National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2013/10/23


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/23/13 05:28MarlboroNJUSATriangle90 secondsLarge low flying aircraft with flashing red lights flying just over the tree line. Seemed very peculiar and quite dangerous.10/23/13
10/22/13 22:30MonroevillePAUSAOval5 minutes5 Red/Yellow Ovals seen by 3 witnesses.10/23/13
10/22/13 21:51ArlingtonTXUSASphere3 minutes6 bright orange objects in formation over Arlington TX. 10/22/13.10/23/13
10/22/13 21:39San RafaelCAUSAFormation35 minutesStrange horizontal formation of four to five lights with the remarkably bright gold colored orb the furthest to the right.10/23/13
10/22/13 21:00AuburnCAUSAUnknown<1 minuteLighted object flying fast and low overhead with no sound.10/23/13
10/22/13 20:22WeiserIDUSALight30 minutesPendulum, white light turning red as it got lower.10/23/13
10/22/13 20:15DandridgeTNUSASphere12 secondsLarge ball of yellow light making erratic movements, disappears.10/23/13
10/22/13 20:00LoganUTUSAChevron10 secondsChevron shaped dark image highlight by subtle orange glowing lights surrounding exterior in extreme quiet flight.10/23/13
10/22/13 19:51TopekaKSUSALightongoingBright colored light sitting stationary S/W of Topeka, very bright. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))10/23/13
10/22/13 19:30OssipeeNHUSACircle3-5 secondsBright circle flashed across the sky in Ossipee only lasted about 3-5 seconds.10/23/13
10/22/13 19:28KensingtonNHUSAUnknown5 secondsThe craft moved quickly then hovered, then went out of sight in seconds.10/23/13
10/22/13 19:08BrattleboroVTUSARectangle30 minutesBright lights hovering low in west brattleboro/marlboro. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD))10/23/13
10/22/13 19:00MiamiFLUSADiamondhoursNo one is talking about it on the net or TV. Two witnesses from the Redlands, FL. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Arcturus? PD))10/23/13
10/22/13 18:35MiltonVTUSALight40 secondsSteady red light that crossed sky then diminished in size at a steady rate before vanishing10/23/13
10/22/13 07:30WenatcheeWAUSAOval8 minutesA large, yellow, fiery object hovered over the Wenatchee Valley.10/23/13
10/22/13 06:40MilwaukeeWIUSALightThere appears to be a bright light at first I thought it was a plane.. but I've been watching it for 10 min no movement besides very b10/23/13
10/22/13 05:45LongmontCOUSACircle1 minutesLittle red circle moving in an out of air streak.10/23/13
10/22/13 05:15Mount HollyNJUSADiamond10Triangular craft with bright red lights seen over Mount Holly, NJ.10/23/13
10/22/13 01:00WentzvilleMOUSATriangle30 minutesI was outside smoking a cigarette after work, facing North West. I noticed this object, which I thought was a plane at first.10/23/13
10/21/13 23:00Twin LakesWIUSALight15 minutesUFO glowing circle of light perfectly still then vanishes.10/23/13
10/21/13 22:00ClevelandOKUSATeardrop15 minutesBright lights hovering in the sky low to the ground disappeared out of sight within a few minutes.10/23/13
10/21/13 22:00ImperialMOUSADiamond5 minutesWe were sitting on back deck talking and looking at the moon and ski she we saw a glowing diamond like shape in ski.10/23/13
10/21/13 21:35OxfordPAUSAOval30 secondsRed/orange oval object fell diagonally from the sky and disappeared. Left behind a trail of smoke.10/23/13
10/21/13 21:00BarnegatNJUSAFireball1 minuteObject appearing to be a burning object flew low at constant speed and altitude.10/23/13
10/21/13 20:30WilsonOKUSALight4 minutesStrange bright star moving oddly, while military jets fly by it.10/23/13
10/21/13 19:50WatertownMAUSAFireball10 minutesFast-moving, illuminated object similar to fireball silently crosses evening sky and in an instant plunges about 100 feet10/23/13
10/21/13 19:40KatyTXUSALight20 secondsThird UFO sighting.10/23/13
10/21/13 19:20VersaillesMOUSAFireball25-30 minutesYellow/Orange colored "orb" seen for approximately 30 minutes.10/23/13
10/21/13 19:00HoustonTXUSASphere3-5 secondsBright blue orb shot fast across the sky. No fade, no trail, no sound.10/23/13
10/21/13 18:51Shenzhen (China)ChinaLight15 minutesRed and green colored spheres twisting high in the sky. Connected to a line of green laser dots?!10/23/13
10/21/13 18:30San AntonioTXUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shape.10/23/13
10/21/13 08:15FraminghamMAUSAOther5:00Two objects seen north of Mass Pike (Framingham-Southboro-Westboro.10/23/13
10/21/13 08:10Florenceville (Canada)NBCanadaCigar5 minutesSlow flying jet?10/23/13
10/21/13 06:36MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown10 secondsI was pulling into work at 6:36am and a bright blue light lit up the sky. There were many clouds and this light was behind them. It f10/23/13
10/21/13 06:15Sugar LandTXUSAFireball30 secontsSugar Land, TX white streak with green burst.10/23/13
10/21/13 00:30CottonwoodAZUSALight7 minutesRed, white blue flashing lights10/23/13
10/20/13 21:40StocktonCAUSALight16 minutes10/20/13 UFO sighting in Stockton. .?10/23/13
10/20/13 21:00KennewickWAUSALightflashBright flash of white light seen in Kennewick night skies.10/23/13
10/20/13 21:00ManassasVAUSATriangle1 hourHuge up close triangular craft.10/23/13
10/20/13 20:25LevittownPAUSALight8 minutesAs I was parking in the supermarket parking lot I noticed a orange light that appeared out of nowhere in the sky above the store.10/23/13
10/20/13 19:42WoonsocketRIUSATriangle5 minutesA flashing triangular object hovering in sky with white beaming lights and body changing color.10/23/13
10/20/13 19:00GermantownNYUSALight15 minutesVery large, bright stationary light seen over Hudson River near Saugerties/Kingston, NY smaller lights flying toward it after a time.10/23/13
10/20/13 18:57SpokaneWAUSAFlash30 secondsTwo small, intense, blinking lights circled above Spokane Valley, WA. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))10/23/13
10/20/13 18:55Aizawl, Mizoram (India)IndiaFireball30 minutesFireball like thing hovering in the sky.10/23/13
10/20/13 18:20LevittownPAUSALight12 minutesBurnt orange objects in clear sky no navigation lights appeared out of nowhere travel across sky then disappeared. Levittown Pa.10/23/13
10/20/13 14:00NaplesFLUSAUnknown45 minutesObject moving different directions flashing a powerful bright light then joined by another identical object10/23/13
10/20/13 10:20VinelandNJUSATrianglestill going onStrange airship flying in a circurle path for the last 20:00mins and counting seems like it is following a orange glow ball.10/23/13
10/20/13 08:15Manitou SpringsCOUSACircle1 minute3ft round silver ball hovering down street and moving in seemingly precise path.10/23/13
10/20/13 08:10SalemNHUSACigar10 secondsMetallic object reflecting the Sun, then vanishes.10/23/13
10/19/13 23:30Napanee (Canada)ONCanadaFireball45 minutesFireball over Lake Ontario.10/23/13
10/19/13 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSALight15 minutesA flickering clump of lights, alternating green, red, white, and occasionally blue.. Due east, high above Sandia Mtns. Stationary.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:30AustinTXUSAFlash10 secondsBright Flash of Light Exploding In Austin Sky.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:30JupiterFLUSALight5 minutes2 orange/yellow round lights traveling slowly one after the other from east to west until disappearing into the clouds.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:15FlintMIUSASphere7 minutesMultiple orange lights making no sound heading east over Flint Mi.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:00BoiseIDUSASphere5-10 minutesBetween 5 and 7 orange glowing lights.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:00AnsoniaCTUSATriangle3 minutes3 lights, triangular, orange & white, hovering/turning/flipping.10/23/13
10/19/13 22:00Koh Samui (Thailand)ThailandCircle60 seconds5 bright lights above chaweng beach koh samui10/23/13
10/19/13 22:00BrecksvilleOHUSASphere5 minutesI am a local school teacher. This evening I witnessed about 20 large red spherical shapes moving around in the sky . They were spread10/23/13
10/19/13 21:53CharlotteNCUSASphere7 minutesThree orange orbs seen by me and a witness at Food Lion parking lot.10/23/13
10/19/13 21:30Palm DesertCAUSALight5 minutes2 flickering orange lights seen in sky that disappeared in 5 minutes.10/23/13
10/19/13 21:30St. PaulMNUSASphere5 seconds3 spheres flying over St. Paul.10/23/13
10/19/13 21:30Silver CreekGAUSATriangle~30 minutesTriangle UFO, very large craft. I have photographs of lights that were symmetrical to each other, can see the layout of the lights!10/23/13
10/19/13 21:30Saint LouisMOUSATriangleMinutesI have been noticing a very bright light just S of Clayton in early evenings. The obj. usually appears to the south and west of S.10/23/13
10/19/13 21:11PoolesvilleMDUSASphere1+ hours2 large spheres of light moving quickly, followed by 4 silent orange lights in L formation an hour later.10/23/13
10/19/13 21:00FestusMOUSASphere10-15 secondsStrange lights North of Festus, Missouri10/23/13
10/19/13 20:53Fond du LacWIUSALight5 minutes3 seperate orange spheres flew from the southwest to the northeast, flickered and then disappeared into the sky.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:45OrlandoFLUSAOther10-15 minutes4 groups of 2 orange/red boxes of what appeared to be firelike light seen in central Florida.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:30GoodyearAZUSAFireball3 minutesA constant orange firey light traveling a few hundred miles per hour toward Phoenix and then diverted.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15OshkoshWIUSACircle10 minutes2 objects over Oshkosh.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15ChandlerAZUSAFireball3 minutesObject looked like it was on fire10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15Aubrey/FriscoTXUSAUnknown20 minutesBright Light in Southern Sky Over Frisco, Texas10/23/13
10/19/13 20:10SwanseaILUSAUnknown5-7 minutesLights in the clear night sky over Swansea Illinois.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:05Riverview (Canada)NBCanadaLight15-20 minutesSlow-moving red/orange lights.10/23/13
10/19/13 20:03FairdaleKYUSALight30 secondsvery bright white light heading from north to south10/23/13
10/19/13 19:30WinslowAZUSAFireball10 secondsFireball traveled 10 seconds high above the horizon then abruptly disappeared.10/23/13
10/19/13 19:05LowellMAUSALightseveral minutessingle bright light in west sky above Lowell looped, dived , soared amd hovered, fading thwn shining10/23/13
10/19/13 18:30San Pedro Sul (Honduras)HondurasFireball15 minutesWe were in a park in La Tara neighborhood in San Pedro Sula when me and my family (and everyone else we told to look at the sky) and we10/23/13
10/19/13 13:40Sierra VistaAZUSACircle20 secondsNoticed a bright white circle (reflected sunlight) appearing from the NE on a SE trajectory. Alt. lower than the ISS when it appear.10/23/13
10/19/13 13:13Los AngelesCAUSADisk26 minutesDisk shape object with lights in the sky over LA10/23/13
10/19/13 11:33RevereMAUSAOval6 secondsgrey object flew back in forth for 3 seconds then left10/23/13
10/19/13 11:00MiramarFLUSALight10 minutes10 red orbs moving ne then changing to nw while gaining altitude.10/23/13
10/19/13 10:45MurphysboroILUSAOther10 minutesOrange globes in Southwest sky traveling Northeast toward Benton, Illinois.10/23/13
10/19/13 07:30PrescottAZUSAOval5 minutesPortal to alien planet or Alien base uncovered.10/23/13
10/19/13 00:20Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown5 seconds2 fast helicopters chasing themselves or something.10/23/13
10/19/13 00:17ArlingtonVAUSACircle4 minutesGreen flashing orb floating above the Douglas Park neighborhood of Arlington, VA10/23/13
10/19/13 00:00Eau ClaireWIUSAOval3 minutesFour oval orange lights seen near Eau Claire Wi10/23/13
10/18/13 23:30NoblesvilleINUSAFormation15 minutesI watched a line of strange lights (15-20) fly from the north horizon, pass almost directly over me, and move south out of sight.10/23/13
10/18/13 23:30Boca RatonFLUSALightBright orange moving lights.10/23/13
10/18/13 23:00Dinosaur ColoradoCOUSAChanging4 hoursLight coming down to the ground (Gold) Lights going east and west Craft able to move horizontal Vertical and from a split second GONE.10/23/13
10/18/13 22:35West YarmouthMAUSACircle45 secondsOrange flickering light (like flame) moved across sky for about forty five seconds over Cape Cod, then vanished.10/23/13
10/18/13 22:34NorwoodOHUSAFireball15 minutesFireballs in sky making different formations.10/23/13
10/18/13 21:45CincinnatiOHUSAFireball5 minutesthe object was a orange firey ball , no sounds10/23/13
10/18/13 21:40SarasotaFLUSALight2-15 minutesViewed 5 orange colored lights in sky slightly larger than stars, they were gone 15 minutes later.10/23/13
10/18/13 21:30BedfordNHUSAFireball10 minutesUFO Sighting, Bedford, NH10/23/13
10/18/13 21:30SarasotaFLUSAFireball2-3 minutesBright red solid lights in sky - two10/23/13
10/18/13 21:30OxfordGAUSASphere1 minute6 to 10 blinking lights moving at different speeds10/23/13
10/18/13 20:15SellersburgINUSAFireball90 secondsGlowing orb traveling fast from horizon at southwest traveling overhead across sky before disappearing in the northwest.10/23/13
10/18/13 20:15WashingtonPAUSATriangle5 minutesMy Parents arrived home from at trip to the grocery store, and my mother noticed and bright light moving through the sky. As I exited m10/23/13
10/18/13 20:12WashingtonPAUSAFormation30 seconds3 red lights in a triangle formation heading North then disappeared, no clouds.10/23/13
10/18/13 20:00Dayton/DrexelOHUSASphere6 minutesWhite/blue sphere maneuvering around commerical aircraft.10/23/13
10/18/13 20:00DallasTXUSACircle2 hoursOrb of light in far North Dallas. ((NUFORC Note: 2 hours. We suspect an advertising light. PD))10/23/13
10/18/13 19:45ClarksvilleTNUSAUnknown45 secondsBlue and Red color changing light Strange movements inconsistent with Conventional A/C10/23/13
10/18/13 19:40DuluthMNUSALight20-30 secondsWhite light moving over Duluth, MN then vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD))10/23/13
10/18/13 19:30Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 minutes3 orange lights seen moving in the sky10/23/13
10/18/13 19:19Heer (Belgium)BelgiumUnknown30 secondsLights going slow to fast.10/23/13
10/18/13 19:15MiltonVTUSALight15 minutesCluster of red lights over Lake Arrowhead in Milton, VT.10/23/13
10/18/13 19:15Pinecrest/SonoraCAUSAUnknown45 minutesSmaller blinking red object to my left of the bright white light with a round red ball like object following below.10/23/13
10/18/13 19:00AntelopeCAUSACylinder10 minutesOn 10/18/13 at 19:00 we (adult and 2 teenagers) noticed a red/orange glowing cylinder object due west from our upstairs bedroom window.10/23/13
10/18/13 17:30PullmanWAUSALight10 minutesRed planetary looking object sighted near full moon in eastern sky above Pullman, WA10/23/13
10/18/13 08:00Boca RatonFLUSAFireball10 minutesOrange fire balls flying in the sky10/23/13
10/18/13 01:45LitchfieldNHUSACircle3 minutesBright object moving in sky.10/23/13
10/18/13 00:00KeizerORUSAFireball30 secondsWent out to smoke, heard segulls, looked up, saw random orange ball move quickly like a shooting star and make a big angled curve.10/23/13
10/17/13 23:00VistaCAUSAOval20 minutesI saw unidentified lights in the night sky.10/23/13
10/17/13 22:18CharlottesvilleVAUSALight3-5 minutesYellowish, single, steady and silent ball of light with a contrail. ((NUFORC Note: Could not have been the ISS. PD))10/23/13
10/17/13 21:35OkeechobeeFLUSALight15 minutesBright Red and White pulsing light.10/23/13
10/17/13 21:15Carolina beachNCUSACircleSecondsBright orange circles over Atlantic Ocean 3 in a row. It was only seconds in the sky then they disappeared.10/23/13
10/17/13 21:00SilverdaleWAUSALight15 minutesOrange orbs, lights in the night sky again.10/23/13
10/17/13 20:45BoiseIDUSAFireball5 secondsWhite ball of light traveling at high rate of speed vanishes over southern Boise, Idaho.10/23/13
10/17/13 20:26Holgate (LBI)NJUSACircle<1 minuteLong Orange Cigar Shape with two smaller circular Orb shapes that appeared and disappeared fast over the water.10/23/13
10/17/13 20:00ColvilleWAUSALight4-5 minutesSmall white light passing quickly across the sky, dropping, and disappearing after ~4 mins. ((NUFORC Note: ISS over-flight? PD))10/23/13
10/17/13 19:40IndependenceVAUSADisk5 minutesDisk shaped object tracking airplane.10/23/13
10/17/13 18:50Wymondham (Norfolk)(UK/England)United KingdomOther1 minuteStingray shaped with green/blue light each side of the craft being guided to base by 4/5 F15's ?10/23/13
10/17/13 08:17Palm HarborFLUSAUnknown~45 minutesStrange starlike object seen in southwestern florida sky, with dim object directly beneath.10/23/13
10/17/13 07:00San JoseCAUSAOther5 secondsObject, large in nature, with a bright white light tail entering the atmosphere in California.10/23/13
10/17/13 06:45LakesideCAUSACircle10 minutesBright lights in early morning sky in eastern San Diego County.10/23/13
10/17/13Chilliwack (Canada)BCCanadaChanging2 minutesNew Information in order to make sense of sightings.10/23/13
10/16/13 23:00OrleansINUSACircleLarge, round glowing orange lights move slow with no sound.10/23/13
10/16/13 22:57MeridianIDUSAFormation5 minutesW Shape Formation, Meridian, ID.10/23/13
10/16/13 22:45PayetteIDUSAOther3 minutesMy wife and i took two pictures of seven orbs moving slowly across the sky.10/23/13
10/16/13 22:30South WeberUTUSAEgg3 secondsBright egg shaped green light fly across the sky in 2-3 seconds.10/23/13
10/16/13 21:40IndianapolisINUSACircle5 minutesI was driving West on McGregor Road. I seen two orange balls on light. When the one on the left got close to the one on the right it go10/23/13
10/16/13 21:20Surfside/Myrtle BeachSCUSAFireball60 secondsSlow moving firey ball spotted at surfside beach sc.10/23/13
10/16/13 20:57Fort WorthTXUSACylinder3 minutesMe and a friend of mine were driving down Alemeda St between Westpoint Blvd and Academy Blvd when we saw an orange orb in the sky. Once10/23/13
10/16/13 20:23SacramentoCAUSACircle1 minute2 orb-like craft witnessed over Carmichael area of Sacramento.10/23/13
10/16/13 20:15AmeliaOHUSACircle2 secondsFlash of light than a fast red light across the sky heading southwest. No tail like a shooting star or comet. Appeared to low and WAY10/23/13
10/16/13 19:30Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown10 minutesFlashing lights that turned into a steady burning ball and then vanished.10/23/13
10/16/13 19:27Derbyshire (UK/England)United KingdomOvalnightWhite low flying fast novel shaped craft.10/23/13
10/16/13 19:15New BedfordMAUSALight10 minutesMultiple orange lights traveling in formation quietly at low speed & seemed to all disappear at the same spot.10/23/13
10/16/13 19:05OakdaleMNUSAFormation10 minutesWhite in nature - one varied to red.10/23/13
10/16/13 18:50CarlislePAUSACigar7 minutesStraight pink light traveling across sky.10/23/13
10/16/13 08:40SpencerINUSAFormation10 minutesPulsating red lights in formation.10/23/13
10/16/13 00:15BathPAUSALight1 minuteBright, stationary, flickering orange light slowly dimming until no longer visible.10/23/13
10/15/13 23:00CatoosaOKUSAOther1 minutesI looked to the south at night and saw a very Large V shape ship it did not have lights and was very slow in flight and no sound.10/23/13
10/15/13 22:30SacramentoCAUSALight4 minutesOrange orb drops flashing orbs over sky in Sacramento then disappears.10/23/13
10/15/13 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAFlash1 minuteWhile getting off freeway on Eubank exit a bright flash of light went in front of car had to brake apparently vehicle next to us disapp10/23/13
10/15/13 21:45BlaineWAUSADisk~5:00 minutesBright yellow object that cast light on cloud cover above it and was a disk or saucer shape.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:35ResedaCAUSASphere<0.5 secondGreen laser ball spontaneously appears at elevation of low-flying airplane, then almost zips away into black sky.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:30Ocean Isle BeachNCUSALight3 secondsA string of five orange lights.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:00BoiseIDUSAChevron30 secondsV-shaped UFO over Boise's Northend.10/23/13
10/15/13 20:00YadkinvilleNCUSAOther8 minutesA bright light shifting from a circular light to a saucerlike line of light.10/23/13
10/15/13 19:35BrigantineNJUSAUnknown90 secondsOrange light craft not defined moved slowly almost hovering at time then disappeared quickly.10/23/13
10/15/13 19:30RockfordILUSAChanging20-25 minutesBright red, white, and orange lights hovering in the western sky.10/23/13
10/15/13 18:25Chennai (India)IndiaCircle30 secondsYellowish/orange sphere observed in the sky.10/23/13
10/15/13 16:45BozemanMTUSALight2 minutesLight to the west.10/23/13
10/15/13 16:00Lake Havasu CityAZUSAFireball10 secondsUFO's sighted flying in the Lake Havasu City, AZ night sky.10/23/13
10/15/13 14:45BowdoinhamMEUSAUnknown30 minutesOne brightly blue, red white condensed light moving silently and too slowly to be a plane moving north then west.10/23/13
10/15/13 11:30Beale AFBCAUSASphere3 minutes5 grey spheres directly over military aircraft taking off; daylight sighting.10/23/13
10/15/13 06:20FremontCAUSAOther2 minutesStar-like shaped with a glowing red center,slow a helicopters height in the air.10/23/13
10/15/13Holly PondALUSAOn 15 October 2013 I was leaving my driveway when I noticed a bright light that at first I mistook for the moon. When I noticed the mo10/23/13
10/14/13 23:00WarrenOHUSACircle45 secondsI seen an bright orange round star ship 10 times the size of a bright star for aprox 45 sec and then it blinked out .10/23/13
10/14/13 22:00Watchung area (I believe)NJUSAUnknownso far...40 minsVertical column of 3 pulsating lights that change color. To the left of Orion's belt looking east from Warren.10/23/13
10/14/13 21:40Kingsville/ConneautOHUSARectangle2 different objects, 2 different times in the same area of NE Ohio. What are they?10/23/13
10/14/13 20:30KalamazooMIUSACircle5 minutesRed circle over Kalamazoo.10/23/13
10/14/13 20:30Point ArenaCAUSATriangle15 minutes2 very different incidences a week apart, triangler (tonight), and very bright far away organish glow.(10/9/2013)10/23/13
10/14/13 20:15Salt Lake ValleyUTUSALight20 minutesStationary light circled by helicopters,10/23/13
10/14/13 20:00LelandMIUSADisk2 minutes9 sphere shaped objects ; orange red in color10/23/13
10/14/13 19:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaLight15-20 minutes8 Red Orb Lights over large City of Toronto.10/23/13
10/14/13 19:30RustonLAUSASphere15 minutesReddish/orange balls of light over Ruston.10/23/13
10/14/13 19:30Green BayWIUSALight3 minutesSilent light UFO spotted and rose into the clouds.10/23/13
10/14/13 19:15OaklandCAUSALight5 minutesIntense, stationary bright light in SF Bay Area sky.10/23/13
10/14/13 19:00SeasideORUSALight15 minutesBright white light in the dusk sky over ocean.10/23/13
10/14/13 18:00Vernon HillsILUSACigar4 minutesSilent tube-like crafts-objects like nothing I have ever seen anywhere!10/23/13
10/14/13 16:45CharlotteNCUSASphere4 minutesWhite object slowed to a stop. Remained motionless about a minute and disappeared.10/23/13
10/14/13 16:00BuckinghamPAUSARectangle10 minutesRectangular floating object, 4X the size of a hot air balloon, but at about the same height as hot air balloon travels. Grayish.10/23/13
10/14/13 16:00Hawkesbury (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 secondsOne bright-white orb moving erratically over highway 50 in quebec, canada seemed to appear and warp to another point in the sky.10/23/13
10/14/13 16:00Hawkesbury (Canada)ONCanadaSphere30 secondsOne bright-white orb moving erratically over highway 50 in quebec ,canada seemed to appear and warp to another point in the sky.10/23/13
10/13/13 23:30SheldonIAUSACircle5 minutesAshton, Iowa sighting.10/23/13
10/13/13 22:00WallsMSUSALight3-4 minutesWhile camping out on the 13th of oct anround 9:00 to 11:00 pm saw a light travling North to South. the object stayed in view for a peri10/23/13
10/13/13 21:15LivoniaMIUSATriangle45-55 secondsOn 10/13/2013 at approximately 9:15 pm I saw a black V-Shaped flying object with four rectangle white lights on each side. The size of10/23/13
10/13/13 20:59SilverdaleWAUSALight5:44 minutesOrange orbs, lights in the night sky10/23/13
10/13/13 20:00SanfordFLUSAUnknown15 minutes5 orange glowing objects in sky moving faster than commercial jets10/23/13
10/13/13 19:40MechanicsburgPAUSAFireball2-3 minutesBall of flames moving slowly across the night sky and witnessed by 4 people.10/23/13
10/13/13 00:00BloomingtonMNUSASphereseveral minutesSeveral blue and white orbs hovering just south of the airport.10/23/13
10/12/13 21:45SpringboroOHUSAUnknown30 secondsHigh altitude orb of ligh breaks into four, which move around laterally, join back together and disappear.10/23/13
10/12/13 21:00West ChesterOHUSALight~1 minuteOne yellow light that split into four the reunited over Butler County Ohio.10/23/13
10/12/13 21:00HamiltonOHUSAFireball1-2 minutesLarge orange fireball splits into four fireballs.10/23/13
10/12/13 20:00Grain ValleyMOUSAOvaldark till around 9 pmDisappearing light.10/23/13
10/12/13 15:00St. LouisMOUSAFormation15+ minutesCluster of silver orbs fading in and out of view.10/23/13
10/12/13 03:08AustinTXUSAUnknownRecorded 17 secondsGold hazy "being" hovering (like standing on edge of craft) while over apt building in NW Austin - amber lights on edges.10/23/13
10/12/13Orangevale (Sacramento)CAUSASphere1 minuteswarm of 8 orange orbs stop and dispers in many directions...10/23/13
10/11/13 20:15UnionKYUSAFireball5 minutesamber fireball descending,splits into 3 objects,stops,they hover above ground with erratic movements10/23/13
10/11/13 20:00SaginawMIUSAUnknown4 orange bright lights close together that can speed up and slow down quickly, our aircraft cannot.10/23/13
10/11/13 03:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder0300:0400Enlarged still frame pics of the video show strage shapes and strange colors.10/23/13
10/10/13 19:15Harvey Station (Canada)NBCanadaLight2 minutesSlow moving bright orange light.10/23/13
10/10/13 17:00St. Louis CountyMOUSALight2-3 hoursHovering bright object moving slowly around St. Louis.10/23/13
10/9/13 23:30KentWAUSATriangle10 minutesFive triangle shapped aircarft with blue lights.10/23/13
10/9/13 22:00Mt. PleasantSCUSALight20 minutes2 mysterious red and orange lights.10/23/13
10/9/13 19:47Kawartha Lakes (City of) (Canada)ONCanadaOther1 minuteHexagon Shaped Object.10/23/13
10/9/13 17:30GreenfieldINUSALight~10 minutesLight object in sky during day time on 10/9/13 in Greenfield, IN,10/23/13
10/9/13 06:00NashvilleTNUSACigar30 minutesCigar shaped bright fluorescent light over nashville10/23/13
10/8/13 16:00LancasterOHUSACigar3-5 minutesDaytime sighting of cigar shaped object, Lancaster, Ohio.10/23/13
10/7/13 21:00Old StationCAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle shaped low flying quiet slow with lights with red center lights.10/23/13
10/7/13 11:30TroyMIUSADisk30-45 seconds5 invisible crafts.10/23/13
10/6/13 18:10McCallIDUSACigar25:00Hovering cigar shaped object that resembled a comet trail but there was no movement.10/23/13
10/6/13 16:00GreenevilleTNUSACylinder5 minutesSilver metallic craft.10/23/13
10/6/13 15:20EastsoundWAUSAFormation~2 minutes2 unidentified high-wing large model aircraft flying low over water proceeding south along west side of East Sound.10/23/13
10/5/13 20:05ColchesterVTUSALight1 minutesStargazing clear night. Very bright light dimmed back 90 percent Proceeded at a slow silent pace south east,.10/23/13
10/5/13 19:45ChandlerAZUSASphere5 minutes6 or 7 orange flickering orbs in a line formation over Chandler and Gilbert AZ on 10/5/13.10/23/13
10/5/13 05:45LongmontCOUSACircle3 secondsWhite object traveling very fast NW to SE.10/23/13
10/2/13 06:45Upper MarlboroMDUSACircle2 secondsI was painting my house and was on a step ladder about 6 ft high and saw an orange light that looked like it was rotating vertically.10/23/13
9/30/13 21:30South DennisMAUSATriangleminuteHeard humming, saw three white steady lights in triangle form, helicopter was flying near it... LOW altitude10/23/13
9/28/13 21:45RaleighNCUSAFormation1-2 minutesLights seen above downtown Raleigh,10/23/13
9/28/13 20:55ColdwaterMSUSASphere2 minutesOrange orbs in ms10/23/13
9/28/13 20:00ClevelandOHUSACircle4 hoursRed and green orb. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Arcturus. PD))10/23/13
9/20/13 19:48Chandigarh (India)IndiaTriangle2-3 minutesSaw UFO in chandigarh, India while I was sleeping alone at the terrace at night.10/23/13
9/15/13 01:00East Los AngelesCAUSACircle90+ minutesA circular object hovering in the sky for 1-2 hours with red, green, and white flashing lights not going in any type of direction.10/23/13
9/7/13 21:30PetalumaCAUSACircle5-7 secondsWhite/Orange sphere races across San Francisco area sky.10/23/13
9/3/13 01:00LoganWVUSATriangle2 minutesLong half a mile at least, white lights along the side.10/23/13
8/23/13 22:30London (Canada)ONCanadaFireball10 minutesBoyfriend and I saw bright orange silent fireball like orbs in sky above London Ontario.10/23/13
8/16/13 00:00West UnionWVUSACircle1 hourA big ball was over our head and it did not seem from this world as i know?10/23/13
8/14/13 19:00MassillonOHUSATriangle10 minutesFireballs over Massillon, Ohio that formed a triangle and took off.10/23/13
7/13/13 23:00PlanoTXUSASphere5 minutesYellow sphere observed by two people sitting still and then moving around before leaving10/23/13
3/23/13 20:00Ridge Mountain ElkinsWVUSAFireball:10A friend showed me a video of a picture that shows three objects in it. One of the object was emitting laser beams from it. He says tha10/23/13
1/6/13 18:35Grand Cayman IslandGrand CaymanCircle1 minutesObject came across 7 mile beach from ocean. Stopped, then took off into space at high rate of speed. Event reocurred a few mins later i10/23/13
8/24/12 12:00AKUSAOval30 secondsI saw a gold and black oval shaped UFO AND it disappeared10/23/13
7/4/12 22:30EnidOKUSACircle15-20 minutesLarge, circular red object flying very slowly at high altitude overhead travelling SSW to NNE.10/23/13
6/10/12 21:00West Bank (Israel)IsraelCircle~2 secondsCircular brownish grey object floated across sky and over the horizon, 3 witnesses (2012)10/23/13
9/15/11 22:00Blackpool (UK/England)United KingdomDisk60 secondsUnidentified Flying Object, Not man made.10/23/13
8/8/10 22:00El PasoTXUSALight10 minutesStrange star-like object hovering over El Paso mountains, almost hit car and swooped down below the road (on mountain) disappearing.10/23/13
10/10/94 18:30Burnt HillsNYUSARectangle2 minutesGiant rectangular craft (resembling an upside-down aircraft carrier) over highway near Saratoga, NY.10/23/13
8/27/82 01:00Southwest HarborMEUSACylinder75 minutesTwo crafts taking or dumping water10/23/13
1/1/82 22:00CarlsbadNMUSAUnknown15Huge red lights appear over Carlsbad, NM.10/23/13
6/1/80 21:00Buenos Aires (Argentina)Argentina5 minutesBuenos Aires triangle10/23/13
10/1/79 23:00CranburyNJUSALight4 minutes8 UFOs in a circle suddenly take off radially away from each other.10/23/13
7/22/78 02:30GulfportMSUSAChevron5 minutesGrouped lights in sky moving fast in a configuration of a chevron or partial diamond.10/23/13
6/24/78 01:00GulfportMSUSAOther5-10 minutesOrb of light enters body, awake temporarily paralyzed, followed by prophetic visions and drawings10/23/13
3/15/78 13:00Mississippi (rural)MSUSADisk30 secondsNot your typical saucer expectation.10/23/13
6/30/73 23:00Salinas (Uruguay)UruguaySphere20 minutesUruguayan Spheres10/23/13
9/29/62 22:00Savannah (Hunter AFB)GAUSAOval3 minutesHunter AFB, Savannah Georgia 1962-1963: Luminous zig-zag disk10/23/13