National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/03/13


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/13/12 07:14Madera/FresnoCAUSATriangle15 MinOne solid black, upside down triangle. No lights, moving very slowly over Hwy 41. Morphed.3/13/12
3/13/12 06:00Diamond BarCAUSATeardrop15 minutesTeardrop orb - lights moving rnd bottom, bright bright light on top-stay n place 10mn moved then diasppeared into air 3 helictrs chase3/13/12
3/13/12 01:26NewarkOHUSACircle3-4 minutesWhite objects in group flying together.3/13/12
3/13/12 01:00NewarkOHUSACircle4 Min10 Circular bright white objects over Newark, Ohio.3/13/12
3/12/12 22:04SyracuseNYUSAOther5 minutesWhat is hovering over lyncourt/eastwood/syracuse??????????????3/13/12
3/12/12 21:45ChillicotheOHUSAFireball30 SecondsTwo bright lights were flying in the air moving inbetween one another.3/13/12
3/12/12 21:30LawtonOKUSATeardrop2 minutesTwo objects, Teardrop shape, slight red to orange glow in front and less of a glow in the rear. Traveling South to North side by side3/13/12
3/12/12 21:30HoustonTXUSAUnknown1 HOURI saw unexplained objects not moving for about an hour, with bright lights. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/12/12 21:00MonticelloNYUSAOval1 1/2 minutesObject was goldish yellow, with possible lights on the left, object shaking and vibrating3/13/12
3/12/12 21:00Saint JosephMOUSAChanging20 minutes (approx.)Bright orange lines that turned into balloon looking objects3/13/12
3/12/12 20:29OakleyCAUSADiamond40 minutes2 diamond shaped bright white lights suspended still in sky for about 40 min. before being covered with strange straight-edge clouds.3/13/12
3/12/12 04:30SalemOHUSAFormation5 secondsSalem Ohio 3-12-12 Dome shaped yellowish-white flying objects traveling northeast3/13/12
3/12/12 01:02Rock SpringsWYUSAChevron2 minutesChevron Shaped array of five large lights with sparkling light all around them.3/13/12
3/11/12 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACylinder12 secondsTwo dimmed lights traveling at insanely high speeds with no noise.3/13/12
3/11/12 21:30MauldinSCUSAOval45 minutesLights in the sky, discernible object. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus. Photo is conclusive. PD))3/13/12
3/11/12 21:00East ElmhurstNYUSALightNon stop2 bright lights, not moving seem relatively close, wish someone would confirm. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Saturn. PD))3/13/12
3/11/12 20:55OgdensburgNYUSAOval20 secondsOrange Object flying near St Lawrence River, NY3/13/12
3/11/12 20:45ChapinSCUSACircle3 minutesFiery Orange Ball Slowly Moving over our house at Lake Murray, SC3/13/12
3/11/12 20:35The DallesORUSALightTwo Bright lights seen west of Hood River OR. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/11/12 20:00SchaghticokeNYUSALight2 bright lights north of albany, ny.. noticed 2nd night; they do not look like they move.. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/11/12 19:50WindhamMEUSAChanging10minThey appeared to be more of a set of 3 lights on each and a bright orange red3/13/12
3/11/12 19:30Lake ForestILUSAFormationStill thereTwo bright lights appear over norther Illinois3/13/12
3/11/12 07:00MaumeeOHUSACircle10 minutesTwo round flying objects one flashing, maumee Oh 7am.3/13/12
3/10/12 23:30VenturaCAUSACircle30 minutesOn Friday night around 7 there was sitings of a blue circle that hovered, and changed directions in Ventura, Ca. over the ocean. The ob3/13/12
3/10/12 23:00OrlandoFLUSAFireball15 minutesOrange orbs flying over Orlando3/13/12
3/10/12 22:30DefianceMOUSATriangle90 sec.The Triangle light over Hwy 94 in Defiance, MO.3/13/12
3/10/12 22:00SebastianFLUSALight1 minuteOrange Light Over Sebastian, Florida3/13/12
3/10/12 21:54PendletonINUSATriangle45 MinsThere were 2 main ones but a third appeared in the video and photos and we did not see it with the naked eye.3/13/12
3/10/12 21:00Fort WayneINUSAUnknownhoursUnusual lights in the southern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus? PD))3/13/12
3/10/12 21:00ChicagoILUSAOther20 minCraft flies in figure 8's over Midway , then down Cicero,1red & 1white front light w/3 red horizontal lights flashing sequentially3/13/12
3/10/12 21:00JacksonvilleNCUSASphere20 minutes21:00 pair of objects seen in sky. Moved diagonally and in sync against cloud motion. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/10/12 20:43FranklinWIUSALightStill visibleTwo bright lights emitting red and blue beams, stationary for long period of time.3/13/12
3/10/12 20:30GibsonvilleNCUSASphere5 min8 sphere see in the sky by 3 people3/13/12
3/10/12 20:23New BritainCTUSACigar20 secondsFloating star and cigar shaped crafts? Helicopter-like noise but no helicopter.3/13/12
3/10/12 20:00Santa AnaCAUSAOvalRed and blue but at 8pm it was red and like around 9 pm was blue. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))3/13/12
3/10/12 19:54WentzvilleMOUSAFireball5 minutesThree orange fireballs in Wentzville, MO.3/13/12
3/10/12 19:14HendersonvilleTNUSADisk1 minuteUFO spotted in Hendersonville, TN3/13/12
3/10/12 19:00RenoNVUSAFireball5 secondsA fireball fell over south Reno, NV, on 3/10/2012 at 7:00PM. Lasted 4-5 sec.3/13/12
3/10/12 19:00SarasotaFLUSATriangle4 minTriangle with lights seen moving south along us 41 sarasota3/13/12
3/10/12 18:45ReddingCAUSAFireball5 secondsAn orange fire-ball was seen flying through the sky, pretty low, and then I seen it disappear behind the trees.3/13/12
3/10/12 18:23PlantsvilleCTUSAOther2 minutesRED ORB FOLLOWED BY HELICOPTER3/13/12
3/10/12 16:00CountryKSUSAUnknown60 secondsPossible government officials faking an alien sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Date amended above. PD))3/13/12
3/10/12 11:00SelmaCAUSALightcurrentWeird flashing light not moving comes n goes has been doing that a few nights now i cannot identify it niether can my family....cant ge3/13/12
3/9/12 23:15BloomingtonILUSAChevron30-45 secondsA V-shaped craft with about 6 lights on each "wing" above Bloomington IL.3/13/12
3/9/12 22:12AppletonWIUSACircle5 minutesA dozen or so noisless orb like flaming balls of light that moved west across the sky and disapeared.3/13/12
3/9/12 21:00GreenevilleTNUSAUnknowntwo minutesFast moving double lined craft with moving lights..left a rotating movement within a trail3/13/12
3/9/12 21:00SheboyganWIUSACircle30 minA USO under the water that seemed to move very slowly.3/13/12
3/9/12 20:22StocktonCAUSALight5 secondsLarge bright light shrinks and flies away quickly.3/13/12
3/9/12 20:00SacramentoCAUSAChanging5 minutesDark, noiseless, floating V shaped object, moving from south to north, morphing shape3/13/12
3/9/12 20:00BeaverPAUSALight3 hoursBright lights over Beaver, PA. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sightings of Venus and Jupiter. PD))3/13/12
3/9/12 13:00CaledoniaWIUSALightTwo minutesWhite glowing object flying in sky.3/13/12
3/9/12 09:00MesaAZUSARectangle5 minutesRectangular ufo seen in Arizona3/13/12
3/9/12 07:30MedinaOHUSATeardrop5:00Silver bell with flames at bottom and silver metal frame with red bottom3/13/12
3/9/12 07:20PhoenixAZUSALight12 min5 UFO's lined up holding still3/13/12
3/9/12 01:30Grass ValleyCAUSALightFew hoursTwo "star" like objects flashing red, white and blue with unnatural intensity.3/13/12
3/9/12 00:45Draper/SuncrestUTUSACircle15 secondsDriving saw a bright light above the car and a circular round plate looking object3/13/12
3/8/12 22:18Panama City BeachFLUSAUnknowncontinuesLighted object moving in unusual patterns, unlike any aircraft.3/13/12
3/8/12 20:00SloatsburgNYUSALight10 minutesShifting white light seen in Sloatsburg, NY3/13/12
3/8/12 19:35Santa ClaraCAUSAChanging2 minutesSeven bright crafts "ufo's" seemed to dance in the Calif Sky last night3/13/12
3/8/12 19:00Penn LairdVAUSADiamond2-4 minutesBright diamond shape object in the sky.3/13/12
3/8/12 19:00BremertonWAUSAFireball45 secondsHuge red/orange fireball craft, no sound; Bremerton, WA 983103/13/12
3/8/12 01:30BaltimoreMDUSAChanging10 secondsObjects were flying together as one, then circled each other and disappeared into the sky3/13/12
3/8/12 00:00WellingtonKSUSACircle1 secondLarge blue white circular object seen streaking above the overcast at night.3/13/12
3/7/12 23:20New YorkNYUSADisk20minTwo UFO sightings while looking at and from the Statue Of Liberty.3/13/12
3/7/12 22:30ChicagoILUSALight15 minutesOrbs of lights 13+ in waves flying west near Midway airport.3/13/12
3/7/12 22:00MariettaGAUSAFireball10 secondsGreen Fireball in my neighborhood3/13/12
3/7/12 21:30TroyMIUSALight1 minuteOrange orb - Troy MI3/13/12
3/7/12 21:14GreenlawnNYUSADisk2 minutesSpherical rotating disk with lights3/13/12
3/7/12 18:10TowsonMDUSAUnknownAbout 30 secondsVery bright object spotted at dusk in Towson, MD3/13/12
3/7/12 18:00CincinnatiOHUSACircleseveral hoursObject in sky round in shape hovering over Cincinnati Ohio for two days and nights. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus. PD))3/13/12
3/7/12 10:43MargateFLUSALight3 secondsOrb in Margate Florida3/13/12
3/6/12 22:55RockfordILUSATriangle2minutesTriangular craft with amber light spotted by Rockford couple3/13/12
3/6/12 21:00TroyMIUSALight20 minutesOrange orbs - Troy MI3/13/12
3/6/12 21:00Citrus HeightsCAUSAOval2 minutesSlowly floating object with strange lights, moving across the city.3/13/12
3/6/12 20:30AlbuquerqueNMUSALightapprox. 1 min.Did not see an object, just long and fast bursts of extremely bright, white light; some of which shot off at different angles.3/13/12
3/6/12 18:45Owen Sound (Canada)ONCanadaLight6 hoursA friend and I were outside downtown briefly between buildings at sundown (@6:45pm perhaps) when we noticed two extremely bright stars.3/13/12
3/6/12 17:40Rocky HillCTUSALight2-5 MinutesBright Light in Rocly Hill/Berlin CT3/13/12
3/6/12 00:20Russell SpringsKYUSAEgg3 minutesOld music box started playing and not been wind up in years3/13/12
3/5/12 22:10Yerevan (Armenia)ArmeniaCircle10 minutesMy wife, me and daughter have seen the object quite far away. Which was descending quite quickly onto the earth and in 10 minutes disap3/13/12
3/5/12 22:00AinsworthNEUSALight4-5 secondsBright white light, about 5 times brighter/bigger than the brightest star at night, north of Ainsworth.3/13/12
3/5/12 22:00McCaysvilleGAUSALight15 MinutesSuper-bright red, orange sparkling light hovering in the sky for 20 minutes or more.3/13/12
3/5/12 21:30RutlandVTUSAFireball10 secondsLight/Fireball heading towards earth, 9 PM, Rutland Vermont, Whitish-Green streak of light behind and no explosion.3/13/12
3/5/12 20:41BellinghamWAUSASpherecouple minutes +Light hovering west of Bellingham, WA.3/13/12
3/5/12 20:10RockawayNJUSAFireballsecondsBlue white fireball seen in WSW sky in NJ.3/13/12
3/5/12 20:10LeesburgVAUSAFireball10 secondsLarge green streak of light over Leesburg, Virginia, perhaps a meteor.3/13/12
3/5/12 20:05MiddletownNYUSALight5 secondsBlue light slowing moving north and rapidly disappeared.3/13/12
3/5/12 20:00HummelstownPAUSAFireball5 to 6 secondsRed fire ball with long blue tail light over Hummelstown, Pennsylvania3/13/12
3/5/12 20:00KurtistownHIUSALight60 secondsFalling star stopped above the woods, hovered a moment and went left above the trees by neibor's house3/13/12
3/5/12 20:00Jordan (SR MT200, westbound)MTUSAUnknown2 hrsFor two hours we saw bright lights flying very low in MT. very close to us. Dimming, off, bright.3/13/12
3/5/12 19:58BlackwoodNJUSAFlash4 secondsA green flash of light zoomed through the sky above a park in Blackwood, NJ; it completely disappeared within seconds.3/13/12
3/5/12 11:30DavenportIAUSAOval5 minutesOval, hanging vertically above busy intersection in Davenport, IA at mid day.3/13/12
3/5/12 10:00NogalesAZUSATriangle20 minThere is a triangular large craft on top of downtown nogales flashing 4 to 6 lights not moving at all. its pretty large so i know i won3/13/12
3/5/12 06:45JacksonGAUSAOther10 secondsPair of bright blue/white lights descending rapidly next to I-75 GA3/13/12
3/4/12 23:00Gippsland (Australia)AustraliaRectangle10 secondsYellow/golden, large, rectangular , slow moving object with stars/lights in and around it.3/13/12
3/4/12 21:00VenturaCAUSATriangle20 secondsClear triangle over Ventura3/13/12
3/4/12 20:05TomballTXUSACircle2 minutesUfo sighting clear night sky.3/13/12
3/4/12 20:00WalkertonINUSALight1 HourWhen ever the objects where hit with the light from the flash light they got brighter.3/13/12
3/4/12 15:45SoulsbyvilleCAUSAChanging15 minutesAn unexplained object square in shape, floating and tubmling silently in the sky until ascending out of sight.3/13/12
3/4/12 13:30Los Angeles (mid-city)CAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular shaped ufo in los angeles3/13/12
3/4/12 07:30DallasTXUSALight5 minutesRed and white flashing lights with unusual movement3/13/12
3/4/12 03:00HollywoodCAUSAOther5 minutesThis was an indisputable moving creature of sorts in the sky, not machinery, and definitely not man made or controlled. Calculated.3/13/12
3/4/12 01:00West JordanUTUSACirclethree minutesRed light far in the sky fading in and out every three sec with white streams of light forming a circle around it3/13/12
3/4/12Venda (South Africa)South AfricaLight1minutes((HOAX??)) Neet 2 tolk 2 some 1.3/13/12
3/3/12 23:30AlbanyNYUSATriangle60 seconds5 to 6 orange glowing lights upstate NY disappeared/ triangle.3/13/12
3/3/12 23:30Sarasota CountyFLUSAOvalapprox 5 minutesUnknown objects in SE skies over Central Florida3/13/12
3/3/12 23:25Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaOther5 minutes+Orange-red object, seen by 2 people, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada3/13/12
3/3/12 23:15LavergneTNUSACircle3 minutesCircular objects disappeared in the sky3/13/12
3/3/12 23:00St. John (Canada)NBCanadaFormation10 minWe were driving home just past Spruce Lake area when we noticed the light to the left of the road just below plane height, then by the3/13/12
3/3/12 22:15GreensboroNCUSALight15 minYellowish spheres observed by three.3/13/12
3/3/12 22:15BethelAKUSALight5-10 minutesOrange/Reddish Lights3/13/12
3/3/12 21:50Palm BayFLUSAFireball5 minutesMany orange orbs fly overhead and out to the ocean.3/13/12
3/3/12 21:50Silver SpringMDUSAFormation15 minutesFor a 15 minute period, 30 to 40 crafts were seen. 15 to 20 craft flew in a formation and vanished in the sky. Then 12-15 craft flew3/13/12
3/3/12 21:25VernalUTUSAFireball1 minuteTwo orange lights in sky over Vernal, Utah3/13/12
3/3/12 20:45Norwich (Norfolk) (UK/England)United KingdomSphere1 minutesBall looking object,larger than any star,travling horizontal north to east, to me this looked like a very large comet with a tail,have3/13/12
3/3/12 20:42SacramentoCAUSALight10 min. ?Moving blue light in night sky in Sacramento, CA. Unusual color. March 3, 20123/13/12
3/3/12 19:23Grass ValleyCAUSAOther5 secondsBig scary thing come out of no where3/13/12
3/3/12 19:00St. CharlesILUSATriangle25 secondsRed lights in shape of a triangle down the sides with white lights across the object flying west to east.3/13/12
3/3/12 19:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther20 secondABOUT 7:00PM OVER SKY OF PHILADELPHIA3/13/12
3/3/12 19:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther20 secondAbout 7:00 p.m., my wife and I had just got back from the market WE WERE WALKING UP THE STEPS TO OUR PORCH . I JUST H3/13/12
3/3/12 01:10MiamiFLUSALight10 minutesNumerous (15-20) solid red-orange flare-like lights over Miami in 10 minute period.3/13/12
3/2/12 23:30Belgrade (Serbia)SerbiaTriangle30 secondsTriangular ufo with lights near their corners 03/02/2012 flew over Belgrade from south to north.3/13/12
3/2/12 23:30SeattleWAUSALight2 minutesTwo asterisk shaped yellow lights floating around above Lake Union in Seattle3/13/12
3/2/12 23:00OrlandoFLUSAFireball2 minutes2 Fire Balls Flying In The Sky3/13/12
3/2/12 20:00St. PetersburgFLUSACircle13 secondsBright star like object moving at a slow rate across the night sky. Within 13 seconds it slowly began to get smaller and disappeared. N3/13/12
3/2/12 19:30AnchorageAKUSALight10-15 minutesSeveral red lights with no sound ascending to the sky in Alaska3/13/12
3/2/12 19:30MaumeeOHUSASphere15-20 minsCaptured strange formation in sky on cellphone video, Maumee Oh3/13/12
3/2/12 16:00VadoNMUSAUnknown30 minutesWHITE OBJECT COMES OUT OF BRIGHT LIGHT IN CLOUD3/13/12
3/2/12 13:45San DimasCAUSACircle1:20Strange cirles appeared and dissappeard in plain daylight... Unexplainable...3/13/12
3/2/12 01:50LandoverMDUSATriangle40 secSaw three bright lights and a hovering craft3/13/12
3/1/12 22:27HagerstownINUSAOval3 minutesWe saw something over 300ft long in the sky , that didn't have a sound to it and moving at high speed.3/13/12
3/1/12 22:02Devon (UK/England)United KingdomFlash10 secondsI looked out the window into fog when suddenly there was a bright white light, which lasted about 10 seconds. you couldnt see anything3/13/12
3/1/12 21:30StuartFLUSAFireballaprox 1 minuteFirst, I am not a follower of UFO sightings. I just plugged in "fireballs in sky over Stuart" in my search box to see if there was anyt3/13/12
3/1/12 21:00PittsburghPAUSATriangle10 minutesTriangled shape craft with bright red blue and white lights3/13/12
3/1/12 20:30SedonaAZUSACigar10 minutes1-2 mile long cigar shaped craft over Sedona, Arizona.3/13/12
3/1/12 20:00PleasantonIAUSAOther5-10 minutesThree of us in our home heard a deep humming sound; two of us went outside to investigate and saw red/orange strobe lights.3/13/12
3/1/12 19:00VernalUTUSALight5 minutesA light in the sky was headed southeast, slowly going threw the shy staggering from left to right.slowly falling about an inch staggeri3/13/12
3/1/12 18:45Garden CityNYUSA10 secondsBright blue light in clouds over Long Island for less then a minute.3/13/12
3/1/12 18:45MelbourneFLUSAFireball30 secondsStrange fireball3/13/12
3/1/12 04:26GreensburgINUSADisk30 secThis is the second time I have seen this thing, I need answers, please3/13/12
2/29/12 23:15FerrumVAUSATriangle5-10Pyramid UFO with strange directed lights follows our car silently, then flies off.3/13/12
2/29/12 21:20GreenwoodSCUSACircle2 minutesClose, BRIGHT, Slow-moving lights seen in Greenwood, SC!!! Absolutely no sound heard!3/13/12
2/29/12 21:00PlantationFLUSASphere2-3 minutesFour orbs flying over Plantation, FL flying N-NW from FLL airport area.3/13/12
2/29/12 20:30Colorado SpringsCOUSALight5-10 minutesFive bright lights hover over Colorado Springs in perfect formation blinking off and on again.3/13/12
2/29/12 20:30Prescott ValleyAZUSALight1 minAt around 8:30 pm we saw a very bright light shoot across sky leaving a huge trail of smoke behind.3/13/12
2/29/12 20:07Lusaka (Zambia)ZambiaUnknown30 secondsThree strange and scary objects.3/13/12
2/29/12 20:00Miami BeachFLUSAFormation9.00 PM20 lighted objects orange color vertical shape flying over Miami Beach3/13/12
2/29/12 19:50Colorado SpringsCOUSAOval5 minutesOrange balls in a line.3/13/12
2/29/12 00:30MesaAZUSALight1 secondSmall, bright, white light appears, beam of light flashes, then it's gone.3/13/12
2/29/12 00:00EdinsMNUSAUnknown3-5 secondsI was driving with my boyfriend down a frontage road in Edina and we saw a strange blue light fill the sky for just a few seconds and t3/13/12
2/28/12 23:57ReadingPAUSATriangle35 secondsTriangular craft w/ bright white lights and sequencial red light moving from tip to tip; silent.((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 23:00Brighton PlantationMEUSAFireball7 secondsLow altitude white fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:30AltonNHUSAOval5-10 secondsThree flashes as the obj. was coming out of the sky, the main colors observed were blue, green. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:20WatertownNYUSALightabout 3 secSaw a blue ball of light falling from the sky, turned green before fading away. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:20MechanicvilleNYUSAEgg1 secondGreen/Blue tear drop shape shot down from the sky, emitting a bright white light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:15HamdenCTUSAEgg2 secondsGreen egg shaped object with lightning like explosion. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:14Essex JunctionVTUSAFlash<1 secondBRIGHT BLUE FLASH IN THE SKY. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:10North BerwickMEUSAUnknown2 minutesBright blue flash lit up the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 22:10DoverNHUSAFireball30 secondsLight in the shape of a ball lit up the sky over my car as I drove to work, it flashed. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 19:42ChaplinCTUSATriangle19:44((HOAX/OBSCENE)) holy ((deleted))! ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/28/12 19:30Saratoga Springs/MaltaNYUSALight2 MinutesRed light changes directions, disappearing by Orion's Knee3/13/12
2/28/12 18:00Ft. MyersFLUSALight03:00A light in the sky that traveled at a very high speed and then dissapered. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))3/13/12
2/27/12 23:10LakelandFLUSAFlash30 seconds"Ball of fire" going from east to west over Lakeland, FL.3/13/12
2/27/12 21:00PasadenaCAUSAOval4 sec.Oval/circle light blue-green glowing object moved in medium fast speed3/13/12
2/27/12 20:30MariettaMSUSALight15 minutesHovering light above tree lines3/13/12
2/27/12 18:00Warsaw (Poland)PolandUnknownNATwo orange objects caught in the night sky by a photographer.3/13/12
2/27/12 09:25CoventryRIUSAFireballsecondsFlash was so bright it hurt my eyes like a camera flash to close, it lasted seconds and it was gone, looked like a fire ball yellow and3/13/12
2/27/12 03:45LeavenworthKSUSAFireballTwo - Five mins.Several fireball ish looking craft, "danicing'' wave like motions in Kansas, USA.3/13/12
2/27/12 01:00MonroeMIUSALightabout 2 hoursWeird spinning light UFO above the fields between Monroe and Ida (yet again). ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet?? PD))3/13/12
2/27/12 00:36IssaquahWAUSALight5 minLight flashing and changing colors.3/13/12
2/27/12 00:00OntarioNYUSAFlash2 hoursNeighbor texted me just after midnight; if I was up to look out my back window to the S and see if I saw a flashing light. ((Sirius??)3/13/12
2/26/12 23:52LansingMIUSASphere1 - 2 secondsGreen light doing falling motion in the sky3/13/12
2/26/12 22:45HamptonVAUSAFormationabout 5 minLit offset T formation over hampton3/13/12
2/26/12 22:25Sauk CityWIUSAFireball5 minutesBright Fireball flashing light, split in two and converged back together to exit horizon3/13/12
2/26/12 22:20Lake OrionMIUSAOther22:30A foot-wide beam of "light" emanated across the sky, after noticing and observing for ten minutes it dissipated.3/13/12
2/26/12 21:30Caguas (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoLight3 minutesFeb 26th 2012 @ 21:31pm 3 flying objects crossing from north to south in Puerto Rico very slowly. No sound, Then turn east and vanis3/13/12
2/26/12 21:00ChicagoILUSARectangle15 secondsLow flying brown rectangular object3/13/12
2/26/12 20:45RioWVUSAFlash1 and 1/2 hourStrange flash of light once every four minutes in distant space west of orions belt3/13/12
2/26/12 19:54Federal WayWAUSALight10 secLight by the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Mars. PD))3/13/12
2/26/12 19:18Ann ArborMIUSARectangleabout 2 secondsRectangular Craft seen over Ann Arbor, Mi.3/13/12
2/26/12 19:00St. PetersMOUSADisk5 minutesPhotos show strange disk moving across sky3/13/12
2/26/12 18:32BellinghamWAUSALight3 minutes approx.Four moving UFOs over Bellingham, Wash.3/13/12
2/26/12 15:50SpringdaleARUSATriangle1 hrSitting outside on my lunch break when I noticed a black dot in the sky.3/13/12
2/26/12 02:00YoungstownNYUSAOval30-45 sec.Very bright silver blue dropped slowly downward and shot off to the right at unreal speed3/13/12
2/25/12 22:45CharlotteNCUSACross3 secondsLarge white cross flying over Charlotte, NC3/13/12
2/25/12 21:55LawrenceburgINUSACircle5 minutesBright orange orb in the sky over Dearborn County, IN February 25, 2012.3/13/12
2/25/12 21:00ChandlerAZUSALight3-4 minutes02-25-2012 - 9pm- I-10 to Tucson from Phx. Strange group of pulsating lights-3/13/12
2/25/12 20:14PocolaOKUSALight2 HoursStationary light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and/or Venus, we suspect. PD))3/13/12
2/25/12 20:00ZeelandMIUSALight2-5 minutesMe and my fiance and manager saw ufos3/13/12
2/25/12 19:00St. LouisMOUSATriangle1 Minute maybeVery high space craft moving extremely fast and jogging across sky, horizon to horizon in a less than a minute.3/13/12
2/25/12 18:30RochesterMNUSATriangle5 mins3 red lights formed into a triangle formation, moving toward each other, then fading.3/13/12
2/25/12 15:30WilliamsburgVAUSALight1:00Flashing red lights that made no noise, that just stood still, some moved slowly and then dissapeared3/13/12
2/25/12 10:58Staten IslandNYUSACigar3 minBright White Cigar moves quickly after hovering...3/13/12
2/25/12 06:20NewarkNJUSAOther1 minuteGreen laser lights in the sky simutaneosly and evenly shooting parallel to each other3/13/12
2/25/12 00:20UnionOHUSAFormation10 minutesRed/orange Lights over Union Ohio with sound at first3/13/12
2/25/12 00:00MillersvilleMOUSALight3 hrsSaw multi colored object in northern sky. Not a star or planet I was awoken around midnight by my dogs making very different howls not3/13/12
2/24/12 22:03BurlingtonCTUSALight10 minutesStrange organish bright light over northwest CT3/13/12
2/24/12 21:50OremUTUSAOval1 min +/-Orange glow in the northern sky.3/13/12
2/24/12 20:10LiberalKSUSAChanging15 secondsTriangle lights with one light moving position to left side.3/13/12
2/24/12 20:00AliquippaPAUSATriangleSecondsTriangular massive object with red lights3/13/12
2/24/12 13:15Oklahoma CityOKUSACircle1 minHuge circular craft high in the sky.3/13/12
2/23/12 22:45SumterSCUSACross2 minutesWhite cross shaped craft streaks near Shaw AFB and vanishes in thin air.3/13/12
2/23/12 21:06SalinaKSUSAUnknown15 seconds3 bright lights3/13/12
2/23/12 21:00White SwanWAUSALight15 minDisappearing strobing spiraling lights that split into two lights!3/13/12
2/23/12 20:20PhoenixAZUSAFireball30 Sec02/23/2012 Phoenix, AZ Fireballs 30 sec 2 fireballs circling around in night sky near airport 02/24/20123/13/12
2/23/12 18:23Las VegasNVUSAUnknown2 minutesLow Humming and HUGE Object over Las Vegas West Valley. ((NUFORC Note: Confirmed…sighting of a blimp. PD))3/13/12
2/23/12 14:00ScapooseORUSALightabout 3 minutesLarge cluster of glowing almost glittering white orbs of light floating and swirling around in the sky3/13/12
2/23/12 05:45OshkoshWIUSALight15 minDouble orbs in dawn sky3/13/12
2/23/12 03:30NorfolkVAUSATriangle1 minute or lessTriangle shaped3/13/12
2/23/12 01:01HinsdaleILUSADisk20 secondsLower than an airplane could fly, was a silver disk/saucer with orange lights moving very, very slowly across the cloudy dark sky.3/13/12
2/22/12 21:30YachatsORUSA02/22/2012Man sees orange light in sky; object shoots up vertically, and then back down, moments later.3/13/12
2/22/12 21:28ConwayARUSATriangle1 minuteThree triangular shaped aircraft3/13/12
2/22/12 21:20Las CrucesNMUSACircle20 min approxGlowing orb like object. Very bright yellow and red. Low western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus? PD))3/13/12
2/22/12 21:00SweetwaterTNUSAUnknown2-4 mins.At about 9 p.m. I looked out side and noticed several lights moving from the southeast to the northwest in a formation. I first thought3/13/12
2/22/12 20:58Bay CityMIUSAChanging2 hoursTwo Lights varying in intensity over Bay City, MI ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus? PD))3/13/12
2/22/12 20:15Milan (Bergamo; Lake Major) (Italy)ItalyLightover an hourTwo non moving bright round lights over Bergamo, Milan and Lake Major. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter and Venus? PD))3/13/12
2/22/12 19:44AcworthGAUSACircle4 minsSaw a bright light disappear then reappear closer, then slowly fade to dark.3/13/12
2/22/12 18:00San DiegoCAUSASphere10 minutesRound black object, no lights, moving east to west over Del Sur.3/13/12
2/22/12 08:00SilverthornCOUSAUnknown1 secUnusual vapor trail over Colorado mountains appeared in altered photo.3/13/12
2/22/12 05:15PeoriaAZUSALight90 secondsBlue Light Seen Hovering Over West Wing Mountain, Peoria, Arizona3/13/12
2/22/12 01:15GreenbrierARUSAOther5 secondsA white and glowing, boomerang-like object twisting and flying in the air.3/13/12
2/22/12 01:00IndianapolisINUSADiamond1 hourBright lights in the city of Indy...UFO???3/13/12
2/21/12 23:00JacksonMSUSAOther3 minSquare object in the daytime sky hovering3/13/12
2/21/12 22:00CharlestonMEUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle shaped 3 white lights silent hovering.3/13/12
2/21/12 20:40HighwoodILUSADisk10 SecondsFlying Disk North of Chicago3/13/12
2/21/12 20:30Stephens CityVAUSALight40 minutesStar-like light disappears and reappears multiple times in stationary position3/13/12
2/21/12 20:00BothellWAUSACircle5 minutesBright orange lit object with a red halo slowly flew over Bothell, WA.3/13/12
2/21/12 18:45AshawayRIUSAUnknownabout 1 minuteFour or five chevron type craft flying at night.3/13/12
2/21/12 09:30BentonTNUSADisk20 secondsDriving down the road we saw a blue light and a object fly over the car.3/13/12
2/20/12 22:00Oak HillWVUSAUnknown6 minThey appeared to be flares and i would say they were about the size of a soda machine each3/13/12
2/20/12 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAChanging2 minutes2 smaller ufo starlike, then huge one floating circling fast3/13/12
2/20/12 20:00FlintMIUSAUnknown2.5 minutesUnidentified, Hovering, Glowing Object3/13/12
2/20/12 17:45MorrisonCOUSAChanging25 minutesWhile hiking in the foothills of Colorado, I saw three amber lights hovering in the sky over Denver3/13/12
2/20/12 17:10PascoWAUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge dark mass hovering near Pasco, WA airport.3/13/12
2/20/12 17:00EudoraARUSALight3 minutesVery, very bright motionless light in the daylight.3/13/12
2/20/12 15:00West BarnstableMAUSADiamond2 days2 bright lights moving and a gold bright light also moving positions. Thety have been around 2 days.3/13/12
2/20/12 07:50LexingtonNCUSACircleA few minutesWhite flying object circling star, zipped off, chased by jets, then shot at jets.3/13/12
2/20/12 01:45WillistonVTUSALight5 secondsFast bright moving light came out of nowhere3/13/12
2/20/12 00:25Tinley ParkILUSALightstill goingArray of lights over Tinley Park, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of star or planet, we suspect. PD))3/13/12
2/19/12 22:30ViennaILUSADisk5-10 minutesBright light that began to dim, it was rotating and flashing orange, yellow and red colors then picked up speed and it was gone.3/13/12
2/19/12 21:50Bridlington (E. Riding) (UK/England)United KingdomFireball4 minutesRed/orange objects fly by in night sky3/13/12
2/19/12 21:15ArcadiaFLUSACircle15 MIN.Red lights in the sky over Arcadia3/13/12
2/19/12 20:30Los AngelesCAUSAFireball5 minsOrange orb, ascends in the southern L.A. night sky. Disappears then reappears, a faint object in clouds moving west.3/13/12
2/19/12 20:20UmatillaORUSACircle3 minutesLow flying silent brightly lit craft.3/13/12
2/19/12 20:15MilfordCTUSACircle2 minutesFast ,silent, orange color3/13/12
2/19/12 20:00Dry RidgeKYUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular with many light3/13/12
2/19/12 19:30ClintonIAUSACircle5 minsTwo strange orange lights in the sky, unattached from each other, no sound3/13/12
2/19/12 19:00Morgan HillCAUSAEgg1 hourObject floating in sky immediately goes warp speed and stops! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))3/13/12
2/19/12 00:15JacksonvilleFLUSASphere10-12 sec.Fast moving object w/ a bauitiful orange aura that seemed to pulsate travaling at high rate of speed.3/13/12
2/18/12 22:30PembrokeNHUSALight15 secondsWitnessed 2 red lights in formation proceeding slowly NW to SE. After covering about one third of the sky they suddenly went out toget3/13/12
2/18/12 21:30RidgefieldWAUSALight10Bright light on western sky visable for 10 mins not moving at all, but light went out.3/13/12
2/18/12 20:30Newark/BearDEUSAUnknown10 minutes2 clusters of orange lights in sky. About 25 lights per cluster3/13/12
2/18/12 19:30LevittownPAUSAOval5 minutesBright Red Light in the sky, got brighter glowing, then turned white and shot away through the sky.3/13/12
2/18/12 17:43Miami LakesFLUSAChevron3 minutes4 Black Objects with fireball behind them moving very slowly in the night sky3/13/12
2/18/12 10:55AuburnWAUSALight3-4 minutesAnyone else report a slow moving ball of yellow/orange light over T-town around 10:50?... i observed a large yellow/orange light moving3/13/12
2/18/12 05:05BrattleboroVTUSACircle5 minutesLarge white light observed in so. VT sky.3/13/12
2/18/12 00:30PrinevilleORUSALight40 minutesTwo adults witnessed a flickering blue, green and white light eminating a search beam type light3/13/12
2/17/12 23:00NewburghNYUSATriangle5 minutesOn 2/17/12 a Massive burning flash turned into a triangular ship in Newburgh NY.3/13/12
2/17/12 22:30O'FallonMOUSAUnknown5 minutesTilted object with lights in the night sky hovering, and traveling low.3/13/12
2/17/12 21:50ColleyvilleTXUSARectangle1 second3 lights in shape of triangle go faster than anything ive ever scene.3/13/12
2/17/12 21:30Port CharlotteFLUSALight30 minutesBright pulsing flare over charlotte harbor fl. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter or Venus, which are in the NW sky at this hour? PD))3/13/12
2/17/12 21:10StathamGAUSAFireball20 minutesVery fast and bright lights ever were3/13/12
2/17/12 21:00StreamwoodILUSACross5 minutesObject was first seen over the tree line coming down Schaumburg Rd before crossing barrington rd. The light was mostly bright blue with3/13/12
2/17/12 21:00Golden ValleyAZUSATeardrop22:00Military missiles and Jetcraft are evaded by a light in the southern sky.3/13/12
2/17/12 20:00FayettevilleNCUSACircleone hourRound, bright, mostly stationary, with neon colors. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Sirius, Jupiter, or Venus. PD))3/13/12
2/17/12 19:10Mounds ViewMNUSARectangle60 secondsLarge black rectangular object hovering3/13/12
2/17/12 18:40SimsburyCTUSALightone minuteZig-zagging star-like object.3/13/12
2/17/12 11:30Arlington HeightsILUSATriangle5 seconds3 black triangles flying very quickly northwest over Arlington Heights3/13/12
2/17/12 07:15AnacortesWAUSAOval45 minutesWhile viewing Washington state aviation camera of Anacortes airport from 7:15 am the camera captured these images. ((Birds??))3/13/12
2/16/12 23:30PearsonGAUSASphere5 minutesOrange sphere hovering in the night sky, then disappeared at incredible speed3/13/12
2/16/12 21:15Buffalo (above)TXUSAFlash1 minReddish glow over Buffalo, TX3/13/12
2/16/12 21:00YumaAZUSALight5 minSaw two bright orange light hovering south of yuma, az just stood then then began to move esat until dissapeared they wernt airplane cu3/13/12
2/16/12 20:00OxnardCAUSAFlash3 - 5 secondsCraft speeding across the sky during a Dirty Job episode tonight.3/13/12
2/16/12 20:00MonroeMIUSALightLess than 2 hoursWeird light above the fields on M-50 again! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter and Venus?? PD))3/13/12
2/16/12 20:00Spring LakeMIUSA4 to 5 minutesThree brightly lit objects the color of a flame..very orange / yellow / red, flying quite low to the ground 100 ft or so. moving over3/13/12
2/16/12 19:00Panama CityFLUSASphere5 minutesTwo bright orbs zig zagging over Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.3/13/12
2/16/12 19:00GainesvilleFLUSAOval10 minsDidnt belive too much till I started seeing this!!3/13/12
2/16/12 19:00MiamiFLUSALight5 minutesBall of light shoots across night sky, then vanishes3/13/12
2/16/12 07:45Wendover (east of)UTUSAOther202 black objects were seen seen hovering several miles north of I-80 eastbound in the early hours on Thursday, February 16th, 2012. The3/13/12
2/16/12 03:45HomesteadFLUSAUnknown5 minutes each timeUFO Sighting Over Homestead, FL.3/13/12
2/15/12 23:35South KingstownRIUSALight5 secondsAt approximately this time, I let one of my dogs out into my large fenced and wooded backyard. The night was cold, clear, and many sta3/13/12
2/15/12 22:38SacramentoCAUSADisk3 seconds or lessThe flying object caught my attention because it was so beautifu, it flew so fast the I only saw it for about 3 seconds.3/13/12
2/15/12 21:05AlpineWYUSALightstill happeningBright stationary light looked like Venus with a red small light that encircled around the center of the light.3/13/12
2/15/12 20:49South HuntingdonPAUSATriangle1 MinuteA very big and loud triangular shaped aircraft moving slow with three blue/white lights at each corner3/13/12
2/15/12 19:00TampaFLUSALight30 seconds3 bright red lights over tampa3/13/12
2/15/12 18:59HectorNYUSALight45 secondsBright ball of light slowly traveling west to east -size diminished then changed from red to pink then vanished.3/13/12
2/15/12 16:25Playa del ReyCAUSATeardrop2 minBlack craft shows up in picture i did not see when taking the picture3/13/12
2/15/12 04:00SedonaAZUSAUnknown10 minutes5 dancing lights over mountain range about 15 miles from Sedona, Shoot away when a jet engine was heard in the distance3/13/12
2/15/12 03:20Sedona (Route 89)AZUSATriangle10 minutesSaw 5 bright triangle lights flying north out of Sedona, 2 where large and bright.3/13/12
2/15/12 03:14SedonaAZUSATriangle15 mins3 triangle ufos appear over my pastures, larger of 3 crafts emits beam over 1 of my pastures, animals missing. 3 occurance3/13/12
2/15/12 00:10Holetown (Barbados)BarbadosSphere4-5min6-7 Orange Lights in Barbados3/13/12
2/14/12 00:00AnaheimCAUSAFireball5 minutesYellow glowing object that shone like a star but distinct from either stars , human craft, meteor3/13/12
2/14/12 22:40ProvoUTUSAFireball2 minutesSlow moving silent fireball captured on video over Provo, Utah3/13/12
2/14/12 21:00WynneARUSAOtheraprox. 4 minOdd flashing lights3/13/12
2/14/12 20:00Huntington BeachCAUSALight30+Two bright white lights high in the sky moved in circular motion, then one hovered while the other slowly moved lower.3/13/12
2/14/12 19:20VonaCOUSAOval3-4 seconds4 bright orange lights that slowly faded away in Eastern Colorado3/13/12
2/14/12 13:15North OgdenUTUSAUnknown5 minutesSighted a unknown craft in the clouds daytime and took photo.3/13/12
2/14/12 01:45St. GeorgeUTUSAChanging45 minutesVery odd hovering object, multiple colors continuously morphing.3/13/12
2/14/12 00:00SturbridgeMAUSALight10 minutesBright, glowing, sometimes stationary objects in the Sturbridge sky!3/13/12
2/14/12 00:00Sedona (outside of)AZUSAUnknown1 secondMe and My wife live outside of Sedona Arizona. It was just after Midnight, when outside there was a VERY BRIGHT Silver Flash. When i we3/13/12
2/13/12 21:30Rapid CitySDUSATriangle1 minuteBlue and red triangle above Rapid City3/13/12
2/13/12 21:00North OgdenUTUSASphere5 minutesWeird moving ball of light/craft?3/13/12
2/13/12 21:00New HartfordNYUSAChanging2 minutes.Two lights separated into three, then four, as they flew overhead.3/13/12
2/13/12 20:15Rosetta (South Africa)South AfricaCircle15 minutesOrb-like objects travelling across the sky followed by flashes of light.3/13/12
2/13/12 18:00OrovilleCAUSAFireball6+hoursAmazing footage of ufo in nor cali ((NUFORC Note: We have not seen the footage, but we a star or planet. PD))3/13/12
2/13/12 06:30Black RiverNYUSA10 minutesSaw three lights near each other. One flew left and went dim one flew higher and one remained very low3/13/12
2/13/12 06:20OrovilleCAUSAChanging6+ hrsSighting in Norcal video footage scary!3/13/12
2/13/12 00:00Newport NewsVAUSALight30 secondsBright red light scanning across my house and patio area.3/13/12
2/12/12 22:45Ft. DuchesneUTUSAEgg8-10 minutesGlowing egg or oblong shaped flyiing object rose up from the ground and went east.3/13/12
2/12/12 21:40AnkenyIAUSATriangle30 secondsFlying triangle really low to ground not making any noise, not an airplane or a helicopter3/13/12
2/12/12 21:00EufaulaOKUSAOval8 secFaint oval shape with moving lights at bottom....but very large 1/2 mile long oval shaped3/13/12
2/12/12 21:00DeWittMIUSAFireballBright lights glide across the sky.3/13/12
2/12/12 20:55GlenarmILUSADiamond8 minutesRed/whi/blu diamon shaped disc hovers over Glenarm, Illinois3/13/12
2/12/12 20:30NaplesFLUSALight5 minutesFormation of 8 orange lights, in sky hovering about 8:30pm in South Naples near Copper Cove.3/13/12
2/12/12 19:14Johnson CityTNUSALightSpotted a bright white light traveling east to west over Johnson City tonight.3/13/12
2/12/12 19:00NorcrossGAUSALightall nightFollowed by Unidentified Light Objects on multiple occassions whether walking or driving3/13/12
2/12/12 10:30White Bear LakeMNUSALightI saw 2 lights low on the horizon that disappeared 30 minutes later.3/13/12
2/12/12 08:00CoatesvillePAUSALight10 secondsBright orange-red light hovers between trees moves west and disappears. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/13/12
2/12/12 04:30MetlakatlaAKUSADisk4 year old son sees and draws flying saucer. ((NUFORC Note: Sincere and credible witness. PD))3/13/12
2/12/12 01:47FlorenceSCUSAFireball13 SecondsI was waiting for my wife to get off work and I looked out the driver side window of my car and I saw a fireball with a green tail fall3/13/12
2/12/12 01:45SaltvilleVAUSASphere3-4 secGreen sphere seen in saltville virginia and mountain city Tennessee3/13/12
2/12/12 00:30Larkhall (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle5 minsBalls of fire in sky3/13/12
2/11/12 23:10ElkhornNEUSAOther1-2 secondsBright blue light in the night sky traveling at terrific speed3/13/12
2/11/12 20:30PortsmouthNHUSALight10 minutesReddish circular lights spaced equally apart in a line, slowly moved across the night sky.3/13/12
2/11/12 19:30Jensen BeachFLUSACircle2 minutesStrange slow moving low glowing orange balls over US 1 Jensen beach3/13/12
2/11/12 19:30FairdealingKYUSAUnknown30-45 secondsSingle object with 4 white lights flashing in right to left sequence in somewhat straight line3/13/12
2/11/12 19:30RochesterNHUSALight15 minutesStrange orange lights in sky over Rochester, NH3/13/12
2/11/12 19:10FairbanksAKUSALight15 minutesWe saw 6-7 craft move from SE to NW, with very bright orange/yellow lights and no sound.3/13/12
2/11/12 18:30Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight15 secondsGreen light, then vanished...3/13/12
2/11/12 18:15CarpentersvilleILUSATriangle60 secUnlit Triangular Flying Object in Night Sky3/13/12
2/11/12 18:00San Diego (north coastal area)CAUSACircle1-1.5 hoursSeemed to have random courses and altitudes; as if piloted. Some had camera phones (not I).3/13/12
2/10/12 21:00Saugerties/PalenvilleNYUSATriangle20 seconds2 triangle objects Rte 32 on Ulster/Greene county line3/13/12
2/10/12 20:40Los BanosCAUSALight2 minuteIt just seems out of place3/13/12
2/10/12 20:00AlpineTXUSALight5 minsSilent fast moving light, no sound at all.3/13/12
2/10/12 19:00San JoseCAUSALight30 secondsBright lights in the sky taking on a V shape formation3/13/12
2/10/12 18:00HainesAKUSADiamond30 minutes and longerA bright multi-color flashing object soared across night sky, until it made an abrupt stop, only to roam around in any direction3/13/12
2/10/12 17:00Elizabeth TownshipPAUSATriangle10-15 secondsSmall battleship gray triangle in residential area3/13/12
2/10/12 12:00West Palm BeachFLUSATriangle2 minutesBrown triangle ufo WPB fl3/13/12
2/10/12 03:15LakewoodWAUSAUnknown30 minutesFaint noise and pressure change.3/13/12
2/9/12 23:45Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoOtherapprox 20-30 mins8 oranges lights with 3 dropping something into the ocean at Puerto Vallarta on 9 February 2012, at 23:00hrs.3/13/12
2/9/12 22:00TaosNMUSAOtherthroughout nightSeveral blinking red lights circling Taos, NM valley.3/13/12
2/9/12 22:00HartvilleOHUSATriangle2 - 3 minutesLarge triangular craft (size of com. jet), flat black, bright white lights on points, hovered/rotated 180 degrees & moved away slowly.3/13/12
2/9/12 21:30TroyMIUSALight5 minOrange tinted orbs observed over Troy, MI (along with star-like light to the east) ((NUFORC Note: Possible "Chinese" lanterns? PD))3/13/12
2/9/12 20:00BakersfieldCAUSALight5 minutesThree red-orange lights appear over I-5/westside of Bakersfield3/13/12
2/8/12 20:55Marco Island (northeast of)FLUSASphere1 to 2 minutes12-15 orange glowing objects moving slowly in night sky northeast of Marco Island, Florida.3/13/12
2/8/12 20:00MaranaAZUSALight10 minutesStrange orange lights in the sky over Marana, Az.3/13/12
2/8/12 18:30TonawandaNYUSAUnknown10 minutesMultiple cases of lights3/13/12
2/8/12 14:00SalemORUSATeardrop5 minutesUFO SIGHTING FEBRUARY 8TH 2012 2 PM SALEM OREGON While driving to Salem on Wednesday the eighth of February on the Interstate 5 Southb3/13/12
2/7/12 19:37Good YearAZUSALight50 minutesA light that moved in many fast directions. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD))3/13/12
2/7/12 07:00Las VegasNVUSACircle10 sec.Bright, red, glowing, slow moving, craft headed west disappeared behind buildings.3/13/12
2/6/12 21:15Santa MariaCAUSAFireball45 secondsWeird orange glowing ball of light moving slowly across the sky and gradually diminishes.3/13/12
2/6/12 21:00YakimaWAUSAFireball5 minutes3 balls of orange light move South in the West Valley of Yakima.3/13/12
2/6/12 19:00Grove CityOHUSAFormation5 minutesLine formation of 5-6 blinking lights, rapidly changing formation until out of sight.3/13/12
2/6/12 05:00Rio RanchoNMUSACircle30 secondsCircle of light drops from the night sky toward earth then disappears3/13/12
2/6/12 01:00EnterpriseWVUSAOval8-10 seconds3 separate sightings: blue jellyfish and two red globes3/13/12
2/3/12 21:30MarshallNCUSALight20 minutesI watched and noticed that the object was also moving up, down, sideways and directions that would have been impossible for even a heli3/13/12
2/3/12USACheck out Kate Lundy speaks to SBS video World News Australia 30 sec into Video what is in the backround3/13/12
2/1/12 21:30Ocean CityMDUSAFormation10 secondsAn evenly spaced, straight line of lights appear in the sky, dance in a worm-like pattern and fade away.3/13/12
2/1/12 20:30Luxembourg (City) (Luxembourg)LuxembourgTriangle1 minuteLow altitude Triangle shaped UFO over Luxembourg City , 3 white light 1 red light in center.3/13/12
2/1/12 18:23Santa Rosa (45 min. E of; Hwy. 12)CAUSATeardrop50 secondsFast flameing object spotted.3/13/12
2/1/12 14:00Penfield (near)PAUSACylinderdaytimeBlack cylinder, no windows, no motor, no wings,no writing3/13/12
1/30/12 20:00ClearwaterFLUSASphere50-60 secondsOrange ball over clearwater beach3/13/12
1/29/12 23:30NormanOKUSAUnknown5-10 secondsAn oval light appeared over the moon, shined a beam of light over Lake Thunderbird, and then streaked off.3/13/12
1/28/12 22:35StarkeFLUSALight1 secondWhile camping an orange light was seen through tree line which was sitting still and then accelerate towards the ground.3/13/12
1/28/12 20:50WrensGAUSADiamond6 minutesWas not a plane and lights where extremely bright.3/13/12
1/28/12 15:30GunterTXUSAUnknown15 minutesLarge weird Smoke Ring near Gunter, Texas.3/13/12
1/26/12 11:30Lone Pine (Highway 395 south of)CAUSATriangle2-3 secondsSilent Matt black triangle craft seen alongside my car then disapears across dry lake at speeds in excess of 10,000 mph3/13/12
1/20/12 23:00AkronOHUSAChevronSECONDSI was in bed on a second floor this stealth-like craft with large white lights (not sure of how many or if there were red ones also) he3/13/12
1/19/12 19:35ChristiansburgVAUSAFireball5 minutesOrange fireballs over the New River Valley, Southwest Virginia3/13/12
1/19/12 19:00MaconGAUSARectangleAbout 1HrRectangular craft with mostly blue, some red and white brilliant moving flashing lights, and hovered high in the sky north of Macon GA3/13/12
1/19/12 18:00NYUSAOval2On the night of 1/19/2012 me, my mother, brother,aunt,a family friend all across town decribed a oval shaped flying saucer in the sky.3/13/12
1/9/12 22:00TemeculaCAUSADiskPhotos capture UFOs over Temecula, CA3/13/12
1/8/12 20:30Caterham (UK/England)United KingdomOther9 secondsWitness sees blue light pass across the nighttime sky quickly.3/13/12
1/8/12 17:27WesterlyRIUSAFireball5 min.Four Reddish-orange fireballs-changed direction-disappeared.3/13/12
1/7/12 18:30AventuraFLUSAFireball5 secondsWhatever this was, we've never seen anything like it3/13/12
1/7/12 06:03Frazer TownshipPAUSALight50 MINShot many still photos of floating blue orb that seams to be observing multi colored object in night sky.3/13/12
1/6/12 07:30HickoryNCUSACigar15 minutesLarge cigar shaped craft floating over Hickory.3/13/12
1/5/12 18:30Rich HillMOUSALight10 minutesMO INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: We had set about an hour and i noticed a strange light above the tallest hill in the river bottoms.3/13/12
1/1/12 19:00CocoaFLUSALight30 secondsRed glowing lights in the Cocoa Sky3/13/12
1/1/12 00:00EastgateOHUSASphere10-15 minuteThree orange orbs over Eastgate Ohio3/13/12
1/1/12 00:00FarmingdaleNYUSACircle5 minutesApprox. 9 orb crafts flying in groups go 3 in v formation over farmingdale ny airspace at midnight on near years day3/13/12
1/1/12 00:00SykesvilleMDUSACircle1 hourWeird orange/red balloon lights on New Year's Eve in Syskesville3/13/12
12/31/11 21:00CowpensSCUSAFireball5-10 secFireball over sc3/13/12
12/31/11 19:31St. CharlesMOUSALight3 to 5 minutesMO INVESTIGATORS GROUP: All of a sudden about 6 more appeared and were flying in the same dir. as they were following the other 5.3/13/12
12/28/11 21:00ChattanoogaTNUSAFireball15-20 minutesFour glowing orange orbs float over the city3/13/12
12/28/11 17:50ChattanoogaTNUSALight30 minutesFour family members witnessed some 14-18 bright yellow/orange lights move slowly over city3/13/12
12/28/11 15:00BeaconNYUSADiamond30-40 secondsHuge and hanging right over the bridge entrance3/13/12
12/20/11 20:00NorfolkVAUSALightsecondsBright and super fast spot of light traveled 45 deg and then right straight up in the sky3/13/12
12/17/11 22:00Oak IslandNCUSALightA few secondsAt about 10:00PM on December 17th, 2011, two colleagues and I witnessed what we believe to be two UFOs fly from the western horizon to3/13/12
12/10/11 17:30Ocotillo Wells (Near)CAUSALightabout 3 hrsMore "Ghost Lights" in Anza- Borrego3/13/12
11/15/11 20:00FerndaleWAUSASphere3-5 secondsBright white ball traveling at fast speed crosses rural road in evening, 2 witnesses3/13/12
11/13/11 17:30Moriches bay areaNYUSASphere45 secondsTwo huge red spheres over Moriches, Long Island, witnessed by officer.3/13/12
11/8/11 00:00PinnacleNCUSALightJust a matter of seconds,Lights on & then shot straight across the sky at a slight downward angle & then gone w/ no fading of the light, within seconds, if that3/13/12
10/22/11 08:22BoyceVAUSAOval10 secondsOval shaped dull gray object traveling at low altitude during daylight3/13/12
10/22/11 06:15St. ClairMOUSAUnknown5 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATOR GROUP REPORT: Driving E on I-44 approx. near mile MM 243 when I saw a very bright star light obj. in the sky.3/13/12
10/21/11 22:20RentonWAUSADiamond:20Gray translucent elongated diamond in shape with a tail3/13/12
10/12/11 19:00SeafordDEUSAFireball?One cloudy evening on Sept 12, 2011-as I walked toward the sunroom in the backyard which is toward the south, that is made of all wind3/13/12
10/2/11 17:30Lake SpringsMOUSAOval1 minuteI saw these three craft flying around the same vicinity.3/13/12
9/30/11 22:30Port ArthurTXUSALight15 secondsGroup of fast moving lights inthe night sky.3/13/12
9/30/11 21:50SearcyARUSADiamond2 minutesOrange-reddish object not moving at fast rate of speed began to move at ENORMOUS one out of me and and I friends field of vision.3/13/12
9/24/11 20:00WyandotteMIUSACylinder1min/14 secsWyandotte, MI Cylinder/1min/14secs Craft with rotating door3/13/12
7/23/11 02:42Hudson Bay (western shore of; very northern) (Canada)ONCanadaTeardrop3-6 minutesThey were getting a view of the area the centre of UFO had things like spotlights kind of like a submarine exploring but in the sky.The3/13/12
7/14/11 20:00KeyesCAUSALight2 minutesDouble light moving north-north east3/13/12
7/12/11 20:15Australia (northeast)AustraliaUnknown13 secondsBright light observed moving fast by two in north australia.3/13/12
7/3/11 14:00WentzvilleMOUSASphere30 secondsStationary sphere obversed during storm and high winds3/13/12
6/28/11 11:41LittletonCOUSASphere4 minutesSmall light colored or silver sphere moving in circular pattern3/13/12
6/26/11 23:30North BabylonNYUSALight15 minutes2 sperate sighting I will never forget!3/13/12
6/20/11 22:00NaplesMEUSAUnknown30-40 secondsFishing remote pond in Canoe, observed bright light moving across sky that slows, stops and disappears .3/13/12
6/14/11 15:00Rapallo (Italy)ItalyDisk10 sec.Two clearly visible disc-shaped objects in daylight photograph.3/13/12
6/12/11 21:00DohaQatarUnknown1 to 2 minutesAll three have the conical shape leaving a burning yellow trail...3/13/12
6/10/11 23:00PawlingNYUSAFireball10 secondsIt was my birthday party and me and my friends were hanging out on the trampoline outside my house. I am reporting this now because i j3/13/12
6/1/11 20:30DeBordieu BeachSCUSAFormation30 secondsPairs of synchronous blinking lights off DeBordieu Beach3/13/12
5/16/11 22:05Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaTrianglefor ten minutes((HOAX??)) I was look out side my window when I saw 3 lights floating outside, all of them where yellow, and in a triangle formation3/13/12
4/28/11 15:30Singapore/Borneo (between) (in flight)Triangle1-2 minutesBlack triangular object seen overtaking airplane during flight in Southeast Asia3/13/12
4/11/11Yahk (Canada)BCCanadaUFO photographed off our deck on our property.3/13/12
3/13/11 00:40LorainOHUSATriangle15 secondSeen the craft flying eastbound over the West side of the city of Lorain. The craft was seen for approximately 15sec before disappearin3/13/12
3/9/11 23:30Lake SpringsMOUSATriangle1 hourMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: I looked over the roof of my house where I saw a large craft flying west.3/13/12
3/8/11 23:35EdrayWVUSALight15-25 secondsIntensely bright red light in the sky which hovered shortly direclty overhead and was seen again in woods minutes later3/13/12
3/2/11 23:30Great FallsVAUSAFireball12 minutesFireball, meteor or other source of infrared lights up yard for 12 minutes on Friday, March 2, 2012.3/13/12
2/23/11 07:15Central ValleyNYUSADiamond1 MinuteSaw several diamond orange lights flashing in sky.3/13/12
2/11/11 18:40BoilgeeALUSALight3 minsVery bright light and then disappeared3/13/12
2/2/11 21:00SeattleWAUSALight3 minutesVibrant Orange Lights jump in and out of the atmosphere over Seattle3/13/12
1/2/11 05:30SeminoleALUSATeardrop2 daysWhy come in such large numbers for any other reason than attack?3/13/12
12/23/10 21:00DowningtongPAUSAOther5 minutesSeven lights in two sets of triangles, 3 lights each, formed a straight line and dissappeared one after another.3/13/12
12/12/10 16:30LancasterPAUSASphere5 secondsI observed a solo object shaped like a metallic golf ball low on the horizon moving eastward over Willowstreet pike near Bookmiller par3/13/12
10/27/10 19:00St. PetersMOUSALight5 minutesI saw a very low light, definitely not a plane as there was only a bright white light like a star, no flashing red lights and no noise.3/13/12
10/19/10 21:19BurnsvilleNCUSAUnknownabout 2 minutes3 sets of 3 lights hovering silently in night sky3/13/12
10/3/10 21:15Gilman CityMOUSALight1 hourMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS REPORT: Both lights came in higher then lowered to treetop level view although still many miles away.3/13/12
8/10/10 22:00BoardmanOHUSAFireball4-5 minutes7 fireballs in populated residential area in single file formation just 500 ft over our heads, spotted by 3 witnesses.3/13/12
8/5/10 13:00Cape MayNJUSADisksecondsBlack Craft broad daylight at the beach, captured in photo, no one saw it at the time.3/13/12
6/30/10 19:30WashingtonMOUSACylinder15 to 20 minutesMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS REPORT: In clear blue sky my friend saw what at first thought was a com. plane until realized saw no wings.3/13/12
5/21/10 22:35Gilman CityMOUSAFormation10 minutesWide line of red flashing/pulsing lights which appeared to be at tree top level and about a mile across.3/13/12
4/13/10 08:00Mont Laurier (Canada)QCCanadaCigar38 secondsCigar shape object, is it a drone?3/13/12
12/22/09 16:00BucksportMEUSATriangle@ 5 minutesMy husband and I were driving down Route 46 in Bucksport in December of 2009 when we saw something in the distance that looked strange.3/13/12
12/21/09 15:30BucksportMEUSATriangle4-5 minTriangular shaped craft over rt 463/13/12
9/13/09 20:17KentWAUSALight1 secondLooking exactly like Jupiter in night sky, a light appeared high in sky at time of ISS orbiting above, speeds across, vanishes, it exhi3/13/12
8/25/09 20:00Cannon FallsMNUSALightmore than 1 hourBlinking light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a celestial body…a star or a planet. PD))3/13/12
7/19/09 23:15MargateNJUSADiamond10 minutesDiamond Shaped Object the size of a Football Field...brightly lit corners. Traveled from Sea Isle City to Margate & off to sea.3/13/12
7/19/09 23:15MargateNJUSADiamond102nd Night Sighthting of iDiamond Shaped Obt the size of a Football Field...brightly lit corners. Traveled from Sea Isle to Margate.3/13/12
7/12/09 21:30DuluthMNUSAOvalTotal? Maybe around 10 miA minor amber color trail, (from where we were) extremely slow movement, and an odd amber coloration like the "Phoenix Lights".3/13/12
6/10/07 04:00Tybee Island (traveling toward)GAUSASphere20 secondsBlue orb moving slow but steadily across the Georgia coastline sky towards Tybee Island3/13/12
8/15/04 14:00St. LouisMOUSACylinder1 minuteBlack cylinder flying at altitude of airline within reaching distance.3/13/12
7/15/04 17:00Aspen Cove (Canada)NFCanadaLightRocket shaped ufo and ball of light across sky3/13/12
5/12/04 23:11Calgary (55km outside) (Canada)ABCanadaCigar5 mincigar shaped glowed green and then changed to red flown to the east in zig zags approx 123/13/12
8/20/03 22:00Johns CreekGAUSATriangle8-10minUFO over North Atlanta Ga Town3/13/12
2/21/01 01:00MesaAZUSADiamond2 hours and still out theAmber diamond shape in Mesa night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a star or planet. PD))3/13/12
12/29/00 19:30Berthoud PassCOUSATriangle5 minutesUp close and stealth-like on the backside of Berthoud Pass, Colorado3/13/12
5/1/99 22:00SlingerWIUSALightminimalI saw a light much like a shooting star that took a hyperbola path3/13/12
11/21/97 12:00PlattsmouthNEUSACircle((HOAX??)) White lights spinning in a circle3/13/12
9/18/97 20:15Panama CityFLUSAUnknown30 secondsLooked like stars in the sky so far up/moveing fast3/13/12
6/30/97 12:00AnchorageAKUSACylinder15 minutesWalking dog in the day and saw a silent and still chrome cylindrical object in the sky.3/13/12
8/10/96 06:30Blantyre (Malawi)MalawiRectangle3 minutesA huge American car3/13/12
6/21/94 21:30Sioux FallsSDUSASphere5 min.Orange white round light seen by 2 witnesses3/13/12
6/30/88 03:00PittsburghPAUSATrianglenot sureEnormous black triangle, southeast of Pittsburgh, 1987/88. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/13/12
6/20/88 17:30ConroeTXUSAFireball1 minuteUnknow 6 ft long ball of flame fire that pause, fly 3 circle around the tree then up it went.3/13/12
3/1/86 16:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomOthera few minutesOne cube and one sphere (one red the other was black) over the Lickey Hills, stayed equidistant as they travelled in the air.3/13/12
7/4/85 15:00Golden Pond (near)KYUSACigarabout 5 minutesOn July 4, 1985, my ex-husband and I took our kids to the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. I believe it was around 3:00 p.m., and we3/13/12
11/26/84 22:00St. CharlesILUSAChanging45 minutesObject pulses in the red-blue-purple spectrum.3/13/12
9/7/83 19:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaLight15 secondsMoving light in Sydney, Australia3/13/12
8/1/83 14:30ReedsvilleWVUSASphere5 min2 smaller spheres dropped out of 1 largers sphere. Larger sphere was pewter & 2 smaller sphere's were pewter! Samller sphere's manuve3/13/12
7/15/83 18:30Moreno ValleyCAUSAChanging1hr so farBright light seen hovering and when look at through binoculars it was seen morphing into different shapes and lines.3/13/12
12/25/82 19:00High PointNCUSALight3 to 4 minsObject appearing to fly in formation with airliner before radically maneuvering away from it.3/13/12
7/7/81 21:30Edwards AFBCAUSADiamond5 minutesDiamond in the sky3/13/12
3/25/81 20:00SarasotaFLUSACylinder10 minutesvery large craft up close and personal3/13/12
6/30/80 22:00AthensTXUSALight30 secondsI saw light moving, in my experience in an inexplicable manner, then at incredible speed disappearing into the sky at near verticle.3/13/12
7/14/79 08:00Honeoye FallsNYUSACigar2 minutesCigar shape ufo with gateway3/13/12
6/15/76 17:00Ford CityPAUSACigar5 minutesUFO black cigar shape with two smaller perpendicular cigar shapes crossing center.3/13/12
6/30/75 23:00Angeles Crest ForestCAUSALight45 minutesA light follows a car with further light anomaly events in a forest.3/13/12
6/30/72 00:00Gagetown (army base) (Canada)NBCanadaDisk15 minutesSIGHTING UFO NEAR ARMY BASE! NOT HELICOPTERS BUT FLYING SAUCERS!3/13/12
5/5/72 03:00HicoTXUSADisk5 secondsSometime in either 1972 or 1973 my grandfather and i were outside sitting down in hico texas when a white saucer type vehicle flew ver3/13/12
6/30/68 09:00HueytownALUSAOval10 minAlmond colored disc four witnesses saw beings in vehicle.3/13/12
8/20/67 21:00Azusa Canyon (?)CAUSAUnknown30-40 min.A light or object moving the stars out of an area to create a hole in the sky for possible vision from beyond?3/13/12
6/30/66Viet NamViet NamCircle8 minObject was seen less than 300 feet from the ground it was in our free fire zone I was armed with a M60 michine gun I made no attempt to3/13/12
6/18/66 21:30NewingtonCTUSATriangle4-5 minutesSighting of UFO near the Connecticut Light & Power Bldg., Newington, CT3/13/12
6/30/65 21:00BlasdellNYUSAOval30 secondsIt was a summer night. While I was walking, going into my house I looked up above my neighbors house about 30 feet above the roof. And,3/13/12
6/30/61 08:00GreensboroNCUSACigar10 secondsSilver cigar craft came out of the woods3/13/12