National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/04/18


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
4/18/12 12:00EscondidoCAUSALight6 minutesWhite star like object, eastern sky zig,zag,ing. ultra high speed/western sky same/jets from mira mar air base in presute4/18/12
4/17/12 23:50Leo/Laotto/GarrettINUSASphere40-50 minutesBright yellow/white orb in LaOtto/Auburn/Garrett/Leo area VERY BRIGHT!4/18/12
4/17/12 22:50Pompano BeachFLUSADisk5-8 min.A definite aircraft shaped like a flat top straw hat with lights4/18/12
4/17/12 22:24LivingstonTXUSALight7 minutesVery brightly lit thing in the sky that eventually dimmed and moved out of sight extremely slow.4/18/12
4/17/12 22:23San Juan CapistranoCAUSALight3 weeks nowBlinking red Blue/green and White lights low in the horiz. far away and due W from san juan capistrano; moves; 3 wks. ((Star??))4/18/12
4/17/12 22:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight30 MinutesExtremely bright light moves slowly above mountain range near Cheyenne Mountain, CO4/18/12
4/17/12 21:35Grand RapidsMIUSATriangle45 seconds2 sets of 8-10 yellow/orange orbs in triangle shape appeared in south and headed west4/18/12
4/17/12 21:30Cudjoe KeyFLUSATriangle30 minutes at leastThree flashing red lights in a triangle formation. Completely motionless, quite high in the air. It is a windy night so such stability4/18/12
4/17/12 21:30Des AllemandsLAUSACircle5 minutesCircular moving object over des allemands, la4/18/12
4/17/12 21:10West HollywoodCAUSASphere20 secnds5 lit spheres heading east over Beverly Hills-West Hollywood CA4/18/12
4/17/12 20:10Myrtle BeachSCUSALight15 Seconds5 Bright yellow/orange lights flash then fade in sequence over ocean at dusk in Myrtle Beach4/18/12
4/17/12 20:06KeeneNHUSAOval3 minutesLarge yellowish/red glowing object starting from ground level heading into the sky4/18/12
4/17/12 07:30Palm HarborFLUSACylinder5 minutesSlow moving large, white cylinder observed during morning commute, reflecting brightly in sun.4/18/12
4/17/12 00:00BemidjiMNUSAFireball15 minutes"Fireball" red circle that hovers in sky NW between Bemidji and Red Lake. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))4/18/12
4/16/12 23:33BethpageNYUSAFlash1 secondWhat I saw was a blue flash of light shoot past my tree line and then disappear.4/18/12
4/16/12 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlash2 minutesI was in my bedroom in bed. I happened to look at my window and saw a deep blue horizontal light shaped like a bar flashing across the4/18/12
4/16/12 23:00Fall RiverMAUSAOther40 secondsThis was my very first UFO hope to see Moore.4/18/12
4/16/12 22:50CharlotteNCUSALight10 minutesRed, blue, and green twinkling lights in western Charlotte, NC sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus or Sirius?? PD))4/18/12
4/16/12 22:30LanghornePAUSAFormation20-30 minutes3-4 lighted circles in the sky.4/18/12
4/16/12 22:00UK/England (Yorkshire)United KingdomChanging2 minutesI have just gone out to bring some fresh milk from our garage . It is very dark with no street lights visible . I noticed what I though4/18/12
4/16/12 21:30NatickMAUSATriangle30 - 45 secondsCompletely silent, low flying almost translucent object.4/18/12
4/16/12 21:20GreenlandNHUSAFlash~10 minutes3 erratically flashing lights, viewed for several minutes by two witnesses approx 10 miles apart.4/18/12
4/16/12 20:53BuckeyeAZUSALight1-3 minutesOrange lights over mountain Southwest of Buckeye4/18/12
4/16/12 20:34Old TownMEUSALightfive minutesBright orange tail shot across sky followed by moving star4/18/12
4/16/12 19:00New SharonMEUSACircle45((HOAX??)) Bright Red Pulsing Light Hovering In Sky.4/18/12
4/16/12 08:00Los Banos (near)CAUSARectangle10 minutesPacheco Pass/Los Banos Object4/18/12
4/16/12 08:00Los BanosCAUSAOval45 minutesStaff and students looked up into the western blue sky with a light cloud cover. In the distance we all witnessed an object fade in an4/18/12
4/16/12 07:48Pacheco PassCAUSARectangleUFO over Pacheco Pass4/18/12
4/16/12 07:25Dinosaur Point (Pacheco Pass on SR152)CAUSACigar15 minutesLong cigar shaped object with hanging object under it floating along above the freeway4/18/12
4/16/12 07:20Santa NellaCAUSARectangle10+ minutesI observed a object that caused multiple vehicles to pull off the freeway to look.4/18/12
4/16/12 07:00Merced CountyCAUSAOtherUnknownObject sighted above Pacheco Pass Highway 152 morning of 4/16/12. ((NUFORC Note: Many witnesses in Los Banos area. PD))4/18/12
4/15/12 23:30BethpageNYUSACircleabout 20 minutes5 total red lights over long island.4/18/12
4/14/12 19:30HailemaileHIUSAConeW-ECone Shaped Multi Colored Object Spotted Off North Shore Maui.4/18/12
4/13/12 20:30BristolCTUSASphere1 hour+Bright Orange And Red Orange Spherical Floating Lights4/18/12
4/13/12 17:09TorringtonCTUSACircleI was out side my house and i looked up at a hawk and there where two and as i whach i see a circle go by in the back of the hawks but4/18/12
4/12/12 21:20Coulee CityWAUSALight4 minutesWhite light that seemed to slowly fade as if it were slowing burning out. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Intl. Space Station. PD))4/18/12
4/12/12 21:00DaytonPAUSACircle1 minutesA bright white light disappearing and reappearing in the sky which then descended straight down out of sight.4/18/12
4/12/12 20:05McHenryILUSALight2 minutessBrilliant white light, moving from south to north over McHenry, IL. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of International Space Station. PD))4/18/12
4/12/12 06:52OwensboroKYUSACylinder40 secondsVery long and shiny cylinder shaped object across owensboro ky sky 04-12-20124/18/12
4/12/12 04:35KennesawGAUSALight1 min approx4:35am My girlfriend and I saw a bright object flying through the last 2 stars of the big dipper handle E to W then disappeared 1min4/18/12
4/11/12 21:48CasseltonNDUSATriangle3-5 secondsFather and daughter witness a triangular craft, w/ lights in corners, streak across the sky E to W.4/18/12
4/10/12 22:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown2 minutesBright blue light moving west to east at high speed, stopped instantly hovered and zigzaged then moves further east toward st. louis su4/18/12
4/10/12 20:00Wappingers FallsNYUSALightFifteen minutesComing from SE coming NE. I followed it with my own eyes until it diminished.4/18/12
4/10/12 19:50La MesaCAUSALight3 minutesA moving star-like object changed direction and "blinked out"4/18/12
4/10/12 19:45GlendaleAZUSASphere3 minutesOne bright object , silent, no flashing lights, moving constant speed several minutes until out of sight.4/18/12
4/10/12 13:45SummersvilleWVUSAOval5 secUFO flying west, in daylight, oval shape, silver, disappeared in about 5 seconds.4/18/12
4/10/12 12:16WildomarCAUSACircle4-5 SecondsBright light accross Wildomar skyline west.4/18/12
4/10/12 02:15ChalfontPAUSASphere20 SecondsBlue-green ball of light seen over Chalfont, Pa4/18/12
4/10/12 02:00BantamCTUSAOtherGlowing whale-sized object falls from sky into Connecticut lake, motorist says. (
4/10/12 01:00GeorgetownTXUSALightA split secondIt was a big huge glowing green light in the sky that was there moved then vanished.4/18/12
4/10/12 00:50Mumbai (India)IndiaFlash1 secondSmall bright white flash light with bluish tint rays to it.4/18/12
4/9/12 22:15Holmes BeachFLUSAOther10 minutesFast moving red balls in the sky over the Gulf Of Mexico of the coast of Anna Maria Island4/18/12
4/9/12 22:00SnellvilleGAUSACirclelate night walkRed silent light far up in the sky going at a fast pace4/18/12
4/9/12 22:00Abu Dhabi (UAE)United Arab EmiratesFireball01 minAt night my wife call me from terrace and showed orange red fireball in the sky,,it was still and within one minute it moves back and s4/18/12
4/9/12 22:00Texas cityTXUSAOval30 minGo to internet mysterius lights in Texas City Texas skys many news reports and actual video4/18/12
4/9/12 21:45DysartIAUSALight1 to 2 minutesBright lights in the sky over dysart ia.4/18/12
4/9/12 21:45DysartIAUSALight1 to 2 min.Lights in the sky over Dysart, Iowa.4/18/12
4/9/12 21:30FriscoNCUSASphere2 hoursReddish orbs over Frisco, NC4/18/12
4/9/12 21:15Jefferson CityMOUSALight30-40 secondsBright light. Very quiet. Moved at two different speeds.4/18/12
4/9/12 21:00Carolina BeachNCUSAFireballAbout 15 minutes the firsOrange-pink lights/fireballs. Appeared singly and in pairs/patterns over the ocean. Could've been weaponry.4/18/12
4/9/12 21:00ElkridgeMDUSADisk70 minutesFive bright lights seen over elkridge, md. two of them seen through binoculars in great detail4/18/12
4/9/12 20:50San DiegoCAUSASphere1 minuteBright orb moving in northern sky4/18/12
4/9/12 20:45RaleighNCUSALight2 minutesA bright white light that was extremely fast with no sound, ejected 2 smaller objects in opposite directions.4/18/12
4/9/12 20:45Moravian FallsNCUSAUnknown< 10minBright object seen over Moravian Falls NC4/18/12
4/9/12 12:05San MarcosCAUSACircle15:00Bright orange object4/18/12
4/9/12 06:05VenturaCAUSALightless than 1 minuteLight in the sky that appeared as a bright star and then the light went out and appeared 1/2 size in other location.4/18/12
4/8/12 23:38Noida (India)IndiaTriangle3 minutesIt was making some smoke like aeroplane does and going upward in an 60 degree angle and triangular in shape as the twinking light was i4/18/12
4/8/12 22:00ColumbusOHUSAOval15 minutesYellow and orange oval spheres three of them4/18/12
4/8/12 21:40SeattleWAUSAFireball1 minutesSilent moved from west to southeast across the sky and then faded away4/18/12
4/8/12 21:30RosemountMNUSADisk2 minutesSeen UFO when getting a little air.4/18/12
4/8/12 21:30SeattleWAUSASphere3-5 minutesFive orange orbs with flickering light inside, silent, moving slow over Lake Washington.4/18/12
4/8/12 20:35MarysvilleCAUSALight45 seconds4 hovering lights at very low altitude South of Marysville4/18/12
4/8/12 20:25MiamiFLUSACircle20 secondsPinkish/red UFO over Kendall,Miami Fl same size as venus moving at high speed,no sound...pulsing.Moving east to west 4/8/2012,,20:25hr4/18/12
4/8/12 20:05La MiradaCAUSALight1 minuteSolid white light turned simi-transparent red and then faded-out.4/18/12
4/8/12 20:00NorcoCAUSALight2 minAt 8:00 pm on Sunday April 8th 2012 in an event lasting 2 minutes.My Husband and I witnessed a yellowish light slightly larger in size4/18/12
4/8/12 10:56GriswoldCTUSADisk90 secondsUFO in Griswold Connecticut4/18/12
4/8/12 01:30Kansas CityMOUSADisk3 seconds4/8/12 bronze disc running over Kansas City4/18/12
4/8/12 01:00RichmondVAUSAChanging15 minutesIt was fast and then split.4/18/12
4/8/12 00:32St. AnthonyIDUSAFlash3 seconds0:32 MS , St Anthony, ID, flashing star across the sky high speed , trail part of travel distant4/18/12
4/7/12 23:00KennesawGAUSAFireball5 minutesA strange flashing light flew southwest from Kennesaw, Georgia.4/18/12
4/7/12 23:00CitronelleALUSATriangle2 minsTriangle at night over Citronelle, AL4/18/12
4/7/12 22:30DallasTXUSATriangle30 seconds5 red lights in the shape of a triangle4/18/12
4/7/12 22:11DeltonaFLUSACircle00:16The form of this object is circle with an aura or haze around it. The light was red anbar with lots of shine. That object was moving.4/18/12
4/7/12 21:50Assafora (Portugal)PortugalUnknown30 secondsCoordinates of observation point N39º W9.4ª time of event: about 21h50 GMT event duration: less than 1 minute was watching and admirin4/18/12
4/7/12 21:30RocklinCAUSASphere7-10 minsTwo orange balls of light, seen moving across the skies of Rocklin, Calif., with smaller balls falling from them.4/18/12
4/7/12 21:00MooresvilleINUSALight2 minutesPinkish-orange small lights (8-9 of them) in odd formation over Mooresville, Indiana4/18/12
4/7/12 21:00Mount PleasantMIUSACircle? - drove by8 Bright Orange lights seen just north of mount pleasant, mi4/18/12
4/7/12 21:00Cedar ParkTXUSAChanging45 minutesLights over cedar park4/18/12
4/7/12 20:45Huntington StationNYUSALight30 secondsOrange and Red glowing lights over Huntington Station, NY4/18/12
4/7/12 20:00Oak ForestILUSAFormation15 minutesSeries of 14 to 20 yellowish flame lights.4/18/12
4/7/12 19:00KingstonNYUSAFormation1 minuteBright lights hovering in formation and splitting apart.4/18/12
4/7/12 09:50Peterborough (UK/England)United KingdomRectangle2-3 minutesWhite rectangular object darting in and out of Cloud base4/18/12
4/7/12 07:40SpokaneWAUSATriangle5 minutesI saw four lights in perfect formation at about 60 thousand feet.4/18/12
4/7/12 03:00SarasotaFLUSALight3 secondsBright neon green orb seen descending.4/18/12
4/7/12 02:35LudowiciGAUSAFireball3 SecondsOn about april, 7th at 2:35 A.M. I went outside to smoke. When I finished my cigarette and turned around I notced a flash at the 12 o'4/18/12
4/7/12 01:55PortlandORUSAUnknown1 minuteWhite/green lights hovering above freeway, shot straight upward4/18/12
4/6/12 23:00Wichita FallsTXUSALight30 minutesObject is twice as bright as Venus in my Western sky, 4 of the last 10 or 12 nights for 30 minutes hovering, slowly moves W. from site.4/18/12
4/6/12 22:50BethelAKUSACircle30 secondsOrange circle of light moving from SE to NW.4/18/12
4/6/12 22:50WebsterMAUSASphere3 minutesLarge bright light over Webster MA/Thompson CT4/18/12
4/6/12 22:50MadisonvilleKYUSALightA few minutesBright light /object in the Eastern sky.4/18/12
4/6/12 22:48San FranciscoCAUSAFireball3 minutesFireball type object spotted hovering over San Francisco approx 3mins.4/18/12
4/6/12 21:50ReadingPAUSAEgg2 to 3 minutesLeft Lebanon Pa.towards Reading Pa.around 9:35PM about 10-15 minutes into our trip before Myerstown i noticed an extremely Bright,Silve4/18/12
4/6/12 21:30North Las VegasNVUSAFormation5 minutesCluster Formation of Red Slow Moving Star-like Objects4/18/12
4/6/12 21:27PittsburghPAUSALight6 secondsUNBELIEVEABLE SPEED4/18/12
4/6/12 21:15San JoseILUSAOval5 minutesBrillant blue oval botton red dome top bright white light back soundless going slowly4/18/12
4/6/12 17:00Tooele (west of)UTUSAOval10 minutesBlimp shaped craft near I-80 west of Tooele near Lackside/UTTR.4/18/12
4/6/12 16:41CarmelNYUSAUnknown10 secondsShining light moving and then disappeared above Carmel New York4/18/12
4/6/12 16:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown5 minutesthere here it's obveious4/18/12
4/6/12 14:00PassaicNJUSADiamond2 minutesSilver and blue color4/18/12
4/6/12 12:55DetroitMIUSAOther10 minResponse to SHGbo+14a. Logansport, IN4/18/12
4/6/12 09:27DenverCOUSADiamonda few minutesUFO- looked like a bright star with red wings.4/18/12
4/6/12 04:00Melrose ParkILUSALight3 minutesI awoke at 4:22 AM, to let my dog out. As I opened my door to let the dog out, I noticed what, at first, I thought was an airplane in4/18/12
4/5/12 23:00HealdsburgCAUSACigar2 secondsBright orange oblong object flying very low over house. Healdsburg, California.4/18/12
4/5/12 21:00CortezFLUSATriangle10 minTriangular convoy of ships crossing the sky over Anna Maria Island during thunder storm4/18/12
4/5/12 20:00North PhoenixAZUSALight1 minRed light over north Phoenix4/18/12
4/5/12 19:45RidgwayILUSAFireball10 minutes +/-This fireball was different than most I have seen.. it was a lot higher in the sky ... but still was too low and slow to be a plane.. (4/18/12
4/5/12 17:45AllentownPAUSARectangle2 minutesRectangular UFO Lehigh Valley4/18/12
4/5/12 11:20SharonCTUSALight15 minutesPulsing variable colored lights, large, near communication towers4/18/12
4/5/12 04:00Khabarovsk (Russia; eastern)RussiaFlashabout 2 secondsAbout 4:00 am. at night from Wednesday to Thursday it was happened.We had,nt sleep with my son.We were reading books and newspapers.Sud4/18/12
4/5/12 01:50EncinitasCAUSAFormation45 secondsI was driving north down the 5 freeway. I was in between the freeway exits Lomas Santa Fe and Machester dr. when these lights flew over4/18/12
4/4/12 23:00NorwalkOHUSADisk5 minutesIt was just sitting over a house with yellow red blue green flashing lights all going different speeds we stopped and watched for about4/18/12
4/4/12 23:00ConcordNCUSALight30 minutesI was driving to my house from my friend’s house which is about 15 minutes away from my house. As I was driving I looked up at the sky4/18/12
4/4/12 22:15PerryvilleMOUSASphere30-45 minutesOne large, spherical, unblinking light, seen in the distance that made quick movements.4/18/12
4/4/12 20:30WaxahachieTXUSAOtherwestA black object that changes shapes and follwed us, when we stopped so did the object then it faded and disappeared into the sky. 504/18/12
4/4/12 20:16Ft. MyersFLUSAUnknown2 minutesYellowish/orange objects seen over Ft. Myers4/18/12
4/4/12 17:38AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk6 minutesOne craft at altitude that remained stationary for length on observation. It appeared to be lower than commercial air traffic, because4/18/12
4/4/12 16:21OrlandoFLUSAChanging3 minutesShape Changing UFO 4-2-12 Orlando,FL,USA4/18/12
4/3/12 23:15ClintonCTUSADisk12 minutesBright hoovering light , that became brighter and had rays coming out of either side.4/18/12
4/3/12 23:00ConnersvilleINUSARectangle15 secondsExtremely Loud Rectangle UFO with White and Red Lights Flying really low.4/18/12
4/3/12 21:50BeavertonORUSAOvalover 40 minutesBright Object seen over Portland OR about 22:00 04/03/12 with event 40 minutes duration4/18/12
4/3/12 21:45PhilippiWVUSATeardrop0:2:50Bright blue/white orb forms hazy cloud, changes shape to teardrop. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus. PD))4/18/12
4/3/12 20:50ManningtonWVUSAOval1 minuteTuesday april 3rd at 8:50 p.m. in Mannington wv I was pulling in my drive way and my two kids say "hey dad what is that in the sky abov4/18/12
4/3/12 19:15ColumbusOHUSACylinder10 minBright white cigar/cylinder above columbus OH 4/03/2012 daytime sighting4/18/12
4/3/12 18:17FullertonCAUSASphere2 secWhite-ish orb caught on my webcam.4/18/12
4/3/12 17:45MiamiFLUSAUnknown2 minsObject with white puffy smoke.4/18/12
4/3/12 17:00WorthILUSAOther2 minWierd object in the sky.4/18/12
4/3/12 10:30AnacortesWAUSAFireball2 secondsFireball streaking across the sky.4/18/12
4/3/12 10:00UnionNJUSAUnknown2-3 HoursUfos Over NJ/NYC4/18/12
4/2/12 23:49LexingtonKYUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shaped craft over lexington ky4/18/12
4/2/12 22:30AntiochCAUSAFireball20 minutesWe really do not know what it was we do not drink or do drugs but we know we saw something in the sky4/18/12
4/2/12 22:30YadkinvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minsBright slow moving light.4/18/12
4/2/12 22:30HaenaHIUSAFireball4 minutesSaw Bright lights in sky over ocean, then two fireballs flying high in sky for few minutes. They were flying at fast speed towards Nap4/18/12
4/2/12 21:45LoganUTUSALighton-goingLooked out my window and saw a bright light, much larger and brighter than the surrounding stars. At first, it seemed to be stationary,4/18/12
4/2/12 21:40CedaredgeCOUSACigar3-5 secBright white object traveling for aprox 3 seconds east to west in northern sky--object "flashed/sparked" a bright green & disappeared4/18/12
4/2/12 21:30AmesIAUSALight4 minsOne white with blue light then two more same flight plan over Ames IA.4/18/12
4/2/12 21:30PevelyMOUSAUnknownONGOINGBright star shape lights hovering in sky, some with red/blue flashing lights moving across sky.4/18/12
4/2/12 21:00New Haven (east rock area; facing W)CTUSACrosshour+From the east rock area on the 2nd floor, one could see a ovalish type group of very bright white lights4/18/12
4/2/12 20:42Rockaway ParkNYUSACigar1min 40secI recorded an unknown object while photographing the conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades the evening of April 2, 2012.4/18/12
4/2/12 19:50BaytownTXUSAOval2 minutesRound and gray4/18/12
4/2/12 19:00Lloydminster (Canada)SKCanadaDisk3-4 hoursForeign Disk shaped object flying about in the sky, moving different directions and a ring around it.4/18/12
4/2/12 18:20KahanaHIUSAFireball10 or more minsFive orange balls over west Maui.4/18/12
4/2/12 12:20KentWAUSACigar3 minsAt approximately 12:20pm 4/02/12 I was driving north up the wa-167 from auburn,wa into Renton,wa and saw 2 cigar/rod shaped objects fly4/18/12
4/2/12 05:00New York City (Queens; Bayside)NYUSACigar1 hourLook like with alot of of them moved and disapeared..too long to look like stars also very close…4/18/12
4/2/12 02:40LodiCAUSAFireball2-4 secondsFireball/orange like object spotted! Lodi, CA4/18/12
4/2/12Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaMoon and two bright objects in western sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the objects were Venus and Jupiter. PD))4/18/12
4/1/12 22:40Van BurenARUSALightabout an hourStrange flashing lights in western sky.4/18/12
4/1/12 22:30DaltonGAUSASphere2 hoursCraft moving west with random sequence of colored light emission.4/18/12
4/1/12 22:00Grants PassORUSASphere10 minutesBright red round object moving from north to south4/18/12
4/1/12 22:00CentraliaILUSAOvala few secondsBright light, oval shaped craft, went really fast.4/18/12
4/1/12 20:15HoldenvilleOKUSAUnknown20 secondGreen lights over oklahoma4/18/12
4/1/12 20:00Nevada CityCAUSACircleI called my aunt & uncle in Nevada City, CA, at 8:40 pm on 04-01. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus? PD))4/18/12
4/1/12 19:52AltadenaCAUSAOval8 minutesYes, I appreciate that today is April 1. However, I would find it difficult to explain what I saw this evening as an April fools joke.4/18/12
4/1/12 17:00BenningtonVTUSATriangle60 secondsI looked down and they were gone.4/18/12
4/1/12 13:15MarysvilleWAUSAOther5 minutesThree chinook ch-47 helicopters moving south to north seemed to go 30mph the only mention of such aircraft was from marysville several4/18/12
4/1/12 12:00OrlandoFLUSACircle60 secondsCircular craft photographed with camera/ phone over highway, in Orlando, Florida.4/18/12
4/1/12 12:00OrlandoFLUSADisk60 secondsUFO over highway in Orlando, Florida, April 1st 2012!4/18/12
4/1/12 10:00FairfieldCAUSASphereOccured while my brothersQuick moving sphere of light that exploded and disappeared instantly.4/18/12
4/1/12 02:00Lake WorthFLUSATrianglesecondsLooking up, something caught my attention although not sure how or why, saw this perfectly quiet and faint object, gliding through sky.4/18/12
3/31/12 00:15HiddeniteNCUSAUnknown5 hoursGreen/white lights of several UFOs seen by two private citizens.4/18/12
3/30/12 12:15Tan Hill, Whiltshire (UK/England)United KingdomOval2-3 minUFO in Wiltshire, UK4/18/12
3/29/12 17:30CrandonWIUSALight5-10 seconds((HOAX?? Date is severely flawed.)) Bright, inredibly fast lights over Crandon, Wisconsin4/18/12
3/29/12 16:00MorrisILUSACigar5 minI saw a reflective object in the sky followed by unmarked black helicopters.4/18/12
3/29/12 15:51Terre HauteINUSACigar1We saw three cigar shaped objects fly over Indiana University.4/18/12
3/28/12 21:47Urumchi (China)ChinaFormation50 minutesUFO Formation and Descent near Tianshan Mountains in Urumqi, China4/18/12
3/27/12 04:45Prince Edward CountyVAUSALight3 minutesExtremely bright twin clouds with yellow light within.4/18/12
3/26/12 22:00North WilkesboroNCUSAChevron1 minuteOrange chevon/seagull type lights seen over North Wilkesboro, NC.4/18/12
3/26/12 21:57CharlotteNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle ship seen4/18/12
3/26/12 20:45PuebloCOUSATriangle30 secondsFour lights, spaceship in triangle form. One red blinking one in the middle, hovering motion4/18/12
3/26/12 12:57St. LouisMOUSALighton goingA light in the sky, go figure.4/18/12
3/26/12 00:20MonroeMIUSATriangle20 minutesOrange lights flying low over the river in Monroe Michigan4/18/12
3/26/12Barcelona (Spain)SpainFireballsegundosDos avistamientos bolas en el cielo sin estela.4/18/12
3/25/12 23:35OlatheKSUSATriangle5 minutesMy fiance and cousin were outside on our front porch last night (March 25th 2012) at around 11:30PM smoking a cigarette before going to4/18/12
3/25/12 23:20ConyersGAUSASphere3 secondsI saw a blue sphere drop vertically from the sky.4/18/12
3/25/12 23:00Regina (Canada)SKCanadaRectangle5 secondsRectangular shaped object with three low level lights quiet and quick travelled overhead.4/18/12
3/25/12 22:45AvonCTUSAChevron10-15 minutesGreenish/White chevron shaped light flying over Avon,CT 3/25/20124/18/12
3/25/12 21:26AttleboroMAUSATriangle2 minutes3 red lights in triangular shape4/18/12
3/25/12 21:00GenevaOHUSAFormation4 minutesIt was night time and we were coming home. Driving towards Ashtabula, Ohio. I looked to my left in some fields and saw about 20 gold4/18/12
3/25/12 20:30FontanaCAUSACircle15-25 minutes2 Bright Orange Lights Over Fontana.4/18/12
3/25/12 17:30OrlandoFLUSATriangle3 secondsF-22 like star shaped (7 point star) object flying extremelly fast, no sound/no light4/18/12
3/25/12 00:00DavenportIAUSAChanging4 hoursMe and my friends just left a restraunt and we were at a stop light about 7:30 pm on march 24th 2012 and every single light shut off fo4/18/12
3/25/12Bendigo (Victoria) (Australia)AustraliaLight5 to 6 min5 bright orange lights over Bendigo victoria Australia.4/18/12
3/24/12 23:50Kansas CityMOUSAFireball120 secondsLarge Red Object.4/18/12
3/24/12 23:27MustangOKUSALight15 to 20 secondsBall of bright white light spotted near S.W. 59th. and Czech Hall Rd.4/18/12
3/24/12 22:00CantonCTUSAFormation10 minutesThree lighted circular aircraft.4/18/12
3/24/12 15:00PecosNMUSASphere10 secondsSaw nonmoving silver sphere for 10 seconds, then it just disapeared.4/18/12
3/24/12 06:46CantonGAUSAFireball8 secondsGreen fireball seen early morning in Cherokee County.((NUFORC Note: Possibly a long-duration meteor; green possibly from copper. PD))4/18/12
3/23/12 21:00South PlainfieldNJUSAFlash2 hoursSaw a flash in the sky from a stationary point that eventually grew wider and fainter, like a searchlight above the clouds.4/18/12
3/23/12 19:10DanvilleVAUSACircleCircular object giving off ample light that spun 100 mph late at night.4/18/12
3/21/12 20:45HuntsvilleALUSASphere5 secondsI saw an orange sphere move 30 miles in 5 seconds.4/18/12
3/21/12 13:00DelmontNJUSAOther10-15 secondsLarge UFO observed by several inmates.4/18/12
3/20/12 17:48Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoLight5 minutesThere were two lights that were white and blue moving abnormally fast near the Sierra Madre Mountains in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX4/18/12
3/20/12 01:00AustinTXUSAFireballa few minutesOrb or Fireball seen in Austin Tuesday4/18/12
3/18/12 20:00BuffaloNYUSASphere10 minutesSlow moving red, glowing spheres in the sky, hover, get smaller then disappear one after the other4/18/12
3/18/12 01:00MonroeMIUSALightan hourLight flying in from above, descending, hovering4/18/12
3/18/12 00:40De PereWIUSATriangle10 - 15 secondsI saw an enormous, low flying, cloaked craft that was under 1000 feet in altitude. Triangular in shape, fast, and absent of sound.4/18/12
3/17/12 19:57Tinley ParkILUSAChanging3 minutesQuick moving glowing orange object that changes shape according to the pics I took of it4/18/12
3/16/12 23:39AtlantaGAUSALighthourBright multy colored object..going in a zigzag motion,spinning around changing colors. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))4/18/12
3/16/12 22:00WatkinsvilleGAUSACircle20 minOrange orbs over Watkinsville.4/18/12
3/16/12 20:30AlbionWIUSALightApp. 1 min.Small, slow-moving white point that faded in and out very slowly4/18/12
3/16/12 20:15NeenahWIUSAOther5 minutesYellowish-orange lighted object in sky travels without sound.4/18/12
3/16/12 20:00PonchatoulaLAUSATriangle15 secDriving on hwy 22 towards ponchatoula from madisonville, when approximately 7-9 lights began sporadically flashing almost in the shape4/18/12
3/14/12 21:30ARUSAFireball4 secondsBurning ball with tail,like a comet, turning from brite white then blue to brite green4/18/12
3/14/12 14:00LafayetteCOUSARectangle2 MINUTES2 silvery shiny rectangular crafts above Lafayette, CO 2pm 3/14/124/18/12
3/13/12 00:00Saratoga SpringsNYUSAChanging2 minsLong, narrow cylinder shape and had about 6 square-shaped lights across the bottom. The lights were a dull yellow glow, and the craft i4/18/12
3/7/12 11:00HagarvilleARUSATeardrop1 minuteTeardrop shaped craft passes over the Ozarks.4/18/12
2/10/12 20:30St. PetersburgFLUSAOval10-15 minutesSkipper and crew of fishing boat witness a very bright light pass near their vessel; aircraft may have followed it.4/18/12
1/31/12 23:15MilfordCTUSAUnknownI saw many bright objects which appeared to be the same size and traveling fast at the same altitude high in the sky going westward.4/18/12
12/24/11 22:00Kalmar (Sweden)SwedenSphereThree red glowing orbs4/18/12
12/20/11 20:32GastoniaNCUSALight8 minUFO SIGHTING THAT MADE ME A BELIEVER & THERES MORE4/18/12
12/15/11 00:00Charlotte (S of, on I-85)NCUSALight15 secondsMy grandson and I was traveling south bound on I_85 from Charlotte, NC toward Atlanta, Ga on 12/15/11 sometime around 12:00 AM. O ur lo4/18/12
12/9/11 21:00Trinidad/TobagoTrinidad and TobagoCircle25 minutesThe objects moved with distinct intelligence, hovering when it wanted and changing directions as desired.4/18/12
11/27/11 22:00MayerAZUSAFormation30 sec.Lights seen over the Bradshaw Mts, Az.4/18/12
10/30/11 20:00Warrington (UK/England)United KingdomOther1 minute((HOAX? Date is flawed.)) Solid orange V shape flying past and over no lights just a solid radiating orange V4/18/12
9/15/11 02:20KonawaOKUSADisk20 minObject over konawa4/18/12
7/25/11 20:49Skamania Co. (Swift Lake Reservoir)WAUSARectangleunkownBright rectangle shape object, invisible to the naked eye.4/18/12
6/27/11 19:00HamptonVAUSAUnknown10 minutesThe date I am not sure of but it was approximately the date I entered. I was standing out on the back deck of my parents' home and not4/18/12
11/16/10 19:00AthensGAUSALight5 secondsAscending Orange Light4/18/12
11/13/10 21:00KahuluiHIUSAFormation5-6 min6 arclight orbs that seemed to be under intelligent control fly-by @ 5000ft.4/18/12
9/1/10 20:30Rosedale (Canada)BCCanadaSphereapprox 5-6 minutesSperical, orange, glowing, no smoke no flames traveling west to northeast4/18/12
9/1/10 06:45Garden GroveCAUSASphere10 secondsI witnessed to UFO's collide4/18/12
7/15/10 03:00DyerINUSASphere30-40 secondsGlowing Blue Sphere 6-7 feet off the ground4/18/12
6/30/10 23:30Dodaira Mount (Japan)JapanSphere5 to 7 minutesVery big moon-like size sphere4/18/12
4/18/10 23:00Zutphen (Netherlands)NetherlandsSphere2 minutesWe saw an orange glowing light in the sky when airspace was closed4/18/12
4/13/10 08:00Mont Laurier (Canada)QCCanadaCigar40 minutesCigar shaped4/18/12
3/14/10 15:30HonoluluHIUSACylinder4 minutesFlying Cylinder moving in broad daylight from West to East.4/18/12
6/30/09 16:00Wells Hunstanton (UK/England)United KingdomSphere00:03My self and husband walking back into Wells down sea front into harbour after dayout fairly clear sky some cloud I noticed fleetingly a4/18/12
11/10/07 09:30Canyon LakeTXUSATriangle30 secRendlesham Forest look alikes. 2 were spotted by Canyon Lake Tx. from about 60 yards away.4/18/12
10/6/07 22:40Worthing (West Sussex) (UK/England)United Kingdom3-4 minsBlue star shaped metal 'machine'. 0-1 binary. 7ft star being4/18/12
9/19/07 22:00RensselaerNYUSAChanging5 minutesObject flying west to east stoped and hovered changed shape into two disks and shot straight up4/18/12
5/15/07 23:40DavenportIAUSATriangle5-8 minutesPyramid constilation UFO slowly move across night sky4/18/12
3/18/07 04:30Bethlehem TownshipPAUSADiamond10 secondsThis report is basically the same thing I seen. I was driving to work I seen 4 white lights on each end of the object with a large red4/18/12
6/1/06 00:00LexingtonSCUSARectangle5-10 secondsRectangle with two large portals and a figure at the controls up VERY close.4/18/12
6/18/05 11:00AshlandORUSASphere30 SecondsBrown spherical UFO seen in broad daylight4/18/12
8/15/04 05:30Ocean CityMDUSAFireball30 secondsObject of green, active cold fire traveling at very high speed low above the ground in absolute silence.4/18/12
8/1/04 02:00San FranciscoCAUSAFireball60 secondsLarge bright green fireball moves slowly in the sky.4/18/12
7/10/04 22:00Los AngelesCAUSALight10 secondsStrange star like light that quickly changed direction and speed and then quickly sped off into the distance4/18/12
6/30/02 15:00Leicester (UK/England)United KingdomCigar2 minutesAgain unsure of exact date & time. Think I was on my way to Mums w/ husband, staring out car window, going past Meridian.4/18/12
9/10/01 22:30Highlands RanchCOUSAFormation5 to 10 secondsFast High altitude V Formation over Colorado day before 9/11 attacks4/18/12
5/5/01 12:00Santa CruzCAUSADisk20 minutesShiny, silver, metallic disc with three small lights horizontaly side by side on the outer edge and rotated.4/18/12
3/15/01 19:42Sun CityAZUSAChevron4 minutesVideo on bright amber lights in Flight Path of Luke Air Force base 03/15/20014/18/12
8/10/00 20:00Bloomfield (Canada)ONCanadaDisk10-?My daughter, who was appx. 13 years old at this time, and I had just arrived home from shopping. As we were entering our door, we were4/18/12
7/1/00 22:00PalmyraNYUSAUnknown6-7 seconds.I saw two rows of well lit windows suspended over the trees.4/18/12
7/21/99 00:00ClarksonKYUSALightmoving down slowTaking a walk and I looked over to the right and there was a round red light moving down slowly and looked as if it was on fire but was4/18/12
6/1/99 22:45Corpus ChristiTXUSAOther10 20secondsHow did someone know when to come and get me, and where to look?4/18/12
8/5/98 09:00Ballina (Australia)AustraliaOther2 minutesA floating clear glass bubble with a man sitting inside it.4/18/12
7/18/98 21:00Ramsgate (Kent) (UK/England)United KingdomLight1 minThre lights High Level >40,000ft over Ramsgate in Kent UK in 1998 at about 9PM+4/18/12
6/15/98 21:00BensalemPAUSADisk15 minutesMy first and only UFO sighting in Nottingham Village on Delancy Drive4/18/12
6/30/97 21:00Fort SmithARUSALightHours for several nightsColored, dimming, stat. light source, larger than stars seen at night SW of Fort Smith, AR, 1996-1997.4/18/12
6/1/97 18:00MontebelloCAUSACircle40 secondsReport of fire ball hovering above a city street.4/18/12
6/15/95 22:20Roy (near)WAUSASphereabout 8 secondsA silent small light moved from horizon to horizon really fast, in about 10 seconds time4/18/12
5/25/95 15:00ShalimarFLUSATeardrop30 secondsA silver metallic, teardrop-shaped object in the skies north of Shalimar near main gate of Eglin AFB4/18/12
3/3/94 00:00AlbanyNYUSARectangle6 housA repeat and endless loop of an object downtown suny albany campus.4/18/12
6/30/93 22:00Leicestershire (UK/England)United KingdomDiamond10 minutesGlowing orange diamond4/18/12
10/16/92 23:00PittsburghPAUSADisk2 minutesBright light on small disc craft January & October 1992 Bates & McKee Pittsburgh, PA4/18/12
10/10/92 18:00StaffordTXUSAUnknown10 secondsA man emerges from a beam of light that shines on a grassy field at night and he runs towards the Texas Instruments parking lot.4/18/12
9/5/92 23:00Hat PointIDUSAFireball15 SecondsAt approx. midnight on September 5, 1992 at Hat Point, ID, I witnessed a huge green fireball with a brilliant white tail.4/18/12
11/20/91 15:00Yeehaw JunctionFLUSATriangle15 minutesSilver triangular craft hovering over highway4/18/12
12/1/89 17:30AlvinTXUSASphere3 minutesBig chrome balls4/18/12
6/18/88 23:30JonesboroINUSALight10 minsRed star/planet like light moving from west to north.4/18/12
8/1/87 22:00Live OakFLUSAFireball10 minutesGreen balls of light come from outdoors and enter house4/18/12
4/15/86 17:00HaywardCAUSADisk10 minutesFather in-law was outside smoking. He observed something in the sky, he then called out for us to come out and tell him what he was see4/18/12
8/20/85 22:00FriendshipNYUSARectangle5 minutesmassive silent object.4/18/12
11/15/84 18:00Jasper (rural part of)FLUSAUnknown4 minutesLights moving in a circular motion, but hovering without any SOUND!4/18/12
10/10/84 05:00HoustonTXUSACircle1 minute2 experience with unkown4/18/12
6/20/84 20:20HolmwoodLAUSAOval25 minutesLake Charles native got a close up view of a large hovering disk on the hwy between Lake Charles and Bell City.4/18/12
10/15/83California ValleyCAUSADisk5-10 minSighting, Hynek class CE_II California valley, Oct '834/18/12
6/30/83 22:00Koneohe BayHIUSAfew minBeam of light while living in military housing4/18/12
7/7/81 20:30Ontario (Canada)CanadaTriangle5 minutesLarge triangle near Port Huron, in Ontario, Canada, Flat black and 400 yards long.4/18/12
9/1/79 22:00RockfordILUSAFormation20 secondsSeveral round objects in a straight line formation4/18/12
6/30/79 20:00RichmondMEUSAFormationTriangle formation over Richmond Maine in the late 1970's or early 1980's4/18/12
6/15/79 14:00DorchesterIAUSAOther5 minutesUpright Y shaped yellow and black flying objects.4/18/12
4/14/79 22:47Cheshire (UK/EnglandUnited KingdomSphere3 minutesIt shone a little brighter than the other stars, which is what caught my attention.4/18/12
11/1/78 13:00San AngeloTXUSAChevrontwo minutesWildlife photos developed with only a ufo in pic4/18/12
7/15/78 22:00GrantCOUSALight30 seconds3 green fast moving lights4/18/12
6/1/78 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSAOther1 hourSmaller craft came out of a slit in the sky above the roof tops in a residential neighborhood. It was a darker brushed metal color.4/18/12
4/15/77 21:00PhoenixAZUSACigar2 minutesLarge dark moving void in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona4/18/12
9/1/76 20:00Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 minutesMassive array of lights roughly 60 feet in the air pass directly overhead, at low speed, totally silent.4/18/12
8/1/76 00:00GeorgetownTXUSALight6 hoursABDUCTED BY BRIGHT LIGHT4/18/12
11/5/75 00:00WinslowAZUSAFireball3 minutesSAW A BLUE FIREBALL CROSS THE HIWAY IN WINSLOW,ARIZONA IN 19774/18/12
7/21/75 00:30MurphysboroILUSAUnknown30 scondsWe had just finished playing a ballgame in Murphysboro, Illinois and began our trip home to Decatur. We were driving through the Shawne4/18/12
6/8/75 21:00WinchesterINUSAFireball3 hoursORB, small craft; 3 or 4 of us seen this.4/18/12
8/21/74 11:00Holloman AFBNMUSAOther1 hourHad my military career and life threatened by an officer while in the USAF4/18/12
7/15/74 21:00OttawaILUSAUnknown15 secI was amazed when I came to this site and looked up the date that I saw my strange encounter. Some one posted on the same date that the4/18/12
6/1/74 10:00Ore CityTXUSACircle15 minutesVery large glowing object and then some smaller ones4/18/12
5/22/74 05:30Mescalero Indian ReservationNMUSARectangleTwo HoursHuge rectangular object emmitting intense white light across roadway with extremely loud roar.4/18/12
6/30/72 12:00DallasTXUSAUnknownNot LongMy father worked for NASA and he told me there are little people from outer space. He said that we can communicate with them by focusi4/18/12
5/5/71 20:00New MartinsvilleWVUSALight10 minutesObject that changes colors follows our car.4/18/12
6/15/70 23:30Malibu CanyonCAUSAUnknownunknownPOSSIBLE ABDUCTION4/18/12
6/8/70Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaOval0.00The reports above you…4/18/12
1/1/70 12:00San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoDisk5 minutesCirca 19704/18/12
6/1/68ClovisCAUSACigar1 MINUTESpring 1968: 20+ cigar shaped flying objects over Air Force Base in Fresno, California heading north.4/18/12
6/4/67 20:30DecaturALUSALight2-3 minutesStrange light shivered across sky, stopped overhead, tried to land, stopped, and then took off out of sight in 2 seconds.4/18/12
6/30/66 00:00ManorPAUSAOval5 secondsBright light drifts past window and lights up whole room.4/18/12
6/1/66 21:00Oil City (near)PAUSASphere30 minutes3 spheres, 3 colors, doing figure eight in sky. Stoped car race. everyone saw, no one remembers ? Has anyone else seen this ?4/18/12
8/15/65 20:45OneontaNYUSAOval10 minutesLarge Illuminated Oval Disk - Oneonta NY - 19654/18/12
6/1/65 20:00Beijing (China)ChinaSphere5 minutesA UFO event happened about 50 years ago in Beijing, China.4/18/12
6/30/63 14:00AnaheimCAUSADisk20 min +First sighting 1963 disk shaped 50 foot diameter, no noise and was stable when stopped over my head.4/18/12
3/15/63 13:00Normandy ParkWAUSACylinder5 minutesPencil-like objects seen flying over the water.4/18/12
8/13/60 19:00Cottonwood (near)WAUSA15 minutesThe fact that whatever it was, was following ECHO the next night after it was seen by 100s of people in the sacremento valley4/18/12
8/10/59 01:30ResedaCAUSADisk10 minutesThe saucer was roof high and I observed it very closely for at least 3 to 5 minutes4/18/12
6/30/58 21:30DurhamKSUSALightseveral seconds1950's Durham, KS evening after dark 2 bright lights going across southern sky for several seconds4/18/12
6/15/58 19:15Menlo ParkCAUSALight5-10 minutesSaw noisless, extremely-low clear light slowly cruise past us and over hills, where "encountered" and newspaper-reported.4/18/12
6/15/56 18:00Palo AltoCAUSAFireball5 to 10 minutesFireball landing, and when inspection attempted, retreating.4/18/12
10/15/43 11:00OwensboroKYUSARectangle30 mins.Low-flying silver object seen on a clear day near mid-day.4/18/12
19:00Penrith (UK/England)United KingdomLightStrange light passed overhead silently for seven minutes then disappeared.4/18/12
19/18/98 03:00Oklahoma City (I-35)OKUSAFlash1 secondI did not see any kind of space craft!, but I did see a very bright slash of light exactly in the shape of diagonal line.4/18/12
London (UK/England)United KingdomRectangleonceMany years ago I saw a strange silver object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a serious report. PD))4/18/12
55/73/75Los Angeles/Colorado/Lemon GroveCAUSAvariousBetween the mid 1950's and mid 1970's I have observed what could be described as UFO phenomena on at least four different occasions. Al4/18/12
UK/EnglandUnited KingdomCircle((HOAX??))It was on the night of the last eclipse and me and my friend woke in the night and an object over the woods shot a beam down.4/18/12
Scarbarough (UK/England)United KingdomDisk4minvapour to object4/18/12