National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2011/02/08


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/8/11 19:15BrocktonMAUSALight30 secsThree glowing ambers lights flying in a formation over Brockton, MA2/8/11
2/8/11 17:50River ForestILUSAOval1.5 minutesGlowing oval object spotted south east of O'hare2/8/11
2/7/11 19:30Oak ParkCAUSAOther15 minThis is my account of what my daughter and I saw tonite , February 7, 7:30 PM. Her report is listed above mine and as you will see , w2/8/11
2/7/11 19:30Oak ParkCAUSAUnknown15 min aproxBoomerang shape Green and red lights flashing over Ventura County, California2/8/11
2/7/11 19:04Corpus ChristiTXUSALight8 SecondsWhite light moving randomly in Corpus Christi sky.2/8/11
2/7/11 16:32TacomaWAUSASphere1 minuteWhile looking out our east facing bathroom window, at about a 60 degree angle, I observed a white glowing object moving east of a rainb2/8/11
2/6/11 20:00ModestoCAUSARectangle10-15 min.a rectangle object in the sky blinking on and off and changing from purple to red2/8/11
2/6/11 19:30Orange CountyCAUSACircle5 min4 glowing light in the sky, close together, moving in formation, no blinking lights2/8/11
2/6/11 19:20MiamiFLUSALight10 minOrange orb of gelaming light hovering and preforming non-common aerospace manuvers2/8/11
2/6/11 19:15CapitolaCAUSATriangle~5 secondstriangular craft with three dim lights moving swiftly and silently across night sky2/8/11
2/6/11 04:25WhittierCAUSAOval2 minutesRed oval object ejecting very small white objects before disappearing2/8/11
2/6/11 01:00Fair OaksCAUSAUnknownhourstrange flashing light hovering in the sky around 1 am in northern california. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/8/11
2/6/11 00:08SeasideCAUSAFireball2 minutesI dont know what to say posting this made me feel a little bit better. fire ball round with a triangle missing out of it not rotating2/8/11
2/5/11 21:50FayettevilleNCUSALight4 hoursOne white light moveing very fast and irraticly over hope mills/fayetteville for over 4 hours.2/8/11
2/5/11 21:00ConwayARUSATrianglefew minutessighting of hovering triangle shaped ufo over conway,arkansas2/8/11
2/5/11 20:30North Salt LakeUTUSALight25 min4 red lights that can not be explained!2/8/11
2/5/11 18:50RaleighNCUSATriangle10 MinutesV-Shaped Craft Hovering Above the Intersection of Six Forks Road and I-540 in Raleigh NC2/8/11
2/5/11 17:35IndioCAUSADisknot sureI was taking pictures of the sunset from my upstairs room. I didn't notice the disks on the picture until later because I uploaded the2/8/11
2/5/11 17:30RosevilleCAUSACircle2 minutesBright White Light Sitting in a Northern Ca. Sky2/8/11
2/5/11 11:00GallatinTNUSAOval3 minFound strange object in the ground that took off.2/8/11
2/5/11 01:00GrotonCTUSALight51 mins. so farRed, orange and sometimes blue lights zipping around in the sky, vertical, horizontal, sometimes swinging - seem to follow each other.2/8/11
2/4/11 22:00Porter (NE outside Houston)TXUSATriangle2 minutesLarge object passes overhead in night sky, totally silent, white lights and a single blinking green light2/8/11
2/4/11 21:00FerrisburghVTUSALight5 minodd lights seen while traveling thru Ferrisburg , Vermont2/8/11
2/4/11 20:55LibertyvilleILUSACircle2 secsbright white, round object (the size of a green pea if held at arm's length) flew through the sky2/8/11
2/4/11 20:30WaterburyVTUSARectangle5 minBlimp-shaped object with large, non-blinking lights. Counted 6-7 airplanes in the vicinity at the time.2/8/11
2/4/11 19:30BaghdadIraqUnknownpast hour and stilli've got the video on my sony cybershot but i'm not sure if it is clear. send me an email address so i can send u the footage.2/8/11
2/4/11 19:00Saint John (Canada)NBCanadaLight10 minutesMultiple amber colored lights in the night sky over Saint John2/8/11
2/3/11 20:40GilbertAZUSADisksecond2/3/2011 Gilbert AZ shaped disc with glowing dim redish light few seconds2/8/11
2/3/11 19:12Aliso ViejoCAUSALightmore than 30 minutesBright, moving cluster of lights above South Orange County2/8/11
2/3/11 17:40GrotonCTUSALight10Two blinking light2/8/11
2/3/11 08:00RochesterNYUSAUnknownpending!Contact me or Scott/Sandy/MOOSE from morning show on WPXY fm 97.92/8/11
2/2/11 23:00West Palm beachFLUSALight15 secondsAt what seemed to be a very high altitude, an object, moving at a high speed, traveling from south to north, was seen, then disappeared2/8/11
2/2/11 21:30SeattleWAUSAFireball2 minutesThree orange lights over northeast Seattle2/8/11
2/2/11 20:30MedinaWAUSALight15 minLight seen over Seattle/Mercer Island changes direction2/8/11
2/2/11 18:20JanesvilleWIUSAFlashat least 15 minOn our deck on the outskirts of Janesville, we observed one flashing object. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))2/8/11
2/2/11 16:40New MexicoNMUSACircle25 minMany UFO over new mexico white and green2/8/11
2/2/11 00:15ReddingCAUSAChanging3 hoursMultiple red, white, and blue strobing lights in sky2/8/11
2/1/11 20:00GreenbankWAUSALight5 minutesbright white light moving horizontally and vertically over Puget Sound2/8/11
2/1/11 19:30VancouverWAUSAFormation20 secondsMy friend and girlfriend were with me at my house, just spending time. We decided to go out and smoke a cigarette, so we did. We come o2/8/11
2/1/11 17:30Bay Point Park (Radio Marti)FLUSAOther10 minutesStationary, odd shaped (almost plane like) object in sky - did not move at all - 15 miles east of Key West, FL along Rt. 1.2/8/11
1/31/11 23:40HamptonTNUSALight20 secondsSaw Bright orange light moving slowly along a mountian ridge. The Light would stop, hover awhile then move somemore.2/8/11
1/31/11 21:45JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball7 secondsA meteor like object falling from the sky with a smoke trail that stops instantly and appears to be a green light hovering then gone.2/8/11
1/31/11 21:00DunedinFLUSASphere5secWhite and a red sphere over Clearwater FL2/8/11
1/31/11 20:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknown20 minutesThree UFOS over 1-5 in Sacramento2/8/11
1/31/11 19:00Atlantic BeachFLUSATriangle10minsHovering triangle cratf with orange/white red lights2/8/11
1/31/11 00:30Melbourne (Australia)AustraliaFormation30 secondsin Australia Melbourne a triangular shaped sped in a large cirlce disapeared reapeared where i last saw it the vanished2/8/11
1/30/11 22:00StamfordCTUSAFlashsecondshuge green/blue flash coming from the horizon from Stamford downtown area it looked like aurora borealis, it covered a wide section of2/8/11
1/30/11 19:25Forth Estuary (Edinburgh) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere1 minPink Coloured Sphere2/8/11
1/29/11 17:42DoralFLUSAUnknown12-15 minUnusual flight patterns and missile like objects in Doral Flo. ((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the photos, and suspect contrails2/8/11
1/29/11 02:00ParkvilleMDUSALight2 MINUTESThis wasnt just a was something more2/8/11
1/28/11 21:00Puerto Montt (Chile)ChileLight1 minuteWhite light darts and zig zags across sky at sea2/8/11
1/28/11 20:45EncinitasCAUSATriangle20 secondstriangle of lights fly over Swami's point in the evening2/8/11
1/28/11 01:00Bay HarborMIUSATriangle15-20 minutesTriangle U.F.O. seen over Lake Michigan, January 2011.2/8/11
1/28/11 01:00Jerusalem (Israel)IsraelSphere23 secondsAt 1:00 A.M. on the 28th of January a U F O ball of light descended right over the top of the Dome of the Rock. ((Hoaxed video. PD))2/8/11
1/26/11 19:17American ForkUTUSALight6 minutesStrange lights dropping sparkley substances are seen by many above American Fork Utah 1-26-11.2/8/11
1/19/11 20:00Ocean SpringsMSUSACirclethree minutesOn or about 19 January of 2011, I was at my home in Ocean Springs, Ms. At close to 8:30 pm, I looked out the window and saw a disc-sha2/8/11
1/19/11 20:00District HeightsMDUSAFlash1 hourLast Tuesday night i was in my bedroom had the TV and listening to a gospel cd I brought on my computer when I heard this loud noise go2/8/11
1/19/11 02:00TampaFLUSATriangle2 hrssomthing came out of the ocean and flew up with a boom, out of sight in seconds2/8/11
1/17/11 19:55West MilfordNJUSAFireball2 minFive orange orbs of fire/light dancing in sky in West Milford, NJ2/8/11
1/16/11 19:50BothellWAUSAOvalIf I had to guess, I would say it could have been some sort of prank that was common in the early to mid-60's, where garbage bags were2/8/11
1/15/11 20:00WatsonLAUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangle craft in Watson, la. Traveling over a field and then crossed the hwy. and vanished. On January 15th at 8:00 pm I was he2/8/11
1/13/11Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomCircleall night then same the ncolour changed from green to blue to pink back to white then disappeared2/8/11
1/8/11 07:08Port OrangeFLUSAOval10 secondsUFO clearly appears on digital image in sky over a Port Orange home.2/8/11
1/1/11 12:00Hong Kong (China)Hong KongCirclefew secondsTook a photo of what I thought was a plane. ((NUFORC Note: Reflection of ceiling light off of glass window. PD))2/8/11
12/24/10 22:00Baton RougeLAUSAOval2-3 minsRed orb spotted over Shenendoah Subdivision - Baton Rouge2/8/11
10/30/10 22:00MilfordNEUSAChanging5 mincloked ship that the space around it bent as it moved2/8/11
10/15/10 17:00New York CityNYUSADisknightlyI have been witnessing craft almost every night since the middle of october 2010. These craft are seen on a New York webcam. (wirednewy2/8/11
8/21/10 04:30Indian Rocks BeachFLUSATriangle45 seconds3 rust red bulbs of light in triangle form cruising just off the beach, Indian Rocks beach Florida. Aug/20102/8/11
7/26/10 21:30AmboyCAUSAOther5-7min((HOAX??)) 10 spacecraft and the wormhole that they came out of somewhere over amboy ca. 7/26/10 9.or 9.30pm.2/8/11
7/23/10 18:00MidlandMIUSAOther5 minuteswhat looked like jet lights flew over in formation, then scattered2/8/11
7/4/10 21:00DurantOKUSAFireballWestWe saw 2 orange fireball ufos traveling west on July 4th, 20102/8/11
5/19/10 01:00Congress (near)AZUSASphere15 minutesI can describe it, but I still don't know what it was: alien probe, military, possible living organism.2/8/11
2/6/10 05:45EllsworthMEUSAUnknown20 secondsGreen light and buzzing sound2/8/11
1/31/10 13:00Stone MountainGAUSATriangle60-70 secondsTriangular object hovers, darts away, then disappears over Stone Mountain2/8/11
8/11/07 23:00MiamiFLUSATriangleApprox. 5 mins.Miami suburb night sighting of a silent, low-hovering obtusely-angled arrangement of reddish lights2/8/11
8/15/05 00:00Pescadero (Los Cerritos Beach) (Baja Sur) (Mexico)MexicoOther2 minorb of light hovering over girl and boy in mexico, then taking off into the sky2/8/11
6/30/05 14:00JacksonvilleFLUSALight2 hoursI was flying at 45 thousand feet in a Lear Jet when I sat back in the seat and looked up into the sky and saw a bright star like object2/8/11
6/10/04 12:00NormalILUSAOtherStrange cat head shapped UFO above my house in Illinois.2/8/11
6/30/99 06:00Hinton (Canada)ABCanadaOther1 hourLooks like a bright light in the night sky.((NUFORC Note: We are experiencing difficulty obtaining detailed information. PD))2/8/11
5/21/96 01:00BurgettstownPAUSATriangle3 minutestriangular ufo over burgettstown,pa2/8/11
5/15/96 21:00FrankfortILUSATriangleMassive black triangle with red lights at ends hovering2/8/11
6/1/95 11:00Jalostotitlan (Mexico)MexicoOther1/2 hourContact with aliens in a small craft in the state of jalisco Mexico .2/8/11
7/1/94 19:28EasthamptonMAUSATriangle12 minutesClose encounter with hovering black triange, fighter jets chased it away!2/8/11
8/15/85 23:00Garden CitySCUSACircle2 hours6 equal size round amber colored lights equal distance apart, stationary for at least 2 hours.2/8/11
6/1/80 21:30Houston/San Antonia (between)TXUSAOther2 minutesThis is something that has stayed on my mind for 30 years. I was traveling on a Sun night from Houston, TX on my way back to Fort Sam H2/8/11
3/8/66 11:00GibralterMIUSADiskMother and daughter witness disc-shaped craft, at time of multiple sightings in Michigan.2/8/11
7/12/64 12:00DrewORUSACircle20 minutesDate/Time 07/1964 City: Drew State: Oregon Shape Silver(Metallic) Disc Duration 30 min Summary object hovered above work location .2/8/11
4/15/62 21:00HuntingdonGAUSA10 minA glowing green object the size of a peanut watched and followed me back and forth on the outside of a window and it left without makin2/8/11
4/5/00 20:00Baton RougeLAUSALight15 secondsUFO report communicated by Thomas Jefferson2/8/11