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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/7/07 23:45 Martinsburg WV Cigar 7 min i dont think i can explain what it truely was, but im sure the govt. will deny this one too. 8/7/07
8/7/07 23:00 Arivaca AZ Light 5 hours Colorful craft, orbs, strobe beacons in Arivaca 8/7/07
8/6/07 22:45 Brookline Station MO Flash 30 Two flickering red in color objects with one moving very slow and the other at great speed. 8/7/07
8/6/07 22:45 Texarkana (10 mi. S of) AR

Inexplicable bright lights and moving objects 8/7/07
8/6/07 20:30 Sonora CA Light 10 mins Very bright orange light low in sky, then just blinked out from left to right. 8/7/07
8/5/07 21:45 Cape Breton (Canada) NS
1/2 hour Pilots must have seen these strange lights. 8/7/07
8/5/07 21:31 Chawton, Hampshire (near Alton) (UK/England)
Light 1 minute or so A single Small white light observed moving across night sky at a very high altitude 8/7/07
8/5/07 21:30 Success NH
2-3 minutes wobbling in flight/ bright white light in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: ISS passed over NH at 22:08 hrs.. PD)) 8/7/07
8/5/07 13:22 Los Angeles CA Fireball 5-9 SECONDS We saw 2 firey orange orbs, like 2 small suns near each other, west of the Los Angeles skyline for 5-9 seconds at 1:22 in the afternoon 8/7/07
8/5/07 00:00 Lowestoft (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes Bright light seen moving north east over Lowestoft in Suffolk, England 8/7/07
8/4/07 23:15 Worthing (UK/England)
Circle 5 minutes Circular light, zig-zagging across the sky 8/7/07
8/4/07 22:00 Rochester NY Circle 4 minutes Streaking bright UFO spotted by all of us around a campfire! Moving at a crazy speed.... ((NUFORC Note: ISS overflight. PD)) 8/7/07
8/4/07 21:45 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 30 seconds Fast Moving Single light with no other blinking lights associated with known aircraft 8/7/07
8/4/07 21:39 Brockport NY Light 30 Seconds Lighted object crosses entire sky in less than 30 Seconds 8/7/07
8/4/07 21:30 Dayville CT Oval 1 min Orange glowing round or oval object moving very fast from west to east 8/7/07
8/4/07 03:30 Wilmington NC Fireball 5 seconds Fireball O'er Wilmington, NC. Unexplicable illuminations 8/7/07
8/4/07 01:30 Warren OH Light 2 hours+ Light Flashes in the sky 8/7/07
8/4/07 00:30 Houston TX Unknown 30 minutes "shooting star" like, red white strobe lights, hovers..APPEARS to be in higher atmosphere.(or space) 60-80,000 FT , or more 8/7/07
8/3/07 23:30 Arizona City AZ Triangle 1 minute Triangle UFO with orange lights seen over Arizona City twice in one day. 8/7/07
8/3/07 23:30 Bethlehem CT Fireball 30sec Ball of White Fire Shoots Across the Sky in Bethlehem 8/7/07
8/3/07 22:46 Medina MN Light 2 minutes Bright, fast moving star-like object 8/7/07
8/3/07 21:30 Buffalo NY Circle 5 minutes Bright white circular like light moving north, northest from the Elmwood strip in Buffalo, New York. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
8/3/07 21:15 Blandon PA Formation 3-5 minutes 2 V-shaped formations of red and blue lights seen hovering low on the horizon 8/7/07
8/3/07 21:00 Princeton IL Triangle 2 minutes Slow, low flying triangle shaped craft, three white lights, one red blinking light 8/7/07
8/3/07 08:50 Clovis NM Light 5 minutes Looked like a bright star moving quite fast 8/7/07
8/3/07 08:20 Frisco TX Cigar 8 seconds Two glowing light green oblong/cigar shaped objects side-by-side 8/7/07
8/3/07 05:00 La Porte TX Light 1 minute The object moved very swiftly in a zig-zag pattern and then split into two seperate orbs right before my eyes 8/7/07
8/2/07 23:00 Fairfax County VA Circle 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) It was flying over ahead of us. At a fast paced speed. 8/7/07
8/2/07 22:00 Cottonwood AZ

Something fell from the sky in north of phoenix, lots of 911 calls 8/7/07
8/2/07 21:50 Redmond WA Fireball 15 sec UFO Sighting 8/7/07
8/2/07 21:30 Garner NC Light 1 min Bright white light moves across sky and stops suddenly and reverses 8/7/07
8/1/07 23:00 Harrisburg IL Circle NOW This is happening RIGHT NOW...its is a circle under the north star....its has a blinking, then white, then is jus 8/7/07
8/1/07 22:15 Fostoria MI Light 3-5 seconds orange lights 2nd consecutive night. 8/7/07
8/1/07 21:15 Plainfield IL Unknown 15 seconds the object stopped in mid air and changed directions 4 times, then flew away north 8/7/07
8/1/07 11:00 Beaver Creek/Alaska Highway (Canada) YT Other 10 minutes Strange Solid Black line in the sky, horizon to horizon, broad daylight 8/7/07
8/1/07 10:20 Southfield MI Teardrop 5 min stepped out on porch to see odd object in sky that was too big for a kite and did not move like a helicopter. it was moving slowly and 8/7/07
8/1/07 08:02 Chhindwara (India)
Disk 10seconds An Disk-Shaped Ufo 8/7/07
8/1/07 04:00 Neumarkt (Germany)
Chevron 5 seconds In Southern Germany 8/7/07
7/31/07 22:20 Fostoria MI Light 5-10 sec Strange light sequence followed by military fly by 8/7/07
7/31/07 22:00 Des Moines IA Light 2 minuts very bright white light that slowly dimd then moved slowly to the north across the sky at high altude. Brightend again then disapered.t 8/7/07
7/31/07 21:50 Sydney (Australia)
Unknown 4min 21:50 to 21:54 31/7/07 an unknown lights in the sky. in syd/n.s.w/australia seen at penrith raggatta centre then cranebrook 8/7/07
7/31/07 19:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 2 minutes Taking photos of an approaching severe thunderstorm and scud clouds in Phoenix Arizona 8/7/07
7/31/07 17:30 Cuba (50 mi. S of; at sea)
Light 5 minutes Triangle formation seen off the southern coast of Cuba 8/7/07
7/31/07 15:00 Lake Oswego OR Changing 15 seconds Large silver object appears in clear sky, then vanishes as though suddenly sucked away 8/7/07
7/31/07 12:52 Ottawa (Kars) (Canada) ON Disk 2 minutes Woke up with dog barking. Was going to shut him up and looked out window to see what he was barking at. Shocked to see a large well lit 8/7/07
7/31/07 00:00 Douglas (Isle of Man) (UK/England)
Oval 10 seconds A ball of green light flying it the sky and then disappeared 8/7/07
7/30/07 23:30 London (UK/England)
7/30/07 23:00 Rathdrum ID Oval 45 sec. oval white object hovering at distance, then changed color to a brighter gold and silver, then took off gone. 8/7/07
7/30/07 22:30 Itasca IL Light <2 seconds Bright white lights flash across the night sky 8/7/07
7/30/07 21:45 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Light 30-40 seconds Large bright light hovering over surrey viewed from port coquitlam. 8/7/07
7/30/07 18:59 El Paso TX Unknown 1 I took a picture of the mountain; later noticed there was a weird object in the picture.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/30/07 16:43 Wittmann AZ Unknown 5 seconds Husband and I were driving home on US 60 when we notice lights hovering over towards the lake plesant mountains. 8/7/07
7/30/07 14:00 Guerneville CA Other 3 minutes Clear sky UFO appears as a cloud shrouded object moving in a stright line south to north. 8/7/07
7/30/07 12:00 UK/England

1 hour I was watching the McGlaphlin Group on PBS last Sunday. They showed footage of a UFO in Englad viewed by many witnesses. Do you have 8/7/07
7/30/07 10:00 Visalia CA Formation 8 seconds Two orbs of light 8/7/07
7/30/07 05:15 Buffalo NY Circle 5-10 minutes Bright white light moving south from Buffalo, NY at nominal speed 8/7/07
7/30/07 03:00 Olso (Norway)
Other 60 Seconds Several UFOs moving around for 60 seconds over a park. 8/7/07
7/29/07 23:40 Cerritos CA Other About 3 minutes Twirling Object Over Buena Park. 8/7/07
7/29/07 22:30 Chicago IL Circle five seconds Circular flying object moving westward over Chicago 8/7/07
7/29/07 16:45 Millmont PA Disk 5-8 MIN large black disk and two black helicopters appere and the disapear. 8/7/07
7/29/07 08:37 Orillia (Canada) ON Rectangle 15 min Amazed at two objects flying through the sky together, One rises up on a 90 degree angle and then a pause bfore darting off to the left 8/7/07
7/29/07 06:20 Mishawaka IN Fireball 10 minutes 7/29/07 0620 Mishawaka three lights with tails in shape of upside down triangle moving east 8/7/07
7/29/07 03:00 Kitchener (Canada) ON Light Hours Strange lights at first thought to be shooting stars.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/29/07 01:25 Kirkcaldy (UK/Scotland)
Circle 10 mins unexplained atmospheric conditons 8/7/07
7/29/07 01:00 Massillon OH Other 5 sec. Bright, sun-like light in the sky. 8/7/07
7/28/07 23:15 Austin TX Circle 3 minutes 3 craft over south Austin - Mopac 8/7/07
7/28/07 22:20 Moses Lake WA Light 2 minutes Traingle formation of lights in the night sky. 8/7/07
7/28/07 22:00 Stuart VA Oval 3 seconds Saw low flying noiseless aircraft with only 3 window lights seen on a full moon night showing shadow of wingless Lear Jet size at 1k'. 8/7/07
7/28/07 14:30 Hooper CO Disk 2-3 minutes 3 craft sighted by several witnesses in clear daylight conditions. Timepiece anomoly also occured 8/7/07
7/28/07 14:30 Hooper CO Disk 3 to 5 min. Many watch as two UFO’s merge then separate 8/7/07
7/28/07 14:30 Hooper CO Disk 25 minutes Event happened during UFOlympics at UFO Watchtower and I was with Stan Romanek. 8/7/07
7/28/07 14:30 Hooper CO Disk 1 minute Saw two craft in close proximity to each other, stationary at distance of several miles, with photographic confirmation, in daylight. 8/7/07
7/28/07 14:30 Hooper CO Other 3-4 minutes 2 UFO's spotted over Hooper, Colorado 8/7/07
7/28/07 11:00 Berkeley CA Light 10 seconds Two bright dots traveling silently in sunny blue sky, bay area California 8/7/07
7/28/07 03:40 Sanibel Island FL Light 8 sec "Shooting star" that didn't burn up but moved across the sky from east to west, then turned right just above the horizon. 8/7/07
7/28/07 Oklahoma City OK Rectangle 1 minute Oval-shaped white object flew across north Oklahoma City and disappeared. Helicopter appeared to look for it seconds after it vanished. 8/7/07
7/27/07 23:30 Florida (east of; over ocean) FL Unknown two seconds object travelling at unimaginable speed crossed our flight path from right to left with a blue trail in the sky 8/7/07
7/27/07 22:42 Latta SC Oval 3 sec Disc shaped, rapidly changing colors, moving horizontally just below full moon. 8/7/07
7/27/07 22:40 Rowland NC Teardrop 3-5 Seconds Neon Green object appears from behind cloud and Shoots faster than lightning across Sky. 8/7/07
7/27/07 22:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 5sec over horizon green fireball seen north myrtle beach 8/7/07
7/27/07 22:00 Gold Beach OR Light 20 to 30 seconds? 4 Balls of Light Travelling at High Speeds in Gold Beach, OR 8/7/07
7/27/07 21:30 Truckee CA Unknown 10 seconds The object moved accross the night sky, suddenly turned bright white,stopped and emmitted a smaller white light. 8/7/07
7/27/07 21:11 Sonora CA Light 3 secs Steady green light shot down from the heavens and to close proximity to the ground 8/7/07
7/27/07 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 1 second Bright white fireball with blue green and red tail shoots accross the sky during baseball game. 8/7/07
7/27/07 14:00 Gatlinburg TN Egg seconds Took Picture of an object over Gatlinburg Tn possiably UFO 8/7/07
7/27/07 12:30 Oakland CA Oval 5 minutes 30 small round objects floating horizontally in circular formation 8/7/07
7/27/07 12:00 San Antonio TX Triangle 10 minutes Aurora/U.F.O. sighting in San Antonio 8/7/07
7/27/07 00:00 Colorado Springs CO Light 10-15 min while laying in bed a little before midnight a bright red light caught my eye. it was was quite a distance from the window and was gli 8/7/07
7/26/07 22:45 Allen TX Unknown Unknown Bright, Hovering Lights in the Plano/Allen, Texas Area; 07-26-07 8/7/07
7/26/07 22:30 Stratford (UK/England)
Formation 30mins five unidentified objects were observed flying in formation after a sepereate craft was seen to approach at speed and a halt 8/7/07
7/26/07 22:00 San Antonio TX Unknown 30 min "Star" moving extremily fast across the sky, not a sattelite or plane. 8/7/07
7/26/07 22:00 Palmdale CA Light 5 minutes Red ball of light in the eastern sky 8/7/07
7/26/07 21:00 Rock Hill SC Unknown Basically, all night After a few months, THEY are still here! 8/7/07
7/26/07 20:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Diamond 30 seconds woman in canada spots an unidentified object"not from this earth" 8/7/07
7/26/07 18:00 Seattle WA Rectangle 10 sec Shaning and static object in Elliot Bay; disappeared in fractions of seconds. 8/7/07
7/25/07 23:42 Guetersloh (Germany)
Sphere 10 secs (aprox) sherical object circling a star 3 times, then coming out of "orbit" from the star, slowing, and shooting off at a great speed. 8/7/07
7/25/07 23:15 Hatfield Hertfordshire (UK/England)
Oval 2 min dull red glowing elongated and tapered cylinder silently travelling overhead in a dead straight line. 8/7/07
7/25/07 23:00 Springfield OR Light Hours Springfield, OR sightings of bright, multicolored lights near moon 8/7/07
7/25/07 22:30 Stratford (UK/England)
Formation 30min + Cluster formation witnessed by Hundreds over Stratford UK. 8/7/07
7/25/07 22:00 Fresno CA Sphere 5 min Bright white sphere moving south over Fresno 8/7/07
7/25/07 21:27 Birmingham AL Unknown 5-7 minutes Two pinpoints of light over DoubleOak Mtn. 8/7/07
7/25/07 21:00 Simi Valley CA Triangle 30 seconds Massive triangular aircraft flying over Simi Valley hills at 9pm 8/7/07
7/25/07 21:00 Fort Morgan AL Light 10 minutes Orange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once 8/7/07
7/25/07 20:50 Gretna LA Light 2 minutes Small red lights in an arc formed over Belle Chase, Louisiana. 8/7/07
7/25/07 20:30 Trumbull CT Cigar 10 Min Large Cigar Shaped Craft........... high rate of speed with no sonic boom observed 8/7/07
7/25/07 19:15 Sherwood Park (Canada) AB Sphere 2 minutes One small completely stationary sphere observed for 2 mins until clouds cover rolled in. Appeared to be light grey/white and very high 8/7/07
7/25/07 01:00 Huntington Beach CA Sphere 60 seconds clear floating sphere w/flashing red and white lights. 8/7/07
7/25/07 Brighton (UK/England)
Triangle 2 minutes I need to have an e-mail address for which to send you two photos I took please, after I took the photos the object dissapeared. It was 8/7/07
7/24/07 22:34 Atascadero CA Cylinder less than one minute Spotted a green, glowing, cylinder shaped craft, while driving home at 10:30pm. 8/7/07
7/24/07 22:15 Hopkinton MA Oval 1 minute driving home on 135 and noticed very large object in sky. it was only a couple hundred feet in the air. it hovered for a while and then 8/7/07
7/24/07 21:50 Jonesborough TN Triangle 30 seconds Low flying, triangular UFO with lights over Jonesborough Tennessee 8/7/07
7/24/07 21:33 Fort Collins-St. Louis MO Triangle 30min-5min I have been seeing the same ufo since my first report and it is stalking me and my girlfriend.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/24/07 09:45 Demotte IN Fireball second White ball of light with tail 8/7/07
7/24/07 00:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Sphere 2 min Orange like sphere flying around eratically right over 17 AVE (lower mount royal area) 8/7/07
7/23/07 23:00 East Aurora NY Rectangle 3 Minutes what looked to be a series of lights on a hovering vehicle observed in the evening sky. 8/7/07
7/23/07 22:50 Flower Mound TX Fireball 3 seconds Fireball near DFW Airport on 7/23/07 8/7/07
7/23/07 16:30 Chicago (east of) IL Cylinder 3 minutes we both saw a huge dark cylinderical UFO with a haze around it ,moving real fast and also two small UFO like tear drop,vanishing in sec 8/7/07
7/23/07 11:45 Pomona CA Light 5 minutes Flashing lights over the Hills in Claremont. 8/7/07
7/23/07 03:30 Brighton MI Light 10 to 15 minutes Fast moving light stops in night sky 8/7/07
7/23/07 01:30 Danville VA Triangle 4 MINUTES please call 8/7/07
7/22/07 22:12 Wheat Ridge CO Triangle 20 minutes Triangle Bright light formation flying sideways 8/7/07
7/22/07 22:05 Yakima WA Flash 1 second Looking about 10 degrees South of due East, at about 45 degrees above horizon, I saw a brief flash of light...not moving. 8/7/07
7/22/07 22:00 Rugby (UK/England)
Light 4-5 seconds Ball of Light with Tail 8/7/07
7/22/07 22:00 Wheeling IL Circle 3 min Red round light in sky fading in and out , then light starts to fall towards earth 8/7/07
7/22/07 20:30 Melville NY Rectangle 10 minutes Two bright rectangular objects on opposite sides of the Horizon at Sunset that were bright for ten minutes and then dimmed out of the s 8/7/07
7/22/07 20:00 Great Falls MT Teardrop 10 m black triangular object in southeast sky hovering at a lower altitude and proceeding to hover at much higher altitude for 10 minutes. 8/7/07
7/22/07 18:30 Crystal Beach FL Disk 20-30 minutes A stationary object positioned in sky over neighborhood. 8/7/07
7/22/07 16:00 San Jose CA Other about an 1 hour it was a shinny metal, 5 balloon looking object with something protruding from the bottom. 8/7/07
7/22/07 14:00 Tempe AZ Cylinder 40 seconds Stark white object flying over Tempe Arizona in strange non-linear aeronautical movements. 8/7/07
7/22/07 06:30 Birmingham AL Chevron 5 seconds southwestern skies of Birmingham, black object dart and zig zag then flee without trace 8/7/07
7/22/07 03:00 Beaver Dam (Canada) NB Light 45 minutes Multiple "Power Ups" in small area of sky 8/7/07
7/22/07 02:08 Sacramento CA Triangle 19 minutes I work late at night, on the way home I saw a Craft that seemed to be siting still. I got home and started looking at it closer...I'm l 8/7/07
7/22/07 02:00 Blossvale NY Circle 2+ hours circle flashing blue, green, white and red. 8/7/07
7/22/07 01:00 Glen Arbor MI Light 1 hour Two lights, opposite sides of night sky. Random paths of high speed movement. MI ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus and Jupiter? PD)) 8/7/07
7/22/07 00:15 Austin TX Circle 45 seconds Witnessed a group of 8 or 10 high altitude glowing lights traveling at very high speed from north to south over austin 8/7/07
7/21/07 22:30 Cornelius NC Oval 20 seconds An orange glowing object that made no noise nor did it move. After twenty seconds the light just slowly went out and was gone. 8/7/07
7/21/07 22:20 Costa Mesa CA Circle 20 -30 min round object seen in costa mesa flying 8/7/07
7/21/07 22:10 Middletown OH Light 30 sec. four bright lights northwest of Middletown Ohio. 8/7/07
7/21/07 22:00 Buffalo Grove IL Unknown 5 minutes 4 red lights on object in southeast night sky; object descended. 8/7/07
7/21/07 22:00 Newington CT Circle 30 Minutes Orange ball after firework show 8/7/07
7/21/07 21:45 Chicago IL Light 10 seconds Bright Light leaves amber trail 8/7/07
7/21/07 21:00 Madison (northwest of) WI Disk Under 2 seconds Two separate observations of the same UFO object/behavior with blind verification. Close proximity. 8/7/07
7/21/07 20:30 Melville NY Rectangle half hour I was in the car with my mother,It was about 8:30 pm when i spotted two square objects in the skye. They were bright and stationary. Th 8/7/07
7/21/07 19:00 Slave Lake (Canada) AB Disk 1 min It was nothing like anything we had ever seen, it was small though, and blackish, shiny, it flew wobbly.. 8/7/07
7/21/07 18:30 Germantown MD Circle 10 Minutes White Round Objects viewed from Germantown 8/7/07
7/21/07 15:30 Canton MI Sphere 15 minutes THE OBSERVANT SPHERE 8/7/07
7/21/07 12:30 Cedar Falls IA Light 1.5 hours Four crafts, flashing red, green and brilliant white lights, hovering overhead, one making zigzag movements. 8/7/07
7/21/07 11:00 Whitby (Canada) ON Triangle 6seconds july 21/2007,11:00pm-whitish,triangular image shoots across sky in toronto area.... 8/7/07
7/21/07 10:30 Mentor OH Unknown 15 min. Red blinking light changed to white light and flared very bright a few times following me home over the hightway in Lake County 8/7/07
7/21/07 08:30 Cheektowaga NY Light 5 minutes Saw bright star like object during the day directly overhead. 8/7/07
7/21/07 06:15 Mishawaka IN Fireball 10 minutes 07/21/07 mishawaka IN falling star looking light 0630 stopped falling and just sat there in the sky 8/7/07
7/21/07 05:40 Gresham OR Sphere 10 minutes Noticed a marble sized (from my viewpoint) black object just hanging in the air. 8/7/07
7/21/07 04:25 Peru IN Other 39 minutes Two bright objects over Grissom seemed to dance with each other in middle of night. 8/7/07
7/21/07 03:45 Sterling Heights MI Light two hours Stars/lights moving then stopping then turning right angles all night 8/7/07
7/21/07 02:34 Sandusky OH Formation 20-30 sec triangle formation of 3 white lights 8/7/07
7/21/07 00:30 Nashville TN Sphere about 30 mins It was a sphere lit up about 500 feet away over an interstate by a dam in the local hermitage area. 8/7/07
7/20/07 00:00 Miami FL Disk 5 seconds Green object in the sky 3 mi off Miami Beach, Fl. 8/7/07
7/20/07 23:00 London (Canada) ON Unknown 15.sec July 20/07 Wife and I became believers. What we saw was unbelieveable I just don't know what to say { thay are here} 8/7/07
7/20/07 23:00 Los Osos CA Diamond 15 mins Low stationary extremely bright light, similar to Venus in one place for 10 to 15 mins, snapped off lights and lifted off and left 8/7/07
7/20/07 22:45 Edmore MI Fireball 5 minutes Orange light/fireball low to ground then moving. 8/7/07
7/20/07 22:00 Lockport IL Oval 4 minutes Enormous, large shaped disc craft with bright yellow lights in center/slow moving but also quick moving. 8/7/07
7/20/07 21:43 Brookville IN Light app 3 mins Don't know what it was, possibly flares........... 8/7/07
7/20/07 21:20 Carson City NV Cigar 2 minutes UFO Military Aircraft 8/7/07
7/20/07 21:15 Ft. Lauderdale FL Triangle 15 minutes Stationary triangle shaped light seen over Ft. Lauderdale beach area. Seen east (away from the sea). Estimated altitude 3,000 feet. 8/7/07
7/20/07 20:30 Peekskill NY Light 20 minutes Brilliant bright light in the twilight sky 8/7/07
7/20/07 19:00 New York City (Queens) NY Disk 45 seconds Shinny sliver and black saucer shape moving very fast in bright blue sky - 8/7/07
7/20/07 14:00 Lyme CT Sphere 2 minutes A steady, hovering object flashing a silver-green light over treetops in daylight. 8/7/07
7/20/07 04:09 Rural Amador County CA Triangle 3 Minutes Low flying lights observed; no flashing, no sound. 8/7/07
7/20/07 04:00 Follansbee WV Triangle 5 minutes Black triangle shape with 2 bright white lights and 4 deep red lights. Back curved inward. no markings no sound. hovered above treeline 8/7/07
7/20/07 02:24 Antwep OH Unknown 20 Minutes The lights pulsed identical patterns to each other. 8/7/07
7/20/07 00:51 Chesapeake VA Changing 45 min Multiple objects visible at miles over Chesapeake VA Near Cornland park 8/7/07
7/19/07 23:19 McKinney TX Oval 4 Seconds Bright Oval White Light Moving Super Fast Speeds East of Mckinney Texas 8/7/07
7/19/07 20:30 Canberra (Australia)
Formation 10 seconds Two, orange maneuvering objects seen streaking overhead. 8/7/07
7/19/07 18:12 Wyandotte MI Fireball 30 seconds At about 6:10 p.m., I was sitting with my mother and 5 year old daughter at the park, and along with us there were two other children 8/7/07
7/19/07 13:30 Titusville FL Circle approx. 5 seconds I saw a moon-sized white glowing circular light divide into two smaller lights as it travelled like a "shooting star" across the sky. 8/7/07
7/19/07 05:10 Tomball TX Other 10 seconds Object seen in cloudy sky over Tomball 8/7/07
7/19/07 01:40 Orlando FL Fireball 2 - 3 Seconds Fire-Ball/Bolide Observed… 8/7/07
7/19/07 00:30 Coalinga CA Triangle 15 minutes Kite-shaped triangle UFO sighting on Interstate 5 in Coalinga, California, on July 19, 2007 8/7/07
7/18/07 21:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 2 min satellite looked like it was fired upon/ near miss meteor? 8/7/07
7/18/07 17:30 Gloucester MA Other 5 mins strange metal object/objects 8/7/07
7/18/07 12:45 El Paso TX Other one minute Delta-shaped metallic object observed for about a minute, and then disappeared. 8/7/07
7/17/07 20:15 Forest Hills PA Disk 4 seconds Bright Light Over Pittsburgh! 8/7/07
7/17/07 19:30 West Jordan UT Sphere 30 seconds 12-15 Orbs in the sky just before a small storm 8/7/07
7/17/07 19:00 Laguna Hills CA Rectangle 5 minutes stationary line of white pulsing lights 8/7/07
7/17/07 18:54 Gloucester MA Other 5 minutes 3 spinning object or objects in day sky 8/7/07
7/17/07 01:00 Pleasant Bay (Canada) NS Light 10 seconds Bright light appears and then fades as it crosses the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite. PD)) 8/7/07
7/17/07 00:13 Macon GA Flash 1 minute Twin flashing lights seen over Macon, GA 8/7/07
7/16/07 23:45 Tacoma WA Light 3 minutes Horizontal lights hovering over Commencement Bay 8/7/07
7/16/07 23:30 Angier NC Circle my house me and my uncle saw a bright red circle shape object 8/7/07
7/16/07 22:40 Wilmington NC Triangle Under ten sec. Triangular object with lights rotated as it flew over me. 8/7/07
7/16/07 22:30 Spokane WA Unknown 30-45 seconds White dot over Spokane WA moving in extreme angles instantly 8/7/07
7/16/07 22:15 Bangalore (India)
Unknown 2 seconds a bright flying object disappeared 8/7/07
7/16/07 22:00 North Reading MA Changing 2:00 Absolutely no characteristics of any aircraft I have ever seen, or any description availible of a craft on this site. 8/7/07
7/16/07 22:00 Seattle WA Teardrop 1 second Photographed UFO over Puget Sound on July 16, 2007 just after sunset. 8/7/07
7/16/07 04:12 Tallahassee FL Light 15 seconds Very Bright Light In the Sky Making Unusual Movements 8/7/07
7/16/07 01:54 Atlanta GA Light 35 seconds Bright Red Pinpoint Of Light Traveling Across Sky 8/7/07
7/16/07 00:52 Port Orchard WA Unknown 30 seconds Firey object going across early morning sky from S.E. to N.W. in Washington State! 8/7/07
7/15/07 23:30 Milford NE Circle 10 min Bright blue flashing light moving extreamly fast west. 8/7/07
7/15/07 23:30 Cleveland OH Changing 2 hours Several changing shapes and colored objects traveling at fast speeds or just sitting there until they disapeared in the blink of an eye 8/7/07
7/15/07 23:15 Middletown / Townsend or Cecilton / Warwick, Maryland DE Unknown 3-4 seconds Bright lights are seen for seconds then vanish after a house blocks view 8/7/07
7/15/07 17:33 Melrose MA Oval 2 Minutes High, dark oval object not consistant with planes. 8/7/07
7/15/07 16:00 Ann Arbor MI
10 seconds I was looking at some clouds through my binoculars directly over my house and just happen to see something quick move in a straight lin 8/7/07
7/15/07 12:20 Ottawa KS Sphere 10-15 seconds Silver, spherical object spotted near Ottawa, KS 8/7/07
7/15/07 11:45 The Villages FL Light 10 minutes unusual vision 8/7/07
7/15/07 04:30 San Bernardino CA Light 15 seconds Bright noisless light stationary, then moving in night sky 8/7/07
7/15/07 04:00 Hollywood FL Triangle 1 min ((HOAX??)) No sound and vary low flying 8/7/07
7/15/07 00:45 Ansbach (Germany)
Triangle about 15 mins floating triangles with red lights over germany. 8/7/07
7/15/07 00:00 Hamburg (Germany)
20 light spheres travelling across the sky over Hamburg, Germany, on 15th Jul 2007 8/7/07
7/14/07 23:34 Szerzyny (Malopolskie) (Poland)
I took a photo of the circle 8/7/07
7/14/07 23:20 Baldock (UK/England)
Flash 10 minutes Unexplainable objects glide across the sky. 8/7/07
7/14/07 23:15 Irvine CA Circle 15 minutes A circular object with bright blue lights floating near UC Irvine campus. Object flew in a circle for 10 or so minutes. Object then n 8/7/07
7/14/07 23:00 Springfield TN Circle 2 minutes circle object that flew in arch then disappeared 8/7/07
7/14/07 22:25 Ocala FL Oval 1 to 2 min Bright flickering light traveling in a zig zag pattern and eventually having a burst of speed and disappearing. 8/7/07
7/14/07 22:05 Camano Island WA Unknown 4 minutes 07/14/07 22:05 An object appeared that looked like fireworks with a tail of white streaming light with blue and red lights following. 8/7/07
7/14/07 22:00 Clarion PA Light 30 minutes Light moving high in the atmosphere in many diredtions, speeds, and even cricles. 8/7/07
7/14/07 20:45 White Bird ID Oval 2 sec Bright fast moving object very low in the skymoving west to east. 8/7/07
7/14/07 17:30 Los Angeles CA Sphere 30 Seconds Silver object over Los Angeles 8/7/07
7/14/07 17:20 Mahwah NJ Sphere 5-7 SECONDS Perfectly round, clear/white sphere at a very high altitude moving at a very high speed 8/7/07
7/14/07 13:00 Dolton IL Triangle 40 seconds A pyramid shaped craft, not upright but triangle side. flew over my house and car. Startled my wife and daughter. 8/7/07
7/14/07 11:00 Oak Lawn IL Light 25 minutes 4 slow lights across sky than one really fast one 5 minutes apart 8/7/07
7/14/07 03:30 Edina MN Light 10 seconds Stationary light became very bright with halo, moved north as it dimmed into orangish color & vanished. 8/7/07
7/14/07 02:18 St. Petersburg FL Light 1 hour My friend and I were at the beach and around 2 a.m. we were outside on a balcony looking west toward the water. I looked up in the sky 8/7/07
7/14/07 01:19 Madison WI Formation 4 seconds Four orange objects in formation followed by another. 8/7/07
7/14/07 00:00 Warren MI Light 2 min floating orange cylinder of light, Warren Mi 8/7/07
7/13/07 23:45 Warr Acres OK Diamond 15-20 min glowing hovering object viewed multiple times 8/7/07
7/13/07 22:00 Chesterfield MI Light 2 Minutes About a dozen bright orange lights spotted in the sky in Chesterfield, MI at 10:00 PM 7/13/2007 8/7/07
7/13/07 21:33 St. Louis MO Triangle 6 minutes THe ufo was a triangle and it tryed to abduct me and it happend before 8 years ago.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/13/07 20:00 Salt Lake City UT Oval <2 minutes Two Cloud like Oval objects came out of the Clouds over the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah!!! 8/7/07
7/13/07 18:33 St. Louis MO Triangle 4 minutes Big triangle thing the size of a medium sized bank. ((NUFORC Note: Cannot certify whether this is a serious report. PD)) 8/7/07
7/13/07 15:30 West Milwaukee WI Sphere 10 seconds white orb/sphere moving across blue sky at a high rate of speed then changes direction 8/7/07
7/13/07 14:05 Olympia WA Unknown 5 or 6 minutes Evergreen State College, Strange lit up sky with no noise. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? Date is flawed. PD)) 8/7/07
7/13/07 11:30 East Northport NY Circle 2 hours round circle with beam, the beam shot around down the street cousin, sister friend and i saw it happend 3 times since 2004 8/7/07
7/13/07 10:15 Milwaukie OR Other 5-10 min Four bright Lights, humming sound, stationary at times and moved at times 8/7/07
7/13/07 01:13 Lincoln City OR Triangle approx 10 sec. Three lights traveling south to north up the oregon coastline Friday July 13th at aprox. 1:13AM 8/7/07
7/12/07 23:20 Lombard IL Sphere 3 mins Round craft flying low over Unincorporated Lombard 8/7/07
7/12/07 22:00 Gresham OR Light over hour Strange light attracting smaller lights of eradict movements during lighting and thunder storm sky empty of commercial aircraft 8/7/07
7/12/07 21:50 Larksville PA Light 15seconds the sighting was like a reverse metiorite sighting. 8/7/07
7/12/07 21:32 Hesperia CA Light 4 seconds A small craft size light moving south to north at 9:32 PM on Thursday, July 12, 2007 over Hesperia, Ca. 8/7/07
7/12/07 21:00 Chico CA Circle 5-10 mins Plane chasing lights moving oddly 8/7/07
7/12/07 21:00 St. Charles IL Fireball half hour I think there were humans aboard this giant ufo craft, The air forces span for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD)) 8/7/07
7/12/07 16:00 Carlton OR Cylinder one minute A four foot round cigar shaped object made of branches hanging in the sky by itself. Totally motionless. 8/7/07
7/12/07 13:00 Herrin IL Circle 2.00 the object turned as the wind blew 8/7/07
7/12/07 01:45 New York City (Queens) NY Light 25 min Floating "object" from which round ball of white light detached and hovered in definite pattern formation, numerous times. 8/7/07
7/12/07 01:00 Indianapolis IN Light 15 seconds Light. ((NUFORC Note: Flare of Iridium satellite? PD)) 8/7/07
7/12/07 01:00 Las Vegas NV Light 2 Hours Lights (red, green, yellow, orange and blue) rotating around a brilliant white light due west of Las Vegas at about 30 degrees. 8/7/07

Flights in commercial Air craft on Sunny Days! ((NUFORC Note: Description of "Broca's Spot." Phenomenon is well known. PD)) 8/7/07
7/11/07 23:30 Lincoln MT Unknown 25 Minutes Unknown lights and unexplained observation on Lewis and Clark Pass, MT 11 July 2007 8/7/07
7/11/07 23:00 Yakima WA Unknown 10 minutes it was a strobing light, I could see it moving in weird directions. 8/7/07
7/11/07 22:30 Lemont IL Sphere 3 min 4 orange glowing spheres with a plamsa emissions around each craft. 8/7/07
7/11/07 22:00 Ramona CA Unknown 25 minutes 10 red and white lights moving erratically across Ramona skyline 8/7/07
7/11/07 22:00 Venice FL Sphere 20 Minutes Large bright circular object hovered for 20 minutes then moved off North Northwest at a very slow speed. 8/7/07
7/11/07 21:30 St. Louis Park MN Formation 5 minutes 2 Objects directly overhead, travelling at the same speed and distance, heading south/southeast 8/7/07
7/11/07 21:00 Maple Shade NJ Triangle Less than a minute Dark triangle with bright white light in center flew from east to west across the sky in less than a minute. 8/7/07
7/11/07 10:00 Oconomowoc WI Teardrop 30seconds ((HOAX??)) A bright teardrop object reported over Oconomowoc. 8/7/07
7/11/07 08:45 Kansas City MO Light 2 minutes Shiney parallel objects seen over KCKC and then KC north. 8/7/07
7/11/07 02:30 Seattle WA Light <1 second Bright lights blinked once and went off above the houses 8/7/07
7/11/07 02:00 Salisbury NH Circle 10 seconds Large ball of white light that appeared to land. 8/7/07
7/10/07 23:30 Cambria/San Luis Obispo County CA Light 2 Minutes/All Day Cambria UFO 07/10/2007 and strange earthquake felt on 07/18/2007 8/7/07
7/10/07 23:27 Kirkland WA Light 3 seconds Can attest to the probability that the sightings were not of any conventional aircraft or natural phenomena of which I am aquainted. 8/7/07
7/10/07 22:00 Las Vegas NV Disk 2 min Disk shaped object with rotating lights seen from the Las Vegas strip. 8/7/07
7/10/07 21:45 Clearwater FL Disk 4 minutes 4 phosphorus discs flying in a continuing circular pattern while flying together to the center at every two or three rotations 8/7/07
7/10/07 21:00 Sand Point ID Changing 24 min we got on film a very differnt anomalie it looked like a moon then a star burst and flairs and pulsing it was unbeliveable then just b 8/7/07
7/10/07 00:00 Oak Ridge NC Rectangle twice, both times were ab rectangle shaped, low flying object over Oakridge, NC 8/7/07
7/9/07 23:00 Columbia LA Changing about one min object seen the the southern sky it changed shape twice, then traveled off at a high rate of speed to the south. 8/7/07
7/9/07 22:00 Karnal (India)
Fireball 2 HOURS tv vuideo 8/7/07
7/9/07 21:30 Marble Falls AR Light 120 min large bright white light observed over Marble Falls, AR. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a planet?? PD)) 8/7/07
7/9/07 21:00 Karnal (Haryana) (India)
Strange lights seen with strong winds and shown by leading news channels in India. 8/7/07
7/9/07 17:00 Fullerton CA Changing 15 min. Stationary Silver object seen at very high altitude appeared to be descending while reflecting sunlight 8/7/07
7/9/07 12:30 Seattle WA Unknown 30 mins Odd object over Seattle, perfectly clear day, airplanes and bird in frames for comparison 8/7/07
7/9/07 11:15 Sarasota FL Cigar 1-2 minutes Cigar Flying Headed North Over Fruitville in Sarasota 8/7/07
7/9/07 10:20 State College PA Triangle 43 mins 3 lights formed in a pyramid shape, blinking with harmony as if it was a beacon of some sort. 8/7/07
7/9/07 05:05 New Mexico (southwest) NM Oval seconds anomaly in the western sky in southwest New Mexico 8/7/07
7/9/07 05:05 Deming NM Oval seconds anomaly in the southern new mexico sky 8/7/07
7/9/07 01:30 Ishikawa (Okinawa) (Japan)
Light 30 seconds A white light was seen until it accelerated and disappeared. 8/7/07
7/8/07 23:30 Bremerton WA Light 2 seconds Fast moving bluish light gliding across sky. 8/7/07
7/8/07 22:00 Portland CT Fireball 5 minutes Fireball,very low and then went higher into the sky and dissappeared 8/7/07
7/8/07 21:00 Karnal (India)
Sphere 3 hrs On around 9 pm on 8th July 2007 over a large part of northern india, primarily over Karnal (Kalpana's birthplace) more than an entire c 8/7/07
7/8/07 21:00 Peoria AZ Light 5-10 min Flash of light thought to be a UFO 8/7/07
7/8/07 20:30 Kurnool (India)
Fireball 3 hrs Two flash lights in sky 8/7/07
7/8/07 20:00 Damariscotta ME Circle 2-3 seconds Bright white spherical object moved rapidly from east to west crossing river to the south of our home 8/7/07
7/8/07 08:35 Santa Rosa CA Light 00:05 First one, then two bright white objects hovering motionless and varying in brightness. 8/7/07
7/8/07 02:00 Arizona AZ Teardrop ------------------------- "read and think about this" 8/7/07
7/8/07 01:30 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Unknown 10 seconds Dozen flying sparks in a birds flock formation flying across each other. 8/7/07
7/7/07 23:30 Lawrenceburg KY Oval 03 minutes FAST BRIGHT ORANGE LIGHT 8/7/07
7/7/07 23:10 Hartlepool (UK/England)
Fireball 2 mins Soundless bright light seen over North East coast of England 8/7/07
7/7/07 23:00 Earlville IL Circle 1 minute My five friends and I were on a camping trip in Earlville, IL which is primarily a farming community. Late at night around 11 PM, I was 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:45 Seymour CT Light 20 min Traveling lights over Seymour, CT 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:39 Sydney (Australia)
Other 1 minute A directional changing bright structured object that ascended up in Sydney. 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:35 Yardville NJ Unknown 2 minutes We saw a star that started to move. 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:30 Fremont IN Fireball 30 minutes UFOs shape like a glowing flame crafts viewed by many, I video taped 3 of them on July 7, 2007 at Clear Lake, Indiana at night 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:30 Fort Wayne IN Fireball About 20 Minutes This craft was obviously aware of us getting the camera. 8/7/07
7/7/07 22:30 Libertyville IL Oval 15 seconds Oval shape with wide band horizontally through center, silverish in color, thin red zig zag lights only on sides underneath, 8/7/07
7/7/07 21:45 Homer Glen IL Disk 10 minutes 30 - 40 bright egg- shaped objects seen in skies over Homer Glen, IL at 9:45 pm on 7-7-07 moving from east to west. 8/7/07
7/7/07 21:37 Lemont IL Circle 10 minutes Orange lights over Chicago area 7/7/07 8/7/07
7/7/07 21:30 Bradenton FL Sphere 1 minute palma sola bay southern sky...portal? or skyway too the universe...i cant stop thinking that after what i saw. 8/7/07
7/7/07 21:30 Wallingford CT Circle 5 Three Orange Circular Balls traveling in excess of 250knts heading across sky toward Durham, Ct 8/7/07
7/7/07 10:45 Detroit MI Cigar 15 seconds Amazing dayligt sighting of huge silver cigar shaped ufo 8/7/07
7/7/07 10:21 Mamaroneck NY Sphere 5 min. Fast round flying object seen over golf course in NYC 8/7/07
7/7/07 03:00 Prescott WI Sphere 20 min. UFO over Mississippi river. 8/7/07
7/7/07 02:30 Sydney (Australia)
Cylinder 1hr UFOs abduct me 8/7/07
7/7/07 01:30 Brighton MI Sphere 3 minutes Orange glowing sphere moving steadily across the night sky 8/7/07
7/7/07 01:00 Gwinn MI Unknown aprox 2-3 hours per night Many blinking objects moving at high speed, red and white lights observed 2 nights in a row in upper MI ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)) 8/7/07
7/7/07 00:45 Ames IA Triangle 5 Minutes + Orange Triangular Craft in Pursuit 8/7/07
7/7/07 00:00 Irvine CA Circle 10 mins Floating circular object seen over Irvine Spectrum 8/7/07
7/7/07 La Plata (Argentina)
Sphere 1 MINUTO el vehiculo aereo policial sabia la exisyencia de la esfera y la espero y nunca se acerco a menos de 300 metros 8/7/07
7/6/07 23:00 Atlantic Ocean FL Circle 10 minutes July 6, 2007 Aboard the Carnival Liberty, Atlantic Ocean South of Florida Keys, Observed three round blue/green objects. 8/7/07
7/6/07 21:40 Trout Lake WA Circle 40 mins Witnessed an unidentified glowing round object in the western sky above Gilliland's Ranch at Trout Lake, WA below Mt. Adams 7.6.07. 8/7/07
7/6/07 21:30 Bates MO Light Past mightnight Star like objects hovering then moving very fast. 8/7/07
7/6/07 21:20 Lincoln RI Light 60 seconds Quickly Growing White Light in Rhode Island 8/7/07
7/6/07 16:40 Portland OR Other 1 minute Bright sun-illuminated "dot" drifting over S.E. Portland, Oregon 8/7/07
7/6/07 16:00 Alabama (above; in flight) AL Other 45 secs Speared shaped object spotted over Alabama while on a flight to Florida 8/7/07
7/6/07 09:10 Overland Park KS Disk 15 minutes Silent, disk-shaped object observed floating, flipping end-over-end in broad daylight for about 15 minutes 8/7/07
7/6/07 04:00 Lee's Summit MO Triangle 60 seconds Black triangle with lights and afterburner 8/7/07
7/6/07 02:20 Abilene TX Fireball 2 seconds Largest "Falling Star" I've ever seen 8/7/07
7/6/07 01:30 Grand Rapids MI Light 30 seconds Pulsing white light seen again 8/7/07
7/5/07 22:37 Greenwood IN Light 2 min 5 orange lights moving slowly, then faster, in somewhat of a formation for about 2 - 3 minutes. 8/7/07
7/5/07 22:30 Parksville (Canada) BC Light 5 - 10 min The light was brighter than anything I've ever seen in the sky & hovered in one place. 8/7/07
7/5/07 20:00 Ralston NE Light 10 minutes Ten starlike objects seen in daylight just s of Omaha - most stationary but some moved various directions 8/7/07
7/5/07 15:20 Mapleton (nearby) UT Oval 20 Seconds Grey Oval over interstate 15, Utah County 8/7/07
7/5/07 11:00 Chicago IL Disk 5 minutes two objects near O'Hare, July 2007 8/7/07
7/5/07 00:00 Garden City MO Light 10 seconds i seen something that flew across the night sky very fast. 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:45 Fort Mill SC Light 4-5 minutes grouping of seven yellowish-white lights traveling in the sky 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:40 Tacoma WA Changing 10 mins Orange light over Tacoma, Washington. 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:34 Fort Knox KY Triangle 30 seconds to about one m Black Triangle sighted over my house in Fort Knox during Fourth of July!!! 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:30 Hutchinson KS Fireball twenty minutes Five Very large fireballs right over our neighborhood. 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:00 Vermillion SD Light 20 minutes I saw these lightrs high in space every 5 minutes for about 20 minutes. 8/7/07
7/4/07 23:00 Indianapolis IN Fireball 45 seconds Flaming object in sky. 8/7/07
7/4/07 22:30 Lansing MI Teardrop 1 minute Bright orange, teardrop-shaped objects at low altitude moving in a straight line. 8/7/07
7/4/07 22:21 Riverside CA Fireball Ten minutes An orange fireball like light moved right to left, than stopped and hovered. 8/7/07
7/4/07 22:15 Renton WA Oval 4 min two flying objects appeared and disappeared in to two different directions. 8/7/07
7/4/07 22:15 Norwood NC Cylinder five minutes Cylinder, Amber Colored, no blinking lights, moving from South-to-North, extremely clear night. 8/7/07
7/4/07 22:05 Bristol CT Oval 5 minutes Fast moving oval object very bright orange hovered then flew off 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:30 Etters PA Triangle 2-3 min Three yellowish lights in the shape of a Triangle moving very slowly 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:08 Wichita Falls TX Light 8 sec White light in eastern Texas sky flying south and dissapearing...@8 seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite? PD)) 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:05 Spring Valley CA Other 10 Minor more Strange Bright Red Object over San Diego 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:02 La Mesa CA Unknown 5 minutes Single small bright red stationary object in southern sky 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:00 Garland TX Changing 10:00 minutes I saw a strange bright light in the sky at a fireworks show and decided to take some pictures. 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:00 Throop PA Sphere couple minutes Stange orange glowing object flying across the sky slowly that looked like the moon. 8/7/07
7/4/07 21:00 Spring Valley CA Fireball 5 Minutes mysterious stationary red light stationary in Southeast, that slowly started to move, gradually gaining speed then disapering 8/7/07
7/4/07 20:20 Clarklake MI Formation 4-5 seconds V-shaped formation of objects photographed.... 8/7/07
7/4/07 20:00 Ponca city OK Circle 1 min Glowing red, round object flying fast over Ponca City, Oklahoma 8/7/07
7/4/07 20:00 Wichita Falls TX Light
I went to ; object was Iridium satellite #42. 8/7/07
7/4/07 18:30 Kalispell MT Unknown 10 seconds Obviously non-natural object flying in straight track disappears. 8/7/07
7/4/07 18:30 Los Angeles CA Circle 40 minutes THE UFO WAS A CIRCLE EMITTING LIGHT, BUT NOT THE SUN. 8/7/07
7/4/07 12:43 Prue OK Circle 5 seconds Briefly saw UFO it set off my car's RADAR dector on LASER mode (for cops detecting speeders). ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 8/7/07
7/4/07 11:59 Murfreesboro TN Unknown 10 minutes Was Round bubble shape then moved alot almost like a firework then moved like strafed back and forth then went straight at a blink eye 8/7/07
7/4/07 11:00 Markham IL Light 1 minute I think one satalite moving right than one moving left 15 minutes later 8/7/07
7/4/07 03:00 Huntsville AL Disk
A picture of a UFO in the sky in a picture a disk shape 8/7/07
7/4/07 02:00 Lake Arrowhead CA Fireball 10 minutes Felt vibration through the house and saw green ball of light flying at high rate speed. 8/7/07
7/4/07 01:00 Myrtle Beach SC Circle 3 hours Bright circle moving at a slow pace 20 minutes apart with an orange blinking light a few feet below it. 8/7/07
7/4/07 00:15 Salem OR Light 30+ min. Multiple crafts sited 8/7/07
7/3/07 23:59 Halifax (Canada) NS Light abut 30 min it was around midnight i was sitting my deck and i sow a bright green line in the sky i even took some pictures of it it lasted about 3 8/7/07
7/3/07 23:15 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Teardrop 20 Mins Circular orange flame came overhead from the west of Aberdeen heading east. It just past when the orange flame went out and the object 8/7/07
7/3/07 23:12 McDonough GA Light a few seconds it made no sounds. The ufo was very low, and it was very bright. The bright light was white in color, and the ufo changed it shape into 8/7/07
7/3/07 23:10 Irvine CA Circle 3 mins circular object flys over the Irvine Spectrum 50+ people all saw it also. 8/7/07
7/3/07 23:00 Fairview TN Light 2 hours Multiple star like high altitude objects over middle TN. 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:30 Littleton NH Light 10-15 seconds UFO making impossible flight path- NH- upper CT river valley 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:30 Hilliard OH Formation 10min We saw three orange objects moving from west to east in the night sky. 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:20 Saddleback CA Circle 10 min. 3 UFOs Hovering in Saddleback and lights "parked" on the ground. 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:17 San Diego CA Sphere 2 minutes Sperical UFO in San Diego 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:10 Springfield NJ Oval 22:10 Glowing light orb/disk behind cloud: light oval shape every 9 - 10 seconds would appear 8/7/07
7/3/07 22:00 Choctaw OK Chevron 20 seconds Singular craft moving at high rate of speed with a firey glow 8/7/07
7/3/07 21:50 Mountain Home AR Light 1 hour Large Bright Light. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter is quite prominent in the southern sky, currently. PD)) 8/7/07
7/3/07 21:30 Southside AL Triangle 4-6 minutes At approximately 9:30 PM (21:30) I was on my deck smoking a cigarette and as I do nightly, looked into the sky to see the clarity of th 8/7/07
7/3/07 20:00 Meriden CT Circle 2 hour duration Small, round, red objects appear in the Meriden, Connecticut skies. 8/7/07
7/3/07 18:45 Springfield IL Disk 55 minutes Large stationary saucer shaped object over Springfield, Illinois 8/7/07
7/3/07 16:30 Columbia MO Cigar 1 minute Black cigar shaped object flying north of Columbia, Missouri on 7/3/07. 8/7/07
7/3/07 14:15 Holyoke MA Disk Unknown Picture of dark, disc like object in the sky, Holyoke, MA. 8/7/07
7/3/07 13:00 Stanwood WA Disk 10 seconds saucer shaped disk moving across clouds 8/7/07
7/3/07 11:40 Columbus OH Light 15 - 20 minutes I have seen a great many different aircraft from different angles and at different altitudes but have never seen anything even remotely 8/7/07
7/3/07 11:30 Grandview OH Light 30 min Two lights in the Columbus, Ohio sky - middle of the day. 8/7/07
7/3/07 03:30 Kirkland WA Circle 3 min. Round, very bright object with small bright object nearby moved in a square area for 3 minutes in a.m. hours. 8/7/07
7/3/07 02:30 Mainz (Germany)
Light 7 seconds Red light/dot moving over Ursa Major, 7 seconds, far distance, big size on 030707, Mainz/Germany 8/7/07
7/2/07 23:58 St. George UT Other 15 seconds Walking home from the park when i saw... 8/7/07
7/2/07 22:00 Paso Robles CA Unknown 2 minutes Erratic moving object in southern Paso Robles Sky moves forward, backwards and vertically at high speeds. 8/7/07
7/2/07 15:15 Escondido CA Cylinder 2 mins strange silver object flying side to side and in circles 8/7/07
7/2/07 10:25 Winchester KY Triangle 10 min semi transparent triangular sighting 8/7/07
7/1/07 22:40 Livingston TX Circle 1 min Bright, circular white light moving over East Texas was easily seen with full moon out. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD)) 8/7/07
7/1/07 22:10 Hillsboro OR Triangle 3 minutes Quiet triangular craft, bright white lights, reduced to rapidly flashing blue & red lights, disappeared like a twinkling star 8/7/07
7/1/07 21:55 Lewiston ID Light 5 minutes I was walking back from my shop to my house and looked up. The sky was partly overcast, but no rain, a few stars were visible. My att 8/7/07
7/1/07 20:28 Colchester CT Disk 2-3 Seconds Briefly saw multicolored disk fly by fmaily car as we drove down a back road. 8/7/07
7/1/07 13:00 Santa Monica CA Circle 10 mins Cluster over Santa Monica, CA. 8/7/07
6/30/07 23:45 San Bernadino CA Light roughly 20 min. After being parked facing north in San Timoteo canyon to watch trains and possibly catch a nap before hitting the road to Phoenix, we s 8/7/07
6/30/07 23:30 Vaudreuil (Canada) QC Light 8 seconds Unidentified Aerial red,blue,green lights seen in a cloud over Vaudreuil,Quebec near Montreal 8/7/07
6/30/07 23:00 Southigton CT Sphere 30 min Red/orange spheres traveling in a triangular trail over Southington Connecticut. 8/7/07
6/30/07 22:30 Saint Johns MI Rectangle 15-30 seconds Red/orange retagular shaped light in Northwestern sky 8/7/07
6/30/07 22:30 Southington CT Fireball 15 min After fireworks display, many people including ourselves saw very fast moving objects one after the other moving west to east. Speed v 8/7/07
6/30/07 22:10 Indianapolis IN Light 2 Minutes Bright red light over Indianapolis 8/7/07
6/30/07 22:09 North Pole AK Formation Approx. 3hrs ((HOAX??)) Strange ships and electrical interference. 8/7/07
6/30/07 18:35 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Triangle About 2 Minutes We saw a triangle UFO fly by our window in Brooklyn. 8/7/07
6/30/07 12:30 Miami Beach FL Sphere 10 Seconds A spherical object that moved impossibly fast, flashing light across the noon sky.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/30/07 09:45 Seattle WA Light 10 min Glowing orbs in the sky over seattle 8/7/07
6/30/07 Laguna Beach CA Circle at least 5 minutes UFO sighting in Laguna Beach! 8/7/07
6/29/07 00:00 Neptune OH Circle 3 minutes six round orb lights in the sky and low to the ground 8/7/07
6/29/07 23:40 Noblesville IN Fireball approx 3 min Bright fireball spotted over Noblesville Indiana 8/7/07
6/29/07 23:30 North Platte NE Triangle 5min Went to my truck and looked up and saw 3 very very hight lights moveing in a tri shap. shift and move north slowly , as watching the 3 8/7/07
6/29/07 23:00 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 4 min. 2 red objects in the sky. Moved slowly at first. stopped for about 2 min. then quickly dissappeared. 8/7/07
6/29/07 22:15 Hamilton (Canada) ON Light 6 seconds Fast moving flash of light. 8/7/07
6/29/07 22:00 North Adamas MA Light 5-10 seconds Bright Flashing Orange and White light seen in Berkshire County 8/7/07
6/29/07 17:00 Oak Lawn IL Circle 20 seconds There was lots of traffic on the way to work. I was going past Denny's a restraunt traffic was moving 5 feet per 2 minutes. I saw a Fen 8/7/07
6/29/07 03:00 Markham (Canada) ON Light about 5 minutes white star shaped light moving around in the sky at speeds too slow to be a plane or moving star. 8/7/07
6/29/07 01:00 Shawnee KS Triangle east ((HOAX??)) The objects was a tryangle, it had 6 wight lights, and 1 red flashing light.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/28/07 23:00 Myrtle Beach SC Light 5-10 seconds each occurre Red/orange lights over ocean appearing, moving horizontally, then disappearing 8/7/07
6/28/07 23:00 Bloomington IN Oval 1 min Orange light changeing to amber 8/7/07
6/28/07 22:00 Garden City Beach SC Light 2 Hours Orange lights near Myrtle Beach S.C. appear at roughly 22:00 from 6/25 - 6/28 8/7/07
6/28/07 21:30 Robbinsville (near) NC Light 5 minutes Four orange lights seem in Graham county, North Caroline. 8/7/07
6/28/07 21:11 Hammond LA Cigar 3 hrs A object appeared to hover over Hammond LA, the object changed colors the object was disc shaped 8/7/07
6/28/07 21:00 Seattle WA Disk 10 minutes black wingless bell-shaped object floating over downtown Seattle 8/7/07
6/28/07 21:00 Seattle WA Other 20 min Black blob moving over Seattle 8/7/07
6/28/07 19:30 Glastonbury (UK/England)
Grren sphere with light aura photographed at Glastonbury UK 8/7/07
6/28/07 02:30 Grand Rapids MI Light 10 seconds Pulsing lights 8/7/07
6/27/07 22:23 Boger (UK/England)
((HOAX)) that day I was away for school I was going to bed I got up 22.23 my eye saw object 8/7/07
6/27/07 22:00 Oak Lawn IL Light 6 seconds Green light moving toward 103rd st from 95th & central - Moved for 6 seconds while I was on my cellphone I told my friend it was going 8/7/07
6/27/07 21:53 Gilroy CA Light 3 mins pulsing light 20-50 miles out from gilroy probably over saratoga or los gatos 8/7/07
6/27/07 21:00 Hoboken NJ Changing 5 mins Stick shaped UFO moving slowly at a very high altitude North East over Northern NJ 8/7/07
6/27/07 20:45 Jersey City NJ Other 10 minutes Worm shaped object seen by at least 6 adults from Jersey City back yards 8/7/07
6/27/07 15:00 Nevada NV
anytime If you look at area 51 from a satellite view, you will see at the North side of the base its self. That there is a image of what is cal 8/7/07
6/27/07 03:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Cigar 8 min neon green, disappears and reappears 8/7/07
6/26/07 22:45 Burlington CT Unknown 1 minute object makes fishhook turn in connecticut sky 8/7/07
6/26/07 22:30 St. Louis MO Unknown 10 minutes Another night, another sighting over St. Louis, Mo. 8/7/07
6/26/07 22:30 Myrtle Beach SC Light 30 Seconds & Over 1 hour Large Orange Lights Appear in Formations 8/7/07
6/26/07 21:30 Loganville GA Light 1 to 2 minutes Bright White Light, Northeast Georgia 8/7/07
6/26/07 21:00 Gulf Shores AL Light 15 min Red lighting object over gulf 8/7/07
6/26/07 16:00 Boise ID Disk 2-3 minutes 4 white or cream disk-shaped UFOs in pairs about a minute apart over Boise, Idaho 8/7/07
6/26/07 08:30 Fort Wayne IN Oval 5 min. Dark, Figure Eight Craft 8/7/07
6/25/07 23:50 Dalmeny (Canada) SK Light 5 minutes Observed a rapidly moving star-like object -- the object was not a satellite or shooting star. 8/7/07
6/25/07 23:00 San Juan Capistrano CA Disk 20 secs ((HOAX)) Gray Type A Alien form in metallic saucer with red glow and yellow beams. 8/7/07
6/25/07 22:30 Fayetteville NC Cigar 10 seconds I was driving up to Raleigh, NC on I-95 N from Fayetteville, NC to visit some friends. It was about 10:30 at night. I am pretty sure it 8/7/07
6/25/07 22:15 Petaluma CA Unknown 7to10 seconds As we were driving south on hwy. 101 through petaluma, all 3 of us in our vehicle noticed a bright light traveling towards the earth. U 8/7/07
6/25/07 21:30 Bradenton FL Light 10-20 seconds Two star like lights, one moving towards the other, dissappears,now that I look again, the other one is gone too. 8/7/07
6/25/07 21:00 Tulare CA Rectangle 12 minutes Flashing strobe lights moving and stopping midair, changing direction quickly and changing altitude. 8/7/07
6/25/07 20:30 St. Louis MO Unknown 15-20 minutes Black floating objects flying over St. Louis, Mo. 8/7/07
6/25/07 16:00 Tempe AZ Changing 30 min Star like objects flickering and flying very fast in the day time. No sound. 8/7/07
6/25/07 03:30 Marion MI Light 15 minutes plus Two lights in the sky at the same height; one to the east and one to the west. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter? PD)) 8/7/07
6/25/07 02:20 Prattville AL Triangle 10 secs Dark triangular craft. Was flying slow, as well as low. No lights. Strange, loud, pulsating, humming sound. 8/7/07
6/25/07 00:30 Toledo OH Disk 90 min Unidentified Object Sighted 8/7/07
6/24/07 23:50 Sarasota FL Light 2 minutes white twin lights, sarasota florida, june 27, 2007 8/7/07
6/24/07 23:00 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Rectangle
I was in my house when it apeared for about 4 secs then flew off really fast 8/7/07
6/24/07 22:48 Texas coast (at sea) TX Cigar 18 I was at 41,000 ft off coast 80 miles from houston on 135 degrees of HOU I am a pilot for a company. UFO was off my port about 3000 fee 8/7/07
6/24/07 22:35 Sonoma CA Cross 12 minutes Flickering, cross shaped, white vertical core light with blue center and extremely bright with glows off and out to sides, top & bottom 8/7/07
6/24/07 22:30 Irvine CA Circle 5 mins ...a flying circular disk with bright lights on the bottom outer rim. It was about 6-20 feet in diameter, spinning and hovering 8/7/07
6/24/07 21:50 Williamsport PA Fireball Aproximately 2 mins Fireball in the sky over the Susquehanna River in Williamsport, PA. 8/7/07
6/24/07 21:15 Saint Coud FL Fireball 5 min. Red glowing, star-like, fire ball in ther Central Florida skies. 8/7/07
6/24/07 21:00 Shinnston WV Disk 3 min silver disk hovering with 3 red nonblinking lights,,, watched for a minet and then it shot off 8/7/07
6/24/07 19:40 Columbia MO Cylinder 1 minute MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I was outside doing lawn work when I looked up and saw what looked like a plane. 8/7/07
6/24/07 18:00 San Diego CA Other 15 min there is no explaination for this sighting,not of this world, defies logic. 8/7/07
6/24/07 15:00 El Dorado Springs MO Cigar 2 min I have seen this same type of silver cigar shaped craft twice in a month. Both times it was going from left to right (south to north), 8/7/07
6/24/07 12:56 Frankfort KY Triangle 10-15 seconds 2nd time in one night, please read this and the end… ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of 8/7/07
6/24/07 12:34 Frankfort KY Triangle About 30 seconds It was my first sighting, and it scared me to death. 8/7/07
6/24/07 04:30 Oregon OH Oval 1 hour Large oval shape, bright white and gray in color. 8/7/07
6/24/07 03:00 Plymouth CT Unknown 30 seconds Slow moving star like object 8/7/07
6/24/07 02:00 Palmdale CA Light 15-20 seconds 4 lights in sky do strange things. 8/7/07
6/24/07 00:30 Douglas WY Light 30 minutes Bright orange lights appear in remote Wyoming area, twice! 8/7/07
6/24/07 00:30 Liberty Hill TX Flash 2 min long delay flashing light 8/7/07
6/23/07 23:15 Old Station CA Light 1 minute A bright object in the night sky flashed brighter as it moved through the sky. 8/7/07
6/23/07 23:00 London (UK/England)
Light 5mis i saw some orange lights in the sky 8/7/07
6/23/07 22:20 North Pownal VT Oval 3 minute The object traveled in a direct path. 8/7/07
6/23/07 22:15 Lee's Summit MO Triangle 2 minutes Three solid white lights on a hovering triangular shaped craft. 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:32 Carol Stream IL Sphere less than 30 seconds Speefy fat disk shaped craft spotted against a cloudy sky. 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:30 North Hollywood CA Circle 10 to 15 minuets 6/23/07 Total of five round objects against the moon's light, but not all at the same time. 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:30 Saint Cloud FL Fireball 5-10 Mins Red glowing light west of Kennedy Space Center 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10 Grand Bay AL Fireball 5 seconds Decending Green fire ball traveling east to west over south Mobile county , Alabama 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10 Chino Hills CA Diamond 10 minutes UFo was observed on the opposite flight pattern as planes on final approach to LAX. UFO was moving west to east until it dissaperared 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:00 Big Bear CA Light 2-3 minutes Single bright light in Big Bear, CA sky 8/7/07
6/23/07 21:00 Louisburg KS Circle <5 minutes Bright orb shapped object moving from West to North to East. 8/7/07
6/23/07 20:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 2-3 minutes Black rotating cross witnessed by 6 people above Tufts University Campus. 8/7/07
6/23/07 17:00 New York City NY Circle 45 minutes Large, intense stationary bright light seemed to fade in and out over New Jersey. 8/7/07
6/23/07 14:20 McVeytown PA Cigar 45 seconds Large, unmarked, white cigar-shaped UFO seen by daughter in clear blue afternoon sky. 8/7/07
6/23/07 14:00 Washougal WA Formation 3 hours 100's of orbs 8/7/07
6/23/07 12:30 Lakeside AZ Disk 1 minute disc in lakeside 8/7/07
6/23/07 09:45 Rutland VT Disk 10 seconds very thin black disk with very well rounded shape, clear as day floats effortlessly and turns on sides in sky , 8/7/07
6/23/07 Greeneville TN Unknown
A weird star shape object floated and twirled in the night. 8/7/07
6/22/07 23:15 Gary IN Light 1:45 white geometrically moving lights on a stationary craft over Gary, IN 8/7/07
6/22/07 23:15 Lausanne (Switzerland)
Sphere Unknown Strange dots noticed upon inspection of photos of a lightning storm 8/7/07
6/22/07 23:00 Martinsburg WV Unknown 2 hours Martinsburg WV, 10-12 lights, 2 witnesses, we see them quite frequently. Lights go from very dim to extremely bright 8/7/07
6/22/07 22:49 Pottsville PA Sphere 1 minute Silent orange round light suddenly appears and flies over at high speed. 8/7/07
6/22/07 22:10 Secaucus NJ Sphere unknown Bright ring of white light in south west New Jersey sky 8/7/07
6/22/07 22:00 Santa Barbara CA Unknown 20+ minutes two lights over santa barbara mountains 8/7/07
6/22/07 22:00 Fayetteville GA Light 15 seconds 2 White flashing lights moving across the sky over Fayetteville, Ga. 8/7/07
6/22/07 21:40 Ventura CA Chevron 4 seconds V shaped soundless aircraft 8/7/07
6/22/07 17:00 Shorewood IL Changing 30 Seconds Huge white blimp covered with clouds. 8/7/07
6/22/07 12:30 Torrance CA Light 20 Minutes Los Angeles - Bright lights seen by 4 witnesses during shuttle reentry. 12-15 bright lights moved around the sky for 20 minutes. 8/7/07
6/22/07 12:26 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Rectangle 5min I was video taping the clouds cause we might get a storm here and I noticed this flying object and videotaped it poorly 8/7/07
6/22/07 08:00 Auckland (New Zealand)
Chevron 10 minutes There were three alien craft in the sky over Auckland.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/22/07 04:30 Berlin Heights OH Fireball 45 MINUTES These lights were definitely not airplane lights...these things were huge glows. 8/7/07
6/22/07 02:00 Fresno (20 min. N of) CA Egg approx 3 minutes 3 strange lights, hovering, flipping, and spinning like a top; very close to the I5freeway. 8/7/07
6/22/07 01:00 Lancashire County (UK/England)
Cylinder 15 min UFO or flying object seen in lancashire! 8/7/07
6/21/07 23:15 Mobile AL Fireball 2 seconds Left my brothers home at 1115 pm on thursday night. Got in car and backed out of drive way. Saw bright green flash of light in southern 8/7/07
6/21/07 23:10 Mainz (Germany)
Light 4 sec Very bright light moving for 4 sec, then disappeared; course like facing Shuttle course at that time and location 8/7/07
6/21/07 23:00 Correctionville IA Triangle 3 min triangular shape with 2 lights streaming off. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/21/07 22:30 Stratford-Upon-Avon (UK/England)
Strange lights in the sky over pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon 8/7/07
6/21/07 22:21 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Circle 30 seconds BRIGHT CIRCULAR SHAPED OBJECT IN SKY OVER COQUITLAM 8/7/07
6/21/07 21:30 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Light 30-45 seconds drifting small white light - no noise 8/7/07
6/21/07 21:30 Yakima WA Light 10 seconds Fast, white, solid light.
Fast, white, solid light. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD))
6/21/07 21:25 Avondale AZ Other 15 seconds 2 Objects - 925pm AZ 8/7/07
6/21/07 20:35 Clarklake MI Cigar 40 minutes black helicopters, disc and cigar sighted near Jackson, MI 8/7/07
6/21/07 19:00 Borrego Springs CA Oval 5 minutes Shimmering lights were seen above Borrego Springs CA on Summer Soltice Night 8/7/07
6/21/07 15:35 El Paso TX Formation 12 to 15 minutes Two white objects a mile apart viewed over El Paso and another, possibly a probe, detaching from them. 8/7/07
6/21/07 02:19 Greenville SC Cigar 2 minutes Cigar shaped ships floating above mountain area outside city. 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:50 Bunnell FL Triangle 3 minutes three large lights in the sky-triangular object no noise or movement-very low to the ground 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:45 Wheatland ND Circle 2Min Orange Sphereical Unknowen craft over Eastern North Dakota 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:30 Duluth MN Other 2minutes Orange round glowing object moving steadily north to south without any noise lower than the plane which I also observed 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00 Manhattan KS Light 20 minutes Star-like moving objects 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00 Shelbyville IN Light 1-2 minutes 2 bright lights, starlike, moving across the sky, one following the other. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 23:00 Columbus OH Light 3 minutes 2 bright objects, great distance from each other move in unison from W into SW, disappear simultaneously. ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:55 Louisville KY Light 2 minutes Two silent and very high flying objects moving southeast over Louisville, KY.((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:45 Hendersonville NC Other 90seconds 2 stars slowly moving in unison and climbing the sky until that faintly and slowly disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS w/ Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 30seconds 2 bright lights following one another across the sky then rapidly vanishing out of sight. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30 Muncie IN Triangle few minutes Black triangle with 2 bright white lights on back 2 points floated by, no sound. paused lights turned to orange craft disappeared 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:30 Temperley (Argentina)
Sphere 3 seconds White sphere with 4 cm diameter, about 4 meters from eyes. 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:25 Denver CO Circle +/- 2min. Two UFO's seen above Denver sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:15 Concord (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes Star burst 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00 Sabetha KS Sphere 4 min huge intensely bright balls of light over northeast kansas. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00 Maricopa AZ Light 25 minutes Two amber colored orbs - Maricopa, AZ 8/7/07
6/20/07 22:00 Muncie IN Triangle few minutes Triangle craft with 2 bright white lights on back points floated past then paused, lights then turned orange and the craft disapeared. 8/7/07
6/20/07 21:56 Albia IA Light 8 seconds 2 points of lights resembling planets disappearing. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 21:50 Mexico MO Light 50 seconds two bright white orbs come from northwest heading southwest no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 21:30 Keansburg NJ Light 5 minutres 2 objects sighted ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 21:23 Newburgh NY Light 45 seconds Two bright lights in the evening sky. Small one trailered thee large light approx 500 feet.Direction ESE. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 20:20 Cookeville TN Light at least an hour Bright white star like object scene in daylight over Cookeville, TN for extended time. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/20/07 19:00 Hamilton (Canada) ON Sphere 6 seconds Brilliant golden boulder-like craft 8/7/07
6/20/07 01:30 Grand Rapids MI Light 10 minutes Pulsing light over Grand Rapids 8/7/07
6/20/07 00:00 Keizer OR Oval 3 minutes Very large, oval shaped craft with two steady white lights for and aft. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 23:59 St. Petersburg FL Circle 2 minutes three people were standing outside of their home aftewr taking a walk around midnight when they saw a white circle shaped craft with a 8/7/07
6/19/07 23:14 Westmont IL Light 5 sec Rapid moving lights. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 23:10 Trail (Canada) BC Unknown 5-15 seconds Trail BC UFO: Large, fast object heard fly over Trail BC, close to ground, Officials deny involvment, Multiple witnesses. 8/7/07
6/19/07 23:05 Spencer IA Formation apprx 6 Minutes Twin glowing white lights silently traverse the sky in Spencer Iowa then fade out. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 23:00 Sioux City IA Light 30 minutes Outside on breezeless night with neighbors talking when several lights appeared across the sky. 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:50 Williston ND Light 4min circle lights, white colored. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:45 Santa Clara CA Unknown About 20 seconds Two lights flying close together and then fading away. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40 Beaverton OR Other 5 min two lights traveling to the south east in Beaverton 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40 Anderson IN Light
a star pulling a star. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:40 Dearborn Heights MI Other 30-60 seconds 2 bright lights over Dearborn Heights, MI Ford and Beechdaly rd area. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:38 Grenada CA Light 5-7 MIN TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS FOLLOWING EACHOTHER ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:37 Ortonville MI Formation 4 minutes Two lights following eachother, pulsing. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly ISS and Space Shuttle? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:35 Clawson MI Formation 10 minutes Observed two lights in a line one forward and one in rear traveling south east towards detroit. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:35 Mountain View CA Formation 1 minute Two bright moving lights in formation vanish at terminator line ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:33 Lebanon OR Light
White Lights In Sky, Were Gone Out Of Nowhere. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30 Hemet CA Light an hour Odd appearance of a light in the sky,not reported by and amateur observer. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30 Lincoln City OR Light 90 seconds Bright lights of unknown origins witnessed by two individuals over the Pacific Ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30 Mount Prospect IL Light 10min I saw 2 stars towing each other and on shinning very very bright as it started to vanish. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30 Kentwood MI Circle 1 minute Fast Aircrafts Chasing Each Other ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:30 Morenci MI Unknown 15 - 20 sec 2 white lights heading from souther Michigan to Ohio traveling one behind the other at a high rate of speed. ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:05 Colorado Springs CO Light 10 seconds 2 bright white lights seeming connected flying faster than any plane or military craft;.then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00 Aurora CO Unknown 4 minutes Two fairly bright white lights moving in tandem. ((NUFORC Note: Witness addendum states that object was not Space Station. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00 Beaverton OR Unknown 1 min. 2 secs 2 Bright lights flying in formation, or maybe ONE craft. Got them on Video. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00 Seattle WA Light 3min Two lights travel across Seattle sky and fade in to darkness. ((NUFORC Note: Space Shuttle w/ ISS?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 22:00 Izmir (Turkey)
Unknown 60 The object with two lights. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 21:55 Rochester Hills MI Light 5 minutes Two bright lights were suspended in the sky and viewed from Rochester Hills, MI then suddenly disappeared. 8/7/07
6/19/07 21:45 Chicago IL Light 45 seconds This turn was immpossible. 8/7/07
6/19/07 21:30 Park Forest IL Sphere 10 mins Twin dots heading southwest near chicago. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 21:00 South Milwaukee WI Light 10-15 mins 2 lights that looked like stars following each other. ((NUFORC Note: ISS orbiting with Space Shuttle. PD)) 8/7/07
6/19/07 20:54 Monroe LA Light Only Seconds I saw nothing, but the camera saw differently 8/7/07
6/19/07 20:47 Fleetwood PA Light A few seconds A ball of light dropped below the overcast, slowly moved south/southeast and suddenly shot upward. 8/7/07
6/19/07 20:10 Missoula MT Unknown approximately five second Object falling from the sky east of Missoula 8/7/07
6/19/07 15:00 Greenville MS Triangle 10 minutes the dark triangle with strait edges remained steady height and speed while two other similar objects hovering very near it 8/7/07
6/19/07 15:00 Wayne NJ Cigar 25 seconds Bright, Cigar Shaped UFO following Commercial Jetliner in NJ 8/7/07
6/19/07 10:30 Glenwood Spring CO Light 3 minutes two bright non-blinking lights travelling relatively close to one another just vanishing over the mountain. 8/7/07
6/19/07 10:15 St. Charles IL Sphere 10 seconds I departed DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL to the west at 10:00. About 10 minutes into the flight at 2,500 feet, I noticed something 8/7/07
6/19/07 10:00 International Space Station
Other 1-2 Flickering lights on ISS saparation sequence 8/7/07
6/19/07 05:15 Grand Rapids MN Triangle 1-2 minutes Saw three white objects in clear blue sky flying against the wind in triangular formation. 8/7/07
6/18/07 23:19 Ashburn VA Light 10 Seconds small white flashing light seen in the sky that zoomed away and disapeared at high rate of speed in ashburn, virginia and 8/7/07
6/18/07 23:00 Denver PA Triangle 35-40 minutes Large triangle shape object witnessed at two locations in the same night. 8/7/07
6/18/07 22:55 Lanesboro MN Light
seen something in the night sky was very bright 8/7/07
6/18/07 22:18 Portland OR Light 30 seconds Bright Light heading SE over PDX 8/7/07
6/18/07 22:05 Stratford NJ Circle 3 minutes Witnessed light streaking across sky. After several minutes, light suddenly disappeared. No sound, no blinking. 8/7/07
6/18/07 22:00 Dallesport WA Circle 25 minutes Bright light moving east sighted from the Columbia River gorge 8/7/07
6/18/07 21:55 Lake Forest CA Oval 5 minutes 2 UFO'S THAT WERE NOT FROM HUMAN TECHNOLOGY 8/7/07
6/18/07 21:10 Lubbock TX Cylinder 15 min cylinder shaped object floating in the sky and then drifting off 8/7/07
6/18/07 21:00 Joshua Tree National Park CA Light 10 minutes Floating object with yellow lights at Joshua Tree National Park 8/7/07
6/18/07 20:40 University Place WA Cone 20 minutes A silver cone/cylindrical shape appeared in the western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 8/7/07
6/18/07 14:00 Woodland CA Cigar 1 minute Cigar shaped object flying through sky then suddenly vanished. 8/7/07
6/18/07 12:00 Shafter VOR (in flight) CA Cylinder 10-15 Seconds Private pilot witnesses "magenta-colored" object streak by his aircraft. 8/7/07
6/18/07 11:30 Scottsdale AZ Other At leats 2 and a half hou A small white star next to the sun in Scottsdale, Arizona. 8/7/07
6/18/07 10:30 Waterbury CT Cigar 3 minutes My wife and I were driving northbound on Route 8 towards Waterbury, Connecticut when I noticed a white object in the sky. It seemed to 8/7/07
6/18/07 08:45 Corunna (Canada) ON Disk 5 SECONDS SILVER OBJECT, SPED SOUNDLESSLY OUT OF SIGHT 8/7/07
6/18/07 04:45 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 5 SECONDS Green Fireball in Salt Lake. 8/7/07
6/17/07 23:45 Florida (Gulf of Mexico)
Oval 5 minutes Four ovals in a diamond formation flew parallel to our cruise ship, moving closer then away, leaving close off stern. 8/7/07
6/17/07 23:00 Cary IL Light 35 sec. Very Bright White Light Making No Noise At Low Altitude 8/7/07
6/17/07 19:30 Merrick NY Oval 2 minutes Father's Day Sighting, Long Island, NY 8/7/07
6/17/07 13:00 Gatineau (Canada) QC Other 10 seconds Black trail (beam) in the sky suddenly appears and disappears 8/7/07
6/17/07 11:00 Tacoma WA Changing
6/17/07 10:00 Kansas City KS Other 1 hour 2 F - 16 fighter jets and black helicopter Circle in formation 8/7/07
6/17/07 08:00 Stevensville MT Triangle 16 MINETS 6/17/07 WAS OUT SIDE SEING MY GIRL OFF TO WORK AS SHE LEFT I LOOKET UP IN THE SKY ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/17/07 05:31 Geraldton (Australia)
Disk 5 minutes Ufo had centre light that pulsated at irregular intervals. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Probable hoax. PD)) 8/7/07
6/17/07 04:45 Commerce Township MI Flash 15 minutes Small flashing white light randomly blinking in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/17/07 02:30 Saint John (Canada) NB Fireball 10 mins Flashing starlight objects hovering in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Stars or planets?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/17/07 01:00 Longlac (Canada) ON Other around 5-10 minutes Single white flash of light moving in the sky. 8/7/07
6/16/07 22:40 DeWitt MI Circle 2-3 minutes reddish circular oblct, appearing as if on fire, low in sky over Dewitt Michigan visible for 2-3 minutes 8/7/07
6/16/07 22:00 Cicero IN Light 2 Min. The object was a light red or peach colored light in the southern sky. 8/7/07
6/16/07 22:00 Payson AZ Other unknown On the night of June 16, 2007, I saw two of the very brightest lights I have ever seen. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/16/07 21:30 Chakri, Islamabad (Pakistan)
Disk 10 seconds Orange coloured disc fly passed at very low level 8/7/07
6/16/07 20:31 Birmingham (UK/England)
Disk 3 mins 2min 31 secs video footage of ufo over birmingham uk June 16th 2007 8/7/07
6/16/07 13:20 Sneads/Chattahoochee FL Disk 5-10 minutes Pilot flying Cessna flys with disc-shaped craft over lake. 8/7/07
6/16/07 05:20 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 10 minutes small flat black disc takes odd flightpath over my neighborhood. 8/7/07
6/16/07 03:15 Silver City NM Unknown 45 min Strange happenings on I-25 in New Mexico 8/7/07
6/16/07 01:00 Missoula MT Light 10 sec Bright white light moving steadily east and up, disappearing into space, over Missoula, MT. 8/7/07
6/16/07 00:45 Limassol (Cyprus)
Fireball ufo We are not Crazy in any way, but what we saw is real.

we live in Limassol, Cyprus and at 23.20 on the 14th June 07, my wife saw a UF
6/15/07 23:00 Emily MN Triangle 5 seconds Large triange shape craft with many lights on bottom. 8/7/07
6/15/07 22:30 South Central Iraq
Cone App. 30 minutes Report from U. S. serviceman: Strange object/funnel cloud with two steady lights moving over south central Iraq. 8/7/07
6/15/07 22:30 Ashland (just outside of) MO Triangle 10 minutes Triangular shape object in the sky with very bright lights! 8/7/07
6/15/07 22:00 Wayne MI Light ongoing Bright light with a much larger halo around it. 8/7/07
6/15/07 21:45 Felton CA Teardrop 30 MIN Large stationary, very bright light that changed shape and color. 8/7/07
6/15/07 21:07 Provo UT Oval 20 seconds Silver or white blimp-shaped object went behind Wasatch Mountains and out of sight. 8/7/07
6/15/07 20:00 Maui HI Unknown 1hour starlike object moves down from the top of west maui ,mts -emits circular brite glowing lite ((NUFORC Note: Venus??)) 8/7/07
6/15/07 10:30 Monroe MI Fireball 7-8seconds Blue-ish fireballs in sky. 8/7/07
6/15/07 09:30 Rowayton CT Oval
Orange Oval Light On a Slant In the Sky 8/7/07
6/15/07 08:00 Sydney (Australia)
Triangle 5 minutes Multiple ships taking sample from Cooks River, Sydney 8/7/07
6/15/07 02:00 Suwanee GA Unknown ? Aduction - Exam of Ears 8/7/07
6/15/07 02:00 Fancy Gap Mtn. (near; I-77 ) VA Unknown 30 secconds fascinated 8/7/07
6/15/07 00:45 Port St. Lucie FL Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped craft above highway moving slowly North. 8/7/07
6/14/07 23:42 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Light 15 sec Bright white circular light seen in Edinburgh, Goldenacre area with a trail of smoke following closely. 8/7/07
6/14/07 23:30 South Bend IN Light 45 MINUTES We saw a huge light with a large craft behind it, low in the sky for about 20 minutes, then it slowly moved northwest 8/7/07
6/14/07 23:00 Thermopolis WY Unknown 15 seconds UFO near Thermopolis WY 8/7/07
6/14/07 22:40 Ebensburg PA Light 4-5 minutes I viewed a bright white light in the western sky that made sharp turns, hovered ,and displayed incredible speed. 8/7/07
6/14/07 22:15 Fort White FL Unknown 30 seconds North to South, shooting star no change in mangnitude continued southbound 8/7/07
6/14/07 22:15 St. George ME Triangle 10 minutes 3 bright lights in triangle formation hovering over St. George Maine 6/14/2007@22:10 8/7/07
6/14/07 21:30 Forest Hill MD Light 5+ Me and friend witness bright light in east-north-east sky, disappears suddenly 8/7/07
6/14/07 21:30 Russellville KY Light 45 min Bright light in sky that shifted coarce very slowly, no plane, star, or planet. 8/7/07
6/14/07 20:00 Waxahachie TX Light 3 hours Bright light turned off and turned back on. Very bright, then dimmed to orange colored. 8/7/07
6/14/07 02:00 San Lorenzo CA Light 2 hours transforming light with shooting fireball 8/7/07
6/14/07 Elko NV Unknown approx 5 minutes unknown light over retail store 8/7/07
6/13/07 23:35 Marshall (near) TX Teardrop 35 seconds Traveling east on I20 below clouds blueish/white moving fast ,then changing color on the edge orange – red then disappear 8/7/07
6/13/07 23:15 Canyon TX Light 45 minutes Large white light spotted over Texas panhandle. 8/7/07
6/13/07 23:00 North Port FL Circle 10 Minutes Single UFO over Florida, June 13. 8/7/07
6/13/07 22:00 Shreveport LA Teardrop a few seconds A green light in the sky... 8/7/07
6/13/07 21:45 Vallejo CA Changing 50-60 minutes bright light formation of different colors, sometimes stationary, sometimes moving erratically 8/7/07
6/13/07 21:30 Marshall TX Teardrop 4-6 seconds green and red strip from west to east very bright fading out into eastern sky 8/7/07
6/13/07 17:30 St. Paul MN Cigar 45 Seconds At approximately 1730 hours on 06/13/07 I observed a White glowing Cigar shaped craft to the east of downtown St. Paul heading north. T 8/7/07
6/13/07 09:17 Scunthorpe (UK/England)
Unknown 20 mins A green floating unkown object up in the sky 8/7/07
6/13/07 07:35 Salt Lake City UT Cigar unknown Torpedo-like object in sky near State Street and I-80 in Salt Lake City, Utah 8/7/07
6/12/07 23:30 Walla Walla WA Circle 6 min Strange orange-red objects flying over Walla Walla, WA. 8/7/07
6/12/07 22:30 Clinton AR Disk 2 minutes green football shaped object falling out of the western sky at a 45 degree angle on June 12th, 2007 8/7/07
6/12/07 22:00 St. Helen MI Light 5-8 seconds sparks in the sky 8/7/07
6/11/07 21:00 Bridgeport CT Light 20min. RE: Sighting in Newtown, CT JUN 11 8/7/07
6/10/07 21:00 San Diego CA Circle 2 seconds circular object with bright green illumnation traveled across visible sky from NE to SW in approx. 1 second 8/7/07
6/10/07 17:50 Scarborough (Canada) ON Rectangle 15 min dark object spotted in clear afternoon sky 8/7/07
6/9/07 22:00 Franklin VA Unknown 30 seconds 2 objects change shape.... 8/7/07
6/9/07 18:10 Chicago IL Formation 15 minutes 4 objects spoted over Lake Michigan in Chicago 8/7/07
6/8/07 01:00 Llanelli (south Wales) (UK/Wales)
Light 20 seconds A white star-like object flew oddly over Llanelli, South Wales, UK before disappearing. 8/7/07
6/7/07 22:00 Fresno CA Triangle 6 min brite ufos forming triangle pattern 8/7/07
6/7/07 22:00 Fresno CA Triangle 6 min brite ufos forming triangle pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising light?? PD)) 8/7/07
6/7/07 11:00 Popping Rock KY Sphere 15 seconds Green orb spotted in Rowan County Kentucky that turned on a dime 8/7/07
6/6/07 23:00 Akumal, Quintana Roo (Mexico)
Chevron 10 seconds Chevron Light Formation in Quintana Roo, Mexico. 8/7/07
6/6/07 22:00 Fort Morgan AL Light 10 minutes Anomalous lights witnessed near Gulf Shore, AL 8/7/07
6/6/07 03:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Unknown 10 - 15 seconds intensely bright, unmoving object suddenly goes dim 8/7/07
6/6/07 01:00 Waverly OH Other 15 min I counldnt believe my eyes 8/7/07
6/5/07 21:30 Williamsport PA Fireball about 3 minutes Bright orange fireball 8/7/07
6/5/07 18:00 Apollo PA Other 20 seconds At Approximately 18:00, Tuesday June 6 as a thunderstorm approached from the west, I was on my back deck. I looked to the North north w 8/7/07
6/4/07 13:00 New Mexico NM Disk
2 pictures taken from a airplane of an object up close. 8/7/07
6/2/07 23:30 Purdy Spitt WA Formation 3 hours objects were brighter than a star but closer but farther than lanes moving very fluidly. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies. PD)) 8/7/07
6/1/07 22:00 Zanesville IN Teardrop 5 min Friend and I observed a lit teardrop object floating above bean field 8/7/07
5/31/07 23:00 St. Louis MO
10 Minutes Dear Mr. Davenport, Every now and then I like to check in on your website.....that I thank you very much for by the way. Back in May t 8/7/07
5/31/07 10:24 Pascagoula MS Fireball 5 minutes 3 possible ufos over ocean? 8/7/07
5/30/07 22:00 Elko NV Unknown no to sure Saw the light in Elko Nv to 8/7/07
5/30/07 19:45 Portland OR Sphere 30 minutes 2 very small white spheres hovered in same general area for 30 minutes 8/7/07
5/28/07 03:01 Bangalore (India)
5/27/07 17:15 Wesley Chapel FL Teardrop 20 sec Craft over Wesley Chapel Florida on clear afternoon. 8/7/07
5/26/07 23:58 Albuquerque NM Circle 0 Beige object west of Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, NM 8/7/07
5/26/07 23:30 West Bridgewater MA Other 1 MIN BRIGHT GLOWING OBJECT WEST BRIDGEWATER MAY 26 10:10PM 8/7/07
5/26/07 01:45 Seattle WA Circle 15-20 seconds On front porch late at night, circular disk with triangle light formation flying overhead 8/7/07
5/24/07 22:00 Johnson City TN
1 minute Strange object in the night sky over Johnson City, Tennessee 8/7/07
5/24/07 00:00 Denton TX Fireball 10 secs fireball with no sound 8/7/07
5/23/07 23:00 Higly AZ Formation 5 min tree large lights in a triangle formation doing things I havent seen helicopters do 8/7/07
5/23/07 05:45 Folenburg OR Disk 3 minutes Saucer above the Cornelius Pass curves 8/7/07
5/20/07 14:00 Lima
Circle 30min Place of the recording in video of the sighting: Arequipa Ave., district San Isidro, Lima, Perú 8/7/07
5/19/07 22:57 Split
Other 8 minutes A yellow light over Split (Croatia - Europe) 8/7/07
5/17/07 22:30 Converse IN Light
Orange lights in a line appear from right to left as first goes out another to the left lights up 8/7/07
5/16/07 21:00 Chilton WI Triangle 3-4 min triangle made almost no noise 8/7/07
5/15/07 08:00 Lyndhurst NJ Disk 2 Minutes UFO sited on fire - forest fire later reported caused by F-16 flare exercise 8/7/07
5/14/07 02:30 Baghdad (Iraq)
Unknown 5 min. Multiple military personnel watch a strange, unexplained target on a USAF radar screen. 8/7/07
5/5/07 13:00 South Kingstown RI Other 5 minutes Unmarked helicopter 8/7/07
5/2/07 11:00 Melbourne (Australia)
Cigar 10 minutes we were stargazing when a cigar shaped craft appeared. 8/7/07
5/1/07 09:30 Cincinnati OH Disk less than a minute saw a saucer(s) being transported southbound on I-75, heading towards Cincinnati 8/7/07
4/30/07 20:00 Millhurst IL Disk 30 Minutes UFO Sighted In Millhurst IL 8/7/07
4/21/07 12:30 Karues - Patras (Greece)
Formation 7 min A UFO , what is going on? 8/7/07
4/16/07 21:30 Anacortes WA
Few minutes MUFON/WASHINGTON REPORT: Very bright, stationary, red light, which pulsed on and off slowly. 8/7/07
4/15/07 18:30 Pendergrass GA Triangle 2-3 minutes Triangular mass over Jackson County 8/7/07
4/7/07 01:00 Russellville MO
1 hour There were many people in Cole county and surrounding counties that seen the object also. 8/7/07
4/5/07 19:00 Huntsville AL Triangle 7 minutes large triangular object near UAH in Huntsville, Al moving very slowly with no sound 8/7/07
4/1/07 21:45 Maysville OK Light 15 - 20 seconds Bright light moves oddly then vanishes completely 8/7/07
3/25/07 17:50 Gardena CA Circle 20 Seconds Bright Circle seen in sky in Gardena ((NUFORC Note: Student report. May be hoax. PD)) 8/7/07
3/20/07 09:00 Papillion NE Cigar 30 seconds Two cigar shapes traveling the same direction and speed and aproximately one mile away. 8/7/07
3/12/07 19:00 Gallup (30 miles east of; on I-40) NM Oval 30 mimutes Bright circular object turns into 3 discs over western New Mexican skys. 8/7/07
3/12/07 00:00 Hendersonville NC Light 30 seconds Local TV station reports green light in skies over NC. 8/7/07
3/9/07 San Dimas CA Oval 10 minutes Orange round or oval light, traveling slowly, no noise, no blinking lights, then disappeared. 8/7/07
3/3/07 08:00 Oglala SD Unknown 10:00 min " A bright light was seen in the sky and it came down and went over the house and disappeared, no sound" 8/7/07
2/28/07 20:30 Sarasota FL Disk 10 - 15 seconds Round- Disc Shaped Craft with 4 - 5 windows or lights, hovering silently in lower level of clouds 8/7/07
2/28/07 18:00 Athens AL Triangle 2 min 2 Triangular aircraft in Athens, AL 8/7/07
2/19/07 16:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Circle 4 mins The black ball then seems to go strait up and totally out of site. 8/7/07
2/16/07 20:30 Paris MS Unknown 2 hours Bizarre lights in northern Mississippi 8/7/07
2/8/07 07:20 Darlington (UK/England)
Disk 00:02 A flat grey to white saucer shaped craft moving on a slight angle in an easterly direction. North East UK. 8/7/07
1/30/07 21:57 Dunedin (New Zealand)

1 min strange object in photo 8/7/07
1/7/07 14:00 Utopia TX Other 5 seconds It looked like a bright star was towing another lesser star by a faint line of light. 8/7/07
12/19/06 21:30 Afghanistan
Light 3 min Golden lights pulsating 8/7/07
12/15/06 17:30 Burslem, Staffordshire (UK/England)
Other 3 minutes ship could be seen in clouds but vanished into open sky? 8/7/07
12/12/06 23:30 Kansas City MO Triangle >1 min Triangular shape with dull red lights. 8/7/07
12/9/06 12:00 Nine Palms CA

not real 8/7/07
12/9/06 12:00 California (southern) CA
over flight simple explanation of " rings " in dry lake bed as seen by biplane piloit during flight . 8/7/07
11/23/06 21:00 Bellchester MN Unknown 1 Second Streaking orange light made no sound at all. 8/7/07
11/22/06 03:00 Rogers OH Rectangle 30 seconds 22 Nov., 06 early am a bright flash lit up my bedroom window, next a starry rectangle hung above the earth. 8/7/07
11/7/06 21:00 Laramie WY Rectangle 3-5 seconds Fast moving, silent, black rectangle seen by military flight enthusiast and amateur astronomer in Laramie, WY. 8/7/07
10/28/06 03:30 Drummonds TN Light 4:00 I saw a yellow light and then turned white in the sky at 3:00 AM and then it staid in mid-air for at least 30 minutes! 8/7/07
10/16/06 21:30 Gloucester MA Cone 5-10 minutes Orange light hovering over ocean 8/7/07
9/11/06 23:00 New York City NY Fireball 3 seconds Like a shooting star but slowed down, hovered an instant, changed directions, another quick hover, changed directions again then sped o 8/7/07
9/4/06 11:52

30 seconds Dark mass moved at speed across Corsica sky 8/7/07
8/5/06 20:15 Reseda CA Rectangle 3 seconds Rectangle, no wings, no sound, no lights 8/7/07
8/5/06 14:00 Louisville KY Fireball 14:01 baseball size bright blue flying glow, approached me made a noise and left quickly (KY) 8/7/07
7/20/06 02:00 Branson MO Unknown 3 hours UFO table rock lake, White lights. 8/7/07
7/16/06 23:00 Sim FL Triangle 30 minutes Close to a shuttle launch 8/7/07
7/15/06 12:30 Lake Villa IL Triangle 30 seconds Past midnight I spotted a fast, triangular shaped craft with 3 lights(white and red) shoot over the horizon. 8/7/07
7/15/06 10:00 Schaumburg IL Circle 1 minute **Constant light moving in zig-zag pattern...faded away*** 8/7/07
7/10/06 16:00 Portland OR Circle about 5 minutes Video taped a Black vibrating object near contrail 8/7/07
7/1/06 20:00 Leesville SC Other 20 seconds radial light seen as two object separate in night sky 8/7/07
6/21/06 03:50 Nowshahr (Iran)
Light 2 min Red light that go very fast in Iran 8/7/07
6/19/06 20:30 Los Angeles CA Other 1-2 minutes I saw (starting from what seemed to be a 1/4 mile away) an object that I cognized as being black and the size of a refrigerator. It al 8/7/07
6/19/06 11:40 Zephyr Cove NV Rectangle 3 min Black triangle with one light at each end moving somewhat slow 8/7/07
6/7/06 19:00 Adelaide (South Australia)
Other 1 minute Changing coloured and shaped blobls in the night 8/7/07
5/29/06 17:30 Jeffersonville IN Other 6 to 8 minutes Multiple witness viewing of unusual object over major metropolitan area 8/7/07
5/15/06 19:00 Lexington KY Cigar seconds Large orange/red glowing cigar shaped object seen off Man O' War blvd. 8/7/07
4/15/06 02:04 Crystal Lake IL Oval 1 minute a grey mettalic oval(s) seen high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 8/7/07
2/20/06 06:30 Markham (Canada) ON Other 5-10 minutes Its was like two rectangles forming an obtuse angle of 130 degrees and below it, there was like a globe with some shadows. 8/7/07
1/15/06 21:00 Fulton NY Circle 1/2 a second A white-circle objects flew by my window with no sound or anything! 8/7/07
1/7/06 19:30 Warminster (4 miles from) (UK/England)
Sphere 60 seconds A bright ball of light moving towards us faded from sight. Object seen by 6 people and captured on video 8/7/07
1/1/06 23:00 Prince George (Canada) BC Circle 15 min There were four red balls of light flying in formation over the neighbourhood for about 15 or 20 minutes. 8/7/07
11/20/05 21:30 Palo Alto/San Francisco CA

Man alleges to have been hit in the side of the head by something alien, while driving. 8/7/07
10/29/05 13:42 New Wimington PA Other Unknown Photo of unknown objects in Western Pa with what appears to be flying behind it. 8/7/07
10/24/05 10:17 Lauderhill FL Oval 1 minute or less Stonebridge Gardens, Lauderhill, FL spacecraft sighting in wake of Hurricane Wilma 10/24/2005 8/7/07
10/2/05 00:30 Heflin AL Circle five min Object with bright red light hovered above my car siletly, and followed me for about five minutes then disappeared. 8/7/07
9/30/05 09:30 San Antonio TX Light 4 minutes Three bright orbs of light over San Antonio suburb. 8/7/07
9/10/05 21:00 LeRoy KS Triangle 5 min The lumbering giant 8/7/07
8/22/05 19:42 Presque Isle MI Light 3-4 minutes A white light in a rural orange and gray sky. 8/7/07
8/15/05 15:00 Phillipsburg (St. Maarten)
Cylinder 5 seconds Diamond shaped UFO over St. Maarten 8/7/07
6/15/05 14:32 Frankfurt (Germany)
Disk 5minutes Very Positive it wasnt a hoax, it was real and I believe it. 8/7/07
5/15/05 03:00 Edmonds WA Unknown 1min+/- Glow on porch and two beings plus a "man" 8/7/07
12/30/04 02:30 Lake Station IN Changing 5 Minutes Intense blue light filling room, and a baby nine months later 8/7/07
12/8/04 05:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval About 30 seconds Bright yellow light at the horizon in the East of Montreal (Qc) on August 12th 2004 8/7/07
9/10/04 01:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Other 5 to 7 minutes Bright morphing light disk thing… ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report? PD)) 8/7/07
9/4/04 05:30 St. Augustine FL Cylinder 6 seconds Large gray cylinder hovering just above tree tops 8/7/07
8/15/04 00:16 Roswell NM Disk 13 min Freaky Lights and Sound i feel very cold 10 degrees 8/7/07
7/15/04 01:30 Goose Creek SC Triangle <4 minutes Triangular, quiet, extremely slow-moving craft sighted around Charleston, SC. 8/7/07
6/19/04 23:30 Loomis (closest town) WA Light 4 sec Two Bright White Lights In North Central Wa State 8/7/07
4/16/04 17:45 Denver CO Cylinder 20miin Independent confirmation of a previously reported sighting of a UFO of Denver, CO. 8/7/07
10/15/03 23:00 Brewster MA Cigar 10 min soldiers observe large unidentified craft as fighters give chase 8/7/07
9/14/03 23:00 Richmond Hill (Canada) ON Light 30 Seconds Saw a distant orange light move through the sky unlike an aeroplane or helicopter 8/7/07
9/9/03 22:00 Prescott AZ
45 minutes Bright "stars" flying in sky in Prescott, AZ. Followed by USAF observation/intervention. 8/7/07
8/1/03 22:00 Granite Falls WA Circle 90 minutes Strange lights near Mt. Pugh. 8/7/07
6/30/03 17:00 Syracuse NY Fireball 30 minutes ((HOAX??)) basicly thats what happened but i recorded them on VIDEO 8/7/07
12/15/02 20:00 Monterey TN Circle 1 min Circular object with red, green, and white lights, about 100 feet above the trees 8/7/07
10/1/02 22:30 Riverton UT Unknown 2 minutes Red and blue flashing lights, low to the ground, behind my car on a deserted road in Riverton, Utah. 8/7/07
8/10/02 22:00 San Diego CA Rectangle 7min WE WERE ON THE DECK AND SAW A BRIGHT LIGHT 8/7/07
6/20/02 23:20 Martinez GA Light 20 min Ufo seen near power plants 8/7/07
5/23/02 13:00 Round Rock TX Changing
there was no clouds and i have better than average eyes. 8/7/07
5/20/02 19:30 Butte MT Unknown 00:10:00 Butte, Montana May 2002: A star appears to move, and is destroyed by some sort of missile or kamikazee spaceship. 8/7/07
4/1/02 12:00 Flora Vista (north of; Hwy. 574) NM Triangle 3 mins Black Triangular Craft Emits Buzzing Sounds. 8/7/07
1/14/02 02:47 Paintsville KY

12/29/01 03:00 Great Falls MT Triangle
Triangle Craft and Cattle Mutilations 8/7/07
11/1/01 19:00 New York City NY Light 40 minutes fast moving lights jumping all over Manhattan sky 8/7/07
10/16/01 21:30 Petit Jean Mountain AR Light 5 min or less Star moving at right angles 8/7/07
9/10/01 23:00 McMinnville OR Unknown <2 minutes Non-flashing, eratic behavior, disapeared into sky 8/7/07
7/20/01 22:00 Glastonbury CT Teardrop 5 min? 30 min? Strange teardrop shapped object appeared in the sky above us! 8/7/07
7/15/01 00:00 Wilkes-Barre PA Triangle 4 to 5 hours The truth behind the Grays ((NUFORC Note: Report of abductions is unconfirmed. PD)) 8/7/07
6/30/01 21:00 Dunedin (New Zealand)
Circle 3 mins Large Object? emitting round, fast moving white lights close to ground, no sound, low cloud obstructing view of actual source of lights 8/7/07
12/19/00 20:00 Orlando FL Triangle 6 minutes Craft was flat black, noiseless and massive and boomerang in shape all smoothe in detail outline. 8/7/07
6/15/00 05:00 Dayton (Wright-Patterson AFB) OH Other 15-20 min. WPAFB Dayton OH, 3 cloud ufos, we were seen, followed by white vans who later asked me about ufo's. 8/7/07
6/7/00 00:00 Channel Islands & Norwich
Unknown unknown Recent sightings over Norwich and the Channel Islands UK 8/7/07
6/7/00 00:00 Channel Islands & Norwich (UK/England)
Unknown unknown Recent sightings over Norwich and the Channel Islands UK 8/7/07
5/15/00 04:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 5 minutes Boomerang ship over Los Angeles in 2000 8/7/07
11/15/99 11:45 Lincoln, Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Other 2 hours Silenced by Military Police Laughed at by Metropolitan Police 8/7/07
8/15/99 18:50 Vancouver WA Unknown 10 min Sighting near Vancouver, Washington/Portland Oregon in August of 1999 8/7/07
6/1/99 19:00 Batavia OH Light 1-2hr ((HOAX??)) ufo 2007 8/7/07
9/1/98 19:30 Dartford Tunnel (near; Kent) (UK/England)
Triangle a few minutes Dark grey silent hovering triangle with lights on each corner - over England. 8/7/07
8/7/98 00:00 Casa Grande AZ Triangle 5 minutes Triangle Shaped Object Over I-10 Near Casa Grande. 8/7/07
7/14/98 23:00 Shanadoah IA Triangle 20 Min Triangler Craft was moving from the east to west about tree top high over our house in the country outside of Shenadoah IA. 8/7/07
7/1/98 01:00 St. Thomas (U. S. Virgin Islands)

not sure craft from st thomas 8/7/07
5/3/98 21:00 Las Vegas NV Triangle 3 min Large dark triangle hovers, then moves off silently 8/7/07
7/15/97 23:30 Kokomo IN Triangle 5 - 10 minutes Black triangular object observed hovering over a residential area in Kokomo, IN during the summer of 1997.

500 Lights On Object0: Y
4/1/97 22:00 Santa Fe NM Unknown 10 seconds 1997 Santa fe, MN A enormous "metropolis" looking ship landing and our memories wiped away, lost time 8/7/07
3/14/97 18:15 Trivandrum, Kerala State (India)
Light 1 minute Fast moving bright light seen over Trivandrum, India. 8/7/07
3/13/97 20:25 Glendale AZ

In response to this story: Yes, there are F-15s stationed at Luke AFB. My father works for Boeing 8/7/07
3/2/97 21:00 Hemet CA Triangle 15 min My friends and I saw 1 very large, triangular shaped UFO, silently hovering approx: 100 ft in air and about 35 ft away from our car. 8/7/07
2/14/97 18:00 Las Vegas NV Formation 5 minutes +/- Formation of balls of light travelling across the sky, one behind the other, early in 1997. 8/7/07
9/15/96 22:30 Trion GA Triangle 30 seconds The craft was between earth and a full moon. 8/7/07
9/15/96 05:00 La Mesa CA Light 30 seconds Bright reddish star in La Mesa 8/7/07
9/8/96 02:50 Friedberg/Hessen (Germany)
Oval 01:10 UFO photographed near Frankfurt/Main 8/7/07
7/15/96 00:00 Sawerville (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes Small dim light in Southern Quebec connects all the dots of Big Dipper after we spoke about Dipper 8/7/07
7/1/96 18:00 Cypress CA Oval 2 HOURS WHITE CIRCULAR LIGHTS 8/7/07
6/22/96 23:30 Boekel (The Netherlands)
Circle 1 hour we thanked our host and walked outside immediately I saw a disk like object with many lights circling above the farm house 8/7/07
6/12/96 17:00 Loanhead (UK/Scotland)
9/5/95 15:00 Coweta OK Disk 4 hours I have done conciderable research on this subject since contact. It fits documented discriptions listed in UFOlogy by Jim Marrs. 8/7/07
8/20/95 04:00 Bowman SC Triangle 5 minutes At approximately 4 a.m. I wass sitting at at truck stop off Interstate 26 near Bowman South Carolina doing some paper work. I noticed 8/7/07
8/4/95 21:30 Nashua NH Rectangle 4 minutes No lights...just "void" or black and no sound as it went by...couldnt make out if it was a rectangle or triangle. 8/7/07
6/15/95 15:00 Grand Rapids MI Disk 45 sec I saw bright object that huvered and then flew off with very high speed! 8/7/07
6/1/95 21:00 Austin TX Light 30 Minutes Floating red light over Texas-matches other reports. 8/7/07
1/15/95 04:30 Mount Carroll IL Triangle 15 minutes Triangle UFO with erratic movement early, slow approach, multi-colored lights to constant white lights. 8/7/07
12/25/94 23:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 5 minutes On Christmas day we saw an orange ball of light with a ring surrounding it in the sky. 8/7/07
11/10/94 23:00 Vidor TX Unknown 2 hours i believe i was abducted almost directly in front of my home.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
9/14/94 23:30 Wurtsboro NY Circle 11:00 I was coming back from yankee lake when i saw it coming towards route 17.About 11:30 P.M. 8/7/07
8/1/94 00:00 Bloom township OH Light 5-10 seconds saw 3 lights flashing in country sky 8/7/07
6/1/94 17:00 Montgomery AL Rectangle 5 min Strange object over Montgomery Alabama 8/7/07
6/1/93 20:00 Oceanside CA Other 1 minute A space shuttle like craft 8/7/07
3/1/93 05:30 Ganado AZ Other 20years For many years since 1978 to 2004 there have been different types U.S military air craft flying over my families home and my neighbors 8/7/07
7/10/92 18:00 Cincinnati OH Sphere 2 minutes Glowing orb floating at treetop level 8/7/07
5/1/92 22:00 Va'vau (Tonga)
Sphere 30 minutes Green lights slowly moving and alternating in color from green to white to green again 8/7/07
5/17/91 05:00 Dayton OH Oval 2 min Ufo seen near Wright Pat airforce base 8/7/07
3/8/91 19:00 Garden Grove CA Light 1 hour 4 individual ligths separate from main body, disperse then reunite and are retrived by main body 8/7/07
10/10/88 18:00 Milwaukee WI Triangle 10 minutes A silent black triangular object with no lights moved over us as we walked our dog across a school playground. 8/7/07
4/30/88 22:00 McNeill MS Cigar 15 minutes Cigar shaped object, whose ends rotated and blinked lights, the ends separated from main object and shot up quickly above the main one. 8/7/07
6/1/87 06:00 Miami FL Light 20 min Sighting near turkey point nuclear power plant Miami, Fl. 8/7/07
12/31/86 19:00 Mt. Airy NC Triangle 30-60 seconds Roadside triangular UFO sighting resulting in missing time.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
9/1/86 19:00 Santiago
Light 30 seconds Circle in the sky, Santiago Chile, 19-20 hrs. 2 -3 days before Atlantis was Launched, 86',87' not sure. 8/7/07
7/4/86 22:00 Louisville KY Circle 1-2 min very loud sound ,round shape object in Louisville,Ky Southend 8/7/07
6/1/86 16:00 Redcliffe (Australia)
Other 2 minutes It was late afternoon and I was about to set up for fishing on the beach it was completely blue sky no clouds I looked out towards More 8/7/07
12/5/85 05:00 Manaus-Amazonas (Brazil) AL Egg 10:00 this case happen to me and my brother my english is not so good but i will try to tell you ,what happen that night. I was sleeping in 8/7/07
7/15/85 13:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 10 Trip to Pheonix Mountains result in Sphere shaped object Sighting. 8/7/07
6/15/85 18:00 Buchans (Canada) NF Other several minutes Black, Tri-lobal object in sky. 8/7/07
8/7/84 21:00 Caribou ME Egg 15 minutes Three of us saw a large object with a searchlight darting and traveling over fields in northern Maine. 8/7/07
5/1/84 18:00 Joliet IL Circle 3 minutes Driving with Mom and saw a grey disk hovering over trees on the corner of our street 8/7/07
3/15/84 21:30 Greenville VA Triangle 20 minites Seen 6 bright objects flying over mountains behind our house in v shape formation 8/7/07
2/10/84 22:00 Marlow NH Fireball 30 - 45 seconds Orange fireball with strange movement 8/7/07
9/20/82 16:22 Luray VA Unknown 3 MIN While sight seeing upon the summit of Old Rag Mountain in the Shenadoah Mountains myself and a friend encounterd an individual that app 8/7/07
6/30/82 00:00 Grass Valley CA Cigar 10-15 min.? Cigar craft "encountered" over home in Grass Valley, Calif. 1981/82. Reported to Beale Air Force Base. 8/7/07
6/25/82 00:00 Terre Haute IN Light one minute In June, I witnessed a bight object on a clear night moving east to west, then vanish out of sight in 3 seconds 8/7/07
6/19/82 15:00 Elgin IL Circle 5 minutes A circular object with alternating flashing lights 8/7/07
2/1/82 13:00 Cape Hatteras NC Circle 5mins Hi I have reported this before from the US Coast Guard ship Chilula. I just don't understand why you guys haven't gotten in touch with 8/7/07
1/14/82 05:00 Fort Lee VA Disk 8 seconds Silent, Fast moving Disc with color changing glow, over Army Training Base, not aircraft. 8/7/07
9/4/81 17:00 Raynham MA Disk 2 Min. There was a silver disk shaped object silently suspended in mid air positioned at a downward slant ot very far from the treeline. 8/7/07
6/30/81 17:00 Raynham MA Disk 2 min. Saw a silver disk shaped object suspended in the sky at a downward slant two nights in a row 8/7/07
6/1/80 20:00 Bethel CT Other 10 seconds light seperated into four parts and flew away at right angles 8/7/07
8/15/79 00:00 La Habra CA Oval 30:00min OVAL ORANGE AND GREEN UFO OVER LA,HABRA CA. 90631 8/7/07
7/1/79 01:00 Basseterre (St. Kitts)
Light 3seconds 5 lights in tandem came from the sky and after suddenly turning at a 45 degree angle in tandem disappeared toward the sea! 8/7/07
6/1/79 21:15 Wilsonville IL Circle 2 minutes Wilsonville,IL 1979 also known at time for its radioactive waste dump in seventies 8/7/07
11/29/78 03:00 Mt. Rainier National Park WA Unknown 6 Hours FIRST TIME REPORTED Late November, 1978 Mt Rainier National Park & Ashford. Double Sighting, 6 Hours 8/7/07
9/28/78 18:00 Chelmsford MA Disk 15 min 1 mother ship with her smaller ones 8/7/07
7/25/78 21:00 Kingsport TN Disk 5 minutes flashing red light turned out to be a soundless spinning disc shape 8/7/07
6/30/78 20:30 Del Rio TX Oval few mins I was driving back to base when I spotted a white light hovering over the runway. 8/7/07
8/4/77 20:45 Scarborough (Canada) ON Other 15-20 mins Pear shaped silver craft with wheel of colours close encounter 8/7/07
7/1/77 19:00 Fenton MI Circle 5 seconds At dusk a large round craft with green lights appeared instantly over a hill hovered over my car and then backed up and disappeared. 8/7/07
6/30/77 19:00 Tuunajarvi (Finlnd)
Light 1 minute Light ball flew slowly over forest, stopped and landed there 8/7/07
6/19/77 22:05 Arvada CO Light 20 seconds Two stars in the sky, moving and then dissappearing 8/7/07
6/1/77 01:30 Coral Springs FL Triangle 12-15 minutes Right over the top of me and so close I may have been able to hit it with a rock 8/7/07
5/1/77 20:25 Winamuccha NV Cigar 1min 10 sec I saw a vehicle from another planet in May of 1977, 8/7/07
4/11/77 14:00 Silver Spring MD Disk few minutes Saw a saucer hovering over the, then Hebrew Congregation on Lockwood Drive. It was less than a 100 yds from me, as clear as day. 8/7/07
7/15/76 10:00 PONCE
6/1/76 20:00 Tacoma WA Sphere 10 Seconds Orange Sphere 8/7/07
8/1/75 14:30 Savannah GA Cigar 2-3 seconds Golden cigar shaped UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Report from MUFON Field Investigator and former Section Director. PD)) 8/7/07
7/22/75 21:00 Raleigh NC Unknown 25 seconds ((HOAX??)) saw 5or 6 lights circling overhead object blocked out stars.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/15/75 02:00 Cocoa Beach FL Triangle 7min Very large very slow moving triangle shaped craft, no sound east bound over B-line Expswy between Orlando& Cocoa Bch , June-July 1975 8/7/07
10/1/74 20:00 Ankara (Turkey)
Changing 5 min. A bright, huge, and shape-changing object, exploded into numerous smaller spherical objects which moved in formation. 8/7/07
7/15/74 19:00 Overland Park KS Light 10 seconds 6 to 9 dots of light in uneven formation 8/7/07

1 sec. while watching jaws I saw what looked like a falling star started to srceen capture it notices lights orbs 8/7/07
9/1/71 22:30 Forest Grove MI Circle about 25min. Clear night, full moon, a huge dark object above my home. 8/7/07
6/10/71 11:00 Goodman MO Disk 3-5 minutes Metalic saucer hovers over us in broad daylight at around 500 feet low 8/7/07
4/15/71 21:00 Thomasville GA Disk 15 minutes I did not record the date, I could not tell you if it was April or May, but I know that the year was 1971. Traveling from Atlanta to T 8/7/07
6/9/70 15:00 Eureka CA Oval 1 minute silver globe spotted over humboldt bay 8/7/07
9/30/68 21:00 Edison NJ Disk half an hour Three people saw a light go down in a nearby woods, and approaching it found it was a saucer shaped object. 8/7/07
9/30/68 21:00 Edison NJ Disk 30 minutes Sighting of a disc shaped object by three people. 8/7/07
8/14/68 21:00 Byron GA Disk 3-5 minutes Craft sighting related to protection or surveillance of niaki missile base? 8/7/07
7/7/68 20:00 Augusta GA Triangle 10 minutes We saw a never explained dark large triangular object, hanging still and silently in the night sky over our backyard. 8/7/07
8/15/67 21:00 Burien WA Light 2 minutes Lights move at incredible speed over Puget Sound. 8/7/07
8/1/67 05:30 Far East
Oval 18 minutes Object performed impossible maneuver at extreme altitude 8/7/07
6/30/67 21:00 Schofield Barracks HI Circle 5 to 8 sec. Luminescent disk traveling at fantastic speed over ocean near Schofield barracks, Hawaii 8/7/07
8/9/66 00:00 Newcastle DE Unknown
((HOAX??)) I was in bed and i would hear something, then gone this went on for years. 8/7/07
10/12/65 12:00 Pittsburgh PA Circle 2 minutes Saucer observed about 500 feet up moving into clear blue sky and flying square corners. 8/7/07
10/7/65 Studio City (Mojave Desert) CA

I could not find a contact page,but I have a question. There are various sources in the internet that report a massive sighting on Oct. 8/7/07
6/30/65 UK/England

((HOAX??)) Speaking out at last. 8/7/07
10/20/64 12:00 New Iberia LA Circle 5 MINUTES On a clear, cloudless day at 12:00 noon my buddy and I saw this craft at a maximum altitude of 100 to 200 feet. 8/7/07
7/15/64 23:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 40 min Saucer-shaped craft landed, rattled apt., and I watched it for some time 8/7/07
7/8/64 00:00
PA Light 10 seconds 7/8/63 0.00 bright light in the sky duratin 10- sec. no noise 8/7/07
6/1/63 02:00 St. Louis County MO Cigar 5 mins approx Cigar shaped craft hovering over swimming pool, March 1963, 02:00-03:00, slits along edge of hull of craft 8/7/07
6/1/63 San Francisco CA Disk 3 days San Francisco man, then 22, reported details of 1963 abduction to friend.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/20/63 17:00 Alexandria VA Light 15 minutes 4 red lights flying near Mt. Vernon, Va. toward Potomac River, in early evening April 1963 or 1964 8/7/07
8/22/62 20:00 Charlottetown (Canada) PE Light 3 minutes Speeding light from horizon stopping and turning 90 degrees at high speed and then hovering overhead. 8/7/07
7/1/62 Miami FL Oval
They are real 8/7/07
8/5/61 23:00 Pittsburgh PA Sphere 7-10 min Orange yellow sphere size of small house hovers above trees 50 feet away from young girl on country lane 8/7/07
7/15/59 Alor Islands (Indonesia)
This incident was happened in July 1959, in Alor Islands area which located at northern of Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. A 8/7/07
6/30/53 15:00 Kelso (Cowlitz Co. hills) WA Oval 5 min. Three UFO's witnessed by local people in the northwest U.S. in the early 1950s still unexplained. 8/7/07
5/15/52 10:15 Pittsburgh (110 mi. E of) PA Cylinder 30 Senior corporate pilot and company officers witness a peculiar object from the cockpit of a DC-3. 8/7/07
6/30/48 08:00 Jim Ridge WV Unknown unknown Wreckage found on diary farm in 1948 in rural West Virginia. 8/7/07
6/1/42 22:30 Hapeville GA Unknown 2-3 min bright object approchjng Venus, 1940's 8/7/07
6/30/90 21:00 Carlisle NY Fireball less than 1 minute Slow Moving Fireball, stench of burning sulpher 8/7/07