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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/16/06 17:06 Coventry (UK/England)
Changing 5 mins ((POSSIBLE HOAX)) Strange object in the sky. 7/16/06
7/16/06 15:30 Wirral (UK/England)
Sphere 15minutes spherical moving object in sky ranging from fast to static 7/16/06
7/15/06 23:23 Sunderland (UK/England)
Light 20 Seconds Witnessed two strange white lights in the sky from my home in Sunderland, UK 7/16/06
7/15/06 23:15 Sea Bright NJ Light 12 Sec. Two illuminated objects traveling in linear formation maintaining constant interval 7/16/06
7/15/06 22:15 Dundee WI Light 4 minutes Fluorescent-green parallel ceiling lights in line formation flying north of Dundee Wisconsin 7/16/06
7/15/06 22:05 Crivitz WI Circle about one minute At about 22:05 p.m. on 7-15-06 i was walking our 6 month old husky in our side yard paused briefly to observe the sky and unaware of th 7/16/06
7/15/06 22:00 Champaign IL Light 15 minutes Interesting “Flashing” lights over Illinois in Casseopeia 7-15-06 10:00 pm. 7/16/06
7/15/06 21:55 Tinley Park IL Other 10 Well not as brilliant as the previous sightings in Tinley park that I have witnessed before, but aroung 9:55pm Sat night we were swimmi 7/16/06
7/15/06 20:15 Hailey ID Fireball 10 second moving south to north, looked like a superbright meteor, ball of fire, melted away suddenly, fairly slow moving 7/16/06
7/15/06 00:56 Sturgeon Bay (north of) WI Light 15 + minutes A moving light traveled in many directions, zig-zagging and stopping over the waters of Green Bay - high level of activity. 7/16/06
7/14/06 22:05 Mahomet/Farmer City IL Triangle 15 mins While driving my 8 y/o daughter spotted an unusual craft and pointed it out to me and my girlfriend. This was a triangular shaped craf 7/16/06
7/14/06 19:30 Highlands NJ Light 1/2 hr bright white cigar shaped object/bright white light over Atlantic Ocean/Sandy Hook Beach 7/16/06
7/14/06 13:45 Martinton IL Disk unknown Photograph of a storm later revealed a ufo-like object hovering above the cornfield. 7/16/06
7/14/06 05:15 Davison MI Light seconds A red blinking craft hovers across the road in Davison Michigan 7/16/06
7/14/06 05:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 1:45 ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) I have seen this craft consistently for the last few weeks. I took my telescope and studied it. 7/16/06
7/14/06 00:06 Lino Lakes MN Other 30 Seconds I was sitting in my bed, listening to my iPod when I looked out the windo and saw what at first I thought was an airplane. So, I looke 7/16/06
7/13/06 23:25 Camborne (UK/England)
Light 12 minutes Soundles flight . Brightly illuminated . Very high . Somewhat erratic flight . 7/16/06
7/13/06 22:48 Ankara (Turkey)
Flash a bout 3 minutes 2 UFO's, one had a problem and the other saved it 7/16/06
7/13/06 22:45 Leesburg GA Formation 1 to 2 minutes 5 to 6 round lights converging into one object that disappeared and then reappeared as one shortly thereafter only to disappear again 7/16/06
7/13/06 22:39 Maywood CA Unknown 2 minutes I wouldn't quite say crafts but that I would label them objects. I was laying down on my lawn looking up at the stars and wondering abo 7/16/06
7/13/06 22:30 Litchfield SC Triangle 1 hour - on and off Bright orange blinking lights over the Atlantic ocean off of the coast of South Carolina. 7/16/06
7/13/06 11:00 Avon CO Light 1 minute Two solid white lights flying in formation over the Colorado Rockies 7/16/06
7/13/06 08:45 Christchurch (New Zealand)
Rectangle 20 seconds Unidentified Object East Of Christchurch, New Zealand. 7/16/06
7/13/06 05:30 Manchester MI Light 2 minutes Orangish white light 7/16/06
7/13/06 02:20 Redwood City CA Circle 5 seconds Bright light moving at a high rate of speed from south to north. 7/16/06
7/13/06 00:10 Imperial Beach CA Changing 2 minutes San Diego CA, Bright orange light traveled east , then faded and parachute/ jellyfish shaped object floated downward slowly. 7/16/06
7/13/06 00:08 Yakima WA Fireball 3 sec Something flew by E-WA 7/16/06
7/12/06 23:00 Ashland WI Disk About 1 Minute We saw six UFOs on that night. It was really freaky... It was freaky sleeping afterwards. 7/16/06
7/12/06 23:00 Hoquiam WA Triangle 1 minute White lights to form a triangular shape with two red lights in the center floating low over a city block. 7/16/06
7/12/06 22:00 UK/England
Other 30 minutes Driving in my car at sunset, I noticed 2 bright lines in the sky moving both horizontally and vertically but never changing position. 7/16/06
7/12/06 17:15 Tampa FL Circle 5 minutes Black Circular object flying high over tampa Florida 7/16/06
7/12/06 05:15 Silver City NM Circle 30 minutes 2 ufo sightings silver city new mexico July 12, 2006 7/16/06
7/12/06 04:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 45min smoke trails and lights 7/16/06
7/12/06 00:00 Lr. Sackville (Canada) NS Cigar 5-6 mins fighter jets with unknown object 7/16/06
7/11/06 08:10 Gila Indian Reservation & S. Chandler, Ocotillo area AZ Changing 5 minutes Large, fast, transitory, reflective object seen over Phoenix southest east valley suburb or Gila Indian Reservation 7/16/06
7/11/06 02:40 Oak Harbor WA Light 15 seconds Object fading out of sky, traveling south 7/16/06
7/10/06 22:20 Wilmington NC Circle 2 seconds Unknown length of time of light moving at increbile speed and not a shooting star. 7/16/06
7/10/06 22:00 Phoenix AZ Circle 2 hours 55 minutes An Orb over Phoenis on July 10, 2006 10pm to 1am. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter?? PD)) 7/16/06
7/10/06 19:18 Vierfontein (South Africa) AL Unknown 40 minutes Seen a colorfull flashing UFO. 7/16/06
7/10/06 12:30 Los Angels CA Triangle 1.5 minutes Silver triangular shaped object flying over downtown Los Angeles.

I was looking out the window from Union Bank Building at dark smok
7/10/06 03:00 Bognor Regis (UK/England)
Triangle 20 minutes Traingular Craft, combined with outer body experiences? 7/16/06
7/9/06 00:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Circle 2 hours Three lights circling one another. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD)) 7/16/06
7/9/06 22:30 Alexandria (Independent City??) VA Disk 30 Seconds Cluster of disc-shaped objects that passed within 30 seconds 7/16/06
7/9/06 09:30 Addy WA Unknown 10 min have seen from calif. the space shuttle reentering for landing. Theese objects looked exactly the same. comming from west to east obser 7/16/06
7/9/06 00:25 San Jacinto CA Unknown 20 sec Object moving in an S shape at a high rate of speed 7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00 Green Valley AZ Formation 10 minutes dim cluster of lights over southern arizona 7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00 NJ Parkway (MM60) NJ Light 15 mins 3 Lights moving in formation, and alternating patterns 7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00 Watford (UK/England)
Oval 10 to 12 secs light grey oval object travelling at speed/no flashing lights or trails and not bright direction sw/ne/ noise 7/16/06
7/8/06 22:30 London (UK/England)
Light 20 mins Two bright red lights in the sky, appeared low flying but totally silent almost as though they were travelling in the wind. 7/16/06
7/8/06 22:30 Yakima WA Light 30 seconds While looking East and about 45 degrees up from horizon, saw a solid light traveling north at a very, very slow pace. It only lasted ma 7/16/06
7/8/06 22:00 Whitstable (UK/England)
Sphere 3min Orange spheres 7/16/06
7/8/06 21:00 Watts CA Light ? 5 Bright lights on the sky 7/16/06
7/8/06 19:00 Singapore
Disk 4mins the black ufo 7/16/06
7/8/06 16:15 Mansfield TX Oval 13 seconds the object was moving and had sound 7/16/06
7/8/06 01:00 Palm Coast FL Cigar about an hour Red/Amber light in east coast Florida Sky. July 8, 2006 7/16/06
7/7/06 23:55 Martinez CA Other 10 to 15 mins my parents in there 60's are in aww it scared them Also. Date seen 7-7-06 11:55pm until it vanished . 7/16/06
7/7/06 22:30 Denton TX Circle 10 Minutes or more Large Circular Slow Strobe Bright White LED type 7/16/06
7/7/06 20:15 Fuzhou (China)
Disk 5MINUTES I saw ufo in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: No other information provided by witness. PD)) 7/16/06
7/7/06 20:15 Raleigh NC Sphere 1.5 minutes Standing in my driveway, I looked up in the sky towards the north west, saw what I thought might be a landing light for a commercial je 7/16/06
7/7/06 11:33 STS 121 NASA footage
Cylinder 4 sec Nasa live feed of sts121 on 07/07/06 at approx 11:33 easterntime a cylinder shape object comes into view. 7/16/06
7/7/06 11:00 Portland OR Flash 5minutes Flashing beam of light,lasted five minutes. 7/16/06
7/7/06 08:24 Saint Charles MT Changing 2-3 min boomerang shape rotating, looked like parasailers, but objects were rising higher and disappeared 7/16/06
7/7/06 02:35 Xenia OH Cigar 10 mins Saw lights on hovering craft at 0235 stopped car and listened/looked and there was no sound. 7/16/06
7/6/06 22:30 Lakeway TX Unknown 8 min lights over Lake Travis, Austin, TX 7/16/06
7/6/06 22:00 Beaver Dam AZ Unknown 2 hours "star" like lights across the sky.... ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites?? PD)) 7/16/06
7/6/06 21:22 South Hollan IL Light approximately 5 seconds blinking light moving from east to west, then shot south with no banking then disappeared. Approximate time was 5 seconds. 7/16/06
7/6/06 20:30 Mohnton PA Rectangle 20 seconds Rectangular lights, same yellow/green color as fireflies with red flashing light. 7/16/06
7/6/06 13:27 Los Angeles CA Cigar 1-minute afternoon "silver cigar"-UFO hovers near Westwood/UCLA 7/16/06
7/6/06 13:00 Anza Borrego CA Light 45 minutes It wasn't like anything else in the sky. 7/16/06
7/6/06 03:30 Warner Robins GA Other 1 minute Rose-colored blob w/ lights. 7/16/06
7/6/06 00:30 Laguna Beach CA Circle 45 min At first it looked like it could maybe just be a plane but then shot up down and side to side. 7/16/06
7/6/06 00:00 Simi Valley CA Circle 12 minutes red and orangish object which hovered in the sky and eventually went upward, dropping an object and disappearing 7/16/06
7/5/06 22:00 Cherry Grove SC Light 15 seconds Cherry Grove SC Amber Balls of Light 7/5/06 7/16/06
7/5/06 19:25 Tucson AZ Light 3 Minutes Helicopter Orbits Bright Red Light(s) 7/16/06
7/5/06 15:00 Lewisburg PA Teardrop No More Than 10 Seconds An object shaped like a teardrop on its side flying at incredible speeds over rural central Pennsyvlania countryside. 7/16/06
7/5/06 05:17 Pittsburg CA Disk 20-30 minutes holyMOTHERLODE OF A MOTHER SHIP 7/16/06
7/5/06 01:00 Sparta NJ Flash 3 hours 2 Flashing WHite Lights Over Sparta New Jersey, Changing Direction and Moving Very Fast 7/16/06
7/5/06 00:00 Lajoskomarom/Mezokomarom (Hungary)
Circle 10 minutes It was warm night. I have tooth pain. I go to my garden. I see this light coming to the field. it was coming down to the earth. then no 7/16/06
7/4/06 23:15 McAlpin FL Rectangle 20seconds came out of the sky at a angle and seemed to crash 7/16/06
7/4/06 22:00 Tipton PA Light 2 min. several lights seen moving in various directions over tipton pa 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:40 Middleburg PA Oval 10 Seconds A bright light appeared overhead, we watched briefly then it darted away out of our sight 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:30 Cedarburg WI Light 45-60 seconds rather bright "shaking" light moving in a north west to south east direction 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:20 El Cajon CA Unknown 10 Minutes Red Lights Over El Cajon, California 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:15 El Cajon CA Unknown 1-1.5 minuts we were watching the fire works from my house, which on a decent sized hill, they are at about eye level when at a red object/dot was n 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:10 Rancho San Diego CA Light 10 min Red Light Over San Diego 7/16/06
7/4/06 21:10 Rolesville NC Formation 2-3 mins The phoenix lights again??? 7/16/06
7/4/06 18:15 South Lake Tahoe CA Triangle .5 hour Strange Formation in clouds. 7/16/06
7/4/06 18:00 Portland OR Cigar 5-7 seconds Black dash near moon around 6 pm on the 4th of july in Se Portland near Mt. Tabor. 7/16/06
7/4/06 10:30 Paramount CA Sphere 5 minutes Red light over southern california dissappearing on the way down to the ground 7/16/06
7/4/06 02:37 Osteen FL Sphere At least 10 minutes Round black object hovering in and out of clouds during and after space shuttle launch. 7/16/06
7/3/06 03:00 Bartlesville OK Changing at least 1 hour Two sightings in Bartlesville, OK 7/16/06
7/3/06 03:00 Gladstone MI Other 1 minute Strange object with two lights. 7/16/06
7/3/06 01:00 Eglin Air Force Base FL Unknown not sure Thoughts, memories, headaches, nose bleeds, nightmares, dark figures! 7/16/06
7/2/06 20:40 Northridge CA Changing 5 Dark Object with orbiting lights acting as some sort of field 7/16/06
7/2/06 18:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Other 30 seconds never imagined it would be this way 7/16/06
7/2/06 02:30 Virginia Beach VA Triangle 2-5 min. ((POSSIBLE HOAX)) A triangular craft with solid red and flashing white lights hovering strangely over Virginia Beach, VA late at night. 7/16/06
7/2/06 01:31 Chula Vista campground parking lot, Mt. Pinos CA Light 15 seconds Two white llights accelerating and changing directions in M31 binocular FOV observed from Mt. Pinos 7/16/06
7/2/06 00:24 Waialua HI Sphere 10 minutes 10-15 ft. diameter amazingly bright, glowing, hovering orbs 7/16/06
7/1/06 00:00 Titusville FL Triangle 10 minutes ufo sighting over Cape Canaveral 10:00 pm sat. July 1st 7/16/06
7/1/06 23:00 Fairfield CA Light <5 minutes red light over Suisun City, Ca seen from Fairfield, Ca 7/16/06
7/1/06 22:15 Sublimity OR Sphere three nights Bright white spherical objects when stationary blinking white and red when travelling 7/16/06
7/1/06 17:32 Norfolk MA Sphere 1 minute It was a ball of opal or white with a little pink and green sheen to it. Not metal. No sound and it was pretty close to a plane. 7/16/06
7/1/06 13:35 Buffalo MN Disk 45 sec These were not fireworks 7/16/06
6/30/06 23:30 Castleford Nr Leeds (UK/England)
Sphere 1.30 mins Football sized glowing object (like a ball of fire). Moving slowly across the sky. 7/16/06
6/30/06 22:40 Raddle IL Triangle 8 minutes silent object with a curved V shaped amber lights sited in the country near the Mississippi River at approximately 10:40pm. 7/16/06
6/30/06 19:45 Lakeland FL Changing approx. 35 mins. I was driving south bound down North Florida Avenue approaching Lakeland Regional Hospital when I saw what looked like a large black tr 7/16/06
6/30/06 01:35 Camarillo CA Circle 1 Min On June 30, 2006, My 2 daughters and a friend were exiting south-bound 101, Pleasant Valley\Santa Rosa Exit left, when they looked up t 7/16/06
6/30/06 01:00 Flat Rock MI Oval 1 minute Oval shaped UFO with two revolving lights disappeared into woods in Flat Rock, MI. 7/16/06
6/29/06 23:30 Shoreview MN Sphere 10 Seconds bulb like sphire out of nowhere 7/16/06
6/29/06 21:00 Sault Ste. Marie MI Disk 1 hour will be happy to fax police report 7/16/06
6/29/06 18:00 Seattle WA Disk
Disk shaped object seen over the Space Needle in Seattle 7/16/06
6/29/06 10:30 Mountlake Terrace WA Light 5-10 minutes White, still object several miles up, disappeared & reappeared 10 degrees east, disappeared again. 7/16/06
6/28/06 23:00 Pasadena CA Unknown home very fast object over pasadena,ca 7/16/06
6/28/06 22:16 Bullhead AZ Changing 10 minutes saw a circle shaped with half light and dimming in the sky 7/16/06
6/28/06 22:00 Casper WY Light 1.5 hrs 8 objects viewed at different times that pulsated and flew upward in a spiral pattern 7/16/06
6/28/06 21:45 China Spring TX Triangle 10-15 min 3 LIGHTS SEEN IN NIGHT SKY 7/16/06
6/28/06 18:30 Armadale (Western Australia)
6/28/06 11:30 Sault Ste. Marie MI Cylinder 1hr. 10minutes Long cylinder shape with chrome mirrored dome top viewed coming apart and reatatching itself over Sault Ste. Marie, MI 7/16/06
6/28/06 11:15 Sault Ste. Marie MI Rectangle 1 hour UFO with rectangular 2 section construction seen in daylight by several people 7/16/06
6/28/06 04:00 Panama City Beach FL Diamond 90 minutes hypersonic acft 7/16/06
6/28/06 01:56 Crescent City CA Unknown 2 seconds a flash f light then a craft fly north toward brookings 7/16/06
6/27/06 20:45 Riverside CA Unknown 10min as me and my wife were siting in our lawn as i looked up to the south i saw what looked as a low long light passing then falling at a 9 7/16/06
6/27/06 20:30 Baja (Mexico)
Cigar hour I saw a cigar UFO black in color with 4 lights coming out of it and two beaming to earth 7/16/06
6/27/06 20:30 Los Angeles CA Light 5 minutes or so birght object steaks upward, burns out, another object continues on and sprays some kind of "rain" like cloud and keeps moving. 7/16/06
6/27/06 15:00 Vista CA Oval 2 hrs. Oval, spotlight, UFO or UFOs 7/16/06
6/27/06 05:20 Austin TX Unknown 5 seconds rectangular arrangement of white lights head North . Spacing between lights did not change 7/16/06
6/27/06 02:00 Portland OR Disk 5 to 6 secs brght blue flashing disc 7/16/06
6/27/06 00:15 Leavenworth WA Unknown 1 minute 6/27/2006, approx. time 00:15AM, 12 miles east of Leavenworth, Washington at Ingalls Creek Road.

Directly above, coming from wester
6/27/06 Olympia WA Light 2-3 minutes glowing light travels slowly across the sky fades and then vanishes 7/16/06
6/26/06 22:00 Davis CA Unknown 1 second Object blurred by orange, yellow lights going northwest extremely fast over my rooftop in Davis, CA headed toward direction of Woodland 7/16/06
6/26/06 21:30 Los Cabos (Mexico)
Light 5 minutes bright light omitting a fog light appearance toward earth 7/16/06
6/26/06 21:18 Surprise AZ Light 5-7 sec falling star, or ufo? 7/16/06
6/26/06 20:30 Tallahassee FL Cylinder 3-4 minutes Traveling east to west then south to north. 7/16/06
6/26/06 11:00 Randolph MA Disk 10 seconds a silver shiny disk with a hole in the middle flying erratically to the toward the east. 7/16/06
6/26/06 10:40 North Queensferry (UK/Scotland)
Disk under 5 secs UFO over Fife, Scotland? 7/16/06
6/26/06 04:30 Emlichheim (Germany)
Disk 10 sec or more? saucer hovers over neigbour house and beams light and then fly's to me...(Germany) 7/16/06
6/26/06 03:48 Kansas City MO Sphere 17 minutes UFO sighting in Kansas City - two craft exit a larger craft 7/16/06
6/26/06 03:00 Mechanicsville VA Disk About 30 sec. 2 disk shaped UFO's over Mechanicsville, VA. 7/16/06
6/25/06 23:54 Fort Pierce FL Sphere 3-5 sec UFO appears twice consecutively at almost same exact time. 7/16/06
6/25/06 22:45 Portsmouth VA Fireball 1-2min A large white light in the sky traveling horizontally that appeared to be dropping fireballs 7/16/06
6/25/06 07:00 Victorville CA Egg 15 min Blue bugish oval with insect like undercarage and leaning one side top knot 7/16/06
6/25/06 01:42 Lancaster PA Unknown 5-6 seconds Green/Blue light in the sky - Very low and very fast with NO noise 7/16/06
6/24/06 23:15 Manchester (UK/England)
Sphere 15-20 mins my husbnd and babysitter and myself witnessed 6 sphere shapes glowing a bright orange almost goldish color in the sky outside my house 7/16/06
6/24/06 21:30 McAllen TX Light 1 hour My wife ,my mom,my son and I where outside in our patio talking and I saw a flash in the sky,then I looked the sky and I saw a bright s 7/16/06
6/24/06 12:00 Granite Falls WA Sphere 2 min My doughter went in the Post Office to check our mail, I was sitting in the car waiting for her to come back while waiting I happend t 7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30 Marina Aylmer (Canada) QC Unknown 5 minutes Strange orange lights over the river at Alymer's marina, in Quebec Canada 7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30 Dayton OH Egg 10 minutes Objects appeared over Dayton, Ohio, 7/16/06
6/24/06 London (UK/England)
Light 10 minutes two lights, one amber, one white coming closer photos taken of both. 7/16/06
6/23/06 22:35 Sunderland (UK/England)
Light 1 minute Strange Light Ball seen floating in sky. 7/16/06
6/23/06 22:33 Neptune Beach FL Circle continously star-like object flying in sky in a circular orbit. 7/16/06
6/23/06 22:00 Stockton KS Sphere 30 seconds commercial plane veeres off course to avoid possible collision with ufo 7/16/06
6/23/06 19:35 Rex GA Other 20 seconds Brownish gold object over Rex, GA 7/16/06
6/23/06 19:00 Beaver Dam WI Unknown 1-2 min Several high flying "dots" seen on clear summer evening. 7/16/06
6/23/06 18:50 Auckland (New Zealand)
Triangle 10 minutes three lights shaping to a triangle, inside triangle area was much darker than the sky backdrop 7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50 Harris County TX

Addenda to my Sighting sent in today - Several times (3-4) the two objects hung stationary, then would continue on their general vector 7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50 Houston TX Egg ~2 minutes Dual White/Black/Red Ovalesques over Clear Lake, Texas 7/16/06
6/23/06 11:57 Denver CO Disk +/- min Daylight Disk near Denver 7/16/06
6/23/06 11:00 Phoenix AZ Other 3 seconds blue and white crescent shaped object above South Mountain 7/16/06
6/23/06 01:30 Hanmer (Canada) ON Light 5-7 mins Light followed us while walking down the street from my house. We seen a light zigzagin this lasted 90% of the sighting. Suddenly the c 7/16/06
6/23/06 01:00 Boise ID Circle
a big circle sitting in the sky different lights going off and rotating 7/16/06
6/22/06 23:10 Singapore
Other 10 minutes Aurora-like mysterious object floating in the sky. 7/16/06
6/22/06 23:00 Lyons IL Light 4 min red blue white circil large lights flashing no sound moving fast 7/16/06
6/22/06 21:00 Gaithersburg MD Fireball 15 Seconds I was driving in my neighborhood, at around 9:30 at night. The sky was clear. I was driving into my neighborhood from east to west. O 7/16/06
6/22/06 17:35 Sarasota FL Other Over two minutes A bright shinny silver object over University Parkway 7/16/06
6/22/06 17:00 Houston TX Unknown 5 minutes small black object seen over IAH airport during thunderstorm flying from the NW to the SE while airport was shutdown for weather 7/16/06
6/22/06 02:00 Hoylake (UK/England)
Sphere Unknown - 30min? 1 White light sphere. 1 green flashing light flooded streets with its light. 7/16/06
6/22/06 01:30 Seatle WA Flash 2 min. Unusual Flashing Light 7/16/06
6/22/06 00:10 Barnesville OH Triangle about 20 sec. 3 red triangle-shaped lights 7/16/06
6/21/06 22:15 Truro (Canada) NS Unknown 1 minute Strange sight seen over nursing home. 7/16/06
6/21/06 21:46 San Jose CA Triangle Lights Many objects in the night sky on the Summer Solciest! 6/21/06 7/16/06
6/21/06 18:50 West Islip NY Unknown 25 sec Three Contrails 7/16/06
6/21/06 13:34 Somers CT Diamond stil lhappening i made a report on the 16th and being a nigth person and smoker im out side alot i find it odd i see this object a 2nd time 5 days lat 7/16/06
6/21/06 00:03 Troy NY Other 8 minutes` From Rt 7 NY I saw what look like mars up in the sky, a small red ball. What struck was that it was like looking at it through a 90 mm 7/16/06
6/20/06 23:30 Eupora MS Other 10 seconds Silent near invisiable arrow, reflecting stars, moved across thes sky at night. 7/16/06
6/20/06 22:30 Lafayette IN Fireball 3 seconds two fireballs that seemed to just disappear out of no-where 7/16/06
6/20/06 22:20 Santa Fe Springs CA Egg 2 minutes I saw an egg shaped noiseless object 200 feet above my car with red lights that disappeared after I yelled 7/16/06
6/20/06 22:00 Rehoboth Beach DE Light 20 secs bright green oblonged object flying vertical in sky 7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30 West Chester PA Egg 5 seconds bright green egg shage light in SE pennsylvania sky 7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30 Mana HI Sphere 10 min A large stealth dark spherish object, with no lights or noise, at close range to barking sands beach kauai 7/16/06
6/20/06 21:25 Northfield NJ Sphere seconds Was walking south on bike path in northfield near Zion rd. and looked up over the tree line to the south to see a greenish spherical li 7/16/06
6/20/06 07:40 Southampton (Canada) ON
5-8 sec White glowing daytime sighting, object moving through clouds just above horizon. 7/16/06
6/20/06 01:00 Coshocton OH Oval 5 tp 8 seconds Me and my friend was outside cookin some chicken on my grill and we heard a small boom sounded like a semi truck getting loaded but the 7/16/06
6/19/06 22:40 Sedona AZ Light 10 minutes Object over Sedona, AZ flashed, dimmed several times, and moved without sound in irregular patterns 7/16/06
6/19/06 22:00 Normal IL Circle 5 seconds Bright green circular object flew slowly outside over our neighbor's house, then all of a sudden it was gone. 7/16/06
6/19/06 20:30 Fullerton CA Disk
Lenticular, domed, saucer lit with many lights in level flight, pilot visible. 7/16/06
6/19/06 16:10 Spring Hill FL Sphere 3 seconds shiny gold colored sphere ~ Hernando County, FL 7/16/06
6/19/06 12:00 Boise ID Unknown 5-10 minutes LARGE FAST DISC REPORTED TO MHAFB YEARS AGO 7/16/06
6/19/06 00:30 New Philadelphia OH Fireball not sure "Meteor" or UFO? 7/16/06
6/18/06 22:30 Paulsboro NJ Flash 20 seconds Just lights. One light for 2 seconds, then a little lower, a light for 2 seconds, then a little lower, a light for 2 seconds but does n 7/16/06
6/18/06 22:30 Atlanta GA Unknown 3-5 minutes My girlfriend and I rode bikes down to the local elementary school for just a spot to sit and chill. While sitting on the swings i noti 7/16/06
6/18/06 22:00 Carl Junction MO Other 10 seconds Fast moving light 7/16/06
6/18/06 21:23 Pie Town NM Cone 3 minutes Object the color, magnitude, size of Jupiter appeared, was still and then moved at steady speed south to north 7/16/06
6/18/06 19:45 Onset MA Sphere 2 minutes In a lighted early summer evening, a dark spherical object flew north over water & trees of cove/inlet at low even height (~100 feet), 7/16/06
6/18/06 13:50 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 30 seconds Metallic, triangular object spotted hovering in broad daylight near NORAD. 7/16/06
6/18/06 12:30 Pacifica CA Cigar 30 seconds Silver cigar dissapears reappears and then dissapears again. 7/16/06
6/18/06 11:00 Augusta GA Circle
Blue Red Yellow and Green Lights 7/16/06
6/18/06 09:25 San Jose CA Triangle 5 minutes 2nd sighting; Metallic object rotating in the morning sky. 7/16/06
6/18/06 08:30 Miami AZ Light
there was a lot of ufo reports in the east arizona area but this one was diffrent we were standing ouside our house looking north into 7/16/06
6/18/06 01:20 Delray Beach FL Light 2 mins Objects sighted over Delray Beach Florida 7/16/06
6/18/06 01:10 Valley Springs CA Flash 2 seconds Family of four sees bright flash in night sky. 7/16/06
6/18/06 01:00 Butler PA Light 30 minutes Red and white flashing light moving in a tight, eratic pattern in the northern sky 7/16/06
6/18/06 00:00 Mt. Pleasant MI Light 30 sec Light intensifies to shine on me. 7/16/06
6/17/06 21:45 Warrenville IL Other 1 hour White Light Streak/Burst 7/16/06
6/17/06 20:20 Plains PA Other 5-10 minutes Black rotating donut or ring shaped object drifting slowly across the sky 7/16/06
6/17/06 20:20 Plains PA Circle 5-10 minutes Ring Shaped Black UFO over NE PA 7/16/06
6/17/06 20:00 Miami FL Disk 1 minute A pair of four spot lights under a saucer shaped aura - located due north in west Miami-Dade Fla 7/16/06
6/17/06 17:30 Carlsbad NM Light 15-20 minutes 2 red-orange "dots"& one white "dot" over Carlsbad, New Mexico... 7/16/06
6/17/06 10:02 Lake Oswego OR Light 5 seconds A white Ord light that keeps passing over 7/16/06
6/17/06 05:00 Pittsburg/Antioch CA Disk 10 minutes Motherships and armada in California skies 7/16/06
6/17/06 01:00 Beaumont TX Light 2 min I Brought my dog out at the time entered In the description to get some fresh air,no longer than a few seconds while we were outside st 7/16/06
6/16/06 23:45 Kirkland WA Light 1min bright light followed by a series of other lit up objects 7/16/06
6/16/06 23:00 Prince George (Canada) BC Light 2 Hours The first one I dismissed for a brief moment, it was extremely bright, I thought it was planet (Venus or Mars perhaps) then it blinked 7/16/06
6/16/06 22:30 Fairfield TX Formation 4 seconds 4 lights racing across the sky, then stop for a split second, one semicircles the others then all take a 90 degree turn and race away. 7/16/06
6/16/06 22:00 Narragansett RI Light 15 minutes Bright stationary amber light then fading out 7/16/06
6/16/06 21:30 La Feria TX Light 4 minutes Shining moving light, bouncing from side to side gliding at a fast pace 7/16/06
6/16/06 20:00 Mission Hills CA Light 15 sec aprox lights mission hills 7/16/06
6/16/06 08:00 Pickering (Canada) ON Disk 30 seconds Large Saucer shaped object, very bright, completely stationary (eerie), seems to have disappeared quickly. 7/16/06
6/16/06 01:30 Somers CT Diamond half hour 1-2 diamond objects, low on western horizon, changing colors, hovering, and within 1/2 nearby air force jets headed toawrds object 7/16/06
6/15/06 23:52 Buhl ID Triangle 5 minutes A triad of star-like lights, arranged in the shape of a miniature Aries, slowly passed from NW to SE in a possible formation. 7/16/06
6/15/06 22:15 Ferndale NY Unknown 18 minutes FIVE SEPARATE BRIGHT LIGHTED AIRCRAFTS SEEN OVER FERNDALE, NY. 7/16/06
6/15/06 21:45 Tampa FL Light 20 sec. Two single, white lights travelling S to N at moderate speed & altitude caused electrical disturbance to car. 7/16/06
6/15/06 21:30 Glen Gardner NJ Disk 30minutes The object was a bright white disc with a center dome an sparkling colored lights all over it ! 7/16/06
6/15/06 21:10 Carrollton IL Rectangle 10 minutes Strange Strobing light in the Southern Sky 7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00 Sudbury (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes An abnormally bright yellow/white light dissending and turning in sky at low speeds then reappearing 7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00 Wilmington NC Light 5 minutes Flying Silk ... 7/16/06
6/15/06 14:21 Ontario (Canada) ON Other 5 mins Clear angled object in sky, appears to have thrusters 7/16/06
6/15/06 01:43 North Pole AK Oval a couple seconds Large white ball in the sky 7/16/06
6/15/06 01:00 New Hampton NH Circle unknown 4 lighted white orbs traveling in a cloud and moving towards center and then quickly out towards the edges of the cloud and then back t 7/16/06
6/14/06 23:15 Davenport IA Oval 15 UFO Sighting in Davenport, by the Sharewood apartments, and the Mississippi Valey Fair. 7/16/06
6/14/06 23:00 Seminoe Lake (near Rawlins) WY Unknown 15 minutes Moving stars that lost their light and reappeared. 7/16/06
6/14/06 21:30 Murrieta CA Triangle 20 SEC The UFO was the shape of a triangle, and each corner of the triangle was a dotted circle. The light coming off of it was white. 7/16/06
6/14/06 16:25 Miami Springs FL Circle
On June 14th, 2006 at about 4:25pm It was a clear blue sky I was looking due west I noticed High in the sky a bright silver object 7/16/06
6/14/06 12:10 Koshkonong MO Sphere 2 min A very slow flying orb at roughly 300' directly overhead spotlighted me. 7/16/06
6/14/06 03:30 South Lake Tahoe CA Light 30 minutes Saw 3 lights zig zagging across the sky over lake tahoe. caught on tape. 7/16/06
6/13/06 23:00 San Clemente CA Triangle 15 minutes Strange lights over coast of San Clemente 7/16/06
6/13/06 22:00 Clarksville TN Light 2 minutes Pulsing light in the night sky 7/16/06
6/13/06 22:00 Leesburg FL Fireball few seconds strange leesburg aircraft? comet? 7/16/06
6/13/06 20:15 El Cajon CA Triangle ongoing Ongoing experience , has not stopped yet. 7/16/06
6/13/06 18:30 Crato (Brazil)
Other 5+ hours The sun had begun to set a while before the sighting, and it was almost completely dark. I looked across toward the horizon and I saw 7/16/06
6/13/06 13:00 Burns Harbor IN Oval 30 secounds My husband and I were heading to Michigan city for lunch when I saw it. my husband only saw the thing for a few secounds, because he wa 7/16/06
6/13/06 05:00 Southwest OH Triangle 4 Days Strange lights and a "V" shaped craft over southwest Ohio. 7/16/06
6/12/06 23:30 Athens (Greece)
Disk 10 minutes a very fast object making circles around athens 7/16/06
6/12/06 23:00 St. George Island FL Sphere 3 sightings within 10-15 Red lights seen over gulf of mexico from ST. George Island. 7/16/06
6/12/06 23:00 Baton Rouge LA Oval 45 SECONDS It went like a shooting star 7/16/06
6/12/06 21:50 Spring Valley CA Disk 15-25 Seconds Light seen flashing from a saucer type object over Spring Valley. 7/16/06
6/12/06 20:00 Bay City MI Cylinder Hanging outside talking Barbell Shaped Object 7/16/06
6/12/06 07:45 Pensacola FL Light 30 seconds Star-like object horizontally traversing low and slow in the morning sky. 7/16/06
6/12/06 04:10 Athens GA Triangle 5 min. Low flying triangle 7/16/06
6/12/06 01:55 Issaquah WA Light :01 Two very bright "stars" briefly appeared in the southern sky 7/16/06
6/12/06 01:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 3 hours First time experience they said nasa was hiding a secret mission from the people. 7/16/06
6/12/06 00:00 Rockwood TN Oval 7 min. I saw lights and thought it was just a plane but they weren't moving . There was about 4 lights on the object. They were all white exce 7/16/06
6/11/06 17:30 Phoenix AZ Other 30 minutes I was lying in pooland notices bright cigar shaped object high in sky very birght. Intemittently to south I noticed flashing. Obects 7/16/06
6/11/06 03:15 Wednesbury, West Midlands (UK/England)
Light 3-5 seconds Silent Light seen in sky moving 5-6 times faster than Fighter Jet in Persuit and Fighet could be heard UFO moving at 4000 MPH? 7/16/06
6/11/06 02:29 Austin TX Fireball 30 seconds Triangle Formation Spotted over Austin TX 7/16/06
6/11/06 00:00 Lafayette CA
? Triangle bruise - like burn - no pain, one inch on each side, on arm 7/16/06
6/10/06 23:55 Columbus OH Circle 3 Minutes 6 circular objects sighted over Columbus, OH 7/16/06
6/10/06 23:45 Amarillo TX Unknown 3-5 seconds Strange object and light 7/16/06
6/10/06 23:00 Wichita KS Teardrop 5 sec 3 pulsing , flashing lights in Ks 7/16/06
6/10/06 23:00 Seattle WA Light 30 seconds 2 Bright and VERY slow moving lights show up as brighter than any stars and disappear 7/16/06
6/10/06 22:00 Portland OR Fireball 5 min. Large glowing red orb 7/16/06
6/10/06 21:40 Redmond WA Cylinder 5 seconds appeared to blend in with the sky moving at a high rate of speed as if it was in a stealth mode, transpearent. 7/16/06
6/10/06 12:05 Fox Lake IL Oval 5 Minutes Hazy Red Oval shap with blurred moving light. Static in the sky. Became smaller in shape the dissapeared. 7/16/06
6/10/06 06:00 Australia
Disk 2hrs Green UFO throughout my sunrise photo's 7/16/06
6/10/06 03:00 Logansport IN Light 2 min bright white and red light 8 ft off the ground 7/16/06
6/10/06 00:25 Birmingham (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds black triangle than accelerated very quickly 7/16/06
6/10/06 00:00 College Place WA Light 20 minutes 12 or 13 amber lights seen moving from no. to so. one above the other over a wide area 20 mins. and slowly went out 7/16/06
6/9/06 23:46 New York City (Bronx) NY Sphere 12 Seconds Ok I usually am very sceptical when it comes to appearances of apparitions, imaginary susperstitions, aliens, ufo's and things of that 7/16/06
6/8/06 22:30 London (UK/England)
Formation 20 seconds approx 10 lumious uaps flying east west at high speed in cheveron shape 7/16/06
6/8/06 03:15 Elora (Canada) ON Circle 30 seconds big object gone in matter of seconds 7/16/06
6/8/06 01:00 Texarkana TX Light 10 minutes Light close to the moon, moved then went out. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Jupiter near the Moon. PD)) 7/16/06
6/7/06 21:30 Piedmont MO Formation 30 minutes 18 orange round balls in 30 min, at clear water lake 7/16/06
6/7/06 21:30 Piedmont MO Circle 30 mins. Many bright orange glowing lights just over the horizon&behind the mountains,near the dam@Clearwater Lake in Missouri(CRAZY!!) 7/16/06
6/7/06 18:10 Houston TX Disk 3 min Still in the sky, gone in an instant 7/16/06
6/7/06 14:36 Monterrey (Mexico)
Sphere 15 sec go to fast speed 7/16/06
6/7/06 14:00 Willow Springs IL Disk 2 minutes Next to the UPS building on Willow Springs rd. I was looking up at the cumulos clouds gathering and saw 2 saucer shaped crafts just hov 7/16/06
6/7/06 10:37 Spokane WA Changing 2 hours Noticed a pulsating star which looked liked Sirius, only it was to the far North. 7/16/06
6/7/06 02:34 Marion IL Disk 3-4 minutes Red Object Over Marion, Illinois 7/16/06
6/7/06 00:00 Martinsville IL Changing 20 minustes hovered were silent and acelerated very fast when left and had green and blue flashing light goin around the entire craft 7/16/06
6/7/06 00:00 Brick NJ Disk 15minutes Around 12am on June 7th, 2006, I observed a very brilliant light in the sky, at a distance of perhaps 2 mile away in the night sky as i 7/16/06
6/6/06 23:30 Key Largo FL Formation 1 hour+ six dim points of light in circular position out in space! 7/16/06
6/6/06 22:00 Portland OR Light 15 minutes or so It was just starting to get dark on tuesday night. I was walking up the stairwell in my dorm, and noticed a strange bright white light 7/16/06
6/6/06 22:00 Brighton (UK/England)
Sphere 35mins sperical shapes in triangle formation 7/16/06
6/6/06 21:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 3 minutes Ball of light 7/16/06
6/6/06 21:00 Green Bay WI Light
Yellow lights very high hovered over us. 7/16/06
6/6/06 20:15 Bradley Beach NJ Sphere 5 seconds Blue3/white sphere /.no entrails / fast moving direction south east to north west close to atlantic ocean . 7/16/06
6/6/06 20:06 Altamonte Springs FL Fireball three hours The three objects merged as one. 7/16/06
6/6/06 20:05 Altamonte Springs FL Fireball Three hours The objects merged as one. 7/16/06
6/6/06 20:00 Woodstock (Canada) NB Disk 10 MIN NOTICED OBJECTS IN PICTURES. 7/16/06
6/6/06 17:00 UK/England
Sphere 12 mins we were having a barbacue with the nieghbours and i glanced to the east and saw apurple blue spherical object within 5mins 2 others had 7/16/06
6/6/06 12:00 Beaver Lake (Canada) AB Fireball
there was a fire ball flew over us 7/16/06
6/6/06 11:58 Miami FL Circle 2 minutes I never used to belive in aliens but now I do. 7/16/06
6/6/06 11:57 Miami FL Circle 3 min It did a 360 7/16/06
6/6/06 10:00 Clark NJ Light 10 seconds clark new jersey 10:14 06/06/06 garden state parkway flash of light 7/16/06
6/6/06 08:00 Boise ID Triangle 1 min Large Black Triangle shaped craft seen north of Boise Idaho 7/16/06
6/6/06 03:50 Las Vegas NV Unknown 15min Three flying objects seen over Las Vegas 7/16/06
6/6/06 01:00 Sonora CA Disk 2 secs UFO with (humourous) psychic component 7/16/06
6/6/06 00:01 Glen Allen VA Formation 30 seconds Formation opens in th eground the morning of 6/6/6 with a ball shooting into the ground 7/16/06
6/5/06 23:57 Simi Valley CA Light 5 minutes Strange yellow oval of light weaving at sharp angles, definitely not any type of plane or helicopter. 7/16/06
6/5/06 22:30 Florissant (north St. Louis Co.) MO Sphere 1 min Observer. 2006-06-05, 22:30L, N on Shackelford Rd/Broadway Dr, 30mph, urban/rural area. Sighted approx 40 deg angle crossing road one 7/16/06
6/5/06 22:00 Culbertson MT Fireball very brief UFO over Culbertson Montana. 7/16/06
6/5/06 22:00 Yakima WA Light all my life You do realize that you could be working for a living, right? ((NUFORC Note: Comment from skeptic. PD)) 7/16/06
6/5/06 20:35 Oak Ridge TN Cigar 3minutes Cigar Shaped Craft changes direction 180 degrees with no loss of speed 7/16/06
6/5/06 11:45 Vancouver WA Light 15 Moving and shifting star-like object seen over Vancouver WA in conjunction with strange cloud formations. 7/16/06
6/5/06 10:45 Chicago area IL Rectangle 5 - 10 mins. black rectangle in cloud over chicago area 7/16/06
6/5/06 04:15 Fort Worth TX Unknown 30 minuits there were white red and blue lights hovering in all moved unlike any man mad aircraft and i watched it for about 20-30 m 7/16/06
6/5/06 02:30 Ormond Beach FL Fireball 10-15 seconds streak of flame heading east very bright 7/16/06
6/5/06 01:00 San Ramon CA Sphere
beam of light projected from round hovering orb just dissapates and continues on 7/16/06
6/5/06 00:05 Mill Valley CA Other 3 mins red lights in square formation with blinking center light 7/16/06
6/4/06 23:45 AHMECGARH (India)

1-2 mins IT WAS OUT OF THE WORLD . 7/16/06
6/4/06 23:00 Denver near Aurora CO Rectangle 15 minutes rectangle bar of yellow glow with blue flicking lights surrounding it 7/16/06
6/4/06 22:15 Chicago IL Disk 60 seconds Silent wobbling disk with white-illuminated underside moving southwest above downtown Chicago 7/16/06
6/4/06 21:30 Crystal Lake IL Changing 3mins UFO Sighting in Crystal Lake 7/16/06
6/4/06 18:10 Santa Ana CA Formation 20 minutes Multiple White Flying Objects Appearing From Behind the Moon 7/16/06
6/4/06 12:00 Grand Rapids MI Cylinder 3 minues Cylinder or Cigar over Grand Rapids 7/16/06
6/3/06 23:30 St. Cloud FL Egg 2 minutes Low flying object in central Florida. 7/16/06
6/3/06 19:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 30min High and fast flying craft over LA, CA doing formations and STOPPING. If Military, why maneuveurs over LA? 7/16/06
6/3/06 17:05 Maidstone, Kent (UK/England
Circle 15 min Numerous white objects appear over kent in the clear blue skys 7/16/06
6/3/06 15:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Cigar 2 mns drug capsule shaped object seen over toronto 7/16/06
6/3/06 14:00 Canyon Country CA Circle 10 minutes Object trailing a commercial airplane. 7/16/06
6/3/06 13:45 St. Peters MO Cylinder 5 minutes Saw 2 objects in broad daylight within 20 minutes 7/16/06
6/2/06 23:45 Andover MN Teardrop 10 seconds Brilliant green craft observed near Anoka county rd 9 in Andover, MN., 1145pm 06/02/06 two witnesses 7/16/06
6/2/06 23:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Circle 10 sec Winnipeg Sighting - North-East Sky - 7/16/06
6/2/06 22:05 UK/Wales
Flying object over Wales emitting other objects 7/16/06
6/2/06 15:00 Harlingen TX Triangle 5 min Triangular shaped object with orange aura spotted in Harlingen, TX. on 6/2/2006 7/16/06
6/2/06 14:00 Wadsworth IL Diamond 2 minutes A silent white rectangle movved slowly across the sky above woods. 7/16/06
6/2/06 10:40 Colorado Springs CO Teardrop 10-12 seconds Craft near AFB followed aircraft then proceeded south at a constant rate through changes in direction and elevation 7/16/06
6/2/06 05:25 Simpsonville SC Circle 40 sec I was sitting outside on my front porch with a friend (we are in our late 20's), watching the sky. Suddenly we both see a white/yellowi 7/16/06
6/2/06 02:00 Newark DE Other 2:01 While sitting outside, witnessed an unusual aircraft, which changed speeds amazingly. 7/16/06
6/1/06 21:45 Boise ID Cigar 2-3 min cigar shaped craft with fire tail. 7/16/06
6/1/06 21:37 Nampa ID Fireball 3-5 seconds Incredible fireball breaking up over S/W Idaho 7/16/06
6/1/06 21:36 Nowy Pilczyn (Poland)
Cigar 2:45 Next UFO seen in Nowy Pilczyn (POLAND) 7/16/06
6/1/06 21:20 San Angelo TX Sphere +30 min 4 Spheres of red green and blue lights flashing and moving slowly, situated in four different directions. 7/16/06
6/1/06 21:00 Meridian ID Fireball 3seconds Bright white tail burning east to west parallel to the ground. 7/16/06
6/1/06 20:45 North Powder area OR Oval 15 seconds Metalic craft traveling at high speed leaving trail like meteor rapidly changes direction and vanishes. 7/16/06
6/1/06 19:15 Ogden UT Egg 10 min. It moved slowly, was very very high, and reflected a lot of light (or produced light). 7/16/06
5/31/06 22:52 Wrexham (UK/England)
Light 40 seconds Extreme bright light falling to the ground slowly 7/16/06
5/31/06 01:37 Palm Desert CA Light 10 minutes Four Green lights in a line moving from South to North 7/16/06
5/31/06 00:00 Mukilteo WA Changing now red and blue flashing light west of mount ranier 7/16/06
5/30/06 22:00 Hartville MO Sphere 5 - 10 minutes Strobing lights and "gateway" with sphere/disk shaped craft 7/16/06
5/30/06 08:08 Nashville TN Disk 7-10 secs White, flashing object, looked like an airplane, but traveling way too fast. 7/16/06
5/29/06 23:55 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 40 sec Two big lights following a smaller one 7/16/06
5/29/06 23:11 Syracuse NY Flash 4 seconds A bright light that dimmed as it left the earths atmosphere 7/16/06
5/29/06 20:45 Purlear NC Other 3 minutes 4 Circling Bright Lights 7/16/06
5/29/06 20:00 Miami FL Fireball 60 seconds Red/White Ball seen from Passenger Plane, 4PM, over Miami Int. Airport, Memorial Day 06, approach. 7/16/06
5/29/06 19:00 Dupo IL Cigar 2 min Large dark cigar sighted over Dupo Illinois 7/16/06
5/29/06 12:00 Bakersfield CA Sphere 1 to 2 minutes 3 highly metallic, highly reflective spheres moving rapidly together, then quickly ascending out of sight 7/16/06
5/29/06 03:00 Joliet IL Oval 1 min 30sec Amamolous Joliet, IL. Light 7/16/06
5/29/06 00:58 UK/England
Light 2 hours More luminous objects sighted in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites, we suspect. PD)) 7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30 Adkins TX Sphere 1 min Bright blue sphere, hovered then darted east and disappeared. 7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30 East Bridgewater MA Flash 20 minutes While sitting outside, at the same moment two persons notices a bright flash in the northern sky, right of the big dipper. It was thou 7/16/06
5/28/06 21:30 Jupiter FL Light one hour A light that looked like a star but moved erractically left to right and in a circular pattern. 7/16/06
5/28/06 20:45 Spring Hill TN Flash 1 second Flash/Pulse of light shooting through Big Dipper 7/16/06
5/28/06 20:00 Santa Clara CA Oval 15 seconds Fast moving gliding oval shaped object in the sky just before Great America Parkway Fireworks event on Sunday May 28, 2006. 7/16/06
5/28/06 14:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Sphere 3.5 hours It was 28.05.06, 14:30 ((in time I sad to myself to check the time passed not so much time)) I was in park wathcing the sky and spot to 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:35 New Philadelphia OH Triangle 3 Seconds A very fast moving triange with four red lights going straight as can be, and silent. 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00 Mt. Pocono PA Light 1 min the objects were too high to be considered planes and they were not flying in a straight line. 7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00 St. Johns (Iraq) NF Unknown 3 minutes White and black and travelled in strang way leaving black dot where last seen. 7/16/06
5/28/06 01:30 London (Canada) ON Triangle 3-5 sec. large triangular object with 10 to 12 bright red lights spotted over London, Ontario 7/16/06
5/27/06 23:15 Belmont MA Other 30 minutes follow up on a 3 light ufo, awkwardly moving. 7/16/06
5/27/06 23:00 Comanche (southeast of) TX Unknown 10 seconds There was a bright emerald flying large object that sped across the sky in front of my vehicle and vanished as quickly as it appeared. 7/16/06
5/27/06 22:35 Belmont MA Triangle 20 minutes and ongoin Star- looking, awkward moving, 3 lighted ufo. 7/16/06
5/27/06 22:00 Saluda VA Changing 20 Seconds UFO(s) spotted at sprint car race in Virginia, 4 (?) objects spotted 7/16/06
5/27/06 21:12 Northbrook IL Light 30 seconds The lights were organized, with equal distnaces between the first three, second row of two, and one at the tip...making a perfect cone 7/16/06
5/27/06 13:00 Scottsdale AZ Circle 3 minutes Four lights - looked like the sun. 7/16/06
5/27/06 02:00 Ottway OH Unknown 5 minutes Awoke to see a beam of light scanning the ground. I possibly was inside the craft? 7/16/06
5/27/06 01:00 Pocahontas AR Oval 1 hour Apparently intelligently controled objects spotted in Pocahontas Arkansas 7/16/06
5/26/06 23:30 Olean NY Teardrop 10min Craft flying over head in the woods. 7/16/06
5/26/06 11:30 Tucson AZ

05/26/06.11:30am.Tucson.Az.Square.10mins.2 large objects,3 smaller.Catalina foothills.5/26 06 7/16/06
5/26/06 05:33 Port St. Lucie FL Light 25 secs or less A still and intense flourescent green light in the sky which lasted about 25 secs then vanished. 7/16/06
5/26/06 03:00 Laurie MO Disk 20 minutes Spinning, brightly-lit flying saucer approached me from across the lake 7/16/06
5/26/06 02:30 Arbroath (UK/Scotland)
Rectangle 3-4sec Arbroath UK - Large fireball type object disappears over the North Sea 7/16/06
5/26/06 00:39 UK/England
Light 2 hours More luminous objects seen in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect possible sightings of satellites. PD)) 7/16/06
5/26/06 00:30 Smithfield VA Unknown 4 mins Flashing lights in the sky. Moving way too fast to be an aircraft and made no sound. 7/16/06
5/25/06 23:00 Campos dos Goytacazes (Brazil)
Circle 00:30 Gentlemen My name is Antenor Penha.

I live in Brazil, been of Rio De Janeiro, City Campos dos Goytacazes. My email is antenorpenha@z
5/25/06 22:30 Pikeville KY Changing 30 seconds Blue light, split into smaller lights in triangle. 7/16/06
5/25/06 20:01 Warrensburg MO Triangle 0:04 I saw what appeared to be a cloaked triangle object in the back drop of some strom clouds. 7/16/06
5/25/06 20:00 Vienna VA Circle 20 min. Was blue did not move at all nere jupiter. 7/16/06
5/25/06 03:06 Atlantic Ocean (at sea)
Rectangle 5 minutes Date of sighting: 03-25-2006 Location of sighting: 705 miles of the coast of Miami Fla., and 600 miles from the Bahamas’ Islands, aboar 7/16/06
5/25/06 00:55 UK/England
Light 2 hours Multiple luminous objects sighted in night sky 7/16/06
5/25/06 00:30 Muscatine IA Rectangle 2 mins. Strange object passing through Muscatine 7/16/06
5/24/06 23:20 Beaver Lake NE Light 5 minutes Light in the sky south of offutt AFB 7/16/06
5/24/06 15:45 Blackburn, Lancashire (UK/England)
Circle 10-20 seconds A small black circle rises and then stops dead in front of cloud,there one moment gone the next. 7/16/06

Peter, in reference to the gentleman who critcized your site, I would like to point out that the database you provide is unprecedented. 7/16/06
5/23/06 23:30 Cleveland OH Sphere 6 seconds Bright white sphere 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:55 Tuscola TX Light Few Minutes Went outside to bring out the trash when I noticed over the hillside about 500ft above the hill was a light that was strobing, it defin 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:34 Tranquillity CA Circle 3 min bright white lite near Tranquillity/ Mendota 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:30 Moulton AL Light about 3 min A light proceeded across the sky from south to north i did not observe any thing to set it apart from an airplane 7/16/06
5/23/06 22:00 Campbell CA Light 5 min Bright orange light in the sky 7/16/06
5/23/06 21:50 Shady Spring WV Changing 1 hour + Colorful Objects in Night Sky over Shady Spring, WV. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body, we suspect. PD)) 7/16/06
5/23/06 20:43 Palm Coast FL Disk ??? ((NUFORC NOTE: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) I belive i was abducted in palm coast 7/16/06
5/23/06 19:40 Huntersville NC Disk 3 seconds was driving home from school along I-77 south around exit 25 and saw almost directly above the highway about 1/2 mile in front of me at 7/16/06
5/23/06 14:00 Malibu, West CA Cylinder <1 minute bright metalic cylinder 30-75 ' or more flying along CA coast over Ventura, speed of landing jet, jet flame out the end. 7/16/06
5/23/06 11:00 St. Andrews (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 30 sec I was watching the events taking place on the turn (9th green and 10th fairway) on the St Andrews Old Course golf links where I sit for 7/16/06
5/23/06 Sunderland (UK/England)
((POSSIBLE HOAX)) bright lights on the objest very mysterious. 7/16/06
5/22/06 23:45 Windsor (Canada) ON Light 2 mins A light brighter than Jupiter started moving across the sky.

Went out to check how clear the sky was. Looked up saw an object brig
5/22/06 23:34 Fenwick Island DE Light
bright light stopping/starting and changing directions; east to west migration x 45 minutes before stopping 7/16/06
5/22/06 22:30 Round lake IL Oval 3-4 sec an orange football shaped object in round lake sky so fast it made after images(trail) 7/16/06
5/22/06 21:35 Coralville IA Oval 1 sec a light and movement that I have never seen before 7/16/06
5/22/06 21:31 Ladd IL Fireball 1+ minute We saw a bright firball going WNW and it lasted for about a minute and a half befor it burned out and probably landed as a meteorite. W 7/16/06
5/22/06 18:46 Centerville MA Triangle 1:14 Large triangel craft with large white dome at the bottom. 7/16/06
5/22/06 06:06 Port Shepstine (South Africa)
Unknown about 20-30 seconds Splash in ocean, UFO hovers, smoke clouds... 7/16/06
5/22/06 Malden MA Oval
pper on our deck when I noticed a really bright matalic object flying a straight direction but at a abnormal speed(slow)then we are use 7/16/06
5/21/06 23:10 Regina (Canada) SK Other 20 sec. Orange coulored objects flying in hourglass formation 7/16/06
5/21/06 23:00 Monticello MN Disk
they were stars that moved all over the place 7/16/06
5/21/06 22:30 Murrieta CA Unknown 3 hours Moon like object moving abnormally, unlike any aircraft, location not reasonable for it to be a spotlight 7/16/06
5/21/06 21:55 Richmond VA Triangle Approx 1 Minute Triangle of lights traveling SSW to NNE. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy "NOSS" triplet of satellites?? PD)) 7/16/06
5/21/06 21:47 Lansdowne House (Canada) ON Circle 2 Minutes UFO sighted in a smale Northwestern Ontario, Canada Community. 7/16/06
5/21/06 20:00 Dover DE Triangle 3 minutes Floating Airliner? 7/16/06
5/21/06 16:00 Easter Island (Chile)
Disk 1 second Flying object over Easter Island viewed from tongariki beach 7/16/06
5/21/06 10:45 Las Vegas NV Sphere 15 minutes Small white object over Las Vegas 7/16/06
5/21/06 10:30 Tempe AZ Sphere ::15 Tempe Az Black Dot 10 seconds traveling N to S very fast and quite 7/16/06
5/21/06 00:30 Molly Stark St. Park (Marlboro) VT Unknown 20 min Unidentified light phenomenon 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:10 Spring Hill FL Light 5 minutes 2 points of light seen from a small telescope 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00 Oakwood OH Light 15 to 30 seconds High-altitude, moving, light that, when overhead, became brilliant; it accelerated off and disappeared into the night sky. 7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00 Azle TX Light 9 seconds box kite shaped with cylinder center connecting the two ends 7/16/06
5/20/06 15:30 Grayson KY Circle 3 minutes very shiney round ball very high in the air 7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30 Accrington, Lancashire (UK/England)
Changing 2 hours Sighting in the forest of bowland 7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30 Bucharest (Romania)
Flash 10 seconds Flash over Bucharest, mid day - very strange 7/16/06
5/20/06 13:00 Bowland, Lancashire (UK/England)
Changing 30 Minutes Spacecraft land in bowland 7/16/06
5/20/06 11:00 Beaver (in outskirts of) UT Teardrop 30 seconds Teardrop craft hovered in sky and then darted into a cloud and didn't come out. 7/16/06
5/20/06 10:20 Greenwich CT Fireball 2 seconds Meteorite in Greenwich, CT 7/16/06
5/20/06 09:45 Seattle WA Unknown 01 4 white objects west of Seattle 7/16/06
5/20/06 04:30 Lewisville TX Other 1.5hrs multi color changing lightning bolt. contained in a "flair" like star 7/16/06
5/20/06 02:35 Plainfield IL Light 3 seconds Single light moves through sky at alarming rate In Plaifield, Illinois 7/16/06
5/20/06 01:20 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Unknown 8-10 seconds Well I was watching a movie with my girlfriend.We live on the sixth floor of an 8 storey building. All of a sudden a very bright light 7/16/06
5/20/06 00:58 Gaylord MN Triangle 20 Minutes flahing "star" moving around for 20 minutes near the big dipper. 7/16/06
5/20/06 00:05 Wilson NC Circle 1-2 minutes Unusual ball of light flashed in the sky 7/16/06
5/19/06 22:00 Cleveland OH Other 5 minutes A UFO With Red, Blue & Green lights alternating between the colors and gliding and Hovering 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:31 Wheatfield IN Formation 30 seconds 4 bright orange lights in a row 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30 Sunderland MA Oval 2 min. red and oval shaped 7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30 Canton IL Oval 20 minutes roughly Orange glowing oval shoots sparks 7/16/06
5/19/06 18:00 Seattle WA Circle 30 minutes silver round object,size of a small van 7/16/06
5/19/06 09:57 highway 78 between Bailey & Bonham, Texas TX Sphere approx. 2 min. We were in a car traveling northbound when I noticed a shiny, silver sphere in the northern sky approximately 45 degrees above the hori 7/16/06
5/19/06 00:30 Sonora CA Light 3 secs I looked up and caught a very bright light (3 times the size of Venus). It moved in small arc and then simply faded out. The way that o 7/16/06
5/18/06 23:00 East Riffa (Bahrain)
Diamond 5 mins saw a diamond like star ,bluish white colour twas moving away first a big star, moved for 1.5 min in one direction then reduced half it 7/16/06
5/18/06 22:00 Fort Smith AR Circle 20 minutes Orange lights seen from southern Fort Smith. Fort Chaffee military flares or UFOs ? 7/16/06
5/18/06 21:20 Lancashire (UK/England)
Unknown 10 Seconds Lancashire, UK at about 9:30pm, an UFO passed over a crowd on BIG BROTHER live on Channel 4. The UFO sighted by me was too bright to b 7/16/06
5/18/06 13:35 St. Joseph MO Cylinder 10 seconds Floating gray cylinder seen dropping down behind some trees 7/16/06
5/18/06 02:00 Telford TN Other 5-10 Minutes 4 Bright Lights, formed Box then dissappeared. 7/16/06
5/17/06 23:30 Fresno CA Light 8 seconds Fast light zig zagging over Fresno 7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30 Littlerock AR Light 50 seconds It came out of the east traveling north the object was bright orange but had some white light and the craft seemed to pulsate. 7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30 Beaverton OR Diamond 7-10 seconds strange dim diamond shaped light pattern traveling across the sky NW to SE about 5-10 times a jets speed. 7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30 Benton County MO Light 5 minutes Moving lights across the sky 7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30 La Puente CA Chevron 50 min. UFO over the San Gabriel Valley 7/16/06
5/17/06 20:25 San Mateo CA Unknown 5-7 minutes 2 bright streaks of light with dark object above them observed in clear, cloudless sky. 7/16/06
5/17/06 20:05 Wirral, Cheshire (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds Invisible with silver triangular back. 7/16/06
5/17/06 03:00 Walker MN Circle 45 Minutes Star like object in the sky moved side to side and up and down in a jaged motion extreamly bright. 7/16/06
5/17/06 00:30 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle 10 seconds black triangular object with three red lights underneath it flying over DC 7/16/06
5/17/06 00:00 Richmond VA Fireball 2 minutes Bright redish orange star object with no movement for 5 min, suddenly moving up and east out of sight 7/16/06
5/17/06 Holland TX Unknown 5 SECONDS white light suddenly emitted bright white light in center yellow on middle and red on outside of emitted circle of huge display 7/16/06
5/16/06 23:00 Wasco CA Unknown 10 mins it was a bright red 7/16/06
5/16/06 21:45 Westhampton MA Other At least 20 minutes Colorful spinning ferris-wheel-shaped object seen in Northwest sky. 7/16/06
5/16/06 13:25 Lynnwood WA Rectangle 15 minutes A bright light caught my eye in the sky to the west. It seemed to hover in circles. I went to get binoculars, 6x30, & located object 7/16/06
5/16/06 10:20 West Bridgewater MA Light About 30 Sec. "Meteor" rapidly decelerates and changes direction, procedes to fly off as if it were a normal aircraft. 7/16/06
5/15/06 23:00 Baltimore MD Egg 15+ Mins. Stationary long objet with dome in middle. Red/orange & blue lights kept shining with varying degrees of intensity. 7/16/06
5/15/06 22:00 Zirconia NC
10 sec Lazer like light in the sky verry big and verry bright. 7/16/06
5/15/06 20:30 Goodyear AZ Light 15 minuets Arizona Lights In The Sky Are Back 7/16/06
5/15/06 16:45 Bay D'Espoir (Canada) NF Sphere 5 min a red, sperical soccer ball sized object floating 5 feet in the air. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/16/06
5/15/06 12:10 Costa Rica
To whom it may concern! 7/16/06
5/15/06 07:30 Plant City FL Unknown sudden unknown object fell from clear sky. 7/16/06
5/15/06 00:15 Sooke (Canada) BC Unknown in progress Very bright slow-moving, hovering light over the Pacific, veiwed from Sooke B.C. 7/16/06
5/14/06 14:30 La Mirada CA Light 1 hour star in the sky during the day? 7/16/06
5/14/06 14:00 Malibu CA Disk ? UFO captured in picture 5/14/2006 - Daylight 7/16/06
5/14/06 00:30 Delray Beach FL Light 1-3 mins Bright Lite moving in different directions 7/16/06
5/13/06 21:28 Alexandria LA Light 15 mniutes Fighter jets chased 3 lights above my house. 7/16/06
5/13/06 00:00 London (UK/England)
Light 20 seconds massive bright light, low in the sky 7/16/06
5/12/06 22:30 Tulsa OK Unknown 10 min I was outside in my friends back yard on friday the 12th and noticed a bright light hovering about 3 miles away, i first disregarded it 7/16/06
5/12/06 20:33 Bois D'Arc MO Sphere 1 hour Brilliant light seen from more than 60 miles away. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Jupiter, which is in the E sky now. PD)) 7/16/06
5/10/06 23:00 Shawnee KS Circle hours a little after midnight i went outside and noticed big trails in the sky they were all over never seen anything like it before i though 7/16/06
5/9/06 23:40 Lewiston ID Triangle 10+minutes 3 sets of lights (changing color) in a triangle formation moving slowly over Lewiston valley. 7/16/06
5/9/06 21:15 Merida (Mexico)
Cigar 3 seconds The object fly in to W-NW direction. The object changed by red-blue colors. The object appear in the sky and desappear in seconds 7/16/06
5/9/06 05:06 Los Altos Hills CA Light 15 - 20 min. apparent aircraft develops comet-like tail which grows steadily, eventually losing its fan shape, becoming a luminous cloud 7/16/06
5/7/06 21:34 In orbit/Space Shuttle
Circle 10 secs Lights pass under STS 121 -The circular "hoop", has 6 nodes which are glowing and strips of light seem to link each node or light. 7/16/06
5/7/06 21:00 Twenty Nine Palms CA Chevron
Huge Boomerang shaped ufo with single front bright light and tiny bright lights in sequence on edges 7/16/06
5/7/06 16:25 Old Forge PA Formation 30 mins. UFO Formation over NE Pennsylvania 7/16/06
5/7/06 00:00 Idaho Falls ID Triangle
3 lights flashing colors. rotating. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax ortwinkling star. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 7/16/06
5/6/06 22:00 Gjilan (Kosovo)
diamond lightss 7/16/06
5/6/06 14:30 East Brunswick NJ Circle 5 minutes Small circular object silver and black, moves across sky, hovers then disappears. 7/16/06
5/6/06 11:30 Sierra Vista AZ Unknown 6-7 minutes Day light aerial object resembles flying domed skylight 7/16/06
5/4/06 22:40 Westminster CA Fireball 40 seconds Twin orange balls seen over Westminster Ca 7/16/06
5/4/06 21:25 Buckeye AZ Light 10 Minutes Copper Lights Over Buckeye Arizona 7/16/06
5/3/06 22:00 Houston TX Sphere 20 sec Colored spheres fly over Houston Texas! 7/16/06
5/2/06 22:00 Panama City Beach FL Light 30mins large orange reddish light in the night sky moving across sky instantly 7/16/06
5/2/06 01:30 Las Vegas NV Circle 5 minutes 5 objects travelling at high speed and fliying in patterns that would defy currently known limits. 7/16/06
4/30/06 20:10 San Francisco CA Sphere 10 sec. Coming from the South, going towards North/Northwest. Maybe arcing downward. Very bright white intense light. Moving fast, no sound... 7/16/06
4/30/06 15:30 Sunflower AZ Other 30 Secs. A black object appeared between the contrails of a jetliner for a short period of time and then disappeared. 7/16/06
4/30/06 00:20 Portland OR Diamond 3 seconds Strange Diamond shaped object seen in Portland, Oregon 7/16/06
4/30/06 00:05 Tigard OR Formation 45 sec. Light Formation 7/16/06
4/29/06 21:00 West Yarmouth MA Unknown 30 min Bright lights over Lewis Bay 7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 10 min UPDATE,, I would like to cross ref my sighting with VANCOUVER, WA. His sighting appear to be the same as mines being that they saw 3 ob 7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cigar 8 minutes Three Cigarettes floating over Brooklyn 7/16/06
4/29/06 00:00 Warren OR Disk
Clusters of Red Lights Seen In The Portland Area 7/16/06
4/25/06 14:45 Green River UT Teardrop 2-3 seconds SILVER / CHROME METALLIC FLYING OBJECT 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. to 10 ft. long Sighting: Object flew 37-50 feet above ou 7/16/06
4/24/06 21:30 Loman MN Light 35 Minutes Large red ball of light that multiplied into four separate lights at tree level, white lights flying at high altitudes. 7/16/06
4/24/06 12:00 San Antonio TX Cigar 30 min my brother and i wached 4 cigar shaped figures for about 20 min. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/16/06
4/22/06 03:15 Fairport NY
8-10 sec 3-4 twirling noise whith no engine sound at all -just a twirling noise 7/16/06
4/16/06 23:00 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle 20 minutes This is my second report of these Triangular shapped flying objects with red flashing lights. This second sighting compelled me to rep 7/16/06
4/15/06 21:00 Reading PA Triangle 1 minute or less Bright triangle shaped object flies over gas station. 7/16/06
4/15/06 17:15 Wilmington (suburbs) DE Sphere 1 minute Brilliant sphere floats above the Wilmington Suburbs. 7/16/06
4/6/06 20:15 Baltimore MD Unknown 3 min stayed still then shot straight up then disapeared then reapeared to the left at a higher attitude. 7/16/06
4/6/06 00:00 Hialeah FL Diamond walking a big like like a diamond coming donw fast from the sky 7/16/06
4/5/06 18:00 Fairview Heights IL Sphere 5 seconds Sphere just under clouds after a tornado. 7/16/06
3/31/06 13:00 Bolton, Manchester (UK/England)
Other 5 minutes I saw two lights which appeared to be linked very high up, as I looked at the lights, I saw up to twelve flying together. 7/16/06
3/13/06 23:37 Sydney (Australia)
Light 10 seconds bright light moving slowly than shoots of in opposite direction at astonishing speed. 7/16/06
3/13/06 22:56 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle 2:00 minutes 10:56 p.m. 03-13-06 3 U.F.O's fly across Manhattan's Citicorp, Metlife, and Chryler Buildings. 7/16/06
3/9/06 12:00 Estonia
Teardrop 3 min A teardrop shaped object seen. 7/16/06
3/8/06 02:17 Muskego WI Oval 12 minutes 14 objects 7/16/06
3/5/06 21:20 London (UK/England)
Oval 20 seconds 2 bright oval shaped objects above central London. 7/16/06
2/16/06 23:30 Mammoth Lakes (near ) CA Formation 1.5 min. Strange lights in formation, could have been a single object. 7/16/06
2/16/06 Pacific Ocean (inflight, Japan-Los Angeles)
Triangle 30 secs or less I was sitting in seat 47K (a window seat on the right side of the jet airliner) of Japan Airlines flight JL 060 on Feb 16, 2006, on my 7/16/06
2/15/06 23:00 Owensboro KY Triangle 1 minute While driving on a clear night I happened to look overhead and saw a black trianglular craft having 3 lights. The lights were of an od 7/16/06
2/14/06 19:30 McPherson KS Other 20-25 min. Two seperate sets of muliple stationary lights. 7/16/06
2/9/06 13:58 London (UK/England)
Disk photo caught image sighting above millenium dome 7/16/06
2/8/06 00:00 Granite Falls WA Disk 15-20 minutes The UFO hovered over house, hurt me and flew away 7/16/06
2/6/06 22:00 Delray Beach FL Disk 10 seconds 5 round objects were going south along the beach of Delray over the water they came out of the clouds moving very fast from north to so 7/16/06
2/6/06 03:05 Dallas OR Triangle 10 minutes We saw a white triangle shaped craft and it flew very quick. 7/16/06
1/7/06 21:04 Darwin (Australia)
Light 12 Min 2 Bright orange lights moving and hovering over northern suburbs of Darwin NT Australia. 7/16/06
1/7/06 15:30 Sydney (Australia)
Unknown 1 second Fleet of objects in Sydney Australia 7/16/06
1/7/06 03:30 Faro (Portugal)
12/30/05 21:30 Petelo (near) MO Light 15 min It looked like an orange firey disk huvering at tree level 7/16/06
12/28/05 05:00 Charleston WV Circle 3minutes blueish and white orb 7/16/06
12/9/05 15:30 London (UK/England)
Other 30 seconds Violet, hexagon shaped, just flew over 7/16/06
12/1/05 17:00 Easley SC Triangle 5 hours Hovering triangle shaped aircraft that the military DID see no matter what they report to the public. 7/16/06
10/31/05 Orland Park IL Formation hour or more strange lights over Orland Park, Ill 7/16/06
9/24/05 05:30 Fort Madison IA Light 20 minutes Recently my friends and I were on a mission trip just outside of Fort Madison, Iowa. We had just finished doing some work on a house wh 7/16/06
9/6/05 05:30 Columbia PA Disk 30 seconds 9/6/05 05:30 AM Columbia, PA 30 second duration, disk-shaped craft with lights flying at low altitude 7/16/06
8/20/05 03:30 San Pedro Mountain Area NM Light 30 seconds Bright white light moving slowly near South Mountain in Santa Fe County 7/16/06
8/15/05 04:00 Plainfield IN Other 20 minutes In August 2005 i seen 3 non human humanoid entities. 7/16/06
8/10/05 01:00 Kimberling City MO Light 30 seconds bright light changed to red and blinked as craft flew away rapidly 7/16/06
7/29/05 00:13 Pinnacles National Monument CA Triangle 30 seconds Three triangular (spaced to far out to be a plane) lights flew across the sky and then dissappeard. 7/16/06
7/27/05 01:00 Virginia Beach VA Light 3 mins Bright light gains size over, and vanishes over Lesnor Bridge, in Virginia Beach! 7/16/06
7/20/05 04:00 Columbia PA Rectangle 20 seconds 7/20/05 4 AM Columbia, PA 20 seconds or less, large rectangle of white light with vapor trail 7/16/06
7/18/05 09:34 Oakville (Canada) ON Chevron About 5 Minutes Glad to have come across this site so I can recount what I and two other guys saw last year.

I was at work and I stepped out for a
7/15/05 16:00 Zeeland MI Cylinder 1-2 minutes cigar shaped body inside a clear bubble of 6 inches diameter passed bye at 2 foot distance 7/16/06
7/4/05 20:00 Altadena CA Light 2 minutes Moving light stops in mid-flight then vanishes 7/16/06
7/4/05 19:00 Davie FL Disk 3 hours 7/4/05 seven to eleven(approx) Northwest of Ft. Lauderdale-saucer shape-light on top pulsing- 5/24/06 7/16/06
6/24/05 19:00 Fort Pierce FL Light 2 hours Date:6/24/2005; City: Fort Pierce Florida USA; Shape: Dark object and Ligths; Duration: 1:30 minutes 7/16/06
6/23/05 04:04 Italy TX Light 30 seconds ((HOAX))whatthef_ _ _ 7/16/06
6/16/05 19:00 Nikiski AK Triangle 15 min three of us were traveling to town when we witnessed what seemed to be a star shaped bright light. As we approched the light, we 7/16/06
6/15/05 12:00 Fort Myers FL Disk 20min hey all you ufo peeps i am only writing this to verify another guys sighting here in swf there here alot ufo's and there disturbing the 7/16/06
6/9/05 22:47 Alexandria VA Other 2hour 4 min siteing over alexandria va 22304 this is for real 7/16/06
5/31/05 02:00 Ben Wheeler TX Light 1hr Loud persistent humming accompanied by shape of light with no source creating the light. 7/16/06
5/17/05 14:00 Barstow CA Disk
We where in barstow taking pictures when we got home saw something strange on 1 would like someone to take it and see if they can tell 7/16/06
5/15/05 14:00 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Other unknown scrolling around on google maps, found a strange object at s7m1a8 7/16/06
4/29/05 15:30 Chester (UK/England)
Triangle few minutes Black and silver objects high up in sky over Chester, England 7/16/06
3/12/05 23:00 Kelseyville CA Disk 3 minutes 3 Red Glowing UFOs 7/16/06
3/5/05 14:52 California CA Circle 43sec it had bright lights and went at a smooth pase, It seperated and flew of at great spead 7/16/06
2/5/05 01:00 Lexington NC Disk 28 minutes silver disc, about 3-6 miles away, mabey 22 ft. in length, 13-16 ft. tall 7/16/06
1/15/05 10:00 Searchlight NV Other 5 to 7 sec. Odd looking Nevada daylight sighting. 7/16/06
1/13/05 20:00 Fairbanks AK Other 45 Minutes Girded Structured UFO with many lights spends 45 minutes hovering over Fairbanks, Alaska on January 13, 2005 7/16/06
12/15/04 20:30 Headland AL Unknown 15 minutes Extremely bright light and no noise. 7/16/06
12/5/04 20:45 Homosassa FL Sphere 15-30 Seconds Florescent / Irridecent Green Sphere 7/16/06
10/31/04 20:00 Tinley Park IL Light 30 minutes 3 red lights movin E/SE 7/16/06
10/11/04 10:00 Nuevo Laredo (Mexico)
Light 20min While I was driving I stopped at a traffic light and when I turned to wait for the green light, I saw 11 bright lights in the sky 7/16/06
9/12/04 21:00 Attalla/Gadsden AL Triangle 20 minutes It was so quiet the cattle in the field didn't even run from it. 7/16/06
9/10/04 18:30 Alpharetta GA Oval 1 minute Silver object skimmed across horizon just above tree lines on State Bridge Rd 7/16/06
9/7/04 00:03 London (UK/England)
Circle 10mins circular object over brighton england 7/16/06
8/21/04 00:00 Tinley Park IL Light 20 minutes Lights over Tinley Park 7/16/06
8/15/04 00:00 Cashion AZ Triangle approx 3 hrs Huge slow moving black triangle that oddly appeared to have caused us a loss of time. (no! this is not a joke) 7/16/06
7/20/04 03:00 Columbia PA Unknown 2 minutes 7/20/2004 3:00 AM Columbia, PA 1-2 minutes duration, white, flickering, darting lights at tremendous speed. 7/16/06
7/16/04 10:00 Bowling Green KY Triangle 1-Minute LARGE TRIANGLE FLYING EXTREMELY LOW WITH SOUND 7/16/06
7/15/04 13:30 North Kingstown RI Other 1 minute object came down from clouds and moved around general area of my back yard, then went off in same manner it came in. 7/16/06
6/15/04 05:00 Hudson FL Light 2 min. At about 5 am I saw what appeard to be a white light in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico,off shore about 2 miles up and 3 miles out from 7/16/06
5/15/04 06:45 Ypsilanti MI Disk 8 sec. 5 to 7 saucers move around a few seconds and take off at high rate of speed in same direction. 7/16/06
5/5/04 19:00 Laughlin NV Other 3 minutes Laughlin, Nev 2004 sighting of bomerange of multiple round shapes reflecting lights from River Palm Hotel 7/16/06
5/1/04 01:30 Cleveland GA Cross 1-2 minutes Black rectangular shaped craft observed with night-vision equipment. No sound or lights! 7/16/06
4/15/04 14:00 Vancouver WA Sphere 2 minutes I was driving on the highway and i looked to my right and saw a bright sphere changing colors from white to green to blue. It then move 7/16/06
4/9/04 14:03 Lawrenceville GA Cylinder 13 minutes Spotted a cylindrical cloud behaving contrary to laws of physics at 2 PM. Took 7 very good photos. 7/16/06
2/26/04 21:00 Kingston (Canada) ON Light 5 min Several unusual lights in the sky between kingston and perth. 7/16/06
1/6/04 20:00 West Orange NJ Triangle 1 Hour 15 min UFO Triangular flying objects with red flashing lights in Northern New Jersey 7/16/06
8/24/03 02:00 Minot ND Oval 5 SECONDS Oval object with 3 lights flew over town. 7/16/06
8/17/03 20:00 Alfred ME Rectangle 3 min large rectangular craft in alfred me 7/16/06
8/2/03 22:30 Blanes (Spain)
Light 4 minutos aprox. Luz brillante muy rápida, dos aviones intentan interceptarla. 7/16/06
7/29/03 Atlantic Ocean (Canada) NS Circle 15 min baseball size lights,one behind the other,travelling in straight line 7/16/06
7/17/03 03:00 Columbia PA Disk 40 minutes 7/17/2003, 3 AM, Columbia, PA, 40 minutes duration, blue saucer shaped craft hovered for 20 minutes. 7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00 Haddonfield NJ Disk 5 seconds I was 5 years old and in my parent's bedroom. i was looking out the window across the street and i saw something weird shaped like a s 7/16/06
7/2/03 20:00 Timmonsville SC Oval 5 to 10 minutes UFO at treetop level on woods 7/16/06
7/1/03 19:45 Inglewood CA Disk 38 minutes Strange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares 7/16/06
5/15/03 01:30 Longview TX Light approx. 15 mins "star" appeared to be jumping back and forth between two points, very weird. 7/16/06
5/14/03 St. Louisville OH Oval
This is a very true and testimonial event that happened in the town I lived in for 3 years.

On July 13th or the 14th 2003 around b
10/1/02 06:30 Monroe WI Light 15-20 Min Very intense orange-yellow light moves from south to north in early A.M. and late P.M. 7/16/06
8/14/02 19:30 Leeds ME Circle 5 minutes Orb against the setting sun. 7/16/06
5/15/02 12:00 Florissant CO Circle 30 secomds Clear, round, silvery object with a definate flightpath. Right across the sky. Fast! Faster than any other aircraft around it. 7/16/06
2/23/02 00:30 Santa Monica Mountains CA
Lost 5 hours time I really need to talk to you how do I call you??? 7/16/06
2/2/02 00:00 Martinsville IL Triangle 30 min very low silent and moved very slowly and stoped sometimes to hover 7/16/06
1/23/02 14:10 Wolverhampton (UK/England)
Other 15 min 4 'Star' shaped and coloured craft descend and hover above 2 jets - Wolverhampton UK: 2 witnesses 7/16/06
1/22/02 07:30 Union MI Fireball 10 minutes Two stars ascend on and follow two young men for seven miles 7/16/06
10/15/01 10:00 Newport NC Circle an hour or so Completely black huge circle covered at least a mile 7/16/06
9/11/01 09:00 Washington, D.C. DC Circle 1 min Small orbs circle the pentagon on Sept 11th 7/16/06
8/12/01 22:30 Jupiter FL Triangle 3 minutes During the 2001 Perseids meteor shower, my neighbors and I were on the roof of our condo building watching the "shooting stars". We not 7/16/06
7/29/01 22:00 Lake in the Hills IL Disk 2 min. A VERY LARGE ENGINE IN BACK 7/16/06
7/20/01 23:00 San Marcos TX Cylinder 3 minutes It was a cylinder that had 3 bright spotlights and moved too slowly and quietly to be a helicopter! 7/16/06
7/16/01 22:00 Harrison MI Light unknown time space not correct 7/16/06
7/10/01 00:00 West Chester OH Fireball 0:01 I was looking at the stars when I spotted a UFO 7/16/06
7/4/01 00:00 Hatyai, Songkhla (Thailand)
Chevron 5 seconds green bright light ,high luminescence ,flew from east to west 7/16/06
7/1/01 23:00 Hallandale FL Circle 10 Seconds No lights, circle object, about 20 in diameter, floating on building. 7/16/06
6/15/01 15:00 Littleton CO Disk 20min black craft over clement park moving sw with looked like a bolt of lightning shooting from the bottom 7/16/06
5/23/01 22:00 Ashland KY Sphere 30 minutes Seen Glowing Orb Change Shape And Then Return To Previous Shape And Follow Our Car 7/16/06
5/15/01 19:00 Warrensburg MO Cylinder 15 min White cylinder fallowed airforce jets for about 10 to 15 min. untill out of sight. 7/16/06
3/7/01 00:30 Mnichovo Hradiste (Czech Republic)
Light one hour Circle object, made of regular white light shapes ( rectangles ) for cca 1 hour it followed up our car... 7/16/06
10/15/00 04:00 Nassau Bay TX Oval 3-4 seconds Bright Green Oval Highspeed bigger than a full moon 7/16/06
7/4/00 21:00 Pacific City OR Light 5-10seconds I'm sure I saw a real alien aircraft! 7/16/06
6/6/00 Black Creek (Canada) BC Unknown unsure what are they? ((NUFORC Note: Probably specks of dust or moisture, illuminated by the camera flash. PD)) 7/16/06
4/10/00 21:30 Brentwood, Essex (UK/England)
Unknown 10 seconds Two brigt lights were moving towards us. 7/16/06
12/23/99 20:30 Fulton AR Triangle 5 minutes Triangle Black Object too Big, Quiet, and Fast. 7/16/06
6/1/99 19:00 Panaji (India)
Light 5 to 10 seconds In the evening,my friend and I were taking a round of the lake near our house. We spotted a white light flashing in a dark starry and a 7/16/06
6/1/99 12:00 Ramskate (UK/England)
Circle 1 min it was when i was 7 i saw a wite spot floting in the air then it sta rted to move towards the west. 7/16/06
6/30/98 10:00 Commerce Township MI Changing Six hours Followed by men in black cars and suits. 7/16/06
6/12/98 22:00 Kent (UK/England)
Circle 15 mins there were 2 craft one was higher than the other and we followed them home in my car when we arrived home i decided to go to the meadow 7/16/06
6/6/98 04:30 Ashland OH Cone 5 minutes two silver cone shaped objects 7/16/06
4/4/98 23:00 Northern California CA Light 4 Minutes The light made no sound then split into two lights. 7/16/06
3/13/98 21:00 San Diego CA Circle 20 minutes phoenix lights over san diego 7/16/06
2/1/98 00:30 Four Corners NM Other 30 MINS Unknown bright lights, and triangular shapes over Four Corners, New Mexico 7/16/06
11/1/97 22:00 Aguas Claras (Costa Rica)
Disk 11/2 min mercury colored saucer comes down leaving a trail of neon green smoke that lite up the farm like if it was day. 7/16/06
7/16/97 21:30 Parkland FL Light 12 sec something tought to be a heli move forward and shoot back wards in a blink of a eye 7/16/06
6/30/97 06:00 Camarillo CA Circle 30 minutes 1997 Camarillo, Calif. huge bright light moved at a fast rate of speed then hovered over my car then disappeared. 30 min. pos. 5/31/06 7/16/06
6/15/97 22:00 Eagle Butte SD Light almost 45 mins. lighted crafts seem to take notice of us 7/16/06
6/15/97 15:00 Jackson MI Sphere >25 Seconds Silver ball in Jackson MI 7/16/06
6/12/97 23:00 Frodsham/Northwich (UK/England)
Light 5 mins Saw light in night sky, quite close 150m, no sound, no movement, 5 mins plus, unpopulated area, white light, uk. 7/16/06
5/15/97 16:00 Hove, Aldrington, Portslade-by-sea (UK/England)
Sphere 5 mins Driving west along sea road (A259) going back to Worthing from Brighton in late May 1997. Looking out to sea witnessed a metalic sphere 7/16/06
9/18/96 00:20 Ann Arbor MI Fireball 5 sec. Falling white light made "u" turn and disappeared. 7/16/06
9/12/96 15:35 Kennewick WA Other 4 min. approx. Pulsating white light that disappeared like a vapor. 7/16/06
8/2/96 11:33 Fishers IN Circle 8 -10 seconds ADDENDUM #2: Stationary circurlar object tilts up on it's axis,pulses white inside,disappears into slit opening hole in the sky 7/16/06
5/6/96 20:00 New York City (Queens) NY Light 2 hours 4 light s in formation 7/16/06
12/15/95 20:50 Hawesville KY Changing Less than 5 minutes Strange orange light/craft hovering noiselessly overhead. 7/16/06
10/24/95 02:00 Tyrrhenian Sea
Sphere 30sec blue colour sphere was obsereved from containership,dia abt 4mtrs,from dist of abt 8mtr.Moved after twds Italian coast. 7/16/06
10/15/95 15:00 Hawesville KY Cigar Several Minutes Sightings of multiple craft disappearing and reappearing in sky, possible abduction. 7/16/06
6/30/95 03:00 Ecoporanga (farm area; ES) (Brazil)
Egg 2 min Large egg -shapped object floatted in farm yard area in the North Espirito Santo State, Brazil 7/16/06
6/20/95 23:00 Winchester WI Circle 5 minutes Orange glowing circle in the sky 7/16/06
5/6/95 21:00 Watertown CT Light 2 minutes Strange Hovering Light - Noticed and Approached Us 7/16/06
3/15/95 05:25 Haymarket VA Sphere 10 min UFO spotted jumping in the sky near Dulles Airport in Virginia 7/16/06
1/1/95 03:00 Kansas (Eastern) KS Light 1 min or less A beam of rotating light in eastern Kansas 7/16/06
6/30/94 00:00 South London (UK/England)
Circle 30 secoconds i was about 9 years old when i was at my cousins house in bed looking out the window it was pitch black the stars where out from above 7/16/06
6/1/94 19:00 Jamica (Ochorios)
Light past light traveled and truned in less than 3 second from sky to sea 7/16/06
3/2/94 23:15 Lindsborg KS Triangle 10 seconds Black Triangle with Slightly Askew Leading Edge 7/16/06
3/1/94 03:00 Mumbai (India)
Other 10 seconds A Pterodactyl with a fiery tail 7/16/06
11/15/93 19:00 Gordon NE Triangle 1 Hour? A very large triangle shape(black,soundless) with red lights at the corners wile traveling at night. 7/16/06
6/30/93 21:00 Racine OH Light 10minutes Dozens of skittering, zipping, moving lights in an area of the sky...surrounding a much larger,, stationary, pulsating light. 7/16/06
6/1/93 20:00 Seville (Spain)
Unknown total of 15m Blue light and no sound 7/16/06
5/18/93 03:00 Box Elder (Rocky Boys' Indian Agency) MT Triangle 1 hour It was big and moved real slow. 7/16/06
3/8/93 21:35 San Antonio Del Mar (Mexico)
Disk 3 minutes San Antonio del Mar, Baja California 5 miles north of Rosarito Beach Monday, March 8, 1993, 9:35 p.m.

Bright moonlit night
1/26/93 00:00 Manteca CA Triangle ? how interesting this triangle. about 10 - 11 years ago, it seemed to have been a dream yet my rememberance is like yesterday. after bui 7/16/06
11/15/92 20:00 Fish Creek WI Triangle 15 mins Slow moving large triangle craft seen at close range, 1 white light in front 2 red in back, Low hum. 7/16/06
9/15/92 02:30 U. S. Navy cruiser (Gulf of Mexico)
Triangle about 10-15 min UFO at sea 7/16/06
6/19/92 20:00 Catalina Island (Cherry Island) CA Flash 30 seconds strobe ufo over catalina 7/16/06
6/1/92 01:30 Gagetown (Canada) NB Disk 10 to 15minutes Canadian Forces Reservist UFO sighting in Gagetown, NB 7/16/06
10/31/91 18:34 Willow Grove PA Other 5 sec Huge "V" shape craft as seen before over mountains in California/Las Vegas. 7/16/06
9/18/91 22:00 Olympia WA Changing 2 to 3 minutes Single star morphs into Hoberman Sphere, rotates, reverts, turns red, divides, flies away in formation 7/16/06
6/1/91 Rio Rancho NM Disk
This picture was at first thought and taken as a spiritual vision re: Virgin Mary. A closer look (rotated)reveals that it may be a UF 7/16/06
5/30/91 09:10 Las Cruces NM Fireball 10-15 seconds a hollow blue ball of lighting that turned to a fireball then took and umbrella shape and loomed for a second then disapeared. 7/16/06
5/10/91 16:00 Reading PA Light 3 bright light approaching aircraft, aircraft responds with "something" 7/16/06
1/1/91 20:00 Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)
Other 10-15 seconds closest encounter with a UFO - 30-40 feet away 7/16/06
10/16/89 08:00 Tucson AZ Sphere 2-3 seconds giant ball of fire seen over tucson hour after dark around 1989 7/16/06
11/15/88 18:00 Stockton CA Triangle 7 - 10 min Black huge triangle craft with chevron shape of lights on her belly with a larger red light in the center of the chevron shape travelin 7/16/06
10/15/88 22:00 Masfield OH Light 2 hours We saw a blue/white light in the same spot for nearly 2 hours, then it shot off to the north at amazing speed 7/16/06
10/10/88 22:00 Boulder CO Light 1 minute Three Stars Begin to Move Randomly, Stop, Change Direction, Move Again, And Then Vanish 7/16/06
8/16/88 23:20 Dudley (UK/England)
Triangle 5 mins Triangular craft flies very low over Dudley UK 7/16/06
8/1/88 23:00 Holbrook NY Circle 5 minutes We saw circular object w/ multi-colored lights fading from one set to another floating west-east after dropping down from sky. 7/16/06
6/30/88 01:00 Republic of Ireland
Light 10s--15s SCANNED BY A GREEN LIGHT. 7/16/06
2/5/88 15:00 Houma LA Disk 30 min. walking home i saw a gray saucer in the sky!!!!!! 7/16/06
9/1/87 00:00 Panorama City CA Other 1 minute Purple glowing spiral shaped object that hovered and slowly rotated silently. 7/16/06
8/15/86 22:00 Seattle WA Disk 1 minute Disk with 7 red lights moving like a wheel 7/16/06
6/30/86 01:00 County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Light 5-10seconds Green ball of light , it moved at incredable speed. 7/16/06
6/15/86 16:00 Milan OH Disk 3 Minutes Perfect formation of discs shoots off to West 7/16/06
6/9/86 16:00 Louisville KY Cigar 1 or 2 minutes Daylight Cigar shaped UFO sighting, with Witness! 7/16/06
2/25/86 22:00 Nevada (on highway, northbound) NV Circle unsureg ROUND ,SPHERICAL ,TRIANGLES INSIDE OR AROUND IT WITH A SHUTTER ,;CHANGES COLORS 7/16/06
9/15/85 02:30 Mumbai (India)
6/30/85 17:00 Harlan IN Disk 5 minutes Harlan, Indiana mayhurst drive disc shaped craft with multi-flashing colors of light going around counter-clockwise on side of craft.. 7/16/06
6/20/85 14:00 Salem NH Sphere seconds Multi colored sphere like in 7/16/06
2/15/85 00:00 Hinesville GA Sphere 30minutes It was the unusual movement that made all who were observing the object consider it a UFO. 7/16/06
6/20/83 13:00 Balderton Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire (UK/England)
3 of us witnessed three in daylight on a summers day a metal missile shape objects with silence and meatl fins 7/16/06
5/17/83 05:45 Tallahassee FL Unknown 10 minutes Faint light zips back and fourth across sky 7/16/06
9/15/82 17:00 La Crosse WI Disk 20 min I saw a disk hoovering over a Parking lot with aprox 30 others. Lights revolving around it. Motionless. 7/16/06
6/10/81 23:00 Hollywood FL Oval 30 seconds A silent, slow moving oval craft followed my four diamond shaped objects. 7/16/06
6/1/81 20:00 Detroit MI Circle ufo it was a circle with a bubble on the under side with windows and it was silver 7/16/06
6/1/80 18:00 London (UK/England)
11/4/79 16:00 Milford Haven (UK/England)
Circle 60 min a stationery object in the sky, north of saudi arabia. 7/16/06
9/12/79 04:00 Honolulu IL Sphere 10 minutes saw a blue sphere moving over the of of a house in front of me--hovered 5 feet above the ground for an instant, 15 feet in front of me 7/16/06
7/15/79 12:00 Hattiesburg MS Unknown 5 seconds Sensation of loud noise, crash, and time stopping 7/16/06
6/15/79 17:00 Fort Worth TX Teardrop 7 Min. Unknown Object appear ,changing colors moving Southeast direction over Ft Worth ,TX. 7/16/06
10/1/78 23:15 Francesville IN Cylinder Approx. 15 min Object hovered for apprx. 5 min. then proceeded west - it was apprx. 300' long 50-75' wide 50-75' high w/lights. 7/16/06
7/1/78 17:30 Carson CA Unknown 5 Min For about 5 minutes I watched an odd shaped object in the sky over the city of Carson, Ca, that was then chased by 4 Military jets. 7/16/06
6/1/78 12:00 Hudsonville MI Other a few minutes rectangular football field length white steel girder ship that hoovered without a noise over my head in hudsonville, mi 7/16/06
2/20/78 19:00 Geneseo NY Unknown 30 seconds Observed a strange circular spotlight on ground in rural area 7/16/06
10/20/76 00:00 Avon Lake OH Circle 10 to 15 Minutes The object emitted a brilliant white light, two smaller objects separated from the main object, we ran into the house, the object must 7/16/06
8/18/76 22:00 Tarlac City (Philippines)
Other 22:00-22:10 One big object the size of four hectars and two other objects the size of four passenger buses put side by side. 7/16/06
7/15/76 21:30 Memphis TN Light 5-7 minutes Bright white light in rural area of Memphis in 1976 responds to kid's and their sealed beam flashlight. 7/16/06
7/15/76 10:00 Winter Park FL Fireball 20 minutes Glowing light coming from between trees. 7/16/06
6/15/76 20:00 Simi Valley CA Light 20 minutes Large lighted silhouette of a face in the sky. 7/16/06
8/20/75 02:00 Jackson NJ Triangle 3 min 3 triangular shaped objects, with flashing red and green lights, accelerated out of site within a few seconds. 7/16/06
6/30/75 00:00 Rocky Point NY Light 15 min Moving light viewed from a house in Rocky Point. 7/16/06
6/15/75 23:00 Angeles Crest CA Other 4 hours Seen by two observers - sphere of light -one only-no color -white -background was night on forest road - 7/16/06
8/1/74 22:00 Springfield OH Cigar 30 minutes Small fleet large craft over Ohio 7/16/06
7/20/74 02:00 Marfa TX Oval 3 menutes In 1974 I lived in El Paso, I was unemployed, I heard about a tire recaping company I desided pay them a visit, and I ask the manager i 7/16/06
6/1/74 13:00 Tucson AZ Cylinder 15 minutes UFO emerges from behind a single cloud 7/16/06
6/1/74 00:00 Garrison NY Disk 5-10 seconds Two 15 year olds see flying disk in the Hudson Valley 7/16/06
10/15/73 17:30 Chazy NY Light 5 minutes Exact location: 44 deg 52' 33.74" North, 73 deg 28' 52.99", thanks to GPS and Google Earth (didn't have either back then). Macadam Road 7/16/06
9/20/73 00:00 Ciudad Habana (Cuba)
Circle 10 minutos i see the craft so clear so neat so much details i know was a estraterrestrial craft was not a airplane. 7/16/06
8/4/72 23:00 High Island TX Light 6 hours Landing, beamed lights, formation and singly many witness and over several nights, affected phones/cars 7/16/06
6/1/72 12:00 Nevada Desert NV Oval 15 min Biggest Ship Ever 7/16/06
11/1/71 11:20 Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Cylinder 10 sec Huge cilynder on Hills over Belo Horizonte City-Minas Gerais State- Brasil 7/16/06
8/17/71 22:15 Quonsett Pt. NAS RI Other 1 minute "Being" spotted on Naval Air Station 1971 7/16/06
7/20/71 22:00 New Goshen IN Diamond 1 to 2 min stars moving in the night sky 7/16/06
6/23/70 21:00 West Jefferson NC Sphere 10-20 minutes Eight orange glowing orbs in v formation visible for several nights at the same time. 7/16/06
6/6/70 18:00 Mannheim (West Germany)
Sphere 30 Seconds While serving as a military pilot in West Germany(1969-1970),I lived in a high rise apartment building. Standing next to an open window 7/16/06
10/23/68 15:00 Walla Walla WA Other 25 min black objects oveer walla walla 7/16/06
7/19/68 23:00 Martinez GA Disk 25 mins Summer of 68 around 11pm.The moons glow so bright and the stars filled the night sky.

My family and I lived on a farm. With many liv
6/30/68 12:00 Gardendale AL Disk 5-6 seconds daylight sighting of flying disk in late 1960s in North Central Alabama 7/16/06
6/9/64 21:00 Baltimore MD Sphere 30 seconds June, 1964; 9;00 PM: immense counter-rotating double domed craft only 100 feet above me 7/16/06
5/20/62 23:00 Whitehouse (near) NJ Light 20 minutes Bright light, "electrical sensation" and missing time. 7/16/06
5/15/61 04:00 Parris Island SC Changing unknown Parris Island, S.C. boot camp, UFO ! 7/16/06
6/30/58 16:00 Camden (Penobscot Bay) ME Disk Seconds? Mother and pre-teen son witness a silver disc crash into Penobscot Bay. 7/16/06
6/6/58 09:30 Cincinnati OH Diamond 24 hours lost odd shaped diamond saucer,light could pass threw it,about thirty feet long,15 feet high,three feet from touching the ground,glass looki 7/16/06
6/15/56 01:00 Edroy TX
Don't know Paralyzed and unable to talk, but could communicate mentally. 7/16/06
9/15/49 21:00 Post TX Disk 10 seconds Disk object appeared very close to ground above Post, Texas for just a few seconds in about 1949 or 1950 7/16/06
6/2/96 13:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Formation 4 hours A group of spaceships "danced" about the sky. 7/16/06
6/30/65 00:00 Cadotte Pass MT

1865 Cadotte Pass, Montana UFO crash 7/16/06