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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/14/12 09:20 Westchester OH Rectangle 3 minutes Large billboard shaped dark grey rectangular shape hovering above the I-75 freeway. 6/14/12
6/14/12 01:00 Oxon Hill MD Disk 1 hour UFO SIGHTING CLOSE UP IN DMV AREA ON STREET 6/14/12
6/13/12 23:05 Louisville KY Cylinder
One was very bright, cylinder shape, other two less bright not sure of shape. 6/14/12
6/13/12 23:00 Upper Sandusky OH Triangle 6 minutes (approx.) Slow Moving - Potential Triangular shaped aircraft 6/14/12
6/13/12 23:00 Montreal (Canada) QC Flash 1:30 Motionless white pulstating flash in the sky. It occured each 42 second during 1:30.

It was left and little above to the constelatio
6/13/12 22:55 Montreal (Canada) QC Light 6 second I saw 3 red light in tight formation. They flight going to Southwest over Montreal at great speed passing over Saturn and slowly fadin 6/14/12
6/13/12 21:50 Dehradun (India)
Flash 1 second Bright white flash size of a moon, very fast moving south to west! 6/14/12
6/13/12 21:30 Mobile Bay AL Fireball 2 hours + Orange lights over Mobile Bay, Al. Some flashing, some solid but moving 6/14/12
6/13/12 21:30 Gilbert AZ Circle
((HOAX??)) It was big. 6/14/12
6/13/12 21:00 Columbus OH Oval 15 seconds Odd, glowing oval sped across sky in 10-15 seconds. 6/14/12
6/13/12 20:00 Dauphin Island AL Sphere 40 minutes Multiple glowing orange orbs over the gulf coast near dauphin island 6/14/12
6/13/12 09:00 Frederick MD Circle about 20sec Military transporting ufo on route 270 in md. ((NUFORC Note: It was reported as a piece of U. S. Navy military equipment. PD)) 6/14/12
6/12/12 23:00 Jacksonville NC Circle 3 minutes Bright circular light in the sky with glowing lights around the object. 6/14/12
6/12/12 22:30 Akron NY Circle on going at 21 minutes no Description of possible UFO sighting and the UFO is still present. 6/14/12
6/12/12 22:00 Bend OR Disk 1 hour 5 people witness ufo siteing. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Vega in the northwest sky. PD)) 6/14/12
6/12/12 21:45 Los Angeles CA Fireball 30 minutes Multiple red/orange fireballs rising from the southeast horizon towards los angeles 6/14/12
6/12/12 21:00 Richmond KY Other 3 Hours 45Min. 16 UFOs seen in under 4 hours! 6/14/12
6/12/12 18:29 Minot ND Unknown occuring Radar sighting, to significant to not report, this should be looked into and verified. 6/14/12
6/12/12 04:30 Antioch CA Circle 1 hour I was looking up W nite sky 4:30am and noticed a blinking light. I do not have telescope but binoculars and i looked thru them. 6/14/12
6/12/12 04:00 Omaha NE Light 1 hour Omaha,Nebraska eye witness sighting orange and red light that flashed white light small red lights flew over and two red lights flew 6/14/12
6/12/12 03:50 Rochester MN Changing Hour and half Weird formation of multiple lights no sound 6/14/12
6/12/12 03:00 New York City NY Other 5 seconds UFO appears to be a metal looking creature with many antennas and a hole that has an opening appearing to be either the nose or mouth. 6/14/12
6/12/12 02:00 Salt Lake City UT Triangle 30 seconds Approx. 2,000 agl above downtown salt lake city. Headed straight flight, no sound north west. 7 to 9 bright white lights triangula 6/14/12
6/12/12 00:45 Port Charlotte FL Oval 00:15 minutes Saw 3 egg shaped objs, stat.,white blinking lights,and a blue light.Objs spaced far apart over the 1 No sound. . 6/14/12
6/11/12 23:00 Coarsegold CA Light 5 minutes Possibly satellites but 1 in trail of the other and the other in the same orbit opposite direction. Very unusual. 6/14/12
6/11/12 22:00 Indianpolis IN Circle 15 minutes My son, a neighbor and I saw a stretched out string of about 15 orange lights flying from south to north over Indianapolis near Camby. 6/14/12
6/11/12 21:29 Yerevan (Armenia)

6-7 minues At least 2 objs, possibly emitting in UV range, by camera in night sky over Yerevan. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, we believe. PD)) 6/14/12
6/11/12 20:00 Oroville WA Disk 15 seconds Saucer shaped object heading north over Oroville Wa. 6/14/12
6/11/12 19:45 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 15 seconds Disc shaped object was flying rotating along the longitudinal axis 6/14/12
6/11/12 05:38 Orinda CA Unknown 2 minutes About 5:35 AM (dawn breaking)look up at moon. Bright, stationary planet about 4 moon diameters to east of moon. Brightness about -3. 6/14/12
6/11/12 03:10 Royalton IL Sphere 10 seconds I was walking home from my grandfathers who lives next door to us with my mother. She was already to the steps of the house when I look 6/14/12
6/11/12 02:00 Kalispell MT Light Two minutes Bright light speeds out of atmosphere 6/14/12
6/11/12 01:00 Sarajevo (Bosnia/Herzegovina)
Unknown 10 minutes White light, seen by one person, moving N to S through a modified straight zig-zag trajectory. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the ISS? PD)) 6/14/12
6/11/12 00:00 Centreville MD Light all night Two lights hovering in one spot, splits then goes in a direction. bright light faster than any helicopter that would hover like that 6/14/12
6/10/12 23:50 Credit River MN Light 15 minutes A star that wasn't a star 6/14/12
6/10/12 23:00 Ansel Adams wilderness CA Flash 20 seconds 5 reddish-orange twinkling lights in remote mountains of California speeding north in formation 6/14/12
6/10/12 23:00 Provo UT Light 2 minutes Solid Orange light flying thru sky 6/14/12
6/10/12 22:50 Lima OH Circle 2 minutes Bright reddish orange orb shoots across sky with no sound at a high rate of speed at 10:30pm in Lima, oh. 6/14/12
6/10/12 22:20 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 10 minute Bright orange fireballs east of Salt Lake City, UT 6/14/12
6/10/12 22:15 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 2 minutes 3 orange pulsating fireballs appeared abruptly and faded as if cloaking device used 6/14/12
6/10/12 21:45 Harsens Island MI Light 3-5 minutes approx. Skies were clear and ufo's were bright lights to numerous to count and gave a feeling that we are definetly not alone. 6/14/12
6/10/12 21:35 Wauwatosa WI Sphere 5 minutes Orange-Red spheres absent of sound flying through the night sky. 6/14/12
6/10/12 21:00 Anderson IN Light 4 minutes 8 red lights approached from the S heading NW 6/14/12
6/10/12 20:00 Oxnard CA Formation 5 minutes We saw 6 red flying thing and dissapear ???? then a Roundish longish black thing up yhen coming down 6/14/12
6/10/12 19:50 Makawao HI Circle 3 seconds Circular orange glowing fuzzy orb traveling from west Maui mountains towards kihei looking from up country.probably over the t 6/14/12
6/10/12 19:45 Landingville PA Oval 2-3 minutes Three people that seen a very brite glowing aircraft shoot across the sky. 6/14/12
6/10/12 03:45 Waukegan IL Other 5 mins White light seen over Chicago, Seen by A Federal Officer 6/14/12
6/10/12 03:15 Janesville WI Unknown 1 minute Extremely fast star like object vertically descending night sky turns red. 6/14/12
6/10/12 00:30 Greensboro NC Sphere 3 minutes Orange sphere seen near PTI airport 6/14/12
6/10/12 00:04 Fountain MI Circle 1 hour still going This is a light in the sky towards the horizon it looks like a dim star kinda hard to see if Ur not looking at it. I noticed it because 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:23 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Formation 5 minutes Yellowish/Orange sphere seen by person on balcony. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:15 Frederica DE Disk 5-6 seconds Yellowish-Gold falling star, that stopped, changed colors and vanished. 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:09 Akron OH Fireball 2-5 minutes Fire ball, then triangle of 3, then several covering sky and spreading as they headed W or WNW. 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:00 Lansing NY Flash 1 minute Large strobe light like flashes 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:00 Akron OH Fireball 15 minutes Some something that was not explainable. 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:55 Jamestown NY Light minute 3 red lights and one white light moving fast in the clear night sky 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:30 Birmingham (UK/England)
Circle 5-7min Sightings of orange round circuls x 11-15 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:30 Saint Paul MN Fireball 2 Minutes Fireball over Como Lake, St Paul , MN. No sound ! 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:20 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Triangle 25 seconds Slowly passed over our home, slightly above the trees, no sounds, only orange colored light at each tip of the triangle shape, black mi 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:20 Fond du Lac WI Circle 25 seconds A orange ball Norht east 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:10 Carmel IN Formation 22 minutes At 10:10 p/m My wife and I just finished dinner,went on a small walk and seen over 25 ufo's enter the air space and proceed to set up s 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:00 Joliet IL Fireball 1 minute Two orange lights seen over Joliet, Illinois 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:00 Orlando FL Light 5 minutes My cousin an I and my 3 year old daughter went into my backyard, to relax near my pool. While talking i noticed a perfect line of at le 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:00 Macomb Township MI Circle 2-3 minutes Orange light over Macomb, MI 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:00 Oswego IL Light 10 minutes Saw at least six orange lights floating in a northeast direction 6/14/12
6/9/12 22:00 Placentia CA Fireball 4 minutes Six bright UFO'S with fire underneath them 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:50 Indianapolis IN Triangle 2 minutes Triangular shaped fyling objects with orange amber lights. 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:46 Montreal (Canada) QC Diamond 4 Bright object in moving slow the sky DEFINITELY not a plane,drone,satelite or comet...maybe an asteroid.. 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:45 Philipsburg PA Circle 2 minutes Witnessed three glowing orange objects traveling northewest in a triangular formation with a forth following behind 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:30 Lake in the Hills IL Other 7 minutes We where siting outside all 5 of us and from a distance I saw three lights but they where not flashing like planes do.I thought it's to 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:30 Camarillo CA Fireball 5 minutes Eight amber lights 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:20 Charlotte NC Circle 2 minutes Two orange circles moved slowly, then proceeded faster separated and disappeared in cloud 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:00 Rapid City SD Changing 2 minutes Crazy 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:00 Woodbury MN Light 20 Two glowing balls of light came slowly down about 25 or 30 feet away from us we did not see them land but when we tried to film they di 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:00 Rio Rancho NM Disk unk Three disk appear in a photograph taken at a party with over 30 people. 6/14/12
6/9/12 19:00 Atlanta GA Oval 15 minutes Can be seen on Google maps at this location: XXXX Kings Gap Rd Hamilton GA 31811-4702 United States 6/14/12
6/9/12 15:00 London (UK/England)
Circle 1 to 3 seconds Hi There, On Saturday round 15:00 we finally got to see some blue skies after all the rain we have had for the last month. I was so ex 6/14/12
6/9/12 04:00 Bailey CO Light 3 minutes Bright white satellite light, stopping and swerving extremely organically for minutes. 6/14/12
6/9/12 02:30 San Mateo CA Light 3 Minutes Light in the sky flashing 11 seconds as if rotating about the craft the same way a lighthouse does. object/light high in the sky moving 6/14/12
6/9/12 01:01 Portland OR Formation 1 minute Five orbs floating low in sky. ((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the lights might have been advertising lights. PD)) 6/14/12
6/8/12 23:30 Marion IN Unknown 3 minutes Red, orange and green flicker of lights over G.M. plant observed from directly south by Marion Airport. 6/14/12
6/8/12 23:30 Lansing MI Light 2 minutes Fleet of orange lights crosses the night sky 6/14/12
6/8/12 23:00 Ann Arbor MI Fireball 1 hour Numerous fast moving, large red lights in Northern sky at night 6/14/12
6/8/12 23:00 Beloit WI Changing 30 seconds UFO changing before my eye's absolutely no sound. 6/14/12
6/8/12 22:45 Fennville MI Oval 1 minute UFO sighting in Michigan sky. 6/14/12
6/8/12 22:30 North Wales PA Circle Ten to twelve seconds There was a circle shaped object moving very fast with blue lights flashed very fast. 6/14/12
6/8/12 22:15 Zanesville OH Sphere 3 minutes Glowing white orb in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the ISS?? PD)) 6/14/12
6/8/12 22:00 Afton (St. Louis Co.) MO Light 30 seconds Solid white light moved rapidly across the night sky. 6/14/12
6/8/12 21:00 Nashua NH Fireball 5 minutes Fireballs moving in the same direction, uniform enough to be a government air craft. 6/14/12
6/8/12 21:00 Ballwin MO Other
This is omid kazemi i was looking in the sky and i saw a thought to be a airplane but airplanes flash lights have red lights this i saw 6/14/12
6/8/12 20:55 Perry IA Light 2-3 minutes Large sphere of light seen going over Perry, Iowa. 6/14/12
6/8/12 11:00 Seattle WA Circle 15 minutes Several bright lights dropped out of cloud coverage/night time followed by same grouping minutes later by myself and neighbor. 6/14/12
6/8/12 07:00 Atlanta GA Light 15 minutes Whirl driving home from work headed west on I-20. I saw a star like object in the sky. I have seen this object almost everyday for the 6/14/12
6/8/12 Gulfport MS Light every night for months Saw "light" for a couple of months every night... after filed report, haven't seen since. 6/14/12
6/7/12 23:35 State College PA Light 30 seconds Orange orb sighted near State College. 6/14/12
6/7/12 23:05 Arlington VT Sphere 5 minutes Two separate white orbs of light that just fade out of sight 6/14/12
6/7/12 23:00 Rochester MN Oval 10 minutes BRIGHT ORANGE LIGHTS IN SKY IN SE ROCHESTER MN 6/14/12
6/7/12 22:53 Marshfield MO Disk 1 minute Ufo on 18 wheeler. ((NUFORC Note: Probably the U. S. Navy UAC, the X-47B, being transported to the Washington, D.C., area. PD)) 6/14/12
6/7/12 22:40 Limassol (Cyprus)
Light 3 minutes Light spot that spread a triangle of "dust" into the sky.. 6/14/12
6/7/12 22:37 Salem OR Light 90 seconds Lights over Salem, Oregon 6/14/12
6/7/12 20:00 Irbid (Jordan)
Unknown 1 minute Strange object that exploded in Northern Jordan skies 6/14/12
6/7/12 12:00 Elsmere DE Triangle 15 seconds Small triangular shaped craft, which made zig zag movement in the sky. 6/14/12
6/6/12 23:00 Sayreville NJ Sphere 15 minutes Orange red lights in sky above sayreville NJ 6/14/12
6/6/12 22:15 Columbia SC Light 20 seconds Very bright light passing overhead at observational speed 6/14/12
6/6/12 21:45 Jackson Hole WY Fireball 5 minutes Fireball seen with several pink lights surrounding it 6/14/12
6/6/12 21:00 Miami FL
10 seconds A ball of Fire going across the sky 6/14/12
6/6/12 20:45 Tuolumne Meadows CA Triangle 20-30 seconds Triangular object with intense red strobes near Yosemite; Mono Lake 6/14/12
6/6/12 10:20 Chicago IL Sphere 11:45 Flying serpent worm like object 6/14/12
6/5/12 22:30 Lake Worth TX Unknown five seconds Green light shoots out of tree line and dives into lake 6/14/12
6/5/12 21:30 Los Angeles CA Circle 2 Minutes "Rings of Fire" 6/14/12
6/5/12 13:10 Janesville CA Disk 5-6 min. appx One matalic disk huvering in the sky over the mountin for a few Min. then speeding north at a very high rate of speed into the clouds. 6/14/12
6/5/12 09:00 Murrieta CA Cylinder 5 minutes Saw a silver cigar shaped object flying virtically in Murrieta Ca skies this morning. 6/14/12
6/2/12 01:00 Rockvale TN Disk 60 seconds I looked up at the the sky above me and saw a silver disc shaped object hover above me and then take off 6/14/12
5/31/12 22:30 Greensburg PA Light 2-3 minutes Star-like light suddenly vanishes after a few minutes 6/14/12
5/22/12 21:00 Oak Creek WI Sphere 1 hour ((HOAX??)) Saw mettallic spheres falling from sky. think they are intelegent. knew where it was going. 6/14/12
5/12/12 23:00 Chatham NJ Fireball 8 minutes Reddish/orange orb moving at steady speed across 6/14/12
5/6/12 15:30 Vinton IA Triangle 1-2 minutes Transparent triangular shaped object 6/14/12
5/1/12 20:30 McHenry IL Light 3 minutes While I was sitting down next to my goat barn I noticed a star like object that was changing colors..The light was going through the li 6/14/12
4/21/12 21:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 2-4 minutes Directional 32 amber orbs from SW Las Vegas heading toward NW Las Vegas 6/14/12
4/1/12 23:30 Martinsburg WV Light 5-10mins Since I am not allowed to smoke in the house, I have to go outside on the deck. The first night it had happened, I was sitting in the c 6/14/12
7/10/11 22:30 Charlotte MI Fireball 10 minutes A fireball type ufo is seen outside my house frequently and the light dies after a few minutes. 6/14/12
6/5/11 14:38 Buffalo NY Diamond 10 seconds Unidentified flying object or anomaly caught on HD video appears to be diamond shaped with light. 6/14/12
6/1/11 00:30 Colbinstown (Ireland)
Cigar 1 minute Luminous orange-red rectangular craft 6/14/12
6/30/04 22:00 Baqubah (Iraq)
Sphere 1 minute Glowing red ball rose from ground slowing during tour in Iraq. 6/14/12
6/30/04 13:00 Charleston SC Rectangle less than 1 hour Clear floating rectangular cube 6/14/12
6/30/95 12:00 Gold Point NV Cigar 5 minutes Myself and another man went to check on a test I was running on gold. When we arived at the sight, the other man said their is a UFO. I 6/14/12
8/15/83 21:00 Shellsburg IA Triangle 3 hours Black v shape no sound verry slow and low 6/14/12
7/29/81 18:00 Vinton IA Triangle 5-6 hours It was Black as night, triangle shaped, with three lights underneath one in each corne 6/14/12