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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2014/11/21


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/21/14 16:55LinthicumMDUSAUnknown5-7 minutes3 close and slow moving (?), flaming objects high in atmosphere, moving southerly toward a common focal point- mid atlantic/BWI region.11/21/14
11/21/14 16:30Somerset (?)NJUSAUnknown10 minutesI was in a car with my family on our way home and it was during sunset. I'm not completely sure if it was a ufo, however I believe it w11/21/14
11/21/14 06:00MillsboroDEUSAOrb40 secondsWhite red glowing orb flying west to east at medium rate of speed but faster then any plane I've seen.11/21/14
11/21/14 05:30MillsboroDEUSAOval20 secondsWhite bright orb pulsing.11/21/14
11/21/14 04:50CarbondaleILUSAOrb1 hourComet-like white orb of light abruptly stops in the sky and slowly hovers around the skies south of Carbondale.11/21/14
11/21/14 02:30Mysore (India)IndiaTriangle5 secondsDim big Lights at the corner of a dark triangle shaped object emiting lights for about 5 sec vanished suddenly.11/21/14
11/20/14 23:20TorranceCAUSAOval30 secondsRed balloon-like orb traveling at a high rate of speed.11/21/14
11/20/14 22:00TahlequahOKUSATriangle4 secondsTriangle craft with lights at corners moving silently.11/21/14
11/20/14 21:25MaconGAUSASphere5-10 secondsInitially, looked like a shooting star, that was immediatly upon us-went from blue to glowing green-shot downward fast.11/21/14
11/20/14 21:20SnellvilleGAUSAFireball5 secondsGreen ball of light with orange tip falling from the sky.11/21/14
11/20/14 21:20Grand BlancMIUSAFormation1 minuteGrand Blanc, Mi., two lights not blinking in a staggered formation, low altitude, and no sound.11/21/14
11/20/14 21:17DecaturTNUSAFireball15 secondsTennessee, Meigs Co., Decatur green ball of light in sky.11/21/14
11/20/14 20:40Winter HavenFLUSAFireballI noticed a fireball object with lights on it in the sky tonight, and it stood very still for for almost 7 minutes.11/21/14
11/20/14 20:00Fox IslandWAUSATriangle30 secondsFOX ISLAND, WA. WINGED TRIANGLE. TWO MIN FLAT BLACK SEEN BY ANYONE OUTSIDE 11/20/14.11/21/14
11/20/14 18:58TucsonAZUSAFlash30 seconds3 flashing objects near Casino del Sol.11/21/14
11/20/14 18:40Little RiverSCUSALight8 minutesMultiple strobe like blinking objects headed northeast. Three lit up to orange color and went out in sequence. Blinking objects cont..11/21/14
11/20/14 18:20SalinasCAUSAFireball10 minutesFour glowing orbs over Salinas, CA.11/21/14
11/20/14 17:00HonoluluHIUSALight2 hoursThere is a bright white lighted object flying erratically above the Koko head shooting range. I filmed over an hour of footage. The lig11/21/14
11/20/14 16:35ElkhornWIUSAFormation30 minutesLight formation in the sky for 30 minutes in Southeastern Wisconsin11/21/14
11/20/14 14:30FlintvilleTNUSACigar3 minutesThree cigar shapes objects in the sky.11/21/14
11/20/14 13:40ConcordNHUSAUnknown~5 minutesHeard an incredibly loud booming and rumbling noise that faded and grew loud again for about five minutes. I work from home and am use11/21/14
11/20/14 05:30TopekaKSUSALight05:31"Satellite" that pulsed brightly 5 times.11/21/14
11/19/14 23:05Myrtle BeachSCUSAOrb25 secondsAn orange orb over Myrtle Beach was sighted two times in 3 days and I fear for my safety.11/21/14
11/19/14 22:00WoodlakeCAUSAFlash45 minutesThey have move very slow and still flashing.11/21/14
11/19/14 20:57DuarteCAUSAOrb5 minutesThree flickering red and yellow orbs.11/21/14
11/19/14 20:05FernleyNVUSATriangle8-10 secondsTHREE (3) very bright lights in elongated triangle shape travelling at low speed wink out simultaneously.11/21/14
11/19/14 19:50StringerMSUSALight5 secondsSmall light travelling across sky got bright and instantly changed direction and vanished.11/21/14
11/19/14 17:00Baton RougeLAUSACircle10-20 secondsOrange light in sky over Baton Rouge.11/21/14
11/19/14 16:20WorcesterMAUSACylinder5 minutesBright white cylinder. June St., Chandler intersection.11/21/14
11/19/14 11:00Rancho BernardoCAUSASphere1 minuteSmall black sphere the size of a soccer ball with colorfull flashing lights ascends into the sky and disappears.11/21/14
11/19/14 06:00Grover BeachCAUSALight10 minutesThree orange lights forming a triangle 2 people saw them, moveing east to west calif, central coast.11/21/14
11/19/14 03:57TulsaOKUSASphere10 minutesSilver ball sphere next to sun.11/21/14
11/19/14 00:00MobileALUSAChanging20 minutesLarge shape-changing fiery object.11/21/14
11/18/14 23:00SocasteeSCUSAFormation5/10 secondsFading lights and unusually moving lights.11/21/14
11/18/14 23:00El CerritoCAUSATriangle~1 minutesTriangular craft hovering, then drove off.11/21/14
11/18/14 23:00DenverCOUSAFlash1 hourOne flashing ball of light and 9 other balls of light in the Denver sky.11/21/14
11/18/14 23:00PulaskiVAUSASphere1 hourMulticolored noiseless objects sitting in the night sky over Pulaski County, Virginia. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/21/14
11/18/14 21:44MiamiFLUSAFlash15 secondsTwo red flashes of light over turnpike near Cutler Ridge. Caused streetlights go out.11/21/14
11/18/14 21:00TownsendDEUSARectangle15-20 minutes4 people witnessed this amazing event, 3 sep. objects.HUGE, MAJESTIC, LIGHTS BRILLIANT QUIET, LOW11/21/14
11/18/14 20:30Eagle RiverAKUSAFireball2 minutesAbsolutely stationary fireball around 300 feet over the inlet.11/21/14
11/18/14 20:00GlendaleAZUSAFormation20 minutesOrange lights spotted in the northwestern sky either on a large aircraft or five small aircrafts in formation.11/21/14
11/18/14 20:00CosmopolisWAUSATriangle3-4 minutesI went outside and saw three triangular shapes flying by.11/21/14
11/18/14 19:37SulphurOKUSAOther20 secondsUpside-down V-shaped lights on top of no noise dark as night i could see through it.11/21/14
11/18/14 19:00BayonneNJUSA27 minutesStrange lights over Newark airport.11/21/14
11/18/14 19:00WaynesboroVAUSAFormation10 minutes40 bright white dots traveling quickly, Augusta county Virginia.11/21/14
11/18/14 18:45NacogdochesTXUSALight30 secondsTwo white lights slowly moved apart, and then faded away.11/21/14
11/18/14 15:05White PlainsGAUSAOval10 secondsSaw this object traveling roughly NW to SE. It was light color (white/grey) with a darker shade area along midline and slightly above11/21/14
11/18/14 06:30BentonvilleARUSALightstill thereBlue light on each side, white on top, red on bottom; stationary.11/21/14
11/18/14 05:35LexingtonKYUSASphere10 secondsFast moving grey mass spherical not defined hot looking orange aura bottom edge no lights complete stop and direction change 3 times.11/21/14
11/18/14 02:05Fort WayneINUSAFormation3 minutesThree large bright lights slowly moved south. I could not see the craft itself. The lights slowed and stayed in one spot low in the sky11/21/14
11/17/14 23:20JonesboroARUSAChevron10 secondsSilent, dark, fast moving object spotted over Jonesboro, AR.11/21/14
11/17/14 23:00KennesawGAUSAUnknown<1 minuteThree large white bright lights hovering less than 100 feet above the ground.11/21/14
11/17/14 22:51Newton (near)ILUSACigar3 minutesCan't explain but blue light lost 3 minutes.11/21/14
11/17/14 22:50I-65 (Mile Marker 250)INUSAFireball1 secondGreen fireball with an orange tail flashed over Hwy 65 in Indiana. Mile marker 250-ish. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD))11/21/14
11/17/14 22:30TrussvilleALUSACross15 secondsVery large low flying aircraft covered ten or more bright, non-blinking white lights.11/21/14
11/17/14 21:30Mansfield (Rte. 30; near I-71)OHUSAFireball4-5 secondsI was heading E on Rt. 30 past I-71, just outside of Mansfield, Oh. I glanced at the night sky and a round, red, ball of flame.11/21/14
11/17/14 19:30LincolnNEUSACircle2 secondsRed/green light shooting in Lincoln, NE, night sky 11/17/14. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Leonid meteor?? PD))11/21/14
11/17/14 19:20MiamiFLUSACircle2 minutesFL-91 N Miami, FL 33169 United States I was in this location taking a curve to get on the 826 south. I never look at the sky until11/21/14
11/17/14 19:00MechanicsvilleMDUSAUnknown1-2 minutesVery loud object with bright lights flew over house. Base sent jet out on search11/21/14
11/17/14 18:20AtokaTNUSACircle:30Several sightings in Atoka, TN.11/21/14
11/17/14 18:15MadisonWIUSAFireball00:00:04While walking easterly on a cold night, I saw this bright object moving from high in the southern sky, to medium low in the eastern sky11/21/14
11/17/14 18:10ChattanoogaTNUSATriangle15-20 secondsUnusual bright flying object.11/21/14
11/17/14 17:35KellerWAUSACircle1 minuteSeen object then plane came into view, object viered left and up followed then exited up and to the left11/21/14
11/17/14 11:46DetroitMIUSAFireball5 secondsLarge green fireball descends from sky above Detroit silently…11/21/14
11/16/14 00:00North SacramentoCAUSAUnknown5 secondsRed star life formation seemed to glide left to right in a downward motion for just a short distance then shot left and disappeared and11/21/14
11/16/14 23:30HoustonTXUSACircle3 secondsBlue light in the sky appears and vanishes instantly.11/21/14
11/16/14 22:10TopekaKSUSAFireball5 secondsAn orange and red ball of fire was seen S of Topeka, KS, arching across the sky from W to E, before burning out.11/21/14
11/16/14 22:05LakevilleMNUSA10 secondsDriving S on I-35 southbound, driver and passenger witnessed a white ball of light falling just south of Lakeville Mcstop.11/21/14
11/16/14 21:45LincolnNEUSAFlash1 minuteWhile driving i seen what looked like something falling from the sky and before i could find my phone to try and get it on camera if fl11/21/14
11/16/14 20:45West AllisWIUSATriangle1-2 minutes4 wedge shaped objects emitting bright lights were flying at a fast pace from the southwest and headed northeast.11/21/14
11/16/14 19:00StocktonCAUSADisk10 minutesFlying saucers seen in Stockton.11/21/14
11/16/14 18:15CoventryRIUSAFireball3 minutesI was walking my dogs on this particular night and observed what looked like a plane taking off from Green Airport.11/21/14
11/16/14 18:00North CantonOHUSAFormation10 minutesLights in formation over North Canton.11/21/14
11/16/14 17:40EugeneORUSAUnknown1 minutesMoving light slowed, then stopped, then slowly faded to darkness.11/21/14
11/16/14 15:45ShorelineWAUSAChevron2-3 minutesI saw something strange in the sky like nothing I have seen before.11/21/14
11/16/14 15:30GilsonILUSASphere20 secondsSmall brown iridescent sphere hovering in front of me while deer hunting.11/21/14
11/16/14 13:30MarysvilleWAUSAFormation15 minutesA large formation of small pink UFO's.11/21/14
11/16/14 09:45AlbanyNYUSACircle3 minutesMy husband and I were driving to Walmart in Albany, NY. There was a huge light that was shining in the sky.11/21/14
11/16/14 09:10WashingtonMAUSAOther5 minutesBlack oddly shaped (like large tarpaulin) object moving directly south to north very quickly and high.11/21/14
11/16/14 01:22Casa GrandeAZUSAFireball10 secondsI stepped outside to have a cigarette on my back porch and saw in the sky a bright blue explosion or meteor falling towards the earth!11/21/14
11/15/14 23:45Orlando (Lake Jessimine)FLUSAFlash30 secondsSeveral unexplainable flying objects spotted over Orlando.11/21/14
11/15/14 23:00La PuenteCAUSACircle2The object omitted red and green lights.11/21/14
11/15/14 22:30Shaker HeightsOHUSASlow flying object that looked like a ball of fire. Orange w/ red mixed in. It came across the sky, and then it just disappeared.11/21/14
11/15/14 22:15IpswichMAUSASphere5 minutesThree orange lights above beach.11/21/14
11/15/14 21:30RiversideTXUSAFormation10 minutesWe witnessed 20 bright orange aircraft traveling from east to west, flying low, equally spaced apart, about the speed of airplane.11/21/14
11/15/14 21:15OxnardCAUSAOrb2 minutes4 red lights/orbs over Oxnard, California.11/21/14
11/15/14 20:23DracutMAUSALight3 minutes20 lights move across the sky in Dracut, MA.11/21/14
11/15/14 20:20ElmiraNYUSAFormation1.5 minutesOrange light formation flies over Elmira, New York.11/21/14
11/15/14 19:35PhoenixAZUSAOrb7 minutes8 red orbs moving in all directions above South Mountain, not flares, not aircraft, occasional a formation of 2, disappeared 2, 3, 2, 111/21/14
11/15/14 19:30HanoverMAUSALight5 minutesDriving home from dinner, my wife and I noticed three lights in the sky, one was clearly a helicopter, the other a plane but third seem11/21/14
11/15/14 19:00West ParkFLUSAFireball1:58Around 7:30pm last night, my girlfriend and I witnessed what we thought to be falling stars. 5 objs. in the sky with flames behind.11/21/14
11/15/14 18:30Astoria (Queens)NYUSAFireball6 secondsWalking to N train on Hoyt ave when I saw a fireball seemed so close then it just fizzled out. Happened so quick.11/21/14
11/15/14 18:20AttleboroMAUSATriangle5 secondTriangle black, no light in any side. 3-4x speed of an airplane, sky was fully clear and 30 or 20 deg.11/21/14
11/15/14 17:51New York CityNYUSAFireball5 secondsWalking home w/ my sister. I squeeze her arm and yelled look at the blue light. We saw a bright blue glowing ball in the sky.11/21/14
11/15/14 17:51Virginia BeachVAUSAFireball5 minutesSon, wife and I saw 3 of what looked to be fireballs traveling directly vertical at a fast pace.11/21/14
11/15/14 17:00RoswellGAUSAChanging5 minutesSmall craft - separated into 2 - sped off quickly.11/21/14
11/15/14 14:16Navajo LakeUTUSACircle2 minutesGreen lights appear at Navajo Lake. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect bird droppings on the passenger window. PD))11/21/14
11/15/14 13:05LargoFLUSASphere5 minutesAbout 9 spheres maybe 10 feet diameter, very high in clear sky, performing aerobatics including triangles, then organizing and flying11/21/14
11/15/14 10:30ValparaisoINUSALight5 secondsSmall white flying object flying faster than a normal aircraft.11/21/14
11/15/14 06:00Tega CaySCUSA4 secondsLooking E just above the horizon. Saw one flash of light that lasted for a sec. After it vanished 2 lights appeared in the11/21/14
11/15/14 05:30SanteeCAUSAOther5 minutesBlobs of fire falling from sky.11/21/14
11/15/14 00:45CambriaNYUSAChevron1 hourStationary bright white light sometimes flashing also red green at times, sometimes large white middle. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))11/21/14
11/15/14 00:00BurgettstownPAUSASphere30 minutes2 round spheres white in clouds going in circles around each other.11/21/14
11/15/14San Luis ObispoCAUSAAt night remote bluff in Cen Cal. Spotted 30+ highly advanced "stars" until next am, witnessed un-nerving things.11/21/14
11/14/14 22:45GurdonARUSAUnknown15:00Life changing. ((NUFORC Note: Source provides no significant information. PD))11/21/14
11/14/14 22:30ShapleighMEUSAFireball11:15On 11/14/14 at approx. 10:30 pm from my window facing E, I noticed a bright light, similar to a fireball, darting back and forth.11/21/14
11/14/14 22:30DeerfieldWIUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle-shaped, many red lights, close to ground, hovered away fast. When seen, phone died.11/21/14
11/14/14 22:20FolsomCAUSAOther15 secondsObject spotted overhead moving quickly from east to west with three linear non-flashing lights.11/21/14
11/14/14 21:50VallejoCAUSAOrb3 minutessBright orange orb in the sky.11/21/14
11/14/14 21:00AsburyIAUSAFormation15 minutesA large cluster of 50+ red objects were sighted or 11/14/2014 in Asbury, Iowa.11/21/14
11/14/14 19:45FairfieldCAUSAOther45 minutesCurtain-shaped object shimmering/pulsating for 45 minutes. Southern sky. Seen by two people.11/21/14
11/14/14 19:45St-AugustineFLUSAOther10 secondsFive bright lights in a pentagon formation swaying in the sky of St-Augustine, FL.11/21/14
11/14/14 19:31DallasTXUSARectangle45-60 secondsA single, rectangle shaped object with red lights and alternating blinking white lights, like hazard lights flew over Dallas, Texas.11/21/14
11/14/14 19:00Puyallup/South HillWAUSAOval2 hours, still goingOrange yellow lights flare up brightly as they circulate in the sky.11/21/14
11/14/14 18:45BellinghamMAUSALight15 minutesMany yellow-orange objects crossing sky all in one direction.11/21/14
11/14/14 17:45AllentownPAUSAFormation20+ minutesFormation of 10+ white/red lights moving & then stationary on 11/14/14 at 5:45 PM approached by light aircraft near Allentown Pa.11/21/14
11/14/14 14:15ChandlerAZUSACylinder5 minutesI witnessed a black, cylinder-shaped UFO in Phoenix, Arizona.11/21/14
11/14/14 02:00SandpointIDUSACircle3 minutesVery vivid image of it in my mind; I will never forget it.11/21/14
11/13/14 20:30MenifeeCAUSAChanging60-90 secondsMost unusual yellowish brown shape I've ever seen, moved extremely odd, then vanished11/21/14
11/13/14 17:00ColumbiaALUSAFormation3-5 minutesI noticed 4-5 orb-like anomalies moving in formation across the evening sky.11/21/14
11/12/14 16:30Virginia BeachVAUSADisk45-60 secondsSilver disk seen hovering near Ferrell Parkway.11/21/14
11/10/14 22:45PortlandORUSATriangle15 minutesTwo bright hat-shaped objects hovering then flying away in Portland.11/21/14
11/10/14 21:30LexingtonSCUSALight5 minutesBright red-orange object that looked like a star.11/21/14
11/9/14 03:00Prior LakeMNUSACigar5 minutesGreen w/ blinking red lights.11/21/14
11/8/14 18:30La QuintaCAUSATriangle10-20 secondsLarge black triangle 1 round light in each corner moving silently across evening sky.11/21/14
11/7/14 20:30HobbsNMUSAChanging15 secondsTriangle shaped blinking red lights moving slowly in the northern sky.11/21/14
11/7/14 17:00Carneys PointNJUSADisk5 minutesI saw 3 disk/saucer type objects flying erratic around one another for about 5 minutes and then ascended into the atmosphere.11/21/14
11/7/14 02:00New Port RicheyFLUSALight4 minutesI went out and looked up in night sky saw light traveling up and up then faster than was gone.11/21/14
10/31/14 23:00DiamondheadMSUSACircle30 secondsOct. 31 @ 11pm Saw a round bright green basketball size object 75' from my house tree top level.11/21/14
10/21/14 10:30AntiochCAUSATeardrop2 secondsTeardrop object in the sky.11/21/14
10/19/14 22:00MurphyORUSALight30 secondsWhite light with no sound appears and disappears several times as it moves closer towards my direction11/21/14
10/11/14 09:55Sedona areaAZUSAOther2 seconds3 objects followed by smoke trail, 3 Blue lights in triangular form.11/21/14
10/8/14 03:00GoldendaleWAUSAOrb3 secondsMultiple sightings of fireballs, orbs, cigar shaped crafts in Goldendale, Washington.11/21/14
9/19/14 18:48SumasWAUSAFlashSecondsI saw what looked like a bright green shooting star streak across the sky to my left as I was driving north on nooksack rd. It was righ11/21/14
8/30/14 00:00PlacitasNMUSAOther10 minutesMy husband and I were outside searching for a missing pet, and we noticed a stationary bright light, which appeared to us upon first gl11/21/14
12/31/13 00:00MissoulaMTUSASphere10 minutesSpherical points of light disappearing at the same spot in the sky.11/21/14
11/17/13 18:40MesaAZUSAOval15 minutesAt 6:40 pm I went to let the out side in the back yard when I got the back side of the I could not miss look Up in the sky to see a re11/21/14
8/28/13 00:00OmroWIUSARectangle.05 minutesBright fluorescent white rectangular craft moving slowly from the southwest to northeast. No sound or marker lights.11/21/14
11/13/12 21:00SilverdaleWAUSALight2 hoursIt was 9pm and I was walking outside to close up for the night and take the garbage out. My stepson was with me carrying one of the gar11/21/14
6/30/12 11:00I-80 (@ Rte. 11 exit)OHUSAOval10 secondsA bright oval light changed direction and landed by some trees and the lights went out.11/21/14
6/30/12 00:00LivoniaMIUSALight20 minutesThree were just bright lights floating in the sky. I knew what they were right away because I saw one back in the late '80's. these ju11/21/14
1/1/12 23:00WenatcheeWAUSAUnknown10 minutesLights that were front & rear of ufo.11/21/14
8/15/11 18:00San BenitoTXUSACircle15 secondsShiny, round, metallic-looking, flew straight up, in less than one sec, all I saw was a little blur when it left.11/21/14
7/1/03 20:30Mentor-on-the-LakeOHUSATriangle2-3 secondsGroup of seven lights in triange formation, silent & disappearing.11/21/14
11/10/99 19:30Prince Albert (Canada)SKCanadaUnknowna minute or soI lived down the street from two stores and a school at the time. In a heavily populated area.. For the north about 30,000 at the time11/21/14
5/6/96 21:00Big RapidsMIUSALight6 minutesUFOs performing geometric patterns in the sky/Fireball/Possible alien encounter.11/21/14
6/25/66 15:00PhiladelphiaPAUSACigar5 minutesBrilliantly Lit Cigar Shaped Vessel 40 feet long - Hovered over roofs - looked like surface of The Sun11/21/14