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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/8/12 02:00 Binghamton NY Other 2 hours The moon is out full in the sky, but it is behind clouds. It's still dark at 2:00am. While i was taking my dog outside to go to the bat 6/8/12
6/7/12 23:35 State College PA Light 30 seconds Standing on our back deck, looking toward the south, I noticed an orange orb floating about 15 degrees above the treeline. It was stati 6/8/12
6/7/12 23:00 Davison MI Triangle minutes Between 11:00pm and 11:30pm I saw a huge boomerang shaped object fly silently over head at an incrediable speed heading north. 6/8/12
6/7/12 22:37 Afghanistan ((military report))
Unknown 10 minutes Light cone emiits smoke blast. ((NUFORC Note: Report from U. S. military source. PD)) 6/8/12
6/7/12 22:28 Phoenix AZ Triangle 5 minutes Three large orange lights / triangular craft, North-Central Phoenix 6/8/12
6/7/12 22:10 Vancouver WA Light 5 minutes Silent unwavering white glowing light, changed direction 6/8/12
6/7/12 22:00 Valparaiso IN Unknown 4 minutes 9 objects in groups of 3 with bright red front lights flew silently NE to SW over Valparaiso, IN at 10 pm CDT. 6/8/12
6/7/12 21:57 Masontown PA Light 150 Seconds Very slow & bright light. No aircraft ident. or post. light. Sighting lasted for about 2.5 minutes. Weird movements. Went NE. 6/8/12
6/7/12 21:05 St. George Island FL Fireball 2 minutes Orange Fireball that fizzled out. 6/8/12
6/7/12 17:15 Camarillo CA Disk 15-30 seconds Silver disc hovers high over rush hour traffic then speeds off over Pacific Ocean. 6/8/12
6/7/12 07:30 Winston-Salem NC Changing 2 Formation of odd shapes that changed 6/8/12
6/7/12 04:02 Blue Point NY
25 secs Could not see anything but we heard it - it was a sound none of us have ever heard before, it was low and slow moving 6/8/12
6/7/12 02:30 Tum Tum WA Light 3 hr 30 min Five lights seen going West heading East by 2 / video recorded of event of three of them. 6/8/12
6/7/12 01:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Light
Side by side orbe lights hovering an changing colors 6/8/12
6/7/12 01:05 Westminster CO Cylinder 10 seconds Extremely fast moving, sharp turning object flying 6/8/12
6/7/12 Ontario CA Other 10 seconds Orange balloon shaped UFO over Ontario California!! 6/8/12
6/6/12 23:00 Asheville NC Teardrop 5-7 minutes Five orange silent hot air balloon shapes ascending the night sky. 6/8/12
6/6/12 23:00 Daniels WV Unknown 60 seconds Small white light floats at constant speed in straight line over Daniels, WV. 6/8/12
6/6/12 22:48 Portland OR Light 2 minutes Three red lights in triangle formation 6/8/12
6/6/12 22:22 Dateland AZ Circle 10 min Two UFO aligned with one another along side I-8 underneath the moon. 6/8/12
6/6/12 21:31 Charleston SC Other 1 min Fast craft 6/8/12
6/6/12 21:15 Milford CT Unknown 3 to 5 minutes It was a red and orange cloudy glow with an uneven yellow border. Estimate it to be about 3000 feet doing around 250 kts 6/8/12
6/6/12 21:15 Milford CT Sphere 5 minutes Orange and yellow round object transiting area at low altitude (no noise or tail) was spotted by 3 adults. 6/8/12
6/6/12 19:40 Hyderabad (India)
Light more than 2minuts We have observed a bright object moving considerably fast towards North from South..

Simultaneously observed from Bang lore also.
6/6/12 16:43 Kent WA Other 5 mins Sharp metallic craft seen from hwy167 near kent wa broad daylight!! 6/8/12
6/6/12 06:00 Lemars IA Circle 10 seconds Bright aircraft caught my eye at dawn in the west and flew east. Seemed to be closer than planes usually fly but crossed the horizon at 6/8/12
6/6/12 05:25 Pidcoke TX Triangle 1 minute Triangle-shaped craft observed just to the south of Gatesville, Texas. 6/8/12
6/6/12 00:30 Forest Lake MN Oval 2 seconds White/Blue Unknown Craft in Forest Lake, MN 6/8/12
6/5/12 23:45 Mentor OH Circle 3-4 minutes Weird star behavior. 6/8/12
6/5/12 23:40 Cleveland TN Light 5 minutes Rhythmically moving point of light slowly crossing the northern sky near Chattanooga 6/8/12
6/5/12 23:10 Chocowinity NC Light 20 seconds Big slow moving light in Chocowinity NC 6/8/12
6/5/12 23:10 Muscatine IA Light 3 to 4 minutes Wandering white light flying north, while three red/white constant lights remained stationary 6/8/12
6/5/12 23:00 Alva OK Fireball 5 seconds Bright blue ball of light over alva, ok. 6/8/12
6/5/12 22:30 Mckees Rocks PA Circle 10 minutes Saw 2 bright orange lights followed by two more 6/8/12
6/5/12 22:09 Wichita KS Light few seconds Bright strange green/blue spark emitting object seen over Wichita Ks 6/8/12
6/5/12 21:35 Alpharetta GA Sphere 3 minutes About a dozen silent pulsating reddish-orange orbs in the sky 6/8/12
6/5/12 21:30 Friday Harbor WA Light 3 minute Object admitted light only. ((NUFORC Note: The ISS was not visible at this time. PD)) 6/8/12
6/5/12 21:00 Los Angeles CA Light 5 minutes 9 UFO lights in my back yard. MUST SEE. 6/8/12
6/5/12 21:00 Ventura CA Formation 8 Ufo V Shape. Formations shifting lights 6/8/12
6/5/12 10:17 Bowie TX Oval 5-7 seconds Gaseous green object seen from vehicle as about the size of a nickel, seemed to be crashing, and no engine noise or sonic boom. 6/8/12
6/5/12 09:30 Blairs VA Circle 1 minute 2 circular red objects in the sky that took off fast in the sky 6/8/12
6/5/12 04:00 Ashland VA Light about 20 seconds Ball of Light 6/8/12
6/5/12 04:00 San Jose CA Other 500-1000 ft I observed an obj. in the sky aprox.4am, black oyster shell shaped .it woke me up . 6/8/12
6/5/12 01:30 Sherman Oaks CA Unknown 2 minutes I saw a ufo flying about 15 floors off the ground , might have been lower - seemed impossible for a plane to fly that low in such a di 6/8/12
6/4/12 20:40 Bay St. Louis MS Sphere 3 minutes I have not witnessed these type of unknown bright beautiful objects in sixty three year life before. 6/8/12
6/4/12 00:15 Sofia (Bulgaria)
Oval 15 sec. Bright orange object with small aura, flying from SSE to NNW. 6/8/12
6/3/12 21:00 Lindenhurst IL Triangle twice When I saw it fly by nobody belive me until all 7 of us saw it, a red/yellow tringle flying across from us. 6/8/12
6/3/12 14:00 South Chicago Heights IL Egg 5 minutes White egg shaped object over south chicago heights moving from west to east. 6/8/12
6/2/12 21:00 Beacon Rock State Park WA Sphere 20 minutes Orange spheres moving across the night sky that look like fire. 6/8/12
6/1/12 22:05 St. Paul MN Cylinder 1-2 minutes An iridescent orange, cylinder shaped object spotted in St. Paul, MN 6/8/12
5/30/12 20:45 Venice FL Cylinder less than one minute 3 shiny cylindrical objects, 5 secs apart, flying N>S, over the Gulf of Mexico near Venice, Fl. 6/8/12
5/26/12 15:00 Wilmington NC Other 45 minutes "Moon Lander" Shaped UFO Stormy day. 6/8/12
5/5/12 21:30 Hamburg NY Light 30 seconds A pale green light with short white tail crossed over I-`90 going north. 6/8/12
5/2/12 23:35 Carrboro NC Circle Five Minutes We were walking at night, and saw a large object (about 1/3 the size of the moon) that appeared to be a ball of fire moving in the sky 6/8/12
4/18/12 23:00 Indian Ridge/Davenport FL Light 3 minutes Red and white floating lights in i4 Orlando Area 04/18/2012 late night 6/8/12
4/14/12 19:30 Bongaigaon (Assam) (India)
Circle around 1 minute Circular,silently moving object, radiating golden yellow light in dark evening sky. 6/8/12
4/10/12 02:54 Livingston (east of) TX Sphere 40 minutes The spherical object appears below the horizon and changes direction. Game camera photos over 40 minutes. 6/8/12
1/3/12 19:40 La Jolla CA Circle 3-5 min Orange glow in the night sky turns out to be a round grey saucer once the glow went out 6/8/12
6/5/11 22:11 Omaha NE Triangle 5 to 8 seconds This is the second time I and my friend seen this object the first one was in April can't remember the exact date and the one I saw yes 6/8/12
10/1/10 21:00 Arlington WA Oval 5 minutes Blue and red jelly bean shaped craft, hovering over Arlington Airport, Washington State. 6/8/12
7/15/10 19:45 Newport RI Disk 3 to 4 minutes Dark stationary object w/ no lights; some type of stat. undercarriage. ((NUFORC Note: Report from Air Traffic Controller. PD)) 6/8/12
6/1/08 22:00 Doylestown PA Light 10 seconds Giant blue glowing light, makes a few movements, shoots off into sky. 6/8/12
6/23/91 22:00 New York City (Far Rockaway) (Queens) NY Other 1hr 22:00 hrs far rockaway n.y. 6/8/12
6/30/67 22:00 Olongapo (Philippines)
Sphere 6 to 7 The bottom was straight and the top was round like a half shaped moon. ((NUFORC Note: Air Traffic Controller report. PD)) 6/8/12
22:00 Stratford CT Unknown 8 to 10 Observed 2 large white lights that appeared to look like landing lights to large a/c. ((NUFORC Note: Air Traffic Controller rept. PD)) 6/8/12