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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/16/12 20:30 Ashville NY Teardrop 4 seconds Teardrop craft with insanely bright trail shoots toward space then disappears in an instant. 3/16/12
3/16/12 12:35 Thibodaux LA Triangle
Upside down triangle 9 lights 1 very bright light in the middle I heard kind of a moaning sound that made it grab my attention 3/16/12
3/15/12 23:15 Naas (Kildare) (Ireland)
Unknown 2 min Strange noise, orange lights, naas kildare 3/16/12
3/15/12 23:08 Aquinnah MA Unknown 5-10 seconds LIGHTS AND RUMBLING OVER THE ISLAND 3/16/12
3/15/12 22:03 Algonquin IL Light 5 seconds Fast lights in formation 3/16/12
3/15/12 22:00 Syracuse NY Light 2-3 minutes Strange light/aircraft moved over Eastwood/Sedwick Farms. Did anyone else see this? 3/16/12
3/15/12 21:45 Anderson SC Triangle 15 seconds Large unbelievably fast moving object that was like looking through a smudge on glass or a pool of water in the sky at night. 3/16/12
3/15/12 21:30 Pearl MS Unknown 7 seconds isawabluestarmovingslowwthadstrobelightarounditthenitstopinthemiddleofthesky2seconsmovewestthenlightsoffbutthestrobekeptflashngmanycolo 3/16/12
3/15/12 20:00 Round Rock TX Cross 2 hours Two bright objects that remain stationary objects that have been appearing every night for the past couple of weeks. 3/16/12
3/15/12 20:00 Logansport IN Other Within two hours I was on the internet studing about a reported SETI radio telescope signal: SHGbo+14a. I was studying on several different sites. I too 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:57 Sicklerville NJ Rectangle
At 11:57pm i was walking up the stairs and through the window i saw a bright star and i looked at it for approximately 5 minutes and af 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:53 Lake Geneva WI Chevron 5 seconds Triangular chevron formation of three dim, orange objects--second sighting! 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:50 Monroe NY Flash 2 to 5 seconds Ball of light flashing over Monroe, NY. 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:30 Wentzville MO Chevron 30 seconds Five dim blue chevron lights 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:20 Elyria OH Fireball 1 min Basically was out side having a smoke and was walking back to my side door to my home and noticed a fire ball object in the sky moving 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:20 Highwood IL Chevron 10 seconds Non-lit craft flying quickly through the sky. Dark gray against the dark blue night sky. 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:15 Niagara Falls NY Formation 10 seconds 6 orange lights in formation seen flying north along the Niagara River over the falls at extreme speed 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:00 Sterling MI Triangle 3 seconds Triangular glow races across Michigan sky on 3-14-2012 at around 11 pm 3/16/12
3/14/12 23:00 Anaconda MT Triangle 5 minutes Something Triangle shape with red and white lights circling the ground 3/16/12
3/14/12 22:45 South Porcupine (Canada) ON Circle 20 minutes I was lucky enough to grab my camera and have provided YouTube like to the original footage, written and oral comments as well.

3/14/12 21:30 Liberty SC Circle 30 seconds It was a bright green light that looked like it was falling 3/16/12
3/14/12 21:30 Rocky Point NY Sphere 3 hrs Two sperical lights stat. in the sky for hours at a time. ((NUFORC Note: We strongly suspect a sighting of Jupiter and Venus. PD)) 3/16/12
3/14/12 20:40 Monticello MN Triangle Approx 10 seconds Triangle shaped object over Monticello, MN 3/16/12
3/14/12 20:25 Walkertown NC Formation 2-3 minutes 11 objects with a pinkish tone seen over Walkertown, NC in the southeastern sky on 3-14-2012 20:25 hours 3/16/12
3/14/12 20:00 Fountain Valley CA Light 30 minutes At least 3 orange points of light varying in brightness and movement at night lower than Mars 3/16/12
3/14/12 20:00 Vestal NY Fireball 2 mins Orange-red fireball moving from north to south. 3/16/12
3/14/12 19:00 Austin TX Disk 3 1/2HRS, TWO BRIGHT WHITE LIIGHTS WAVERING IN THE SKY VERY LOW. ((NUFORC Note: We strongly suspect a sighting of Jupiter and Venus. PD)) 3/16/12
3/14/12 07:25 Tucson AZ
15 min Massive rumbling for 10 minutes without sighting. 3/16/12
3/14/12 04:35 Hudson WI Other At least 20 Minutes Lights playing in the clear sky. 3/16/12
3/14/12 03:44 Yarmouth Port MA Unknown seconds Three "strobe" like flashes at 3:44 am, no sounds. 3/16/12
3/14/12 02:35 Catskill NY Unknown 3 hours Strange behaving right and white light observed in sky over catskill. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a celestial body. PD)) 3/16/12
3/14/12 02:00 Wilmington NC Sphere 30 plus Object spotted in Eastern sky because of flashing colors of red, orange, blue, green, and white. Object also dances in a circle approxi 3/16/12
3/14/12 01:00 Orleans MA Flash 4 hours Standing outside when these different color flashes started. Some would keep the sky lit up for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Stars? PD)) 3/16/12
3/14/12 00:03 Weymouth MA Triangle multiple (2 min events ea Triangle shaped UFO acting like a lost puppy (hard to explain, read description) 3/16/12
3/13/12 23:00 Binghamton NY Formation 8 sec 3 redish lights traveling in parallel south to north over binghamton 3/16/12
3/13/12 22:45 Mount Pleasant MI Unknown 30 mins 2 hovering lights. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Jupiter and Venus, which currently are prominent in western sky. PD)) 3/16/12
3/13/12 22:10 Shadyside OH Light 60 seonds White light being followed by a small plane 3/16/12
3/13/12 22:10 Richland WA Changing 15-20 minutes 2 still lights that changed into multi colored flashing lights that changed speed, dir., very quickly. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD)) 3/16/12
3/13/12 21:30 Winterville NC Triangle 5 seconds UFO over Greenville/ Winterville, NC (March13, 2012) 3/16/12
3/13/12 21:30 Johnstown PA Triangle 10 min LARGE DELTA /TRIANGLE OBJECT 3/16/12
3/13/12 21:25 Burlington (Canada) ON Triangle 30 seconds My son and I were out looking up at the clear night sky identifying planets when we saw a silent object with 3 points of light: one at 3/16/12
3/13/12 21:00 Las Vegas NV Flash 10-20 mins Traveling and hovering unknown flashing objects 3/16/12
3/13/12 21:00 Crystal Beach FL Light 10 min 2 bright lights same distance apart 2 nights in a row. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in the W sky. PD)) 3/16/12
3/13/12 20:30 Dundalk MD Unknown 1-2 seconds Small "airplane" like craft, 8:30pm, clear sky, object seemed to cloak itself. Saw it for about 1 second before it "cloaked". 3/16/12
3/13/12 20:30 Fort Wayne IN Light hours I reported a few nights ago seeing these same 2 bright lights in the sky. I made an error on the other report the lights are in the wes 3/16/12
3/13/12 20:20 Sykesville MD Triangle 2 hours Triangular shaped object with bright lights, dropping orbs, being seen over Sykesville, MD 3/16/12
3/13/12 20:00 North Vernon IN Light 45 mins Orange, round light hovering moving around , No sound, No Flashing 3/16/12
3/13/12 19:00 Port Charlotte FL Circle 3 days Stationary object flashing red and green over south west coast of Florida near vacinity of Port Charlotte. 3/16/12
3/12/12 21:45 Palmer AK Sphere 40 seconds Brightly lit orange in color orb. 3/16/12
3/12/12 14:30 Maineville OH Circle 20 seconds Black round craft, going from south to north, almost parallel with interstate I-71 3/16/12
3/10/12 15:45 Lawrence KS Diamond 3 minutes Diamond shaped object hovers over Kansas University Student Union 3/10/2012. 3/16/12
3/3/12 16:00 Pollock Pines CA Light 30 Minutes Ten small, white, shiny objects hovered over our house in changing formations before drifting upwards and disappearing. 3/16/12
1/25/12 23:00 Martinsville IN Other ? Wife and husband witness a circle of light in the night sky; moves up and down rapidly, changes colors. 3/16/12
1/5/12 00:00 Kent Island MD Light 4 hours 2 hovering lights seen near kent island.... ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus currently are very prominent in the western sky. PD)) 3/16/12
7/22/11 23:00 White Mountains NH Disk 2 min Picture of saucers in NH 3/16/12
7/17/11 20:30 West Haven CT Other 30 min Orange lights hovering across night sky 3/16/12
7/5/11 22:05 Montgomery PA Sphere 10 sec While walking my dog I witnessed an orange ball moving North, when directly overhead, did a very fast upward tight spiral and disappere 3/16/12
8/14/10 23:00 Townsville (Australia)
Fireball 5 mins Fireball hovers then moves out to sea. 3/16/12
7/4/10 22:00 Portsmouth OH Light half hour Bright dim light seen from the Carl Perkins bridge during 4th of July fireworks show 3/16/12
5/1/10 01:00 San Carlos CA Triangle 25 -40 seconds I can't explain what i saw but it is the first time in my life i saw something that i couldn't make up a story about. 3/16/12
4/18/10 20:00 Missoula MT Unknown 5 seconds Single steady white light cruising, then tears out into space having an orange glow behind it. 3/16/12
4/4/10 01:00 St. Clair Shores MI Circle 15 sec Two low flying UFOs 3/16/12
10/15/08 21:00 Missoula MT Unknown 3 seconds It was mid-October, 2008, at 9 p.m. and full dark. We live in a drainage just west of Missoula, MT. When we took our little dog out for 3/16/12
4/25/07 13:00 Albuquerque NM Rectangle 2.5 minutes White rectangle seen falling and then speeding off apparently under power of two "cones" of orange lights that suddenly came out 3/16/12
7/18/06 14:30 West Haven CT Disk 6 seconds Flying disk 3/16/12
7/7/99 23:00 Bald Eagle Lake MN Fireball 5 seconds Glowing green orb or fireball hovers across Bald Eagle Lake, MN in 1999. 3/16/12
6/30/85 18:30 Eustis FL Light 2 minutes I was driving my 8 year old son from daycare back home on 441 about 2 miles norh of Eustis, FLorida one spring evening in 1985. I was d 3/16/12
6/30/72 06:33 Continental Divide
Oval 3-5 minutes I feel it was life changing to me in many ways 3/16/12
5/15/72 10:00 Viet Nam
Circle 12 min Object was about 150 meters in size was in our free kill zone I was armed but did not fire because of its size it was less than 500ft f 3/16/12
6/15/68 22:00 Mariposa CA Unknown 10 min. Red lights shined into the back of the car.. just like the police have. 3/16/12