National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2010/11/21


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/21/10 15:45ColchesterCTUSAUnknown2 secondssilver fast11/21/10
11/21/10 01:00SweeteaterTNUSAVery shortFast shiny craft11/21/10
11/20/10 23:00FresnoCAUSALight20 minutesNo objects seen only 5 or more lights moving in a rapid circles. Heavy clouds but lights visible. Unusual and scary.11/21/10
11/20/10 21:00Detroit (south of)MIUSAOther15 to 20 secondsI don't know what else to say! its been driving me crazy, I want to see it again11/21/10
11/20/10 17:00Averill ParkNYUSADisk10 secondsLow to the ground... all black around the UFO in a saucer shape going slow then it sped up and it was gone. Had about 8 lights around11/21/10
11/20/10 02:00ChandlerAZUSALight10 minutesLights in the sky that look like stars or satelites, but do not move accordingly per the laws of physics.11/21/10
11/19/10 22:30CharlotteNCUSACircleReddish orange and yellow little circle not blinking but moving in slowish motion than disappearing into thin air.11/21/10
11/19/10 22:20CharlotteNCUSAFormation7.00 minsaw a group of bright orange (30) lights moving from east to south11/21/10
11/19/10 20:30Randburg (Johannesburg) (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown2 minoccurred round-about 20:30 to 22:00 i looked into the clear sky , and notice a large single bright light heading towards me (not for me11/21/10
11/19/10 20:04MassillonOHUSATriangle6 minutesTriangular-shaped object flying low with white flashing lights over Perry Township in Massillon, Ohio.11/21/10
11/19/10 17:35MillersvillePAUSAUnknown1/5 secondas above11/21/10
11/19/10 16:15ParkerCOUSAOvalThis object was a oval object that looked black, very thin, very fast, and had blue, green, red, and white lights all around it11/21/10
11/19/10 16:10JuneauAKUSAFireball60 secondsMissile like fireball seen in Juneau, Alaska.11/21/10
11/19/10 08:30KnoxvilleTNUSACircle3 MinsWe found this orb of light that is purple and cannot be seen by us, we also know it was way up in the sky.11/21/10
11/19/10 01:00LibertyMOUSACirclestarted earlier and it novery strange seeing these so often! ((NUFORC Note: Stars. PD))11/21/10
11/18/10 22:43MartinezCAUSATeardrop10 secondsInverted Teardrop-shaped UFO Martinez, CA.11/21/10
11/18/10 20:30WaldorfMDUSALight1/2 secondone small white ball of light, without a tail flashed through the sky for just 1/2 of a second then disappeared11/21/10
11/18/10 20:20SpokaneWAUSAOval2 minutesthe object resembled a blimp, flat/concaved on the underside with 3 lights.11/21/10
11/18/10 18:15TopekaKSUSACylinder1 minute +Stationary, cylindrical object with white flashing lights11/21/10
11/18/10 17:30OlivehurstCAUSAFormation5-7 minTriangle of lights11/21/10
11/18/10 05:30KalamazooMIUSALight2.5 hoursBright light in the sky appeared to be a star but was a lot brighter, stayed in the sky even as the sun had risen.11/21/10
11/17/10 21:30ThomasvilleNCUSAFireball5-10 minutesNight Time UFO11/21/10
11/17/10 20:15MiamiFLUSALight5 minutesTwo star-sized blinking lights moving fast and perpendicular in a northwesterly direction11/21/10
11/17/10 18:50WarthenGAUSACircle4 minutesI believe that it is some secret government military craft of some sort. Or maybe just sometime that God is trying to tell or show me.11/21/10
11/17/10 18:15Moncks CornerSCUSAUnknown1 minuteWitness #3: UFO flying over Moncks Corner, SC, only saw it briefly had lights on side and bottom.11/21/10
11/17/10 18:15Moncks CornerSCUSADiskOne minuteWitness #2: UFO flying over Moncks Corner, SC, 5 or 6 lights on side and had red lights on bottom.11/21/10
11/17/10 18:15Moncks CornerSCUSAUnknownOne minuteWitness #1: UFO flying over Moncks Corner, SC, 5 or 6 lights on side and had red lights on bottom, not moving very fast.11/21/10
11/17/10 17:35AlvinTXUSAFireball2 Large bight yellowish-orange fire ball fall from the sky at an angle11/21/10
11/17/10 17:30Bluffton (on Collaton River)SCUSATriangle2 minutesMy husband spotted what appeared to be something that resembled a small helicopter hovering completely silently at about the height of11/21/10
11/17/10 11:00Great FallsMTUSATriangle1 minuteflew low really low over the hotel i was walking my dog and heard a low click noise im an airfraft mechanic so i know its nothing ive s11/21/10
11/17/10 07:15LebanonINUSATriangle2 secondsV or triangle shaped object.11/21/10
11/17/10 05:32Virginia BeachVAUSASphere20 SecondsSphere seen traveling at a high rate of speed over Virginia Beach11/21/10
11/17/10 01:32RaleighNCUSAOther3 secondsGreen scanner laser like light flashes over the sky in Raleigh, NC11/21/10
11/17/10 00:24Middle RiverMDUSADisk6 minutesI saw a ufo behind my neighbors house on the ground.11/21/10
11/16/10 17:57RochesterMIUSATriangle3 minutesBlack triangle in Rochester, Michigan11/21/10
11/16/10 15:05PlanoTXUSAUnknownunknownTwo UFO's one over the other.11/21/10
11/16/10 07:30HaywardCAUSADisk5+ minutesI was walking my dogs in the morning and on my way back I saw like a disc object floating in the air. It was like leaning side to side11/21/10
11/15/10 22:19Meppel (Netherlands)NetherlandsChevron4-5 secbarely visible v-shape, lightred, fast going from north to south without sound. Maybe geese going for hibernation making no sound?11/21/10
11/15/10 21:45BloomingtonINUSAOther1 minuteWhite pearl-shaped object seen zooming above Bloomington11/21/10
11/15/10 21:30StocktonCAUSALight1 hourPossible UFO sighting in Northern Ca.11/21/10
11/15/10 20:42OcalaFLUSALight10 minutesblinking light in sky remains in same location11/21/10
11/15/10 20:20FarmingtonCTUSATriangle2 minTriangular Craft spotted in CT.11/21/10
11/15/10 18:45FishersINUSALight2 - 3 secondsThis was an extremely fast moving, thumbnail size light, emitting no sound.11/21/10
11/15/10 15:15San DiegoCAUSAOvalappx 3 minA black object with strobing red/orange lights seen over San Diego.11/21/10
11/15/10 10:34Sioux FallsSDUSATriangle4minlight, triangle, airport11/21/10
11/15/10 09:41BakersfieldCAUSATriangleI was in my backyard and I'd looked up and saw an object flying east bound silently.11/21/10
11/14/10 23:00Rathdrum PrairieIDUSATriangle45 sec - 1 mintriangle shaped object with 3 bright lights and 1 dull pulsating light underneath the craft it moved silently11/21/10
11/14/10 21:00WashingtonvilleNYUSAUnknown2 minutesThe lights, that type of illumination on a plane or jet I have never seen before, and ONLY 2 of them, no others.11/21/10
11/14/10 20:55ConnersvilleINUSAFireball3 minutesNo Sound was emitted from the craft and was at low altitude and was not any conventional craft.11/21/10
11/14/10 19:34Aurora (Canada)ONCanadaFireball2 minutes (+/- 15 secondsNov12/10, 7-34 pm, 3 orange shimmery lites in a triangular formation going slowly in one direction then 90 degrees to another for 2 min11/21/10
11/14/10 19:33San PabloCAUSACircle20 seconds12 circle objects flying over san pablo ca11/21/10
11/14/10 19:00Safety HarborFLUSALight1 hourI went to the pier by my house and witnessed dozes of UFOs in the sky.11/21/10
11/14/10 18:40TrentonFLUSACross12 secondsObject portal exit11/21/10
11/14/10 15:32BrimfieldILUSALight3 secsmall bright sphere with red gas cloud in cornfield11/21/10
11/14/10 15:30RichmondVAUSAUnknown6 minutesSlow moving craft with short bursts of vertical contrail....11/21/10
11/14/10 12:15MilfordCTUSACylinder20 minCylindrical, faceted silver metalic rotating object flying East -West..11/21/10
11/14/10 00:30LoudonTNUSALightapproximately 15 minsLarge Mass of UFO's (lights) fly over Loudon, Tn.11/21/10
11/13/10 21:30AustraliaAustraliaChanging10 minStrange group of moving bright objects observed by family and captured footage in AU Nov 10' ((NUFORC Note: Photos ambiguous. PD))11/21/10
11/13/10 20:45San JoseCAUSAFireball2-5 secGreen FireBall flew across downtown SJ11/21/10
11/13/10 20:30RosevilleCAUSAOtherI thought it was an amber when I first seen it......It looked just like a section of the newspaper blowing in the air 'about' 100 ft.11/21/10
11/13/10 20:30PelionSCUSACircle2 minLight in the sky11/21/10
11/13/10 19:50Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minsingle intense orange light travelling over sutton coldfield, UK11/21/10
11/13/10 17:30KeyserWVUSALight7 secondsI was in the back yard running my dogs and talking to my father on the phone when I sighted a light moving east to west approx. 5000 ft11/21/10
11/13/10 12:03HighlandINUSAUnknown25 sunexplained noise flying above house with no associated air traffic11/21/10
11/13/10 10:00MagaliaCAUSAFireball1 minthe real deal were not alone11/21/10
11/13/10 07:45DecaturILUSAUnknown1 minthis thing was no ordinary shape11/21/10
11/13/10 07:11West CovinaCAUSAChanging3 minutesI seen what I thought was a star towards the mountain area and was looking at it because I never seen a star in that area of sky and it11/21/10
11/12/10 21:00RedbankSCUSAOtherapp. 30 sec10/12/10 Redbank, SC: 9pm orange pronged vehicle,, duration 30 seconds as low as tree line.11/21/10
11/12/10 21:00North SanfordNYUSACircle5 secondsRound orange fast moving object in straight line with glowing tail.11/21/10
11/12/10 19:15Pristina (Kosovo)KosovoFireball2,3 secondsround ball of fire travelling very fast what looked like a large orange fireball11/21/10
11/12/10 19:05Tamworth (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minsLarge in size,three or four cars in length...hovering just above house line with orange and other flashing light ... Sped off at hi11/21/10
11/12/10 18:00ClevelandOHUSACircledrove pastCleveland, OH lights coming from lake erie.11/21/10
11/12/10 16:30AlbanyGAUSACigar30 secondsI saw one white, tubular object above the treeline that seemed to be hovering.11/21/10
11/12/10 15:30Maple GroveMNUSASphere10 minutesDaytime Sighting in Maple Grove11/21/10
11/12/10 10:48SpokaneWAUSATriangle10 secondsSlow moving triangular object in night sky disapeares into cloud.11/21/10
11/12/10 05:30DowningtownPAUSALight10 minutesTwo Bright, Circular Objects Lingered in the morning sky and then sped away at remarkable speed11/21/10
11/12/10 00:00IthacaNYUSAOtherRoughly 1 hourOne big V shaped object blinking white, red and blue at a stand still with random movements - multiple objects as well.11/21/10
11/11/10 23:30Laguna HillsCAUSAOther5-7 minSlow moving yellow-white lights over South Orange County.11/21/10
11/11/10 23:30Myrtle BeachSCUSALight5 sec5 lights seen over Myrtle Beach SC. ... Not a plane11/21/10
11/11/10 23:15WatertownCTUSATriangle20Triangular shaped object in the southwestern sky with white, red and green lcd lights.11/21/10
11/11/10 22:40OberlinOHUSALight20 minutesSecond Sighting of Similar Event11/21/10
11/11/10 22:00Corner Brook (Canada)NFCanadaFlashfew secondsFast flash of light11/21/10
11/11/10 21:30Chandler/Casa GrandeAZUSALight30 minOrbs West of Casa Grande, AZ11/21/10
11/11/10 19:20UncasvilleCTUSALight45 sec.V shaped light formation over Montville Ct.11/21/10
11/11/10 17:00WallkillNYUSAOther4 minutesLow flying, standing still above tthe trees bowtie unidentified flying object seen driving home from work11/21/10
11/11/10 15:00NashvilleTNUSAEgg5 secondsa shiney sitting in the skys over nashville11/21/10
11/11/10 08:26Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1I am a sceptic but seeing is beleiving11/21/10
11/11/10 01:00FolsomCAUSADisk10 minutesBright lght with glowing red lights top and bottom changing speed and direction over Folsom11/21/10
11/10/10 00:00SussexNJUSAOther13I was walking down the street with a group of friends coming from the local bar. a flash of light occumpanied by a group of crafts that11/21/10
11/10/10 22:00New SharonMEUSAOval3-4 minutesTwo UFO's sighted in New Sharon, Maine.11/21/10
11/10/10 22:00Campo SecoCAUSACone10Large Cone shaped objects with no sound coming down to the ground with no sound.11/21/10
11/10/10 21:40AmarilloTXUSATriangle1 minute 30 seconds11/10/2010 Unidentified Craft South Amarillo, TX11/21/10
11/10/10 19:40MontvilleCTUSADisk20 minsa huge disk shaped object that covered half the sky11/21/10
11/10/10 18:20ChicagoILUSAFlashToday is November 10, 2010 and I believe I may have seen something suspicious in the western sky. It appeared to be a flashing of ligh11/21/10
11/10/10 18:00CreteILUSAFormation15 minutes4 orange lights in formation11/21/10
11/10/10 17:45VeronaNYUSADiamond1 minuteUFO sighting Verona NY November 10, 201011/21/10
11/10/10 16:40PottsvillePAUSAOval2 minutesMetallic Object with con trails dissapears.11/21/10
11/10/10 16:30GroesbeckTXUSACigararound 8 minutesit seem 2 fly slow the it shot off at way 2 high g forces.11/21/10
11/10/10 15:00Front RoyalVAUSADisk30 minutessilver disk hovers above in VA country section of RT 66 then dispears11/21/10
11/10/10 12:00Port OrfordORUSAOvalFrequentlyBright Light , out of body experiences, incredible11/21/10
11/10/10 09:00AtwaterCAUSALightI been doing UFO hunting on my own when i was a teen.11/21/10
11/10/10 04:00KahuluiHIUSAOval5 to 10 seconds3 reddish ovals in early morning over maui.11/21/10
11/10/10 02:30BostonMAUSAChanging5-10 minutesbright light changing shape and moving quickly away11/21/10
11/10/10 00:00BostonNYUSAFlash1 hrseeing flashing ,red,white and green round object. that moves in a cicular motion very fast. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))11/21/10
11/9/10 21:30MontroseCAUSAOther1 min"Star" flying South with purpose like an aircraft11/21/10
11/9/10 21:25NavarreFLUSAFireball14 minutesOrange Spheres Over Navarre/ Gulf Breeze, FL. Fade In and Out of Sight11/21/10
11/9/10 21:19HugoOKUSARectangle30 secsVery bright, mirror like, skewed rectangle shaped object over southeastern Oklahoma.11/21/10
11/9/10 21:00Fort MyersFLUSALight15 MinBright flashing light moving in a no repetitive and non linear pattern11/21/10
11/9/10 20:30DamascusVAUSATriangle45 mins.My daughter and I saw a triangle shaped something with flashing red lights staying in the same place and not moving. Then there were 211/21/10
11/9/10 20:30HoustonTXUSATriangle4 secondsOutside playing basketball in driveway at night...saw a brightly lit craft that appeared to be a plane. Craft appeared to be moving v11/21/10
11/9/10 20:15AmarilloTXUSACross20 secondsa crossed shaped UFO with orange dots11/21/10
11/9/10 20:00Front RoyalVAUSAFireball20 secondsBright fireball\flash of light seen in sky11/21/10
11/9/10 18:30KrumTXUSATriangle4 minutesTwo red triangles slowly and silently fly single file over Krum, Texas11/21/10
11/9/10 17:45LexingtonKYUSAUnknown3 minutesFive objects, moving North and South with a rocket exhaust suddenly vanish11/21/10
11/9/10 16:00Front RoyalVAUSAOval3 minutesHovering craft in sky11/21/10
11/9/10 12:20OxfordKSUSASphere5 secsBlue/green orb that shot off and disappeared.11/21/10
11/8/10 23:30MuncieINUSALight45 MINUTESStrobing "Star like" objects in the sky being observed by aircraft11/21/10
11/8/10 22:30Fond du LacWIUSAOther2 minRed lighted, silent, bowl shaped craft seen floating near college in wisconsin11/21/10
11/8/10 21:35PalmdaleCAUSADiamond1 to 2 minsbright triangle shape falling11/21/10
11/8/10 21:30Silver CreekNEUSALight2 minRed-blue light over Silver Creek Nebraska stopped and changed direction11/21/10
11/8/10 21:30FontanaCAUSAFireball5 SecondsFireball over Jurupa Hills in South side part of Fontana Ca. San Bernardino County 11/08/201011/21/10
11/8/10 20:00((unspecified location))While traveling on the 303 sometime after 8:00pm; I spotted five off white lights in the sky, north of the 303 and eas11/21/10
11/8/10 19:30Asheville (near)NCUSALight3-5 mins.blinking lights twirl and fly away11/21/10
11/8/10 19:20Blue Ridge Pkwy, NCNCUSALight90 secSaw a light moving very quickly across the sky, and changing directions.11/21/10
11/8/10 18:56WarrensburgMOUSARectangleSeveral MinutesA large sqaure object being escorted by fighter jets.11/21/10
11/8/10 18:30GlendaleCAUSALightvery fastA very fast moving object that leaves a trail of white light then bursted brightly then dissappeared in a clear night sky11/21/10
11/8/10 18:25IndianapolisINUSADiskthree minutesSaucer seen on W. Michigan Street and Porto Alegre11/21/10
11/8/10 17:45AlachuaFLUSACross10 minutesX Shaped UFO With Clean Red Flame Along Underside; Underside lit up then it was gone.11/21/10
11/8/10 16:45JolietILUSASphere15 min.Orange sphere with a tail pointing up.11/21/10
11/8/10 10:44Huntington BeachCAUSADisk10 min2 disks seen and pics taking over the ocean in hb the day before the supposed missile over ca pacific ocean !11/21/10
11/8/10 06:55OmahaNEUSA3 minbrighter then every star and planet then slowly dimmed to nothing11/21/10
11/8/10 00:00Darwin (Australia)AustraliaUnknown3 or 4 minutesFlashing white light roughly same position blinking about 30 seconds apart 5 or 6 times before moving further away from the planet11/21/10
11/7/10 21:10AshgroveMOUSAUnknown1at 9:10 pm central time we saw what i first though was a plane traveling east to west.but seperated into 2 sets of 2 lights,then joined11/21/10
11/7/10 18:30TunicaMSUSALight5 minA Shooting star that Turned into a Moving Light11/21/10
11/7/10 15:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOval2 minuteshuge shiny oval shaped object seen in calgary11/21/10
11/7/10 12:30HaledonNJUSAOther5 minutesBlue/Green Orb accompianed with Triangle object over Haledon area.11/21/10
11/7/10 03:35LexingtonKYUSALight1:00 - 1:30Strange orange light over Lexington, KY11/21/10
11/7/10 02:47GastoniaNCUSATriangle10-15 secondsdim triangular lights headed south.11/21/10
11/7/10 01:30Fort WorthTXUSAOther20 min.I saw a green circle with a red triangle under it and a round white circle off to the side dancing around in zig zag jurking munements11/21/10
11/7/10 01:13WalterboroSCUSALightstill movingstrange moving light11/21/10
11/7/10 01:00Big Lake TownshipMNUSATriangleminutesLarge triangle shaped craft, lights red white and blue.11/21/10
11/7/10 00:30CanajoharieNYUSAFlash1 hour +UFO object with flashing red, blue and green lights. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a possible "twinkling" star. PD))11/21/10
11/7/10 00:05Allison ParkPAUSACircleover an hourStrange Objects Near Orion's Belt11/21/10
11/6/10 22:00Hermosa BeachCAUSAChanging3-5 seconds5-7 looked like stars going across the sky in a "V" shape from West to East, in 3-5 seconds11/21/10
11/6/10 22:00Corona del MarCAUSALight15-20 mins8-10 Flashing Lights moving in unison down the coast changing formation and dissappearing. They were higher than normal aircraft.11/21/10
11/6/10 20:30Kiawah IslandSCUSAOval90 secFirst Time sighting due South from Kiawah Island ocean front home -- Bright Orange11/21/10
11/6/10 19:00Riverton (Canada)MBCanadaCircle5-10 secondsI went outside on the evening of November 6,2010 at around 7:00 PM(for a cigarette),I then noticed a very bright light in the East,defi11/21/10
11/6/10 16:30MarcelineMOUSALight15-20 secondsMultiple white orbs crossing the road at fencerow height in broad daylight.11/21/10
11/6/10 16:00ArkportNYUSALight1 minseen large bright orb in western sky11/21/10
11/6/10 03:00LeavenworthKSUSALight1 minuteRun of the Mill UFO11/21/10
11/6/10 03:00LeavenworthKSUSASphere1 minute((HOAX??)) AT about 3:20 am I was leaving once again from a location with a high vantage point where I can see most of anything11/21/10
11/6/10 00:14VisaliaCAUSATrianglePossable UFO Sighting over the Skies Of Visalia ,Ca11/21/10
11/5/10 22:30JacksonCAUSAOval30 secondsOvular shaped craft with 5 orange-red lights seen in sky at night.11/21/10
11/5/10 22:00GrotonCTUSATriangle45 minutesLarge Triangle with lights object and three small objects11/21/10
11/5/10 21:01NeboNCUSALight3 min.Brightly glowing orangish colored light flying too low to be "normal" aircraft.11/21/10
11/5/10 21:00Thousand OaksCAUSAOval30 secondsI was wondering if anyone in Ventura count saw this craft. At first, I thought it was fireworks display and then a missile11/21/10
11/5/10 19:30Port HuenemeCAUSAFireball3-5 minutesFlying object on fire then glowing White in sky Over Ocean11/21/10
11/5/10 19:00OxnardCAUSAFireball10 minutesUFO over Oxnard California Nov 5th 201011/21/10
11/5/10 18:10SullivanILUSADisk5 mins3 disc shaped objects11/21/10
11/5/10 11:08Acojeja (Tenerife) (Spain)SpainTriangleSharp picture of UFO above Tenerife nov 5th 2010.11/21/10
11/5/10 10:32Stone MountainGAUSAobject photographed Stone Mountain GA11/21/10
11/5/10 08:15LongmontCOUSAChevron10-15 secondsV-shaped craft moving silently, one light at the front, two on either wing.11/21/10
11/5/10 06:00LeavenworthKSUSATeardrop15 seconds((HOAX??)) Just a run of the mill UFO11/21/10
11/5/10 03:20LeavenworthKSUSALight30 minutesLate night UFO excitement in the county11/21/10
11/5/10 03:00LeavenworthKSUSALight30 minutesLate night UFO excitement in the county11/21/10
11/4/10 21:30RenoNVUSAFormationsecondstwo light formations moving across reno, nevada11/21/10
11/4/10 21:28RichmondCAUSADiamond03Blue bright- diamond like shape in the sky11/21/10
11/4/10 20:45TerlinguaTXUSAFireball1 minuteSlow moving fire ball over Big Bend National Park observed for 1 minute11/21/10
11/4/10 20:45Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaOval45 minutesBright light in seen south of johannesburg south africa11/21/10
11/4/10 19:55WilliamsportMDUSADiamond20:24Close encounter with a hovering craft.11/21/10
11/4/10 17:30ChicagoILUSATriangle6 circular lights in the sky forming a triangle just before a storm11/21/10
11/4/10 16:40VeniceCAUSASphere10 minSlow moving UFO over Los Angeles, very high up flashed several times.11/21/10
11/4/10 12:48San DiegoCAUSASphere6 mins2 round or sphere shaped objects floating then both disappearing from view at the same time11/21/10
11/4/10 12:25UplandCAUSASphere1 minuteSpherical object with bright flashing light seen moving east to west at 300-500 mph; airplane crossed path 1-5 miles behind object.11/21/10
11/4/10 10:37St. CharlesMOUSAOther3 minutesWhite object moving in strange pattern vanishes into thin air.11/21/10
11/4/10 07:00Sioux CityIAUSALight30-45 seconds3 white lights turn to 1 and wobble in the sky11/21/10
11/4/10 00:30Las VegasNVUSAOval2 hoursCircular object with blue/red/green flashing center lights and glowing edges seen over Las Vegas skies. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))11/21/10
11/4/10 00:00Billings-LockwoodMTUSADisk2 minIt was metalic in color, with 4 bright spot lights, in a cross shape with a bright red light in the center, it was just hoovering.11/21/10
11/3/10 23:19GilbertAZUSAUnknowncouple of minutesobject moved in circles and had green and red lights that created star burst or arrow looking signs moving slowly11/21/10
11/3/10 21:00CanbyORUSAFlash1 secflash of light11/21/10
11/3/10 21:00AlbanyORUSATriangle6 - 10 secondstriangle of lights moving across sky.11/21/10
11/3/10 20:35Lake Havasu CityAZUSALight1 minuteLarge amber lights, split in two, and disappeared11/21/10
11/3/10 20:00SurpriseAZUSALight2 minutesFive lights seen at Loop 303 and Grand Avenue Interchange.11/21/10
11/3/10 19:15CedarvilleCAUSAFireball45 minutesOrange Yellow Glowing Ovals over 30 seperate sightings within one 1 hour11/21/10
11/3/10 18:00MuskogeeOKUSACylindercylinder shape11/21/10
11/3/10 11:50InglewoodCAUSARectangle4 MINUTESTumbling metallic object in clear sky photographed near Los Angeles International Airport. ((NUFORC Note: Balloons?? PD))11/21/10
11/3/10 09:00EnumclawWAUSARectangle45 secondsMt. Rainier appearing & disappearing silverish object/ jet activity11/21/10
11/3/10 06:45BellevueWAUSAOther5 minutesStudents capture UFO shooting light beam on phone camera11/21/10
11/3/10 05:10PortlandORUSASphere8-10 secWhite light traveling silently across the night sky in 8-10 secs, leaving no trail11/21/10
11/2/10 21:00OlatheKSUSALight1 minbonfire ufo in the sky11/21/10
11/2/10 20:20BaldwinMIUSAUnknown2 colored light blinked, reappeared different location , made circles(moved) and disappeared11/21/10
11/2/10 20:16WestonCTUSAUnknown20 secondsRocket-like object streaking across the sky with whitish tail11/21/10
11/2/10 19:55WoolwichMEUSALight5 minutesA light was i the sky it moved higher in the sky and left a white and orange trail and then disappeared it had no sound.11/21/10
11/2/10 19:45DeerwoodMNUSAOval25 secondsTwo oval objects with soft green light inside hovering near Deerwood Mn. then moved s.e.11/21/10
11/2/10 19:45Coos BayORUSATriangle5 secsBlack triangle cruised above treetops right over my daughter and me!11/21/10
11/2/10 19:30BerkeleyCAUSATriangle5-7 minutesTriangular Configuration of Red Lights over Berkeley, CA11/21/10
11/2/10 19:18RutlandVTUSAFireball3 minutesextremly low in the sky streaking horizontally leaving a long trail behind itself and eventually exploding.11/21/10
11/2/10 19:15SpringfieldMAUSACigarUnder 10 secondsLarge cigar craft traveling at high speed and low altitude.11/21/10
11/2/10 19:05San MateoCAUSATriangle6 secondsLarge, dark triangular stealth aircraft with no lighting traveling south at 1500 ft just after dark.11/21/10
11/2/10 18:50Morelia (Mexico)MexicoLight1:30 minutesStrange lights in Morelia Mexico11/21/10
11/2/10 18:30Bratislava (Slovakia)SlovakiaLight4 minutesAn unknown bright red object manufacturing it's light and simulating an aircraft11/21/10
11/2/10 17:00Coventry/West GreenwichRIUSAOtherabout 10 mins.2 missile shaped objects in broad daylight. 95 SOUTH EXIT 7. They were moving extremely slow or not at all. Was not a plane.11/21/10
11/2/10 14:20IndianapolisINUSACylinder60 secssilver cylinder object in sky 3ft L x 2Ft H white circle moved to cover whole object then disappeared11/21/10
11/2/10 08:39FlintMIUSAEgg3 minutesFlint Michigan November 2 2010 UFO sighting oval gray grey metallic sighting11/21/10
11/2/10 07:20WareMAUSAOval5 secondsOval white blue light moving fast with no sound (second in the last week)11/21/10
11/2/10 01:17InvernessILUSADisk30 minutesStationary object over with flashing colored lights in center and 4 or 5 dark disks on side of object.11/21/10
11/2/10 01:00Mount Brydges (Canada)ONCanadaCircle45 minRound hovering craft that changes color over lake Erie.11/21/10
11/1/10 22:45BayvilleNJUSAOther((HOAX??)) UFO hoovering above the trees.11/21/10
11/1/10 21:20TracyCAUSALight10 MINUTESblue and green ufos seen11/21/10
11/1/10 21:18Casa GrandeAZUSACircleless than a minuteLarge, silver, circular craft with square lights all the way around, hovering and spinning near Casa Grande Mountain.11/21/10
11/1/10 20:15Los AngelesCAUSAFormation2-3 minsA flock of hunreds of unrecognizable objects in the Los Angeles night sky.11/21/10
11/1/10 19:45Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 sec2 Bright Orb type craft seen moving in the direction of space then vanishing11/21/10
11/1/10 12:50TempeAZUSAOther20 secondsBright siver inverted pie-shaped craft flying above Tempe, AZ vanishes completely on bright sunny day.11/21/10
11/1/10 12:00CrawfordsvilleINUSATriangleweek and a halfNumerous sightings day after day right over my house.11/21/10
11/1/10 11:00Los AngelesCAUSASphere5 minutesMultiple flying objects seen in daylight, hovering over Los Angeles11/21/10
11/1/10 10:30Dublin (Ireland)IrelandFormation2:59UFO live on BBC news behind Irish finance minister Nov 3, 201011/21/10
11/1/10 06:57RosevilleOHUSACircle1 minuteI saw a VERY bright, very slow moving object that I cannot explain that had almost radiating rings of light when I zoomed with my camer11/21/10
11/1/10 00:00Rushville/CanandaguiaNYUSALight5 minutesbright stationary white light, dimmed to nothing and began blinking red sparaticly, turned right and decended11/21/10
11/1/10everywherewho knowsUFO casebook came under attack last night from the Govt. All comments section was shutdown. Peter, it's coming to your site next, th11/21/10
10/31/10 23:30CambridgeOHUSAFormation5 min.line of strange blinking lights over eastern Ohio sky11/21/10
10/31/10 22:15DunsmuirCAUSACircle30 secondsBig, bright light that left tracers behind it, which abruptly stopped in the sky until it later blinked out of sight.11/21/10
10/31/10 21:50StaytonORUSAChanging15 minutesA cylindrical, than triangulat object floating in the sky with many different colors of light flickering!!!11/21/10
10/31/10 21:34HolidayFLUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing red light in the sky that moved rapidly upwards at very highspeeds and disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico in Holiday, Florida.11/21/10
10/31/10 20:30MooresvilleNCUSALight10 minutesTwo slow moving bright orange orb shaped lights11/21/10
10/31/10 20:30MonroeCTUSAFireball6 secondsGreen fireball with tail seen traveling Southeast. After about 6 seconds it was gone11/21/10
10/31/10 19:53O'FallonMOUSAChanging9 minutesBright white light seen from a distance over O'fallon, Mo. gradually changed shapes. After slow hesitation...disappeared quickly!11/21/10
10/31/10 19:30NorthridgeCAUSATriangle15 secondsrounded “boomerang” shape of about seven or nine dark circles moved slow and absolutely quiet11/21/10
10/31/10 19:30JupiterFLUSAOval3 minsWe saw a questionable object in the sky?11/21/10
10/31/10 19:15CincinnatiOHUSAFireball4 minutesFour reddish-orange lights traveling slowly across the sky in Cincinnati, OH11/21/10
10/31/10 19:00PittsburghPAUSAFireball1 minuteglowing fireball seen in the sky over Pittsburgh, PA11/21/10
10/31/10 19:00Clonmel (Ireland)IrelandOvalongoingRED/ORANGE LIGHTS OVER CLONMEL11/21/10
10/31/10 18:06Oak LawnILUSALight6 minutes((HOAX??)) I bet it was that Chupacabra from the 80's that I saw flying this want to be Dish UFO11/21/10
10/31/10 17:00RoselleILUSA15 minutescylinder shaped flying steady like a hawk on top of my dad's house.11/21/10
10/31/10 12:41PhilipsburgPAUSACirclec. 4 secondsNight observation of bright, white circular light descending soundlessly in straight path from sky toward the ground.11/21/10
10/31/10 07:50Lee's SummitMOUSARectangle30 secvery large dark rectangle near airport.11/21/10
10/31/10 07:30JupiterFLUSAOval2-3 minsOn October 31st @ 7:30 pm I locked my truck in my driveway and turned to go back in the front door. I gazed up at the sky and noticed w11/21/10
10/31/10 05:15Las VegasNVUSARectangle1 hourNoticed a bright white light moving across the sky in the north/northwest sky of Las Vegas, Nevada. It appeared high in the sky. It w11/21/10
10/31/10 03:30Roseneath (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder10Mins.Rotating cylidrical object hovering in the sky above Rice Lake,ON11/21/10
10/31/10 01:25College StationTXUSADisk2 hoursOrange glowing crafts seen over College Station, Tx11/21/10
10/31/10 01:23WestlandMIUSATriangle5 secondsPossible Metro Detroit U.F.O.11/21/10
10/30/10 23:50Broken ArrowOKUSAChanging30sSeven unexplained lights over Broken Arrow OK...2 witnes Army Vet.11/21/10
10/30/10 23:50LenexaMOUSALight3 secondsYellow ball of light appeared and fell out of the sky11/21/10
10/30/10 23:35BearDEUSALight45 secondsgroup of reddish lights flying over a residential neighborhood.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:23TuttleOKUSADiamond35 minscloaked UFO at high school track.11/21/10
10/30/10 22:23TuttleOKUSATriangle20 minutesThree yellow-orange lights flying over-head numerous times.11/21/10
10/30/10 21:58TampaFLUSATriangle1 minutetriangular airplane that sorta looked like it but different hovering over building.11/21/10
10/30/10 21:45MooreOKUSAOval3 MinsBright Yellow/Orange light that seemed to come out of nowhere. A second object appeared hovering, got bright and both dissppeared.11/21/10
10/30/10 21:30Fort WrightKYUSAFireball5 minutesOrange orb over Covington11/21/10
10/30/10 10:30KildeerILUSACylinder20 ssecsSlow and silent11/21/10
10/30/10 07:00RustonLAUSATeardrop1.5 hoursPossible solid object surrounded by teardrop-shaped streak seen in morning sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 22:45Granite FallsNCUSAFormation10 minutesObject is composed of three, solid, bright, white lights in a straight line and flew silently.11/21/10
10/29/10 21:11YelmWAUSATriangle15 secondsShape, speed, level movement, No sound. and disapeared.11/21/10
10/29/10 21:00Indian OceanIndian OceanFireball1.5 hrsDuring the routine bridge watch at sea, on the 29th Oct 2010 2200 UTC in position 03 56S 074 59E, I happened to observe a bright reddis11/21/10
10/29/10 20:20Morelia (Mexico)MexicoLightthree minutesHuge blue lights over Morelia Mexico11/21/10
10/29/10 20:20Morelia (Mexico)MexicoLightthree minutesAmendment to prior form from Morelia, Mexico11/21/10
10/29/10 19:45TionestaPAUSAEggPresentThis is nothing like I have ever seen.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:10ArdenNCUSACircle4 minutesBurning sphere moving through the sky at dusk.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:00EdmondsWAUSASphere10 minutes5 reddish spheres with flashing lights "floating" noiselessly not far offshore of Edmonds at maybe 1000 feet.11/21/10
10/29/10 19:00Kings MountainNCUSAOther20 minUp in the hills of Kings Mountain. UFO sighting on hwy 161 between 7pm and 7:30 pm EST. Bright orange oblong shaped aircraft.11/21/10
10/29/10 18:30Kansas CityMOUSALight10 minuteslinear formation of 6 to 7 bluish orbs moving from north to south in the approximate location of Blue Springs, MO11/21/10
10/29/10 18:20VicksburgMSUSAOther10-15 SecondsBlinking lights flying in a triangle formation over Vicksburg, sprayed two large dark clouds of smoke and then the object disappeared11/21/10
10/29/10 18:20VicksburgMSUSAOther10-15 Sec.Blinking lights in triangle formation over Vicksburg, leaving behind two large clouds of smoke then disappearing11/21/10
10/29/10 18:00KatyTXUSALight2 minutesKaty Texas Ufo sighting involving fighter jets11/21/10
10/29/10 17:45Browns SummitNCUSACircle5 minutesVery bright silver circle seen in the sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 17:30BessemerALUSATeardropTwenty MinutesFour guys see five teardrop/candle light objects spreading a mist, turn into cones, becomes long slivers, and split in the sky.11/21/10
10/29/10 10:45StratfordCTUSADiamond15 minutesAt aprox. 10:40 I looked up in the sky noticing the amount of stars visible when I spotted a series of stars (UFO) starting to move Sou11/21/10
10/29/10 08:10DanvilleKYUSARectangle2- 3 minRectangular craft seen on October 29, 2010 in Danville, Kentucky11/21/10
10/29/10 08:10ChantillyVAUSADisk4 secondsDisk-like glowing craft in Chantilly flying low in stormy clouds in a horizontal pattern11/21/10
10/29/10 06:40Laurel HillNCUSAChanging5 minutesLarge, exploding fireball11/21/10
10/29/10 05:15HerkimerNYUSAFireball20 secondsorange fireball passed stars11/21/10
10/29/10 04:05AustinTXUSAFormation15 secondsSaw a string of about 10 to 12 lights in a loose V-formation very high up moving quickly across the sky in Austin, TX.11/21/10
10/29/10 01:30Hot SpringsARUSAUnknown10 minutesRed/Blue/Green lights flashing very quickly11/21/10
10/29/10DuluthMNUSATriangle1.5 secondsFast moving triangular shaped object.11/21/10
10/28/10 22:40NorthridgeCAUSAOval5 minI witness a series of lights about 15 to 20 moving south of Roscoe Blvd. As I tried to get closer it suddently went the other way in11/21/10
10/28/10 22:00International FallsMNUSACircle5 secondsround ball that looked like fire with flashing bottom falling out of the sky.11/21/10
10/28/10 19:50StantonNEUSALight30-45 secondsI saw an amzingly bright light in the night sky and then it disappeared.11/21/10
10/28/10 19:37Oak RidgeNCUSAUnknown7 minsStar-like Object witnessed above FL600 at a high rate of speed traveling SSE to NNW11/21/10
10/28/10 19:27TracyCAUSACircle15 minutes6 unidentified crafts seen by 5 people11/21/10
10/28/10 19:25Bedford (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond2.5 minutes +28th October 2010 Bedford England moving slowly over the town for 2.5 minutes + posted 29/10/1011/21/10
10/28/10 18:00GaffneySCUSAFireball20 minutes1 ball shape flaming red, like a fire burning had red flashing lights, moved very, very slow, looked to be huge in size.11/21/10
10/28/10 07:25Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaTeardrop2 - 3 minutesWhite triangles flying in sync11/21/10
10/28/10 00:10RedmondWAUSATriangleTriangle UFO in sky11/21/10
10/28/10MentorOHUSACigar30 seconds7 cigar shapes over lake Erie11/21/10
10/27/10 23:20Mt. SavageMDUSAOval1 hourchanging shades of green and blue. kind o moving in a circular motion. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/27/10 22:30Fort CampbellKYUSALight1 minThere was a bright light in the sky that came and went over the span of a minute.11/21/10
10/27/10 22:00Boiling SpringsSCUSAOval30 secondsthe object was flying low but no noise was coming from it with lights in a circular pattern.11/21/10
10/27/10 21:52WilmingtonNCUSARectangle2 minLarge Black Rectangle - 2 white lights - 1 red slow pulsing light11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00DecaturARUSALight20 minutesobject was just a spherical very bright white light with no other blinking lights11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00BrockportNYUSATriangle30mintriangular ufo with 30 or more lights disappering and reappering in differant spots11/21/10
10/27/10 21:00Cape CanaveralFLUSAFireball2-3 minutesLarge reddish orange fireball very visible in Cape Canaveral sky around 9pm on 10-27-1011/21/10
10/27/10 20:15WabashINUSALight4 minutesFast moving sound.. disappeared right before our eyes.11/21/10
10/27/10 20:15AshevilleNCUSALight30 MINUTESTwo gaslike lights moving in circular manner in southern sky11/21/10
10/27/10 19:00LansingMIUSAFireball3 secondswhite/green fireball falling from the sky in northern michigan11/21/10
10/27/10 14:00Meadow VistaCAUSAOtherLaser Strike on two vehicles in Nortthern California.11/21/10
10/27/10 10:00HarleysvillePAUSALight10 secI saw a red light flying through the sky at a very high speed. My first thought was it can't be a plane because it was not blinking, an11/21/10
10/27/10 08:00JonesvilleMIUSA90 min.looked like sattelite or star, extreme acceleration11/21/10
10/27/10 03:00DentonTXUSACircle2:00I initially heard a whhoosh sound for quite awhile without witnessing anything.11/21/10
10/26/10 21:00St. LouisMOUSAChevron15 secondsV-shaped perfect formation of lights traveling over St Louis, heading eastward, soundlessly.11/21/10
10/26/10 20:00SumterSCUSATriangle2 minsTriangular shaped object illuminating constant bright light over sumter, sc11/21/10
10/26/10 19:35Missouri (rural)MOUSALightcontinuous while darkstarting 10-26-10 sighting flashing, popping and quick moving white/red lights. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/26/10 19:20MiamiAZUSAUnknownnoneone bright light on for few mins, then it flashing on then off , repeat over and over11/21/10
10/26/10 19:00Rock HillSCUSAOthercraft was flying at a low attitude it was huge but not wide enough to be a plane or loud enough to be a helicopter.11/21/10
10/26/10 18:30Morgan CityLAUSAFireball2 minOrange object in sky over Patterson or Morgan City area11/21/10
10/26/10 08:00MidlothianVAUSALight10-15minVery large yellow light, becoming three small lights, moving back and forth across the sky, then meeting with more.11/21/10
10/26/10 06:30TucsonAZUSACircle20 MINUTESTUCSON, ARIZONA11/21/10
10/26/10 00:00SpokaneWAUSAUnknown3 mincraft seen hovering below tree line no noise and had bright white light and many small red lights on top11/21/10
10/25/10 23:30Mt. VernonWAUSAOval1 minuteI saw two red continuous lights in the night sky moving from East to West toward the lights of Mt Vernon, Washington .11/21/10
10/25/10 23:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight~40 minutes3 lights form hovering triangle and disappear behind NYC skyline11/21/10
10/25/10 22:45PlainfieldILUSATriangle1 minuteI went outside for a cigarette on my front porch. I heard a crazy sound and immediately got sort of frightended. I looked up and saw a11/21/10
10/25/10 19:25OmerMIUSA5-10 secOrange light in the sky viewed form omer michigan11/21/10
10/25/10 09:00Yuba CityCAUSACigar2 minutesCigar/Cylinder shaped object seen over Yuba City, California11/21/10
10/25/10 07:12Barrhead (Canada)ABCanadaLight1.5 minutesBright white light by tower11/21/10
10/24/10 21:00HuntersvilleNCUSACircle1 hour or morewhite lights high in the skies over huntersviile, nc moving very fast at all different directs. sit outside wherever you are and look11/21/10
10/24/10 19:35KatyTXUSALight4-5 minBluish white light observed in 90 degree turn and flight to east over Ft Bend county Texas11/21/10
10/23/10 22:30Sugar Hill (?)GAUSACircle2 minutesCircular object floated across sky was not balloon, plane, kite and was silent, changed shape, and color.11/21/10
10/23/10 21:20BourneMAUSATriangle3 minutes3 Lights moving together at night over Cape Cod at low altitude without making any sound at all.11/21/10
10/23/10 21:00PhoenixAZUSALight15minTwo falling balls of light---North Phoenix on 10-23-1011/21/10
10/23/10 21:00BoyertownPAUSACircle10 minutesred orange ball of fire11/21/10
10/23/10 20:15PortlandMEUSATriangle2 min.A Metallic triangular object with dome on underside was seen in Portland, Maine.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:50VeniceCAUSAOther10 secdimmed lights, slow and quiet.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:45VeniceCAUSAChevron3 SecondI was coming out of my house, Walking to the garage, to lock it up for the night. I was looking up, North East. Five Light in V Shape i11/21/10
10/23/10 19:40PhoenixAZUSAFireball2 mins2 strange craft spotted over Phoenix, Arizona11/21/10
10/23/10 19:39PhoenixAZUSATeardrop2 minutesTwo objects in a bright orange teardrop shape that appeared to be on fire were seen in the northwestern sky.11/21/10
10/23/10 19:25GlendaleAZUSALight6 minutesTwo lights moving in multiple directions with a sparkling trail behind them that disappeared when they'd stop and then reappear.11/21/10
10/23/10 18:50HockessinDEUSASphereapprox. 15 minutesLarge number of unidentified aircraft flying together.11/21/10
10/23/10 18:00Queretaro City (Mexico)Mexicounknownpublished in a local diary "diario de queretaro", it says many people have seen UFO's in my city, The date of the newspaper is 10/25/2011/21/10
10/23/10 16:21Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere10 secondsShiny round object seen in broad daylight, then suddenly disappears.11/21/10
10/23/10 15:15FayettevilleARUSASphere12Bright round objects spotted over Fayetteville during Ark/Ole miss game during a severe apporaching storm on 10/23/1011/21/10
10/23/10 10:30EurekaCAUSALight5 minutesA big circular object with a bunch of little blinking lights was hovering in the sky11/21/10
10/23/10 07:00HighlandNYUSAOther10 secondsquick long flashing hovering object11/21/10
10/22/10 21:30PhoenixAZUSACircle10 minutespossible phoenix lights encounter11/21/10
10/22/10 21:22PittsburghPAUSASphere2 minutesRed/Orange globe with flame tail moving across sky, stopping then reversing direction.11/21/10
10/22/10 21:00CatawbaNCUSAOther10 min3 lights to the south.11/21/10
10/22/10 20:45Toms RiverNJUSAOval10Bright white object flying over Toms River11/21/10
10/22/10 20:35SeagovilleTXUSAChevron24 secsIt was a large boombrang or chevron looking ufo with two big yellowish-reddish lights that made no sound.11/21/10
10/22/10 20:00OaklandCAUSACircleapprox. 20 minutesOrange orb hovering over Bay Area. ANother appears and approaches, and hovers then dissapears. .Moves upand down , dims in/out11/21/10
10/22/10 20:00AtlantaGAUSADiskcontinuingDisk shaped aircraft with bubble top illuminated from within, orange pulsing light on underneath, hovering south of I-75 near Atlanta11/21/10
10/22/10 19:50ManchesterNHUSATriangle1-2 secondsAt around 7:50pm EST this evening, Friday October 22nd 2010, I was driving North on 93, just North of Manchester, NH. Above the toll ga11/21/10
10/22/10 19:30AlexandriaVAUSALight5 minutesMost unusual fireworks display11/21/10
10/22/10 18:47PerrysburgOHUSALight30 SecondsUFO spotted following planes.11/21/10
10/22/10 17:15GarnerNCUSAOval1 minUFO SIGHTING RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA11/21/10
10/22/10 15:10ColumbiaSCUSATeardrop15 - 20 minutesNearly stationary teardrop shaped with short contrail over Richland County11/21/10
10/22/10 12:00PlanoTXUSAConeuncertain6 grey Cones in circle formation were still over Plano TX city Hall. No one but me saw them on a bus going west on 190.11/21/10
10/22/10 11:38AmherstVAUSAUnknown5 minutesMother and daughter again are “visited” by strange ufo on farm road in Amherst, Va. We saw the “thing” in August11/21/10
10/22/10 08:00ReadingOHUSAUnknown10 minutesFour Objects in a diamond shape doing some type of flying formation and hover.11/21/10
10/22/10 05:45TucsonAZUSAFireball2 minutesObject in sky with ball of fire dangling from it, dripping sparklets of fire11/21/10
10/22/10 05:25BurnsvilleMNUSATriangle10 minTriangle object object seen over burnsville 5:25 am11/21/10
10/21/10 23:25San JoseCAUSADisk3 minutesUAO over 680 southbound freeway11/21/10
10/21/10 22:30CharlestonSCUSATriangle1 minHwy 61, triangular shape craft w/ multi colored lights on one side and red lights at points.11/21/10
10/21/10 20:45Fort MyersFLUSALight30 sectwo bright lights which faded slowly to disappear11/21/10
10/21/10 20:30HardyVAUSALightapprox 30 to45 minutesBright light at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia11/21/10
10/21/10 20:00Cape CoralFLUSALight2 minuteswent outside to check out metor shower that was supposed to be tonight 10/21/10. when i looked up at the moon i saw a real bright star11/21/10
10/21/10 19:00ThomsonGAUSADiskhalf houri was amazed11/21/10
10/20/10 23:30Daniels ParkCOUSADisk15 minutesbright light slowly zig zagged then flew over and multi colored lights exposed to jet over denver metro11/21/10
10/20/10 22:20BrandonMSUSATriangleapprox. 1.5 minTriangle lights over Brandon, MS11/21/10
10/20/10 22:00Dargivil (New Zealand)New ZealandLight1 min((HOAX??)) o.engey11/21/10
10/20/10 21:00BillingsMTUSALight15 minsLight moving slowly in a circle outside Billings11/21/10
10/20/10 21:00DaleINUSATriangleApprox 10 minutes maybe UFO HOVERING OVER I-64 EASTBOUND REST STOP NEAR DALE INDIANA11/21/10
10/20/10 20:30WilmingtonDEUSADisk20-30 secondsCircular solid, semi-transparent glowing off-white circular shape zipped through the sky, stopped suddenly without slowing, went up11/21/10
10/20/10 19:33WilliamsportPAUSALight5 seconds2 craft in formation11/21/10
10/20/10 19:28PlymouthPAUSALight20 secondsi saw 2 objects in the sky to the right of jupiter that i cannot understand11/21/10
10/20/10 19:00BoiseIDUSAFireball5 minutesFireball changes directions a stops in the sky.11/21/10
10/20/10 19:00SpokaneWAUSAOval120 secondsThe four (5)of us watched as two glowing objects flew slowly in the sky from the east. They were flying one directly behind the other11/21/10
10/20/10 18:05Varberg (Sweden)SwedenOther25-35 secondsStealth Aircraft?11/21/10
10/20/10 16:17MesaAZUSAOther2 secNot observed - Captured object in two of 3 images - Have original image in DNG format11/21/10
10/20/10 15:30HazardKYUSALight5 secondsBright ball of light visible for 5 seconds, slowly faded away11/21/10
10/20/10 05:45Golden ValleyAZUSAUnknown45 sec.sighting 10/20/2010 Arizona 05:45am.11/21/10
10/20/10 04:20SouthfieldMIUSALight13 minutesTwo ufos in the sky initially, then they separated and one appeared out of nothing next to one of them.11/21/10
10/20/10 02:59PearlandTXUSASphere2 houraRound object in the sky with blue,green, and red colors hovering in the southeastern sky11/21/10
10/19/10 21:00Ormond BeachFLUSALight10 minutesred lights that moved over ocean. they appeared and disappeared at regular intevals and appear to "jump" down beach11/21/10
10/19/10 20:33Hazen/FallonNVUSATriangle4 secondsAt night a flicker of light, then steady Red/Oranges Orbs in a Triangle Pattern consisting of 5-6 located on the bottom of UFO.11/21/10
10/19/10 20:30BrookingsORUSACircle30 minutesBright red lights seen in Curry County.11/21/10
10/19/10 20:18Crescent City/GasquetCAUSATriangle12 minsMiltary refueling aircraft illuminated with green laser, large triangle of brights lights seen, F-15s in pursuit all in a 30 mins time11/21/10
10/19/10 20:15Southern OregonORUSAUnknown1minUnusually shaped object moves silently acroos the night sky (video posted youtube)11/21/10
10/19/10 20:15RaleighNCUSALight15 seconds2 objects that looked like bright stars moving in parallel about 45 degrees above the horizon11/21/10
10/19/10 20:05RiverdaleUTUSALight15-20 secondsTwo bright lights appear, one after another11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00TacomaWAUSALight5-10 secondsTwo of three lights in what appears to be a constellation drift off and disappear in Tacoma, WA11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00Rock HillSCUSAFlashstrange flashing lights in the sky, along with a strange craft.11/21/10
10/19/10 19:00KirklandWAUSALight10 minutes2 light formations circling venus11/21/10
10/19/10 18:30SeattleWAUSALight5 secondsA moment later I looked up again and saw two lights (only slightly smaller and less bright than the planet) below Jupiter.11/21/10
10/19/10 13:00YonkersNYUSASphere15 minutessilvery circular object suspended high in the sky11/21/10
10/18/10 20:40ReidsvilleGAUSATriangleOne hour and approximatelArrowhead shaped craft with three obvious lights flew overhead, pursued by military aircraft.11/21/10
10/18/10 16:00PittsburghPAUSAChangingAbout 5 minutesWeird object (shaped like plastic bag) moving across sky.11/21/10
10/18/10 07:30Honeoye FallsNYUSA10 secondsA possible disk shaped object is seen over Honeoye Falls, NY.11/21/10
10/18/10 06:30MartinezCAUSAUnknown30secjust a object that moved across the sky at a steady speed11/21/10
10/18/10 05:00HugerSCUSALight15 secondsHigh red lights moving accross sky11/21/10
10/18/10 04:00HighlandNYUSATriangle1 minutelow flying triangle slow moving blueish white light in front smaller white lights under no sound no strobes11/21/10
10/18/10 02:45HelenaOKUSATriangle3 secondsSuspicious Object In The Sky11/21/10
10/17/10 20:35OmahaNEUSAFireball00:01Omaha NE I'm can't be the only one who saw this!!!11/21/10
10/17/10 20:00AmesburyMAUSATriangletil dawn3 lighted fixed triangles 9pm overhead spaced miles apart.Now in my area 10-12 fixed lighted triangles.2 weeks since siting.11/21/10
10/17/10 18:40NazarethPAUSALight2 minutesHovering / Pulsing Blue light observed by 2 buses of students and adults11/21/10
10/17/10 04:53PhoenixAZUSALight4 secondsSoundless bright light moves quickly in front of me11/21/10
10/17/10 04:00Santa AnaCAUSALight2 minGreen and Blue lights in the sky followed by total darkness11/21/10
10/17/10 02:00NorristownPAUSADisk1 hourPulsating ufo slowly descended and stayed hovering for about an hour,11/21/10
10/17/10 01:00Blowing RockNCUSAUnknownAbout a hour.Star like object that pulsed a bright red then disappeared.11/21/10
10/16/10 00:00CaswellNCUSALight1 hourit was not a air craft it moved to slow11/21/10
10/16/10 22:45RochesterMNUSACircle10 secondsVery bright circle that suddenly disappeared11/21/10
10/16/10 22:30PittsburghPAUSAFormation1 minutesA large fast moving V formation of lights. Appeared to be one craft, no sound. Was only visible from my vantage point for about a min11/21/10
10/16/10 22:30CharlivoxMIUSACigar30 secondsWe where setting on the edge of a corn field looking east north east over a meadow calling coyotes. clear night half moon, no clouds.11/21/10
10/16/10 22:00ColumbusOHUSAUnknown5 minutesA line of 5-6 red lights moving slowly, not making any noise passed over us. Could not tell if the lights were connected to anything.11/21/10
10/16/10 22:00MeredithNHUSALight60 minutesred/white twinkling light in eastern NH sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a celestial body? PD))11/21/10
10/16/10 21:38Port St. LucieFLUSAChanging2-3 minred ball over port saint lucie florida11/21/10
10/16/10 21:20Panama CityFLUSAOvalstationaryStat. hovering object with blinking green and red lights. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the objects may be twinkling stars. PD))11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00SalemORUSASphere6-8 minutesSingle round black sphere hovering with white clouds in the background.11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00TroutvilleVAUSASphere1 minuteShiney sphere gets brighter then fades out.11/21/10
10/16/10 18:00GreeleyCOUSASphere10minround metal ball haning north west of Greeley11/21/10
10/16/10 16:36TroutvilleVAUSASphere1:00Unknown Reflective Sphere in Troutville Virginia Stalking Aircraft11/21/10
10/16/10 15:00CullmanALUSASphere10 minutesSilver spheres that were above us, then disappeared and several minutes later a military jet was flying over the same space.11/21/10
10/16/10 01:55GibsonGAUSAOther1 HourRed and blue flickering lights with a white light that gets blocked occasionally by the object hovering in the same spot directly above11/21/10
10/16/10 01:00YakimaWAUSAOther2 hrsorb's in yakima do not dissapoint11/21/10
10/16/10 00:30ArcadiaCAUSALight45 secondsI saw a white bright light ball flying in Arcadia, CA which was also seen by my fiance and friend.11/21/10
10/15/10 22:30WaterlooIAUSALight8-10minBright orange orb quickly passing close by without sound.11/21/10
10/15/10 22:00Carlisle (Canada)ONCanadaFireballabout 2-3sec.Green/yellow streak falling towards earth appeared to be a solid object and not fast enough to be a meteor.11/21/10
10/15/10 21:15CedarvilleOHUSAUnknown2-3 MinsLarge stationary aerial object hovering in the night sky11/21/10
10/15/10 20:40ThorntonCOUSATeardrop5 sec.Large Cone-Tailed Ball of White Light crosses Denver Sky11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00RaefordNCUSAChangingconsistant and nightlywhite moving light that appears every night in Raeford, NC.11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00WarrenMIUSAUnknown3 secondsi was under my car port at the front of my house . a clear night,8:00pm. i looked up due west i saw four very bright green lights the s11/21/10
10/15/10 20:00WarrenMIUSAlightsMan reports sighting of four green objects in a formation; streaks across the night sky.11/21/10
10/15/10 19:30BoulderCOUSALight2 hoursBright lights seen pulsating over east Colorado.11/21/10
10/15/10 16:30AustinTXUSAOther1 HourOver a dozen drone-like UFOs witness over Austin, Texas11/21/10
10/15/10 16:20CharlotteNCUSACigar10 secondsSilver to turquise in color size of a car near charlotte motor speed way.11/21/10
10/15/10 03:30BuffaloNYUSASphere1.5 hrsBright white object with blue, red, green and white lights close to Buffalo International airport... 1.5 hrs11/21/10
10/15/10 02:30CheyenneWYUSALight15 minutesU.F.O in Cheyenne, Wyoming11/21/10
10/14/10 22:30Northwich (UK/England)United KingdomOther2-3 min'sorange flare like sightings over Cheshire11/21/10
10/14/10 22:05Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOther20 seckondsASTRONOMER REPORT: 3 objects in the night sky moving @ high rate of speed.11/21/10
10/14/10 21:30Tehran (Iran)IranTriangle1 houri like to share My Hd film11/21/10
10/14/10 21:25LivermoreCAUSALight90 secondsI observed a bright object in the sky traveling erratically. 90 seconds11/21/10
10/14/10 19:30RiponCAUSATriangle5-8 minutesObject observed over orchard North of Ripon, CA.11/21/10
10/14/10 19:28ShelbyvilleUSAEgg5 minutes4 objects one moving others still and started moving when it was in their area. erratic patern.11/21/10
10/14/10 19:20MitchellSDUSALight2 minDark object with lights around- went west and turned 90 degrees and shot north.11/21/10
10/14/10 18:30FoleyALUSACylinderabout 30 secondsTriangular/Cyinder object with 2 headlights like a car in the sky sitting completely still and had no sound11/21/10
10/14/10 18:00Rock HillSCUSAFlashflashing lightsflashy lights that stops in the sky and changes directions very distinctly.11/21/10
10/14/10 16:30Truth or ConsequencesNMUSACircleobject hovered in sky souShiny object reflected sun in white sands area ufo stayed in a stable position then was gone in a flash. Ufo was circular.11/21/10
10/14/10 06:15ImperialMOUSAFormation20 minutescluster of lights in wheel shape with center hub light largest.11/21/10
10/14/10 06:04The ColonyTXUSALight3 secondsHigh altitude fast bright light11/21/10
10/14/10 01:00Lesser Slave Lake (Canada)ABCanadaRectangle1 minufo landed11/21/10
10/13/10 22:45EtnaCAUSAFlash25 minutesUFO Rotating Red Green Yellow Lights11/21/10
10/13/10 22:45Las VegasNVUSAChanging15 secondsShapeshifting object seen over Las Vegas drive-in movie theater. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly migratory birds?? PD))11/21/10
10/13/10 22:30Rio LindaCAUSACylinder:02I saw the cylinder shaped looked like a spaceship hovring above the east side of the Air Force base. Saw it for about 30 seconds and ra11/21/10
10/13/10 22:00AllenTXUSAUnknown10 secsShadow object...Black then (glow) speeding across night sky.11/21/10
10/13/10 21:00San FranciscoCAUSASphere20 minutescoming down 24th st looking northwest across the goldengate.orbs in slightly curved line on the westside of the goldengate at approxima11/21/10
10/13/10 20:45CharlestonSCUSATriangle5 minutesI saw three fire orange oval shaped lights flying in triangle shape formation.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30GilbertAZUSACircle1 minuteAn alternating red and blue lighted object, bobbling rapidly and erratically in the sky and then descending in a controlled fashion.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30SunolCAUSAOther12 secondsStar that stops, slows, stops,slows,then drops out of sight.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30MartinezCAUSAOther~8 secondsFaintly glowing wedge-shaped craft flies swiftly and silently over San Francisco East Bay town.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:30BrickNJUSACircle2 minutesA fire disk was seen moving slowly as the light dimmed and object disappeared. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
10/13/10 20:00CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown5 minutesOn 10/13/10, while driving, I saw an unusual nonblinking, stationary light over Cincinnati.11/21/10
10/13/10 20:00LincolnCAUSAFlash1 hourFlashing light circles over Lincoln CA for at least an hour.11/21/10
10/13/10 19:20New York CityNYUSALighton goingMultiple UFO sighting in NYC. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the objects may have been twinkling stars. PD))11/21/10
10/13/10 17:30FloraILUSACross~1.5minStrange gray object spotted in my small town11/21/10
10/13/10 17:00RichmondCAUSASphere7-10 minutesBright yellow and white glowing sphere motionless for 7-10 minutes, changes shape, disapears11/21/10
10/13/10 16:00NapervilleILUSACylinderl5 minutesVertical cigar shaped object in western horizon sited, then disappears...11/21/10
10/13/10 15:47GreenOHUSATriangleI captured an unknown metallic flying object on my digital camera photo.11/21/10
10/13/10 14:30Las VegasNVUSACircle10 minutesSighting of 3 UFO's in the Las Vegas region in triangle formation that moved to a straight line.11/21/10
10/13/10 04:45RochesterNYUSALight60 minutesOrange light seen hovering and moving over Rochester11/21/10
10/13/10 03:00WebsterTXUSACross2 minutesBlinking white light and red.11/21/10
10/13/10 01:00PuebloCOUSAFlash5 secondsRed flash of light in the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 22:45KnoxvilleTNUSALight4 minutesA string of about 12 amber lights sighted in clear late evening sky moving NNE from the Smoky Mnts.11/21/10
10/12/10 22:30Fort MohaveAZUSAChanging1 + hoursCircular craft seen over Fort Mohave, Arizona with fast moving perimeter lights.11/21/10
10/12/10 22:15Pinellas ParkFLUSACircleabout 30 minutesA BRIGHT blue, red, green, white globe that would go out and randomly change colors. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))11/21/10
10/12/10 21:00LufkinTXUSAChevron30 secondsMy wife and I observed chevron shaped lights moving across the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 20:30BostonMAUSADisk5+ mins.Bright UFO above Boston, Ma11/21/10
10/12/10 19:13DaphneALUSAChevron45 secChevron shape lights moving slowly, Daphne AL11/21/10
10/12/10 19:10DallasTXUSACigar5 minutesBright white light cigar shaped object seen flying slowly to the north in slight decent.11/21/10
10/12/10 19:00ArlingtonVAUSASphere45 secondsMoving object resembeling a star headed Southeast11/21/10
10/12/10 16:00HillsdaleMIUSACircle1-2 minutesHovering/moving white or metallic ball in the sky11/21/10
10/12/10 12:30WacoTXUSAOval5min.Oval shaped aluminum colored object spotted in broad day light and dissapeared11/21/10
10/12/10 10:00MilpitasCAUSAOther5 minutesSimilar white dots seen in NYC seen in Milpitas CA11/21/10
10/12/10 10:00MilpitasCAUSAOther5 minutesSorry about this, but I just filed a report about the white dots over Milpitas and I believe I got the day wrong. I reported Wednesday11/21/10
10/12/10 06:07Sioux FallsSDUSALight10 minutes approxHovering flashing lights moving up11/21/10
10/12/10 06:00TomballTXUSACigar20 secondsA ufo sits for ten seconds, and disappears completely11/21/10
10/12/10 00:56Cross RoadsTXUSATriangle3 MINSBLACK TRIANGLE SEEN OVER NORTH TEXAS ON 10.12.1011/21/10
10/12/10 00:00Port au Port West (Canada)NFCanadaLight10 -15 minmoving bright white light fades out / moves far away then returns shortly after11/21/10
10/11/10 23:20Clinton TownshipMIUSAFireball15 secondsFireball lifted into the sky and dissipated into a cloud.11/21/10
10/11/10 21:35Union CityCAUSAOther15 secondsOpposing lights of amber that sliently crossed low in the sky.11/21/10
10/11/10 20:53RamonaCAUSATriangle3-5 secondsWe believed this object to be an airplane on fire11/21/10
10/11/10 20:50GlendoraCAUSACircle1 minI was north on a mountain facing south with my friend. We were star gazing and I looked up in the sky at about a 45 degree angle and sa11/21/10
10/11/10 19:40Cottage GroveMNUSALight3-4 MinutesCraft with two white lights in Minneapolis Approach Pattern that moved down and not forward then disappered behind the tree line.11/21/10
10/11/10 12:30OrangevaleCAUSAChangingabout 45 minslowmoveing fire ball in sky11/21/10
10/11/10 06:20West Palm BeachFLUSASphere40 minElectrical Sphere shape morning sky over Palm Beach Florida11/21/10
10/11/10 04:50AlbanyNYUSAOval2 minOval metallic object11/21/10
10/11/10 04:00MoxeeWAUSARectangle1 sec and 1 secbow shockwave with rectangle craft it was hyperfast11/21/10
10/11/10 00:30Redondo BeachCAUSAOther20 minthree lights that changed colors rapidly suspended over the ocean that increased and decreased in intensity often11/21/10
10/10/10 23:30AnaheimCAUSADisk30UFO over Anaheim CA, near midnight, circular with blue lights. Investigated by mysterous helicopter.11/21/10
10/10/10 23:00MiamiFLUSAChangingApprox. 20 minsBright lights hovering and going in and out of orchestrated formations11/21/10
10/10/10 22:30Garden GroveCAUSAEgg2 hoursBlue Light in Garden Grove11/21/10
10/10/10 21:00EverettWAUSAOther30 secondscrown shaped object with two orange lights over everett wa11/21/10
10/10/10 20:45SterlingILUSACylinder10minIt had rows of white lights with red lights pulsating in between them11/21/10
10/10/10 20:00San AngeloTXUSAOval1 minuteI was coming back from the grocery store around 8:30 pm when I noticed a large orange glowing object in the sky above my neighbors hous11/21/10
10/10/10 18:30ClackamasORUSATriangle1-2minutestriangular ufo sighting in oregon 10-10-1011/21/10
10/10/10 17:10BridgeportCTUSALightFive to Ten minutesSaw a light in the sky fading in and out over Bridgeport, CT.11/21/10
10/10/10 16:30SpringfieldVAUSACigar15 secsMetalic cigar shaped object sighted during lull in a storm in Springfield, VA11/21/10
10/10/10 12:00GreenwichCTUSALight4 mins"Star" like objects during clear day light in formation.11/21/10
10/10/10 10:45LeominsterMAUSAFlashwe were in the car and i looked out the window and i seen a unually big ball of a deep yellow color (way bigger than a shooting star li11/21/10
10/10/10 08:30StarrSCUSAFormation5-10 minsStrange orange lights in the night sky11/21/10
10/10/10 03:00EuclidOHUSACircle3 minutes2 objects blinking red and white, disappeared into the sky, after hovering around sky for 3 minutes.( over lake erie11/21/10
10/10/10 02:30HarrisburgPAUSACircle4 minutespossible UFO sighting11/21/10
10/9/10 23:00PikevilleKYUSADiamond45 minLight in sky11/21/10
10/9/10 22:30MeadvillePAUSATriangletwenty minutesstrange lights over meadville11/21/10
10/9/10 21:45BostonMAUSATriangle1:00Orange lights in the sky11/21/10
10/9/10 21:42San AntonioTXUSAFireball3 - 5 SecondsLarge, bright, orange, fireball-like sphere seen in San Antonio TX night sky11/21/10
10/9/10 21:40YorkPAUSAOther20 minsthree non-moving, orange, pulsating objects form triangle over night sky then disappear one at a time.11/21/10
10/9/10 21:20BelmarNJUSALight1 - 2 minutesOrange ball crossing over Belmar, NJ11/21/10
10/9/10 21:15Port ClintonOHUSAFireball4 min.Glowing ball sighted over the Catawba Point waters of Lake Erie11/21/10
10/9/10 21:00Ocean Isle BeachNCUSA4 min.Orange, flickering light in the sky moving silently and changing direction 90 degrees once before dimming out.11/21/10
10/9/10 20:30Adams CountyWIUSACircle2 minutesSilent orange UFO spotted traveling in the sky, then changing direction.11/21/10
10/9/10 20:30Palm Bear (Canada)SKCanadaOval15 minsIncreased sightings in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada - Palm Bear Area11/21/10
10/9/10 20:20Ben WheelerTXUSATriangle30 secondsElongated orange object moving rapidly from west to south then coming to a near stop before slowly continuing11/21/10
10/9/10 20:15ColumbusGAUSALight3-5 minutesOrange lights each in different brightness in a formation that resembled an inverted little dipper in the dark night sky11/21/10
10/9/10 20:00North HendersonILUSATriangle1 hourUnusual Aircraft Manuevers11/21/10
10/9/10 18:30Oak LawnILUSARectangle20 MinutesBright lights11/21/10
10/9/10 17:38GilbertAZUSADisk8 minutesMy father and I witnessed 4 stationary disc shaped objects in the sky for around 6 minutes until they vanished.11/21/10
10/9/10 12:00SoquelCAUSACylinderFive minutesCylindrical object over Soquel, CA.11/21/10
10/9/10 10:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 secthree dim lights in triangle shape and no noise.11/21/10
10/9/10 09:45TrentonOHUSALight5 minutesTwo small lights moving towards each other in the sky.11/21/10
10/9/10 09:00DunedinFLUSATriangle6 hoursUFO's over Dunedin, FL nightly. ((NUFORC Note: We do not know what the witness is observing. PD))11/21/10
10/9/10 05:00Woodland ParkNJUSACircle5 minutesTwo yellowish orange round lights in the sky above the trees, one massive light disappearing and reappearing!11/21/10
10/9/10 04:20StocktonCAUSACircle1 secondA white/blueish circle flying toward East then fades out.11/21/10
10/9/10 04:00MartinsburgWVUSAUnknown6 secondshuge blue light 50-80 feet wide in sky that lasted 3-6 seconds.11/21/10
10/9/10 01:56St. AugustineFLUSAUnknown4 SECONDSI live in a rural area of Saint Johns County Florida . The Ort cloud and many meteorites are always visible. The typical meteor streak11/21/10
10/9/10 01:20ButteMTUSAFormationApproximately 30 Minutes;Six points of light seen in sky over Butte, MT.11/21/10
10/9/10 01:09San AngeloTXUSAFireball3-5 secIncredibly bright green fireball sighted south of San Angelo, Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))11/21/10
10/9/10 01:00St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaOtherWas still there when we lI and other witnesses saw unknown objects/activity in the sky appearing from unknown origins.11/21/10
10/9/10 00:00Sutton (Canada)ONCanadaCircleongoingpulsateing light in space11/21/10
10/9/10 00:00Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaOtherongoingi can show anyone who wants ufo's on any clear night and i would even pay for your time if you dont see one. serious replys only11/21/10
10/8/10 21:30BathOHUSADisk3 minutesI am a pilot and have never seen anything like this in the air or while on the ground.11/21/10
10/8/10 21:30Deerfield BeachFLUSASphere3 secondsGreen glowing ball descends from space over city11/21/10
10/8/10 21:05Cleveland HeightsOHUSACircle30 secondsFriend and I were standing outside in cleveland heights. Saw a round orange-like orb moving from South to north; difficult to estimate11/21/10
10/8/10 21:00BloomingtonINUSATriangle15-20 secs.Triangle shaped object seen at a low angle and moving slowly. 3 lights gave the shape of the triangle, object's noise was "strange". Mo11/21/10
10/8/10 20:50ClimaxNCUSALight21:10Floating Multicolored object spotted in N-NW Sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star, we wonder. PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 20:05PeoriaAZUSAOval5 minOctober 8, 2010 8:05 PM We were at a back yard barbeque. We looked up to the west sky approximately at 45-50 degrees from the horizon11/21/10
10/8/10 19:37ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval19 minutesstrange moving oval craft running from other aircraft with a very erratic behavior at night..........11/21/10
10/8/10 18:00Las VegasNVUSALight5 minsLights, orbs or UFO's were seen and filmed over Las Vegas the north mountains 10/08/1011/21/10
10/8/10 16:30MorrisdalePAUSADisk5 min2 silent silver disks one flying east one west pass closely by eachother and continue flying in exact opposite flight paths11/21/10
10/8/10 12:02LewisvilleTXUSAUnknown00:00:30Denton Texas light show. 10/08/1011/21/10
10/8/10 11:00StockbridgeMAUSACircle30 secsmall orb of light in the sky.11/21/10
10/8/10 07:25CanandaiguaNYUSAFlash3 minutesIntense bright obj moving at an extremely high rate of speed and disappearing out of atmosphere. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 05:30TunkhannockPAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 star looking objects running in straight line formation north -north west then the leader turned left11/21/10
10/8/10 03:30DenverCOUSALight3 MinutesA Ufo Came twards me and another waiter in denver co at my night Job it was scary we saw it clearly and it flew back into space11/21/10
10/8/10 02:00DeltonaFLUSALight50 secondsWas no way a plane11/21/10
10/8/10 01:30AnchorageAKUSATriangle15minSilent Objects over Anchorage Alaska while northern lights were out.11/21/10
10/8/10 01:02Oak LawnILUSALight2 minutesMedium size Star Moving Very Slowing than disappear and more same thing again later on. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites. PD))11/21/10
10/8/10 00:00South San GabrielCAUSAOvala few secondsDull red or octagonal object flying west to east and observed with 10X50 binoculars.11/21/10
10/7/10 23:30ImperialMOUSALight2+hours3 cluster balls of light - UFO11/21/10
10/7/10 22:35AbileneTXUSALight5 Mins2 red lights appear and disappear in the southeast skys over Abilene.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:40ClarksvilleTNUSASphere40 minutesPulsating sphere hovering over Ft. Campbell area for two nights in a row, moving erratically and shining brightly.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:02Spring HillFLUSA4 secondsSeven faint lights in a tight v formation traveling rapidly across sky and fade away.11/21/10
10/7/10 21:00Paint RockTXUSALightApprox. 2 hrs.Lights over Paint Rock11/21/10
10/7/10 20:15Fort WorthTXUSACircle30 secondsVery bright twin planet-like lights appearing to E/SE of Fort worth, TX that faded out very fast.11/21/10
10/7/10 19:30AntelopeCAUSAOther2 miniutesCrescent Moon shaped object in Sacramento County California11/21/10
10/7/10 05:05AuroraILUSAOther5-10 secondsCrystal clear morning (either 10/7 or 10/8). I went out to get my newspaper in the driveway and looked up at the sky to enjoy the stars11/21/10
10/7/10 00:30ClintonWAUSAConeless than minuteMy home is on the south end of Whidbey Island in Washington. About 30 miles north of Seattle. The view from my bedroom is to the east11/21/10
10/6/10 22:30St. LouisMOUSATriangleunknown3 redish lights over saint louis, triangle shape11/21/10
10/6/10 21:07Spring HillFLUSAFormation2 to 3 seconds3 or 4 faint light formation traveling south to south east in perfect formation across sky.11/21/10
10/6/10 21:00WilliamsburgVAUSAOval1-minHelicopter Chasing an Oval Shaped Craft Outer part Black and the Middle was Glowing Green .11/21/10
10/6/10 20:56Spring HillFLUSAOther25 secondsV shaped object appears almost cloaked in the night sky headed south along U.S. 1911/21/10
10/6/10 20:45MoranTXUSAFlashABOUT 15 MINUTESburnt orange balls in the sky in Shackelford County Texas11/21/10
10/6/10 20:40Chalk HillTXUSARectangle1-2 minutesHovering lights above tree line in remote wooded area.11/21/10
10/6/10 20:15LexingtonKYUSAOther30 secondsSemi-length lights11/21/10
10/6/10 20:00EdgertonKSUSADisk1 hr 30 minsUFO sighting night 2. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
10/6/10 18:00Elk Grove VillageILUSACircle20 MinutesTraveling towards O'Hare/Chicago, Huge Low Flying 3 Tiered Inverted Triangle Flying Objects11/21/10
10/6/10 14:40ChaskaMNUSATeardrop5 secondsSilver tear drop shape object moving at a high rate of speed from north to south.11/21/10
10/6/10 09:30AppletonWIUSALight2 minutesI was walking with my friend as we were taking the dog out. As I go to catch up with him, he spots this bright bulb of light that seeme11/21/10
10/6/10 08:38MadisonWIUSAOval3 seconds3 high altitude redish purple lights that moved oddly across the nights sky.11/21/10
10/6/10 07:50HarrisonburgVAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangles "dancing" in the sky11/21/10
10/6/10 03:37Palm Bear Lake (Canada)SKCanadaLight30 to 40 minsUFO sighting in Northern Saskatchewan Canada consisting of a line of 4 green lights11/21/10
10/6/10 03:30BothellWAUSAnot sureLights in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of twinkling stars, we wonder?? PD))11/21/10
10/5/10 23:00MonroeWAUSALight15secSingle white light turned into 5 flashing lights in a row.11/21/10
10/5/10 21:30LivingstonTXUSALighthoursTwinkling multi-colored object stationary in night sky over east Texas11/21/10
10/5/10 20:30ColemanTXUSAUnknown1 MinSyncronised lights over Coleman, Texas11/21/10
10/5/10 20:00EdgertonKSUSADisk1 Hr 40 MinutesUnidentified Object with flashing lights near Edgerton KS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the star, Vega, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
10/5/10 19:34BuffaloNYUSAChanging3-4 minutesKite shaped object bright white, above deleware park11/21/10
10/5/10 19:00De SotoIAUSALight1 hour5 amazingly bright light objects in bright redish/orange October sunset. in IOWA.11/21/10
10/5/10 12:00AshvilleOHUSADisk10-20 sec((HOAX??)) lights in the field. Five craft, of all different size. Lifted from the field, and took off.11/21/10
10/5/10 10:41ShelbyvilleTNUSAOval90 secondsfast moving ovals at night with unison in the sky11/21/10
10/5/10 07:05La PryorTXUSAFireball15 secondsI saw something flying in the sky in daylight, and have no idea what it was!!!11/21/10
10/5/10 03:35Ridgeway (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1 MINUTEVery bright light shining in bedroom window11/21/10
10/5/10HoustonUSAI live in Houston, a 20 year friend of mine has a best buddy at NASA, works on secret projects, a big dog to say the least. He said thi11/21/10
10/4/10 23:54MariposaCAUSACircle30 minutesUNRECOGNIZED ORB taveling lights!! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!11/21/10
10/4/10 20:45DallasTXUSAOther35 MinutesSquid shape UFO in Dallas.11/21/10
10/4/10 20:30FranklinINUSATriangle5 mins or longerI saw along both sides of the interstate 3 triangle shaped objects with 2 bright lights in the middle on the bottom of them.11/21/10
10/4/10 19:30PrunedaleCAUSALight<60 secondsAn extremely bright white light was observed travelling at an extraordinary speed, with no noise.11/21/10
10/4/10 10:00LynnwoodWAUSACircle15 minutesBright white light over Lynnwood, WA, hovers for about 10 minutes, before slowly moving East.11/21/10
10/4/10 04:30NorthglennCOUSACircleover 20 mincircular craft that strobed different collors11/21/10
10/4/10 00:30BirminghamALUSATriangle4 minutesBlack triangle materialized overhead and proceeded southbound11/21/10
10/3/10 23:00DubuqueIAUSAUnknown1 hrok i didnt see it but i heard about it and was hoping you could find out more a friend told me that lastnight her friend seen a craft a11/21/10
10/3/10 22:50Kanta (Canada)ONCanadaCigar4-5 secslarge cigar shaped green glowstick colour11/21/10
10/3/10 22:30SeattleWAUSAFireball1 minuteFireball above Puget Sound11/21/10
10/3/10 22:00Burson & WallaceCAUSAFlash0:00Silent bright flashes of white light stayed active for hours near a lake. Inside these flashes was a neon red shaped horse shoe image.11/21/10
10/3/10 22:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSALight5 minsAbout 7 flying objects above New York Sky.11/21/10
10/3/10 21:15Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 hr. 30 min3 Lights that are orange, and fade in and out for hours (+ reflect off casino spot lights)11/21/10
10/3/10 21:00DubuqueIAUSAOther2 hoursnortheast sky colors flickering11/21/10
10/3/10 21:00KingstonWAUSAFireball45 SECBright Blue fireball11/21/10
10/3/10 20:00BloomingtonILUSALight30 secondsLight traveling at high altitude flaring into a bright "star" then fading again11/21/10
10/3/10 19:50Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaFormation8 Minutes3 red lights form triangular shape - just hovering in the air.11/21/10
10/3/10 19:30BeecherILUSALight1.5 hours5 orange lights change intensity and move around in western sky near horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/21/10
10/3/10 18:20Holland and Grand Haven (between)MIUSAOval10 to 15 secwest michigan sighting of three objects in the northern sky11/21/10
10/3/10 16:30Villa RicaGAUSAFireball15 min14 "Fire balls" at a very high altitude with very little movement red and yellow in color Seen from West Ga USA11/21/10
10/3/10 10:30AmeliaOHUSAChanging5-8 secondsBright white object streaking across the front yard then disappearing.11/21/10
10/3/10 05:30BordenINUSAOtheruntil day lightI saw a blinking light in the sky moving around unlike anything that I have ever seen.11/21/10
10/3/10 05:20New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAOval15 minutesPOSSIBLE UFO STATEN ISLAND NY11/21/10
10/3/10 00:00KingmanAZnon applicableUnknown15min.After my sighting last night, I am convinced there is an Intelligence way ahead of our time!11/21/10
10/2/10 00:00BoiseIDUSALight1 hrIm sitting here looking south west at a bright light that is the only thing in the sky, not a single star can be seen from the lights o11/21/10
10/2/10 22:55Twin LakesWIUSACigar15 secondsNavy blue lighted wide object appeared over Twin Lakes Wisconsin and disappeared behind trees.11/21/10
10/2/10 22:00St. Louis (Clayton)MOUSAChevron15 secondsSaw what appeared to be a commercial jet headed for airport but no lights or sound11/21/10
10/2/10 21:45PomonaCAUSAOtheron and off till 11:45p.mbright orange light and looked like it dropped something saw it twice in one night...11/21/10
10/2/10 21:40AustinTXUSAUnknown3 minutes4 orbs of glowing light11/21/10
10/2/10 21:00Severn/Glen Burnie (BWI area)MDUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular shaped craft seen hovering near a highway. Large and did not move.11/21/10
10/2/10 20:45Desert CenterCAUSAFireball1 minute2 crafts. 1 of which was a fireball shape.11/21/10
10/2/10 20:00AllentownPAUSALight5 to 10 secondsTwo bright white lights.11/21/10
10/2/10 17:00OrovilleWAUSASphere2-3 HOURSBright round saucer, stationary, red lights on right, over Oroville, WA11/21/10
10/2/10 16:00PleasantonCAUSAOvalapprox. 30 min.Two crafts, shaped like sheres/ovals, appeared thirty seconds apart from each other and the second one circled around the first twice11/21/10
10/2/10 12:15OrangeCAUSAUnknown2 min.Mysterious Rays Light Up Night Sky in Orange, California11/21/10
10/2/10 09:00GalenaILUSATriangle20 seconds10/02/10 - Galena, Illinois a triangular shaped object flying low, straight, silent with constant lights on each corner. Lasting 20 SEC11/21/10
10/2/10 02:12Des MoinesIAUSADiamond25 minutesSingle light multiplied then came together as a diamond then became one and disappeared.11/21/10
10/1/10 23:00Rock SpringGAUSALight5 minutesFast flying glowing light.11/21/10
10/1/10 21:00Pittsburgh areaPAUSAOvalI79 sighting of hovering white object11/21/10
10/1/10 21:00Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaChanging30-60 secondshazy yellow-orange light(s) that changed shape and moved fluidly11/21/10
10/1/10 20:45BrunswickOHUSATriangle10 minTriangle craft with bright light changes colors and moves like helicopter.11/21/10
10/1/10 18:30StrasburgVAUSACigar5 mins2 cigar shaped white objects viewed in Shenandoah Valley, VA11/21/10
10/1/10 16:30DallasTXUSAOtherBriefSoundless hovering airplane11/21/10
10/1/10 12:16WaxahachieTXUSADisk1 secondDisk Shaped Object photographed near Waxahachie Texas11/21/10
10/1/10 10:20Sterling Heights/Utica borderMIUSASphere5 min5 glowing orange orbs/no sound/ rising in sky and heading south west then dissapearing within 5 min11/21/10
10/1/10 08:30MiddletonWIUSAOther3 minutes ?Glowing orange barrel-shaped objects in sky over town of Middleton, WI11/21/10
10/1/10 08:03James IslandSCUSATriangle2 minutes (driving on the10/1/10 James Island Connector Vshaped aircraft hovering over the JI Connector at 8: 12 pm11/21/10
10/1/10 06:25AripekaFLUSALight8 secWhite light (star) traveling very fast in sky.11/21/10
10/1/10 00:00Delray BeachFLUSAOther3 mins.Bright white light, shimmering green then red11/21/10
9/30/10 23:00Buena ParkCAUSAUnknown30 minsi really dnt want to waste my time on perfecting this letter but me and my sister and two other friends saw a ufo, no lie it was close11/21/10
9/30/10 23:00PaducahKYUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle shaped object with center white light and flashing red lights.11/21/10
9/30/10 22:30MonticelloGAUSALightapprox. 30 sec.singular light running across the sky too fast for satelight and too slow for shooting star with no blinking lights.11/21/10
9/30/10 22:30Terrebonne (rural area)MNUSALightat least an hourBright white round light,doesn't move, gets very bright then almost fades out then repeats this for a long time.((NUFORC Note: Star?))11/21/10
9/30/10 22:00Colorado CityCOUSATriangle3 seconds3 of us saw a bright white light triangle inside of a lighted rectangle directly overhead then it travelled directly south and disappea11/21/10
9/30/10 21:55GraftonWIUSATriangle7 secondsDelta shaped body glowing in a misty or foggy golden white light flying above at a high rate of speed11/21/10
9/30/10 21:30ChicagoILUSALight10 min.10-12 lights floating in a Y formation then separating in groups of 3, all while silent, no noise was made.11/21/10
9/30/10 21:00League CityTNUSADisk15 SecondsU.F.O caught on Camera - Alien or man made..this thing was incredible.11/21/10
9/30/10 20:00AlgonacMIUSASphere10 min"V" formation of orange spheres11/21/10
9/30/10 19:19Woods CrossUTUSALight20 minutesOrange Cigar Shape bright light after sunset west of Woods Cross Utah Light11/21/10
9/30/10 19:00BurlingtonWIUSADiamond1 hourFlashing Lights Moving and Stationary In the South to Northwest Sky11/21/10
9/30/10 13:05Cedar RapidsIAUSATriangleabout half a secondFlying object in the background of our video in video class flies 100 yards in less than 1/2 a second11/21/10
9/30/10 10:37PlanoTXUSADisk3-5 minutesCollin County Sighting Plano, TX & Allen, TX11/21/10
9/30/10 10:30SaludaSCUSAChanging30 minutesUFO SEEN IN SALUDA SOUTH CAROLINA HOME11/21/10
9/30/10 07:00PontiacMIUSASphere8 seemed the show was over-then 20 seconds later another orb slowly fades in.11/21/10
9/30/10 02:50Fort WorthTXUSATriangleabout 30 secondsAt around midnight I saw a UFO flying across the sky. Two triangles Flying one in front of the other with a blinking light on the end11/21/10
9/30/10 02:25FrankfortINUSAFlash35 secondsLarge blue flashes of light in the sky.11/21/10
9/29/10 23:27PomonaCAUSAFormation5 minutesSpotted over the freeway - Flying Squid Like object11/21/10
9/29/10 23:00Sioux CityIAUSAOther8 seconds9-12 white lights glide from north to south across morningside sky11/21/10
9/29/10 22:00KrumTXUSALight5-6 hrsone giant bright light and numerous small white lights the size of stars in Krum, Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))11/21/10
9/29/10 22:00Cape CoralFLUSATriangle2-3 minhuge vehicle trying to be invisible and doing a good job.....we dont have sound11/21/10
9/29/10 21:00San MateoCAUSALight1 min.UFO sighting and Flashing lights over San Mateo California11/21/10
9/29/10 20:45EdmondsWAUSAFormation5 minutes2 objects flying South at high speed over the Seattle area11/21/10
9/29/10 20:40Cape CoralFLUSATriangle1 to 1.5 minlarge triangle shaped almost transparent craft traveling low and slow with no lights or sound.11/21/10
9/29/10 20:32Shingle SpringsCAUSACone2-3 sec.Silver shape travelling at great speed11/21/10
9/29/10 20:25BrookfieldWIUSACircle3 minutesStrange round flaming orange/gold craft flying in the sky11/21/10
9/29/10 19:00KennesawGAUSAOther3 minutessaw black bell-shaped object hovering over I-57511/21/10
9/29/10 05:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown5 minutespeculiar moving bright lights over seattle sound headed sw11/21/10
9/29/10 03:00WestminsterCOUSAFlashThe usual flashing lights in the sky that don't really move but hover in one spot low in the atmosphere. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))11/21/10
9/29/10Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaChanging
9/28/10 22:20ReddingCTUSALight30 minutesI saw a bright light that slowly moved through the sky and seemed to have striations that looked like lightning bolts eminating from it11/21/10
9/28/10 22:00Atikokan (Canada)ONCanadaChanging90 min.Very unusal, scary, craft stays at my cabin most nights seen, if sky is clear.11/21/10
9/28/10 22:00YakimaWAUSAChevron5 secondsChevron shape of pale white/yellow lights flying overhead with no sound.11/21/10
9/28/10 21:30Little RockARUSACircleabout 5 secondsA ball of light moving very quickly.11/21/10
9/28/10 21:00San FranciscoCAUSALighthour/hour halfAbnormal Movement of Unknown Object11/21/10
9/28/10 21:00SaffordAZUSAUnknown5 minutesWhite solid light making a very loud thumping sound11/21/10
9/28/10 20:30GreensboroGAUSALight30 secondsSmall White light moving extremely fast across the sky...............took only 30 seconds to cross the entire night sky in our vision.11/21/10
9/28/10 20:10EdgewaterFLUSALight15 MinutesFlashes of light hovering without sound making right angle extreme turns in sky11/21/10
9/28/10 19:30((Unspecified location))ILUSAChevron1 secondStrobing Chevron11/21/10
9/28/10 14:47SalemORUSALight12 MinutesSept. 28th 2010 13-15 or more bright objects seen in NE Salem Oregon, at 2:27 PM PDT11/21/10
9/28/10 13:00GalesburgILUSAOval3-4 min.Three people saw two objects,one was a jet the other unknown oval gray object. The jet was following the oval object at great speed but11/21/10
9/28/10 11:00OmahaNEUSASphere34 secondsWeird boomerang releases spheres, lights. ((NUFORC Note: We do not know if this is intended as a serious-minded report. PD))11/21/10
9/28/10 10:20KnifleyKYUSALight30 min. ?I looked up and saw a pulsing, strobe-like light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))11/21/10
9/28/10 10:02Santa MonicaCAUSAOval30minobject made by many rings11/21/10
9/28/10 06:43ColumbusGAUSALight5 SECONDSA white light appeared in the morning sky. It was larger than the stars out at that time. It was first seen going to the left and the11/21/10
9/28/10 05:00Breaux BridgeLAUSACircle3 hrsi saw around lighted object in the sky only seen at night.11/21/10
9/28/10 03:45CantonMAUSAUnknown3 secondsVery bright objects moving very fast11/21/10
9/28/10 03:00AmarilloTXUSAOther?Bright multi colored spinning object in Amarillo Texas about 3 AM duration at least ten minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))11/21/10
9/27/10 23:00TiburonCAUSACylindercontinuingA flashing beacon fell from the sky into my back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))11/21/10
9/27/10 22:15KyleTXUSAChevron4 secondsHuge bommerange shaped UFO with faint red lights flying stealth northwest to southeast11/21/10
9/27/10 20:38SimpsonvilleKYUSAUnknown45 MINS9/27/10 SIMPSONVILLE,KY VARIOUS COLORED LIGHTS 45 MINS HOOVERING IN SKY 9/28/1011/21/10
9/27/10 18:00Canon CityCOUSACigar30 secondscigar shape object reflecting the sun's light11/21/10
9/26/10 00:00ChicoCAUSADiskFlashing Lights Moving In A Circular Motion. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))11/21/10
9/26/10 22:45Palo AltoCAUSAOther20 secfour lights,wierd hovering sound flying over silicon11/21/10
9/26/10 22:12ChinoCAUSADisk2 minutesRound UFO with yellow-orange moving lights traveling east to west and disappeared.11/21/10
9/26/10 22:00MascotteFLUSAUnknown20 secFast moving Bright Light.11/21/10
9/26/10 21:20Almeria (Spain)SpainFireball1 minutevery bright orange light in the sky.11/21/10
9/26/10 20:25Gatineau (Canada)QCCanadaOval2-3 minutesObject with three red lights coming down11/21/10
9/26/10 19:00AudubonIAUSAOval3 hoursThree different bright lights that did not move, yet when seen with binoculars had red blinking lights. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))11/21/10
9/26/10 14:00Seal BeachCAUSALight3-5 minutesI saw, in broad daylight, up to 18 white, round dots that disappeard, reappeared, and multiplied several times.11/21/10
9/26/10 12:00EatontownNJUSADisk3 secondsufo11/21/10
9/26/10 04:30SayvilleNYUSAOther20 secondsLooking to the sky on a very clear night we saw a glowing object that was reasonably close maybe 1-2 miles in the sky east of us. The a11/21/10
9/25/10 00:00SalinasCAUSALight1 hourmulti strobing stationary lights in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))11/21/10
9/25/10 22:23BourneMAUSAFireball2 minTwo flame like objects flying over cape cod canal.11/21/10
9/25/10 22:05New CastlePAUSAFireball3 minutesThere were 10 orb shaped balls, the color of fire.11/21/10
9/25/10 22:00New CastlePAUSAFormation1 minuteformation of bright orange lights seen moving across the night sky from north to south and then disappears11/21/10
9/25/10 21:50Manhattan BeachCAUSAFireball90 secAt around 950pm (PDT) , my wife and I were walking our dogs around the block when we observed a shining light in the sky. Our fi11/21/10
9/25/10 21:45Los AngelesCAUSALight20 secondsStrange Light Observed over Santa Monica Bay11/21/10
9/25/10 21:43San ClementeCAUSAFireball2-3minsUfo sighting off of south orange county coast11/21/10
9/25/10 21:43Vandenberg AFBCAUSALight2 minutesWhite light on the gold coast.11/21/10
9/25/10 21:30Thousand OaksCAUSACircle2 minutesa light apeared in the Northern sky thrust across the sky and dissappeared then reappeared leaving con trails.11/21/10
9/25/10 21:30Oldham (UK/England)United KingdomFireball20 secondsan orange light travelling without sound very fast across at altitude11/21/10
9/25/10 21:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomFireball10 minsfire ball11/21/10
9/25/10 21:00OceansideCAUSALight20 secondsWe saw a solid yellowish light with a vapor trail silently pass fade then re-appear.11/21/10
9/25/10 20:30Deer ParkWAUSAOval3 minutesA brilliant orb emitting red white and blue flashes hovered briefly in the sky south of Deer Park Washington.11/21/10
9/25/10 19:45ChathamNJUSACircle50 secondsOrange light glowing in the sky, it was twice the size of Jupiter11/21/10
9/25/10 19:15BrookfieldCTUSAOther15 secondsBright orange/yellow object moving at high speed making no sound11/21/10
9/25/10 15:30TampaFLUSARectangle30 secondsApparently one dimensional grey rectangle floating low in sky in broad daylight, busy traffic, somewhat fluid looking. 500 Lights O11/21/10
9/25/10 11:15RaleighNCUSACylinder2-3 secondsCylindrical Object Over Raleigh NC11/21/10
9/25/10 10:10New CastlePAUSAFireball90 seconds?Witnessed 12-15 larger-than-stars orbs hover over New Castle, Pa, then slowly dim a few at a time.11/21/10
9/25/10 10:00TehachapiCAUSAFlash5 minutesWhile driving from Anteloe Valley to Tehachapi California, at approx. 10pm, I observed what appeared to be a bright orange light leavin11/21/10
9/25/10 09:45FontanaCAUSADisk4 mindisc shape but molded its shape like a jelly fish,it glowed orange reddish lights it flow up and down hovering for about 6 sec then wen11/21/10
9/25/10 08:00North AttleboroMAUSAOval8:12Red-orange large lights flew fast across the sky, 16 of them.11/21/10
9/25/10 03:00Cedar RapidsIAUSACircle2-3 minutesUFO over Cedar Rapids11/21/10
9/25/10 01:00HoustonTXUSAChanging30 MINobject changing shapes and colors over houston. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object was a twinkling star. PD))11/21/10
9/24/10 23:30VictoriaTXUSASphereI live in victoria,texas I don't believe in this kind of stuff but what I saw tonight scared the living day lights out of me.Around 11:11/21/10
9/24/10 22:00Loma LindaCAUSA1 minutesighting of an extraterrestrial being11/21/10
9/24/10 21:30Santa MonicaCAUSACircle10 minutesLarge UFO, comes from over the ocean and then to over the santa monica pier.11/21/10
9/24/10 21:20PalmdaleCAUSALight40sec4 white dim lights cruising together and thought it was a plane when I noticed there was no beacon light.11/21/10
9/24/10 20:00NevadaNVUSARectangle15 minutesHighway 95 Lights No Sound Craft11/21/10
9/24/10 19:45KennebunkportMEUSAOther15 minutesI own a retail store in Kennebunkport, a summer resort town on the southern coast of Maine. Yesterday, September 24, 2010, I went to m11/21/10
9/24/10 19:45KennebunkportMEUSAOther15 to 20 minutesThirty craft with orange lights pass overhead in Kennebunkport, Maine.11/21/10
9/24/10 19:30HendersonNVUSAFireball.5 secondBright Green Fireball in night sky travelling west-east over Henderson NV Food for Less parking lot 9-24-1011/21/10
9/24/10 17:30El PasoTXUSAOther8-10 secSeveral different shape ufo sightings in the past few months.11/21/10
9/24/10 02:23KennedaleTXUSADisk33 minutesSaucer-shaped obj. w/ rotating red, white and sometimes red lights, moving and hovering for 33 min.((NUFORC Note: Possible star?PD))11/21/10
9/24/10 01:15RoyUTUSAUnknown5 MinutesRepetitive meteor style lights in a group flying over Utah's Hill Air Force Base then disappearing.11/21/10
9/23/10 23:41Dartmouth (Canada)NSCanadaLight5 minsbright lights circle dartmouth night sky11/21/10
9/23/10 19:30TumacacoriAZUSAChevron1 hr 30 minutesPhoenix Lights Over the Tumacacoris, Southern AZ, Sept. 23, 2010: Both Amber Light Lines and a Chevron.11/21/10
9/22/10 23:00Los AngelesCAUSADisk2 MinutesUFO seen hovering and speeding off.11/21/10
9/22/10 23:00EureNCUSALight2-3 minutesA bright orange light hauling ass across the sky.11/21/10
9/22/10 22:55CorneliusORUSASphere1 minuteSpherical, white light shoots left and right in Oregon sky.11/21/10
9/22/10 22:30Atlantic Ocean (Brazil)BrazilLightminutesUFO?...bouncing light then the large object that seemed to be dropping things off of it see the videos I captured some of the scenes11/21/10
9/22/10 22:10Depoe BayORUSAFireball10 minutesthree fast moving orange lights moving south to north along the Oregon Coast, then faded away.11/21/10
9/22/10 21:30Los AngelesCAUSAOther30secondsit was shaped liked an octopus and it was dark in color and the arms were rotating around the center they were moveing to independently11/21/10
9/22/10 21:00Santa MonicaCAUSAFireball2 minutesTwo fireballs seen south of Santa Monica.11/21/10
9/22/10 20:45Thompson (Canada)MBCanadaFireball5-8 minOne Fire ball floating, making abrupt changes in direction over Thompson Manitoba11/21/10
9/22/10 20:30WarrenMIUSATriangle10 minsBright 'stars' turn into UFOs and then disappear.11/21/10
9/22/10 19:45Olive BranchMSUSALight30 minutesunexplanable light over rural olive branch, ms11/21/10
9/22/10 19:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaCirclesitting on a bench,looked North into the sky and saw flashing lights In the sky,UFO started to move north and faded away.11/21/10
9/22/10 09:01WilmingtonNCUSAOval10 to 20 secondsRound black object moved across infront of moon no sound.11/21/10
9/22/10 00:20EddyvilleKYUSASphere2 minutesSlow moving amber orb over Southeast Lyon Co., KY.11/21/10
9/21/10 22:40Amman (Jordan)JordanSphere1 minbright orange light. heading toward us then suddenly stopped, turned off and hovered for 30 secs.11/21/10
9/21/10 22:21HaddamCTUSALight20 minutesFew Combined Bright lights hovering area between 20-25 minutes than dissapeared11/21/10
9/21/10 21:30Palm BayFLUSAOvalsecondsI glanced west from my screen room and observed a large bright object for a few seconds before it disappeared behind some trees. The ob11/21/10
9/21/10 21:30Palm BayFLUSAOvalsecondsBright yellow and red object over USAF tracking station11/21/10
9/21/10 19:50GenevaOHUSACircleufoa sighting11/21/10
9/21/10 18:00FountainCOUSAOval10 minLarge Grey Metallic Object Over Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD) Area.11/21/10
9/21/10 09:35Virginia BeachVAUSASphere2 Min.Ufo In Virginia Beach11/21/10
9/21/10 08:59ApolloPAUSALight1 houra LIGHT that moves around like a "firefly". Then changes color.11/21/10
9/21/10 08:32CiceroNYUSACircle1 Second- lessPulling into my devolpment, i see a strange white-glowing light fly from about the middle of the sky to vanishing in 1 second.11/21/10
9/21/10 07:08Yorba LindaCAUSALight10 minutesBright star-like white light visible under dense white marine layer, stationary for ten minutes, then gone.11/21/10
9/21/10 05:30East PetersburgPAUSAChevron10 secondsTwo identical white lights, one following the other, speeding across a very early morning clear sky11/21/10
9/21/10 02:00ButlerMOUSAUnknown5 minuteAlien like figures seen near and on buildings of our town square along with many yellow lights overhead.11/21/10
9/20/10 00:00KilueaHIUSAChanging2hoursBright changing light shape change size change position change from left sky to right sky it twinkiled like a star but it's really brig11/21/10
9/20/10 23:20Land O'LakesFLUSATriangleover 20 mina large bright light in the south east sky. a redish light in the middle. Did not look or act like plane. Moved twice11/21/10
9/20/10 22:30DurhamCAUSAOther2 MinWhite fuzzy cloud like object in Sky11/21/10
9/20/10 21:20San JoseCAUSAFireball4 minredish orange fireball in the sky south of san jose11/21/10
9/20/10 21:15VenturaCAUSAChanging5 minuteshuge comet like object with fireball trail, turned white, stopped, became incircled by swirling white tails, then disappeared.11/21/10
9/20/10 21:08OjaiCAUSASphere4 minutesRed meteor like object streaking, stopping completely, looking like a satellite, then extinguishing altogether.11/21/10
9/20/10 21:02OxnardCAUSAFireball6 minitesA moving fire ball over oxnard, ca morphing into a comet shape with tail.11/21/10
9/20/10 20:15Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaOval3minThe orange light turned off and I could see a random set of lights(always changing patterns) moving off behind me at speeds that I have11/21/10
9/20/10 18:00RiversideCAUSAOval6 oval objects flying over Riverside California11/21/10
9/20/10 00:00WesterlyRIUSAUnknown40 minutesLow flying jet like sound followed by a long sighting of three color lighted object hovering.11/21/10
9/19/10 21:00OmahaNEUSAFireball3 minutesRed light over NW Omaha moving south to north before fading away completely.11/21/10
9/19/10 20:40IndianapolisINUSAUnknown1 secLigt streak during a video on Sunday night football.11/21/10
9/19/10 10:02Fort MohaveAZUSAChanging3-4 minChanging size and color object, over Fort Mohave AZ11/21/10
9/19/10 01:00Red Pheasant First Nation (Canada)SKCanadaLight1 hourStrange lights hovering in field just above a bush line.11/21/10
9/19/10 00:05Vero BeachFLUSACircle00:40Erratic object, looked similar to a star, never moved more than 10 - 20 degrees during my entire 35 minute viewing period.11/21/10
9/18/10 23:45EastonPAUSASphere5 minsRaubesville Pa, Bright orange star shaped light fast moving, hovered and the shot back into the sky again.11/21/10
9/18/10 23:00North EastPAUSAFireball20 secondsFireball over North East Pennsylvania moves across Lake Erie towards Canada11/21/10
9/18/10 22:00PikevilleKYUSALess Than 5 SecondsLarge bright white non-flashing light moved 45-degrees in the sky in approximately a second. NOT A METEOR11/21/10
9/18/10 21:44MerrillvilleINUSATeardrop2-3 secondsOne, elongated teardrop shaped flying object about 13 feet high in the sky and maybe 500 ft away.11/21/10
9/18/10 21:30LouisvilleKYUSATriangle1 hourI seen about 12 objects that were in the shape of a triangle, that had lights on them. Some looked as if they were burning. There was n11/21/10
9/18/10 20:30WestburyNYUSAFireball10 minutesThree orange lights in the shape of the big dipper, then 2 more came into view.11/21/10
9/18/10 19:30Chesapeake BeachMDUSACircle5 minutes9-18-10. Six round orange lights evenly spaced, moving in syncronized formation curving upward until disappearing one by one.11/21/10
9/18/10 15:45Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder3-4 minsAn unidentified floating object was seen today by myself and two other people around 3:45pm Sept 18,2010 here in Brampton. I was at a l11/21/10
9/18/10 14:42RochesterNYUSAEgg2minSemi-egg shaped object floating above local highway 20-25 feet in the air.11/21/10
9/18/10 11:00Dieppe (Canada)NBCanadaLight2 minutesBright light grew larger and brighter.11/21/10
9/18/10 05:00AntiochCAUSADiamond45 minutesLarge bright white lights flashing with blue lights on two sides hovering in western sky which was dark at the time and slightly cloudy11/21/10
9/18/10 03:00ButlerMOUSASphereone hourbrass colored sphere moving around power pole and transformer, next to Convenience Store at corner of our block11/21/10
9/17/10 23:20Barendracht (Netherlands)NetherlandsDisk20 minutesA big Sphere/disk shaped object over shore line that made manouvers a normal airplane could not make it illuminated itself11/21/10
9/17/10 22:30Lake CharlesLAUSALight15 minutesThe following description was provided to me from a work associate. He describes that he was awakened one night, around 10:30 pm by hi11/21/10
9/17/10 22:00LindaleTXUSATriangle15 secondsWe were laying outside in the hammock and looking at the moon and stars when the sky completely blacked out. All we could see was a tr11/21/10
9/17/10 21:56Tinley ParkILUSATriangle15 minutesTinley Park Lights 3 Red Lights form a Triangle11/21/10
9/17/10 20:45LouisvilleKYUSAFlash1 secA smear of bright multi-colored lights in the sky, lasting for only an instant.11/21/10
9/17/10 20:30St. Thomas (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minLooked like an aircraft landing lights, But too bright flickering too fast. Then changed direction speed maintianed.11/21/10
9/17/10 20:20MeadvillePAUSATriangleFIVEi have tryed filling this out three time and it keeps disappear and wont let me do a complete report. the recented sighting tonight at11/21/10
9/17/10 19:50EscondidoCAUSALight5 minutesThe object if you can picture it was the color of one of those yellow or streetlights lights in the sky. Also the flight pattern was ex11/21/10
9/17/10 19:40GallowayOHUSAOther7-10 min5 objects with comet tails some still some moving over Galloway OH11/21/10
9/17/10 19:00ArlingtonVAUSALight5 mintuesSeveral people observed slow moving light in sky for about five minutes.11/21/10
9/17/10 13:00Grand JunctionCOUSAChevron20 secondsU.F.O. zips across sky at incredible rate of speed, HUGE and very high in the sky Western Colorado.11/21/10
9/17/10 07:30WintervilleNCUSACircle30-45 secondsRound object closely flying with large airplane, with 4 delta-winged fighters following in formation11/21/10
9/17/10 06:30Panorama CityCAUSACircle30 minthis was a white orb circle ufo.11/21/10
9/17/10 06:00JamestownSCUSACigar1 minblinking starts in a row that was moving11/21/10
9/17/10 05:45SummervilleSCUSAFormation1 minuteUnidentifiable, V formation of flashing lights in a flowing movement.11/21/10
9/17/10 03:00CambriaCAUSALight45-60 seconds2 BRIGHT and FAST Round Orange Lights over the skies of Cambria, CA on September 17, 201011/21/10
9/17/10 01:00Grand JunctionCOUSATriangle30 seconds ?Massive,silent triangular shape slowly moving over Grand Junction,Colorado at approximately 1:00am on 9-17-201011/21/10
9/16/10 22:00BouseAZUSAOther15 minutesReddish amber UFO sited in Arizona11/21/10
9/16/10 21:30Fort MillSCUSALight15 minutesStrange Lights in sky over Fort Mill, SC (just south of Charlotte NC)11/21/10
9/16/10 21:00Hobe soundFLUSATrianglefollowaround 9:00 pm the strange object light follow us about 5 miles.We stop and object stop ,we went to the store ,when we come back the ob11/21/10
9/16/10 20:00BouseAZUSADisk15Red and yellow disk-like object seen in SW sky from Bouse, Arizona.11/21/10
9/16/10 18:48PomonaCAUSAOther3 sec.Light flashing then disappears in the day time sky.11/21/10
9/16/10 15:00Fort WayneINUSAOvalless than a minuteoval or disc-like shaped metallic object that was moving faster than a plane horizontally across the sky11/21/10
9/16/10 05:15St. Louis areaMOUSAUnknown10 seconds?Long-distance viewing of something that seemingly defied the laws of physics???11/21/10
9/16/10 04:00PiscatawayNJUSAUnknown8mObject seen over Interstate 287 in Piscataway NJ11/21/10
9/16/10 01:00BridgeportCTUSALight5 MINUTESLooked like a big round lit Christmas ball11/21/10
9/15/10 23:00CaseyvilleILUSACircle:05Golden - yellow, half dark ball moved across sky and turned into an orange flash in Caseyville, IL on 9-1511/21/10
9/15/10 22:45East GreenwichRIUSATriangle1 minuteThree bright white lights in a triangular shape - with a red pulsing light at the rear moving over highway - LOW11/21/10
9/15/10 22:30Bishop Auckland (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond45minsVery bright diamond shape light with 6 smaller flashing dot lights moving very quickly.11/21/10
9/15/10 21:35PinebluffNCUSAOther2-3 minutesSolid white light viewed from Pinebluff, NC11/21/10
9/15/10 20:10GreensboroNCUSALight~3 minutesBright light11/21/10
9/15/10 19:40Hampton BaysNYUSATriangle10 secondsA triangular UFO with three red unblinking lights flew directly over us from north to south at a steady, slow speed.11/21/10
9/15/10 14:30ShelbyvilleINUSASphere15 secondsVery high, quick, "ball" traveling north to south11/21/10
9/15/10 11:00BucknerARUSADiskThis was a U F O! ((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the witness might have been looking at a "twinkling" star. PD))11/21/10
9/15/10 08:50MurfreesboroTNUSACigarthe craft had spinning lights and littel green figures that looked like reptiels that were scaly. the ship was glowing silver.11/21/10
9/15/10 02:05CovinaCAUSAOther8.00 minflashing light red and white in H shaped, but no green light like aircraft11/21/10
9/14/10 23:58Fort GainesGAUSAFireball5 minsbright orange ball11/21/10
9/14/10 23:30ConcordCAUSACylinder35 minLarge craft hovered wothout making any noise, left same way.11/21/10
9/14/10 22:00OkeechobeeFLUSALight45 minFlying white light faded into the sky11/21/10
9/14/10 22:00AustinTXUSAUnknown20 minutes4-6 lights dancing in sky west of Austin, TX. Chasing ea. other and going up/down side to side forming squares11/21/10
9/14/10 21:30BrookfieldWIUSASphere40 Minutes3 orange spheres moving througout the sky in various directions for 40 minutes11/21/10
9/14/10 21:25TulsaOKUSAUnknown4 secondsStar drops out of sky straight down.11/21/10
9/14/10 21:00Marco IslandFLUSAFireballover an hourmany ufos forming shapes together over gulf of mexico, one entered water11/21/10
9/14/10 20:45WilliamstonSCUSAUnknownoff and on 1 hourBright Red/Orange light hovered changed altitude rapidly "danced" dissappeared then reappeared several times.11/21/10
9/14/10 20:15BrightonCOUSALight20 minutesBright white and orange light in western sky.11/21/10
9/14/10 19:35Denham SpringsLAUSALightabout 2 min.Unusual bright lights moving high in the night sky11/21/10
9/14/10 19:00San BernardinoCAUSALight3 minsstrange light over san bernardino11/21/10
9/14/10 18:29Tacoma WashingtonWAUSADiskAbout 30 SecondsDisk/Saucer shaped craft obsvered in front of Mont Rainer moving left to right on 9/14/10 in the evening.11/21/10
9/14/10 14:30PortageMIUSADiamond12 minutesLow speed diamond object metallica or white, that seemed to change shape in the way a floating plastic bag does.11/21/10
9/14/10 12:40AdairsvilleGAUSAOthersecondsExtremely Low Flying Aircraft, appears to be searching for something strange.11/21/10
9/14/10 07:35Naxxar (Malta)MaltaCircle1 minstrange bright circular object noticed while hunting11/21/10
9/14/10 00:35PicayuneMSUSALight3 secondsA yellow ball of light "turned on" flickered then shot downward at a rapid speed for two seconds and vanished.11/21/10
9/14/10 00:19JamisonPAUSATriangle5 secBright V shaped object very fast and Low11/21/10
9/14/10 00:03DallasTXUSATriangle20 secObject over D.F.W. Metroplex11/21/10
9/13/10 22:40North AugustaSCUSACigardrove by @ 30MPHVertical/Cylindrical/3Lights/ShadowAura/Pixel-Like Apparition Less than 200 feet away11/21/10
9/13/10 21:31CharlotteNCUSAUnknown4 secondsI was traveling in Charlotte, NC south bound on I 485 in between the Northlake mall exit and HWY 16 exit. I saw what appeared to be an11/21/10
9/13/10 21:00JunctionTXUSALight30 seconds or soBright star slowly rising from the north sky turned amber red acclarated up outta sight ..11/21/10
9/13/10 21:00San AngeloTXUSAOther5 minquickly moving, heavenly body seen vanishing11/21/10
9/13/10 20:50CummingGAUSALight1 minuteA white light flew overhead and made no noise, no blinking lights, like a bright star moving in a controlled manner.11/21/10
9/13/10 20:42CharlestonSCUSALight3 minVery bright light travels across night sky in slightly irregular path and then fades11/21/10
9/13/10 20:30QuakertownPAUSALight5 minutesan object that moved and changed directions in ways airplanes cannot11/21/10
9/13/10 20:15Grand JunctionCOUSALight1 minuteBright object crosses Colorado's Southern sky11/21/10
9/13/10 20:00EldoradoTXUSATriangle45 secUfo in west TX11/21/10
9/13/10 19:40ChicagoILUSAOther1 minuteMidwestern location view of a single star moving north across the night sky at 7:40 pm on 9/13/10.11/21/10
9/13/10 12:00UticaNYUSALight30 scevery night i sit in my porch and look to the sky n i always see a light moving slowly i dont know if its a satelite but when an air11/21/10
9/13/10 04:30RockfordILUSAUnknown45 minThere was lights on a hoovering UFO, that only moved side to side and back and forward.11/21/10
9/13/10 04:00La SalleCOUSASphere<1 minGlowing spherically shaped object possibly using lighting and sound to mimic conventional aircraft.11/21/10
9/13/10 01:00Sioux FallsSDUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle formation of lights moving quickly to the North, near Sioux Falls11/21/10
9/13/10 00:51Cordoba (Spain)SpainCircle5 secondsUFO (Orb) Cordoba,Spain Sept 13th. 2010 What do you believe?? ..stealth technology?11/21/10
9/12/10 00:00Lee's SummitMOUSATeardrop1h 48mini saw the 2nd craft clear as day with 2 large prepelers spinning fast without creating a single sound. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter? PD))11/21/10
9/12/10 22:00ArlingtonTXUSATriangle10 minutes2 Hyper White Blue lights when roll move completed, discovered as a 3 light triangle object11/21/10
9/12/10 21:00Toms RiverNJUSACigar3 secCigar shaped haze with two rectangular windows.11/21/10
9/12/10 20:48OmahaNEUSALight15-20 secondsBright white light crossing the sky11/21/10
9/12/10 20:30RenoTXUSATriangle10 secondsi was headed east leaving Reno i had just pasted a church and i was on a cell phone talking to my friend and i saw a triangle in the sk11/21/10
9/12/10 16:00Bradford (West Yorkshire) (UK/England)United KingdomCircle6 minssilver pulsing objects no noise and no vapour trail11/21/10
9/12/10 12:32AlgiersLAUSAOther5 minutesBronzed color , boomerang shape craft with an invisibility mode11/21/10
9/12/10 04:30StowOHUSATriangle15 minbright lights hoovering over stow ohio11/21/10
9/12/10 03:45League CityTXUSAUnknown1:15Hovering light near Galveston, TX. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star, but cannot be certain. PD))11/21/10
9/12/10 01:40WorthILUSAFireball10 secondsBright light seen streaking across suburban Chicago sky.11/21/10
9/12/10 01:38BourbonnaisILUSASphere4 secondsA plasma-like ball shot across the sky at an incredibly high speed and disappeared, leaving an eerie trail of light behind.11/21/10
9/12/10 00:00LitchfieldCTUSAFireballten minutesOrange balls in fleet formation.11/21/10
9/12/10 00:00Iligan City (Philippines)PhilippinesOval5-10secnight sky sighting very fast moving craft in iligan city11/21/10
9/11/10 22:59ToledoOHUSATriangle3 hoursTriangular UFO with red/blue lights hovering for 3 hours, moving in zig zag motion every 2-3 minutes11/21/10
9/11/10 22:30ShoreviewMNUSACircle5+ hoursround bright circling orb around tower11/21/10
9/11/10 22:30South Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomDisk5-10 seconds3 lights synchrnized darting and changing direction moving as quick as a meteor11/21/10
9/11/10 21:15LakewoodCOUSAUnknown1 min 15 secBright white light traveling across sky turns red then gone. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD))11/21/10
9/11/10 20:21ReynoldsILUSALight30 secondsa solid white light traveling West to East, dimmed and then disappeared11/21/10
9/11/10 20:00WhitehouseNJUSAFireball10 minutesinformation worth reading concerning possible contact.11/21/10
9/11/10 18:55MemphisTNUSARectangleone minuteRectangular white object observed for a minute or less over Memphis about fifteen minutes before sunset.11/21/10
9/11/10 18:30KatyTXUSAOval15 minutesHigh flying curving white orb.11/21/10
9/11/10 15:00New York CityNYUSAOther15-20 minutes2 Silver orbs very high altitude (EAST) . Observed across Hudson near wtc.11/21/10
9/11/10 10:30Granton (Canada)ONCanadaLight10 - 15somthing in the sky then vanishes lots of witness's granton ontario must read very serious11/21/10
9/11/10 10:23Saint CharlesILUSALight2:20Red Star like light moving NW to SE11/21/10
9/11/10 02:00UvaldaGAUSADisk15 minsdisk over river near power plant11/21/10
9/10/10 23:30MidlothianVAUSADisk1 hour totalsaw 3 lighted circular aircrafts with friends then continued to see them as i returned home.11/21/10
9/10/10 23:00ElyriaOHUSASphere30 minutesBright circular shape, changes colors frequently and did not move.11/21/10
9/10/10 22:47SeviervilleTNUSAUnknown13 minutesConstant Thunder11/21/10
9/10/10 22:00Northen Georgian Bay (Canada)ONCanadaLight20 SecondsBright light over Georgian Bay.11/21/10
9/10/10 22:00BendORUSATriangle5 minutesBend Oregon has sighting of UFO on Friday September 10th at 10 pm.11/21/10
9/10/10 21:30High PointNCUSATriangle20Huge Hoovering Triangle of Lights in High Point, NC!!!11/21/10
9/10/10 21:20OlallaWAUSACircle5-10 minNoticed strange electical screetches on audio equipment and looked up to see something traveling fast and erratically.11/21/10
9/10/10 21:00PattersonCAUSACone20 secFirst One craft was a plane and the other object was not,I was in my backyard looking at the stars. When there was a plane comming from11/21/10
9/10/10 21:00VancouverWAUSACircle2 minit really disapeared11/21/10
9/10/10 21:00FrankfortNYUSAOval2 minutesThought it was plane at first, but it emoted no sound nor flashing light.11/21/10
9/10/10 20:45RochesterNYUSAUnknown1hour2 round balls of light hovering over Rochester NY11/21/10
9/10/10 20:31JeffersonCOUSASphere20 SecondsLarge, bright ball of light, bobbled a bit , then straight up and gone in a second or two.11/21/10
9/10/10 20:06HamptonVAUSAUnknown30+ minutesUFOs over Hampton Roads waterway11/21/10
9/10/10 19:00TrinadadCOUSALight20 secIt was a redish orange ball of light going at a high speed.11/21/10
9/10/10 19:00CaroMIUSARectangle20 secondsLow flying object with two lights (front & back) absent any engine noise acept for the increased sound of wind passing over the object.11/21/10
9/10/10 05:30InwoodNYUSALight30.minMy daughter woke me up said there was a light bugging her when she was sleeping. When she woke up she looked in the sky saw colorful li11/21/10
9/10/10 05:30FestusMOUSAOther6 MINUTESFloating aircraft,long missle neck leading to pretzel rear that was cut off short. White&Blue Color.Turned slow over me&gone11/21/10
9/10/10 01:40Chiavari (Italy)ItalyCross1:25-3:50A star similar object but cross shaped moving in jolts hovering over an area for prolonged time. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))11/21/10
9/10/10 01:00CadizOHUSACigarblinking lights, the object was too large to be an aircraft. And also did not move at all!11/21/10
9/9/10 23:19UplandCAUSACircle3-5 minIt appeared to be an orange round object moving across the sky. We watched it until it disappeared from sight. Maybe what a satellite c11/21/10
9/9/10 22:00LemitarNMUSAFireball3 to 5 minsorange lights in the southeastern sky in New Mexico11/21/10
9/9/10 22:00GainesvilleFLUSAOval45 min2nd night watching the objects, approximate time viewed 15-20 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/21/10
9/9/10 22:00GainesvilleFLUSAOval2+ hrsMultiple sightings by multiple whitnesses, unknown objects moving in strange ways, speeds, directions.11/21/10
9/9/10 21:30BrightonMIUSAChanging3-5 minutesGlittery random lights near each other, really strange stuff11/21/10
9/9/10 21:00AustinTXUSALight2 MinutesTwo tiny objects (like dim stars) fly overhead in unison, and then begin to move around each other as they continue on.11/21/10
9/9/10 20:45PhoenixAZUSAOther5-6 SecondaGlowing Object moving West to East in North Phoenix11/21/10
9/9/10 20:30Tinley ParkILUSALight5 minutesI was outside BBQ and as always I tend to look up at the night sky a lot because I have seen two UFO’s in the past. It just so happene11/21/10
9/9/10 18:10BaltimoreMDUSARectangle3 secondsWhite Rectangle no wings or windows climbed fast at steap angle from below clouds then into clouds11/21/10
9/9/10 11:30TroyOHUSASphere45 secondsA bright metallic ball-like shere was seen around 11:20 am.11/21/10
9/9/10 06:21Lake PanasoffkeeFLUSACircle40 secondsI saw an object that looked like a Planet traverse the morning sky11/21/10
9/9/10 02:00Spanaway (south of)WAUSAEggaprox 30-45 seconsStrange glowing light and noise from two crafts in Washington state11/21/10
9/9/10 00:31New York City (Manhattan)NYUSADisk2-3 minutesCloud-like saucer moving over Manhattan early morning 9/9/1011/21/10
9/9/10 00:15Key LargoFLUSALight2-3 Mins.2 strange lights seen over Key Largo11/21/10
9/8/10 23:30Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaLight2 hrs2 light fireballs in sky with a blue one in middle(Blue one only seen when spot light hits it), 2 are like a dieing car light (visible)11/21/10
9/8/10 23:00MaricopaAZUSAOval20 minsorangest white lights in a slow moving circular pattern seem over Maricopa, Az.11/21/10
9/8/10 22:30Grand JunctionCOUSACircleallwaysfloating lights over colorados westen slope11/21/10
9/8/10 22:15LouisaVAUSADiamonda couple secondsSlow moving 4 small white lights that formed a diamond shape with a larger flashing light on top.11/21/10
9/8/10 22:00Niagara Falls (Canada)ONCanadaFireball3 hoursFor about the past year I have seen 3 slightly faint orange lights in the sky, and they don't move around. They stay there for like 5 t11/21/10
9/8/10 20:00History Channel/IllinoisILUSAFormation4-5 secThis was seen on a nationally aired program called "States" about Cahokia Mounds in Illinois.11/21/10
9/8/10 11:30Lake CityMIUSAFormation1.5 minutes((HOAX??)) Tessellated ufo with shifting rhomboidal panes. Very large and within hundreds of feet from the ground.11/21/10
9/8/10 11:00SalemVAUSAUnknown3 hoursBright object changing colors of green, orange, white that "bounced" around. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))11/21/10
9/8/10 10:45ShicksinnyPAUSASphere5 secondsI saw a round white sphere going pretty fast. At first I thought it was a jet because it was traveling in the direction most aircraft o11/21/10
9/8/10 01:00LandoverMDUSATriangleOne minute 30 secThree lights in a triangular pattern were seen hovering in Landover, MD.11/21/10
9/7/10 23:00Ft. JonesCAUSATriangle8 secondsLarge Silent Metallic Black Triangular Object11/21/10
9/7/10 22:30LargoFLUSALight5 minutesAfter long drawn out thunderous echo went outside to investigate.Saw 5 then 6 lights in SW sky .11/21/10
9/7/10 21:23St. AugustineFLUSACircle3-7 minutesSaw a distant light in the east begin to move north, 10 minutes later a similiar object in the west is heading south11/21/10
9/7/10 20:35PortsmouthVAUSALight2 minutesI was coming home from picking up my dinner when I saw a bright orange-red light moving faster than anything I have ever seen. It was a11/21/10
9/7/10 19:30ChelmsfordMAUSALight10 minutesBright Light over 495 in Chelmsford MA11/21/10
9/7/10 10:00ModestoCAUSACircle30 minbright blue light (dimming)11/21/10
9/7/10 06:45LebanonOHUSALight1 mini seen a light in the sky that looked like a star. the light started to move and then all of the sudden it was gone. i thought it was a11/21/10
9/7/10 05:30PlainvilleCTUSALight25 secondsOrbitting light dissappears then becomes two objects11/21/10
9/7/10 02:30Mt. PleasantIAUSATriangle120Triangular craft moving very fast in odd directions.11/21/10
9/7/10 01:17MountaindaleNYUSALight1 HRwhite object with red blinking lights appears every night for the last week. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
9/7/10 01:00SeasideORUSACigar3 minutes2 cigar shaped crafts hoverd for 3 minutes and then merged and flew strait up in the sky and dissapeared in inmilliseconds11/21/10
9/7/10OlinNCUSARelated UUO/UFO activity vicinity of NC Coast undersea anomalies [linked].11/21/10
9/6/10 23:00AkronOHUSATriangle40 secondsquit, triangular shaped but elongated. Lights on three corners. Huge!11/21/10
9/6/10 22:00Frignano (Italy)ItalyLight10 minutiAvvistamento oggetti non identificati11/21/10
9/6/10 21:46GoodlandKSUSASphere10 secGreen orb that seemed to fall in slow motion.11/21/10
9/6/10 21:01FremontOHUSALight5 minutesTwo large bright lights in midnight sky.11/21/10
9/6/10 21:00AzleTXUSAUnknown6 secondsfast moving object over azle texas11/21/10
9/6/10 20:35FranklinTNUSADisk4 mins5 gold lights in Franklin sky11/21/10
9/6/10 20:15WillardUTUSALight3-5 minutesCuriously suspended lights in Box Elder County, UT11/21/10
9/6/10 18:30StratfordCTUSAFireball3 minutesI saw the object hurdle through the sky very swiftly. It was a bright, flaming orange and reddish color, and appeared to have a tail to11/21/10
9/6/10 04:30BabylonNYUSADisk20 minutesPulsating light/saucer seen darting over Cedar Beach, Babylon, NY11/21/10
9/6/10 03:35KearnyNJUSATriangle20 minsTriangular shaped UFO flying over Kearny, NJ11/21/10
9/5/10 23:50AitkinMNUSAFireball1minnuteGlowing in the tree line was an amazing aluminous orange fireball .11/21/10
9/5/10 23:00RochesterNYUSACircle45 SECOrange circular light , it hovered for a time before moving away at a high rate of speed11/21/10
9/5/10 21:50Grass ValleyCAUSASphere5 minutesTwo objects flying in formation.11/21/10
9/5/10 21:40CincinnatiOHUSAEgg4 secondsDuring the WEBN 2010 Fireworks show a bright white light flys directly thourgh the show and was recorded on my dvr.11/21/10
9/5/10 21:30Fort WrightKYUSAFireball10 MinutesOrange orb over Cincinnati11/21/10
9/5/10 21:24ElkhornWIUSAUnknown40 secondsOrange light travels in straight trajectory north over county fair in Wisconsin.11/21/10
9/5/10 21:00Desert Hot SpringsCAUSATriangle3 secondsWedge-triangle shape transparent dark cloud with entrails following movement.West to East over foothills of Joshua Tree11/21/10
9/5/10 20:56PensacolaFLUSALight1 minuteI saw a slow moving light that went out, and then a bit later came back on, and then went It was traveling north, high up and slow.11/21/10
9/5/10 20:50North TonawandaNYUSATriangle20 min4 objects appeared in the eastern sky approx 30 degrees above the horizon near jupiters position at the time.they were very bright as t11/21/10
9/5/10 20:00ClarksvileTNUSALight20:05We just would like to know what that was.11/21/10
9/5/10 19:00AuburnWAUSALight15minTwo bright lights flying circles around each other11/21/10
9/5/10 18:35WellsMEUSAFireball4 minutesOrange soundless object sceen in night sky above southern costal Maine town in early September 2010.11/21/10
9/5/10 17:00Beverly HillsCAUSALight15 min6-8 lights flying in formations above LOS ANGELES11/21/10
9/5/10 16:00BearDEUSASphere30 seconds then 30 seconda round metallic object flying over bear del. disappeared and reappeared changed direction and flew away at incredible speed11/21/10
9/5/10 14:00Atlantic HighlandsNJUSAOval2 secondsI was reviewing the pictures i took today. I notice one picture that looked like a ufo. I wonder if your experts can analyze this to11/21/10
9/5/10 13:30Reed's BeachNJUSARectangle2-3 secondsThe shadow of a UFO passed over us under a clear blue sky.11/21/10
9/5/10 03:53Hanover ParkILUSATriangle5-7 minutes7 ufo triangles HUGE over hanover park, then stopped in mid air and rotated lights to look like constelations!11/21/10
9/5/10 02:15Dartmouth (Canada)NSCanadaOval1. 5 hrSunday Sept 6 2010 Dartmouth Nova Scotia I woke up at around 2 am and decided to have a smoke after using the washroom. I leaned out11/21/10
9/5/10 01:45KalamaWAUSAUnknown10 secsObjects seen on clear night sky 30 miles north of Portland, Oregon.11/21/10
9/5/10 00:00RaleighNCUSACircle2 hourswe saw 2 objects in the sky one night flashing colors and not moving. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star, we suspect. PD))11/21/10
9/4/10 23:30DardanelleARUSALight20-30 minutesSlow moving, hovering, flashing light above Yell County, AR.11/21/10
9/4/10 23:00Easley/PickensSCUSASphere30 minutesObject above trees rotating changing colors from red, green and white.Lights shooting out of object. suddenly disappeared.11/21/10
9/4/10 22:30Colchester (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5minuitesa dim light flying over head then got so bright it looked like it was going to explode then dissapeard flew over in colchester essex11/21/10
9/4/10 22:10BellevueWAUSAUnknown2-3 minsilent, slow airborn globe that accelerated suddenly and straight upwards, without a sound11/21/10
9/4/10 22:00IndianapolisINUSACircle30 secondsLarge round gray object moving low to the ground making no sound.11/21/10
9/4/10 22:00North WebsterINUSAOther2 minutesThe following is a correction and addition to a report filed 3 days ago. I discovered I had the direction of travel of the craft incorr11/21/10
9/4/10 22:00LindenhurstNYUSAUnknown1 min 30 secIt was a very bright light, extremly high up that was brighter than anything else in the night sky11/21/10
9/4/10 21:50Forfar (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle5 minutesSlow moving silent orange coloured UFO11/21/10
9/4/10 21:30Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle20 secondstwo round star-like objects falling and moving to the North at a very fast speed11/21/10
9/4/10 21:30EverettWAUSALightBright fast object moving across sky suddenly vanished11/21/10
9/4/10 21:20LancasterKYUSATriangle1-2 minutesGlowing low flying triangular shaped object slowly flew over us, appeared to be on fire but didn't loose altitude.11/21/10
9/4/10 21:10Telford (Shropshire) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball35min;09/04/10 TELFORD, ORANGE BALL, 35 MINS11/21/10
9/4/10 20:55Deerfield BeachFLUSAUnknown30 minutes8 bright white lights ...unidentified shape...11/21/10
9/4/10 20:51MiddletownNYUSAUnknown3 sec.Object dips up and down and zig zags.11/21/10
9/4/10 20:19CreteILUSAFireball2 minRadiating ball of light tracking due east for approx 2 minutes.11/21/10
9/4/10 20:00RockfordILUSAFireball2 OR 3 MINSThree orange glowing lights traveling together in the form of a verticle triangle in the night disappear into the clouds.11/21/10
9/4/10 20:00Osage BeachMOUSAFireball15 minutesWe all saw 3 separate balloon shaped crafts that appeared to have a bright red (fire almost) color. They were moving pretty slow at fir11/21/10
9/4/10 19:00HuntingtonWVUSACircle1 minuteCircular black object with single bright white light, hovering, turning, then moving at incredible speed.11/21/10
9/4/10 18:30WatertownWIUSASphere10 secsilver sphere vanished before my eyes11/21/10
9/4/10 18:30CoffeyvilleKSUSACigar30 sec9/04/2010 at 6:30 pm . an object flying north over coffeyville ks moving at high speed appearing to be cigar like in shape .11/21/10
9/4/10 18:15YorkMEUSALight45 minutesWhite light over the ocean at York Beach Maine11/21/10
9/4/10 16:35Lake Saint LouisMOUSALightabout 10 minutesBright unmoving light i high in the clear sky.11/21/10
9/4/10 16:00NapervilleILUSALight90 secondsRound object appears to have returned over my house11/21/10
9/4/10 13:00Las VegasNVUSADiskpictureAfter looking at pictures taken on i phone saw strange disk in one of the pictures11/21/10
9/4/10 13:00RosmanNCUSACylinder15 secondsCylinder seen disappearing over P.A.R.I. in Rosman, NC11/21/10
9/4/10 11:40CreteILUSATriangle1 minOn 09/04/10 at 11:40 am i saw a ufo in Crete,Illinois.11/21/10
9/4/10 09:35EdmontonKYUSATriangle1-2 minutesSeveral lights on the bottom of the craft that were white, flashed about every second, and were in the form of a triangle.11/21/10
9/4/10 09:30ColvilleWAUSADisk2 minutesSpacecraft sighted over Washington State.11/21/10
9/4/10 04:30Sherman OaksCAUSACircleover an hourBlinking UFO in the South East sky of Los Angeles11/21/10
9/4/10 03:55PlainfieldILUSAOther2 minred orb seen in plainfield.illinois at route 126 and druden11/21/10
9/3/10 23:00RedlandsCAUSACircle4 secondsPea-Sized Dim Amber Glowing Disk Within A Perfect Black Circle @ about 10K Feet Above11/21/10
9/3/10 23:00LakelandTNUSADiamond20-30 secondsDiamond Shaped craft over Lakeland, TN.11/21/10
9/3/10 22:10ColbyKSUSASphere>1 MinuteStrange yellow light/sphere appears, changes direction in sky, emits smaller sphere, and then fades to black (Jets scrambled)11/21/10
9/3/10 22:00Red BluffCAUSACircle5 MinsI was driving down highway 36 towards Fortuna out of the Red Bluff city limits and we saw some three bright lights to the right of my c11/21/10
9/3/10 22:00ScandiaMNUSATriangle5 minutesV/ triangular shaped. at first looked like a huge shining star. sounded like a train. nothing like a helicoptor nor plane.11/21/10
9/3/10 21:51WebsterNYUSATriangle50minsOrange center light, 3 red lights at rear. Object was not flashing any lights, only steady illumination.11/21/10
9/3/10 21:30Joshua TreeCAUSALight4 secondsTwo objects running in parallel lit up moving at the same speed very high up with no sound.11/21/10
9/3/10 21:05Oak ForestILUSAOther30-45 sec.Four dim , glowing objects, flying north to south in changing formation.11/21/10
9/3/10 20:57Santa BarbaraCAUSAOther30 secondslong ovel shape flying in the sky over Santa Barbara11/21/10
9/3/10 20:55NashvilleINUSALight4 minutes approxMy wife and I regularly hike in the Brown County State Park in the evenings. On our drive home at about 8:55 p.m., we passed a cleared11/21/10
9/3/10 20:15AlamedaCAUSACircle20minsAlameda Ufo , Was not listed on google sky ..11/21/10
9/3/10 20:00FramingtonNMUSASphere15red light seen over farm land saw from the parkinglot of Smiths food and Drug.11/21/10
9/3/10 19:55KenoshaWIUSAOther5 secondsV-Shaped object, no lights, flew in straight line at extreme speed11/21/10
9/3/10 16:00WinchesterMAUSATriangle2 minutesrotating grey triangle11/21/10
9/3/10 10:45RangelyCOUSAUnknown30 secondsTwo objects, one trailing the other, extremely high altitude (looked like two satellites). As bright as Sirius.11/21/10
9/3/10 10:45HaydenIDUSATriangle10 secthree dim lights in the sky.11/21/10
9/3/10 10:20Hayden LakeIDUSATriangleabout 30secondsBoomerand shaped lights in the sky and where moving fast in circles.11/21/10
9/3/10 05:45MaricopaAZUSAOtherThis is a 3 day Report. I have photos to email.11/21/10
9/3/10 03:00TracyCAUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle shaped craft with strange light patterns11/21/10
9/3/10 02:23PelzerSCUSAChanging20minutes3 red lights in shape of a perfect triangle over the steam mill in Pelzer,sc11/21/10
9/3/10 01:00Pond GapWVUSA((HOAX)) ufo in site over my house right now.09/03/10 at 1:00 am oval rotating shaped craft very bright beams11/21/10
9/2/10 22:30St. Andrews (Canada)NBCanadaChanging2-3 minBright orange object enters atmosphere, flies south, stops, than fades to nothing11/21/10
9/2/10 22:00Oak LawnILUSAEgg2 minuteslow flying fast moving aircraft in airport airspace.11/21/10
9/2/10 21:35BountifulUTUSAFormation6-8 secondsSame formation of lights seen again.11/21/10
9/2/10 21:30Fort GratiotMIUSACircle1 minorange light, possible fireball, against night sky, minimal clouds, no stars11/21/10
9/2/10 21:30CovinaCAUSADisk10 secondsGray, saucer-shaped object spotted near Covina.11/21/10
9/2/10 20:23BoulderCOUSALight25 secondsBring blue light seen traveling across the south western sky at high speed.11/21/10
9/2/10 19:55TumwaterWAUSAOther3 mins approxTiny object seen flying close to large airplane.11/21/10
9/2/10 19:00Cornwall (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 MinutesTriangle U.F.O hovering spotted close to home.11/21/10
9/2/10 13:00OrangeCAUSADisk1-2 mins((HOAX??)) I went outside to enjoy the sun and I observed an unusual object in the daytime sky.11/21/10
9/2/10 12:30PierreSDUSA20 secondsSighted: Three quickly and silently moving unidentified objects with sporadically blinking red and blue lights were sighted flying thr11/21/10
9/2/10 12:30PierreSDUSA20 secondsThree objects with blue and red blinking lights were spotted traveling at massive speeds in zig zag patterns across the nite sky.11/21/10
9/2/10 05:00NashvilleTNUSAUnknown1 min.The Object proceeded over our location in response to an interactive action.11/21/10
9/2/10 00:30MediaPAUSATriangle1 hoursmall in distance over the east sky, triangle, red and blue lights, will look tonight to get picture if possible11/21/10
9/2/10 00:00Cambridge (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle3 minutestriangle shaped object with 3 red lights and a large white light floating 20 feet in the air11/21/10
9/1/10 22:45NewbergORUSAChevron20 sec.Black V shaped object completely silent moving across the night sky.11/21/10
9/1/10 22:40Airdrie (Canada)ABCanadaLight15 secondsBright light moving across the sky over Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.11/21/10
9/1/10 22:25RaleighNCUSACircle1 hr.I was looking out of my bedroom window that night because i couldnt sleep and saw something in the sky at 10:25pm, with flashing red, b11/21/10
9/1/10 22:10PeoriaAZUSAOther11/2-2 minutesMy wife and I were star gazing at approximately 10 to on September 1, 2010. At about 10:10pm with a crystal clear sky, I noticed a roun11/21/10
9/1/10 21:50San AngeloTXUSALight30 secondsThree faint lights flying in formation while traveling at enormous speed across the nigth sky.11/21/10
9/1/10 21:45MaricopaAZUSALightless than 1 minBright light in the skies south of Maricopa, AZ increases luminosity before additional lights spawn and streak away.11/21/10
9/1/10 21:30Dartmouth (Canada)NSCanadaLight2 minutesFlashing light over Dartmouth NS Canada11/21/10
9/1/10 21:20West JordanUTUSACircleAbout 3 minutesReddish-Orange Light seen in sky and circular craft seen taking off into the sky.11/21/10
9/1/10 18:56PittsburgCAUSALightless than a minuteBright Light11/21/10
9/1/10 17:25CarlsbadCAUSAOther5 secs.Eagle-looking object hovering over my location for appx. 5 seconds...then darted off at high speed.11/21/10
8/31/10 23:00House SpringsMOUSADisk2 minutes >August 31, 2010, strange saucer shaped craft with large dome on top and many lights hovered over our yard in House Springs, Missouri11/21/10
8/31/10 22:25SacramentoCAUSARectangle2-3 minutesTranslucent shimmering white soft edges rectangle wide as a the side of an AMTRAC train car.11/21/10
8/31/10 22:15MiddlefieldCTUSADiamondongoingColorful object in Western CT sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star or planet?? PD))11/21/10
8/31/10 22:00New York City (Queens)NYUSALight3 minsA bright white light bluish purple tint almost like a halogen light or LED light, somewhat triangular shape.11/21/10
8/31/10 21:30MariettaGAUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangle in Marietta near Barret and Dallas highway.11/21/10
8/31/10 20:13BurlingameKSUSAChevron1.5hours1 main object, seconndary at higher elevation smaller 2large, bright cigar/chevron shapes11/21/10
8/31/10 19:20Matawatchan (Canada)ONCanadaCigar15 secondsCigar shaped object, flashes twice, separates into 2 spheres, joins as one ball of light and vanishes!11/21/10
8/31/10 08:20BryanTXUSATrianglea minute or so3 chamber, triangle shaped object11/21/10
8/31/10rename it to International UFO ...... ((NUFORC Note: That name is taken, already. PD))11/21/10
8/30/10 23:00VenetaORUSAUnknown3-4 minsOrange flickering orb of light flying low and slow in Oregon11/21/10
8/30/10 21:20ArcataCAUSAUnknown19 min.I am familiar with aircraft and this object preformed like and aircraft but weird at low altitude and nighttime over populated area.11/21/10
8/30/10 20:43Spring HillFLUSAFireball5 minutesOne round ball of fire floating over Spring Hill, Florida11/21/10
8/30/10 20:40Yorba LindaCAUSALight5 minutesBright light moving silently and beyond our capabilities.11/21/10
8/30/10 20:30Lake Havasu CityAZUSAUnknown15 minutesJets chasing illuminated object11/21/10
8/30/10 15:20PhoenixAZUSAOther15 secondsa black barbell shape object passed over sky harbor airport around 3:20 pm,witnessed by 2 people11/21/10
8/30/10 15:00ManahawkinNJUSACone90 secondsShiny metallic upside down cone shaped object over Jersey Shore.11/21/10
8/30/10 11:00Plant CityFLUSACircle30-45secondsDisc shaped object with pulsing outer band and transparent center.11/21/10
8/30/10 09:40Swartz CreekMIUSAFireball10 minutesOrange fireballs resolving into something solid after slowing down.11/21/10
8/30/10 06:30Los AngelesCAUSAOvalunknownBlack oval shape w/heat waves visible over 5 freeway in Silverlake11/21/10
8/30/10 05:15ValricoFLUSATriangle10 secondstranslucent pink orange colors, bird shape, 5 of them making a formation of a triangle as they move foward on a swimming motion,11/21/10
8/30/10 02:00Woodland Hills/West HillsCAUSALight2 consecutive nightsBright, stationary object next to the moon, gone the next day.11/21/10
8/29/10 22:00WestminsterMAUSATriangle1 minuteA silent moving object with very bright yellow-white lights.11/21/10
8/29/10 21:50Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaCircle30 sec.Two mysterious objects flying near Waterloo11/21/10
8/29/10 21:35BountifulUTUSALight10 secondsRapidly moving formation of lights.11/21/10
8/29/10 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSADisk3-4 min.Fireball becomes a saucer right in front of my eyes!!!11/21/10
8/29/10 21:00BothellWAUSALight20 minutesGathering of a dozen or more orange lights in the northeastern sky - a "gathering"11/21/10
8/29/10 16:52Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaOther40-50 secondsStrange round translucent object with white light on top11/21/10
8/29/10 16:00IrondequoitNYUSACylinder40 SecondsCylinder Aerodynamic Object with 6 Glowing White Lights Seen Over Irondequoit, NY!11/21/10
8/29/10 02:10LafayetteINUSAOther30 secondsfloating object and strange lights in the sky.11/21/10
8/28/10 21:30ValatieNYUSALight30 secondsBright star like object seen performing maneuvers in the skies over Columbia County, NY11/21/10
8/28/10 20:29Los AngelesCAUSADisk40 secondsWe were heading to get dinner when all three of the witnesses notice a disc shaped objects floating through the air. Flashing lights.11/21/10
8/28/10 19:43LathropCAUSAFireball5minthe object got so bright we actually thought it would explode11/21/10
8/28/10 11:45Des MoinesIAUSALightAprox. 10 minutesSolid and silent red light flying over Des Moines, Iowa.11/21/10
8/27/10 21:15West RichlandWAUSAOther1 minuteBrilliant white light moving at extreme velocity traveling in a straight trajectory E to W. ((NUFORC Note: ISS at 21:20 hrs.. PD))11/21/10
8/27/10 20:55BinghamtonNYUSALight3 minbright light moving quickly from west to southeast11/21/10
8/27/10 12:00Plymouth MeetingPAUSATriangle20 secondsCraft hovering over PA turnpike11/21/10
8/26/10 23:30DenverCOUSACigar3-4 minutesSlow flying black mass that eventually disappeared behind a cloud11/21/10
8/26/10 21:30SpringdaleARUSACigar45 sec-1minOn August 26, 2010, while driving by Arvest Ball Park with a friend, I saw what looked like a huge airliner just sitting in midair. Up11/21/10
8/26/10 15:20SanfordFLUSATriangleApproximately 3 minutesCloud forms out of nowhere: 3 objects fly out of it!11/21/10
8/26/10 09:30SpringdaleARUSACigar5 secondsSummary of Sighting: On Thursday August 26, 2010, a friend and I were returning from Springdale, AR. We were traveling on a side road11/21/10
8/25/10 22:00CaseyvilleILUSAFireball:02HUGE reddish - orange fireball seen in Caseyville, IL11/21/10
8/25/10 21:05YacoltWAUSALightI went outside I looking south, I notes a very bright unknown lighted object in the sky. The object going very slowly to the north.11/21/10
8/23/10 03:53Hanover ParkILUSATriangle10 minutes7 ufo's over hanover park il. triangle shaped 5 lights (gliding) in sync forward (stopped in mid ir for a while)11/21/10
8/22/10 22:01BeaumontTXUSACircle10:30-10:50a blue light over beaumont" texas11/21/10
8/22/10 21:05GreenbankWAUSAOval5 MINBright lightthat stayed stationary and fromed red & blue lights off oft the right side of it. Weird!11/21/10
8/22/10 01:30Alencon (France)FranceLight20 secOrange lights crossing the sky in Alencon (Normandy) 08/22/2010.11/21/10
8/21/10 14:00WAUSALight15 minutesReddish Light above the trees in Snoqualmie Pass.11/21/10
8/21/10 12:00Thousand Oaks, CACAUSASphere15 MinutesThousand Oaks, CA: Two seperate White Balls/StarLike objects sighted exactly one week apart by two witnesses. Pictues & Video Available11/21/10
8/21/10 12:00Thousand OaksCAUSAOval30 minutesBright white oval objects caught on camera in Thousand Oaks, CA during daylight...11/21/10
8/21/10 09:00Palos VerdesCAUSADiskSnapshotNoticed object in upper left corner of photo taken 71 days ago. Brown disk type object, blurred trail from left to right.11/21/10
8/20/10 13:00NampaIDUSACigar5 minutescigar shaped UFO. Mediam grey. no noise. large. elevation about the hight of normal helicopter flying overhead.11/21/10
8/18/10 21:59Newberry SpringsCAUSACircle11 minutesYellow Orange Lights Spheres 15 then dissapearing have photos Newberry Springs CA11/21/10
8/18/10 20:00EvansvilleINUSAOval8 inch disc about 20 feet away from me, flowted across the ground and rose up into the sky.11/21/10
8/17/10 19:50PlymouthINUSAUnknown3 minBright blue lights hovering over town11/21/10
8/17/10 19:00ArlingtonTXUSATriangle30minsOn 8-17-10 about 7pm I went outside in my backyard and witnessed Neon Light Blueish lights in the sky NorthEast of me Flying in circles11/21/10
8/16/10 23:00Cumberland Island National SeashoreGAUSATriangle15 secondsSaw large, southbound, silent, black, flying triangle with lights with friend while camping on cumberland island.11/21/10
8/16/10 21:00HialeahFLUSALight1 minuteLight flying in the sky like an insect.11/21/10
8/15/10 22:00CaldwellIDUSACylinder3 secondsUFO Rods have been filmed in daylight--Now read about how to see them at night.11/21/10
8/15/10 20:00WarwickPAUSALight4 minEight bright lights in sky that I mistook for stars until they started to move in formation11/21/10
8/15/10 16:07DixonILUSAOtherBlack "Boomerang" shaped aircraft hovering over field outside Dixon, IL on August 15, 201011/21/10
8/14/10 22:00SingaporeSingaporeTeardrop2 hoursLying on the beach hoping to look out for stars. It was a cloudy night. But, when we looked up later the sky was clear and we saw sever11/21/10
8/14/10 20:40TroyMOUSALight5-10 minutesPossible UFO siting? Three bright orange objects...11/21/10
8/14/10 10:00Des PlainesILUSAOther20 minBlack Helicopter over house.11/21/10
8/13/10 21:00N. PhoenixAZUSATriangle3 minutesDim, triangular shaped lights coasting, heading towards Scottsdale.11/21/10
8/13/10 00:00RandolphMAUSALight2-3 minutesorange light comes down, changes, turns, takes off11/21/10
8/12/10 20:42GrandviewMOUSAOther10 secondsA V shaped aircraft with low glowing lights underneath was spotted flying low and slow over Kansas City around 8:40PM on October 13th.11/21/10
8/12/10 02:00GastonSCUSAChanging5 minutesBlob of moving light in front of clouds.Went down to something like a car's headlamp changed colors then there was a bright flash and i11/21/10
8/11/10 20:00FreelandMIUSALight10 minutesFirst colorful light far in sky then 3 lights in a row, Saginaw County, MI11/21/10
8/11/10 03:00El PasoTXUSALightabout 2 minswhite light, zoom away11/21/10
8/11/10New WaverlyTXUSAOtherHump shapes on top and bottom. ((NUFORC Note: Pattern in photo was probably caused by a flying insect, we believe. PD))11/21/10
8/10/10 23:30Exeter (UK/England)United KingdomChanging30 secvarious objects in the night sky sounds and changing shape and colours.11/21/10
8/9/10 21:00Mamria Thethar, Rewari (HR) (India)IndiaCirclefor many hoursIt was the night of 09 aug 10 on the auspicious festival of maha shivratri an UFO was observed by many villagers including me. It was11/21/10
8/9/10 15:00New York City (Central Park)NYUSACircle30 secondsTransparent circle suddenly disappeared11/21/10
8/8/10 18:00YakimaWAUSAUnknown3 minSmall object flying above jetliner11/21/10
8/8/10 14:00MorrisILUSASphere7 - 10 minutes3 metalic spheres connected in a triangle in daytime11/21/10
8/7/10 23:30Moses LakeWAUSASphere10 minThe evening of Saturday, August 7, 2010, using my binoculars, I observed some lights over the airport, Grant County International Airpo11/21/10
8/7/10 02:20HillsboroILUSAUnknownunsureAbducted and screen memories were in place. Injury took place, screen memories have failed.11/21/10
8/6/10 18:00AnchorageAKUSACircle1 minuteUFO APPEAR'S OVER ANCHORAGE ALASKA 80,000 FT. LOOK'S LIKE A BB & NO MOVEMENT11/21/10
8/6/10 01:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAFlash3 secondsBright round flash flies over Colorado Springs for 3 seconds.11/21/10
8/5/10 21:00BellinghamWAUSALight6 minutesYellow orange focused light stationary over Lake accelerates and within 15 seconds disappears into night sky.11/21/10
8/5/10 03:15WoodhavenMIUSATeardropWe were having a bonfire in the country and saw them11/21/10
8/4/10 19:00KuniaHIUSALight20 secondsTwo VERY FAST bright lights Red and White.11/21/10
8/3/10 20:00North Bay (Canada)ONCanadaCircle20 minutes2 red orbs over lake nippissing for 5 minutes11/21/10
8/3/10 00:00VictoriaTXUSARectangle7 secondsTwo Ufo sighting witin a month same town one 20 mins ago11/21/10
8/2/10 01:00Red LakeMNUSADiamond1hr 20 minspinning object with red blue lights over red lake11/21/10
8/1/10 08:30Rockaway BeachMOUSALightall nightI saw something that is not right. ((NUFOPC Note: Possibly Jupiter? PD))11/21/10
7/31/10 23:00South ElginILUSACircle3 TO 4 Minutes2 "over easy" egg shaped objects orange in color with green static charges11/21/10
7/28/10 09:40RochesterNHUSALight2:00i believe what my family saw was a ufo11/21/10
7/25/10 18:00Walla WallaWAUSAChangingAprox 10 secThe sighting happened towards the latter part of July 2010. While watching my son play I noticed a large object in the distance. My11/21/10
7/24/10 12:55Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOther3 minutesBirds dont fly then vanish in a ripple of light and energy.11/21/10
7/23/10 00:00AfghanistanAfghanistanTriangle10 secHi I made a report from FOB Gamberi in afghanistan a few months back, well I returned to recheck the size of the object as it hovered o11/21/10
7/20/10 21:55Hyderabad (India)IndiaFireball20minIt was a burning flame(with out candel)11/21/10
7/19/10 08:00LynnMAUSACigar15 SecondsCigar shape flying south to north with at dusk with NO LIGHTS11/21/10
7/15/10 03:00ChicagoILUSALight5 minuetsit was up there with the stars, still and brightly shining then turned orange and darted away.11/21/10
7/11/10 22:00Upper Freehold TownshipNJUSARectangle15 secondsHigh speed illuminated object traveling above treetops.11/21/10
7/11/10 20:30EverettWAUSACircle15 minUFO flying away from Boeing Field direction11/21/10
7/11/10 07:00Rotherham (UK/England)United KingdomFlashabout 6secsit was a rapidly moving flashing white light11/21/10
7/11/10 05:10Drouin West (Australia)AustraliaCircle2-3 secondsA soft green round shape, full moon size, hazy edges, pre dawn sky low on the horizon, travelling fast like a falling star speed.11/21/10
7/10/10 01:52West MilfordNJUSALight30 secondsI don't care if people believe me I am just telling a true story that I'm freaking out over (all I watch are space shows)11/21/10
7/7/10 22:30ClarkstonWAUSALight.30A big ball of light flew over me in a zig zag motion then made a ninety degree turn and vanished11/21/10
7/6/10 01:20GardnervilleNVUSAThis is regarding the first report listed for the town of Gardnerville in the state of Nevada, 2010. What the person describes as seein11/21/10
7/4/10 23:03EastportMEUSAChanging2 minBright yellow object with halo, flies NE, changes direction E, loses halo, flies E until too small to see11/21/10
7/4/10 23:00TaholahWAUSAFireball4 or 5 minutesI know what I saw.11/21/10
7/4/10 22:30LakevilleMNUSASphere1 minuteThree glowing orange balls in Minnesota on july 4th 201011/21/10
7/4/10 22:00Fort WrightKYUSAFireball5 minutesOrange orb over Cincinnati11/21/10
7/4/10 21:30HillsdaleMIUSAFireball10 secsFireball flew overhead on the 4th of July11/21/10
7/4/10 21:04JoppatowneMDUSAFireball1-2 minutesOn the fourth of July, a red fireball was seen in the sky by 3 witnesses11/21/10
7/4/10 19:00Fort WorthTXUSASphere1 minuteRed ball of light hanging in the sky July 4th 201011/21/10
7/3/10 09:30Crown PointINUSAFireball45 secondsball of fire moving slowly overhead....11/21/10
6/28/10 02:00JacksonvilleILUSAOval5 minutesOval white light with no navigational lights travelling to the northeast.11/21/10
6/26/10 00:04GreenvilleINUSAOther3 min.Three spoke shaped craft with white lights in center and at spoke ends, blue lights between white ones11/21/10
6/23/10 20:04Kendall ParkNJUSAOval2 minutesI looked to the right of my backyard and saw a oval shaped object in the sky11/21/10
6/20/10 21:00ScrantonPAUSATriangleSix minutesHuge football stadium sized craft. Transparent but edges were clearly lit up. Moved soundlessly and very slowly through the night skies11/21/10
6/18/10 11:00GratisOHUSAOtherabout 10 minutesVideo shot in Gratis, Ohio11/21/10
6/11/10 19:52Stevenage (UK/England)United KingdomCircleten mins still happeningbonfire night craft light the sky11/21/10
6/10/10 18:00Oak LawnILUSACircle1/2 Hr.Fleets of UFO's 8-15 over Oak Lawn11/21/10
6/10/10 05:00Sandakan (Sabah) (Malaysia)MalaysiaCircle10-15 min.very green colour.surround by one layer of white shining light.size like basketball.first spotted come out from the moon.i11/21/10
6/8/10 19:45Munich (Germany)GermanySphere2 MinutesAnthracite, black, silent sphere over Munich11/21/10
6/4/10 02:00WellingtonFLUSADisk20 secDark, extremely low and slow-flying, thick, disc-shaped UFO appeared over rooftop of neighbor's house.11/21/10
6/1/10 23:00BradentonFLUSAChanging5-10 seconds2 fast-moving lights which spun around each other, then separated and rejoined11/21/10
5/19/10 23:12Trapani (TP) (Italy)ItalyFormation1 hDue sfere infuocate su Marsala. ((NUFORC Note: See "Description" for translation from Italian. PD))11/21/10
5/14/10 04:30ProvidenceRIUSAOther2 secondsStar slides to left in sky, then Disappears11/21/10
5/10/10 19:00Oak LawnILUSACircle1/2 Hr.Multiple mysterious fleets of UFOs in the night.11/21/10
5/7/10 21:00OaklandCAUSAUnknown5 sec.First Friday Oakland, CA UFO sighting11/21/10
5/7/10 01:57GladwinMIUSAUnknown10 MINUTESCircles of lights the size of cars over tree tops11/21/10
5/3/10 16:00McHenryILUSA30 sec.I saw living creatures swooping in and out of a cloud11/21/10
4/19/10 01:30Progresso (Yucatan) (Mexico)MexicoTriangle45 minutes2 large spacecrafts emitting 12+ spherical objects with incredible speed and agility.11/21/10
4/15/10 13:00St. Helens (Merseyside)(UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 secsnot mutch to report,it was over in 5 secs. opend my back door it was a dull cloudy day,the clouds were low in the sky i glanced up and11/21/10
4/13/10 19:30WatervilleVTUSACigar5 minstwo missles traveling east11/21/10
4/10/10 12:00RutlandVTUSASphere10 minsStrange phenomenon in sky over rutland vermont reveals sphere type craft11/21/10
4/5/10 23:55Terre HauteINUSALight15-20 secondsA very bright point of light seen in north sky.11/21/10
4/3/10 01:00LubbockTXUSATriangle5 SECONDSThat was no falling star!!11/21/10
3/31/10 01:30NVUSATeardropunusual flying objects taken by flash earth satalite over nevada highway11/21/10
3/9/10 07:55Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaDiskSecondeC etait un matin avec une espece d etrange brouillard qui etait localise a un point precis de la ville: Aux alentours de Mandela Bridge11/21/10
2/20/10 22:00MarshallMNUSALight6-10 secondsGreen, orb-like UFO spotted outside Marshall, MN.11/21/10
2/12/10 06:00SeattleWAUSATriangle10 secondsI saw a dark triangular object with lights around it and there was golden light emerging from the craft11/21/10
2/10/10 20:40CarthageTNUSALight3 hoursA small yellowish-white light was hovering in the sky outside my window.11/21/10
2/10/10 03:00Eaton RapidsMIUSAOther3 secondsAbout 3:00 am I got up to use the bathroom. As I entered the room, I looked out the window and saw four round baseball sized objects i11/21/10
1/20/10 12:00San JoseCAUSADisk1hrI was in the back yard with grandkids,saw a bright light in the sky coming towards us,it stopped over my house,then i started taken vid11/21/10
1/9/10 06:15Corn Wale (UK??)United KingdomDisk00:01'As we were driving with the motor caravan to get to a bus station at 6:15 p.m. we saw a bright light that was disc-shaped flying slowly11/21/10
1/1/10 00:00BentonARUSACircle5 mins.4 bright green circles high in the sky going in circles then one bright green light at my front door.11/21/10
12/27/09 05:45Spring GrovePAUSARectangle5 minsSighting in Spring Grove PA -Revised11/21/10
12/23/09 19:30BostonMAUSATriangle10 secondslarge V shape ufo responded to my calls. ((NUFORC Note: We cannot be certain that this is a serious report. PD))11/21/10
12/3/09 20:35BartlettILUSALight5-10 minutesLight followed by military next day.11/21/10
12/2/09 00:00TorranceCAUSATriangle5 minutesSilent Black Silvery Triangular Object with red light visible undernearth to 1 of 3 witnesses vanishes 12/1/200911/21/10
11/23/09 01:00ChampaignILUSAOval30 minutesWell, it has taken me a while to actually talk about this. I didn't tell anyone at school about this because... why would I risk the hu11/21/10
11/15/09 22:00FarmingtonMOUSAOther30 secondsLast November I saw a black craft just above a tree in my backyard. I live in town and our sky is dark gray at night, so the craft was11/21/10
10/15/09 18:00OzarkALUSAOther30 secondsA large "chef's hat" shaped object in sky over US231 South.11/21/10
10/10/09 21:00LeesburgVAUSADiskless than 5 minutesTwo large glowing amber/dark orangish colored circular disks-not a sound-11/21/10
10/7/09 01:00Barrhead (Canada)ABCanadaLight15 secondsSlow green light over treeline11/21/10
9/14/09 23:00GlendaleCAUSAOther3 minutesA V-shaped object in the night sky, no noise, could only be seen with binoculars11/21/10
9/12/09 21:00BrookfieldWIUSACircleLess than 15 minutesThree amber colored lights moving at various distances. No blinking aircraft lights or sound.11/21/10
9/11/09 23:00LeasburgNCUSATriangle15 minsi need help with my case11/21/10
8/25/09 04:30ConcordCAUSARectangle30 secsshooting star-like stops then a rectangular sivery metal ship appears going slow straight 400 ft in the air11/21/10
8/15/09 21:00Port AngelesWAUSA3 minutesMid August 2009 My grandchildren were visiting from LA and along with my husband; we camped out on a deck outside a bedroom. We were o11/21/10
8/15/09 16:45Coleman areaMIUSARectangle3 minutesLarge greyish rectangular object with brighter outer qarters then center strip of light fading slowly from top to bottom.11/21/10
8/10/09 00:30Basrah (Iraq)IraqOther12 secondsUFO sighting in Basrah Iraq by U.S. Soldier11/21/10
6/30/09 21:00El PasoTXUSAFireball45 seconds repeatedlyWhen I lived in El Paso TX, my roomates told me about this light that they see repeatedly out the window.11/21/10
6/8/09 12:00WayneNJUSAOther1 hourextremly fast unknown plane possibily DoD spraying chemtrails Wayne, NJ. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect they were "contrails." PD))11/21/10
5/15/09 21:00Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoSphereone minuteHuge Sphere over Puerto Vallarta Mexico11/21/10
5/15/09 02:00WillaminaORUSAFormation10 seconds2 dozen flickering lights in perfect triangle formation11/21/10
3/17/09 21:00OrlandCAUSAOval4 minutesTwo lighted objects interact in night sky.11/21/10
2/16/09 20:30Okahandja (Namibia)NamibiaLight4 Minglowing orange round circle next to the moon, suddenly moved beserk and fell to the right and disappeared midway. Scary and awesome!11/21/10
2/12/09 19:45San DiegoCAUSACigarAt least an hourConfirm a report dated 02/12/09 in San Diego at approx 20:00 hrs.11/21/10
1/1/09 03:13Stomberg (Germany)GermanyFireball156 Red lights flying in a triangle formation11/21/10
12/8/08 01:17JacksonvilleFLUSADiamond6 minutes3 dimensional diamont craft ,in front yard,quarter mile from University of jacksonville FL.11/21/10
11/14/08 20:30AnaheimCAUSADiskFive minutesSpinning top shaped craft photographed in california November 200811/21/10
11/1/08 23:00Palm CoastFLUSATriangle6-7 minsSlow traveling Triangle11/21/10
10/30/08 22:30PoundVAUSATriangle7 secondsA "Flying Triangle" spotted along the VA/KY border. Large, bright, silent object seen going SSW11/21/10
10/15/08 03:00Pancake Bay (Canada)ONCanadaSphere15 secondsorange plasma ball orb materialization dematerialization11/21/10
8/15/08 11:45New OrleansLAUSALight7 min5-6 floating lights over new orleans11/21/10
7/15/08 23:00Island Lake (Canada)SKCanadaSphere15 minutesIsland Lake, Sk, Canada11/21/10
7/15/08 20:00MerrickNYUSAOval5 minutesHovering red glowing oval craft observed over high school.11/21/10
7/12/08 00:00Saint JohnsvilleNYUSATriangle15 minutesbig black triangle shaped craft11/21/10
7/5/08 23:00Carson CityNVUSALight5 SecondsA big white light flying across my bedroom window11/21/10
5/13/08 18:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther5 minutesClear plastic housing and white lights made from another world seen in city at 300-350 foot distance11/21/10
2/7/08 03:30West MemphisARUSACircle20 minutesA big round disk over the Mississppi River the size of two football fields. It was white luminious object 1500 feet above the river. I11/21/10
2/1/08 01:30Port NechesTXUSACigar5 minutesA single neon-blue, glowing, pill-shaped object, suspended in air, then shot (not dropped) downward out of sight.11/21/10
1/26/08 17:45Anaheim/Brea/Diamond BarCAUSAOval15 minutes2 Orange Orb hovering the california sky.11/21/10
1/1/08 08:30JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball10 minutesi'm 26 and havn't graduated college yet or don't really care too since all that stuff started happening. i went to a prestigious ar11/21/10
11/15/07 02:00StauntonVAUSAOther1 minute1 rectangle ship flying beside rt.262 staunton va11/21/10
11/1/07 04:00SmyrnaDEUSALight5 sec.Unexplainable acceleration and deceleration in proportion to emitted light intensity.11/21/10
9/21/07 01:00RosebudSDUSAChangingAbout 1 minuteA Group of 9 Lights in 2 Rows flying south, slowing down then forming a V shape. A Low Humming Sound can be Heard.11/21/10
8/23/07 15:00StoweVTUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped ufo flying at 300 feet over my house and emiting a bright orange light.11/21/10
8/11/07 21:00TiskilwaILUSALight20 minutesDistant cluster of lights ejected smaller white lights11/21/10
8/9/07 23:00TiskilwaILUSATriangle3-4 minutesDark triangle with lights seen at low altitude11/21/10
7/15/07 23:00Eaton RapidsMIUSASphere2 minutesWhile watching for meteorites at 11:00 P.M. I noticed two white balls of light in a treeline to the east about two hundred yards away.11/21/10
7/10/07 16:00MadisonWIUSALight15 mini have pictures of brilliant streaks of light, by the fastest moving object i ve ever seen.11/21/10
6/17/07 11:00Smokey PointWAUSAOtherten minuteswitnessed a cloaked object (like the predator movie/bent light), all the cat's in our area were following it.11/21/10
6/7/07 00:00Locust GroveGAUSACigar2-3 minutesCigar ufo over Locust Grove,Ga. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
4/9/07 08:30Netanya (Israel)IsraelLight4 minutes5 red lights in the sky forming a half-circle, my mum and her uncle saw it too.11/21/10
2/21/07 19:10AkronOHUSALight3 minmoving bright light suddenly changed color from bright yellow-white to orange, then red, then dark red and disappeared11/21/10
11/28/06FranklinNCUSAi would like to edit my account of sighting and leave contact information. It doesn't matter if you contact me or not. My sighting was11/21/10
6/30/06 11:00DenverCOUSAOther10 secondsV Shape ufo over my head silent moving with no light on about 200 yards above blocking out the star in the sky in Denver, Colorado11/21/10
5/3/06 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACone30'black slow moving hat-shaped UFO11/21/10
11/28/05 09:00Honiara (Aku Malaita) (Solomon Islands)Solomon IslandsCircle3 hours plusThe object covers the sun.11/21/10
11/23/05 21:00PuckettMSUSARectangle2 minVery larg and very bright11/21/10
9/3/05 23:00Pelican LakeWIUSAOval3 hoursThree-Hour UFO Sighting Accompanied By: A Beam Of Light - A Nosey Helicopter - And A Creature,11/21/10
8/15/05 19:00TauntonMAUSADisk5 mins.It was over 300 yds long and approx 80 yds high and made no no sound at all.11/21/10
6/30/05Andros Island (Bahamas)Bahamasthe coastgaurd did not have helocopters in 190511/21/10
6/15/05 12:00St. LouisMOUSAOval1 min.I felt like it knew we were looking at it . I felt like it was looking at us.11/21/10
11/10/04 23:00VancleaveMSUSAOther30 secondsLine of lights follow my car at night11/21/10
10/27/04 23:00GeneseoNYUSALight15 secondsdull red lights in 3 half circles over Geneseo, NY during lunar eclipse of 2004 (red moon)11/21/10
9/15/04 15:00DesertCAUSATriangleone minuteObject in the Arizona/California desert was probably a government test.11/21/10
6/15/04 09:45Palm BeachFLUSAOther10 minI Saw A Bell Shaped object in Palm Beach Florida June 2004. My Pic is for scale only not actual but accurate.11/21/10
10/16/03 18:46EastonPAUSAUnknown2 minutesAn object was seen hovering above a suburban neighborhood.11/21/10
7/25/03 23:30MaysvilleNCUSARectangle3 minutesBus shaped object with 4 bright lights 20 feet off ground seen in rural eastern North Carolina. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/21/10
5/31/03 14:00Myrtle BeachSCUSACircle15 minutesCircular white disc, stationary high in sky during thunderbird airshow. with see through center and segmented outer edge11/21/10
5/15/03 21:00Council BluffsIAUSAChanging5 minutesSmall orange light morphing into large triangle(4-5 stories thick) with bright lights on underside11/21/10
10/12/02 20:00ParisTXUSATriangle5 MinutesTriangle UFO with Blue/White lights11/21/10
1/13/02 23:53PaintsvilleKYUSALight10 secdont know if train/ufo was hoax, but do know there was something strange in the area that night11/21/10
11/15/01 05:31Natchitoches/Alexandria (between)LAUSATriangle15 minutesappearance of triangle shape polished bright alunium like surface shark fins slow moving11/21/10
10/31/01 17:30MontereyCAUSAChanging20 secondsAs I was panning my Iphone from the sun to the shore line I captured what appeared to be a RED glowing object with a WHITE center resem11/21/10
6/30/01 12:00ParrishFLUSAOther3-10 secondsThere was a craft behind our house being escorted11/21/10
3/10/01 22:30West MiddlesexPAUSASphere15 secondsUFO sited over field, street map included.11/21/10
12/23/00 19:00La Madrid (Mexico)MexicoSphere1 hourWhite orb of light hovering over Sierra Madre Mountains during Christmas week.11/21/10
12/10/00 15:00MarshfieldWIUSALight45 secFlashing lights in Wood County, WI11/21/10
11/12/00 09:00JacksonTNUSATriangle30seSitting on my back porch smoking I saw this thing floating across the sky going north to south with no sound.It had 5 large lights that11/21/10
11/4/00 00:20GarlandTXUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsred and greenish lights seen over Dallas, Texas viewed from Garland, Texas.11/21/10
6/1/00 15:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight40 minutesOn a clear cloudless summer afternoon in the summer of 2000, I was hiking alone in the Sandia Mountains just east of Albuquerque, NM.11/21/10
2/1/00 01:00FlagstaffAZUSAUnknownI was lite up by a clear blueish light, traveling on Hwy 40, just outside of Flagstaff Az., which stayed with me for several miles.11/21/10
11/1/99 15:00Walker County (not in city)TXUSACircleover an hourA dozen or more red balls in the middle of the day, forming, hovering, seperating, then spiraling straight upward over a pasture.11/21/10
8/12/99 22:00MilwaukeeWIUSATeardrop10 minutesLarge top shaped UFO over Lake Michigan leaves 3 witnesses with possible coverup or were cops really aliens ?11/21/10
7/15/99 01:00MosierORUSALight20 SecondsBlue/White Light Gives Calm Feeling In Mosier, Oregon11/21/10
7/4/99 22:00Pauls ValleyOKUSASphere1 to 2 min.Possible satellites in a formation?11/21/10
6/1/99 23:00FranklinTNUSATriangle3 minuteslarge triangle UFO in Franklin TN11/21/10
2/20/99 07:00ClevelandGAUSAOval5 minutesThe Bus Stop11/21/10
11/15/98Richland CenterWIUSAOther1/2 hri was just waitng for my cab and i happened to look up in the sky. and it was very plain to see. it was low in the sky. the lights wer11/21/10
8/10/98 22:00ModestoCAUSATriangle20 minutesTriangular object in night sky over central valley in No. Ca., seen from Sierra Foothills11/21/10
7/10/97 01:30PuyallupWAUSAUnknown15 minutesBlinding green light lit up my bedroom with the blinds fully closed..with no noise.11/21/10
6/1/97 21:00Merritt IslandFLUSALight2 or 4 minutesWhite yellow light "jumping" around in the sky over Brevard county, FL11/21/10
6/1/96 08:00LindenMIUSADisk10 secondsDisk shaped UFO seen directly above me.11/21/10
5/11/96 17:00NorwoodPAUSAFormation2 minutes18 Bright fast "Pearl" like UFOs in group between Philadelphia & Delawre crossed I-9511/21/10
1/7/96 21:00LoganUTUSA15 min.Report of green laser beam, probably emanating from the Dept. of Physics at Utah State University.11/21/10
6/15/95 22:00St. LouisMOUSATriangle1 min.Hi. Top of the day too you. I have been keeping these stories to myself for a long time. I think the time is right to tell someone.11/21/10
5/15/95 00:00NormalILUSATriangle25 MinutesLarge hovering triangle UFO seen at close distance, object followed us home,11/21/10
5/10/95 19:00WhiteriverAZUSALight5 minuteslights over apache community11/21/10
4/25/95 01:30QuartzsiteAZUSATriangle5minutesTRIANGLE flies over I 10 IN AZ.11/21/10
4/1/95 18:00HolyokeMAUSALight10-20 MinutesStrange moving light over Holyoke Ma in 199511/21/10
1/5/95 20:10SumnerWAUSADisk20-40 secship flew almost over my head and it was comming in for a landing. I was shook up and would,nt go after it and this is why. est 250ft l11/21/10
12/17/94 18:30ChaskaMNUSAOval3 minutesSphere above the horizon, ejecting smaller spheres11/21/10
10/24/94RestonVAUSATriangle40 secondsAs I stood there the golf course was getting brighter by the second. About thirty seconds later an extremely large object appeared movi11/21/10
10/14/94 19:30CitraFLUSASphere2 minWe saw a perfect Spherical ball of light in the sky that wasn't the moon.11/21/10
8/15/94 22:30Bakersfield (near)CAUSATriangle3 min I saw this posting,and recalled a night in 1994. I was driving a moving truck with11/21/10
6/15/94 22:00St. LouisMOUSATriangle1:oo minHi. Top of the day too you. I have been keeping these stories to myself for a long time. I think the time is right to tell someone.I11/21/10
7/10/92 22:00TonasketWAUSAUnknown30 minsRed/Green lights with sharp movements near tonasket Washington in 199211/21/10
3/1/92 19:00LovelockNVUSALight10-12 minutesHuge ball of light traveled behind mountain tops, raised up briefly, accompanied by small colored lights, then left in electric flash.11/21/10
9/10/91 21:30LewistonIDUSALightA half an hourA large panning light that would move from position to position faster than seemily possible.11/21/10
12/1/89 19:00VancleaveMSUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle lights hover over pond11/21/10
10/1/89 20:00JacksonvilleILUSACirclefive minutesThree gold circle UFOs fly in formation, warp drive away and disappear.11/21/10
3/1/89 20:00PoughkeepsieNYUSAChevron1 minuteV-shaped formation on Vassar College campus11/21/10
9/20/88 18:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSACircle10 Minuteslooking up clear as day a huge bright light, that resembled a mini sun.It was huge and I didnt see any particular shape or colors other11/21/10
6/30/88 11:00Saline ValleyCAUSASpherecontinuousgroup of objects11/21/10
6/1/88 21:00St. AugustineFLUSASphere2 minutesHovering Sphere over the ocean11/21/10
6/10/87 15:00Milton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 minutes06/10/87.single bright silver,or chrome object paced my truck along 401 heading west for 30 mins11/21/10
10/15/86 02:00OrangeburgSCUSACylinder2-3 hoursOrangeburg, S.C. to Augusta, GA. - fall 1986 - lights following car - multiple witnessess. Radio request for sighters11/21/10
1/28/86 13:00ClarktonNCUSACigar7 secondsLow flying, large cigar shaped craft close-up view the day of the Challenger disaster in 1986.11/21/10
5/10/85 06:00MagnaUTUSASphere15 seconds25' mirror ball traveling 60' up at 300 mph on a clear morning. passed about 100 feet from us .11/21/10
4/20/85 10:00SanfordNCUSASphere25 sec/A bright white light that travels 8 ft. off ground changes direction like humming bird was curious as we were of it as it was of us.11/21/10
3/26/85 01:25NashvilleTNUSAOval15 minutesmyself,and three other people i knew very well in school and growing up,were all standing around talking having fun kidding joking reme11/21/10
6/30/83 19:00Caribbean SeaCaribbeanSphere15 seconds3 maroon brown sphere-like objects in perfect line moving forward with 2 second interval per 'hop'.11/21/10
4/15/83 13:30New OrleansLAUSAOval2-3 secondsMy story is short but True . This sighting occurred while fishing in the Mississippi river , in the spring of 1983 , probably April.11/21/10
5/15/82 16:00DetroitMIUSATriangle15 minIt moved like no other flying planes I've ever seen with quick and sharp movements, had not sound.11/21/10
6/1/81 19:00South Saint PaulMNUSAChevron20 minsUFO seen above house with no noise and lights and did not hit power lines some how. Unbelivable sight especially as a young kid.11/21/10
2/27/81 10:00AzusaCAUSALight3minetsI! I found out!11/21/10
10/19/80 01:00Bald KnobARUSATriangle10 minORANGE TRIANGULAR CRAFT,NO NOISE11/21/10
10/15/80 14:00SandyUTUSASphere1min.Unidentified flying objects Investigations11/21/10
10/10/80 23:30ManchesterNHUSALight3 to 5 minA red glowing sphere stopped and watched me.11/21/10
9/5/80 17:00Morgan HillCAUSADiskfifteen minutesufo sighting in small town on the busiess holiday weekend.11/21/10
8/1/80 23:00BarringtonILUSATriangle5 secondsTriangle hovering over me then moved across sky11/21/10
7/20/80 21:00ClevelandOHUSAOval4.00 min.Oval aircraft with red and yellow lights11/21/10
1/15/80 22:00Pittsburgh (north of)PAUSAOval15 min.Two glowing disks seen over an Interstate highway in Western Pennsylvania.11/21/10
8/1/79 22:00OmahaNEUSATriangle2 minutesMultiple triangle-shaped, silver objects in night sky.11/21/10
6/1/78 21:00John's Island/James IslandSCUSAOval30 minutes3 oval shapes outlined in green glow lights, followed car at distance the length of Bohickett Road to James Island.11/21/10
10/24/77 19:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaTriangle1 minuteBlack Triangle hovers over car in city (soundless), street lights went out, "whoosh" acceleration, then street lights back on.11/21/10
10/16/77 18:00East HavenCTUSADisk1 minuteWeather or NOT a Balloon!!!11/21/10
9/1/77 23:00TahlequahOKUSATriangleTen MinutesStopped on North Water street just north of Allen Road because one of the four passengers in the car needed to urinate. I was in back l11/21/10
6/30/77 15:30Newmarket (Canada)ONCanadaDiskafternoon5 min. close stationary UFO sighting by my mother, sister and myself . Several same day News worthy sightings w/ several witnesses11/21/10
6/16/77 22:00Interstate 65 (between AL and TN)ALUSALight30Bright Light hovered and followed me.11/21/10
7/17/76 21:00Iowa CityIAUSACigar70 mins9 stars in the summer sky,11/21/10
7/15/76 20:00West LibertyIAUSACircle15-20 secondsCircular orb sighting at close range (about 25 feet) that moved in a straight line floating above the ground11/21/10
6/26/76 11:00FargoNDUSADisk5 minutesWell. it's been 35 years, just about. I have finally contacted one other person who was with that night. Besides me, my sister, her fri11/21/10
6/1/76 18:00Upper Saddle RiverNJUSADisk3 minA slow moving low altitude craft with lights was view by myself and two others11/21/10
12/1/75 22:30LouisvilleKYUSAFireball4minsbright orange ,very high in space,going from south to the north--going a a fast speed!11/21/10
11/25/75 23:00Unspecified location in WVWVUSATriangle10 minMercedes shaped red UFO11/21/10
8/4/75 14:00BristolvilleOHUSADiskAbout 1 HourOn a summer day, in broad daylight, at a public park on a busy road, numerous witnesses, missing time and my brand new VW.11/21/10
10/14/74 20:00OranMOUSA15 secondsSaw triangle shaped craft, light on each corner, low overhead, few hundred feet above. As craft went by saw light on top. Soft noise l11/21/10
8/1/74 21:00ChesterCAUSATriangle2 minutesThree white lights in equilateral triangle move across night sky, multiple witnesses, summer camping trip 1974.11/21/10
7/10/73 00:00Bar HarborMEUSACircle45 minsBrilliant, white, perfectly round objects, jetting back and forth, up and down, in night skies.11/21/10
9/15/71 18:00Houston (near)TXUSACircle45 min.This is about a craft with a circular beam of light that could penetrate through a roof and ceilng of a house.11/21/10
6/10/71 15:00PortageWIUSACigar2 minsGray cigar-shaped object hovering11/21/10
6/15/70 19:00ChicagoILUSACircle5 minutesBright White Circular Disc descends along the outside of Chicago lake front hi-rise11/21/10
6/30/68 01:00WhittierCAUSASphere7 minutes?A sphere of blue/white light/energy descended from the night sky to just outside my window. It was 8-10" and brissling with an electri11/21/10
6/1/67 12:00San DiegoCAUSACircle10 minJune 1967, 2 mirrored objects appeared miles overhead and were motionless for about 10 minutes then going straight up and dissappe11/21/10
6/1/67BangorMEUSACraft landing behind Bangor State Hospital with associated garage door openings and closings in 1967.11/21/10
8/1/66 22:30Garden CityMIUSACigar5-7 secondsFootball Shaped craft seen over Detroit suburb (1966)11/21/10
7/1/66 21:30Grand PrairieTXUSAOther30 secondsFast moving silent craft over water11/21/10
6/1/66International FallsMNUSADisk20 min.2-UFO's wake three/eight yr. old children at different addresses and took control of our minds, emotions, heart and soul!11/21/10
5/26/66 23:00Fort LeeVAUSALight5-10 MinutesLight Over Fort Lee, Virginia, 196611/21/10
7/20/65 23:45PortlandORUSADisk20 minutesA football sized glowing orange saucer shaped object , hovering completely still over head, disappears into the horizon in a flash.11/21/10
6/30/65 03:00MontgomeryALUSADisktime laspe((HOAX??)3 a.m. 1960's? montgomery ala. disc shape several hours field on fire AFB there --small like child top of tall burning tree11/21/10
1/1/65 17:00MokenaILUSALight20 secondsLight over Mokena Illinios11/21/10
9/15/64 22:30MontereyCAUSADisk20 minutesUFO responds to signals11/21/10
10/3/63 21:00New York City (Richmond Hills) (Queens)NYUSACirclea couple secondsThis thing zoomed in a zig zag motion and suddenly zoomed lightning fast up into the space of darkness.11/21/10
7/15/62 23:00Sunrise BeachMOUSACylinder3 Min.Lake Ozark UFO sighting 1960's11/21/10
7/15/62 19:00ChicagoILUSAOther30 minOne large craft with colored revolving lights between two metalliccylanders11/21/10
10/18/60 00:00BurnsvilleMNUSA1No sound, Nothing..... The light that propelled it left a steam. nothing more. I could only see the craft because i could see11/21/10
6/30/59 02:30North AtlanticOceanUnknown30 minunidentified radar contact over Atlantic Ocean11/21/10
8/7/57 01:00IndianapolisINUSALight1 hourFlashing light over Indiana11/21/10
7/14/56 19:30SacramentoCAUSADisk7 minutesCircular object, slow moving, disappeared, silvery contrail appeared as if the object wanted to be seen11/21/10
8/24/54 05:00Parent (Canada)QCCanadaOther3-4 minutesCapsule shaped copper coloured object hung motionless over the domestic site for approximately three or four minutes11/21/10
10/15/52 21:00RichlandWAUSACircle5 secondsNight sighting of seven large luminous UFOs flying in "V" formation11/21/10
8/15/49 00:00ExcelsiorMNUSACircle3-5 min.large ball of brite light above pine trees lighting up the tops of trees.Almost directly above my father who took one photo.Then object11/21/10
7/4/47 17:30SeattleWAUSAOvalten secondsWhile walking in Woodland Park in Seattle, Washington, on July 4, 1947, I looked up and saw a bright white oval object come down .11/21/10
6/30/47TacomaWAUSAOtherThis might of been in the same time of year as the Maury Island and Kenneth Arnold Incident.11/21/10
6/1/45 13:30JasperFLUSAFireball5minuteI belived it would be to our best Intrest to check this out .11/21/10