National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2006/07/16


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/16/06 17:06Coventry (UK/England)United KingdomChanging5 mins((POSSIBLE HOAX)) Strange object in the sky.7/16/06
7/16/06 15:30Wirral (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15minutesspherical moving object in sky ranging from fast to static7/16/06
7/15/06 23:23Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 SecondsWitnessed two strange white lights in the sky from my home in Sunderland, UK7/16/06
7/15/06 23:15Sea BrightNJUSALight12 Sec.Two illuminated objects traveling in linear formation maintaining constant interval7/16/06
7/15/06 22:15DundeeWIUSALight4 minutesFluorescent-green parallel ceiling lights in line formation flying north of Dundee Wisconsin7/16/06
7/15/06 22:05CrivitzWIUSACircleabout one minuteAt about 22:05 p.m. on 7-15-06 i was walking our 6 month old husky in our side yard paused briefly to observe the sky and unaware of th7/16/06
7/15/06 22:00ChampaignILUSALight15 minutesInteresting “Flashing” lights over Illinois in Casseopeia 7-15-06 10:00 pm.7/16/06
7/15/06 21:55Tinley ParkILUSAOther10Well not as brilliant as the previous sightings in Tinley park that I have witnessed before, but aroung 9:55pm Sat night we were swimmi7/16/06
7/15/06 20:15HaileyIDUSAFireball10 secondmoving south to north, looked like a superbright meteor, ball of fire, melted away suddenly, fairly slow moving7/16/06
7/15/06 00:56Sturgeon Bay (north of)WIUSALight15 + minutesA moving light traveled in many directions, zig-zagging and stopping over the waters of Green Bay - high level of activity.7/16/06
7/14/06 22:05Mahomet/Farmer CityILUSATriangle15 minsWhile driving my 8 y/o daughter spotted an unusual craft and pointed it out to me and my girlfriend. This was a triangular shaped craf7/16/06
7/14/06 19:30HighlandsNJUSALight1/2 hrbright white cigar shaped object/bright white light over Atlantic Ocean/Sandy Hook Beach7/16/06
7/14/06 13:45MartintonILUSADiskunknownPhotograph of a storm later revealed a ufo-like object hovering above the cornfield.7/16/06
7/14/06 05:15DavisonMIUSALightsecondsA red blinking craft hovers across the road in Davison Michigan7/16/06
7/14/06 05:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle1:45((NUFORC Note: Celestial body?? PD)) I have seen this craft consistently for the last few weeks. I took my telescope and studied it.7/16/06
7/14/06 00:06Lino LakesMNUSAOther30 SecondsI was sitting in my bed, listening to my iPod when I looked out the windo and saw what at first I thought was an airplane. So, I looke7/16/06
7/13/06 23:25Camborne (UK/England)United KingdomLight12 minutesSoundles flight . Brightly illuminated . Very high . Somewhat erratic flight .7/16/06
7/13/06 22:48Ankara (Turkey)TurkeyFlasha bout 3 minutes2 UFO's, one had a problem and the other saved it7/16/06
7/13/06 22:45LeesburgGAUSAFormation1 to 2 minutes5 to 6 round lights converging into one object that disappeared and then reappeared as one shortly thereafter only to disappear again7/16/06
7/13/06 22:39MaywoodCAUSAUnknown2 minutesI wouldn't quite say crafts but that I would label them objects. I was laying down on my lawn looking up at the stars and wondering abo7/16/06
7/13/06 22:30LitchfieldSCUSATriangle1 hour - on and offBright orange blinking lights over the Atlantic ocean off of the coast of South Carolina.7/16/06
7/13/06 11:00AvonCOUSALight1 minuteTwo solid white lights flying in formation over the Colorado Rockies7/16/06
7/13/06 08:45Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandRectangle20 secondsUnidentified Object East Of Christchurch, New Zealand.7/16/06
7/13/06 05:30ManchesterMIUSALight2 minutesOrangish white light7/16/06
7/13/06 02:20Redwood CityCAUSACircle5 secondsBright light moving at a high rate of speed from south to north.7/16/06
7/13/06 00:10Imperial BeachCAUSAChanging2 minutesSan Diego CA, Bright orange light traveled east , then faded and parachute/ jellyfish shaped object floated downward slowly.7/16/06
7/13/06 00:08YakimaWAUSAFireball3 secSomething flew by E-WA7/16/06
7/12/06 23:00AshlandWIUSADiskAbout 1 MinuteWe saw six UFOs on that night. It was really freaky... It was freaky sleeping afterwards.7/16/06
7/12/06 23:00HoquiamWAUSATriangle1 minuteWhite lights to form a triangular shape with two red lights in the center floating low over a city block.7/16/06
7/12/06 22:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomOther30 minutesDriving in my car at sunset, I noticed 2 bright lines in the sky moving both horizontally and vertically but never changing position.7/16/06
7/12/06 17:15TampaFLUSACircle5 minutesBlack Circular object flying high over tampa Florida7/16/06
7/12/06 05:15Silver CityNMUSACircle30 minutes2 ufo sightings silver city new mexico July 12, 20067/16/06
7/12/06 04:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown45minsmoke trails and lights7/16/06
7/12/06 00:00Lr. Sackville (Canada)NSCanadaCigar5-6 minsfighter jets with unknown object7/16/06
7/11/06 08:10Gila Indian Reservation & S. Chandler, Ocotillo areaAZUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, fast, transitory, reflective object seen over Phoenix southest east valley suburb or Gila Indian Reservation7/16/06
7/11/06 02:40Oak HarborWAUSALight15 secondsObject fading out of sky, traveling south7/16/06
7/10/06 22:20WilmingtonNCUSACircle2 secondsUnknown length of time of light moving at increbile speed and not a shooting star.7/16/06
7/10/06 22:00PhoenixAZUSACircle2 hours 55 minutesAn Orb over Phoenis on July 10, 2006 10pm to 1am. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter?? PD))7/16/06
7/10/06 19:18Vierfontein (South Africa)ALSouth AfricaUnknown40 minutesSeen a colorfull flashing UFO.7/16/06
7/10/06 12:30Los AngelsCAUSATriangle1.5 minutesSilver triangular shaped object flying over downtown Los Angeles. I was looking out the window from Union Bank Building at dark smok7/16/06
7/10/06 03:00Bognor Regis (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 minutesTraingular Craft, combined with outer body experiences?7/16/06
7/9/06 00:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCircle2 hoursThree lights circling one another. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights. PD))7/16/06
7/9/06 22:30Alexandria (Independent City??)VAUSADisk30 SecondsCluster of disc-shaped objects that passed within 30 seconds7/16/06
7/9/06 09:30AddyWAUSAUnknown10 minhave seen from calif. the space shuttle reentering for landing. Theese objects looked exactly the same. comming from west to east obser7/16/06
7/9/06 00:25San JacintoCAUSAUnknown20 secObject moving in an S shape at a high rate of speed7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00Watford (UK/England)United KingdomOval10 to 12 secslight grey oval object travelling at speed/no flashing lights or trails and not bright direction sw/ne/ noise7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00NJ Parkway (MM60)NJUSALight15 mins3 Lights moving in formation, and alternating patterns7/16/06
7/8/06 23:00Green ValleyAZUSAFormation10 minutesdim cluster of lights over southern arizona7/16/06
7/8/06 22:30London (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 minsTwo bright red lights in the sky, appeared low flying but totally silent almost as though they were travelling in the wind.7/16/06
7/8/06 22:30YakimaWAUSALight30 secondsWhile looking East and about 45 degrees up from horizon, saw a solid light traveling north at a very, very slow pace. It only lasted ma7/16/06
7/8/06 22:00Whitstable (UK/England)United KingdomSphere3minOrange spheres7/16/06
7/8/06 21:00WattsCAUSALight?5 Bright lights on the sky7/16/06
7/8/06 19:00SingaporeSingaporeDisk4minsthe black ufo7/16/06
7/8/06 16:15MansfieldTXUSAOval13 secondsthe object was moving and had sound7/16/06
7/8/06 01:00Palm CoastFLUSACigarabout an hourRed/Amber light in east coast Florida Sky. July 8, 20067/16/06
7/7/06 23:55MartinezCAUSAOther10 to 15 minsmy parents in there 60's are in aww it scared them Also. Date seen 7-7-06 11:55pm until it vanished .7/16/06
7/7/06 22:30DentonTXUSACircle10 Minutes or moreLarge Circular Slow Strobe Bright White LED type7/16/06
7/7/06 20:15Fuzhou (China)ChinaDisk5MINUTESI saw ufo in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: No other information provided by witness. PD))7/16/06
7/7/06 20:15RaleighNCUSASphere1.5 minutesStanding in my driveway, I looked up in the sky towards the north west, saw what I thought might be a landing light for a commercial je7/16/06
7/7/06 11:33STS 121 NASA footageUSACylinder4 secNasa live feed of sts121 on 07/07/06 at approx 11:33 easterntime a cylinder shape object comes into view.7/16/06
7/7/06 11:00PortlandORUSAFlash5minutesFlashing beam of light,lasted five minutes.7/16/06
7/7/06 08:24Saint CharlesMTUSAChanging2-3 minboomerang shape rotating, looked like parasailers, but objects were rising higher and disappeared7/16/06
7/7/06 02:35XeniaOHUSACigar10 minsSaw lights on hovering craft at 0235 stopped car and listened/looked and there was no sound.7/16/06
7/6/06 22:30LakewayTXUSAUnknown8 minlights over Lake Travis, Austin, TX7/16/06
7/6/06 22:00Beaver DamAZUSAUnknown2 hours"star" like lights across the sky.... ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites?? PD))7/16/06
7/6/06 21:22South HollanILUSALightapproximately 5 secondsblinking light moving from east to west, then shot south with no banking then disappeared. Approximate time was 5 seconds.7/16/06
7/6/06 20:30MohntonPAUSARectangle20 secondsRectangular lights, same yellow/green color as fireflies with red flashing light.7/16/06
7/6/06 13:27Los AngelesCAUSACigar1-minuteafternoon "silver cigar"-UFO hovers near Westwood/UCLA7/16/06
7/6/06 13:00Anza BorregoCAUSALight45 minutesIt wasn't like anything else in the sky.7/16/06
7/6/06 03:30Warner RobinsGAUSAOther1 minuteRose-colored blob w/ lights.7/16/06
7/6/06 00:30Laguna BeachCAUSACircle45 minAt first it looked like it could maybe just be a plane but then shot up down and side to side.7/16/06
7/6/06 00:00Simi ValleyCAUSACircle12 minutesred and orangish object which hovered in the sky and eventually went upward, dropping an object and disappearing7/16/06
7/5/06 22:00Cherry GroveSCUSALight15 secondsCherry Grove SC Amber Balls of Light 7/5/067/16/06
7/5/06 19:25TucsonAZUSALight3 MinutesHelicopter Orbits Bright Red Light(s)7/16/06
7/5/06 15:00LewisburgPAUSATeardropNo More Than 10 SecondsAn object shaped like a teardrop on its side flying at incredible speeds over rural central Pennsyvlania countryside.7/16/06
7/5/06 05:17PittsburgCAUSADisk20-30 minutesholyMOTHERLODE OF A MOTHER SHIP7/16/06
7/5/06 01:00SpartaNJUSAFlash3 hours2 Flashing WHite Lights Over Sparta New Jersey, Changing Direction and Moving Very Fast7/16/06
7/5/06 00:00Lajoskomarom/Mezokomarom (Hungary)HungaryCircle10 minutesIt was warm night. I have tooth pain. I go to my garden. I see this light coming to the field. it was coming down to the earth. then no7/16/06
7/4/06 23:15McAlpinFLUSARectangle20secondscame out of the sky at a angle and seemed to crash7/16/06
7/4/06 22:00TiptonPAUSALight2 min.several lights seen moving in various directions over tipton pa7/16/06
7/4/06 21:40MiddleburgPAUSAOval10 SecondsA bright light appeared overhead, we watched briefly then it darted away out of our sight7/16/06
7/4/06 21:30CedarburgWIUSALight45-60 secondsrather bright "shaking" light moving in a north west to south east direction7/16/06
7/4/06 21:20El CajonCAUSAUnknown10 MinutesRed Lights Over El Cajon, California7/16/06
7/4/06 21:15El CajonCAUSAUnknown1-1.5 minutswe were watching the fire works from my house, which on a decent sized hill, they are at about eye level when at a red object/dot was n7/16/06
7/4/06 21:10RolesvilleNCUSAFormation2-3 minsThe phoenix lights again???7/16/06
7/4/06 21:10Rancho San DiegoCAUSALight10 minRed Light Over San Diego7/16/06
7/4/06 18:15South Lake TahoeCAUSATriangle.5 hourStrange Formation in clouds.7/16/06
7/4/06 18:00PortlandORUSACigar5-7 secondsBlack dash near moon around 6 pm on the 4th of july in Se Portland near Mt. Tabor.7/16/06
7/4/06 10:30ParamountCAUSASphere5 minutesRed light over southern california dissappearing on the way down to the ground7/16/06
7/4/06 02:37OsteenFLUSASphereAt least 10 minutesRound black object hovering in and out of clouds during and after space shuttle launch.7/16/06
7/3/06 03:00GladstoneMIUSAOther1 minuteStrange object with two lights.7/16/06
7/3/06 03:00BartlesvilleOKUSAChangingat least 1 hourTwo sightings in Bartlesville, OK7/16/06
7/3/06 01:00Eglin Air Force BaseFLUSAUnknownnot sureThoughts, memories, headaches, nose bleeds, nightmares, dark figures!7/16/06
7/2/06 20:40NorthridgeCAUSAChanging5Dark Object with orbiting lights acting as some sort of field7/16/06
7/2/06 18:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOther30 secondsnever imagined it would be this way7/16/06
7/2/06 02:30Virginia BeachVAUSATriangle2-5 min.((POSSIBLE HOAX)) A triangular craft with solid red and flashing white lights hovering strangely over Virginia Beach, VA late at night.7/16/06
7/2/06 01:31Chula Vista campground parking lot, Mt. PinosCAUSALight15 secondsTwo white llights accelerating and changing directions in M31 binocular FOV observed from Mt. Pinos7/16/06
7/2/06 00:24WaialuaHIUSASphere10 minutes10-15 ft. diameter amazingly bright, glowing, hovering orbs7/16/06
7/1/06 00:00TitusvilleFLUSATriangle10 minutesufo sighting over Cape Canaveral 10:00 pm sat. July 1st7/16/06
7/1/06 23:00FairfieldCAUSALight<5 minutesred light over Suisun City, Ca seen from Fairfield, Ca7/16/06
7/1/06 22:15SublimityORUSASpherethree nightsBright white spherical objects when stationary blinking white and red when travelling7/16/06
7/1/06 17:32NorfolkMAUSASphere1 minuteIt was a ball of opal or white with a little pink and green sheen to it. Not metal. No sound and it was pretty close to a plane.7/16/06
7/1/06 13:35BuffaloMNUSADisk45 secThese were not fireworks7/16/06
6/30/06 23:30Castleford Nr Leeds (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1.30 minsFootball sized glowing object (like a ball of fire). Moving slowly across the sky.7/16/06
6/30/06 22:40RaddleILUSATriangle8 minutessilent object with a curved V shaped amber lights sited in the country near the Mississippi River at approximately 10:40pm.7/16/06
6/30/06 19:45LakelandFLUSAChangingapprox. 35 mins.I was driving south bound down North Florida Avenue approaching Lakeland Regional Hospital when I saw what looked like a large black tr7/16/06
6/30/06 01:35CamarilloCAUSACircle1 MinOn June 30, 2006, My 2 daughters and a friend were exiting south-bound 101, Pleasant Valley\Santa Rosa Exit left, when they looked up t7/16/06
6/30/06 01:00Flat RockMIUSAOval1 minuteOval shaped UFO with two revolving lights disappeared into woods in Flat Rock, MI.7/16/06
6/29/06 23:30ShoreviewMNUSASphere10 Secondsbulb like sphire out of nowhere7/16/06
6/29/06 21:00Sault Ste. MarieMIUSADisk1 hourwill be happy to fax police report7/16/06
6/29/06 18:00SeattleWAUSADiskDisk shaped object seen over the Space Needle in Seattle7/16/06
6/29/06 10:30Mountlake TerraceWAUSALight5-10 minutesWhite, still object several miles up, disappeared & reappeared 10 degrees east, disappeared again.7/16/06
6/28/06 23:00PasadenaCAUSAUnknownhomevery fast object over pasadena,ca7/16/06
6/28/06 22:16BullheadAZUSAChanging10 minutessaw a circle shaped with half light and dimming in the sky7/16/06
6/28/06 22:00CasperWYUSALight1.5 hrs8 objects viewed at different times that pulsated and flew upward in a spiral pattern7/16/06
6/28/06 21:45China SpringTXUSATriangle10-15 min3 LIGHTS SEEN IN NIGHT SKY7/16/06
6/28/06 18:30Armadale (Western Australia)AustraliaLight10 mins6 BALL'S OF LIGHT VERY HIGH IN THE SKY OVER ARMADALE. WESTERN AUSTRIALA7/16/06
6/28/06 11:30Sault Ste. MarieMIUSACylinder1hr. 10minutesLong cylinder shape with chrome mirrored dome top viewed coming apart and reatatching itself over Sault Ste. Marie, MI7/16/06
6/28/06 11:15Sault Ste. MarieMIUSARectangle1 hourUFO with rectangular 2 section construction seen in daylight by several people7/16/06
6/28/06 04:00Panama City BeachFLUSADiamond90 minuteshypersonic acft7/16/06
6/28/06 01:56Crescent CityCAUSAUnknown2 secondsa flash f light then a craft fly north toward brookings7/16/06
6/27/06 20:45RiversideCAUSAUnknown10minas me and my wife were siting in our lawn as i looked up to the south i saw what looked as a low long light passing then falling at a 97/16/06
6/27/06 20:30Baja (Mexico)MexicoCigarhourI saw a cigar UFO black in color with 4 lights coming out of it and two beaming to earth7/16/06
6/27/06 20:30Los AngelesCAUSALight5 minutes or sobirght object steaks upward, burns out, another object continues on and sprays some kind of "rain" like cloud and keeps moving.7/16/06
6/27/06 15:00VistaCAUSAOval2 hrs.Oval, spotlight, UFO or UFOs7/16/06
6/27/06 05:20AustinTXUSAUnknown5 secondsrectangular arrangement of white lights head North . Spacing between lights did not change7/16/06
6/27/06 02:00PortlandORUSADisk5 to 6 secsbrght blue flashing disc7/16/06
6/27/06 00:15LeavenworthWAUSAUnknown1 minute6/27/2006, approx. time 00:15AM, 12 miles east of Leavenworth, Washington at Ingalls Creek Road. Directly above, coming from wester7/16/06
6/27/06OlympiaWAUSALight2-3 minutesglowing light travels slowly across the sky fades and then vanishes7/16/06
6/26/06 22:00DavisCAUSAUnknown1 secondObject blurred by orange, yellow lights going northwest extremely fast over my rooftop in Davis, CA headed toward direction of Woodland7/16/06
6/26/06 21:30Los Cabos (Mexico)MexicoLight5 minutesbright light omitting a fog light appearance toward earth7/16/06
6/26/06 21:18SurpriseAZUSALight5-7 secfalling star, or ufo?7/16/06
6/26/06 20:30TallahasseeFLUSACylinder3-4 minutesTraveling east to west then south to north.7/16/06
6/26/06 11:00RandolphMAUSADisk10 secondsa silver shiny disk with a hole in the middle flying erratically to the toward the east.7/16/06
6/26/06 10:40North Queensferry (UK/Scotland)United KingdomDiskunder 5 secsUFO over Fife, Scotland?7/16/06
6/26/06 04:30Emlichheim (Germany)GermanyDisk10 sec or more?saucer hovers over neigbour house and beams light and then fly's to me...(Germany)7/16/06
6/26/06 03:48Kansas CityMOUSASphere17 minutesUFO sighting in Kansas City - two craft exit a larger craft7/16/06
6/26/06 03:00MechanicsvilleVAUSADiskAbout 30 sec.2 disk shaped UFO's over Mechanicsville, VA.7/16/06
6/25/06 23:54Fort PierceFLUSASphere3-5 secUFO appears twice consecutively at almost same exact time.7/16/06
6/25/06 22:45PortsmouthVAUSAFireball1-2minA large white light in the sky traveling horizontally that appeared to be dropping fireballs7/16/06
6/25/06 07:00VictorvilleCAUSAEgg15 minBlue bugish oval with insect like undercarage and leaning one side top knot7/16/06
6/25/06 01:42LancasterPAUSAUnknown5-6 secondsGreen/Blue light in the sky - Very low and very fast with NO noise7/16/06
6/24/06 23:15Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15-20 minsmy husbnd and babysitter and myself witnessed 6 sphere shapes glowing a bright orange almost goldish color in the sky outside my house7/16/06
6/24/06 21:30McAllenTXUSALight1 hourMy wife ,my mom,my son and I where outside in our patio talking and I saw a flash in the sky,then I looked the sky and I saw a bright s7/16/06
6/24/06 12:00Granite FallsWAUSASphere2 minMy doughter went in the Post Office to check our mail, I was sitting in the car waiting for her to come back while waiting I happend t7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30Marina Aylmer (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown5 minutesStrange orange lights over the river at Alymer's marina, in Quebec Canada7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30DaytonOHUSAEgg10 minutesObjects appeared over Dayton, Ohio,7/16/06
6/24/06London (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minutestwo lights, one amber, one white coming closer photos taken of both.7/16/06
6/23/06 22:35Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minuteStrange Light Ball seen floating in sky.7/16/06
6/23/06 22:33Neptune BeachFLUSACirclecontinouslystar-like object flying in sky in a circular orbit.7/16/06
6/23/06 22:00StocktonKSUSASphere30 secondscommercial plane veeres off course to avoid possible collision with ufo7/16/06
6/23/06 19:35RexGAUSAOther20 secondsBrownish gold object over Rex, GA7/16/06
6/23/06 19:00Beaver DamWIUSAUnknown1-2 minSeveral high flying "dots" seen on clear summer evening.7/16/06
6/23/06 18:50Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandTriangle10 minutesthree lights shaping to a triangle, inside triangle area was much darker than the sky backdrop7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50Harris CountyTXUSAAddenda to my Sighting sent in today - Several times (3-4) the two objects hung stationary, then would continue on their general vector7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50HoustonTXUSAEgg~2 minutesDual White/Black/Red Ovalesques over Clear Lake, Texas7/16/06
6/23/06 11:57DenverCOUSADisk+/- minDaylight Disk near Denver7/16/06
6/23/06 11:00PhoenixAZUSAOther3 secondsblue and white crescent shaped object above South Mountain7/16/06
6/23/06 01:30Hanmer (Canada)ONCanadaLight5-7 minsLight followed us while walking down the street from my house. We seen a light zigzagin this lasted 90% of the sighting. Suddenly the c7/16/06
6/23/06 01:00BoiseIDUSACirclea big circle sitting in the sky different lights going off and rotating7/16/06
6/22/06 23:10SingaporeSingaporeOther10 minutesAurora-like mysterious object floating in the sky.7/16/06
6/22/06 23:00LyonsILUSALight4 minred blue white circil large lights flashing no sound moving fast7/16/06
6/22/06 21:00GaithersburgMDUSAFireball15 SecondsI was driving in my neighborhood, at around 9:30 at night. The sky was clear. I was driving into my neighborhood from east to west. O7/16/06
6/22/06 17:35SarasotaFLUSAOtherOver two minutesA bright shinny silver object over University Parkway7/16/06
6/22/06 17:00HoustonTXUSAUnknown5 minutessmall black object seen over IAH airport during thunderstorm flying from the NW to the SE while airport was shutdown for weather7/16/06
6/22/06 02:00Hoylake (UK/England)United KingdomSphereUnknown - 30min?1 White light sphere. 1 green flashing light flooded streets with its light.7/16/06
6/22/06 01:30SeatleWAUSAFlash2 min.Unusual Flashing Light7/16/06
6/22/06 00:10BarnesvilleOHUSATriangleabout 20 sec.3 red triangle-shaped lights7/16/06
6/21/06 22:15Truro (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown1 minuteStrange sight seen over nursing home.7/16/06
6/21/06 21:46San JoseCAUSATriangleLightsMany objects in the night sky on the Summer Solciest! 6/21/067/16/06
6/21/06 18:50West IslipNYUSAUnknown25 secThree Contrails7/16/06
6/21/06 13:34SomersCTUSADiamondstil lhappeningi made a report on the 16th and being a nigth person and smoker im out side alot i find it odd i see this object a 2nd time 5 days lat7/16/06
6/21/06 00:03TroyNYUSAOther8 minutes`From Rt 7 NY I saw what look like mars up in the sky, a small red ball. What struck was that it was like looking at it through a 90 mm7/16/06
6/20/06 23:30EuporaMSUSAOther10 secondsSilent near invisiable arrow, reflecting stars, moved across thes sky at night.7/16/06
6/20/06 22:30LafayetteINUSAFireball3 secondstwo fireballs that seemed to just disappear out of no-where7/16/06
6/20/06 22:20Santa Fe SpringsCAUSAEgg2 minutesI saw an egg shaped noiseless object 200 feet above my car with red lights that disappeared after I yelled7/16/06
6/20/06 22:00Rehoboth BeachDEUSALight20 secsbright green oblonged object flying vertical in sky7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30ManaHIUSASphere10 minA large stealth dark spherish object, with no lights or noise, at close range to barking sands beach kauai7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30West ChesterPAUSAEgg5 secondsbright green egg shage light in SE pennsylvania sky7/16/06
6/20/06 21:25NorthfieldNJUSASpheresecondsWas walking south on bike path in northfield near Zion rd. and looked up over the tree line to the south to see a greenish spherical li7/16/06
6/20/06 07:40Southampton (Canada)ONCanada5-8 secWhite glowing daytime sighting, object moving through clouds just above horizon.7/16/06
6/20/06 01:00CoshoctonOHUSAOval5 tp 8 secondsMe and my friend was outside cookin some chicken on my grill and we heard a small boom sounded like a semi truck getting loaded but the7/16/06
6/19/06 22:40SedonaAZUSALight10 minutesObject over Sedona, AZ flashed, dimmed several times, and moved without sound in irregular patterns7/16/06
6/19/06 22:00NormalILUSACircle5 secondsBright green circular object flew slowly outside over our neighbor's house, then all of a sudden it was gone.7/16/06
6/19/06 20:30FullertonCAUSADiskLenticular, domed, saucer lit with many lights in level flight, pilot visible.7/16/06
6/19/06 16:10Spring HillFLUSASphere3 secondsshiny gold colored sphere ~ Hernando County, FL7/16/06
6/19/06 12:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown5-10 minutesLARGE FAST DISC REPORTED TO MHAFB YEARS AGO7/16/06
6/19/06 00:30New PhiladelphiaOHUSAFireballnot sure"Meteor" or UFO?7/16/06
6/18/06 22:30PaulsboroNJUSAFlash20 secondsJust lights. One light for 2 seconds, then a little lower, a light for 2 seconds, then a little lower, a light for 2 seconds but does n7/16/06
6/18/06 22:30AtlantaGAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesMy girlfriend and I rode bikes down to the local elementary school for just a spot to sit and chill. While sitting on the swings i noti7/16/06
6/18/06 22:00Carl JunctionMOUSAOther10 secondsFast moving light7/16/06
6/18/06 21:23Pie TownNMUSACone3 minutesObject the color, magnitude, size of Jupiter appeared, was still and then moved at steady speed south to north7/16/06
6/18/06 19:45OnsetMAUSASphere2 minutesIn a lighted early summer evening, a dark spherical object flew north over water & trees of cove/inlet at low even height (~100 feet),7/16/06
6/18/06 13:50Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle30 secondsMetallic, triangular object spotted hovering in broad daylight near NORAD.7/16/06
6/18/06 12:30PacificaCAUSACigar30 secondsSilver cigar dissapears reappears and then dissapears again.7/16/06
6/18/06 11:00AugustaGAUSACircleBlue Red Yellow and Green Lights7/16/06
6/18/06 09:25San JoseCAUSATriangle5 minutes2nd sighting; Metallic object rotating in the morning sky.7/16/06
6/18/06 08:30MiamiAZUSALightthere was a lot of ufo reports in the east arizona area but this one was diffrent we were standing ouside our house looking north into7/16/06
6/18/06 01:20Delray BeachFLUSALight2 minsObjects sighted over Delray Beach Florida7/16/06
6/18/06 01:10Valley SpringsCAUSAFlash2 secondsFamily of four sees bright flash in night sky.7/16/06
6/18/06 01:00ButlerPAUSALight30 minutesRed and white flashing light moving in a tight, eratic pattern in the northern sky7/16/06
6/18/06 00:00Mt. PleasantMIUSALight30 secLight intensifies to shine on me.7/16/06
6/17/06 21:45WarrenvilleILUSAOther1 hourWhite Light Streak/Burst7/16/06
6/17/06 20:20PlainsPAUSACircle5-10 minutesRing Shaped Black UFO over NE PA7/16/06
6/17/06 20:20PlainsPAUSAOther5-10 minutesBlack rotating donut or ring shaped object drifting slowly across the sky7/16/06
6/17/06 20:00MiamiFLUSADisk1 minuteA pair of four spot lights under a saucer shaped aura - located due north in west Miami-Dade Fla7/16/06
6/17/06 17:30CarlsbadNMUSALight15-20 minutes2 red-orange "dots"& one white "dot" over Carlsbad, New Mexico...7/16/06
6/17/06 10:02Lake OswegoORUSALight5 secondsA white Ord light that keeps passing over7/16/06
6/17/06 05:00Pittsburg/AntiochCAUSADisk10 minutesMotherships and armada in California skies7/16/06
6/17/06 01:00BeaumontTXUSALight2 minI Brought my dog out at the time entered In the description to get some fresh air,no longer than a few seconds while we were outside st7/16/06
6/16/06 23:45KirklandWAUSALight1minbright light followed by a series of other lit up objects7/16/06
6/16/06 23:00Prince George (Canada)BCCanadaLight2 HoursThe first one I dismissed for a brief moment, it was extremely bright, I thought it was planet (Venus or Mars perhaps) then it blinked7/16/06
6/16/06 22:30FairfieldTXUSAFormation4 seconds4 lights racing across the sky, then stop for a split second, one semicircles the others then all take a 90 degree turn and race away.7/16/06
6/16/06 22:00NarragansettRIUSALight15 minutesBright stationary amber light then fading out7/16/06
6/16/06 21:30La FeriaTXUSALight4 minutesShining moving light, bouncing from side to side gliding at a fast pace7/16/06
6/16/06 20:00Mission HillsCAUSALight15 sec aproxlights mission hills7/16/06
6/16/06 08:00Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaDisk30 secondsLarge Saucer shaped object, very bright, completely stationary (eerie), seems to have disappeared quickly.7/16/06
6/16/06 01:30SomersCTUSADiamondhalf hour1-2 diamond objects, low on western horizon, changing colors, hovering, and within 1/2 nearby air force jets headed toawrds object7/16/06
6/15/06 23:52BuhlIDUSATriangle5 minutesA triad of star-like lights, arranged in the shape of a miniature Aries, slowly passed from NW to SE in a possible formation.7/16/06
6/15/06 21:45TampaFLUSALight20 sec.Two single, white lights travelling S to N at moderate speed & altitude caused electrical disturbance to car.7/16/06
6/15/06 21:30Glen GardnerNJUSADisk30minutesThe object was a bright white disc with a center dome an sparkling colored lights all over it !7/16/06
6/15/06 21:10CarrolltonILUSARectangle10 minutesStrange Strobing light in the Southern Sky7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00WilmingtonNCUSALight5 minutesFlying Silk ...7/16/06
6/15/06 21:00Sudbury (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 minutesAn abnormally bright yellow/white light dissending and turning in sky at low speeds then reappearing7/16/06
6/15/06 14:21Ontario (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 minsClear angled object in sky, appears to have thrusters7/16/06
6/15/06 01:43North PoleAKUSAOvala couple secondsLarge white ball in the sky7/16/06
6/15/06 01:00New HamptonNHUSACircleunknown4 lighted white orbs traveling in a cloud and moving towards center and then quickly out towards the edges of the cloud and then back t7/16/06
6/14/06 23:15DavenportIAUSAOval15UFO Sighting in Davenport, by the Sharewood apartments, and the Mississippi Valey Fair.7/16/06
6/14/06 23:00Seminoe Lake (near Rawlins)WYUSAUnknown15 minutesMoving stars that lost their light and reappeared.7/16/06
6/14/06 21:30MurrietaCAUSATriangle20 SECThe UFO was the shape of a triangle, and each corner of the triangle was a dotted circle. The light coming off of it was white.7/16/06
6/14/06 16:25Miami SpringsFLUSACircleOn June 14th, 2006 at about 4:25pm It was a clear blue sky I was looking due west I noticed High in the sky a bright silver object7/16/06
6/14/06 12:10KoshkonongMOUSASphere2 minA very slow flying orb at roughly 300' directly overhead spotlighted me.7/16/06
6/14/06 03:30South Lake TahoeCAUSALight30 minutesSaw 3 lights zig zagging across the sky over lake tahoe. caught on tape.7/16/06
6/13/06 23:00San ClementeCAUSATriangle15 minutesStrange lights over coast of San Clemente7/16/06
6/13/06 22:00ClarksvilleTNUSALight2 minutesPulsing light in the night sky7/16/06
6/13/06 22:00LeesburgFLUSAFireballfew secondsstrange leesburg aircraft? comet?7/16/06
6/13/06 20:15El CajonCAUSATriangleongoingOngoing experience , has not stopped yet.7/16/06
6/13/06 18:30Crato (Brazil)BrazilOther5+ hoursThe sun had begun to set a while before the sighting, and it was almost completely dark. I looked across toward the horizon and I saw7/16/06
6/13/06 13:00Burns HarborINUSAOval30 secoundsMy husband and I were heading to Michigan city for lunch when I saw it. my husband only saw the thing for a few secounds, because he wa7/16/06
6/13/06 05:00SouthwestOHUSATriangle4 DaysStrange lights and a "V" shaped craft over southwest Ohio.7/16/06
6/12/06 23:30Athens (Greece)GreeceDisk10 minutesa very fast object making circles around athens7/16/06
6/12/06 23:00St. George IslandFLUSASphere3 sightings within 10-15 Red lights seen over gulf of mexico from ST. George Island.7/16/06
6/12/06 23:00Baton RougeLAUSAOval45 SECONDSIt went like a shooting star7/16/06
6/12/06 21:50Spring ValleyCAUSADisk15-25 SecondsLight seen flashing from a saucer type object over Spring Valley.7/16/06
6/12/06 20:00Bay CityMIUSACylinderHanging outside talkingBarbell Shaped Object7/16/06
6/12/06 07:45PensacolaFLUSALight30 secondsStar-like object horizontally traversing low and slow in the morning sky.7/16/06
6/12/06 04:10AthensGAUSATriangle5 min.Low flying triangle7/16/06
6/12/06 01:55IssaquahWAUSALight:01Two very bright "stars" briefly appeared in the southern sky7/16/06
6/12/06 01:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaSphere3 hoursFirst time experience they said nasa was hiding a secret mission from the people.7/16/06
6/12/06 00:00RockwoodTNUSAOval7 min.I saw lights and thought it was just a plane but they weren't moving . There was about 4 lights on the object. They were all white exce7/16/06
6/11/06 17:30PhoenixAZUSAOther30 minutesI was lying in pooland notices bright cigar shaped object high in sky very birght. Intemittently to south I noticed flashing. Obects7/16/06
6/11/06 03:15Wednesbury, West Midlands (UK/England)United KingdomLight3-5 secondsSilent Light seen in sky moving 5-6 times faster than Fighter Jet in Persuit and Fighet could be heard UFO moving at 4000 MPH?7/16/06
6/11/06 02:29AustinTXUSAFireball30 secondsTriangle Formation Spotted over Austin TX7/16/06
6/11/06 00:00LafayetteCAUSA?Triangle bruise - like burn - no pain, one inch on each side, on arm7/16/06
6/10/06 23:55ColumbusOHUSACircle3 Minutes6 circular objects sighted over Columbus, OH7/16/06
6/10/06 23:45AmarilloTXUSAUnknown3-5 secondsStrange object and light7/16/06
6/10/06 23:00SeattleWAUSALight30 seconds2 Bright and VERY slow moving lights show up as brighter than any stars and disappear7/16/06
6/10/06 23:00WichitaKSUSATeardrop5 sec3 pulsing , flashing lights in Ks7/16/06
6/10/06 22:00PortlandORUSAFireball5 min.Large glowing red orb7/16/06
6/10/06 21:40RedmondWAUSACylinder5 secondsappeared to blend in with the sky moving at a high rate of speed as if it was in a stealth mode, transpearent.7/16/06
6/10/06 12:05Fox LakeILUSAOval5 MinutesHazy Red Oval shap with blurred moving light. Static in the sky. Became smaller in shape the dissapeared.7/16/06
6/10/06 06:00AustraliaAustraliaDisk2hrsGreen UFO throughout my sunrise photo's7/16/06
6/10/06 03:00LogansportINUSALight2 minbright white and red light 8 ft off the ground7/16/06
6/10/06 00:25Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 secondsblack triangle than accelerated very quickly7/16/06
6/10/06 00:00College PlaceWAUSALight20 minutes12 or 13 amber lights seen moving from no. to so. one above the other over a wide area 20 mins. and slowly went out7/16/06
6/9/06 23:46New York City (Bronx)NYUSASphere12 SecondsOk I usually am very sceptical when it comes to appearances of apparitions, imaginary susperstitions, aliens, ufo's and things of that7/16/06
6/8/06 22:30London (UK/England)United KingdomFormation20 secondsapprox 10 lumious uaps flying east west at high speed in cheveron shape7/16/06
6/8/06 03:15Elora (Canada)ONCanadaCircle30 secondsbig object gone in matter of seconds7/16/06
6/8/06 01:00TexarkanaTXUSALight10 minutesLight close to the moon, moved then went out. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Jupiter near the Moon. PD))7/16/06
6/7/06 21:30PiedmontMOUSACircle30 mins.Many bright orange glowing lights just over the horizon&behind the mountains,near the dam@Clearwater Lake in Missouri(CRAZY!!)7/16/06
6/7/06 21:30PiedmontMOUSAFormation30 minutes18 orange round balls in 30 min, at clear water lake7/16/06
6/7/06 18:10HoustonTXUSADisk3 minStill in the sky, gone in an instant7/16/06
6/7/06 14:36Monterrey (Mexico)MexicoSphere15 secgo to fast speed7/16/06
6/7/06 14:00Willow SpringsILUSADisk2 minutesNext to the UPS building on Willow Springs rd. I was looking up at the cumulos clouds gathering and saw 2 saucer shaped crafts just hov7/16/06
6/7/06 10:37SpokaneWAUSAChanging2 hoursNoticed a pulsating star which looked liked Sirius, only it was to the far North.7/16/06
6/7/06 02:34MarionILUSADisk3-4 minutesRed Object Over Marion, Illinois7/16/06
6/7/06 00:00BrickNJUSADisk15minutesAround 12am on June 7th, 2006, I observed a very brilliant light in the sky, at a distance of perhaps 2 mile away in the night sky as i7/16/06
6/7/06 00:00MartinsvilleILUSAChanging20 minusteshovered were silent and acelerated very fast when left and had green and blue flashing light goin around the entire craft7/16/06
6/6/06 23:30Key LargoFLUSAFormation1 hour+six dim points of light in circular position out in space!7/16/06
6/6/06 22:00PortlandORUSALight15 minutes or soIt was just starting to get dark on tuesday night. I was walking up the stairwell in my dorm, and noticed a strange bright white light7/16/06
6/6/06 22:00Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomSphere35minssperical shapes in triangle formation7/16/06
6/6/06 21:00PhoenixAZUSASphere3 minutesBall of light7/16/06
6/6/06 21:00Green BayWIUSALightYellow lights very high hovered over us.7/16/06
6/6/06 20:15Bradley BeachNJUSASphere5 secondsBlue3/white sphere /.no entrails / fast moving direction south east to north west close to atlantic ocean .7/16/06
6/6/06 20:06Altamonte SpringsFLUSAFireballthree hoursThe three objects merged as one.7/16/06
6/6/06 20:05Altamonte SpringsFLUSAFireballThree hoursThe objects merged as one.7/16/06
6/6/06 20:00Woodstock (Canada)NBCanadaDisk10 MINNOTICED OBJECTS IN PICTURES.7/16/06
6/6/06 17:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomSphere12 minswe were having a barbacue with the nieghbours and i glanced to the east and saw apurple blue spherical object within 5mins 2 others had7/16/06
6/6/06 12:00Beaver Lake (Canada)ABCanadaFireballthere was a fire ball flew over us7/16/06
6/6/06 11:58MiamiFLUSACircle2 minutesI never used to belive in aliens but now I do.7/16/06
6/6/06 11:57MiamiFLUSACircle3 minIt did a 3607/16/06
6/6/06 10:00ClarkNJUSALight10 secondsclark new jersey 10:14 06/06/06 garden state parkway flash of light7/16/06
6/6/06 08:00BoiseIDUSATriangle1 minLarge Black Triangle shaped craft seen north of Boise Idaho7/16/06
6/6/06 03:50Las VegasNVUSAUnknown15minThree flying objects seen over Las Vegas7/16/06
6/6/06 01:00SonoraCAUSADisk2 secsUFO with (humourous) psychic component7/16/06
6/6/06 00:01Glen AllenVAUSAFormation30 secondsFormation opens in th eground the morning of 6/6/6 with a ball shooting into the ground7/16/06
6/5/06 23:57Simi ValleyCAUSALight5 minutesStrange yellow oval of light weaving at sharp angles, definitely not any type of plane or helicopter.7/16/06
6/5/06 22:30Florissant (north St. Louis Co.)MOUSASphere1 minObserver. 2006-06-05, 22:30L, N on Shackelford Rd/Broadway Dr, 30mph, urban/rural area. Sighted approx 40 deg angle crossing road one7/16/06
6/5/06 22:00YakimaWAUSALightall my lifeYou do realize that you could be working for a living, right? ((NUFORC Note: Comment from skeptic. PD))7/16/06
6/5/06 22:00CulbertsonMTUSAFireballvery briefUFO over Culbertson Montana.7/16/06
6/5/06 20:35Oak RidgeTNUSACigar3minutesCigar Shaped Craft changes direction 180 degrees with no loss of speed7/16/06
6/5/06 11:45VancouverWAUSALight15Moving and shifting star-like object seen over Vancouver WA in conjunction with strange cloud formations.7/16/06
6/5/06 10:45Chicago areaILUSARectangle5 - 10 rectangle in cloud over chicago area7/16/06
6/5/06 04:15Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown30 minuitsthere were white red and blue lights hovering in all moved unlike any man mad aircraft and i watched it for about 20-30 m7/16/06
6/5/06 02:30Ormond BeachFLUSAFireball10-15 secondsstreak of flame heading east very bright7/16/06
6/5/06 01:00San RamonCAUSASpherebeam of light projected from round hovering orb just dissapates and continues on7/16/06
6/5/06 00:05Mill ValleyCAUSAOther3 minsred lights in square formation with blinking center light7/16/06
6/4/06 23:45AHMECGARH (India)India1-2 minsIT WAS OUT OF THE WORLD .7/16/06
6/4/06 23:00Denver near AuroraCOUSARectangle15 minutesrectangle bar of yellow glow with blue flicking lights surrounding it7/16/06
6/4/06 22:15ChicagoILUSADisk60 secondsSilent wobbling disk with white-illuminated underside moving southwest above downtown Chicago7/16/06
6/4/06 21:30Crystal LakeILUSAChanging3minsUFO Sighting in Crystal Lake7/16/06
6/4/06 18:10Santa AnaCAUSAFormation20 minutesMultiple White Flying Objects Appearing From Behind the Moon7/16/06
6/4/06 12:00Grand RapidsMIUSACylinder3 minuesCylinder or Cigar over Grand Rapids7/16/06
6/3/06 23:30St. CloudFLUSAEgg2 minutesLow flying object in central Florida.7/16/06
6/3/06 19:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere30minHigh and fast flying craft over LA, CA doing formations and STOPPING. If Military, why maneuveurs over LA?7/16/06
6/3/06 17:05Maidstone, Kent (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCircle15 minNumerous white objects appear over kent in the clear blue skys7/16/06
6/3/06 15:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCigar2 mnsdrug capsule shaped object seen over toronto7/16/06
6/3/06 14:00Canyon CountryCAUSACircle10 minutesObject trailing a commercial airplane.7/16/06
6/3/06 13:45St. PetersMOUSACylinder5 minutesSaw 2 objects in broad daylight within 20 minutes7/16/06
6/2/06 23:45AndoverMNUSATeardrop10 secondsBrilliant green craft observed near Anoka county rd 9 in Andover, MN., 1145pm 06/02/06 two witnesses7/16/06
6/2/06 23:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaCircle10 secWinnipeg Sighting - North-East Sky -7/16/06
6/2/06 22:05UK/WalesUnited KingdomUnknownFlying object over Wales emitting other objects7/16/06
6/2/06 15:00HarlingenTXUSATriangle5 minTriangular shaped object with orange aura spotted in Harlingen, TX. on 6/2/20067/16/06
6/2/06 14:00WadsworthILUSADiamond2 minutesA silent white rectangle movved slowly across the sky above woods.7/16/06
6/2/06 10:40Colorado SpringsCOUSATeardrop10-12 secondsCraft near AFB followed aircraft then proceeded south at a constant rate through changes in direction and elevation7/16/06
6/2/06 05:25SimpsonvilleSCUSACircle40 secI was sitting outside on my front porch with a friend (we are in our late 20's), watching the sky. Suddenly we both see a white/yellowi7/16/06
6/2/06 02:00NewarkDEUSAOther2:01While sitting outside, witnessed an unusual aircraft, which changed speeds amazingly.7/16/06
6/1/06 21:45BoiseIDUSACigar2-3 mincigar shaped craft with fire tail.7/16/06
6/1/06 21:37NampaIDUSAFireball3-5 secondsIncredible fireball breaking up over S/W Idaho7/16/06
6/1/06 21:36Nowy Pilczyn (Poland)PolandCigar2:45Next UFO seen in Nowy Pilczyn (POLAND)7/16/06
6/1/06 21:20San AngeloTXUSASphere+30 min4 Spheres of red green and blue lights flashing and moving slowly, situated in four different directions.7/16/06
6/1/06 21:00MeridianIDUSAFireball3secondsBright white tail burning east to west parallel to the ground.7/16/06
6/1/06 20:45North Powder areaORUSAOval15 secondsMetalic craft traveling at high speed leaving trail like meteor rapidly changes direction and vanishes.7/16/06
6/1/06 19:15OgdenUTUSAEgg10 min.It moved slowly, was very very high, and reflected a lot of light (or produced light).7/16/06
5/31/06 22:52Wrexham (UK/England)United KingdomLight40 secondsExtreme bright light falling to the ground slowly7/16/06
5/31/06 01:37Palm DesertCAUSALight10 minutesFour Green lights in a line moving from South to North7/16/06
5/31/06 00:00MukilteoWAUSAChangingnowred and blue flashing light west of mount ranier7/16/06
5/30/06 22:00HartvilleMOUSASphere5 - 10 minutesStrobing lights and "gateway" with sphere/disk shaped craft7/16/06
5/30/06 08:08NashvilleTNUSADisk7-10 secsWhite, flashing object, looked like an airplane, but traveling way too fast.7/16/06
5/29/06 23:55Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight40 secTwo big lights following a smaller one7/16/06
5/29/06 23:11SyracuseNYUSAFlash4 secondsA bright light that dimmed as it left the earths atmosphere7/16/06
5/29/06 20:45PurlearNCUSAOther3 minutes4 Circling Bright Lights7/16/06
5/29/06 20:00MiamiFLUSAFireball60 secondsRed/White Ball seen from Passenger Plane, 4PM, over Miami Int. Airport, Memorial Day 06, approach.7/16/06
5/29/06 19:00DupoILUSACigar2 minLarge dark cigar sighted over Dupo Illinois7/16/06
5/29/06 12:00BakersfieldCAUSASphere1 to 2 minutes3 highly metallic, highly reflective spheres moving rapidly together, then quickly ascending out of sight7/16/06
5/29/06 03:00JolietILUSAOval1 min 30secAmamolous Joliet, IL. Light7/16/06
5/29/06 00:58UK/EnglandUnited KingdomLight2 hoursMore luminous objects sighted in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of satellites, we suspect. PD))7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30East BridgewaterMAUSAFlash20 minutesWhile sitting outside, at the same moment two persons notices a bright flash in the northern sky, right of the big dipper. It was thou7/16/06
5/28/06 23:30AdkinsTXUSASphere1 minBright blue sphere, hovered then darted east and disappeared.7/16/06
5/28/06 21:30JupiterFLUSALightone hourA light that looked like a star but moved erractically left to right and in a circular pattern.7/16/06
5/28/06 20:45Spring HillTNUSAFlash1 secondFlash/Pulse of light shooting through Big Dipper7/16/06
5/28/06 20:00Santa ClaraCAUSAOval15 secondsFast moving gliding oval shaped object in the sky just before Great America Parkway Fireworks event on Sunday May 28, 2006.7/16/06
5/28/06 14:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaSphere3.5 hoursIt was 28.05.06, 14:30 ((in time I sad to myself to check the time passed not so much time)) I was in park wathcing the sky and spot to7/16/06
5/28/06 11:35New PhiladelphiaOHUSATriangle3 SecondsA very fast moving triange with four red lights going straight as can be, and silent.7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00Mt. PoconoPAUSALight1 minthe objects were too high to be considered planes and they were not flying in a straight line.7/16/06
5/28/06 11:00St. Johns (Iraq)NFIraqUnknown3 minutesWhite and black and travelled in strang way leaving black dot where last seen.7/16/06
5/28/06 01:30London (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3-5 sec.large triangular object with 10 to 12 bright red lights spotted over London, Ontario7/16/06
5/27/06 23:15BelmontMAUSAOther30 minutesfollow up on a 3 light ufo, awkwardly moving.7/16/06
5/27/06 23:00Comanche (southeast of)TXUSAUnknown10 secondsThere was a bright emerald flying large object that sped across the sky in front of my vehicle and vanished as quickly as it appeared.7/16/06
5/27/06 22:35BelmontMAUSATriangle20 minutes and ongoinStar- looking, awkward moving, 3 lighted ufo.7/16/06
5/27/06 22:00SaludaVAUSAChanging20 SecondsUFO(s) spotted at sprint car race in Virginia, 4 (?) objects spotted7/16/06
5/27/06 21:12NorthbrookILUSALight30 secondsThe lights were organized, with equal distnaces between the first three, second row of two, and one at the tip...making a perfect cone7/16/06
5/27/06 13:00ScottsdaleAZUSACircle3 minutesFour lights - looked like the sun.7/16/06
5/27/06 02:00OttwayOHUSAUnknown5 minutesAwoke to see a beam of light scanning the ground. I possibly was inside the craft?7/16/06
5/27/06 01:00PocahontasARUSAOval1 hourApparently intelligently controled objects spotted in Pocahontas Arkansas7/16/06
5/26/06 23:30OleanNYUSATeardrop10minCraft flying over head in the woods.7/16/06
5/26/06 11:30TucsonAZUSA05/26/06.11:30am.Tucson.Az.Square.10mins.2 large objects,3 smaller.Catalina foothills.5/26 067/16/06
5/26/06 05:33Port St. LucieFLUSALight25 secs or lessA still and intense flourescent green light in the sky which lasted about 25 secs then vanished.7/16/06
5/26/06 03:00LaurieMOUSADisk20 minutesSpinning, brightly-lit flying saucer approached me from across the lake7/16/06
5/26/06 02:30Arbroath (UK/Scotland)United KingdomRectangle3-4secArbroath UK - Large fireball type object disappears over the North Sea7/16/06
5/26/06 00:39UK/EnglandUnited KingdomLight2 hoursMore luminous objects seen in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect possible sightings of satellites. PD))7/16/06
5/26/06 00:30SmithfieldVAUSAUnknown4 minsFlashing lights in the sky. Moving way too fast to be an aircraft and made no sound.7/16/06
5/25/06 23:00Campos dos Goytacazes (Brazil)BrazilCircle00:30Gentlemen My name is Antenor Penha. I live in Brazil, been of Rio De Janeiro, City Campos dos Goytacazes. My email is antenorpenha@z7/16/06
5/25/06 22:30PikevilleKYUSAChanging30 secondsBlue light, split into smaller lights in triangle.7/16/06
5/25/06 20:01WarrensburgMOUSATriangle0:04I saw what appeared to be a cloaked triangle object in the back drop of some strom clouds.7/16/06
5/25/06 20:00ViennaVAUSACircle20 min.Was blue did not move at all nere jupiter.7/16/06
5/25/06 03:06Atlantic Ocean (at sea)Atlantic OceanRectangle5 minutesDate of sighting: 03-25-2006 Location of sighting: 705 miles of the coast of Miami Fla., and 600 miles from the Bahamas’ Islands, aboar7/16/06
5/25/06 00:55UK/EnglandUnited KingdomLight2 hoursMultiple luminous objects sighted in night sky7/16/06
5/25/06 00:30MuscatineIAUSARectangle2 mins.Strange object passing through Muscatine7/16/06
5/24/06 23:20Beaver LakeNEUSALight5 minutesLight in the sky south of offutt AFB7/16/06
5/24/06 15:45Blackburn, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10-20 secondsA small black circle rises and then stops dead in front of cloud,there one moment gone the next.7/16/06
5/24/06USAPeter, in reference to the gentleman who critcized your site, I would like to point out that the database you provide is unprecedented.7/16/06
5/23/06 23:30ClevelandOHUSASphere6 secondsBright white sphere7/16/06
5/23/06 22:55TuscolaTXUSALightFew MinutesWent outside to bring out the trash when I noticed over the hillside about 500ft above the hill was a light that was strobing, it defin7/16/06
5/23/06 22:34TranquillityCAUSACircle3 minbright white lite near Tranquillity/ Mendota7/16/06
5/23/06 22:30MoultonALUSALightabout 3 minA light proceeded across the sky from south to north i did not observe any thing to set it apart from an airplane7/16/06
5/23/06 22:00CampbellCAUSALight5 minBright orange light in the sky7/16/06
5/23/06 21:50Shady SpringWVUSAChanging1 hour +Colorful Objects in Night Sky over Shady Spring, WV. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body, we suspect. PD))7/16/06
5/23/06 20:43Palm CoastFLUSADisk???((NUFORC NOTE: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) I belive i was abducted in palm coast7/16/06
5/23/06 19:40HuntersvilleNCUSADisk3 secondswas driving home from school along I-77 south around exit 25 and saw almost directly above the highway about 1/2 mile in front of me at7/16/06
5/23/06 14:00Malibu, WestCAUSACylinder<1 minutebright metalic cylinder 30-75 ' or more flying along CA coast over Ventura, speed of landing jet, jet flame out the end.7/16/06
5/23/06 11:00St. Andrews (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere30 secI was watching the events taking place on the turn (9th green and 10th fairway) on the St Andrews Old Course golf links where I sit for7/16/06
5/23/06Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomTeardrop((POSSIBLE HOAX)) bright lights on the objest very mysterious.7/16/06
5/22/06 23:45Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 minsA light brighter than Jupiter started moving across the sky. Went out to check how clear the sky was. Looked up saw an object brig7/16/06
5/22/06 23:34Fenwick IslandDEUSALightbright light stopping/starting and changing directions; east to west migration x 45 minutes before stopping7/16/06
5/22/06 22:30Round lakeILUSAOval3-4 secan orange football shaped object in round lake sky so fast it made after images(trail)7/16/06
5/22/06 21:35CoralvilleIAUSAOval1 seca light and movement that I have never seen before7/16/06
5/22/06 21:31LaddILUSAFireball1+ minuteWe saw a bright firball going WNW and it lasted for about a minute and a half befor it burned out and probably landed as a meteorite. W7/16/06
5/22/06 18:46CentervilleMAUSATriangle1:14Large triangel craft with large white dome at the bottom.7/16/06
5/22/06 06:06Port Shepstine (South Africa)South AfricaUnknownabout 20-30 secondsSplash in ocean, UFO hovers, smoke clouds...7/16/06
5/22/06MaldenMAUSAOvalpper on our deck when I noticed a really bright matalic object flying a straight direction but at a abnormal speed(slow)then we are use7/16/06
5/21/06 23:10Regina (Canada)SKCanadaOther20 sec.Orange coulored objects flying in hourglass formation7/16/06
5/21/06 23:00MonticelloMNUSADiskthey were stars that moved all over the place7/16/06
5/21/06 22:30MurrietaCAUSAUnknown3 hoursMoon like object moving abnormally, unlike any aircraft, location not reasonable for it to be a spotlight7/16/06
5/21/06 21:55RichmondVAUSATriangleApprox 1 MinuteTriangle of lights traveling SSW to NNE. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy "NOSS" triplet of satellites?? PD))7/16/06
5/21/06 21:47Lansdowne House (Canada)ONCanadaCircle2 MinutesUFO sighted in a smale Northwestern Ontario, Canada Community.7/16/06
5/21/06 20:00DoverDEUSATriangle3 minutesFloating Airliner?7/16/06
5/21/06 16:00Easter Island (Chile)ChileDisk1 secondFlying object over Easter Island viewed from tongariki beach7/16/06
5/21/06 10:45Las VegasNVUSASphere15 minutesSmall white object over Las Vegas7/16/06
5/21/06 10:30TempeAZUSASphere::15Tempe Az Black Dot 10 seconds traveling N to S very fast and quite7/16/06
5/21/06 00:30Molly Stark St. Park (Marlboro)VTUSAUnknown20 minUnidentified light phenomenon7/16/06
5/20/06 22:10Spring HillFLUSALight5 minutes2 points of light seen from a small telescope7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00AzleTXUSALight9 secondsbox kite shaped with cylinder center connecting the two ends7/16/06
5/20/06 22:00OakwoodOHUSALight15 to 30 secondsHigh-altitude, moving, light that, when overhead, became brilliant; it accelerated off and disappeared into the night sky.7/16/06
5/20/06 15:30GraysonKYUSACircle3 minutesvery shiney round ball very high in the air7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30Bucharest (Romania)RomaniaFlash10 secondsFlash over Bucharest, mid day - very strange7/16/06
5/20/06 13:30Accrington, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging2 hoursSighting in the forest of bowland7/16/06
5/20/06 13:00Bowland, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 MinutesSpacecraft land in bowland7/16/06
5/20/06 11:00Beaver (in outskirts of)UTUSATeardrop30 secondsTeardrop craft hovered in sky and then darted into a cloud and didn't come out.7/16/06
5/20/06 10:20GreenwichCTUSAFireball2 secondsMeteorite in Greenwich, CT7/16/06
5/20/06 09:45SeattleWAUSAUnknown014 white objects west of Seattle7/16/06
5/20/06 04:30LewisvilleTXUSAOther1.5hrsmulti color changing lightning bolt. contained in a "flair" like star7/16/06
5/20/06 02:35PlainfieldILUSALight3 secondsSingle light moves through sky at alarming rate In Plaifield, Illinois7/16/06
5/20/06 01:20Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown8-10 secondsWell I was watching a movie with my girlfriend.We live on the sixth floor of an 8 storey building. All of a sudden a very bright light7/16/06
5/20/06 00:58GaylordMNUSATriangle20 Minutesflahing "star" moving around for 20 minutes near the big dipper.7/16/06
5/20/06 00:05WilsonNCUSACircle1-2 minutesUnusual ball of light flashed in the sky7/16/06
5/19/06 22:00ClevelandOHUSAOther5 minutesA UFO With Red, Blue & Green lights alternating between the colors and gliding and Hovering7/16/06
5/19/06 21:31WheatfieldINUSAFormation30 seconds4 bright orange lights in a row7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30SunderlandMAUSAOval2 and oval shaped7/16/06
5/19/06 21:30CantonILUSAOval20 minutes roughlyOrange glowing oval shoots sparks7/16/06
5/19/06 18:00SeattleWAUSACircle30 minutessilver round object,size of a small van7/16/06
5/19/06 09:57highway 78 between Bailey & Bonham, TexasTXUSASphereapprox. 2 min.We were in a car traveling northbound when I noticed a shiny, silver sphere in the northern sky approximately 45 degrees above the hori7/16/06
5/19/06 00:30SonoraCAUSALight3 secsI looked up and caught a very bright light (3 times the size of Venus). It moved in small arc and then simply faded out. The way that o7/16/06
5/18/06 23:00East Riffa (Bahrain)BahrainDiamond5 minssaw a diamond like star ,bluish white colour twas moving away first a big star, moved for 1.5 min in one direction then reduced half it7/16/06
5/18/06 22:00Fort SmithARUSACircle20 minutesOrange lights seen from southern Fort Smith. Fort Chaffee military flares or UFOs ?7/16/06
5/18/06 21:20Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 SecondsLancashire, UK at about 9:30pm, an UFO passed over a crowd on BIG BROTHER live on Channel 4. The UFO sighted by me was too bright to b7/16/06
5/18/06 13:35St. JosephMOUSACylinder10 secondsFloating gray cylinder seen dropping down behind some trees7/16/06
5/18/06 02:00TelfordTNUSAOther5-10 Minutes4 Bright Lights, formed Box then dissappeared.7/16/06
5/17/06 23:30FresnoCAUSALight8 secondsFast light zig zagging over Fresno7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30LittlerockARUSALight50 secondsIt came out of the east traveling north the object was bright orange but had some white light and the craft seemed to pulsate.7/16/06
5/17/06 22:30BeavertonORUSADiamond7-10 secondsstrange dim diamond shaped light pattern traveling across the sky NW to SE about 5-10 times a jets speed.7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30Benton CountyMOUSALight5 minutesMoving lights across the sky7/16/06
5/17/06 21:30La PuenteCAUSAChevron50 min.UFO over the San Gabriel Valley7/16/06
5/17/06 20:25San MateoCAUSAUnknown5-7 minutes2 bright streaks of light with dark object above them observed in clear, cloudless sky.7/16/06
5/17/06 20:05Wirral, Cheshire (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 secondsInvisible with silver triangular back.7/16/06
5/17/06 03:00WalkerMNUSACircle45 MinutesStar like object in the sky moved side to side and up and down in a jaged motion extreamly bright.7/16/06
5/17/06 00:30Washington, D.C.DCUSATriangle10 secondsblack triangular object with three red lights underneath it flying over DC7/16/06
5/17/06 00:00RichmondVAUSAFireball2 minutesBright redish orange star object with no movement for 5 min, suddenly moving up and east out of sight7/16/06
5/17/06HollandTXUSAUnknown5 SECONDSwhite light suddenly emitted bright white light in center yellow on middle and red on outside of emitted circle of huge display7/16/06
5/16/06 23:00WascoCAUSAUnknown10 minsit was a bright red7/16/06
5/16/06 21:45WesthamptonMAUSAOtherAt least 20 minutesColorful spinning ferris-wheel-shaped object seen in Northwest sky.7/16/06
5/16/06 13:25LynnwoodWAUSARectangle15 minutesA bright light caught my eye in the sky to the west. It seemed to hover in circles. I went to get binoculars, 6x30, & located object7/16/06
5/16/06 10:20West BridgewaterMAUSALightAbout 30 Sec."Meteor" rapidly decelerates and changes direction, procedes to fly off as if it were a normal aircraft.7/16/06
5/15/06 23:00BaltimoreMDUSAEgg15+ Mins.Stationary long objet with dome in middle. Red/orange & blue lights kept shining with varying degrees of intensity.7/16/06
5/15/06 22:00ZirconiaNCUSA10 secLazer like light in the sky verry big and verry bright.7/16/06
5/15/06 20:30GoodyearAZUSALight15 minuetsArizona Lights In The Sky Are Back7/16/06
5/15/06 16:45Bay D'Espoir (Canada)NFCanadaSphere5 mina red, sperical soccer ball sized object floating 5 feet in the air. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))7/16/06
5/15/06 12:10Costa RicaCosta RicaUnknownTo whom it may concern!7/16/06
5/15/06 07:30Plant CityFLUSAUnknownsuddenunknown object fell from clear sky.7/16/06
5/15/06 00:15Sooke (Canada)BCCanadaUnknownin progressVery bright slow-moving, hovering light over the Pacific, veiwed from Sooke B.C.7/16/06
5/14/06 14:30La MiradaCAUSALight1 hourstar in the sky during the day?7/16/06
5/14/06 14:00MalibuCAUSADisk?UFO captured in picture 5/14/2006 - Daylight7/16/06
5/14/06 00:30Delray BeachFLUSALight1-3 minsBright Lite moving in different directions7/16/06
5/13/06 21:28AlexandriaLAUSALight15 mniutesFighter jets chased 3 lights above my house.7/16/06
5/13/06 00:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight20 secondsmassive bright light, low in the sky7/16/06
5/12/06 22:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown10 minI was outside in my friends back yard on friday the 12th and noticed a bright light hovering about 3 miles away, i first disregarded it7/16/06
5/12/06 20:33Bois D'ArcMOUSASphere1 hourBrilliant light seen from more than 60 miles away. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Jupiter, which is in the E sky now. PD))7/16/06
5/10/06 23:00ShawneeKSUSACirclehoursa little after midnight i went outside and noticed big trails in the sky they were all over never seen anything like it before i though7/16/06
5/9/06 23:40LewistonIDUSATriangle10+minutes3 sets of lights (changing color) in a triangle formation moving slowly over Lewiston valley.7/16/06
5/9/06 21:15Merida (Mexico)MexicoCigar3 secondsThe object fly in to W-NW direction. The object changed by red-blue colors. The object appear in the sky and desappear in seconds7/16/06
5/9/06 05:06Los Altos HillsCAUSALight15 - 20 min.apparent aircraft develops comet-like tail which grows steadily, eventually losing its fan shape, becoming a luminous cloud7/16/06
5/7/06 21:34In orbit/Space ShuttleIn orbitCircle10 secsLights pass under STS 121 -The circular "hoop", has 6 nodes which are glowing and strips of light seem to link each node or light.7/16/06
5/7/06 21:00Twenty Nine PalmsCAUSAChevronHuge Boomerang shaped ufo with single front bright light and tiny bright lights in sequence on edges7/16/06
5/7/06 16:25Old ForgePAUSAFormation30 mins.UFO Formation over NE Pennsylvania7/16/06
5/7/06 00:00Idaho FallsIDUSATriangle3 lights flashing colors. rotating. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax ortwinkling star. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))7/16/06
5/6/06 22:00Gjilan (Kosovo)KosovoDiamonddiamond lightss7/16/06
5/6/06 14:30East BrunswickNJUSACircle5 minutesSmall circular object silver and black, moves across sky, hovers then disappears.7/16/06
5/6/06 11:30Sierra VistaAZUSAUnknown6-7 minutesDay light aerial object resembles flying domed skylight7/16/06
5/4/06 22:40WestminsterCAUSAFireball40 secondsTwin orange balls seen over Westminster Ca7/16/06
5/4/06 21:25BuckeyeAZUSALight10 MinutesCopper Lights Over Buckeye Arizona7/16/06
5/3/06 22:00HoustonTXUSASphere20 secColored spheres fly over Houston Texas!7/16/06
5/2/06 22:00Panama City BeachFLUSALight30minslarge orange reddish light in the night sky moving across sky instantly7/16/06
5/2/06 01:30Las VegasNVUSACircle5 minutes5 objects travelling at high speed and fliying in patterns that would defy currently known limits.7/16/06
4/30/06 20:10San FranciscoCAUSASphere10 sec.Coming from the South, going towards North/Northwest. Maybe arcing downward. Very bright white intense light. Moving fast, no sound...7/16/06
4/30/06 15:30SunflowerAZUSAOther30 Secs.A black object appeared between the contrails of a jetliner for a short period of time and then disappeared.7/16/06
4/30/06 00:20PortlandORUSADiamond3 secondsStrange Diamond shaped object seen in Portland, Oregon7/16/06
4/30/06 00:05TigardORUSAFormation45 sec.Light Formation7/16/06
4/29/06 21:00West YarmouthMAUSAUnknown30 minBright lights over Lewis Bay7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACigar10 minUPDATE,, I would like to cross ref my sighting with VANCOUVER, WA. His sighting appear to be the same as mines being that they saw 3 ob7/16/06
4/29/06 19:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSACigar8 minutesThree Cigarettes floating over Brooklyn7/16/06
4/29/06 00:00WarrenORUSADiskClusters of Red Lights Seen In The Portland Area7/16/06
4/25/06 14:45Green RiverUTUSATeardrop2-3 secondsSILVER / CHROME METALLIC FLYING OBJECT 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. to 10 ft. long Sighting: Object flew 37-50 feet above ou7/16/06
4/24/06 21:30LomanMNUSALight35 MinutesLarge red ball of light that multiplied into four separate lights at tree level, white lights flying at high altitudes.7/16/06
4/24/06 12:00San AntonioTXUSACigar30 minmy brother and i wached 4 cigar shaped figures for about 20 min. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))7/16/06
4/22/06 03:15FairportNYUSA8-10 sec3-4 twirling noise whith no engine sound at all -just a twirling noise7/16/06
4/16/06 23:00Washington, D.C.DCUSATriangle20 minutesThis is my second report of these Triangular shapped flying objects with red flashing lights. This second sighting compelled me to rep7/16/06
4/15/06 21:00ReadingPAUSATriangle1 minute or lessBright triangle shaped object flies over gas station.7/16/06
4/15/06 17:15Wilmington (suburbs)DEUSASphere1 minuteBrilliant sphere floats above the Wilmington Suburbs.7/16/06
4/6/06 20:15BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown3 minstayed still then shot straight up then disapeared then reapeared to the left at a higher attitude.7/16/06
4/6/06 00:00HialeahFLUSADiamondwalkinga big like like a diamond coming donw fast from the sky7/16/06
4/5/06 18:00Fairview HeightsILUSASphere5 secondsSphere just under clouds after a tornado.7/16/06
3/31/06 13:00Bolton, Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomOther5 minutesI saw two lights which appeared to be linked very high up, as I looked at the lights, I saw up to twelve flying together.7/16/06
3/13/06 23:37Sydney (Australia)AustraliaLight10 secondsbright light moving slowly than shoots of in opposite direction at astonishing speed.7/16/06
3/13/06 22:56New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle2:00 minutes10:56 p.m. 03-13-06 3 U.F.O's fly across Manhattan's Citicorp, Metlife, and Chryler Buildings.7/16/06
3/9/06 12:00EstoniaEstoniaTeardrop3 minA teardrop shaped object seen.7/16/06
3/8/06 02:17MuskegoWIUSAOval12 minutes14 objects7/16/06
3/5/06 21:20London (UK/England)United KingdomOval20 seconds2 bright oval shaped objects above central London.7/16/06
2/16/06 23:30Mammoth Lakes (near )CAUSAFormation1.5 min.Strange lights in formation, could have been a single object.7/16/06
2/16/06Pacific Ocean (inflight, Japan-Los Angeles)Pacific OceanTriangle30 secs or lessI was sitting in seat 47K (a window seat on the right side of the jet airliner) of Japan Airlines flight JL 060 on Feb 16, 2006, on my7/16/06
2/15/06 23:00OwensboroKYUSATriangle1 minuteWhile driving on a clear night I happened to look overhead and saw a black trianglular craft having 3 lights. The lights were of an od7/16/06
2/14/06 19:30McPhersonKSUSAOther20-25 min.Two seperate sets of muliple stationary lights.7/16/06
2/9/06 13:58London (UK/England)United KingdomDiskphoto caught imagesighting above millenium dome7/16/06
2/8/06 00:00Granite FallsWAUSADisk15-20 minutesThe UFO hovered over house, hurt me and flew away7/16/06
2/6/06 22:00Delray BeachFLUSADisk10 seconds5 round objects were going south along the beach of Delray over the water they came out of the clouds moving very fast from north to so7/16/06
2/6/06 03:05DallasORUSATriangle10 minutesWe saw a white triangle shaped craft and it flew very quick.7/16/06
1/7/06 21:04Darwin (Australia)AustraliaLight12 Min2 Bright orange lights moving and hovering over northern suburbs of Darwin NT Australia.7/16/06
1/7/06 15:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaUnknown1 secondFleet of objects in Sydney Australia7/16/06
1/7/06 03:30Faro (Portugal)PortugalLight20SECONDSGLOWING WHITE LIGHT LOOSING THREE RED SPARKS7/16/06
12/30/05 21:30Petelo (near)MOUSALight15 minIt looked like an orange firey disk huvering at tree level7/16/06
12/28/05 05:00CharlestonWVUSACircle3minutesblueish and white orb7/16/06
12/9/05 15:30London (UK/England)United KingdomOther30 secondsViolet, hexagon shaped, just flew over7/16/06
12/1/05 17:00EasleySCUSATriangle5 hoursHovering triangle shaped aircraft that the military DID see no matter what they report to the public.7/16/06
10/31/05Orland ParkILUSAFormationhour or morestrange lights over Orland Park, Ill7/16/06
9/24/05 05:30Fort MadisonIAUSALight20 minutesRecently my friends and I were on a mission trip just outside of Fort Madison, Iowa. We had just finished doing some work on a house wh7/16/06
9/6/05 05:30ColumbiaPAUSADisk30 seconds9/6/05 05:30 AM Columbia, PA 30 second duration, disk-shaped craft with lights flying at low altitude7/16/06
8/20/05 03:30San Pedro Mountain AreaNMUSALight30 secondsBright white light moving slowly near South Mountain in Santa Fe County7/16/06
8/15/05 04:00PlainfieldINUSAOther20 minutesIn August 2005 i seen 3 non human humanoid entities.7/16/06
8/10/05 01:00Kimberling CityMOUSALight30 secondsbright light changed to red and blinked as craft flew away rapidly7/16/06
7/29/05 00:13Pinnacles National MonumentCAUSATriangle30 secondsThree triangular (spaced to far out to be a plane) lights flew across the sky and then dissappeard.7/16/06
7/27/05 01:00Virginia BeachVAUSALight3 minsBright light gains size over, and vanishes over Lesnor Bridge, in Virginia Beach!7/16/06
7/20/05 04:00ColumbiaPAUSARectangle20 seconds7/20/05 4 AM Columbia, PA 20 seconds or less, large rectangle of white light with vapor trail7/16/06
7/18/05 09:34Oakville (Canada)ONCanadaChevronAbout 5 MinutesGlad to have come across this site so I can recount what I and two other guys saw last year. I was at work and I stepped out for a7/16/06
7/15/05 16:00ZeelandMIUSACylinder1-2 minutescigar shaped body inside a clear bubble of 6 inches diameter passed bye at 2 foot distance7/16/06
7/4/05 20:00AltadenaCAUSALight2 minutesMoving light stops in mid-flight then vanishes7/16/06
7/4/05 19:00DavieFLUSADisk3 hours7/4/05 seven to eleven(approx) Northwest of Ft. Lauderdale-saucer shape-light on top pulsing- 5/24/067/16/06
6/24/05 19:00Fort PierceFLUSALight2 hoursDate:6/24/2005; City: Fort Pierce Florida USA; Shape: Dark object and Ligths; Duration: 1:30 minutes7/16/06
6/23/05 04:04ItalyTXUSALight30 seconds((HOAX))whatthef_ _ _7/16/06
6/16/05 19:00NikiskiAKUSATriangle15 minthree of us were traveling to town when we witnessed what seemed to be a star shaped bright light. As we approched the light, we7/16/06
6/15/05 12:00Fort MyersFLUSADisk20minhey all you ufo peeps i am only writing this to verify another guys sighting here in swf there here alot ufo's and there disturbing the7/16/06
6/9/05 22:47AlexandriaVAUSAOther2hour 4 minsiteing over alexandria va 22304 this is for real7/16/06
5/31/05 02:00Ben WheelerTXUSALight1hrLoud persistent humming accompanied by shape of light with no source creating the light.7/16/06
5/17/05 14:00BarstowCAUSADiskWe where in barstow taking pictures when we got home saw something strange on 1 would like someone to take it and see if they can tell7/16/06
5/15/05 14:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaOtherunknownscrolling around on google maps, found a strange object at s7m1a87/16/06
4/29/05 15:30Chester (UK/England)United KingdomTrianglefew minutesBlack and silver objects high up in sky over Chester, England7/16/06
3/12/05 23:00KelseyvilleCAUSADisk3 minutes3 Red Glowing UFOs7/16/06
3/5/05 14:52CaliforniaCAUSACircle43secit had bright lights and went at a smooth pase, It seperated and flew of at great spead7/16/06
2/5/05 01:00LexingtonNCUSADisk28 minutessilver disc, about 3-6 miles away, mabey 22 ft. in length, 13-16 ft. tall7/16/06
1/15/05 10:00SearchlightNVUSAOther5 to 7 sec.Odd looking Nevada daylight sighting.7/16/06
1/13/05 20:00FairbanksAKUSAOther45 MinutesGirded Structured UFO with many lights spends 45 minutes hovering over Fairbanks, Alaska on January 13, 20057/16/06
12/15/04 20:30HeadlandALUSAUnknown15 minutesExtremely bright light and no noise.7/16/06
12/5/04 20:45HomosassaFLUSASphere15-30 SecondsFlorescent / Irridecent Green Sphere7/16/06
10/31/04 20:00Tinley ParkILUSALight30 minutes3 red lights movin E/SE7/16/06
10/11/04 10:00Nuevo Laredo (Mexico)MexicoLight20minWhile I was driving I stopped at a traffic light and when I turned to wait for the green light, I saw 11 bright lights in the sky7/16/06
9/12/04 21:00Attalla/GadsdenALUSATriangle20 minutesIt was so quiet the cattle in the field didn't even run from it.7/16/06
9/10/04 18:30AlpharettaGAUSAOval1 minuteSilver object skimmed across horizon just above tree lines on State Bridge Rd7/16/06
9/7/04 00:03London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10minscircular object over brighton england7/16/06
8/21/04 00:00Tinley ParkILUSALight20 minutesLights over Tinley Park.7/16/06
8/15/04 00:00CashionAZUSATriangleapprox 3 hrsHuge slow moving black triangle that oddly appeared to have caused us a loss of time. (no! this is not a joke)7/16/06
7/20/04 03:00ColumbiaPAUSAUnknown2 minutes7/20/2004 3:00 AM Columbia, PA 1-2 minutes duration, white, flickering, darting lights at tremendous speed.7/16/06
7/16/04 10:00Bowling GreenKYUSATriangle1-MinuteLARGE TRIANGLE FLYING EXTREMELY LOW WITH SOUND7/16/06
7/15/04 13:30North KingstownRIUSAOther1 minuteobject came down from clouds and moved around general area of my back yard, then went off in same manner it came in.7/16/06
6/15/04 05:00HudsonFLUSALight2 min.At about 5 am I saw what appeard to be a white light in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico,off shore about 2 miles up and 3 miles out from7/16/06
5/15/04 06:45YpsilantiMIUSADisk8 sec.5 to 7 saucers move around a few seconds and take off at high rate of speed in same direction.7/16/06
5/5/04 19:00LaughlinNVUSAOther3 minutesLaughlin, Nev 2004 sighting of bomerange of multiple round shapes reflecting lights from River Palm Hotel7/16/06
5/1/04 01:30ClevelandGAUSACross1-2 minutesBlack rectangular shaped craft observed with night-vision equipment. No sound or lights!7/16/06
4/15/04 14:00VancouverWAUSASphere2 minutesI was driving on the highway and i looked to my right and saw a bright sphere changing colors from white to green to blue. It then move7/16/06
4/9/04 14:03LawrencevilleGAUSACylinder13 minutesSpotted a cylindrical cloud behaving contrary to laws of physics at 2 PM. Took 7 very good photos.7/16/06
2/26/04 21:00Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaLight5 minSeveral unusual lights in the sky between kingston and perth.7/16/06
1/6/04 20:00West OrangeNJUSATriangle1 Hour 15 minUFO Triangular flying objects with red flashing lights in Northern New Jersey7/16/06
8/24/03 02:00MinotNDUSAOval5 SECONDSOval object with 3 lights flew over town.7/16/06
8/17/03 20:00AlfredMEUSARectangle3 minlarge rectangular craft in alfred me7/16/06
8/2/03 22:30Blanes (Spain)SpainLight4 minutos aprox.Luz brillante muy rápida, dos aviones intentan interceptarla.7/16/06
7/29/03Atlantic Ocean (Canada)NSCanadaCircle15 minbaseball size lights,one behind the other,travelling in straight line7/16/06
7/17/03 03:00ColumbiaPAUSADisk40 minutes7/17/2003, 3 AM, Columbia, PA, 40 minutes duration, blue saucer shaped craft hovered for 20 minutes.7/16/06
7/15/03 22:00HaddonfieldNJUSADisk5 secondsI was 5 years old and in my parent's bedroom. i was looking out the window across the street and i saw something weird shaped like a s7/16/06
7/2/03 20:00TimmonsvilleSCUSAOval5 to 10 minutesUFO at treetop level on woods7/16/06
7/1/03 19:45InglewoodCAUSADisk38 minutesStrange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares7/16/06
5/15/03 01:30LongviewTXUSALightapprox. 15 mins"star" appeared to be jumping back and forth between two points, very weird.7/16/06
5/14/03St. LouisvilleOHUSAOvalThis is a very true and testimonial event that happened in the town I lived in for 3 years. On July 13th or the 14th 2003 around b7/16/06
10/1/02 06:30MonroeWIUSALight15-20 MinVery intense orange-yellow light moves from south to north in early A.M. and late P.M.7/16/06
8/14/02 19:30LeedsMEUSACircle5 minutesOrb against the setting sun.7/16/06
5/15/02 12:00FlorissantCOUSACircle30 secomdsClear, round, silvery object with a definate flightpath. Right across the sky. Fast! Faster than any other aircraft around it.7/16/06
2/23/02 00:30Santa Monica MountainsCAUSALost 5 hours timeI really need to talk to you how do I call you???7/16/06
2/2/02 00:00MartinsvilleILUSATriangle30 minvery low silent and moved very slowly and stoped sometimes to hover7/16/06
1/23/02 14:10Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomOther15 min4 'Star' shaped and coloured craft descend and hover above 2 jets - Wolverhampton UK: 2 witnesses7/16/06
1/22/02 07:30UnionMIUSAFireball10 minutesTwo stars ascend on and follow two young men for seven miles7/16/06
10/15/01 10:00NewportNCUSACirclean hour or soCompletely black huge circle covered at least a mile7/16/06
9/11/01 09:00Washington, D.C.DCUSACircle1 minSmall orbs circle the pentagon on Sept 11th7/16/06
8/12/01 22:30JupiterFLUSATriangle3 minutesDuring the 2001 Perseids meteor shower, my neighbors and I were on the roof of our condo building watching the "shooting stars". We not7/16/06
7/29/01 22:00Lake in the HillsILUSADisk2 min.A VERY LARGE ENGINE IN BACK7/16/06
7/20/01 23:00San MarcosTXUSACylinder3 minutesIt was a cylinder that had 3 bright spotlights and moved too slowly and quietly to be a helicopter!7/16/06
7/16/01 22:00HarrisonMIUSALightunknowntime space not correct7/16/06
7/10/01 00:00West ChesterOHnoneFireball0:01I was looking at the stars when I spotted a UFO7/16/06
7/4/01 00:00Hatyai, Songkhla (Thailand)ThailandChevron5 secondsgreen bright light ,high luminescence ,flew from east to west7/16/06
7/1/01 23:00HallandaleFLUSACircle10 SecondsNo lights, circle object, about 20 in diameter, floating on building.7/16/06
6/15/01 15:00LittletonCOUSADisk20minblack craft over clement park moving sw with looked like a bolt of lightning shooting from the bottom7/16/06
5/23/01 22:00AshlandKYUSASphere30 minutesSeen Glowing Orb Change Shape And Then Return To Previous Shape And Follow Our Car7/16/06
5/15/01 19:00WarrensburgMOUSACylinder15 minWhite cylinder fallowed airforce jets for about 10 to 15 min. untill out of sight.7/16/06
3/7/01 00:30Mnichovo Hradiste (Czech Republic)Czech RepublicLightone hourCircle object, made of regular white light shapes ( rectangles ) for cca 1 hour it followed up our car...7/16/06
10/15/00 04:00Nassau BayTXUSAOval3-4 secondsBright Green Oval Highspeed bigger than a full moon7/16/06
7/4/00 21:00Pacific CityORUSALight5-10secondsI'm sure I saw a real alien aircraft!7/16/06
6/6/00Black Creek (Canada)BCCanadaUnknownunsurewhat are they? ((NUFORC Note: Probably specks of dust or moisture, illuminated by the camera flash. PD))7/16/06
4/10/00 21:30Brentwood, Essex (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secondsTwo brigt lights were moving towards us.7/16/06
12/23/99 20:30FultonARUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle Black Object too Big, Quiet, and Fast.7/16/06
6/1/99 19:00Panaji (India)IndiaLight5 to 10 secondsIn the evening,my friend and I were taking a round of the lake near our house. We spotted a white light flashing in a dark starry and a7/16/06
6/1/99 12:00Ramskate (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1 minit was when i was 7 i saw a wite spot floting in the air then it sta rted to move towards the west.7/16/06
6/30/98 10:00Commerce TownshipMIUSAChangingSix hoursFollowed by men in black cars and suits.7/16/06
6/12/98 22:00Kent (UK/England)United KingdomCircle15 minsthere were 2 craft one was higher than the other and we followed them home in my car when we arrived home i decided to go to the meadow7/16/06
6/6/98 04:30AshlandOHUSACone5 minutestwo silver cone shaped objects7/16/06
4/4/98 23:00Northern CaliforniaCAUSALight4 MinutesThe light made no sound then split into two lights.7/16/06
3/13/98 21:00San DiegoCAUSACircle20 minutesphoenix lights over san diego7/16/06
2/1/98 00:30Four CornersNMUSAOther30 MINSUnknown bright lights, and triangular shapes over Four Corners, New Mexico7/16/06
11/1/97 22:00Aguas Claras (Costa Rica)Costa RicaDisk11/2 minmercury colored saucer comes down leaving a trail of neon green smoke that lite up the farm like if it was day.7/16/06
7/16/97 21:30ParklandFLUSALight12 secsomething tought to be a heli move forward and shoot back wards in a blink of a eye7/16/06
6/30/97 06:00CamarilloCAUSACircle30 minutes1997 Camarillo, Calif. huge bright light moved at a fast rate of speed then hovered over my car then disappeared. 30 min. pos. 5/31/067/16/06
6/15/97 22:00Eagle ButteSDUSALightalmost 45 mins.lighted crafts seem to take notice of us7/16/06
6/15/97 15:00JacksonMIUSASphere>25 SecondsSilver ball in Jackson MI7/16/06
6/12/97 23:00Frodsham/Northwich (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minsSaw light in night sky, quite close 150m, no sound, no movement, 5 mins plus, unpopulated area, white light, uk.7/16/06
5/15/97 16:00Hove, Aldrington, Portslade-by-sea (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 minsDriving west along sea road (A259) going back to Worthing from Brighton in late May 1997. Looking out to sea witnessed a metalic sphere7/16/06
9/18/96 00:20Ann ArborMIUSAFireball5 sec.Falling white light made "u" turn and disappeared.7/16/06
9/12/96 15:35KennewickWAUSAOther4 min. approx.Pulsating white light that disappeared like a vapor.7/16/06
8/2/96 11:33FishersINUSACircle8 -10 secondsADDENDUM #2: Stationary circurlar object tilts up on it's axis,pulses white inside,disappears into slit opening hole in the sky7/16/06
5/6/96 20:00New York City (Queens)NYUSALight2 hours4 light s in formation7/16/06
12/15/95 20:50HawesvilleKYUSAChangingLess than 5 minutesStrange orange light/craft hovering noiselessly overhead.7/16/06
10/24/95 02:00Tyrrhenian SeaTyrrhenian SeaSphere30secblue colour sphere was obsereved from containership,dia abt 4mtrs,from dist of abt 8mtr.Moved after twds Italian coast.7/16/06
10/15/95 15:00HawesvilleKYUSACigarSeveral MinutesSightings of multiple craft disappearing and reappearing in sky, possible abduction.7/16/06
6/30/95 03:00Ecoporanga (farm area; ES) (Brazil)BrazilEgg2 minLarge egg -shapped object floatted in farm yard area in the North Espirito Santo State, Brazil7/16/06
6/20/95 23:00WinchesterWIUSACircle5 minutesOrange glowing circle in the sky7/16/06
5/6/95 21:00WatertownCTUSALight2 minutesStrange Hovering Light - Noticed and Approached Us7/16/06
3/15/95 05:25HaymarketVAUSASphere10 minutesUFO spotted jumping in the sky near Dulles Airport in Virginia7/16/06
1/1/95 03:00Kansas (Eastern)KSUSALight1 min or lessA beam of rotating light in eastern Kansas7/16/06
6/30/94 00:00South London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle30 secocondsi was about 9 years old when i was at my cousins house in bed looking out the window it was pitch black the stars where out from above7/16/06
6/1/94 19:00Jamica (Ochorios)OchoriosLightpastlight traveled and truned in less than 3 second from sky to sea7/16/06
3/2/94 23:15LindsborgKSUSATriangle10 secondsBlack Triangle with Slightly Askew Leading Edge7/16/06
3/1/94 03:00Mumbai (India)IndiaOther10 secondsA Pterodactyl with a fiery tail7/16/06
11/15/93 19:00GordonNEUSATriangle1 Hour?A very large triangle shape(black,soundless) with red lights at the corners wile traveling at night.7/16/06
6/30/93 21:00RacineOHUSALight10minutesDozens of skittering, zipping, moving lights in an area of the sky...surrounding a much larger,, stationary, pulsating light.7/16/06
6/1/93 20:00Seville (Spain)SpainUnknowntotal of 15mBlue light and no sound7/16/06
5/18/93 03:00Box Elder (Rocky Boys' Indian Agency)MTUSATriangle1 hourIt was big and moved real slow.7/16/06
3/8/93 21:35San Antonio Del Mar (Mexico)MexicoDisk3 minutesSan Antonio del Mar, Baja California 5 miles north of Rosarito Beach Monday, March 8, 1993, 9:35 p.m. Bright moonlit night7/16/06
1/26/93 00:00MantecaCAUSATriangle?how interesting this triangle. about 10 - 11 years ago, it seemed to have been a dream yet my rememberance is like yesterday. after bui7/16/06
11/15/92 20:00Fish CreekWIUSATriangle15 minsSlow moving large triangle craft seen at close range, 1 white light in front 2 red in back, Low hum.7/16/06
9/15/92 02:30U. S. Navy cruiser (Gulf of Mexico)Gulf of MexicoTriangleabout 10-15 minUFO at sea7/16/06
6/19/92 20:00Catalina Island (Cherry Island)CAUSAFlash30 secondsstrobe ufo over catalina7/16/06
6/1/92 01:30Gagetown (Canada)NBCanadaDisk10 to 15minutesCanadian Forces Reservist UFO sighting in Gagetown, NB7/16/06
10/31/91 18:34Willow GrovePAUSAOther5 secHuge "V" shape craft as seen before over mountains in California/Las Vegas.7/16/06
9/18/91 22:00OlympiaWAUSAChanging2 to 3 minutesSingle star morphs into Hoberman Sphere, rotates, reverts, turns red, divides, flies away in formation7/16/06
6/1/91Rio RanchoNMUSADiskThis picture was at first thought and taken as a spiritual vision re: Virgin Mary. A closer look (rotated)reveals that it may be a UF7/16/06
5/30/91 09:10Las CrucesNMUSAFireball10-15 secondsa hollow blue ball of lighting that turned to a fireball then took and umbrella shape and loomed for a second then disapeared.7/16/06
5/10/91 16:00ReadingPAUSALight3bright light approaching aircraft, aircraft responds with "something"7/16/06
1/1/91 20:00Bandar Seri BegawanBruneiOther10-15 secondsclosest encounter with a UFO - 30-40 feet away7/16/06
10/16/89 08:00TucsonAZUSASphere2-3 secondsgiant ball of fire seen over tucson hour after dark around 19897/16/06
11/15/88 18:00StocktonCAUSATriangle7 - 10 minBlack huge triangle craft with chevron shape of lights on her belly with a larger red light in the center of the chevron shape travelin7/16/06
10/15/88 22:00MasfieldOHUSALight2 hoursWe saw a blue/white light in the same spot for nearly 2 hours, then it shot off to the north at amazing speed7/16/06
10/10/88 22:00BoulderCOUSALight1 minuteThree Stars Begin to Move Randomly, Stop, Change Direction, Move Again, And Then Vanish7/16/06
8/16/88 23:20Dudley (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 minsTriangular craft flies very low over Dudley UK7/16/06
8/1/88 23:00HolbrookNYUSACircle5 minutesWe saw circular object w/ multi-colored lights fading from one set to another floating west-east after dropping down from sky.7/16/06
6/30/88 01:00Republic of IrelandIrelandLight10s--15sSCANNED BY A GREEN LIGHT.7/16/06
2/5/88 15:00HoumaLAUSADisk30 min.walking home i saw a gray saucer in the sky!!!!!!7/16/06
9/1/87 00:00Panorama CityCAUSAOther1 minutePurple glowing spiral shaped object that hovered and slowly rotated silently.7/16/06
8/15/86 22:00SeattleWAUSADisk1 minuteDisk with 7 red lights moving like a wheel7/16/06
6/30/86 01:00County Cork (Republic of Ireland)IrelandLight5-10secondsGreen ball of light , it moved at incredable speed.7/16/06
6/15/86 16:00MilanOHUSADisk3 MinutesPerfect formation of discs shoots off to West7/16/06
6/9/86 16:00LouisvilleKYUSACigar1 or 2 minutesDaylight Cigar shaped UFO sighting, with Witness!7/16/06
2/25/86 22:00Nevada (on highway, northbound)NVUSACircleunsuregROUND ,SPHERICAL ,TRIANGLES INSIDE OR AROUND IT WITH A SHUTTER ,;CHANGES COLORS7/16/06
9/15/85 02:30Mumbai (India)IndiaOther45 MINS ++UFO SPOTTED 20 YRS BACK. WITNESSES REPORT IT NOW DUE TO FEAR!!!7/16/06
6/30/85 17:00HarlanINUSADisk5 minutesHarlan, Indiana mayhurst drive disc shaped craft with multi-flashing colors of light going around counter-clockwise on side of craft..7/16/06
6/20/85 14:00SalemNHUSASpheresecondsMulti colored sphere like in7/16/06
2/15/85 00:00HinesvilleGAUSASphere30minutesIt was the unusual movement that made all who were observing the object consider it a UFO.7/16/06
6/20/83 13:00Balderton Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire (UK/England)United KingdomOther3 of us witnessed three in daylight on a summers day a metal missile shape objects with silence and meatl fins7/16/06
5/17/83 05:45TallahasseeFLUSAUnknown10 minutesFaint light zips back and fourth across sky7/16/06
9/15/82 17:00La CrosseWIUSADisk20 minI saw a disk hoovering over a Parking lot with aprox 30 others. Lights revolving around it. Motionless.7/16/06
6/10/81 23:00HollywoodFLUSAOval30 secondsA silent, slow moving oval craft followed my four diamond shaped objects.7/16/06
6/1/81 20:00DetroitMIUSACircleufoit was a circle with a bubble on the under side with windows and it was silver7/16/06
6/1/80 18:00London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle7 minsSAW A FLYING SAUCER CLOSE UP, IN THE MIDDLE OF LONDON JUST BEFORE MORNING RUSH OUR ?7/16/06
11/4/79 16:00Milford Haven (UK/England)United KingdomCircle60 mina stationery object in the sky, north of saudi arabia.7/16/06
9/12/79 04:00HonoluluILUSASphere10 minutessaw a blue sphere moving over the of of a house in front of me--hovered 5 feet above the ground for an instant, 15 feet in front of me7/16/06
7/15/79 12:00HattiesburgMSUSAUnknown5 secondsSensation of loud noise, crash, and time stopping7/16/06
6/15/79 17:00Fort WorthTXUSATeardrop7 Min.Unknown Object appear ,changing colors moving Southeast direction over Ft Worth ,TX.7/16/06
10/1/78 23:15FrancesvilleINUSACylinderApprox. 15 minObject hovered for apprx. 5 min. then proceeded west - it was apprx. 300' long 50-75' wide 50-75' high w/lights.7/16/06
7/1/78 17:30CarsonCAUSAUnknown5 MinFor about 5 minutes I watched an odd shaped object in the sky over the city of Carson, Ca, that was then chased by 4 Military jets.7/16/06
6/1/78 12:00HudsonvilleMIUSAOthera few minutesrectangular football field length white steel girder ship that hoovered without a noise over my head in hudsonville, mi7/16/06
2/20/78 19:00GeneseoNYUSAUnknown30 secondsObserved a strange circular spotlight on ground in rural area7/16/06
10/20/76 00:00Avon LakeOHUSACircle10 to 15 MinutesThe object emitted a brilliant white light, two smaller objects separated from the main object, we ran into the house, the object must7/16/06
8/18/76 22:00Tarlac City (Philippines)PhilippinesOther22:00-22:10One big object the size of four hectars and two other objects the size of four passenger buses put side by side.7/16/06
7/15/76 21:30MemphisTNUSALight5-7 minutesBright white light in rural area of Memphis in 1976 responds to kid's and their sealed beam flashlight.7/16/06
7/15/76 10:00Winter ParkFLUSAFireball20 minutesGlowing light coming from between trees.7/16/06
6/15/76 20:00Simi ValleyCAUSALight20 minutesLarge lighted silhouette of a face in the sky.7/16/06
8/20/75 02:00JacksonNJUSATriangle3 min3 triangular shaped objects, with flashing red and green lights, accelerated out of site within a few seconds.7/16/06
6/30/75 00:00Rocky PointNYUSALight15 minMoving light viewed from a house in Rocky Point.7/16/06
6/15/75 23:00Angeles CrestCAUSAOther4 hoursSeen by two observers - sphere of light -one only-no color -white -background was night on forest road -7/16/06
8/1/74 22:00SpringfieldOHUSACigar30 minutesSmall fleet large craft over Ohio7/16/06
7/20/74 02:00MarfaTXUSAOval3 menutesIn 1974 I lived in El Paso, I was unemployed, I heard about a tire recaping company I desided pay them a visit, and I ask the manager i7/16/06
6/1/74 13:00TucsonAZUSACylinder15 minutesUFO emerges from behind a single cloud7/16/06
6/1/74 00:00GarrisonNYUSADisk5-10 secondsTwo 15 year olds see flying disk in the Hudson Valley7/16/06
10/15/73 17:30ChazyNYUSALight5 minutesExact location: 44 deg 52' 33.74" North, 73 deg 28' 52.99", thanks to GPS and Google Earth (didn't have either back then). Macadam Road7/16/06
9/20/73 00:00Ciudad Habana (Cuba)CubaCircle10 minutosi see the craft so clear so neat so much details i know was a estraterrestrial craft was not a airplane.7/16/06
8/4/72 23:00High IslandTXUSALight6 hoursLanding, beamed lights, formation and singly many witness and over several nights, affected phones/cars7/16/06
6/1/72 12:00Nevada DesertNVUSAOval15 minBiggest Ship Ever7/16/06
11/1/71 11:20Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais (Brazil)BrazilCylinder10 secHuge cilynder on Hills over Belo Horizonte City-Minas Gerais State- Brasil7/16/06
8/17/71 22:15Quonsett Pt. NASRIUSAOther1 minute"Being" spotted on Naval Air Station 19717/16/06
7/20/71 22:00New GoshenINUSADiamond1 to 2 minstars moving in the night sky7/16/06
6/23/70 21:00West JeffersonNCUSASphere10-20 minutesEight orange glowing orbs in v formation visible for several nights at the same time.7/16/06
6/6/70 18:00Mannheim (West Germany)GermanySphere30 SecondsWhile serving as a military pilot in West Germany(1969-1970),I lived in a high rise apartment building. Standing next to an open window7/16/06
10/23/68 15:00Walla WallaWAUSAOther25 minblack objects oveer walla walla7/16/06
7/19/68 23:00MartinezGAUSADisk25 minsSummer of 68 around 11pm.The moons glow so bright and the stars filled the night sky. My family and I lived on a farm. With many liv7/16/06
6/30/68 12:00GardendaleALUSADisk5-6 secondsdaylight sighting of flying disk in late 1960s in North Central Alabama7/16/06
6/9/64 21:00BaltimoreMDUSASphere30 secondsJune, 1964; 9;00 PM: immense counter-rotating double domed craft only 100 feet above me7/16/06
5/20/62 23:00Whitehouse (near)NJUSALight20 minutesBright light, "electrical sensation" and missing time.7/16/06
5/15/61 04:00Parris IslandSCUSAChangingunknownParris Island, S.C. boot camp, UFO !7/16/06
6/30/58 16:00Camden (Penobscot Bay)MEUSADiskSeconds?Mother and pre-teen son witness a silver disc crash into Penobscot Bay.7/16/06
6/6/58 09:30CincinnatiOHUSADiamond24 hours lostodd shaped diamond saucer,light could pass threw it,about thirty feet long,15 feet high,three feet from touching the ground,glass looki7/16/06
6/15/56 01:00EdroyTXUSADon't knowParalyzed and unable to talk, but could communicate mentally.7/16/06
9/15/49 21:00PostTXUSADisk10 secondsDisk object appeared very close to ground above Post, Texas for just a few seconds in about 1949 or 19507/16/06
6/2/96 13:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaFormation4 hoursA group of spaceships "danced" about the sky.7/16/06
6/30/65 00:00Cadotte PassMTUSA1865 Cadotte Pass, Montana UFO crash7/16/06