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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/10/09 22:00 Bath (UK/England)
Circle seconds Orange balls of light 1/10/09
1/10/09 10:19 Rancho Cucamonga CA Light 10 minutes Fourth sighting of bright star like light moving in clear morning skies of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 1/10/09
1/10/09 02:05 Middletown OH Triangle 20 Minutes 3-4 triangular "humming" objects at treetop level in Middletown, Ohio 1/10/09
1/9/09 22:00 Glendale AZ Light 2 minutes Strange lights over Glendale, Arizona. 1/10/09
1/9/09 21:30 Portland OR Light 30 min Point of light traveling at high altitude with intervals of "flaring". 1/10/09
1/9/09 21:26 Hazlet NJ Diamond 1minute bright diamond light in the north sky, turned towards the east and lights went out into a small red light and vanished. 1/10/09
1/9/09 19:52 Portsmouth (UK/England)
Light 10+ minutes Strange Flashing light out over the English Channel 1/10/09
1/9/09 19:40 Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Fireball 3-4 secs As usual I was standing in my balcony on 4th floor from where I see huge area of sky till Indian ocean and suddenly my eyes caught atte 1/10/09
1/9/09 19:00 Ball Ground GA Circle <1 minute Possible saucer like shape sighted over Ball Ground, GA, USA with one bright and one dim white light, and one red light. 1/2 mile long. 1/10/09
1/9/09 18:33 Alexander AR Flash 15 min A Flashing strobe light occured before complete dawn. It grew brighter in size brightness and then would suddenly decrease in size and 1/10/09
1/9/09 17:45 Southaven MS Formation 20 minutes 5 BRIGHT WHITE ORBS THAT CHANGED IN FORMATION 1/10/09
1/9/09 09:15 Palm Beach FL Light 30 seconds Sliver of light in the sky 1/10/09
1/9/09 09:00 Huntsville AL Other 4 minutes A "parked" 737 in the sky accompanied by an orb 1/10/09
1/9/09 04:50 Los Angeles CA Light 2 Minutes The skies were clear and the stars were very visible. I was walking into Griffith Park in Los Angeles and happened to look up. Directly 1/10/09
1/9/09 02:20 Jersey (UK/England??)

02: A hovering flashing star like object that changes many different colours rapidly. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 1/10/09
1/8/09 20:10 Lincolnton NC Light 45 minutes Bright light in western sky that did not look normal. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
1/8/09 18:30 Gaston SC Sphere 45sec-1min This is the second time I have seen the same or very simmalar object over local landfill in a 16 year period. 1/10/09
1/8/09 18:30 Lake Waccamaw NC Disk 4 minutes 5 unexplainable objects circling in the sky, moving rapidly and the lights were changing. 1/10/09
1/8/09 18:09 Brentwood MO Rectangle 1 min I watched one dark grey, silent rectangular object move across my field of vision from south to north very fast on 1/8/09 at 18:09. 1/10/09
1/8/09 17:00 Oshkosh WI Light 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Glimering lights stationary in formation same as what was on the news in New Jersey. 1/10/09
1/8/09 09:30 Rancho Cucamonga CA Light 30 minutes Third sighting of a bright star like light changing colors blue and white moving across the morning sky in Rancho cucamonga 1/10/09
1/8/09 04:00 Conisholme (UK/England)
Circle 21:00-04:00 I would first like to explain that I did not witness the following occurence, but am mearly reporting it.

In the early hours of Janu
1/7/09 20:23 Collinsville MS Light 25 min Group of people see, photograph, a bright object in sky. ((NUFORC Note: We have requested more information. PD)) 1/10/09
1/7/09 20:00 Snellville GA Triangle 0:30 4 bright round white lights - Triangle formation Southbound - Snellville GA 1/10/09
1/7/09 19:50 Fillmore CA Light 30 minutes several flickering bright objects sometimes moving rapidly 1/10/09
1/7/09 19:45 Calamine AR Unknown 10 seconds Silent object near house at low altitude and considerable speed with lights. 1/10/09
1/7/09 19:00 Dunnellon FL Light 2 hours Bright large object over dunnellon florida lasting about 2 hrs from 7:00pm / 9:00 that I know of ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
1/7/09 18:45 Effingham SC Oval 30 Seconds Yellow/orange lights turning on one by one in a semi circle - looked like it was spinning. Saw 6 lights before I looking away... 1/10/09
1/7/09 18:30 Douglas GA
about a min big light appears and disappears and reappears in a total other part of the sky and then vanishes 1/10/09
1/7/09 18:20 Rzeszów (Poland)
Disk 20 sec. UFO Rzeszów 1/10/09
1/7/09 17:00 Los Angeles CA Other 30 min black ufo over los angeles 1/10/09
1/7/09 10:15 Rancho Cucamonga CA Light 10 minutes Second sighting of a bright light moving from left to right high up in the clear blue sky early morning in Rancho Cucamonga, ca 1/10/09
1/7/09 05:30 Hooks TX Light 30 min. 3 UFO's sighted, two wittnesses, happened only a few hours ago 1/10/09
1/7/09 00:45 Philadelphia

It was a strange light that was followed by a mysterious noise. 1/10/09
1/6/09 22:00 Reading (Berkshire) (UK/England)
Oval 25 mins White bright light seen performing incredible movements over a small village in Reading, Berkshire, UK 1/10/09
1/6/09 21:30 Kinder LA Teardrop 10 min. Sighting in rural Louisiana, teardroped object rising and falling about 100 yards in the sky. 1/10/09
1/6/09 20:00 Amarillo TX Triangle approx. two minutes Two, maybe three, possible ufos of triangle shape- one of which was moving slowly. 1/10/09
1/6/09 19:45 Palmdale CA Light 30 min Abnormaly bright light hovering above the western horizon for 20 min. Very strange, piqued my curiosity. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
1/6/09 10:15 Rancho Cucamonga CA Light 23 minutes Two star like bright lights moving in oppostie directions and one changing directions in the clear morning skies of Rancho Cucamonga 1/10/09
1/6/09 08:35 Nipomo CA Other 15 minutes Unknown fiery object off coast in Nipomo, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD)) 1/10/09
1/6/09 01:00 Cocoa Beach FL Other 2-4 seconds Slow moving shooting star with unnatural light. 1/10/09
1/5/09 22:47 Dublin (Ireland)
Formation 30 Seconds ((HOAX)) Triangular formation, 3 Objects, Slowly moving Eastwards and dissapearing upwards. 1/10/09
1/5/09 21:00 Adams WI Triangle 10 min ((HOAX??)) ufo broked my car 1/10/09
1/5/09 20:35 Morris Plains NJ Circle 20 minutes 5 bright gold an red colored lights in arrow formations. Seen near Morristown, NJ 1/10/09
1/5/09 20:34 Whippany NJ Formation 3-4 minutes Red lights in triangular formations seen for several minutes in Whippany (Morris County), NJ 1/10/09
1/5/09 20:30 New York City NY Unknown 15 mins Orbs over Manhattan 1/10/09
1/5/09 18:50 Hartsville SC Light 12 minutes Very high altitude object makes sharp 90 degree left turn then disappears 1/10/09
1/5/09 18:00 Tinley Park IL Light 1 hour 3 balls of different lights, slowly rotating in a triangular formation were seen tonight over tinley park, il. 1/10/09
1/5/09 02:00 Port Orchard WA Flash 20 seconds Bright flashes of changing color light filled the sky. 1/10/09
1/5/09 00:52 Norwalk CA Sphere 7 min Single craft that changed color and direction before disappearing into space. 1/10/09
1/4/09 20:45 Randolph NJ Triangle 5.00 min red light , no noise at all and moving at very slow speed. 1/10/09
1/4/09 18:45 West Valley City UT Egg over an hr in a half bright star like object white and kinda yellowish for two hours 1/10/09
1/4/09 17:00 Ventura CA Chevron 20 minutes A slow rising black boomerang shaped object, it had no trail and no lights. 1/10/09
1/4/09 13:30 San Jose CA Circle 1m 15 seconds It was 1 : 30 pm me and my wife where standing outside of our apartment when we see 3 flying object very high in the sky we stayed wa 1/10/09
1/4/09 06:50 Yankee Hill CA Light 4 to 5 min Thought it was a bright star at first. Then the light moved down close to the trees. It moved around the mountains for about 4 to 5 m 1/10/09
1/4/09 00:15 Jersey Shore PA Sphere 5 seconds A bright orange sphere sighted in central Pennsylvania. 1/10/09
1/3/09 23:35 East Norwich NY Oval < 1 sec High speed object with bright green light over Nassau County NY 1/10/09
1/3/09 21:25 Davie (Shenandoah area) FL Fireball less than a minute Three dark orange or reddish colored objects flying in a triangular pattern over Davie 1/10/09
1/3/09 20:30 Mechanicsburg PA Unknown 5 - 10 minutes Bright flashing object moves silently above Mechanicsburg, PA, with erraitc cursive-like motions. 1/10/09
1/3/09 20:30 Gosberton (UK/England)
Circle approx 5 seconds Bright circular light travelling at high speed in Lincolnshire 1/10/09
1/3/09 20:13 Tramore (Ireland)
Fireball About 5 mins Variable fireball that stopped and hovered then flew away and faded away 1/10/09
1/3/09 19:00 Benton AR Light 2 seconds Bright lit aircraft descends, and vanishes without a trace. 1/10/09
1/3/09 19:00 Gainesville VA Light 15 minutes Spectacular Lights seen to separate in Virginia outside Washington DC 1/10/09
1/3/09 11:50 St. Petersburg FL Oval 5 minutes we were watching the east sky from my st. Pete home over the trees but far, we assume it was planet mars, it was not moving then, it wa 1/10/09
1/3/09 09:00 Lake George NY Formation 3 minutes I have on video a bright light above French Mountain that hovered for several minutes of which I have few minutes on video. The bright 1/10/09
1/3/09 04:00 Lafayette CO Triangle 7 seconds I was at a friend’s house in Lafayette Colorado to watch the predawn Meteor Showers at 4:00am. We were standing outside having a smoke 1/10/09
1/2/09 21:00 Venetie AK Circle 5 min. southeast of venetie,alaska 99781 object setting about 500 feet above the ground with red and green light for about 5 minutes in one pl 1/10/09
1/2/09 20:00 Washington, D.C. DC Sphere split second A green colored sphere appeared out of nowhere and fell straight to the ground 1/10/09
1/2/09 19:45 Perry IA Flash very short Very fast moving light(green), south of Perry, IA 1/10/09
1/2/09 19:45 Glen Rock NJ Fireball seconds We saw a green flash with a firey tail in the sky 1/10/09
1/2/09 19:30 St. Paul MN Light 3 seconds Fast shooting light through the clouds over Lake Owasso 1/10/09
1/2/09 18:00 Lynnwood WA Other 1 hour All witnessed the sighting through the telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Given that the object was seen on two nights, we suspect Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
1/2/09 18:00 Clayton NC Egg six hours ((HOAX??)) 4 egg shaped lights, one takes off very rapidly. 1/10/09
1/2/09 05:30 Ballinger TX Other 1.5 + hours Several UFO's sighted near the big dipper. 1/10/09
1/2/09 04:05 Caro MI Cigar 5 seconds White cigar-shaped object dissappears after being sighted. 1/10/09
1/1/09 23:00 Campbellsville KY Light an hour ((HOAX)) I was taking my nightly walk, and saw several crafts. 1/10/09
1/1/09 20:53 Hartsville SC Light 20-30 seconds Meteorite object appears after what I thought an aircraft dissappeared. 1/10/09
1/1/09 20:30 Cebu City (Philippines)
Circle 20-25 mins Circular yellowish in color. 1/10/09
1/1/09 20:15 Burton-In-Kendal (UK/England)
Circle 15mins Orange light about 1000 foot in the sky above Burton-in-Kendal. 1/10/09
1/1/09 19:00 Berlin CT Fireball 1 hour This is the 2nd night the object or craft has been seen. It is a few miles away houvering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 1/10/09
1/1/09 19:00 Markle IN Circle 2 min Silver circle thing over a grave yard It pulsed 3 to 4 times and it was gone. 1/10/09
1/1/09 19:00 Groesbeek (Netherlands)
Other 5 minutes Hovering orange light 1/10/09
1/1/09 19:00 Olivehurst CA Oval 5 min Red and white lights curving around a large hovering black mass, which speed off very fast. 1/10/09
1/1/09 18:00 Sheffield (UK/England)
Fireball 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) triangle formation fire ball lights in the sky 1/10/09
1/1/09 15:00 Pasadena CA Sphere Northwest Signs are here for all to see 1/10/09
1/1/09 02:10 Croydon (UK/England)
Other 3 mins Moving lights across the sky, pair and triangular. 1/10/09
1/1/09 02:00 Cincinnati OH Unknown 3 min Red lighted object moving over Cincinnati 1/10/09
1/1/09 01:15 Bethel AK Other 15 minutes Possible Bethel UFO sighting 1/10/09
1/1/09 01:10 Bradenton FL Fireball 1 minute 4 Orange/red balls of light flying through the sky 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:20 London (UK/England)
Disk 7minutes orange round vessel in sky over Chertsey Surrey. 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:20 San Diego CA Light 5 min. In recent years past, I have noticed on two seperate new years eves a very strange and very bright red light. I told my wife after wat 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:20 London (UK/England)
Flash 10-15 mins london uk 1/1/2009 at 00:20 bright orange lights between 3-5 shapes follwing same pattern fast for about 10- 15 mins 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15 San Diego CA Circle 15 minutes Single red object stationary in sky in San Diego on New Year's Eve 2008. 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Light 50 seconds Bright green light. 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15 El Cajon CA Changing 10 min red light 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15 Ramstein (Germany)
Light 2 hrs Orange orb seen outside of Ramstein Airbase, Germany 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15 Gonzales LA Unknown one minute Three seperate groups of bright red objects moving in a westerly direction 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:12 Orlando FL Diamond 30 Sec At 11:12 I pulled into my driveway and was exiting my vehicle when me and my girlfriend noticed a dim rust colored light flying above m 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:10 Tyler TX Sphere 5 minutes Four yellow-gold orbs flying from southeast to northwest viewed from Tyler, Texas just after midnight on 1/1/09. 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:01 Spring Valley CA Light 15 minutes A bright red light in the sky NW of Spring Valley, CA was observed for approximately 20 minutes at midnight 01/01/09. 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:00 Lampertheim (Germany)
Fireball 26 Minutes Several reddish glows in the sky on new years day in Germany 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:00 Bandar Seri Begawan
Unknown 20 min Obj. captured in camera on new year eve fireworks photo assignment for the press agency. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft, we believe. PD)) 1/10/09
1/1/09 00:00 Weeki Wachee FL Diamond 3-5 minutes Diamond Shape craft with orange lights on all four corners ,estimated altitude is about 3000 -5000 ft.Had great view of underside of cr 1/10/09
12/31/08 23:55 Katy TX Light 4 min Orange light over Katy, TX seen 12/31/08 1/10/09
12/31/08 23:45 St. Louis MO Formation 2 minutes Formation of 9-12 points of light with another object in the middle covered with five lights in a diamond pattern. 1/10/09
12/31/08 22:00 London (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes ufo lights seen 1/10/09
12/31/08 21:30 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 3 minutes Orange Fire Balls headed East over Atlantic Ocean 1/10/09
12/31/08 21:00 Long Beach CA Formation 20 Minutes A formation of lights hovering above the Long Beach Harbor. 1/10/09
12/31/08 20:15 Spring TX Light 3 min over 20 objects moving at different speeds some in triangle patterns to the norhtwest 1/10/09
12/31/08 16:35 Minneapolis MN Triangle 15 Flashing triangular lights over North Minneapolis New Year's Eve 12/31/08 1/10/09
12/31/08 16:30 Galesburg IL Unknown 1 Minute Small black obect, pointed at end flying in a striaght line, no exhaust or sound emitted. 1/10/09
12/31/08 16:30 Louisville KY Light 5 minutes White Light Object appears in the sky and speeds away below the horizon 1/10/09
12/31/08 14:30 Bremerton WA Circle 20 seconds Saw black ball-shaped object floating overhead. A helicopter flew across it's path underneath it. 1/10/09
12/31/08 12:00 Florida (southern) FL Circle few seconds a jet and orb flying together same speed 1/10/09
12/31/08 09:15 Ogden UT Sphere 5 minutes Large spherical craft with 2 lights rotating around the object 1/10/09
12/31/08 06:00 Poyntzpass (Northern Ireland)
Light 10-15 minutes Two orangy/yellow lights seen hovered and moving off really quickly at incredible speed.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/31/08 05:50 Los Angeles CA Light 8 to 10 minutes Bright light moving quickly over Los Angeles, CA 1/10/09
12/31/08 00:00 El Cajon CA Unknown 5 minutes link to my video 1/10/09
12/31/08 00:00 Sharpsville IN Other
((HOAX??)) Great flying object. 1/10/09
12/31/08 Starks LA Fireball 2 seconds slow looking meteor with a tail 1/10/09
12/30/08 21:00 Black Mountain NC Light 40 minutes We have 5 minutes of video we took of a three dimentional white light that would morph into a six sided web shape 1/10/09
12/30/08 21:00 Saugus CA Triangle 3-4 seconds Noiseless triangular craft with orange glow seen flying at extremely high speed at night - the silence was weird. 1/10/09
12/30/08 21:00 Saugus CA Triangle 3-4 seconds Noiseless triangular craft with orange glow travels at high speed overhead at night - it made no sound. 1/10/09
12/30/08 20:30 Florence SC Sphere 30-45 minutes Bright spherical light hovering for long period of time and then suddenly moving very quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
12/30/08 19:30 Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico)
Circle 5min. Huge brilliant circle and transparent circles of different sizes seen starting on Dec.30 ,2008 at Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico 1/10/09
12/30/08 17:45 Littlehampton (UK/England)
Light 3 minutes Orange light seen 'taking off' and disapearing over sea into distance 1/10/09
12/30/08 14:29 Calistoga CA Disk Three minutes Black Ops or UFO? 1/10/09
12/30/08 14:20 Olathe KS Disk 30 to 40 seconds When I opened the sunroof my eyes were facing forward and then it was suggested to me to look straight up and I saw the UFO. 1/10/09
12/30/08 03:45 Jackson TN Cylinder 10-15 seconds very fast, silent cylinder seen with swirling red lights on its ends. 1/10/09
12/30/08 02:43 Pataskala OH Disk >1 min Moving as fast as an airplane with a humming sound around 300 yards away. 1/10/09
12/30/08 00:08 Rambaud (St. Martin)
Triangle 90 seconds V shaped wavering bright orange sighting over French St. Martin. 1/10/09
12/29/08 23:45 Manitowoc WI Diamond 5 mins+ Horizontal line of bright white lights accompanied by very small, red lights zig zaging around the object. 1/10/09
12/29/08 21:30 Revere MA Circle seconds Spearmint colored object flys extremely fast in the sky then dissappears completely leaving only green trail 1/10/09
12/29/08 21:29 Poland ME Fireball 3 Seconds Meteor streaks from Newgloucster, over Poland towards Oxford. (Maine) 1/10/09
12/29/08 20:05 Jacksonville NC Chevron 30 - 45 sec Boomerang object with no sound seen in night sky 1/10/09
12/29/08 19:45 North Coventry PA Teardrop 1 hour 15 minutes bright star-like object hovered over wooded area for at least 45 min. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting 1/10/09
12/29/08 18:40 Northport NY Light about one hour Unexplainable bright light in the sky in Long Island Ny. 1/10/09
12/29/08 18:05 Beaverton OR Triangle 10 seconds Black Triangle Fly-Over (Beaverton, OR) 1/10/09
12/29/08 18:00 Thomasville NC Other 15 sec. White light zipped though the sky. 1/10/09
12/29/08 18:00 Stewartstown PA Unknown 4-5 hours Round Shape Possibly 3-4 hrs 3 very bright lights at different parts of the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury? PD)) 1/10/09
12/29/08 16:30 Asheboro NC Disk 30 seconds As I was in the car, I saw a white object in the sky which wasn't moving, just hovering there. It had distinct sharp ends on each side, 1/10/09
12/29/08 15:10 Tok (30 miles NW of) AK Other 25 minutes erratic vapor trail accompanied by an explosion was witnessed by me in my SE sky at around 15:10 AST 1/10/09
12/29/08 15:00 Fairbanks AK Unknown seconds the light was very bright and had a very large vapor trail 1/10/09
12/29/08 11:05 Phoenix (outside of) AZ Unknown 1 minute Strange craft seen from air plane traveling fast and low over Arizona desert 1/10/09
12/29/08 07:50 Oxford MA Triangle 20 sec viewed 6 bright lights in a huged triangle formation 1/10/09
12/29/08 05:15 Mt. Gilead NC Oval 5 seconds Saw what I believe were 3 UFO's in sky over Lake Tillery,NC on morning of 12/29/08 about 5am. 1/10/09
12/29/08 02:12 Montgomery County (location unspecified) PA Oval 3 hours Spinning rounded triangle with red,blue,green, and purple lights; over 3 hrs long. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/10/09
12/29/08 01:15 Pinehurst NC Light about 1 minute A brilliant flashing white light was beaming into one of my bedroom windows for about 1 minute. This has happened sporadically down thr 1/10/09
12/29/08 00:30 Greeley CO Triangle Less than 3 minutes. Dark triangular form appeared, flew at a steady pace a few blocks over the treeline in Greeley, Colorado and then dissapeared. 1/10/09
12/29/08 Lee's Summit MO

Yellow/Gold Orbs over Kansas City 1/10/09
12/28/08 21:30 Snohomish WA Light ongoing Two lights in formation over the Snohomish Valley. 1/10/09
12/28/08 21:00 Davie FL Sphere 2-3 Minutes Six orange orbs plague the skies of Publix in Davie. 1/10/09
12/28/08 21:00 Davie FL Sphere 2-3 Minutes Six red-orange orbs appear over Davie skies. 1/10/09
12/28/08 19:30 Campbellsport WI Sphere 1.5 hrs Circular orb hangs in sky and while the naked eye sees only a bright light, the video camera revealed some amazing details. 1/10/09
12/28/08 19:30 Birmingham (UK/England)
Oval 1min 30 Sighting of spinning lights near Birmingham UK . 28/12/08 about 7:30pm on the motorway. 1/10/09
12/28/08 18:00 Langdon IA Triangle 12/28/08 Tringlar lights over Langdon 1/10/09
12/28/08 13:00 Peoria IL Other 10 minutes Odd shaped aircraft seen over Peoria IL 1/10/09
12/28/08 11:00 russlville AR Unknown 5 min ((HOAX??)) A object came up a blue ball came out and then flew away into a trangler think 1/10/09
12/28/08 10:30 Harrogate (UK/England)
Oval 15minutes 3 orange lights passing over Harrogate UK. 1/10/09
12/28/08 03:30 Batesville IN Unknown split second Green explosion/flash lighting up the whole sky for an instant similar color to the Alaskian northern light green 1/10/09
12/27/08 22:30 Ashville OH Light unknown lights rotating above house above clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD)) 1/10/09
12/27/08 22:30 Fort Washington MD Disk 15-20 minutes Twinkling multicolor "star" that moved across the sky after being idle for over 10 minutes or more 1/10/09
12/27/08 22:17 Downey CA Other 2 sec Funny shooting star. 1/10/09
12/27/08 22:00 Boca Raton FL Formation 7-10 seconds Soundless rectangular object with many light glides quickly across the night sky 1/10/09
12/27/08 20:30 Laguna Hills CA Diamond 3 min fast, unusual light movement 1/10/09
12/27/08 20:15 Spring Hill FL Cigar seconds ufo over springhill florida 1/10/09
12/27/08 19:30 Newberry NC Light 20 seconds Large green light appeared falling from sky and disappearing behind mountains-no tail or aura present. 1/10/09
12/27/08 19:30 Wurtand KY Other 4 days light in the sky over wurtland ky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the witness was observing Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
12/27/08 19:00 Laguna Niguel CA Triangle 45 seconds triangle vertical 1/10/09
12/27/08 18:00 St. Cloud MN Triangle 1 hour ((HOAX)) triangle in the sky 12/27/08 800pm just south of st cloud betwen I94 and 75 1/10/09
12/27/08 16:49 Riverside CA Formation 5 min approx Oval object with 5 or 6 smaller spheres 1/10/09
12/27/08 00:00 Southampton (UK/England)
Circle 00.04 2 Orange circular lights in sky over Southampton 27/12/08 1/10/09
12/26/08 20:30 Winter Haven FL Circle 30 minutes & stil flickers multiple, bright colors not moving 1/10/09
12/26/08 19:52 Minden NV Changing 5 minutes A strange orange light big enough to be enough to be plane moved across the sky but soon stopped and soon phased out 1/10/09
12/26/08 17:30 Gloucestershire (UK/England)
Sphere 8 minutes 4 orange spherical objects seen in around 2 minute intervals ont he same path 1/10/09
12/25/08 20:45 South Burlington VT Light 30 minutes flashing light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 1/10/09
12/25/08 20:00 Sarasota FL Fireball 4-5 minutes Two light objects sighted flying south off the west coast of Sarasota, FL 1/10/09
12/25/08 19:45 Taunton (UK/England)
Oval 2 minutes Glowing Oval Object In The UK Night Sky 1/10/09
12/25/08 19:45 Erie CO Circle 2 minutes Bright light has been in the sky for 2 months, noticed it moved position, then it took off. 1/10/09
12/25/08 19:10 Midgham (UK/England)
Other 2 minutes Deep orange sphere travelling west then north west, picture taken. 6x witness. 1/10/09
12/25/08 19:02 ZIP code 20876 MD Other
((HOAX??)) Bright Red Lights flying over top of the trees. 1/10/09
12/25/08 18:15 London (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes 3 lights, orange and red travelling across Londons night sky. 1/10/09
12/25/08 18:00 Austin TX Disk 1 minute over austin flying 1/10/09
12/25/08 17:55 wednesbury
Sphere 10mins 2 round orange coloured spheres dancing in sky,then 1 stopped and the other appeared to move arounf it.lost sight when cloud came over. 1/10/09
12/25/08 11:00 Woodlyn PA Circle 3 sec Thought it was a shooting star but it was way too low to be one 1/10/09
12/25/08 11:00 Swaffham (UK/England)
Cigar Photo Photo Of Small Object In The Sky On Christmas Morning 2008; Plane or UFO? 1/10/09
12/25/08 05:55 Bremerton WA Fireball 10seconds These were not man made objects!!! 1/10/09
12/25/08 05:54 Bremerton WA Fireball 1minute This was no aircraft 1/10/09
12/25/08 04:45 Bury st Edmunds
Other 5mins three, craft, silent, 1/10/09
12/25/08 03:46 Melbourne VT Formation 5 mins each sighting in my oppinion large object was under attack also spotted space junk one flash of orange light took off like commet 1/10/09
12/25/08 01:00 Paintsville KY Fireball 2seconds red hot fire ball with long tail in kentucky-Christmas2008 1/10/09
12/25/08 00:30 Earl Shilton (UK/England)
Fireball 1 Minute Brilliant light in sky with smaller light separating and descending to the ground. 1/10/09
12/24/08 22:10 Auburn Hills MI Flash 5 seconds Blue-green flash of light in Auburn Hills, MI 1/10/09
12/24/08 20:00 Uddingston (UK/Scotland)
Circle 5 minutes 6 bright orange lights moving silently in the sky over Lanarkshire, Scotland 1/10/09
12/24/08 17:45 Oklahoma City OK Light 10-15 sec. I saw a light in the sky then another light eminated from it and fell to the earth when it reached earth the object in sky went out. 1/10/09
12/24/08 16:48 Kajaani
Fireball 2 minutes Orange colored very bright flying object in the sky low altitude, pulling up. 1/10/09
12/24/08 16:16 Ely, Cambridge (UK/England)
Sphere 10 minutes UFOs photographed Xmas Eve near Ely Carthedral, Cambridge, England 1/10/09
12/24/08 12:00 Edinburgh IN
20 minutes 4 lights that seperated and spun around. 1/10/09
12/24/08 09:30 Inverness FL Circle 1/2 hour A multi colored brightly shining star it was not! 1/10/09
12/24/08 07:18 Riverside CA Cigar 1.25 minutes Two white, cigar shaped objects, pulsing with light. 1/10/09
12/24/08 01:40 Minneapolis MN Fireball 3 seconds A large, green, glowing ball of light moved from West to east in a sharp downward angle across the southern horizon. 1/10/09
12/24/08 00:30 Oakland CA Circle 1 second Strange mirage disturbance flying through the sky at high speed over Oakland California. 1/10/09
12/23/08 21:20 North Shields (UK/England)
Circle 20 - 30 seconds This seemed to be a rendezvous between the huge further away object and the smaller brilliant round flat object that flew over my head. 1/10/09
12/23/08 18:30 Vallejo/Napa CA Light 10-15 minutes 2 bright lights at night at about 1500ft over Valejo, Napa, Solano county. Slowly moving to east. 1/10/09
12/23/08 17:11 Harwich (UK/England)
Fireball two minutes fireballs hover over road and disappear 1/10/09
12/23/08 13:00
TN Disk 10 seconds I saw a dome shaped ufo then it took off in a blink of an eye 1/10/09
12/23/08 01:30 Southampton PA Unknown 2 minutes String of lights over the PA Turnpike 1/10/09
12/22/08 21:00 White City OR Light 6 minutes Red light that seemed to drop falling embers over White City, Oregon 1/10/09
12/22/08 20:30 Kona HI Light 90 seconds Bright light moving across the sky over Kealakekua Bay. 1/10/09
12/22/08 20:00 Bogor
Oval 3-4 minutes Mysterious glowing aeroplane at night 1/10/09
12/22/08 18:45 Huntington Beach CA Light 12 minutes At approximately 6:45pm on December 22, 2008 I went into my back yard to smell the fresh air. I looked up and noticed some clouds and s 1/10/09
12/22/08 18:07 Mablethorpe (UK/England)
Light 3-4 mins two orange lights seen over mablethorpe coast, north end, and orb over huttoft coast, 1/10/09
12/22/08 17:15 Hammonton NJ Triangle 5 min I was driving up Bellview ave. downtown Hammonton early evening and noticed two bright white lights resembling stars but very low slowl 1/10/09
12/22/08 16:25 Seattle WA Circle 1 minute Today’s date is 12/22/2008. At 4:25 pm. I observed ‘three’ flying objects from my kitchen window. The first object flew by, from Sou 1/10/09
12/22/08 13:00 Marquette MI Fireball 3 minutes Green Fireball-Upper Peninsula of Michigan 1/10/09
12/22/08 06:50 Reno NV Unknown less than 5 seconds A turquoise light appeared and then there seemed to be a creature appearing from the spacecraft 1/10/09
12/22/08 03:43 Oklahoma City OK Oval 4 minutes Large oval or triangular metallic object hovering in OKC 1/10/09
12/21/08 19:30 Citronelle AL Sphere 30 seconds Chrome Sphere and mind control? 1/10/09
12/21/08 18:56 Jackson MI Triangle
4 lights in the shape of a tringle over Jackson, MI. 1/10/09
12/21/08 17:00 Laramie/Wamsutter (between) WY Flash 1-2 seconds 2 unusual flashes of light 1/10/09
12/21/08 12:30 Mt. Charleston NV Diamond 5 Sec On our way back home from our ski trip [dad and I], I decided to record the scenery one last time. We didnt notice the peculiar object 1/10/09
12/21/08 11:30 Mexico
Sphere 10 minutes Sphere with clear halo seen in Mexico City 1/10/09
12/21/08 06:40 Harbor City CA Unknown 3 minutes UFO Sighting in Harbor City, CA area 1/10/09
12/20/08 19:40 Cedar Park TX Light 3-4 seconds I observed a brillian, white, ball of light flying at tremendous speed from West to East. 1/10/09
12/20/08 18:00 Mesa AZ Fireball in progress Its just movig really slowly, its staying up in th sky. Only seen is very bright light 1/10/09
12/20/08 16:55 West Los Angeles CA Fireball 10-15mins. Red fireball over the sky of the West Los Angeles area. 1/10/09
12/20/08 08:32 Los Angeles CA Fireball half a sec OK so i was at work and i got a little drunk but not to the max. i dunno if this limints my credibility. I went to little ceasers while 1/10/09
12/20/08 01:00 Paris TX Other about 3 seconds An arc of about 7 white lights at a very high altitude moving West at a very high rate of speed 1/10/09
12/19/08 22:25 Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico)
Triangle 1 minute triangular shaped 3 lights incredible from north to south low to very high altitude aircraft event about 1 min. long. 1/10/09
12/19/08 21:30 Indian Rocks FL Formation 20 seconds The event we saw was of a silent boomarang shaped spacecraft almost invisible with light blending in with the body. 1/10/09
12/19/08 12:20 Dade City FL Circle 1 minute Dozens of orbs clearly seen cruzing in Pasco County, Florida. 1/10/09
12/19/08 08:45 Milpitas CA Egg 45 min appearing and reappearing lights. moving side to side 1/10/09
12/19/08 06:30 Highlands Ranch CO Triangle 3-5 seconds Large, silent, slow, triangular UFO with 6 bright white lights traveling approximately 4 stories off the ground near Denver...06:30 1/10/09
12/19/08 06:25 Heber Springs AR Light 2 min Very bright, extremely fast, and silent 1/10/09
12/19/08 06:20 Phoenix AZ Other 2 minutes 12/19/08 Phoenix AZ curved shape 2 minutes It was just sitting still in the sky lights coming down,then gone from rear view 1/10/09
12/19/08 05:49 Miami FL Sphere 1 1/2 minutes Tamiami Executive airport, bright star moving at irregular speeds. 1/10/09
12/18/08 21:20 Pompano Beach FL Cylinder 1 second Strange blue cylindrical lights flying in from Ocean 1/10/09
12/18/08 21:03 Titusville FL Unknown 15 minutes + flashing light seen and vidoe taped over Titusvlle florida for approximately 45 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/10/09
12/18/08 20:00 Georgetown SC Unknown 45 min 12/18/08 Georgetown, SC Search for downed plane blamed on meteor shower 1/10/09
12/18/08 18:43 Naples FL Other 20 min. UFO siting on Allegator Alley 1/10/09
12/18/08 18:00 Hancock WI Triangle 10-15 minuets Yellow and Blue flashing lights that made the shape of a huge triangle 1/10/09
12/18/08 17:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Circle 1.6 seconds Brilliant Blue object seen by dozens @ low altitude. Appeared to me to be in U.S. Airspace 1/10/09
12/18/08 17:00 North Palm Beach FL Formation less than 5 minutes Streak of light then object moved across the sky 1/10/09
12/18/08 17:00 Wellington FL Sphere seconds Sphere shaped object crashing to earth 1/10/09
12/18/08 16:59 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 5 seconds Fort Lauderdale streaking light. 1/10/09
12/18/08 16:55 Stuart FL Light 30 seconds or less bright light over 1/10/09
12/18/08 11:10 Riverside CA Sphere 20 min It almost looked like a star, and it was reflecting the sun,but moving from south to north. I was able to watch it till it was out of s 1/10/09
12/18/08 08:10 Tucson AZ Light 5 sec plane like object descended too fast. 1/10/09
12/18/08 04:55 Fort Lauderdale FL Circle 2 seconds Neon Blue UFO 1/10/09
12/17/08 00:00 St. Petersburg FL Cigar 3 frames It just looks like it doesn`t belong there. 1/10/09
12/17/08 23:00 Stamford CT Light 1-2 seconds A large blue light steaks acoss the sky, slows downs,a nd then excelerates. 1/10/09
12/17/08 23:00 Seaford NY Unknown 5 seconds through it was a shooting star but was brighter and larger than usual. 1/10/09
12/17/08 21:00 Wautoma WI Triangle 5 minutes 12/18/08 I reside in central Wisconsin. It is very rural about 70 miles east of Fort McCoy, a military training base.

Last e
12/17/08 21:00 Fresno CA Triangle 3-5 minutes I saw a black triangle shaped object about 300 ft in length with a dim red light at each point traveling slowly past over me. 1/10/09
12/17/08 18:00 Madison WI Triangle 5 seconds i was driving north on hwy 12 towards middleton. i saw at least 6 to 8 red lights off in the distant sky in a V shape that seemed to be 1/10/09
12/17/08 17:00 Miami FL Triangle 2 minutes Red Triangle in the sky. 1/10/09
12/17/08 16:40 Lowestoft (UK/England)
Light 10 minutes bright light, then went small, moved across the sky very quickly, dissapeared then small flashes in the sky where it was.

500 Light
12/16/08 22:00 Nashua NH Changing 3-4 minutes intense goldish glowing giant star like light in the distance in the sky,changes appearance as it gets closer 1/10/09
12/16/08 21:28 Naples FL Unknown 3 mins. High altitude, stationary flashing light, 3 minutes in duration. 1/10/09
12/16/08 19:00 Grants Pass OR Triangle 20 min red lighted triangle with circling white light at top tip came across sky then hovered. 1/10/09
12/16/08 18:45 Bellevue WA Light 2 minutes Three bright lights in formation hovered, then moved slowly northweast and disappeared through the trees. 1/10/09
12/16/08 16:30 Corvallis OR Fireball 2 minutes Object with white tail moving N West to S East at an extreme high rate of speed falling into atmosphere 1/10/09
12/16/08 07:45 Middletown NY Triangle 3 minutes Traingle shaped object 1/10/09
12/16/08 07:13 Chino CA Fireball 4 min 2 NIGHTS, 2 OBJECTS, 2 LIGHTS OF UNEXPLAINABLE FLYING OBJECTS 1/10/09
12/16/08 04:00 Syracuse NY Unknown 30 minutes A whirring sound above our house. 1/10/09
12/15/08 18:50 Kings Park NY Unknown 43 seconds Something flying over the north shore of LI extremely loud and able to be stationary. 1/10/09
12/15/08 18:30 Portage WI Formation 2-3 mins Lights in sky above field in Portage WI 1/10/09
12/15/08 18:09 Derby (UK/England)
Circle 5 mins Two Bright lights move slowly over Derby before being joined by a third to form a triangle. 1/10/09
12/15/08 16:30 Ft. Lauderdale (near; in-flight) FL Triangle 1-2 minutes Black triangle observed from commercial aircraft passengers a short time out of Ft Lauderdale, Fla 1/10/09
12/15/08 15:30 Topeka KS Oval about 5 min It was shaoped like an oval. 1/10/09
12/15/08 01:00 Baker (20 mi. outside of) CA Rectangle 10 seconds orange rectangle runs across ground, turns into sphere and back again 1/10/09
12/14/08 20:30 Martinsburg WV Triangle 5 minutes Triagular object hovering overhead 1/10/09
12/14/08 18:03 Lexington KY Light 15 minutes Starlike object gives dazzling light show. 1/10/09
12/14/08 13:00 Gainesville VA Disk 2 minutes I wanted to report an interesting sighting that occurred at 13:00 hours(1:00pm) on December 14 2008 in the towns of Gainesville/Haymark 1/10/09
12/14/08 10:15 Bethpage NY Cigar 1 minute Cigar shaped UFO over Long Island NY December, 14 2008 1/10/09
12/14/08 05:00 Las Vegas NV Light 15-25 sec Thought it was a shooting star, until it began to move horizontally and blink intermittingly 1/10/09
12/14/08 02:15 Grants NM Unknown 30min still going 2 orange flashing lights with 2 different color lights at bottom. The top light keep blinking. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 1/10/09
12/14/08 02:00 Anniston AL Light 20 min 1 bright light was seen North North west of location near 431/Bynum Leatherwood road. The light was motionless for about 18 min and the 1/10/09
12/14/08 01:38 Orem UT Light 1 second white orbs flying at extreme speeds showing up out of thin air. 1/10/09
12/13/08 23:50 Sherman Oaks CA Light 10 - 15 minutes Slow moving bright orange lights. 1/10/09
12/13/08 23:30 Long Beach CA Circle 1 Second Large white circle flew over Long Beach at a low elevation. 1/10/09
12/13/08 23:30 Los Angeles CA Light 20 mins 15 Glowing orange orbs slowly travel across the los angeles sky then disapear 1/10/09
12/13/08 23:20 Orinda/El Sobrante CA Flash 2 seconds I attended a company Christmas party on 12-13-08 in Dublin California. On the way home to my residence in El Sobrante @ approximately 1/10/09
12/13/08 23:15 San Francisco CA Light 1 sec. bright light shot down toward ground 1/10/09
12/13/08 22:12 Torrance CA Unknown 2 seconds i loked up and i saw this very tiny light in the distance and it flew away ridiculous. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
12/13/08 20:30 Placentia CA Light 30 sec. orangeish light above the anaheim hills area. 1/10/09
12/13/08 18:05 Marysville KS Disk 5 seconds Made me a believer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/10/09
12/13/08 18:00 Vinton VA Circle 2 or 3 minutes the green colored objects formed a triangle shape 1/10/09
12/13/08 18:00 Spokane WA Light 30 min. Really birght white light spotted southwest of Spokane WA. 12/13/08, 6 p.m. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 1/10/09
12/13/08 17:30 New Hope MN Diamond 10-15 mins ((HOAX??)) Appeared two times now, Very bright red,orage,maroon, Then shoots off across the sky. 1/10/09
12/13/08 15:45 Orchard Park NY Sphere 3 seconds A single, metalic, bright object that appeared and disappeared in a matter of a few seconds. 1/10/09
12/13/08 09:00 Indianapolis IN Disk UFO Sighting dark, slow, still, red lights, on Shadeland Ave. where my aunt had seen UFO 3 years ago 1/10/09
12/13/08 02:30 Killingworth CT Fireball 5 seconds bright green object flying really fast. 1/10/09
12/12/08 23:57 Los Cristianos (Tenerife)
Triangle 1 minute Triangle of lights flying silent, faster than an helicopter. 1/10/09
12/12/08 23:55 Pittsfield MA Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shaped craft with numerous colored lights seemed to float overhead. 1/10/09
12/12/08 23:30 Huntington Beach CA Light 2 Minutes Nighttime UFO Fleet Sighting - Orion - Huntington Beach-California - December 2008 1/10/09
12/12/08 21:29 Manchester (UK/England)
Sphere 45seconds ((HOAX??)) orange mesh spheres descend on M14 6QA 1/10/09
12/12/08 19:12 In orbit
YAHOO NEWS-SHUTTLE/PICTURE Re: 139 of 176. Peter,out of curiosity,I see One Large Circle,and 7 smaller ones,that are in this picture. T 1/10/09
12/12/08 18:40 Surfside Beach SC Light 10 minutes UFO sighting over the Atlantic in Surfside Beach SC. 1/10/09
12/12/08 14:50 Mahwah NJ Unknown 30 seconds very bright illuminated white object flying across the ramapo mountains in nj 1/10/09
12/12/08 06:15 Waynesville GA Triangle 30 seconds On 12 Dec '08 at approx. 0615 I was im my greenhouse looking for meteors. The moon was near full and at about 12 degrees above the wes 1/10/09
12/11/08 18:40 Alexandria LA Circle 3-4 minutes trail of golden lights in a straight line, lasted for 3-4 minutes in the louisiana sky 1/10/09
12/11/08 05:02 Jackson MI Triangle 1 minute Triangle with 3 white lights, fast moving west to east, no sound clear sky. 1/10/09
12/10/08 23:05 Buffalo NY Triangle 2 Minuites Triangle shape object floating in air. 1/10/09
12/10/08 22:30 Bellingham WA Unknown 5 minutes Three white lights following me on my way home from work at night... 1/10/09
12/10/08 20:40 Harrisburg PA Fireball one minute Orange Glow in north west Harrisburg, Pa Sky 1/10/09
12/10/08 20:25 Edwardsville IL Oval 2 seconds Oval object flew over me very fast and made no noise never saw anything like it before. 1/10/09
12/10/08 19:25 Happy Valley OR Fireball 5-9 seconds Observed Meteir/Fireball 1/10/09
12/10/08 18:01 Morehead KY Light 3 seconds Eleventh Floor of Cartmell Hall at MSU Bright Red Orb 2 feet in width speeds by. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. Possible hoax. PD)) 1/10/09
12/10/08 18:00 Lynnwood WA Unknown 5 minutes Teeny tiny bright light seen zig zagging across night sky 1/10/09
12/10/08 17:36 Sun City CA Formation 10 seconds Enormous V-shaped formation consisting of inter-connecting puffy objects traveling very fast. 1/10/09
12/10/08 14:00 Athens (Greece)
Unknown about half a minute I saw a UFO in the sky of a CNN news report. 1/10/09
12/10/08 10:30 Placerville CA Cylinder 3 minutes White cylinder seen in Placerville, CA disappeared quickly 1/10/09
12/10/08 06:15 Amarillo TX Sphere 1 min unknown ball of light appeared and then took off at a high rate of speed!!! 1/10/09
12/9/08 20:48 Kolkata (India)
Light 00:20 i was flying from assam to kolkata approx hdg 280' alt 20000 an object just comming towards our aircraft then going backward...color of 1/10/09
12/9/08 12:00 Vidor TX Cone 10-15 minutes 3 cone shaped crafts the color of a rainstorm 1/10/09
12/9/08 06:42 Kensington/Olney MD Light 10 minutes so far Four twirling lights seen. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
12/9/08 05:35 Los Angeles CA Light 3 minutes Bright object that slowly disappeared. 1/10/09
12/8/08 22:37 Longview WA Diamond 45 mins Object close to ground with erratic color and shape patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/10/09
12/8/08 20:40 Yorktown VA Sphere 2-3 seconds Witnessed a fast moving blue / Teal sphere with a halo streak from overhead east accross the horizon. 1/10/09
12/8/08 05:00 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 20min Craft that was bright and looked like it was on fire was 300 yards away and came closer and I put a light on it, and it came closer. 1/10/09
12/8/08 01:37 Stephens City VA Teardrop 5-10 seconds I also just previously logged my first sighting. I was not going to document anything until I seen what I had seen tonight.

( I had
12/8/08 00:00 Baltimore MD Light 1 hour ((HOAX??)) white lights over baltimore.. 1/10/09
12/7/08 23:00 Takoma Park MD Formation 7 seconds String formation of five reddish lights flew south over DC area on a clear, cold December night (11PM); too fast to be aircraft. 1/10/09
12/7/08 23:00 Medi PA Cigar 5 seconds was faceing west at a red light. cigar shaped craft moving north to south at incredible speed, 800+ easy,visable for only 7 seconds 1/10/09
12/7/08 20:55 San Diego CA Light 2 minutes Motionless Red and Orange Flickering Light in the sky that appeared and slowly faded away (No Movement) 1/10/09
12/7/08 19:45 Runcorn (UK/England)
Fireball 1 minute 30 seconds 5 burning slow moving objects phtographed in england 1/10/09
12/7/08 18:37 Mount Vernon MO Light 5+ minutes UFO Report 12/7/2008 6:54:19 PM Incident Report: Date: Sunday, December 07, 2008 Time: 18:37 hours Location of sighting: Lat: 37Deg 1/10/09
12/7/08 18:00 Junction City OR Oval 5 mins unknow object in sky no color or sound no running lights 1/10/09
12/7/08 17:00 Margate FL Oval
chemtrails = UFO 1/10/09
12/7/08 12:30 Rochester Hills MI Other 3 minutes UFO Flying Wing - Shape shifting 1/10/09
12/7/08 12:07 Dixon CA

I was looking at a friends house and tilted the view up (north) and noticed what appears to be a classic shape of a "space ship". 1/10/09
12/7/08 10:30 Dos Rios CA Other 15minutes Two very odd and different flying machines with evedence of more! 1/10/09
12/7/08 01:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light
Southern Sky Edmonton- possibleUFO sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 1/10/09
12/7/08 Empire and Welsville OH Unknown 15 minutes me and my dad and my brother seen two bright lights in the sky near WH. samas power plant 1/10/09
12/6/08 23:32 Truckee (near Donner Lake) CA Light 1.5 second Sudden appearing bright light flew incredibly fast straight down until out of sight. 1/10/09
12/6/08 23:25 Front Royal VA Teardrop 5-10 seconds I was leaving work and approaching my vehicle in the parking lot of Target in Front Royal VA, and saw a strange green light that seemed 1/10/09
12/6/08 22:00 Dallas TX Light About 8 seconds Green light 1/10/09
12/6/08 22:00 Ankeny IA Triangle
A bright light 10:25 faded out. 1/10/09
12/6/08 22:00 Los Angeles CA Light 20 minutes 2 light shapes moving in a pattern at incredible speed. 1/10/09
12/6/08 21:56 La Grande OR Circle
Red and Blue light seen in south eastern sky out of La Grande Oregon at about 9:56PM. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
12/6/08 18:45 Hendersonville NC Light Approx. 30 minutes Star-like objects fade in and out, and move in patterns unusual for conventional aircraft 1/10/09
12/6/08 17:40 Grover Beach CA Fireball 7-10 seconds I thought I saw a shooting star, then maybe a rocket launch, then maybe a plane crashing.....but itjust disappeared! 1/10/09
12/6/08 17:30 Maumelle AR Fireball 3 min. Fireball craft spotted in Maumelle, Arkansas heading South East. 1/10/09
12/6/08 17:30 Rancho Palos Verdes CA Triangle 5 minutes at 530 on sunday12-6-08we saw a long black triangle float into the sky above the clouds about 50 thousand feet. 1/10/09
12/6/08 17:00 Miami (downtown) FL Cylinder 20 minutes Long, red/orange, cylindrical object floats over Biscayne Bay, FL 1/10/09
12/6/08 15:00 Rialto CA Circle 15 minutes Just before walking into the house I looked straight up and saw a small white object which was moving very slowly in a N-NW direction. 1/10/09
12/6/08 14:07 Lakeway TX Rectangle 10 MINUTES Cigar shaped craft floating over Lakeway Texas Decemeber 6th 2008 2:07 PM under clear skies 1/10/09
12/6/08 08:45 Marana AZ Sphere 20 seconds Saw a silver shiny sphere twice while driving north on Cortaro before Silverbell in Marana, AZ. 1/10/09
12/6/08 05:31 Nis (Serbia)
Other 15 - 25 sec It had (I saw) 4 lights two yellow ones (normal) and two blue ones - half sphere like shape, dark and unilluminated. 1/10/09
12/6/08 03:15 Huntington Beach CA Light 5 minutes 12/06/08 3:15 am I saw the Orange light again. It was straight out from my front porch low in the sky, just above the power lines. I 1/10/09
12/6/08 02:33 Crafton PA
30 min This is not the first time. I've heard noises on my roof and outside my house. Visitors have also heard them. Nearly every night I catc 1/10/09
12/5/08 23:00 Austin TX Light 2 seconds bright light drops and disappears 1/10/09
12/5/08 22:45 South Hiram ME Teardrop 5 seconds Green light over ice skating rink in south hiram Maine 1/10/09
12/5/08 21:40 Ashville AL Unknown still ongoing @ 22:24 Srange lights/unknown craft observed in E/ESE sky of NorthEastern St.Clair Co. on night of 12/05/2008. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
12/5/08 20:30 Fort Collins CO Triangle 30 minutes 3-4 intensifying lights, under telescope; triangles with color-changing and cycling lights 1/10/09
12/5/08 20:05 Dallas TX Chevron 2 minutes 20:05 hrs., Dallas, TX , wedge shaped object passing approximately 150 feet above house, moving NW to SE at approx 15 mph. 1/10/09
12/5/08 09:55 Lodi NJ Formation 2 min very dim grouping that still may have been geese, flying in a stright line in the south direction 1/10/09
12/5/08 07:25 Canby OR Sphere About 3 minutes Silver/chrome round object paralleled my bus for about three minutes. 1/10/09
12/5/08 06:10 Tacoma WA Other 20 minutes Christmas Bell Shaped Lit Objects in sky with Red and White lights that seemed blurry or hazy. 1/10/09
12/4/08 22:00 Marysville WA Other 2 minutes While driving my daughter and I saw a batwing shaped large hovering object flying over Marysville, Washington. 1/10/09
12/4/08 21:30 Cheektowaga NY Light 1-2 seconds Bright light curves upward, disapears 1/10/09
12/4/08 20:00 New Britain PA Triangle 1.5 minutes bright, trianglular, glowing caft hovered above town and then sped away super fast! 1/10/09
12/4/08 17:00 Crane OR Oval 3 minutes oval object moved horizontally across mesa, then vanished 1/10/09
12/4/08 17:00 Astoria OR Sphere 20 seconds This is simply a sighting of strange object in our local evening sky sky 1/10/09
12/4/08 14:00 Norcross GA Rectangle 2-3 minutes 50 x 100 ft. rectangular flat object moving east to west in Norcross, Ga. at 2 pm on Dec. 4, 2008 1/10/09
12/4/08 12:00 Milton (near Banbury) (UK/England)
Circle 2-3 mins bright slow moving non formation circular objects over north oxfordshire 1/10/09
12/4/08 04:45 Avon Park FL Triangle 7 Triangle craft at standstill looks like star from distance as to blend in and then flies over house, Avon Park, Fl 1/10/09
12/4/08 02:30 Westmoreland (5 miles NE of) CA Formation 5-6 seconds Rural farmland wedge shaped lights moving very fast. 1/10/09
12/3/08 23:30 Coolidge AZ
3 seconds I was driving home from work and as I was traveling on the state roadway approaching an overpass for the train I noticed a white brigh 1/10/09
12/3/08 23:30 Treherne (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes Very bright round lights, moving apart then together. 1/10/09
12/3/08 23:13 Elkview WA Other green flash with an aircr I was driving and I saw a green flash like lightning. I leaned over my dash and saw an aircraft that was high and fast with a green str 1/10/09
12/3/08 21:30 Rehoboth Beach DE Other 7-10 seconds Odd panel of four orange lights spotted above Atlantic Ocean before quickly fading out. 1/10/09
12/3/08 19:15 Lebanon OR Circle 1 1/2 minutes Bright, amber object in the sky with brilliant, glittering, colored lights throughout.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/3/08 17:55 Federal Way WA Unknown 25 sec. lights by boeing feild 1/10/09
12/3/08 17:05 Yalta (Crimea) (Ukraine)
Disk 45 min orbed ufo with bright light luminescence in & around it 1/10/09
12/3/08 16:30 Lisbon CT Circle 5 seconds There was a bright gray circular object that crossed the sky in a matter of seconds and dissapered.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/3/08 14:03 Lake Tapps WA Triangle 1minute Black triangle with light red lights over pasture and trees 1/10/09
12/3/08 08:31 Tucson AZ Sphere 30 seconds One spherical silver object was sighted for 15 seconds in the central Tucson skies below a plane with contrails heading East . 1/10/09
12/3/08 01:00 Durham NC Diamond seconds Have a picture of digital photo/ UFO. 1/10/09
12/3/08 00:29 San Antonio TX Oval 2 seconds I witnessed a bright blue object that appeared to move downwards and vanish in about 2 seconds 1/10/09
12/3/08 00:00 Durham NC Diamond 15 min Have a picture of digital photo/ UFO.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/2/08 21:15 Huntington Beach CA Light 10 Minutes Orange orb moves east then west over Huntington Beach 1/10/09
12/2/08 21:00 Brewerton NY Disk 30 Seconds A U.F.O. landed in my small suburban town. 1/10/09
12/2/08 21:00 Grand Rapids MI Triangle 3 minutes Triangle in sky hovered for several minutes, moved overhead and flew away within seconds 1/10/09
12/2/08 20:00 Crown Point IN Triangle 2 min large, triangle shaped craft in the sky 1/10/09
12/2/08 19:40 Tracy CA Light 5 seconds Saw a orange light traveling at a high rate of speed. 1/10/09
12/2/08 19:25 Louisville KY Unknown
Lights South of Louisville, KY. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
12/2/08 19:00 Plainfield IN Light 5 minutes Two bright lights in the sky. 1/10/09
12/2/08 17:30 Jackson/Clinton MS Other 30 minutes Bright light over the Jackson area 1/10/09
12/2/08 17:18 Percy IL Unknown 1-2 minutes Orange/peach object in the southern sky just past dusk. 1/10/09
12/2/08 13:00 Denver CO Changing 10 minutes Pulsed Contrail 1/10/09
12/2/08 12:40 Oakland PA Disk 5min flying object hovered then began to glide across the sky without any noise 1/10/09
12/2/08 02:00 Borrego Springs CA Disk <1 minute Disc-shaped object tumbles from starry sky, then bolts. Had faintly illuminated geometric pattern on at least one side. 1/10/09
12/1/08 22:15 Missouri City TX Oval one hour there were rapid flashing lights alternating from the left side of the craft to the right side whille being staionery. 1/10/09
12/1/08 21:40 Fort Myers FL Light 5 minutes Light split into four and one sped acros the sky 1/10/09
12/1/08 21:21 Clee Hill (UK/England)
Fireball 2-3 Mins Object burning up or glancing off atmoshere sets a flame trail in sky. 1/10/09
12/1/08 20:07 Merritt Island FL Circle 30 Blue light spoted during planet line up 1/10/09
12/1/08 19:00 Brawley CA Changing 10 min 3 small ships moved into clockwise and then counter clockwise 1/10/09
12/1/08 07:15 Pine City MN Light 10 sec Two lights north of Pine City, MN moving west. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter are near Moon. PD)) 1/10/09
12/1/08 06:00 San Marcos CA Light 3 hours Two light objects near where the Moon. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter are near Moon. PD)) 1/10/09
12/1/08 04:05 Birkenhead (UK/England)
Diamond 8 seconds Dull orange glowing diamon shaped craft flying extremelly high at rapid velocity. 1/10/09
12/1/08 00:15 Fort Smith AR Light <3 seconds Bright white light moved from SE horizon to WNW horizon in roughly 2-3 seconds. 1/10/09
11/30/08 20:15 Galveston TX Light 10 minutes We were leaving a place when we saw a bright light in the sky, it looked as if it could be seen miles away. We sat and stared at it and 1/10/09
11/30/08 19:30 Balapur, Hyderabad (India)
Sphere 2 Hours On the night of November 30th, 2008 between 19:30 Hrs to 21:30 Hrs there were 3 pairs of strange lights appeared one after the other an 1/10/09
11/30/08 17:00 Junction City OR Oval 3 mins ((HOAX? Date is flawed.)) huge object in night sky while fliming two bright stars. 1/10/09
11/30/08 15:00 Hollywood CA Light
bright lights over hollywood 1/10/09
11/30/08 13:38 Simi Valley CA Oval one-minute Daytime sighting of craft over commercial jet in Simi Valley, CA 1/10/09
11/30/08 13:30 Modesto CA Formation 1 min 10-12 white/shiny objects in changing formations over Modesto, CA 1/10/09
11/30/08 13:00 Pounding Mill VA Light you butt holes ((HOAX?))My boyfriend and i did see an unusual object in the sky and now ever since I saw it everytime it crosses my mind it freaks me. 1/10/09
11/30/08 02:00 Oneonta NY
1 hour Flashing lights were visable. 1/10/09
11/29/08 23:00 Ashville OH Light unknown ~10 min + Dual beams of light (like headlights) reflecting off clouds, rotating in a stationary circular pattern; only visible when cloudy. 1/10/09
11/29/08 22:20 Waverly OH Chevron 5 seconds Huge boomerang ,flying very fast among the clouds,no sound,white lights along front edge. 1/10/09
11/29/08 22:15 Uniontown/Hartville OH Diamond five minutes The object was moving very slowly about 100-150ft off the ground forward and backwards and was diamond shaped with 4 lights on it. 1/10/09
11/29/08 21:00 Plano TX Disk
oval-like shape with little lights spinning around its perimeter 1/10/09
11/29/08 20:00 Vernon TX Light undetermined Bright lights over the southern and south eastern skies of Vernon, TX. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect stars or planets. PD)) 1/10/09
11/29/08 20:00 Sanibel Island FL Formation 4 min While driving on Sanibel Island, Fl, 4 of us noticed a large formation of 30 - 40 lights moving slowly across the island. 1/10/09
11/29/08 18:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 1 hour 2-White stobing oval objects in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Ihe witness may have been looking at Venus & Jupiter, we believe. PD)) 1/10/09
11/29/08 17:00 Buhl ID Diamond all night while fishing on the snake river my wife and I saw two star like objects move a great distance across the horizon before dusk. 1/10/09
11/29/08 03:00 Dallas TX Sphere <15 seconds Brightly illuminated orb near I35 and 635 in Dallas at 3 am 11/29/08 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 1/10/09
11/29/08 02:52 Glen Ellyn IL Chevron 20 seconds ((HOAX)) He lost. We win.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/29/08 00:30 Wausau WI Light 15 seconds Twice I saw a light zoom from my tree, once to a series of branches, the ground, and it disappeared both times. 1/10/09
11/28/08 23:45 Dumont NJ Flash 60 seconds orange red lights going in the same direction towards NYC at a high rate of speed 1/10/09
11/28/08 23:25 Spring Lake/Grand Haven MI Rectangle 10 minutes Strange Moving Light Seen Over Spring Lake/Grand Haven, Michigan 1/10/09
11/28/08 23:15 Sioux City IA Oval 2-3 Minute Rounded UFO Near Grandview Park in Sioux City 1/10/09
11/28/08 22:30 Tecumseh (Canada) ON Diamond 10 seconds Whitish Grey Diamond Shaped UFOs 1/10/09
11/28/08 22:20 Malibu CA Flash 3 Seconds a blue light moving over the Santa Monica Bay, changed directions and flashed off. 1/10/09
11/28/08 22:00 San Diego CA Rectangle 2-3 seconds bright white, fast-moving light seen over san diego 1/10/09
11/28/08 19:00 Jefferson Hills PA Formation 1 hour Tracked the lights through two counties and lights never moved. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
11/28/08 19:00 San Antonio TX Disk 3:08 Video surveillance of unidetified flying object moving in zig zag pattern and disappearing in sky. 1/10/09
11/28/08 18:30 Huntington NY Light 5 min. A very slow moving tiny blinking light that suddenly disappeared. 1/10/09
11/28/08 18:30 Hobbs NM Light 15 min 2 BRIGHT LIGHTS OVER THE S SKY OVER HOBBS,N.M. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/28/08 18:00 Elk Grove Village IL Light 55 minutes Two Unusual Orbs of Light Spotted Just Above Antenna at Elk Grove Village, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 1/10/09
11/28/08 17:30 Mardela MD Sphere 5 minutes 3 orbs seen on Route 50 1/10/09
11/28/08 17:00 Huntington IN Light 15-20 minutes 2 bright, stationary lights in the southwestern sky, one appears to be hovering over another. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 1/10/09
11/28/08 15:40 Skokie IL Cylinder 5 - 10 minutes Glowing silver cylinder seen in daylight. 1/10/09
11/28/08 15:00 Lehigh Acres FL Other 10 min 5 objects in close formation, but in no particular order 1/10/09
11/28/08 05:00 Miami FL Oval 30 seconds ODD UFO OVER MIAMI 1/10/09
11/27/08 22:25 Canton GA Changing Ongoing two globe lights - very bright!! lined perfectly side by side followed me home from alpharetta to cherokee 1/10/09
11/27/08 20:30 San Diego CA Light 5 Mins. There were about 9 or 10 red/orange bright lights in the dark sky, then each slowly disappeared at about 8:30PM. 1/10/09
11/27/08 20:00 Mount Holly NC Light 45 minutes Two stationary white lights mysteriously 'disappear.' ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
11/27/08 20:00 San Diego (Clairemont) CA Fireball 5 mins or more roundish, wavyish bright light with a flashing reddish edge that kept changing, pulsating. 1/10/09
11/27/08 20:00 Bear DE Circle 5 minutes Three of us witnessed a orange, glowing, round object, that was soundless, and moved slowly accross the sky from the south to the north 1/10/09
11/27/08 19:30 Carson CA Light 7 minutes Strange orange/red light flying slowly across the sky with a smaller object falling off it then both disappearing. 1/10/09
11/27/08 19:05 Clovis CA Light 5 min. On the night of November 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving) from 7:05 to 7:10, my sister & I witnessed a strange red/orange light in Clovis, CA. 1/10/09
11/27/08 18:30 McKinney TX Light An hour or 2 2 bright lights in the sky, no other stars visible and planes deviated flight path around them. ((NUFORC Note: Venus & Jupiter. PD)) 1/10/09
11/27/08 18:20 Bethlehem PA Light 1 Minute My wife and I were walking our dog. As we came around a corner that offered an unobstructed view of the SE sky we saw three bright (ma 1/10/09
11/27/08 10:30 Ardmore OK Light 5 to 10 min. Family sees strange light moving across night sky that flickers, dims, and brightens. 1/10/09
11/27/08 08:10 Los Angeles CA Cigar 10 seconds Black saucer/cigar shaped object seen in west LA on November 27 2008 at apporximately 8:00 am.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/27/08 06:00 Warwick RI Flash 1 second Cloud like object streaks through sky at tremendous speed - for one second! 1/10/09
11/27/08 05:23 Chicago IL Light under 5 minutes slow traveling light disappears 1/10/09
11/27/08 03:00 Terlingua TX Light >20mins Flickering red and white light with floating and very rapid straight line movements then stationary spotted near Big Bend Nat'l Park 1/10/09
11/27/08 00:00 El Paso TX Formation 5 minutes Floating lights disappear into night sky 1/10/09
11/27/08 00:00 Bedfordshire (UK/England)
Circle Query start and end Medium lit, square shaped white lights in a saucer shape, spinning around in night sky. Huge, no sound but the bathroom light went out 1/10/09
11/26/08 23:23 Mauk GA Light 5 min My son and I witnessed a Light in the North-West Hovering for 1Min before flying South-East We thought it was an Aircraft we did not he 1/10/09
11/26/08 22:45 Lincoln NE Circle 15 minutes Red/orange glowing ball low on the horizen then climbed untill out of sight 1/10/09
11/26/08 22:30 Marietta GA Light 1 Hour Stationary Very Bright Star-Like Object That Rapidly Changed Colors in Marietta, GA, Eastern Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/26/08 22:05 Maumelle AR Other 30sec-1 min Triangular Craft Hovering in Maumelle 1/10/09
11/26/08 20:55 Isanti MN Fireball 5 senconds Bright falling object with a blue trail. 1/10/09
11/26/08 17:00 Columbia MO Sphere 45 minutes I was walking to the bar to meet some friends and I noticed to bright star-like objects. ((NUFORC Note: Venus & Jupiter? PD)) 1/10/09
11/26/08 15:30 I-355 and 159th st IL Light 5 - 8 sec Bright flash of light seen traveling southbnd on I-355 in Illinois during sunny day. 1/10/09
11/26/08 15:15 Los Angeles (downtown) CA Other 7 TO 10 MINS Amorphous black object floating approx 300 feet from the ground over downtown Los Angeles at the 101 freeway 1/10/09
11/26/08 06:00 Herndon VA Rectangle 30 mins Rectangle shaped object with blinking red and white lights in Herndon, VA 1/10/09
11/26/08 00:05 Great Falls MT Light 45 minutes Bright light hovering for 45+ minutes on the outskirts of Great Falls, MT; w/ flashing blue and red. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/25/08 22:00 Harborton VA Light 2 hours bright object emitting colored lights moving slowly up and south from 35 to 60 degress elevation east. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/25/08 21:00 N. Cape May NJ Triangle 10 minutes Military planes chaseing UFO 1/10/09
11/25/08 20:00 Petrinja (Croatia)
Light 15 minutes An unknown light/object over a hill in Petrinja 1/10/09
11/25/08 19:30 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Disk 10 min sauntering lights across the night sky left me woundering what this could be.... 1/10/09
11/25/08 19:15 Knoxville MD Teardrop 3-5 seconds I looked up to see teardrop shaped light , back dropped by a mountain, as it shot towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. 1/10/09
11/25/08 19:00 West Jefferson NC Light about a second Shooting star with NO TAIL or UFO 1/10/09
11/25/08 18:30 New Hampton IA Light 15 minutes 2 HUGE BRIGHT STATIONARY LIGHTS IN THE SKY. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter currently are prominent in the sw sky. PD)) 1/10/09
11/25/08 18:08 Orland Park IL Light 40 mins 2 slow moving lights in formation over Orland Park, IL 1/10/09
11/25/08 16:31 Deming WA Cigar 10 seconds Long siler, sparkely object in Deming. 1/10/09
11/25/08 15:05 Westmont IL Rectangle 15 to 20 seconds Reddish-gray rectangular object crossing sky, daytime sighting. 1/10/09
11/25/08 00:00 Huntsville TX Cigar 7.30 min Cigar shaped UFO's sighted and investigated as they traveled at a high rate of speed. 1/10/09
11/24/08 21:07 Hatboro PA Disk 45sec. - 1min. bright green light, hovering object, heat wave haze around object. 1/10/09
11/24/08 21:00 Kansas City MO Triangle 90 seconds Slow moving triangle shaped craft. Size of 2 or 3 football fields. 1/10/09
11/24/08 20:30 Moline IL
3 second While driving southwest on I-88, we saw the western sky illuminate as if cloud-cloud lightning, but sky was clear and temp was in the 3 1/10/09
11/24/08 20:00 Oak Ridge TN Rectangle sec ((HOAX)) black house size no noise 50 feet away 50 off ground 1/10/09
11/24/08 19:46 Dallas TX Light 1 seconds Dropping object in middle of busy air traffic. 1/10/09
11/24/08 19:00 Phenix City & Columbus,Ga AL Light 5 minutes Many slow moving lights moving in the same direction crossing two cities. 1/10/09
11/24/08 18:00 Ionia MI Cross ~45 seconds Four pointed star shaped light sighted on 11/24/08 at 6pm, near Ionia, Mi. 1/10/09
11/24/08 17:00 Batesville MS Chevron 15 sec boomarang shape 1/10/09
11/24/08 16:14 Denver CO Light apprx. 5 min. Two twinkling, moving UFOs seen above the western horizon in Denver, CO. 1/10/09
11/23/08 23:00 Skykomish WA Other 4.5 hrs A dancing star like object, complete with a strobe light show in the mountains. 1/10/09
11/23/08 23:00 Carmichael CA Light 1-2 seconds Red and blue lights streaking accross sky 1/10/09
11/23/08 22:37 Morehead KY Light a few seconds Three bright glowing orbs fly by dormatory building on Morehead State University, each is around 1 to 2 feet in width. 1/10/09
11/23/08 20:30 Suva (Fiji)
Oval 1 hour Two bright light objects distinctive from stars or plane. they were stationary most of the time but going up and down slowly. they brig 1/10/09
11/23/08 20:05 Black Rock CT Changing 10 minutes 2 lights over Black Rock/Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., CT, one cigar chaped one firebal-like obj.((NUFORC Note: Planets in sw sk sky.PD)) 1/10/09
11/23/08 20:00 Summerville SC Light 15 minutes On November 23, 2008 I saw a blinking orange light in the sky that hovered for a few minutes and then disappeared. 1/10/09
11/23/08 19:50 Staffordshire (UK/England)
Ball of fire moving acroos the sky, roughly the same speed you would expect a plane to move at. 1/10/09
11/23/08 19:00 Highland Springs VA Diamond 15 min. total Large 1 to 2 diamond shaped object(s) with lights STOPPED low over Highland Springs VA subdivisions at night. 1/10/09
11/23/08 18:40 Dallas TX Light 10 minutes Two large Lights over Dallas 1/10/09
11/23/08 18:05 Penn Valley CA Light 15 seconds Large photonic object vanishes over Penn Valley, California 1/10/09
11/23/08 18:00 Portland OR Light at least 40 minutes 3 bright white lights in traingular formation with no sound and in seemingly fixed pos.. ((NUFORC Note: 3 planets in sw sky. PD)) 1/10/09
11/23/08 14:45 Beaverton OR Sphere 1 minute Shiny Silver Half Sphere with bright light reflecting underneath floating around Beaverton Mall, Oregon 1/10/09
11/23/08 14:45 Whittier CA Circle 5 minutes Object at High Altitude Over Whittier/San Gabriel Valley 1/10/09
11/23/08 09:20 Duvall WA Triangle 5 minutes Three bright lights in the sky, possibly above the Novelty Hill area of Redmond, WA. 1/10/09
11/23/08 02:00 Edwards CA Light ongoing Location: Approximately 10-12 miles NNE of Edwards AFB off of Cuddeback Dry Lake Two witnesses (a Marine 21 years of age and a student 1/10/09
11/23/08 01:32 Leesburg GA Cigar 5 seconds Fast moving object seen in Leesburg Ga that does not resemble anything known. 1/10/09
11/23/08 01:13 Thornton-Cleveleys (UK/England)
Changing 12 mins YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!! This could not of been 5 planes they were far too close to each other........ 1/10/09
11/22/08 23:50 San Francisco CA Light ?? flashing light going through the spectrum of colors 1/10/09
11/22/08 23:30 Deltona FL Unknown 1 second While looking at the constellation of Cassiopeia a dispersed orange flash was seen. It appeared for only a second and did not repeat d 1/10/09
11/22/08 22:23 Portland OR Light 0:30 A bright light from no conventional aircraft behaves erraticly and moves at high speeds 1/10/09
11/22/08 20:40 Richboro PA Oval 3 minutes Oval shaped UFO flew high and far very fast. 1/10/09
11/22/08 19:30 Bangalore (India)
Circle 25 minutes Bright lighted object seen at Bangalore 22nd November 2008 1/10/09
11/22/08 19:05 Scottish Borders (UK/Scotland)
Unknown 10 minutes three orange lights over the Scottish Borders 1/10/09
11/22/08 19:04 Oxford (UK/England)
Circle 2 minutes Orange ball over south Oxford with ring of orange lights normal speed 1/10/09
11/22/08 19:00 Peacehaven (UK/England)
Light 15seconds lights in sky in peacehaven 1/10/09
11/22/08 18:10 Omaha NE Light 1 minute Bright white light turned red and dissappreaed, later a "wave" of small lights from the same spot 1/10/09
11/22/08 14:00 Canton MI Triangle 15-45 seconds Twelve to eighteen white, wing shaped craft flying northwest through Canton, MI. 1/10/09
11/22/08 12:15 Spring Valley CA Circle minute five shiny metallic objects bunched in tight formation 1/10/09
11/22/08 03:18 Jackson TN Light 12 minutes moving light/box shape object 1/10/09
11/22/08 01:55 Royersford PA Unknown 0.10 Light no sound 1/10/09
11/22/08 01:00 Ludlow CA Unknown 2 MINS Glowing panels flying over desert between Needles and Barstow 1/10/09
11/22/08 00:48 Waverly OH Chevron 20 sec A gigantic flying boomerang with a dozen faint white lights on the front edge of it flying north to south at a tremendous speed,no nois 1/10/09
11/22/08 00:00 Broken Arrow OK Changing 0 regarding this post: I am the one who posted the adjacent post from Tulsa listed here: htt 1/10/09
11/21/08 00:00 Leeds, England (UK/England)
2 circular white lights in the sky. 1/10/09
11/21/08 23:30 Indianapolis IN Triangle 30 seconds Seven faint white lights in triangle shape (one light leading with 2 lights following and two lights again and two more lights that out 1/10/09
11/21/08 22:00 Las Cruces NM Light 19 Minutes Two seperate lights hovering and moving in circular motion. 1/10/09
11/21/08 20:20 Arlington TX Teardrop 10 seconds Fast moving green and yellow in color at low altitude 1/10/09
11/21/08 20:10 Warrenton MO Chevron 2-3 min. White lights in a V shape traveling at a constant speed. 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:40 Englewood FL Light two mins Lights over Englewood Florida 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:30 Seattle WA Unknown 10-12 minutes Slow red strobe light, static in position, high above air traffic 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:30 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 20 seconds REDDISH ORANGE LIGHT ZOOMING ACROSS VANCOUVER ISLAND 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:30 Brady NE Light 15 minutes high speed red/blue lights extremely fast and maneuverable with the ability to disappear 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:05 Tustin CA Triangle circa 8 seconds noticed a low flying, slow flying plane. obviously a plane due to red/blue lights, and flashing white lights. made a low humming, whirr 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:00 Friendswood TX Other 15 minutes white non-spherical brighter apparent magnitude than any other common object motionless and then later completely vanished 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:00 Kokomo IN Rectangle 5-8 minutes There were three different objects, in three different directions. Jets seem to be closing in on two of them. 1/10/09
11/21/08 19:00 Crystal Springs AR Light unknown A unusally bright light that appeared to be circled by 4-6 air planes over the Ouachita Mtns. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/21/08 18:30 Mansa (India)
Disk 2hours 15 mins of footage on national tv 1/10/09
11/21/08 18:30 Palos Verdes CA Other 3 minutes Stealth Bomber-like shape but invisible body of craft (Lights outlined shape) 1/10/09
11/21/08 18:20 Beaverton OR Circle
4 strange lights seen 1/10/09
11/21/08 18:10 Tucson AZ Circle 30 seconds Small blue-green orb speeding across sky to the west then disappeared 1/10/09
11/21/08 18:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 3 seconds Green light in South Phoenix sky moving West very fast. 1/10/09
11/21/08 17:50 Phoenix AZ Circle 3 Seconds Hight-Speed White Glowing Object with a Tail Spotted Over Phoenix, Arizona 1/10/09
11/21/08 17:00 Memphis TN Circle 17:-19:45 Two white lights seen in Memphis,TN. one on cellphone camera airplanes avoided the aircrafts 1/10/09
11/21/08 13:49 Dyersburg TN Cigar 1 MINUTE I was in a vehicle on an exit ramp on I-155w waiting at a stop sign to turn left onto lake rd.(hwy 78) in dyersburg, tn. I noticed a l 1/10/09
11/21/08 03:00 Red Oak IA Teardrop 1-2 minutes a teardrop 1/10/09
11/21/08 01:20 Savannah GA Formation 30 seconds- 2 minutes 8-12 lights viewed in the skies of Savannah, GA moving very fast and in unison. 1/10/09
11/21/08 San Luis Obispo CA Light 10-15 min. bright lights fast percise in movement no noise. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/20/08 23:45 Batesville AR Fireball 2 minutes Bright yellow/ornage fireball going W to E across the Northern sky. 1/10/09
11/20/08 23:00 Lincoln DE Circle 5 minutes blinking lights, silent, moved rather quickly. 1/10/09
11/20/08 23:00 Norco CA Formation 2 hours In Nov. 08 there was a giant ring around the moon and at the bottom of the ring, the vapor began to disinigrate and I observed 2 round 1/10/09
11/20/08 22:45 Ft. Gordon GA Fireball 10 mins fading lights in formation over Fort Gordon 1/10/09
11/20/08 22:15 Ft. Myers FL
<1 minute Possible meteor, however light rose then accelerated rapidly across sky flaming then went out. 1/10/09
11/20/08 22:05 Savannah GA Fireball 10 sec glowing green ball of fire 1/10/09
11/20/08 22:00
TX Light 30 min 10:00 pm= I saw 2 pair of lights. moments later one pair disapeared. another moment later I saw the other pair disapear & I saw a air p 1/10/09
11/20/08 22:00 Maricopa AZ Unknown 20 min Lights Over City Of Maricopa Previously Spotted 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:40 Lawrence KS Light 30-40 seconds two small, round lights moving very quickly, with abrubt direction and speed changes seen in South Lawrence. 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:40 Folsom CA Circle 2 minutes There was a disk with lights around it spining around itself while moving in the air 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:30 Antelope CA Rectangle 2 mins Rectangle with chasing lights on the bottom 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:30 Citrus Heights CA Sphere 30 seconds Heading North on Sunrise Blvd. and saw circular object with lights around it's rim circle 2 and a half times and vanish. 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:04 Spalding NE Formation 1 min Many lights in the sky seen outside of Spalding, NE. 1/10/09
11/20/08 19:00 Roseville CA Circle 4 minutes Discription: There was a light in the sky, but it was not a plane or helicopter. When we got closer we could see a round shaped object 1/10/09
11/20/08 18:32 Ranger TX Light 30 seconds Orange glowing lights in sky above Stephens County, Texas 1/10/09
11/20/08 17:00 El Dorado AR Circle 1 minute We are not sure is was a craft or a meteor, falling star, or whatever. It seemed to be about tree top level and traveled so rapidly th 1/10/09
11/20/08 10:15 Phoenix AZ Light 1 Minute 3 strangely colored(bronze, copper, orange red) very bright, began very small, and grew to very large, disapeared, and then reappeared 1/10/09
11/20/08 06:00 National City/San Diego CA Light 20 seconds Three bright lights in the early morning San Diego sky. 1/10/09
11/20/08 06:00 Dallas TX Oval 5 min. ((HOAX??)) was going in car and in the air saw a object going faster then a plane and had no lights on it/ 1/10/09
11/20/08 06:00 Portsmouth VA Light about 20 mins. Strange, Blinking, White Lights-Hovering 1/10/09
11/20/08 05:30 Napoleonville LA Flash 5 seconds a green ball that desentagrated in the sky 1/10/09
11/20/08 04:30 Memphis TN
90 sec tremendously wide V Shape object connected by lights spotted over winchester avenue north-west pattern 1/10/09
11/20/08 04:18 Austin TX Unknown 4 seconds fast and shiney straight path no wings 1/10/09
11/20/08 Granite Bay CA Rectangle 10 minutes spherical rectangular UFO sighting in Granite Bay Roseville over freeway 1/10/09
11/19/08 23:54 Laguna Hills CA Triangle 6 MIN ((HOAX??)) IT IS OVER MISSION VIEJO AT THIS VERY MOMENT. 1/10/09
11/19/08 22:15 Seattle WA Light 10 seconds Blue/green light falling from the sky (NE) viewed from West Seattle 1/10/09
11/19/08 22:10 Tuscaloosa AL Cigar 2 seconds large blue bullet shaped object crossing sky of tuscaloosa alabama 1/10/09
11/19/08 21:40 Scottsdale AZ Formation 20 secs Unfamilar orange lights in North Scottsdale 1/10/09
11/19/08 20:50 Horsham PA Light 21:10 This is less of a craft sighting and more of a sighting a numerous beams of light varying in intensity of their brightness. These light 1/10/09
11/19/08 19:50 Howell NJ Other hour over 30 shafts of white lights a mile wide in nj 1/10/09
11/19/08 18:30 Bayside NY Rectangle 20 seconds Here I go again.

I saw two objects tonight in two different locations in Queens at two different times. First object was definitely
11/19/08 18:15 Cleburne TX Light 10 seconds Three lights in a shape of triangle, lights changed positions four times. 1/10/09
11/19/08 18:00 Manteca CA Triangle 5 minutes Triangular craft flew over houses in Manteca, Ca. 1/10/09
11/19/08 17:45 Murton (UK/England)
Triangle 15 seconds Ufo seen on A19 road in uk near murton 1/10/09
11/19/08 17:05 Mountgomery County PA Light 10 MINS Raining lights 1/10/09
11/19/08 13:25 Colorado Springs CO Unknown 10-15seconds What apeared to be a white dot in a clear blue sky, was acually a sagnificant size unknown aircraft reflecting the sun 1/10/09
11/19/08 07:30 East Haven CT Egg 5 minutes A white egg shaped light suddenly dissappears and more return..........

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/19/08 05:20 New Hope PA Cigar 20+ minutes a bright 'falling' star that didn't fall but had trails of vapor and revolved so I could see the cigar or disk shape. 1/10/09
11/19/08 00:40 Chula Vista CA Light 1 minute UFO in Chula Vista, CA NOV 19 08 1/10/09
11/18/08 23:16 Spring TX Other
two objects flickering in the eastern and south eastern sky right now 1/10/09
11/18/08 21:42 Scottsdale AZ Formation 25 sec Scottsdale sighting against air traffic 1/10/09
11/18/08 21:05 Brixworth, Northampton (UK/England)
Triangle 2 minutes Two Black Triangle shaped craft, moving slowly together 1/10/09
11/18/08 21:00 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 5 minutes Bright orange ball of fire hovers then snapped back up into the atmosphere at a high rate of speed 1/10/09
11/18/08 19:50 Coward SC Light 3-4 minutes 3-4 orbs in triangle formation then spread out to straighter line while flashing red and white. no noise and irregular flashes 1/10/09
11/18/08 19:06 Washington, D.C. DC Other 19:06:54 UFO flies into frames taken @ US Capitol Building @ 17:06 PM 1080 HD 1/10/09
11/18/08 19:02 University Place WA Triangle 45 sec Slow moving, triangle shaped craft, with several redish lights and silent 1/10/09
11/18/08 19:00 West Columbia SC Light
two objests . I cannot tell how far away they are but they look like they are in west columbia. 1/10/09
11/18/08 19:00 Kingsford MI Circle 1min A fairly large orange orb type thing traveled across the sky slowly and gradually faded away. It was a cloudy night with no stars visi 1/10/09
11/18/08 18:15 Carlow (Ireland)
Rectangle 7 minutes Craft without normal aircraft lights in Irish skies 1/10/09
11/18/08 18:10 Beverly Hills CA Sphere About 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Fast moving formation of unidentified flying objects. 1/10/09
11/18/08 18:00 Southampton PA Triangle 2 minutes I saw two identical UFOs this evening about 45 miles away from each other. 1/10/09
11/18/08 18:00 Conneaut OH Disk 7-8 minutes floating light over ashtabula county, ohio 1/10/09
11/18/08 17:50 McCloud CA Cone 7 seconds Appeared out of nowhere and maintained a vertical line and disappeared 7 seconds later. 1/10/09
11/18/08 17:35 Chiloquin OR Oval 3-4 seconds Oval shaped object streaks across sky in Southern Oregon. 1/10/09
11/18/08 17:25 Evansville IN Unknown 5 minutes Two small craft with a sequence of red lights made an instantaeous 90 degree turn to follow a commercial aircraft. 1/10/09
11/18/08 16:50 Lancaster CA Circle 1 minute Bright orange light over E. Lancaster Desert 1/10/09
11/18/08 08:30 Playa Del Rey CA Circle 30 minutes 3 round objects behaving "not normal," hovering near the day-time moon 1/10/09
11/18/08 07:40 Prattville AL Disk 8-10 seconds I saw a bright reflection fairly low in the sky. The reflection was in the shape of a disc. It hovered for a few seconds and then dis 1/10/09
11/18/08 06:30 Tyler TX Sphere 30 minutes Westbound Spherical Object Near Tyler Texas 1/10/09
11/17/08 20:59 Oshkosh WI Formation 5 seconds 7 lights in a shraight line over Oshkosh. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
11/17/08 20:38 Oshkosh area WI Formation 25 - 30 minutes Strange lights along Hwy 10 West, near Oshkosh. 1/10/09
11/17/08 20:33 Yorktown VA Circle 15 seconds at 20:33 on 11/77/08 in yorktown , virginia I saw 4 dimly lit circular objects in a diamond formation moving southeast for aprox. 15 se 1/10/09
11/17/08 20:23 Yorktown VA Circle 15 seconds 4 dimly lit circles going southeast, no sound, no blinking lights, clear night, duration about 15 secounds 1/10/09
11/17/08 19:00 Franklinton NC Light 4 Minutes 2 orange orbs 1 orb circled around the motionless one, then went up and took off. 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:47 Georgetown TX Triangle 10 minutes Dark triangle-shaped object spotted while driving on I-35 in Georgetown, TX 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:45 Austin TX Disk 30 seconds Small saucer camouflages itself at dusk and speeds off 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:42 Morongo Valley CA Light 4 secs Fast flying Object 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:40 Hollywood FL Sphere 2 minutes Bright circular light moves towards the Atlantic Ocean and disappears at an incredible speed. 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:24 Denham Springs LA Chevron 5 seconds This is a real sighting. Been wanting to always see camera on hand. 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:20 Hermosa Beach CA Triangle approx. 2 hrs. V-shaped amber lights 1/10/09
11/17/08 18:00 Stony Brook NY Sphere 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Mysterious flying object appears around an engineering building. 1/10/09
11/17/08 17:30 Stony Brook NY Flash 1-1.5 hrs Light in the sky, moving eratically, dimming and undimming, and staying still. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/17/08 16:45 Castle Rock CO Circle 20 seconds Small White Light Around Sundown 1/10/09
11/17/08 12:30 Stuart FL Oval 20 Oval shaped object hovering several thousand feet in air near I95 Stuart Florida exit 1/10/09
11/17/08 10:30 Vista CA Light 15 minutes Unidentified light flashing and reappearing throughout the valley 1/10/09
11/17/08 10:25 Garland TX Unknown 10 sec Setting: At home, inside my house, all windows and doors closed. Temp outside in 50s. Low this morning about 45 deg F. Predicted hi 1/10/09
11/17/08 06:15 Chesterfield VA Oval 5-10 Seconds Orange Light at 75 Cent Toll Plaza Chesterfield, VA 1/10/09
11/17/08 04:00 Grahamsville NY Light 10 minutes Saw a light circling a mountain. 1/10/09
11/16/08 23:00 Brockton MA Triangle 2 minutes Suspected UFO, hovering in an unpopulated area over the tree line. 1/10/09
11/16/08 21:20 Los Angeles CA Circle about 15 seconds I saw a small circular object with bright lights hovering low and very slowly in the air. 1/10/09
11/16/08 18:32 Kokomo IN Circle 15 Minutes The three bright objects seemed to be fading from dim to very bright for about fifteen minutes, just as we have seen before many times. 1/10/09
11/16/08 18:00 Winston-Salem NC Light approx. 50min. A mysterous, and very bright lumanating craft seen hoovering high over Clemmons, N.C 1/10/09
11/16/08 17:45 Santa Rosa CA Fireball ~10 seconds Brilliant fireball observed while driving north on Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 1/10/09
11/16/08 14:20 Annapolis MD Disk 2-3 minutes Four silver objects in shifting formation over the Eastern Shore 1/10/09
11/16/08 14:10 Park City UT Cigar
2 half domes with the flat side of the domes faseing each other, blue sky could be seen in the space between the two flat services. ab 1/10/09
11/16/08 10:48 NASA TV Broadcast
Flash 15 seconds NASA TV Space Shuttle Docking, blinking white light moved across camera image at 10:48 AM Pacific Time and then disappeared 1/10/09
11/16/08 06:00 Carlsbad CA Cross 5 seconds The object was transparent & cylindrical but having smooth edges and having a cross sectional area with red and green lights. 1/10/09
11/16/08 02:30 Atlantic City NJ Light less that a minute ZigZagging Light over Atlantic Ocean off Coast of Atlantic City, NJ 1/10/09
11/15/08 23:30 Bellefontaine OH Disk 2 min ((HOAX??)) i was raccoon hunting in the dark and seen somthing go over top and it let up the woods then it was gone no trace. 1/10/09
11/15/08 23:27 San Francisco CA Rectangle 10 minutes black shadowed rectangle bottom object came in from the west made U-turn back out to the west 23:27 11/15/08 1/10/09
11/15/08 20:30 Coral Springs FL Other 1 minute white spot moving silently and rapidly across the sky in 1 direction and then the exact opposite direction 1/10/09
11/15/08 20:00 Burleson TX Triangle 5 to 7 min. Low, slow moving triangle or arrowhead shaped object with white lights and one red light in center 1/10/09
11/15/08 20:00 Manitowoc WI Egg 3-5 seconds a white egg shaped light with a trail of blue-aqua colored streak behind it moving in a downward motion towards the ground. 1/10/09
11/15/08 19:55 San Francisco CA Triangle 7 seconds It had a TRANGULAR SHAPE, was DARK GRAY (lit by the moon light) with 3 ROUND CIRCLES ON IT'S BOTTOM 1/10/09
11/15/08 19:30 San Juan Capistrano CA Chevron 15 seconds chevron shaped lights fly silently over San Juan Capistrano at high rate of speed 1/10/09
11/15/08 19:15 Emeryville CA Chevron 2 minutes It looked like a vapor trail from a jet engine. 1/10/09
11/15/08 17:25 Cape Coral FL Circle 10 sec I had just sat down on my patio partially reclined on my chair and looked to the clear sky above before sunset and spotted what was a s 1/10/09
11/15/08 17:20 Bellingham-Lummi WA Cigar 25minutes 11/15/08' Lummi nation two flying orange cigar shaped objects flew and criss- crossed over our bay then dissapeared 1/10/09
11/15/08 17:00 Reno NV Triangle 8-10 seconds From flock of birds, to plane crash, to WTF is that! 1/10/09
11/15/08 14:20 Madison OH Fireball 11/15/08 Fireball seen by power plant 1/10/09
11/14/08 23:50 Salt Lake City UT Light 12 seconds Eastern Salt Lake City disappearing light sighting. 1/10/09
11/14/08 21:00 Langdon ND Flash 5 minutes An orange, glowing shape followed me in my pickup causing it to die and interfered with my phone outside of Langdon, North Dakota. 1/10/09
11/14/08 21:00 Manchester (Glossup) UK/England
Circle 2 hours 8 round red stationary objects that shone even through the clouds. 1/10/09
11/14/08 20:00 Clearwater FL Light :30 a orange light going straight up by the moon dissapered as it fly right next to the moon. 1/10/09
11/14/08 20:00 Lincoln (UK/England)
Sphere <2 seconds Brief view of fast object 1/10/09
11/14/08 18:30 Los Angeles CA Chevron 10 minutes incomplete V formation of red flashing lights flying. 1/10/09
11/14/08 18:30 Orchard Park NY Other 30 minutes Large amber colored light 1/10/09
11/14/08 18:30 Calabasas CA Chevron 6 mins We were having dinner on our deck in our hillside home which overlooks the SF Valley on Nov 14 2008 @ 6:30pm.

We saw a huge V shaped
11/14/08 18:23 Warwickshire (UK/England)
Fireball 20-30 secs bright, blurry light fairly low in the sky with absolutely no sound, moving quite quickly in a straight line. 1/10/09
11/14/08 17:00 Boston, Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Other 1 minute UFO sighted over boston, lincolshire 14th november 2008, semi circular with triangle orange light at 'rear'. 1/10/09
11/14/08 10:00 El Paso (Fort Bliss) TX Cigar 10 minutes Cigar-shaped UFO moving south-southwest towards Mexico 1/10/09
11/14/08 08:40 Beaver UT Circle 10 Minutes Bright Stationary object in the sky above Beaver Utah during early morning 8:40 AM 1/10/09
11/14/08 05:30 Paducah KY
8 minutes A thwarted abduction attempt. 1/10/09
11/14/08 04:28 Latham/Watervliet NY Sphere 30 Seconds Bluish-white Sphere 1/10/09
11/14/08 02:20 North Bay (Canada) ON Light 3 mins Big Bright Red Light 1/10/09
11/13/08 23:00 Greeley CO Fireball 5 seconds A streak of light went across the sky and then it suddenly got bright and took off into the sky and disapeared. 1/10/09
11/13/08 21:20 Shelton WA Oval 5 seconds Oblong shaped, silent, moved quickly across the sky and was glowing like pink beach glass. 1/10/09
11/13/08 20:30 Concord CA Cross 1 minute It looked like a plane but it stopped in Midair and started going the other direction without turning around! 1/10/09
11/13/08 20:00 Lometa TX Disk 10 Seconds 3 Large Lights on a horizontal saucer shaped object 1/10/09
11/13/08 19:20 Dover, Kent (UK/England)
Circle 1.5 minutes I never thought that I would be in a position whereby I would call the police to report objects in the sky that I could not identify. 1/10/09
11/13/08 19:00 Portland OR Triangle 20 secs total 4 Large Triangular Objects flying low and silent over tanasbourne area around 7pm 11-13-08, Dim orange circles underneath. 1/10/09
11/13/08 18:00 Corvallis OR Diamond 1 minute a shooting star that turned into a UFO 1/10/09
11/13/08 17:30 Allen TX Unknown 10 minutes Entered atmosphere from the Far north as though falling 1,000 plus knots.

fell then leveled out over Allen TX tried to turn light em
11/13/08 16:00 Lake View (Paisley Mtns.) OR Fireball 30 to 40 sec Three large fireballs.over the top of paisley mountains Bright red/orange flame .One by one diapeared. 1/10/09
11/13/08 02:59 Springfield MO Other 25 seconds Same craft as seen in Nijegen Holland, seen in Springfield, Mo. USA 1/10/09
11/12/08 22:09 Bloomfield Hills MI Cigar 35 minutes long blue cigar shape moving up into sky 1/10/09
11/12/08 21:30 Worcester MA Other 2 seconds Large green streak viewed across sky. 1/10/09
11/12/08 21:30 Williamsburg VA Unknown 3 seconds While taking an exit ramp I saw a large bright green light arcing towards the ground. 1/10/09
11/12/08 21:30 Wallingford CT Fireball 3 seconds I saw a green object flash across the sky 1/10/09
11/12/08 20:35 Long Beach CA Sphere 2seconds green light travelling at light speed 1/10/09
11/12/08 20:20 St Helens, Merseyside (UK/England)
Triangle 3 minutes bright orange light 1/10/09
11/12/08 19:30 Davis CA Light 15 seconds Green light in the sky 1/10/09
11/12/08 19:23 Brandon MS Unknown 2 minutes Loud hot air balloon noise heard in the dark of night. 1/10/09
11/12/08 18:00 Quail Valley CA Circle 10min. 1/10/09
11/12/08 10:30 Hermosa Beach CA Oval 10 seconds disappearing object during a sunny, clear daytime on Hermosa Beach, CA 1/10/09
11/12/08 09:15 Long Beach CA Fireball 20 minutes Fireball moves slowly across the sky, puses, then changes directions - Long Beach, CA 1/10/09
11/12/08 08:05 Bumpass VA Circle 20 seconds The Craft Was An Orange Orb That Blinked then Dimmed And Kept Blinking Until It Sped Away And Disappeared. There was only one of the ob 1/10/09
11/12/08 05:30 Los Angeles CA Disk 3 minutes VERY bright object seemed to change course. 1/10/09
11/11/08 23:30 Crescent OR Light 30 MIN Driving west on hwy 58 my mp3 player started making static noises. I looked up ahead just above the tree line there was strange lights 1/10/09
11/11/08 23:26 San Jose CA Light 5 Minutes Diamonds are forever!! 1/10/09
11/11/08 19:37 Flower Mound TX Light 2 minutes circular formation of 20 red/orange lights which then broke apart and moved west 1/10/09
11/11/08 18:28 Mesa AZ Triangle One minute Ufo as big as a football field,boomerang shaped,with red non blinking lights! 1/10/09
11/11/08 16:10 Arlington TX Sphere 15 seconds big point of light, first appeared to be a planet, but it was too much daylight for that. thought it was a weather baloon til it moved 1/10/09
11/10/08 22:52 Murfreesboro TN Fireball 2 seconds Remarkably large, green fireball heading N 1/10/09
11/10/08 22:40 Nashville TN Fireball 1 second Object fell from sky vertically leaving trail of sparks behind it -- changed from green to yellow-white as it entered atmosphere. 1/10/09
11/10/08 22:00 Pirenopolis (Brazil)
Circle 1 1/2 hours Bright white and yellow circular light over deserted forest in Brazil, accelerates downwards, four times 1/10/09
11/10/08 21:45 Mission Viejo CA Other 2:00 THREE craft entered atmosphere, one hovered over small ballpark stadium, one darted in an out, and one flew near Orion's Belt. 1/10/09
11/10/08 21:40 Mission Viejo CA Oval about 5 min. ring/orb of light pulses while dipping and dancing in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/10/08 21:00 Burbank (outside of; near Pasco) WA Changing about four minutes Bright, large, slow, white ball of light. When nearly overhead, shape became arrowhead. White lights on inside, blue & red on outside. 1/10/09
11/10/08 20:15 Jackson NJ Light @1 minute one object with three bright red lights 1/10/09
11/10/08 20:00 West Bend WI Other 30 sec i was driving down hwy 33 east and i was just on the outside of west bend when i saw this unknown light above trees and marsh. i have b 1/10/09
11/10/08 19:05 Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire (UK/England)
Fireball 1 minute Orange fireball over North East Cheshire moving South to North 1/10/09
11/10/08 18:55 Murfreesboro TN Flash 1-2 seconds When I was on my way to church I suddenly saw a green flash. 1/10/09
11/10/08 06:30 Pagosa Springs CO Light About 10 min. Bright light hovering over city. 1/10/09
11/10/08 06:30 El Paso TX Disk 6 sec. green disc with red tail trail traveling at downward angel for 6 sec. 1/10/09
11/10/08 01:53 Palm Springs CA Triangle 2 - 4 seconds Bright scooting light just disappears 1/10/09
11/10/08 00:30 Uniontown OH Changing 3 minutes 11/10/08 0:30/ Uniontown Ohio/Shape Round/Duration 3 min/Object was 25 ft in diam.,round and viewed from Uniontown Ohio 11/15/08 1/10/09
11/9/08 23:15 Rugeley (UK/England)
Light 3 mins bright blue light bright enought to light at least a mile square up 1/10/09
11/9/08 23:00 Myrtle Beach SC Unknown several hours Plasma like pulsating energy ball 1/10/09
11/9/08 22:03 Seattle WA Fireball 40 seconds ((HOAX??)) Bight light seen northwest of downtown Seattle. 1/10/09
11/9/08 20:47 McDonough GA Other 2 Seconds Bright Blue Elongated ball. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
11/9/08 20:40 Benton LA Light 3 Seconds Bliding Bluish Light... 1/10/09
11/9/08 20:30 Mesa AZ Circle 40-60seconds Three circular lights clearly not typical aircraft floating and moving away smoothly. 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:55 Columbia SC Triangle 40 seconds I've built model aricraft for years, yet never saw anything like this.... 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:10 North Richland Hills TX Disk 6 seconds 3 amber colored disks flying W NW in a vertically stacked formation at 7000 feet - not glowing but illuminated.... 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:00 Norh Hollywood CA Fireball 2 seconds Bright green light in the shape of a comet fell from sky and disappeared about 20 degrees from the horizon 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:00 Santa Clara CA Chevron 8-12minutes Dark, low-flying object over Silicon Valley. 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:00 Hamilton KS Light 10 min Slow Moving Shape Changing Flash 1/10/09
11/9/08 19:00 Austin TX Other 8 min Object was appearing in different places of the sky, changing magnitudes, and other bizzare behaviors. 1/10/09
11/9/08 18:20 Waverly TN Light 30 min Intense light in the sky coming in and out of view changing from green to white for 30 minutes. 1/10/09
11/9/08 17:30 Ocean City NJ Circle 15 Minutes 2ea. round multicolor objects in the southern skies from Ocean City, NJ not moving for 15 min. 1/10/09
11/9/08 17:22 Westlake LA Sphere 1 minute It was not a STAR!!! 1/10/09
11/9/08 05:45 Maplewood NJ Light @ 1 hour and a half An Orange/Red Light over Northern Jew Jersey 1/10/09
11/8/08 00:00 Wadsworth OH Disk
((HOAX??)) it was grey and had strange lights on it. 1/10/09
11/8/08 22:15 Tacoma WA Formation 5 to 8 sec 4 to 5 arrow shaped object race through the sky over Commencment Bay 1/10/09
11/8/08 19:55 Lexington KY Disk Several seconds Craft with multiple lights, 1 red blinking light, in a saucer type shape in flight and hovering near a main road. 1/10/09
11/8/08 19:30 Arvada CO Light 5 Min. Bright, stationary lights, began to move slowly the accelerated and vanished 1/10/09
11/8/08 19:00 San Clemente CA Sphere 45 sec Foo fighters in San Clemente on 11-08-08, did you see something? 1/10/09
11/8/08 17:47 Edmonds WA Light 13 minutes In sequence two multi-colored rotating lights move North and East over South Whidby Island, approximately 5 minutes each, 1/10/09
11/8/08 16:00 San Clemente CA Sphere 45 sec A very recent Foo Fighter following a small plane. Maybe pilot reported. 1/10/09
11/8/08 14:00 Dana Point CA Circle 30sec I sent a message one week ago and this is really from someone I know who also says she saw the same foo fighter in the sky over Dana Po 1/10/09
11/8/08 13:15 Danbury NC Cylinder Aprox 6 Min cigar or cylinder shape object moving at a good rate of speed 1/10/09
11/8/08 12:00 Wilmer TX Cigar 1:00 Cigar shaped craft seen hovering over Texas at noon 1/10/09
11/8/08 06:00 Trabuco Canyon CA Cigar 15 minutes several UFOs sighted in trabuci canyon 1/10/09
11/8/08 04:00 Mt. Dora NM
5 seconds I seen a bright green light with a green streak behind it headed toward the ground at a massive speed. I looked for an impact but their 1/10/09
11/8/08 02:30 Ribeirao Preto (Brazil)
Flash 5 seconds extremely strong and intense blue light. 1/10/09
11/7/08 23:30 Arcadia CA Sphere 30 mins A bright sphere rapidly changing color - blue, green and red, in one spot. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD)) 1/10/09
11/7/08 21:20 Bangor ME Fireball 5-10 seconds Fireball or "Flash-ball" maneuvers at low altitude - as seen and heard from backyard 1/10/09
11/7/08 21:00 Abercarn (UK/Wales)
Light 10 mins 3 Red lit objects over Abercarn, Gwent UK.. 1/10/09
11/7/08 20:15 Palm Springs CA
3-4 seconds Triangular lights falling toward Earth 1/10/09
11/7/08 19:30 Keller TX Light
Three large lights that moved in way that no aircraft is capable. 1/10/09
11/7/08 18:30 Cincinnati OH Fireball 30 minutes Radiating, pulsating, fiery object observed in the cincinati night sky! ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
11/7/08 18:00 Mindelein IL Disk 5 minutes I observed this light gray object just hovering at a 45 degree angle in the darkened sky. I took nine pictures with my digital. One pic 1/10/09
11/7/08 17:45 Phoenix AZ Chevron 3 minutes large chevron with blue and red solid light lights proceeding south to north at constant speed 1/10/09
11/7/08 14:25 New Mumbai
Disk 10 mins Silver disc sighted in the afternoon, Mumbai, India. 1/10/09
11/7/08 13:45 Hopkinsville KY Diamond Maybe a minute moving star while rest stayed there the rest of the night? 1/10/09
11/7/08 05:30 Orlando FL Light 2-3 minutes Three glowing blue lights traveling from North to South 1/10/09
11/7/08 01:33 Sacramento CA Rectangle 10 seconds Steady moving narrow rectangle over Sacramento 1/10/09
11/7/08 01:15 Whitehorse (Canada) YT Unknown 40 minutes red/green light object flashing/hovering in sky for 40 minutes/bright circular light below/amber lights flashing in another direction 1/10/09
11/6/08 21:30 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 20 - 30 Minutes I was driving to work on November 06 2008. I stopped for Sonic to eat before work. I live very close to the back side of the locale air 1/10/09
11/6/08 21:00 Modesto CA Triangle 4 - 6 sec. Triangle shaped object speeding over town at night. 1/10/09
11/6/08 19:15 Burleson TX Unknown about 20 min strange lights in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Stars or planets?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/6/08 19:00 Kenly NC Unknown 30 min 1 Craft with multicolors flashing rapidly stationary at high altitude for 30min. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star or planet?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/6/08 18:00 Fayetteville NC Fireball 5 seconds It was a a yellow fire ball falling fast towards the noth of Fayetteville , NC 1/10/09
11/6/08 15:30 Tampa FL Changing 5 minutes odd shaped flying object 1/10/09
11/6/08 11:00 Edinburg TX Other 3 minutes v shaped object floating in the sky in broed daylight for 3 minutes 1/10/09
11/6/08 05:40 Webster TX Light 30 Seconds Stange tube like object with lights on it. 1/10/09
11/6/08 01:00 Manati (Puerto Rico)
Rectangle 8sec Rectangular lights flashing over a hill top. 1/10/09
11/6/08 01:00 Puerto Rico
Teardrop 5 hours The teardrop ship was making a huming sound wen it was stationary. 1/10/09
11/6/08 00:30 Throop NY Light 2 hrs It moved in an unreal manner. ((NUFORC Note: Probable star, we suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
11/5/08 23:00 Greenville SC Triangle 4 minutes I saw something vividly that coincided with a previous report. 1/10/09
11/5/08 22:45 Deltona FL Other 3-5 seconds Two lights with tail descends rapidly into nothingness with a burst at the end. 1/10/09
11/5/08 19:30 Male (Maldives)
Changing 30 minutes Colleague and I witnessed 3-7 lights moving slowly in unison across the night sky. 1/10/09
11/5/08 19:00 Pasadena CA Chevron 3 sec Chevron shaped object zips through Pasadena sky at 19:00 hrs. 1/10/09
11/5/08 03:45 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Egg 10 seconds Reddish yellow shaped object on kathmandu valley of country Nepal 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 1/10/09
11/5/08 00:30 Foothill Ranch CA Flash 0.5 sec Bright Green Light over Foothill Ranch, CA - 11/5/08 1/10/09
11/5/08 00:30 La Grande OR Diamond 20 seconds they showed up as if falling, then made a movement south east. They where of particular brightness and even though they held their basi 1/10/09
11/4/08 23:30 Owatonna MN Cylinder 4 Minutes Stationary, but growing luminous cylindar shaped craft appear then dissapear. 1/10/09
11/4/08 21:20 Northbrook IL

11/4/08 21:20 Northbrook IL

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2008, 21:20 HRS. (LOCAL) A young woman was driving at 40-45 mph along Lake Cook Road, when 1/10/09
11/4/08 21:20 Northbrook IL Unknown 5-10 seconds The entire left side of my car appears to be scorched but no paint was removed. 1/10/09
11/4/08 20:30 Dublin CA Oval 10 minutes Date: Nov 4, 2008 Time: 20:30 hours (Exact Time) Visibility: Clear night, unlimited vision Location: North bound I680 from Pleasanton 1/10/09
11/4/08 19:30 Duncan OK Light 15 seconds Brilliant red light slowly descends from high in the sky and disappears behind buildings. 1/10/09
11/4/08 17:14 Oak Forest IL Triangle ? The bright lights in the shape of a triangle, slowly moving over the eastern sky in Oak Forest, or the city over. 1/10/09
11/4/08 13:56 Los Angeles CA Cone Unlnown Unexplained object in photograph of the sky 1/10/09
11/4/08 08:03 Columbus OH Sphere 4 seconds I saw a white object with a black side in the air in the morning that dissapeared. 1/10/09
11/4/08 01:00 San Luis Obispo CA Cylinder 3 minutes Gold cylinder light hovering over freeway and then flashes as I got closer 1/10/09
11/3/08 00:00 Jackson TN Triangle 2 Triangle hovering east of Jackson lights changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/3/08 21:00 Fairview AL Sphere 4-5 seconds Giant green light appears ,drops and disappears. 1/10/09
11/3/08 21:00 Batavia OH Light 2-4 minutes Pulsing light in South-West Ohio (Clermont County) 1/10/09
11/3/08 20:05 Fayetteville AR Rectangle 2 to 3 seconds Satellite or Space Debris burns up over Fayetteville, AR, Nov. 3, 2008, 8:05 pm 1/10/09
11/3/08 19:10 Tucson AZ Triangle 40 seconds Dark, triangular-shaped object traveling slowly to the south-east. 1/10/09
11/3/08 18:35 Louisville KY Light 20 mins Bright object pulsing and dissapearing stationary in the sky 1/10/09
11/3/08 13:10 Golden CO Flash 15 minutes Flashing metallic objects not exhibiting typical flight charactaristics of any known aircraft I or anyone else there has ever seen. 1/10/09
11/3/08 02:30 Pittsburg CA
5 minutes or more Strange sound of high pitched electricity and wht you hear in the movies. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report. PD)) 1/10/09
11/3/08 02:02 Tellico Plains TN Triangle 2 min The Object/Object's flying very slow on it,s passing of into the distance dogs barking ,horses nahing.Heading North. 1/10/09
11/3/08 01:00 Kings Mills OH Light 1 hour Red, blue, and white lights flashing in the sky and didn't move. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD)) 1/10/09
11/3/08 00:00 Albuquerque NM Rectangle 20 minutes Super fast neon rectangle being chased by Air Force jets. 1/10/09
11/2/08 23:03 Roswell GA Light 2 seconds Pale blue light streak across windshield in Roswell 11/02/08. 1/10/09
11/2/08 23:00 Daphne AL Unknown 30 minutes or more Blue/Red/Green flashing object above Mobile, Al. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)) 1/10/09
11/2/08 22:50 Worth IL Light 5-10sec Shooting star? 1/10/09
11/2/08 21:00 Moses Lake WA Other on going Red and white flashing lights SSE of Moses Lake. ((NUFORC Note: Stars and planets?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/2/08 20:51 Waterbury CT Fireball 8 minutes Deep Red Perfect Circle shaped object hovering in the sky 1/10/09
11/2/08 20:00 Belleville IL Triangle 30-45 seconds Large triangular UFO sighting near Belleville, IL 1/10/09
11/2/08 20:00 North Tonawanda NY Light seconds Headed toward Canada 1/10/09
11/2/08 19:40 Sarpy County NE Unknown 2-3 minutes Dim and Bright yellowish orange light in the sky, then disappeared ! 1/10/09
11/2/08 18:50 Torrington CT Triangle 8min UFO 1/10/09
11/2/08 18:15 Laurinburg NC Oval 10 Min. I have pictures. 1/10/09
11/2/08 18:03 San Antonio TX Oval 30 seconds Shiny, oval shaped object in the sky, hovering above San Antonio 1/10/09
11/2/08 17:45 Glenwood NY Light 5 sec Bright white light moving fast and low accross the horizon. 1/10/09
11/2/08 16:30 Gregory SD Sphere 5-10 minutes white sphere seen about 1/3 the size of a full moon, hovering then disappearing at high rate of speed 1/10/09
11/2/08 10:45 Marysville CA Light all night 13 different flashing lights surrounding my house for the past month. ((NUFORC Note: Stars or planets?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/2/08 09:15 London (UK/England)
Changing 5 mins Unknown , roughly shaped object spotted over North London 1/10/09
11/2/08 08:27 Phoenix AZ Sphere 20 sec Silver Sphere moves very fast over Camelback Mt. then disappears. 1/10/09
11/2/08 05:55 Manchester CT Unknown 6 minutes Bright light hovering suddenly disappeared. 1/10/09
11/2/08 02:15 Abingdon MD Fireball 5 minutes I saw above the tree lines (not that far above) what looked to be like a shooting star/meteorite race across the sky. However it was lo 1/10/09
11/2/08 01:40 Port Hueneme CA Light 30 plus minutes I witnessed two objects each comprised of five lights at the Port Hueneme Beach in CA. 1/10/09
11/2/08 01:00 Greensboro NC Light 30 UFO BRIGHT LIGHTS LIKE A POLICE HELICOPTER GREEN TO RED TO WHITE. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/2/08 00:25 Clarksville TN Changing 20 minutes UFO SIGHTHING IN CLARKSVILLE TN 2NOV08 ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/1/08 22:30 Los Angeles CA Disk 2 minutes Very clear ufo sighting, small craft. Los Angeles. 1/10/09
11/1/08 22:00 Chattanooga TN Light 1 min Directly overhead we saw 4 different objects appearing to be faint stars moving in different directions. ?UFOS? 1/10/09
11/1/08 21:20 Glenrothes (UK/Scotland)
11/1/08 21:15 El Cajon CA Oval 15-20 minutes TWO LARGE WHITE CIRCULAR LIGHTS DANCED OVER EL CAJON CA. 1/10/09
11/1/08 21:03 St. George UT Triangle 32 minutes Triangle-shape with orange lights with small one leaving large one. 1/10/09
11/1/08 21:00 Louisville KY Light 2 hours Star like object appeared to move in circular paths 1/10/09
11/1/08 21:00 Springville TN Formation 30 min Three red, blue, green flashing lights in triangular shape and one off to the side of it 1/10/09
11/1/08 20:40 Asheville NC Flash 2 seconds bright, wide disintegrating light, low in sky, moving horizontally 1/10/09
11/1/08 20:00 Hyvinkää (Finland)
Light 2 minutes Unknown aircraft with red lights over the skies of Hyvinkää, Finland 1/10/09
11/1/08 19:15 Indianapolis IN Triangle unsure U/ V shaped gray object. Smaller sphere shaped object near it, no lights or sounds on either. 1/10/09
11/1/08 19:00 Franklin TN Light 5 Minutes Two unidentifiable red lights seen flying above Franklin, TN. 1/10/09
11/1/08 19:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Sphere 5 seconds last Saturday night, around 7pm or just after, i saw a fiery orange ball, call it a sphere, call it what you will, basically idling in 1/10/09
11/1/08 15:00 Kingwood TX Circle 45 min Round object going north to south over Kingwood, TX. 1/10/09
11/1/08 14:00 Lafayette LA Unknown 1-2 seconds Translucent orb and high speed objects captured on video during air show 1/10/09
11/1/08 10:05 Osceola NE Cigar 30 sec me and my brother were driveing down a gravel road when we seen this object, and aour car turned off, i have seen several other ocasion 1/10/09
11/1/08 02:00 Winchester VA Oval 1-3 minute white oval with fuzzy edges hovering then disappeared 1/10/09
11/1/08 02:00 Milledgeville GA Oval 1 hour 2 bright objects that changed colors and moved side to side and up and down. Also would get close at times 1/10/09
11/1/08 02:00 Lincoln Park MI Unknown 35 minutes Heard what sounded like several large jets flying by. 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:30 Cleveland TN Oval 12 seconds total Red oval object appeared in the sky on 3 occasions for about five seconds apiece, disappearing each time. 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:10 Salina KS Egg <10sec Fast, Silent, Low Flying, traveling over the center of town!! 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:00 Vermontville MI Light about 30 secs. blue light lights up the sky 1/10/09
10/31/08 23:25 Anderson IN Fireball 15 minutes Nine glowing objects seen over my house in Anderson Indiana 1/10/09
10/31/08 23:00 Erie PA Oval 5 seconds I saw something I'm not sure what it was when getting in my van, as I was getting ready to take my wife to work. 1/10/09
10/31/08 22:46 South Gate CA Fireball 2 Secnds Driving north on 710 before Atlantic Blvd, fireball (shooting Star?)straked across sky Northwest, streaks of blue,green,yellow high rat 1/10/09
10/31/08 22:40 Hermosa Beach CA Triangle 10 minutes Two lighted objects dancing in the sky above Los Angeles on Oct. 31, 2008 1/10/09
10/31/08 22:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 8 seconds Green fireball moving very low across the sky, throwing off sparks like fireworks. 1/10/09
10/31/08 22:00 Watervliet/Coloma MI Triangle 1 hour-ish I was driving to a liqour store, but we were all 100% sober at the time, with a friend and her son, in my car. My friend mentioned it, 1/10/09
10/31/08 22:00 Fenton MO Sphere 30 minutes Saw three streaks in sky to right. Looked up saw three orange spheres heading toward St. Louis (but could see outer edges of round tria 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:50 Hibbing MN Egg 1.5 seconds object seen in hibbing, mn traveling west faster than any plane or comet and much lower than a shooting star and brighter than an airp 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:50 Hereford (UK/England)
Light 10 mins 5 orange objects over eastern horizon, viewed from SE Hereford in the UK 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:05 Orange CA Unknown 10 minutes Lights over Orange, Ca 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:00 Roswell GA Sphere 5 Minutes Pulsating/Oscillating Sphere or Orb spotted in Metro Atlanta. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 1/10/09
10/31/08 20:01 Brecksville OH Triangle 1-2 minutes Triangle craft in clearing at Cuyahoga Valley National Forest 1/10/09
10/31/08 20:00 Valrico FL Light About 2 Minutes Strange Light In The Sky 1/10/09
10/31/08 19:50 Springfield OR Fireball 10 minutes Orange Glowing Ball Over Springfield Oregon Moving NW to SE Across The City 1/10/09
10/31/08 19:30 Kingman AZ Light about 20 minutes Three small green lights moving across Kingman, AZ. 1/10/09
10/31/08 19:00 Wakefield RI Flash 1 second Bright, white flash 1/10/09
10/31/08 19:00 Lower Burrell PA Fireball 1 minute circular flaming craft, vanished after 1 minute 1/10/09
10/31/08 18:53 Moline IL Circle 4 min Two seperate orbs pass slowly over my house. 1/10/09
10/31/08 18:00 Spokane WA Changing 5-6 minutes After 10 minutes there was no sign of the object in any direction from where we first observed it. 1/10/09
10/31/08 16:30 Cambridge MA Light cum. 1 min Maybe nothing, maybe something? 1/10/09
10/31/08 16:27 Mountain Brook AL Oval
Six U.F.O's heading to the same spot blasted by over our heads. 1/10/09
10/31/08 15:00 Ovid MI Sphere 10-15 seconds Sphere shaped object flying at an incredible speed during the day 1/10/09
10/31/08 09:25 London (UK/England)
Unknown 30 seconds The object was slowly moving across the Heathrow fight path over Richmond in Surrey. It was a dark object but it was also changing sha 1/10/09
10/31/08 08:30 Franklin TN Triangle Minutes Black triangular, round or rectangular object in broad daylight or sunset. 1/10/09
10/31/08 07:34 Aurora OH Oval 7:26-7:45 PM On October 31, 2008, we think we have found a possible oval ufo. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 1/10/09
10/31/08 02:30 Flemingsburg KY Triangle 1 minute triangular, flat, with orb shaped compartment in the back of the craft 1/10/09
10/31/08 02:00 Hialeah FL Changing 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) An air plain flying on top of the ufo. 1/10/09
10/31/08 01:30 Mendota VA Sphere about 5 hours Sighting of an anomalous object for 5 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Sirius, I suspect. PD)) 1/10/09
10/30/08 19:50 Palos Verdes CA Circle 2-3 minutes Circular Flying Craft with glowing tube of light around perimeter seen less than 1000 yards away. 1/10/09
10/30/08 19:40 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Circle 5mins 3 stationary orange lights above city of Aberdeen 1/10/09
10/30/08 18:30 Jean NV Disk 4 seconds fluorescent white disk shaped object rapidly moving from northeast to southwest over Jean, Nevada 1/10/09
10/30/08 08:00 College Point NY Triangle less than 1 minute triangular object with lights at each of its corners. Very Bright, was not moving so fast, then I lost track of it. 1/10/09
10/30/08 06:50 Apex/Cary NC Triangle 5 Minutes Spotted: a triangular shaped object hovering slight above treeline level at the border of Apex and Cary. 1/10/09
10/30/08 06:05 Montgomery AL Unknown 4 minutes Lights move from NE to SW above Montgomery AL 1/10/09
10/30/08 05:15 LaGrange IL Light 7sec I have witnessed the lights over Tnley Park and ever since then have always kept an eye to the sky sort-of speak. The morning of the 30 1/10/09
10/29/08 20:00 Walnut Ridge AR Triangle Half hour ((HOAX??)) Six trangle shaped crafts with no noise, bright white lights, a few red lights, flying and hovering over NE Ark. 1/10/09
10/29/08 07:50 Delaware OH Light 1minute Small red light object seen above Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH. 1/10/09
10/29/08 01:00 Diamond OH Sphere 3 hours A color changing point of light in the sky turns out to be a whole lot more. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 1/10/09
10/29/08 Texarkana AR Oval one minute I have been employed with the US Army and have never saw anything like this before. 1/10/09
10/28/08 20:20 Fairfield TX Oval 13 minutes Red glowing oval object with whitish blue halo effect Southwest of Fairfield, Freestone County observed for 20 minutes 1/10/09
10/28/08 19:47 Sylmar CA Disk 30 seconds UFO sighted at 7:47PM Tuesday night in the san fernando valley area of California! 1/10/09
10/28/08 19:00 San Jose CA Formation 5 seconds Two diagonal lights flying away in southeastern sky 1/10/09
10/28/08 Solavang CA Fireball
Hi, I wrote on 10/28/08 or 10/29 We did see a fireball, BUT THE THING, THE NEXT DAY IT WAS REPORTED THAT VANDENBERG airforce base shot 1/10/09
10/27/08 22:00
MI Light
Highway in SE Michigan, saw cluster of white lights. 1/10/09
10/27/08 21:00 Pembroke Pines FL Light 30 minutes Thanksgiving, two UFO'S over West Broward, Weston, Pembroke Pines skies Nov. 27, 2008. 1/10/09
10/27/08 18:00 Liverpool TX Circle 1 hour Three large round objects lined up along Hwy 35 and an identical object followed me home. 1/10/09
10/27/08 08:00 Lahore (Punjab) (Pakistan)
Triangle 5 minutes Strange objects over lahore, Pakistan. 1/10/09
10/26/08 22:00 El Centro CA Cylinder 2-5 minutes Dark illuminated object landed on my neighbors roof!!! 1/10/09
10/25/08 22:00 Marion OH Triangle 1 minute A triangular craft sighted in Marion, Ohio was flying west leaving a deep bass coming from the sky. 1/10/09
10/25/08 21:00 Rock Springs WY Other 1-2 min 10 bird like shapes in straight line. glowed orange, like lights from town on underneath. 1/10/09
10/25/08 21:00 Mililani (around) HI Chevron 2 min UFO by Mililani and Wheeler Army Airbase Hawaii viewed from the freeway 1/10/09
10/25/08 19:30 Davis CA Other several minutes Driving on I-80 in Davis ,Ca. when we saw bright sphere of light with a tail flying low and serpentine towards us! 1/10/09
10/25/08 19:30 Davis CA Changing 5 minutes? light with tail doing serpentine manuever over I-80 in Davis 1/10/09
10/24/08 21:30 Chesapeake VA Triangle 1 minute Triangle formation of lights, one green over Dismal Swamp areaChesapeake, Va 1/10/09
10/23/08 22:00 Morehead KY Circle 5 seconds Student sees UFO fly by 11th floor window in dorm. 1/10/09
10/23/08 21:40 Long Beach CA Fireball 10 Second fireball moves across sky. Likely flare afloat. 1/10/09
10/23/08 21:05 Galesburg IL Fireball 5-7 seconds Fireball accross sky, didnt seem like meteor. 1/10/09
10/23/08 19:00 Allen TX Other 45 minutes a boomerang in the sky, what was it? 1/10/09
10/23/08 14:00 Hamiota (Canada) MB Other 90 secs Round ball with fuselage attached. 1/10/09
10/23/08 04:45 ((Location unspecified; rural area)) WY Flash 0.001sec brilliant strobe light at 4am, moving lights, low inthe mountains 1/10/09
10/21/08 20:00 Arbuckle CA Light 5 seconds light like venus desapear in 5 seconds 1/10/09
10/21/08 19:00 Fairfield TX Formation 20 -25 minutes Fairfield, Freestone County, Texas 3 cylinder long gun barrel shiny objects at dusk on Western horizon, there for over 20 minutes 1/10/09
10/20/08 21:30 Hayward CA Sphere <1 sec. I was being driven to work by my girlfriend, it was about 2130, about a week and a half ago. For some reason, I don't know why there ap 1/10/09
10/20/08 20:30 Virginia Beach VA Triangle 15 seconds Triangular craft, solid white lights with red center over Oceana Air Force Base Virginia Beach, VA 1/10/09
10/20/08 19:30 Reedville VA Circle half hour Round, yellowish white light, with flashing red light, that hovered in the western sky. 1/10/09
10/20/08 18:30 Fairfield TX Other several sightings from 10 Multiple sightings in Central Texas (Freestone County area) 1/10/09
10/20/08 07:30 West Monroe LA Light 2 min The first time i saw this object was 3 years ago. i was standing outside and looked up and saw what i thought was a star. then it start 1/10/09
10/19/08 23:09 Laurel MS Light 5 days Lights captured on wild game camera. 1/10/09
10/19/08 12:00 Hilo HI Sphere 10 mins Object over Hawaii skys 1/10/09
10/19/08 11:10 Flagstaff AZ Circle 7 seconds Bright white, circular orb flew out from behind a contrail (chemtrail), then flew back behind it. 1/10/09
10/19/08 11:00 Gainesville VA Cigar 3 minutes Matellic Object Seen In Gainsville Virginia 1/10/09
10/18/08 18:00 Pacifica to Belmont CA Light 10 minutes I also witnessed 3 trianglular shape lights above the Pacifica Town on the water 10/17 at the same time 6:00 pm 1/10/09
10/17/08 22:00 Bracknell (UK/England)
Circle 5 seconds blue/white light moving away quickly 1/10/09
10/16/08 17:25 Lindale TX Chevron 50 sec Saw a mirror-colored craft that I have never seen the likes of. 1/10/09
10/15/08 19:30 Indianapolis IN Rectangle ? Rectangular shaped object hovering on Northeast side of Indy 1/10/09
10/15/08 00:22 Arden NC Triangle 4 Seconds Black Triangle crossing the face of the moon viewed from a 8" Dobsonian Telescope with star tracking software 1/10/09
10/14/08 16:45 Falls Church VA Egg 10 minutes huge changing light in the sky, not there any day afterward 1/10/09
10/12/08 21:00 Stafford (UK/England)
Light 1 minute Another UFO, definately watching me and sending signals. 1/10/09
10/11/08 17:30 Bellmere (Australia)
Cylinder 4 minutes Very large long white cylinder object traveling high up and smoothly above storm clouds. 1/10/09
10/9/08 08:35 Mesquite TX Cylinder 3 minutes 3 mysterious lights in southern sky moving quickly westward 1/10/09
10/8/08 18:45 Wakefield RI Formation 3 min 2 sets of 5 or 6 red tumbling lights move steadily across southern sky. 1/10/09
10/8/08 03:00 Oregon (mid-state; on Interstate-5) OR Light 1 min to 1 min 30 sec bright light moving north next to I-5 mid Oregon (intermittent Flashing) 1/10/09
10/6/08 11:00 Conshohocken PA Cigar 10 minutes A silver cigar shaped object remained stationary very high over head,well above the horizon close to zenith in the western sky for abou 1/10/09
10/5/08 18:24 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Circle 2 minutes Bright orange round light moving over city 1/10/09
10/4/08 22:00 Montreal (Quebec)(Canada)
Other 1 minute 3 eight shaped UFO and and a bright light guiding them. 1/10/09
10/4/08 04:30 Woodland CA Light 1 miute two white lights speeding at a supersonic speed in a straight line away from each other 1/10/09
10/3/08 21:35 Candor NY Triangle
Slow Moving Triangular Object Seen 1/10/09
10/3/08 15:45 Berkeley IL Disk
Found a unknowen object in the sky in a photo that was taken while shotting pictures of the main street running through my village 1/10/09
10/2/08 23:00 Monroe NY Triangle 2 minutes Triangular with red lights hovering and disappears 1/10/09
10/2/08 19:50 Westminster West/ Putney border VT Disk About 10 minutes Craft sighting in Westminster West, Vermont on 10/02/2008 1/10/09
10/2/08 19:50 Westminster West/ Putney border VT Disk About 10 minutes Hovered for about 10 minutes shifting left to right very quickly; not illuminated by lights- reflective underside making it visible. 1/10/09
10/2/08 19:00 Arlington TX Light 5 min About 7 pm Nov, 2, 2008 I was leaving a restraunt near the Parks Mall and I looked up and notice a very bright white light. It appeare 1/10/09
10/1/08 08:00 Hope Mills NC Fireball 10 Round fireball in the sky sitting still appeared and disappeared 3 or 4 times. Large in size. 1/10/09
10/1/08 05:00 Huntington WV Cylinder 10 minuts cylinder shaped object with no lights or sound with plane following behind it 1/10/09
9/30/08 08:00 Norcross GA Other 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) Huge black blimpe object hovering/flying over Norcross Georgia!! 1/10/09
9/26/08 17:30 Bellmere (Australia)
Disk 10 minutes Saw saucer shaped UFO that gave me the impression that it was looking for me.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
9/25/08 03:30 Ainsworth NE Triangle 30 seconds Three objects that are silent and unexplainable 1/10/09
9/22/08 17:40 Springfield OR Light 1 MIN Small Bright light moving across sector of sky then quickly disappearing 1/10/09
9/22/08 03:30 Port Ludlow WA Disk LESS THAN 5 MINUTES One stationary object was seen by my husband and me for less than 5 minutes. I ran out of the room to get the binoculars (gone less tha 1/10/09
9/20/08 02:00 Lebanon KY Unknown 2 mins white craft with red stripe streaking extremely fast in sky, with engine break grinding/whinning sound following within 2seconds 1/10/09
9/10/08 14:00 Portland OR Cylinder 15 min gold cylindrical object with red top and bottom. Tumbles head over head at high altitiude. 1/10/09
8/31/08 23:15 Montauk (Town of East Hampton) NY Circle 5 minutes Bright red/orange disc seen moving silently over Atlantic Ocean from East to West on dark summer night. 1/10/09
8/29/08 11:16 Clementon NJ Cylinder <1 sec photo of cylinderical object. 1/10/09
8/27/08 21:00 Carolina (Puerto Rico)
Light 24 hrs Dancing lights over the Atlantic Ocean north of Puerto Rico 1/10/09
8/24/08 17:32 Lincoln NE Cigar 23 Minutes The UFO had blue and yellow alternating lights, cigar shaped, and suddenly changed directions. 1/10/09
8/17/08 20:01 Oklahoma City OK Unknown 4 while waiting for pizza object spotted in sky lasted about 6 min. 1/10/09
8/17/08 12:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Disk na Ribbed Disc with amber spherical nucleus. 1/10/09
8/14/08 20:05 Lantana TX Circle 5 minutes Lantana, TX, 8/14/2008, 8:05 pm, Red light, moved overhead slowly 1/10/09
8/11/08 09:00
KY Chevron 20 seconds A large craft rose from a landing position in a field and took off without making a sound. 1/10/09
8/10/08 20:30 Brandon (Canada) MB Light 10 seconds ((HOAX?? Date and time are flawed.)) Green light in clouds over Brandon MB. 1/10/09
8/7/08 21:30 Dublin CA Circle 30 seconds Bright Still Light, After 15-20 Seconds sped away with greenish light. too low and too fast to be a plane 1/10/09
8/7/08 15:00 Ingleside TX Disk 10 MINUTES ABOUT 30 SILVER DISC SHAPED OBJECTS 1/10/09
8/5/08 13:00 Louisville CO Other 20 seconds I was at my friend's house playing in her back yard when I saw a strange metallic object painted red in most areas. The shape was un 1/10/09
8/1/08 21:00 Sebring OH Light 3 min High Alt. red light moving very fast and then reversing direction without hesitation with no change in speed. 1/10/09
8/1/08 20:30 Brighton (UK/England)
Light 5 MINUTES ((HOAX??)) 2 objects, 1 was a helicopter observing glowing object which moved erratically, then helicopter gave chase. 1/10/09
7/25/08 22:00 Vernon (Canada) BC Cylinder 20 minutes upright multi-colored flashing upright cylinder 1/10/09
7/24/08 00:00 Ontario Province (Canada) ON Sphere 10 seconds UFO Seen on Sportscenter! 1/10/09
7/18/08 21:50 Waterloo IA Fireball 10 seconds Flamelike UFO seen in Waterloo, IA 1/10/09
7/17/08 00:00 Olyphant PA Other
7/16/08 00:00 Chicago IL Triangle 10 min. One of them seemed to fade away 1/10/09
7/15/08 08:00 Bedford MA Flash 1 second Unexplained quick flashes of light from a clear blue sky 1/10/09
7/14/08 12:00 Phoenix AZ Light 100-120 minutes Three lights in a triangluar shaped formation floating over horizon for a good two hours. 1/10/09
7/13/08 19:45 Cambridge MA Other 15 SEC Yellow and metallic Craft 1/10/09
7/12/08 22:21 Dover (UK/England)
Light 5 MINUTES Orange objects flying over Dover Kent England July 12th 2008 1/10/09
7/11/08 23:30 Perth (Australia)
Egg 10 seconds Egg shaped U.F.O flying back and forth for about 10 seconds then shooting off in a northerly direction 1/10/09
7/11/08 18:30 Manchester (Salford) (UK/England)
Cylinder 5 seconds I just opened my front door to go for a cigerette and a bright light (like a planes front light from a distance or a very bright star 1/10/09
7/4/08 21:30 Hampton Beach NH
30 minutes 3 red lights hovered in the air in a triangular shape. 1/10/09
7/3/08 19:00 Atlantic IA Oval 10 min 07-03-2008 on a cloudless nite a star in sky above iowa moving in different patterns for 10 min 1/10/09
6/22/08 11:00 Santa Clara CA Light six seconds two lights moving very fast high in the night sky on June 22,2008 1/10/09
6/19/08 19:45 Los Angeles CA Cigar Griffith Park Black ciggar shape craft.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/10/08 20:14 Cucuta (Colombia)
weird objects that cant be explained are in my picture 1/10/09
6/10/08 07:37 Rhinebeck NY Cigar 5 or 6 seconds Thin black cigar descending below treeline 1/10/09
6/6/08 15:00 Berlin (Germany)
Formation 3min Three distinct glowing orbs over the sony centre Berlin. Brilliant white in colour daylight other events night time. three people saw t 1/10/09
6/1/08 14:00 Bee Cave TX Disk 10 minutes or less June of 2008, silver craft traveling over Bee Cave, TX. 1/10/09
5/29/08 02:00 Alma KOA AR Light 5 minutes Lights flash on and off near Alma, Arkansas 1/10/09
5/19/08 12:20 Surry Nuclear Facility VA Disk approx. 20 minutes Response To So-Called Explanations Of Previous Sighting 1/10/09
5/19/08 12:00 Surry Co. VA Other 20 Minutes I recant! 1/10/09
5/13/08 14:00 Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
Other not known strange cloud formation 1/10/09
4/30/08 08:18 Las Vegas NV Changing 10 min I was driving west on flamingo i saw these object fly behind the New york New York and I raced to my hotel to get my camera all the whi 1/10/09
4/26/08 20:00 Caddo Mills TX Disk 5 seconds Bright ball going east to west. 1/10/09
4/21/08 03:25 Canton MA Unknown 10 min On the night in question this strange rhythmic humming sound was heard off in the distance to the south. At first I thought it was a m 1/10/09
4/19/08 23:00 Silk Hope (near) NC Disk 3-4 minutes Three people saw disc-shaped craft with chaser lights, flying slowly and smoothly at high altitude, 4/19 at 2300. 1/10/09
4/14/08 13:00 plymouth MN Sphere 2 seconds I was watching Tiger Woods win his 3rd green jacket at my friends house when out of the corner of my eye out the patio window I thought 1/10/09
4/12/08 21:00 Stafford (UK/England)
Unknown 1 minute or so 3 UFO's spotted in the same spot as another before months ago, apparently watching me. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 1/10/09
4/9/08 11:03 San Diego CA Other 12 minutes White/Silvery kind of Boomarang shaped object, low and slow moving to the east of Lemon Grove chased by 2 Jets. 1/10/09
4/8/08 00:00 Sedona AZ Cylinder Unknow 7 Objects that are unexplained and clearly seen in the photo 1/10/09
4/2/08 20:51 Jenera OH Triangle 3-5 minutes Rounded triangular object with green lights on the sides and a white blinking light on the back. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
3/30/08 14:00 Flushing NY Cylinder 20 seconds Floating object above New York City. Witnessed by my daughter and I. 1/10/09
3/26/08 13:07 Cape Elizabeth ME Disk a couple of minuets I didnt realize that i had seen a craft but i was reviewing some photos that I took and spoted a craft taken within the same minute. 1/10/09
3/17/08 22:00 Yonkers NY Rectangle 10min Silent football field of lights that could be seen for miles 1/10/09
3/15/08 00:00 Flemingsburg KY Sphere 1 minute orb, floating lighted. ((NUFORC Note: Object close to camera, illuminated by flash. Not a UFO. PD)) 1/10/09
3/7/08 15:40 Destin/Madison (between) FL Unknown short Hello, I know this might be strange or just my imagination, but I think I have a weather radar image of a UFO. I race off road dirt bik 1/10/09
3/7/08 14:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 10 mins Star like sphere in the middle of the clear blue afternoon sky.... 1/10/09
3/1/08 18:30 Circleville OH Unknown 10-15mins 5-6 strange "Phoenix" lights in a row west of Chillicothe. 1/10/09
2/20/08 13:30 Claxton GA Triangle about fifteen to twenty m Simular wing lines to the "War of the Worlds" movie. 1/10/09
2/16/08 00:00 Richmond VA Changing 1 hr 16 mins Myself and son had just driven over the state line of North Carolina going into Virginia.we were on the highway and seemed to be the on 1/10/09
2/12/08 01:00 Tullahoma TN Egg 15 i was standing outside and saw a ufo right above my house and it made no noise and it had bright white and green and red lights and all 1/10/09
2/1/08 20:00 Hilton Head SC Unknown 5 MIN WHO'S FLYING AROUND HILTONHEAD,SC IT'S CRAZY 2 TIMES SO FAR. ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling booster? PD)) 1/10/09
1/20/08 23:00 Ipoh (Malaysia)
Fireball Snapshot Fireball near moon 1/10/09

in january 2008 i reported a sighting to your website. I just read that you called it a hoax. Now who is the genius who makes that ca 1/10/09
1/11/08 23:25 London (southwest) (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes Bright orange light moving from ENE to WSW visible through high cloud. We are near London Heathrow and have constant aircraft sighting 1/10/09
1/9/08 06:15 Sargent TX Circle 3 minutes Bright planetlike object moved NW to SE until it changed direction and moved South to the horizon. 1/10/09
1/6/08 03:00 Germania PA Triangle 8-10min. UFO lands in Pa. Slowly tipping side to side manuvers under power lines & around a pine tree & gone. 1/10/09
1/2/08 23:00 Shippensburg PA Triangle 4 minutes Around the evening of January 2nd, 2008 I was driving home from my girlfriend's house in the countryside surrounding Shippensburg Penns 1/10/09
1/1/08 22:30 Neuruppin (Germany)
Fireball 15min A red couloured craft brightly light red in colour. Traveling east very low in the sky. Was spotted just after an electricial storm. Mu 1/10/09
12/17/07 05:00 Corpus Christi TX Sphere 2 to 3 hours 12/17/07 Corpus Christi Tx Orange ball light comming at me 8 to 900mph when I shinned LED light at it. 1/10/09
12/11/07 23:00 North East MD Unknown 1 minute ((HOAX??)) My dog & I were in the driveway he began to bark wildly at the sky, I looked up to see three large lights/orbs. 1/10/09
12/1/07 21:00 Huntington KY
5 minutes Hovering, teetering and no sound 1/10/09
11/23/07 23:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Light few seconds very shiny object that I captured movie from that but the movie didn't show that! 1/10/09
11/11/07 00:00 Boston MA Light 10 minutes large lights flashing rapidly 1/10/09
11/1/07 20:00 Jacksonville FL Light 10 secounds NAS plane with bright red and blue lights around it followed by a bright white ball of light. 1/10/09
10/30/07 02:00 Bolton NY Fireball less 2min 2 red balls of light moving threw the air way too fast to be a jet 1/10/09
10/29/07 17:30 Monte Nido CA Cigar 6 or 7 seconds Sited 5 exhaust trails, then a cigar shaped UFO appeared in front of them, after a bright flash it disappeared and the trails just stop 1/10/09
10/22/07 18:45 Chisholm MN Triangle 5 Seconds Silent, black, triangular object with no lights 1/10/09
10/20/07 21:00 Ellinwood KS Disk 10 minutes A creepy encounter in Ellinwood, Kansas. 1/10/09
10/2/07 02:00 Everett WA Light 20min - 30min A bright yellowish light over the I-5 freeway in Western Washington. 1/10/09
9/24/07 11:00 Defiance OH Oval
A fast object really bright. 1/10/09
9/21/07 13:00 Sterling Heights MI Circle 4-5 seconds a black circle hoverring over an airplain for 4-5 second 1/10/09
9/13/07 13:45 Donja Puša (Croatia)
Disk 1/500 sec Taken picture of small saucer shaped craft. 1/10/09
8/20/07 22:30 Hartsville SC Light 10 Minutes Extremely bright UFO staionary then spirals away out of sight. 1/10/09
8/5/07 22:10 Coventry Area (UK/England)
Fireball <1 minute An orange light, which looked spherical, passed across the sky SW from Coventry to NE in a corkscrew trajectory then straight line out 1/10/09
7/26/07 22:30 West Unity OH Triangle 30-45 seconds Triangle craft flew over my backyard 1/10/09
7/24/07 22:00 Escalante UT Unknown 5 minutes I SAW A UFO,and I KNOW IT. 1/10/09
7/15/07 20:00 Joliet IL Sphere 2 min Three spheres at high altitude over Joliet Ill. 1/10/09
7/15/07 15:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 30 seconds UFO clearly seen to the naked eye. color, shape, etc. 1/10/09
7/1/07 00:00 Oregon coastline OR Other around 1 hour Estrange light and maybe a close encounter. 1/10/09
6/8/07 13:45 Trinidad CO Disk 16 Min. Shiny object hovering, egg shaped , silver moving back & forth in one spot for about 14-15 minutes at 1:45pm then vanished. 1/10/09
5/12/07 02:30 Ellisville Ballwin Wildwood MO Disk 3-5min stationary tall saucer shape, with an odd silky metallic skin, multi colored lights on the lower, light buzz sound 1/10/09
5/8/07 08:40 San Diego CA Cigar 1 minute I saw the object whilst flying out of San Diego airport on board the airplane. It was a cigar shape, grey in colour, quite large and 1/10/09
5/4/07 17:33 Estacion Del Frontera, Malaga (near) (Spain)
Oval 1 sec Surprise addition discovered in vacation photo. ((NUFORC Note: Probable bird in flight. PD)) 1/10/09
3/4/07 16:00 Maui HI Cylinder 20-30 seconds silver cylinder about 100-150 feet long appears overhead 1/10/09
2/25/07 14:00 Ontario (Canada) ON Sphere instant white dot above the jet 1/10/09
2/4/07 22:00 Cole Camp MO Fireball 10-15 seconds As several others here have reported on the evening of Feb 4, 2007 at approximately 10 P.M. an object was observed by myself and my wif 1/10/09
2/1/07 02:00 Independence OH Triangle 30-45 secs Huge dark triangle-shaped craft 100 yards wide, 3 white non-blinking lights (1 at each point) gliding silently from south to north. 1/10/09
1/13/07 11:30 Rio Piedras
Unknown 1 week Yacimiento cientifico de madre e hijos encontrados en Rio Piedra 1/10/09
1/1/07 09:00 Pasay (Philippines)
Disk 1 minute Strange disk shaped object hovering at the side of a building in Manila, Philippines. 1/10/09
12/16/06 20:00 Hershey PA Cigar 5 minutes four yellow lights in the sky over Hershey Pa 1/10/09
12/15/06 00:01 McMinnville OR Circle 20 minutes Big Metal Ball. Glowing. 1/10/09
11/6/06 09:00 Laredo TX Disk minutes Laredo Texas sighting November 2006 1/10/09
10/31/06 20:00 Tinley Park IL Triangle 45 minutes Triangle shaped object with lights hovering in the sky 1/10/09
10/8/06 21:03 Split (Croatia)
Disk second ((HOAX??)) UFOs over Split, Croatia - 8 October 2006 1/10/09
9/13/06 15:45 Boerne TX Disk 5 seconds I saw a hovering green disk and then there was a flash and it disappeared. 1/10/09
9/12/06 01:00 Honolulu HI
20 MINUTES Strange pulsating bright colored lights. 1/10/09
8/19/06 23:00 Buckhannon WV Circle 2 Hours One floatint object overhead and 17 disk shaped objects going into it. 1/10/09
7/29/06 23:00 Yakima (on I-82) WA Fireball 30 sec Big ball of fire coming down from the sky landed on I-82 near sunnyside,wa 1/10/09
7/11/06 15:00 Milwaukee WI Sphere 2 minutes Four spheres witnessed by two people......5-10K feet in the air. 1/10/09
7/4/06 23:00 Key Largo FL Triangle 30 sec to 1 minute Flew directly over my field of vision as I looked at the stars. I GOT A GOOD LOOK. 1/10/09
6/10/06 00:45 Jackson TN Light Instant Night sky lights up entirely for brief moment then returns to normal with no explaination. 1/10/09
3/10/06 01:00 Lake Worth FL Triangle 2 minutes Triangle at night, no lights or sound; fast. 1/10/09
11/11/05 05:30 Fremont CA Light 30 seconds Two bright stars faded simultaneously in approx. 4 seconds. 1/10/09
11/2/05 Richfield MN Oval 2 minutes Orange saucer shaped stationary object hung in the sky like a fixed object.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
10/15/05 22:00 Brentwood NH Light 20 minutes There were red dot in the distance and the would blink and they had nonoise and my father told me that they might of been stelth bomber 1/10/09
10/1/05 21:30 Laurelville OH Unknown 5 mins Very slow moving object that made no sound. 1/10/09
8/13/05 19:30 Split (Croatia)
Triangle second UFO over Split, recorded from Trstenik beach. 1/10/09
8/10/05 02:15 Sturgis SD Flash 3 minutes We were at the sturgis motorcycle rally that year and were sitting out on our deck late at night. We saw a light way up in the sky that 1/10/09
7/21/05 22:00 Loris SC Cylinder 10 Seconds Green tube shaped object near Loris S.C. 1/10/09
6/15/05 17:00 Chicago (in-flight sighting) IL Disk 1 second Hazy clear disc with a Christmas tree ball in the middle above Chicago 1/10/09
3/15/05 01:30 Turkey
Circle 2-3 seconds Big red-yellow hazy round ball and 5 smaller yellow shining balls inside it in V-shape 1/10/09
12/15/04 17:00 Montego Bay (Jamaica)
Circle 10 mins Possible UFO sighting in Jamaica 1/10/09
9/20/04 21:30 Florence SC Triangle 1 minute Motionless pitch black triangular UFO just disappears 1/10/09
9/15/04 02:00 Independence MO Triangle 10 minutes Observed triangular object moving over house. 1/10/09
7/27/04 18:00 Nashville TN Other 10-15 minutes A Shapeshifting Black Balloon Flashed A Red Light At Me 1/10/09
7/13/04 06:00 Hartlepool (UK/England)
Disk 30 seconds transparent disc rotating object ,missing neighbour on same day still missing. 1/10/09
6/30/04 17:00 Cary NC Triangle
Like a regular aircraft, except the lights 1/10/09
11/20/03 17:30 Trinity NC Changing 3-5 minutes Seen a light come down then turn to a dome then a saucer then take off a jet was chasing it. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? PD)) 1/10/09
11/15/03 18:00 Fuquay Varina NC Disk 1 minute I was traveling on state road 1010 heading towards Hwy 401 around 6pm, just North of Fuquay Varina, NC. Just above the tree line on th 1/10/09
6/15/03 13:00 Rural Alaska community AK Diamond 25 minutes ALASKA UFO VIDEO TAPED AND WITNESSED IN 2003. 1/10/09
5/10/03 17:00 Plymouth WI Disk 15 seconds Large saucer floating in clear daylight 1/10/09
3/17/03 20:30 Las Vegas NV Light 30 minutes Amber orbs of light above the city of Las Vegas. 1/10/09
2/15/03 13:00 Lake City FL Light 10seconds it was dark and i was standing outside in front of my house and all of a sudden i saw a bright light coming towards me i watched it as 1/10/09
6/30/02 21:00 Lansdale PA Formation 1 minute 3 red lights in triangular formation seen in Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 1/10/09
5/15/02 13:00 Pickering (Canada) ON Sphere 20 seconds chrome sphere reflecting noon sun on straight NW to SE trajectory 1/10/09
11/12/01 23:33 Phoenix AZ Changing 2minutes rising balloon transformed into cigar craft with red light on bottom. 1/10/09
9/12/01 12:00 Big Sur CA Fireball 1 hour Stars in the sky dancing in the middle of a clear day. 1/10/09
9/1/01 22:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Fireball Seconds A bright green fireball in the sky that lasted only seconds. 1/10/09
9/1/01 16:30 Philadelphia PA Fireball appx 5 min Dense white unusual and persisten contrail with reddish fireball at tip resembled spacecraft reentry. 1/10/09
3/22/01 00:30 Orlando & Daytona (between) FL Triangle 10 Minutes I4 Eastbound between Orlando/Daytona. Triangular craft hovered with car for aprox 10min, then moved forward, up & dissapeared fast 1/10/09
12/27/00 15:00 Kea'au HI Sphere 5 -10 minutes 2 friends watch UFO watching us , disappears as we look through binoculars! 1/10/09
9/15/00 02:30 Harrington WA Rectangle 15 minutes Very slow moving huge black triangle shaped object, no sound, crosses in front of me. 1/10/09
7/1/00 01:00 Santa Rosa CA Sphere 4-5 hours lots and lots of lights 1/10/09
1/15/00 20:00 Lake Charles LA Light 40 minutes There was a UFO in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2000. 1/10/09
1/2/00 00:00 Jacksonville FL Rectangle 2hrs A rectangle shape object like a cigar box (maybe three times the size) touched down in my back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? PD)) 1/10/09
1/2/00 00:30 Mesa AZ Oval 5 min. golden orb's flying about. 1/10/09
12/20/99 18:00 Villetaneuse (France)
Triangle 4 minutes hello if i send this description it is because i have seen a triangular craft in the air…((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
10/15/99 14:00 Yangtzee River (China)
9/9/99 20:45 Charlottetown (Canada) PE Disk 15 minutes Suspended white light with blue and red blinking lights low in sky on very clear night 1/10/09
9/1/99 21:00 Coon Rapids MN Triangle 8-10 seconds Large boomerang shaped invisible object blocked starlight while flying across sky 1/10/09
6/14/99 03:00 Sydney (Australia)
Other 15 minutes Possible humanoid being sighting / abduction attempt?? ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious report?? PD)) 1/10/09
6/1/99 01:00 Guilford CT Unknown 5 minutes No interaction, but eye contact made directly almost face to face with distinct humanoid figure with circular head. 1/10/09
11/23/98 18:05 Coon Rapids MN Oval 3-4 seconds Oval object flying down at 45 degree angle with stream of light following 1/10/09
9/20/98 20:00 Anasco (Puerto Rico)
Flash 3 minutes I saw three UFO close to the moon after hurricane George in Puerto Rico 1/10/09
6/1/98 22:00 Waitati, Dunedin (New Zealand)
Hundreds of lights and operative beeping sounds, hovering above my house bus.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/1/98 21:00 Sulphur LA Sphere 2-3 seconds Orb / Sphere seen over football Stadium 1/10/09
6/1/98 14:00 West Plains MO Triangle 1 minute or less Dear Pete, December 09,2008 My brother told me he saw "a wing" fly-over very low. I suspec 1/10/09
5/8/98 21:40 Deerfield Beach FL Light Approx. 5-10 minutes Strange lights sighted over Deerfield Beach, Florida May 8, 1998 at 9:40 PM for 5-10 minutes. 1/10/09
4/15/98 13:00 San Antonio TX Cylinder 3 mintues bright yellow lights over san antonio texas 1/10/09
3/15/98 22:30 Farina IL Fireball 20 min ((HOAX??)) Flaming eyeball floats across the horizon then a glow in sky makes a streak above us in a 60* angle 1/10/09
12/31/97 20:30 Warren OH Other 15 seconds Gigantic wing, with 12 blue orbs across the rear, flys across the sky over highway. 1/10/09
12/15/97 22:00 Iola IL Fireball 10to20min ((HOAX??)) A massive flaming/glowing eyeball floats by then min later a streak of light from space making a 60* angle above us. 1/10/09
11/15/97 21:30 Varysburg NY Triangle 15 sec Two triangular ships seen at night 1/10/09
10/1/97 19:00 Pelzer SC Triangle 3 minutes Large, black, triangular, object flew low and silent over South Carolina state prison yard. 1/10/09
9/7/97 12:00 Gulf of Mexico LA Cigar 5 mins Mercury colored Cigar shaped USO surfaced near Oil Plarform in Gulf of Mexico 1/10/09
8/31/97 05:15 Lost Lake OR Egg 3 min Two blue egg shaped objects floated past our campground about 200 feet above the ground moving about 25 mph,lasted about 3 min. 1/10/09
8/2/97 11:45 Albany (about 10 minutes from) OR Oval 7 seconds Oval shaped silver object sighted in the sky at 11:45am off of interstate 5. 1/10/09
6/30/97 20:22 Port Perry (Canada) ON Light 1 Hour UFO Air Show? 1/10/09
6/15/97 14:00 Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Sphere 20 seconds shiny silver object, spherical at a standstill and vertical speeds that boggle the mind. 1/10/09
4/7/97 17:00 Austin TX Triangle 30 mins I was driving northbound on I-35, and was around 5 miles south of Austin when I noticed an intensely bright white light far ahead on th 1/10/09
3/13/97 17:00 Lubbock TX Triangle 15-20 minutes March 1997 Lubbock, Texas a large triangular shaped, lighted object with instruments showing hovered for 15m+...shot away 1/10/09
6/30/96 03:00 Sacramento CA Light 5 minutes pulsating light over my neighbors yard about 5 houses away and 30 to 40 feet in the air. 1/10/09
6/1/96 22:00 Summerlin/Las Vegas NV Fireball 2-3 secs Large, fast moving, turqoise/yellowish fireball. 1/10/09
11/11/94 22:00 Plymouth IN Triangle 5 mins 1994 in Indiana- Black Triangle with white & red lights hovering then flying away quickly 1/10/09
10/5/94 19:00 Circleville OH Circle 30-45min Large object with flashing seen from 3 directions over Circleville. 1/10/09
5/15/94 17:00 El Centro CA Triangle 10 mins Huge triangle being followed by an F-16 in the california desert.. 1/10/09
4/15/94 21:00 Elkton MD Other 1-3 Minutes The UFO had Orange and Yellow Lights.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
2/14/94 17:30 Salyersville KY Triangle 1:00 min i was driving into salyersville from south to north maybe an 1/8 of a mile from rt.7 and u.s. 460 intersection, when a dark gray triang 1/10/09
8/15/93 02:00 Greenville CA Circle 5 minutes Brilliant vertical ring of lights moved silently and slowly over lake, then turned, illuminating the surrounding hills. 1/10/09
7/1/93 03:30 Katy TX Sphere 15 seconds An orange ball making two opposite 45 degree angle turns crosses the sky to the south in 5 - 7 seconds. 1/10/09
6/1/93 20:00 Salton Sea CA Changing 15 minutes Six lights circle in the Salton Sea, California, area with no sound 1/10/09
6/1/93 00:00 Brazil
Unknown 10 Minutes USN OS (Operations Specialist) CV-64 tracks UFO off coast of Brazil Summer '93 1/10/09
4/10/93 13:00 Three Rivers TX Sphere 20 minutes Spherical UFO tracks vehicle 1/10/09
11/15/92 23:00 Atlantic Ocean MA Disk
commercial fisherman. early am . leaving ryders cover --first light-- november-- this event ruined my life .. I have never been the 1/10/09
6/1/92 23:00 not shure ME Circle 5 min. Red Lights Over The State Of Maine. 1/10/09
3/15/92 23:00 Leirfjord (over) (Norway)
Flash 5 minutes single flashing light, suddenly hundreds or thousands of flashes, then back to one single 1/10/09
12/20/91 20:00 Macon GA Disk 2 min's saucer shaped soundless object hovering with rectangular lights going around; as soon as on would go off, the other would come on, 1/10/09
7/4/91 22:00 Suisun City CA Circle 30min A bright red ( round dot circle bubble luminous) UFO sphere splits into two, then travels in opposite directions after splitting 1/10/09
6/30/91 14:30 Whitefish MT Disk 15minutes Flying Saucer from north (Canada) descends on Whitefish, Montana, hovers silently, gone like a bullet. 1/10/09
5/1/91 20:00 Massapequa NY Other thirty seconds A large bright hexigon shape over Massapequa NY 1/10/09
7/29/90 23:00 Linden WI Circle 1 minute It was looking at me, stainless steel with equal rows of jets spaced in rows and at the end it changed colors 1/10/09
7/15/90 14:00 North Fork CA Fireball 1-2 minutes or less Greenish, glowing light in mid-day disappears to hillside without a sound 1/10/09
6/30/90 21:00 North Fork CA Other 10-15 minutes Five or six soundless lights on airship seen moving from east to west in foothills of Californ ia 1/10/09
12/24/89 23:45 Orrington ME Triangle 15 minutes Large dark triangular object with two round lights on either end and smaller circular lights in the middle 1/10/09
6/1/89 21:00 New Cumberland PA Rectangle 5 Minutes Small to medium sized black rectangular shaped craft several years above the tree line. 1/10/09
10/16/88 09:30 Philadelphia PA Oval 1 hour Oval shaped moon colored object that darts in and out of the clouds above my house, 1/10/09
10/10/88 21:00 New Gloucester ME Unknown few minutes I'm still afraid to look at the sky at night. 1/10/09
7/4/88 12:30 Morganton NC Sphere 30 sec Sphere accelerates at high rate. 1/10/09
6/10/88 22:00 Pensacola FL Light 1 minute UFO's that looked like stars moving quickly. 1/10/09
11/15/87 19:30 St. Petersburg FL Rectangle 2-3 min The exact date is vague but I remember it being somewhere between Nov 1987-Feb 1988. I was heading northboud on 4th st N just north of 1/10/09
7/1/87 03:00 San Pedro CA Triangle 10min. ((HOAX??)) I was right under it when it pass over my head. 40ft. up. 1/10/09
6/30/87 21:00 St. Cloud FL Other 2 mins Huge UFO Seen in Osceola County, Central Florida, Summer of 1985 or 1986 1/10/09
3/15/87 03:00 Scottsdale AZ Light three minuets Bright light takes off into the skys over Scottsdale, AZ in 1987 1/10/09
10/1/85 22:45 Lawrence KS Sphere < 5 minutes Red Light seen in Lawrence, Kansas, during Johnny Carson's Monologue 1/10/09
6/30/85 13:00 Big Bend National Park TX Unknown 15MIN, 2 park rangers disappear and reappear 45miles away in 15 minutes 1/10/09
8/15/84 18:00 Quebec City (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes White light zigzagging and hovering over Quebec city 1/10/09
6/30/84 21:30 Oakhill TX Circle 0005 Stationary ball of bright light, changes color and moves rapidly across Texas night sky in 1984 1/10/09
6/1/83 01:00 Broadgate (Jamaica)
Egg 5 miniutes large object traveling upward with ligths from windows 1/10/09
6/15/82 20:00 Chesterfield MI Other 5 Min I cant say what shape It was.It was to big .

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/25/81 22:00 Stowe VT Rectangle
While snow plowing down a mt .rd. my truck lost power and lights and Isaw two long objects with litup windows at tree top level. 1/10/09
10/1/81 20:00 Hesperia MI Oval 40 minutes Two people in car see green oval object and lost time 1/10/09
8/15/81 19:00 Jacksonville FL Sphere 1min 30secs round metallic object with three white lights hovering at tree top level made no noise left at high rate of speed 1/10/09
4/14/81 00:00 Milwaukie OR Disk 30 seconds Large blueish green disc shaped craft stopped and hovered 1/10/09
12/27/80 11:00 Hanover MD Light unknown frozen in time 1/10/09
9/16/80 23:00 Clinton Township MI Oval 20 min Circular shaped craft with flashing lights. 1/10/09
8/15/79 22:00 Wenatchee WA Triangle 7-8 seconds Huge silver ship passed slowly overhead, silently heading for impact with a mountain. It simply vanished. 1/10/09
7/13/79 22:00 Santa Clarita CA Disk 40 seconds Up close over backyard pool 1/10/09
6/30/79 21:00 Ramona CA Light aprox. 2-3 min. It was a greenish glowing object which moved at unimaginable great speed. 1/10/09
9/1/78 19:00 Memphis TN Triangle 6:00 ufo sighting over my car Memphis 1/10/09
8/15/78 12:00 Longmont CO Rectangle 15min. Black triangle monolith passed over Longmont, Colorado in the summer of 1978 1/10/09
7/30/78 23:50 Myles Inlet SC Other 2 minutes Hello . This was a sighting just out of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina .This Happened around 1978 . This was a different siteing that y 1/10/09
1/12/78 20:00 Grand Rapids MI Disk 5 minutes I submitted this report back in 2005. I have been reviewing my report from that time. There are a couple of things that are incorrect. 1/10/09
11/22/77 23:30 Tahlequah OK Triangle five minutes Triangular shaped object stopped over horse pasture in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1977 1/10/09
9/1/77 18:00 Arlington VT Sphere 5 minutes grayish color sphere shaped craft,no lights, and two more smaller crafts came out of the rear of the larger craft. 1/10/09
1/15/77 01:00 Dingman's Ferry PA Light 1 minute While working as a security guard at Wild Acres Lake in 1977 saw a bright rise off the ground, hover over trees and shoot off into sky. 1/10/09
1/14/77 22:00 El Paso TX Unknown 30min Bright light deep in space moving very fast 1/10/09
8/8/76 23:30 Port Richey FL Formation 2 minutes 5 glowing, pale green spheres in a chevron formation slowly flying north to south 1/10/09
6/1/76 23:00 Waco TX Sphere 4 seconds I saw a hazy blue ball of light about four feet in diameter just off the ground. 1/10/09
6/1/76 04:00 Federal Way WA Circle 1 minute Large Round Aircraft seen in Federal Way, Washington Approximately 1976 1/10/09
11/1/75 23:00 Ware Shoals SC Circle 5-10 minutes Large UFO flies within 50 feet of surprised bystander. 1/10/09
6/20/75 12:00 Brainerd (near) MN Cigar 2 Minutes This is confirming the sighting from a previous post 1/10/09
6/1/75 22:00 Sciotoville OH Other 15-20 minutes Large circular cluster of lights, approximately 25-30' wide, approx. 100' above the ground was observed. 1/10/09
3/15/75 21:00 Cowiche WA Circle 2-3 minutes Yakima UFO in 1975 1/10/09
9/15/74 20:00 Westerlo NY Light 5 minuts Watched light maneuver in nite sky in maner that normal aircraft cant do. 90 degree turns massive speed 1/10/09
7/21/74 21:00 Newark DE Disk 15 minutes This was not a far away light but a real flying sauser hovering directly above me. 1/10/09
6/30/74 22:00 Minot ND Other 30 minutes Translucent arch over road, small cloud that changed colors and sparkled. 1/10/09
6/1/74 Napa CA Cigar 5 min It was early evening, I was eight years old playing down the street (MacCloud St.) at my friends house when an adult nieghbor started p 1/10/09
6/30/73 Los Alamos NM

I just read the siting report that you attributed to 1973.

A friend of mine told me a story about how he and a group of very smart
10/1/72 Sweet Home OR Unknown ufo Ligthning coming out of a cloud hovering, waves of clouds come out an going backin, no sound look at that? 1/10/09
9/1/72 10:00 Onawa IA Disk 3 min Saucer shaped object with square red lights moves slowly over small Iowa town. 1/10/09
6/20/70 02:00 Cheyenne WY Circle 45 minutes followed by flying silent vehical for 45 minutes in wyomming 1/10/09
8/15/69 19:00 El Cajon CA Other 5-7 seconds A creature crossed my path and ordered me not to hurt it, as I was driving at the time. 1/10/09
8/13/69 00:30 Port Chester NY Other 1-2 seconds 2 solid boomerang-solid shapes in formation cross sky from horizon-overhead-behind bldg; 1.5 seconds; silent; color of cool fl. bulb 1/10/09
10/15/68 23:30 Fort Polk LA Light 30 MIN, Star sized light that split into two and mimic'd each others movement 1/10/09
6/30/68 Bong Son (Viet Nam)
Light half hour Navy fighter jets reported that objects had blown their doors off. 1/10/09
6/10/68 11:00 Downers Grove IL Disk < 5 minutes 11:00 am, clear sky, three of us saw a disk-shaped aircraft fly by, about as high up as an airplane would be. 1/10/09
9/1/67 18:00 Bentonia MS Light 5 min a light that did not light the ground around me but was so bright i just could look at it then it shot across the sky 1/10/09
8/25/67 23:30 Playa del Rey CA Oval 4-5 min. Oval light (the size of a five story building) sighted from shore had no reflection on water, no sound and traveled at breakneck speeds 1/10/09
8/15/67 20:00 Westford MA Unknown 20 min It appeared to be a satellite until it descended over us at a low altitude and just hovered at 500ft until it ascended and continued on 1/10/09
8/3/67 17:00 Calgary (Calgary) AB Disk 5 min? Close observation of hovering saucer shaped craft about 75' above the ground.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/15/66 22:30 Winston-Salem NC Triangle 50-60 sec 3 white lights high in the sky,making a 90 degree fast turn 1/10/09
11/1/65 19:00 Billerica MA Cigar 20 minutes Cigar shaped craft shines spotlight for me to walk towards it 1/10/09
8/1/65 01:30 Potter (11 mi. north of) NE Unknown 20 Minutes I will never forget this night.............a friend and I was arrived home (11 miles north of Potter, Nebraska) and saw lights over our 1/10/09
7/30/65 23:00 Old Lyme CT Oval 4-5 hrs Oval UFO hovers over neighborhood for several hours 1/10/09
11/12/64 20:00 Glen Allen VA Disk <1 min Angular Saucer-Like Craft Hovered Over Tree - Could See Movement Inside 1/10/09
9/15/62 07:00 Puerto Rico
Disk Hour and a Half Spinning lights inside of a small boiling cloud. 1/10/09
6/30/60 20:30 Portland OR Disk
Live TV broadcast from Portland OR in the summer of 1959 or 1960. 1/10/09
9/15/57 21:30 Lake Jackson TX Fireball 13 sec fireball seen on country road. 1/10/09
9/1/57 16:00 Graham TX Sphere 30 sec Three shiny spheres over Graham Texas 1/10/09
4/10/57 Dublin (Ireland)
ireland: night of sputnik sighting 1/10/09
2/1/54 02:00 Fairbanks AK Unknown 19 MIN. RADAR INTERCEPT OF UFO BY USAF PILOT IN ALASKA 1954. 1/10/09
12/30/52 12:00 Camp McCoy (enroute to) WI Cylinder 30 minutes 1951-2 winter sighting 1/10/09
7/7/47 Roswell NM

Roswell dates vs. USAF Question 1/10/09
6/30/46 21:00 Index WA Fireball 30 sec Greenish fireball flying nearly horizontal and Greyish figure 1-2 Mo. later 1/10/09
7/1/44 20:00 South Kingstown RI Sphere 4 minutes This event was related to me tonight, 29 December 2008, by a carpenter who is working at my house here in South Kingstown, RI. After d 1/10/09