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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/16/08 23:30 Kokomo IN Light 15-30 seconds Ther was 7 to 9 very bright objects that came from the West sky, stopped, then jetted off to the North. 4/17/08
4/16/08 23:30 Kokomo IN
Seconds Woman reports seeing object strike the ground; police cruiser nearby, the occupant of which apparently witnessed the same event. 4/17/08
4/16/08 22:27 Kokomo IN Formation 2 minutes 4 or 5 yellow lights in the sky followed a loud explosion noise. They moved in perfect unison, if one went to the left, they all moved. 4/17/08
4/16/08 20:10 Atlantic City NJ Light 10 min. We just witnessed an object off of Atlantic City New jersey that seemed to have split into five or six pieces within a split second. 4/17/08
4/16/08 15:40 Durham NC Disk 10 seconds Shiney Blob of Metal Hovering in Broad Daylight Durham NC 4/17/08
4/16/08 13:00 State College PA Flash at least 15 minutes Silver lines/flashes in the sky. 4/17/08
4/15/08 21:30 Cary NC Unknown 5 Minutes Stationary Light Flashing Erratically, and Low Flying Object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 4/17/08
4/15/08 20:30 St. Albans VT Light 15-20 minutes Unidentifiable light, disappeared. 4/17/08
4/14/08 21:30 Rock Hill SC Unknown 5 SECONDS Explosion rocks Rock Hill,SC 4/17/08
4/14/08 20:45 Oro Valley AZ Circle 3 seconds Two golden-yellow orbs seen from Oro Valley, Arizona to the west-southwest on the evening of April 14th, 2008. 4/17/08
4/14/08 11:00 Vero Beach FL Cigar 3 minutes Two cigar shaped craft moving at the speed of thought played leap frog with each other at the beach. 4/17/08
4/14/08 03:20 Orlando FL Fireball 2 - 4 mins Bright orange/red half-moon looking object with what looked like a wavy flame tail. 4/17/08
4/13/08 21:27 Fair Oak, Hampshire (UK/England)
Disk 15m (estimated) Triangle formation observed at Fair Oak, Hampshire, England 4/17/08
4/13/08 04:30 Bowling Green KY Disk 1 hour Random flashing lights.Good description.Within 2-3 stories overhead. Saucer with lights and windows. 4/17/08
4/13/08 03:00 Seattle WA Oval 1 min Large burnt-orange object hanging low in the sky near Downtown Seattle. 4/17/08
4/13/08 Valencia CA Light
A bright object was seen from a far distance. It gave off a bright white light, sometimes turning gold, then it would turn red 4/17/08
4/12/08 22:51 Waterford MI Chevron 10 sec. Transparent, silent chevron flying overhead at or above 100 MPH. 4/17/08
4/12/08 22:30 Tampa FL Unknown 5 min strange colored light in the sky that vanished 4/17/08
4/12/08 21:30 Pismo CA Light 2 minutes Bright orange 'star' seen for 2 minutes by multiple witnesses. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium satellite?? PD)) 4/17/08
4/12/08 20:15 Lucerne CA Light 1 minute I was looking out my sliding glass door, through the screen, at what appeared to be almost a Christmas card photograph; two trees and a 4/17/08
4/12/08 00:15 Orlando FL Light 2 minutes Five orange lights following each other over Orlando 1 AM 4/12 4/17/08
4/11/08 21:20 Pilot Point TX Teardrop 21:21 ((HOAX)) 9:20 a gray object hovering above the horizon, emitted no light or sounds. 4/17/08
4/11/08 13:00 Shafter CA Light 15sec. dont no what to say i was amazed it was just like my dream 4/17/08
4/11/08 04:30 Hanford Nuclear Reservation WA Cylinder 5 seconds Low flying black cylinder without any lights or noise 4/17/08
4/11/08 00:15 Aberdeen MD Other 30 seconds Silent fast moving very dim or possibly lit from reflected ground light, was either 6 or single objects, or one object with 6 discs 4/17/08
4/10/08 21:45 Surprise AZ Light 50 seconds Looked like double the brightness of other stars in between the last 2 stars in big dipper. 4/17/08
4/10/08 21:45 Union Gap WA Light 15seconds a big star-like like that closed from one side to the other, not reappearing 4/17/08
4/10/08 21:30 Arcata CA Light about 8 seconds I saw a bright and big star-like object at night floating over a university weight room gym after I exited the facility. 4/17/08
4/10/08 20:44 Greenville NC Formation 12-15 seconds four large greenish hazy lights, in straight line formation, moving very fast, no sound 4/17/08
4/10/08 04:00 Nevada TX Unknown 10 min On April 10 2008 @ about 4am bight lights heading in from the east towards my house. 4/17/08
4/9/08 23:30 Clifford PA
unknown Aircraft distress beacon or something else????? 4/17/08
4/9/08 21:45 Leesburg GA Light 20 seconds Bright light appearing out of nowhere and speeding off 4/17/08
4/9/08 03:00 Haworth (UK/England)
Light 3mins One dim white light followed by a much brighter silvery 'ball' of light, moving at first slowly, almost directly above and in parallel. 4/17/08

Thank you 4/17/08
4/8/08 12:20 Maltby WA Sphere 1 min 30 sec The sigting bgan first with our work radios making a clicking noise then eventual static Nobody could make contact through our radios a 4/17/08
4/8/08 06:00 Hendersonville TN Other 2 min Ring with long arms and crown viewed in sumner county TN 4/17/08
4/7/08 23:05 Plantation FL Chevron 20 TO 30 SECONDS very large V shape object no lights and no noise at all traveling west to east . 4/17/08
4/7/08 22:30 Salisbury NH Triangle 5 mins My husband and I were laying in bed, watching a movie, when we saw two flashing lights through our balcony door. We got up and went out 4/17/08
4/7/08 07:48 Sanger CA Light 2 sec second sighting ever and this month. 4/17/08
4/6/08 23:45 Orleans (Canada) ON Light 8-12 seconds Two red lights seen over eastern ontario in the north/eastern direction of the sky 4/17/08
4/6/08 23:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Triangle 10 seconds Single ship with three balls of light sent out from it 4/17/08
4/6/08 07:00 Fort Mohave AZ Cylinder 20 minutes My friend and I were taking our morning walk which we do 5 miles a day, when we happened to look up and saw an object in the sky. There 4/17/08
4/6/08 00:30 Waterloo (Canada) ON Light 5-10 seconds Shape becomes 2 lights flying in an erratic pathway while doing semi circles. 4/17/08
4/4/08 22:25 Pekin IL Triangle less than 30 sec. Triangular and low-flying aircraft sighted at my house. 4/17/08
4/4/08 21:30 Durand MI Light 45min 04/04/08 object sighted moving from west to east.approxmately 45min duration, arcing to the north while still moving twards east.This p 4/17/08
4/4/08 21:00 Carriere MS Light 2 hours same flashing light, doing the same thing, 3rd time this week, ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 4/17/08
4/4/08 15:30 Memphis TN Formation unknown after an MLK rally 4/4/08 in Memphis, TN, I found multiple white orbs in formation in one picture I snapped 4/17/08
4/4/08 02:00 Seattle WA Unknown about 5 minutes turned around above my house with a flash and a noise 4/17/08
4/3/08 23:50 Laguna Hills CA Rectangle 2 minutes rectangle shape object flying over laguna hills going at a slow speed and dissapearing after a short time. 4/17/08
4/3/08 23:00 Winters TX Other <1 minute Airplanes with silent engines? 4/17/08
4/3/08 22:45 Rexburg ID Cone 3-5 minutes big, black, dragon shapped object, no lights, slowly gliding at high altitude, kind of a small blur around it 4/17/08
4/3/08 19:30 Littleton CO Other 10 Minutes Double oval-shaped cigar shaped craft seen at high altitude, air traffic diverted 4/17/08
4/3/08 00:00 Ashburn VA Triangle 3 minutes It was 12:15am April 3, 2008. My mom and brother had just gone to bed, and i was awake in my room. I was just about to go to sleep when 4/17/08
4/2/08 23:00 Arlington Heights IL Other 10 minutes Soundless Hovering Crafts in Arlington Heights IL 4/17/08
4/2/08 22:45 Incline Village NV Light 23:15 Bright multicolored light. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius?? PD)) 4/17/08
4/2/08 21:40 Evansville IN Triangle 2 Minutes Very dimly lit , low flying , silent triangular object spotted over Evansville, Indiana 4/17/08
4/2/08 20:30 New York City (Queens) NY Light 3 Minutes Out of ordinary lights in queens 4/17/08
4/2/08 02:25 Toronto (Canada) ON Unknown few seconds Craft traveling from east to west in Toronto 4/17/08
4/2/08 00:20 Cramerton NC Flash 3-4 minutes Flashing light (multiple colors) in the skys over cramerton and ranlo nc just above the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 4/17/08
4/2/08 00:15 New Carrollton MD Triangle 1-3 minutes Last night I saw something unusual in the night sky, this was not natural by any means it happened very quickly but I saw enough to kn 4/17/08
4/1/08 21:30 Smyrna GA Fireball 15 seconds Fireball over Smynra Georgia USA 4/1/2008 21:30 falling straight to the ground over Dobbins AFB 4/17/08
4/1/08 20:18 Sydney (Australia)
Triangle 20seconds Triangular formation of lights moving reasonably low to the ground. 4/17/08
4/1/08 11:20 Orange TX Cigar 45 seconds LARGE DARK CIGAR SHAPED CRAFT 4/17/08
4/1/08 08:00 Escondido CA Light
It was a blue flashing light moves very fast then stops above our house.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/1/08 05:30 Homer Glen IL Light 3-4 Minutes On 4/1/08 at 05:30 I saw three objects with very intense bright white strobes over Homer Glen Illinois. 4/17/08
4/1/08 00:55 Covina CA Triangle about 45sec-1min Large Triangle shaped Lights(object) passed across the sky in total silence 4/17/08
3/31/08 23:50 Fort Lauderdale FL Unknown 3-5 minutes Blue lights seen hovering 300 -400 feet above westbound lanes of I-75. 4/17/08
3/31/08 22:35 Monterey Park CA Fireball
Bright red light seen in the evening sky over Monterey Park, CA 4/17/08
3/31/08 20:20 Topeka KS Fireball 15 Seconds Yellow, very fast, moved across sky from south to north then disappeared. 4/17/08
3/30/08 22:45 Mattituck NY Triangle 10 min Bright light over Mattituck, Long Island, NY 4/17/08
3/30/08 22:00 Lake Buena Vista FL Disk
Disk-shaped aircraft with colorful lights seen over Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epot. 4/17/08
3/29/08 01:00 Sayre PA Cigar 3 sec. Sitting in my backyard and saw cigar shaped aircraft zoom across the sky 4/17/08
3/27/08 23:00 Huron County OH Light 2 to 3 minutes Light seen in night sky, with strobing colored lights and no sound, traveling slowly 4/17/08
3/27/08 22:00 Fort Atkinson WI Formation 30 SECONDS V formation seen twice in appr. 15 min. About 25-30 lights that disconnected at one point then rejoined. 4/17/08
3/26/08 20:30 Hatteras Village NC Light 45 seconds 3 orange lights appeared in a line,one blinked out only to reappear above the next in line,it happened 3-4 times then lights disapeared 4/17/08
3/20/08 13:00 Glastonbury CT Cigar 13:00-13:05 Silver cigar shape in the air 4/17/08
3/13/08 18:54 Milpitas CA Other 40 seconds White 3 sphere coupled object seen in Milpitas, CA capture on video. 4/17/08
3/13/08 02:00 Louisville KY Formation 30min Siting over Loiville, Ky 4/17/08
3/9/08 21:30 Tarentum PA Chevron 3 Minutes Large Slow moving Delta shaped ufo seen by alot people over tarentum and deer lakes 4/17/08
3/7/08 21:30 Crown Point IN Other 7 min White Orb leaves ground to go up to an object 4/17/08
3/1/08 14:00 Huntington Park CA Changing 3 hrs many ufos seen above huntington park ca on clear sunny day in march 2008 4/17/08
2/29/08 23:00 Minneapolis (near; Hwy 81) KS Triangle 2 min. triangular craft with white lights at each point and dimmer lights in the middle. 4/17/08
2/29/08 17:45 Jackson MS Changing 5-10mins ((HOAX??)) White, changing shape three big UFO's nine small UFO's. 4/17/08
2/20/08 20:00 Penn Valley CA Light 3 minutes Strange Light Appeared At Time Of Lunar Eclipse 4/17/08
2/15/08 22:00 Worley ID Unknown 3min moved slowly in the clouds during a snowstorm no noise went from south to north withflood lights shining all over the area as it moved 4/17/08
2/15/08 05:00 Worland WY Oval 45 minutes ((HOAX??)) My parents told me they saw this UFO while my dad was getting ready to go to work. 4/17/08
1/20/08 20:30 Oak Lawn IL Oval 20 sec 2 oval shaped flying next to each other 4/17/08
1/20/08 05:58 East Dublin GA Other 7-8 MIN MUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Person witnesses peculiar pulsing light near his home. 4/17/08
1/18/08 22:30 Springtown TX Circle 30 minutes NO HOAX 4/17/08
12/12/07 17:00 Columbia, Wrightsville PA
15 min On Dec. 12, 2007, at just before 5:00pm, I saw three bright lights over the Susquehanna River. 4/17/08
12/7/07 20:55 Launceston (Australia)

60 minutes Ufos seen from Australian suburb, two days running. 4/17/08
12/2/07 22:00 Huatulco (Mexico)
Sphere 5 sec Huatulco ufo. Brown disc shape, flat sides. "Windows" showing. 4/17/08
11/23/07 16:50 Chantilly/Centreville VA Other 6 mintues Northern Virginia Brightest object in daylight sky moved faster then any object for 5 minutes, mulitple witnesses 4/17/08
11/4/07 10:00 Cedar Falls IA Circle 5 seconds I want to believe..... 4/17/08
10/16/07 19:00 Southbridge MA Disk few minutes crazey dident expect it stil dont no wat to say seen it above a few trees nothing else around andd then it wasent there 4/17/08
9/20/07 17:00 Long Beach CA Fireball 10 seconds fireballs in a triangle ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 4/17/08
9/11/07 19:50 Studio City CA Light 5 mn Bright white light surrounded by revolving colored lights suggesting a disc shape travelling east over the San Fernando Valley. 4/17/08
9/5/07 13:00 York ME Circle uknown round object found on photo of Maine light house. 4/17/08
4/22/07 12:45 Beaufort SC Cigar maybe a minute It happened a day after an airplane crash and it was very long and thin with points on either end very brillantly white, maybe glowed. 4/17/08
6/1/06 15:00 Parkside PA Oval 10 minutes unusual silver object moving norhwest to southeast at a very high altitude 4/17/08
2/9/06 07:25 Wellston MI Unknown 30 seconds or so I saw something weird 4/17/08
9/14/05 20:40 Havre MT Formation 10 min. Many lights in the sky all at once, four witnesses. 4/17/08
6/1/05 23:00 Tasmania (Australia)
Disk 10 mins ((HOAX??)) Hi me and a friend were walking to the bottle shop and heard a noise looked up. 4/17/08
3/25/05 Batsto NJ Triangle 2 minites Batsto New Jersey UFO ((NUFORC Note: No date provided; witness does not respond. Possible hoax. PD)) 4/17/08
9/5/01 20:45 Guntersville AL Light 15min ((HOAX??)) I saw a large bright white light toward the ENE from my front yard. 4/17/08
7/14/01 22:30 Joshua Tree CA Light 5 plus seconds A large, very bright white, round satellite-appearance light, moving slowly. Then made an extremely fast "W" maneuver, and then vanishe 4/17/08
6/2/01 Lancaster CA
on going no doctors no what the foreign objects are 4/17/08
6/1/97 23:00 Shoreline WA Triangle 10 min its been 10 years, did anybody else see what i saw in shoreline washington 4/17/08
9/20/95 22:00 Sunflower MS Cylinder 5 mins 1995 Blue cylinder object flies over car stops and darts off with great speed. 4/17/08
6/3/95 13:00 Syracuse NY Formation 15-20 seconds High altitude V-formation of 7 objects 4/17/08
12/24/93 20:30 Las Marias
Light 15 MIN I am in the military and know all form of aircraft recognition.

This night we had partial cloud in low overcast. The revolving light
6/12/91 06:00 Kingston area PA Triangle 20 to 30 miutes Light coming closer craft appears 4/17/08
9/15/90 07:30 Howe TX Cigar 10 mins Silver, silent, stationary cigar object 4/17/08
8/23/90 18:45 Redding CA Changing 3 to 5 minutes symentrical group of orange dots in night sky, no sound at all, no break in flowing formation at all 4/17/08
7/1/88 00:00 North Pole AK Unknown 1 hour 20 minutes Flash of light and loss of time 4/17/08
9/15/86 03:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 25 minutes A clear bright starry night. Very nice indeed with great air quality that night.I was on duty and doing guard. The premises are outdoor 4/17/08
12/25/78 21:30 Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
Fireball 45 sec-90 sec. I witnessed a very large glow in the sky which cannot be attributable to any known aircraft and which descended into the ocean. 4/17/08
6/1/78 18:00 Attica MI Oval 10-15 min feeling as i was pulled toward the craft that they were from another time, and they were not here to harm us...

500 Lights On Objec
4/6/78 20:00 Chittenango NY Fireball Thursday Evening Red lights glaring over the sky of Town of Sullivan, Madison County, NY 4/17/08
9/3/73 09:00 Elyria OH
3 hours I was on my way to school in 1973 when something strange happened.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/10/69 00:00 Barstow CA Light 8- 10 seconds Bright lights 4/17/08
6/30/67 21:00 Lansing KS Light 5 mins Silent light darts to avoid collision. 4/17/08
6/30/56 16:00 New Brunswick NJ Disk approx. 10 minutes Four Saucers, over the City of New Brunswick, NJ, in the summer of 1956 4/17/08
6/30/30 20:00 Willingboro NJ Other
This isn't my encounter, it's my mother's when she was living in willingboro with her family. i dont know how old she was or how long a 4/17/08