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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/8/11 00:22 Kingston upon Hull (UK/England)
Light around 10 minutes Star like object, changed dir. randomly and dissapeared after a burst of speed. ((NUFORC Note: Correct date and time amended. PD)) 8/7/11
8/7/11 05:00 Lehigh Acres FL Unknown 10 minutes UFO sightings 2 days in a row in Lehigh Acres, Florida. 8/7/11
8/7/11 00:41 Winslow ME Light 1:41 Odd oscillating white lights above Maine (Sighted in central Maine) 8/7/11
8/6/11 23:35 Naples FL Circle 5 - 6 seconds Bright white circle with light blue arura in the night sky. 8/7/11
8/6/11 23:00 Masaryktown FL Fireball 30 seconds Rocket shaped object in green fireball slowly moving downward at a 90 degree angle. 8/7/11
8/6/11 23:00 Orwell OH Light One minute Strange star like ball of light follows plane and then tales off 8/7/11
8/6/11 21:45 Northport MI Fireball 15 Flying orbs in sky above northport. 8/7/11
8/6/11 21:45 Guelph (Canada) ON Circle 15 minutes Witnessed 9 bright orange objects, flying in exact formation with 3 flying v formation at front of each group of 3. 8/7/11
8/6/11 21:30 Seaside OR Fireball 15 minutes 3 Fireball Looking Objects Seen Over Seaside, Oregon on the Evening of August 6th, 2011 8/7/11
8/6/11 21:30 Oakdale NY Fireball 15 minutes 6 slow moving fireballs seen in western sky on Long Island 8/7/11
8/6/11 20:34 Long Beach CA Cone 1 minute The Aircraft was a circle it white lights surrounding it with one on top of it. 8/7/11
8/6/11 05:00 Lehigh Acres FL Light 4 - 8 minutes 3 UFO's sighted that look like stars in the sky. Impossible flight maneuvers...cloaking capabilities. 8/7/11
8/6/11 03:00 Maryland MD Oval ten minutes ((HOAX??)) Bright oval object moving across the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Source does not indicate a date. PD)) 8/7/11
8/6/11 00:14 Canyon Lake CA Triangle 5 seconds Bright red triangle craft flying over Menifee, Quail Valley, Canyon Lake, California 8/7/11
8/6/11 00:00 Round Rock TX Circle long My wife and i last night saw a very bright star light object (not a star).It was just moving up very slowly.Im not sure if it was the s 8/7/11
8/5/11 23:00 Woodstock WV Formation For a few hours Bright lights in a formation in the sky, and I believe I was abducted. 8/7/11
8/5/11 21:55 Oaks PA Triangle minutes UFO Sighting on Route 422 near Oaks 8/7/11
8/5/11 20:53 Sandwich IL Fireball 4 min 12-14 Red-Orange orbs all following each other. 8/7/11
8/5/11 20:50 Pueblo CO Triangle 4 seconds Creme white triangular craft and streak behind it. 8/7/11
8/5/11 20:30 Grafton MA Unknown 6 minutes Column of orange-red-amber lights appeared in night sky then disappeared into clouds. 8/7/11
8/5/11 18:13 Cheyenne WY Circle 15 to 20 min. 8/5/11 I observed five round brightly colored objects moving sw to ne quietly at great speed. 8/7/11
8/5/11 12:15 South Lyon MI Oval 30 seconds Bright reflection of sun in oval object. Disappeared 8/7/11
8/5/11 05:15 Sugar Land TX Rectangle 12 seconds Slow rectangular bright iridescent object in Texas sky. 8/7/11
8/5/11 01:13 Hialeah FL Fireball 3 seconds Fireball UFO zooms away at warp speed making no sound. 8/7/11
8/4/11 23:00 Canfield OH Fireball 5 minutes Total of 7 Balls of light over Boardman area. 8/7/11
8/4/11 22:10 Gresham OR Other 2 min-5min Two drone like objects chasing or observing a star like craft or object that was faster and more silent then any other craft or object 8/7/11
8/4/11 22:00 Post Falls ID Light 25 seconds Bright light on mountain top by cell tower- receded behind mountain after 25 sec 8/7/11
8/4/11 22:00 Crestwood KY Fireball 30sec Orange/red balls of light near Louisville, Ky (no sound). 8/7/11
8/4/11 21:00 Kingman AZ Changing 15 minutes 30 lights heading toward Vegas over the Kingman area. 8/7/11
8/4/11 20:45 Kingman AZ Oval 15-30 mins the first time Possible UFO over kingman az 8/7/11
8/4/11 20:45 Kingman AZ Oval 10 minutes A UFO that was hovering outside the town of Kingman, Arizona for about 10 minutes total. ((NUFORC Note: Other reports. PD)) 8/7/11
8/4/11 03:30 Willow Springs IL Other 3 minutes I was walking my dog at 3:30 AM on 8-4-11 and I always look up at the stars. As I was looking at the stars, one of them started moving. 8/7/11
8/4/11 00:23 Fairfield VA Flash 1-2 sec My friend was driving me home and in the tree line right in front of us something pass over the road at a rapid rate of speed. 8/7/11
8/4/11 00:00 Ontonagon MI Light 15 min. ((HOAX??)) a really fast and bright star. ((NUFORC Note: One of several reports from the same source. PD)) 8/7/11
8/3/11 22:49 Nampa ID Triangle 10 minutes Two large amber glowing objects over Nampa/ Caldwell Idaho 8/7/11
8/3/11 21:00 Mount Shasta CA Unknown We were there about an ho Lights on Black Butte in Mt. Shasta, CA in an area not accessible to humans or animals in symmetrical lines. 8/7/11
8/3/11 21:00 Eagle Pass TX Oval 30. min 3 Fast moving orange objects that made a loud noise as it moved 8/7/11
8/3/11 20:45 Ocean Isle Beach NC Formation 1 min Orange lights in formation over the ocean. Moved quickly to the right. 8/7/11
8/3/11 15:18 Fredericksburg VA Light 2 seconds Small ball of light in western sky 8/7/11
8/3/11 13:15 Teterboro NJ Circle 6 seconds Round shape metallic object flying in the sky. 8/7/11
8/3/11 12:31 Alexandria VA Disk 17.5 Mins Epic sighting man.... 8/7/11
8/3/11 05:15 Fort Collins CO Sphere 1 min Fight blue fast moving light over Fort Collins. 8/7/11
8/3/11 01:20 San Antonio TX Triangle 45 min A triangular shaped object seemed to be floating and flashing bright, different colored light. Over a course of 45 minutes it slowly ch 8/7/11
8/3/11 01:00 South Point OH Light 40+ minutes Red and white hovering light over South Point, Ohio. 8/7/11
8/3/11 00:14 Ankeny IA Formation 20 minutes Triangle UFOs in formation around the New Highschool 8/7/11
8/2/11 23:20 Holladay UT Light 2 minutes Two bright, white lights were seen in formation, and possibly exiting Earth's atmosphere, late Au. 2nd over the Salt Lake Valley. 8/7/11
8/2/11 23:00 Clarksville TN Light 15 seconds It moved in very odd pattern and then seemed to explode then disappear. 8/7/11
8/2/11 23:00 Columbus OH Fireball 10-20sec Orange orb / ball seen over NE columbus ohio 8/7/11
8/2/11 22:00 Silver Spring MD Sphere 1 hr. Red-Orange "Fireballs" in the Night sky 8/7/11
8/2/11 21:35 Rocklin CA Rectangle 5 to 10 seconds Small dot of light grew rapidly into a brilliant rectangle and then vanished. 8/7/11
8/2/11 21:30 Mahanoy City PA Fireball 15 mins. Orange fireballs appearing and disappearing. 8/7/11
8/2/11 21:25 Owego NY Triangle 3 minutes Triangular craft spotted with 3 white lights on corners, hovered without sound. 8/7/11
8/2/11 21:15 Albuquerque NM Circle 1 minute Green, glowing circle being chased through the albuquerque sky by helicopter 8/7/11
8/2/11 02:00 Memphis TN Cylinder 6-7 mins VERY LOW OBJECT w/ LIGHTS, sounded like helicopter, but WAS NOT! ((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several. PD)) 8/7/11
8/2/11 01:00 Sumter SC Triangle 07:15 An unknown object appeared in the hour of darkness 8/7/11
8/2/11 00:26 Kennewick WA Light 1 minute A very bright dot of moving red light, then a flash like an explosion far up in the western sky. 8/7/11
8/2/11 Warsaw NC Circle 20 mins we saw the ufo in smalltown warsaw nc. and helicopters where searching for the craft 8/7/11
8/1/11 23:00 Winnsboro LA Unknown over 2 hrs We couldnt make out the shape but we saw red and blue flashing lights hovering for over 2 hrs.. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD)) 8/7/11
8/1/11 22:30 Arvada CO Circle 30 seconds 10:30 lighted circle over arvada colorado , middle became bright and objectfaded away 8/7/11
8/1/11 22:15 Newport News VA Light 20 Seconds Bright light high in sky that went out to a very dim red light traveling north to southwest just west of the dipper. 8/7/11
8/1/11 22:00 Violet LA Triangle 1-2 hours 2 triangle crafts, bright blue beams 8/7/11
8/1/11 22:00 Brick Town NJ Light 20 minutes Unidentifiable lights over metedeconk river, NJ 8/7/11
8/1/11 04:30 Severa Park MD Egg about 30 seconds three flashes, 3 objects moved to a certain spot in the sky, started spinning, then disappeared 8/7/11
8/1/11 01:06 Atlanta GA Light 5 seconds Green light crashes to earth near atlanta 8/7/11
8/1/11 01:00 Danville VA Unknown 2 hours Obvious non-human air craft 8/7/11
8/1/11 00:45 Lawrence MA Other 5 mins Large glowing spere like object appears vanishes and appears as a strange bar shaped object with two lights then vanishes. 8/7/11
8/1/11 00:30 Clinton WA Unknown 1 Min Object with three lights hovering just above trees. 8/7/11
8/1/11 00:00 Bokchito OK Light 3-4 minutes Bright orange/blue light moving really fast then disapearing. 8/7/11
7/31/11 23:00 Algonquin IL Circle 3 minutes Glowing Orange Globe moving slowly across sky and then just disappeared, followed 20 min later by another. 8/7/11
7/31/11 23:00 Kenosha WI Light 4 minutes Two red light/balls buzz Waukegan to Kenosha and disappear to the east over Lake Michigan. 8/7/11
7/31/11 22:51 Barrington IL Light 3 seconds A circular white light in the sky descending diagonally towards the tree horizon. 8/7/11
7/31/11 22:31 Seven Hills OH Light 5 minutes fast moving lights in a zigzag pattern, south to north movement 8/7/11
7/31/11 22:30 Lyndonville VT Fireball approximately 3 and 1/2 m Two circular orange fireballs over northeastern Vermont 8/7/11
7/31/11 22:22 San Diego (ranch environment) CA Light 1 second I looked up into the dark night sky and a bright orb, like the same spotted over Jerusalem recently. ((Student report.)) 8/7/11
7/31/11 21:45 Yarmouthport MA Diamond 5 min. Orange flaming diamond shaped object moving slowly & silently over nighttime sky in Yarmouthport, MA 8/7/11
7/31/11 21:00 Milford CT Oval 10-15 seconds Bright orange, silent orb, moving steadily but not real fast across the sky 8/7/11
7/31/11 19:30 Washington, D.C. DC Sphere 10 seconds while watching the debt debate on cnn news channel we witnessed an ornage sphere flying over the capital during an commercial break on 8/7/11
7/31/11 00:20 Terre du Lac MO Light 6 minutes Bright light travelling North to Southwest. 8/7/11
7/31/11 00:10 Tillsonburg (Canada) ON Light 2 min Orange silent light travelling over Tillsonburg ON 8/7/11
7/31/11 00:00 Fulton NY Fireball 20 three triangle shaped objects on fire in the sky 8/7/11
7/31/11 00:00 Ashland KY Triangle around 1 min 45 sec I walked out to smoke and seen a red triangler red light with white lights circling the outside of it. Both blinking very fast. 8/7/11
7/30/11 23:30 Hull (UK/England)
Oval 30 mins ufo sighted 30 mins activity 8/7/11
7/30/11 23:10 Lexington KY Circle 45 seconds orange light 8/7/11
7/30/11 23:00 Smithville TX Triangle 4 hours Red and green glow to lights on triangle crafts and GIANT falling star w/ green tracer then broke into 3 parts. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:54 Waterbury CT Fireball ten minutes Orange lights over waterbury CT 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:45 Cary IL Circle 4 minutes Four unidentifiable orange objects hovering silently and slowly moving in the sky above Cary, IL 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:30 Mattapoisett MA Light 5 minutes Witnessed 3 bright orange lights moving slowly through the sky. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:15 Stone Harbor NJ Fireball 5 - 10 minutes Multiple fireballs North of Stone Harbor 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:12 Clermont FL Sphere 3 min 07/30/2011 time 22:12 in greater groves blvd clermont fl 34714 6-7 hovering objects 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:05 Port Jeff Station NY Fireball 5 min Appeared floating than was speeding through the sky suddenly went up at 90 degrees and disappeared. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Millsboro DE Unknown 1 hour plus Orange lights in sky. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Norfolk MA Light seconds July 31 @ approximately 10 and 10:30 pm watching the night sky and saw two separate balls of light very large streak across the sky. I 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Brentwood TN Fireball 10 Minutes 10-30 orange fireballs over Brentwood, TN. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Squaw Valley CA Light 10 seconds Slow moving ball of light. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Toledo OH Light 3 minutes Amber lights seen in the distant sky, moving together before "flying" away. 8/7/11
7/30/11 22:00 Brandon VT Circle 3 min Star imposters 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:35 Newington CT Circle came from north and went 1 orange lights over Newington, CT 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:20 Wind Lake WI Fireball 15 minutes Glowing ball with a red glowing top. They appeared to be translucent. Disappeared quickly. 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:18 Troy NH Oval 2 minutes If it looks like the ISS but isn't, what is it? ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from an "Iridium" satellite?? PD)) 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:10 Dubuque IA Light about 10 mins? Single bright, moving winking light and … ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling rocket/booster?? PD)) 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:00 Lumberton NJ Fireball 4 minutes Two red-orange fireballs observed and interacted with via spotlight. 8/7/11
7/30/11 21:00 Prospect CT Circle 15 MINUTES 8 orange glowing circles float across the sky flying low 8/7/11
7/30/11 20:48 Roseville MI Light about 3 minutes A bright light in the sky, Roseville, Michigan 48066 @ approx 8:48 pm est. 8/7/11
7/30/11 20:30 Oconomowoc WI Light 30 seconds Two lights following a third, rotational maneuvering 8/7/11
7/30/11 20:30 Los Angeles CA Fireball 4 min Orange pulsating light over the Farmers Market in Los Angeles 8/7/11
7/30/11 20:15 Rotherham (UK/England)
Sphere 10 seconds Black sphere traversed the sky over Rotherham, UK. 8/7/11
7/30/11 17:45 Johnson VT Cigar 1 minute i saw it once before i went around the hill and when i got on the other side it was gone. 8/7/11
7/30/11 13:45 Buzzards Bay MA Diamond 15 seconds sitting in my back yard. around 345pm,. light haze to the sky, with mostly sunny skies.i heard a faint jet engine .living near cape 8/7/11
7/30/11 02:00 Marietta GA Unknown 3 hours Brilliant white object over Marietta GA ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD)) 8/7/11
7/30/11 01:35 Toledo OH Cylinder 15-20 minutes Spinning cluster of very bright red, blue and yellow lights in the Western sky. 8/7/11
7/30/11 00:10 Eureka MI Light 00:2:00 Turquoise Light in the sky 8/7/11
7/30/11 00:00 Lowell MA Light 9 min UFO on Pawtucket Blvd. in Lowell Massachusetts on July 30th. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star? PD)) 8/7/11
7/29/11 22:15 Utica NY Circle 5 minutes 8 orange glowing lights in the sky over Utica, NY 8/7/11
7/29/11 22:00 Goshen IN Circle 15 minutes 8 lights, performing differrent formations, then dissapearing 8/7/11
7/29/11 22:00 Concord CA Egg 5 minutes On July 29,2011 at 9:55 pm My husband and I saw a large low flying glowing orange object that was heading in an northeast direction. I 8/7/11
7/29/11 21:56 Williamsport PA Fireball
UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT - Lycoming County, 7/29/11 8/7/11
7/29/11 21:00 Indian Harbor Beach FL Light 10 minutes We saw a bright red light just above rooftop level heading south then another appeared and another the first appeared to turn west and 8/7/11
7/29/11 17:54 Spokane WA Oval 3 minutes Looked to the sky and noticed very high up in the sky, 2 gliding lights/saucers almost dancing around each other. 8/7/11
7/29/11 17:00 Wenatchee WA Light 4 minutes Bright star or planet at 5 pm that disappeared 8/7/11
7/29/11 03:06 Fort Collins CO Changing 20 minutes Three ships over Colorado 8/7/11
7/29/11 03:00 Eagle Pass TX Unknown 15 Two ligts over Kickapoo Reservation near the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas. 8/7/11
7/29/11 01:45 Fulshear TX Disk 2 to 3 seconds Giant neon pink, red and orange saucer appears and disappears instantly in Fulshear, Texas. 8/7/11
7/29/11 00:30 Detroit MI Sphere 45 sec. Detroit 8/7/11
7/28/11 22:38 Plano TX Unknown 4 seconds Bright white light,, aliens, phenomena 8/7/11
7/28/11 22:00 Lawrenceburg IN Other 1 split sec. Ball of light with a bright orange tail, similar to comet, tail retracted into ball of light, whole craft disappeared in white flash. 8/7/11
7/28/11 21:45 Cotulla TX Light 22:00 Lights in Cotulla TX southern skies orange like moving around and jumping @ very high speed followed by jet! 8/7/11
7/28/11 21:20 Boyd TX Unknown 30 seconds 4 lights in the sky 8/7/11
7/28/11 19:30 Blackduck/Bemidji (between) MN Circle A few seconds Bright white light, comes and goes in seconds but disappears mid air 8/7/11
7/28/11 12:20 Princeton WV Oval 2 seconds neon blue orb streaking by Size of the moon almost at about 4 500 feet up in the air for 2 seconds the completely disappeared 8/7/11
7/28/11 10:30 Beatty NV Flash 120 seconds Intense bright flashing light cluster possible diamond or triangle giant craft over Nye county Nevada 8/7/11
7/28/11 08:30 Atlanta GA Triangle 4 Minutes Triangular light followed by red ball of light seen in Atlanta, Georgia 8/7/11
7/28/11 00:00 Bronco TX Light 5 minutes Strange flying light over Texas / New Mexico border 8/7/11
7/28/11 Pueblo CO Diamond 37 minutes Diamond shape hovering over mountains 8/7/11
7/27/11 23:59 Overland Park KS Fireball Ten seconds. This was the second one of these I have seen in the last two or three months. I was driving south coming from Kansas City. The fireball 8/7/11
7/27/11 23:30 Nashville/Brentwood TN Circle 1-2 minutes Round fiery object moving across the sky at the same speed a plane travels. 8/7/11
7/27/11 22:35 Brookings (near) SD Circle 45 sec White light getting larger, then smaller and fading away 8/7/11
7/27/11 22:00 York MA Fireball 5 min Small orange-red 'fireball' orb moving slowly along beach 8/7/11
7/27/11 21:45 Roach MO Fireball 6 seconds Unexplained Circular Fireball 8/7/11
7/27/11 21:20 Malvern (UK/England)
Formation 40 mins 7 strange lights above malvern in england 8/7/11
7/27/11 21:00 Hilton Head Island SC Triangle 20-30 minutes 3 bright orange lights in triangular formation hovering in sky along coast 8/7/11
7/27/11 20:00 Collingwood (Canada) ON Sphere 4 hrs Bright ball of fire in sky, collingwood. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD)) 8/7/11
7/27/11 17:40 Pretoria (South Africa)
Light 1 minute The light was dimming and brightening for about four times and then disappeared. 8/7/11
7/27/11 11:45 Edmond OK Light 5-6 seconds Stars foating off and shooting away 8/7/11
7/27/11 08:00 Lone Pine PA Other 30 min Silver oval cylinder. 8/7/11
7/27/11 05:18 El Paso TX Sphere 3 seconds Two objects seen flying east then dissapeared 8/7/11
7/27/11 04:54 Coram NY Light 3 minutes Object as bright as Venus moves through sky long island 8/7/11
7/27/11 04:10 Port Clinton OH Other 30 minutes Got out of my car to see a large 8/7/11
7/27/11 02:00 Norwalk CT Light 50 min Blinking Bright Star/object, at lower alltitude than normal at stand still/ moving very subtully through the night sky. 8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00 East Setauket NY Circle 2 minutes Port Jefferson 8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00 Hilliard OH Oval Less than a second We witnessed a bright light at inconceivable speeds. 8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00 Watts OK Changing 15 minutes Big light in the middle of town that changed shape and color 8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00 Chesterton IN Disk 2 minutes Plasma shrouded UFO over Chesterton Indiana 8/7/11
7/27/11 00:20 Payne Springs TX Flash 0.03 Fast flash not typical of meteor 8/7/11
7/27/11 00:19 Fort McMurray (Canada) AB Disk 0:19- 0:37 Red and white huvering lights over Fort Mcmurray, Alberta. 8/7/11
7/27/11 00:00 Burlington KY Oval
I saw it late at night with a couple of my friends while driving it kept flying around low to the ground and flashing lights. 8/7/11
7/26/11 21:34 Chicago IL Fireball 3 Seconds Golden-Very slow-fireball-something about it was NOT RIGHT!! 8/7/11
7/26/11 21:30 Lebanon OH Fireball 2 seconds Bright blueish fireball type object in Lebanon 8/7/11
7/26/11 20:45 Battle Creek MI Fireball 2 seconds Green fireball over the trees in Battle Creek Michigan. 8/7/11
7/26/11 20:00 In-flight sighting IL Cigar 10 or 15 mins Tube or cigar shaped object floating in the air around the illinois/wisconsin border. 8/7/11
7/26/11 19:50 Memphis TN Cigar 30 mins 10 Unknown objects over Memphis ((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several from the same source. PD)) 8/7/11
7/26/11 19:50 Memphis TN Cigar 30 mins 10 Unknown objects over Memphis. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several from the same source. PD)) 8/7/11
7/26/11 19:30 Cotulla TX Rectangle 15 seconds Small, bright, yellow/orange lights in a pattern and on same plane 8/7/11
7/25/11 22:50 Mayville WI Light Less then 45 secs 2 EXTREMELY fast moving objects 20secs. apart taking the exact same path as though they were in a flight pattern. 8/7/11
7/25/11 22:15 Broomfield CO Unknown seconds Small, bright orb in Broomfield. 8/7/11
7/25/11 08:54 Oceanside CA Fireball 15 sec Orange light 8/7/11
7/25/11 03:20 Seattle WA Fireball 8 seconds Green to red fireball sited in Seattle, traveling E to W and a large flash of light beyond the horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 8/7/11
7/25/11 01:45 Columbus OH Chevron 2 minutes Huge Arrow shaped object with multiple lights veiwed and followed in car with friend over Columbus, Ohio. 8/7/11
7/25/11 00:00 Flagler Beach FL Fireball FEW MIN Fire Ball crash into Atlantic Ocean 8/7/11
7/24/11 23:50 Farrell PA Fireball 1 min I was sitting in my vehicle about 11:50 pm,and I decided to exit my car,as I stood in my driveway by my car I looked westward toward th 8/7/11
7/24/11 23:33 Ocala FL Circle 30 minutes 2 red beamin lights with 5 changing color objects beside it above ocala florida 8/7/11
7/24/11 23:03 Orting WA Light 4 min Orange balls in the sky very bright 8/7/11
7/24/11 23:03 Orting WA Light 4 min Orange lights near Orting, Wa. 8/7/11
7/24/11 22:30 Miami FL Unknown 3 minutes A bright red light flew across the sky from the east, and no noise what so ever came from this light. 8/7/11
7/24/11 21:15 Fruita CO Circle 4 Minutes Huge, orange orbs over Colorado National Monument 8/7/11
7/24/11 21:00 Ewa Beach HI Circle 10 SECONDS Green ball of light, larger than star, shoots across sky at high speed over Ewa Beach HI. 8/7/11
7/24/11 20:57 East Islip NY Circle 10 minutes 8 red dots moving in a line slower than a plane, then they all disappeared and one started flashing on long island. 8/7/11
7/24/11 20:45 Oak Lawn IL Circle aprox 1 minute Round red/orange ball 1/3 size of full Moon with yellow V-shaped flame inside. 8/7/11
7/24/11 20:00 Hemet CO Fireball 20 minutes ((HOAX??)) ORANGE AND RED FIREBALL TURNING TO A CLEAR LIGHT THEN TO A BLACK BALL 8/7/11
7/24/11 18:00 San Antonio TX Circle 10 secs Orange sphere over TX 8/7/11
7/24/11 09:15 Colonie NY Oval 2-3 minutes 2 crafts over albany ny . very close together moving in sharp turns and fast speed 8/7/11
7/24/11 01:00 Oxnard CA Triangle 1 hour UFO with red, white and green lights in a triangle form hovering over the ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star. PD)) 8/7/11
7/24/11 00:02 Billings MT Fireball 2 minutes Orange Red Fireball/Craft over Billings Montana. 2nd sighting this month. 8/7/11
7/24/11 00:00 Sloan TX Light 3 hours + Green light that darted and manuevered in amazing ways and large amounts of falling stars, etc. 8/7/11
7/23/11 23:47 Chicago IL Triangle approx 2 min Three orange-red lights in shape of triangle with fourth light approaching during an intense lightning storm. 8/7/11
7/23/11 23:20 Sylvania GA Fireball 10 sec Orange, slow moving, fireballs - south east of savannah nuclear plant 8/7/11
7/23/11 23:00 Lewiston ID Light less than 30 seconds Fast traveling bright light that appeared and disappeared in less than 30 seconds. 8/7/11
7/23/11 22:15 Des Moines WA Light 1 min Lights over runway landing patterns 8/7/11
7/23/11 22:15 Monticello NY Light One second Me and a friend saw a giant blue/white light up in the sky that made no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Flare from "Iridium" satellite? PD)) 8/7/11
7/23/11 22:10 Clive IA Oval 1:00 Orange glowing ball moving slow powerd by jet like flame 8/7/11
7/23/11 21:34 Cedarburg WI Light 1 minute Two amber lights over Cedarburg, WI. 8/7/11
7/23/11 21:00 Landsdale (15 mi. N of; on Northeast extension) PA Fireball 5 minutes My experience happened earlier this evening. I was driving south on the northeast extension, had already passed through the lehigh tunn 8/7/11
7/23/11 21:00 Yucaipa CA Light 45 min What appeared at first to be a pale yellow star, abruptly moved sideways and stopped over an oncoming jet airliner. 8/7/11
7/23/11 20:52 Memphis TN Other 15 minutes More Memphis UFOs-- confirmed by investigator as U/I. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several from the same source. PD)) 8/7/11
7/23/11 19:30 Lawrenceville GA Cigar 4-5 minutes Silent white capsule-shaped object seen over Lawrenceville, GA 8/7/11
7/23/11 17:00 Seattle WA Unknown 15 Minutes Three Silver Unknown Objects Observed Over Western Seattle Sky 8/7/11
7/23/11 17:00 Ursa IL Light 1 hour Daytime star. 8/7/11
7/23/11 16:00 Fredericksburg VA Cigar 30 seconds Large wingless aircraft 8/7/11
7/23/11 15:30 Council Bluffs IA Triangle 2min Object over council bluffs ia 8/7/11
7/23/11 09:00 Fort Pierce FL Light 5mins Three light in the sky red and whites lights no tail standing still in the sky. Then the lights came together then seperated and left i 8/7/11
7/23/11 06:50 Mesa AZ Circle 10-15 seconds Big Round Circle UFO Sighting, A.M. 8/7/11
7/23/11 05:23 Eagle Creek OR Flash 5 Seconds Flashing light, no sound, up approx 20k to 40k ft. Went from southwest to northeast horizon in about 6 sec. 8/7/11
7/23/11 05:00 Gainesville FL Flash 1 sec Odd asteroid streak 8/7/11
7/23/11 02:00 Koper (Slovenia)
Light 1 min Ufo composition seen in Slovenia 8/7/11
7/23/11 01:35 Key West FL Cigar 20 seconds While swimming in our pool, over our heads at about 60 degrees towards north heading dead west a red and white oscillating strobe light 8/7/11
7/23/11 00:07 Marysville WA Sphere 3-4 minutes Two red fiery objects fly over Marysville, WA; multiple witnesses 8/7/11
7/22/11 23:55 Huntersville NC

UFO 10-12 yards away from us! It shines it's spotlight on us! 8/7/11
7/22/11 23:00 New Smyrna Beach FL Fireball 30 seconds Fireball and explosion in the sky over N. Central Florida. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a meteor. PD)) 8/7/11
7/22/11 22:40 Woodbury MN Unknown 5 minutes Silent, orange, glowing craft flies over Woodbury Minnesota. 8/7/11
7/22/11 22:15 Sarnia (Canada) ON Fireball 4 seconds Space debris re-entry over Sarnia Ontario / Port Huron Michigan 8/7/11
7/22/11 22:00 Appling GA Fireball 30 secs. Driving home late one night when this fireball appeared in the sky it was just one maybe 10 ft. in diameter it slowly moved to the righ 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:50 Portland OR Light 30 seconds Large neon blueish bright white light flying and hovering in all directions in NE Portland. 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:45 Redlands CA Light 4-6 seconds Red/white light first mistaken for a shooting star then went in a zigzag pattern before disappearing. 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:40 Sanford FL Triangle 5 seconds Triangular hovering projecting bright lights over lake near bridge 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:15 Knoxville TN Fireball 2-3 minutes One spherical fireball which quickly died out leaving a dark, spinning mass that drifted southwest as it descended 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:10 Menomonee Falls WI Light 35 min Star wars in the wisconsin northern skys!!! 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:00 Pawleys Island SC Sphere 4 minutes Large orange glowing orb moving over Litchfield Beach 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:00 Livonia MI Fireball 7 Minutes Bright orange light flew quickly through air, hovered, and flew out the atmosphere quickly when a plane approached. 8/7/11
7/22/11 21:00 Houston TX Light 10 seconds Green light in the sky, Houston, TX 8/7/11
7/22/11 20:55 Houston TX Light 2 seconds It was bright circle that flew very fast and below airplane level 8/7/11
7/22/11 20:30 McKinney TX Light 4 seconds White light fell out of the sky 8/7/11
7/22/11 08:30 Oslo (Norway)
I was watching CNN's reporting of the blast in Oslo, Norway that looks like it was being filemd by someone using a cell phone. Towards 8/7/11
7/22/11 03:00 Allen TX Triangle 2min Two triangle objects with blinking white and one red light. Flying at very low altitudes over suburbs silently. 8/7/11
7/22/11 01:30 Custer SD Circle 5 Minutes Orange Lights East of Custer, SD 8/7/11
7/22/11 01:00 New Whiteland IN Formation 1 hour plus 3 craft in formation over New Whiteland and surrounding area. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "twinkling" star. PD)) 8/7/11
7/22/11 01:00 Oslo (Norway)
Flying saucer on CNN norway footage 8/7/11
7/21/11 23:30 Wheatland (used 2 be Whiskey Flats) TX Sphere 10-15 seconds Bright sphere hovering low with no sound darts off incredibly fast and disappears 8/7/11
7/21/11 23:00 Boca Raton FL Cylinder 2 Hours Cylinder-shaped object, seems to be spinning, gives off red, green and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star?? PD)) 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:35 Dover NH Unknown Unknown Large object with many lights, one large,bright light on the side, hovering over a semi-residential area near two large fields. 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:30 Orlando FL Disk 2 minents Disc object observed at magic kingdom during nightly fireworks display 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:30 Yucca Valley CA Formation 10 min Unusual circular lights hovered over the city of Yucca Valley, California for 10 minutes on July 21, 2011 from 10:33 PM until 10:43 PM 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:10 Byron Center/Dorr MI Triangle 5 mins. A low-flying triangular aircraft. 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:00 Edisto Beach SC Circle 3-4 sec 2 orange, evenly spaced lights over ocean at Edisto Beach SC 7-21-11. 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:00 Clarkston MI Fireball 1 min. Brilliant orange/yellow fireball appears at concert also witnessed by two state police officers 8/7/11
7/21/11 21:50 Middle Island NY Fireball 4-5 minutes Fireball moving silently across the sky. 8/7/11
7/21/11 21:30 Edwardsville IL Fireball 3 minutes Fireballs seen in northern sky north of Edwardsville, IL on July 21, 2011 8/7/11
7/21/11 21:30 Bethany Beach DE Sphere 20 - 30 minutes Numerous red orbs moving north over the ocean 8/7/11
7/21/11 21:18 St. Augustine FL Triangle 30 seconds Glowing triangle moving across the sky 8/7/11
7/21/11 20:45 Rochester NY Changing 1 min Noticed an orb floating in the sky. It seemed to be reflecting the sunlight. After 45 seconds it started changing shape and just vanish 8/7/11
7/21/11 19:45 Hemet CA Fireball 1 minute Orange glowing fireball spacecraft over Hemet California on 7/21/11 8/7/11
7/21/11 11:00 Oslo
Cigar 2 seconds UFO spotted over Oslo, Norway moments after presumed terrorist attack. 8/7/11
7/21/11 04:00 Redlands CA Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped Gray craft with one red light on the center and small lights in the rear flys over me in Redlands CA 8/7/11
7/20/11 23:20 Brownsville KY Triangle 10 Seconds I saw 3 lights in the form a triangle and it was flying very low and slow, 8/7/11
7/20/11 22:30 Wilbraham MA Oval 10 Minutes Round object seen rising above tree line with green lights moving in circular motion with search light. 8/7/11
7/20/11 22:15 Bridgewater MA Light 10-15 seconds i saw what looked to be a star moving from the left to right going too slow to be a shooting star and too fast and high to be a plane. 8/7/11
7/20/11 22:13 Casper WY Light 30 seconds Object traveled across sky, rapidly accelerated, and disappeared. 8/7/11
7/20/11 20:00 Memphis TN Cylinder ~30 mins Objects over Memphis, 8pm mostly every night! ((NUFORC Note: Student report. One of several from the same source. PD)) 8/7/11
7/20/11 13:13 San Diego CA Rectangle 9 minutes UFO sighted over Mission Valley. 8/7/11
7/20/11 01:30 Churubusco IN Unknown 10 mins Hovering object over Noble county IN. 8/7/11
7/20/11 01:00 Oakwood GA Light one hour Oakwood 8/7/11
7/19/11 23:00 Lindenhurst NY Light 2 min Red pulsating light over bay south of Lindenhurst traveled from south to north.... 8/7/11
7/19/11 22:30 Port Neches TX Unknown 2 minutes Orange light over Port Neches, Texas 8/7/11
7/19/11 22:30 Sapulpa OK Fireball 3 minutes Three UFO's Witnessed by four people. 8/7/11
7/19/11 22:00 Evans Mills NY Unknown 5 minutes Tight groups of range horizontal lights in the sky. 8/7/11
7/19/11 22:00 Poughkeepsie NY Fireball 5 mins Fireball hovering in the night sky 8/7/11
7/19/11 21:45 St. Louis MO Fireball 10 minutes Group of Orange Fireballs sighted in South City Saint Louis. 8/7/11
7/19/11 19:30 Richmond CA Other 1 hour Line across sky like a jet plane plume, but much thinner and precise. Cigar shaped object in the middle of it. 8/7/11
7/19/11 11:40 Folsom CA Unknown 3 min Four white objects in formation over Folsom, CA 8/7/11
7/19/11 00:30 Salinas CA Light 15-25 seconds Green UFO hovering over houses and rapidly speeding off towards the ground. 8/7/11
7/18/11 23:40 Rainier OR Light <1 minute Saw a strange fast light while driving home. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting allegedly affected dashboard lights in car. PD)) 8/7/11
7/18/11 23:30 Bonham TX Fireball 5 min Bright orange ball. 8/7/11
7/18/11 22:00 Vancouver WA Sphere 5-10 min Strange blinking red, blue, and green lights moving in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD)) 8/7/11
7/18/11 21:30 Turlock CA Light 3 min. Four lights moving in the Ca Valley Sky 8/7/11
7/18/11 21:05 Bennington KS Cigar 10 minutes Three individuals saw an airplane, one cigar-shaped, silver object & three, red-orange spheres in sky near home. 8/7/11
7/18/11 11:45 Los Banos (approx 10 miles east of) CA Triangle 3-5 minutes 3 Bright lights along highway 152 east of Los Banos, very close to the ground. 8/7/11
7/18/11 03:40 Tabriz (Iran)
Unknown 5 seconds a blinking object 8/7/11
7/18/11 03:16 Tampa FL Triangle ongoing, 15 mins., now Bright white light hovering high in sky over S. Tampa. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? PD)) 8/7/11
7/18/11 03:15 Lynnwood WA Other 10 minutes 1/3 sky being lit by changing colored lights, behind dense low clouds 8/7/11
7/18/11 01:30 Clayton NC Circle 1/2 hour Flashing red,blue and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star, perhaps Arcturus, we suspect. PD)) 8/7/11
7/18/11 00:04 Lusby MD Sphere 2 seconds Large blue/green sphere over Calvert County. ((NUFORC Note: Report from aviation mechanic. PD)) 8/7/11
7/17/11 23:00 Ormond Beach FL Triangle 4 Minutes Large triangular object floating slowly through Ormond Beach, Florida. 8/7/11
7/17/11 23:00 Arvada CO Unknown
ufo sightings above colorado 7/17/2001 8/7/11
7/17/11 22:00 Elkton MD Flash 1 1/2 min's Object seen over Elkton MD moving away from me(straight up) 10pm 7/17/11 8/7/11
7/17/11 22:00 Emerald Isle NC Fireball 2 minutes Lights over ocean at Emerald Isle 8/7/11
7/17/11 21:50 Muscle Shoals AL Sphere Unknown 3 glowing red lights in a line. 8/7/11
7/17/11 21:30 Charlevoix MI Circle 4-6 mins Charlevoix 8/7/11
7/17/11 20:13 Palm Beach Island FL Rectangle not known Four lights in a row were caught on film, not seen in person. 8/7/11
7/17/11 15:45 Ashburn VA Cigar 7 seconds black cigar/rectangular shape, silent. no wings. winks out along flight path 8/7/11
7/17/11 13:00 Lewiston ID Triangle 20 minutes Three delta, possibly "bat-shaped" objects observed flying due west between 10,000 and 25,000 feet at very high rate of speed. 8/7/11
7/17/11 02:30 Palomar Mountain CA Cylinder 20 minutes Cigar shaped craft with glowing Orbs entering craft. 8/7/11
7/17/11 01:00 Findlay OH Unknown 3 days still happening ((HOAX??)) Aliens live in are yard. ((NUFORC Note: We are unconvinced that this is a serious report. PD)) 8/7/11
7/17/11 00:30 Hartland MI Sphere 10 Minutes We witnessed at least 30 unidentified orange glowing objects above us, traveling north and upward. 8/7/11
7/16/11 23:52 Erie PA Cigar 00:15 Obj. with a single, white light appeared over city and Lake Erie and moved in ways I have never seen any aircraft move. 8/7/11
7/16/11 23:30 Oak Harbor WA Light 1-2 MINUTES Fast moving object flying over Oak Harbor, WA 8/7/11
7/16/11 23:00 Grand Bend (Canada) ON Disk 20 min 3 orange lights appearing at different times, all doing the exact same thing near Grand Bend, Canada 8/7/11
7/16/11 22:30 South Euclid OH Sphere 7 minutes 9 Brilliant Fiery Orange Orbs Fly Across the Sky in a Straight Line followed by 4 More 8/7/11
7/16/11 22:00 Monroeville PA Light 1 min Streaking to glowing light across sky 8/7/11
7/16/11 22:00 Manzanita OR Fireball 5 minutes Bright orange globe light over Oregon Coast 8/7/11
7/16/11 21:45 Onset MA Fireball 20 minutes 15-20 oranges lights in formation move across sky in Onset, MA 8/7/11
7/16/11 21:00 Mokena IL Fireball 20 min Ball of fire floating in the air. 8/7/11
7/16/11 12:00 Berkley Heights NJ Flash 10-15 min Bright flashing object visible in clear blue sky. 8/7/11
7/16/11 02:46 Orlando FL Sphere approx. 2-3 min? I stepped out to check something on my car,and immediately saw a large orange ball in the black of the sky, which was very slowly movin 8/7/11
7/15/11 22:05 Mt. Vernon IL Light 15 seconds I was standing in my front yard looking at the night sky when I noticed overhead a star-like object. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite? PD)) 8/7/11
7/15/11 21:30 Stevens Point WI Fireball 2 minutes Second Addendum to report filed July 15th, 2011 8/7/11
7/15/11 19:45 San Jose de Ocoa (Dominican Republic)
Oval still go on green circles and animals raptor on the farm in San Jose de Ocoa Dominican Republic 8/7/11
7/15/11 17:00 Kenesaw NE Disk
didn't see when taking pictures-only when downloaded 8/7/11
7/15/11 15:00 Louisa KY Cigar 10 sec. I was shocked to see this huge craft that appeared to be watching and hiding and then gone. 8/7/11
7/15/11 14:00 San Fernando Valley CA Oval 2 seconds/ 1 week possible contact, defintie sighting 8/7/11
7/14/11 San Antonio TX Light
((HOAX??)) The light just came out of the sky then just shoot a cross then came back then it stop. 8/7/11
7/13/11 13:30 Wilkes-Barre PA Light 2 minutes Very bright stationary object observed during broad daylight. 8/7/11
7/11/11 21:10 Boyne City (rural) MI Fireball 3-4 minutes GIANT floating 'candle light' moved across sky above Boyne City Michigan around 9pm at night. 8/7/11
7/10/11 22:45 Durant OK Fireball 5:00 Wife, son and I observed two fireball objects and one silver object over Okla. 8/7/11
7/10/11 21:30 Canisteo NY Fireball 1 minute At around 9:30 PM July tenth 2011 in Canisteo N.Y., I observed a yellow red bright light for about one to two minutes. 8/7/11
7/10/11 21:30 York Beach ME Circle 10 Minutes Eight round orange obects observed over York Beach. 8/7/11
7/8/11 20:30 Lexington MI Triangle
Looked like the black triangle ufos. 8/7/11
7/8/11 11:00 Fort Bragg NC Circle my house i saw a circular light and when i opend the curtain it disapered 8/7/11
7/7/11 14:00 Sedona AZ Circle I don't know A circular orange object was observed to be flying through the mountains as a photo was being taken. 8/7/11
7/6/11 22:45 Maumee OH Circle about an hour there was a flashing ball of light moving in strange patterns and that hid from a plane. 8/7/11
7/6/11 22:25 Strongsville OH Circle 2-3 minutes Circle of red lights flying smoothly and low with no sound and hovered for a bit before moving on. 8/7/11
7/6/11 15:00 Portland OR Unknown a few minutes I believe it was July 6 of 2011 I had just gotten off of work. I was driving down W Burnside Rd, in the west hills facing NE going arou 8/7/11
7/4/11 22:15 Billings MT Light 1 hour 6 sightings of red-orange crafts over Billings, MT, July 4th, 2011, 10pm to 11pm. 8/7/11
7/4/11 22:00 Oostburg WI Light 5 min. max Moving horizontally then vertically, red/yellow orb, noiseless, able to go vertical at a quick speed and change positions quickly 8/7/11
7/4/11 22:00 Bryant AR Light 3 minutes Two slowly hovering amber lights. 8/7/11
7/4/11 22:00 Huntsville AL Circle 1hr 15min Red moving dot above Alabama on July 4th 8/7/11
7/4/11 21:30 Madison AL Light 1 Hour + Object darted across the sky and would stop on a dime and dart in another direction 8/7/11
7/4/11 21:28 West Hills CA Circle 30 seconds My home is located 20 miles north east of los Angeles I walked out of my house on 4th of July to see if I was able to see any firewor 8/7/11
7/4/11 21:00 Manchester MO Other 10 mins Red glowing orb traveling slowly towards west, then hovering and moving a little east; no camera available; no reports made to other s 8/7/11
7/4/11 00:01 Saint Paul MN Triangle 5 minutes Two triangular craft were seen over a populated area of South Saint Paul, MN, at midnight July 3, to July 4, 2011. 8/7/11
7/4/11 00:01 Saint Paul MN Triangle 5 minutes Update* from the 07-28-11 report of Triangle UFO seen over St. Paul, MN, July 4th, 2011. 8/7/11
7/3/11 23:00 Joliet IL Fireball 10 min 20-25 fireballs over Joliet, Il. 8/7/11
7/3/11 22:00 Cape Lookout NC Rectangle 30-45 Sec 3 vertical red lights moving together over ocean 8/7/11
7/3/11 22:00 Lake Roosevelt WA Light 1 minute Saw three bright red-orange lights moving slowly in the sky above Lake Roosevelt. 8/7/11
7/3/11 16:00 Burbank CA Disk 5 min event date 7/03/2011 @ 16:00 hrs duration approx:5 min city of burbank,ca 91505 los angles county 1 witness that i know of but there 8/7/11
7/2/11 22:15 Manhattan IL Fireball 7 minutes Orange fireball steadily moves across sky then stops for 5 minutes (not UFO, a firework caused this!) 8/7/11
7/2/11 00:10 Minnedosa (Manitoba)(Canada) MB Fireball a few minutes, maybe 10 m 6 fireballs seen across Manitoba skies just before midnight July 1st or just after midnight July 2,2011 NOT FIREWORKS 8/7/11
7/1/11 23:45 Niagara Falls (Canada) ON Flash 1 sec ((HOAX??))We both saw a round object, flying from south to north. ((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed. Possible hoax? PD)) 8/7/11
7/1/11 19:00 Temecula CA Fireball AMOST AN HOUR Fireball that hovered for about an hour and changed shape 8/7/11
6/29/11 23:25 Rayne LA Light 5-6 seconds It was around 11:25 July 29, 2011. I was walking home from my girlfriends. As I was walking up to my driveway I noticed a growing ball 8/7/11
6/29/11 22:15 Modesto CA Light About 5 minutes A bright white light that looked like an asterisk flew high in the sky in an arc, then dimmed to a red dot before disappearing. 8/7/11
6/29/11 21:00 South Myrtle Beach Pier SC Oval 5 minutes Two oval objects with orange/red colors flying over the ocean while at Myrtle Beach 2nd Ave. Pier 8/7/11
6/29/11 21:00 Dover NH Unknown 10 seconds A metallic object in the sky vanished before our eyes, with no clouds or anything else to obscure our view. 8/7/11
6/28/11 21:25 North Myrtle Beach SC Triangle 2 Minutes Three orange/reddish triangular lights over North Myrtle Beach! 8/7/11
6/28/11 18:50 Springfield MO Triangle 1:30 Daytime triangular craft flying above Springfield, Missouri 8/7/11
6/23/11 21:00 Quincy IL Other 10 mins. Seven unusual objects passed over Quincy Illinois observed by four people two of them experienced pilots. 8/7/11
6/22/11 21:00 Pomona NY Fireball less than 10 seconds Green fireball seen while driving home after work streaked across sky appeared to have sparks coming off. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 8/7/11
6/20/11 18:00 Lafayette CO Disk 1-2 minutes Elliptical shaped grey metal object moved west to east across summer sky around 6 to 7:30 p.m. 8/7/11
6/19/11 20:15 Clifton NJ Circle around 10 min Dots over Clifton, NJ 8/7/11
6/15/11 21:15 Ocracoke VA
10(ish) seconds ((HOAX??)) Red-yellow Objects hovering under full moon. 8/7/11
6/14/11 09:45 Las Vegas NV Teardrop 1 hour + Long duration daylight sighting of 2 craft west/southwest of Las Vegas strip 8/7/11
6/7/11 01:30 Manchester TN Sphere 20 seconds Green light trailing behind car on unlit highway 8/7/11
6/5/11 21:23 St. Augustine FL Light 2 minutes Bright Glowing white orb flying from NW to E then stopped and Moved South 8/7/11
6/5/11 14:18 St. Augustine FL Sphere 3-4 minutes Black sphere flying in weird directions went behind a tree, then seen a blimp shaped object jet off. 8/7/11
6/2/11 21:00 St. Augustine FL Light 2-5 minutes Glowing white orb floating across sky then stopped. Faded out, then re-lit. 8/7/11
5/28/11 04:24 Westminster MD Changing 14 mins Intensely bright, crescent shape to round in SE night sky 8/7/11
5/16/11 00:00 Fullerton CA Fireball 10-12 minutes Giant fireball in the sky as well as a huge blue flash 8/7/11
5/15/11 20:00 Sun City AZ Triangle 2-5 minutes It was just before dark at dusk. I just moved in and was looking at the sky to my left. I saw an orange upside down triangle in the s 8/7/11
4/24/11 22:30 Omega GA Light 1 minute Reflection of tower light seen over field in rural Georgia. 8/7/11
4/24/11 00:00 Fullerton CA Changing 15-20 minutes Crazy event with ufo that causes problems with technology and scares high school students 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 8/7/11
4/22/11 02:36 Mendon IL Light 36-37 minutes My friends an I were walking by a graveyard in Mendon, Illinois when one of us noticed a white light with a purple halo-like ring aroun 8/7/11
4/16/11 05:30 Littleton CO Disk 2 seconds I witnessed a shadowy disk in the afternoon sky and also have a photo of a the disk in early morning. 8/7/11
3/14/11 21:00 Perry GA Unknown 10 seconds Bright red light flying low to the ground over a popular interstate. 8/7/11
2/1/11 09:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Sphere 1-2 minuets Orange and Blue orbs....regular visitors. 8/7/11
1/7/11 07:30 Vista CA Egg 4 min Zig sagged light in sky 8/7/11
11/1/10 22:00 Marietta GA Chevron 30 seconds Large black silent v-shape with red light one one side and blue light on other 8/7/11
10/20/10 00:10 Roseburg OR Rectangle 3 min 5 round white lights hovering over I-5. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD)) 8/7/11
10/15/10 05:30 Overland Park KS Sphere 3 minutes Silent black metal sphere ,with brite front lite, dim side lite , slowly follows the hyway grassy area. 8/7/11
8/4/10 22:30 Omaha NE Unknown 3 Min Fireball moving from north to south over downtown Omaha 8/7/11
7/10/10 13:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Changing 10-15 Seconds Strange shapeshifting cloud like UFO. 8/7/11
6/28/10 23:30 Troy MO Other Ten to Fifteen Seconds Star/Planet Shaped Flying Object 8/7/11
5/24/10 21:00 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Fireball 5 minutes Dazzling fireball drifts over St. Catharines 8/7/11
4/19/10 21:25 Porterville CA Other 31sec ((HOAX??)) 9;25pm I looked SE and there it was BIG ...OBject U.F.O. 8/7/11
1/15/10 17:30 Stourport (UK/England)
Circle 5-10 second Orange/red circular craft at low level cuts across my direction of travel 8/7/11
12/20/09 21:00 Fullerton CA Other 8-10 minutes UFO above seven eleven w/ fast lights 8/7/11
10/8/09 21:30 Myrtle Beach SC Light 1 minute day, 2-3 minutes Multiple unexplained lights 8/7/11
8/20/09 21:00 Augusta KS Other
Orange lights in the middle of the country. 8/7/11
8/13/09 01:26 Greenville SC Cigar 30 seconds or less Slow moving UFO through semi-cloud cover on the night of a meteor shower, most definatly not a meteor. 8/7/11
4/20/09 18:30 Grand Blanc MI Light 20 min It was a flashing light going to fast to be a plane or sattilite. 8/7/11
10/22/08 22:30 Camarillo CA Other 5 Minutes Noiseless object flies overhead at roughly 1000-1500 feet. 8/7/11
7/27/08 23:00 Fayetteville GA Unknown 5 Min. Star-like object(s) make unusual manuevers in the night sky. 8/7/11
12/16/06 07:00 Cadiz OH Changing 5 MIN Real UFO sited but denied (missile launch ,lol)NOT!! 8/7/11
5/1/06 Wallace NC Formation 1 min In 2006, myself and a co-worker were on our way home. When we turned on our road I noticed a formation of lights over a set of trees. I 8/7/11
5/15/05 21:30 Lodge SC Formation 4 mins I saw 5 little lights circling a 6th larger light in CW rotation then the little lights stopped the rotated in the opposite dir.. 8/7/11
4/15/05 22:00 Littleton CO Triangle sighting I saw a well defined triangular craft and started an absession with space because of it. 8/7/11
10/30/04 21:19 Orient OH Disk 3 minutes I saw a strange object with unusual lights that emitted no sound and was faster than any aircraft known to us. 8/7/11
6/11/03 00:15 Lakewood CA Rectangle 5-7 minutes I could not sleep so I got up and went outside standing on the top stair of my back porch, listening to the quiet night, I am facing Ea 8/7/11
2/1/03 02:00 Marfa TX Circle i left it was still flyin Object flying in a sloppy figure pattern changing colors is what I saw. 8/7/11
6/20/02 00:00 Salem AR Circle 3 hours Brillant object over baseball game for 2 hours 8/7/11
4/5/98 11:50 Soquel CA Other 1 min 20sec Greyish green wing shape travelling upthe coast Santa Cruz California 8/7/11
3/5/98 10:00 Goleta CA Circle 10 minutes Day sighting disc craft geostationary chased away by jets. 8/7/11
6/1/97 20:00 Meriden CT Sphere 10 min A downing of a UFO? 8/7/11
12/5/95 23:10 Salluit (Canada) QC Fireball 15-30 seconds Blue fireball seen by three children in arctic 8/7/11
7/25/95 19:00 Chula Vista CA Circle 5 minutes What I saw was huge it flew over my apartment complex it was bigger than the complex itself... it had so much detail that it scared the 8/7/11
8/8/90 12:00 Huntington Beach CA Sphere 30 minutes + Four Round Metallic Spheres in California 8/7/11
6/30/90 Santa Maria CA Circle 5seconds It was just siting there when i turned bak after 5 seconds it was gone 8/7/11
5/26/90 21:00 Stanwood WA Rectangle 10:00 min It changed my life forever and my system of belief. 8/7/11
6/20/89 22:45 Albuquerque NM Formation less than 10 minutes 14 lighted objects on a clear night in New Mexico. 8/7/11
10/15/88 02:00 Bremerton WA Circle 30 minutes Circular craft approximately 500 feet in diameter clearly seen at approximately 1500 feet altitude. 8/7/11
8/1/88 02:00 North Hampton NH Rectangle 2-5 minutes It was just above the tree line near the my street entrance. It had three large windows and a figure in the center window. 8/7/11
1/10/88 22:10 Williamsfield IL Unknown 27 minutes A dull yellow light, low off the ground and no noise in January 1988 8/7/11
7/30/86 16:00 Austin TX Oval 3-4 minutes In broad daylight almost cloudless afternoon a large fat oval "craft" instantly appeared and disappeared from less than 1000 ft from my 8/7/11
7/14/85 23:00 Carlsbad NM Light
This is my UFO experience in 1985 I work for a potash company out of Carlsbad New Mexico is about a 30 min. to the road that heads to t 8/7/11
10/15/84 08:15 New Castle DE Other 3-5 minutes Oct 1984 at 8:15 am small translucent half dome shaped object 8/7/11
9/20/82 12:00 Slidell LA Changing 20 min Shape shifting, color changing UFO 8/7/11
6/1/81 00:00 Camden AR Disk
1/15/81 20:00 Long Beach CA Triangle 10-15 sec 5 dull red lights in V formation cruising over the coast of Long Beach 8/7/11
7/15/78 17:00 Pointe Reyes CA Sphere approx. 1/2hr+ 5 Gold Sun like Round Objects appear, do manuvers, then one comes and hovers over the vessel i am in... 8/7/11
6/27/71 23:00 Sunnyvale CA Other five minutes Hard to describe floating box scared the heck out of two teenage girls many years ago 8/7/11
4/1/65 22:30 Nesquehoning PA Triangle 1 minute 3 lights in a triangle over Nesquehoning, PA; also reported over Shenandoah, PA - April 1, 1965 8/7/11
11/15/64 22:00 Memphis TN Sphere 15 minutes A white full moon shaped ufo hovered for several minutes then started to ascend in the sky into space 8/7/11
6/30/52 21:00 Miami FL Disk 1 to 5 hours No one is able to believe 8/7/11

i just read with interest some accounts of fireball type sightings. When i was a teenager a group of us were fishing at a local pond. W 8/7/11