National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2012/11/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/19/12 12:13ClevelandOHUSACircle5 secondsI was outside on my backyard porch looking up into the sky: I then saw a circular shaped object, with bright lights, moving at speeds g11/19/12
11/19/12 11:50Saugerties/KingstonNYUSADisk7 secondsRocking, slow moving disk high in sky visible due to reflected sunlight11/19/12
11/19/12 02:30Montreal East (Canada)QCCanadaOther1 minuteBright Star shaped object just hovering in the sky, grew brighter, moved slowly up and down, left -right...11/19/12
11/19/12 01:30LaieHIUSALight5-6 minutes1 orange spotlight multiplied to 13 gradually and shined on 2 witnesses as they fled.11/19/12
11/19/12 00:35New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSATriangle7-10 secondsSilent V-Shaped Craft seen flying over Brooklyn NY!11/19/12
11/19/12 00:05Bangalore (India)IndiaCircleless than 1 minuteRed balloon shaped object seen moving right to left across the western sky just after midnight.11/19/12
11/18/12 22:55Orpington (UK/England)United KingdomOther3-5 minutesI saw a large shimmering armoured riot like vehicle hovering off the ground making jet sounds with random flashing lights on11/19/12
11/18/12 21:50North AndoverMAUSAChevron45 secondsDull chevron shaped object with dim lights gliding across night sky. No noise attached.11/19/12
11/18/12 21:30BellinghamWAUSARectangle3-5 minutesIt appeared to be a rectangular docking station seen in Washington State11/19/12
11/18/12 21:05RoswellGAUSAFireball1-2 minutesReddish Orange fireballs over Roswell, Georgia.11/19/12
11/18/12 20:15College PlaceWAUSATriangle19:00Stationary streetlight looking craft/tri-lit orange/green/red UFO hovering through College Place, WA11/19/12
11/18/12 19:52Terre HauteINUSAFormation2 minutesNearly invisible object flying in the sky.11/19/12
11/18/12 19:40Guildford (UK/England)United KingdomFlash5 minutesTwo Orange Pulsating Lights.11/19/12
11/18/12 19:20Russell SpringsKYUSAFireball2 minutesOrange fireball passes directly overhead in southern KY.11/19/12
11/18/12 18:15RocktonILUSALight3 minutesOrange orbs above tollway.11/19/12
11/18/12 18:12StroudsburgPAUSAChanging6 minutesYellow orb chased off by multiple civilian aircraft.11/19/12
11/18/12 18:00OlivehurstCAUSAChanging2 minutes2 Sightings in one day.11/19/12
11/18/12 18:00Santa ClaraUTUSALight20 minutesLight that changed color from blue to green & abruptly changed at a high rate of speed.11/19/12
11/18/12 17:45Russell SpringsKYUSADisk2 minutesRed flame saucer over Kentucky.11/19/12
11/18/12 17:00WorthILUSAChanging45 minutesFireballs turning into plane like objects.11/19/12
11/18/12 17:00WorthILUSAFireball50 minutesFireballs appear out of nowhere and morph shapes as they hover away.11/19/12
11/18/12 06:40BirminghamALUSAUnknown30 secondsFast Light Moving.11/19/12
11/18/12 01:40Pigeon ForgeTNUSAOther10-20 secondsCloud like structure flew quickly across the sky.11/19/12
11/18/12 00:40CarlsbadCAUSADisk1-3 secondsGreen saucer strobes in and out of sight into horizon11/19/12
11/17/12 23:30AnstedWVUSALight30+ minutesMulticolored flashing light on cloudy night.11/19/12
11/17/12 23:00PeoriaILUSASphere5 minutesRed Orange spheres seen in Peoria Il11/19/12
11/17/12 23:00PeoriaILUSADiamond5 minutesPattern of orange/red round objects seen over Peoria, IL at about 11:00 PM on 11/17/1211/19/12
11/17/12 23:00TurnerMEUSAOval3 hoursVery bright and changing colr very clear red , blue and white. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD))11/19/12
11/17/12 21:45Midland (Canada)ONCanadaSphere5 minutesThree Bright Glowing Orbs floating over my home all the same distance apart ...11/19/12
11/17/12 21:00Cumnock (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCircle30 minutesWeird lights going from west to east in Ayrshire scotland11/19/12
11/17/12 21:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaLight2 minutes2 bright orange lights moving steadely, no sounds, medium hight11/19/12
11/17/12 20:30OswegoILUSAOval20-30 seconds4 silent orange balls of light flying across field of view chasing each other at decent rate of speed and quite low above Oswego, IL.11/19/12
11/17/12 20:23PhoenixAZUSALight1 minutesIt was a bright orange light.11/19/12
11/17/12 19:52PolsonMTUSALight4 minutes7 crafts light orange glow ball that formed a triangle ... for a few mins ... then rose up 1 at a time and disappeared.11/19/12
11/17/12 19:23HooksettNHUSATriangle30 secondsVery Thin Flashes of Light and Triangular Object.11/19/12
11/17/12 19:17RavennaOHUSASphere1 minuteTwo glowing orange fiery orbs sighted by Ravenna , Ohio family11/19/12
11/17/12 19:13CedarburgWIUSAFireball9 minutes8 red/orange fireball objects, evenly spaced11/19/12
11/17/12 19:00EnfieldCTUSAUnknown2 minutes15 Orange lights on horizon11/19/12
11/17/12 19:00CedarburgWIUSAFireball20 minutes9 orange "fireballs" track across sky.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:45SpringfieldMOUSALight2 minutesRed light moves at excessive speed, stays absolutely still and changes direction abruptly11/19/12
11/17/12 18:35SpringfieldMOUSAFlash4-5 minutesRed flashing lights in sky.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:33StaffordVAUSACircle3 minutesLuminous Bright Orange Lightballs Traveling in a Pattern in Stafford VA11/19/12
11/17/12 18:30StaffordVAUSACircle3-5 minutesCircular glowing objects flying in the sky.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:30StaffordVAUSAFormation1-2 minutesMy husband and I saw a swarm of bright-colored (red and white) objects floating noiselessly very low to the ground.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:10RochesterNHUSAFireball15 minutesA series of 7 flaming type objects crossing the night sky from South to North lasting 15 minutes.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:10Hampton BoroughNJUSAFireball15 minutesBright, glowing reddish-orange fireballs in the evening sky.11/19/12
11/17/12 18:00St. LouisMOUSATriangle1 minuteSilent Black Triangle.11/19/12
11/17/12 17:45Santa CruzCAUSACircle5 minutes4 red/ orange orbs moved slowly across the sky together disappearing individually.11/19/12
11/17/12 17:00Jersey CityNJUSADisk15 minutesOrange lights in sky above New jersey11/19/12
11/17/12 17:00KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown10 secondsBrilliant bright light seen above high altitude airplane with no plume then disappears over Knoxville, TN.11/19/12
11/17/12 16:30North DartmouthMAUSACircle5 minutes3 ORANGE CIRCLES.11/19/12
11/17/12 15:10Boynton BeachFLUSASphere30 secondsTwo metallic spheres moving west over then south over Boynton Beach11/19/12
11/17/12 03:00Salt LakeUTUSALight90 minutesBright orange lights hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sightings of stars?? PD))11/19/12
11/17/12 01:00BurkeVAUSATriangle3-5 secondsThree very faint lights in a small triangular shape moving very fast across the sky11/19/12
11/17/12 01:00HicksvilleNYUSALight3 secondsWhite round light with a trail shoots down and disappears11/19/12
11/17/12 00:37HagerstownMDUSALight2 secondsVery illuminous light moving very fast blinked twice then gone.11/19/12
11/17/12 00:00BozemanMTUSACircle20 secondsRed sphere that made obvious speed and altitude gains as well as direction changes.11/19/12
11/16/12 23:50AltoMIUSALight2 minutesThree bright orange lights move in formation11/19/12
11/16/12 23:38LancasterNYUSAFireball5 minutesSilent Orange/red fireballs coming from the south and became smaller as they moved away11/19/12
11/16/12 23:00SpringfieldVTUSASphere30 minutesFlying orb seen in night sky11/19/12
11/16/12 22:30Duluth/HermantownMNUSALight10 minutesLast night while I was outside of my work smoking a cigarette, I looked up at the sky as I always do on a clear night and noticed what11/19/12
11/16/12 22:30PhilippinesPhilippinesFireball90 seconds3 separate sightings of orange light in a week.11/19/12
11/16/12 22:00SnoqualmieWAUSACircle2 secondsA UFO was 7 feet away from me outside my window11/19/12
11/16/12 21:00PittsburghPAUSAUnknown60 minutesRecurring sightings of 3 UFOs. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/19/12
11/16/12 20:30Saint ClairPAUSALight5 minutesOrange orbs sighting.11/19/12
11/16/12 20:00Long BeachCAUSAFireball10 seconds?Long Beach California November 16, 2012, appeared to be 2 large comets or fireballs over ocean.11/19/12
11/16/12 20:00Long BeachCAUSAFireball2 minutesFlaming/Sparkling trails with following helicopter over Long Beach, CA11/19/12
11/16/12 19:30StandishMEUSACircle30 secondsOne orange circle seen flying low over my house silently by two people in Standish, ME.11/19/12
11/16/12 19:25Indianapolis (SE side)INUSACircleWhat I saw was just a fewLights went out on something in the sky and as soon as the last light went out it literally disappeared before my eyes.11/19/12
11/16/12 19:00VenturaCAUSAFireball5 minutesHuge black circle with fire ball!11/19/12
11/16/12 18:54Homer CityPAUSADiamond<7 secondsBright diamond shaped object with a beam of light.11/19/12
11/16/12 18:54Homer CityPAUSADiamond7-8 secondsBright diamond shaped moving object with a bright beam of light. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/19/12
11/16/12 18:14GreenvillePAUSAUnknown<5 minutesRed/orange lights seen for about 4 minutes in Western Pennsylvania11/19/12
11/16/12 18:00ChaskaMNUSALight~30 minutesThese things hovered and moved north11/19/12
11/16/12 16:30OwegoNYUSACircle~1 secondBright blowy silver round object vanished in the sky11/19/12
11/16/12 12:45OconomowocWIUSAUnknown1 hourA light sitting still in the sky that is constantly changing color. Looks to be rotating saucer.11/19/12
11/16/12 11:40Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)Dominican RepublicFlash40 segundosNo hablo muy bien el ingles, pero frente de mi casa cuando estaba guardando el carro, noto esa luz diferente a las demás en el cielo y11/19/12
11/16/12 10:42NewtonNCUSASphere1.5 minutesFiery orange/red ord traveling across the sky11/19/12
11/16/12 07:16MorgantownWVUSACircle10 secondsBright spherical fireball descending from the sky.11/19/12
11/16/12 05:30OmahaNEUSAOther5 secondsWhile running in the early morning, a friend and I witnessed an object flying at a low altitude emitting an orange glow behind it.11/19/12
11/16/12 05:28Brainard (6 mi. E of; on Hwy. 92)NEUSAUnknown3-5 minutesOrange cresent object with trail moving northwest to sound, no decent 2-3 min across sky11/19/12
11/16/12 04:50StillwaterMNUSATriangle15 minutesTriangular craft with red lights surrounding an orange center hovering and then retreating over hwy 9511/19/12
11/16/12 04:00PleasantonKSUSAFireball12 secondsOn 11/16/2012, I was with a friend getting ready for a morning duck hunt in Pleasanton, KS. At around 4AM, we witnessed an orange, elo11/19/12
11/16/12 03:00Pond CreekOKUSATeardrop3 minutesSlow moving teardrop shaped craft11/19/12
11/15/12 20:00GaithersburgMDUSACircle15 minutes+The four circles were moving in succession. ((NUFORC Note: Probably an advertising lights. PD))11/19/12
11/15/12 20:00GaithersburgMDUSAChanging20 minutes4 Huge lights like spotlights reflecting across the clouds in a very strange pattern. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))11/19/12
11/15/12 19:45OgdenUTUSALight10 minutesUnusual, twinkling orange light, hovering, then ascending11/19/12
11/15/12 19:20DuluthMNUSADiamond1 minuteTwo square-shaped objects with flashing lights and no sound hovered above Duluth for a minute and slowly moved south.11/19/12
11/15/12 19:08LexingtonNCUSAOther5 secondsVery small dimly lit object the size of a tennis/ racquetball silently flies a few feet over my house in the night sky.11/19/12
11/15/12 18:33Blue AshOHUSASphere5 minutesBlue Ash, Ohio 11/15/2012 around 06:33 PM EST - Single red sphere traveling S/SW below the clouds briefly before disappearing.11/19/12
11/15/12 18:30DouglassvillePAUSARectangle1 minute4 Blue Lights perfectly spaced in a single row found hovering above night sky for 1 minute in Douglassville, Pa11/19/12
11/15/12 17:30VancouverWAUSATriangle1 minuteHeavily populated area with incoming and outbound aircraft from the airport, UFO objects overhead, and visible to witnesses.11/19/12
11/15/12 07:45Coral SpringsFLUSALight2 minutes3 reddish colored ball of light and an aircraft of somekind were seen on university drive and sample road in coral springs .11/19/12
11/15/12 07:45LakesideCAUSALightstill happeningI am an advertising company owner and my son and his girlfriend are in the hospitality business. We were outside and noticed movement i11/19/12
11/15/12 06:42Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaSphere3 secondsWhite sphere moving from south to east witnessed by 2 of us11/19/12
11/15/12 06:41CincinnatiOHUSAFireballsecondsI do not know what it was bright green rather large with the stuff around it when something is moving at a high rate of speed an11/19/12
11/15/12Savona (Canada)BCCanadaCircle15 minutesBrightest lit object i have seen, circular. Hoovered and dimmed and came back on again.11/19/12
11/14/12 22:45BerkeleyCAUSADiamond5 secondsGreen non flashing flies north diamond in shape.11/19/12
11/14/12 22:20KnoxvilleTNUSACircle45 secondsI observed what I thought was a low flying plane, but as I approached I realized it was stationary and hovering.11/19/12
11/14/12 22:00EnglandARUSATriangle5-7 minutesLarge black, triangular shaped aircraft with many bright white lights hovering over rural area along Hwy 161.11/19/12
11/14/12 21:45TooeleUTUSAOther2 minutesRotating-Steady set of lights in the sky in Western Utah near (just south of) the I-80 corridor.11/19/12
11/14/12 21:20West JordanUTUSAFireball5 minutesWe were in our car driving west (oquirrh mountains). I look up and I thought I saw a shooting star because I see a big ball with little11/19/12
11/14/12 21:15Salt Lake CityUTUSARectangle15-20 secondsEight dim red rectangles in a string traveled slowly then went out one by one, appearing to dissolve.11/19/12
11/14/12 21:00AnchorageAKUSADisk~5 minutesSaucer with bright lights, then spiky halo in colors, over Cook Inlet, Anchorage.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:30HaydenIDUSACircle10 minutesRed orange circle flares for about 10 minutes.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:10Union CityCAUSALight10 minutes12 red color UFOs, at Union City, CA.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:08Union CityCAUSALight18 minutes12 Orange Lights Flying Objects.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:00BellinghamWAUSACircle5 secondsA bright green orb seen streaking over Bellingham Washington in a night sky.11/19/12
11/14/12 20:00OremUTUSALight2 minutesWe saws ourselves up in the sky! some UFO's! they were blinkin up theres, from red to white. Up there a scheming. There were 7 and they11/19/12
11/14/12 19:50GranitevilleVTUSATriangle14 minutesTriangle shape lights (red/green/blue) moving slowly westward.11/19/12
11/14/12 19:30Boucherville (Canada)QCCanadaLight1-2 secondsRound bright light object moving at the speed of light11/19/12
11/14/12 19:00DanvilleOHUSALight5Red with orange cast dot's started 3 in line spred to right than went to a sloppy box. No noise; gained altitued then faded.11/19/12
11/14/12 18:45RidgefieldWAUSAUnknown? I went inside6 yellow/orange starlike lights very low in the sky11/19/12
11/14/12 18:30VancouverWAUSAFireball>3 minutesMultiple lights over Vancouver, WA, headed towards Portland, OR on 11/14/2012 around 5:30.11/19/12
11/14/12 18:01TauntonMAUSATriangle~15 secondsTriangle lights seen then gone instantly.11/19/12
11/14/12 18:00OtisORUSAFormation3 minutes5 red star like lights appeared in the sky.11/19/12
11/14/12 17:35VancouverWAUSAFireballReddish-orangish orbs in Vancouver WA on 11-1411/19/12
11/14/12 17:30Cape CoralFLUSASphere5-10 minutesUFO's fly by festival in Cape Coral Florida on 11/10/201211/19/12
11/14/12 17:30AllenwoodNJUSATriangle30 secondsTriangle, rainbow lights over Garden State Parkway.11/19/12
11/14/12 17:30VancouverWAUSAFireball3 minutesFloating red orange objects.11/19/12
11/14/12 17:30VancouverWAUSAFireball30 secondsFiery glowing object seen in Vancouver, WA.11/19/12
11/14/12 15:53ChesapeakeVAUSAFormation50 seconds7 to 8 orange balls in a line, 4 additional balls from top left coming down T an sound and I followed it across th sky as f11/19/12
11/14/12 05:45La PorteINUSASphere00:02Bright light seen in sky11/19/12
11/14/12 05:00Lake RonkonkomaNYUSASphere1 minuteLow flying disc with three big flashing circular lights.11/19/12
11/14/12 05:00Mission ViejoCAUSALight8 minutesTwo very bright red and white lights flashing in the sky completely still and silent befor disappearing at very high speeds.11/19/12
11/14/12 03:53ChesapeakeVAUSAFormation50 secondsA formation of several orange circular lights gliding through the sky.11/19/12
11/13/12 23:18Gurgaon (India)IndiaFireball15 secondsYellowish/blue sphere seen in gurgaon sky, india.11/19/12
11/13/12 23:00ClarksdaleMSUSADiamondUFO sightingUFO sighting clarksdale ma11/19/12
11/13/12 22:00Muscle ShoalsALUSACircleHourRound, flashing lights hovering in the same spot 2 nights in a row. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))11/19/12
11/13/12 21:30West pointGAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped lights over KIA motors manufacturing Georgia11/19/12
11/13/12 21:20KingsportTNUSATriangle5 minutesA silent triangle with three white lights on each point with a pulsing red light in the middle moved E to W then slowly toward SW.11/19/12
11/13/12 20:40EnfieldCTUSATriangle20 secondsVibrant yellow lights forming perfect triangle11/19/12
11/13/12 20:30ColumbusOHUSAFormationfew minutesThree red lights in consistent formation, occasionally vanishing, and re-appearing.11/19/12
11/13/12 19:55KatyTXUSAFireball30 secondsGlowing fireball going through night sky11/19/12
11/13/12 19:36WebsterMAUSAFireball5 secondsI was sitting in my computer room when I heard a very loud deep sizzling-like sound, I turned toward the window to see what looked like11/19/12
11/13/12 19:15PortsmouthNHUSARectangle15 secondsLarge house sized object floating in mid-air near Portsmouth traffic circle.11/19/12
11/13/12 19:00SebastopolCAUSACircle1-2 secondsCircular fast-moving object appears in early evening sky in Northern California.11/19/12
11/13/12 18:30SouthingtonCTUSASphere10 minutes3 Orange orbs in the night sky.11/19/12
11/13/12 18:30Lemon GroveCAUSAOval4 minutesLarge white light moving across the sky11/19/12
11/13/12 18:30NovingerMOUSASphere5 minutesSmall light low to ground in novinger mo11/19/12
11/13/12 18:00DanvilleILUSAUnknown1-3 minutesBluish light11/19/12
11/13/12 18:00LewistownMTUSAFireball5 minutesOrange glow object in Central Montana11/19/12
11/13/12 17:30LongmontCOUSA2 hoursI saw 6-8 different orange lights in the sky over Longmont and Boulder area, hold there position for extended period, then move slowly11/19/12
11/13/12 17:10OrlandoFLUSAFireball7-10 minutesOrange balls gliding through the sky over Orlando11/19/12
11/13/12 16:45WinchesterVAUSAOval20 minutesI was driving home from work yesterday and as I was going down Route 340 towards Berryville,VA I saw numerous oval shaped lights just h11/19/12
11/13/12 16:16BuffaloNYUSALight2 minutesI saw a bright light off in the sky, no airplains were around11/19/12
11/13/12 15:50ConcordNHUSAFormation5 minutesQuick spiral flying south over Concord, NH11/19/12
11/13/12 06:30BenbrookTXUSACigar5 minutesFlying cigar shaped object with six lights over Benbrook by the lake.11/19/12
11/13/12 06:00FlorenceKYUSASphere60-70 secondsBright sphere heading west to east11/19/12
11/13/12 06:00OrlandoFLUSACircle0:05Fire like, dots shape similar to Texas state11/19/12
11/13/12 05:37BirminghamALUSAEgg2-3 minutesMetallic object rolling across morning sky11/19/12
11/13/12 02:30Lake ArrowheadCAUSACircle18 secondsMoving, flying,orb-like,11/19/12
11/13/12 02:00Porter RanchCAUSASphere3-4 secondsWitnessed red sphere traveling low, silent at very high rate of speed across valley at 2:00 a.m.11/19/12
11/13/12 00:30Amsterdam (north part) (Netherlands)NetherlandsOval5 minutesAmsterdam globe 5 minutes orange oval (sphere like)11/19/12
11/13/12 00:25Muncie/YorktownINUSATriangle45 minutesA friend and I we're driving down a country road shortly after mid night when I noticed a very bright star or planet that almost just a11/19/12
11/12/12 22:30LisbonOHUSAFireball10 minutesI saw it out my window.11/19/12
11/12/12 22:17Richmond (Canada)BCCanadaCross20 secondsBright pink lights appears on North Richmond Sky11/19/12
11/12/12 22:00SmithvilleMOUSALight30 minutes3 hovering lights over small town.11/19/12
11/12/12 21:00Canmore (Canada)ABCanadaFireball1 secondHuge Green Fireball Dropping from sky by Lac Des Arcs - Canmore Canada11/19/12
11/12/12 21:00Chennai (Madras) (India)IndiaCircle1 minutes((No information from witness.))11/19/12
11/12/12 20:40GarisonMNUSADiamond1 minutetwo abnormal planes, abnormal markings and totally silent at low height.11/19/12
11/12/12 20:00Fort CollinsCOUSATriangle10-15 secondsA "V" formation of 5 faint solid lights flies over Fort Collins heading west.11/19/12
11/12/12 20:00FolsomLAUSACircleGold/yellowish light stops by what might be ufo then I see a circular object fly by with green and red lights11/19/12
11/12/12 19:26LancasterPAUSAChanging2 minutesA craft that seemed to be covered in red and orange flames flew across the sky.11/19/12
11/12/12 18:55Cotulla (south of)TXUSALight1 minuteStar like object with osculating flight path heading N NE South Texas.11/19/12
11/12/12 18:50ClaytonNCUSATriangle20 secondsBlack triangle.11/19/12
11/12/12 18:30ChantillyVAUSACircleOngoingThere are four bright circles moving around in a circle, then converging together in the middle.11/19/12
11/12/12 18:30LynchburgVAUSACircle1 hour+Lynchburg orb seen on Simons run and memorial by witnesses11/19/12
11/12/12 12:15RaymoreMOUSATriangle2 seconds3 lights in triangle shape moving very fast from north to south.11/19/12
11/12/12 06:30SebastopolCAUSACircle1-2 secondsFast moving large circular object appears in early evening sky in Northern California.11/19/12
11/12/12 04:58Platte CityMOUSATriangle8 minutesTriangle shape object observed, no sound or lights.11/19/12
11/12/12 01:00ShawneeKSUSACircle~10 seconds3 circles flying close together, motionless, and without a sound!11/19/12
11/12/12SalemORUSACylinder5 minutes +-Bright flying object spotted near downtown Salem, OR11/19/12
11/11/12 23:50Washington TownshipMIUSACross4-5 minutesA loud, quickly moving, cross-shapped aircraft emitting an extremely bright light witnessed by myself along with my brothers and father11/19/12
11/11/12 23:30Blue SpringsMOUSACigar20 secondsBlack, floating, silent obj. floating lower than 300 feet not terribly high above the trees, 11:30 pm, could see the outline, but no l11/19/12
11/11/12 22:50WestminsterCAUSAChevron20 seconds2 grey with black chevron shaped crafts racing over Westminster, ca11/19/12
11/11/12 22:30Winter HavenFLUSAUnknown20 secondsOrange orb traveling over house low and caused my whole house to shake11/19/12
11/11/12 22:30MancosCOUSAUnknownunknownUnidentified tracks near 5 households appear overnight11/19/12
11/11/12 22:04Fairless HillsPAUSATriangleongoing3-8 objects. Each object appeared to have a number of intermittently blinking lights spanning the object. We observed one or two obje11/19/12
11/11/12 22:00GallowayNJUSACircle10 minutesBright white, looks like 2 stars very close together yet jumping not flying in any direction11/19/12
11/11/12 21:52LisbonOHUSACircle2 minutesI saw it out my window11/19/12
11/11/12 21:00Warm SpringsNVUSAUnknown1 hourPulsating orange lights by area 5111/19/12
11/11/12 21:00FredericksburgVAUSATriangle30 secondsOrange/red blurred lights in the shape of a triangle moving across the sky then disappeared.11/19/12
11/11/12 20:30ShawneeKSUSAFormation30 minutesLights in the sky in Shawnee, KS11/19/12
11/11/12 20:30KalispellMTUSADiamond30 secondsWhile we were on our way home from the movies, a large lighted object flew over us, stopped and changed direction without a sound.11/19/12
11/11/12 20:10KalispellMTUSAUnknown10-15 minutesFIVE CRAFT WERE SEEN IN THE SKY FLYING IN FORMATION.11/19/12
11/11/12 20:00Brantford (Canada)ONCanadaRectangle1 minuteWas standing out in my backyard stargazing when a strange craft flew overhead. Couldn't tell how high up it was.11/19/12
11/11/12 19:30Macclesfield (UK/England)United KingdomCircle60 secondsBright orange ball of light approaching fast from South toward Macclesfield, UK.11/19/12
11/11/12 18:45Grand JunctionCOUSATriangle2:00 minutesNight time. Large triangle w/3 lights sighted hovering 75 ft over ground. Banked and flew fast over city, lost altitude then vanished11/19/12
11/11/12 18:15Santa CruzCAUSAFormation1-2 minutesFormation of 10 to 15 bright red-orange lights appeared over Monterey Bay in California.11/19/12
11/11/12 15:50LeesburgVAUSACylinder30 secondsLarge, unknown silver object near Dulles; stationary.11/19/12
11/11/12 14:20OmahaNEUSADisk30 secondsDisappearing object.11/19/12
11/11/12 05:05VeniceCAUSATriangle3 secondsI got up early in the morning headed for Motorcycle Swap Meet in Long Beach,Ca I look up I'll BE DAM" It's the same small Tr11/19/12
11/11/12 04:40BremertonWAUSAUnknown10-20 secondsHeard a very loud craft noise hovering outside my bedroom window in the backyard that took off seconds later.11/19/12
11/11/12 02:30TroyOHUSASphere4 secondsLarge brite orb moving at high speed buzz's house in Troy, Ohio.11/19/12
11/11/12 02:25Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaDisk9 secondsGrey disk. One blue light. Smaller then smart car but bigger then basketball11/19/12
11/11/12 02:00New BraunfelsTXUSAOther2-4 secondsMe and a couple of buddies were out on the Guadalupe river last night when the area we were in lit up.11/19/12
11/11/12 00:31McCordsvilleINUSASphere1min. And 30 min. LaterThere were lights on it and it was wierd! Read the description11/19/12
11/11/12 00:00MOUSAThere were a star-like object in the sky.11/19/12
11/10/12 23:45CreswellORUSACircle3-4 minutesVery bright lights like an airplane, but went dark and saw a round, gray object at a high altitude.11/19/12
11/10/12 23:30HamiltonOHUSATriangle~4 minutesNavy triangle over my house11/19/12
11/10/12 23:20RosevilleCAUSATriangle20 secondsA v-shape triangle UFO glided across the night sky in Roseville, CA. It only happened minutes ago, and while I have seen what I thought11/19/12
11/10/12 22:00VestalNYUSATrianglea few secondsTriangle-like lights seen flashing/blinking, moving circular then south west, then disappearing. Seen from highway 17C near Vestal, NY.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:35Cape CoralFLUSASphere5 minutesSeveral red spheres over Cape Coral moving south to north then turning toward Gulf of Mexico.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:30San AnselmoCAUSALight~10 minutesRed/orange noiseless lights in formation at low altitude.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:15San AnselmoCAUSAChangingUnexplainable 30 reddish lights in sky in varying formation over San Anselmo, CA.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:10BallentineSCUSAEgg2:00 minutesYellow-orangish in color like object (eggplant like shape) appeared to not have lights on the outside, but radiate light from inside.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:00Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaCircle5 minutesSmall silent orange ball travelled across sky11/19/12
11/10/12 20:32Cut OffLAUSAChanging3-4 minutesLow-flying, shape-changing aircraft seen in a small Southern Louisiana town.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:30Murrells InletSCUSALight5 minutes15-20 orange/reddish orbs, moving in a similar pattern, heading south, then disappearing.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:25MontpelierVTUSATriangle10 minutesSaw a ufo in montpelier.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:15LakelandFLUSAChevron10 minutesChevron of orange lights trailing sparks.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:00Clinton TownshipMIUSATriangle1 minuteTonight in Clinton Township, Michigan, at approximately 8 pm EST, I was east bound on Metroparkway (16 Mile road), and arrived at the i11/19/12
11/10/12 20:00VidaliaGAUSATriangle15 minutesOrangish lights floating over a field then disappearing and reappearing later over another field.11/19/12
11/10/12 20:00LakelandFLUSAUnknown15 secondsMy family and I seen a fast moving,silent object with bright lights almost like a fireball over our skies11/19/12
11/10/12 19:40Los AngelesCAUSACircle8 minutes3 Red/Orange Circles blacking out in the night.11/19/12
11/10/12 19:30PlacentiaCAUSACircle3 minutesClusters of orange "lights," cylindrical in shape, traversing the night sky in the area above our heads.11/19/12
11/10/12 19:20TarentumPAUSACircle10 minutesMultiple lights over Allegheny River near tarentum, pa11/19/12
11/10/12 19:00ChattanoogaTNUSAOther15 minutes400 foot long craft with half circle lights.11/19/12
11/10/12 19:00BellflowerCAUSASphere10 minutesSeveral orange spheres seen in Lakewood and bellflower.11/19/12
11/10/12 19:00BayvilleNJUSAFireball3 minutesTwo red fireballs, so close then shot up and disappeared.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:30EndicottNYUSACircle10 minutes2 lights joined by 2 more moving slowing southeast to northwest.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:30DerbyNYUSA50 minutesMultiple orange spheres over Derby, NY.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:30OrlandoFLUSACircle20 minutesI observed about 9 or 10 balls of light going to one central destination.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:30OrlandoFLUSACircle15 minutesObserved up to 9 reddish orange objects flying in commercial airspace near Orland International Airport.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:28Castle RockWAUSATriangle1 minuteThree glowing reddish orange spheres hovering then maneuvering at fairly close range.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:25VancouverWAUSARectangle2+ minutes7 or 8 bright reddish-orange lighted, squarish or cubic shaped objects, hovering above the tree tops in a random pattern.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:20PaysonUTUSAFireball12 minutesORANGE BALL OF FIRE.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:15Lower BurrellPAUSAUnknown1 minute6 orange glowing lights.11/19/12
11/10/12 18:00EurekaMTUSALight10 minutesOrange light over eureka montana.11/19/12
11/10/12 17:50EldridgeIAUSACircle1 minuteBright orange/yellow with red trim circular fast moving quiet light.11/19/12
11/10/12 13:00Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaCircle1 minute6 orange circle lights came right above our heads at about 1 and lasted for a minute without any sound and slowly dissapeared11/19/12
11/10/12 12:08DandridgeTNUSATeardrop30 secondsBlimp shaped, shiny silver object during TN Earthquake.11/19/12
11/10/12 05:39NampaIDUSAChangingstill seeing themBright multi colored orbs/UFO'S.11/19/12
11/10/12 04:38CrosbyTXUSAUnknown3 minutesPulsing light looks like a flashing stay but moved away from earth Into distance.11/19/12
11/10/12 01:00HoquiamWAUSAFlash12-15 minutesThree huge brillant flashes of light way out past the horizon on the Pacific Ocean11/19/12
11/9/12 23:30LisbonOHUSACircle10 minutesBright red circular craft in mid-air doing circles11/19/12
11/9/12 23:15LewistonMEUSALight5 minutesWhite light moving across sky that stopped and stayed still.11/19/12
11/9/12 23:00AntiochCAUSALight15 minutes3 BRIGHT ORANGE LIGHTS HOVERED IN SKY.11/19/12
11/9/12 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknownexplosionUnknown explosion over Albuquerque NM.11/19/12
11/9/12 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlashBlue/Green streaming flash of light shooting towards and over the Sandia Mountains near Tramway.11/19/12
11/9/12 22:00RadfordVAUSAFlash30 minutesSaw two flashing lights, blue-green light fell from sky. Moving slow, many helicopers following.11/19/12
11/9/12 22:00GreensboroNCUSASphere10 minutesWhat was in the skies over Greensboro Friday night, 11/09/12?11/19/12
11/9/12 22:00KetchikanAKUSALight2 hoursSquare formation of 4 lighthouse like beacons rotating in sequence clockwise.11/19/12
11/9/12 21:30Coral SpringsFLUSASphere2 minutesOrange Spheres flying over Coral Springs.11/19/12
11/9/12 21:00Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaFireball1 minuteFireball in sky.11/19/12
11/9/12 20:45Land O'LakesFLUSACircle5 minutesApprox 15 bright orange circular lights slowly moving in the sky in a linear pattern...then they would change positions.11/19/12
11/9/12 19:40BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown9 minutesRed object displaying bizarre flight patterns before shooting directly upwards into space11/19/12
11/9/12 19:00BelpreOHUSACone10 minutesGlowing cone shaped light over Belpre Ohio 4571411/19/12
11/9/12 19:00BakersfieldCAUSACircle2 secondsCircle shape with intense light coming from the back of it!11/19/12
11/9/12 17:00LawrencevilleGAUSAOther15 minutesDouble Columns of light in lawrenceville, ga ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrails?? PD))11/19/12
11/9/12 16:00MeadvilleMSUSACylinder~2 minutesWhite cylinder shaped craft with no wings flies over Meadville MS on clear and cloudless day.11/19/12
11/9/12 15:00FredriksburgVAUSACylinder1/2 hourUnidentified flying objects near Fredricksburg11/19/12
11/9/12 06:20GriftonNCUSAOval8-10 minutesBright light staying still for about 5-6 minutes then moves across the sky, no blinking lights and slowly fades away.11/19/12
11/9/12 03:13OceansideCAUSACircle15-20 secondsReddish circular UFO cruising south west in San Diego County.11/19/12
11/9/12 01:00KutztownPAUSAUnknown30-40 secondsThree orbs in Kutztown, gone within seconds.11/19/12
11/9/12 01:00PetersburgTXUSAFlash2 secondsBrite green flash in west texas sky lights up the night as if it was dawn for about 2 seconds.11/19/12
11/8/12 23:57AgraOKUSAUnknown45-60 secondsFalling fire ball or stream11/19/12
11/8/12 23:35ManheimPAUSALight20 minutesWhite lights in sky doing weird moves11/19/12
11/8/12 23:30Porto (Portugal)PortugalLight30 secondsThe speed the format, everything.11/19/12
11/8/12 23:21BogalusaLAUSADisk45 secondsCraft emits no light or sound flys over just able to see reflection and blacked out stars as it passed11/19/12
11/8/12 23:00Scotts BluffNEUSALight1 secondGreen beam of light west to east11/19/12
11/8/12 23:00TucumcariNMUSAFlash5-10 secondsOn Hwy 54 headed North, the entire sky lit up in a bright blue light beginning in the north horizon and encompassing entire 360 view.11/19/12
11/8/12 23:00PuebloCOUSAUnknown20 secondsHuge smoke like trail going across the sky11/19/12
11/8/12 22:45SpringfieldOHUSAOval1 minuteLarge oval fireball seen traveling rapidly out of sky and hits ground in cornfield.11/19/12
11/8/12 22:45AnstedWVUSALight10-15 secondsBright blue light near Jupiter, appeared and disappeared in a matter of seconds.11/19/12
11/8/12 22:35GermantownWIUSATriangleUnknownTriangular UFO11/19/12
11/8/12 22:30RoswellNMUSAFlash1 hourBright flashes in sky east of Roswell. Decended with not trail towards the ground.11/19/12
11/8/12 22:30Fort CollinsCOUSAFireball2 secondsNeon Green Flash Crashes South of Fort Collins.11/19/12
11/8/12 22:10EugeneORUSAUnknown5 minutes3 amber lights moving over Eugene slowly at 3000 ft. below clouds silently.11/19/12
11/8/12 21:45CanastotaNYUSALight??Over a few days/weeks, big green flash in sky, 2 orange lights glowing, some odd static electricity.11/19/12
11/8/12 21:40TexarkanaTXUSALight2 minutesDim blue/grey orb, at low altitude.11/19/12
11/8/12 21:30WhitevilleNCUSAFireball5 secondsI was driving down a rural Highway 701S leaving Clinton, NC going towards Myrtle Beach, SC. While in Whiteville, NC on 701S I witnessed11/19/12
11/8/12 21:30PatonIAUSAFormationover a hourA opening in space that formed a hole from which I could see many flying objects keeping the hole open.11/19/12
11/8/12 21:00High PointNCUSATriangle1 minuteSlow moving Triangle made no noise11/19/12
11/8/12 20:40OkeechobeeFLUSAFireball10 minutesThree bright red lights over lake Okeechobee11/19/12
11/8/12 20:17YpsilantiMIUSACylinder1 minuteRed low flying object over Ypsilanti. Low speed flight, with a climb then light went away11/19/12
11/8/12 20:00WalterboroSCUSAFireball5 secondsGreen/orange fireball trailing black smoke.11/19/12
11/8/12 20:00Gulfport (near)MSUSACircle1 minuteCircular aircraft casting green spiral light flying north from the gulf.11/19/12
11/8/12 19:45FarmingtonMOUSAFireball2 minutesHuge fireball type object with humanoid object in the center.11/19/12
11/8/12 19:15DivideCOUSASphere10 minutesTwo big bright spheres floating around over mountains11/19/12
11/8/12 19:00BernardsvilleNJUSALight2 hours11/08/12 and 11/09/12 lights in the sky11/19/12
11/8/12 19:00LorisSCUSAOval15 secondsWe were driving southeast towards the direction of North Myrtle Beach and saw 4 separate bright orange lights high in the sky.11/19/12
11/8/12 18:40Tarpon SpringsFLUSAOther1 secondI was driving home from work after a few stops along the way. i was traveling northbound when a very fast object raced across the sky11/19/12
11/8/12 18:04JonahTXUSAChanging+60 secondsMy mom was driving N. on 1660 toward HWY 29. She saw 3 bright lights hovering for 30 sec and then there were suddenly only 2 lights.11/19/12
11/8/12 18:00TempleTXUSALight3 minutesI noticed two yellowish orange lights and I knew they weren't street lights they were much brighter and were moving. They would dissape11/19/12
11/8/12 17:50GrangerTXUSAFireball~10 minutesBalls of light in formation in the north west area.11/19/12
11/8/12 17:45TaylorTXUSALight30 minutes2-4 bright lights hovering over Granger, TX.11/19/12
11/8/12 17:30SelahWAUSATriangle10 minutes5 UFO's spotted, one in Selah that was very visible, and four in Yakima, Washington.11/19/12
11/8/12 17:00HamptonGAUSATriangle5 minutesRed balls of light in a triangular formation at low altitude.11/19/12
11/8/12 16:30KetchikanAKUSALight15-20 secondsWhite light flew across sky and then shot strait up faded to red and dissapeared11/19/12
11/8/12 12:03Winston-SalemNCUSADisk1 minute2 discs.11/19/12
11/8/12 06:30Barrie (Canada)ONCanadaLight40 seconds((HOAX??)) White light dot like from the S at 6:30ish am thort it was a satterlight moving slow but suddenly turned west and shot off11/19/12
11/8/12 01:59McKinleyvilleCAUSACircle5 minutesOrange floating light over McKinleyville11/19/12
11/8/12 01:30PuebloCOUSAFireball2 minutesMulticolored flashing ball of light (disco-ball). ((NUFORC Note: Possible observation of the star, Sirius, we suspect. PD))11/19/12
11/7/12 23:45BoulderCOUSATriangle5 secondsBoulder CO Triangle/Chevron Object.11/19/12
11/7/12 23:16Bay CityMIUSATeardrop5 secondsReddish orange object heading South near James Clements11/19/12
11/7/12 23:00OmahaNEUSAFireball30 secondsHuge ball of light came up from the ground and shot into the atmosphere11/19/12
11/7/12 22:30RichfieldMNUSACircle5 secondsYellowish/Orange sphere traveling across the sky.11/19/12
11/7/12 22:10North PlatteNEUSAFireball30 secondsFastest thing ever went from 10000 feet to 50000 feet .in 15 sec.11/19/12
11/7/12 21:30TucsonAZUSATriangle30-45 secondsBright, orange, triangular light north of Tucson moving towards the south then turning east and disappearing11/19/12
11/7/12 21:00Mount PleasantSCUSACircle5 minutesCoastal residents near Mount Pleasant SC witness 5 bright orange round lights darting among each other at 9:00 PM on Wednesday, Nov-7th11/19/12
11/7/12 21:00Cape CoralFLUSAFireball15 secondsSuper bright orangish red shooting flame across the sky in Cape Coral, FL11/19/12
11/7/12 20:45DurandMIUSALight>10 minutesSeveral scattered lights in sky slowly formed a single line.11/19/12
11/7/12 20:35WilmingtonNCUSALight10 minutesTwo stationary orange lights in the sky flickering on and off, fading to a reddish color before dissapearing.11/19/12
11/7/12 20:15North BendWAUSALight01:00Large string of red lights. quarter to half mile long11/19/12
11/7/12 20:00TampaFLUSAFireballIt had to be anywhere from 8:50pm to 9:03pm when me and a friend saw this bright fire ba11/19/12
11/7/12 19:51OrlandoFLUSALight5 secondsBright dark green light flashed in western sky, increased in brightness 2-3 times then nose dived and disappeared. ((Meteor??))11/19/12
11/7/12 19:45Wasilla - Susitna DeltaAKUSALight2 minutes6 orange orbs hovering north east of Wasilla, Alaska and 1orange orb traveling west over Susitna river delta.11/19/12
11/7/12 19:45BarbertonOHUSAFireball2-3 minutesFire in the sky on a crisp starry fall night.11/19/12
11/7/12 19:45Newmarket (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 minutesLast night as I drove down my street in Newmarket, Ontario, I saw multiple bright orange/red lights across the sky in the distance.11/19/12
11/7/12 19:30CasperWYUSASphere15-20 secondsSaw a green orb floating/flying object above me while driving.11/19/12
11/7/12 19:30Delray BeachFLUSAOther45-60 secondsHuge, boomerang shaped, unlit object flying over the cirrus clouds, N to S over Delray Beach, FL, 2 witnesses11/19/12
11/7/12 19:30Lone Pine (Mt. Whitney)CAUSAUnknownhoursEncounter with et and being chased for 60 miles.11/19/12
11/7/12 19:20ZeelandMIUSATriangle5 minutesAll amber lights 16 total were grouped together hovering11/19/12
11/7/12 19:00BoulderCOUSA2 minutesTriangle of 3 lights - 2 minutes visable11/19/12
11/7/12 18:15TonopahNVUSALight20 minutesReentry followed by multiple lights hovering above city11/19/12
11/7/12 17:30Bay LakeFLUSALight4 minutesThree brightly glowing objects above sun during sunset + Fireball 2 hours later.11/19/12
11/7/12 14:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight20 minutes till who knowA star, a planet? Can't possibly be. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the time may be flawed. PD))11/19/12
11/7/12 11:30Gulfport (near)MSUSAChanging10 minutes11:30am in gulfport ,MS cigar shape craft broke into two ships lasted 15 mins a plane couldn't land circled 3xs.11/19/12
11/7/12 05:00Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)MalaysiaOval12 minutes2 police officers and campers saw a yellowish/red object.11/19/12
11/7/12 03:15Studio CityCAUSALight1 minuteBright flash of light appears from deep space blackness 7 or 8 times and then suddenly disappears11/19/12
11/7/12 02:00Bonnyville (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown3 secondsThousands hear aircraft dissapear over bonnyville alberta at the speed of light!11/19/12
11/7/12 00:30Cutler Bay/MiamiFLUSACircle4 secondsA steady white light falling slowly from the sky. Disappeared just a second before it fell behind the tree line.11/19/12
11/7/12 00:00Koror (Palau)PalauCircle2 hoursRed and green objects spotted in the sky over Palau11/19/12
11/6/12 23:40ReadingPAUSAOther25 minutesStar Like Static Object Blinked (Red/Pink/White) randomly in Place for about 20min then Left once i drove to see it up close!11/19/12
11/6/12 23:30Fort CollinsCOUSACircleCircle, multi color, zig and zag but stayed in the same area of the sky.11/19/12
11/6/12 23:15Twin FallsIDUSASphere1 minuteOrange sphere.11/19/12
11/6/12 22:25MonroevillePAUSAFireball2 secondsA streak of light falling at a sharp angle toward the ground, no other craft nearby at the time. Small but bright and appeared much lo11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00DeWittIAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery loud, invisible, and flying very low11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00LebanonCTUSAUnknown10 minutesBrilliant, strobe-flashing, orange lights in Lebanon CT11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00DamascusARUSARectangle1-2 minutesThere have been silent ( what I thought where planes) flying very low but no noise, I looked night after night and one finally was at t11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00BozemanMTUSACircle15 minutesRed flashing Lights following two solid white lights11/19/12
11/6/12 20:35EvansdaleIAUSAUnknown2 minutesSlow moving object with numerous large lights all synchronized (Honey Comb in shape),travels over interstate11/19/12
11/6/12 20:00PortlandORUSAChanging>10 minutes2-3 colored lights on one craft swooping gracefully in irregular pattern looking west/nw from North Portland, OR11/19/12
11/6/12 19:50Kansas CityMOUSAChevron>2 hoursCrescent shaped lights that emitted green light and then moved jerkily and then hovered in place11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30KamiahIDUSAUnknown2 minutesA formation of 5 air crafts with rapid blinking red or green lights, one per vehicle flew overhead, very rapidly, no other lights.11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30Arizona CityAZUSAChanging5 minutesPhoenix lights all over again11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30HamiltonOHUSACircle20 secondsOn November 06, 2012 we (five of us) at 7:30 pm saw seven to ten bright "balls" of light (orange in color) in the sky.11/19/12
11/6/12 19:17Jefferson CityMOUSACircle5-10 secondsPerfectly circle lit up underneath11/19/12
11/6/12 18:44FairhavenMAUSALight5 secondsLarge circular orb appeared in the sky moving quickly in a south, southeast direction and disappeared after about four seconds.11/19/12
11/6/12 18:30EuclidOHUSALightfew secondsSeen over Route 2 freeway and when he acknowledged it seem to swoop down at his vehicle.11/19/12
11/6/12 18:26Pawleys IslandSCUSACircle20 secondsOn 11/06/2012 at 6:26 pm at Pawley's Island SC I observed 4 stationary red orange orbs of the same size in a straight horizontal patter11/19/12
11/6/12 18:00BoulderCOUSALight1-2 minutes4 orange lights hovering above/near Rocky Flats former nuclear weapons plant.11/19/12
11/6/12 17:45Sioux FallsSDUSALight5 secondsBright rapid moving light11/19/12
11/6/12 16:15MiamiOKUSAUnknown~10 secondsShiny, reflective object11/19/12
11/6/12 14:00Las VegasNVUSADisk15 minutesSaw small stationary clouds forming from thin air,later saw a saucer shaped craft fleeing the area.11/19/12
11/6/12 06:30Cut BankMTUSAChevron5 minutes4-5 highly lit chevrons not moving or producing sign in southern and western sky.11/19/12
11/6/12 01:00KenduskeagMEUSAFireball3-4 secondsBlue pulsing orb11/19/12
11/5/12 23:00BoiseIDUSAOther2.5 secondsSupersonic, silent aircraft with multiple lights, and one extremely bright white flashing light.11/19/12
11/5/12 22:20TacomaWAUSALight5 minutesSingle low flying/floating/gliding ORANGE light in sky11/19/12
11/5/12 21:52Del MarCAUSATriangle10 secondsOverhead we saw V or chevron shaped with four lights on each side, huge, silent, very fast moving southward along coastline,amazing.11/19/12
11/5/12 21:30Diamond SpringsCAUSAUnknown30 minutesThe objects moved at different speed and then stopped11/19/12
11/5/12 21:00Pickering (Canada)ONCanadaOval45 minutesAt least 30 orange lights travel silently, in a straight line, over the night sky of Pickering, Ontario, Canada11/19/12
11/5/12 20:30London (UK/England)United KingdomCircle1 minuteUFO - London 5th November 2012.11/19/12
11/5/12 20:15South OrangeNJUSATriangle2 secondsI was standing in my back patio looking out at a few planes in the distance, as it is very dark with the current power outage. I notice11/19/12
11/5/12 19:36Moncks CornerSCUSAFormation3-7 secondsOn 11/5/12 seven lights were seen that appeared in a sequence, making a perfect line in the sky, and then disappeared.11/19/12
11/5/12 19:15ArcadiaFLUSALight15 minutesFlying in a Cessna 182 North of LaBelle VOR, encounter strange light not on radar.11/19/12
11/5/12 19:08Myrtle BeachSCUSAFormation9-12 secondsFleet Formation of 7 fireballs in a linear pattern.11/19/12
11/5/12 19:00WethersfieldCTUSAFormation15 minutes3 or 4 groups of 3 or 4 yellow/ orange small ojects traveling NNE to SSW, disappeared one by one11/19/12
11/5/12 18:30PortlandORUSAFireball2 minutesWatched an Orange firery object in the sky.11/19/12
11/5/12 18:20MilfordCTUSAFireball10 minutesSix Flaming Flying Objects - Identified - Case Closed11/19/12
11/5/12 17:30DayvilleCTUSAFireball3 secondsWhile driving down the highway, I noticed a green fireball with an orange tail approximately 300 feet from the ground. The object was11/19/12
11/5/12 17:23South KingstownRIUSACircle~1 secondLarge Fast Moving Blue/Green Circlular Object Flying Through The Sky In North East America11/19/12
11/5/12 17:20BrewsterNYUSAFireball0.5 secondGreenish-Blue Fireball half the speed of a shooting star and clearly falling through the atmosphere.11/19/12
11/5/12 17:10GlastonburyCTUSAChanging2-3 secondsGreenish-bluish "asteroid" comes to dead stop in sky and simultaneously turns to red oval light.11/19/12
11/5/12 17:02BoothwynPAUSACigar~10 minutes4 bright amber cigar-shaped lights at a 45 degree angle like "/" at the PA/DE state line11/19/12
11/5/12 15:30Grand IslandNYUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped object11/19/12
11/5/12 09:40CranstonRIUSASphere1 minute3 spheres in Cranston, RI.11/19/12
11/5/12 06:45Salt Lake CityUTUSATriangle20 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))11/19/12
11/5/12 03:30KenilworthNJUSAUnknown10 minutesStill hovering aircraft with loud noise that vibrated my body that swooped off after I recorded video of under a minute.11/19/12
11/5/12 02:00OronoMEUSACircle3 minutesBright red ball of light movong at rapid speeds and jets flying towards it11/19/12
11/5/12 01:24WestonFLUSAFireball20 minutesAmazing light show, with no answers!11/19/12
11/5/12 00:00Spring CreekNVUSADiskhourThis wasn't just a normal sighting we had time to get a telescope and point it south over lamoille canyon (south). All four of us saw a11/19/12
11/4/12 21:00MatawanNJUSALightFew secondsYellow, alternating lights that hovered in the sky for a few seconds then darted southward.11/19/12
11/4/12 20:45WoodstockGAUSAFireball10 minutesWoodstock Georgia 8:45pm 11/4/2012 several balls of fire in sky11/19/12
11/4/12 20:35LovelandOHUSASphere1-2 minutesWe saw a golden sphere in the night sky. It went from relatively low in the sky to really high and just disappeared.11/19/12
11/4/12 20:30BurnsvilleMNUSACircleNot sureThe Mothership and its Orb11/19/12
11/4/12 20:30WillowickOHUSAOther5 minutesOrange glowing objects in the sky11/19/12
11/4/12 20:30PeruMAUSALight60-75 secondsBright orange light traveling across the sky seen by 2 people11/19/12
11/4/12 20:00RentonWAUSALight2 minutesBall of light but it wasn't a plane.11/19/12
11/4/12 19:30ClearwaterFLUSALight2 secondsBrilliant flash of light, possibly very small meteorite11/19/12
11/4/12 19:15AnchorageAKUSALight3-5 minutes3 orange "stars," brighter than reg stars in a hazy night sky. non-moving then fading out. triangle formation.11/19/12
11/4/12 19:00SanfordFLUSADisk2 minutesLook up in sky was disc object loud humming sound had yellow lights circulating around it was moving away from us at slow rate of speed11/19/12
11/4/12 19:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAFormation2 minutesBright orange lights in a formation, some seperation movement, then vanish in SC.11/19/12
11/4/12 18:45ThomastonCTUSALight30 minutesI witnessed multiple lights in the sky, some that moved and changed formation, some stationary.11/19/12
11/4/12 18:34Ranchos de TaosNMUSAFireball~3 secondsLarge westward moving blue-white meteor 18:34 MT seen from Taos, NM11/19/12
11/4/12 18:00LakewoodCOUSALight5 strange bright lights lined up in the sky over Lakewood Colorado.11/19/12
11/4/12 13:00North HollywoodCAUSARectangle2 minutesSilvery and very distinct tail lights super fast11/19/12
11/4/12 12:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown10 secondsI believe I saw a UFO today ...... small object, moving slowly at first, picked up speed, and then accelerated to a very high speed.11/19/12
11/4/12 10:45Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaFlash10 seconds2 quick bright green flashes of light, one right after another.11/19/12
11/3/12 23:45Des MoinesIAUSAFireball10 minutes3 Bright Red Lights in a Triangle Formation11/19/12
11/3/12 22:05GreenvilleSCUSACircleobjects in the skyThere were 50 to 60 colored objects slowly moving across the sky.11/19/12
11/3/12 21:40Milton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesNear Appleby line, 3 bright white rapidly blinking lights;VANISHED, only to reappear further away moments later11/19/12
11/3/12 21:00PetoskeyMIUSAFireball2 minutes+Glowing orange fire ball floats across sky silently before fading away into the dark cloudy sky.11/19/12
11/3/12 21:00CarrboroNCUSATriangle3 secondsBlack Triangle jets silently over Carrboro NC11/19/12
11/3/12 20:15BertramTXUSALight3 minutesRound orange glowing light passed over Bertram,Texas.11/19/12
11/3/12 20:00Elk GroveCAUSASphere1 hourOrange Orbs11/19/12
11/3/12 20:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAOval20I had just gotten off my computer giving a testimony in the name of jesus christ, to someone who needed it was on the wrong path.11/19/12
11/3/12 19:00NeoshoMOUSARectangle25 secondsRed cigar rectangular light in Neosho, mo.11/19/12
11/3/12 18:45GoldendaleWAUSAFireball25 secondsA bright white fireball with long tail was seen heading toward the outlying areas of Goldendale, WA.11/19/12
11/3/12 17:30Buena ParkCAUSAFireball2-5 minutesRed lights seen over buena park apparently marked as sign of "apocalypse11/19/12
11/3/12 15:00DentonTXUSADisk2 hoursThey are bright silver and disk shape. They are too fast. It seems that they play around there. Its vertical and horizontal movement is11/19/12
11/3/12 02:00Silver SpringsFLUSAHoursSighting of intelligent life forms seem friendly to me11/19/12
11/3/12 00:00TunicaMSUSAOvalThey have been here far back as b4 airplanes were invented . people who dont believe will soon.11/19/12
11/3/12 00:00AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk<10 secondsGreen orb like ufo new mexico albuquerque 11/3/1211/19/12
11/2/12 23:15LewistonMEUSALight5 minutesFast moving bright light that stopped suddenly11/19/12
11/2/12 22:00HomerAKUSAFlash20 minutesStrobe light11/19/12
11/2/12 22:00CentervilleIDUSAUnknown15 minutesNightime sighting of craft making impossible movements for any sort of airplane11/19/12
11/2/12 21:15PlymouthWIUSAFireball6 minutesYellow /Orange light ( fire in the sky) whitnessed by two in Plymouth WI11/19/12
11/1/12 22:10Leighton Buzzard (UK/England)United KingdomSphere5 minutesTwo seperate fast moving orange spheres observed within 5 mins - Bedfordshire UK11/19/12
11/1/12 20:50TacomaWAUSATriangle15 minutes3 orange lights in triangle formation w/a red light in the center of the triangle11/19/12
11/1/12 20:45SeattleWAUSALight<2 minutesLights heading for a collision in the sky over Seattle11/19/12
11/1/12 20:20Apple ValleyMNUSACircle25 minutesLarge halo in the SW sky that was atleast 1/2 mile long and few thousand feet off the ground. No other light was near it and then it ju11/19/12
10/31/12 23:00Piperton/RossvilleTNUSATriangle10 minutes6 UFO's spotted in 5 mile radius11/19/12
10/30/12 18:30Shrub OakNYUSAEgg2 minutesThe night of hurricane Sandy a tree was ripped from its trunk by a huge gust of wind. It pulled the utility lines and the utility pole11/19/12
10/29/12 22:00WoonsocketRIUSAflash of cameraAlien? looking in a second story window. It's a strait drop beneath it, but there it is. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect an artifact. PD))11/19/12
10/29/12 19:41VeniceCAUSATriangle4 secondsAt my friend house the three of us in the back yard just talking. I'm looking west toward Santa Monica Beach. This small triangle flyi11/19/12
10/29/12 11:30Silver LakeORUSAOther1 minuteUnknown plane/craft in Oregon11/19/12
10/27/12 23:15ArlingtonTXUSATriangle2 minutesLow rumble revealed sparkling lights, resolved into dark Triangular craft with lighting at two leading edges.11/19/12
10/27/12 17:30Chicago (1/2 Hour out of)ILUSALight2 minutesBright Light @ Great Speed11/19/12
10/24/12 21:30Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknown5 minutesNo lights, quiet, hovering & stationary.11/19/12
10/23/12 20:00Huntington beachSCUSALightunknown5-6 bright orange lights over marsh11/19/12
10/23/12 19:15NortonMAUSALight6 secondsBright light Moving south to north. It was to the west of Norton and Mansfield Massachusetts11/19/12
10/21/12 15:15StantonMIUSACigar3 minutesThe wife and I had a beautiful daytime siting of a cigar shaped craft flying alongside an airliner. The siting lasted about 3 minutes.11/19/12
10/20/12 22:15Bethany BeachDEUSASphere15 minutesFour hovering orange/red fireballs sighted above Bethany Beach, DE, around 10:15pm on Saturday, October 20, 2012.11/19/12
10/20/12 06:00HermistonORUSACylinder5-10 minutesCall me if you want in depth description and pics and video some in raw format of 4 separate sightings.11/19/12
10/17/12 19:00MachiasMEUSALight3-4 minutesObserved solid light heading toward the south west. Steady, non blinking, traveling in a straight line. Observed a very quick flash f11/19/12
10/17/12 12:22Warsaw (Poland)PolandUnknown20 secondsOctober 17 2012 UFO over Warsaw Poland Daytime11/19/12
10/16/12 11:30Johnson CityTNUSACylinder1 hourObserved tube extend from cylinder shaped object on 10/16/2012 on clear day11/19/12
10/15/12 01:00Jerusalem (Israel)IsraelOval30 minutes2 bright white oval lights over a Jerusalem hillside noticed in photograph taken at around 1:00 a.m. of Oct. 15, 201211/19/12
10/12/12 14:30Big RockTNUSASphere20 minutesLarge white/silver spherical object with smaller black object in close proximity over Fort Campbell, KY.11/19/12
10/10/12 21:00RochesterWAUSALight10 minutesFleet of red UFO's emerging from Mt. Rainier.11/19/12
10/8/12 17:10Obernheim (Germany)GermanyTrianglesecondsUFO appeared on photo taken of Obernheim in Germany.11/19/12
10/2/12 01:43DavisCAUSATriangle12:31 secondsRed triangular Lights, With Multicolored Lights Randomly Between them (31sec. Video)11/19/12
9/27/12 22:30KeokukIAUSAOther2 secondsSee thru small aircraft looking object, flying slow and low with no noise or lights11/19/12
9/27/12 20:35AthensOHUSAFireball90 secondsClose orange fiery object flying slow and low11/19/12
9/22/12 21:05Napier (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown10 minutes8 bright intense round lights, appearing in twos, following the exact same path at slightly different times with no noise.11/19/12
9/21/12 21:00DowningtownPAUSAOval3 minutesRound red objects numbering 2 to 4 duration 5 to 10 minutes climbing from the west to the east always in line formation11/19/12
9/18/12 15:00PotersvillePAUSAOrange sphere/other11/19/12
9/14/12 22:00PoncaNEUSACylinder5-6 secondsIt was cylindrical and kept changing color11/19/12
9/2/12 01:00ChicagoILUSATeardrop5 minutes((HOAX??)) It was big and shiny in a teardrop shape. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes11/19/12
8/24/12 10:25Carolina (South Africa)South AfricaDisk2 secondsOn video one craft .. On amateur rocket launch .. 1 min and 29 seconds after rocket was launch,UFO appear for split second . it look di11/19/12
7/15/12 12:00King's Canyon ParkCAUSAMid July 2012 Sunny day On Kings Canyon Rd Kings Canyon Park, CA **Very bright flying object, immobilized, up high in the sky. We st11/19/12
7/15/12 01:00MarksvilleLAUSALight15-25 minutesGolden object moving across the night sky.11/19/12
7/14/12 21:00AuroraCOUSAOval<5 minutesUFO spotted in SE skies this past summer.11/19/12
7/13/12 22:00CrawfordvilleFLUSAOther2 minutesHot air ballon shaped object11/19/12
7/9/12 23:15Saint Paul's Bay (Malta)MaltaFireball10 minutesNUMEROUS 'FIREBALLS' SEEN OVER ISLAND OF MALTA (MEDITERRANEAN SEA)11/19/12
7/5/12 19:30BurienWAUSAFireball2 minutesOrange and yellow fireball, seen by 3 in Burien, WA.11/19/12
7/4/12 02:45GainsvilleFLUSACircle1 minute12 Orange balls of light moving fast and silent in night sky.11/19/12
6/4/12 21:00Point PleasantNJUSAOval15 minutesJuly 4th, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Infrared light seen floating at a low altitude over Atlantic Ocean while waiting for fireworks.11/19/12
5/11/12 09:10Carlisle Cumbria (UK/England)United KingdomCigar5 minutesI was walking over the bridge from Denton Holme twards town when i seen what at first i thought was a plane i looked more because as i11/19/12
5/5/12 19:45BerkeleyCAUSAOval3-5 minutesLow-altitude red-orange orb slows down, then recedes to the size of a star and disappears.11/19/12
4/21/12 12:40SeattleWAUSADisk1 secondFlying saucer over I-5 in North Seattle.11/19/12
3/1/12 03:00WillistonNDUSAOther15 minutesStrange craft may have caused shorts on rail road tracks11/19/12
1/11/12 18:12Manama (Bahrain)BahrainUnknown20 secondsI was taking my friends picture on 32 flour suddenly the object appears. ((NUFORC Note: No photo accompanied the report. PD))11/19/12
1/6/12 18:00BlanfordINUSADisk11/6/12 to nowBigger than Roswell, UFOs have been flying in the day and night sky over Blanford, IN. for 11 months.11/19/12
11/7/11 00:30PolandOHUSAFlash30 min and still thereRed white green blue stat. light in SE sky on OH/PA border. Thru binoculars, really see color and flashing.((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))11/19/12
11/1/11 00:00BelchertownMAUSAOther~3 minutesUnexplained lights in the woods by Quabbin Reservoir11/19/12
7/4/11 22:15MinotNDUSAOval~1 minuteBright orange fast mover.11/19/12
5/21/11 20:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle1 minute((HOAX)) triangle 8 yellow lights over Toronto, Ontario, Canada.11/19/12
12/25/10 20:00Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomSphere1 hourUFO's in formation over southside of glasgow, proceeded to return over the course of a few weeks.11/19/12
11/30/10 00:00SedaliaMOUSATriangle4 minutesTriangular space craft over fight club in sedalia, mo 11/31/10.11/19/12
7/4/10 22:30WinchesterINUSAFireball2 minutesRed and Orange Sparkling Orb Defies Aviation Principles11/19/12
6/30/10 00:00Kearsley/Bolton (UK/England)United KingdomCircle>10 minutesWhite orb that moved like nothing of this planet, withinn seconds insight it had gone!11/19/12
1/15/10 01:00BakersfieldCAUSACircle8-10 minutesStrange brightwhite w/red luminous " ufo " vanished right before me and leave's the strangest smoke ....... I've ever seen .11/19/12
8/15/08 01:00AmherstNYUSAOther15-20 secondsHumming craft with 3 dim cream colored lights moving through thick woods.11/19/12
5/1/08 13:00Holts SummitMOUSADisk1 hourUpside down saucer shrouded.11/19/12
11/1/06 01:00Lake BarryessaCAUSASphere15 secondsBlue Sphere In Night Sky Lake Barryessa, Ca11/19/12
5/31/03 13:00PhoenixAZUSACigar5-10 secondsClose encounter of the third kind11/19/12
6/22/02 21:00AnstedWVUSALight3-4 minutesBizarre light in small town that changed colors, other strange sightings within the same week.11/19/12
11/6/01 22:15Mount Levniya (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaOval3-5 secondI saw what looked like a large orange firebal with very bright color and its have a tail and i thing it is measure the speed of object11/19/12
6/15/97 03:00Las CrucesNMUSAFireball5 minutesCircle shaped red fire ball in Las Cruces, NM11/19/12
10/8/93 19:00Gampola (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaLight1 hourWe saw one red light and five strange creatures on the mountain top.11/19/12
11/16/75 03:00MiamiFLUSATeardrop1 hourUFO lights in night sky, one came down and was wittnessed by young girl.11/19/12
6/30/74 23:00BedfordVAUSALight3 minutesStrange light on mountain, power outage in house, then flew over our vehicle.11/19/12
7/5/69 10:30March AFBCAUSATriangle5 minutesMe and my brother and a buddy were camping out side at march air base and it came over the top of us it was biger then 2 blocks it did11/19/12
6/15/62 03:00Rexdale (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownall nightTaken from home11/19/12
7/1/60 22:00Midland (Canada)ONCanadaDisk17 minutes4 disc shapped crafts over Gerogen Bay ont.11/19/12
8/10/58 21:30BellevueWAUSALight20 minutesAt dusk, a light appeared out of the SE sky arched down above the E horizon moved NW.11/19/12
4/15/50 14:00WaynesboroughVAUSADisk5 minutesFishburne Military School: 9 students witness saucer-shaped object from ROTC Drill Field in 1950.11/19/12