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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/17/11 04:06 Averill Park NY Fireball few seconds Green fireball shooting across sky northbound. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/17/11 02:35 Fresno (near; on Interstate 5) CA Formation 1-2 Minutes A linear object with 3 bright lights, flew about 10 feet over our truck while traveling N on I 5. 7/17/11
7/17/11 00:00 Aughnacloy (Northern Ireland)
Circle 5 mintues Aughnacloy (Northern Ireland) 7/17/11
7/16/11 00:00 Three Forks MT Fireball 3 minutes Orange hovering crafts 7/17/11
7/16/11 22:35 Conover NC Circle 3 minutes Large red glowing light moved across sky and disappeared. 7/17/11
7/16/11 22:30 Apple Valley CA Circle 15 seconds red ufo with light beam 7/17/11
7/16/11 22:23 Tabriz (Iran)
I saw winking object that was flying rapidly from west to east 7/17/11
7/16/11 22:15 Clinton Township MI
22:19 Brilliant orange-amber lights (7 total) moving from the south to north over Clinton Township 7/17/11
7/16/11 22:00 Brunswick OH Fireball 8-10 minutes 2 people witness 2 low flying, big fiery red/orange, slow controlled moving, soundless spherical shapes moving South to North. 7/17/11
7/16/11 21:45 Salem WI Other approx. 3/12 min. Orange ball-shaped object, no flashing lights or sound, appeared rather large as opposed to airplane in size. 7/17/11
7/16/11 21:30 Penfield NY Circle 15 minutes 12 balls of fire orange light flying from East to West 7/17/11
7/16/11 21:20 Clinton IL Sphere 3 minutes Bright red/orange sphere observed for 3 minutes central Illinois, no other aircraft in vicinity. 7/17/11
7/16/11 12:00 Williston FL

2 crop circles in my field. I noticed them a yr. ago. I did not report it at that time. ((NUFORC Note: Possible tire track?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/16/11 12:00 Billings/Laurel MT Rectangle 20 minutes Rectangular white object hovers, flashed lights, disappears over Billings/ Laurel Montana, mid day, 7-16-11. 7/17/11
7/15/11 23:20 Poughquag NY Triangle 10 s15 seconds Large triangular shaped object with steady red,green and white lights glides over my home 7/17/11
7/15/11 23:15 SeaTac WA Light 12 minutes On July 15, 2011 at about 11:15 p.m. in SeaTac, WA I saw a light/object travelling North then North-East over the SeaTac Airport. 7/17/11
7/15/11 22:58 West Kelowna (Canada) BC Disk 30 seconds I saw a bright UFO fly past the clouds twice. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/17/11
7/15/11 22:00 Lunenburg MA Fireball 1 minute One orange glow looked like a ball of fire flew toward us above the cloud line in a straight line and disappeared just like that. 7/17/11
7/15/11 21:20 Lafayette LA Formation 5 to 7 minutes Red lights over Lafayette, Louisiana. 7/17/11
7/15/11 21:15 Stevens Point WI Fireball 2 minutes Addendum to report filed July 15th, 2011 7/17/11
7/15/11 21:15 Stevens Point WI Fireball 2 minutes Orange fireball travels west then north. 7/17/11
7/15/11 21:05 Lake Worth FL Cigar 3 seconds Dull yellow cigar shaped object silently flashed into sky, flew for a few seconds and then disappeared. 7/17/11
7/15/11 15:00 Denver CO Triangle 3 minutes White Triangle in Denver Colorado 7/17/11
7/15/11 15:00 West Chester PA Disk 30MINS ((HOAX??)) Clear zoomed images of a UFO; no stars in the sky. 7/17/11
7/15/11 10:30 Surfside Beach SC Triangle 15 min Was turning left out of our subdivision and looked up into the sky. Saw several bright lights "playing" thru the cloud. Full moon ton 7/17/11
7/15/11 02:50 Kissimmee FL Oval 7 minutes Fireball over Orlando 7/17/11
7/15/11 02:00 Palm Beach Gardens FL Oval 2:00 min Yellowish orange sphere high off the coast of eastern Florida! 7/17/11
7/14/11 23:34 Miami FL Triangle 10 seconds Large dark triangle with alternating blue and red lights flying over Miami 7/17/11
7/14/11 22:45 Morillon (France)
Light 00:15 Deux lumieres rouges orangées dans le ciel 7/17/11
7/14/11 22:45 Plano TX Light 20 seconds A white light in the night sky brightened, faded, maneuvered unlike a star/plane/satellite and disappeared. 7/17/11
7/14/11 22:00 Cleveland OH Circle 3 min Orange-red flickering ball floating over lake Erie west of the cuyahoga river. Floated then took of upward and west until disappeared. 7/17/11
7/14/11 22:00 Wayland MI Fireball 45 minutes Two "fireballs," 20 minutes apart, in different counties. 7/17/11
7/14/11 21:15 Emerald Isle NC Circle 5 seconds Orange light at Emerald Isle beach on July 14, 201. 7/17/11
7/14/11 20:50 Cape Coral FL Sphere 4 min Two crafts, one silver and one black chasing each other performing angular movements.Looking from our 5th. floor balcony we saw the pla 7/17/11
7/14/11 17:03 Chicago IL Oval 25 seconds Very large white oval travelling at 300 miles per hour spotted over Chicago 7/17/11
7/13/11 23:00 Jalon (Spain)
Fireball 23:03 Fireball in Jalon, Spain. 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:43 Atascosita TX Fireball 2:00 I thought it was a shooting star,it stopped and changed direction. 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:38 Athens GA Light 5sec I was standing outside and I saw a bright blue light descend down at a 90 degree angle west from my location at the aprtment. It was br 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:30 Watkins Glen NY Light 10 minutes Strange, Non-Aircraft Moving, Pulsing Lights Observed in Rural Upstate New York 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:30 Litchfield IL Fireball 5 minutes One round fireball hovering over central illinois then dissapearing 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:29 Watkins Glen NY Light 10 min Three lights in the night sky over upstate NY moving erratically and very quickly 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:25 Columbus OH Other 20-30 seconds Amber fire lantern over midtown Clintonville in Columbus, Ohio hovers for 10 seconds then quickly disappears into the sky 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:00 Dunbar WV Light 30 minutes Orange light over Charleston, WV area 7/17/11
7/13/11 22:00 Lithonia GA Triangle 4 sec Triangle craft with bright lights surrounding the perimeter. 7/17/11
7/13/11 21:40 Jersey City NJ Fireball 12 sec Very fast green hazy fireball over jersey city NJ 7/17/11
7/13/11 21:40 Watkins Glen NY Fireball 20 minutes Adult female witnesses 8 bizarre objects in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: See other reports from siblings of witness. PD)) 7/17/11
7/13/11 20:45 Goshen OH Cylinder 10 minutes The craft glowed a bright white and it was still daylight. 7/17/11
7/13/11 20:30 Newtown CT
20 minutes On 7/13/11 at approximatly 8:30PM while cruising on Lake Zoar, eight responsible adults saw at least seven cylindrical metallic craft g 7/17/11
7/13/11 20:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 5 minutes Two morphing golden shapes flying over Montreal in the evening on July 13th, 2011. 7/17/11
7/13/11 15:30 Gulf of Mexico LA Cylinder 30 sec Cylinder -shaped object 75 miles offshore the Gulf of Mexico between Texas and Louisiana border 7/17/11
7/13/11 13:00 Coarsegold CA Disk 2 minutes UFO Sighting on the way up to the mountains on a road trip with family 7/17/11
7/13/11 11:00 Aloha OR Circle 2 minutes UFO sighting after power outage 7/17/11
7/13/11 08:53 Lancaster NY Fireball 15 seconds I was in the backyard watching from a portable dvd and turned my head toward the sky ,not sure why .And I saw seven to eight objects in 7/17/11
7/13/11 03:00 Bozeman MT Unknown 2 hours That star is acting like a foosball! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a bright star or planet?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/13/11 03:00 Olney MD Changing 3 hours UFO with "tentacles" hovering in Olney, Maryland. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/12/11 23:10 Fairfield OH Disk 2 Min Saucer with Winged-Shaped Lights 7/17/11
7/12/11 20:03 Memphis TN Cigar Over a period of ~30 mins More Objects Over Memphis 7/17/11
7/12/11 20:00 Praia da Vitoria, Terceira, (Azores; Portugal)
Disk instant Disk shape and sphere shape near US military base (also the only island airport) Tericeira, Azores 7/17/11
7/12/11 10:54 Clive UT Cigar 25 min 25+ mins: Hovering crafts seen near lakeside military area/ Clive Utah 7/17/11
7/12/11 03:00 Cocoa FL Light 5 minutes Moving Light Flash in the Northern Sky 7/17/11
7/12/11 01:00 Hartland ME Sphere 3 mins UFOs over Great moose Lake, Maine 7-12-11 7/17/11
7/12/11 00:08 Saranac MI Triangle 5 minutes Three lights slowly and silently passed over my house 7/17/11
7/11/11 22:40 Wisconsin Dells WI Triangle 15 Min 4 Triangular shapes above Wisconsin Dells 7/17/11
7/11/11 22:25 Las Vegas NV Sphere 20sec Red glowing sphere or northwest las vegas (lone Mountain & 215) 7/17/11
7/11/11 22:00 Oakdale CA Chevron unknown While looking up at the star's in my backyard I saw wht apeaered to be 3 x star in the shape of a Chevron one star in the nose & one o 7/17/11
7/11/11 22:00 White House TN Fireball about 2 minutes Yellow and red oval orb flying horizontally over us in the city of White House, Tennessee. 7/17/11
7/11/11 20:05 Memphis TN Cigar 20 mins and watching We saw 6 separate objects flying different directions with and without airplanes and in different flight paths than the planes! 7/17/11
7/11/11 12:00 Georgetown TX Changing thru out the night large floating in every direction like stars 7/17/11
7/11/11 03:00 Woodbridge VA Cross 20 mins UFO flying high in sky moving all four directions for a prolonged period of time 7/17/11
7/11/11 01:45 Wingdale NY Sphere 1 hour There were 6 spheres (1 larger orange and 5 smaller red flashing) circled around my home. 7/17/11
7/11/11 01:00 Chapel Hill NC Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball appeared briefly in the sky and passed over me. 7/17/11
7/11/11 01:00 Manchester MI Other 10 mins ((HOAX??)) I got on top of this hill and i looked up and seen a very bright amber object and it was very c 7/17/11
7/11/11 00:00 Orlando FL Light 4 seconds A yellow beam of light came up from the ground flashing about 4 times and then vanishes. 7/17/11
7/10/11 23:15 Wolf Point MT Light 3-4 minutes Orange-reddish lighs-bright lights pulsating coming from west then disappearing 7/17/11
7/10/11 23:15 Ocean Beach (Fire Island) NY Light 30 seconds 4 orange lights low in the sky observed from Fire Island, NY. ((NUFORC Note: Witness include former Air Traffic Controller. PD)) 7/17/11
7/10/11 20:45 Menands NY Unknown 5 minutes Round flame colored object traveling east to west at great speed, then slowed to a stop, sped up and then traveled slowly west 7/17/11
7/10/11 20:00 West Hills CA Triangle 30 minutes UFO fly across the moon. 7/17/11
7/10/11 17:00 Bridgeport CT Light 5 seconds Small bright light traveling Northwest over clear blue sky. 7/17/11
7/10/11 15:40 East Los Angeles CA Disk 10 minutes I was outside my home enjoying the summer breeze until a teal colored object in the sky caught my attention. At first I thought it was 7/17/11
7/10/11 14:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 5 minutes Spheres over Brooklyn 7/17/11
7/10/11 10:06 Bettendorf IA Fireball 4 minutes Saw 8 fireballs floating over Bettendorf high school in a group. After a couple minutes they dispersed. The appeared to fly or "drive" 7/17/11
7/10/11 08:30 Marlington WV Circle 2 min Was outside in the yard and saw a bright light moving slowly, looked away for a second and it was gone. 7/17/11
7/10/11 02:05 Missoula MT Light 1- 1.5 hr Flashing green, red, blue, and white lights hovering above and scanning valleys north of Missoula. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/10/11 00:00 Parkwood in Medway (UK/England)
Disk 59 seconds UFO sighting : Medway Kent, 10.07.2011! 7/17/11
7/9/11 23:00 Wisconsin Dells WI Sphere 7 seconds 5 orange orbs headind north at a good clip,over campground 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:53 Columbia City IN Light approximately 1 minute a light appeared and slowly moved with a zigzag motion then disappeared 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:45 Joplin MO Light 1-2 minutes Orange ball moving above Joplin, MO 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:30 San Fernando CA Oval 2 sec WHITE LIGHT OVER SAN FERNANDO EXPLODES WHILE MOVING. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from Iridium satellite?? PD)) 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:15 Mapillville RI Fireball 60 seconds On 7-9-2001 i was driving home from a friends house in Mapillville Road Island . I was 1000 feet from my driveway. There was a clearing 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:15 Grand Rivers KY Fireball 5 minutes My wife and I saw what appeared to be a large orange object lit by a flickering red light eminating from the lower front. 7/17/11
7/9/11 22:00 Milwaukee WI Formation 2 mins Location: USA Milwaukee WI Lakeshore Park Event: Milwaukee World Music Festival Also Known As Summer fest.

Time: July 9 between 2200
7/9/11 22:00 Delta OH Circle 45 seconds Yellow round ball of light which made S shaped manueuvers. 7/17/11
7/9/11 21:40 Arcata CA Rectangle 1 hour Green and red lights that flew over Arcata. 7/17/11
7/9/11 21:36 Chicago IL Other 30 seconds Like an airplane 7/17/11
7/9/11 21:30 Imperial MO Fireball 15 seconds Reddish orange fireball in sky in Imperial MO 7/17/11
7/9/11 21:00 Englewood FL Light 30 mins 3 lights in sky over gulf of mexico blinked strange colors moved slow 7/17/11
7/9/11 20:50 Elizabeth PA Circle 3 min Round black object on fire at first - traveling across sky . NO lights! 7/17/11
7/9/11 20:00 Medford NY Circle 03:00 At 8:00 pm in Medford, NY at my grandfathers (Matthew Accardi)house right before sunset we saw a circular red ufo that look like a red 7/17/11
7/9/11 10:45 Sparks NV Oval 2 min About a dozen car-sized silver round objects dance above Sparks Nevada 7/17/11
7/9/11 10:35 Owasso OK Triangle 3-4 minutes Triangular shaped UFO passes over my house in broad daylight. 7/17/11
7/8/11 23:00 Dallas TX Disk 10 minutes Bright yellow lights, most of the craft was hidden by the clouds. 7/17/11
7/8/11 16:00 West Alton (Mississippi River) MO Unknown 5 minutes It went underwater eventually, it was black,and seemed to have something on its back, cell phone signal was temporarily lost. 7/17/11
7/8/11 02:20 Sacramento CA Light 5 minutes (approx.) Northern California Night Orb. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a landing light on an approaching airliner? PD)) 7/17/11
7/8/11 01:00 Villa Hills KY Fireball 10 seconds My mom and i were driving home and i saw a fireball of some sort flying across the sky and then a yellow ring burst around it and anoth 7/17/11
7/8/11 00:00 Franklinville NC Other 2 min Red object the size of the moon in franklinville Nc 7/17/11
7/7/11 22:40 Coon Rapids MN Light 2 minutes Bright light in Coon Rapids 7/17/11
7/7/11 22:30 Moore SC Triangle 25 minutes There was a 3 lights that were oscilating around themselves and twirling in a circle. Then as I watched it turned and shaped in to a fl 7/17/11
7/7/11 22:00 Helixville PA Cigar 2 minutes Cigar shaped neon green object 7/17/11
7/7/11 21:15 Swindon (UK/England)
Fireball 2 mins 07/07/11 21:15 Swindon fireball/flame travelled across night sky with no sound 7/17/11
7/7/11 21:00 Machesney Park IL Circle 2-3minutes 5 orange objects in the sky 7/17/11
7/7/11 19:00 Horseheads NY Changing 3 minutes Weird craft 7/17/11
7/7/11 16:58 Liverpool NY Sphere north A light in the sky blink red and green. 7/17/11
7/7/11 05:30 Milton VT Unknown 1 Minute An irrational noise in the middle of the night. 7/17/11
7/7/11 00:50 Cincinnati OH Diamond 1 min Small diamond craft with two white lights on the sides and a red light on the front in the shape of a triangle 7/17/11
7/7/11 00:30 Snoqualmie WA Other 2 hours Possible abduction. 7/17/11
7/7/11 00:00 Tarpon Springs FL Circle 2 Minutes Ball of fire observed in sky. 7/17/11
7/7/11 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 6 Minutes UFO over Powers and Omaha 7/17/11
7/6/11 22:00 Overland Park KS Light ~ 5 Minutes Two orange lights over Kansas City 7/17/11
7/6/11 22:00 Burton MI Fireball 5 minuets Orange Fire Ball 7/17/11
7/6/11 21:00 Gulfport MS Unknown five minutes Bright red/white light hovers over Gulfport, climbs rapidly, heads north, then east, the downward, 7/17/11
7/6/11 20:35 Morin Heights (Canada) QC Circle 5 Minutes Two "whitish" circular lights in the sky moving at a constant speed, without changing direction. 7/17/11
7/6/11 18:45 Doha (Qatar) AL Sphere 5 minutes Round object emitting steady white light seen flying over Doha,Qatar 7/17/11
7/5/11 22:00 Stevensville MI Egg 1 min Four Glowing craft in formation near stevensville MI 7/17/11
7/5/11 05:59 Palm Desert CA Disk I don't know One moving disk in flight while second disk also moving in front of hillside. ((NUFORC Note: Bird with wings folded, we believe. PD)) 7/17/11
7/5/11 01:30 Austin TX Triangle 3 minutes A couple of friends and I were enjoying independence day when we looked up at The sky and saw about 5 triangular objects with only the 7/17/11
7/5/11 01:00 Washington PA Changing 2 hours At approx. 1:00am something caught my eye it was a clear night you could see all the 7/17/11
7/5/11 00:38 Fresno CA Triangle 20 minutes Strange lights/UFO's over Fresno,Ca near the airport. 7/17/11
7/4/11 00:00 Washington, D.C. DC Cylinder 1.5 seconds Black cylinder zips through the Washington Monument 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:45 John Day OR Flash 2 minutes Eastern sky large flash star missing Super Nova? 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00 Hebron IN Formation 30 minutes Formation of Chinese lanterns 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00 Warrensburg MO Fireball 20 min. Just little balls of light. 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00 Middlesboro KY Fireball 5-minutes softball sized reddish/orange fire ball seen slowly coming towards us, then abrupt U turn and dissappeared 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00 Tyrone Township MI Fireball 3-4 min. A brief glimpse of 2 orange-red obects moving at a minute apart 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:00 St. Louis Park MN Circle 4 Minutes Red ball was floating in the sky after the firwork display in SLP, MN 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Phillipsburg KS Sphere 3 minutes My wife, myself and some friends were coming into our town when witnessed what I wanted to call a Chinese lantern. It flew right over t 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Sylvan Grove KS Fireball 5 minutes Unidentified, slow-moving glowing object, Sylvan Grove, Kansas 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Everett WA Oval approx. 2min Bright red orb seen on July 4th 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:30 Flint MI Sphere 15 - 20 minutes I was sitting in my backyard facing north at about 22:45 hours on July 4th, 2011. In the sky to the north of where I was sitting a lar 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Auburn/Federal Way WA Sphere 45 minutes 15 witnesses saw red lights at night over Auburn, Washington on 7/4/2011 - Not fireworks or lanterns.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/4/11 22:00 Portland TN Circle approximately 1 minute Addition to Orange/Red Orb July 4th 2011 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Bradenton FL Oval 5mins These were not fireworks nor planes of which I have seen many - they were things I had never seen before -- 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Brazil IN Oval 30 mins Orange spheres in formation 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Portland TN Circle approximately 1 minute Orange/Red Orb July 4th 2011 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Muncie IN Light 4 min ((HOAX??)) 4th of July ufo and a image of a ghostly alien face very disturbing. 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Muncie IN Light 3 min saw glowing orange ball of light and ghostly face 7/17/11
7/4/11 22:00 Whitehouse Beach
Light 10 minutes 5 orange lights. 2 moved together at same speed in an offset manner from west to east. Then stopped and remained stationary. One light 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:45 Fair Haven MI Light 5-8 minutes 7 Adults Witness very large white/yellow glowing objects near the moon on July 4, 2011 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:45 Seabrook NH Unknown 45 sec Orange light hovering by power plant 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:40 Manson WA Circle 6 seconds Unidentified object fades from sight above Lake Chelan near Manson WA 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:35 Chicago IL Cigar 20 min. Another mysterious vehicle observed, Chicago fireworks display, July 4, 2011. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 Richmond KY Circle 30 minutes Red Orbs in the sky above Lake Reba in Richmond, KY. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 Colorado Springs CO Disk 3 minutes The flying objects seem to appear and dissapear without leaving a trail in the long exposure photos. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 Ellisville MO Fireball 5 to 10 min Nothings tops off a firework show like ufos! In the middle of the show while I was chilling with my girlfriend and her parents. Off th 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 New Berlin WI Circle 1 minute Orange glowing sphere over New Berlin Wisconsin 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:25 Lockport IL Triangle 20-30 seconds Two orange triangles moving simultaneously behind each other, then after 20/30 seconds, disappear on a clear stary night. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:20 Blue Springs MO Sphere 3 minutes Fireball moving across the sky east to west during July 4th fireworks 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:15 Washington, D.C. DC Cylinder 2 seconds My family and I saw something fly over head silently and without lights. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:15 Rice Lake WI Fireball seven minutes On July 4, 2011, at approximately 21:15, right after the first ten minutes of the fireworks display, I noticed an orange fireball orb f 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:10 Bryant AR Fireball 2 min This may be an ISS sighting, but I can't locate sighting information for Little Rock, AR of that date and had no internet access that e 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:05 Crestview FL Fireball 10 minutes Fireball observing the fireworks! 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:00 Fairview TN Light 1.5 minutes Triangular UFO rising from Nashville and heading south at amazing speed. 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:53 Morgan Hill CA
1 sec I captured a strange thing in one of my 4th of July fireworks photographs. 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:30 Spanaway WA Fireball 3:00 Several sightings over Spanaway, WA, of fireball objects with intentional direction of travel. 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:30 Lake Junaluska NC Triangle 5 min Triangle, hovering then moving away slowly. Single red light on and off at random. No sound. 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:30 West Des Moines IA Circle 3 minutes 2 red/orange spheres moving slowly appeared in des moines iowa. 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:30 Ocean Beach CA Light 1hr 30 min 3-4 lights in the sky before fireworks 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:00 Coral Springs FL Circle 4th of July Party two Organg lights about 100ft.up going north on Coral Springs hispeed stop at Wiles rd.and went up and out sight in les than 1/2 7/17/11
7/4/11 20:00 Elizabethtown KY Circle 4 min ((HOAX??)) Orange circle moving slow across sky Elizabethtown, KY. 7/17/11
7/4/11 19:30 Snoqualmie WA Light 20 minutes One white light and two red, flying over Washington neighborhood on fourth of July 7/17/11
7/4/11 00:05 Springdale AR Triangle approx 1 minute Orangish triangle shaped flying object in nwa on july 4th 2011 around midnight flying north 7/17/11
7/3/11 23:00 Puerto Rico/Ft. Lauderdale FL Light 10 minutes Objects began to appear in the night sky next to our airplane 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:20 Butte MT Sphere 2 to 3 min Sphere/fireball seen during fireworks 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:10 Oak Lawn IL Circle 1-3 min Red glare visible atom shaped object in shy 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:10 Bradenton Beach FL Other 45 mins. Bright white trapezoidal objects viewed ascending into clouds over Gulf of Mexico off of Anna Maria Island 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:00 Riverview WI Circle 10-15 minutes Orange ball-like objects move slowly across the sky horizontally 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:00 Spokane (Spokane River; Muncies Marina) WA Fireball 10-15 Minutes Spokane River (McCoys Marina): Red-Yellow Fireball witnessed. 7/17/11
7/3/11 22:00 Broken Arrow OK Cylinder 3 minutes Large object with orange/red light. 7/17/11
7/3/11 21:45 Hanover Township PA Teardrop 2 min. July 4th ufo's, & flare lit balloons 7/17/11
7/3/11 21:30 Patton PA Light 2 minutes Orange light in the sky 7/17/11
7/3/11 21:24 Patton PA Light 2 minutes total Orange light in the sky over Patton PA... appeared twice. 7/17/11
7/3/11 19:00 Brooksville FL Cigar 3 min Cigar-shaped with orange and green glow all thru out the shape sped along across the dusk sky at a fast speed then slowed down a bit th 7/17/11
7/3/11 18:57 Tinley Park/Oak Forest IL Light 2 minutes 2 Glowing orbs of light went over my yard in Tinley Park, IL about a minute apart on July 3rd at 9 pm. 7/17/11
7/3/11 16:00 Raymore MO Fireball 3 minutes Fireball in Raymore, MO. 7/17/11
7/3/11 08:03 Red Feather area CO Other 2 mins This object was flying right to left an stoped an went back to the right after few seconds of wierd movements it continued to go left!! 7/17/11
7/3/11 08:00 Denver (near) CO Light 2 mins We were camping in Colorado in the mountains. On our way back Sunday July 3rd we were driving and my girlfriend said whats that? I loo 7/17/11
7/2/11 22:25 Lake Cumberland (Wolf Creek Dam) KY Sphere 7 mi Bright star like objects 7/17/11
7/2/11 21:00 Oologah OK Light 3 minutes Bright Orange Light or orb 7/17/11
7/2/11 20:00 Milford MI Oval 5 min A milky looking globe with an apparent fire inside the object...without the fire comsuming the object. 7/17/11
7/2/11 18:00 St. Mary MT Oval 15 seconds Seven oval shapes at very high altitude in clear blue sky. Circling around one another, as if a flock of birds but no wings. White bot 7/17/11
7/2/11 17:00 Washington NY Disk 15 minutes I saw 7 metallic disk type hovering above the Washington monument. There were 7 total at one point. Two were on the left side hovering 7/17/11
7/2/11 05:00 Charlotte NC Cross 4 minutes me and my friends were at a youth rock concert and we saw 2 to 4 cross shaped craft hover over the football field. I am pretty sure tha 7/17/11
7/1/11 22:30 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Sphere 20 minutes Orange orbs over lake ontario canada 7/17/11
7/1/11 01:00 Cincinnati (suburbs) IN Rectangle 2-4 minutes One reddish orange aircraft. 7/17/11
6/30/11 21:10 Nags Head NC Sphere 1-2 minutes Large bright and pulsating orange red spherical light observed traveling south to north. 7/17/11
6/28/11 17:30 Black River Falls WI Fireball 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) White and orange orb hovering over campsite, followed by continued sightings by myself and friends 7/17/11
6/24/11 11:45 Rockford IL Other 2-3 seconds Very large object glides across opening in clouds for a brief view. 7/17/11
6/13/11 00:00 Lubbock TX Oval 5 min The enormous craft over lubbock texas. 7/17/11
6/1/11 22:30 Lancaster PA Circle 5-10 min 4 witness confirmation on another's sighting 7/17/11
6/1/11 22:00 Brooklyn Park MN Sphere 2 min. 3 Red/Orange ball in night sky Brooklyn Park MN 7/17/11
5/21/11 20:00 Washington, D.C. DC Triangle on going ((HOAX??)) Saw hover triangle with eight lights in D.C. 7/17/11
4/29/11 22:30 Corning NY Light 3 hours From around 10:30 pm to 1:00 am seen four lights in the sky at seperate times. They were not planes because they made 90 degrees turns 7/17/11
4/26/11 16:00 Santarem (Portugal)
Light 2 minutes goodday! =) my boyfriend and i were giving a walk and we were trying out the zoom of his new video camera on a plane and right next to 7/17/11
4/4/11 20:41 Venice CA Light 3 International Space Station flew over Los Angeles. Coming from Northwest to Southeast on 4th July at 8:41 to 8:45 p.m. It was announce 7/17/11
2/3/11 07:00 Lehigh FL Triangle 10 min Black triangular craft with no running lights and two blue burners on the bottom flying near hwy 82 and sunshine in Lehigh 7/17/11
12/29/10 22:30 Tucson AZ Light 1 or 2 minutes Three, then four lights moving unnaturally fast, stopping abruptly then going straight up unnaturally fast; all with no sound. 7/17/11
10/12/10 20:15 Bridgeton MO Rectangle 2 minutes Dark rectangular object ascended into the sky near St. Louis International airport 7/17/11
7/15/10 11:30 West Linn OR Triangle 2-5 minutes I will submit a picture & report to the image link. ((NUFORC Note: Dramatic sighting over West Linn, OR, of peculiar object. PD)) 7/17/11
6/30/10 11:00 Sun Valley NV Other 5 seconds This ball made no sound, and I saw no power source. 7/17/11
1/10/10 21:05 UK/England
Circle 15min This craft new what it was doing 7/17/11
12/22/09 23:32 Stráž pod Ralskem (Czech Republic)
Unknown 1 Minute Videěl jsem UFO, které se podivně pohybovalo po obloze, střídalo barvy, Ztrácelo se ze záznamu, z nepochopitelných d&#36 7/17/11
1/15/09 22:00 Takla Landing (Canada) BC Circle seconds To my mind a no brainer multiple UFO sighting that has occured more than once in the same area. 7/17/11
5/23/08 23:00 Brandon FL Formation 3 minutes At 11pm eastern time, i was driving west on compton road in brandon florida. as i approached a stop sign i looked into the distance and 7/17/11
4/15/07 22:00 Iraq (classified; military position)
Circle 5-10 mins 3 UfO's- One emitting a tornado like beam at my military unit-a 3rd ran an intercept route,vanish.((NUFORC Note: Rocket venting? PD)) 7/17/11
6/30/05 19:00 Sun Valley NV Fireball 10 seconds There was no sound from this basketball size thing. 7/17/11
5/10/05 15:00 Holstein IA Unknown unknown Time manipulation after possible abduction.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/20/04 22:30 Newport OR Fireball 30 minutes Two men observe large, red/orange, glowing object disappear into the night sky. 7/17/11
6/20/03 15:00 Coldwater MI Triangle 5 Minutes The craft emitted a low intensity green light, in broad daylight, no sound, very low, and easily covered an entire golf course in size 7/17/11
6/30/02 20:00 Sun Valley NV Light 15 seconds I thought it was a police chopper with it's light but there was no chopper or police car behind me. 7/17/11
6/30/01 20:00 Garden Grove CA Rectangle About 30 sec Ufo up close and personal!upducted.???? 7/17/11
7/4/97 21:15 Scottsdale AZ
~15 minutes A bright red object was seen traveling from west Phoenix to east TempeSpeed was slow (probably too slow for most aircraft), it also app 7/17/11
7/8/90 00:10 Milwaukee WI Fireball 1 minute Large bright orange/red ball over Milwaukee that slowly disappeard 7/17/11
7/15/89 03:00 Fire Mountain NV Triangle unknown 12 year old sees two objects on a camping trip at fire mt 1989 7/17/11
7/1/85 22:00 Great Neck NY Rectangle 10 minutes Giant UFO sighting on Long Island in the mid 1980's 7/17/11
7/23/82 19:00 Sweetwater TN Cylinder 10 minutes A UFO sighting in Sweetwater, Tennessee in 1982, witnessed by many 7/17/11
7/1/70 00:00 San Antonio TX Oval 10.00 min. San Antonio UFO sighting in 1970 while parking with girlfriend. 7/17/11
6/9/67 23:00 Camelon (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 40mins Sphere 7/17/11
Maasmechelen (Belgium)
Light 3-5 minutes What we saw was a bright light ( orange,red ) coming from east.

My wife saw the object as first before i realised what it could be s