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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/17/11 06:30 Partlow VA Flash About a min Went out to have a smoke ....looking up to see if mars was out and and noticed a bright star in the north east .... Then what I thought 12/17/11
12/16/11 23:45 Bellevue WA Light 5 sec Man witnesses a strange green lights streak vertically down in eastern sky. 12/17/11
12/16/11 22:59 Cooksville MD Sphere 5 minutes 4 glowing orange spherical objects viewed, flying in some type of formation. 12/17/11
12/16/11 21:40 Deltona FL Triangle unknown Triangular shaped object, with a rounded back that can hove with little to no sound, and two very bright lights, and more on the side. 12/17/11
12/16/11 21:30 Atlantic Ocean (in flight)
Light 5 minutes Crew of Lear jet over the Atlantic Ocean report a bizarre, red strobing object. 12/17/11
12/16/11 20:00 Seattle WA Sphere 10 seconds Orange Orb over Magnolia/Discovery Park 12/17/11
12/16/11 19:50 Manhattan IL Light 10-20 Min A cluster of bright white lights sat in the sky until they moved away from one another in a hovering fashion 12/17/11
12/16/11 19:05 White Bear Lake MN Triangle 5 min Driving down highway 694 when i saw 3 lights in triangle shape with a red light in center hovering and moving at about 5 miles per hour 12/17/11
12/16/11 18:34 Ashgrove MO Unknown 24 seconds Very fast object 12/17/11
12/16/11 12:50 Pelham GA Fireball 3 seconds A green fire ball falling to the ground!!! 12/17/11
12/16/11 04:09 Kansas City MO Light current Several blue lights blinking in the sky not moving. they look light stars but serveral of them twinkling at the same time… 12/17/11
12/15/11 23:30 Perry GA Light 2 minutes Bright light in middle Georgia moving extremely slow them disappearing into thin air. 12/17/11
12/15/11 21:55 St. George SC Light 40 min Strange white light in sky along with other aircraft 12/17/11
12/15/11 21:01 Cochran GA Unknown Has not ended as of yet Yellow Green and red light moves in a zigzagging pattern in a straight line above Georgia. 12/17/11
12/15/11 21:00 Great Falls (Canada) MB Triangle 10-12 minutes First and third object flew eastwards made a turn north east,north of my house second flew east in a more parallel line turning s.e 12/17/11
12/15/11 18:05 Mitchell SD Light 45 seconds Gold light in the sky that separates 12/17/11
12/15/11 17:30 Laramie WY Changing 15 minutes aprox Large Orange UFO over Laramie, WY. 12/17/11
12/15/11 05:10 Ashburn VA Circle 10-20 It was unlike anything i've ever seem before in my life! 12/17/11
12/15/11 00:30 St. Petersburg FL Other 3 seconds Bright blue very fast boomerang shaped light sighted over St. Petersburg, FL 12/17/11
12/14/11 23:58 Charlotte NC Sphere 2.5 Seconds On December 14th I was outside walking around my neighborhood with a friend of mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white circle 12/17/11
12/14/11 23:00 Berkeley CA Cigar 4 seconds Fast moving craft in the Bay. 12/17/11
12/14/11 21:30 St. Louis (S. Co.) (MO)/Collinsville (IL) IL Disk 30 Minutes Military Escort of a UFO 12/17/11
12/14/11 20:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 15-20 mins Many amber colored spheres 12/17/11
12/14/11 19:00 Knoxville TN Fireball 1 minute Orange flickering light in sky 12/17/11
12/14/11 18:16 Leominster MA Oval 1 min I thought it was a plane going into the small airport in Leominster but realized this was way to big and low for that 12/17/11
12/14/11 18:00 Aiken County (rural) SC Formation 2 minutes Six hunters see peculiar cluster of lights descend to the ground, hover, then streak off. ((NUFORC Note: Case resolved; flares. PD)) 12/17/11
12/14/11 17:00 Rocklin CA Formation 30 Sec Nine lights ascending over Rocklin/Lincoln sky and then disappear. 12/17/11
12/14/11 01:00 West Sacramento CA Other 5 seconds Apparent meteor that changed from white to a green glow just before it impacted....or near impact 12/17/11
12/14/11 00:00 Auburn ME Circle 2 minutes 7 what looked like bright stars, moving same direction, upwards at times, no sound, faded away one by one 12/17/11
12/14/11 00:00 Manchester (UK/England)
Fireball 2-3seconds Strange green fireball streaking/falling in the sky 12/17/11
12/13/11 23:30 Tampa FL Fireball 2 seconds Fireball swirling with black center shot thru sky in downward spiral heading west 12/17/11
12/13/11 22:15 Carroll Valley PA Rectangle 10 seconds Dark rectangular object with pale orange and pale green steady lights - fast moving and silent. 12/17/11
12/13/11 19:55 Hinesville GA Sphere 20 minutes Two brightly lit yellow spheres hovering slowly through the treetops in the middle of the woods. 12/17/11
12/13/11 19:00 Baxter Springs KS Oval 5 min Orange orbs floating across the western sky headed north, approx.15, several floating in groups of 4, in a long square . Flying low . 12/17/11
12/13/11 17:00 Newark OH Fireball 10 minutes Five orange balls of light following each other coming from the ground about a minute apart. 12/17/11
12/13/11 16:00 Canby OR Teardrop Through out the nights Stars 12/17/11
12/13/11 13:30 San Juan Capistrano CA Circle 30 seconds 3 orbs over Orange County Ca 12/17/11
12/12/11 23:00 Summerville SC Other 2 seconds Looking for shooting stars and saw a dull green pentagon shaped object made up of 6 orb-like spheres. 12/17/11
12/12/11 20:11 Lacey WA Light 1-2 seconds On 12-12-11 at 8:11, I saws green light to the SE of Lacey. 12/17/11
12/12/11 18:00 Rochester NY Fireball 3 seconds Large bright green fireball sails from south to east (left to right) over Thruway trailing bright green sparks and disappears. 12/17/11
12/12/11 11:09 Bristol (Avon) (UK/England)
Sphere less than 1 minute Sphere shaped object rising and tracking across the sky below a rainbow. 12/17/11
12/12/11 04:30 Tacoma WA Flash 1 sec Green flash with maybe a little red and white lights, it went by very fast 12/17/11
12/11/11 20:30 Hazard KY Unknown
X shape of smoke and light 12/17/11
12/11/11 04:00 Lathrop CA Oval 5 minutes Strange Star viewed under cloud cover... 12/17/11
12/11/11 00:00 Hazard KY
12/9/11 21:00 Boston MA Fireball 2-3 min Orange blurry fireball observed flying over Boston during the early evening. Flying South over Allston. 12/17/11
12/8/11 02:15 Boston MA Fireball 5 seconds I was looking up at the sky real quick and i noticed a green flaming ball shape object with a blueish and green like flame coming out o 12/17/11
12/2/11 11:00 Gatineau (Canada)
Rectangle 5 min Rectangular craft, blue light underneath in center, two white lights, fire blossom in the sky 12/17/11
11/21/11 02:19 Woodland CA Unknown 10 min Re: "Abduction" at Woodland, CA the description follows the traditional "abduction" scenario. See this site: 12/17/11
11/18/11 21:36 Mattawan MI Fireball 20 mins Bright red/orange burning orbe floating above the trees. 12/17/11
11/11/11 21:11 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Disk 6 to 7 minutes About a dozen of very bright strange objects witnessed over Western side of Kathmandu's Sky on 11/11/2011,9:11 PM. ((HOAX??)) 12/17/11
11/6/11 18:35 Rohnert Park CA Fireball 5 minutes One small orange orb or ball of fire that changed direction and drifted across the horizon 12/17/11
11/5/11 05:00 Kabetogama MN Light 2hrs Lights in the sky - hunting opener - Kabetogama, MN 12/17/11
10/28/11 20:10 Lawrence KS Light 10-15 mins Bright beacon style light sweeping over Lawrence. (Not the airport beacon) 12/17/11
10/21/11 21:30 Kahnawake (Canada) QC Other 1-2 mins Possible disguised U.F.O.s 12/17/11
9/21/11 07:00 Arley AL Fireball 8 seconds Light falling from sky with whooshing noise heard. 12/17/11
9/9/11 08:30 Arley AL Sphere 10-15 seconds Glinting metallic object moving at a rapid speed 12/17/11
7/1/11 22:15 Mornas A7 Motorway (France)
Triangle 5 minutes White Orbs attach to Black Triangle in South of France 1st July 2011 at 10.15pm 12/17/11
11/27/10 12:00 Brisbane (Australia)
Circle 00:00:05 The U.F.O was seen flying past, then dissapering. It was rather large and fast moving. It was grey/silver and had what looked like land 12/17/11
12/3/05 03:00 Fort Bayard NM Light 3sec Like a big star the biggest one !!! i was at work around 3 am and it was hot in the unit so i went out for a moment and i sow this calm 12/17/11
5/15/03 23:54 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 5 seconds Saw white object fly soundlessly for 5 seconds. 12/17/11
6/15/02 23:00 Lake Powell UT Formation 10 minutes Dancing with the stars 12/17/11
1/13/00 23:30 Motherwell (near Glasgow) (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 2 minutes While doing some amateur astronomy, I observed a large pulsating orange sphere moving very slowly from north to south. The sphere was t 12/17/11
4/18/81 17:00 Long Beach CA Formation 5 sec V-formaton of 3 large crafts 12/17/11
7/15/77 21:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Circle 1 and half min Observed two large shimmering orange sphere's float up into the overcast sky. 12/17/11