National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2008/03/31


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/31/08 06:00Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaLight20 secs2 Lights Pass Moon3/31/08
3/31/08 01:00NewportRIUSATrianglepresentoccuring right now3/31/08
3/31/08 00:00Eagle RiverAKUSALight~20 minutesZig-zaging light moves over north horizon of Alaska town.3/31/08
3/30/08 23:00EdinboroPAUSASphere2hrsflashing lights, sudden movements changing altitudes very suddenly ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of celestial body? PD))3/31/08
3/30/08 22:30SayvilleNYUSADisk6 minutescircular disk with smaller circular top pulsating red, green and bluish lights alternately (which differs from planes). moved slowly ac3/31/08
3/30/08 21:15HamptonNHUSAUnknownA few secondsstrange object with three glowing lights.3/31/08
3/30/08 20:48UK/EnglandUnited KingdomLight10 minutes2 bright lights moving in perfect sync, one stopped the other continued west at very high speed.3/31/08
3/30/08 20:00EugeneORUSAUnknown2 minutesNice clear night. First time in a while. Walking in dark area of west eugene this night. Sun had set but horizon to east still some gre3/31/08
3/30/08 08:30PhoenixAZUSAConeSecondsIt happen so fast, it makes one wonder?3/31/08
3/30/08 04:35FishersINUSAOval2-3 secondspulsating light in the Indianapolis, IN area3/31/08
3/30/08 03:10Hancock (10 miles east)MDUSAFireball3-5 secTwo people witness high speed glowing sphere cross the sky and disappear3/31/08
3/29/08 22:50LancasterPAUSATrianglefive minutesLarge triangle consisting of 3 inverted V shapes with pulsing red lighting, moved sideways & accelerated.3/31/08
3/29/08 22:50InvernessFLUSA3-4 minutesAn extremely loud noise lasting 3-4 minutes. Booming and hissing. Slowly faded away.3/31/08
3/29/08 20:30Canyon CountryCAUSADisk1 secondSaw a thin object shoot through the sky at 8pm in the dark at lighting speep, no lights, no noise.3/31/08
3/29/08 20:00ButteMTUSATeardrop5 minA big orb chases a smaller orb across the sky and disappears.3/31/08
3/29/08 14:30Salton SeaCAUSAEgg3 min((HOAX??)) I was driving north on highway 86 just passing the salton sea when i noticed an egg shaped object3/31/08
3/29/08 11:00AnchorageAKUSADisk45 minutesit was a definite flying saucer, that made no sound, no lights, rusty colored round3/31/08
3/29/08 11:00AnchorageAKUSADisk45 minutesBrown rustic red sideways disc shaped UFO and hovering very slowly through the air with pauses at random.3/31/08
3/29/08 00:05Los LunasNMUSACircle~4Large bright orange light in the northern sky twards Albuquerque.3/31/08
3/28/08 21:20CarriereMSUSALight10 minutesflashing light in northeastern sky ((NUFORC Note: One of four reports from same source. Sighting of Sirius?? PD))3/31/08
3/28/08 21:20Barrie (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 secondsUnidentified object travels over Barrie eastward ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the International Space Station. PD))3/31/08
3/28/08 12:00Westfir/SeattleORUSAEgg15 secondsWhile i was looking at the space neddle yesterday through a web site known as earth cams i noticed a egg or disc like craft towards the3/31/08
3/28/08 05:40PacificWAUSAUnknown45 minutesUFO hovering 10-20 feet above houses in small Washington State neighborhood3/31/08
3/28/08 03:30FultonTXUSAUnknown2 hrs.Unexplained noise that DID NOT come from a person or an animal!!!3/31/08
3/28/08 00:05Las CrucesNMUSALight10 minutesTwo unexplainable lights over the southern horizon near Las Cruces, New Mexico.3/31/08
3/27/08 23:40YakimaWAUSATriangle10-15 minLarge, low flying triangle shaped aircraft over night skies in Yakima, WA3/31/08
3/27/08 23:30SacramentoCAUSAUnknown45 minutesObject in sky flashing yellow, red, and green lights in Sacramento, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius & Arcturus?? PD))3/31/08
3/27/08 22:00JacksonvilleFLUSATriangleIt was a V shapes craft with 7 dem lit lights. It looked like it was gliding and didnt make any noise. i saw it at about 10:30 pm and t3/31/08
3/27/08 21:50Clarkston/LewistonWAUSAOther1-2 minutessaw red ball while hot tubing, when it got closer I saw definition and a red blinking light, called 9113/31/08
3/27/08 21:35RaleighNCUSATriangle15 secondsLarge triangle shaped object with 2 lights flying low to the ground over a major highway3/31/08
3/27/08 20:50JosephORUSALightseveral minutes03.27/08, 20:50, Joseph, OR, Observed bright light traveling in the sky for several minutes before disappearing..3/31/08
3/27/08 20:50AugustaGAUSAFlash1 minuteFormation of lights flying from east to west.3/31/08
3/27/08 20:00MontcalmWVUSACircleabout 3 min.Aircraft following a possible UFO?3/31/08
3/26/08 22:30GreenbrierARUSATriangle10 secWhen my mom, my brother, and I was riding home a triangular object flew over the highway and disappeared.3/31/08
3/26/08 21:07NapaCAUSATriangle3 minutesSighted two silent fast moving triangular craft with lights moving south to north over Napa California on 03-26-08.3/31/08
3/26/08 21:00KaysvilleUTUSALight5 MinutesHearing a jet engine at an unusual time at night, looked out window and found it was chasing a flashing light.3/31/08
3/26/08 20:30EdinboroPAUSALight3 minutesBall of light seen over campus3/31/08
3/26/08 20:30Athens (Greece)GreeceLight2 minutesStarlike object flying at commercial jet speed. ((NUFORC Note: Could not be ISS. PD))3/31/08
3/26/08 20:21ValricoFLUSALight2 secondsPink light does high speed flight from Tampa to Kennedy Space Center 5 minutes before shuttle Endeavor lands.3/31/08
3/26/08 20:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight2 minutesa very birght and steady light at high altitude moving from south to north over Albuquerque, NM at a high rate of speed.3/31/08
3/25/08 23:00JamestownNYUSALightbright blue star that moves in strange patterns across the sky(and yellow). ((NUFORC Note: Prboable sighting of a celestial body. PD)3/31/08
3/25/08 23:00OrangeCAUSAChangingcontinuousBright sparkling multi-colored object in the west/southwest sky. ((NUFORC Note: Prboable sighting of a celestial body. Sirius? PD))3/31/08
3/25/08 22:42OwassoOKUSATriangle45 sec.large triangle very load3/31/08
3/25/08 21:50WolfforthTXUSALight5 minutesUFO sighted in Lubbock County.3/31/08
3/25/08 21:45SolvangCAUSAChanging3-minutesTwo boomerangs, joined at center, split and become 2 craft3/31/08
3/25/08 20:45FreerTXUSAUnknown2 minutesWas driving on Hwy. 16, 12 miles south of Freer TX, object apeared in front and above my vehicle at an altitude of 1000 ft., object dis3/31/08
3/25/08 20:30RayneLAUSALight30 min.Seven star like objects!3/31/08
3/25/08 20:10RedlandsCAUSALightTwo minutesTwo fast lights matching speed and distance across the night sky3/31/08
3/25/08 20:08Los AngelesCAUSAConeTwo minutesI watched the egg-shaped Endeavor shuttle in the sky and saw a second egg-shaped object following the Endeavor.3/31/08
3/25/08 20:08Los AngelesCAUSAEggOne or two minutesI saw the returning white and egg-shaped Endeavor space shuttle in sky followed by a second egg-shaped object.3/31/08
3/25/08 05:20Rincon (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoLight30-40 secondsTwo bright fast moving objects seen off the west coast of Puerto Rico3/31/08
3/24/08 22:15Sioux FallsSDUSATriangle30 sec to 1 minLarge triangular delta wing looking 10 to 15 lights not bright dull and dim it moved very fast.3/31/08
3/24/08 22:00SykesvillePAUSAOval5 minutesBright orange oval shaped object3/31/08
3/24/08 21:15HastingsMIUSATriangle5 minutesseen it driving, and pointed so other people in cars would see what i was pointing at.3/31/08
3/24/08 20:45Las CrucesNMUSAUnknown1 - 2 min.Saw 2 white lights fly very close to airplane then disappear by fading away.3/31/08
3/24/08 20:40MinsterOHUSAFlash20 secFlashes flying through air3/31/08
3/24/08 20:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAChevron15-20 secondsThree round chevron-formation lights in Santa Barbara sky March 24, 2008 at 8:30 p.m.3/31/08
3/24/08 20:10ChandlerAZUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular object with 3 lights hovered and disappaered3/31/08
3/24/08 20:07HamlinNYUSASphere10Has anyone along the Lake Ontario USA side aprox. Hamlin NY -also seen several times Amber Strange Lights spinning at night???3/31/08
3/24/08 17:38ParisTXUSADisk10 secondsDid anyone else see this3/31/08
3/24/08 16:43ModestoCAUSACircle5 minutesobject in broad daylight staying in one spot in the sky, was there for about 5 minutes then it went away.3/31/08
3/24/08 05:00Campbell HallNYUSATriangle30 minutes2 hovering bright lights, no sound, over NY. Saw manta ray or triangle object flying very slow,whooshing sound3/31/08
3/24/08 00:40Tahoe CityCAUSAUnknown60 MINUTESI SAW A LIGHT WHICH I THOUGHT WAS A STAR BUT IT WAS MOVING IN A N TO S COURSE. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of satellites and star?? PD))3/31/08
3/23/08 23:50HazardKYUSADiamond15 secondsred and blue diamond pattern of lights over Hazard Kentucky3/31/08
3/23/08 22:30UnionNJUSA10:30 There was a triangular object flying East on Rt. 22 in Union NJ. It was dark with three lights on the corners.3/31/08
3/23/08 20:10ScottsdaleAZUSALight1.5 minsSoundless high speed craft with lights3/31/08
3/23/08 13:00BerkeleyCAUSAChangingunkownpin head object disolves into vapor trail3/31/08
3/23/08 12:55AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlashtwo to three mins.Small flashing white light & large fast white oval......3/31/08
3/23/08 11:30Litchfield ParkAZUSAOval?Bright object comming from the blu sky.3/31/08
3/23/08 08:30LiverpoolNYUSAOval5 minutesU shaped lights over liverpool new york3/31/08
3/23/08 08:00ChicagoILUSALight3 secondsFast-moving low-flying light disappears over Chicago.3/31/08
3/23/08 02:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder3-4 minutesWe both saw it at the same time.3/31/08
3/23/08 01:30Liberty TwpOHUSAUnknown45 minBright flashing lights seen in the night sky, same area every night, odd movement.3/31/08
3/23/08 01:30AmeliaOHUSACylinder1 minuteSILENT OBJECT OVER AMELIA OHIO 3/23/08 1:30AM3/31/08
3/22/08 23:00GratonCAUSAUnknown3-4 hrsDue west bright white light, then golden, red&green. Hangs in sky over Bodega Bay, nightly.3/31/08
3/22/08 22:00Fort WayneINUSADisk20-25 sec.5 disc shaped objects flyin in unicon with no lights...........3/31/08
3/22/08 21:00LanettALUSACircle30 min((HOAX??)) Flying, pulsating object hovering above cow pasture.3/31/08
3/22/08 20:30CenterTXUSAFlash8 secondsTime: about 8:30 p.m. Saturday March 22, 2008 My 14 year old son, my 13 year old daughter, and I witnessed a very fast moving objec3/31/08
3/22/08 18:22McCombOHUSACircle20 seconds((HOAX??)) 6:22 pm mccomb ohio circle shape stpped in mid air then was gone3/31/08
3/22/08 18:00CovingtonLAUSAUnknown10 minutes5 silvery objects drift across the sky changing formations with no sound3/31/08
3/22/08 02:30AustinTXUSALight2 minsLoud Low Rumble followed by Orange Light3/31/08
3/22/08 00:25NampaIDUSALight5 secondsbright light moving rapidly accross the sky, stops then accelerates at a 90 degree angle3/31/08
3/21/08 23:45RenoNVUSAChangingroughly 45 minutesMy friend and I encountered an object in the sky that at first we thought was a plastic bag. Then we noticed this thing was roughly 8,03/31/08
3/21/08 21:41BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown2 secondsUFO Streaks Past the Moon3/31/08
3/21/08 21:20FremontCAUSAFormation45 secondsFormation of gold lights hovering over open space3/31/08
3/21/08 21:00Lake IsabellaCAUSAChevronBoomerang shape lights at Lake Isabella, CA. They were NOT planes!3/31/08
3/21/08 21:00WoodstockGAUSAFireball5 secondsIntense green fireball over Woodstock Georgia3/31/08
3/21/08 20:00CharlotteNCUSALight2-3 secondsBright green light disappeared above Charlotte skyline.3/31/08
3/21/08 19:30IsabellaCAUSAChangingcampingOMG UFO's OMG!3/31/08
3/21/08 13:00MelbourneFLUSARectangle5:15 pmWhile riding home after 5:00 pm, I saw a rectangle shape object as big as a football field in the sky over the ocean moving from north3/31/08
3/21/08 12:55CharlotteNCUSACircle30 secondsMy first true UFO sighting!3/31/08
3/21/08 12:55CharlotteNCUSACircle2 minuteswhite circular object falls in behind commercial liner-middle of day3/31/08
3/21/08 09:10CalabasasCAUSAOval15 secondsshiny oval in sky that changed shape and then disappeared.3/31/08
3/21/08 08:59LexingtonKYUSATriangle3 minutesThree blinking dots in the shape of a triangle...similar to the one sighted in pasco terxas on March 143/31/08
3/21/08 05:45OrlandoFLUSALight30 secondsEarly morning sighting of glowing blue object that dead falls, stops, then moves due north at an incredible speed3/31/08
3/21/08 05:45Borden SpringsALUSACigar2 minutesGlowing cigar-shaped craft slides across predawn skies in Alabama.3/31/08
3/21/08 02:25New BraintreeMAUSAOther14 secondsBlack craft flew over the tree line in my back yard!3/31/08
3/20/08 22:30Smithville/OrrvilleOHUSATeardropufoorange/red teardrop looking with many bright lights object stopped before us above a field and then left.3/31/08
3/20/08 22:00Rocky MountNCUSAStrange events in suburbia.3/31/08
3/20/08 21:45LehightonPAUSAOval2 MinutesTwo bright headlights, gliding above the tree tops, not a helicopter or a plane, a wake-up call - they are out there!3/31/08
3/20/08 21:05KirklandWAUSADisk5 sec.Two women observe a large, unlighted disc pass overhead very quickly.3/31/08
3/20/08 16:10DallasTXUSACigar35 minutesBright white cigar shaped object hovering in Western sky for 35 minutes3/31/08
3/20/08 13:35BeavertonORUSAOval7-10 secWhile driving home for lunch last Thrusday, the heavy rain clouds, had breaks of blue sky here and there. As I approached the stop l3/31/08
3/20/08 03:35MonroevilleNJUSAUnknownstrange sound above a house in Monroeville, New Jersey3/31/08
3/20/08 00:00OceansideCAUSASphere30 minsBright colored sphere shape in the Western sky3/31/08
3/19/08 23:30AustinTXUSATriangle5 minTriangular or diamond-shaped craft produced rhythmic circular humming as it slowly flew by very low in the sky.3/31/08
3/19/08 20:52Golden ValleyAZUSATriangleUFO spoted in Golden Valley Arizona on March 19,20083/31/08
3/19/08 20:40South Wales (UK/S.Wales)United KingdomLight3-4 miniutesIt was glowing a irridescent light green and a luminouse blue.3/31/08
3/19/08 19:45PalominasAZUSALight5-10 secondsFour lights in the sky in Cochise County3/31/08
3/19/08 19:45Palm SpringsCAUSAOther2+MIN.The clincher was that after viewing the bright peachy/orange/red light it moved perpendicular to where I was standing vanished in 2sec.3/31/08
3/19/08 07:20RedmondWAUSAOval2 minutesoval shaped object disappeared over redmond.3/31/08
3/19/08 05:30Lenhartsville Exit (Interstate 78)PAUSATriangleTruck driver witnesses peculiar object hovering over empty field in Berks County, Pennsylvania.3/31/08
3/19/08 05:28ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle1-2 minTriangular shaped craft hovering over a desert /mountain area of N. E. Scottsdale3/31/08
3/19/08 03:52San FranciscoCAUSA20 secondsLong and short flashes of bright yellow/orange in San Francisco southwest sky on 3/19/08.3/31/08
3/18/08 22:00GibsonGAUSATriangle25 secondsThree sided stationary object turning clockwise in sky3/31/08
3/18/08 21:00Cherry ValleyNYUSASphere9 hoursRed pulsing light over Cherry Valley, NY.3/31/08
3/18/08 18:45Milroy/BellevillePAUSACigar1-2 minutesCigar-shaped gleaming object near the Milroy exit off of Route 322 East in Pennsylvania3/31/08
3/18/08 17:00Toms RiverNJUSARectangle30 minSilent Rectangular aircraft sighted mid-march, toms river, new jersey3/31/08
3/18/08 03:00LagrangeOHUSACylinder8 min.solid beams of light coming from sky allmost laser like..3/31/08
3/18/08 00:00GosportKYUSATriangle2 hrsI saw a triangle shaped object with multi colored lights that made no noise and landed in the woods3/31/08
3/17/08 21:30SnellvilleGAUSAUnknown<1 secondFast object traveling west seen around 9:30, bearing red lights3/31/08
3/17/08 20:45PotsdamNYUSAChanging5 minutesOrange light / V-shaped3/31/08
3/16/08 23:16BirminghamALUSATriangle10-20 secondsLight blue triangle over Southern Pines subdivision3/31/08
3/16/08 21:30MartinsburgWVUSACircle1-2 minutesI saw a red ball in the sky not that high off the ground and it dissapeared3/31/08
3/16/08 20:35San DiegoCAUSAFormation15 minutesTwo orange lights in formation over the community of Clairemont in San Diego at 8:35PM PDT3/31/08
3/16/08 20:00Sydney (Australia)AustraliaSphere30 secondsa light stopped,swing around in a semi circle,stopped, did a right angle turn and continued, then went out.3/31/08
3/16/08 14:30PrinevilleORUSAOther10 secondsDome shaped object slowly lowers out of cloud cover.3/31/08
3/16/08 03:00NMUSAUnknownThought it was a shooting star but it kept getting larger then stopped and disappeared3/31/08
3/16/08 02:05SolomeAZUSALight4 secondsUFO escapes atmosphear with a burst of white and blue light.3/31/08
3/15/08 22:40PhoenixAZUSALightLess than 2 secGreen light in night sky moving incredibly fast over Phoenix Arizona 031508 22:40 hrs.3/31/08
3/15/08 20:00Nine Mile FallsWAUSAFireball1-1/2 to 2 minutesObservers: Adult mother of 20 year old son, notices 8-9 very bright red orange lights moving around, in group then move positions, 23/31/08
3/15/08 19:00TucsonAZUSAFireball2 secondsLarge, glowing, floating, red fireball/orb spotted in the sky for a very short time before it disappeared.3/31/08
3/15/08 18:43BuckeyeAZUSACircle15 sec.03/15/08 Buckeye, AZ. Round 15 sec. Flat black3/31/08
3/15/08 02:30Ft. LauderdaleFLUSALight4 minutesred ball of light with orange tail then vanshed3/31/08
3/15/08 02:15West Palm BeachFLUSAFireball30 secondsFireball explodes in West Palm Beach night sky3/31/08
3/15/08 02:00MiamiFLUSAOther1-2 minutesSquared Smile Shaped object flying really close to the ground and also very slow thru kendal area.3/31/08
3/15/08 01:45OkeechobeeFLUSAUnknown3 minflame flying thought the air then disapire3/31/08
3/14/08 23:00North BrunswickNJUSAFlash40 secondsExplosion of light in North Brunswick3/31/08
3/14/08 20:35St. PetersburgFLUSALight5 secondsLight falling directly towards ground from the sky.3/31/08
3/14/08 19:00DenverCOUSAOther2 minutesI saw two silver dots in the western sky as the sun was setting both were locked into a single position in the sky and then they were g3/31/08
3/14/08 17:30Halifax (UK/England)United KingdomOvalSTILL THERETwo lights moving in the sky, viewed in the sky (looking south) from village of Shelf in Halifax, England. They are both like oval sha3/31/08
3/14/08 13:40Santa AnaCAUSADisk10 seconds2 flying disks over Santa Ana.3/31/08
3/13/08 23:45Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaOther40 minutesRED LIGHT UFO IN CANADA3/31/08
3/13/08 20:45AlbuquerqueNMUSALight2 minutesColorful light 1 mile N. I-40 & Coors3/31/08
3/13/08 20:28CarlsbadCAUSAChevron15-20 SecondsFour red lights pass directly over head and seem to be one solid chevron shaped object, making little to no sound.3/31/08
3/13/08 12:00CoolidgeGAUSACylinderabout 4 sec.It happened on March 23, 2008 @ lunch. Looked like and airplane w/o wings, was there for a few seconds and the vanished into thin air!!3/31/08
3/13/08 03:05Simi ValleyCAUSASphere3 minA brightly lit reddish round object in western sky on March 13Th at 3:05 am.3/31/08
3/13/08 00:58GreenwoodINUSACigarabout 2 secondsStrange object at high rate of speed over Indiana sky3/31/08
3/13/08 00:28Armstrong (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 sec.It was a huge bright orange, yellow and white ovalish light that moved fast and slow at the same time.3/31/08
3/12/08 22:20RedlandsCAUSAOvalnightit looked like and orange glowing ball that moved like no object i ever seen in the skies3/31/08
3/12/08 00:50Santa Cruz (SW of)CAUSARectangle70 minutesSeries of lights above Monterey Bay near Santa Cruz, Calif.3/31/08
3/11/08 00:00Willimantic/N. WindhamCTUSADiamond2 minpeople in N. Windham see lots of UFO, my friends also3/31/08
3/11/08 22:00ChallisIDUSAChevron10 min.Cited five orange/redish lights flying horizontal in an arched formation over Challis, Idaho.3/31/08
3/11/08 22:00ChallisIDUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular formation of lights with fourth light out of formation traveling slowly and quietly.3/31/08
3/11/08 21:45WoodlandsTXUSAOval55 minhovering far away object doing zig zags3/31/08
3/11/08 21:45Noordhoek, Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaOther5sAbrupt course correction3/31/08
3/11/08 19:00North Fort MyersFLUSACircle1 minuteA bright light disappeared in a cloudless sky.3/31/08
3/11/08 10:00Upper Saddle River (Woodcliff Lake)NJUSAFireball4 SECONDSJust left rest area exit 172 GSP heading south, very sunny bright morning- witnessed a bright light streak down from the sky towards th3/31/08
3/11/08 09:40AnnandaleNJUSAFireball5 secondsA red fireball with a white tail traveling low in the sky early morning.3/31/08
3/11/08 07:30Palm BayFLUSADisk10-15 minutes((HOAX??)) Sunrise UFO in Palm Bay Florida. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. PD))3/31/08
3/11/08 01:00HoquiamWAUSADisk45-60secondsI was sitting at my kitchen table at around 1:00am pacific time ..and heard what sound like crackling electricity…as I was going to go3/31/08
3/10/08 22:10BergenNYUSAChevron20 secondsRed chevrons in the sky3/31/08
3/10/08 21:15Little Rock/MaumellARUSAUnknown1 minuteHorizontal row of lights seen from a bridge over the Arkansas river, which changed configuration to a vertical column and disappeared3/31/08
3/10/08 20:57HamptonVAUSASphere2 MinutesStrange Lights Near Langley Air Force Base...But these are no man made craft!3/31/08
3/10/08 13:30Las VegasNVUSALight10 minutesUFO's practicing with the Thunderbirds?3/31/08
3/10/08 11:04DublinGAUSAOther1secLoud sonic boom noises which shake building structures.3/31/08
3/10/08 09:20NashvilleTNUSALight30-45 SecondsGreen stream of light that was moving in a manner that made it seem alive and not a craft Flying through the sky at a very slow rate of3/31/08
3/10/08 07:30Fort Collins (near)COUSAOval3 to 4 secondsSlow moving ellipse lit from beneath by the early-morning sun.3/31/08
3/10/08 07:10Big RapidsMIUSAFireball5 MinutesGreen Light seen flying towards Michigan with a yellowish-green trail.3/31/08
3/10/08 06:37OrlandoFLUSAEggabout 3 secondsA bright bluesh/green light heading quickly towards the ground.3/31/08
3/10/08 05:45NaplesFLUSALight3 secondsOn Monday, March 10, 2008 at approximately 5:45 a.m. I went out to get the paper at the end of the driveway. There was a very, very br3/31/08
3/9/08 19:48EvansvilleINUSALight2-3 secondsI was driving south on a back road off of Highway 41 in Darmstadt,IN near the city of Evansville when I looked up and saw a large, whit3/31/08
3/9/08 19:30LewisburgTNUSALight5-10 secondsA bright star-shaped object streaked gracefully across the sky and emanated red and green before disappearing.3/31/08
3/9/08 19:00OdessaFLUSAEgg15 secondsI was driving down the road and saw a large egg shaped object that was dark in color. I was able to see it for around 15 seconds then s3/31/08
3/9/08 17:15RialtoCAUSADiskone minuteSaucer shaped craft over Rialto Calif.3/31/08
3/9/08 16:00San JoseCAUSASphere10 minutes4 "little stars" in the sky: 3 white one red moving then changing directions3/31/08
3/9/08 12:30FreeholdNJUSAOval4-5 secs3/09/08: Bright, shiny liquid-silver colored oval hovering in the sky.3/31/08
3/9/08 06:00ElizabethtownKYUSAUnknown4 secondsI saw one object with two lights that shot out a flame.3/31/08
3/9/08 05:00ChandlerAZUSASphere2 minutesA shiny metallic sphere noticed for less then 2 minutes before it suddenly vanished.3/31/08
3/8/08 23:15Dombivli (India)IndiaOval25 MinHi, I was just gazing at the sky at the horizon on the East when I saw a light floating in the sky. First I thought that it may be a Ai3/31/08
3/8/08 22:30GastoniaNCUSALight15-25 secondsObserved 5-6 reddish orange lights traveling acroos the sky in a formation, then they swirled around and disappeared.3/31/08
3/8/08 22:30VallejoCAUSAOtherless than 5 secDriving down hill a semi main street, boy friend and I were going home and we both happened to see what seemed like a bright green orb3/31/08
3/8/08 21:25Clinton TownshipMIUSACross10 minutesOrange glow crossed shaped object seen hovering3/31/08
3/8/08 20:30Pembroke PinesFLUSALight8 seconds2 lights, possibly the front and back of one object, move in the night sky and vanish as if dimming to naught, in 8 seconds3/31/08
3/8/08 20:05WabashINUSALight5 minutes((HOAX??)) 8 orange lights in the northern sky of wabash indiana dissapeared within 5 min. no noise3/31/08
3/8/08 19:30MaybrookNYUSADisk15 seconds((HOAX??)) Me and 2 others saw 15-20 saucer like objects that had a dim orange glow.3/31/08
3/8/08 19:00HoltwoodPAUSA@ least 1 hourflashing lights in sky over Lancaster PA3/31/08
3/8/08 14:50TulsaOKUSAChanging1min, 10secA strange, changing shape UFO over Tulsa.3/31/08
3/8/08 11:55EnnisTXUSASphere15 secondsSphere shaped ship seen over country road.3/31/08
3/8/08 02:45La LuzNMUSAOval2 minLarge Oval shape above tree line, move slow than darts fast, hover, move slow, red light & green lights blinking3/31/08
3/8/08 01:15TerrellTXUSADisk3 minutesbright pulsating disk, appeared to fall from sky then stopped, hovered and moved north out of sight.3/31/08
3/8/08 01:00KalamazooMIUSALight33 minutes((HOAX??)) White light moving east changed direction and then hovered for half an hour.3/31/08
3/7/08 22:40Texas CityTXUSACircle4 SECONDSBright white ball-shaped light with green trailing light, traveling from low to high speed.3/31/08
3/7/08 17:55DelafieldWIUSACylinder30 secondsBright lights on cylindrical object viewed leaving atmosphere at high rate of speed3/31/08
3/7/08 12:00FontanaCAUSALight10 minutesGlowing light3/31/08
3/7/08SpringfieldMOUSALight((HOAX??)) Object appeared and zoomed away.3/31/08
3/6/08 22:30AltoonaPAUSAUnknown6 seconds4 dim orange color objects3/31/08
3/6/08 22:00Gig HarborWAUSACigar10 minutesThe shape could only be seen when the spot light passed over it.3/31/08
3/6/08 21:45Gig HarborWAUSACylinder15 minutescigar shaped object reflecting for clouds3/31/08
3/6/08 20:03CulverINUSAFormation30 minutesStrange lights in Northern Indiana sky.3/31/08
3/6/08 20:00KokomoINUSALight15- 20 MIN3 orange lights in formation fading on and off over city & fields.3/31/08
3/6/08 20:00KokomoINUSACircle1 hourOne of many3/31/08
3/6/08 20:00Columbia CityINUSAFireball5-8 SECrow of arange balls in the sky.3/31/08
3/6/08 20:00PeruINUSAFormation10 minutesSaw bright orange lights that went on and off, and also seemed to split into more lights.3/31/08
3/6/08 19:00Manchester/Burning Springs areaKYUSALightover an hourA light anomaly was seen in the southern Appalachian Mountains that would multiply and change colors.3/31/08
3/6/08 18:15Quaker HillCTUSADisk6-8minsIt was a normal day when we say a strange plane or obect in the sky3/31/08
3/6/08 18:00AltoonaIAUSALighthourBlood-red orb being chased by multiple jets.3/31/08
3/6/08 17:50ChicagoILUSAUnknown60 secondsBurning-like object appears and quickly ascends over Lake Michigan in north part of Chicago3/31/08
3/6/08 07:28EugeneORUSADisk2 minutesBlack, round, flat, disc flying twisting spiral pattern over the Eugene, Oregon morning sky.3/31/08
3/6/08 05:17MurphyORUSALight2 minutesMoving light - UFO sighting over Grants Pass Peak in Murphy, Oregon3/31/08
3/6/08 04:15BelmontMAUSAFireballsecondsThe lights were vivid, bright and gone in an instant.3/31/08
3/6/08 04:15BarnstableMAUSASphereone secondFast moving bright object moving horizontally with a blue white trial3/31/08
3/6/08 00:00SpringfieldVAUSADiamond15 minI drove right underneath the craft as it crossed over the road right by the Sunoco gas station located on the Gambrill road exit ramp.3/31/08
3/5/08 23:45BridgevilleDEUSALight45 MinutesA rapidly changing light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of the star, Sirius. PD))3/31/08
3/5/08 23:00AltonNHUSAUnknownstill happeningThis is definately not a star and clearly has three colors flashing. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps a twinkling star?? PD))3/31/08
3/5/08 22:32BrentwoodTNUSASphere3 secondsSingle yellow light/object flew at low altitude and exceptional speed into the horizon.3/31/08
3/5/08 22:25Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaFireball15-20 secondsFireball seen falling and exploding over the northern horizon in downtown Toronto3/31/08
3/5/08 22:05Mardela springsMDUSASphere5 min((HOAX??)) 1 mile wide UFO, with looked like fighters chasing it, we saw 4 some orangeish lights.3/31/08
3/5/08 22:00SouthportNCUSAFireball10-14 secondsWe were fishing at night for trout when I looked up in the sky and saw a large fireball moving very rapidly across the sky. I asked my3/31/08
3/5/08 20:00WoodbridgeVAUSALight45 minutesMany odd behaving lights hover above trees, then rise in the sky, moving strangly and not making noises.3/31/08
3/5/08 17:30New Mexico (above; in flight)AZUSADisk5-6 minutesObserved Stationary Metallic Disc in Arizona.3/31/08
3/5/08 06:28San FranciscoCAUSAFormation6 minutesI saw three lights that stayed still, then moved with contrails and made a perfect row, again staying motionless in line.3/31/08
3/5/08 05:40HoustonTXUSAChanging15 minutesthree changing color groups of lights hovering over rooftops3/31/08
3/5/08 03:20Fort LauderdaleFLUSATriangle10 secondsred blinking object..very small moving at steady speed..then vanished3/31/08
3/4/08 22:30MissoulaMTUSATriangle5 minutesReddish-Orange Object Above Blue Mountain - Missoula, Montana3/31/08
3/4/08 12:25CalimesaCAUSASphere15-20 secDaytime ufo observation at high altitude3/31/08
3/3/08 21:00SeattleWAUSALight10 minutesTwo yellow lights moving slowly across the sky.3/31/08
3/2/08 23:30GretnaLAUSALighta few secondsOrange/reddish light moving at an incredible speed through the night sky.3/31/08
3/2/08 23:00BataviaOHUSASphere30 secondsCincinnati Nature Reserve UFO3/31/08
3/2/08 14:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere3 minutesSmall White Object Flies Over Golden Gate Park in Slight Wave Motion3/31/08
3/1/08 14:00ChicoCAUSALight1 -2 minutesmultiple lights/orbs traveling east to west in clear daylight3/31/08
2/28/08 16:00HuntingtonWVUSADisk1.5-2minutesI and my girlfriend watched a silvery luminous football shaped object.3/31/08
2/27/08 22:43OwassoOKUSATriangleit was triangular with white lights on the side and red in the back.3/31/08
2/26/08 21:30Live OakFLUSASphere5 minutesIn the south night sky I witnessed two golden, glowing orbs appearing fives times larger than mosts starts3/31/08
2/26/08 00:25DallasTXUSATriangle1 1/2 minTriangular craft slow and low over Dallas.3/31/08
2/25/08 13:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere4 minutesSmall White Sphere Stops Above Transamerica Building and Then Floats Away3/31/08
2/24/08ElizabethNJUSASphere30 seconds3 white orbs moving together against clear blue sky3/31/08
2/22/08 02:00SusquehannaPAUSALight5 minslight/ufo seen over northeast pa in feb 083/31/08
2/21/08 22:15Fort WorthTXUSACircle1 minuteWe were standing at the back door smoking a cigarette when I looked up to the right in the sky there was a one spinning disk I only3/31/08
2/21/08 20:39Hoyt LakesMNUSASphere2 to 3 secondsA bluish/green sphere dropped out of the sky and was observed at two different locations 65 miles apart.3/31/08
2/21/08 20:06ConverseINUSALight30 & on2/21/08 Converse, In Lights 75 min 2 sets of 3 lights over country field viewed from car3/31/08
2/17/08 17:00Wigan (UK/England)United KingdomCylinder5 minutesstrange shape seen over wigan, lancashire3/31/08
2/14/08 19:00JacksonNJUSALight5 minutesJackson sighting on 2/14/08 connected with Wall Sighting on same date3/31/08
2/11/08 08:39Palm BayFLUSAUnknown10 seconds((HOAX??)) ((FROM AREA CODE ASSOC. WITH NUMEROUS PRANKS)) I was going home on a warm Florida knight and saw a weird object in the sky.3/31/08
2/8/08 19:00Atikokan (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10 mineye shaped object lights up car interior as it passes in front of us3/31/08
2/3/08 21:45Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoCircle3 to 4 minutestwo round objects travelled in complete silence over water as I watched from my hotel room3/31/08
2/1/08 15:00Apache JunctionAZUSATriangle2 minutesObject was spotted at the southern tip of Superstition Mountain as I was driving East on U.S. 60. Object appeared metallic in nature.3/31/08
1/23/08 02:30MilpitasCAUSACircle20 minutessmall winking light traveled across sky, then stopped and hovered3/31/08
1/20/08 05:58East DublinGAUSAOval7 MINUTESMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Landing of a 3 lighted, fairly large craft with pulsing red to amber lights.3/31/08
1/18/08 22:30SpringtownTXUSACircle30 minutes((HOAX??)) Military helicopters escort UFO off to Fort Worth Miliary Base.3/31/08
1/18/08 22:30SpringtownTXUSACircle30 minutesMilitary helicopters escort UFO off to Fort Worth Miliary Base.3/31/08
1/17/08 14:35AzusaCAUSADisk15 minutesSilver Reflecting Disk shape object over Azusa.CA3/31/08
1/16/08 20:00GaryINUSATriangle5 min.Five black triangular ships sighted in Gary, Indiana city limits close enough for me to get a clear view of what they looked like3/31/08
1/13/08 17:11DunstableMAUSALight1 minuteBright light hovers over trees then begins strobing and appearsr to intersect with plane while flying away.3/31/08
1/1/08 03:00GainesvilleFLUSAChanging3-5 minutesBlack, seemed reflective, flowing object3/31/08
12/10/07 23:00MashpeeMAUSATriangle2 minutestriangular UFO spotted over cape cod and pursued by jet aircraft3/31/08
11/25/07 22:20TacomaWAUSALight30 MINSStrange lights above Tacoma, Washinton. ((NUFORC Note: Possible aircraft lights, we wonder. McChord AFB is nearby. PD))3/31/08
10/29/07 05:00LittletonCOUSAFlash1 minuteBright Orange streak in Littleton Colorado sky Oct 2007. ((NUFORC Note: Possible high-altitude contrail, perhaps. PD))3/31/08
10/14/07 16:00HonoluluHIUSALight10 secondsMy family and I were driving home from the North Shore of Oahu where we spent the day on the beach, I had gotten a new digital camera 73/31/08
9/2/07 12:25Jersey CityNJUSADisk09/02/07 12:25 Jersey City NJ White Disk or saucer against a background of clear blue sky. Posted 03/21/083/31/08
8/15/07 00:00Flat RockMIUSALight1-2 hoursFaint, weaving, red lights over Michigan. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial bodies, we suspect. PD))3/31/08
8/8/07 20:00Fort DavisTXUSAFireball3-4 minutesgreen fireball sightings in Texas3/31/08
7/13/07 20:00Wilkes-BarrePAUSALight40 MINbright red circle object floating around sky. Moving fast, slow and up and down, Have Video3/31/08
7/12/07 14:00DecaturILUSADisk3 min.UFO hovering just feet above a neighboring house.3/31/08
7/9/07 02:17RoswellGAUSAOther5-7 min.((HOAX??)) Truley a UFO.3/31/08
6/20/07 18:00South BendINUSADisk30 min.On this date I was on my way to visit my sister at Ball State when i looked out my window and saw something in the air. It was a grayis3/31/08
6/16/07 22:00Castro ValleyCAUSATriangle15 secondsThere was a red triangular spacecraft with black wings on the rear.3/31/08
6/12/07 23:30Walla WallaWAUSAFormation6 min.Multiple Red/Orange lights in the sky moving around in seemingly random patterns.3/31/08
6/1/07 23:00Interstate 5 (approx mile marker 63)WAUSAAbout 10 minutesLast year coming back from Oregon my buddy and I observed a large light in the distance.3/31/08
6/1/07 19:00CovinaCAUSASphere3 daysSmall silver UFO's and one big green UFO3/31/08
3/27/07 17:00SeattleWAUSAEgg20 secondsTwo Crafts. One sighting.3/31/08
3/26/07 21:05Phoenix AreaAZUSACylindera ew secondsSpotted over Phoenix, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius…or a hoax?? PD))3/31/08
3/16/07 22:15Sydney (Australia)AustraliaOval7 minutes((HOAX??)) It looked like a saucer.3/31/08
3/2/07 01:56StephenvilleTXUSAFlash10 minutes((HOAX??)) Injections put into us during an abduction. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
2/7/07 22:07ShinnstonWVUSATriangle5 minutesBlack Triangle with lights and no sound.3/31/08
11/22/06 01:25UK/England (in flight)United KingdomUnknown5 seconds2 flying objects close to England in front of the airplane3/31/08
8/1/06 03:00International FallsMNUSALight3 minutesLights (on craft) moving in extremely rapid zig-zags through the night sky.3/31/08
7/20/06 01:00Yorba LindaCAUSASphere15 SecondsI was standing on my driveway when I saw a sliver spherical object hover above my neighborhood high in the sky.3/31/08
7/14/06 23:30Harpers FerryIAUSALight2 nightsBluish-white basketball-sized light over Mississippi River and land close to Effigy Mounds natioal monument3/31/08
7/4/06 22:00OmahaNEUSALight15 minsVERY similar observation as Standing Bear Park from March 4th3/31/08
7/1/06 20:00NewarkNJUSADiskunknownShip located in the upper half of the picture.3/31/08
4/26/06 12:00AlexandriaVAUSAEggRecess((HOAX??)) Unidentifyed circuler objects near shcool, one repoted witness.3/31/08
4/9/06 16:35OrlandCAUSASphere1 MINUTEOrb's overlooking there launch of a craft.3/31/08
3/15/06 23:30Shirley Basin RoadWYUSALight10 minThree white lights seen searching along a field in Shirely Basin3/31/08
11/15/05 00:00LakelandFLUSATriangleseveral hours/daysI believe we are being visited a lot more than people think.3/31/08
7/12/05 00:00BeavertonORUSAChanging45 secondsChanging shape visited, and hovered over suburban area.3/31/08
6/15/05 18:30RandlemanNCUSAOther1 minuteIt was about 6:30 pm, my husband and his co-worker had just arrived home and my son and I had went out to talk to my husband and co-wor3/31/08
5/14/05 22:00Adams CountyOHUSAFlash5 sec((HOAX??)) SMALL!3/31/08
8/15/04 03:30CranstonRIUSAFormation20+ minutesSaw a formation of crescent-shapped objects over suburban neighborhood.3/31/08
6/30/03 17:00NashvilleTNUSATriangle4 minutesI have pictures3/31/08
6/28/03 23:00Virginia BeachVAUSALight5 hoursBright green light "draws" serveral strange marks over the Atlantic Ocean3/31/08
3/17/02 11:33EastchesterNYUSADiamond3:32Diamond shaped, mid day I videotaped it.3/31/08
9/28/01 23:00RichmondVAUSAOther2-3 minutessighted 09/28/2001 no noise Richmond, Va. at 11:00 PM 2-3 minutes duration going west to east shape of a sailor's cap3/31/08
9/28/01 21:30Fulton County (southern location in)GAUSARectangle30 minutesMUFON/GEORGIA REPORT: Off-Duty Police Officer Observes White Rectangular Light In Home.3/31/08
9/17/01 01:00WilmingtonOHUSACircleU.F.O when you get the chance to see them you'll never want to forget...... 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
9/11/01 06:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAOther2 to 3 minFireball in sky on 911 before WTC3/31/08
11/1/98 20:30SkippersVAUSATriangle20 minutesFleet of triangular shaped craft with amber lights at each point travelling south along I-95 in Virginia.3/31/08
11/15/97 23:00ChesterNJUSACircle3-4 minutesSeven UFO's zigzagging in formation across the night sky3/31/08
2/6/97 16:45MesaAZUSATriangle3-4 secondsIn Mesa, AZ, I clearly saw a large triangular ship, flying slowly---it turned / flew away at terrific speed.3/31/08
6/12/96 06:00Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaDisk2-5 minsi was leaving work and was sitting in the front passenger seat of my co workers vehicle when i noticed on the horizon a disk moving abo3/31/08
1/15/95 22:00CleburneTXUSATriangle2-3 minutesTwo friends and I saw a triangular-shaped hovering aircraft which quickly sped away when we stopped to look at it.3/31/08
1/1/95 06:00Travelers RestSCUSATriangle8 secondssomething i never want to see again atleast not this close. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
10/15/94 21:00AngolaINUSADisk2 to 3 minutesDesigned like a spare tire, dark back lit port blueish, had been hiding in a forest .3/31/08
8/15/94 22:00Hazleton (near)PAUSAUnknownThree minutesLow-flying object had three large bright lights, made no sound and moved unlike any known conventional aircraft3/31/08
9/15/93 18:00BishopCAUSASphere5-10 minutesLarge sphere witnessed at music festival.3/31/08
7/20/92 02:30Fort CarsonCOUSAUnknown15minred and green unidentified lights near an army ammo point3/31/08
12/14/91 05:30Tell CityINUSACircle30 sec.bright light lit up the woods 5am while hunting. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))3/31/08
10/1/91 20:30McKenzieTNUSADisk15 minutesI saw a saucer shaped obiect with blue, red, green flashing lights on the way home from college.3/31/08
9/15/91 18:00GreenbrierARUSALight21 yearsOrange or amber balls or orbs of light multiplying and maneuvering beyond known and current aircraft abilities3/31/08
6/1/90 07:00BridgetonNJUSADisk1:00i was ouside in the street walking to my car when the ground lighted up all around my i looked up and seen a ufo i could see it was sau3/31/08
3/31/90BelgiumBelgiumI have noticed a similiarity in 2 UFO vidoes on the internet this morning. Niether video is very new but I believe them to show basi3/31/08
2/4/90 02:16LansingMIUSAFormation20secslow moving 3 faint orange tight v formation low in the sky3/31/08
12/13/89 23:00PinevilleLAUSARectangle5 Minutes?rectangular, black metallic, hover, silent, huge, low to ground, two witnesses3/31/08
10/20/89West Palm BeachFLUSACylinder3 minAfter reading the 1966 acount of Jack brown in cal, talked about a butane shaped craft. I thought I would tell you about the one I saw3/31/08
10/1/89 18:00Ft. Walton BeachFLUSACircle20 min.As a law enforcement officer I was dispatched to a UFO sighting near a military base.3/31/08
4/2/89 13:00Wallops IslandVAUSACylinder2 minutesBlack cilinder with a crome colored "strap" arond its middle, cylinder stood on end, No lights and nothing supporting it3/31/08
6/15/88 22:00Budd LakeNJUSATriangle1 hourhuge object over fileds Near Budd Lake,NJ3/31/08
6/14/88 21:45CarrolltonTXUSACross4 minutesCross shaped object moving across the clear North Texas sky at 21:45.3/31/08
1/18/88 20:00StonewallOKUSALight5-7 minutesStrange light in the southern sky (Oklahoma, 1988).3/31/08
1/1/88 17:00KennerLAUSACircle20 minutesGigantic circular object hovering, and then with progressive speed moved away and disappeared. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
1/31/87 17:04Black HawkCOUSASphereabout 5 minspheroid, leading edge shimmering red, main body whitish yellow, low altitude3/31/08
6/14/86 19:00AlleganMIUSAOther5 minutespure white orb with tubular tail hovered over allegan dam3/31/08
1/28/86NASAFLUSAOvalSpace Shuttle ChallengerWhite Objects flying during the Space Shuttle Challenger 1/28/19863/31/08
4/30/85 11:00DequincyLAUSAUnknown30m-1hr 1/2Children from small town school see object over town over twenty years ago. It doesn't end there.3/31/08
3/2/85 20:15WoodbridgeVAUSAUnknown5 SECLights over Northern VA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))3/31/08
7/8/84 23:00MartinSDUSAOval5 minutesOval-shaped craft, large as a football field, lights around parameter, first looked like star, silent, fast3/31/08
9/1/83 21:30BoulderCOUSATriangle10 secondsI observed a large triangular shaped object in 1983 in the same area and with identical characteristics described in a 2005 report.3/31/08
6/30/80 00:00ClintonMOUSARectangle30 40 minutesRepeated Encounter in about 19803/31/08
7/15/78 12:00MesaAZUSACigar90 secondsHuge silver cigar shaped craft glides low and slow over a populated suburban area in Mesa Az followed closely by a military fighter air3/31/08
3/19/77 20:30Los AngelesCAUSAOther1 minuteWhite lights w/blue halo over Santa Monica Fwy.3/31/08
6/30/76 00:00Lake McClureCAUSAAt about midnight about 1976 at Hunter's Point, Lake McClure, California heard extreme water commotion and observed submersible3/31/08
7/1/73TitusvillePAUSAUnknownMy grandmother awoke one morning to find a circular indentation, 10-15 feet in diameter, in the middle of her yard .3/31/08
11/17/71 21:00KnoxNYUSADisk1 minuteUFO hovers above and shines a bright beam of light down on me3/31/08
7/15/69 01:00Geneseo (outside of)ILUSAUnknown10-20 minutesQuestionable Abduction3/31/08
7/10/69 21:00Upper DublinPAUSASphere5 MinutesOrange sphere about 100' across moving on Susquehanna Rd. just above the trees.3/31/08
6/15/69 06:00IslipNYUSAOther20 minutesSightings/Multiple witnesses3/31/08
7/22/68 22:00BrainerdMNUSACircle10 minutesvery bright light on surface of lake which traveled very quickly out of sight3/31/08
7/7/64 21:30WautomaWIUSALight20 minutesA very close encounter with a UFO; right at the back window of my 1960 Corvair.3/31/08
6/1/63HoustonTXUSAUnknownunknown((HOAX??)) Event.3/31/08
8/17/60 21:10Long Beach (Terminal Island)CAUSAOther4-5 seconds9/17/1960 -21:10 hours-Terminal Island, Califronia, Four Crescent over LBNSY- observed 4-5 seconds above broken clouds3/31/08
5/17/56 10:22AdaOKUSACircle20 SecThis was a result of a prayer or telepathic request. Seti is a load of crap.3/31/08
6/1/53 21:00FresnoCAUSA5 minutesi seem to be the only one of my siblings to recall this event.i do not understand why this is. 500 Lights On Object0: Ye3/31/08
1/1/53 14:00Oklahoma/Texas borderTXUSACigar5 minutesCopper cigar-shaped object in early 1950's.3/31/08
6/1/52 11:00DousmanWIUSA10 secondsSilver monkeys that were about 3-4 feet tall.3/31/08