National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/06/08


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/8/12 02:00BinghamtonNYUSAOther2 hoursThe moon is out full in the sky, but it is behind clouds. It's still dark at 2:00am. While i was taking my dog outside to go to the bat6/8/12
6/7/12 23:35State CollegePAUSALight30 secondsStanding on our back deck, looking toward the south, I noticed an orange orb floating about 15 degrees above the treeline. It was stati6/8/12
6/7/12 23:00DavisonMIUSATriangleminutesBetween 11:00pm and 11:30pm I saw a huge boomerang shaped object fly silently over head at an incrediable speed heading north.6/8/12
6/7/12 22:37Afghanistan ((military report))AfghanistanUnknown10 minutesLight cone emiits smoke blast. ((NUFORC Note: Report from U. S. military source. PD))6/8/12
6/7/12 22:28PhoenixAZUSATriangle5 minutesThree large orange lights / triangular craft, North-Central Phoenix6/8/12
6/7/12 22:10VancouverWAUSALight5 minutesSilent unwavering white glowing light, changed direction6/8/12
6/7/12 22:00ValparaisoINUSAUnknown4 minutes9 objects in groups of 3 with bright red front lights flew silently NE to SW over Valparaiso, IN at 10 pm CDT.6/8/12
6/7/12 21:57MasontownPAUSALight150 SecondsVery slow & bright light. No aircraft ident. or post. light. Sighting lasted for about 2.5 minutes. Weird movements. Went NE.6/8/12
6/7/12 21:05St. George IslandFLUSAFireball2 minutesOrange Fireball that fizzled out.6/8/12
6/7/12 17:15CamarilloCAUSADisk15-30 secondsSilver disc hovers high over rush hour traffic then speeds off over Pacific Ocean.6/8/12
6/7/12 07:30Winston-SalemNCUSAChanging2Formation of odd shapes that changed6/8/12
6/7/12 04:02Blue PointNYUSA25 secsCould not see anything but we heard it - it was a sound none of us have ever heard before, it was low and slow moving6/8/12
6/7/12 02:30Tum TumWAUSALight3 hr 30 minFive lights seen going West heading East by 2 / video recorded of event of three of them.6/8/12
6/7/12 01:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaLightSide by side orbe lights hovering an changing colors6/8/12
6/7/12 01:05WestminsterCOUSACylinder10 secondsExtremely fast moving, sharp turning object flying6/8/12
6/7/12OntarioCAUSAOther10 secondsOrange balloon shaped UFO over Ontario California!!6/8/12
6/6/12 23:00AshevilleNCUSATeardrop5-7 minutesFive orange silent hot air balloon shapes ascending the night sky.6/8/12
6/6/12 23:00DanielsWVUSAUnknown60 secondsSmall white light floats at constant speed in straight line over Daniels, WV.6/8/12
6/6/12 22:48PortlandORUSALight2 minutesThree red lights in triangle formation6/8/12
6/6/12 22:22DatelandAZUSACircle10 minTwo UFO aligned with one another along side I-8 underneath the moon.6/8/12
6/6/12 21:31CharlestonSCUSAOther1 minFast craft6/8/12
6/6/12 21:15MilfordCTUSASphere5 minutesOrange and yellow round object transiting area at low altitude (no noise or tail) was spotted by 3 adults.6/8/12
6/6/12 21:15MilfordCTUSAUnknown3 to 5 minutesIt was a red and orange cloudy glow with an uneven yellow border. Estimate it to be about 3000 feet doing around 250 kts6/8/12
6/6/12 19:40Hyderabad (India)IndiaLightmore than 2minutsWe have observed a bright object moving considerably fast towards North from South.. Simultaneously observed from Bang lore also.6/8/12
6/6/12 16:43KentWAUSAOther5 minsSharp metallic craft seen from hwy167 near kent wa broad daylight!!6/8/12
6/6/12 06:00LemarsIAUSACircle10 secondsBright aircraft caught my eye at dawn in the west and flew east. Seemed to be closer than planes usually fly but crossed the horizon at6/8/12
6/6/12 05:25PidcokeTXUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle-shaped craft observed just to the south of Gatesville, Texas.6/8/12
6/6/12 00:30Forest LakeMNUSAOval2 secondsWhite/Blue Unknown Craft in Forest Lake, MN6/8/12
6/5/12 23:45MentorOHUSACircle3-4 minutesWeird star behavior.6/8/12
6/5/12 23:40ClevelandTNUSALight5 minutesRhythmically moving point of light slowly crossing the northern sky near Chattanooga6/8/12
6/5/12 23:10MuscatineIAUSALight3 to 4 minutesWandering white light flying north, while three red/white constant lights remained stationary6/8/12
6/5/12 23:10ChocowinityNCUSALight20 secondsBig slow moving light in Chocowinity NC6/8/12
6/5/12 23:00AlvaOKUSAFireball5 secondsBright blue ball of light over alva, ok.6/8/12
6/5/12 22:30Mckees RocksPAUSACircle10 minutesSaw 2 bright orange lights followed by two more6/8/12
6/5/12 22:09WichitaKSUSALightfew secondsBright strange green/blue spark emitting object seen over Wichita Ks6/8/12
6/5/12 21:35AlpharettaGAUSASphere3 minutesAbout a dozen silent pulsating reddish-orange orbs in the sky6/8/12
6/5/12 21:30Friday HarborWAUSALight3 minuteObject admitted light only. ((NUFORC Note: The ISS was not visible at this time. PD))6/8/12
6/5/12 21:00Los AngelesCAUSALight5 minutes9 UFO lights in my back yard. MUST SEE.6/8/12
6/5/12 21:00VenturaCAUSAFormation8Ufo V Shape. Formations shifting lights6/8/12
6/5/12 10:17BowieTXUSAOval5-7 secondsGaseous green object seen from vehicle as about the size of a nickel, seemed to be crashing, and no engine noise or sonic boom.6/8/12
6/5/12 09:30BlairsVAUSACircle1 minute2 circular red objects in the sky that took off fast in the sky6/8/12
6/5/12 04:00San JoseCAUSAOther500-1000 ftI observed an obj. in the sky aprox.4am, black oyster shell shaped .it woke me up .6/8/12
6/5/12 04:00AshlandVAUSALightabout 20 secondsBall of Light6/8/12
6/5/12 01:30Sherman OaksCAUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw a ufo flying about 15 floors off the ground , might have been lower - seemed impossible for a plane to fly that low in such a di6/8/12
6/4/12 20:40Bay St. LouisMSUSASphere3 minutesI have not witnessed these type of unknown bright beautiful objects in sixty three year life before.6/8/12
6/4/12 00:15Sofia (Bulgaria)BulgariaOval15 sec.Bright orange object with small aura, flying from SSE to NNW.6/8/12
6/3/12 21:00LindenhurstILUSATriangletwiceWhen I saw it fly by nobody belive me until all 7 of us saw it, a red/yellow tringle flying across from us.6/8/12
6/3/12 14:00South Chicago HeightsILUSAEgg5 minutesWhite egg shaped object over south chicago heights moving from west to east.6/8/12
6/2/12 21:00Beacon Rock State ParkWAUSASphere20 minutesOrange spheres moving across the night sky that look like fire.6/8/12
6/1/12 22:05St. PaulMNUSACylinder1-2 minutesAn iridescent orange, cylinder shaped object spotted in St. Paul, MN6/8/12
5/30/12 20:45VeniceFLUSACylinderless than one minute3 shiny cylindrical objects, 5 secs apart, flying N>S, over the Gulf of Mexico near Venice, Fl.6/8/12
5/26/12 15:00WilmingtonNCUSAOther45 minutes"Moon Lander" Shaped UFO Stormy day.6/8/12
5/5/12 21:30HamburgNYUSALight30 secondsA pale green light with short white tail crossed over I-`90 going north.6/8/12
5/2/12 23:35CarrboroNCUSACircleFive MinutesWe were walking at night, and saw a large object (about 1/3 the size of the moon) that appeared to be a ball of fire moving in the sky6/8/12
4/18/12 23:00Indian Ridge/DavenportFLUSALight3 minutesRed and white floating lights in i4 Orlando Area 04/18/2012 late night6/8/12
4/14/12 19:30Bongaigaon (Assam) (India)IndiaCirclearound 1 minuteCircular,silently moving object, radiating golden yellow light in dark evening sky.6/8/12
4/10/12 02:54Livingston (east of)TXUSASphere40 minutesThe spherical object appears below the horizon and changes direction. Game camera photos over 40 minutes.6/8/12
1/3/12 19:40La JollaCAUSACircle3-5 minOrange glow in the night sky turns out to be a round grey saucer once the glow went out6/8/12
6/5/11 22:11OmahaNEUSATriangle5 to 8 secondsThis is the second time I and my friend seen this object the first one was in April can't remember the exact date and the one I saw yes6/8/12
10/1/10 21:00ArlingtonWAUSAOval5 minutesBlue and red jelly bean shaped craft, hovering over Arlington Airport, Washington State.6/8/12
7/15/10 19:45NewportRIUSADisk3 to 4 minutesDark stationary object w/ no lights; some type of stat. undercarriage. ((NUFORC Note: Report from Air Traffic Controller. PD))6/8/12
6/1/08 22:00DoylestownPAUSALight10 secondsGiant blue glowing light, makes a few movements, shoots off into sky.6/8/12
6/23/91 22:00New York City (Far Rockaway) (Queens)NYUSAOther1hr22:00 hrs far rockaway n.y.6/8/12
6/30/67 22:00Olongapo (Philippines)PhilippinesSphere6 to 7The bottom was straight and the top was round like a half shaped moon. ((NUFORC Note: Air Traffic Controller report. PD))6/8/12
22:00StratfordCTUSAUnknown8 to 10Observed 2 large white lights that appeared to look like landing lights to large a/c. ((NUFORC Note: Air Traffic Controller rept. PD))6/8/12