National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2010/08/24


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/24/10 16:05Garden CityIDUSAFlash4 minutesQuick Flashing Object Ascends Over Fair Grounds And Pulses Motionless In Sky8/24/10
8/23/10 22:10Tracadie Sheila (Canada)NBCanadaTriangle4 minutesBright orange triangle object moving over treetops, on a clear full moon night.8/24/10
8/23/10 21:00OakdaleCAUSASphereOf and on for an hourFluterring Green light that moves horizontaly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, or other celestial body. PD))8/24/10
8/23/10 20:40KeizerORUSALight20 minutesSteady white light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky, we suspect. PD))8/24/10
8/23/10 19:35VeniceCAUSAUnknown~5 min.Venice Beach 2 Long Jetstreams.. ((NUFORC Note: Photo shows contrails behind a twin-engine airliner. PD))8/24/10
8/23/10 11:00GahannaOHUSAOval30 minutes2 oval shaped craft, moved slowly with no sound, 300-400 feet off the ground, very low, and later say fighters chase it.8/24/10
8/23/10 06:00CummingGAUSADisk20 minutesAn object with red & green lights flashing on & off and clear lights in the middle it stayed in the same place for at least ten minutes8/24/10
8/23/10 06:00SenoiaGAUSALight1 hourLight - 45 minutes - bright light (star shape) in SE Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Given the duration of the sighting, we suspect a star. PD))8/24/10
8/23/10 04:00ClarksvilleTNUSALight45 seconds to One minuteFast moving light over larksville Tn8/24/10
8/22/10 23:00Huntsville (near)TXUSALight2 hoursHovering Glowing object for 2 hours near Huntsville Texas that moved around the western sky and appeard to shoot objects from it8/24/10
8/22/10 22:30Marcus HookPAUSACirclesolid white object broke apart into a triangular form8/24/10
8/22/10 22:25BellevueWAUSALight5 minBlue light swaying and dipping over Bellevue8/24/10
8/22/10 21:00San Gennaro Vesuviano (Naples) (Italy)ItalyFireball30 secondsA round ball (circle), colour like fire, orange, moving from left to right, then it quickly became smaller like a point and disapperead8/24/10
8/22/10 20:30Mill HallPAUSACircle5 minutesovercast was cloudy right after dusk. i am use to seeing piper small air craft flying overhead and originally thought it was a small pl8/24/10
8/22/10 16:45WashingtonUTUSAUnknown2 minutesWas photgraphing clouds and didn't see object until I was looking at the photos on my computer.8/24/10
8/22/10 15:00Los FelizCAUSACircle10 minutesSilver circular shiny LARGE balloon type objects floating in Los Feliz, CA sky today 8/22/10 3PM8/24/10
8/22/10 05:18BrandywineWVUSALight1.5 MinutesBetween 0515-0520 a bright light much brighter than the stars was spotted five miles outside NIOC Sugar Grove, a Naval communicati8/24/10
8/22/10 05:00EscondidoCAUSAUnknown0:30Star-like object seen above San Diego Wild Animal Park.8/24/10
8/22/10 05:00San BernardinoCAUSALight20 minbright daytime space sighting by numerous people...8/24/10
8/21/10 23:45FeltonDEUSAChanging1 minuteComing from upstate new york we left here at 5:30pm. Tryed to get into the first entrance of the camping ground around 11:20pm. It was8/24/10
8/21/10 22:30VincennesINUSAUnknown3 minutesLow flying silent object with pulsating lights, possibly landing at airport8/24/10
8/21/10 21:45MorrisILUSAFireball45 secondsFour fireballs moving rapidly south at 9:45pm CST west of Chicago8/24/10
8/21/10 21:00MartinsburgWVUSALight3 hoursCircular light rotating ccw in the sky above the clouds from 9:00 until 12:00. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising light? PD))8/24/10
8/21/10 20:55Pretoria (South Africa)South AfricaLight5-7mins12 Red\orange lights in sky?8/24/10
8/21/10 18:00BloomingtonMNUSASphere2 minutesAt approximately 5:45 pm on Saturday August 21st. I went for a bike ride. I looked up into the sky as I heard a jet over head. I saw th8/24/10
8/21/10 17:45Basel (Switzerland)SwitzerlandFormation15 minFormation of initially 4 objects, one emitting another smaller object, then when witnesses gathered only three objects remaining.8/24/10
8/21/10 17:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3-5 minutesStrange craft floating below a stormy sky8/24/10
8/21/10 13:10SeffnerFLUSACircle@ 2 minutesRound white object travelling against the wind8/24/10
8/21/10 13:00Santa RosaCAUSACylinder5 secondsA low flying cylinder shaped obect with a propeller fan looking device at the end about 150 above ground.8/24/10
8/21/10 10:30LehiUTUSACigar0:30((HOAX??)) We saw a 3 light saucer pass by and the saw a two saucer pass over and split apart and disappear.8/24/10
8/21/10 00:15MontroseCOUSASphere5 mins((HOAX??)) Chasing UFO's8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaLight2.5A bright green line about an inch in length, just beyond the cloud-line.8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00NewingtonCTUSACigar30 s3condsI saw an oblong cigar shaped objected traveling southeast very rapidly. My fiance ran inside to get to her camera and I ran towards the8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00NewingtonCTUSACigar30 secondsI saw the object with my fiance traveling Southeast in the sky at a little past 11:00pm on Friday night August 20,2010. It was oblong8/24/10
8/20/10 22:00Soddy DaisyTNUSALight30 minutesBright light appeared in the sky and then disppeared 30 minutes later.8/24/10
8/20/10 21:45RodantheNCUSAUnknown5-10 minutes10 orange lights floating in the sky.8/24/10
8/20/10 21:30ShafterCAUSALight5 minutesI saw a red object hovering in the sky on August 20, 2010 from 9:25 to 9:29 pm , SSW of Shafter, CA.8/24/10
8/20/10 19:00MiddletownCTUSACircle30-45 minuteLarge orange ball moving slowly and stopping in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD))8/24/10
8/20/10 17:15Rancho CordovaCAUSALight10 minuitesSlowly moving blinking star like obdject in the daylight 17:00 Hours PM8/24/10
8/20/10 02:00BridgeportOHUSACircle5 to 10 sec.Bright milk cap sized object hovers then takes off into nothing.8/24/10
8/20/10 02:00OcalaFLUSAUnknown3 SECONDSfiery shape flies to earth8/24/10
8/19/10 22:00OldenburgINUSAChanging45 minutesSeveral UFO's spotted over Indiana8/24/10
8/19/10 21:20AshevilleNCUSAUnknown20-30 minLarge white light with a red hue low in the western sky. Remained for 20 min or more then vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))8/24/10
8/19/10 21:05Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaLight20 minBright green light.8/24/10
8/19/10 21:00HumboldtKSUSAOther10 min6 objects. 3 different shapes. flying in geometrical patterns.8/24/10
8/19/10 20:10LakelandTNUSACircle45 MinutesSeemingly Motionless craft near Memphis, TN. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))8/24/10
8/19/10 17:30Wheat RidgeCOUSACircle2 minutesA Brilliant White Light Like I have never seen before..8/24/10
8/19/10 12:55Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOval2A white spinning disc in the shape of an oval.8/24/10
8/19/10 01:42Laguna BeachCAUSAFireball3 secondsBright massive object falling in the sky8/24/10
8/18/10 23:30BellevueWAUSAOtherhalf hourA very bright while light that looked half ball of yarn with black portholes through binoculars ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))8/24/10
8/18/10 23:00ScotchtownNYUSAUnknown5 secondsSitting in front of my house last night with my girlfriend and mom we were talking to each other. It was pretty clear out I was star ga8/24/10
8/18/10 22:00Spring GrovePAUSADisk3+ hrsA row of lights that keep fading in and then disappearing only to reappear again.8/24/10
8/18/10 21:40TopekaKSUSAFireball2 minutesFireball that simply vanished8/24/10
8/18/10 20:47Palos Verdes EstatesCAUSAChanging10 minutes3 then 4 lights above Santa Monica Bay, directly aligned above each other, flashing green and red.8/24/10
8/18/10 20:00Dana PointCAUSACircle1 MinuteTwo Bright Yellow/Gold Lights.8/24/10
8/18/10 19:25Dryden (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 Min. maybe moreLong steel pipe shaped object with No Wings, a dark outline and bright interior floating at low altitude8/24/10
8/18/10 08:55HudsonMAUSAOval5 secondsA very bright oval appeared from nowhere in Hudson, MA 01749 for a duration of 5 to 6 sconds- and disappeared.8/24/10
8/18/10 05:30YucaipaCAUSAFlash15-20 secondsflashing light ufo in So California8/24/10
8/18/10 03:00FentonMOUSALight1 HourFlashing white light hovering and circling.8/24/10
8/18/10 00:15White Sulphur SpringsMTUSAEgg30 minutesvery bright egg, eye shaped object seen over Castle Mountains8/24/10
8/17/10 23:17IndianaPAUSALight1 second8/17/10 23:17 Indiana, Pa. lights 1 second 6 white bar shaped lights crossed road in front of me.8/24/10
8/17/10 21:40MonroeWAUSADisk1 hourWe saw 5 ufo's pass each with 10 minute intervals between each other they all had 4 huge white lights in sqaure formation.8/24/10
8/17/10 21:15ChristopherILUSALight02:32Bright light moving slowly with what appears to be aircrafts around it. ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial bodies?? PD))8/24/10
8/17/10 20:30EverettWAUSAUnknown2-5 minutesWhite "star" like object darts acrossed sky and suddenly stops, but doesn't disappear.8/24/10
8/17/10 18:30StrasburgCOUSACircle5 minutesWhite circle high in the sky, Sat in one place for 5 minutes.8/24/10
8/17/10 17:00SeekonkMAUSARectangle5 or 10 minsLight blue rectangle craft8/24/10
8/17/10 01:00GenevaILUSALightat least 1 hourLight/object in Western Chicago suburbs. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter would be visible in the southeast sky, at this time. PD))8/24/10
8/16/10 23:59Broken ArrowOKUSALightLarge bright light moving zig zagging in the sky above the tree line. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter?? PD))8/24/10
8/16/10 23:10BrookfieldWIUSALight30 secMe and my co-worker saw a string of 7 lights. I thought it was a promotional thing some local business was doing, but the lights rotat8/24/10
8/16/10 22:00BensalemPAUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangle Shaped Craft (3 white lights and Dull red Light)8/24/10
8/16/10 21:30LowellMIUSAFireball5 minutesTwo bright fireball orbs staying still then began to spin around each other a third object appeared then the other 2 dissapeard8/24/10
8/16/10 21:30Walla WallaWAUSAOther7 SecondsThis may or may not be a UFO sighting but I thought i should share it cause I just cannot explain what I saw. I was out walking my dog8/24/10
8/16/10 21:15PittstownNJUSACircleTBDObject may have landed in area that saw similar circumstances 4 years ago. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus? PD))8/24/10
8/16/10 21:00White LakeWIUSALight2 hrsMultiple LARGE red/orange lights flying irratically8/24/10
8/16/10 20:58AntiochCAUSALight15 mins.UFO sighted over Antioch, CA 08/16/10 Stationary for 10 minutes.8/24/10
8/16/10 20:15CirclevilleNYUSALight1 minutelight coming strait at me like a plane from the SW, (middletown area) and then shot up fast above the moon exiting the atmosphere.8/24/10
8/16/10 19:45MorgantownWVUSACigar5 minutesCigar shape rolling through sky8/24/10
8/16/10 11:14GlendaleCAUSACircle3 sec.Big green light fall out of the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD))8/24/10
8/16/10 03:30Barton CityMIUSATriangleUFO in Northern MIchigan8/24/10
8/16/10 00:25Seaforth (Canada)ONCanadaOtherquarter to ten to nowUfo sighted due far west.. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Jupiter in the eastern sky, but witness does not indic. dir. PD))8/24/10
8/15/10 23:30WeavervilleCAUSAFireballabout an hourorange ball of light spotted at trinity lake weaverville california. ((NUFORC Note:8/24/10
8/15/10 23:00KinrossMIUSAUnknown30 minsBlinking red and white light8/24/10
8/15/10 23:00Salmon Arm (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 minutesLarge, Bright blinking light vanished from sky8/24/10
8/15/10 22:08PortlandORUSASphere3 minutesReal UFO Caught On Video 08/15/20108/24/10
8/15/10 21:45Round RockTXUSAOvalfew minutesAmber, oval lights over Round Rock, Texas on 8.15.108/24/10
8/15/10 21:00VisaliaCAUSALight1 minWhite non blinking lights slow and fast moving at star level8/24/10
8/15/10 20:45ConradMTUSASphere20 minutesUFO seen over Conrad , Montana 8-15-2010. ((NUFORC Note: We believe that the photo is of a high-altitude contrail. PD))8/24/10
8/15/10 20:30El PasoTXUSAUnknown5 minutesThe only thing I can say here is that yes, we are being watched.8/24/10
8/15/10 19:30Whistling StraitsWIUSADiskPink saucer seen over Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.8/24/10
8/15/10 11:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaChanging5 minSaw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))8/24/10
8/15/10 03:34Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)United Arab EmiratesLight30 seconds4 white lights/dots in the sky going left,right,up and down8/24/10
8/15/10 00:10Walled LakeMIUSACircle10 min3 orange spheres rising into the air one after the other mins apart form same point in air no sounds8/24/10
8/15/10 00:00DemingNMUSADiskpresentlycraft hovering over town for over a month now and presently continuing to do so! Deming NM8/24/10
8/14/10 23:45LynnwoodWAUSALight5 minutesDot of light moving quickly across the sky NNE to SSE and back a few minutes later S to NNE dir.. ((NUFORC Note: NotSatellite? PD))8/24/10
8/14/10 23:35OrlandoFLUSAOval03:00((HOAX??)) We saw it stop it had blue green colors, and when it shot away it was white. It was gone in a flash.8/24/10
8/14/10 23:15SunriverORUSALight30 minutesMulti colored bright flashing light in WSW Sky as seen from about: N 43 49.49 & W 121 28.14 ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))8/24/10
8/14/10 23:00OcalaFLUSALight2 secondsI seen a blunt horizontal oval light streak through the sky then lifting up while in flight and turning red then blue and disappearing8/24/10
8/14/10 23:00ProvidenceRIUSADiamond15 minuteslights over providence8/24/10
8/14/10 22:45WarrenNHUSASphere10 imnuresorange orb in northwestern sky-no sound-changed direction8/24/10
8/14/10 22:30WarrenNHUSASphere10 minutesGolden orange orb or sphere shape object viewed from White Mountain National Forest8/24/10
8/14/10 22:30FlintMIUSAOther5 minutesFire around a fuselage looking object flying in the sky.8/24/10
8/14/10 22:20Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere30 MINUTESBRIGHT RED ORBS OF LIGHT IN THE NIGHT SKY. GLASGOW SCOTLAND.8/24/10
8/14/10 22:00DevoreCAUSATriangle6 secondsOzz Fest Triangular shape UFO seen8/24/10
8/14/10 21:45Freehold (Canada)NJUSAEgg:06-:08UFO spotted over Freehold, New Jersey.8/24/10
8/14/10 21:15Caledon (from Brampton) (Canada)ONCanadaLight8 minutesString of 12 pulsing lights travelling from west and fading out northeast over Caledon, ON8/24/10
8/14/10 21:00WyndmoorPAUSATriangle20 secondsThree balls rotating counter clockwise, shaped like a triangle, dull white moving rapidly from east to north by northwest8/24/10
8/14/10 20:48SeattleWAUSAFormation3 minutesSeattle strange star-like objects8/24/10
8/14/10 20:10WestfieldNJUSAFireball15 minutesOrange fireballs in New Jersey heading northeast.8/24/10
8/14/10 20:00HollywoodCAUSADisk10 minutesBlack, saucer-shaped UFO over Hollywood hills and Griffith Park.8/24/10
8/14/10 18:10BurbankCAUSACircle10 minutesI feel weird doing this but here it goes, object appeared to be metallic and shining a bright light on & off, it was hovering and for a8/24/10
8/14/10 15:00WatervilleWAUSAOval5-7secondsfast rice shaped craft seen8/24/10
8/14/10 13:00Ft. Buchanan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoCircle30 secondsBlack object at least 20,000 ft. up, over a highly restricted air zone in a military base, most likely undetected by radar.8/24/10
8/14/10 11:04Mt. PleasantPAUSATriangle1.5 minstriangle craft near kecksburgh with a possible crash8/24/10
8/14/10 09:00ClevelandOHUSAUnknownafter watching show on tvA picture of aliens painted in parking lot at an apartment complex!8/24/10
8/14/10 03:20NewportNCUSALight20 minMoving object recorded in sky8/24/10
8/14/10 03:00Redwood ValleyCAUSAFormation1.03 lights poss triangle outline they move individuly some kind of hover zig zag manuver all 3 i line but distants apart few miles apart8/24/10
8/14/10 03:00KennewickWAUSAFireball10 secondsOn the night of August 24th at 3:00 A.M. I observed to huge stationary fireballs in the sky over Kennewick, WA., to the east.8/24/10
8/14/10 02:30Port TownsendWAUSAUnknown5 minuteswe were standing on the balcony and saw a row of 4 or 5 lights blinking simultaniously for around 5 minutes. it apeared to be traveling8/24/10
8/14/10 01:00MurphyTXUSAOval3-4Flying and blinking object over Murphy, TX8/24/10
8/14/10 00:30GrantMIUSALight30minBright light hoovering over the night sky, getting dim and bright at different times.8/24/10
8/13/10 00:00BerryvilleARUSALighthoursMultiple colored star-like objects seen moving erratically in the south west sky above Arkansas8/24/10
8/13/10 23:58OmahaNEUSAFireball2 MinutesOrange Ball brightness of street light, low altitude, no sound, heading West then South, slow, lost visual.8/24/10
8/13/10 23:54ScottsdaleAZUSATeardrop30 secondsA small, low gliding disc shaped with a tail ufo was seen over Scottsdale.8/24/10
8/13/10 23:43SeasideORUSAOther25 SecondsBrown crescent shaped lights seen flying over a Seaside Beach in Oregon.8/24/10
8/13/10 23:40MiltonNHUSATriangle30 minBlack Triangle/Pyramid shape craft flew across lake and directly over our car8/24/10
8/13/10 23:00RichlandWAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsAwoke by a vooming sound and shadow out window and looked in the sky and saw saw a fast moving object in the sky around 11:00 p.m.8/24/10
8/13/10 23:00YosemiteCAUSAOval5 SecondNow I believe we are not alone on the planet.8/24/10
8/13/10 22:45SheltonWAUSATriangleAbout 5 SecondsSilent object flying low over the trees8/24/10
8/13/10 22:45PompeyNYUSAFormation2 min.Object seemed to be towing another object over Pompey8/24/10
8/13/10 22:25KingstonWAUSATriangle5 minutesTwo lighted black triangles North of Kingston, WA8/24/10
8/13/10 22:25MetuchenNJUSAOther20 seconds?3 swift moving dark eye-shaped attached segments of shimmering grey/silver fly abreast smoothly change to single file nnw to w8/24/10
8/13/10 20:30Northfield FallsVTUSASphere20 secondsGlowing Sphere over Vermont Mountains8/24/10
8/13/10 12:00WichitaKSUSAOval10 minsUFO sighting wichita kansas aug 13 2010 2 crafts amber color8/24/10
8/13/10 10:40WinnetkaCAUSALight30 TO 40 SECTwo halo balls of light hovering over an eagle in daylight.8/24/10
8/13/10 04:52Oak LawnILUSALight2 minutesFast Moving Dim light Filmed going Past Bright Star8/24/10
8/13/10 04:30Hot SpringsVAUSAChangingSeveral MinutesLow flying lights manouvering over treeline.8/24/10
8/13/10 03:33TemeculaCAUSAUnknown10 - 15 secondsHigh altitude light that faded into two small points of light, slowly moving in tandem to the south.8/24/10
8/13/10 03:30LynnwoodWAUSACircle1 minuteRed light over Lynnwood, Washington during Perseid meteor shower.8/24/10
8/13/10 01:40Port AngelesWAUSASphere15 secondsTwo spheres of light observed dancing in the sky near Port Angeles, WA.8/24/10
8/13/10 00:53PulaskiWIUSAUnknown2 minsBright flashes in sky8/24/10
8/13/10 00:52San BenitoTXUSACircleabout 9 minutesHovering circular-dohnut shaped object with red and green-blue light moving at an incredibly fast pace up and across the nightsky!!!8/24/10
8/13/10 00:45KentWAUSATriangle2 secondsOn 8/13/2010 I was outside in my back yard watching the meteor shower when I noticed a triangular craft flying over in a east -northea8/24/10
8/13/10 00:01DeerfieldILUSALight5 minutesStrange, bright, blinking object over Deerfield, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we wonder. PD))8/24/10
8/13/10 00:00Sedro WoolleyWAUSAUnknown30 minutes((HOAX??)) Many ufos in same area.8/24/10
8/12/10 23:35Virginia BeachVAUSATriangle5-7 minutes@ the intersection of Priness Anne Road & Upton Drive, near Red Mill Commons...8/24/10
8/12/10 23:20Wexford Town (Ireland)IrelandTriangle20 secWe saw a Formation of 4 or 5 lights in the formation of a Triangle8/24/10
8/12/10 23:00TecumsehKSUSACircle3-4 minutesSlow-moving, glowing white/orange ball8/24/10
8/12/10 23:00Berlin TownshipMIUSATriangleeach event was witnessed A glowing yellow ball from the distance that was a "single headlight" for a triangular shaped craft.8/24/10
8/12/10 22:45Mesa (Queen Creek)AZUSAOther5 min.white light being chased by a F168/24/10
8/12/10 22:30MontgomeryALUSAUnknownOne minuteHigh, fast, zig-zag/wobbly flight pattern ...8/24/10
8/12/10 22:24Ingonish (Canada)NSCanadaLight60 mins.Light outside, high in the air, minimal movement , ingonish NS Canada8/24/10
8/12/10 22:24Ingonish (Canada)NSCanadaLight60 mins.On the date of August 12th 2010 I seem to have witnessed an extraterrestrial event.8/24/10
8/12/10 21:30Hilton Head IslandSCUSACircle20 secondsMy wife and I saw two orange orbs in the sky off the beach in Hilton Head Island, SC.8/24/10
8/12/10 20:34TopsfieldMAUSAOther2 minutesThe lights were not sharp and pronounced, but instead were hazy and burned like fire, scattered about the bottom and sides of the UFO.8/24/10
8/12/10 14:15SecaucusNJUSASpherepossibly 30 secondsBlack Sphere in Hudson County Skies8/24/10
8/12/10 13:00BridgeportCAUSAUnknownTwo secondsA buzzing flying spike crashed in front of use.8/24/10
8/12/10 12:36Hidden HillsCAUSAChevron3 seccondsA shadow went over my house and it was dark for a second. It was completely silent but it got dark outside.8/24/10
8/12/10 12:30BoiseIDUSATriangle40 minutes and countingThere are recurring crafts hovering and flying over boise that are not of this world.8/24/10
8/12/10 09:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaChanging2 minSaw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))8/24/10
8/12/10 02:15HammondINUSACircle5 minutesround green light followed by smaller ufos above hammond indiana8/24/10
8/11/10 23:45Cooper's RockWVUSAUnknown25 minutesMe and a friend routinely go to Chestnut Ridge Park near Cooper's Rock State Forest to get a clear view of the night sky. I have a pair8/24/10
8/11/10 23:40McHenry CityILUSAUnknown3 minutesUnknown aircraft in northern Illinois8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00MarshallARUSALight30 minsMe and my friend decided to drive to the top of a hill tonight to see the stars, because it was pretty clear. The things we saw looked8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00DeweyDEUSALight3 minuteslights along and over the water8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00MedfordORUSATriangle15 minuteslooking North we saw a triangle shaped object in the sky, rapidly changing colors from blue, red, green and white, almost looked like i8/24/10
8/11/10 22:00Garden City BeachSCUSAFormation10minStrange unnatural lights seen off Garden City Beach.8/24/10
8/11/10 18:45NapervilleILUSASphere3 secondsSpherical object or ball of light flying low and fast while recording clouds8/24/10
8/11/10 11:12CincinnatiOHUSAOther2 minsufo over walnut hills in cincinnati8/24/10
8/11/10 04:30VacavilleCAUSALight60-70 secondsmy friend and I were delivering news papers to an apartment complex around four thirty am and I looked up and saw a bright flying throu8/24/10
8/11/10 02:36StoningtonCTUSALighta few seconds2:36am in Stonington, Ct there was a bar of light in the upper right sky about the sz of an inch, it tilted to right, then sped away8/24/10
8/11/10 01:00KentWAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle UFO witnessed in Kent, Washinton at about 1am on Wednesday morning, 8/11/10.8/24/10
8/10/10 00:00Washington (west of)IAUSADiamond30-45 mins didnt get to wHovering lights in western sky, Washington, Iowa8/24/10
8/10/10 22:30WilmingtonNCUSALight2 mins5-6 lights scattered on the horizon, helicopter in the vicinity8/24/10
8/10/10 22:30Stafford (UK/England)United KingdomSphere3mimssphere with wiggly tail8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00NorthamptonMAUSAOther5-6 seconds08/10/10. Approximately 10 PM, two white lights in formation seen moving very quickly across sky in direct northerly direction.8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00Delnice (Croatia)CroatiaTriangle1 minuteA possible UFO; because of the strong lighting surely not an ordinary aircraft8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight30minBright red --orange balls in the night sky8/24/10
8/10/10 21:40HighlandUTUSALightMaybe an hourOdd lights in the sky over Utah Valley.8/24/10
8/10/10 21:30BainbridgeOHUSALightApprox. 20 min.Red-orange lights spotted in night sky over Bainbridge, Ohio8/24/10
8/10/10 21:30SequimWAUSALight10 SecondsWitnessed a very bright white/orange light just above the crest of Blue Mountain, S/SW of my position. I observed this light briefly f8/24/10
8/10/10 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALight5-10 min3 orange lights8/24/10
8/10/10 20:27North Myrtle BeachSCUSALight20 minutesThis was an orange ball of light just over the Atlantic Ocean near the shore and just below the night stars. The lights were larger tha8/24/10
8/10/10 20:20GlendaleAZUSAFlash10 secondsFlashing object in the sky disappears within seconds8/24/10
8/10/10 17:45Holden BeachNCUSACircle1-2 minutes3 orange like orbs appeared in the Souther sky off of Holden Beach North Carolina.8/24/10
8/10/10 09:55San AntonioTXUSAFlash1 sec.I saw a light trail flash in in the sky.8/24/10
8/10/10 00:00Saint Paul (east side)MNUSAOther3 + hoursUFO Sighting On Saint Paul's Eastside.8/24/10
8/9/10 23:15Oklahoma CityOKUSACircle55 secondsCircular, bright orange object flying north in the sky that fell apart and disappeared.8/24/10
8/9/10 22:00CraigCOUSADiskPhotoA Phtograph of an apparent disc shaped object.8/24/10
8/9/10 22:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaFireball30-40 secondsGlowing orange object in sky, saw it from directly below, was rounded in shape8/24/10
8/9/10 21:38Spokane ValleyWAUSAFormation10 seconds40+ fireballs in formation moving fast and changing shapes8/24/10
8/9/10 21:30Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaLight5 minutesGreen light in night sky over halifax, nova scotia8/24/10
8/9/10 21:28SavannahGAUSAFormation20 minutes3 slow moving lights in triangular formation over Savannah, GA8/24/10
8/9/10 09:00RidgewoodNYUSAOtherabout 40 seconds((HOAX??))
8/9/10 08:35Las VegasNVUSAOther10 MinutesA Thin Slice of Black over the Las Vegas mountain range8/24/10
8/9/10 04:28BeaumontTXUSAFlash10 minutesEarly am my dog barked to go outside because he is 17 years I have to lift him and take him outside my back fenced in yard. I sit on m8/24/10
8/9/10 00:30Cologne (Germany)GermanyCylinder3 minutesSighted a formation of 6, 2 side by side followed by another 2,then 2 more flying single file from North to South over the center of th8/24/10
8/9/10 00:16RiegelwoodNCUSACircle3 Secondsi saw i bright object in the sky that left a trail8/24/10
8/8/10 22:07Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaEgg10 minutesgreen oblong object over UBC campus, slightly southwest in position, with non-uniformly emitted light8/24/10
8/8/10 21:40Fond du LacWIUSACircle1 - 1.5 minutesvery bright and silent light traveling across sky that camera captured as red and white bobber looking object.8/24/10
8/8/10 21:00DubuqueIAUSALightfelt like 10 mins but timTwo Orange Spheres moments apart, followed by smaller moving star like object, which became two lights moving together from another dir8/24/10
8/8/10 20:53FrederickMDUSAUnknownunder a minuteFour very bright white lights that hovered.8/24/10
8/8/10 20:05CoventryCTUSACigar2-3 minutesTwo very bright lights in sky.8/24/10
8/8/10 19:00Granite CityILUSALight30 secondsbright light, stationary,seemed to kind of roll then slowly dissapeared,8/24/10
8/8/10 17:55WaukeshaWIUSACircle30SecondsRed/Yellow blinking/flickering light with unpredictable flight path8/24/10
8/8/10 10:00AnaheimCAUSACross23 minutesCross-like UFO off 91 freeway in Anaheim, CA.8/24/10
8/8/10 09:00AlsteadNHUSACircle2 hrsBright lights last night way up by the stars noo flashing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites, we suspect. PD))8/24/10
8/8/10 06:05HuronSDUSARectangle10 sec((HOAX??)) It was at a stand still like it was waiting at a stop sign!8/24/10
8/8/10 00:00AtlantaGAUSAUnknown5 secs.Large bright white light shot across sky going SSE towards Atlanta8/24/10
8/7/10 23:32Shlangen (Germany)GermanyFlashTrampolineMoving in the sky, a flash, then gone.8/24/10
8/7/10 22:05SeabeckWAUSA15 minRound, bright orange balls in sky traveling in single file while climbing in altitude.8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00Sofia (Bulgaria)BulgariaTriangle10We saw 3 objects far Lulin mountain.They was like a sun-with yellow colour.8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00Larkhall (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball15-20 minsseveral bright orange spheres appeared then disappeared - minutes apart8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00WaterboroMEUSALight4-5 minutes totalAmber/Orangish colored light in sound at any point, for duration of sighting, no commercial flashing tail or wing lights seen8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00YakimaWAUSATriangle6 minutesAt 10:48 to 10:56. Four different lights, shining like if they were wildfire, appeared soundless, somewhat, over Yakima City (Which was8/24/10
8/7/10 21:35St. Clair ShoresMIUSAUnknown1 minuteOrange-yellow light at high altitude in Detroit area. Apprx. one minute to traverse the sky.8/24/10
8/7/10 21:30Rehoboth BeachDEUSALight5 minutesRepeated Observation of Red/Orange Flickering Lights off Delaware Coast8/24/10
8/7/10 21:15MiamiFLUSATriangle5 minutesSaturday night at 915pm my wife and I were watching T.V. . Our son walks in from out side and said there is fire in the sky. I told him8/24/10
8/7/10 21:00South CairoNYUSALight3 minutesBright light on the western ridge. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is in the western sky at this time. PD))8/24/10
8/7/10 20:45CooperstownNYUSAFireball3 minutesA bright orange ball moving south, stopping and then retreating backwards until it disappeared.8/24/10
8/7/10 20:20Baiting HNYUSADisk2 minutes3 craft seen flying same rout seconds apart.8/24/10
8/7/10 20:10YumaAZUSALight20 secondsThree eyewitnesses of approximately 20 lighted objects in the southwest desert moving in a northwesterly direction8/24/10
8/7/10 20:00PeeblesOHUSACircle<1 minuteround object with much smaller attached object circling the main object in vertical motion8/24/10
8/7/10 19:15SurpriseAZUSALight3 minLarge Orb Above White Tank Mountain Range8/24/10
8/7/10 15:30Glen EchoMDUSASphere10 minsStationary metallic like sphere over the Washington DC area8/24/10
8/7/10 03:00SubletteILUSAUnknown5 minutesLite moved across the sky changing colors from white to orange makes a 90 degree turn towards earth and stops hanging in the sky change8/24/10
8/7/10 01:11CorinthKYUSALight10 secondsTwo objects, one possibly a meteroite, the other object moved at same speed stopped in mid flight and went back the way it came.8/24/10
8/7/10 00:30North Kenai (Daniels Lake; east end)AKUSALight1 hourAround 0:30 began seeing flickering flashlight type light through leaves of trees. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter. PD))8/24/10
8/6/10 23:00SteelvilleMOUSACircle5 minutesBright red circular object seen in the night sky around Steelville MO8/24/10
8/6/10 22:30SouthportNCUSAFireball15 minutesSee approx. 15 reddish orange bright lights flying east of Southport, NC toward Wilmington, NC. All were flying in a straight line acr8/24/10
8/6/10 22:15Sturgeon BayWIUSALight5 secondsBrief moving light, turned off as if on a dimmer switch8/24/10
8/6/10 22:10KeeneNHUSALight3 seconds4 to 5 lights traveling in formation from the northwest to the southeast and looked like dim spotlights in the sky.8/24/10
8/6/10 22:00London (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle1 minuteLarge glowing rectangular object.8/24/10
8/6/10 21:30West BendWIUSAFireball45-60 secondsFireball in the sky8/24/10
8/6/10 21:00OxfordCTUSACigar3 minutesWe saw a weird glowing light in the sky that appeared to be slowly moving and then hovering. Obj. had red lights around it that blink8/24/10
8/6/10 21:00ChillicotheILUSALight10 minutesbright orange glowing lights traveling over Chillicothe, Illinois8/24/10
8/6/10 19:35ClermontFLUSACigar1:30I observed a small silver cigar shaped craft observed flying north at a fast steady pace dissapear into the clouds8/24/10
8/6/10 18:00South CairoNYUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle following plane went vertical was gone in a second8/24/10
8/6/10 16:00San AntonioTXUSAFormation"V" shapped formation with 4 objects .8/24/10
8/6/10 14:40PeabodyMAUSADisk10 secondsSilver disk flew over my backyard, directly overhead, low and slow.8/24/10
8/6/10 05:00Bucks County (city not specified)PAUSALight30-45 sec.Extremely bright stationary light that dimmed and traveled south. ((NUFORC Note: Witness amends report; satellites. PD))8/24/10
8/6/10 02:00Sioux FallsSDUSAFireball20 minutesTwelve orange balls of light moving over Sioux Falls, SD, at 2:00 hrs. on 08/06/108/24/10
8/6/10 01:00The Pas (Canada)MBCanadaCircle10 secondsObject flying just above the trees that had two perpendicular faint coloured circular lights 500 Lights On Object0: Yes8/24/10
8/6/10 00:00ClarksdaleMSUSALight45 minsLights in Sky8/24/10
8/6/10 00:00Rochester HillsMIUSATriangle15 secondsI spotted a floating object in the sky with 3 yellow lights in the shape of a trianagle, that disappeared into the clear night sky.8/24/10
8/5/10 23:45San AntonioTXUSASphere30 minutes or soSphere-like UFO sighted over San Antonio, Texas August 5-6, 20108/24/10
8/5/10 23:45San AntonioTXUSASphere20-30 minutesSphere-like object with flashing lights seen in western sky over San Antonio, TX. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))8/24/10
8/5/10 22:45Falkirk (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle2 minRed light over Falkirk, Scotland.8/24/10
8/5/10 22:30White SwanWAUSALight30minSilver Blue Light Observed doing spirals, zigzags and other movements in sky.8/24/10
8/5/10 22:00Key LargoFLUSAOther2-3 minsmoving from south to north-east across the sky in less than 3 minutes;higher and faster than a plane.8/24/10
8/5/10 15:00San JoseCAUSAOther5 secondWhite dot in sky seen streaking twice in opposite directions over East San Jose foothills.8/24/10
8/5/10 15:00San JoseCAUSALight5 minutesSmall white dot high in sky similar to 7/2009 case over San Jose.8/24/10
8/5/10 03:15Broken ArrowOKUSALight5 minutesBright white light becomes two bright lights over Broken Arrow Oklahoma8/24/10
8/5/10 01:00PerrisCAUSAFireball20 minutesLarge object with a variety of very birght colors in the sky moved quite rapidly......for no appearent reason?8/24/10
8/5/10 00:00WaltersOKUSAOtherapprox. 30 secondsBright yellow, flowy UFO sighted in Walters, Oklahoma by working mother.8/24/10
8/4/10 23:40DublinINUSASphere5minGlowing orange sphere in Dublin Indiana8/24/10
8/4/10 23:30CincinnatiOHUSA5 MinutesOn Wednesday, Aug 4 at approximately 10:30 pm my wife and I were sitting on our patio when we noticed 2 bright objects approaching from8/24/10
8/4/10 23:00Claremorris, Co. Mayo, IrelandIrelandLight5 minsStationary, pulsating beam of green light from cloud to open ground.8/24/10
8/4/10 22:25Ajax (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownApprox 1 minuteRandom blinking dark yellow light, travelling NNW toSSE at 500-600 mph, estimate alitude 10,000-15,000 ft8/24/10
8/4/10 22:00ProvoUTUSADisk10 secondsHovering object during a thunder storm and rain.8/24/10
8/4/10 21:57GreensburgINUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular Craft 3 white lights on each point 4-5 red lights in center various intensity SILENT the whole time8/24/10
8/4/10 21:00MelbourneFLUSALight25 minsvery bright light in west ((NUFORC Note: Venus in WSW sky?? PD))8/24/10
8/4/10 20:50ColumbusWIUSALight30 minuteslarge bright stationary light, red/green/white flashing -7 witnesses form diff. locations. ((NUFORC Note: Venus in WSW sky?? PD))8/24/10
8/4/10 20:25Pa'akai Point- Mamalahoha HwyHIUSATriangle5 secondsTriangle shape with lights flashing to off. South Kona Hawaii (big Island)8/24/10
8/4/10 18:08TampaFLUSAOther3 minutesFloating Humanoid sighting in Tampa (West Chase) Florida area Aug 4, 2010. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD))8/24/10
8/4/10 07:00Glen RoseTXUSACircle10 minlow no noise craft like a ball of light went right over our heads8/24/10
8/4/10 05:30RaleighNCUSACone60 secObject over Raleigh8/24/10
8/4/10 01:40Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaFormationFlyby approx 20 sec.5 lights, jockeying around to make rectangle, triangle, circle and straight line formations travelling east8/24/10
8/4/10 01:00PalisadeNEUSALightunknownOdd point of light seen in clouded sky8/24/10
8/4/10 01:00DavisCAUSAOtherIts Still ThereI witness an Orange Flourecent Light in the shape of an orb turn into what appreared to be an airplane.8/24/10
8/3/10 00:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknownall nightWhat looks to be two bright stars with flashing red and green lights over the western skys of NM8/24/10
8/3/10 22:41Grand HavenMIUSALight40 secondsBright light moving from one horizon to the other in less than 40 seconds8/24/10
8/3/10 22:00Terre haute outskirtsINUSAFormation3 minutesI was travelling south on u.s. 41, about ten or 15 miles outside of Terre Haute, Indiana. About 200 feet ahead of me, on the east side8/24/10
8/3/10 22:00Royal Palm BeachFLUSAUnknown30 minutesLarge light gradually dropped then disappeared8/24/10
8/3/10 21:05Naval weapons base FallbrookCAUSAOval4minutesElongated object with 7 white lights8/24/10
8/3/10 21:00Silver CityNMUSALight1 minuteIntensely bright, slow-moving, "star-like" object that grew even brighter before it suddenly disappeared.8/24/10
8/3/10 19:00ErinTNUSACircle15 secondsAugust 3, 2010 Around 7:00 pm I was watching TV when my TV was making a weird sound. It only makes this sound when a cell phone is aro8/24/10
8/3/10 18:00Osage BeachMOUSAFireball45 minutesVery UNUSUAL lens reflection, atmospheric conditions or alien ball of light/fire8/24/10
8/3/10 15:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaCircleDear Mr Davenport,i am living in Toronto(Canada)last week i was in my backyard,at 3:00 pm and for fun ,i took a picture of sunny,clear8/24/10
8/3/10 14:00BostonMAUSAChanging10 minutesChanges shape and flashing lights- one dark window- blue beam came down- picked up something 58/24/10
8/3/10 02:14Long BeachCAUSAFireball1 secondVery fast Oblong crescent shaped object streaking through sky above Long Beach/Seal Beach, CA8/24/10
8/3/10 01:00PhoenixAZUSAFireball2 secondsLarge Green Fireball South Phoenix Arizona 12:30am 8/03/10 Ahwatukee area.8/24/10
8/3/10 00:30HanoverPAUSAUnknown30 minutesAt 00:30 at coduras state park, unknown ship flew above treetops creating powerful down winds, flew over park area. Could hear winds fl8/24/10
8/2/10 21:45SpringfieldMOUSAFlash13 minutestuesday eve at 945 pm my wife and I witnessed a ufo in the west sky.bright changed colors then slowly faded and blinked then faded out8/24/10
8/2/10 21:35Cedar Point/Emerald Isle/SwansboroNCUSALight10 minRed Lights Over Ocean Emerald Isle NC8/24/10
8/2/10 09:50Fairless Hills/LevittownPAUSATriangleI was driving from Vermilion Hills section of Levittown to Fairless Hills (right around the corner) and through the trees noticed light8/24/10
8/2/10 06:00Lake ElsinoreCAUSACigar2 MinutesLake Elsinore sighting 8/2/10 06008/24/10
8/2/10 02:50San AntonioTXUSAChanging1hris it a comet coming towards earth?8/24/10
8/2/10 01:50Lacombe (Canada)ABCanadaFlash10 secondsbright blue flash followed by long blue streak8/24/10
8/1/10 23:15Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaOval2 secondsBright colorful Shooting Light.8/24/10
8/1/10 22:15Laurie (5 mi. W of; 52 mile marker on Osage)MOUSASphere3 minutes3 orange spheres in linear formation over Lake of the Ozarks8/24/10
8/1/10 21:00WoodhullILUSALight5 minutesmy wife & I saw a light the size of a star moving @ a high rate of speed from W to E. ((NUFORC Note:8/24/10
8/1/10 09:12SandwichMAUSACircle5 minutes (when i arrivedTwelve UFOs-after two minutes a space craft came and flew to the objects, but one UFO appeared below it and hovered it.8/24/10
8/1/10 01:30South ElginILUSASphere1 to 2 minutestwo orange craft approx. 1/2 mile apart moving west8/24/10
8/1/10 01:04WhittierCAUSADisk5 minutesUFO Over Southern California8/24/10
8/1/10 00:50Long BeachCAUSALight1 secondSaw bright green flash & streak, no accompanying sound, suspected copper/thallium-containing iron meteorite.8/24/10
8/1/10 00:32Hickam AFBHIUSATriangle25 SecondsI saw a bright orange glowing object moving across the sky and viewed the object for 25 seconds8/24/10
8/1/10 00:30South ElginILUSALight5-10 minsObject taking flight near Ohare Airport!!!8/24/10
8/1/10 00:05BrandonSDUSAFireballseven minutesAbout 7-9 orange objects appeared in the sky to the East, moving Northeast; each faded out after about seven minutes.8/24/10
8/1/10Munich (Germany)GermanyLight30 secondsGermany UFO sighting8/24/10
7/31/10 23:45ChicagoILUSAFireball15 minutesWe saw about 10 glowing objects floating in a similar path in Southwestern sky 7/31/10 about midnite.8/24/10
7/31/10 23:25HarristownILUSAFireball>1 minuteBall of Light with tail that changed directions8/24/10
7/31/10 23:05Stanmore, Winchester (UK/England)United KingdomLightTwo minutesLow flying orange spherical UFO / filmed and revealed to be displaying distinct illumination8/24/10
7/31/10 23:00Ocean CityMDUSACircle10 secondsCircular lights in "V" formation that moved very quickly and changed patterns.8/24/10
7/31/10 22:55SacramentoCAUSAOval5-10 SecondsFalling Object next to the Big Dipper.8/24/10
7/31/10 22:55PortlandORUSAFireball5 minutesI observed a strange glowing orange ball floating in the sky in a straight path that made no sound.8/24/10
7/31/10 22:50Coalinga (near)CAUSAUnknownInterstate-5 sighting.8/24/10
7/31/10 22:45New Port RicheyFLUSATeardrop10 MINUTES4 teardrop shaped orange balls of fire about a minute apart flying from the west to the east8/24/10
7/31/10 22:10TarrytownNYUSACircle30 secondsRed Green and Blue pulsating object circling in a clockwise direction moving East to West8/24/10
7/31/10 22:00Waukon (15 miles SE of)IAUSAUnknown5 minsTriangular/V-shape UFO spotted over North East Iowa.8/24/10
7/31/10 21:52RiversideCAUSALight10 sec approxBrilliant green object, seems to launch smaller white objetc8/24/10
7/31/10 21:45Coventry (UK/England)United Kingdom2 minutes4 lights seen heading west to east about 30 seconds apart the last two were abaout 15 seconds apart, with one slightly south of the thi8/24/10
7/31/10 21:45Hanover (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 sec. app.A small light flew accross the night sky at tremendous speed.8/24/10
7/31/10 21:30Cookstown (Canada)ONCanadaLight~3 hoursWhite, vibrantly glowing light stationary above Cookstown for ~3hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))8/24/10
7/31/10 19:54Oregon HouseCAUSALight5 minutesFour lights at dusk that appear then dissaappear8/24/10
7/31/10 19:30DetroitMIUSAOtherhours((HOAX??)) Its at dusk on a clear in the SW corner I look tru through my glases the coors are white blue green orange it changes shapes8/24/10
7/31/10 14:20San AntonioTXUSAChevron15 min.Multiple witnesses observe stationary, highly-reflective object in daytime sky. Triangular??8/24/10
7/31/10 04:15AlbuquerqueNMUSACigar20 secondsNight sky turned white with a cigar shaped object in the middle of a circle of light8/24/10
7/31/10 00:00WichitaKSUSADiamond5 minutesQuiet slow moving craft with red , blue and orange lights that dissapeared in the night sky8/24/10
7/31/10Los AngelesCAUSACircle90 minUFO's over Silverlake8/24/10
7/30/10 23:30CutlerCAUSAFireball3-4 minutesSmall fireball shaped object seen flying southeast from Cutler. No noise.8/24/10
7/30/10 23:05UK/ScotlandUnited KingdomLight3 minstwo bright lights travelling at speed across a clear night sky.8/24/10
7/30/10 23:00BaltimoreMDUSASphere5 secondsRecurring Sighting Over Parkton Maryland July 27th thru 30th.8/24/10
7/30/10 21:00Thousand OaksCAUSALight3 hoursbright light in sky every night for last 8 nights and counting. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky, we suspect. PD))8/24/10
7/30/10 20:44ReadingPAUSAChanging2-3 hoursFour visible, identical, shape-changing UFOs over a large E city going toe-to-toe with intruders that are only visible on cameras.8/24/10
7/30/10 20:30PatersonNJUSAOther2 hours7/30/2010/ 9:30-11:30pm/Sighting over Paterson NJ Two Satellite Looking Objects; Second Objects Lights Up For A Moment Then Dims Again8/24/10
7/30/10 09:30EnfieldCTUSAChanging30 minutoscambia de forma y dura 30 minutos ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a celestial body, a star or a planet. PD))8/24/10
7/29/10 23:30EugeneORUSASphere5 minutesI went outside to have a cigarette and saw a object larger than a star moving erratically, back and forth then hovering, then moving ac8/24/10
7/29/10 23:00EastonPAUSACircleJulyBright green circle with tail spotted in Easton, PA8/24/10
7/29/10 22:40Clinton TownshipMIUSALight3 minutesBright orange globes hovering and maneuvering in Clinton Township Mi.8/24/10
7/29/10 22:20RocklinCAUSACircle5 minutesDisklike object with rotating changing colors floating moderately low above the ground.8/24/10
7/29/10 21:10ArcadiaCAUSALight20 secondsBright Light That Changed Intensity and Color, Then Disappeared8/24/10
7/29/10 21:00KernersvilleNCUSALight1 hourfive lights in the sky within an hour.8/24/10
7/29/10 18:50BrielleNJUSAEggcurrentEgg-shaped object in sky moving in semi circle way, Has craters or holes through the object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))8/24/10
7/29/10 05:00CantonOHUSAFireball45 MINUTESEarly morning fireball-like light formation hovering near Akron/Canton Airport .8/24/10
7/29/10 01:30BellevueWAUSALight40 minutesMoon highlights wide mass expanse traversing west to east at an even pace8/24/10
7/29/10 01:00ClovisCAUSACircle10 secondsCircular light over Fresno county, seen in Clovis.8/24/10
7/28/10 22:00ChicoCAUSATriangle4 minTriangle shaped formation of lights slowed and stopped, then changed direction and flew off.8/24/10
7/28/10 15:00CummingGAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular craft with lighted sphere bottom hoovering near home in cumming, ga 7-28-108/24/10
7/28/10 13:00GustineCAUSADisk2 minutes2 white disks spotted over central California during the day8/24/10
7/28/10 12:00SwoopeVAUSAOvalSeveral MinutesLarge white un identified blimp-like craft seen mid-day over country-side in Augusta County, VA.8/24/10
7/28/10 00:58DayvilleCTUSAOther15 secondsAn orb of energy?8/24/10
7/27/10 15:00Las VegasNVUSADisk2-3 minutesLarge, white, dome shaped object spotted near a "Janet" plane in Las Vegas8/24/10
7/27/10Playa del ReyCAUSALight1 secI saw this happen one time before but never reported it but Wed night I was star gazing and a really bright light turned on and then of8/24/10
7/26/10 22:00Barstow and Needles (between)CAUSALight1 hour7/26/10 between Barstow and Needles CA unusal changing lights traveling through the Majave desert8/24/10
7/25/10 22:50Fair Oak (UK/England)United KingdomFireballTwo minutesTwo orange fireballs observed8/24/10
7/25/10 22:00JamestownCAUSAChangingongoingUFOs over my house nightly8/24/10
7/25/10 21:20El PasoTXUSALight1 minuteYellow ball of light following a commercial airliner.8/24/10
7/25/10 21:00PortlandORUSACircleabout 1 minutePlanet Sized Orb Passes Behind Venus Then FLICKers Out!8/24/10
7/25/10 10:00Washington, D.C.DCUSA30 secondsI saw a silver metallic ball fly over my house in Wash., D.C. in broad daylight!8/24/10
7/24/10 23:45Lake OswegoORUSATriangle2 minutesOREGON UFO REVIEW REPORT: Slow moving silent black triangle craft observed over Nansen Park Lake Oswego Oregon8/24/10
7/24/10 23:00Aurora (Canada)ONCanadaFireballFireball sighting8/24/10
7/24/10 18:30New York CityNYUSASphereminutesSilver orbs hanging in the eastern sky.8/24/10
7/24/10 00:00Calgary (Canada)ABUSAFormation1-2 min.One light trailing another much slower than satellites at high altitide overhead.8/24/10
7/23/10 22:00Kure BeachNCUSALight20 minutesGroup of UFO lights over horizon at Kure Beach, NC8/24/10
7/23/10 20:00IndependenceORUSAUnknown5 minutesRocket-like craft with centered- tail- trail over Willamette Valley, Oregon8/24/10
7/23/10 20:00PlymouthMNUSASpherephotoReflective orb revealed in digital photo of clouds.8/24/10
7/22/10 22:00Atlantic BeachNCUSAChangingseconds3 separate incidents of large saucer shaped object(s) and small round lights, reddish orange-ish, witnessed by 2 or 3 people.8/24/10
7/21/10 21:30Myrtle BeachSCUSALight5 secondsThree red/orange disk shaped lights appeared over the ocean fading in and out one at a time forming a triangular pattern.8/24/10
7/20/10 21:30PortalGAUSALight10 minutesRed/Orangeish, or Golden Colored Lights, many appearing then Fading out Together, and being in one place then another instantly,,,8/24/10
7/20/10 21:15BurleyIDUSADisk5 secondsDisc shaped UFO sighted over Idaho8/24/10
7/20/10 03:10Washington, D.C.DCUSASphere5 minutesMoving star with beam of light8/24/10
7/20/10 03:00Washington, D.C.DCUSALightnightly I live in Wash., D.C. For weeks I had observed a bright luminous celestial body in the sky I couldn’t identify. The object would rise8/24/10
7/18/10 09:30HendersonvilleTNUSACone4-5 minutesWe saw a giant fireball pushing a long cone shape8/24/10
7/17/10 22:00LehiUTUSALight10 minutesStrange light in sky moving erratically, stopping abruptly and changing directions.8/24/10
7/17/10 02:00MaconGAUSALightSeveral hoursSeveral flashing lights in various positions seen in the northern sky nightly.8/24/10
7/16/10 22:12Carter LakeIAUSASphere5 minutesOne brilliantly illuminating ball of light that float over our heads and shorty afterwards, vanished before our eyes.8/24/10
7/16/10 11:00PrimmNVUSAOther3-5 minutes((HOAX??)) Object hovering over my car.8/24/10
7/16/10 04:00Hoffman EstatesILUSACircle2 minsJust looked up and saw this circle black item just standing in the middle of the sky and then it just desapear8/24/10
7/16/10 01:00Brevard (near; Lake Toxaway)GAUSATeardroparound 30 secondsSlow flashing light that disappeared quickly.8/24/10
7/15/10 22:45RaytownMOUSASphere2:00Close up encounter with an object that was translucent, low luminance, floating. ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous source. PD))8/24/10
7/14/10 22:44Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaFireballapprox 1 secNoticed a blue fireball and cloud/chem trail in the sky8/24/10
7/11/10 23:30Electric CityWAUSACircle5 minutes approxGrand Coulee Damn sighting of "fireball" that turned in mid air while changing speeds intermitently.8/24/10
7/11/10 23:00SomersetKYUSACircle15 secondsRound, sound-less yellow light seen moving at slow speed then disappering.8/24/10
7/10/10 23:15Halifax (Canada)NSCanadaOtherAprx. 5 - 10 minsGreen line in the sky shaped as a straight line8/24/10
7/10/10 22:00Portsmouth (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minutes4 orange lights in an askew square formation over Portsmouth, England8/24/10
7/10/10 21:30SpringwaterNYUSAFireball5 minutesJuly 10 2010 9:30pm Fireball in western NY8/24/10
7/9/10 23:00WellingtonNVUSAFlash10 minutesFlashing Light8/24/10
7/9/10 17:20OlympiaWAUSAOtherseconds3 DIMENTIONAL, ROUND OBJECT, LOOKS LIKE SKELATON OF THE MOON,.bone framed round object8/24/10
7/8/10 21:30Dymchurch (UK/England)United KingdomEgg10 minutes6 flying objects what were they8/24/10
7/8/10 15:00OrlandoFLUSAOther45 secSilver pill-shaped object viewed over Disney World in Florida8/24/10
7/7/10 21:20Colorado SpringsCOUSAOval3 minA Brightly Multi-Colored Object appeared in front of Pike Peak, north/west of NORAD in Colorado Springs.8/24/10
7/5/10 23:00Fort WorthTXUSASphere1-2minstexas8/24/10
7/4/10 23:00MonticelloINUSALight4-7 mins6 red stationary lights in formation.8/24/10
7/4/10 22:00Piney FlatsTNUSAOther1-3 minutesfireball (looked like flames) with some type of top over it traveling above clouds in straight line east to west8/24/10
7/4/10 22:00Cherokee VilliageARUSACircle15 mintwo orange balls moving from south to north in arkansas8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00LondonKYUSACircle30 MinOrange UFO passing or hovering through London Kentucky on July 4th8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00LombardILUSAFireball1 hourPossible explanation for some of the July 4 reports.8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00FridleyMNUSALight2 minutesBright red/orange ball of light over Moore Lake (Hwy 65), for 2-3 min, motionless over tree line, then fades.8/24/10
7/4/10 10:00St. AugustineFLUSACircle~ 3 minsFlying balloon of fire traveling east to west and suddenly turned due south and disappeared.8/24/10
7/4/10 09:30McDonaldPAUSAFireball<1 minuteGlowing object seen in sky over SW Pennsylvania on July 4, 20108/24/10
7/4/10Washington, D.C.DCUSACircle2mn.I saw Two ufo object's over the Washington Monument during the 4th. of July events.8/24/10
7/3/10 22:30Port AngelesWAUSALight2 minutesSet of two lights moving silently in-line with one another from East to West. Lead light brighter than follow light.8/24/10
7/3/10 22:25Rohnert ParkCAUSAFireballAbout 15 secondsBright yellow fireball made right angle turn and disappeared.8/24/10
7/3/10 reported 2 star like lights to the police and then within 15 min there was a dozen aircraft giving chace north from richmond va 2 D.C8/24/10
7/3/10 21:15Red BankNJUSAChanging30 minutesUnknown Self luminous Red Obj obve fireworks display8/24/10
7/3/10 19:45Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircleapprox 1 1/2 minsCircular object, red/brown colour with fiery glow at base, traveling very low and at speed !8/24/10
7/3/10 19:00PhillipsburgNJUSAFireball1 hour50 red fireballs flying over NJ.8/24/10
7/3/10 00:30Port AngelesWAUSALight1 min. 30 secs.My two friends and I had a second sighting of the same type we had seen approximately two hours earlier. Once again, the two lights, wi8/24/10
7/2/10 22:40Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomFireball3 minutesbright orange ball of light that faded into nothing8/24/10
7/1/10 22:00GraftonWIUSAFireball30 minutesSeveral hundred orange/reddish orbs SE to NW on 7-1-10 at 10PM CST over Mequon, Grafton, Cedarburg, WI8/24/10
6/30/10 23:00SikestonMOUSAUnknown45 minutesBlue lights scanning the sky line8/24/10
6/24/10 18:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 secSaw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD))8/24/10
6/23/10 04:20Cairo (Egypt)EgyptSphere5-10 secondsWhite glowing sphere appeared in the sky and moved horizontally leaving a white glowing tail behind it .8/24/10
6/20/10 11:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaSphere2 minI m a contactee so i feel these guys before they come. ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. PD))8/24/10
6/19/10 19:00Essex (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 MINI went outside with a coffee. I took a drink of coffee, lit a smoke, then looked directly overhead. it was exactly 8:52 pm the sun wa8/24/10
6/19/10 03:00Bluff CityARUSACircle60 secondsBright circular yellowish orange light moved closer and then flew up and away!8/24/10
6/14/10 18:10BurbankCAUSACircle10 minuesA metallic object is seen hovering really high above N Glenoaks blvd and Birmingham Rd around 6:10pm in bright daylight in burbank8/24/10
6/1/10 10:00AuburnWAUSATeardrop4 Minutes2 Buring Jellyfish in the sky8/24/10
5/15/10 20:30Meldrim (closest municipality)GAUSAUnknown15 minSaw triangular object with red and white lights hovering over the interstate.8/24/10
5/15/10 00:30ChesapeakeVAUSAUnknown>5 minutesBright, strange light.8/24/10
5/1/10 20:30East BostonMAUSADisk5-10 minutesA large,saucer shaped object,that i did not recognize.8/24/10
4/26/10 04:00MarkleINUSASphere2 minsPIC: 5+ crafts seen on 69, ,8/24/10
4/15/10 00:00Kabul (Afghanistan)AfghanistanTriangle15 minutesI saw a triangular ufo while I was at work at the kabul international airport8/24/10
4/1/10 22:00Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaOther1 MinuteBright colorful Shooting Light.8/24/10
3/14/10 13:45FlorenceMSUSAOther60 sec. or lessDart-like craft emerged from tail of a fireball8/24/10
3/3/10 21:45Cape Town (South Africa)South AfricaFireball5 - 10 minutesFrom a star to a huge bright orange light to dropping and landing in the sea.8/24/10
3/1/10 23:00PittsburgCAUSATriangle3 minHuge triangle over Pittsburg, CA and Large Rectangles over Concord / Pittsburg8/24/10
3/1/10 23:00Peten (Guatamala)GuatemalaLight1 minutestill bright yellow light high up over Peten, Guatemala8/24/10
2/25/10 00:00BrocktonMAUSALight4 hoursNext to Route 24 I was out on my balcony having my usual cigarette break and had a long night ahead of me to study for an exam the foll8/24/10
12/31/09 21:00SlidellLAUSASphere3 mins.Two lighted translucent spherical craft traveling slowly on a parallel course towards New Orleans, LA8/24/10
12/20/09 19:23Nelson (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 minutesRed/Blue light hovering over Nelson, B.C., Canada's Bridge8/24/10
12/20/09 05:45Hollister ( Lone Tree Road)CAUSADisk20 minutesUnidentified Flying Object in Lone Tree Rd. San Benito County, Hollister8/24/10
9/14/09 12:00MeadvillePAUSA3 mins((HOAX??)) SPIDER ALEIN, 20 legs waist high showed itself to me. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))8/24/10
8/20/09 01:30Miami BeachFLUSALight20 minutesTwo bright lights hovering around Downtown Miami skyscrapers for 20 minutes, then descended into the ocean together.8/24/10
7/28/09 04:00PiquaOHUSAOther1 or 2 minutesGolden Orangeish Yellow White Ball of Energy hovering over 82MM north of Piqua, Ohio. on 07/28/09, @4or 5 am8/24/10
7/25/09 11:20CarrieKYUSALight25Moving light stopping over us and turning bright8/24/10
7/7/09 21:30ClarenceNYUSARectanglefew secondsAmazingly low, light bright as the Moon, Craft not big at all...Flew without sound8/24/10
7/1/09 07:00Oakville (Canada)ONCanadaFireball2 secondsFast bright object flies through semi-bright skies8/24/10
6/30/09 14:00Laguna VistaTXUSAOval5 minutesoval sphere hovering at 500 feet over my truck pulled my pistol8/24/10
6/15/09 15:00ClarkWAUSAOther2 minutesStealth craft about the size of a helicopter.8/24/10
5/22/09 23:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaDisk4 minAt about 11:30 pm , I was sitting in my chair on the deck outside relaxing and watching the sky . When all of a sudden to the right o8/24/10
5/1/09 19:30Albuquerque (near)NMUSALight3 minutesBright light heading for Earth near Albuquerque, NM8/24/10
4/24/09 06:30HartwellGAUSAOval10 minnever seen anything like it.8/24/10
2/10/09 12:00CrookstonMNUSACircle15 secondsRound, silver UFO hovers over house, disappears in broad daylight8/24/10
8/10/08 22:30CAUSATriangle30 minutes((HOAX)) A rotating TR-B3 Spotted in California.8/24/10
7/25/08 15:04Regensburg (Germany)GermanyDisk2 secondsTook picture of a large circular/disc with a black haze around it while it hovered over Regensburg, Ge on 25 July 08.8/24/10
5/13/08 18:00PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangle5 minutesBoomerang-shaped UFO sighted over Philadelphia at dusk8/24/10
4/1/08 21:00ClarkWYUSADisk3 minutesClassic bell shape, glowed all over with flashing light on top.8/24/10
1/16/08 00:00Asuncion (Paraguay)ParaguayFireball2 minutesI saw 3 spotlights which appeared to be not very shiny because of the heigh at which they were. they were not plane8/24/10
8/20/07 00:30Walla WallaWAUSAUnknown6 SecondsLow flying Orange glow object8/24/10
8/7/07 22:00EriePAUSAFireballover one hourOrange Flaming Orbs fall from the sky over Lake Erie, August, 20078/24/10
1/1/07 13:00Larne (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandCircleunsuresighting in northern ireland and possible abduction.. ongoing8/24/10
7/1/06 02:30Tehachapie (outside of)CAUSADisk5 minutessilent disc flying over foothills North with lower circumference blinking lights that were going around8/24/10
6/30/06 19:00Cuiaba (Brazil)BrazilLight15 secondsA spherical light moved at an alarmingly fast speed, stopped and hovered, and moved again and left.8/24/10
6/30/06 18:00UkiahCAUSATeardropaprox 1 minutegituar pick shaped object traveling north that was very thick and larger than the valley8/24/10
4/1/06 23:00Hanford Nuclear ReservationWAUSALight30 minutesUnusual activity at Hanford Nuclear Reservation,WA8/24/10
6/30/05 13:00Andros Island (Bahamas)BahamasCircle30 sec(Bahamas) Andros Island circle lasted 30 sec Metallic color no lights8/24/10
5/2/05 00:00Fort KnoxKYUSATriangle15 secondsFlash of light made me look up to see a dark craft with three lights hovering above me.8/24/10
3/9/05 03:00PartlowVAUSADiskONE HOUROrange/red glowing objects. Spotsylvania Co Va. 2005 Photographed!8/24/10
12/24/04 21:00HarlingenTXUSAOther20min.Large Blue Light-1st Snow in 105 years.8/24/10
8/16/04 12:05Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaDisk15-20 minsBrilliant White flat shape object8/24/10
7/14/04 05:00Pillar Point Air BaseCAUSATriangle2 minutesawakened with a voice in my head to go to window!! wow, what a show, why me?8/24/10
10/28/03 20:24MarfaTXUSATrianglePhoto shotDigital photo of possible flying triangle over Marfa Tx 10-28-20038/24/10
1/11/02 21:40San AntonioTXUSARectangle36 secondsLarge rectangular object with muticolored lights like needled in a pin cushion8/24/10
2/9/00 08:25ColumbiaMOUSAUnknown1 minuteMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: While driving to work this morning we saw an unusual object in the sky…8/24/10
11/30/99 00:00LancasterCAUSATriangle((HOAX??)) t was 2 of us outside she seen it 1st it was so big it was over the stars it look like it was big as maybe san diego.8/24/10
9/20/99 02:00Momoishi (Japan)JapanTriangleunknowedEncounter described in details.8/24/10
8/28/99 02:00San DiegoCAUSACircle5 minWalkin out of house at early morning notice man with two small children staring into sky. I look to see what appears to be an orange ca8/24/10
6/28/97 12:00WilcoxAZUSACylinder2 hourshovering cylinder object8/24/10
6/15/97 01:00PeoriaILUSADisk3 minutesTwo people see UFO hovering at a distance of 10 feet.8/24/10
5/9/97 21:00Las VegasNVUSALight5 minutesSet of 7 or 8 orange lights moving silently at airliner velocity, size and altitude over Las Vegas Nevada8/24/10
3/13/97 22:00DatelandAZUSACircle10 MinutesHovering Light Formation in Southwest Arizona in March 19978/24/10
6/15/96 02:30EdmondsWAUSAFormation10-15 minMultiple circular UFO sighting in the sky above Edmonds, WA witnessed by police officer and police explorers.8/24/10
6/1/95 21:00Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomLight5 minFast moving light chased by two helicopters and a.w.c.s8/24/10
12/15/94 22:00CarpinteriaCAUSAUnknown10 min.I lived on the beach in Carpinteria at the time of the sighting. The reason I am writing to you is that I have never heard of the type8/24/10
8/7/91 21:15RomeoMIUSALight2-5 minutesGlowing light hovering and rising slowly then shooting across dky.8/24/10
11/1/90 21:30LowellMAUSALight20 secondsA huge, round, red orb hovering in the sky8/24/10
11/10/89 23:00PhoenixAZUSALight10 secondsVery High star-like dot of light, high speed, crossing sky, then abruptly 'shot' into space, faded out.8/24/10
9/21/86 06:30JasperGAUSATriangleAbout a minute or two09/21/1986, Jasper, GA, triangular shape, a minute or two of duration, 3 feet above ground hovering8/24/10
5/1/85 20:30LanettALUSALight10 secondsIt came, it saw , it left but where did it go or come from?8/24/10
8/12/84 21:00ColumbusOHUSARectangle10-15 minutesFootball field sized gunmetal gray rectangular craft with bright lights and "windows" hovering silently 100 ft or so above parking lot8/24/10
7/18/81 22:00MayfieldNYUSACigar30 secondscigar shaped brightly lit object, hovered for 30 seconds and shot off to the north8/24/10
9/15/80 22:00TekamahNEUSAUnknown5 -8 minStandard running light, hovers, flies slow, climbs fast and absolutely no sound and no jet engines flames.8/24/10
5/15/80 20:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAChanging5 minutesUnusual spacecraft 15 feet above me. Did not hover, it was stationary, solid matter, as though it were a solid fixture.8/24/10
8/8/79 21:00Campinas (Brazil)BrazilTriangle40 minit was o tringle. it came from the horizon. first I thought it was an airplane because the light looks like a plane and because there i8/24/10
9/1/77 13:00PlanoTXUSADisk20 minutesLow ufo disc seen by 5 in broad daylight.8/24/10
7/5/77 02:00KekahaHIUSACircle10 minutesthe circular object entered U.S. airspace and refused to achnowledge communications. was then forced into the water at the order of the8/24/10
7/4/77 22:00Federal WayWAUSACircle20 minutesClose sighting, able to see bottom of craft well, hovered for at least 15 minutes just at the top of the poplar trees8/24/10
6/1/77 21:00San AntonioTXUSAOval10 mins.the object just stood there quietly just starring at use it filled the sky .8/24/10
6/1/74 02:00WilmingtonNCUSATriangle3 minutesLooks like a Star Wars ship,without the top, smooth, silent, no lights, large and low to the ground..8/24/10
5/22/73 23:00Atlantic Ocean (USCG Cutter "Spencer")UFO sighting aboard Coast Guard Cutter Spencer8/24/10
10/5/72 21:45Fortuna (foothills)CAUSASphere1 & 1/2HUGE ufo , spherical w/translucent force-field self illumined hour&1/2, 100's witness8/24/10
8/25/72 08:30ColdwaterALUSATriangle6 minseen in 1972 and seen later too8/24/10
12/15/70 21:00Newton CentreMAUSAOther3-5 secondsVertical trapazoid having a glowing pale yellow cloor and gliding across the sky with a wallowing motion.8/24/10
10/15/70 19:00London (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30 minutesSingle bright cone shaped beam of light.8/24/10
6/12/66 01:30Playa del ReyCAUSALight5 min.Single Light UFO moving over Los Angeles, Accelerated at unbelievably fast speed and dissapeared over the Horizon.8/24/10
6/15/60 21:00BaltimoreMDUSAOther5 minutesThree white lights flying in formation.8/24/10
6/30/57ArcticAKUSACigarone dayspacecraft found in artic between 1953 to1961 2 bodys recovered. front page of newspapper8/24/10
12/25/46 13:00Yokohama (Japan)JapanDisk20 minutesThis is a follow-on to the report I made several years ago. An article about the Brazilian Air Force carried an artist image: It is t8/24/10
20:00HooksettNHUSATwo object still in one photo and shooting straight up in another along with an USAF jet in the frame8/24/10
Moses LakeWAUSATriangle((HOAX??)) I saw a triangle ufo when I was walking home from my friends house.8/24/10
AustinTXUSALight10 minutesBright hovering light downtown Austin8/24/10
?MarysvilleWAUSA?Look, I was telling my two friends from My acrylic painting class about seeing the circle I reported today to your E-mail. The two frie8/24/10