Waters Canoe Area MN Cigar 20-25 mn 4 sets of light lines moving at 50 degree angles on the horizon; one appeared to have a bright light off one end. 7/13/05
7/6/05 20:00 Fresno CA Light 15-25 min. SEEN THAT BEFORE BUT NOT THIS!!!! 7/13/05
7/6/05 19:10 Ottawa (Canada) ON Unknown 20-30seconds an object travelling at an alarming speed across the sky 7/13/05
7/6/05 03:45 Virginia Beach VA Oval 1hr I was on the beach really early in the am, with my friend arguing about the diff colors the stars emits when they burn at diff temps, g 7/13/05
7/6/05 00:00 Brunswick (Mere Point Bay) ME Light 1 hour 4 star shaped lights appearing over Mere Point bay ~ Brunswick ME 7/13/05
7/5/05 23:45 Traverse City MI Triangle 2 Minutes Triangular lights spotted over Traverse City then dissappeared in a matter of seconds. 7/13/05
7/5/05 22:36 Santa Rosa CA Sphere 30 seconds Bright White/ blue sphere moved away into darkness of sky 7/13/05
7/5/05 21:15 Sargent TX Light 10 SECONDS I saw a misterious giant blue ball of light like a helicopter flood light but it wasnt bright as to hurt your eyes. 7/13/05
7/5/05 21:15 Sargent TX Circle 8 seconds I was on my way home from a fishing trip in Sargent Texas, I was on FM 2611 RD Before you get to the Sweeny exit, I was heading toward 7/13/05
7/5/05 21:00 Sebring FL
10 minutes or more Flashes on camera screen, could not be seen looking into the sky or through the eye of the camera. It became part of the shed. 7/13/05
7/5/05 20:00 Belgrade MT Oval 20-30 sec. DISAPPEARING CRAFT ALONG THE BRIDGER RANGE 7/13/05
7/5/05 20:00 Forked Island LA Circle 24 seconds orange color circle moving slowly then faster until it just disapeared. I was outside to take some pictures of the clouds. I went look 7/13/05
7/5/05 19:48 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Disk 19:48 - 19:50 Kept flying then vanished after certain amount of time 7/13/05
7/5/05 02:00 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Disk 10 Miuntes Saucer Lands In Canada 7/13/05
7/4/05 23:58 Granite Falls WA Sphere 60 seconds On 07-04-05 at about midnight, we saw a bright white sphere of light in clear skies. 7/13/05
7/4/05 23:00 Warwick RI Circle 3 hours Circles near Quonsett point-seen @ oakland beach Warwick Rhode island 7/13/05
7/4/05 21:45 Crosby TX Light approx 8 - 10 min. 9 of us saw 3 lights moving at incredible speed until one of them stopped dead in its track 7/13/05
7/4/05 21:21 Flushing NY Cigar 3 minutes Slow moving Cigar shaped object sighted while waiting for 2005 Macy's fireworks to begin from a distance of 10-15 miles 7/13/05
7/4/05 21:00 El Cajon CA Oval 1 hour Red light UFO over El Cajon, July 4th, 2005, for the 3rd year in a row 7/13/05
7/4/05 20:00 Colorado Springs CO Circle 1 minute Golden orb seen over Colorado Springs 7/13/05
7/4/05 20:00 Miami OK Cigar one minute cigar shaped craft 7/13/05
7/4/05 19:15 Freeport ME Disk 5 minutes Daylight Disk 7/13/05
7/4/05 18:00 Pismo Beach CA Other 20 minutes Irregular black dot sighted above July 4 celebration at Pismo Beach. 7/13/05
7/4/05 12:30 Sanford FL Triangle 10 mins Triangle shaped Craft. 7/13/05
7/4/05 00:30 Mendota (near) CA Triangle 20 minutes My husband and I were travelling (by van) towards Fresno, CA. We were on Panoche Rd. approaching 33. The kids were asleep in the back s 7/13/05
7/3/05 23:00 Diamond Lake WA Triangle 15minutes Trianle w/bright colored lights seen hovering above Diamond Lake and moving all over the place. 7/13/05
7/3/05 22:00 Casa Grande AZ Triangle 40min on the 3rd of july at around 10pm I was in the desert about 3 miles south of exit 200 on i 10 &i8 outside of Casagrande AZ.I was lookin 7/13/05
7/2/05 23:00 Lowell OH Light 5-10 Saturday, July 2, 2005 at approximately 10:00PM, approximately 3 miles east of Lowell, Ohio, Light in sky 7/13/05
7/2/05 22:30 Portsmouth OH Triangle 2 hours Objts with lights flashing - with one being very clearly a triangular shaped object, as well as moving "stars." ((Satellite? PD)) 7/13/05
7/1/05 Middleton/Golwa (Australia)
Circle 5 SECONDS I was travelling from back from Adelaide on the Middleton to Goolwa main Country road, I noticed this ball of mercury liquid light go a 7/13/05
6/30/05 20:30 Houston TX Oval 12 minutes While eating dinner at a restaurant in the village I noticed a very bright light directly east of me and coming in my direction. It wa 7/13/05
6/30/05 11:45 Fort Collins CO Circle 10 min 3 discs in V formation rotating in sun, and changing formation of foothills of Fort Collins Co., 7/13/05
6/29/05 21:45 Lantana FL Unknown 2 min. 4 lights moving slowly and disappearing with loud boom 7/13/05
6/28/05 22:59 Brookings OR Diamond 2 min A very bright, white-blue diamond shaped object crossed the sky from west to east,... 7/13/05
6/28/05 20:45 Australia
Circle 5 minutes unusual lights above air port and city 7/13/05
6/23/05 12:20 South Bend IN Rectangle 10-15 mts Repeated white rectangle and round object by airport and hiding behind cloud 7/13/05
6/16/05 23:00 Grayson KY Triangle 90 seconds Three non-blinking lights in sky, moving in unison with no noise. 7/13/05
6/16/05 00:55 Liverpool (UK/England)
Light 55 minutes lights breaking through clouds over my house 7/13/05
6/14/05 11:00 Denver CO Disk 2 minutes 3 Saucer Shaped Light Metallic Craft observed flying below a United Airlines Flight out of Denver. 7/13/05
6/12/05 20:33 Tehachapi CA Chevron 2 minutes approx. Immense in size, Cheveron or "V" shaped, silent until it turned, then there was a thunderous roar. 7/13/05
6/4/05 21:00 Kansas City MO Changing 15 MINUTES ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) WHILE MY AND MY WIFE WERE OUT CRUSING AROUND WE STOPPED TO GET GAS AND SAW A UFO. 7/13/05
6/2/05 21:30 Arenzville IL Triangle 5 minutes Seven bright orange lights , in the formation of geese flying , hung low in the sky , then disappeared. 7/13/05
6/1/05 00:00 Satellite Beach FL Unknown seconds Illuminous rose colored craft sited in Satellite Beach. 7/13/05
5/25/05 23:00 Napoleonville LA Sphere 10sec sphere,or orb of dim light passes over followed by a passing jet 7/13/05
4/7/05 21:00 Omaha NE Diamond 25 minutes Diamond shape craft above the horizon. 7/13/05
3/12/05 10:00 Basom NY Fireball 10 seconds fireball 7/13/05
9/29/04 02:30 Washington, D.C. DC Circle 10 minutes circular disc coming to a slight point-like the bottom of a top, only flatter-lights pointing at Andrews Air Force Base or Reagan Nat'l 7/13/05
7/7/04 01:00 Burlington (Canada) ON Light 5 min I observed a series of bright lights following trajectory of a falling star(close range), and a erratically moving light(long range ) 7/13/05
7/5/04 21:00 Beckley WV Light 30 seconds a really bright star that moved about a second after we noticed it, at a slow speed till it crossed the horizon 7/13/05
6/15/04 12:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 10 mins Dozen or so white spinning discs flying erractly over Central Phoenix 7/13/05
5/1/04 14:00 Orlando FL Sphere 5 min BUBBLE IN THE SKY 7/13/05
4/22/04 Dallas TX Triangle 10-15min Black, Triangle, Shadow looking object, hoovering in Downtown Dallas buildings 7/13/05
4/15/04 11:00 San Angelo TX Cylinder 5 MIN. large cylinder hanging motionless in the sky 7/13/05
10/10/02 22:00 Burnie (Tasmania) (Australia)
Cross 12 the craft was large and noisy 7/13/05
9/13/02 23:00 Fort Walton Beach FL Oval several seconds Glowing pinkish-red ovals flying very fast 7/13/05
5/15/02 23:00 Ballston Lake/Malta NY Unknown 15 minutes BALLSTON LAKE/ MALTA/ BALLSTON SIGHTING, Possible government UFO 7/13/05
12/1/01 01:00 Turnagain Pass AK Sphere 15 Min Giant ship seen hovering in Turnagain Pass 7/13/05
6/15/01 16:35 Linden NJ Rectangle 35 minutes Linden NJ ... Strange object in sky, same day as Carteret NJ sighting. 7/13/05
7/15/00 22:30 Manistee Forest MI Unknown 20 sec Brightest light in the sky 7/13/05
12/31/98 23:49 Aruba
Circle 8 sec I saw a smal circel form coming from the north it stop and then rapidity moving to the south.It was about 45 degrees high looking at th 7/13/05
8/15/98 19:00 Everett WA Sphere 20 min Mysterious orb floating fifty or so yards above me in the evening sky 7/13/05
3/12/97 21:00 Black River (Canada) ON Sphere 2.5hrs About the time the Phoenix Lights were making news, we witnessed the very same over Lake Ontario. 7/13/05
8/20/94 19:00 Normandy Beach NJ Triangle 4 seconds clear skies, daylight,a triangle shaped object moving faster then the speed of sound without a any sound then divided into 2 seperate . 7/13/05
6/30/94 23:00 Springfield MA Triangle 20 minutes Missing time with triangular craft. 7/13/05
2/11/91 02:00 Washington Township NJ Other 25 seconds Strobe light projected from the bottom of a Bell shaped object at less then 500 ft. altitude lit up my bathroom and back yard. 7/13/05
5/10/89 11:00 Tucson AZ Other 20 minutes We chased Giant Gray Cubes through the desert near Tucson, AZ. 7/13/05
11/15/87 02:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Triangle 45 min The triangle was black as a hole in the night sky and as large as a football field. 7/13/05
4/16/87 15:30 Yanbu Al Sinaiyah (Saudi Arabia)
Disk 30sec to 1min Awesome show of colours and wonder amidst desert sands 7/13/05
8/16/85 19:00 Columbia AL Other 1.5 "I don't know what the hell that is" 7/13/05
9/1/84 23:00 Manor (in or just outside of) TX Unknown half hour my friend and I drove out to the country, near his father's property, which is located in or just outside of Manor, Texas. we just w 7/13/05
10/1/77 01:00 Iselton CA Light 2 minutes While fishing on the San Joaquin river on Twithchell Island Rd., at the mouth of the Molklomne river, we observed 2-lights high in the 7/13/05
6/23/76 22:00 Madison NH Circle 20 sometime in the summer of 1976 i was a police officer and was on guard duty at a lumber company in madison new hampshire i was in a tra 7/13/05
6/10/75 02:00 Albany NY Cigar 5 min Albany NY 1975 varified sighting of multicolored flying object capable of high speed manuvers. 7/13/05
10/7/71 01:00 Kitchener (Canada) ON Disk 45 min A very bright , horizontal elliptical disk aprox. the length of a yardstick held at arms length, hovered one hundred feet away. 7/13/05
10/1/68 15:00 Lima (Peru)
Circle 2-5 minutes It hovered over the park for several minutes then suddenly took off at incredible speed. 7/13/05
8/1/67 19:00 New York City (Queens)(Middle Village) NY Diamond 3-5 Minutes Foreign Object Just Whizzing By Lights Up the Sky in the Summer of the Late 60's. 7/13/05
5/15/62 21:00 Toms River NJ Disk 3 minutes Round, dark disk shaped object with lights all around it softly whirred by, hovering overhead for a few moments and then moved on. 7/13/05
7/1/56 16:00 Beatrice (14 mi SW of) NE Other 2 minutes Large pale silver dome seen over a hill and also near the house of SE Nebraska farm. 7/13/05