National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2010/02/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/14/10 10:40ConoverNCUSACircle20 secseveral round objects moving real fast across the sky.2/14/10
2/14/10 00:15AtcoNJUSALight3 minutesStrange light seen over Atco, NJ.2/14/10
2/13/10 00:00London (UK/England)United KingdomLight2minutes9 light formation with 1 trailing .....moving southeast over london uk ,,, no noise just 9 flame like glowing light formation . moving2/14/10
2/13/10 23:55Coggeshall (UK/England)United KingdomLight3 minutesBright Orange light that slowly faded2/14/10
2/13/10 23:05Sharjah (U.A.E.)United Arab EmiratesFireball3 minutesFire ball like sighting in Sharjah, UAE2/14/10
2/13/10 19:30Watford (Hertfordshire) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball3 minsobject was red and orange and looked to be on fire2/14/10
2/13/10 19:15MelbourneFLUSASphere1 MINUTEThree orange lights on top and four yellow lights on the bottom. Shaped like an oval or sphere.2/14/10
2/13/10 19:00SunnyvaleCAUSAFormation15 secondswitnessed formation of 30-40 dim objects fly in south direction over Sunnyvale, Ca2/14/10
2/13/10 17:00Pasadena/Los AngelesCAUSATriangle30 secsTriangle formation in the sky with two globes to the right of the triangle.2/14/10
2/13/10 09:40Los AngelesCAUSACircleabout 20 min.5 white circular things in the L.A. sky on the day before valentine's day...2/14/10
2/13/10 00:15San BernardinoCAUSAFireball10 minutesI saw three orange lights that came at different times and went out like a flame on a candle at different times.2/14/10
2/12/10 23:30Ft. BraggCAUSACross30 secondsT shaped, twinkeling lights, and then vanished.2/14/10
2/12/10 23:00TopekaKSUSAUnknownseveral daysbright star like light, moves unlike nothing ive ever heard about2/14/10
2/12/10 21:00Sullivan CityTXUSAFormation4 minRed flashing lights in Sullivan City, TX.2/14/10
2/12/10 21:00Goose CreekSCUSAFlash15 minutesBrillant flashes of light2/14/10
2/12/10 20:35SeattleWAUSALight45 secondsBlue Green object streaking across the sky2/14/10
2/12/10 19:30SharonVTUSALight30 to 45 secondsAirplane-like light which seemed to spawn larger, brighter, stationary lights as it moved.2/14/10
2/9/10 21:00BedfordTXUSALight1 minBright red lights moving south2/14/10
2/9/10 21:00ModestoCAUSAChanging15 minBlue UFO in North Modesto, Ca.2/14/10
2/8/10 20:22GilbertAZUSAUnknown1 minuteGliding silent set of lights over Gilbert, AZ.2/14/10
2/8/10 19:15Santa MariaCAUSAOval20 minutesUFO sighting Santa Maria, CA2/14/10
2/8/10 18:30SaylorsburgPAUSADisk2 minutesBright lights on craft over Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania2/14/10
2/8/10 09:50Hobe SoundFLUSACircle15 min.Two White Star-like Shapes2/14/10
2/8/10 05:40RiverheadNYUSACircle2 minutes or lesssmall silver/white light , making rapid zig-zag patterns in early morning sky2/14/10
2/8/10 00:00Hyde ParkNYUSACircleunknownSmall, flashing, moving light over hyde park2/14/10
2/7/10 23:00Rochdale (Canada)BCCanadaLight20 mins((HOAX??)) Light pulsating in the sky.2/14/10
2/7/10 22:50PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther10 secondsFlying Red Lights2/14/10
2/7/10 22:00ModestoCAUSASphere20 MIN OR MORE2 UFO IN MODESTO. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD))2/14/10
2/7/10 21:15CiceroILUSATriangle15 SECONDSA loud black triangle with red lights seen in Cicero, Illinois2/14/10
2/7/10 19:45Cando (Canada)SKCanadaCylinder2 minutesA big red UFO flew past the house followed by another red UFO2/14/10
2/6/10 23:30Skegness (UK/England)United KingdomLight2 minutesTwo orange Lights2/14/10
2/6/10 23:00WoodbridgeVAUSALight1 minutebright yellow lights in the sky that moved with out a sound.2/14/10
2/6/10 23:00MontereyCAUSALight10 min2 lights, green and blue, crazy movements over Monterey2/14/10
2/6/10 21:40ElkinsWVUSALight15 seconds3 white lights in triangular formation + rapid independent movement seen over Elkins, WV2/14/10
2/6/10 17:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAOval10 minOval ship flying over northwest albuquerque bright red, yellow, and white lights pulsing.2/14/10
2/6/10 14:45CisternTXUSASphere6min5 low flying shperes seen in afternnon sky by 5 witnesses2/14/10
2/5/10 23:00PittsburghPAUSAUnknownon and off for 5 hoursPower went out and bright red and blue lights lit up the sky. Later, green lights flashed2/14/10
2/5/10 19:50TatumTXUSAOther5-10 minutesPlanes or UFO's in East Texas?2/14/10
2/5/10 19:15Benton CityWAUSASphere3-5 minBright orange and white lights low in the sky and then just disappeared.2/14/10
2/5/10 18:00LangleyWAUSATriangle3 hours plusTriangles of colored lights, two fairly stationary slowly moving higher in the night sky, two darting about that sped off.2/14/10
2/5/10 01:00BoulderCOUSALight2 hourslarge and bright blinking star begin to move, stop, move and stop erratically over the Flatirons2/14/10
2/4/10 21:00Witney, Oxfordshire (UK/England)United KingdomLightstill going onSmall light moving over the same area in the night sky. Unpredictable movement like an insect flying around. Moves up and down. Grows i2/14/10
2/4/10 09:00Grove CityOHUSASpheremore than a hour((HOAX??)) white lights flying around the moon several times.2/14/10
2/4/10 06:15SpencerportNYUSADiskabout 15-20 secondsSaucer like craft with round top and bottom. Strange texture and mixed colors... gliding just above trees.2/14/10
2/4/10 05:40Los AngelesCAUSALight5-7 minsBright white object without strobe/wing lights or sound. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS, which was visible at 05:34 hrs.. PD))2/14/10
2/4/10 01:35MonmouthORUSAFireball~1 minuteYellow-orange-white-ish fireball without tail that appeared below clouds - sky is overcast.2/14/10
2/3/10 19:25Porter RanchCAUSALight2 secondsWhite object streaked across sky, broke apart, and crashed in Porter Ranch, CA2/14/10
2/3/10 19:00AtlantaGAUSACircle2 to 3 minsA big ring-like object with bright lights in Atlanta2/14/10
2/3/10 11:30OregonOHUSACircle((HOAX??)) the ufo was there for 2 minutes and gone very fast2/14/10
2/2/10 21:00LeawoodKSUSACircle20 minI could see that it had lights all around it and it was very large and disc shaped2/14/10
2/2/10 20:05YoungsvilleLAUSAFireball4 minutesOn February 2, 2010, at approximately 8:05pm, I was driving south on Louisiana State Highway 89 at Glaser Drive, just south of LA Hwy 12/14/10
2/2/10 20:00WendellIDUSALight20 min approx.Amber lights appearing in the skies over Wendell, ID 8:00PM 02/02/20102/14/10
2/2/10 19:00BeckwourthCAUSAUnknown15 MinutesTwo large blinking orange lights 20 feet high and 50 feet apart moving slowly away as we approached.2/14/10
2/2/10 08:00Machu Piccu (Peru)PeruCigarunknownI was enjoying the tour then there it was. looks like a classic cigar ufo.2/14/10
2/2/10 05:25PounchatolaLAUSATriangleabout 2 mina triangle with 3 lights on each tip2/14/10
2/2/10 01:15Oakland ParkFLUSAFormation1 minute4 lights scramble together and shoot out in various directions-Fort Lauderdale2/14/10
2/1/10 21:00WendellIDUSALight20 minutesAmber lights moving in a diagnal angle seen south of wendell idaho2/14/10
2/1/10 19:15Mare IslandCAUSACircleless than a minuteUFO Sighting on Mare Island, California, February 1, 2010 at approximately 1715 hours2/14/10
2/1/10 08:30MaranaAZUSALight3 minsOrange lights in night sky.2/14/10
2/1/10 07:50AnsoniaCTUSAOvalminuteOval hovering disk2/14/10
2/1/10 04:45Socorro (west of, on Hwy 60)NMUSARectangle5 minutes?Followed by at very close range, rectangular shape, orange lights approximately 75-85 mph2/14/10
1/31/10 06:30MilwaukeeWIUSALight4-6 minVery large, bright moving searchlight, but no plane or helicopter in sight to be making it.2/14/10
1/31/10 00:14Boston, Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomLight40 SecondsBoston, Lincolnshire-Bright Circular Light2/14/10
1/30/10 19:00OaklandCAUSATriangle5-10 secThree transluscent, reddish-colored, orbs in a perfect triangular pattern fly overhead at a constant speed.2/14/10
1/30/10 18:45Walkerton (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle1 minrectangle and orange. thought it was a fire but realized it was in the sky.2/14/10
1/30/10 08:40Kennebunk BeachMEUSACylinder3 plus hoursTall white colum of extremely bright light appearing suddenly off Kennebunk beach2/14/10
1/29/10 00:00Bayfield (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownless than 2 hourswake up browsed with cuts one arm from wrist to elbow already healled except of 1 inch2/14/10
1/29/10 19:40EdinburgTXUSACigar5 minutesAt about 7:40pm a cigar shaped object at a great distance started doing zig-zags, before joining 5 or more objects.2/14/10
1/29/10 13:00CanadaMBCanadaDisk2 minOn my way home I saw an UFO2/14/10
1/29/10 11:00Madison CountyNCUSADiamond1 minuteI was driving down the road came to a stop sign. As i slowed i saw a bright flash of red and white light to my right. I then noticed in2/14/10
1/29/10 02:20PunxsutawneyPAUSALight12-15 minutesLarge white light surrounded by flashing red/green lights2/14/10
1/29/10 00:00Maple ValleyWAUSAChangingall night and still contistrange lights make half diamond shape in sky and one approaches the house.2/14/10
1/28/10 20:30StillwaterMNUSALight15 minutesBright lights over St. Croix River/Bayport area Minnesota2/14/10
1/28/10 20:00FolsomNJUSASphere30 secondsreflective object leaves light trail, disappears2/14/10
1/28/10 18:10PerrisCAUSATriangle10 minutesLarge black triangle hovering between 1500-2500 high then slowly crept northward at 50-80mph.2/14/10
1/28/10 14:00HoustonTXUSACircle45 sec2 spheres flying around each other, on a rotating axis2/14/10
1/28/10 08:27Santa AnaCAUSASphere5 secondsTwo white spheres flying over an orange county freeway2/14/10
1/28/10 03:00South BendINUSATriangle20 sectriangle over south bend2/14/10
1/28/10 01:30Paranaque (Philippines)PhilippinesTriangleblack triangle with red and blue lights2/14/10
1/27/10 20:30Taji (Iraq)IraqDiamond5 MINLooking into the sky, while walking over to my vehicle I noticed a star that seemed to move. I stopped and asked my friend if he could2/14/10
1/27/10 20:30CharlotteNCUSAFireball20:30-20:31Weird object goes across sky and boards a sationary object. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/14/10
1/27/10 19:00Wilkesboro/DeepGapNCUSADisk45 minsTwo strange multicolored dancing lights in the sky over Wilkesboro, a third above Deep Gap2/14/10
1/27/10 11:00Santa Fe SpringsCAUSASphere3 minutesUFO manuvering directly in LAX final approach2/14/10
1/27/10 06:00Fort CollinsCOUSALight8 minVery Bright in due West, Hovered about 2 min's, then accelerated very fast stright up.2/14/10
1/27/10 02:15GreensboroNCUSASphere20 minRound object maybe 5 miles away with an altitude about the same as a plane and has been stationary for about 20 min so far.2/14/10
1/26/10 19:01MiamiFLUSALightless than 2 secSaw first magnitude pinpoint moving south to north around 7:00 pm EST near Polaris from Miami2/14/10
1/26/10 11:00South KingstownRIUSAOther5 minutesThis morning at 11am I again heard the now familiar jet-like sound of an approaching craft. I went outside to see a low flying jet of2/14/10
1/26/10 09:45AustinTXUSAOther2 MinutesTwo objects over Austin2/14/10
1/25/10 20:30ClaytonNCUSALight3 seconds1 light ver fast then gone2/14/10
1/25/10 19:15Holloman AFBNMUSAOther1 minuteUnusual Lights Seen2/14/10
1/25/10 19:00NaplesFLUSALight1 minAmber light floats over Naples UFO or ???2/14/10
1/25/10 18:45KapoleiHIUSALight2 minThe two lights changed colors and flew circles around eachother while a Helicopter was following the 2 lights, they came very close to2/14/10
1/25/10 18:00KeaauHIUSALightcouple minutesGolden round light flying quietly, small side balls blinked2/14/10
1/25/10 17:30MiamiFLUSAOthersecondsWatching the 5:30 news here in Miami on channel 7 the anchor described how someone found inside a dumpster a framed pic of the space sh2/14/10
1/25/10 13:11Barcelona (Spain)Spain2minI and my friend have seen a black circular plate flying over the trees. It entered inside the wood and after 2 minutes aprox. it got ou2/14/10
1/25/10 05:00Lake StevensWAUSAUnknown15min.Monday the 25th and the 26th. I am up at 4:45am every morning, went out to have a smoke. The skys were clear, both mornings, I saw what2/14/10
1/25/10 01:00Iroquois Falls (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1/4 secondYour site was refered by the Rhine Research Center. For the past several months, my wife and I have seen a bright white light in our be2/14/10
1/25/10 00:30Lashburn (Canada)SKCanadaTriangleongoingStar moving in circular motion counterclockwise over LAshburn Sk,CAnada2/14/10
1/24/10 19:40TampaFLUSACircle5-6 minutesMulti-colored illuminated circular object hovers near and crosses over busy interstate highway.2/14/10
1/23/10 22:45Abingdon (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minsstrange lights in the sky2/14/10
1/23/10 19:45Streetly (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 secondsBright green flashing object similar to a shooting star but not.2/14/10
1/23/10 18:33Llandudnol (UK/Wales)United KingdomSphere1 SECONDWhite shere over Llandudno Wales - January 20102/14/10
1/23/10 18:00Lake TappsWAUSACircle2-3 secondsWhite glowing object appears, moves very fast, and then dissappeared.2/14/10
1/23/10 15:20Pacific GroveCAUSALight8 minutesObserved 17 small light moving below the moon at 15:20PST on Saturday 1/23/10.2/14/10
1/23/10 14:30LakewoodCAUSADiskpictureseen strange saucer shaped object in a picture i took from my backyard.2/14/10
1/23/10 05:38Carson CityNVUSALight6 sec3 blue lights over carson city in the vicinity of E 5th st.2/14/10
1/23/10 01:30RenoNVUSACigar5 minutesbright beam of light may have landed in reno, nevada2/14/10
1/23/10 00:00Cruz Bay (U. S. Virgin Islands)Virgin IslandsLight5 minutesFour bright amber coloured lights spotted flying straight upward and into space over the Caribbean Sea in the Virgin Islands.2/14/10
1/23/10 00:00TitusvilleFLUSATriangle3 secondsthis triangle ufo was transparent and able to disappear2/14/10
1/22/10 23:20PeekskillNYUSAUnknown30 secondsFlashing amber light flying very low over the Hudson River.2/14/10
1/22/10 17:00LincolnNEUSADiskabout 15 minutes((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) I am a firm believer in aliens, being 16 years old, I know people usually don't take me seriously.2/14/10
1/22/10 04:40BoiseIDUSAChanging20-25 seconds33' Wide White Object seen over Boise, ID, emitting Screeching/Shrill Noise (01/22/10)2/14/10
1/22/10 02:20RiversideNJUSALight10-15 minutes2 lights apear and the others shoots across sky when a plane flys by. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/14/10
1/21/10 22:45BloomfieldNJUSAOther5 min3 lights sighted not blinking, moving slow, duration 5 min not jet or blimp.2/14/10
1/21/10 22:19San AntonioTXUSASphere1/2 Secondcomet looking object seen on NW side of San Antonio TX at 10:19pm 1/21/102/14/10
1/21/10 18:40South KingstownRIUSACylinder7 minutesJet-like objects again over southern Rhode Island2/14/10
1/21/10 18:05RochesterNYUSACircle40+ min"Flying Saucer" surrounded by 8 planes2/14/10
1/21/10 05:30Saint CharlesIAUSAOther15 minutesWitness soundless flickering lights moving NE in the clouds above.2/14/10
1/20/10 19:30((HOAX??))PAEcuadorCircle22((HOAX?? Source indicates state of PA, in Ecuador)) 2 round balls flying2/14/10
1/20/10 19:00PoughkeepsieNYUSADiskabout 15 minutesAlien ship appears near synagogue.2/14/10
1/20/10 18:45BandonORUSAOther15 minutesClose Encounter of the 5th Kind. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly not a serious-minded report. PD))2/14/10
1/20/10 18:45South KingstownRIUSAChevron10 minutesJet-like craft with loud noise and strange lights in over southern RI2/14/10
1/20/10 18:00North StoningtonCTUSALight20 MinutesStrange Lights and booming noises in North Stonington CT2/14/10
1/20/10 07:45WalnutIAUSAFlash1 minuteHUGE Flash of Pale Blue Light & Loud Cracking Sound in Walnut, IA.2/14/10
1/20/10 03:34GowandaNYUSAFireball<5 sec.((HOAX??)) very fast fireballs,very scared.2/14/10
1/19/10 23:00AmherstVAUSAUnknown5 miutesMother and daughter chase UFO to daughter's house2/14/10
1/19/10 00:01Elmwood ParkILUSAFlash30 secondsTwo flashes quickly whisk into the sky and away2/14/10
1/18/10 20:55Arroyo GrandeCAUSALightmilisecTwo bluish-green lights moving NNE over Arroyo Grande, CA at unbelievable speed.2/14/10
1/18/10 20:15SeattleWAUSALight2 minutesBright, flickering orange light2/14/10
1/18/10 19:15WhitehallMTUSASpherea few secondsbrightly glowing aqua-greenish sphere comes straight down and land 50 yards out in our horse pasture with no noise and disappears.2/14/10
1/18/10 19:03DillonMTUSAOval5 secondsI was setting in my livingroom reading a book. My dog was barking excessivly. I looked out the window and saw a very brilliant pure wh2/14/10
1/18/10 17:50Mullica HillNJUSAOther5 secondsI saw what I thought was a plane flying straight with headlights on, evolve into a bowtiw shape of light and shoot down to the ground.2/14/10
1/18/10 17:35SayrePAUSA3 secondsOne huge bright round light falling straight down behind round top park2/14/10
1/18/10 15:00OldwickNJUSATriangle1 min- 3 minTriangular object with 40+ lights hovering over Oldwick, New Jersey.2/14/10
1/18/10 07:38LamarSCUSACigar5 minutesSilver Cigar-shaped object at 7:38 am in Lamar, SC2/14/10
1/18/10 01:35PittsburghPAUSALight4 minutesThree very intense pulses or flashes of light in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh,PA. 01/18/2010 1:30am.2/14/10
1/17/10 23:51ShawanoWIUSALightthree whitish blue lights move simultaneously parallel through the night sky2/14/10
1/17/10 23:30MiamiFLUSARectangle1 minBright lights and fast moving object!2/14/10
1/17/10 22:30Las VegasNVUSAOther20 SECONDSSighting of a Glowing Ring floating down then across and past our hotel window. 2 different sightings.2/14/10
1/17/10 18:30BayfieldWIUSALight15 secondsat 6:30 pm i was playing outside with my daughter. We were running through the trails i shoveled through the snow. My daughter loves to2/14/10
1/17/10 04:23Granite FallsWAUSALight20 secondsBright light coming from the sky with no noise.2/14/10
1/16/10 21:25Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaOther5 lights (orange) flying from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to the Ocean-- Atlantic2/14/10
1/16/10 21:20HendersonNVUSAChevron6 secondssmall stealth bomber shaped object flew overhead silently2/14/10
1/16/10 20:50Grass ValleyCAUSAUnknown1 secondI saw a very bright, white light at a very high speed shoot diagonally upwards into the sky.2/14/10
1/16/10 20:40BellinghamMAUSALight2 minBlinking light zig-zagging across the sky.2/14/10
1/16/10 20:00CoronaCAUSAUnknown3 min.CA, Corona White Flashing Lights2/14/10
1/16/10 19:49CoronaCAUSATriangle5 MinutesWhite lights on triangular object over corona2/14/10
1/16/10 19:30BoiseIDUSAChanging2 minutesRed Light Above Boise Descends at Tremendous Speed, Stops to Hover, Emits Radiation - All filmed by Observer 01/16/20102/14/10
1/15/10 23:40PlainvilleCTUSARectangle30 SecondsRectangular object moving across the sky.2/14/10
1/15/10 23:35YumaAZUSALight15 secondsThree white round lights morphed into two, changed colors and then disappeared in the sky near Yuma, AZ.2/14/10
1/15/10 22:10Flat CreekNCUSATriangle1:00Triangle craft headed towards Mars Hill, NC.2/14/10
1/15/10 19:30WhittierCAUSADisk20 secondsround saucer with bright lights circiling around it2/14/10
1/15/10 19:30TempeAZUSACircle5 minutesOrange, glowing, floating circular object over Tempe.2/14/10
1/15/10 16:55Long BeachCAUSAUnknown5 minutes +Loud cycling noise followed by multiple helicopters2/14/10
1/15/10 13:00Pinawa (Canada)MBCanadaLight40 secI saw a strange light at our local Girl Guide unit.2/14/10
1/15/10 04:05Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandLight30 secondsBright orange flashing light moving then staying still and then disappearing2/14/10
1/15/10 04:00GreensboroNCUSALight45Light shaped reflective star that moving over the sky in a westerly direction.2/14/10
1/15/10 00:18CarlsbadCAUSALight5 MinutesBright light changes color from blue to red as it circles, hovers, dips, and rises up, only to eventually circle back down.2/14/10
1/14/10 19:30Holiday IslandARUSATriangle10 minutesTriangular patterned lights over Holiday Island, Arkansas marina.2/14/10
1/14/10 04:30PomomaNYUSALightBright light, sometimes two lights and at times with white streams of light emanating from it.2/14/10
1/14/10 01:40RenoNVUSAFlashA real ufo i cant believe it2/14/10
1/14/10 01:00McGregor rangeNMUSACircle1 snapshotobject over mountains2/14/10
1/13/10 23:25ModestoCAUSAOther1 minuteA diamond shapped object dimly lit and moving silent through the night sky2/14/10
1/13/10 19:45GregoryMIUSALight5min.four lights in the sky.2/14/10
1/13/10 18:15Troutdale (south of)VAUSALight2 minutesLight2/14/10
1/13/10 18:00DenverCOUSADisk10 secondslarge object hovering completely still, three lights in the center with a glowing rounded bottom.2/14/10
1/13/10 17:00ClarksburgWVUSA20-60 minutesMany aircraft/objects seen in western sky2/14/10
1/13/10 01:00AckermanMSUSALight2 hoursA bright light hovering in the southwestern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))2/14/10
1/13/10 00:45White OakPAUSATriangle30 SecondsBlinking lights on a rectanglar shaped object spotted in the sky in White Oak, PA.2/14/10
1/12/10 21:30MetlakatlaAKUSADiskSaucer behind car 2 visible red lights in the middle of saucer2/14/10
1/12/10 19:32WaukeshaWIUSADisk15minutesfive glowning globes over waukesha,wi2/14/10
1/12/10 19:20Deep RunNCUSAOther10 secondsCar like object in the sky2/14/10
1/12/10 19:00WichitaKSUSA3-4 minutesbright orange, flickering, upside down teardrop shape, moving fast, no audible noise over s.w. Wichita, KS2/14/10
1/12/10 19:00AlmaARUSAOthernight((HOAX??)) a strange ball of fire, like after burners.2/14/10
1/12/10 04:00EugeneORUSAUnknown2 minutesAwaken by several episodes of BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHT and a very LOUD mysterous noise.2/14/10
1/12/10 00:00FayettevilleWVUSASphere7 minutssomething followed my family and left a piece behind2/14/10
1/11/10 23:25Ingleside (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle5 minutestriangle shaped craft with four coloured lights2/14/10
1/11/10 22:30Yandoit (Near Daylesford, VIC) (Australia)AustraliaLight2 minsNights sky, white light wobbled, expanded into a bright lit up cross shape and then flew away.2/14/10
1/11/10 21:30JoplinMOUSATriangle5 to 10 sec.V shaped, extreamly fast, silent and the color was orange.2/14/10
1/11/10 17:00FairfieldCAUSAOvalunknownShape was black in color2/14/10
1/11/10 04:00Dublin (South Australia)AustraliaLight45 secondsBright orange light moving too fast to be a satellite or plane.2/14/10
1/11/10 01:40Fort MyersFLUSAFireball15 secondsBright fireball seen over Naples area of SW Florida.2/14/10
1/11/10 01:30LakelandFLUSAOther1 minuteNeon blue light in the sky disappears and then phone call is interrupted by unknown sound .2/14/10
1/10/10 20:55PrattKSUSACircle6 seconds4 rings of light accompanied by a single ring of light2/14/10
1/10/10 20:00LompocCAUSAFireball6 sechuge bright orange sphere appeared and dissapeared2/14/10
1/10/10 20:00ButlerMOUSAChevron1-2 minutes((HOAX??)) I was heading driving to the store when I seen a red and yellow lighted craft in the air flying 1000 ft or less strobing.2/14/10
1/10/10 19:00EuniceLAUSAOval15:00 minsTwo objects meet then leave each other one to the east and one to the west2/14/10
1/10/10 18:45TularosaNMUSAOther5 figure 8 followed by military aircraft2/14/10
1/10/10 14:00CaryNCUSAChanging15 minObject appears and hovers, strange maneuvering.2/14/10
1/10/10 11:30HancockMDUSASphere2 minutesPhoto taken of silver colored sphere in Western Maryland.2/14/10
1/10/10 10:30NortonMAUSATriangle1 minstrange craft with amazing speed.2/14/10
1/10/10 09:43San JacintoCAUSAUnknown5 secondesA bright light hitting us while leaving at high speed2/14/10
1/10/10 07:23Kilmartin (UK/Scotland)United KingdomTriangle12 minsI was a traingle shaped craft from the hills and followed it till I couldn't see it nomore.2/14/10
1/10/10 05:45Round RockTXUSALight2 seconds3 Fast-moving lights over Round Rock Texas2/14/10
1/10/10 00:30UxbridgeMAUSASphere5 minutesUnidentified object, roughly spherical, hovering/moving very slowly, many lights, multiple colors.2/14/10
1/10/10TauntonMAUSAUnknown10 seconds((HOAX??)) saw a strange object in the night sky2/14/10
1/9/10 23:55PaducahKYUSAUnknown45 minutesI went outside for nightly smoke break and to gaze at the night sky. I noticed something that seemed like an out of place star only to2/14/10
1/9/10 22:00CincinnatiOHUSALightnot surecinti,ohio 23:00 light in back yard2/14/10
1/9/10 21:35KapoleiHIUSALight30-40 secsRe Submitted per Mr. Davenport request to detail the light description of objects. 01.09.2010 While watering my grass at about 212/14/10
1/9/10 21:30BuffaloNYUSALight2 secondsFast moving light curves in sky2/14/10
1/9/10 20:45SalineMIUSAFormationseveral hoursSoutheast sky early in the evening, Blue, Green and Red Lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/14/10
1/9/10 20:00Freedom (Watsonville)CAUSATriangle20((HOAX??)) 1/9/19 DURATION 20:00 FREEDOM CA IT WAS A TRIANGLE BUT FIRST IT WAS ONE LIGHT2/14/10
1/9/10 19:00SeattleWAUSACylinder1 minuteReviewing my photos I came across a suspicious object in the upper right corner and it way flying at an odd angle. Too steep for a plan2/14/10
1/9/10 18:05WoodbridgeNJUSALightnine minutesSaw two lights that were not planes.2/14/10
1/9/10 18:00Francis CreekWIUSALight1 hourmulti-colored pulsating UFO, round white object falls out of it straight down toward the ground2/14/10
1/9/10 17:38Oxfordshire (UK/England)United KingdomFireball30 secondsA large orange ball of fire appeared in the sky from nowhere travelled horizontally and then faded.2/14/10
1/9/10 03:00BrickNJUSAOther2-5 minutesFlying Bell with Lights2/14/10
1/9/10 02:00London (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10-20 minsvery close encounter with what i truley cant imagine2/14/10
1/8/10 23:00BoulderCOUSATriangle40 secondsA trangular craft with several, large, bright lights flew low and quick over the neighborhood2/14/10
1/8/10 21:52Port St. LucieFLUSAFireball2 -3 minutesRed ball surrounded by fire surrounded by a blue green circle over Port Saint Lucie Florida2/14/10
1/8/10 21:35KapoleiHIUSALight40 secsLED like lights swarming above ocean in west Oahu.2/14/10
1/8/10 19:00TomballTXUSAUnknown10-15 SECONDSFour straight ,horizontal lights on one 40-60' structure, 150-200 ft in the air just above the tree line (Tomball TX)2/14/10
1/8/10 19:00Fort WorthTXUSAChevron20 minutesColorful and bright huge objects in sky.2/14/10
1/8/10 18:45Progreso (Mexico)Mexico5 secondsI was in the back yard next to the pool. I live close to the ocean in a lonely place. Sky was clear after a lot of rayni days. I was2/14/10
1/7/10 23:45WestbrookCTUSATriangle2-3 minutesVery large (747ish), low flying, slow moving (30-50 mph), and absolutely silent triangular object w/3 lights.2/14/10
1/7/10 19:34West BoylstonMAUSALightapprox. 1 sec.Bright Florissant-green, circular light arching downward with a trail of the same color. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))2/14/10
1/7/10 19:30Ste-Brigitte-de-laval (Canada)QCCanadaFireball5-6 secondsLike a shooting star lightening brightly around us, going fast north-south, but close to earth, silently2/14/10
1/7/10 17:45WindhamNHUSALight2 secondsBright white flash on the southwestern horizon2/14/10
1/7/10 17:30EdgartownMAUSACircle50 sec.UFO Sighting 01/07/12010 My wife and I were sitting in our hot tub when we saw it. It was almost overhead traveling from west to eas2/14/10
1/7/10 06:15MansfieldMAUSALight3 minBright lights aligned with Castor and Pollux2/14/10
1/7/10 05:15SouthamptonNYUSAFormation30 sec7 dim lights triangular formation 30 sec easterly direction off long island ny2/14/10
1/7/10West Haven (viewed from)CTUSAFireball3-4 secsbright green comet or unidentified object that appeared to crash into the Earth2/14/10
1/6/10 21:15SearcyARUSADisk1 hourdisc shape hovering above Searcy, AR2/14/10
1/6/10 20:50RinggoldGAUSARectanglei know it was not an airplane or military craft it had no sounds2/14/10
1/6/10 20:20Desside (UK/Wales)United KingdomFireball2-3 minutesBright golden spherical object that seemed to be burning with pieces falling from it.2/14/10
1/6/10 20:00Pacific PalisadesCAUSATeardrop5 minutesI was at home in my condo at night.My condo faces the back of the 16 unit building.2/14/10
1/6/10 07:18Bradford (UK/England)United KingdomLight40 minutesBright lights and Blue Lightning North East of Bradford2/14/10
1/6/10 01:00San DiegoCAUSALight20 minutesUnusual silent, orange glowing light stopping changing direction and discharging sudstance.2/14/10
1/5/10 20:10AndersonSCUSALightSeven MinutesOrange light that set down in woods, got brighter, then left2/14/10
1/5/10 19:15UK/ScotlandUnited KingdomDiamond2 minutesEXTREMELY BRIGHT ILLUMINATED & DIAMOND SHAPED AND RIGHT ABOVE MY CAR!2/14/10
1/5/10 19:00Valley View Hot Springs near crestoneCO.COUSALightabout 5 minaircraft like light in distance that streaks up and is gone ,, light out of nowhere that gets small and moves like satellite2/14/10
1/5/10 18:15RockwellNCUSACigar40 secondsBrilliant silver/white silent object flew into sight, slowed, paused then faded from sight.2/14/10
1/5/10 16:00ClintonNJUSACigar3 weeksTraveling to Pennylvania.2/14/10
1/5/10 06:00Twenty Nine PalmsCAUSAUnknown50 secondsSpiraling light falls towards the earth then hovers, makes a 90 degree turn and disappears then reappears 30 mins later not glowing.2/14/10
1/5/10 04:00ColoniaNJUSAUnknown15 minloud aircraft that could be heard for up to 15 minutes at its lowest rummble.2/14/10
1/5/10 02:11Chula VistaCAUSAOval10 secondsOne Oval Spining above Chula Vista2/14/10
1/4/10 22:00El CajonCAUSALightNoticed from dusk to dawn"Fake stars" over San Diego, CA2/14/10
1/4/10 19:20Jarna (Sweden)SwedenLight5-10 minutes approxTwo lights moving slowly soundlessly towards and overhead.2/14/10
1/4/10 19:10Cedar RapidsIAUSALight15 minTwo very bright white lights come close together in the northwest sky and one dissapears...2/14/10
1/4/10 19:00Ben WheelerTXUSALight2-3 minutesVery bright light, flying lower than a jet; appeared to be tracking another light. ((NUFORC Note: Satellites?? PD))2/14/10
1/4/10 17:40WhittierCAUSALight3 secondsThick bright light travels across southern California then disappears?2/14/10
1/4/10 05:28ReedvilleVAUSAChangingabt 1 hourSpherical flashing lights, hovering in the northwestern sky, no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body?? PD))2/14/10
1/4/10 02:40Glen SpeyNYUSAFlash35 minscolorful flashing craft hovers for 30mins & then flashes violet, followed by dashing to the right & disappearing2/14/10
1/3/10 19:30Whitchurch (UK/England)United KingdomFireball1 minute3 bright orange balls moving across the sky.2/14/10
1/3/10 18:25Flint, Flintshire (UK/Wales)United KingdomLight1 to 2 minutesBright red light moves in winter sky and then shoots upwards.2/14/10
1/3/10 04:00MasonOHUSACircle20 minsdidnt move like a plane or helicopter, too close to be a star.2/14/10
1/3/10 03:45Trinity and Riverside (between)TXUSADisk60 secondsDisc-like aircraft hovering 100 yards above empty highway at 3:45 a.m. in N.E. Texas2/14/10
1/2/10 23:47AtlantaGAUSAFireball3 secondsglowing red spaceship flys at car2/14/10
1/2/10 23:17LovelandCOUSACross5 minutesextremely bright light over tree in loveland, CO2/14/10
1/2/10 20:15Sunderland (UK/England)United KingdomChanging15 minuteseast to west flight path over Hylton Castle, Sunderland, SR5 3TP, England2/14/10
1/2/10 20:12WaxhawNCUSASphere1 minutered glow/flame over waxhaw, nc2/14/10
1/2/10 18:00SacramentoCAUSATriangle4minTriangle shaped object spotted over Sacramento River.2/14/10
1/2/10 13:00PhoenixAZUSARectangle10 secondsA bright light in Phoenix hovered above houses in broad daylight, then vanished2/14/10
1/2/10 12:20OrangeCAUSALight5-6 minutesPoint of light in daytime sky over Orange, CA2/14/10
1/2/10 04:42Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5-10 secondsTriangul shaped UFO, 3 bright white lights w/ red glowing light in the middle, large in size, made no noise, was pretty fast2/14/10
1/1/10 22:30Dublin (Ireland)IrelandUnknown00:03un-usual light over Dublin bay.2/14/10
1/1/10 19:00Jilotepec (Mexico)MexicoDiamond15 minutosAVISTAMIENTO DE OVNI SOBRE MEXICO.2/14/10
1/1/10 18:30JasperFLUSASphere1 MINBright light sets in the eastren sky.2/14/10
1/1/10 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALightHalf an hourMy wife and I were outside in the Jacuzzi when she first saw a light. It glowed and traveled from north to south. It lit up again whe2/14/10
1/1/10 17:20PasadenaCAUSATriangle1 minuteWalking on Cordova westbound just before the Hilton. Sun was setting so looked up to see if we could see any satellite reflection. Sa2/14/10
1/1/10 13:00HaverhillMAUSATriangle30 secondsHaverhill Massachusetts triangle object sighting2/14/10
1/1/10 12:02San DiegoCAUSATriangle3 minutesIt happen nEw years eve 20102/14/10
1/1/10 12:01WillowAKUSASphere10-11 min4 redishorange shpereiodical objects appear during 2010 fireworks show hover around then disappear 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/10
1/1/10 01:45Stroud (UK/England)United KingdomFireball2 minsFlame ball flew down the Stroud valley2/14/10
1/1/10 01:00Newcastle (UK/England)United KingdomOther3 minutesVery large orange flame like craft similar to lantern seen flying low and fast following coastline2/14/10
1/1/10 01:00San DiegoCAUSASphere20 minutesOrange spheres in sky New Year's Eve, San Diego, CA2/14/10
1/1/10 00:40WalworthWIUSASphere5-7 minutesLarge red/orange orb traveling southeast between Milwaukee and Chicago.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:30Strabane (County Tyrone) (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandCircle1 hourorange lights2/14/10
1/1/10 00:30AspenCOUSAChevron2 minsNew Years Eve Anomoly In Aspen Colorado2/14/10
1/1/10 00:25CrestviewFLUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange/Yellow flickering light in the sky with no sound and abrupt changes in direction, below 12,000 feet.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:24Boca RatonFLUSAFireball4 MinutesSlow moving fireball northbound at hight altitude Southern Florida2/14/10
1/1/10 00:24FalconCOUSADisk8 minsWe experienced red disk over the falcon, colorado sky within the first minutes of the new year.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:24Bromsgrove (UK/England)United KingdomCircle6 minutes3 orange shape objects travelling at approx 700mph2/14/10
1/1/10 00:20Walsall (UK/England)United KingdomLightwatched for 20mins could 6 orange lights over walsall/bloxwich England.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:20National CityCAUSAFormation25 mintutes3 red lights over the mountains in Eastern San Diego2/14/10
1/1/10 00:15Stirlingshire (UK/Scotland)United KingdomOval30three crafts two flew over head followed by third witch turned upwards and left it to space .i watchet as it left from orange to nothin2/14/10
1/1/10 00:15Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandSphere5 minutesI was looking out my living room window when I saw a light in the sky which I thought must be an aeroplane but we don't normally have t2/14/10
1/1/10 00:15Leicestershire (UK/England)United KingdomFireball5 secondsSeven orange glowing craft spotted in Stoney Stanton Leicestershire UK at 00:15 hrs new years day 20102/14/10
1/1/10 00:11London (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond10 secondsUFO moved in a straight line across the sky above my house. Very high and had flashing orange and green lights.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:10La MesaCAUSATriangle4-6 minutes3 bright red lights hovering high in the sky in an elongated triangle pattern just after midnight 2010 in La Mesa, Ca2/14/10
1/1/10 00:10Mount Helix ParkCAUSACircle20 minutes3 Red Beacons in Triangular Shape above Mount Helix at Midnight of NYE 2010.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:04NaplesFLUSASphere2 mini'm in naples park. last night, my husband and I were sitting outside --neighbors lighting off fireworks, etc. We're under a lanai and2/14/10
1/1/10 00:03El CajonCAUSALight10min3 red lights in sky new years 20102/14/10
1/1/10 00:03AntiochCAUSAOther30 MinuetsObjects in sky over Antioch California 12:03AM January 1, 20102/14/10
1/1/10 00:01El CajonCAUSAFormation15 min.Three red lights over the San Diego area - IT'S A HOAX YET AGAIN!!2/14/10
1/1/10 00:01WillowAKUSAFormation7 minfour orange red objects suddenly appear 12:01 am new years move north then south and dissapear2/14/10
1/1/10 00:01Spring ValleyCAUSALight10:00Three bright red lights in a straight line formation2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00Lemon GroveCAUSALightabout 15 minutes3 Red lights in line pattern above El Cajon/ East County.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00Grants PassORUSATriangleA few mintuesTriangle shaped craft with three red lights at points hovering over Grants Pass, Oregon.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00FresnoCAUSALight1 minFresno cal. bright light hovers over head then vanished2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00El CajonCAUSATriangle12 minutes3 Red objects hovering over El Cajon CA2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00BonitaCAUSALight13 minutesThree bright red lights witnessed floating stationary over San Diego New Years Day 20102/14/10
1/1/10 00:00St. LouisMOUSAFireball1 min7 floating orbs or fireballs moving from southwest to northeast direction.2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00Park CityKYUSALight2-3 secondsLights orbiting the moon2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00La MesaCAUSALight10 minThree red lights over southern California that made a triangle shape2/14/10
1/1/10 00:00El CajonCAUSATriangle6 minutesOn New Years Eve I went outside to hear the celebration and fireworks in my neighbor hood. And noticed 3 red lights above my house and2/14/10
1/1/10Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball2 minutesBright orange, glowing orb came towards us. It stopped,pulsated and glowed brigher before shrinking into the dark night sky.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:59El CajonCAUSATriangle10 mins.Three hanging lights in the sky, in triangle formation, with no sound at midnight, New Year's Day 2010.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:46AustinTXUSADisk5 minutesNew Years Eve Unkown object in the sky above Downtown Austin Texas2/14/10
12/31/09 23:45CovinaCAUSALight8 minSolid orange light appears near Covina, ca.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:45Sarpsborg (Norway)NorwayLight10 minutesTwo orange balls of light rose up from the sky and kept climbing upwards and over us. One of them was higher than the other and started2/14/10
12/31/09 23:30LivingstonLAUSAUnknownnew yearsThe 12 UFO we seen brite yellow like a street light2/14/10
12/31/09 23:30St. LouisMOUSACircle2 - 3 minutesOrange, glowing jelly fish-like object.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:15JacksonWIUSALight10 secondsVery fast and bright light crosses sky in less then 10 seconds.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:15Lake WorthFLUSACircle2 sphere. no sound at all.2/14/10
12/31/09 23:00AberdeenSDUSAFormation3-4 minutesOrange balls shooting into the air and forming a check mark formation.2/14/10
12/31/09 22:15Preston (UK/England)United KingdomLight60 secondsOrange light moving quickly2/14/10
12/31/09 22:00TomballTXUSACircle2 minutesAn orange object in the sky that got smaller as it moved was spotted in Tomball,Tx.2/14/10
12/31/09 21:45MandevilleLAUSADisk45 minutes1 orange colored craft moved around sky,then blinked out.Then saw about 8 orange craft streak across outer atmosphere in a staggered li2/14/10
12/31/09 21:00DenverCOUSATriangle--Pale blue lights hover near Denver, Colorado in "V" formation2/14/10
12/31/09 21:00MandevilleLAUSALight1 minute3 orange lights New Year's Eve2/14/10
12/31/09 19:55Macclesfield (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 minuites2 ornage lights-separate craft flying parallel,then disappeared2/14/10
12/31/09 19:30Troon (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle10minsThis was a most clear concise sighting of totally inexplicable objects in perfect weather.2/14/10
12/31/09 10:30N. HollywoodCAUSACigar60-70 secondssomething exploding over Universal Studios in many shining pieces2/14/10
12/31/09 09:30Spring HillTNUSADisk5 or 6 minutesThree yellowish/white hovering, then quickly disappearing in a blink/strange shaped air craft2/14/10
12/31/09 05:21MexiaTXUSAEgg4 secondsI saw a blue light apear in the sky and it moved around then disapeared!2/14/10
12/31/09 00:13Swindon (UK/England)United KingdomCircle14mSentient red lights move across a2/14/10
12/31/09 00:00Lemon GroveCAUSACircle10 minThree red lights in formation on New Years Eve right at midnight2/14/10
12/30/09 21:04BoiseIDUSALight10 secondsBright white light moving downward south of Boise then leveling off.2/14/10
12/30/09 14:00Gulf of Mexico (over)TXUSAOther6-8 minutesFive rodlike structures seen at 35,000 feet over Gulf of Mexico.2/14/10
12/30/09 06:20MeridenCTUSAFireball15/60minsseen it three times2/14/10
12/30/09 00:15CelebrationFLUSATriangle30 secondsTraingle over Celebration Florida a few minutes past Midnight2/14/10
12/29/09 23:20Middlesbrough (UK/England)United KingdomFireball1 minball of fire2/14/10
12/29/09 21:00La PineORUSADisk7 minutesCrafts seen in Oregon~No question U.F.O's2/14/10
12/29/09 21:00KittanningPAUSA30 secondsShooting star like a flare with a trail, traveling north to south and then it burned out. Space junk?2/14/10
12/29/09 20:50DurhamNCUSAFireball5 secondsBlue-white fire ball over Durham2/14/10
12/29/09 20:40ValdostaGAUSAUnknown2 secsConstant green light, flying south over Gerogia.2/14/10
12/29/09 20:30ColumbiaSCUSALight5 secsDriving on the highway and saw something fall out of the sky.2/14/10
12/29/09 20:15Pine LevelALUSAfew minutesFive lights, moving as one, slowly at low altitude from west to east across US-231, with no normal aviation lighting.2/14/10
12/29/09 20:00Kilmartin (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight2 secondsfast bright light that shot straight up into the sky.2/14/10
12/29/09 20:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight5 minutesOdd light in sky over North Brooklyn, New York.2/14/10
12/29/09 01:00TemperenceMIUSALight2 min.12/29/09 1:00 am temperence,michigan light 2 min. Seen a BRIGHT light over temperence,michigan from my front deck of my home.2/14/10
12/28/09 20:37Rock HillSCUSAChevronso far an hourColorchangin Light over Rock Hill, SC 12/28/20092/14/10
12/28/09 18:00Oak HarborWAUSAFireball5 minsballs of light over Puget Sound2/14/10
12/28/09 06:00StatesboroGAUSADisk5 minutessaucer shaped craft hovering above tree tops,multiple witnesses.2/14/10
12/28/09 03:30Cherry GroveSCUSATriangle3-4 minsTRI SHAPED CRAFT WITH THREE LIGHTS AND NO SOUND2/14/10
12/28/09 01:45Mount CobbPAUSACircle12 secondsmy grandson and i were going home on the exspressway route 84 we were east bound. we were almost at the mt cobb exit 8 when we saw thi2/14/10
12/28/09 01:25Blackburn (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minutebright glowing orange object2/14/10
12/27/09 22:00RiversideCAUSADiskOn-goingDouble-disk shaped object, silver color on top, red on bottom. Viewable on Google ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a UFO. PD))2/14/10
12/27/09 20:00HonoluluHIUSACircleThis happened at the end of Dec. 2009. I am from Honolulu, HI and I live near Diamond Head. It was around 8pm at night when my sister a2/14/10
12/27/09 18:11Pembroke PinesFLUSALight1 minuteCraft shoots across evening sky on edge of the Everglades2/14/10
12/27/09 05:45Spring GrovePAUSARectangle45 secs.My dog awaken me at 5:45am in the morning, as I was getting out bed I glanced outside the window and seen an object moving across the s2/14/10
12/27/09 02:00Shannon (approx. 500 km WNW of) (Ireland)IrelandTriangleapprox. 10 minutesTriangular blinking lights over the North Atlantic Ocean (seen from a commercial aircraft)2/14/10
12/27/09 00:07Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere4-5 secondsLow flying bright neon green spherical object moving slow just above houses2/14/10
12/26/09 21:15Dundee (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball15 minsAround a dozen bright glowing orange objects following exactly the same path before stopping and fading to nothing, as if moving out in2/14/10
12/26/09 21:09Bangalore (India)IndiaTriangle1 and a half minuteNagarbhavi in Bangalore, India- Three-winged triangular object with blinking lights.2/14/10
12/26/09 20:00Bedford (UK/England)United KingdomEgg2 minsRed Craft2/14/10
12/26/09 17:30BethelAKUSADisk90 secondsLarge fireball-like red/orange disc low in the sky and moving slowly right to left. Soundless. Clear night.2/14/10
12/26/09 16:35VancouverWAUSALight20 secondsbrilliant light not a star2/14/10
12/26/09 16:35TacomaWAUSALight15 min3 bright lights in triangle pattern hovering in sky2/14/10
12/26/09 13:02Big Bend National ParkTXUSA((HOAX)) Was in Big Ben area within last decade hiking and found a petrified baby alien-the head is approx 1/4" long...2/14/10
12/26/09 12:30PittsburghPAUSA2 min.See above statmement.2/14/10
12/26/09 06:15RenoNVUSAUnknown2 secondsFaint object seen shooting over Cold Springs Valley in Reno, Nevada2/14/10
12/26/09 01:36MicoTXUSAFormation10-15minFormation around cloud over lake that disappeared and emitted small bright light.2/14/10
12/26/09 00:00RiversideCAUSAFormation3 minutesOrange balls of light over Riverside, California.2/14/10
12/25/09 20:30Nanaimo (Canada)BCCanadaTriangle20 minutes4 orange/red balls fairly low in sky, 3 in shape of triangle, 1 floated through middle2/14/10
12/25/09 19:46CleburneTXUSATriangle4 to 5 minutesHuge, silent aircraft seen under 500 feet Xmas night by trained observer for 4 to 5 minutes2/14/10
12/25/09 18:25Southampton (UK/England)United KingdomSphereVery big orange, red sphere2/14/10
12/25/09 17:30Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 -2 mins3 orange/yellow lights in triangle formation slowly moveing in triangle formation over bhx airport .the lights slightly flickerd then t2/14/10
12/25/09 16:25KelsoWAUSASphere3 minSaw an orange object flying low silently from the west going north. Appeared for about 3 minutes then just disappeared.2/14/10
12/25/09 03:00Los GatosCAUSALightA christmas story that we will never forget.2/14/10
12/25/09 00:30SeabrookTXUSAUnknown5 secondsA rather large yellow laser beam tracked from 20 feet behind my truck over my truck and down the hood.2/14/10
12/25/09 00:30DowneyCAUSACylinderunknown3 lighted cylindrical vertical objects in eastern sky2/14/10
12/24/09 23:35Phillips RanchCAUSAChanging10 minSingle craft released multiple craft with dropped and flew away, (have pics of sinlge craft only)2/14/10
12/24/09 23:01Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomTriangle5minutestriangle shape made of 3 circles.multi coloured moving in an odd manner2/14/10
12/24/09 21:05Greenock (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight1 minGreenock, Scotland, Brigh light ,1 min, the bright light moved light a plane but had no sound and was not that high in the sky.2/14/10
12/24/09 21:00WeymouthMAUSAOther~ 5min.Dozens of little red lights seen on christmas eve in the skys of weymouth Ma.2/14/10
12/24/09 21:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandCircleForty minutesWe were driving to view a house festooned with Christmas Lights in West Auckland on Christmas Eve around 9pm. As I proceeded from the2/14/10
12/24/09 19:06Consett (Durham Co.) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball2 3mini saw a orange ball of light which slowed down nearly stopping when i took a photo of it.2/14/10
12/24/09 18:30AnaheimCAUSAFormation1-3 minutes3 multicolored lights in triangular formation hovering and then rising up. It changed formation and moved on a curve several times.2/14/10
12/24/09 18:30Bath (UK/England)United KingdomOther"0 - 30 secondsSouth South West of Bath England at 1830hrs 24 Dec 2009. At speed before stopping and ascending straight upwards and out of sight2/14/10
12/24/09 06:15SnohomishWAUSAEgg30 secondsAfter a second i realized that light that i saw in the sky was flashing and slowing down getting brighter as it descended.2/14/10
12/24/09 01:00FairfaxVAUSAOther5 minutesRed/white lights on rotating box hovering, changed to green/blue lights as well when comes close and then flys away at surprising speed2/14/10
12/23/09 21:00GraftonMAUSACircle6 secondsOrange ball shoots across the sky.2/14/10
12/23/09 19:47Baton RougeLAUSALight5 minuteswhite lights moving in staggered formation2/14/10
12/23/09 19:00LancasterOHUSATriangle5 secondsMy nephew and I saw a large craft that was not identifiable and flying very low.2/14/10
12/23/09 15:49BurkevilleTXUSAOther1 minutelight & object moving caught on camera2/14/10
12/23/09 15:20ColumbusNJUSAOval20-30 seconds2 Oval Craft split into 4 Craft Nearby Ft. Dix / McGuire AFB Broad daylight!2/14/10
12/23/09 03:10ChicoCAUSALight3 minutesBright- non blinking, then dissapearing, lights observed flying over Chico ca area 12/22-12/23 2009.2/14/10
12/23/09 01:38TacomaWAUSACigar4minLong cigar shaped object that flashed through the night sky2/14/10
12/22/09 22:45LexingtonNCUSALight10 minutesSlow moving White lights moving from north to south.2/14/10
12/22/09 20:25Jacobs MillPAUSAFormation3 minutes3 minutes-Two disc shaped crafts, 4 lights each, in South Central PA 12/22/092/14/10
12/22/09 04:01Oldham (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 secsBlack triangle sighted hovering quiet and still over area.2/14/10
12/21/09 21:30Vero BeachFLUSAFireball5 minutes2 amber burning objects seen off the coast of Vero Beach2/14/10
12/21/09 21:00El DoradoARUSAEgg2-3 hoursSix egg shaped or actually appeared like they had two parts appeared in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD))2/14/10
12/21/09 19:50Hampton BaysNYUSAOther10 secondsBlack, cresnet shaped object with four dim lights raced across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/14/10
12/21/09 18:00Delray BeachFLUSAEgg10 min2 Fiery glowing objects over Delray Beach, FL2/14/10
12/21/09 13:51((HOAX)) would like to ask you if the military wanted to PROVE that it was a weather ballon at Roswell,2/14/10
12/21/09 00:00StanleyNMUSACircle1 hourhot spot for activity ufos every night.2/14/10
12/20/09 19:00SalinasCAUSATriangle30-40 min.30 - 40 min interaction with triangle craft2/14/10
12/20/09 18:30Chula VistaCAUSACircle30 minutesCircular moving objects viewed over the sky of San Diego from my Chula Vista backyard.2/14/10
12/20/09 17:20Green BayWIUSACircle30 secondsOrange ball above Green Bay, WI2/14/10
12/20/09 17:15Simi ValleyCAUSACross10 minCool blue fast flying cross shaped machine doing unbelievable gymnastics in the low sky at sunset.2/14/10
12/20/09 12:00Glen AllenVAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsUnpatterned group of 6-8 objects travelling NE to SW at high speed and high altitude.2/14/10
12/20/09 06:13CarlsbadCAUSALight2 MinutesSingle object. Bright blue light flying to the left, bright red flying to the right. 2nd sighting over same spot as 12/11/09 sighting.2/14/10
12/19/09 19:15PhoenixAZUSALight20:15sitting outside on a bench observing the wierd girations of these objects2/14/10
12/19/09 18:25San FranciscoCAUSACircle1 Minutea round spinning object stood in the sky for a minute and took off going up at incredible speed.2/14/10
12/19/09 18:00StanleyNMUSASphere4 hoursstanley and edgwood ufo seen low and obveous2/14/10
12/19/09 18:00Caracas (Venezuela)VenezuelaCylinder5 mincratf of cilindrical shape with 2 differents halos seen around2/14/10
12/19/09 01:45CampbellCAUSAUnknown10 minTwo mutli colored lights appearing to be outside atmosphere moving very slow then fading away2/14/10
12/18/09 22:15DenverCOUSADisk4 minutesWe saw three objects, one big circular with bright lights moving fw and spinning, one and two much smaller ones flying with it.2/14/10
12/18/09 20:20Taberg (Sweden)SwedenTriangle15 minUfo in Sweden,Taberg.2/14/10
12/18/09 20:10LeggettCAUSAOval4 secondsStationary object flashes pure bright white light. It was like it was taking pictures.2/14/10
12/17/09 22:24PartlowVAUSACircle15 minutesBright White Light in Partlow Sky !!!!!2/14/10
12/17/09 21:00WillingtonCTUSACircle10 secondsMy Wife and I believe we saw a UFO Thursday night!! We were coming home from bowling in separate cars, driving along Turnpike Road in2/14/10
12/17/09 21:00Ryland HeightsKYUSAOtherBlinking OrbStrange Things In The Sky2/14/10
12/17/09 21:00Colorado SpringsCOUSATriangle5-15 secondsTriangular shaped object with 6 to 8 orange colored lights, 3 on each side.2/14/10
12/17/09 20:00BerkeleyCAUSALightabout 10 secondsTwo star-like lights chasing each other at an incredible speed2/14/10
12/17/09 17:00Merritt (Canada)BCCanadaSphere7 secondsA glowing yellowish-green sphere fell, shortly after dusk, lasted seven seconds before disappearing, and made no sound.2/14/10
12/17/09 05:00SpringervilleAZUSAFlash< 1 secondU-Shaped, strobe like blue/white flash in the sky, with no aircraft seen.2/14/10
12/17/09LindenNJUSAUnknown45 minrocket type objects2/14/10
12/16/09 21:20ColtonCAUSADiskUnknownUFO Sighting in Inland Empire Sky. Flying Saucer Like Object With Blinking Lights Around It.2/14/10
12/16/09 19:50New FreedomPAUSALight12Slowly moving bright light and aircraft near it.2/14/10
12/16/09 11:45Beirut (Lebanon)LebanonOval10 minutesone black oval object flying high above the sea in Beirut, moving, pausing, and changing directions.2/14/10
12/16/09 08:00PerrisCAUSADisk5 minsSPINNING SAUCER, WITH LIGHTS2/14/10
12/16/09 06:30LeakeyTXUSAOval10 MinutesGlowing Light Seen Over Leakey Texas2/14/10
12/15/09 22:45PrestonMDUSALight5 Minutes2 horizontal lights over a field weaving in the air but seemingly still then the 2 lights began circle as if they were orbiting an obje2/14/10
12/15/09 18:15O'FallonMOUSAUnknown8 minutesThree lights, blinking in sequential order, Consistent disctance between lights, in a straight line.2/14/10
12/15/09 12:23Richland HillsTXUSATriangle10 minutesBlack triangular craft seen from below and side views with an array of lights2/14/10
12/15/09 08:30Overland ParkKSUSAUnknown10 secondsObject seen over Kansas City during morning commute. Vanished 10 seconds after spotting it. Third time phenomenon observed.2/14/10
12/15/09 06:44AshtonNVUSAFormation2 MinutesI was driving South on US Highway 95 near Ashton,NV on 12/15/2009 at 6:44 P.M.. To the East and to the South East I noticed five lights2/14/10
12/15/09 04:42Adelaide (Australia)AustraliaLight5minLow flying light2/14/10
12/14/09 00:00San CarlosCAUSARectangle5+ minutesEerie rectangular shape in san carlos CA2/14/10
12/14/09 22:43LeavenworthKSUSACylinder15 min +Several constant beams of light spread out across the sky2/14/10
12/14/09 21:00Walnut SpringsTXUSALight2 minA orange color light stationary, then another blinking on almost like car headlights but in the sky and big. The second light was the f2/14/10
12/14/09 20:30New York City (Manhattan)NYUSACross10 secondsThe UFO was a cross with nine lights and was seen in Mannhattan , New York.2/14/10
12/14/09 09:04MendonMAUSAUnknown30 secondsRed, Blue , Green , and White Lights Moving Slowly and Quietly on Horizon then quickly changed direction.2/14/10
12/14/09 04:45TemeculaCAUSAUnknownone minuteWhite round light moving very fast thru the nite sky over temecula,ca.2/14/10
12/14/09 04:30StratfordCTUSACircle5 secondsGREEN FIRE BALLS STRATFORD CT2/14/10
12/13/09 23:25West BabylonNYUSADisk1 secondI was outside having a cigarette at my friend's apartment (outside), then I saw a bright green disc zoom by, at about 220 degrees from2/14/10
12/13/09 23:00OntarioCAUSATriangle10 MinAn observation of three et ships2/14/10
12/13/09 22:45Fort WorthTXUSAOther5 minutesstrange zooming light over Fort Worth.2/14/10
12/13/09 17:38Ellesmere Port (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond3-4 MINUTES2 deep orange diamond shaped lights in the sky in a small part of England2/14/10
12/13/09 17:15West CovinaCAUSATriangle3 secsTriangular and extremely bright; disappeared in an instant; probably military craft due to two osprey which preceded it.2/14/10
12/13/09 14:00AventuraFLUSALight10 mins12/13/09 Aventura florida 2 hours light 3 objects (12 to start)2/14/10
12/13/09 00:49Land O'LakesFLUSALight< 1 secBirght green dot appears for less than 1 second.2/14/10
12/13/09December 13, 2009, As a dedicated aerospace person for well over 50 years and having more than a passing interest in the secrets that2/14/10
12/12/09 23:20Tralee (Ireland)IrelandTriangle2 min/30sTHREE BRIGHT LITES 15 SECONDS APART TRAVELIN SOUT TO N /W CLEAR SKY.2/14/10
12/12/09 23:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSACircle3-4 minutesOne circular object different color lights traveling north of Staten Island at a very slow pace at a low level went north for about 1 m2/14/10
12/12/09 22:30Long BeachCAUSAUnknown5-6 minutes12/12/09 between 22:30 and 23:00 numerous moving bright lights 50 - 60 in the sky moving in an easterly direction with bursts of speed2/14/10
12/12/09 22:00WashingtonNJUSAOvalvery quick?i saw a bright green light above the clouds the streaked across the sky for about 2 seconds.2/14/10
12/12/09 22:00MediaPAUSACircle5 secondsOne Blue "fireball" moved rapidly across the sky.2/14/10
12/12/09 22:00Pleasant ShadeTNUSASphereMONTHSThey seem to come and go from the same spot in the sky.2/14/10
12/12/09 21:30Santa MonicaCAUSAFormation20 secondswhile coming back from the parking lot in the apartment complex we happened to look up at some clearing after a long day of rain,, we j2/14/10
12/12/09 19:00Daly CityCAUSATriangle30 minutesThis is about as strange and bizzarre as it can get2/14/10
12/12/09 19:00Oslo (Norway)NorwayFormationOver one hourObama UFO Nobel peace prize UFO´s in Oslo Norway december 10-12-20092/14/10
12/12/09 18:10TroyILUSACircle10 min.2 bright lights near St. Louis that flew in a circular, erratic pattern2/14/10
12/12/09 18:05FrancestownNHUSACircle3-5 secondsGreen spherical object travels downward from north to south2/14/10
12/12/09 18:00MiddlesexNYUSA3 secondsgreen glowing ball with red spark like tail fell fast through sky at horizon2/14/10
12/12/09 17:51MahwahNJUSAFireball5 secondsN on route 287 near Mahwah NJ @ 5:51 pm: Obj. entered earths atmosephere headed NW at extreme speed; blue & green. ((Meteor??))2/14/10
12/12/09 17:50NianticCTUSALight5 secs?green colored shooting star2/14/10
12/12/09 04:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAOther60 secCraft with lights but no sound2/14/10
12/12/09 02:10TowsonMDUSASphere5 secondswhite sphere flew silently over the house2/14/10
12/11/09 23:00St. Louis ParkMNUSAOval7 secondsaqua/green bright oval shaped light, stop then blast off FAST2/14/10
12/11/09 20:30SewellNJUSALight30 secondsFour lights next to one another flew acrossed the sky in a straight line.2/14/10
12/11/09 20:00DexterMIUSAOther~10 minutes12/11/09 Dexter, Michigan 20:00 hr 4 lg brightly lit objects moved E to W across the N. horizen, NO SOUND able to turn instantaneously2/14/10
12/11/09 05:50HauppaugeNYUSACircleeastRound, circular light moving very quickly2/14/10
12/11/09 01:00ChathamVAUSAOval2 minSecond appearence of oval objects to be seen in the Chatham Va. area2/14/10
12/10/09 18:00Canon CityCOUSAFlashapprox. 90 minThe objects appeared, disappeared then reappeared. The objects moved in a way that is very different than anything I have ever seen.2/14/10
12/9/09 23:20Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanada3 minutesit was amazing , i have never seen anything like this before and not sure if i want to again!2/14/10
12/8/09 19:00Cape FairMOUSARectangle3 minutesElongated dark colored object hovering 50 ft above ground with white lights flooding the ground, no sound2/14/10
12/7/09 18:00Arizona or Colorano (inflight sighting)AZUSACircle7-10 secondsblinking white-dotted circle lights2/14/10
12/7/09 01:30Key WestFLUSAOther15 seconds4 horizontal lights ( white-red-white-red) traveled from horizon to horizon in 15 seconds.2/14/10
12/5/09 20:00TemeculaCAUSACircle1 minme and my husband heading to south in 215 merging to 15 freeway when we saw this circle object hovering over us not to far from us beca2/14/10
12/4/09 22:00DanvilleVAUSAOval5 min.Oval shaped object over Dan River Mills, Danville Va. 1st sighting2/14/10
12/4/09 17:30HeidelburgMSUSATriangle30 SecLarge dark craft on I 59 in Mississippi2/14/10
12/3/09 13:22North PortFLUSAImmediate and up to 48 hoFollow-up To Initial Report2/14/10
12/3/09 03:00Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle4 minutesMind Boggling Lights Seen In The Night Sky2/14/10
12/2/09 21:20Fort GreelyAKUSATriangle10 secondsLook those coordinates on google earth ;) :02/14/10
12/2/09 03:19Mt. Rainier National ParkWAUSAOther6 secondsspiral type formation2/14/10
12/1/09 20:00BoulderCOUSAOvalALL-NITE((HOAX)) TRUE HIDDEN EVENTS2/14/10
12/1/09 19:00TaneytownMDUSAOtherhoursunusual objetcs in the nights sky!2/14/10
12/1/09 19:00TaneytownMDUSAOtherhoursUnusual objets in the nights sky.2/14/10
12/1/09 07:00MiamiFLUSAOval1 minutethese crafts were not planes.2/14/10
11/30/09 03:00HiawasseeGAUSALight30 minutesSPEEDING LIGHT ACROSS THE SKY2/14/10
11/29/09 11:44Augadillla (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoDiskSecondsDigital photo of a cylindrical object in the sky in Aguadilla PR.2/14/10
11/28/09 18:00PensacolaFLUSACircle3 minstwo very bright balls of light in night sky following each other. No sound and no flashing lights moving very slowly.2/14/10
11/26/09 18:00StringerMSUSALight30 minutesMysterious lights seen flying over my country home.2/14/10
11/26/09 17:00Spring Lake ParkMNUSASphere2mins.i would call it a sunlike sphere2/14/10
11/25/09 19:00HopewellVAUSALight2.5 minutesTwo white lights from afar then three white lights when underneath in triangular form.2/14/10
11/25/09 16:25Long BeachCAUSASphere1 minuteConfirming sphere siting2/14/10
11/24/09 18:40Ft. CampbellKYUSALight20 secondsseveral lights, one yellow, the others red, traveling at extreme speeds over Kentucky military base2/14/10
11/22/09 18:00Cape CoralFLUSACircle10 mins2 shiny flying objects flying over cape coral/ft myers area2/14/10
11/22/09 00:00Wolfville (Canada)NSCanadaFireball10 minutesIt was around midnight I had woken up to a humming sound , and bright orange light that was moving back and forth outside my window. T2/14/10
11/15/09 18:00DeltaOHUSALight30 minutesLarge hovering light that changed into five separate, smaller lights.2/14/10
11/10/09 15:00AtlantaGAUSACircle1-2 min.We were on our way home from work in the middle of a mostly cloud free day loaded with great blue skies... we were on on Hwy. 285 going2/14/10
11/6/09 03:00Saquarema (Rio de Janeiro) (Brasil)BrazilLight~ 10 secondsOrangeyred lights 3 in a triangle equidistant were still, no sound, same shape zoomed off horizontally altogether2/14/10
11/4/09 09:00London (UK/England)United KingdomSphere3-4 minutesClear defined sighting of an utterly unidentifiable object at a busy airport.2/14/10
11/1/09 20:10Chennai (India)IndiaTriangle5 MinutesAs you have mentioned in the characteristics an aircraft was around the event & that object had lights emitting around it.2/14/10
11/1/09 18:30RichmondVAUSATriangle1.5 minutesPossible triangle craft spotted in Richmond VA2/14/10
10/31/09 22:00Corpus ChristiTXUSAOval2 minutesThree circular outlines made of red lights; two drifted away in different directions, one lingered and then left.2/14/10
10/31/09 18:00ChestertonINUSACircle1 minuteBright orange ball moving slowly2/14/10
10/24/09 23:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAChanging5 minutesspeeding stars over colorado springs2/14/10
10/23/09 00:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaChevron25 secondsv shape loking thing with stars in toronto canada2/14/10
10/21/09 13:20EnglewoodFLUSACigar1minuteit was very shiney and very fast on a very clear sky2/14/10
10/17/09 06:30LittlerockCAUSATriangle2min.a see through triangle that dissapeared into thin air.2/14/10
10/15/09 23:00DothanALUSAFlash20 minutesblinking lights2/14/10
10/15/09 22:30Pampatar-Margarita Island (Venezuela)VenezuelaTriangle3-4 secondsTriangular UFO over Margarita Island, Venezuela. October 20092/14/10
10/12/09 20:00YakimaWAUSALight5 min3 very bright lights stationary in the sky, but separated by approximately 10 degrees2/14/10
10/5/09 00:00West Palm BeachFLUSASpherebriefPossible UFO sighting. Need clarification.2/14/10
10/3/09 23:00AustinTXUSASphere10 minOrange glowing orbs floating gracefully and stopping in triangular and linear shapes.2/14/10
10/2/09 02:00Cheshire, Lymm (UK/England)United KingdomLightaround 5 minuteslight moving around, green comet.2/14/10
10/1/09ReddingCAUSAOther3monthsobjects in night sky not what appears..stars glowing brilliant colors and disappearing, planes silent changing form than disapearing2/14/10
9/28/09 20:05Fort LauderdaleFLUSASphere3 minutesCrystal sphere no sound over Fort Lauderdale and Miami Airport2/14/10
9/27/09 20:00Key WestFLUSAOval5secOne fire ball flying over the ocean in keywest for about 5 seconds then it vanished2/14/10
9/23/09 23:00LancasterCAUSAOther4HOURSufos looks like star but moves from one end of sky to other( south& north) very fast.2/14/10
9/23/09 22:00ButlerMOUSACylinder4 hourssightind and abduction on country road.2/14/10
9/19/09 19:00RentonWAUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular object with three red steady lights flying over Renton.2/14/10
9/17/09 11:50AuburnCAUSATriangle5 minA large, black triangle ship flying low at mid-day with no sound2/14/10
9/9/09 17:05BirminghamALUSAOther15 minutesThree Silver Boomerang shaped objects spotted in broad daylight2/14/10
9/7/09 21:30UkiahORUSATriangle5 minutesLarge Triangle Sighting over Oregon High Desert.2/14/10
8/28/09 22:00TrentonNJUSARectangle20 minutsRECTANGLE SHAPED OBJECT WITH COLORED LIGHTS IN TRENTON N.J. 08/28/09 AT 22:00PM2/14/10
8/20/09 00:00Palo Alto (assumed location)CAUSALightfew minutesthree bright lights flashing thru thick trees in CA.2/14/10
8/7/09 01:00RoanokeVAUSAFireball00:00:25falling star that curved around and came right up in front of me , firery orange/blue neon green ring around it2/14/10
8/2/09 02:35LeroyNYUSAFormation45 seconds3 starlike objects in triangular formation change direction of vector across the sky.2/14/10
7/17/09 03:00Concrete/Lake TyeeWAUSATriangleDefinatly saw something dont know what very cool!2/14/10
7/15/09BentonKYUSACylinder20 minTHE OBJECTS CAME IN JULY 15 2009 AND HAVE BEEN HERE THIS DATE DEC 20092/14/10
7/4/09 23:00Lemon GroveCAUSACircle20 minFour red lights in formation on july forth2/14/10
7/4/09 13:00LouisvilleCOUSALight10 minuts((HOAX??)) I was at a park at about 1 PM. I was on the swings. I looked up and saw three bright lights.2/14/10
7/1/09 15:30MedfordORUSATriangleest. 2 secondsI saw a triangle shaped object in the sky above my back yard in Oregon.2/14/10
6/11/09 21:00Punta GordaFLUSAOval70secbright red foating in space then moved side to side in mile a sec and up and down no sound with pics2/14/10
5/25/09 13:30Morongo ValleyCAUSADisk10 minsHovering disk ascending.2/14/10
5/15/09 17:00DubuqueIAUSACircle5 - 10 secondsRed glowing ball taking off before thunderstorm arrived on location2/14/10
5/7/09 05:30Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaLightabout 10 minutesA bright light illuminated my window2/14/10
4/20/09 00:00DurhamNCUSATriangleabout 5 minsLarge triangular craft seen hovering over power lines2/14/10
4/18/09 15:23WichitaKSUSATriangle1-2 minutestriangle with green lights and black outer shell over wichita.2/14/10
4/15/09 23:00RichmondVAUSALight3 minutes((HOAX??)) Strange light make j shape in rva2/14/10
4/10/09 23:50Bernallilo (entering to Alburquerque)NMUSACone2 minutesHello! I happened to find this site, and decided to report my observation which took place quite a few months ago while in New Mexico.2/14/10
3/21/09 10:29CarnsvilleGAUSAFireball:08me and my son were driveing home, and we seen what looked like a ball of fire moving at a fast rate of speed,and it disapered behind so2/14/10
3/3/09 21:00PiquaOHUSADiskshortSeen crafts at different times in my life. I listed them in the full description.2/14/10
2/26/09 17:00San Pablo Bay (on Napa River)CAUSAEggspaceship like craft or object seen in the area of the sloughs off of the napa river and San Pablo Bay.2/14/10
2/5/09 07:15OlympiaWAUSARectangle4-5 secondsThis is to correct a prior report I made on or about Jan 2/2010. I apologize for being so far off in my estimation of the length of tim2/14/10
1/22/09 00:00SeguinTXUSAUnknownEvery nightThere is a light that looks like a star, that I have seen several times, that is stationary and strobes GRN, BLU, PURPLE and RED.2/14/10
1/17/09 02:00UkiahCAUSADisk10-15 secondsWe saw a big saucer coming down towards us and it went away fast. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/10
1/15/09 01:00FlorissantMOUSAChanging5 minutes eachIt was an unexplainable phenominon that had 1 explination, UFO's.2/14/10
1/8/09 05:45Boston, Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomLight3 minutesSimply noticed a green circular light 2,000 ft in the sky stationary over some houses a quarter of a mile away. Simply looked like a bu2/14/10
1/7/09DallasTXUSAlooking on google map looking for ufos in the sea2/14/10
11/6/08 18:30AuxvasseMOUSADisk1 minDisk flying low, coming in for a landing.2/14/10
10/17/08 07:30WhiteriverAZUSAOvalCatfishingMe and my family were catfishing at a pond called Navajo Pit. It took us 20 minutes from home to get there. Then 30 minutes into our fi2/14/10
10/1/08 06:30IukaMSUSAOvalI was in shock2/14/10
9/17/08 20:30AtwaterOHUSATriangle5 minutesTRIANGLE UFO'S ARE REALLY IN THE SKY2/14/10
8/20/08 15:30LaramieWYUSAOvalOn August 29, 2008 my wife and I went for a day trip across snowy range road to Saratoga, WY, we had a 2006 red Sebring convertible car2/14/10
8/15/08 14:00San Diego (Mira Mesa)CAUSAChanging11 seconds or soRare craft changing form ,And shape as well as color, and altitude, Massive size no wind perfect weather blue skies2/14/10
7/5/08 04:00TonopahNVUSAChanging1 hourJelly fish tendrils pulsing lights in glowing formation on desert horizon.2/14/10
6/15/08 13:00KingmanAZUSAUnknown10-15 minutesOverwhelming sound and vibration with no craft visible2/14/10
6/15/08 03:00DundeeNYUSAUnknown15 minthe object we saw changed multiple colors, hovered/moved like nothing i've ever seen. It also seemed to respond to a led light i had2/14/10
6/2/08 21:00BoomerNCUSATrianglefive minutesTriangular undentified flying object/aircraft traveled in a south western direction over boomer nc june 08.2/14/10
6/1/08 21:00DoraMOUSALight3 SecondsString of lights in the sky stationary for 3 seconds, then vanished!2/14/10
5/17/08 10:00Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)ItalyUNKufo appeared only on photos2/14/10
2/1/08 07:15OlympiaWAUSARectangle1-2 minutesLarge rectangular craft following the freeway just above tree level in Olympia-Lacey, WA area.2/14/10
6/15/07 22:45Elk RiverMNUSA30-45 SecondsLight that appeared, hovered, and promptly disappeared with no sound emitted at all.2/14/10
5/28/07 20:30Yavatmal (India)IndiaFormation1-2 minutesBunch of 5 beautiful lights with glow making an arrowhead closly seperated by smaller distance parallelly in the sky.2/14/10
5/7/07 12:00DunkirkMDUSAOther???One large ufo with 4 others suronding it.2/14/10
4/10/07 02:00Porsgrun (close to) (Norway)NorwayTriangle2 minBeings and a landed craft.2/14/10
3/25/06 04:00CharlotteNCUSAOval2 minutesHot UFO spot in Charlotte NC2/14/10
3/10/06 05:15CridersvilleOHUSAFireball5-10 mins.Several orb-like fireballs fading in/out; Alot of FEAE -psyhically 'knew' I was filming and moved in close - Check out the short video!2/14/10
11/5/05 22:00BoiseIDUSAFormation10 Minutesred, white and blue lights2/14/10
10/30/05 03:00Edwards AFBCAUSATriangle1 minuteBlack Triangle Craft Spotted. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a hoaxed report?? PD))2/14/10
7/4/05 22:00QueensburyNYUSALight15 minutesStrange purple light seen in night sky moving erratically2/14/10
2/15/05 09:30RiversideCAUSAOther5 minutesOrange V shaped object observed overhead2/14/10
10/15/04 02:00CalexicoCAUSATriangle3 minutesseveral sightings in imperial county october 2004.2/14/10
10/1/04 17:00Las VegasNVUSACylinderA few seconds((HOAX??)) Short encounter with space craft on my way into my parking lot area.2/14/10
9/6/04 23:00West Palm BeachFLUSAOval2 minutesSIGHTING AFTER HURRICAN IN FL2/14/10
7/10/03 20:00Airway HeightsWAUSASphere45 minutesOrange sphere of light hovering several hundred feet above Fairchild Airforce Base.2/14/10
1/15/03 14:00Sterling HeightsMIUSAEgg10 secondsSometime in early 2003, during the winter, I had been living in an apartment on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex in Sterling Heigh2/14/10
12/15/02 01:00United Kingdom (location unspecified)United KingdomTriangle5 hoursIn the winter of 2002, me and my father toke a interest in ufo spotting, using different things to contact them e.g powerful torchs, we2/14/10
6/9/02 16:00Clay CenterKSUSASphere10 minutesThe object was following a passenger jet. The obeject was a mettalic shaped sphere and was on the starboard side of the plane.2/14/10
6/30/00 02:30Las VegasNVUSATriangle45 secBoomerang shaped object blended in with the night at least a mile long and about four stories high with 6 or 8 engith2/14/10
6/15/00 22:00Cape May Court HouseNJUSALight15 SecondsLight instantly stopped moved instantly a few times followed by second one following.2/14/10
1/5/00SpokaneWAUSA1min.i saw three beings about 4ft tall looking into a cars window. they spotted my dog an i walking toward them.they lined up, one behind th2/14/10
9/15/99 09:00BathMEUSATriangle2 minutesOrange lights that changed to bright white2/14/10
7/28/99 22:00Ponca CityOKUSATriangle10 minsnight sighting of large triangle object2/14/10
12/10/97 20:00Fort AnnNYUSAOther3 minutesgiant ufo over southern adirondacks2/14/10
7/18/97 00:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond30 secondsclose sighting, diamond silver ufo2/14/10
7/15/97 01:00HinckleyMNUSASphere10 minutesGirlfriend and I were up in Hinckley, MN at a friend's cabin. It was a clear sky with very little light polution and a lot of stars. I2/14/10
6/15/97 23:00Unknown LakeILUSATriangle8 minutesTriangle craft over Illinois highway2/14/10
2/25/97 18:00Skarysko-Kamienna (Poland)PolandTriangleabout 10 secStrange object in Poland , 97' winter2/14/10
10/28/96 14:00ManchesterNHUSADiamond2minnot moving at all2/14/10
6/19/96 03:00Fort CollinsCOUSATriangletwo minutesI saw the same tri-angular craft the guy in Masonville Colorado saw 6/19/1996.2/14/10
6/1/96 04:30Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2 minutesbright glowing object left tracer mark as it sped off2/14/10
2/14/96 18:30Parkers PrairieMNUSACircle20 minutesUFO chases car 8 miles. 4 witnesses. Several sightings afterward. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/10
2/9/96 10:00DanvilleVAUSADisk3 minBeautiful gold colored disk up close2/14/10
1/6/96 04:30Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2 minutesbright glowing object left tracer mark as it sped off2/14/10
6/1/95 13:00CraigCOUSAChanging20 MinutesVery Shiny and Reflective Saucer seen on the South side of Craig, Colorado Summer of 19952/14/10
6/1/94 14:00SpringfieldMOUSACircle2 minsround dull metal efo covered in piping on the bottom2/14/10
6/1/93 17:00NewburghNYUSADisk5 MINUTESNewburgh ny has visiters2/14/10
6/30/92 20:30Cape CanaveralFLUSAOther5 minutesthe object would stop move at fast speed in straight line stop again and travelled at right angles2/14/10
6/6/92 05:00Tabriz (Iran)IranCircle1 MinuteThe Circle Object With Lights Around It Was Moving Gently In The Sky2/14/10
6/1/91 23:00Highway 24 (near St. Louis)ILUSATriangle15 minutessaw a triangle shaped craft, drove under it, it imploded into orange ball of light and shot straight up.2/14/10
6/1/91 18:00WarrentonVAUSACircle5 MinsA silver circle shaped disk with a dome on top and a shield that opened and closed in a cloud on a sunny day in Warrenton Virginia2/14/10
6/15/90 01:00SpringfieldORUSAOval20 minorange ballon dripping sparklers2/14/10
12/22/89 03:00CiceroNYUSALight5 minutesbright lite making fast moves and complex2/14/10
10/1/89 16:00MacKayIDUSADisk2 TO 3 MINLARGE SAUCER2/14/10
8/10/89 21:00GibraltarGibraltarOther45 minutesIt was a typically hot Summer´s evening in Gibraltar. I enjoyed walking my dog and on this particular day I had chosen a relatively qui2/14/10
2/1/89 12:00WaldorfMDUSAOval1 hourvery large oval -mushroom shaped metallic object,moving up and down very fast, then up close moving very slow,with a tube looking obj2/14/10
12/10/87 21:00Nurenburg (Germany)Germany8 hoursmissing time and location displacment2/14/10
6/1/86 22:00Tawas CityMIUSATriangle1 hour plusTriangle craft with moving white light during meteor shower.2/14/10
8/19/85 20:30Plevna (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 minutesUnidentified Black Sphere2/14/10
9/23/84 21:30Hinton Blewitt, Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle5 secondsTriangular craft seen above me in Hinton Blewitt, England. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2/14/10
6/1/84 02:20TampaFLUSACylinder5 minutescylindrical shaped object with rotating display2/14/10
6/15/83 22:00St. Paul ParkMNUSATriangle1 minblack triangle flew silently overhead at tree top level2/14/10
6/15/83 17:30BorgerTXUSAOther1 minute300-400 foot boomerang-shaped object moving at 200 mph ?, one-half mile distant at about 2,000 ft altitude. Clear skies, daytime.2/14/10
6/1/82 22:00GainesvilleTXUSALight1 MinuteI saw an object that closely resembled a star shoot across the sky extremely fast.2/14/10
9/20/80 20:30LouisvilleKYUSACircle15 minI did not know how to report so i found this sight i am now 52 and most passegers are in there 68 -70.2/14/10
7/6/80 21:00Forest ParkGAUSADisk30 secondsvery close encounter2/14/10
8/16/78FullertonCAUSACylinderA huge mother ship2/14/10
6/30/78 21:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAOval15 minIt was clear as day and there was NO mistake2/14/10
6/30/78 21:00TaylorMIUSADisk5 mins.Symbols on bottom in Michigan2/14/10
10/27/77 23:30Ft. WayneINUSADisk10 minutesClose Encounters of the ??? Kind2/14/10
2/5/77 16:00Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown15 minsI lived at the end of Garnet Road Auckland. That afternoon I was at my letter box when I noticed four youth standing at their car look2/14/10
1/1/77 20:00WestminsterCAUSADisk5 minutesThere were two ships, saucer shaped, silver pewter, soundless, drifting over our neighborhood like silent boats on the water2/14/10
8/1/76 18:00ArlingtonVTUSADisk3 minuutesThe object emitted two smaller objects and made no sounds whatsoever.2/14/10
7/27/76 01:00CowleyWYUSACylinder10 min. ??Witnessed a cylinder shape object, very close, moving slowly, deep humming sound, illuminated portals showing mechanical rooms.2/14/10
7/4/76 01:00AllensparkCOUSATeardrop.50I was backpacking with my brother and our next door neighbor in and around Allens Park on July 04 1976. Not fireworks.2/14/10
6/1/76Haines CityFLUSASphere1 seca shooting making a right angel2/14/10
9/4/75 02:00Union GroveALUSACigar20 minutesTwo brothers observe cigar-shaped UFO late at night after work.2/14/10
8/15/75 20:15LapeerMIUSAOther3 minutesHelicopter shaped object with twirling red & yellow lights over head, 150' above ground and running silent.2/14/10
4/1/74 13:00Mill ValleyCAUSACirclestellmill valley ca. round short time 12-15 mintues white lights over milly valley,and 91 freeway in los angeles ca.2/14/10
6/30/72 00:00Arroyo SecoCAUSACircle10 min((HOAX??)) the hum of a green dimond shaped light2/14/10
6/15/72 20:30Union GroveALUSAFormation2 hoursUFOs observed by WWII veteran and multiple Army and National Guard members.2/14/10
6/9/72 13:00AndersonCAUSACircle7-10 secondsTwo round reddish orange metallic disks few overhead and were seen for about seven seconds.2/14/10
10/10/71 21:00LexingtonNCUSAOval30 secondsgreen oval shaped light over my local church,power lines down..2/14/10
8/20/70 01:00Spring CityTNUSAFireballApprox 1 minuteLarge fireball hovers above ground and then streaks into space at high speed.2/14/10
6/1/70 03:30Veagus (Puerto Rico)Puerto Rico15 minutesPseudo sunrise / sunset at 03:302/14/10
8/15/69 21:30BiolaCAUSACigar3 minIt was long cigar shaped about 500 feet long with the under side giving off a bright white light.2/14/10
3/15/69 11:00OrovilleWAUSACross2min3 to 4 ft long,gun metal color,very load shook home and us,could sit still above us,was seen two years2/14/10
6/1/67 06:00St. PaulMNUSADisk4 minutesFighter Jet chases UFO2/14/10
11/1/66 12:00North Dade CountyFLUSAUnknown4 hoursCrestview Elementary, North Dade County, Florida circa 1966/1967. Second-hand account of taped interview with eye witness2/14/10
1/15/66 22:00Ft. SmithARUSAUnknown1 hourClarification of timing of Ft. Smith, AR sighting, circa 1966/1967 (with additional sighting details)2/14/10
11/9/65 18:00MiddletownNYUSASphereone secondPosssible UFO seen near Middletown, NY on the November night of the great northeastern black-out of 1965.2/14/10
9/5/65 08:25SpotswoodNJUSACylinder10 secondsSilent Cylinder Hovers over Schoolyard in Central NJ2/14/10
6/1/65 05:00DemingNMUSADisk6 housJust a large round silver disk and acorn type craft hovering low in around the center of Deming in around 1965.2/14/10
8/15/61 19:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSADisk30 secondsI SAW A DISK LIKE OBJECT WITH MULTI COLORED LIGHTS THAT MADE NO NOISE.2/14/10
6/30/61 15:00OrlandoFLUSADisk5 minutesOrlando sighting in early 1960's, midday, group of children and parents, at a birthday party.2/14/10
6/20/61 00:00Webster GrovesMOUSACircleminuteswebster groves mo ciecular craft with a light searching the ground fifty years ago2/14/10
2/15/55 21:55Welwyn Garden City (UK/England)United KingdomFireball20 mins2 orange lights like fireball stayed together quit low for 10 mins then one shot off so fast i could not beleive it2/14/10
6/30/53 00:00ClevelandOHUSAFireball35secThe object came from the north from Canada meteor shaped fire ball with crackling sounds and a little tail and sparks glowing red and o2/14/10