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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/23/10 02:30 Rosebud SD Circle 2 min strange orange glow 6/23/10
6/22/10 20:45 East Bridgewater MA Fireball 7 mins UFO fireball seen over Wayside Farm in East Bridgewater 6/23/10
6/22/10 07:45 Upland CA Other
I was laying down under a lamp post when I saw a blinking object in the sky. 6/23/10
6/22/10 03:00 Valencia (Spain)
Cigar 30 seconds two orange lights with vapour trial from horizon to horizon 6/23/10
6/22/10 00:36 Benton AR Cylinder 1 minute Cylinder shaped UFO with lights hovering above tree line in Benton, Arkansas. 6/23/10
6/21/10 23:00 Trenton NJ Triangle 30 minutes green lights moving at high speed over trenton new jersey. 6/23/10
6/21/10 21:20 Billerica MA
2 mins 2 starlight objects racing across sky. 6/23/10
6/21/10 16:45 Carlsbad CA Other approx. 10 min Saw 2 chem-trails flying over SD Co. going 2 different directions for approx 7-10 mins before...disappearing!!! 6/23/10
6/21/10 11:45 Glendale CA Cone 15 seconds Metallic cone shaped disc flying near 2 freeway in Glendale, CA 6/23/10
6/21/10 01:15 Charleston WV Unknown 20 seconds Craft moving gracefully but with unusual speed, and very quiet, shining multi-colored lights wildly. 6/23/10
6/21/10 01:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 5 seconds Two roundish lights sporadic movement 6/23/10
6/20/10 23:30 Freedom WI Rectangle 5 min Low flying rectangular craft with changing color panels of light seen in the country on a back road. 6/23/10
6/20/10 21:20 Fond du Lac WI Fireball 5 minutes orange ball with sparkling rays omitting out of it moving across the sky 6/23/10
6/20/10 20:00 Beijing (China)
Flash 1 hr Red, green, blue flashing light hovering in the north-east sky. i know its not a star, because i could see its hovering(not a single st 6/23/10
6/20/10 18:40 Napa CA Sphere 5 min. Small hovering bright light seen in the evening sky. 6/23/10
6/20/10 13:40 Torrance CO Fireball 10 min Glowing/reflective object clears coastline and makes odd movements around airport in Torrance CA 6/23/10
6/20/10 04:00 Arlington (viewing from) TX Light 30 plus minutes Large bright star looking object moving slowly toward the northwest at 4AM 6/23/10
6/20/10 02:35 Rockford IL Circle 5 minutes We were walking at 2:35ish AM and my wife spotted this white no more of a shopping bag color ciruclar round shape in the sky, it was be 6/23/10
6/20/10 02:35 Rockford IL Circle 3-4 minutes Circular, barely any light, huge, white-silver tinge, made no sound. 6/23/10
6/20/10 01:00 Blue Island IL Circle 5 MINUTES the alien craft was black and disk shaped and it traveled so fast it literally disappeared and appeared to great distances. 6/23/10
6/19/10 23:10 Merrill/Wausau WI Triangle 1 Min Triangle craft with 3 solid red lights (2 in front, 1 in rear) and 1 solid white light (center), moving low and slowly along freeway. 6/23/10
6/19/10 23:00 Bryant AR Sphere
strange light trails satalite 6/23/10
6/19/10 23:00 Laguna Niguel CA Unknown 2 Minutes UFO sighted over Laguna Niguel, moving in circles and up and down erraticly. No sound. 6/23/10
6/19/10 22:50 Watertown NY Other 5 minutes At roughly 23:50 my mother, my younger sister, and I witnessed “star like” objects moving above the clouds. I had stepped out on our ba 6/23/10
6/19/10 22:45 Darien IL Unknown 1.3 5 orage lit objects acending out of our orbit in formation much like the shuttle. 6/23/10
6/19/10 22:05 Fonthill/Thorold (Canada) ON Chevron 17 minutes Three Pyramid shaped vertical lines that were just above tree height near the lake where I was passing 6/23/10
6/19/10 21:55 Arlington TX Light 10 minutes Bright Electric Blue Light in Arlington Texas Moving Very Fast in a Short Distance 6/23/10
6/19/10 21:45 Pottsville PA Fireball 30 Seconds Fire Ball not seen more then 2 people 6/23/10
6/19/10 21:00 Yazoo MS Disk 6 ms we seen a saucer shaped object lit up huvering in the sky on june 19-2010 at 21:00pm 6/23/10
6/19/10 21:00 Yazoo MS Disk
saucer shaped object,real bright,huvering,then it dispeared 6/23/10
6/19/10 17:30 El Paso TX Teardrop 15 min 4 UFO's hovered and moved side to side, up and down and glowed. not like any man made object, and dissapeared into thin air 6/23/10
6/19/10 17:15 Macau (China)
Disk not sure that was took by photos, when I was checking the RAW photos, I found similar UFO in two photos, then , the weather was very clear, and 6/23/10
6/19/10 12:34 Plano TX Oval 2 minutes UFO in mid-day over Plano, TX. 6/23/10
6/19/10 10:17 Springfield OH Changing about one minute I just seen a UFO with a circular laser type light above it! 6/23/10
6/19/10 03:41 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 10 minutes Two objects just hovering, one over the rocky mountains the other high above the city. Glowing spheres Movements are quick north to sou 6/23/10
6/19/10 Pebble Beach (U. S. Open tournament) CA Circle 10 seconds Strange object flies on and off screen during US OPEN interview with Phil Michaelson 6/23/10
6/18/10 23:46 North Attleboro MA Circle 3 hours strange light, stat. in the sky, Blinking from different sides, fading in and out. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus. Not a UFO. PD)) 6/23/10
6/18/10 23:00 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Light 5 minutes pulsating light 6/23/10
6/18/10 23:00 Batchewana Bay (Canada) ON Circle 1/2 hr Unknown object seen in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 6/23/10
6/18/10 22:24 Cincinnati OH Circle 5 minutes Two bright round crafts darting around in the clear night sky. 6/23/10
6/18/10 22:15 Cape May Courthouse NJ Unknown three minutes object with one flashing white light flying very erratically moves impossibly fast in impossible fashion 6/23/10
6/18/10 22:00 Gainesville TX Light 1 hr I have been seeing this light north west of gainesville tx its is bright and seems to hover . ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 6/23/10
6/18/10 21:58 South Portland ME Light 15 seconds bright white light darts horizon to horizon in 15 seconds 6/23/10
6/18/10 08:00 Sherman TX Circle 2 minutes weird big balloons trailing large airplanes 6/23/10
6/17/10 22:30 Orangeville (Ontario) (Canada) ON Light one hour Noticed light north west of Orangeville Onario Canada five nights in a row. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD)) 6/23/10
6/17/10 22:00 Hanover PA Circle
orange orb 6/23/10
6/17/10 21:33 Riverside CA Light 2 min approx Light blue object, suddely turns brilliant white, leaves trail and wake 6/23/10
6/17/10 21:29 Elburn IL Fireball 1 minute A large, amber glowing circular flying object was spotted, staying stationary for 40 secs before shifting to the left and disappearing 6/23/10
6/17/10 21:00 Dublin OH Cigar One to Two Minutes Appearing in the west moving east a cigar shaped object reddish orange in color moving fast followed by what appeared to be a F 16 6/23/10
6/17/10 21:00 Halethorpe MD Light 2 hours brilliant green lights in the sky from east coast. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, which currently is in the WNW sky. PD) ) 6/23/10
6/17/10 20:50 Seattle WA Sphere 5 minutes Observed motionless black sphere in sky. 6/23/10
6/17/10 20:30 Winfield KS Other 5 min Satellite sighting, NOT ISS, Winfield, KS 06/16 20:30 PM due overhead east to west. 6/23/10
6/17/10 20:00 Perry IA Cylinder 15 - 20 min 36 bright objects flying across the sky in a short amount of time 6/23/10
6/17/10 09:41 Los Montoyas NM Disk 20 Seconds.. 10-15 miles S.E. of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Silver disc or round, 6/23/10
6/16/10 23:00 Butler PA Sphere 5 Minutes Orb and 6 Jet Fighters Spotted 6/23/10
6/16/10 22:30 Cape May Courthouse NJ Disk several seconds dimly lit disc shaped object flying east to west makes a hard 70degree turn at unimaginable speed 6/23/10
6/16/10 20:15 Hayward WI Formation 2 min Amber Lights in Northern Wisconsin 6/23/10
6/16/10 17:00 Lexington SC Cigar 30 sec Black cigar shaped object hovering after storm over Red Bank in Lexington South Carolina 6/23/10
6/16/10 13:10 Chicago IL Oval 2 Minutes Black object floating around airplane. 6/23/10
6/16/10 01:50 Los Banos CA Other 5 minutes Large orange and yellow dome in Los Banos California. 6/23/10
6/16/10 01:00 Williamsville MO Sphere 15 seconds Amber orb floats quickly across the sky 6/23/10
6/15/10 00:00 Spring Hill FL Changing 1 hour 2 large objects seen in hernando: with smaller lighted objects coming from them 6/23/10
6/15/10 22:00 North Phoenix AZ Unknown 1 to 2 min Alternating bright orange and white lights flying low and eastwardly in north Phoenix. 6/23/10
6/15/10 21:25 Knoxville TN Triangle a few minutes Unusual diamond light pattern on a triangular object flying silent in Knoxville, TN. 6/23/10
6/15/10 21:20 Placentia CA Teardrop 4 seconds Very dim falling star with amber light flying horizontal at about 600mph in LAX landing path with no trail. 6/23/10
6/15/10 21:18 Hatchet Lake (Canada) NS Triangle 10 min ((HOAX??)) STEALTH BOMBER like aircraft swallows what looked like a 747; followed by lots of UFO pulsating activity. 6/23/10
6/15/10 20:40 Northport WA Formation 3 minutes Several small objects in formation (not consistantly) with mil. jet at around 20-30k feet. ((NUFORC Note: Refueling formation? PD)) 6/23/10
6/15/10 02:46 Burlington (Canada) ON Light 2-5 minutes glowing green light resembling a ruler, moving slowly with no up or down motion 6/23/10
6/15/10 00:30 Bel Air MD Oval 1 min Oval shaped object in sky over Bel Air, Maryland 6/23/10
6/14/10 23:54 Lafayette IN Fireball 3+ minutes Fireball seen low then disappears high. 6/23/10
6/14/10 23:18 Salt Lake City UT Light 10 seconds Bright light over Western Salt Lake moves across the sky then vertically and disappears. 6/23/10
6/14/10 22:15 Monroe NY Unknown 30 seconds Flash of white light and object gone. Monroe, NY 6/23/10
6/14/10 21:11 Huntington Beach CA Other 10 seconds Low flying UFO with a single red and green light slight white glow around it over pacific coast highway in Huntington Beach CALI 6/23/10
6/14/10 16:00 Irvine CA Circle current circular distorted shape please look! 6/23/10
6/13/10 23:30 Westland MI Circle >5 Minutes 3 large orange balls of light in motion formed a triangle then disappeared in the distance. 6/23/10
6/13/10 23:15 Clermont GA Other 10 minutes dragonfly shaped light 6/23/10
6/13/10 22:30 Livonia MI Changing 5 minutes 6 bright red lights ascend in a line and form triangle, disappear and return. 6/23/10
6/13/10 22:24 Hesperia CA Light 7 seconds Very bright object in front of big dipper; disappeared to nothing on 6/13/10 at 22:24 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite? PD)) 6/23/10
6/13/10 21:24 Jacksonville FL Diamond still going on It is diamond in shape with 12 or more bright lights on the bottom of the object. 6/23/10
6/13/10 20:00 Gloucester (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes Two UFO's sighted with their lights above Ottawa. 6/23/10
6/13/10 19:30 Lexington TX Triangle 20 minutes Triangular craft observed in South Central Texas 6/23/10
6/13/10 13:47 Phoenix AZ Oval 15 minutes Oval shaped UFO near I-10 and SR-85 6/23/10
6/13/10 00:10 Renfrew (UK/Scotland)
Light Approx 20 mins Bright red/orange lights flying in loose formation in night sky. 6/23/10
6/12/10 23:00 Volujntown CT Flash 2 minutes strobe light- like flashing light in the sky by farm area. 6/23/10
6/12/10 22:00 Medford OR Fireball
flashing star type, green blue red and white and hovered left to right just a little 6/23/10
6/12/10 22:00 Manson WA Unknown one hour Bright light over the horizon dropped and then disapeared. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 6/23/10
6/12/10 21:50 Chicago IL
10-15 min Weird banging noises @ 4 different corners at a time in the sky lasting for 10-15 min. 6/23/10
6/12/10 20:00 San Jacinto CA Light 30 seconds Hovering bright object vanishes petruding flashing light over san jacinto mountains 6/23/10
6/12/10 16:00 Verdi CA Light Approx 4-5 mins. Light object hovering and black object suddenly seen steaking across sky daytime in front of white object. 6/23/10
6/12/10 15:30 Wenatchee WA Light 4:30 Wenatchee, WA, June 12, 2010, 3:30 white lights hovering in sky, total of 6. 6/23/10
6/12/10 14:00 Sammamish WA Sphere 4-5 minutes a dozen+ small, bright, white roundish objects hovered for 1-2 min and then rose up into the atmosphere 6/23/10
6/12/10 10:30 Kent OH Circle 5 min fire like object that moved as it was stopping and going 6/23/10
6/12/10 01:00 Taneytown MD Circle seconds green glowing circle shooting across sky and nightly white light 6/23/10
6/12/10 00:00 Rochester NY Triangle 20 mins red white and blue lights forming a triangle 6/23/10
6/11/10 23:30 Afghanistan (Forward Operating Base)
Triangle under 10 sec V-shaped formation of lights over Afghanistan base. 6/23/10
6/11/10 23:30 Six Mile SC Light 20 seconds My wife and I independently and in two locations saw similar unexplained lights at about the same time 6/23/10
6/11/10 23:28 Omaha NE Light 15-20sec bright light moving fast and just dissappeared 6/23/10
6/11/10 22:50 Grandville MI Unknown 3 min Flame object, moving low and fast 6/23/10
6/11/10 22:15 Bettendorf IA Triangle 1:30 three points of white light (triangle shape), no sound and very low directly above my house moving at maybe 70-80 knots 6/23/10
6/11/10 22:00 Youngstown OH Triangle about 1 minute 3 orange lights making triangle. 6/23/10
6/11/10 20:10 St. Petersburg FL Light apprx. 5-10 min Starnge light appears in Tampa Bay for 5-10 minutes then disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star, or Venus?? PD)) 6/23/10
6/11/10 00:30 Zionsville IN Disk 00:02:00 UFO takes off and flies away in rural indiana near crash site. 6/23/10
6/10/10 23:05 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Changing 4 minutes Out of the ordinary, resulting in a change of belief. 6/23/10
6/10/10 23:00 Delta CO Oval 3 days Light in the sky that can stop moving, move in any direction, and has a ditinct light cycle. 6/23/10
6/10/10 22:55 Fort Collins CO Light 10 minutes Bright Light over Mountains 6/23/10
6/10/10 21:30 Red Bluff - Dribble Creek Subdivision CA Changing 2 Hours I saw a bright round light sitting in one spot for a least one hour in the sky about 3 or 4 miles away. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 6/23/10
6/10/10 21:30 Pico Rivera CA Triangle 3 minutes Lights in sky morphing into a dark triangle which hovered and the then flew off 6/23/10
6/10/10 20:53 Brookston IN Oval 2 minutes Fast moving metallic oval object over Brookston, IN 6/23/10
6/10/10 20:30 Evansville IN Circle 5 minutes Extremely bright orange ring with yellow, fiery center seen over Southern Indiana 6/23/10
6/9/10 21:30 Grand Prairie TX Other 3 seconds Three white lights appeared in the sky, made a J pattern, and then disappeared. 6/23/10
6/9/10 21:20 St. Simons Island GA Other 5-10 minutes I saw a series of bright flashing lights hovering in one place over the trees on the horizon. 6/23/10
6/9/10 04:50 Visalia CA Light 2 minutes 3 small white lights in the shape of a triangle, one object only 6/23/10
6/8/10 20:30 Wikieup/Wickenburg AZ Oval ten minutes Large Amber Lights Circling Eachother 6/23/10
6/7/10 20:00 San Diego CA Triangle 15 seconds floating tranparent wing in the sky over san diego 6/23/10
6/5/10 01:00 Topeka KS

Two orange lights traveling over Topeka. They made no sound and appeared to be powered. 6/23/10
6/5/10 01:00 Topeka KS Rectangle 35-45 seconds Two orange objects, side by side moving south over Topeka, Ks 6/23/10
6/2/10 17:54 Federal Way WA Disk UNKNOWN I was giving my son,18, a ride in my new truck. We were headed toward the Puget Sound on the one way road at Redondo when I noticed a b 6/23/10
6/1/10 04:00 Groton CT Light 15 minutes Bright light, too low to be a satellite, hovers 10 mins. then abruptly disappears. watched with binocs. 6/23/10
5/30/10 22:30 Holland MI Teardrop 30 sec triangular formation of lights 6/23/10
5/29/10 21:50 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Other arround 20 minutes a ufo that glows red per 5 seconds started from the orion belt and moved to the eastern direction 6/23/10
5/29/10 21:50 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Other 20 minutes a ufo blinking red that started from the orion belt and traveled to the east direction 6/23/10
5/24/10 03:30 Holiday Hills IL Triangle 1 hour object in sky falls from sky stops for 30 - 40 seconds , illuminates then flies back up to stars 6/23/10
5/14/10 00:48 Temecula CA Changing 10- 15 MINS. Big, Bright Hovering Light 6/23/10
5/3/10 15:45 McHenry IL Disk 30 secs. ((HOAX??)) I thought they were birds but the way they were flying didn't make sense. 6/23/10
4/23/10 13:00 Atlanta (after takeoff; in flight) GA Sphere 5 seconds White spherical orb seen from airliner. 6/23/10
10/20/09 22:40 Brookings OR Formation 5 minutes Very solid dark object in the sky. I was photgraphing another object at the time. I think it was chasing the dark one. 6/23/10
10/17/09 01:45 Los Angeles CA Other 5-7 mins Estimated-Time: 01:45am, Estimated-Date: October 17, 2009, Length: 7-10ft, width: 2-3ft, Color: Faded Bluish Florescent, Altitude: 40- 6/23/10
11/21/08 01:00 Kingman (near; in Mohave Desert ) AZ Other 35 SECONDS 6 LARGE GLOWING PLASMA ENGINES OVER HEAD 6/23/10
9/17/08 19:56 Whitby (Canada) ON Circle 4-5 mintues Same UFO spotted in same place 5 days apart from each other. 6/23/10
9/15/08 17:30 Middlebourne WV Formation 7 minutes 3-4 very large dirt brown animal-like objects floating along side clouds 6/23/10
6/22/08 02:50 San Sebastiam (Spain)
Formation 5 min. UFO formation over San Sebastian, Spain 6/23/10
7/13/07 22:30 Kingman (south of) AZ Triangle 35 minutes Huge triangular ships( 2) flying over Phoenix, AZ, along with pulsing orbs and fighter jet engagement 6/23/10
8/15/06 16:00 Malcolm NE Sphere 15 minutes Daytime sighting of large, unmoving, silent sphere that blended with sky & clouds near Lincoln Nebraska in August, 2006 6/23/10
6/17/06 18:00 Vancouver WA Disk 20 minutes Clear or transparent 16 foot long 4 foot wide thing was 30 feet away slowly traveling towards the river while i visited mom~inla 6/23/10
6/20/05 03:00 Amarillo TX Other 1 hour Craft shaped like a cube of bright swirling light, hovering over downtown Amarillo at 3:00 a.m., spot lights and heavenly music . . . 6/23/10
7/7/97 14:30 Stafford VA Rectangle 2:00 minutes I SAW A LARGE DARK RECTANGULAR OBJECT IN THE SKY. 6/23/10
7/15/96 14:00 Conway MO Other 2 seconds An olive green object shaped like the vertical tail fin of an aircraft passed over I-44 just a few feet above the ground 6/23/10
8/4/93 00:00 Newell AR Circle 1 to 2 minutes I saw circular lights for 2-3 minutes and experienced a time lapse and woke up in a different location.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/15/92 20:45 Elkland MO Oval about 15 minutes I was followed by an oval shaped object for several miles and it took off rapidly after I shined a spotlight on it. 6/23/10
11/15/88 05:30 Dexter NY Disk 1 minute-2mins large saucer shaped object with many colored lights, very close to me 6/23/10
6/30/77 21:00 Cambridge MA Other 10 minutes What is described as the Dover Demon I 100 percent saw no question with 4 other people 6/23/10
6/1/77 02:00 Hanna City IL Cylinder 2-3 minutes Encounter with small UFO drone-type object 6/23/10
2/27/75 06:25 Zirndorf (West Germany)
Light 2 to 3 seconds Bright ball of light traveling straight up over Zirndorf, (West) Germany 6/23/10
11/1/72 22:00 Hiawassee GA Circle two minutes Red glowing circular disk over the North Georgia Mountains. 6/23/10
9/20/72 17:30 Hartville MO Chevron 5-8 minutes Two chevron shaped objects traveling together at low speed over rural Wright County, MO 6/23/10
11/10/67 06:00 Fort Polk LA Unknown 5-10 inutes This was a UFO sighting by a military formation at Ft Polk, Lousiana in 1967. 6/23/10
11/15/64 22:00 Memphis TN Circle 10 minutes The "Moon of Memphis" looked simular to the white full moon in size and brightness but rises to be a star. 6/23/10
6/30/59 21:00 Phoenix AZ Disk <1 minute 1959 Saucer shaped object sighting Phoenix Arizona 6/23/10