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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/24/10 16:05 Garden City ID Flash 4 minutes Quick Flashing Object Ascends Over Fair Grounds And Pulses Motionless In Sky 8/24/10
8/23/10 22:10 Tracadie Sheila (Canada) NB Triangle 4 minutes Bright orange triangle object moving over treetops, on a clear full moon night. 8/24/10
8/23/10 21:00 Oakdale CA Sphere Of and on for an hour Fluterring Green light that moves horizontaly. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, or other celestial body. PD)) 8/24/10
8/23/10 20:40 Keizer OR Light 20 minutes Steady white light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky, we suspect. PD)) 8/24/10
8/23/10 19:35 Venice CA Unknown ~5 min. Venice Beach 2 Long Jetstreams.. ((NUFORC Note: Photo shows contrails behind a twin-engine airliner. PD)) 8/24/10
8/23/10 11:00 Gahanna OH Oval 30 minutes 2 oval shaped craft, moved slowly with no sound, 300-400 feet off the ground, very low, and later say fighters chase it. 8/24/10
8/23/10 06:00 Senoia GA Light 1 hour Light - 45 minutes - bright light (star shape) in SE Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Given the duration of the sighting, we suspect a star. PD)) 8/24/10
8/23/10 06:00 Cumming GA Disk 20 minutes An object with red & green lights flashing on & off and clear lights in the middle it stayed in the same place for at least ten minutes 8/24/10
8/23/10 04:00 Clarksville TN Light 45 seconds to One minute Fast moving light over larksville Tn 8/24/10
8/22/10 23:00 Huntsville (near) TX Light 2 hours Hovering Glowing object for 2 hours near Huntsville Texas that moved around the western sky and appeard to shoot objects from it 8/24/10
8/22/10 22:30 Marcus Hook PA Circle
solid white object broke apart into a triangular form 8/24/10
8/22/10 22:25 Bellevue WA Light 5 min Blue light swaying and dipping over Bellevue 8/24/10
8/22/10 21:00 San Gennaro Vesuviano (Naples) (Italy)
Fireball 30 seconds A round ball (circle), colour like fire, orange, moving from left to right, then it quickly became smaller like a point and disapperead 8/24/10
8/22/10 20:30 Mill Hall PA Circle 5 minutes overcast was cloudy right after dusk. i am use to seeing piper small air craft flying overhead and originally thought it was a small pl 8/24/10
8/22/10 16:45 Washington UT Unknown 2 minutes Was photgraphing clouds and didn't see object until I was looking at the photos on my computer. 8/24/10
8/22/10 15:00 Los Feliz CA Circle 10 minutes Silver circular shiny LARGE balloon type objects floating in Los Feliz, CA sky today 8/22/10 3PM 8/24/10
8/22/10 05:18 Brandywine WV Light 1.5 Minutes Between 0515-0520 a bright light much brighter than the stars was spotted five miles outside NIOC Sugar Grove, a Naval communicati 8/24/10
8/22/10 05:00 Escondido CA Unknown 0:30 Star-like object seen above San Diego Wild Animal Park. 8/24/10
8/22/10 05:00 San Bernardino CA Light 20 min bright daytime space sighting by numerous people... 8/24/10
8/21/10 23:45 Felton DE Changing 1 minute Coming from upstate new york we left here at 5:30pm. Tryed to get into the first entrance of the camping ground around 11:20pm. It was 8/24/10
8/21/10 22:30 Vincennes IN Unknown 3 minutes Low flying silent object with pulsating lights, possibly landing at airport 8/24/10
8/21/10 21:45 Morris IL Fireball 45 seconds Four fireballs moving rapidly south at 9:45pm CST west of Chicago 8/24/10
8/21/10 21:00 Martinsburg WV Light 3 hours Circular light rotating ccw in the sky above the clouds from 9:00 until 12:00. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising light? PD)) 8/24/10
8/21/10 20:55 Pretoria (South Africa)
Light 5-7mins 12 Red\orange lights in sky? 8/24/10
8/21/10 18:00 Bloomington MN Sphere 2 minutes At approximately 5:45 pm on Saturday August 21st. I went for a bike ride. I looked up into the sky as I heard a jet over head. I saw th 8/24/10
8/21/10 17:45 Basel (Switzerland)
Formation 15 min Formation of initially 4 objects, one emitting another smaller object, then when witnesses gathered only three objects remaining. 8/24/10
8/21/10 17:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Triangle 3-5 minutes Strange craft floating below a stormy sky 8/24/10
8/21/10 13:10 Seffner FL Circle @ 2 minutes Round white object travelling against the wind 8/24/10
8/21/10 13:00 Santa Rosa CA Cylinder 5 seconds A low flying cylinder shaped obect with a propeller fan looking device at the end about 150 above ground. 8/24/10
8/21/10 10:30 Lehi UT Cigar 0:30 ((HOAX??)) We saw a 3 light saucer pass by and the saw a two saucer pass over and split apart and disappear. 8/24/10
8/21/10 00:15 Montrose CO Sphere 5 mins ((HOAX??)) Chasing UFO's 8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00 Newington CT Cigar 30 seconds I saw the object with my fiance traveling Southeast in the sky at a little past 11:00pm on Friday night August 20,2010. It was oblong 8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00 Newington CT Cigar 30 s3conds I saw an oblong cigar shaped objected traveling southeast very rapidly. My fiance ran inside to get to her camera and I ran towards the 8/24/10
8/20/10 23:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Light 2.5 A bright green line about an inch in length, just beyond the cloud-line. 8/24/10
8/20/10 22:00 Soddy Daisy TN Light 30 minutes Bright light appeared in the sky and then disppeared 30 minutes later. 8/24/10
8/20/10 21:45 Rodanthe NC Unknown 5-10 minutes 10 orange lights floating in the sky. 8/24/10
8/20/10 21:30 Shafter CA Light 5 minutes I saw a red object hovering in the sky on August 20, 2010 from 9:25 to 9:29 pm , SSW of Shafter, CA. 8/24/10
8/20/10 19:00 Middletown CT Circle 30-45 minute Large orange ball moving slowly and stopping in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD)) 8/24/10
8/20/10 17:15 Rancho Cordova CA Light 10 minuites Slowly moving blinking star like obdject in the daylight 17:00 Hours PM 8/24/10
8/20/10 02:00 Bridgeport OH Circle 5 to 10 sec. Bright milk cap sized object hovers then takes off into nothing. 8/24/10
8/20/10 02:00 Ocala FL Unknown 3 SECONDS fiery shape flies to earth 8/24/10
8/19/10 22:00 Oldenburg IN Changing 45 minutes Several UFO's spotted over Indiana 8/24/10
8/19/10 21:20 Asheville NC Unknown 20-30 min Large white light with a red hue low in the western sky. Remained for 20 min or more then vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/19/10 21:05 Halifax (Canada) NS Light 20 min Bright green light. 8/24/10
8/19/10 21:00 Humboldt KS Other 10 min 6 objects. 3 different shapes. flying in geometrical patterns. 8/24/10
8/19/10 20:10 Lakeland TN Circle 45 Minutes Seemingly Motionless craft near Memphis, TN. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 8/24/10
8/19/10 19:50 Kenmore WA Triangle 14 min. SPHERES DID NOT TOUCH AS THEY MOVED IN A TRIANGLUR SHAPE. 8/24/10
8/19/10 17:30 Wheat Ridge CO Circle 2 minutes A Brilliant White Light Like I have never seen before.. 8/24/10
8/19/10 12:55 Calgary (Canada) AB Oval 2 A white spinning disc in the shape of an oval. 8/24/10
8/19/10 01:42 Laguna Beach CA Fireball 3 seconds Bright massive object falling in the sky 8/24/10
8/18/10 23:30 Bellevue WA Other half hour A very bright while light that looked half ball of yarn with black portholes through binoculars ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) 8/24/10
8/18/10 23:00 Scotchtown NY Unknown 5 seconds Sitting in front of my house last night with my girlfriend and mom we were talking to each other. It was pretty clear out I was star ga 8/24/10
8/18/10 22:00 Spring Grove PA Disk 3+ hrs A row of lights that keep fading in and then disappearing only to reappear again. 8/24/10
8/18/10 21:40 Topeka KS Fireball 2 minutes Fireball that simply vanished 8/24/10
8/18/10 20:47 Palos Verdes Estates CA Changing 10 minutes 3 then 4 lights above Santa Monica Bay, directly aligned above each other, flashing green and red. 8/24/10
8/18/10 20:00 Dana Point CA Circle 1 Minute Two Bright Yellow/Gold Lights. 8/24/10
8/18/10 19:25 Dryden (Canada) ON Other 5 Min. maybe more Long steel pipe shaped object with No Wings, a dark outline and bright interior floating at low altitude 8/24/10
8/18/10 08:55 Hudson MA Oval 5 seconds A very bright oval appeared from nowhere in Hudson, MA 01749 for a duration of 5 to 6 sconds- and disappeared. 8/24/10
8/18/10 05:30 Yucaipa CA Flash 15-20 seconds flashing light ufo in So California 8/24/10
8/18/10 03:00 Fenton MO Light 1 Hour Flashing white light hovering and circling. 8/24/10
8/18/10 00:15 White Sulphur Springs MT Egg 30 minutes very bright egg, eye shaped object seen over Castle Mountains 8/24/10
8/17/10 23:17 Indiana PA Light 1 second 8/17/10 23:17 Indiana, Pa. lights 1 second 6 white bar shaped lights crossed road in front of me. 8/24/10
8/17/10 21:40 Monroe WA Disk 1 hour We saw 5 ufo's pass each with 10 minute intervals between each other they all had 4 huge white lights in sqaure formation. 8/24/10
8/17/10 21:15 Christopher IL Light 02:32 Bright light moving slowly with what appears to be aircrafts around it. ((NUFORC Note: Possible celestial bodies?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/17/10 20:30 Everett WA Unknown 2-5 minutes White "star" like object darts acrossed sky and suddenly stops, but doesn't disappear. 8/24/10
8/17/10 18:30 Strasburg CO Circle 5 minutes White circle high in the sky, Sat in one place for 5 minutes. 8/24/10
8/17/10 17:00 Seekonk MA Rectangle 5 or 10 mins Light blue rectangle craft 8/24/10
8/17/10 01:00 Geneva IL Light at least 1 hour Light/object in Western Chicago suburbs. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter would be visible in the southeast sky, at this time. PD)) 8/24/10
8/16/10 23:59 Broken Arrow OK Light
Large bright light moving zig zagging in the sky above the tree line. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/16/10 23:10 Brookfield WI Light 30 sec Me and my co-worker saw a string of 7 lights. I thought it was a promotional thing some local business was doing, but the lights rotat 8/24/10
8/16/10 22:00 Bensalem PA Triangle 5 Minutes Triangle Shaped Craft (3 white lights and Dull red Light) 8/24/10
8/16/10 21:30 Lowell MI Fireball 5 minutes Two bright fireball orbs staying still then began to spin around each other a third object appeared then the other 2 dissapeard 8/24/10
8/16/10 21:30 Walla Walla WA Other 7 Seconds This may or may not be a UFO sighting but I thought i should share it cause I just cannot explain what I saw. I was out walking my dog 8/24/10
8/16/10 21:15 Pittstown NJ Circle TBD Object may have landed in area that saw similar circumstances 4 years ago. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus? PD)) 8/24/10
8/16/10 21:00 White Lake WI Light 2 hrs Multiple LARGE red/orange lights flying irratically 8/24/10
8/16/10 20:58 Antioch CA Light 15 mins. UFO sighted over Antioch, CA 08/16/10 Stationary for 10 minutes. 8/24/10
8/16/10 20:15 Circleville NY Light 1 minute light coming strait at me like a plane from the SW, (middletown area) and then shot up fast above the moon exiting the atmosphere. 8/24/10
8/16/10 19:45 Morgantown WV Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shape rolling through sky 8/24/10
8/16/10 11:14 Glendale CA Circle 3 sec. Big green light fall out of the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/16/10 03:30 Barton City MI Triangle
UFO in Northern MIchigan 8/24/10
8/16/10 00:25 Seaforth (Canada) ON Other quarter to ten to now Ufo sighted due far west.. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Jupiter in the eastern sky, but witness does not indic. dir. PD)) 8/24/10
8/15/10 23:30 Weaverville CA Fireball about an hour orange ball of light spotted at trinity lake weaverville california. ((NUFORC Note: 8/24/10
8/15/10 23:00 Kinross MI Unknown 30 mins Blinking red and white light 8/24/10
8/15/10 23:00 Salmon Arm (Canada) BC Circle 2 minutes Large, Bright blinking light vanished from sky 8/24/10
8/15/10 22:08 Portland OR Sphere 3 minutes Real UFO Caught On Video 08/15/2010 8/24/10
8/15/10 21:45 Round Rock TX Oval few minutes Amber, oval lights over Round Rock, Texas on 8.15.10 8/24/10
8/15/10 21:00 Visalia CA Light 1 min White non blinking lights slow and fast moving at star level 8/24/10
8/15/10 20:45 Conrad MT Sphere 20 minutes UFO seen over Conrad , Montana 8-15-2010. ((NUFORC Note: We believe that the photo is of a high-altitude contrail. PD)) 8/24/10
8/15/10 20:30 El Paso TX Unknown 5 minutes The only thing I can say here is that yes, we are being watched. 8/24/10
8/15/10 19:30 Whistling Straits WI Disk
Pink saucer seen over Whistling Straits, Wisconsin. 8/24/10
8/15/10 11:00 Essex (Canada) ON Changing 5 min Saw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD)) 8/24/10
8/15/10 03:34 Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
Light 30 seconds 4 white lights/dots in the sky going left,right,up and down 8/24/10
8/15/10 00:10 Walled Lake MI Circle 10 min 3 orange spheres rising into the air one after the other mins apart form same point in air no sounds 8/24/10
8/15/10 00:00 Deming NM Disk presently craft hovering over town for over a month now and presently continuing to do so! Deming NM 8/24/10
8/14/10 23:45 Lynnwood WA Light 5 minutes Dot of light moving quickly across the sky NNE to SSE and back a few minutes later S to NNE dir.. ((NUFORC Note: NotSatellite? PD)) 8/24/10
8/14/10 23:35 Orlando FL Oval 03:00 ((HOAX??)) We saw it stop it had blue green colors, and when it shot away it was white. It was gone in a flash. 8/24/10
8/14/10 23:15 Sunriver OR Light 30 minutes Multi colored bright flashing light in WSW Sky as seen from about: N 43 49.49 & W 121 28.14 ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/14/10 23:00 Providence RI Diamond 15 minutes lights over providence 8/24/10
8/14/10 23:00 Ocala FL Light 2 seconds I seen a blunt horizontal oval light streak through the sky then lifting up while in flight and turning red then blue and disappearing 8/24/10
8/14/10 22:45 Warren NH Sphere 10 imnures orange orb in northwestern sky-no sound-changed direction 8/24/10
8/14/10 22:30 Warren NH Sphere 10 minutes Golden orange orb or sphere shape object viewed from White Mountain National Forest 8/24/10
8/14/10 22:30 Flint MI Other 5 minutes Fire around a fuselage looking object flying in the sky. 8/24/10
8/14/10 22:20 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
8/14/10 22:00 Devore CA Triangle 6 seconds Ozz Fest Triangular shape UFO seen 8/24/10
8/14/10 21:45 Freehold (Canada) NJ Egg :06-:08 UFO spotted over Freehold, New Jersey. 8/24/10
8/14/10 21:15 Caledon (from Brampton) (Canada) ON Light 8 minutes String of 12 pulsing lights travelling from west and fading out northeast over Caledon, ON 8/24/10
8/14/10 21:00 Wyndmoor PA Triangle 20 seconds Three balls rotating counter clockwise, shaped like a triangle, dull white moving rapidly from east to north by northwest 8/24/10
8/14/10 20:48 Seattle WA Formation 3 minutes Seattle strange star-like objects 8/24/10
8/14/10 20:10 Westfield NJ Fireball 15 minutes Orange fireballs in New Jersey heading northeast. 8/24/10
8/14/10 20:00 Hollywood CA Disk 10 minutes Black, saucer-shaped UFO over Hollywood hills and Griffith Park. 8/24/10
8/14/10 18:10 Burbank CA Circle 10 minutes I feel weird doing this but here it goes, object appeared to be metallic and shining a bright light on & off, it was hovering and for a 8/24/10
8/14/10 15:00 Waterville WA Oval 5-7seconds fast rice shaped craft seen 8/24/10
8/14/10 13:00 Ft. Buchanan (Puerto Rico)
Circle 30 seconds Black object at least 20,000 ft. up, over a highly restricted air zone in a military base, most likely undetected by radar. 8/24/10
8/14/10 11:04 Mt. Pleasant PA Triangle 1.5 mins triangle craft near kecksburgh with a possible crash 8/24/10
8/14/10 09:00 Cleveland OH Unknown after watching show on tv A picture of aliens painted in parking lot at an apartment complex! 8/24/10
8/14/10 03:20 Newport NC Light 20 min Moving object recorded in sky 8/24/10
8/14/10 03:00 Redwood Valley CA Formation 1.0 3 lights poss triangle outline they move individuly some kind of hover zig zag manuver all 3 i line but distants apart few miles apart 8/24/10
8/14/10 03:00 Kennewick WA Fireball 10 seconds On the night of August 24th at 3:00 A.M. I observed to huge stationary fireballs in the sky over Kennewick, WA., to the east. 8/24/10
8/14/10 02:30 Port Townsend WA Unknown 5 minutes we were standing on the balcony and saw a row of 4 or 5 lights blinking simultaniously for around 5 minutes. it apeared to be traveling 8/24/10
8/14/10 01:00 Murphy TX Oval 3-4 Flying and blinking object over Murphy, TX 8/24/10
8/14/10 00:30 Grant MI Light 30min Bright light hoovering over the night sky, getting dim and bright at different times. 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:00 Berryville AR Light hours Multiple colored star-like objects seen moving erratically in the south west sky above Arkansas 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:58 Omaha NE Fireball 2 Minutes Orange Ball brightness of street light, low altitude, no sound, heading West then South, slow, lost visual. 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:54 Scottsdale AZ Teardrop 30 seconds A small, low gliding disc shaped with a tail ufo was seen over Scottsdale. 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:43 Seaside OR Other 25 Seconds Brown crescent shaped lights seen flying over a Seaside Beach in Oregon. 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:40 Milton NH Triangle 30 min Black Triangle/Pyramid shape craft flew across lake and directly over our car 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:00 Richland WA Unknown 5-10 seconds Awoke by a vooming sound and shadow out window and looked in the sky and saw saw a fast moving object in the sky around 11:00 p.m. 8/24/10
8/13/10 23:00 Yosemite CA Oval 5 Second Now I believe we are not alone on the planet. 8/24/10
8/13/10 22:45 Pompey NY Formation 2 min. Object seemed to be towing another object over Pompey 8/24/10
8/13/10 22:45 Shelton WA Triangle About 5 Seconds Silent object flying low over the trees 8/24/10
8/13/10 22:25 Kingston WA Triangle 5 minutes Two lighted black triangles North of Kingston, WA 8/24/10
8/13/10 22:25 Metuchen NJ Other 20 seconds? 3 swift moving dark eye-shaped attached segments of shimmering grey/silver fly abreast smoothly change to single file nnw to w 8/24/10
8/13/10 20:30 Northfield Falls VT Sphere 20 seconds Glowing Sphere over Vermont Mountains 8/24/10
8/13/10 12:00 Wichita KS Oval 10 mins UFO sighting wichita kansas aug 13 2010 2 crafts amber color 8/24/10
8/13/10 10:40 Winnetka CA Light 30 TO 40 SEC Two halo balls of light hovering over an eagle in daylight. 8/24/10
8/13/10 04:52 Oak Lawn IL Light 2 minutes Fast Moving Dim light Filmed going Past Bright Star 8/24/10
8/13/10 04:30 Hot Springs VA Changing Several Minutes Low flying lights manouvering over treeline. 8/24/10
8/13/10 03:33 Temecula CA Unknown 10 - 15 seconds High altitude light that faded into two small points of light, slowly moving in tandem to the south. 8/24/10
8/13/10 03:30 Lynnwood WA Circle 1 minute Red light over Lynnwood, Washington during Perseid meteor shower. 8/24/10
8/13/10 01:40 Port Angeles WA Sphere 15 seconds Two spheres of light observed dancing in the sky near Port Angeles, WA. 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:53 Pulaski WI Unknown 2 mins Bright flashes in sky 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:52 San Benito TX Circle about 9 minutes Hovering circular-dohnut shaped object with red and green-blue light moving at an incredibly fast pace up and across the nightsky!!! 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:45 Kent WA Triangle 2 seconds On 8/13/2010 I was outside in my back yard watching the meteor shower when I noticed a triangular craft flying over in a east -northea 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:01 Deerfield IL Light 5 minutes Strange, bright, blinking object over Deerfield, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we wonder. PD)) 8/24/10
8/13/10 00:00 Sedro Woolley WA Unknown 30 minutes ((HOAX??)) Many ufos in same area. 8/24/10
8/12/10 23:35 Virginia Beach VA Triangle 5-7 minutes @ the intersection of Priness Anne Road & Upton Drive, near Red Mill Commons... 8/24/10
8/12/10 23:20 Wexford Town (Ireland)
Triangle 20 sec We saw a Formation of 4 or 5 lights in the formation of a Triangle 8/24/10
8/12/10 23:00 Berlin Township MI Triangle each event was witnessed A glowing yellow ball from the distance that was a "single headlight" for a triangular shaped craft. 8/24/10
8/12/10 23:00 Tecumseh KS Circle 3-4 minutes Slow-moving, glowing white/orange ball 8/24/10
8/12/10 22:45 Mesa (Queen Creek) AZ Other 5 min. white light being chased by a F16 8/24/10
8/12/10 22:30 Montgomery AL Unknown One minute High, fast, zig-zag/wobbly flight pattern ... 8/24/10
8/12/10 22:24 Ingonish (Canada) NS Light 60 mins. On the date of August 12th 2010 I seem to have witnessed an extraterrestrial event. 8/24/10
8/12/10 22:24 Ingonish (Canada) NS Light 60 mins. Light outside, high in the air, minimal movement , ingonish NS Canada 8/24/10
8/12/10 21:30 Hilton Head Island SC Circle 20 seconds My wife and I saw two orange orbs in the sky off the beach in Hilton Head Island, SC. 8/24/10
8/12/10 20:34 Topsfield MA Other 2 minutes The lights were not sharp and pronounced, but instead were hazy and burned like fire, scattered about the bottom and sides of the UFO. 8/24/10
8/12/10 14:15 Secaucus NJ Sphere possibly 30 seconds Black Sphere in Hudson County Skies 8/24/10
8/12/10 13:00 Bridgeport CA Unknown Two seconds A buzzing flying spike crashed in front of use. 8/24/10
8/12/10 12:36 Hidden Hills CA Chevron 3 secconds A shadow went over my house and it was dark for a second. It was completely silent but it got dark outside. 8/24/10
8/12/10 12:30 Boise ID Triangle 40 minutes and counting There are recurring crafts hovering and flying over boise that are not of this world. 8/24/10
8/12/10 09:00 Essex (Canada) ON Changing 2 min Saw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD)) 8/24/10
8/12/10 02:15 Hammond IN Circle 5 minutes round green light followed by smaller ufos above hammond indiana 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:45 Cooper's Rock WV Unknown 25 minutes Me and a friend routinely go to Chestnut Ridge Park near Cooper's Rock State Forest to get a clear view of the night sky. I have a pair 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:40 McHenry City IL Unknown 3 minutes Unknown aircraft in northern Illinois 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00 Dewey DE Light 3 minutes lights along and over the water 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00 Marshall AR Light 30 mins Me and my friend decided to drive to the top of a hill tonight to see the stars, because it was pretty clear. The things we saw looked 8/24/10
8/11/10 23:00 Medford OR Triangle 15 minutes looking North we saw a triangle shaped object in the sky, rapidly changing colors from blue, red, green and white, almost looked like i 8/24/10
8/11/10 22:00 Garden City Beach SC Formation 10min Strange unnatural lights seen off Garden City Beach. 8/24/10
8/11/10 18:45 Naperville IL Sphere 3 seconds Spherical object or ball of light flying low and fast while recording clouds 8/24/10
8/11/10 11:12 Cincinnati OH Other 2 mins ufo over walnut hills in cincinnati 8/24/10
8/11/10 04:30 Vacaville CA Light 60-70 seconds my friend and I were delivering news papers to an apartment complex around four thirty am and I looked up and saw a bright flying throu 8/24/10
8/11/10 02:36 Stonington CT Light a few seconds 2:36am in Stonington, Ct there was a bar of light in the upper right sky about the sz of an inch, it tilted to right, then sped away 8/24/10
8/11/10 01:00 Kent WA Triangle 10 seconds Triangle UFO witnessed in Kent, Washinton at about 1am on Wednesday morning, 8/11/10. 8/24/10
8/10/10 00:00 Washington (west of) IA Diamond 30-45 mins didnt get to w Hovering lights in western sky, Washington, Iowa 8/24/10
8/10/10 22:30 Wilmington NC Light 2 mins 5-6 lights scattered on the horizon, helicopter in the vicinity 8/24/10
8/10/10 22:30 Stafford (UK/England)
Sphere 3mims sphere with wiggly tail 8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00 Northampton MA Other 5-6 seconds 08/10/10. Approximately 10 PM, two white lights in formation seen moving very quickly across sky in direct northerly direction. 8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00 Delnice (Croatia)
Triangle 1 minute A possible UFO; because of the strong lighting surely not an ordinary aircraft 8/24/10
8/10/10 22:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Light 30min Bright red --orange balls in the night sky 8/24/10
8/10/10 21:40 Highland UT Light Maybe an hour Odd lights in the sky over Utah Valley. 8/24/10
8/10/10 21:30 Bainbridge OH Light Approx. 20 min. Red-orange lights spotted in night sky over Bainbridge, Ohio 8/24/10
8/10/10 21:30 Sequim WA Light 10 Seconds Witnessed a very bright white/orange light just above the crest of Blue Mountain, S/SW of my position. I observed this light briefly f 8/24/10
8/10/10 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Light 5-10 min 3 orange lights 8/24/10
8/10/10 20:27 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 20 minutes This was an orange ball of light just over the Atlantic Ocean near the shore and just below the night stars. The lights were larger tha 8/24/10
8/10/10 20:20 Glendale AZ Flash 10 seconds Flashing object in the sky disappears within seconds 8/24/10
8/10/10 17:45 Holden Beach NC Circle 1-2 minutes 3 orange like orbs appeared in the Souther sky off of Holden Beach North Carolina. 8/24/10
8/10/10 09:55 San Antonio TX Flash 1 sec. I saw a light trail flash in in the sky. 8/24/10
8/10/10 00:00 Saint Paul (east side) MN Other 3 + hours UFO Sighting On Saint Paul's Eastside. 8/24/10
8/9/10 23:15 Oklahoma City OK Circle 55 seconds Circular, bright orange object flying north in the sky that fell apart and disappeared. 8/24/10
8/9/10 22:00 Regina (Canada) SK Fireball 30-40 seconds Glowing orange object in sky, saw it from directly below, was rounded in shape 8/24/10
8/9/10 22:00 Craig CO Disk Photo A Phtograph of an apparent disc shaped object. 8/24/10
8/9/10 21:38 Spokane Valley WA Formation 10 seconds 40+ fireballs in formation moving fast and changing shapes 8/24/10
8/9/10 21:30 Halifax (Canada) NS Light 5 minutes Green light in night sky over halifax, nova scotia 8/24/10
8/9/10 21:28 Savannah GA Formation 20 minutes 3 slow moving lights in triangular formation over Savannah, GA 8/24/10
8/9/10 09:00 Ridgewood NY Other about 40 seconds ((HOAX??)) 8/24/10
8/9/10 08:35 Las Vegas NV Other 10 Minutes A Thin Slice of Black over the Las Vegas mountain range 8/24/10
8/9/10 04:28 Beaumont TX Flash 10 minutes Early am my dog barked to go outside because he is 17 years I have to lift him and take him outside my back fenced in yard. I sit on m 8/24/10
8/9/10 00:30 Cologne (Germany)
Cylinder 3 minutes Sighted a formation of 6, 2 side by side followed by another 2,then 2 more flying single file from North to South over the center of th 8/24/10
8/9/10 00:16 Riegelwood NC Circle 3 Seconds i saw i bright object in the sky that left a trail 8/24/10
8/8/10 22:07 Vancouver (Canada) BC Egg 10 minutes green oblong object over UBC campus, slightly southwest in position, with non-uniformly emitted light 8/24/10
8/8/10 21:40 Fond du Lac WI Circle 1 - 1.5 minutes very bright and silent light traveling across sky that camera captured as red and white bobber looking object. 8/24/10
8/8/10 21:00 Dubuque IA Light felt like 10 mins but tim Two Orange Spheres moments apart, followed by smaller moving star like object, which became two lights moving together from another dir 8/24/10
8/8/10 20:53 Frederick MD Unknown under a minute Four very bright white lights that hovered. 8/24/10
8/8/10 20:05 Coventry CT Cigar 2-3 minutes Two very bright lights in sky. 8/24/10
8/8/10 19:00 Granite City IL Light 30 seconds bright light, stationary,seemed to kind of roll then slowly dissapeared, 8/24/10
8/8/10 17:55 Waukesha WI Circle 30Seconds Red/Yellow blinking/flickering light with unpredictable flight path 8/24/10
8/8/10 10:00 Anaheim CA Cross 23 minutes Cross-like UFO off 91 freeway in Anaheim, CA. 8/24/10
8/8/10 09:00 Alstead NH Circle 2 hrs Bright lights last night way up by the stars noo flashing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites, we suspect. PD)) 8/24/10
8/8/10 06:05 Huron SD Rectangle 10 sec ((HOAX??)) It was at a stand still like it was waiting at a stop sign! 8/24/10
8/8/10 00:00 Atlanta GA Unknown 5 secs. Large bright white light shot across sky going SSE towards Atlanta 8/24/10
8/7/10 23:32 Shlangen (Germany)
Flash Trampoline Moving in the sky, a flash, then gone. 8/24/10
8/7/10 22:05 Seabeck WA
15 min Round, bright orange balls in sky traveling in single file while climbing in altitude. 8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00 Sofia (Bulgaria)
Triangle 10 We saw 3 objects far Lulin mountain.They was like a sun-with yellow colour. 8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00 Waterboro ME Light 4-5 minutes total Amber/Orangish colored light in sound at any point, for duration of sighting, no commercial flashing tail or wing lights seen 8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00 Larkhall (UK/Scotland)
Fireball 15-20 mins several bright orange spheres appeared then disappeared - minutes apart 8/24/10
8/7/10 22:00 Yakima WA Triangle 6 minutes At 10:48 to 10:56. Four different lights, shining like if they were wildfire, appeared soundless, somewhat, over Yakima City (Which was 8/24/10
8/7/10 21:35 St. Clair Shores MI Unknown 1 minute Orange-yellow light at high altitude in Detroit area. Apprx. one minute to traverse the sky. 8/24/10
8/7/10 21:30 Rehoboth Beach DE Light 5 minutes Repeated Observation of Red/Orange Flickering Lights off Delaware Coast 8/24/10
8/7/10 21:15 Miami FL Triangle 5 minutes Saturday night at 915pm my wife and I were watching T.V. . Our son walks in from out side and said there is fire in the sky. I told him 8/24/10
8/7/10 21:00 South Cairo NY Light 3 minutes Bright light on the western ridge. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is in the western sky at this time. PD)) 8/24/10
8/7/10 20:45 Cooperstown NY Fireball 3 minutes A bright orange ball moving south, stopping and then retreating backwards until it disappeared. 8/24/10
8/7/10 20:20 Baiting H NY Disk 2 minutes 3 craft seen flying same rout seconds apart. 8/24/10
8/7/10 20:10 Yuma AZ Light 20 seconds Three eyewitnesses of approximately 20 lighted objects in the southwest desert moving in a northwesterly direction 8/24/10
8/7/10 20:00 Peebles OH Circle <1 minute round object with much smaller attached object circling the main object in vertical motion 8/24/10
8/7/10 19:15 Surprise AZ Light 3 min Large Orb Above White Tank Mountain Range 8/24/10
8/7/10 15:30 Glen Echo MD Sphere 10 mins Stationary metallic like sphere over the Washington DC area 8/24/10
8/7/10 03:00 Sublette IL Unknown 5 minutes Lite moved across the sky changing colors from white to orange makes a 90 degree turn towards earth and stops hanging in the sky change 8/24/10
8/7/10 01:11 Corinth KY Light 10 seconds Two objects, one possibly a meteroite, the other object moved at same speed stopped in mid flight and went back the way it came. 8/24/10
8/7/10 00:30 North Kenai (Daniels Lake; east end) AK Light 1 hour Around 0:30 began seeing flickering flashlight type light through leaves of trees. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter. PD)) 8/24/10
8/6/10 23:00 Steelville MO Circle 5 minutes Bright red circular object seen in the night sky around Steelville MO 8/24/10
8/6/10 22:30 Southport NC Fireball 15 minutes See approx. 15 reddish orange bright lights flying east of Southport, NC toward Wilmington, NC. All were flying in a straight line acr 8/24/10
8/6/10 22:15 Sturgeon Bay WI Light 5 seconds Brief moving light, turned off as if on a dimmer switch 8/24/10
8/6/10 22:10 Keene NH Light 3 seconds 4 to 5 lights traveling in formation from the northwest to the southeast and looked like dim spotlights in the sky. 8/24/10
8/6/10 22:00 London (UK/England)
Rectangle 1 minute Large glowing rectangular object. 8/24/10
8/6/10 21:30 West Bend WI Fireball 45-60 seconds Fireball in the sky 8/24/10
8/6/10 21:00 Oxford CT Cigar 3 minutes We saw a weird glowing light in the sky that appeared to be slowly moving and then hovering. Obj. had red lights around it that blink 8/24/10
8/6/10 21:00 Chillicothe IL Light 10 minutes bright orange glowing lights traveling over Chillicothe, Illinois 8/24/10
8/6/10 19:35 Clermont FL Cigar 1:30 I observed a small silver cigar shaped craft observed flying north at a fast steady pace dissapear into the clouds 8/24/10
8/6/10 18:00 South Cairo NY Triangle 2 minutes Triangle following plane went vertical was gone in a second 8/24/10
8/6/10 16:00 San Antonio TX Formation
"V" shapped formation with 4 objects . 8/24/10
8/6/10 14:40 Peabody MA Disk 10 seconds Silver disk flew over my backyard, directly overhead, low and slow. 8/24/10
8/6/10 05:00 Bucks County (city not specified) PA Light 30-45 sec. Extremely bright stationary light that dimmed and traveled south. ((NUFORC Note: Witness amends report; satellites. PD)) 8/24/10
8/6/10 02:00 Sioux Falls SD Fireball 20 minutes Twelve orange balls of light moving over Sioux Falls, SD, at 2:00 hrs. on 08/06/10 8/24/10
8/6/10 01:00 The Pas (Canada) MB Circle 10 seconds Object flying just above the trees that had two perpendicular faint coloured circular lights 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 8/24/10
8/6/10 00:00 Rochester Hills MI Triangle 15 seconds I spotted a floating object in the sky with 3 yellow lights in the shape of a trianagle, that disappeared into the clear night sky. 8/24/10
8/6/10 00:00 Clarksdale MS Light 45 mins Lights in Sky 8/24/10
8/5/10 23:45 San Antonio TX Sphere 30 minutes or so Sphere-like UFO sighted over San Antonio, Texas August 5-6, 2010 8/24/10
8/5/10 23:45 San Antonio TX Sphere 20-30 minutes Sphere-like object with flashing lights seen in western sky over San Antonio, TX. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 8/24/10
8/5/10 22:45 Falkirk (UK/Scotland)
Circle 2 min Red light over Falkirk, Scotland. 8/24/10
8/5/10 22:30 White Swan WA Light 30min Silver Blue Light Observed doing spirals, zigzags and other movements in sky. 8/24/10
8/5/10 22:00 Key Largo FL Other 2-3 mins moving from south to north-east across the sky in less than 3 minutes;higher and faster than a plane. 8/24/10
8/5/10 15:00 San Jose CA Light 5 minutes Small white dot high in sky similar to 7/2009 case over San Jose. 8/24/10
8/5/10 15:00 San Jose CA Other 5 second White dot in sky seen streaking twice in opposite directions over East San Jose foothills. 8/24/10
8/5/10 03:15 Broken Arrow OK Light 5 minutes Bright white light becomes two bright lights over Broken Arrow Oklahoma 8/24/10
8/5/10 01:00 Perris CA Fireball 20 minutes Large object with a variety of very birght colors in the sky moved quite rapidly......for no appearent reason? 8/24/10
8/5/10 00:00 Walters OK Other approx. 30 seconds Bright yellow, flowy UFO sighted in Walters, Oklahoma by working mother. 8/24/10
8/4/10 23:40 Dublin IN Sphere 5min Glowing orange sphere in Dublin Indiana 8/24/10
8/4/10 23:30 Cincinnati OH
5 Minutes On Wednesday, Aug 4 at approximately 10:30 pm my wife and I were sitting on our patio when we noticed 2 bright objects approaching from 8/24/10
8/4/10 23:00 Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Light 5 mins Stationary, pulsating beam of green light from cloud to open ground. 8/24/10
8/4/10 22:25 Ajax (Canada) ON Unknown Approx 1 minute Random blinking dark yellow light, travelling NNW toSSE at 500-600 mph, estimate alitude 10,000-15,000 ft 8/24/10
8/4/10 22:00 Provo UT Disk 10 seconds Hovering object during a thunder storm and rain. 8/24/10
8/4/10 21:57 Greensburg IN Triangle 30 seconds Triangular Craft 3 white lights on each point 4-5 red lights in center various intensity SILENT the whole time 8/24/10
8/4/10 21:00 Melbourne FL Light 25 mins very bright light in west ((NUFORC Note: Venus in WSW sky?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/4/10 20:50 Columbus WI Light 30 minutes large bright stationary light, red/green/white flashing -7 witnesses form diff. locations. ((NUFORC Note: Venus in WSW sky?? PD)) 8/24/10
8/4/10 20:25 Pa'akai Point- Mamalahoha Hwy HI Triangle 5 seconds Triangle shape with lights flashing to off. South Kona Hawaii (big Island) 8/24/10
8/4/10 18:08 Tampa FL Other 3 minutes Floating Humanoid sighting in Tampa (West Chase) Florida area Aug 4, 2010. ((NUFORC Note: May not be a serious report. PD)) 8/24/10
8/4/10 07:00 Glen Rose TX Circle 10 min low no noise craft like a ball of light went right over our heads 8/24/10
8/4/10 05:30 Raleigh NC Cone 60 sec Object over Raleigh 8/24/10
8/4/10 01:40 Edmonton (Canada) AB Formation Flyby approx 20 sec. 5 lights, jockeying around to make rectangle, triangle, circle and straight line formations travelling east 8/24/10
8/4/10 01:00 Palisade NE Light unknown Odd point of light seen in clouded sky 8/24/10
8/4/10 01:00 Davis CA Other Its Still There I witness an Orange Flourecent Light in the shape of an orb turn into what appreared to be an airplane. 8/24/10
8/3/10 00:00 Albuquerque NM Unknown all night What looks to be two bright stars with flashing red and green lights over the western skys of NM 8/24/10
8/3/10 22:41 Grand Haven MI Light 40 seconds Bright light moving from one horizon to the other in less than 40 seconds 8/24/10
8/3/10 22:00 Royal Palm Beach FL Unknown 30 minutes Large light gradually dropped then disappeared 8/24/10
8/3/10 22:00 Terre haute outskirts IN Formation 3 minutes I was travelling south on u.s. 41, about ten or 15 miles outside of Terre Haute, Indiana. About 200 feet ahead of me, on the east side 8/24/10
8/3/10 21:05 Naval weapons base Fallbrook CA Oval 4minutes Elongated object with 7 white lights 8/24/10
8/3/10 21:00 Silver City NM Light 1 minute Intensely bright, slow-moving, "star-like" object that grew even brighter before it suddenly disappeared. 8/24/10
8/3/10 19:00 Erin TN Circle 15 seconds August 3, 2010 Around 7:00 pm I was watching TV when my TV was making a weird sound. It only makes this sound when a cell phone is aro 8/24/10
8/3/10 18:00 Osage Beach MO Fireball 45 minutes Very UNUSUAL lens reflection, atmospheric conditions or alien ball of light/fire 8/24/10
8/3/10 15:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Circle
Dear Mr Davenport,i am living in Toronto(Canada)last week i was in my backyard,at 3:00 pm and for fun ,i took a picture of sunny,clear 8/24/10
8/3/10 14:00 Boston MA Changing 10 minutes Changes shape and flashing lights- one dark window- blue beam came down- picked up something 5 8/24/10
8/3/10 02:14 Long Beach CA Fireball 1 second Very fast Oblong crescent shaped object streaking through sky above Long Beach/Seal Beach, CA 8/24/10
8/3/10 01:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 seconds Large Green Fireball South Phoenix Arizona 12:30am 8/03/10 Ahwatukee area. 8/24/10
8/3/10 00:30 Hanover PA Unknown 30 minutes At 00:30 at coduras state park, unknown ship flew above treetops creating powerful down winds, flew over park area. Could hear winds fl 8/24/10
8/2/10 21:45 Springfield MO Flash 13 minutes tuesday eve at 945 pm my wife and I witnessed a ufo in the west sky.bright changed colors then slowly faded and blinked then faded out 8/24/10
8/2/10 21:35 Cedar Point/Emerald Isle/Swansboro NC Light 10 min Red Lights Over Ocean Emerald Isle NC 8/24/10
8/2/10 09:50 Fairless Hills/Levittown PA Triangle
I was driving from Vermilion Hills section of Levittown to Fairless Hills (right around the corner) and through the trees noticed light 8/24/10
8/2/10 06:00 Lake Elsinore CA Cigar 2 Minutes Lake Elsinore sighting 8/2/10 0600 8/24/10
8/2/10 02:50 San Antonio TX Changing 1hr is it a comet coming towards earth? 8/24/10
8/2/10 01:50 Lacombe (Canada) AB Flash 10 seconds bright blue flash followed by long blue streak 8/24/10
8/1/10 23:15 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Oval 2 seconds Bright colorful Shooting Light. 8/24/10
8/1/10 22:15 Laurie (5 mi. W of; 52 mile marker on Osage) MO Sphere 3 minutes 3 orange spheres in linear formation over Lake of the Ozarks 8/24/10
8/1/10 21:00 Woodhull IL Light 5 minutes my wife & I saw a light the size of a star moving @ a high rate of speed from W to E. ((NUFORC Note: 8/24/10
8/1/10 09:12 Sandwich MA Circle 5 minutes (when i arrived Twelve UFOs-after two minutes a space craft came and flew to the objects, but one UFO appeared below it and hovered it. 8/24/10
8/1/10 01:30 South Elgin IL Sphere 1 to 2 minutes two orange craft approx. 1/2 mile apart moving west 8/24/10
8/1/10 01:04 Whittier CA Disk 5 minutes UFO Over Southern California 8/24/10
8/1/10 00:50 Long Beach CA Light 1 second Saw bright green flash & streak, no accompanying sound, suspected copper/thallium-containing iron meteorite. 8/24/10
8/1/10 00:32 Hickam AFB HI Triangle 25 Seconds I saw a bright orange glowing object moving across the sky and viewed the object for 25 seconds 8/24/10
8/1/10 00:30 South Elgin IL Light 5-10 mins Object taking flight near Ohare Airport!!! 8/24/10
8/1/10 00:05 Brandon SD Fireball seven minutes About 7-9 orange objects appeared in the sky to the East, moving Northeast; each faded out after about seven minutes. 8/24/10
8/1/10 Munich (Germany)
Light 30 seconds Germany UFO sighting 8/24/10
7/31/10 23:45 Chicago IL Fireball 15 minutes We saw about 10 glowing objects floating in a similar path in Southwestern sky 7/31/10 about midnite. 8/24/10
7/31/10 23:25 Harristown IL Fireball >1 minute Ball of Light with tail that changed directions 8/24/10
7/31/10 23:05 Stanmore, Winchester (UK/England)
Light Two minutes Low flying orange spherical UFO / filmed and revealed to be displaying distinct illumination 8/24/10
7/31/10 23:00 Ocean City MD Circle 10 seconds Circular lights in "V" formation that moved very quickly and changed patterns. 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:55 Portland OR Fireball 5 minutes I observed a strange glowing orange ball floating in the sky in a straight path that made no sound. 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:55 Sacramento CA Oval 5-10 Seconds Falling Object next to the Big Dipper. 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:50 Coalinga (near) CA Unknown
Interstate-5 sighting. 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:45 New Port Richey FL Teardrop 10 MINUTES 4 teardrop shaped orange balls of fire about a minute apart flying from the west to the east 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:10 Tarrytown NY Circle 30 seconds Red Green and Blue pulsating object circling in a clockwise direction moving East to West 8/24/10
7/31/10 22:00 Waukon (15 miles SE of) IA Unknown 5 mins Triangular/V-shape UFO spotted over North East Iowa. 8/24/10
7/31/10 21:52 Riverside CA Light 10 sec approx Brilliant green object, seems to launch smaller white objetc 8/24/10
7/31/10 21:45 Hanover (Canada) ON Sphere 5 sec. app. A small light flew accross the night sky at tremendous speed. 8/24/10
7/31/10 21:45 Coventry (UK/England)

2 minutes 4 lights seen heading west to east about 30 seconds apart the last two were abaout 15 seconds apart, with one slightly south of the thi 8/24/10
7/31/10 21:30 Cookstown (Canada) ON Light ~3 hours White, vibrantly glowing light stationary above Cookstown for ~3hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
7/31/10 19:54 Oregon House CA Light 5 minutes Four lights at dusk that appear then dissaappear 8/24/10
7/31/10 19:30 Detroit MI Other hours ((HOAX??)) Its at dusk on a clear in the SW corner I look tru through my glases the coors are white blue green orange it changes shapes 8/24/10
7/31/10 14:20 San Antonio TX Chevron 15 min. Multiple witnesses observe stationary, highly-reflective object in daytime sky. Triangular?? 8/24/10
7/31/10 04:15 Albuquerque NM Cigar 20 seconds Night sky turned white with a cigar shaped object in the middle of a circle of light 8/24/10
7/31/10 00:00 Wichita KS Diamond 5 minutes Quiet slow moving craft with red , blue and orange lights that dissapeared in the night sky 8/24/10
7/31/10 Los Angeles CA Circle 90 min UFO's over Silverlake 8/24/10
7/30/10 23:30 Cutler CA Fireball 3-4 minutes Small fireball shaped object seen flying southeast from Cutler. No noise. 8/24/10
7/30/10 23:05 UK/Scotland
Light 3 mins two bright lights travelling at speed across a clear night sky. 8/24/10
7/30/10 23:00 Baltimore MD Sphere 5 seconds Recurring Sighting Over Parkton Maryland July 27th thru 30th. 8/24/10
7/30/10 21:00 Thousand Oaks CA Light 3 hours bright light in sky every night for last 8 nights and counting. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky, we suspect. PD)) 8/24/10
7/30/10 20:44 Reading PA Changing 2-3 hours Four visible, identical, shape-changing UFOs over a large E city going toe-to-toe with intruders that are only visible on cameras. 8/24/10
7/30/10 20:30 Paterson NJ Other 2 hours 7/30/2010/ 9:30-11:30pm/Sighting over Paterson NJ Two Satellite Looking Objects; Second Objects Lights Up For A Moment Then Dims Again 8/24/10
7/30/10 09:30 Enfield CT Changing 30 minutos cambia de forma y dura 30 minutos ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a celestial body, a star or a planet. PD)) 8/24/10
7/29/10 23:30 Eugene OR Sphere 5 minutes I went outside to have a cigarette and saw a object larger than a star moving erratically, back and forth then hovering, then moving ac 8/24/10
7/29/10 23:00 Easton PA Circle July Bright green circle with tail spotted in Easton, PA 8/24/10
7/29/10 22:40 Clinton Township MI Light 3 minutes Bright orange globes hovering and maneuvering in Clinton Township Mi. 8/24/10
7/29/10 22:20 Rocklin CA Circle 5 minutes Disklike object with rotating changing colors floating moderately low above the ground. 8/24/10
7/29/10 21:10 Arcadia CA Light 20 seconds Bright Light That Changed Intensity and Color, Then Disappeared 8/24/10
7/29/10 21:00 Kernersville NC Light 1 hour five lights in the sky within an hour. 8/24/10
7/29/10 18:50 Brielle NJ Egg current Egg-shaped object in sky moving in semi circle way, Has craters or holes through the object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
7/29/10 05:00 Canton OH Fireball 45 MINUTES Early morning fireball-like light formation hovering near Akron/Canton Airport . 8/24/10
7/29/10 01:30 Bellevue WA Light 40 minutes Moon highlights wide mass expanse traversing west to east at an even pace 8/24/10
7/29/10 01:00 Clovis CA Circle 10 seconds Circular light over Fresno county, seen in Clovis. 8/24/10
7/28/10 22:00 Chico CA Triangle 4 min Triangle shaped formation of lights slowed and stopped, then changed direction and flew off. 8/24/10
7/28/10 15:00 Cumming GA Triangle 1 minute Triangular craft with lighted sphere bottom hoovering near home in cumming, ga 7-28-10 8/24/10
7/28/10 13:00 Gustine CA Disk 2 minutes 2 white disks spotted over central California during the day 8/24/10
7/28/10 12:00 Swoope VA Oval Several Minutes Large white un identified blimp-like craft seen mid-day over country-side in Augusta County, VA. 8/24/10
7/28/10 00:58 Dayville CT Other 15 seconds An orb of energy? 8/24/10
7/27/10 15:00 Las Vegas NV Disk 2-3 minutes Large, white, dome shaped object spotted near a "Janet" plane in Las Vegas 8/24/10
7/27/10 Playa del Rey CA Light 1 sec I saw this happen one time before but never reported it but Wed night I was star gazing and a really bright light turned on and then of 8/24/10
7/26/10 22:00 Barstow and Needles (between) CA Light 1 hour 7/26/10 between Barstow and Needles CA unusal changing lights traveling through the Majave desert 8/24/10
7/25/10 22:50 Fair Oak (UK/England)
Fireball Two minutes Two orange fireballs observed 8/24/10
7/25/10 22:00 Jamestown CA Changing ongoing UFOs over my house nightly 8/24/10
7/25/10 21:20 El Paso TX Light 1 minute Yellow ball of light following a commercial airliner. 8/24/10
7/25/10 21:00 Portland OR Circle about 1 minute Planet Sized Orb Passes Behind Venus Then FLICKers Out! 8/24/10
7/25/10 10:00 Washington, D.C. DC
30 seconds I saw a silver metallic ball fly over my house in Wash., D.C. in broad daylight! 8/24/10
7/24/10 23:45 Lake Oswego OR Triangle 2 minutes OREGON UFO REVIEW REPORT: Slow moving silent black triangle craft observed over Nansen Park Lake Oswego Oregon 8/24/10
7/24/10 23:00 Aurora (Canada) ON Fireball
Fireball sighting 8/24/10
7/24/10 18:30 New York City NY Sphere minutes Silver orbs hanging in the eastern sky. 8/24/10
7/24/10 00:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Formation 1-2 min. One light trailing another much slower than satellites at high altitide overhead. 8/24/10
7/23/10 22:00 Kure Beach NC Light 20 minutes Group of UFO lights over horizon at Kure Beach, NC 8/24/10
7/23/10 20:00 Plymouth MN Sphere photo Reflective orb revealed in digital photo of clouds. 8/24/10
7/23/10 20:00 Independence OR Unknown 5 minutes Rocket-like craft with centered- tail- trail over Willamette Valley, Oregon 8/24/10
7/22/10 22:00 Atlantic Beach NC Changing seconds 3 separate incidents of large saucer shaped object(s) and small round lights, reddish orange-ish, witnessed by 2 or 3 people. 8/24/10
7/21/10 21:30 Myrtle Beach SC Light 5 seconds Three red/orange disk shaped lights appeared over the ocean fading in and out one at a time forming a triangular pattern. 8/24/10
7/20/10 21:30 Portal GA Light 10 minutes Red/Orangeish, or Golden Colored Lights, many appearing then Fading out Together, and being in one place then another instantly,,, 8/24/10
7/20/10 21:15 Burley ID Disk 5 seconds Disc shaped UFO sighted over Idaho 8/24/10
7/20/10 03:10 Washington, D.C. DC Sphere 5 minutes Moving star with beam of light 8/24/10
7/20/10 03:00 Washington, D.C. DC Light nightly I live in Wash., D.C. For weeks I had observed a bright luminous celestial body in the sky I couldn’t identify. The object would rise 8/24/10
7/18/10 09:30 Hendersonville TN Cone 4-5 minutes We saw a giant fireball pushing a long cone shape 8/24/10
7/17/10 22:00 Lehi UT Light 10 minutes Strange light in sky moving erratically, stopping abruptly and changing directions. 8/24/10
7/17/10 02:00 Macon GA Light Several hours Several flashing lights in various positions seen in the northern sky nightly. 8/24/10
7/16/10 22:12 Carter Lake IA Sphere 5 minutes One brilliantly illuminating ball of light that float over our heads and shorty afterwards, vanished before our eyes. 8/24/10
7/16/10 11:00 Primm NV Other 3-5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Object hovering over my car. 8/24/10
7/16/10 04:00 Hoffman Estates IL Circle 2 mins Just looked up and saw this circle black item just standing in the middle of the sky and then it just desapear 8/24/10
7/16/10 01:00 Brevard (near; Lake Toxaway) GA Teardrop around 30 seconds Slow flashing light that disappeared quickly. 8/24/10
7/15/10 22:45 Raytown MO Sphere 2:00 Close up encounter with an object that was translucent, low luminance, floating. ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous source. PD)) 8/24/10
7/14/10 22:44 Brampton (Canada) ON Fireball approx 1 sec Noticed a blue fireball and cloud/chem trail in the sky 8/24/10
7/11/10 23:30 Electric City WA Circle 5 minutes approx Grand Coulee Damn sighting of "fireball" that turned in mid air while changing speeds intermitently. 8/24/10
7/11/10 23:00 Somerset KY Circle 15 seconds Round, sound-less yellow light seen moving at slow speed then disappering. 8/24/10
7/10/10 23:15 Halifax (Canada) NS Other Aprx. 5 - 10 mins Green line in the sky shaped as a straight line 8/24/10
7/10/10 22:00 Portsmouth (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes 4 orange lights in an askew square formation over Portsmouth, England 8/24/10
7/10/10 21:30 Springwater NY Fireball 5 minutes July 10 2010 9:30pm Fireball in western NY 8/24/10
7/9/10 23:00 Wellington NV Flash 10 minutes Flashing Light 8/24/10
7/9/10 17:20 Olympia WA Other seconds 3 DIMENTIONAL, ROUND OBJECT, LOOKS LIKE SKELATON OF THE MOON,.bone framed round object 8/24/10
7/8/10 21:30 Dymchurch (UK/England)
Egg 10 minutes 6 flying objects what were they 8/24/10
7/8/10 15:00 Orlando FL Other 45 sec Silver pill-shaped object viewed over Disney World in Florida 8/24/10
7/7/10 21:20 Colorado Springs CO Oval 3 min A Brightly Multi-Colored Object appeared in front of Pike Peak, north/west of NORAD in Colorado Springs. 8/24/10
7/5/10 23:00 Fort Worth TX Sphere 1-2mins texas 8/24/10
7/4/10 23:00 Monticello IN Light 4-7 mins 6 red stationary lights in formation. 8/24/10
7/4/10 22:00 Piney Flats TN Other 1-3 minutes fireball (looked like flames) with some type of top over it traveling above clouds in straight line east to west 8/24/10
7/4/10 22:00 Cherokee Villiage AR Circle 15 min two orange balls moving from south to north in arkansas 8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00 Lombard IL Fireball 1 hour Possible explanation for some of the July 4 reports. 8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00 Fridley MN Light 2 minutes Bright red/orange ball of light over Moore Lake (Hwy 65), for 2-3 min, motionless over tree line, then fades. 8/24/10
7/4/10 21:00 London KY Circle 30 Min Orange UFO passing or hovering through London Kentucky on July 4th 8/24/10
7/4/10 10:00 St. Augustine FL Circle ~ 3 mins Flying balloon of fire traveling east to west and suddenly turned due south and disappeared. 8/24/10
7/4/10 09:30 McDonald PA Fireball <1 minute Glowing object seen in sky over SW Pennsylvania on July 4, 2010 8/24/10
7/4/10 Washington, D.C. DC Circle 2mn. I saw Two ufo object's over the Washington Monument during the 4th. of July events. 8/24/10
7/3/10 22:30 Port Angeles WA Light 2 minutes Set of two lights moving silently in-line with one another from East to West. Lead light brighter than follow light. 8/24/10
7/3/10 22:25 Rohnert Park CA Fireball About 15 seconds Bright yellow fireball made right angle turn and disappeared. 8/24/10
7/3/10 22:10 Midlothian VA Other 15.min i reported 2 star like lights to the police and then within 15 min there was a dozen aircraft giving chace north from richmond va 2 D.C 8/24/10
7/3/10 21:15 Red Bank NJ Changing 30 minutes Unknown Self luminous Red Obj obve fireworks display 8/24/10
7/3/10 19:45 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Circle approx 1 1/2 mins Circular object, red/brown colour with fiery glow at base, traveling very low and at speed ! 8/24/10
7/3/10 19:00 Phillipsburg NJ Fireball 1 hour 50 red fireballs flying over NJ. 8/24/10
7/3/10 00:30 Port Angeles WA Light 1 min. 30 secs. My two friends and I had a second sighting of the same type we had seen approximately two hours earlier. Once again, the two lights, wi 8/24/10
7/2/10 22:40 Manchester (UK/England)
Fireball 3 minutes bright orange ball of light that faded into nothing 8/24/10
7/1/10 22:00 Grafton WI Fireball 30 minutes Several hundred orange/reddish orbs SE to NW on 7-1-10 at 10PM CST over Mequon, Grafton, Cedarburg, WI 8/24/10
6/30/10 23:00 Sikeston MO Unknown 45 minutes Blue lights scanning the sky line 8/24/10
6/24/10 18:00 Essex (Canada) ON Sphere 30 sec Saw UFO, photographed UFO ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. One of four reports from same source. PD)) 8/24/10
6/23/10 04:20 Cairo (Egypt)
Sphere 5-10 seconds White glowing sphere appeared in the sky and moved horizontally leaving a white glowing tail behind it . 8/24/10
6/20/10 11:00 Essex (Canada) ON Sphere 2 min I m a contactee so i feel these guys before they come. ((NUFORC Note: Photos not of a genuine UFO, we believe. PD)) 8/24/10
6/19/10 19:00 Essex (Canada) ON Unknown 5 MIN I went outside with a coffee. I took a drink of coffee, lit a smoke, then looked directly overhead. it was exactly 8:52 pm the sun wa 8/24/10
6/19/10 03:00 Bluff City AR Circle 60 seconds Bright circular yellowish orange light moved closer and then flew up and away! 8/24/10
6/14/10 18:10 Burbank CA Circle 10 minues A metallic object is seen hovering really high above N Glenoaks blvd and Birmingham Rd around 6:10pm in bright daylight in burbank 8/24/10
6/1/10 10:00 Auburn WA Teardrop 4 Minutes 2 Buring Jellyfish in the sky 8/24/10
5/15/10 20:30 Meldrim (closest municipality) GA Unknown 15 min Saw triangular object with red and white lights hovering over the interstate. 8/24/10
5/15/10 00:30 Chesapeake VA Unknown >5 minutes Bright, strange light. 8/24/10
5/1/10 20:30 East Boston MA Disk 5-10 minutes A large,saucer shaped object,that i did not recognize. 8/24/10
4/26/10 04:00 Markle IN Sphere 2 mins PIC: 5+ crafts seen on 69, , 8/24/10
4/15/10 00:00 Kabul (Afghanistan)
Triangle 15 minutes I saw a triangular ufo while I was at work at the kabul international airport 8/24/10
4/1/10 22:00 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Other 1 Minute Bright colorful Shooting Light. 8/24/10
3/14/10 13:45 Florence MS Other 60 sec. or less Dart-like craft emerged from tail of a fireball 8/24/10
3/3/10 21:45 Cape Town (South Africa)
Fireball 5 - 10 minutes From a star to a huge bright orange light to dropping and landing in the sea. 8/24/10
3/1/10 23:00 Peten (Guatamala)
Light 1 minute still bright yellow light high up over Peten, Guatemala 8/24/10
3/1/10 23:00 Pittsburg CA Triangle 3 min Huge triangle over Pittsburg, CA and Large Rectangles over Concord / Pittsburg 8/24/10
2/25/10 00:00 Brockton MA Light 4 hours Next to Route 24 I was out on my balcony having my usual cigarette break and had a long night ahead of me to study for an exam the foll 8/24/10
12/31/09 21:00 Slidell LA Sphere 3 mins. Two lighted translucent spherical craft traveling slowly on a parallel course towards New Orleans, LA 8/24/10
12/20/09 19:23 Nelson (Canada) BC Light 30 minutes Red/Blue light hovering over Nelson, B.C., Canada's Bridge 8/24/10
12/20/09 05:45 Hollister ( Lone Tree Road) CA Disk 20 minutes Unidentified Flying Object in Lone Tree Rd. San Benito County, Hollister 8/24/10
9/14/09 12:00 Meadville PA
3 mins ((HOAX??)) SPIDER ALEIN, 20 legs waist high showed itself to me. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 8/24/10
8/20/09 01:30 Miami Beach FL Light 20 minutes Two bright lights hovering around Downtown Miami skyscrapers for 20 minutes, then descended into the ocean together. 8/24/10
7/28/09 04:00 Piqua OH Other 1 or 2 minutes Golden Orangeish Yellow White Ball of Energy hovering over 82MM north of Piqua, Ohio. on 07/28/09, @4or 5 am 8/24/10
7/25/09 11:20 Carrie KY Light 25 Moving light stopping over us and turning bright 8/24/10
7/7/09 21:30 Clarence NY Rectangle few seconds Amazingly low, light bright as the Moon, Craft not big at all...Flew without sound 8/24/10
7/1/09 07:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Fireball 2 seconds Fast bright object flies through semi-bright skies 8/24/10
6/30/09 14:00 Laguna Vista TX Oval 5 minutes oval sphere hovering at 500 feet over my truck pulled my pistol 8/24/10
6/15/09 15:00 Clark WA Other 2 minutes Stealth craft about the size of a helicopter. 8/24/10
5/22/09 23:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Disk 4 min At about 11:30 pm , I was sitting in my chair on the deck outside relaxing and watching the sky . When all of a sudden to the right o 8/24/10
5/1/09 19:30 Albuquerque (near) NM Light 3 minutes Bright light heading for Earth near Albuquerque, NM 8/24/10
4/24/09 06:30 Hartwell GA Oval 10 min never seen anything like it. 8/24/10
2/10/09 12:00 Crookston MN Circle 15 seconds Round, silver UFO hovers over house, disappears in broad daylight 8/24/10
8/10/08 22:30
CA Triangle 30 minutes ((HOAX)) A rotating TR-B3 Spotted in California. 8/24/10
7/25/08 15:04 Regensburg (Germany)
Disk 2 seconds Took picture of a large circular/disc with a black haze around it while it hovered over Regensburg, Ge on 25 July 08. 8/24/10
5/13/08 18:00 Philadelphia PA Triangle 5 minutes Boomerang-shaped UFO sighted over Philadelphia at dusk 8/24/10
4/1/08 21:00 Clark WY Disk 3 minutes Classic bell shape, glowed all over with flashing light on top. 8/24/10
1/16/08 00:00 Asuncion (Paraguay)
Fireball 2 minutes I saw 3 spotlights which appeared to be not very shiny because of the heigh at which they were. they were not plane 8/24/10
8/20/07 00:30 Walla Walla WA Unknown 6 Seconds Low flying Orange glow object 8/24/10
8/7/07 22:00 Erie PA Fireball over one hour Orange Flaming Orbs fall from the sky over Lake Erie, August, 2007 8/24/10
1/1/07 13:00 Larne (Northern Ireland)
Circle unsure sighting in northern ireland and possible abduction.. ongoing 8/24/10
7/1/06 02:30 Tehachapie (outside of) CA Disk 5 minutes silent disc flying over foothills North with lower circumference blinking lights that were going around 8/24/10
6/30/06 19:00 Cuiaba (Brazil)
Light 15 seconds A spherical light moved at an alarmingly fast speed, stopped and hovered, and moved again and left. 8/24/10
6/30/06 18:00 Ukiah CA Teardrop aprox 1 minute gituar pick shaped object traveling north that was very thick and larger than the valley 8/24/10
4/1/06 23:00 Hanford Nuclear Reservation WA Light 30 minutes Unusual activity at Hanford Nuclear Reservation,WA 8/24/10
6/30/05 13:00 Andros Island (Bahamas)
Circle 30 sec (Bahamas) Andros Island circle lasted 30 sec Metallic color no lights 8/24/10
5/2/05 00:00 Fort Knox KY Triangle 15 seconds Flash of light made me look up to see a dark craft with three lights hovering above me. 8/24/10
3/9/05 03:00 Partlow VA Disk ONE HOUR Orange/red glowing objects. Spotsylvania Co Va. 2005 Photographed! 8/24/10
12/24/04 21:00 Harlingen TX Other 20min. Large Blue Light-1st Snow in 105 years. 8/24/10
8/16/04 12:05 Scarborough (Canada) ON Disk 15-20 mins Brilliant White flat shape object 8/24/10
7/14/04 05:00 Pillar Point Air Base CA Triangle 2 minutes awakened with a voice in my head to go to window!! wow, what a show, why me? 8/24/10
10/28/03 20:24 Marfa TX Triangle Photo shot Digital photo of possible flying triangle over Marfa Tx 10-28-2003 8/24/10
1/11/02 21:40 San Antonio TX Rectangle 36 seconds Large rectangular object with muticolored lights like needled in a pin cushion 8/24/10
2/9/00 08:25 Columbia MO Unknown 1 minute MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: While driving to work this morning we saw an unusual object in the sky… 8/24/10
11/30/99 00:00 Lancaster CA Triangle
((HOAX??)) t was 2 of us outside she seen it 1st it was so big it was over the stars it look like it was big as maybe san diego. 8/24/10
9/20/99 02:00 Momoishi (Japan)
Triangle unknowed Encounter described in details. 8/24/10
8/28/99 02:00 San Diego CA Circle 5 min Walkin out of house at early morning notice man with two small children staring into sky. I look to see what appears to be an orange ca 8/24/10
6/28/97 12:00 Wilcox AZ Cylinder 2 hours hovering cylinder object 8/24/10
6/15/97 01:00 Peoria IL Disk 3 minutes Two people see UFO hovering at a distance of 10 feet. 8/24/10
5/9/97 21:00 Las Vegas NV Light 5 minutes Set of 7 or 8 orange lights moving silently at airliner velocity, size and altitude over Las Vegas Nevada 8/24/10
3/13/97 22:00 Dateland AZ Circle 10 Minutes Hovering Light Formation in Southwest Arizona in March 1997 8/24/10
6/15/96 02:30 Edmonds WA Formation 10-15 min Multiple circular UFO sighting in the sky above Edmonds, WA witnessed by police officer and police explorers. 8/24/10
6/1/95 21:00 Nottingham (UK/England)
Light 5 min Fast moving light chased by two helicopters and a.w.c.s 8/24/10
12/15/94 22:00 Carpinteria CA Unknown 10 min. I lived on the beach in Carpinteria at the time of the sighting. The reason I am writing to you is that I have never heard of the type 8/24/10
8/7/91 21:15 Romeo MI Light 2-5 minutes Glowing light hovering and rising slowly then shooting across dky. 8/24/10
11/1/90 21:30 Lowell MA Light 20 seconds A huge, round, red orb hovering in the sky 8/24/10
11/10/89 23:00 Phoenix AZ Light 10 seconds Very High star-like dot of light, high speed, crossing sky, then abruptly 'shot' into space, faded out. 8/24/10
9/21/86 06:30 Jasper GA Triangle About a minute or two 09/21/1986, Jasper, GA, triangular shape, a minute or two of duration, 3 feet above ground hovering 8/24/10
5/1/85 20:30 Lanett AL Light 10 seconds It came, it saw , it left but where did it go or come from? 8/24/10
8/12/84 21:00 Columbus OH Rectangle 10-15 minutes Football field sized gunmetal gray rectangular craft with bright lights and "windows" hovering silently 100 ft or so above parking lot 8/24/10
7/18/81 22:00 Mayfield NY Cigar 30 seconds cigar shaped brightly lit object, hovered for 30 seconds and shot off to the north 8/24/10
9/15/80 22:00 Tekamah NE Unknown 5 -8 min Standard running light, hovers, flies slow, climbs fast and absolutely no sound and no jet engines flames. 8/24/10
5/15/80 20:00 Oklahoma City OK Changing 5 minutes Unusual spacecraft 15 feet above me. Did not hover, it was stationary, solid matter, as though it were a solid fixture. 8/24/10
8/8/79 21:00 Campinas (Brazil)
Triangle 40 min it was o tringle. it came from the horizon. first I thought it was an airplane because the light looks like a plane and because there i 8/24/10
9/1/77 13:00 Plano TX Disk 20 minutes Low ufo disc seen by 5 in broad daylight. 8/24/10
7/5/77 02:00 Kekaha HI Circle 10 minutes the circular object entered U.S. airspace and refused to achnowledge communications. was then forced into the water at the order of the 8/24/10
7/4/77 22:00 Federal Way WA Circle 20 minutes Close sighting, able to see bottom of craft well, hovered for at least 15 minutes just at the top of the poplar trees 8/24/10
6/1/77 21:00 San Antonio TX Oval 10 mins. the object just stood there quietly just starring at use it filled the sky . 8/24/10
6/1/74 02:00 Wilmington NC Triangle 3 minutes Looks like a Star Wars ship,without the top, smooth, silent, no lights, large and low to the ground.. 8/24/10
5/22/73 23:00 Atlantic Ocean (USCG Cutter "Spencer")

UFO sighting aboard Coast Guard Cutter Spencer 8/24/10
10/5/72 21:45 Fortuna (foothills) CA Sphere 1 & 1/2 HUGE ufo , spherical w/translucent force-field self illumined hour&1/2, 100's witness 8/24/10
8/25/72 08:30 Coldwater AL Triangle 6 min seen in 1972 and seen later too 8/24/10
12/15/70 21:00 Newton Centre MA Other 3-5 seconds Vertical trapazoid having a glowing pale yellow cloor and gliding across the sky with a wallowing motion. 8/24/10
10/15/70 19:00 London (UK/England)
Unknown 30 minutes Single bright cone shaped beam of light. 8/24/10
6/12/66 01:30 Playa del Rey CA Light 5 min. Single Light UFO moving over Los Angeles, Accelerated at unbelievably fast speed and dissapeared over the Horizon. 8/24/10
6/15/60 21:00 Baltimore MD Other 5 minutes Three white lights flying in formation. 8/24/10
6/30/57 Arctic AK Cigar one day spacecraft found in artic between 1953 to1961 2 bodys recovered. front page of newspapper 8/24/10
12/25/46 13:00 Yokohama (Japan)
Disk 20 minutes This is a follow-on to the report I made several years ago. An article about the Brazilian Air Force carried an artist image: It is t 8/24/10
20:00 Hooksett NH

Two object still in one photo and shooting straight up in another along with an USAF jet in the frame 8/24/10
Moses Lake WA Triangle
((HOAX??)) I saw a triangle ufo when I was walking home from my friends house. 8/24/10
Austin TX Light 10 minutes Bright hovering light downtown Austin 8/24/10
? Marysville WA
? Look, I was telling my two friends from My acrylic painting class about seeing the circle I reported today to your E-mail. The two frie 8/24/10