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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2008/08/12


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/12/08 23:30LaceyWAUSALight1.5+ hoursA star-like object, moving in hooks, fast streams, and circles stayed above the house until I was tired and went inside.8/12/08
8/12/08 10:00Conwy (UK/Wales)United KingdomLight1 minuteOrange Light In the sky8/12/08
8/11/08 23:30CorvallisORUSADiamond2 minutesi was chased by a UFO in the 2nd sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Hoax?? PD))8/12/08
8/11/08 23:00DelanoCAUSAUnknown30 minutesPossible UFO over NORTH WEST of California Close to San JOSE Calif.8/12/08
8/11/08 21:45HebbronvilleTXUSAFireball15 minutesGreen ball and yellow light8/12/08
8/11/08 09:30RaleighNCUSALight>1 minwhite light traveling horizontally, sped up very fast and then disappeared.8/12/08
8/11/08 02:30Coral SpringsFLUSAUnknown2 hoursSomething in the sky thats changing colors and in the same spot for at least two hours...just gets higher.8/12/08
8/11/08 02:15PetersvilleALUSATriangle45 minA three lighted object seems to be surveying north Alabama.8/12/08
8/10/08 23:55Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomChevron30 secondsBRIGHT LIGHT TRAVELLING FAST,TURNING QUICKLY TO RETURN THE WAY IT HAD COME FROM.8/12/08
8/10/08 23:45Wilkes-BarrePAUSALight30 secOrange orb over North-East PA 30 sec8/12/08
8/10/08 23:00BakersfieldCAUSARectangle2 minutesMy cousin says whats that a bird? i look up to see a rectangular object moving across the night sky.8/12/08
8/10/08 21:50WestminsterMDUSAFireball2 secondsSmall Orange Light Observed Traveling South8/12/08
8/10/08 13:45St. LouisMOUSACigar20-30 minsBlack spot low on South St. Louis sky8/12/08
8/10/08 12:30KatyTXUSA10 secdont know exactly what it was but was moving at a high rate of speed and was burning off particles on its descent. and then vanished8/12/08
8/10/08 05:50ClermontFLUSAFlash30 MINabout 5:50 in the morning my wife and i saw two moving objects going back and fourth in the same area. The objects had small balls of l8/12/08
8/10/08 01:30HoustonTXUSACigarsecondsExtremely bright, cigar shaped object in the night sky near down town Houston.8/12/08
8/10/08 00:15SykesvilleMDUSALight1Hr 15Min (still there)white light in sky that showed some red color changes intermittently8/12/08
8/9/08 23:00OlemaCAUSATriangle30 secondsOlema, Ca. UFO sighting8/12/08
8/9/08 22:50Buchholz (Germany)GermanyLight1 minuteBright Orange Lights moving quite fast at about 500 meters above the ground8/12/08
8/9/08 22:15HancockNYUSALight1 minuteOrange starshaped light in the sky8/12/08
8/9/08 22:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball3 MinutesFire in the sky8/12/08
8/9/08 22:00HoustonTXUSALight1 hourSeries of tall columns arorned with white lights and alternating on/off from left to right8/12/08
8/9/08 21:15SabattusMEUSAUnknown4 minutesFast high moving white lights in the clear night sky that disappeared from view.8/12/08
8/9/08 21:00SpringTXUSACircle15 minLarge, glowing bright circular object moving accross sky. No sound or strobe lights. Slowly moving & then sped up & vanished8/12/08
8/9/08 18:45Dawson SpringsKYUSACircle7.5 minutesTwo small orbs seen hovering over Dawson Springs, KY at a great distance.8/12/08
8/9/08 17:30Los AngelesCAUSALight5 minSilver Objects Hovering Above Los Angeles8/12/08
8/9/08 13:00FremontCAUSASphere4 minutesSaw four spheres in the sky, paired up, and moving oddly.8/12/08
8/9/08 10:03KelsoWAUSAUnknowncurrent((HOAX??)) the ufo went under the clouds8/12/08
8/9/08 10:03PittsburghPAUSADisk2 minutes((HOAX)) orange white and red lighted rotating disk moving up and down then suddenly flew away at a very fast pace.8/12/08
8/9/08 10:00KelsoWAUSAUnknownCurrentLights forming a unknown shape with four beams8/12/08
8/9/08 10:00KelsoWAUSAUnknownCurent4 criss cross lights that came from ground and moved out towards the sky. The lights are bright, white. We went down to go follow it, b8/12/08
8/9/08 09:45ElizabethNJUSADisk1or2 minutesI saw a huge disk w/ 2 big lights and several smaller lights around it.8/12/08
8/9/08 02:00NilesMIUSATriangleUnknown5 dancing lights in the middle of the night.8/12/08
8/9/08 02:00Alton (Hampshire) (UK/England)United KingdomLightJust over a MinuteStrange Bright white light hovering over nearby wood.8/12/08
8/9/08 01:00RenoNVUSASphere5 secsNormally you can't see bright stars in downtown Reno but when i was looking up at the sky i saw a bright sphere dance around for a se8/12/08
8/9/08 00:23KirklandWAUSAUnknown?Unlike last summer (07) an unusual absence of aerial phenomena in sector.8/12/08
8/8/08 23:05Aylmer (Canada)QCCanadaRectangle1 minBright Orange Light over Ottawa River8/12/08
8/8/08 23:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball10 minutesFire Ball object with comet like tail changing directions and dropping flares over Baton Rouge8/12/08
8/8/08 22:00San DiegoCAUSAOther7 minTwo orange "X" objects8/12/08
8/8/08 21:00Chula VistaCAUSACircle2 min.Small white dot, moved relativily slowly shows continuously at App. 9:00 PM PST8/12/08
8/8/08 21:00Mt. AiryMDUSALight2-3 secondsVery bright light moved extremely quickly across the sky. Seen again within a few seconds going opposite direction.8/12/08
8/8/08 20:11AlamoTXUSASphereApprox. 10 minutes2 silver "tubes" seen flying in sky. Not weather balloons. No wings. Moving fast.8/12/08
8/8/08 20:00Chicago (over NW Indiana?)ILUSAOther1 hourBright orange reddish lights flickering over lake Michigan ((Chicagoland area))8/12/08
8/8/08 17:25DentonTXUSADisk5 minutes or moreI went outside to have my afternoon break, which today was at 5:25. I happened to look up and see the same object as I had seen the8/12/08
8/8/08 15:00SunnyvaleCAUSAEgg60 secondsReflective silver object, possibly orb or egg shaped flying near some fighter jets this afternoon in Sunnyvale, CA8/12/08
8/8/08 09:00McAllenTXUSADisk2 to 3 minutesDaytime Objects Unexplained8/12/08
8/8/08 09:00NewbergORUSALight2 minutesobject over newberg oregon, 2 witnessed, white light with three red lights attached.8/12/08
8/8/08 05:00Powder SpringsGAUSATriangleaprox 1 minI saw an object with three red, flashing lights forming a triangle flying low over my neighborhood.8/12/08
8/8/08 01:30MurrayKYUSAFlashabout 6 secondsoval object shoots across the sky and explodes in bright flash.8/12/08
8/8/08 00:30La CrosseWIUSADisk120 seconds((HOAX??)) I saw a saucer shaped object moving at high speeds that had lights blinking along the edges of it.8/12/08
8/8/08 00:00EdenNYUSACircle15 MINUTESUnusual bright zig-zagging lights in the Eden, North Collins NY sky.8/12/08
8/7/08 23:46LancasterOHUSAUnknown2 minutesBright, Nonflashing Pinkish Light without any accompanying lights visible.8/12/08
8/7/08 23:00HazenNDUSACylinder10 secondsBig and huge and very silent ,with dim lights all around it8/12/08
8/7/08 22:15WaverlyNYUSALight45 MinutesBright light in the sky that illuminated the clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter?? PD))8/12/08
8/7/08 22:00Beach ParkILUSACigar2 minutesDisappearing cigar shape8/12/08
8/7/08 22:00Grangemouth (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight10minsvery bright lights in the sky that mooved then went straight up into the clouds8/12/08
8/7/08 21:40Choctaw County (southeastern OK)OKUSALight30 secondsBright, glowing white light moving slowly above us with no blinking lights. ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))8/12/08
8/7/08 21:20AllenTXUSATeardrop1 minAround 9:20 we saw a really bright light in the sky at first we thought it was an airplane but it didn't have red blinking lights and i8/12/08
8/7/08 21:20Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircle10 minuteswhite luminescent orb over lake ontario8/12/08
8/7/08 21:05Chula VistaCAUSAOval1:40Slow Moving, Oval shaped, very low in the sky, and a very bright white,and it vanished… ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))8/12/08
8/7/08 21:00Lake WalesFLUSATriangle5 secondsIt was triangle shaped and it had bright white lights no red or green lights were present. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
8/7/08 16:25DentonTXUSADisk5 minutesI went outside for my afternoon break and happened to look up and see a shiny object traveling thru the sky. Of course my first thought8/12/08
8/7/08 00:30CranfordNJUSATriangle1 hourSmall blinking lights moving fast in the distance. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))8/12/08
8/6/08 22:35BroaddusTXUSAUnknown40 minpulsationg lights in northern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))8/12/08
8/6/08 22:15Val-des-Monts (Canada)QCCanadaLight30-60 secondsObject travaled In a straight line,no flashing lights and very bright, "jumped" up and came down repeated up down and then faded away.8/12/08
8/6/08 21:55Soddy DaisyTNUSALight60 secondsBright light traveling quickly changes to reddish-orange globe then disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Intl. Space Station sighting. PD))8/12/08
8/6/08 21:45HartwellGAUSALight2 - 3 minsI saw a rather big white light which I took for a planet or possibly a star at WNW. ((NUFORC Note: Intl. Space Station sighting. PD))8/12/08
8/6/08 21:30IrvineCAUSALightabout 6 or 7 secondsA light in the night sky that wobbled, changed direction and zoomed off at an astonishing rate of speed8/12/08
8/6/08 21:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaLight30 minutesStar-like point of light, flashing periodically, erupts into bright sparkle after 30 minutes.8/12/08
8/6/08 01:00PlymouthWIUSAUnknownContinuousUFO to the North - bright starlike object just above the horizon that flashes colors from red to green.... ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))8/12/08
8/5/08 23:32PhoenixAZUSAUnknown2 MinutesRed and Greenish/White lights making a zigzag motion, then disappearing over the horizon8/12/08
8/5/08 22:02Karimnagar (India)IndiaCirclefraction of secondsBlue light over karimnagar INDIA viewed from top floor building8/12/08
8/5/08 21:54HobbsNMUSATeardrop20-30 SecondsLarge, pear shaped (upside down teardrop shape) object glowing orange, then drifted away.8/12/08
8/5/08 21:30ColumbusOHUSALight6 secondsbright white orb moves slowly, dims, and vanishes followed by all night power outage8/12/08
8/5/08 20:25SangervilleMEUSACircle30 Secondsyellow/white light seen from about three miles away8/12/08
8/5/08 19:30TucsonAZUSADisk6 min 22 secUFOs Caught on Videotape in Tucson Arizona August 5th 20088/12/08
8/5/08 16:00HanoverPAUSACircle30 minsOne circular object that descended from sky to the side of a group of trees, ascended at 5 – 10 miles per hour in a straight path. It8/12/08
8/5/08 10:15BedfordVAUSATriangle15 secondsSilent, slow moving triangle shaped craft.8/12/08
8/5/08 09:00Baltimore CityMDUSATriangle3 minTriangle object flying from north to southeast.8/12/08
8/5/08 05:00HollywoodFLUSAOther3 minutesAt 5:00 am my wife went to the bathroom, we live in a HIGH RISE on the Ocean. She woke me up and we looked out the window and saw a8/12/08
8/5/08 02:00Culver CityCAUSAChevron15 secondsI was taking the dog out and as I got to the door I looked up and saw a very large craft with a light pattern on the bottom which I hav8/12/08
8/4/08 23:00FlourtownPAUSAFlasha few secondsBlue Light with Trail at a high rate of speed.8/12/08
8/4/08 23:00BoiseIDUSAOther8-10 minutes((HOAX??)) Noted a star/spider shaped craft with yellow lights and blinking lights at ends.8/12/08
8/4/08 22:50DavieFLUSAFormation5minutes((HOAX??)) U.F.O's following each other to perfectly in line slowly.8/12/08
8/4/08 22:50PlantationFLUSAFormation12 minutes7 lights in the sky just West of Broward Blvd & Flamingo Rd8/12/08
8/4/08 22:30AustinTXUSALight5 secondslight shot across sky horizontally from north to south at extremely high rate of speed.8/12/08
8/4/08 22:10PocatelloIDUSALight5 Minutes09/04/08 at approximately 22:10 hours a bright light moved West to East, zigged and zagged then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD))8/12/08
8/4/08 21:53RoswellNMUSAUnknown4-6 secondsUnidentified Circle of Light accelerates and disappears at very high altitude8/12/08
8/4/08 21:45Westchester CountyNYUSALight2 or 3 minReddish white light moving SSE across sky. ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous source does not indicate location of sighting. PD))8/12/08
8/4/08 21:30Des MoinesIAUSAFireball15 secondsRed light over Des Moines, Iowa vewed from Mitchellville, Iowa.8/12/08
8/4/08 21:15RocklandMEUSALight3 minutesMaine slow moving light8/12/08
8/4/08 19:45SudburyMAUSASphere15 minutes +Unidentified Bright cylindrical object in the sky8/12/08
8/4/08 19:01ChicagoILUSADisk60 secondsNotched disc with slow wobbly movement at O'hare Terminal 3 observed at close range in daylight.8/12/08
8/4/08 19:00HudsonWIUSALight2-3 minutesMy wife and I saw a light very high in the sky that was not a plane. ((NUFORC Note: Daylight sighting of ISS?? PD))8/12/08
8/4/08 19:00CantonMAUSACigar10 secondsUnidentified Flying object spotted in the sky in massachussetts8/12/08
8/4/08 14:00OrlandoFLUSAChanging6 hoursblack survival knife shaped object seen over orlando florida8/12/08
8/4/08 14:00OrlandoFLUSAChanging~6 HoursTransforming cigar shape with large protrusions that move and interlock8/12/08
8/4/08 03:40Algarve (Portugal)PortugalCircle10 secondsTwo orange balls dancing playfully in the sky and travelling at great speed8/12/08
8/4/08AkronOHUSADiamondall nightMoving Star ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))8/12/08
8/3/08 23:00Sterling HeightsMIUSACircle30 secondslarge star-like object becomes red and vanishes8/12/08
8/3/08 22:15RiversidePAUSALight15 minsBright star like object moving south changed colors from white to orange and then turned northeast.8/12/08
8/3/08 22:15HendersonNVUSAChanging60 minutesRapid shape changing bright white light vanishing.8/12/08
8/3/08 22:10ViennaVAUSASphere~1 minutebright, large orange sphere "dancing" above tall tree tops at night8/12/08
8/3/08 22:06BaltimoreMDUSASphere2 minutesOrange Disc anomaly imaged in HD over trees in Baltimore Maryland8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00MilfordDEUSAFireball3 secondsThree family members saw a green fireball, about the size of a tennis ball, travel E to W for 3 seconds, with trailing red-orange spark8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00BaltimoreMDUSAOvalApprox 45 secondsLarge light traveling east to west, no sound, then flashed and instantly disappeared8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00Long BeachNYUSAOval3-4 secondsAn oval brilliantly bright/white object with a trailing tail moving east to west over the ocean in 3-4 seconds.8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00DenverPAUSALight10-15 secondsRadiant green object souring through the sky than disappearing in a flash8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00Scotch PlainsNJUSACigar2 secUFO Sighting in Central NJ8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00FrenchtownNJUSAFlash3 secondsWe all saw a flash of light in the sky for 2-3 seconds just standing their. Then the beam shot into the sky leaving a blue trail.8/12/08
8/3/08 22:00TampaFLUSAUnknown5 secondsStreet lights went black and a strange blueish-white light came down from the sky8/12/08
8/3/08 21:40BaltimoreMDUSATeardrop15 minutesLarge object that changed colors in night skies over Baltimore,Maryland.8/12/08
8/3/08 21:00Virginia BeachVAUSAFireball4 monthsthis object was very high up and emmited no sound.!8/12/08
8/3/08 16:42Sioux CityIAUSADisk30 secondsObject seen within 1 Mile East of Grandview park in Sioux City(NorthSide). It travelled at about 400 ft in elevation in a N.E. directio8/12/08
8/3/08 10:30SunriverORUSACylinder45minReflective Spinning object high over Sunriver, Oregon. 8/3/20088/12/08
8/3/08 01:45ClintonNJUSAUnknown20 minutes((HOAX??)) "Speeding Stars" over smalltown Clinton, New Jersey8/12/08
8/3/08 00:10Orondo (near)WAUSAFireball2 secs maxFireball sighting with apparent explosion8/12/08
8/2/08 23:35HendersonNVUSAChanging60 minutesPhotos I took of UFO changing shapes and making very abrupt movements8/12/08
8/2/08 23:30YuleeFLUSALight5 minsFlashing lights8/12/08
8/2/08 23:10WapakonetaOHUSASphere1.5 minutessphere with orange flame moving across sky.8/12/08
8/2/08 23:02Mount VernonWAUSAUnknown2 min 15 secHigh speed UFO possible sighting.8/12/08
8/2/08 22:45Ocean CityNJUSACircle3 secondsRound object flying from south extremely quickly, but evenly. Seemed to be hazy and, therefore, was blurred slightly. Just flew ap8/12/08
8/2/08 22:40OceansideNYUSAOval4 secondsWitnessed unlit oval craft.8/12/08
8/2/08 22:32RiversideCAUSAFlash2-3 secondsLarge flash, bright streak in the sky8/12/08
8/2/08 22:30Fuquay VarinaNCUSASphere1 minuteRound silent turqouise glowing orb floating up and away toward Raleigh North Carolina8/12/08
8/2/08 22:20SouthboroughMAUSATriangleless than 30secSpotted traveling along main road about 5 feet off of pavement, passed by my car and then disappeared8/12/08
8/2/08 22:00PeoriaAZUSAFireball5 secondsFlash and streak of green shoot across the night sky.8/12/08
8/2/08 22:00ChehalisWAUSAUnknown30 secondsWobbly, starburst shape object moving across the sky8/12/08
8/2/08 22:00Gravenhurst (Canada)ONCanadaCone5 minutesAt end of fireworks, 30-40 objects,2 squadrons of 15-20 each, 1 single rear guard, bright orange,haze glow, pear or cone shape8/12/08
8/2/08 21:49OshkoshWIUSAFireball3 minuitesFlame over Oshkosh8/12/08
8/2/08 21:30DeltonaFLUSAFireball3 minutesOrange flickering fireball8/12/08
8/2/08 21:30RiversideCAUSALight1 minute approx.Bright flash followed by glowing, blinking object8/12/08
8/2/08 21:00Ft. LauderdaleFLUSACircle12 secsStar Like Object..mimics the north star..and shoots out into atmosphere.8/12/08
8/2/08 20:30ArlingtonVAUSAOvalfive minutesblack object appeared in the arlington sky after a mysterious thunderstorm. lightning still exists.8/12/08
8/2/08 17:53SchenectadyNYUSALight30 secondsBright Light over Schenectady.8/12/08
8/2/08 17:30Arkansas (above?; in-flight)ARUSADiskfew secondsDisk shaped ufo seen from airplane window8/12/08
8/2/08 16:15Elk GroveILUSAChevron2 MinutesI saw a chevron shaped metallic craft.8/12/08
8/2/08 11:45TulsaOKUSAOval10 secondsAugust, 2nd 11:45 pm. I saw a oval -teardrop shaped UFO up close with binoculars,.ASTOUNDING! I am still perplexed.....8/12/08
8/2/08 11:45TulsaOKUSATeardrop10 secondsWhile laying down studying stars with binoculars I saw a ovel-teardrop shaped craft up close with bare eye then with binoculars8/12/08
8/2/08 11:15DearbornMIUSAOval20minGoggle Map-Street View: 24222 New York Dearborn MI- North West Sky Location8/12/08
8/2/08 09:30Ft. LauderdaleFLUSALightfew minutesBright light circles north star and then strangley moves away8/12/08
8/2/08 02:00StocktonCAUSAFireball6 secondsOn 08/02/2008 at approximately 2AM, my passenger and I witnessed a large burning object falling SW near Cal State Univ. - Stockton8/12/08
8/2/08 01:00BogartGAUSALight30 secondsTwo men see very bright light from sky, and then another flying object afterwards8/12/08
8/2/08 00:30Rockford/Loves ParkILUSACircle1.5hrsStrange colorful ball of light over Loves Park IL late at night8/12/08
8/2/08 00:30Shellbrook (Canada)SKCanadaCircle1 hourObject, low in southwestern sky moves up and to the west and begins flashing multicolored lights, appears to be rotating.8/12/08
8/2/08 00:00IrrigonORUSACircle10sec.The UFO sighted in Irrigon, Oregon was and a round object that slowly came done as if it were landing. This UFO was a very bright green8/12/08
8/2/08 00:00St. Bernardin (Canada)ONCanadaLight15minsWierd light glowing at night. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
8/1/08 00:00AikenSCUSASphere10 SECONDSBlack circle in sky over a lake8/12/08
8/1/08 23:45BillingsMTUSACross15 minsA cross-shaped craft seen over Billings, MT.8/12/08
8/1/08 23:00GladstoneMOUSALight3 secondsOk,I actually have had 2 really strange occurrences within the last few nights.My neighbors and I have always watched the skies,hoping8/12/08
8/1/08 23:00SomersetNJUSADisk1 hourTonight I saw many little aircrafts with two bright lights each, blinking in the dark sky, w/ one saucer leading the way.8/12/08
8/1/08 22:45BennettCOUSAOther1 minuteI was outside my house watching the star. It had been the first night for a while I could see them so clear. I was looking north over t8/12/08
8/1/08 22:30Des MoinesIAUSASphere30 secondsMy brother and my mom were with me as we saw a ball of light moving Northwest through the sky. It only lasted about 40 seconds.8/12/08
8/1/08 22:00OssipeeNHUSALight5 secondsi saw a big light just fade off into the sky.8/12/08
8/1/08 22:00Park RidgeILUSAOval1:00 minute((HOAX??)) 2 Huge White Orbs...moving different directions...Chicago, IL8/12/08
8/1/08 21:40Heerlen (Netherlands)NetherlandsFireball5 minutes7 Light balls flying in formation8/12/08
8/1/08 21:30KingstonNYUSACircle5 minutesUFO sighted above center of the Kingston Rhinecliff bridge NY Friday August 1 2008 9:20 pm8/12/08
8/1/08 20:30FullertonCAUSAFlash5 secondsBLUE FLASH8/12/08
8/1/08 19:33Faridabad (India)IndiaDiskfew secondsa huge bright orange sphere appeared in a photograph clicked by me. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
8/1/08 16:15San FranciscoCAUSACircleabout 5 minutesTwo white lights moving together over San Francisco8/12/08
8/1/08 14:30WinthropWAUSAOval30 SecondsBetween 2:25 p.m. and 2:35 p.m. on August 1st, 2008, I witnessed what I believe was an F14 jet pursue a circular/oval shaped wingless o8/12/08
8/1/08 01:31PalestineTXUSATeardrop3 MinutesTeardrop orbs near in the Pineywoods of State Highway 294 in East Texas.8/12/08
8/1/08 00:20BeecherILUSAFlash1 secondFlash of light, saucer, into another flash of light8/12/08
7/31/08 23:45Red BluffCAUSACircle1 minuteLight In The Sky8/12/08
7/31/08 23:15None (Voyageurs national Park)MNUSALight10-15 secondsIntense light seen in Northern Minnesota's back country skies.8/12/08
7/31/08 23:00Rochester HillsMIUSALight10 secondsI observed an object with flasing lights high in the sky, moving very quickly and sort of "jumping" around.8/12/08
7/31/08 23:00Rochester HillsMIUSALight10 to 20 secondsI observed a large flashing object in the sky moving at a fast rate of speed moving from the north sky, east to west.8/12/08
7/31/08 23:00Overland ParkKSUSAFireball1 secondLarger then meteor, faster then would be at such close distance sighting.8/12/08
7/31/08 23:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaSphere3 MinLow flying sphere of light?8/12/08
7/31/08 23:00LeedsNYUSADiamond1hourI looked out of the bedroom window and saw a bright light in the sky which looked like a similar object I had seen several times in the8/12/08
7/31/08 22:40Park RidgeILUSAOval2 minutes((HOAX??)) Orb shot a beam into my face.8/12/08
7/31/08 22:34CantonOHUSATriangle4 minSolid Triangular Light pattern, at extreme altitude ,traversed the sky at high rate of speed8/12/08
7/31/08 22:30DenverCOUSALight5 secondsVery fast disappearing light in nighttime sky8/12/08
7/31/08 22:16YumaAZUSAFormation10 minutesMyself and 4 other people saw 7 yellow lights hovering in the sky each one appearing and disappearing onme by one8/12/08
7/31/08 22:00Fort CollinsCOUSAFlash2 minutesThe strangest light I have ever seen, and the fastest accelleration I have ever seen.8/12/08
7/31/08 22:00YumaAZUSALight20 min((HOAX??)) orange lights seen over the Yuma, Az sky.8/12/08
7/31/08 22:00Close to WelltonAZUSAminutesFour bright lights get into line formation and hover over Barry M. Goldwater Air force Base, in Arizona.8/12/08
7/31/08 21:50New KensigntonPAUSATriangle2 MinutesLarge Bommerrang Object with 300 FT Width Spotted in New Kensington PA8/12/08
7/31/08 21:30MosineeWIUSALight15-20 seconds5 lights in straight horizontal line that faded out---no noise heard8/12/08
7/31/08 21:30Omro (northwest of)WIUSALight5 minutesSequence of bright white stationary lights appearing and disappearing, all in a horizontal row.8/12/08
7/31/08 21:22PortageWIUSAFormation15 MinutesUFO's spotted in Central WI. Line of lights.8/12/08
7/31/08 21:20SalisburyNCUSACircle5-10secthen10-15Orange moving lights in the sky.8/12/08
7/31/08 21:20La FargeWIUSAfew minutesseries of red lights appear-merge and dissipate-La Farge, WI8/12/08
7/31/08 21:20AlmondWIUSATriangle30 secondsV shaped winking lights.8/12/08
7/31/08 21:15AllentownPAUSADisk15 minutesA pulsating light hovering over Allentown, PA 2 miles west of LVIA8/12/08
7/31/08 21:15Grand MarshWIUSAFormationFour spheres of light arranged in straight line.8/12/08
7/31/08 16:00MarquetteMIUSASphere15 MINUTESSomething awakened me. When I looked out of the deck window at around 4:00 a.m., I was surprised to see a red flashing light. I live8/12/08
7/31/08 00:15Santa FeNMUSALightOne hour plusBright, multicolor light hovering in air in rural Santa Fe8/12/08
7/31/08 00:00Jensen BeachFLUSAChangingover 40 minsOval mass flashes red, green, white, then yellow in western sky8/12/08
7/31/08ChesterfieldUSATeardrop10 minutesthree glowing lights8/12/08
7/30/08 23:30RussellvilleARUSAFormationAbout 3 hoursTwo formations of red, yellow and blue lights spread around Lake Dardanelle.8/12/08
7/30/08 23:00Crystal RiverFLUSAUnknown001I found materials in the ground that are not like any thing I have ever seen!8/12/08
7/30/08 22:43New LondonMNUSALight1 minute or soBright white light turned to red as it sped up, slowed down, and zigzagged across the sky.8/12/08
7/30/08 22:30CorvallisORUSAFireball30 secWhite orb sighting over Corvallis Oregon moving slowly from west to east.8/12/08
7/30/08 22:00MarshfieldMAUSAUnknownTen MinutesStrange orange lights seen at Marshfield MA. late July.8/12/08
7/30/08 21:45DeptfordNJUSAOval5 minutesStrange-moving object hovering and making helicopter-like sound at night, but not shape of a helicopter8/12/08
7/30/08 18:10CheviotOHUSAChevron3 minutesBlack small arrow head shaped UFO very high8/12/08
7/30/08 11:15LovelandCOUSATriangle5 secondssaw orange lights moving in formation8/12/08
7/30/08 10:00RosevilleCAUSACylinder10 MinutesObject in the sky that was in a stationary position for 10 minutes before disapearing8/12/08
7/30/08 07:00WarrenMIUSALightappx 60 seca dot for the sake of interterrestrial communication8/12/08
7/30/08 01:30Ramstein (Germany)GermanyLightover an hourFlashing light in sky, hovered in one spot (didn't move around), then 3 small lights quickly came from it and away.8/12/08
7/30/08LaurelMSUSAUnknown1 hourflashing lighits blast and some kind off craft and was moving fast took pics at home and 7 miles away. they te same8/12/08
7/29/08 23:47New CastlePAUSAOther3-10 secondsUnexplained object flys over head then quickly vanishes.8/12/08
7/29/08 22:30EssexvilleMIUSAUnknownone hourLights In The Sky8/12/08
7/29/08 22:00Telford (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 minsA light that moved strangely at the same speed and height, then desended downwards and disappeared8/12/08
7/29/08 21:45Regina (Canada)SKCanadaLight5-10 secondsIntense white, bright object in sky over Regina SK, CAN. Turned right, moved off fading away8/12/08
7/29/08 20:30TucsonAZUSACircle20 minutes((HOAX??)) They were in my sight for more than 20 minutes, changed their position very frequently many times!!8/12/08
7/29/08 09:44Boonton TwpNJUSAOval3 minutes((HOAX??)) Short, silent, very fast spinning yellow disk.8/12/08
7/29/08 07:30Kennedale,TXUSADiamond1 hourDiamond shaped craft hovers above power lines8/12/08
7/29/08 05:35SacramentoCAUSACircle5 or 6 secondsA low elevation very bright circular blue/white light moved extremely fast across the sky for 5 or 6 seconds, made no noise.8/12/08
7/29/08 02:00KentWAUSATriangle1HRwhite light triangle clear skies over hous eclouds to the south fast flying craft at night time zigg zag8/12/08
7/28/08 23:00BusbyMTUSALightmaybe 2 minutes if thatbobbing light object unknown8/12/08
7/28/08 23:00AchusnetMAUSASphere7 secondsred colored ball of light Circling us8/12/08
7/28/08 22:50Mount SterlingKYUSAUnknown30 minutesDifferent colored blinking lights flying strangely in the sky, some staying still for periods of time, and even some following others.8/12/08
7/28/08 08:15HoustonTXUSALight8:16If I hadn't ran I've would've been abducted..again!8/12/08
7/28/08 01:45NorwalkCAUSAFlash30 secondsBright Flash greenish blue8/12/08
7/28/08 01:30Essex (Canada)ONCanadaLight3secondsbright oval light8/12/08
7/28/08HonoluluHIUSACigar15 minSightings I will write down everything I remember from that day. It was a Monday, 28th of July. My daughter & I had errans to run that8/12/08
7/27/08 23:45Sterling HeightsMIUSALightsplit secondThin red lights seen in the sky, thicker than shooting star and deep red.8/12/08
7/27/08 23:40Rock PortMOUSACylinder3 secondsLarge green glow no falling star8/12/08
7/27/08 22:20Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomOther2 secondsDumbell-shaped object with bright light and roaring noise.8/12/08
7/27/08 22:10LexingtonVAUSASphere2-3 SecondsWhite light witnessed from aircraft is seen traveling at an extremely high speed8/12/08
7/27/08 22:00AshevilleNCUSALight3-5 minutestwo dim lights following too closely to be satellites or airplanes...8/12/08
7/27/08 14:15Brean (Sommerset) (UK/England)United KingdomCigar12 minutescigar shaped object or rod shaped u.f.o spotted over brean, sommerset, united kingdom8/12/08
7/27/08 13:10San AntonioTXUSAOval3 minutes or soDaytime sighting on busy freeway, UFO landed.8/12/08
7/27/08 08:30Eagle PointORUSAUnknown20 sec.Object seen in the sky west of Medford Oregon.8/12/08
7/27/08 03:30LeanderTXUSAOval7 minWavey Wings with Strobe Lights !!!! Lasted for 7 Mins8/12/08
7/27/08 03:00HonesdalePAUSATriangle1 hourmany triangled shaped crafts hover over airport8/12/08
7/27/08 02:00Ft. LauderdaleFLUSACone2 secondsLong cone shaped yellowish-green light beam projected from clouds to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida8/12/08
7/27/08 01:30FlorenceKYUSATriangle5min.I left my boyfriends house in Hebron KY around 1:15am. I was headed south to my home in Crittenden KY. I noticed a large, bright oran8/12/08
7/27/08 00:30WellingtonFLUSADisk15 secondsThe other night me and my friend went camping in my backyard, and we were just relaxing and having a good time. It was around 12:30 A.8/12/08
7/27/08 00:18Cedar PointNCUSALight1 & 1/2 hoursEight people witnessed strange lights on the beach in Cedar Pointe, NC8/12/08
7/26/08 23:05Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaLight10 minsOrange lights hover over melbourne south south east at 25 degrees.8/12/08
7/26/08 23:00Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomSphere15 minutes2 red spheres sighted, in the Western sky, moving slowly, then gradually faded out, one after the other as if leaving orbit .8/12/08
7/26/08 22:29IsletaNMUSAUnknown3 SecondsSudden loss of signal on my Sirius satellite radio and police scanner.8/12/08
7/26/08 22:00SebastopolCAUSATriangle5 seconds in viewExtremely Bright, Triangular shape over St Stevens, Sebastopol.8/12/08
7/26/08 22:00Norton (UK/England)United KingdomCross2-3 minutesStrange anomalies on photo's such as colourful balls that can't be seen with the naked eye8/12/08
7/26/08 21:55Grand RapidsMNUSAFireball1 min 40 secFour fireball spheres drift across horizon8/12/08
7/26/08 09:30Seneca FallsNYUSAFireball10 minutes6 of us witnessed alow flying, slow moving orange fireball. It was almost like a low flying plane on fire, however there was no sound.8/12/08
7/26/08 05:50OrlandoFLUSALightapprox. 1 minutePulsing blue light crossing sky, from west to east, until no longer visible8/12/08
7/26/08 04:23Sioux FallsSDUSADisk15 minutesFlashing Red and White Disc off in the Eastern sky on the southwestern side of Sioux Falls8/12/08
7/26/08 01:58East GreenbushNYUSALight25 mins still goingblue and red orb8/12/08
7/26/08 00:30OjaiCAUSAChanging15 minutesRed, white, changing object moving around erratically over Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai area8/12/08
7/25/08 23:45Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (1hour from) (Canada)QCCanadaOval5-10 minOval orange light8/12/08
7/25/08 23:00YukonOKUSATriangle<1 minuteHuge Triangle8/12/08
7/25/08 23:00WipholtMNUSARectangle45 sec.((HOAX??))glowing red to orange in color very bright fire like rectangular shape appering in north going east at 500' for about 45 sec.8/12/08
7/25/08 22:00Berlin (Germany)GermanyFireball1 minuteSlow moving fireballs over Berlin on a hot summer evening.8/12/08
7/25/08 22:00ElizabethPAUSAOther5-7 minutesDark shiny disk that appeared to be on fire8/12/08
7/25/08 22:00YorkPAUSAChangingover 1 hourThree objects out of place in sky - not stars, not planets - do not move with the sky. Way brighter than Sirius/planets.8/12/08
7/25/08 22:00JeffersonGAUSADiskBlink of eyeI worked at an airport for 18 years.I know what all fixed wing aircraft known to man can do.I am also a lifelong shooter and have shot8/12/08
7/25/08 21:50Haliburton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere4-5 minsThree glowing orange crafts seen over Haliburton, Ontario, Canada, July 25, 2008, 2150 hrs.8/12/08
7/25/08 21:45PhoenixAZUSALight30sec or lessPhoenix light sighting by indian resevation8/12/08
7/25/08 21:45AtlantaGAUSACircle10 minutesWitnessed bright stationary object on the edge of a cloud suddenly dim and finally move upon chopper and two jets presense.8/12/08
7/25/08 20:30CaryNCUSALight3-5 minutesTo bright, to smooth, but mostly to fast8/12/08
7/25/08 20:15Van NuysCAUSADiamond15 minutesStrange object hovering over the city.8/12/08
7/25/08 17:00AuroraILUSAEgg3 minI was sitting in my loft when I noticed an amber colored orb floating about 6 miles away. It was sort of pulsating, and then it suddenl8/12/08
7/25/08 12:45AlpherettaGAUSAthe unidentified flying object was in fulton county, georgia the object was not a plane nor a helicopter it was night time when I saw i8/12/08
7/25/08 12:00SouthburyCTUSAOther8 minutesI was getting onto the highway by exit 15 in Southbury CT, when I thought I saw an air-balloon or a blimp in the distance. When I got a8/12/08
7/25/08 05:10Lake KiowaTXUSATriangle5 minutesLake KIowa Texas UFO8/12/08
7/25/08 04:00MaricopaAZUSADiamond1 minuteExtremely low flying Diamond shaped UFO traveling along side major freeway south of Phoenix AZ.8/12/08
7/25/08 03:35BakersfieldCAUSACircle4 minutesNeon green and red lights seen "Danicing" in the Eastern Bakersfield skies8/12/08
7/25/08 02:45FultonNYUSAUnknown20 miniutesA star that seems too move in western sky8/12/08
7/25/08 02:45QuincyMAUSALight5 secondsBright stationary light in sky8/12/08
7/25/08 00:32Val Verde/CastaicCAUSALight7 minutesTwo people witnessed an object that was hovering just above a mountain in the Santa Clarita Valley of southern California which had alt8/12/08
7/24/08 23:30AztecNMUSAFireball5-6 secondshuge, bright meteor seen over Aztec, New Mexico...again.8/12/08
7/24/08 22:55BuffaloNYUSARectangle30-45 secondsLow altitude , fast moving cigar/rectangle shaped craft8/12/08
7/24/08 22:20Burton-on-Trent (UK/England)United KingdomSphere2silent star-like ufo sighted in uk8/12/08
7/24/08 22:15GoshenINUSALight15 minutesSeveral sequencing lights appeared over a vast part of the southern sky from right outside the Goshen, Indiana area8/12/08
7/24/08 22:05New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown3 minutes3 were here and gone in just a few blinks of the eyes !!!8/12/08
7/24/08 22:00HamburgPAUSAUnknown1 hour/ longerAround 10:00 pm I went out to my porch to smoke, and looked up at I believe was Jupiter in the southeast sky. My eyes then caught a gro8/12/08
7/24/08 22:00WarsawINUSACircle35 min.My Husband (driving), our nine year old daughter, two small sons and I were driving South on St. Rd. 15 on a return trip from Goshen8/12/08
7/24/08 21:30Southern ShoresNCUSAUnknown2 minutesThree flashing red lights in the sky, moved in a triangular formation, moved towards me, then away, then disappeared.8/12/08
7/24/08 21:00Burhanpur (IndiaIndiaDisk50 secondsUFO seen in India, Burhanpur8/12/08
7/24/08 20:12PhoenixAZUSAUnknown35 secondsWas in my house with window shades up looking South West when I saw something go from left to right fast!. It was a small green light8/12/08
7/24/08 19:30Port Moody (Canada)BCCanadaRectangle40 secondsMoving at speed of jet aircraft approaching YVR but wrong shape, to rectangular to be blimp,to fast to be towed banner8/12/08
7/24/08 19:19SurpriseAZUSALight2-3 minRedish orange lights in NW Surprise,Az8/12/08
7/24/08 17:20AnnandaleNJUSASphere10 secweird round silver sphere like object but not a perfect sphere!8/12/08
7/24/08 10:10Spokane ValleyWAUSALight40 minTwo UFO's flying togeather, one red the other white in Washington state8/12/08
7/24/08Gwent (UK/Wales)United KingdomCircle30 secondsthey looked like to white football flying side by side. they were only in view for around 30 seconds.8/12/08
7/24/08This was posted on,23599,24070088-13762,00.html8/12/08
7/23/08 23:30AztecNMUSAOther5-6 secondshuge, bright meteor seen over Aztec, New Mexico8/12/08
7/23/08 23:30BattlegroundINUSALight15 minutes3 red-orange lights, in formation, conducting activites; booms heard, flares dropped, terrestrial crafts involved as well.8/12/08
7/23/08 22:55MariettaGAUSAOther4-5 minutesBig Object In the sky in Georgia (North-West of Atlanta) In Late July 20088/12/08
7/23/08 22:20YumaAZUSAFormation20 secondsOrange Lights Over Yuma8/12/08
7/23/08 22:05KokomoINUSAUnknown10min6orange lights8/12/08
7/23/08 22:00BayfieldWIUSADisk20 minutesStrobing orange craft changes position instantaneously.8/12/08
7/23/08 22:00GulfportMSUSADisk1 hoursitting in the woods at night with a friend i was biking with, a silver orb with a ring of different colored lights appeared8/12/08
7/23/08 22:00MonticelloINUSALightdriving from monticello t3 bright orange lights flashing in the sky for about 10 seconds then went away, after that big ball of white light falls from sky.8/12/08
7/23/08 22:00LafayetteINUSALight40 minOrange balls of light two nights in a row8/12/08
7/23/08 09:20NapervilleILUSATriangle60 secondsLarge flying triange with Squared off tips made humming noise in the clear early morning sky.8/12/08
7/23/08 01:15LapeerMIUSACircle5-10 SecondsHere and Gone8/12/08
7/22/08 23:00Natrona HeightsPAUSAFireball4 minutesOrange light over natrona heights, pa8/12/08
7/22/08 23:00Lake CharlesLAUSACircle8 minutesBright object high alt. travels from A to B in 10sec. from B to C in 10sec. Total travel time 3-5 min. read report for details.8/12/08
7/22/08 22:30MaryhillWAUSADisk1 minuteMy brothers and I saw a large spinning disk with lights hovering while we were camping.8/12/08
7/22/08 22:13PeruINUSAFireball22 minutes4 orange fireballs satelitting a bright white light.8/12/08
7/22/08 22:02Kokomo (east of)INUSALightabout 15 minWhite lights seen 7/22/08 kokomo IN8/12/08
7/22/08 21:40KokomoINUSALight4 hoursWe keep seeing bright orange lights show up in the sky, fading out, and becoming large stars that dash back and forth.8/12/08
7/22/08 21:20Mira LomaCAUSAOther6 second +/-a fire trail and fire ball explosion about 20 miles southwest of large airport - possible magnetic effects.8/12/08
7/22/08 05:00BorderlandWVUSALighthomeit lighted up our living room- also it can come in your house through the wall-or door and can get in your dreams-and also make you pre8/12/08
7/21/08 23:15Pe EllWAUSALight2 minutesA bright white light floats and changes direction over Pe Ell Washington.8/12/08
7/21/08 23:00Boynton BeachFLUSALight7minpulsating light8/12/08
7/21/08 22:35Portsmouth (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 - 10 minutesequilateral triangle shape red and white flashing lights8/12/08
7/21/08 22:30ButlerMOUSARectangle3-5((HOAX??)) 1 very large object passed lowly with lights, about 1 hour after a triangular object which.8/12/08
7/21/08 22:30HamburgMIUSALight3minutesBright Orange Light approached then faded. Three times this object appeared, dissapeeared and reappeared8/12/08
7/21/08 22:00ParsonsKSUSAUnknown2White "moving star" rapidly traversing the sky from south to north across Kansas on July 21, 2008.8/12/08
7/21/08 21:21GridleyCAUSAFormation3-4 minSilent Lights8/12/08
7/21/08 20:00Russell SpringsKYUSAFlash-6 hours CSTTwo Objects fly threw Kentucky looks as Shooting Stars side by side.8/12/08
7/21/08 11:49DuluthMNUSALightAbout 1 min.((HOAX??)) Fire-like glow... NOT FIRE EMBER!8/12/08
7/21/08 03:18KernersvilleNCUSAChanging18 minutesCylinder object morphs to Sphere shape with Amber colored light over Kernersville, NC8/12/08
7/21/08 02:00BuffaloNYUSARectangle1 minutes?First of all let me say that I'm not entirely sure whether what i saw were a UFO or simply aircrafts flying in a unusual formation. --8/12/08
7/21/08 00:03Milford TownshipMIUSALight7 secondsIt happened so fast it was a very bright light being opened like a zipper and just disappear.8/12/08
7/20/08 00:00BeavertonORUSAUnknown30to45minreport edit please8/12/08
7/20/08 23:30FremontMIUSAFireball2 minutesRed glowing flame that climbed up.8/12/08
7/20/08 23:15West BloomfieldMIUSASphere90-120 secondsOrange Glowing Light In The Sky8/12/08
7/20/08 21:40Brooklyn ParkMNUSASphere5 secondsLime green orb of light seen descending in Brooklyn Park, MN by multiple parties8/12/08
7/20/08 21:35Ann ArborMIUSATriangle5 minutesTwo black triangular craft seen hovering over Ann Arbor airport.8/12/08
7/20/08 13:00FremontCAUSACylinder20 secA black cylinder floated in the sky.8/12/08
7/20/08 05:30BeavertonORUSAUnknown30to45minlow flying objects over beaverton OR.8/12/08
7/20/08 04:17Jounieh-Jabal Lebnen (Lebanon)LebanonCircle10 secondsi saw a white shaped ball light traveling in the sky , thought it was a helicopter's light at first but then i realized that it was sou8/12/08
7/20/08 02:20Fort DavisTXUSALight20 MIN2:20 am July 20-08 Fort Davis, Texas, Davis Mountains Resort lights moving in l shape red blue green. n.west sky.8/12/08
7/20/08 00:15London (UK/England)United KingdomLight8 minutesThree orange glowing lights slowly moving across the sky.8/12/08
7/19/08 23:15Porciano (Italy)ItalyCircle4 minutesAt the timne above as we were arriving home and as we got of the our car, we noticed in the sky above us an object that could not be a8/12/08
7/19/08 22:21Cochrane (Canada)ABCanadaLightApp. 2 minVery large, bright satellite of unknown origin8/12/08
7/19/08 22:15ChattanoogaTNUSALight~ 1 minClose bright light travelled across a south to north-northeast flight path8/12/08
7/19/08 22:15EverettWAUSACircle8 minutesorange colored glows traveling in a pattern changing to different a different pattern then back again8/12/08
7/19/08 21:15KuttawaKYUSALight3 minbright light in sky lyon cty KY8/12/08
7/19/08 21:00Dana PointCAUSATriangle1 minuteMoved like regular aircraft but no sound and no lights8/12/08
7/19/08 20:00SolonIAUSAThese lights were visible in the early night time sky and witnessed by several observers prior to an advancing storm on 07/20/08 near S8/12/08
7/19/08 18:24AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk3-5 MinutesBlack round disk over Albuquerque8/12/08
7/19/08 14:00MumfordNYUSACigar1/30 secondMy camera picked up a rod-like craft or object.8/12/08
7/19/08 11:23PauldenAZUSACircle36 minutes3 objects flying in all directions at high rate of speed8/12/08
7/19/08 09:05GettysburgPAUSARectangle30 secondsBright orange object no sound8/12/08
7/19/08 06:15Delaware (Rte. 113)DEUSASphere5 secondsFast moving bright white light the was sperical in shape .It blinked three times then vanished.8/12/08
7/19/08 03:27State College/University ParkPAUSAUnknownUPDATE!!![State College, PA -- 2008.07.19+03:27] UPDATE!!!8/12/08
7/19/08 00:59Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaFireball2 minutesRed-orange ball seen in sky in Melbourne, Australia8/12/08
7/19/08 00:00San DiegoCAUSAOther12-1 amThe Objects that looked like the moon or a planet.8/12/08
7/19/08Carleton (Canada)NSCanadaCircle0Gone in A Flash!8/12/08
7/18/08 23:30Amman (Jordan)JordanLight6-10 secoundsUFO ( White Bright Light )over Amman - Jordan. (HKJ)8/12/08
7/18/08 23:00St. CharlesMOUSATriangle1 minuteBlack triangle motionless on southside of MO 370 just off of Discovery Bridge w/3 white & 1 red non-blinking lights.8/12/08
7/18/08 22:30Cape MayNJUSASphere10-12 minutesMy wife and I witnessed a large Orange lantern shaped ORB that was very bright and large in the night sky. It was low in the sky and pa8/12/08
7/18/08 22:20DuluthMNUSALight5 minutesA brilliant white light traveling over Lake Superior north to northeast.8/12/08
7/18/08 22:00Tehran (Iran)IranAbout 1 hrtwo V-shaped UFO's with blinking lights in with different color, one stoped in the skye for 20 mins.8/12/08
7/18/08 21:50HancockMDUSALight< 2 minutesLight flying northwest over Hancock.8/12/08
7/18/08 21:50JohnstownPAUSALight10 minOne bright light 2 times brighter than any planet or star in the sky was following a commercial airliner in an east-northeast path8/12/08
7/18/08 21:45GainesvilleVAUSALight3 minutesHigh, bright small light heading W/NW8/12/08
7/18/08 21:30Po'ipuHIUSAOther3 secondsOn Kauai, red then green glowing object falls from sky only 50 yards away from 250 feet up8/12/08
7/18/08 20:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCircle10 mins?It was round and red and would emit fire like flares and travelled slowly but surely.8/12/08
7/18/08 20:00FederalsburgMDUSADisk2 minutesLarger Gray object slowing down and speeding up in front of a jet8/12/08
7/18/08 20:00HemetCAUSAOval1 minuteOrange object flying near jetliner.8/12/08
7/18/08 19:00HoustonTXUSAOther15 minutesFlying humanoid in houston?8/12/08
7/18/08 10:35OxfordNCUSALight5 minsBright lights 100 ft off the ground8/12/08
7/18/08 03:15AlbuquerqueNMUSALight15 minutesWhen first sighting the light it was moving unusually fast and changed course after a few minutes and then conducted erratic movements.8/12/08
7/18/08 01:07State CollegePAUSALight20 minutes and countingLarge spot of light seen next to full moon8/12/08
7/17/08 23:15UrbandaleIAUSAUnknown30 secondsFive Intense Beams of Light8/12/08
7/17/08 23:00MaconGAUSAUnknown2 mins.Two lights flashing back and forth, moving in unison across the sky. No visible solid object could be seen between them.8/12/08
7/17/08 22:40ColfaxWIUSALight30 secLight in night sky traveling in stright line abruptly changed direction and accelerated in an arc, disappearing in 1-2 seconds.8/12/08
7/17/08 22:00Dresden (Germany)GermanyLight2-3 minutesPossible UFO´s seen over Dresden, Germany, no unusual flight paths or speed. Please suggest explanations.8/12/08
7/17/08 22:00St. LouisMOUSASphere2 minUFO Seen Over Saint Louis Arch when on my vacation8/12/08
7/17/08 21:15VentnorNJUSAOther10 secondsRed square shaped lights hovering by the full moon8/12/08
7/17/08 20:37Shanghai, Pudong New District (PRC)ChinaTriangle29 minutes"V" Shaped object with multi color lights over Shanghai PuDong sky.8/12/08
7/17/08 03:30CasevilleMIUSALight4-7 minutesthree star like dots over caseville, mi sky8/12/08
7/17/08 02:49Shelby TownshipMIUSAUnknown15 minVery very bright light it flew from the east toward me the the west it did have a sound like a plane but it was going very slow and it8/12/08
7/17/08 02:15Port WashingtonWIUSADisk2+hoursFour illuminated saucer like objects in the sky at 2:15 am.8/12/08
7/17/08 02:00JacksonvilleFLUSALight2-5 secs twiceBlueish/Green Flash around 2 am over Jacksonville8/12/08
7/16/08 23:00ClarkstonWAUSAChangingat least 2 1/2 hoursA number of objects with flashing lights moving erratically.8/12/08
7/16/08 22:00Indian BeachNCUSALight10 minutesStrange lights over Atlantic Ocean8/12/08
7/16/08 22:00OakvilleCTUSAUnknownround bright object hovering in place for about a few seconds and then vanished extremely fast8/12/08
7/16/08 20:49DoncasterDisk9 mins3 objects hovering ov housing estate. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD))8/12/08
7/16/08 20:45Gulf BreezeFLUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shape object with five white light in a triangular formation beneath object structure.8/12/08
7/16/08 11:00AmagansettNYUSAUnknownseconds((HOAX??)) sighted grey object, it then exploded in light and disappeared8/12/08
7/16/08 05:30PhelanCAUSACircle10 minutesRed flashing lights and phantom dogs8/12/08
7/16/08 04:00Wichita FallsTXUSAOther7 secondsSaw a Bird Shaped UFO flying towards Dallas, no noise8/12/08
7/15/08 23:30JohnstonRIUSATriangle20 sectriangle over johnston with blue red and white lights8/12/08
7/15/08 22:15County Durham (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1minpossible sighting in co durham8/12/08
7/15/08 22:14Coeur d'AleneIDUSAperfect shape of a very bright oval UFO, the size of the UFO was the size of moon in lenght.8/12/08
7/15/08 22:00ChanuteKSUSALight40 minutes((HOAX??)) I observed a possible multiple U.F.O. sighting.8/12/08
7/15/08 21:00ScottsboroALUSASphere5-6 MINUTESIt appeared to be a white orb surrounded by red and blue orbiting lights, traveling northwest at 9.00 p. m. July 14, 2008.8/12/08
7/15/08 20:30Satellite BeachFLUSAOval12minorange globes hovering over Alantic8/12/08
7/15/08 20:00Long BeachCAUSAFireball15 secondsLong Beach California red/purple/pink fireball falling from the sky for about 15-20 seconds8/12/08
7/15/08 19:45PhoenixAZUSACigar10 MINUTESGlowing Cigar over the Lake Pleasnat ranges.8/12/08
7/15/08 19:30North HavenMEUSADisk1 hourOn the night of July 15th 2008 eight unidentified crafts were seen drifting through the sky above the Fox Island Thoroughfare.8/12/08
7/15/08 16:00Twin FallsIDUSATriangle2 minutesWhite, triangular object over Twin Falls, ID8/12/08
7/15/08 15:00Fort Erie (Canada)ONCanadaLightabout 10 secs.the first time I ever saw anything like this8/12/08
7/15/08 05:55NoblesvilleINUSAFireball1-2 minutesOrange Flashing Light Over Indianapolis.8/12/08
7/15/08 01:00RichmondKYUSACigar1:00very short but still wierd8/12/08
7/14/08 23:00Panama CityFLUSASphere5 secondsglowing spheres emitting red beams8/12/08
7/14/08 22:38Tokyo (Japan)JapanOther25 SECONDSFast eerie lights ripping through the sky in a odd pattern without making any kind of noise.8/12/08
7/14/08 22:01EscondidoCAUSALight10 minutesUnusual, pulsating blue light near Cygnus8/12/08
7/14/08 22:00Potters Bar (UK/England)United KingdomOval5 minutesThree bright orange oval ojects sighted in the sky travelling East8/12/08
7/14/08 22:00PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangle1-2 minutesDouble set of pinpoint red/orange steady lights viewed at 200 feet distance, definitely craft.8/12/08
7/14/08 21:29CummingGAUSASphere2 minutesOrange round object moving horizontally and silently over my house.8/12/08
7/14/08 21:20Rancho CucamongaCAUSALight15 minutesLight travelling, then glowing brightly and disappearing. Saw 2 within 20 minutes.8/12/08
7/14/08 21:15CorvallisORUSADisk2 minutesSaucer with lights that wobbled up and down but in straight line across the dusk sky.8/12/08
7/14/08 19:00PrescottAZUSAOval1 minCraft went into cloud and disapeared.8/12/08
7/14/08 10:30AuroraORUSAOther2 minutesOn July 14, 2008 at 10:30 am I was driving my company van south on HWY 99 coming into Aurora, Oregon. I looked to the left (southeast)8/12/08
7/14/08 03:30Two HarborsMNUSALight5 minutesThree bright white lights traveling together, two out front and one chasing, over Lake Superior!8/12/08
7/14/08 03:20Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaOther3 minutesSmall single light the size of a small star moved at a moderate speed very high up then glowed very very brightly and dimmed quickly8/12/08
7/14/08 02:00ScottsdaleAZUSACircle10 minutesA gigantic red cloud with an inner flickering light was seen hovering over the Scottsdale/Tempe area at 2 am on July 14th, 20088/12/08
7/14/08 01:00Brighton (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20minsLarge & Tiny Morphing Objects as seen in the same area as many other UFO's8/12/08
7/13/08 23:35Grants PassORUSAUnknown1 minuteUFO heading East flashing bright white light turning Northwest then West as it flashed in a non flashing pattern.8/12/08
7/13/08 23:30TacomaWAUSALight6 minutesWe were outside at around 11:20 - 11:30 pm and I happen to look up and see a light in the sky that as you look you could tell that it w8/12/08
7/13/08 23:00EdenGAUSATeardrop3 secondsGreen teardrop splits in two and flies off at incredibly high speed8/12/08
7/13/08 22:30Ashland CityTNUSAUnknown30 secondsStrange lights from behind clouds8/12/08
7/13/08 22:00HamerIDUSALight2 hoursWe saw several light objects in pairs stationary in the sky and then move in different directions at a high rate of speed.8/12/08
7/13/08 22:00SpokaneWAUSAIf you are reading this at 10:54 PM or after please look to North (slightly northwest)and you will see the object previously sent to yo8/12/08
7/13/08 21:30Port AlleganyPAUSAFireball2 MinutesLarge multi colored fireball seen in Port Allegany8/12/08
7/13/08 21:15HoustonTXUSASphere10-15 secondslit circle travling south to north across sky in 10-15 seconds in houston8/12/08
7/13/08 21:00FrederickMDUSACylinder1hrUFO reported in Frederick, MD.8/12/08
7/13/08 20:35Grants PassORUSACigar3 minutesstrange object seen in Grants Pass, Oregon8/12/08
7/13/08 19:30Hobe SoundFLUSACylinder1 minuteWhite cylinder object flying south over Atlantic Ocean just off coastal South Florida near Hobe Sound heading towards Miami8/12/08
7/13/08 19:00StedmanNCUSADisk1 minuteSilver Cigar Shaped Object Seen8/12/08
7/13/08 18:30EnglewoodCOUSAChanging20 minutesPearl like object seen hovering over Englewood, Colorado8/12/08
7/13/08 17:28LenoxMAUSAOval2 minutesA small, oval, metallic object was seen rocking back and forth while flying in a straight trajectory over Lenox, MA.8/12/08
7/13/08 14:00ApopkaFLUSAOval1 minuteSilver object darting in and out of dark cloud between Orlando and Tampa.8/12/08
7/13/08 04:30HumbleTXUSALightAt approx 4:00 am 07-13-08 taking photos on the back waters of the Sanjacinto river,strange light.8/12/08
7/13/08 04:18FentonMIUSAUnknown25 SecondsNocturanal lights following US Spy Satellite. ((NUFORC Note: ISS & Space Shuttle?? PD))8/12/08
7/13/08 03:10HinsdaleNHUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw a triangular lights move in a northeast direction8/12/08
7/13/08 01:00PrescottWAUSALight3-5 min.Eastern Washington lights8/12/08
7/13/08 01:00FlorenceAZUSALightapprox 1 hourstationary bright object changing colors in sky over Az8/12/08
7/13/08 00:00New PalestineINUSALightOne hour plus2 lights moving in a circular pattern8/12/08
7/12/08 00:00UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCircle3 minutesUFO going through the sky8/12/08
7/12/08 23:40RialtoCAUSALight2.5 hours plusZiggzagging white and red/white lights over Rialto, CA8/12/08
7/12/08 23:35Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown5 to 10 secondsIntensely bright white stationary light in the night sky.8/12/08
7/12/08 23:30Cork (Ireland)IrelandSphere3 minutes09/12/08 23:30 Cork Ireland 1-2 minutes yellow glowing sphere travelling across sky. 07/17/088/12/08
7/12/08 23:00Fort WorthTXUSATriangleapprox. 3 hrsLarge triangular shaped craft with white lights blinking or rotating around it. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars? PD))8/12/08
7/12/08 23:00Swakopmund (Namibia)NamibiaLight2 minutesLast night (12 July 2008 23:00hrs) I witnessed that looked like a UFO. It was a bright light traveling in a South Easterly direction an8/12/08
7/12/08 22:30Enon VallyPAUSASphere30 minsphere with fire INSIDE floats across sky8/12/08
7/12/08 22:30Fort WorthTXUSATriangleunsure((HOAX??)) Large Triangular U.F.O. Battles with Smaller U.F.O.s in Night Sky Over Ft. Worth, TX8/12/08
7/12/08 22:20PortlandORUSAOval15 secondsthe object was very illuminated in the night sky much brighter then the brightest star in the dipper it was passing by.8/12/08
7/12/08 22:00Mountain HomeARUSACircle7 minutesI was amazed that these objects did not move and it was too high, and silent, to be helicopters8/12/08
7/12/08 21:50Malden (Boston)MAUSAOval2-3 MinsLarge very bright (white) oval shaped object with big red light and center and green lights around8/12/08
7/12/08 20:30PhilomathORUSARectangle2 minutesStaionary rectangular object in sky near Mary's Peak spoted from car but disapeared when we pulled over to look.8/12/08
7/12/08 19:00Johnson CityTNUSADisk20-30 secondsWatched 2 disks travelling at high speed over Boone Lake, TN.8/12/08
7/12/08 16:00MiltonWAUSAFormation3 minutessaw shapes in the sky moving west8/12/08
7/12/08 13:30Howth (Ireland)IrelandOther5 MinutesS Shaped Object Flying over Howth, Ireland8/12/08
7/12/08 04:32DefianceOHUSACircle4:38Strange light, accompanied by sulfur odor8/12/08
7/12/08 03:00Cedar SpringsMIUSALight3 minOrange orb and 3 flashes in the northern sky/horizon8/12/08
7/12/08 02:00Marlow (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10 minutessix seperate objects moving silently above marlow in bucks, uk8/12/08
7/12/08 01:45HendersonTXUSAUnknown5 secondsObject with pulsating red and white lights appears in the middle of the sky and travels to the horizon at extremely high velocity.8/12/08
7/12/08 00:38CranstonRIUSALightapprox. 12 minutesSee's light over Cranston8/12/08
7/12/08 00:00North RidgevilleOHUSAFlash30 secondsBright lights darting in the sky8/12/08
7/11/08 22:43CulpeperVAUSACircle22:45Hoovered, disappearing in and out, then full disc shape came apparent with circleing yellow lights around the disc.8/12/08
7/11/08 22:30NoblesvilleINUSADisk2 hours((HOAX??)) 5 stationary objects-5-7 moving.8/12/08
7/11/08 22:20MarysvilleWAUSAChevronAbout 5 minutesBright white boomerang shaped object over Marysville, WA8/12/08
7/11/08 22:00NovatoCAUSA30 minutesUnusual Craft on the 378/12/08
7/11/08 21:00LivingstonMTUSACircle2-3 minutesSeveral black circles, altogether. It hovered over the mountain peak,,as we all sat on our front porches, and seen clearly. It was H8/12/08
7/11/08 21:00Royse CityTXUSALighttil sunriseI started out seeing about 6 very bright lights.They were not moving, they always stay in that one spot.No definite shape.They are ther8/12/08
7/11/08 20:50LansingILUSATriangle2 MinMeteor objects leading toward formation of triangle lights.8/12/08
7/11/08 20:50HuntingtonWVUSAOtherv shape brillant light in the sky8/12/08
7/11/08 17:55Monrovia (Liberia)LiberiaCircle20 minsTaking picture of the sun reveals additional object in the sky.8/12/08
7/11/08 17:30MidlandWAUSACircle30 MINTwo bright circles staying consistantly the same distance from each other were spotted above my location. They rose into the sky moving8/12/08
7/11/08 17:30SeattleWAUSAChanging4 minutesStatic object observed in clear skies in high commercial air traffic area.8/12/08
7/11/08 14:09Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomChanging49secondsUFO Wales, Barry, Friday 11th July 20088/12/08
7/11/08 13:30RiversideRIUSACircle3 minutesRound white object spotted traveling faster than a conventional aircraft, no smoke trail/tail8/12/08
7/11/08 01:00Kurseong (India)IndiaUFO’ lands in Kurseong KURSEONG, July 11: A circular polymer object measuring about 3 ft in diameter and around 1.5 ft tall dropped fr8/12/08
7/11/08 00:45SouthlakeTXUSAUnknown1-2 secondsWitnessed two bright white flashes of light that illuminated the inside of my house8/12/08
7/11/08 00:40ElizabethtownKYUSATriangle3 minutesLarge Triangle craft, white lights on all 3 corners, 1 red light and 1 white light on each side if the craft. No Noise. All 4 witnesse8/12/08
7/10/08 23:35PittsburghPAUSAUnknown30 secondsU.F.O. flew in straight line then Dissappeared behind the trees.8/12/08
7/10/08 23:00SouthlakeTXUSALight25-30 secondsWitnessed UFO stationairy, begin to slowly move, went near vertical and literally climbed out of the atmosphere at incredable speed!8/12/08
7/10/08 21:30Kill Devil HillsNCUSAUnknown10 minAt least 5 orange crafts following each other with 2-3 minutes of separation8/12/08
7/10/08 20:40HyattsvilleMDUSARectangle20 minutesA very bright object, (small, distant and oblong) against an early evening sky observed for 15 minutes disappears within 10 seconds.8/12/08
7/10/08 17:30GlenmontNYUSASphere15 secondsspherical object8/12/08
7/10/08 13:46ChambersburgPAUSAOtherless than 1 min07/10/08 13:46 Chambersburg PA Mercury Capsule shape 1 minute Shape appeared near the sun8/12/08
7/10/08 12:00??? (Australia)AustraliaTrianglenonei was on google earth and found a triangular object like a ufo ive seen in tv. ((NUFORC Note: Radio antenna, with support wires. PD))8/12/08
7/10/08 11:55Green IslandNYUSALight1 secondFour Lights In Upper Atmosphere Moving At 25,000 MPH Could Be Faster Depending On Height8/12/08
7/10/08 02:00SeattleWAUSALight25 - 30 minutesBlue and Red Light/w random flashes on all sides and one beam of white light shining down but not touching the Ground8/12/08
7/10/08 00:36San AntonioTXUSAFormation10 secondsGroup of star like objects moving rapidly to the north over the San Antonio airport 12:36am July 10, 2008.8/12/08
7/10/08 00:35JasperINUSACircle15 minutesFour bright lights seen over Jasper, IN8/12/08
7/9/08 22:35Yucca ValleyCAUSAUnknown10 secondsAmber Lights8/12/08
7/9/08 22:15GreenvilleSCUSATriangle4 minutesDark triangular UFO with three white lights, one red light, hovering in the sky8/12/08
7/9/08 21:05SeattleWAUSADisk15 minuteswhite disc with silver color change shaped object trailing slowly hovering above clouds at sunset on Elliot Bay8/12/08
7/9/08 21:00KuwaitKuwaitLightappr. 10 min.Possible UFO in the Kuwaiti desert disappeared after two military jets entered the air space.8/12/08
7/9/08 19:00Solana BeachCAUSADisk30 MINUTESBalloon-like hovering star-shaped disk hovered and drifted in a controlled manner. Did not float away like a typical helium balloon.8/12/08
7/9/08 12:15CoaltownshipPAUSALight10 to 15Lighted object seen over Ferndale Pa,8/12/08
7/8/08 23:59BothellWAUSALight5 secondsFast bright light making "s" shaped turns back and forth8/12/08
7/8/08 21:52IndianapolisINUSAUnknown3 secondshorizontal zig zagging white light8/12/08
7/8/08 21:15KuttawaKYUSALight3 minfast moving solid bright light, redish color, in KY8/12/08
7/8/08 18:00Limassol (Cyprus)CyprusSphere15 secondsWhite lighted spherical object flying near Limassol.8/12/08
7/8/08 16:00TampaFLUSANews Report8/12/08
7/8/08 09:40EdenNYUSAUnknown20 minutes3 bright orange lights in a horizontal line hover over some trees for 15 minutes then the lights turned blue and it vanished8/12/08
7/8/08 01:30VancouverWAUSARectangle:20 min.((HOAX??)) verticle rectangle with several bright lights.8/12/08
7/8/08 01:00SebagoMEUSASphere15 minutesTwo Interacting Orbs Appear Over Sebago Lake8/12/08
7/7/08 23:08Huddersfield (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle3 minutesMulti lighted saucer shape doing zigzag flights over English deserted moor8/12/08
7/7/08 23:00IndianapolisINUSADisk5:00 minutesA flying white and red flashing saucer flew over my house8/12/08
7/7/08 22:50SouthbridgeVAUSADiamond30 minutesPulsating, moving, diamond-shaped object spotted north of Quantico Marine Base on evening of July 7, 20088/12/08
7/7/08 22:05LutzFLUSATriangle7 minA Triangle sighting... Tampa Palms (North Tampa) Florida on Bruce B. Downs at Super Walmart.8/12/08
7/7/08 22:00SpringfieldMOUSAUnknown30 minutesSaw somehting that was most surely NOT an airplane nor a sattelite!!8/12/08
7/7/08 21:20EldridgeIAUSATriangle30-60 secondsSmall triangle shaped lights moving through sky.8/12/08
7/7/08 21:15OntelauneePAUSAFireball5 - 10 Min.Strange fire ball sight at Ontelaunee Lake.8/12/08
7/7/08 20:30New PalestineINUSAOther45 MINUTESStrange dark shaped object hovering several thousand feet in the air8/12/08
7/7/08 20:07SeattleWAUSAChanging20-30 minutesSighting through photographs8/12/08
7/7/08 16:30New PalestineINUSAOtheraboout 45 minsI couldn't believe what we were seeing in daylight. It was a large metallic object that just hovered for over 30 minutes8/12/08
7/7/08 13:00NashvilleTNUSAUnknown20 secondsEccentric shaped object flying over my home8/12/08
7/7/08 00:35San AntonioTXUSAChevron3 secondsQuick object overhead San Antonio / Schertz TX8/12/08
7/7/08 00:15ChelseaALUSATriangle30 minutesSmall triangular object flying in large circles above our area with lights in each corner making a very strange resonating sound.8/12/08
7/7/08 00:00BradfordMAUSAUnknown1 hourLarge jet like sound hovering in the neighborhood for an hour8/12/08
7/6/08 23:00New AlbanyINUSAFireball2 MinsFire in the sky over Indiana8/12/08
7/6/08 22:30TemeculaCAUSASphere1hr 1/2Blue Green and multi colored Orb 2 pix 1 filmclip8/12/08
7/6/08 21:45San AntonioTXUSAEgg6 secondswhite, egg shaped object traveling very fast and no sound what so ever8/12/08
7/6/08 21:40MiamiFLUSA1 minuteI was outside talking with a friend, when I noticed a plane flying extremely high. Immediately I noticed a bright round "star" looking8/12/08
7/6/08 21:30ChicagoILUSAFlash4-5 secondsFlashing white light was traveling across the sky from south to north, at an incredible speed, and gone within seconds.8/12/08
7/6/08 21:00LongmontCOUSAFlash7seconds (?)It was on, or around 9pm last Sunday evening: a shot of sparks going from South to North.8/12/08
7/6/08 02:00PortsmouthOHUSALight45 minsBright yellow light would dim and brighten itself. Hovered quickly across the sky back and forth.8/12/08
7/6/08 01:45SylacaugaALUSARectangle2 Hours 25 MinutesJuly 6 2008 on or about 1:45 AM and ended at 4:10 AM Location Sylacauga Alabama, 35151, The object was Rectangle in shape, and addition8/12/08
7/6/08 01:35Greenwood VillageCOUSAOval10 minutesI seen four white round objects8/12/08
7/6/08 01:00New Glasgow (Canada)NSCanadaChanging2 secondsWow8/12/08
7/5/08 23:00LeonardOKUSALightconstantsighting over lake area8/12/08
7/5/08 22:51Lucerne ValleyCAUSAUnknown5-6 secondes10:51pm 07/05/08 extremely fast and went well above and beyond normal air traffic that was flying at the same time my fiance had quit s8/12/08
7/5/08 22:45BurtonMIUSAFireball15 minutesFireball flies in the sky8/12/08
7/5/08 22:38PlymouthPAUSAOval3 MIN.Red orange in color pulsing oval slowly raised up and moved slowly across the sky stopped and slowly raised up out of sight.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:35Park RidgeILUSASphere22 minutes((HOAX??)) It looked like lightening in a huge circular sphere.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:30PlymouthPAUSAOvalIt was red orange big and went up slowly.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:30ColumbusWIUSALight5 minutesTwo bright stars, not aircraft, move in unison, fade and vanish within 5 minutes at same time.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:30AthensGAUSALight3-5 minI saw a silent orange/red pulsing light move across the sky slowly, hover, change color twice, and disgorge a smaller pulsing light.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:30TempleTXUSAOther30 secondsSlow moving large flying wing shape with mutiple circles in formation on underside, it was silent8/12/08
7/5/08 22:15HammontonNJUSALight5 minutesan unusual orange/red object over hammonton nj...8/12/08
7/5/08 22:00AshlandKYUSACircle5 MinutesThree orange lights viewed over Kentucky8/12/08
7/5/08 22:00OttawaILUSADiamond3-5 MinutesWe seen two white coma shaped smudges in sky followed by two dirty orange lights hovering.8/12/08
7/5/08 22:00Bay CityMIUSATriangleFireworks FestivalRed Glowing light turned into Black Triangle8/12/08
7/5/08 21:52SanfordVAUSASphere2 minutesglowing sphere in sky8/12/08
7/5/08 21:41BlueOKUSASphere2 minutesA low, small hovering red orb with a white aura around it.8/12/08
7/5/08 21:00New LenoxILUSAFireball20 minRed -Orange object in early evening sky8/12/08
7/5/08 20:15ChecotahOKUSAUnknown1 minuteWhite-Silver Shining Object in Oklahoma Sky8/12/08
7/5/08 20:00OregonWIUSAUnknown5 secondsSighting in Oregon WI that appeared very unusual and can't be explained.8/12/08
7/5/08 19:30GuilderlandNYUSACircle15 minutesMultiple witnesses see UFOs near Albany NY8/12/08
7/5/08 14:00Daly CityCAUSADisk2 secondssmooth shiny silver metal craft8/12/08
7/5/08 10:15LakesideOHUSATriangle10 minutesIt was one object triangular in shape, with three circular tubes of flame, moving slowly.8/12/08
7/5/08 09:00Athens (Greece)GreeceSpheredont knowstrange light in the sky8/12/08
7/5/08 08:00LansingMIUSALight2-3 minutesa red light, that going east, and all of a sudden, took off north and up at a hihg speed, gone in seconds8/12/08
7/5/08 04:41HollyMIUSAOther8-10 secondsStrange Grey Chupacabra Creature Spotted in Holly Michigan8/12/08
7/5/08 01:30London (UK/England)United KingdomLight1hourSTRANGE LIGHT8/12/08
7/5/08 01:20Brooklin (Canada)ONCanadaLight1min 30 secBright white light crossed paths with a N/E bound airliner, then shot off to the east at an unbelieveable rate of speed.8/12/08
7/5/08 01:15NeoshoMOUSASphereabout 5 or 6 minutesRotating Sphere with a light in the middle on one area8/12/08
7/5/08 01:00SurpriseAZUSALight10 secondsA bright blue light n the sky and quckly shot accross the sky. 2 witness8/12/08
7/5/08 00:00BradentonFLUSAOtherapprox.15 minbright orange dancing lights over bradenton8/12/08
7/5/08 00:00LaughlinNVUSAFireball4 sec'sGreen ball of light hovering over Colorado River in Laughlin NV8/12/08
7/4/08 23:35Hawthorn WoodsILUSAFireball5 MinutesGlowing orange craft seen over Hawthorn Woods, IL on 07-04-08 at 23:358/12/08
7/4/08 23:30PrairievilleLAUSALight20 minutesBright orange object flying in sky on July 4, 2008 just south of Baton Rouge.8/12/08
7/4/08 23:30StanwoodWAUSAOval5 minutesStanwood July 4th sighting explained8/12/08
7/4/08 23:08JamestownMIUSADiamond4 minutesThree bright red, diamond shape objects, were blinking over Jamestown MI at 23:08 on 7-4-088/12/08
7/4/08 23:00IndianapolisINUSAOther5 minutessilent, V shaped object with reddish-orange glimmering light at the bottom of the V moving NE to SW.8/12/08
7/4/08 23:00Kettering (UK/England)United KingdomCigar5 secondsa cigar shape light moving slow to the left then shot of with speed to the right8/12/08
7/4/08 23:00Gargas (France)FranceTriangle10 minStrange object with distintive light formation made two pass,s over our back garden.8/12/08
7/4/08 23:00LombardILUSATriangle5 minslight in the sky over lombard on 7/4 coming from the east8/12/08
7/4/08 23:00Chula VistCAUSACircle4 secondsIT WAS LIKE THE MOON BUT SMALLER.8/12/08
7/4/08 22:50ChesterWVUSALight15 mins.Three UFOs in formation seen by many on the night of July 4, 2008 in Chester, WV.8/12/08
7/4/08 22:50Garden GroveCAUSALight2 minutesThree Orange Lights in the sky above Garden Grove, CA8/12/08
7/4/08 22:45Mercer IslandWAUSAUnknown5 SecondsPower surge that effected the whole block and the car electronics8/12/08
7/4/08 22:30ExcelsiorMNUSALight15 minutesFireworks and then flying objects with lights8/12/08
7/4/08 22:30LincolnNEUSATeardrop1 minute appxFlaming tear-shaped object flying over southwest Lincoln, Nebraska on July 4th.8/12/08
7/4/08 22:30Oak GroveNCUSAUnknown5 secPulsing object covering great distance in approx. 4 seconds.8/12/08
7/4/08 22:15OregonOHUSACirclefive minutesWe saw a low flying jellyfish like glowing object that slowly passed our home.8/12/08
7/4/08 22:00CarbondalePAUSAFireball4 minutesStrange Fireball Floats over Carbondale PA8/12/08
7/4/08 22:00WallingfordCTUSAFireball5minutesorand fireball, levitates, descends then disapears8/12/08
7/4/08 22:00PittsburghPAUSASphere2-4 minutesorange glowing sphere in sky hovering8/12/08
7/4/08 22:00ChicagoILUSAOther10-15 minufo in fireworks display8/12/08
7/4/08 22:00SaginawMIUSACircle5-8 minsbright orangecircular glowing light in the sky8/12/08
7/4/08 21:52HighlandINUSAOval1-2 mts.4th of July UFO8/12/08
7/4/08 21:45LowellMAUSAOval15 minutesMultiple orange globes traveled slowly across skyline then dissapeared8/12/08
7/4/08 21:45EugeneORUSALight15 secondsOrange light ascending at a 75 degree angle on a straight trajectory.8/12/08
7/4/08 21:40WestminsterCOUSASphere20-30 secondsThree spherical shaped objects flying in a triangle position and slowly rotating.8/12/08
7/4/08 21:30KentwoodMIUSASphere25-30 secsBright orange sphere hovering above 4th of July celebration in Kentwood, MI8/12/08
7/4/08 21:30ElginILUSADisk7 minutesFour orange/reddish objects seen and video taped8/12/08
7/4/08 21:30KingstonPAUSAOval5 minIn the north sky,slowly moving to the south. Hovered for about 1 1/2 minutes as the July 4 fireworks show was going on. Then "zipped" q8/12/08
7/4/08 21:15BarringtonILUSASphere30 minutesorange spheres vivble at dusk8/12/08
7/4/08 21:00DeltonaFLUSATeardrop4 or more OR one at a time going through the same path..and it disappeared and went on the same path where it was before.. i saw it 4 t8/12/08
7/4/08 12:00Elmwood ParkILUSATriangle1 hourOn the morning of july 4 2008, I went outside to the front lawn of my apartment to watch the 4th of july parade in Elmwood Park IL. I h8/12/08
7/4/08 10:00AthensGAUSALight4 minutesReddish-orange glowing object, multiple witnesses, athens, GA, July 4th, possible UFO.8/12/08
7/3/08 22:01St. PaulMNUSACircle10 minMe and my girlfriend was at a event on the river in st.paul minnesota.We were standing in a line.When we were looking up into the sky a8/12/08
7/3/08 22:01CypressTXUSALight30 secondsOrange flickering light northwest of Houston observed from Highway 2908/12/08
7/3/08 21:30BemidjiMNUSAFireball2 minutesLarge bright orange object moving slowing and quietly and then faded into the sky.8/12/08
7/3/08 19:30Rorherham (UK/England uk)United KingdomCircle5 mins2 grey circles moving fast8/12/08
7/3/08 16:00El RenoOKUSADiamond30 SECONDSWhite diamond shape' (s) over El Reno, Oklahoma8/12/08
7/3/08 11:00RaleighNCUSACylinder2 to 3 secondsIt was a long slim cylinder of shiny metal with two colored sections-one red and one black each about 1/4 of the length of the craft.8/12/08
7/3/08 00:10Ukmerge (Lithuania)LithuaniaLight1mini saw about 10 objects in sky moving in strange way8/12/08
7/2/08 23:00London (UK/England)United KingdomTriangletriangle cruising steady,with no light just a light red glow on the under belly. ((NUFORC Note: ISS??))8/12/08
7/2/08 15:01GreenvilleMIUSATrianglesecondsTriangular object over Greenville, Michigan on July 2, 2008.8/12/08
7/2/08 03:00Round RockTXUSAFlash1-2 Minuteswalked dog 3 a. m. very large flash behind me that left a light trail that changed colors, it was not a shooting star8/12/08
7/1/08 22:00Truro (Canada)NSCanadaLight1/2 hr to 45 minsGlowing object in the sky over fireworks display.8/12/08
6/30/08 22:40Ann ArborMIUSATriangle2 minutesObject was black and triangular with white lights on each corner8/12/08
6/30/08 20:00Winnett (south of)MTUSAOtherunkWhile driving in East central Montana, we stopped to take pictures of a dual full rainbow. And recently I noticed a spot on the eighth8/12/08
6/30/08 12:50Alligator PointFLUSAOtherUNKNOWNI went back to the site several times to check for a reflection.8/12/08
6/30/08 12:45YoungstownOHUSAFireball10 min12+ fireball-like objects were video taped in Youngstown Ohio8/12/08
6/30/08 00:00SalinasCAUSALight((HOAX??)) i wish my mom could see that she saw this and dont think that im crazy. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
6/29/08 03:00LibertyNYUSADisk1 hourObject hovered in the sky and then shot half way across the sky. There were yellow lights gyrating around it.8/12/08
6/28/08 22:30SpokaneWAUSADisk6 hoursBright, pulsating lights on round object in Northern sky in Spokane on 6/28/088/12/08
6/26/08 21:30CucharaCOUSALight30 minutesOrange Light UFO while camping near Cuchara, Colorado8/12/08
6/26/08 20:30TexarkanaTXUSAOther3 minutes, twiceI saw this object once before at night from the side and app. 1/2 mile away about 6 months ago, but it was right over head this time (18/12/08
6/25/08 15:00BuckeyeAZUSAUnknown5 minutes3 shiny object in sky. One still the other two moved to the right and left.8/12/08
6/24/08 21:15SterlingVAUSAFlashInstantEXPLODING FLASH OF LIGHT NW SKY – STERLING, VA8/12/08
6/22/08 20:57Horta ( Azores) (Portugal)PortugalUnknown3 seconds maximumUnknown object or craft seen mid-Atlantic over the Azores8/12/08
6/18/08 18:30CanonsburgPAUSACircleless than 1 minlarge glowing orange ball of light seen over horizion of small town8/12/08
6/18/08 14:30Dubuisson (Canada)QCCanadaCigar15-20 sec.Brigth white object moving across the sky8/12/08
6/18/08 14:10Park RidgeILUSADisk15 Minutes((HOAX??)) Huge Black Boomerang & Gray Disk Spotted Within 15 Minutes--Park Ridge, IL...Near O'Hare Airport.8/12/08
6/17/08 22:00Dresden (Germany)GermanyLight2-3 minutesPossible UFO´s seen over Dresden, Germany, no unusual flight paths or speed. Please suggest explanations.8/12/08
6/17/08 12:00MesquiteNVUSADisk4 MinLarge gray domed disc that was perfectly still and made no noise 2460 feet away and 500 feet high.8/12/08
6/16/08 21:30GreenwoodINUSASpherefew minfive bright lights vanishing and reappearing moving different directions8/12/08
6/14/08 20:15BatesvilleINUSACircle30 minutesHuge round black rimmed circle appeared in sky over Int 74 near Batesville, IN on 6/14/088/12/08
6/13/08 17:00StatesvilleNCUSATriangle((HOAX??)) My friend and I saw a Triangular craft fly above her house.8/12/08
6/13/08 09:00Blue HillsMAUSADisk30 secondsDisc that flashed 3x then slowly disappeared as if by active metamaterial cloaking8/12/08
6/12/08 01:30RichmondKYUSALightAbout 2 hoursFlashing lights seen moving in the sky.8/12/08
6/12/08 00:45Bay CityMIUSATriangle6:00Large triangular craft sighted during thunderstorm.8/12/08
6/11/08 22:00Grayton BeachFLUSAUnknown10 minsBright Light on Freeport Side of Choctawhatchee Bay8/12/08
6/8/08 19:00BushkillPAUSALight20 secondsThe light speed up fast and then followed behind us and then ziped away and was gone.but yet there was no sound.8/12/08
6/6/08 03:30SmithvilleMOUSAOval1 minuteOne golden light (which took off quickly), and 3 bright star colored objects making rapid movements in a w or vv formation.8/12/08
6/2/08 18:00Lower Hutt (New Zealand)New ZealandChevron60 secCorrected date of Hutt ufo..8/12/08
6/1/08 02:30ArlingtonMOUSAOval2-3 minutesSchool bus size UFO hovering over river.8/12/08
5/29/08 00:24GuntersvilleALUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) UFO'S In my woods!!!8/12/08
5/28/08 20:01Fernandina BeachFLUSACigar4 min.cigar shaped 8:PM May 28,08 North of Jacksonville Fl.going north, disappeared in a flash, no clouds.bigger than the jet near by.8/12/08
5/16/08 00:00PikevilleKYUSALight3-5 minutes.Four red sequenced blinking lights in a diagonal bar formation sighted in Kentucky.8/12/08
5/15/08 23:00Walpole Island First Nation (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownsecondsGreen streak traveling north to south in western sky8/12/08
5/15/08 04:00West RoxburyMAUSAI didnt really know how else to send this in, but Im thinking that the sighting I had on 5/15 (triangular object with blue lights at th8/12/08
5/15/08Two Completely Different Sightings Years Apart in Same Position in Sky8/12/08
5/12/08 22:30Mt.OliveMSUSATriangle2to3minOne night when my wife and I were letting our two dogs out before we were going to bed, she saw somthing and yelled for me to come here8/12/08
5/10/08 19:40N.Windham/ WillimanticCTUSAChevron15 secs.V-shaped Ufo seen flying over N.Windham area8/12/08
5/8/08Ashland CityTNUSAUnknown15 minutesBright light hovering above tree line8/12/08
5/6/08 23:00GoshenINUSAOval4 minutesA few orange flying ovals appear for four minutes after a fireworks show. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
5/3/08 21:20AlpineTXUSALightten minutesThree reputable witnesses see UFO over west Texas.8/12/08
4/28/08 15:00Kandahar (Afghanistan)AfghanistanDiskunkDisk shape captured in photo of project site in Kandahar Afghanistan.8/12/08
4/23/08 10:03BellevueWAUSASphere2 minutedAs I was pulling into my driveway, I got out of my car and noticed a bright spherically shaped orb up in the sky, moving at a slow rate8/12/08
4/20/08 14:00ChicagoILUSACigarSo it was after work around 1:45,i had gotten to the express way the 290 one,n the ramp to go towards indiana,for some reason i looked8/12/08
4/20/08 10:30HeathOHUSALight45 minutesred strobing star looking object ,disappeared & reappearing in different spots in the sky8/12/08
4/17/08 00:05NorwalkCAUSALight25 - 30 minsThe object looked like a star until I noticed it was moving. The object also outshined every star in the sky!8/12/08
4/16/08 22:00RockfordILUSATriangle30 seconds - 1 minuteAn engineer in the aero-engineering field could not identify a strange triangular object over northern Illinois.8/12/08
4/15/08 17:00Rowland HeightsCAUSADiamond2 minutesHuge dark object flying over the san gabriel mountain8/12/08
4/6/08 22:00StonehamMAUSACylinder30 secondscylinder, with three rows of brightly lit illuminated panel lights underneath, flew over8/12/08
3/14/08 21:00CarbondaleCOUSAUnknown15secGiant drill shaped craft crashed, viewed from Highway8/12/08
3/13/08 00:00PaducahKYUSADisk1 minSaucer Craft with much light and no sound. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
3/3/08 14:30Barcelona (Spain)SpainCircleVariedMultiple Barcelona orbs sighted in March 2008.8/12/08
3/1/08 14:00PhoenixAZUSAOther2 weeksStar-like craft over Phoenix Arizona inthe daytime.8/12/08
2/26/08 01:00MasticNYUSARectangle15 minRectangular object floating above trees.8/12/08
2/22/08 19:00Huntington BeachCAUSADisk30 minutesThree disks in a triangular formation overing over ocean on huntington beach8/12/08
2/12/08 19:11FayettevilleGAUSAChevron5 secondschevron, formation, evening, slow-moving8/12/08
2/11/08 15:05BurbankCAUSASphere4 MinsFormation of 5 spheres above Burbank.8/12/08
2/8/08Sanya (China)ChinaUnknownLESS THAN 1 MINUTESI took the pictures on saturday the 2 th of august around 4 pm in Sanya island ( south of China) from my room in hotel kempisky. I saw8/12/08
2/1/08 07:15MesaAZUSALight15-30 minutesVery bright light drops off smaller light & flies upward & disappears8/12/08
1/27/08 04:30Ellicott CityMDUSAOther00:20Dumb bell shaped UFO over Ellicott City8/12/08
1/8/08 21:30Cardiff (UK/Wales)United KingdomFireball10we were walking in the evening a saw what we first thought was a hot air ballon on fire. We watched it remain in the same spot for abou8/12/08
1/6/08 22:00AbileneTXUSALight10 secondsTwo lights moving west to east8/12/08
1/4/08 19:00HoustonTXUSATriangle30 minutesFamily has had several encounters over years with possible explanations regarding agenda, bovine blood use, and bdellium collection.8/12/08
12/28/07 08:05NacogdochesTXUSAUnknown4 secondsWhat might this be?8/12/08
11/22/07 12:00SommersetOHUSACylinder0I was in Ohio to visit some friends. We saw some beautiful trees and I stopped to take some pictures of them. It wasn't until recent8/12/08
10/15/07 18:00New York CityNYUSATeardrop10 minutesIt was mat black and moved very slow West towards the Hudson River8/12/08
10/8/07 21:00Eagle (Canada)ONCanadaOther4 minutes2km long overlooking the city8/12/08
9/23/07 21:00ZionILUSAUnknown1 minute3 round white lights in a triangle formation8/12/08
9/17/07 23:00Des MoinesIAUSAUnknownAbout a half hourGreen lit-up horizon with saucer like flying object.8/12/08
9/17/07 17:00GreenevilleTNUSALight3:36STRANGE LIGHTS8/12/08
8/24/07 23:00PachecoCAUSACircle12 secondsBright moving circle of light over Pacheco, California8/12/08
8/20/07 04:50Kota (India)IndiaOther6 SecFast moving star, crossed whole sky just in 6 sec.8/12/08
7/18/07 22:48KirklandWAUSALight30 SecondsJust a light...possibly a satelite, that's about it thus far.8/12/08
6/6/07 00:00White CityNMUSAFireballBIG GLOWING RED MOONI was standing next to a Big Red glowing lava Moon that was turning off and on creating a storm.8/12/08
5/26/07 23:30Russels PointOHUSAFireball60 secondsOrange ball crosses over crowded lake in straight line8/12/08
3/22/07 01:00Show LowAZUSAFormation5 hrsGiant disc in Show Low with 7 smaller discs in formation8/12/08
1/15/07 15:00MosulIraqDiamondunknownDiamond shaped object over Mosul8/12/08
1/1/07 01:30RiversideNJUSALight2 minutesbright object that stopped in mid air and backed up. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
11/29/06 16:30ColumbusGAUSAOther1 minuteThe military transported an acorn shaped object the size of an old Volkswagen Beetle to the Columbus Metropolitan Airport.8/12/08
11/15/06 23:00Kansas CityMOUSATriangle30 secondsCan the Silent approach of UFOS be heard????8/12/08
9/24/06 20:00ZephyrhillsFLUSAChangingUnknown object in the air over Zephyrhills8/12/08
9/10/06 22:00Surf CityNCUSAOtherone hourStar-like object moving irractically in the night sky, flashed sequence of lights in one direction.8/12/08
8/22/06 23:30EvartMIUSALight20 MinutesLight circles something not seen but blocks moon and clouds.8/12/08
8/21/06 13:35FactoryvillePAUSADiskStrange objects spotted in photo8/12/08
8/8/06 23:25Cross RoadsTXUSAUnknown7 to 10 minutesErracticly flashing, multicolored lights moving fast making itermittant zigzag motions8/12/08
7/15/06 21:00Cocoa/Merritt Islands (between)FLUSADiska few secondsOne witness, one silverish-white craft, short duration8/12/08
6/15/06 23:00Elma (Canada)MBCanadaTriangle25 secondsOne night I saw a triangular craft with three lights.8/12/08
6/15/06 21:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknown5 seconds3-4 lights fly low over I-5 in central California8/12/08
4/15/06 01:30San AntonioTXUSAOval1 hr 32 min.Invisable by the human eye but caught on infared film.8/12/08
2/1/06 13:15Hogback MountainVTUSAEggUnknownPhoto at scenic area displays object in sky, upon digital scanning and zooming object is visible.8/12/08
12/23/05 17:00TucsonAZUSADisk20minsaucer shaped craft s landed in tucson arizona"s open range cattle farm.8/12/08
8/4/05 01:30FlushingNYUSALight31/2 HRSbright lights in NY sky8/12/08
7/16/05 03:00ChaskaMNUSALight5 secondsBright light quickly fading to orange then disappearing8/12/08
5/24/05 20:00Sullivans IslandSCUSALight15-20 minutesTwo separate light events at same time off of Sullivan's Island, SC8/12/08
4/11/05 16:30P. LakesFLUSADisk8 secondsDisk shape aircraft with many dark brown windows was seen levitating low for about eight seconds.8/12/08
4/7/05 00:00ChesterVAUSACircle3 minObject hovered and shot off at high rate of speed and then disappered8/12/08
2/7/05 14:00Hanworth (Middlesex) (UK/England)United KingdomOval1hr +oval in shape displaying images and moving at great speed8/12/08
7/1/04 21:30ManasquanNJUSATriangle15 secondsVERY LARGE triangle shaped craft8/12/08
4/15/04 03:45CanadaMBCanadaOther((HOAX??)) Airplane frozen in air, Black car, 2 individuals inside car.8/12/08
8/5/03 20:00HuntingtonINUSALight5 minutesglowing sphere shaped object8/12/08
8/3/03 23:00JacksonNJUSAFireball60 secondsAt around 11 pm, me and my three friends saw a large fireball with a trial of sparks behind it. I was moving very slow and passed in an8/12/08
10/12/02 19:13Australia (rural)AustraliaOther7 minutesThis was a very close encounter with unidentifiable flying phenomenon.8/12/08
8/3/02 22:00Bowleys QuartersMDUSAOther2 secondsBright white/blue strobe/flash - no sound - illuminating 3 "windows" behind flash - 2 - sec. no other lights8/12/08
8/1/02 20:45DallasTXUSATeardrop45 secondsOrange and pink glowing object following a South West Airlines jet in Dallas, Tx.8/12/08
6/30/02 23:00LaytonUTUSAUnknownvariableWeird and Strange lights8/12/08
3/23/02 23:00ColoradoCOUSAUnknownTwo Nightsthey took me up in the sky in a "dream"8/12/08
10/5/01 15:00Key WestFLUSARectangle10 MINSU.F.O HOVERS OVER CRUISE SHIP KEY WEST FLORDIA 2001 ..8/12/08
9/12/01 00:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle1 minute or so3 UFO over Los Angeles8/12/08
8/23/01 21:03GlastonburyCTUSATeardrop30 mintuesA mysterious craft was seen hovering above yard. Expirienced "missing time" following the incident. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
7/10/01 18:00Walpole Island (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown15 secondsTuned in by a talking sky, then tuned out.8/12/08
6/30/01 19:00Delray BeachFLUSAUnknownsecondsrow of lg bright lights appear and disappear about the height of street lights8/12/08
6/30/01 04:00Hereford (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1hruk sighting between hereford abergaveny which was joined by 3 helcopters from nearby sas base8/12/08
11/7/00 22:00RosevilleCAUSATriangle15 secondsV shaped object sighted in nightsky on 2000 U.S presidential election date8/12/08
6/30/00 20:30West Midlands (UK/England)United KingdomLight7 MINSUNKNOWN AIRCRAFT EMITTTING LIGHTS RED/WHITE (FALLING FROM SKY/ NO IMPACT)8/12/08
5/15/00 02:30Winter HavenFLUSAEggufoufo8/12/08
3/1/00 04:45CoramNYUSALight20 secthe orb shot up very very fast then twinkled at me. it left me thinking about past exploits8/12/08
2/15/00 23:00HubbardORUSARectangleseveral minutesRectangular, enormous (football field size?), black and silent Hubbard, Oregon 20008/12/08
11/24/99 21:00Rocky MountNCUSACigar5 minutesBirght, yellowish-orange, cigar shaped object over Sunset Ave./ Business 64 exit in Rocky mount, NC.8/12/08
5/20/99 18:00JonesboroINUSASphereabout 30 minutesshiny sphere next to the setting sun8/12/08
9/30/98 16:00San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoSphere30 sec.A perfectly round blue shining sphere rose from a swampy area and flew in a deliberate fashion over the area .8/12/08
9/1/98 22:00Ft. Myers Beach (off coast of)FLUSATriangle3-5 mins.Sept. 1998 Ft. Myers, Fla. Triangular w/lights 3-5 mins. NO SOUND8/12/08
7/7/97 12:00CaseyILUSACigar8 minCrafts emit beams of what looks like smoke from their front end, and then follow these emissions8/12/08
6/1/97 00:01Egg Harbor TownshipNJUSAEgg45-50 MINUTESBright Object in the sky8/12/08
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSATriangle5 minutesUFO over Phoenix 19978/12/08
1/1/97 23:00Tom Sauk MoutainMOUSALight10 minutesThis was January 1, 1997. I was backpacking in the Mark Twain Forest of Missouri. It was about 11pm. I was sitting on a rock in the8/12/08
10/1/96 17:00CupertinoCAUSASphere10 minsMetalic ball floating motionless in high winds over San Jose, CA.8/12/08
9/24/96 17:00CanadaCanadaDiskless than 1 secEdges of disc are glowing, top and bottom of object have streamlined domes, very aerodynamically shaped, object moving horizontally, le8/12/08
7/4/96 22:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle1 minuteMy wife and I were stargazing on a beautiful clear night when we spotted a red triangle flying8/12/08
6/1/96 20:00El PasoTXUSADisk1 hourLight's in Triangle Fromation8/12/08
6/6/95 01:00DallasTXUSALight10 secondsBright light came out from behind nothing, stopped on a dime and then proceeded to fly back behind nothing... cloudless sky.8/12/08
6/1/95 22:30Benton CityWAUSAUnknown2 minutesvery strange sighting8/12/08
3/9/95 15:00Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaOther45 minNever seen befor.. A Solid Black Craft.....8/12/08
7/21/94 23:15GoshenOHUSATriangle5-10 minTriangle shaped craft on state route 28 at the Garrison Spurling rd intersection8/12/08
7/15/93 22:00MoscowIDUSAOther3 minutesMoscow, ID-Row of 5-6 off white lights moving silently & slowly east to west summer 93.8/12/08
7/1/92 22:00GarlandTXUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle UFO in Garland, TX in 19928/12/08
3/15/92 19:00BoonsboroMDUSACigar10 minutesApprox.3/15/92 an object with lights was hovering at tree level ,silent and no downdraft, over my car, as I parked to observe it.8/12/08
7/4/91 23:00WichitaKSUSADiskMORE THAN AN HOURIt was summer, I had my dauther who is now 17. I was at my father in law house looking trought the back door, wich has an open view so8/12/08
10/20/90 18:30AlmontMIUSAOval30 minutesUFO, Almont Michigan, Tree Top Lelel, Humming Sound8/12/08
7/1/89 23:00LovellMEUSATriangle5 - 10 MinutesBlack Triangle over Lake Kezar in Lovell Maine in the Late 1980's8/12/08
9/1/88 21:00VaughnNMUSAUnknownuncertainFlashing Lights Surround MY PU TRU:CK8/12/08
1/29/87 03:00Kingston/Amherst View (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10-15 minclose really close8/12/08
6/14/86 20:00New RochelleNYUSATriangle5 MINtriangular shaped craft with 3 white lights and on red blinking light8/12/08
2/22/84 00:00Ein Geidi Beach (Israel)IsraelUnknown10minutesI was a working in Israel on a kibbutz in 1984. I spent a weekend on a beach called Ein Geidi which is a reaort on the Dead Sea. We wer8/12/08
6/20/82 00:00Fort StocktonTXUSAOval10 minutesA black light dome, with some kind of movement within.8/12/08
6/1/82 21:00Great FallsMTUSACircle3 daysAnother troubling episode that has been even harder to explain when considering aspects of the Kicksburg, Pennslyvania UFO Sighting.8/12/08
6/30/81 21:00ParagonINUSASphere5minOrange ball in sky that looked like ablong sun that put out no light.8/12/08
7/16/80 13:40SeattleWAUSACylinder3 minutesCylinder UFO Sighted in Seattle, Washington8/12/08
6/3/80 15:00Lake ForestILUSATriangle15 min approxJune 19808/12/08
2/20/79 02:00Pismo BeachCAUSATriangle7 minutesAn enormous triangle hovered over me for at least seven minutes.8/12/08
8/22/78 20:00Langhorne (Bermuda)PABermudaDisk2 hours plusClose Encounters of the Bermudian Kind 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
8/15/78 18:00ProvoUTUSADisk20 secondsI realize that it has been 30 years since our sighting (my wife and I)but. hopefully it will be of use to you... we drove to Provo cany8/12/08
7/26/78 15:00EurekaMOUSALighta few secondsIn an incident similar to others around this date, a ball of light flashed down at our car then veered away.8/12/08
8/10/77 01:00HazardKYUSALight5 hours?Probable abduction8/12/08
8/8/77 21:00JeffersonOHUSATrianglethree minTriangle shaped with red, blue, white, lights on corners. Making right turns.8/12/08
6/1/77 01:00HesperiaCAUSAEgg1 hourstay away!8/12/08
1/19/77 20:30CoventryRIUSATriangle2 minutesHuge wing craft - 1000 feet in width hovered over house, no noise or lights8/12/08
7/1/76 14:00Grand ChainILUSAFireball5-10 min ?UFO near nuclear plant8/12/08
6/1/76 22:00Canterbury (UK/England)United KingdomDiskapprox 10-15 minsSilent saucer shaped craft joining up with a very bright white light8/12/08
10/15/75 16:00MarionKSUSALight2 secondsWe saw a green object zoom across the sky going at least several thousand mile per hour.8/12/08
8/20/75 22:00JoppaMDUSACircle30 minwe saw 6 or more small crafts orangey red doing maneuvers for approx. 30 min in maryland8/12/08
7/1/75 16:00Marsh CreekCAUSACigar5-10 minPurplish cigar shaped craft 300-350 long came to 50 ft away, 2 min hovered then sped off at rapid speed.8/12/08
9/30/74 17:00Puerto RicoPuerto RicoSphereabt 1 min.Gold sphere traveling at tremendous speed sighted over Puerto Rico in Fall of 19748/12/08
8/9/74 12:00SpokaneWAUSACigar10-15 secondsConfirmation of 1974 report 34 years later.8/12/08
10/30/73 04:00Green River (20 miles west of on I-70)UTUSADisk15 secondsMothership coming in for a landing!8/12/08
10/30/73 04:00Green RiverUTUSADisk15 secondsmothership... coming in for a landing made the valley glow red... caused me to stop on I-70 to let it pass...8/12/08
10/1/73 21:00RoseburgORUSACylindernot sure,maybe 2 hoursWe were on the outskirts of town, just passing the sewage treatment plant, when this object with blinding white light enveloped the car8/12/08
10/8/72 18:45EatontonGAUSADiskUnknownCraft had lighted panels which lit one at a time travelling counter-clockwise.8/12/08
9/14/72 17:00PakseLaosCircle4 minutesAs I walked out from Pakse Tactical AFB headquarters at around 1700, a bright jellyfish-like object hovered above the city.8/12/08
7/30/71 18:00BolivarMOUSACigar1 minuteSilent fluorescent orange cigar-shaped UFO with neon pink glow around the edges disappeared in an instant8/12/08
10/20/68 20:00WayneMIUSAOval1 hourA grey oval craft hovering over a hambuger standfor an hour about 200 feet above the light poles with no sound.8/12/08
6/1/68 22:00Mississippi (rural; hitchhiking)MSUSACircle9 hoursMyself and a friend are missing time after seeing a UFO8/12/08
4/3/68 14:50GainesvilleGAUSACigarsecondsbright silver cigar shaped object appeared in the air ahead of me when I was teenager driving home after school8/12/08
9/15/67 00:00Cedar PointKSUSALight5 minutesIt is interesting to me tht I've had three encounters. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/12/08
9/7/67 17:00BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown5 minsStrange looking craft and possible lost time8/12/08
6/1/67 22:00LaddoniaMOUSAUnknown3 nightsSeeking Laddonia MO residents who witnessed UFO's on 3 consecutive nights 19678/12/08
4/1/67 13:00Opa LockaFLUSAHoursVerifying the 1967 UFO landing at a Miami elementary school yard.8/12/08
6/20/66 17:00GreenhillsOHUSADisk10 minutesI stood under a flying saucer spotted in daylight at 40 foot distance... WILD!!!8/12/08
6/1/66 17:00CambridgeOHUSADisk18:00We saw dark disc shaped objects emerge from the bottom of a "ligher than the evening sky" oblong light, fly around and reenter.8/12/08
6/1/66 09:00Old Washoe CityNVUSADisk20 secondsFirst, I would like to point out that this is a very old sighting that probably cannot possibly be confirmed. I am only hoping that so8/12/08
2/1/66 01:00RandolphOHUSAOvalfive to ten secondsextremely fast UFO stopping dead still in mid air with two smaller similar UFO's following t8/12/08
12/9/65 16:48EnfieldCTUSACircle2 minutesCoincidence with later Sighting in 1982 in Great Falls, Montana that seems to have been totally removed from the publics view.8/12/08
12/9/65 16:48EnfieldCTUSACircle2 minutesCharting a UFO and identifying its points of origin.8/12/08
6/26/63 23:40Naha (Japan)JapanCircle3 minutesStealth flying craft were not developed until many years later.8/12/08
7/1/60 12:00UnknownNVnoDisk30 minutesReal Evidence of UFOin the 60's8/12/08
9/21/56GreenwichCTUSALight21:30Strange movements amoung the stars8/12/08
7/2/50 13:00Coeur d'AleneIDUSACigar10 secondsBright Orange, Cigar-Shapped Object Travelling at 18,000 MPH8/12/08
Surry CountyVAUSAThe gentleman that reported this event could check Patrick Henry airport in Newport News. Also, he could check blimp hdqtrs..8/12/08
SunnysideWAUSATriangle8 minutes((HOAX??)) 2 triangle objects over sunnyside Wa8/12/08