National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/01/24


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/24/12 23:45St. AugustineFLUSALight3-4 SecondsGlowing white lite shoots across sky and makes sudden U turns and spirals.1/24/12
1/24/12 07:50Miesau (Germany)GermanyFireball2 secondsI witnessed a bright green fireball.1/24/12
1/24/12 03:10SimsboroLAUSAUnknown1 hourMulticolored lights seen in Eastern sky in North Louisiana. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we would guess. PD))1/24/12
1/23/12 20:35Oakland ParkFLUSAUnknownVery small cluster of flashing lights.1/24/12
1/23/12 20:10Bradford (West Yorkshire) (UK/England)United KingdomCircle60 secondsSmall bright light, moving rapidly and randomly before dissapearing.1/24/12
1/23/12 20:10Bradford (West Yorkshire) (UK/England)United KingdomCircle60 secondsBright circular unidentified object moving very fast1/24/12
1/23/12 19:30DallasTXUSAFireball45-60 secondsOrange Fireball in the sky1/24/12
1/23/12 19:30AnchorageAKUSASphere2 minutesRed lights in line formation coming over the mountains in Anchorage Alaska.1/24/12
1/23/12 19:15HiloHIUSAOval2 minAmber light over Hilo1/24/12
1/23/12 07:50BathNYUSALight15 minutesLights over Bath, NY1/24/12
1/22/12 23:10New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSALight1Saw 3 separate bright orange twinkling lights ascend rapidly into the sky.1/24/12
1/22/12 23:10CincinnatiOHUSAFireball5 mins9 red fireball-like objects hovering in line formation up and down and at angles accelerating quickly and descending slowly.1/24/12
1/22/12 20:15AnchorageAKUSAUnknown10 min5 orange/red balls equally apart moving south in Ancorage AK at 815ish pm on 1/22/20121/24/12
1/22/12 20:10Johnson CityTNUSACircle5 minI've never seen circles in the night sky like this before1/24/12
1/22/12 19:15LubbockTXUSACircle30Circle shape turned triangle (T) shape produced bright color in night sky then disappeared.1/24/12
1/22/12 18:10OrlandoFLUSAOvalfive minutesOrlando sighting of dark grey oval craft on Jan.22,2012 at 6:10 pm.1/24/12
1/21/12 22:45ParklandWAUSASphere2 minutesUnidentified1/24/12
1/21/12 21:48JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball4-5 minutesNumerous (I5-20) solid red-orange flare-like lights over Jacksonville in about a 2 minute period.1/24/12
1/21/12 21:35ChelanWAUSADisk1 minPinkish/Grayish saucer shaped object over Lake Chelan, Washington1/24/12
1/21/12 21:00ManchesterNHUSACircle4 minutes4 colored figures hover in the sky1/24/12
1/21/12 21:00EloyAZUSAOval15 minWhite, bright lights east of Eloy, AZ.1/24/12
1/21/12 19:45Lamprechtshausen (Austria)AustriaLight1.30 Minutes (est.)A circular light (pale blue in color) was sighted by myself and one friend on the evening of 21 January 2012. We was walking on a path1/24/12
1/21/12 19:30Orlando/Kissimmee (simultaneously)FLUSAFireballJust over an hourI was watching tv at 7:30 pm when out of the right corner of my eye I saw a bright flash of light, it burned so bright but then dissipa1/24/12
1/21/12 19:15Spring HillFLUSACircle2 to 5 minFIRE IN THE SKY1/24/12
1/21/12 18:57San FranciscoCAUSALight4 minutes6-8 pinkish-red starlike objects sighted in San Francisco, California sky1/24/12
1/21/12 06:36DurangoCOUSATriangle6 to 10 SecondsStrange object seen in Colorado sky1/24/12
1/21/12 03:00El Tanque de La Fortuna (Costa Rica)Costa RicaUnknown10 minutesRed/Blue/Bright White flashing lights near Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica1/24/12
1/20/12 23:00HopewellVAUSAUnknownabout 1 hourI heard strange sounds coming from the sky.1/24/12
1/20/12 20:55Martins CreekPAUSALight15 minUp to 12 red orbs changing in pattern of big dipper, orionsbelt, triangsles, etc.1/24/12
1/20/12 20:35PhoenixAZUSAUnknown3 minutesI was getting mail...I saw two wide set lights gliding silently and moving forward much lower that a helicopter in a N.W. direction ...1/24/12
1/20/12 20:30Daytona BeachFLUSAOval5 minutes6 red balls, and each ball had a microsized ball next it, red balls turned silver or grey then disappeared1/24/12
1/20/12 20:00ManchesterNHUSALight2 minutes aproxA bright light falling from the eastern sky over the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH.1/24/12
1/20/12 19:20Daytona Beach ShoresFLUSAUnknown10minTriangular formation off of coast1/24/12
1/20/12 19:15Hanalei BayHIUSALight10 minutesUndulating Orange lights, changing formation and shape.1/24/12
1/20/12 18:30Oakland ParkFLUSAOval15 minutesBlinking light over fort lauderdale
1/20/12 13:00London (Canada)ONCanadaCross20 secondsAircraft over London, On - no contrails seen1/24/12
1/20/12 11:30Jamaica to Canada (in flight)JamaicaCircle40 secondsJamaica to Canada - we witnessed 3 UFOS and then a scrambler jet fly by. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection off window?? PD))1/24/12
1/20/12 05:54TonawandaNYUSAOther10 minutesCraft with 3 lights on belly of craft slowly traveling over tonawanda, new york1/24/12
1/20/12 05:15Wilmington/Pike CreekDEUSALight2-3 minutes2 bright light shooting across the sky and disappeared in Pike Creek, DE1/24/12
1/20/12 05:00HunterNYUSARectangle1 minuteMassive rectangular craft in between two mountains hovered for a minute and disappeared1/24/12
1/20/12 00:30KankakeeILUSAFireball3-5 secondsMe and friend see a meteor-like UFO in the sky.1/24/12
1/19/12 23:06St. StephenSCUSAFireball2 minutesMy wife and I were looking in the northeasterly sky when a green fireball fell. One would see it as a meteorite. It was falling strai1/24/12
1/19/12 22:10Miami BeachFLUSAFireball1 our +A fireball seeing over Miami for more than 1+ hours1/24/12
1/19/12 22:00AtkinsARUSATriangle2 minutesARKANSAS SIGHTING1/24/12
1/19/12 21:46New Port RicheyFLUSALight2 minutes2 bright orange-red twinkling lights traveling in tandem, then climbed and faded away1/24/12
1/19/12 20:45Cape CoralFLUSADisk4 minsFlying disk with red and blue lights/ disapeared in sky like a light balb went out1/24/12
1/19/12 20:10IndialanticFLUSALight5 minAs I was driving south on state road A1A I observed a red stationary light about 100ft off the ground over a strip mall. I pulled into1/24/12
1/19/12 19:45ThonotosassaFLUSAUnknown5 minsSaw a large light in the sky that seemed to have things coming off of it, then vanished out of the sky.1/24/12
1/19/12 19:40Winter ParkFLUSAFireball5 Min.A rising or nearing bright yellow glowing rectangle stopped to create a fireball shape, dropped glitter-like substance, and disappeared1/24/12
1/19/12 19:30WoodstockVTUSAFireball5 minutesOrange fireball over woodstock vermont following route 4 then turning on to route 121/24/12
1/19/12 19:25LansdalePAUSALight10 minutesOrange lights in the sky with aircraft flying around them1/24/12
1/19/12 19:20EncinitasCAUSAUnknownIn eastern sky; red, green and white object. Moving up, down, sideways. Staying in same location. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))1/24/12
1/19/12 19:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge Orange light or fire ball over Orlando traveling E to W without falling and with no tail, then disappeared.1/24/12
1/19/12 19:00CallandsVAUSAOther5 minutesF lights... red with a band of white lights with a red light under that. Then what appeared to be about 100 yards on front of this arra1/24/12
1/19/12 18:45BarbourvilleKYUSACircle0:20-0:30Star looking object over ky!1/24/12
1/19/12 15:00Medina (Highway Jerez) (Spain)SpainChanging3 minutesUFO chasing birds on Highway1/24/12
1/19/12 06:45YumaAZUSAOther10 minIt was 6:45am (stars/moon still out), walking my dog. As I stepped onto sidewalk, I looked up in a south/easterly direction, high in t1/24/12
1/19/12 06:30PowhatanVAUSALight5 secondsApprox 6:30am on MannikanTown Ferry Road. Looking west along power lines about 1/4 mile out and just above the power pole. A very bri1/24/12
1/19/12LithiaFLUSAUnknown10Glowing orange object see in the eastern sky from Lithia FL.1/24/12
1/18/12 23:59Estill SpringsTNUSACircle2hrsSpaceships sited in estillsprings tenessee wed. nite midnite.1/24/12
1/18/12 23:05AugustaGAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle of moderately bright white lights1/24/12
1/18/12 22:00West Valley CityUTUSAUnknown3-5 secondsThey were not natural light colors.1/24/12
1/18/12 22:00West Valley CityUTUSAUnknown3-5 secondsThese light color was not natural at all.1/24/12
1/18/12 22:00LincolnDEUSALight3 minsi saw blinking lights in the sky, & think it was hovercrafts.1/24/12
1/18/12 20:15St. StephenSCUSAFlash10 minutesActivity, many crafts, in South Carolina..including Jets1/24/12
1/18/12 19:50North Myrtle BeachSCUSAFireball4 minutesTwinkling lights in triangle formation form straight line and light up like large fireballs1/24/12
1/18/12 19:45Little RiverSCUSATriangle30 MinutesSomeone else had to have seen this...1/24/12
1/18/12 19:15SachseTXUSALight5 MinutesObject rapidly and forcibly is headed toward the ground but immediately makes a U turn then disappears.1/24/12
1/18/12 19:00PrestonCTUSALight3 hoursA bright moving star in the sky?1/24/12
1/18/12 18:30MaloneNYUSALightfew secsFlares1/24/12
1/18/12 18:00LawrencevilleGAUSAOtherover 2 hoursStrange, unexplainable blue and red flahing lights with weird force around them. Over 20 seen.1/24/12
1/18/12 18:00Valley GrandeALUSATriangle15Triangle shape with green light outline and red/orange light on the top1/24/12
1/18/12 17:00Brasher FallsNYUSALight45 secondsSeries of 5 stationary horizontal lights evenly spaced apart fading in one at a time then fading out all at once.1/24/12
1/18/12 07:43SaugusCAUSAUnknown3 minutesPlane behind strange lit object making no noise1/24/12
1/17/12 23:00West ChesterPAUSATriangle8 - 10 minutesSlow low flying unidentified craft1/24/12
1/17/12 19:45BerlinNHUSALight1 min3 lights in the sky1/24/12
1/17/12 18:57LaredoTXUSAUnknown30 secondsLight traveling West to East across the sky.1/24/12
1/17/12 18:45ReddingCAUSAFireball5 minutesOrange Fireballs in the northern sky over Redding1/24/12
1/17/12 18:00LutsenMNUSARectangle20 secondsA long shape with 4 to 5 lights that would go on and off in a row...then when lights were gone no shape in the was seen later1/24/12
1/17/12 18:00MilfordOHUSAOther1 minI was driving home from work up SR 131 coming from Rt 50 in Milford. It was roughly 6:00pm. About a half mile up the road, I saw a br1/24/12
1/17/12 17:35ElyMNUSAChevron5 seconds5 lights in the sky formed one object.1/24/12
1/17/12 13:20San Diego (on Mexican border)CAMexicoFireball5-10 minutes3 bright(star-like), orange fireballs with white swirly tails.1/24/12
1/17/12 11:45Palma (Spain)SpainChanging15 mina orange matalic craft changine form making it apear soft in nature aproxemetly 100 meters off the ground,traveling in a westerly direc1/24/12
1/17/12 06:25TomaballTXUSAOval2 min.I saw an oval shaped object early in t he morning while i was waiting for my bus to go to school.1/24/12
1/17/12 05:36BrookingsORUSALight5 minutesGlowing Orange light seen in Sky over Brookings Oregon1/24/12
1/17/12 01:00Ohio (rural)OHUSATriangle1-2 minutestriangle UFO in rural Ohio January 17, 20121/24/12
1/16/12 20:15HamdenCTUSAFireball5 minutesSaw what I thought was a plane in sky but it seemed unusually close to trees. Bright yellow orange lights started slowly decending and1/24/12
1/16/12 18:30Worcestershire (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle30 secondsmy husband and myself were traveling home from worcester on moterway and just above our heads i thought i saw a plane,then i realised i1/24/12
1/16/12 07:30Graceville/Chipley (between)FLUSATriangle3 -5 min.triangle shaped object that flew and hovered like an Ospery with red and bright clear lights illumating off of it.1/24/12
1/16/12 03:30BellinghamWAUSALightsplit secondbright flash in bellingham area.1/24/12
1/16/12 02:00Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Park, Ft. SillOKUSAOvalUfo above a Military Jumbo plane!1/24/12
1/16/12 00:00HemlockOHUSACircleYellowish/orange seen by six witnesses.1/24/12
1/16/12 00:00GilbertAZUSASpherearound 4 hoursA strange bright sphere was moving in all directions but in short bursts, a beam of light came out of the object and it dissapeared.1/24/12
1/16/12PortervilleCAUSAThis was not a craft, but we believe it to be an alien, atleast it was unidentifiable to us. Driving down the road an unidentified thin1/24/12
1/15/12 23:20AllentownPAUSATriangle5 minutesThree lights, triangle shaped, not flashing, receding towards horizon very quickly.1/24/12
1/15/12 22:18MolallaORUSASphere45 secondsOrange orb seen in Molalla OR on 01/15/2012. Lasted 45 seconds.1/24/12
1/15/12 21:24MurphysboroILUSALight15 secPinkish light zig zags in sky.1/24/12
1/15/12 21:00GarfieldARUSAChanging4 secondsBright green fiery object with bent tail of fire speedily descending altitude vertically then in an arc from due south toward southwest1/24/12
1/15/12 20:35CorvallisORUSALight10 minutes3 red-gold lights, moving slowly and silently from west to east between low clouds and the treetops.1/24/12
1/15/12 20:30BrooksvilleFLUSAFireball30 minsBright light in sky sitting still for at least 30 mins.1/24/12
1/15/12 20:20SimpsonvilleSCUSATriangle20 secondsPoints of lights in the formation of a triangle spotted in Greenville county South Carolina.1/24/12
1/15/12 19:20WestchesterILUSARectangleBbrightly lit rectangle in the sky!1/24/12
1/15/12 19:00MahopacNYUSALight1 minuteStar like object moving flying over Mahopac NY1/24/12
1/15/12 18:40AstoriaORUSAOther39 minFixed bright yellow light mass, emanating multiple sharp, pointed rays all around it. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))1/24/12
1/15/12 18:20MesaAZUSAOval3 mins6 orange globes in the east valley sky1/24/12
1/15/12 18:00MesaAZUSARectangle4 minutes +Yellowish/orange sphere seen by Wife and Myself.1/24/12
1/15/12 18:00ModestoCAUSAFlashongoing, 2 nightsI saw a circle of white clusters of light and radiating spikes of light spreading out from the center.1/24/12
1/15/12 17:00SmithfieldRIUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular lighted shape in the sky around 5 pm1/24/12
1/15/12 08:30AnokaMNUSADisk20 secondsHuge and silent1/24/12
1/15/12 03:59San AngeloTXUSAFlashuntil morningWhen I awoke I looked out the back and the front. I saw a flashing light in the distance. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))1/24/12
1/14/12 23:30Prescott ValleyAZUSALight10 mins +Burning Light above ridge of Mingus Mountain1/24/12
1/14/12 21:45WoodstockGAUSALightdont knowIn the sky were four glowing objects, all in a formation.1/24/12
1/14/12 21:15DarienCTUSAFireball1-2 minutesOrange Fireball gliding in the sky over Darien, CT 1/14/12 @ 9:15 p.m.1/24/12
1/14/12 21:05BremertonWAUSACircleone hour+Silverdale, WA: erratically moving white lights reflecting off clouds and moving at lightening speed.((NUFORC Note: Ad lights? PD))1/24/12
1/14/12 21:00Fort CobbOKUSACigar25 mins.Vertical strip of lights over Fort Cobb Lake1/24/12
1/14/12 20:29DallasTXUSALight4 mins11 orange lights. Moving S to N slowly. Covered a good portion of the horizon east of Dallas. I got two videos on my smartphone.1/24/12
1/14/12 19:00SpartanburgSCUSALight45 minuteswhite light slowly meandering directly above in upstate South Carolina1/24/12
1/14/12 19:00West Palm BeachFLUSAOval2-3 minsObject bright no blinking lights moving fast1/24/12
1/14/12 18:30Medicine ParkOKUSACircleMulti colored object in the sky by Medicine Park Oklahoma after sunset !1/24/12
1/14/12 18:00UnderhillVTUSALight+/-5 minCluster of unidentified orange-red lights seen in the northern Vermont sky.1/24/12
1/14/12 17:50Laguna NiguelCAUSACircle00:01Bright object / orb performs aerial gymnastics over pacific ocean before performing disappearing act into the water close to coast.1/24/12
1/14/12 15:41ManchesterTNUSACigar5 minsUFO - Solid White, Cigar Shaped, No Sound, Daytime Sighting with video!1/24/12
1/14/12 11:50QuebeckTNUSATriangle<5 SecondsClear sky daytime sighting of black triangle moving at extreme speed with loud sound and no contrail.1/24/12
1/14/12 03:19Doncaster (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle10 minsI saw a very large craft from my bedroom window. flying very low for a usual aircraft. it had 3 red lights at the back, very large it1/24/12
1/14/12 02:58BonitaCAUSALightcontinuing stillI noticed there was a single very bright like star but closer. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star, but cannot be sure. PD))1/24/12
1/13/12 23:29Ocean ViewDEUSAFormation15 secondsFormation of 4 aircrafts with glowing underbelly flying low and towards Atlantic Ocean1/24/12
1/13/12 23:20AuroraCOUSAChevron4 secondsStingray like glide ghost.1/24/12
1/13/12 23:04OakleyCAUSAFireball5 minutesThree large, glowing, orange lights flying in the night sky in Oakley California1/24/12
1/13/12 22:30WashoeNVUSAFormationwitnessed 5 minutesBright multicolored obj. in the sky hovering, then moving quickly in multiple dir.. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star? PD))1/24/12
1/13/12 19:45Manchester (UK/England)United KingdomOther30 secondsBoomerang Object seen over Atherton,Manchester 7.45 p.m.1/24/12
1/13/12 19:40AustinTXUSADiamond5 - 8 minutesFleet of Flying Objects/Crafts - Austin, Texas - 01/13/20121/24/12
1/13/12 18:30MaloneNYUSAUnknown30 SecondsStrange glowing lights in triangle formation1/24/12
1/13/12 18:20WillardNCUSAOval3 minsGlowing red and orange ball that was above our heads and finally took off faster than any thing I have ever seen with no sound.1/24/12
1/13/12 17:00FullertonCAUSAEgg3 seconds or soVertically moving object that was glowing and accelerating quickly1/24/12
1/13/12 16:30San DiegoCAUSAUnknown1I did not see it. It appeared in photos I took from my iphone. After noticing it, I took several more. It was there and was in d1/24/12
1/13/12 11:00OrlandoFLUSASphere1 secondSphere appears on photo in Orlando, FL.1/24/12
1/13/12 09:43EurekaCAUSAChanging5 minutesUunusual orange bright light over eureka, california1/24/12
1/13/12 07:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging2 minred ufo1/24/12
1/13/12 02:15Camano IslandWAUSAUnknown5 - 7 minI did not see aircraft but experienced vibrations similar to what others on your web site did who had seen aircraft. I also did not ch1/24/12
1/12/12 23:20CaruthersvilleMOUSAUnknown20-30 secondsFloating blinking red and yellowish orange lights in Southeast Missouri near Hwy 4121/24/12
1/12/12 22:00KenoshaWIUSAFlash1 secondSudden Flash of Light1/24/12
1/12/12 21:00RosemountMNUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle of Lights merged into 1 light and then went left quickly...was in total shock!1/24/12
1/12/12 20:45SaratogaCAUSAOther3-4 secondsFlash of light that lit entire nighttime sky, traveling West to East. Followed by a power flicker of at least 25 miles.1/24/12
1/12/12 19:00League CityTXUSASphere30 secondsTwo stationary, silent, super bright white spheres about 100-200 feet in the air.1/24/12
1/12/12 18:00VenturaCAUSALight6 minutesBlue/red light seen 'dancing' above Ventura, CA1/24/12
1/11/12 22:40AshburnGAUSADiamond10 minutesLow lights seen in sky in rural south georgia1/24/12
1/11/12 22:00HopkintonNYUSAFireball2 minutesOrange-red lights above tree tops1/24/12
1/11/12 22:00West BangorNYUSAUnknown4 minThree orange spheres located in upstate N.Y.1/24/12
1/11/12 21:30Fort MorganCOUSALight2-3 secondsRounded ball of light seen S/SE in the early night sky, solid white, bluish edge with briefly visible reddish tail, falling downward.1/24/12
1/11/12 21:00N FL; S GAGAUSALight30-45 minsSomeone in north fl saw a strange light traveling north ! Witnesses saw it, even Camden co ga. Deputy's reported seeing it , when it go1/24/12
1/11/12 20:11AntiochCAUSACircle5 minutesGlowing Orange orb with small red orbs or embers falling out of it1/24/12
1/11/12 20:00Desert Hot SpringsCAUSATriangle2 minutesLarge, triangular shaped object with bright lights and no sound being chased by helicopters in Desert Hot Springs1/24/12
1/11/12 18:35MobileALUSALight1Strange lights moving effortlessly through the sky1/24/12
1/11/12 17:30WallingfordCTUSALight30 minsTeal ball of light hovers for nearly 30 mins then lowers below tree line in Yalesville, CT1/24/12
1/11/12 17:20MarysvilleWAUSAUnknown10 MinutesFour bright orange lights/ fireball spheres moving very slow vertically with no sound and no distinct shape1/24/12
1/10/12 21:00West ChesterPAUSALighti hourI looked at the sky outside on 1-10-2012 and to the west and south saw two sightings amongst a tremendous star filled sky. The sighting1/24/12
1/9/12 22:45Yountville/OakvilleCAUSAChevron3-5 minA large chevron shaped craft with a full array of white lights on its entire forward edge, moving very slowly.1/24/12
1/9/12PortervilleCAUSAMaybe an Alien???1/24/12
1/8/12 20:00PapillionNEUSALight15 minutes20-25 floating lights lasting about 10-15 minutes1/24/12
1/8/12 19:15VacavilleCAUSASphere2 minTravis Air Force Base vicinity Orange Orbs1/24/12
1/8/12 18:00CambridgeMNUSATriangleFew Min.Three lights in a triangular formation1/24/12
1/8/12 15:00correction to flying refrigerator1/24/12
1/7/12 20:30Lake Havasu CityAZUSASphere45 minUFO Caught on Tape January 7th 20121/24/12
1/7/12 18:00Alejuela (Costa Rica)Costa RicaOther15 minutesMultiple star shape objects moving over volcano range, groups of 2 at time , 5 times within 15 minutes1/24/12
1/7/12 05:45MesaAZUSALight15 minsThey looked like the Brazil UFO on January 3 video on YouTube. A cluster of around 12.1/24/12
1/6/12 23:00SpringfieldMAUSARectangle6-7 minutesWhat looked like a group of stars I beilive to be a UFO.1/24/12
1/6/12 19:45BoonvilleMOUSAUnknown10 minutes...the red lights were actually hovering over the truck stopped in the middle of Hwy 87.1/24/12
1/6/12 19:30North PortFLUSACircle40 minsPossible UFO landing in North Port Floria1/24/12
1/6/12 17:45NorwoodMAUSATriangle2 minutesStrange Object Flying Over Norwood1/24/12
1/4/12 21:15Hazel GreenWIUSACircle3 minsWhite lights over Wisconsin.1/24/12
1/4/12 09:32Babson ParkFLUSACircle12 min8 round objects with all yellowlights rising straight up in a diagional formation1/24/12
1/3/12 22:30ChrisneyINUSAOval1 minGray metallic looking object with multiple colors around the edges & a transparent red haze around it, moving rapidly 1/3/12 @10:30p1/24/12
1/3/12 12:05WatsonvilleCAUSADisk5 minLarge gray craft in Watsonville, CA.1/24/12
1/3/12 01:00DoylestownPAUSACircle5 secondsOver Doylestown,Pa. a Large red fireball moving west to east in the sky, no sound,1/24/12
1/3/12 01:00LevittownNYUSAUnknown10 SecondsBright lights in a single row. Flying over Long Island, New York.1/24/12
1/1/12 21:45Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere15 minsorange ball in the sky1/24/12
1/1/12 12:08Yuba CityCAUSALight10 minutesReddish orange lights on New Year's morning1/24/12
1/1/12 00:11Lake StevensWAUSALight5 minutesRed light flew up quickly,hovered,moved slowly north, then west1/24/12
1/1/12 00:06La MesaCAUSAOval90 seconds4 round orbs, hovered for about 90 seconds,came from behind a tree in front yard, they were orange/red, then faded out.1/24/12
1/1/12 00:05La MesaCAUSAFireball1 minMr. Davenport, On Jan. 1, 2012, as I went outside to listen to the gunfire and people celebrating (1205am), I saw 4 orange, almost red1/24/12
1/1/12 00:00PhoenixAZUSAOval3 minitesRed orb.1/24/12
1/1/12BogalusaLAUSAUnknown15 minObserved a flying light with on sound1/24/12
12/31/11 23:52SeattleWAUSACircle5 minutes8-10 orange UFO's sited New Years Eve, just before midnight in Seattle.1/24/12
12/31/11 22:30OrlandoFLUSALight5 minsAround 3 groups of 4 light pale lights, just like small stars, doing some formation and disappearing in a dark sky1/24/12
12/31/11 22:00BruslyLAUSATeardrop2 minutesOrange, out of the ordinary shape object in the sky, lasting a few minutes and looks like nothing I have ever seen before!1/24/12
12/31/11 18:30AcmeMIUSASphere3 minsFive orange orbs seen 6:30 pm 110 miles north of Traverse City MI1/24/12
12/27/11 00:00In distance from EarthUSATriangle3 daysNASA has photos of an object in space moving towards Earth and shaped like a triangle. They pass this off as a reflection of Venus on1/24/12
12/25/11 23:30Port St LucieFLUSAOval3 minBright Orange Orbs flying silent over Port St Lucie Florida Christmas night1/24/12
12/25/11 21:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAFireball40-50 secondsI saw a large fireball pass over my house at about 1000 feet --no noise, traveling about 15mph.1/24/12
12/24/11 22:00LittletonCOUSACircle5 minutesSaw four orange-red circles sitting still in the sky south-east of Littleton Christmas Eve about 10 pm. Two faded out and a while late1/24/12
12/24/11 08:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle45 min3 crafts dropped off and hovered over and flicked for 45 minutes1/24/12
12/23/11 19:55OrlandoFLUSALight15 minutesMultiple orange colored lights moving towards downtown Orlando, then ascended upwards and vanished.1/24/12
12/6/11 19:00LansingMIUSALight2-3 minutesOrange orbs over downtown Lansing - Dec. 6 20111/24/12
11/15/11 00:30HarrisburgPAUSASphere2 minhow fast they went up in the sky and what was one doing while standing still till the other one got there1/24/12
11/11/11 23:15OsceolaARUSADisk30 - 60 secondsMultiple lights and saucer at Missouri and Arkansas border.1/24/12
11/3/11 19:30VeniceFLUSALight5 min.Orange-red lights out over Gulf near Venice, FL1/24/12
10/6/11 20:03TampaFLUSASpherea matter of secondsChilling, giant, bright, green ball of fire between Lakewood (Providence) and hwy 41.1/24/12
9/23/11 18:45WaynesboroGAUSAUnknown1minuteWhile riding in car I snapped a picture of this craft moving north at a high rate of speed.1/24/12
9/16/11 11:16Sisters (in-flight)ORUSATriangle0.5 secOrange Dart-like craft passes our aircraft at close proximity in flight1/24/12
9/15/11 17:00NewarkDEUSADisk10 minutesStrange cloud changed shapes and became a saucer.1/24/12
8/31/11 20:30Mount SinaiNYUSAOther20 secondsVertical disk shaped craft with red/white light very low scanning area1/24/12
7/23/11 23:00FalconCOUSALight10 mins3 moving white lights over Front Range near Colorado Springs1/24/12
7/4/11 19:00West SeattleWAUSASphere5-10 minDo they Enjoy fireworks?1/24/12
7/3/11 22:00Battle CreekMIUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular shape, noisless,, object floated through sky over apartment building.1/24/12
7/3/11 20:30EastonPAUSADisk4 minL shaped lights moving across the night sky1/24/12
6/10/11 09:00New RochelleNYUSAUnknownfew secondsfast, bright light overhead in lower westchester NY1/24/12
1/14/11 19:30SuboticaIt was looked like hamburger and it was been few windows and all was have a light white very white lights and it was been on about 30 m1/24/12
1/5/11 20:00North PoleAKUSATriangle20 minutesIt was dark and we noticed six circular lights in a triangular formation pretty high up in the sky moving pretty slow from the south we1/24/12
11/15/10 23:00North Bay (Canada)ONCanadaCigar3-5 minCigar passef low over my haed.1/24/12
10/13/10 21:00San FranciscoCAUSALight3-4 minutesMultiple lights over Ocean Beach1/24/12
8/1/10 22:00Arkansas (while driving)ARUSATriangle5 minutesLarge triangular aircraft hovered over trees in Arkansas1/24/12
6/20/10 16:00Staten IslandNYUSADiskSince june 20th ive been seeing and photographing a ufo disc shaped object in broad daylight. it started while i was in my backyard smo1/24/12
11/27/09 23:00Queensland (Australia)AustraliaCircle5minsAnother fireball report1/24/12
7/26/09 15:00Sioux FallsSDUSALight2.5 minutesOne, spherical light orb that is slow moving then rapidly accelerating up into clouds.1/24/12
12/28/08 23:30Des MoinesIAUSALight2 nightsSorry, this was a while ago but I just found this site tonight. Over Christmas break 2008 I was up late one night and went outside1/24/12
10/15/08 16:00San DiegoCAUSAOther5 seconds"Cloud" shape moving south, no lights,sound or exhaust at about 16:001/24/12
7/6/07 04:00SewardPAUSACircle30-60 secondsIt was a saucer and only 11/24/12
7/2/06 10:00AshlandOHUSADiskvery shortObject shows-up in a picture then historical and scientific people begin to run into me while traveling.1/24/12
4/19/05 19:50PalmettoGAUSADiamond2 or 3 secondsPalmetto, GA. Diamond a couple of seconds a glowing diamond shaped object picture taken 19 April 2005 at 1950 EST1/24/12
7/24/03 21:15Milton (north of) (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown7 minutesSuper bright light moving from west to east, not too high and not too fast.1/24/12
6/30/01 23:00Pine BushNYUSATriangle10 minutesBlack triangle with red lights very up close sighting with 3 witnesses, Red Mill Rd. in Pine Bush NY.1/24/12
9/26/99 23:15AmesburyUnited KingdomUnknown30 secondsLit was not natural.1/24/12
8/28/98 19:00West IslipNYUSAOther5 minutesLarge black boomerang low to ground near my house1/24/12
6/1/98 23:00Rancho TehamaCAUSADisk10 minutesI was alone1/24/12
5/7/94 09:00Long BeachCAUSAOval15-20 minutesI observed the Craft at a close enough distance to know it was not anything man made1/24/12
6/30/91 08:00PalomaCAUSAChevron20 minI believe what we witness was a opening to a worm hole or a fold in space1/24/12
6/30/89 21:00EllenvilleNYUSAOther1-2 minutesLarge building type UFO that is tall but rounded, never heard of sighting of a UFO like this one.1/24/12
4/30/88LincolnMOUSACircleSeen a craft, lots details; windows panels etc.1/24/12
8/20/86 22:00Eldon (near; rural)MOUSAOther5 to 8 secondsThree red lights. Triangle looking satelite maybe.Moved at speed of light or close to it.1/24/12
6/10/81 14:00Camp PendeltonCAUSA30 minutesUFO observed in Camp Pendelton,California-19811/24/12
12/27/80ClactonUnited KingdomFireball1 minuitBelieve this to be linked to u.s airbase bentwaters known as the rendlesham forest incident 19801/24/12
6/1/77ClementsCAUSAChangingOnce again we forgot the event happened, until years later, looking back I realized we have missing time. 500 Lights On Object0: Ye1/24/12
4/30/76 20:00Fricot CityCAUSADisk3 hoursWas reported to national ufo & government1/24/12
6/30/68 21:00StocktonCAUSADisk10 minutesIt simply vanished Right in front of my eyes.1/24/12
9/15/66 20:00Canoga ParkCAUSACigar5 minBlue cigar shape ufo seen over home in california 19661/24/12
6/30/64 22:00PalomaCAUSAOtherNothing has even grown there again. She had no memory after the orange light on the window.1/24/12
4/30/48 12:00KelseyvilleCAUSADiskunknownThis was the beginning of a life long visits from UFO`s on our family. My Mother brothers report sighting UFO too.1/24/12