National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2015/01/07


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/6/15 21:54Buena ParkCAUSAUnknown45 secondsIt red or orange in color was dropping debris that looked like it was in fire. (there was no tail) The debris fell straight down. It fl1/7/15
1/6/15 21:50VandaliaOHUSADiskI look to my right, and see TWO bright lights (one flying object).1/7/15
1/6/15 20:00WatsonvilleCAUSATriangle10 minutesI seen 1 triangle shaped red glowing craft with no blinkers and could stop and go at will..was definitely intelligently driven, and was1/7/15
1/6/15 07:50HomerAKUSAOther3 minutesFloating pretzel-shaped object over town, scanning laser.1/7/15
1/6/15 06:55ArcadiaCAUSAOther10 minutesHaving trouble entering exact time but I'll do it here. 6:55am. Traveling east bound on 210 fwy, between Rosemead blvd/myrtle ave exits1/7/15
1/6/15 06:00ChicagoILUSAChanging30 minutesVery bright moving over one another.1/7/15
1/5/15 23:00Windsor CountyVTUSAFlash3-5 minutesA bright core of light appears in a ceiling window, very strong, lasts 3-5 minutes and moves off. Lasted last 4-5 days.1/7/15
1/5/15 21:00Staten IslandNYUSATriangle20-30 seconds3 orange lights, triangular formation, not blinking, moving on S sky, silently. Seen with binoculars until disappeared.1/7/15
1/5/15 20:59CottonwoodAZUSAFireball45 secondsBright fire ball rising in the sky. It swerved and disappeared.1/7/15
1/5/15 20:01SarasotaFLUSADisk1-2 minutesTwo bright white blinking lights on low hovering disk, moved quickly.1/7/15
1/5/15 20:00HighlandCAUSAFireball5 minutesA large glowing burning object which floated slowly at first in the upper atmosphere then glided to earth still on fire.1/7/15
1/5/15 19:30Drexel HillPAUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) Lights floating down like parachutes.1/7/15
1/5/15 15:43Glen BurnieMDUSACylinder45 secondsSilver cigar shaped object spotted in Maryland1/7/15
1/5/15 07:18ConyersGAUSALight3 minutesObject seen flying over interstate, increasing in brightness, then vanishing into thin air.1/7/15
1/4/15 22:00ToledoOHUSALight15 secondsBright orange light moved back and forth over toledo 4 to 5 times then disappeared.1/7/15
1/4/15 21:00Yukon/Oklahoma CityOKUSALight50 minutesUFO in Oklahoma City. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, "Sirius?" PD))1/7/15
1/4/15 20:45Tyne & Wear (UK/England)United KingdomDiamondOngoingWe saw a strange light in the sky. I said to her straight away that doesn't look right. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))1/7/15
1/4/15 20:30Sherman OaksCAUSAFlash5 minutesI was driving west on the 101 freeway between Woodman and Van Nuys blvd off ramps. I looked up as a Red Flashing Object caught my eye.1/7/15
1/4/15 19:30BendORUSALight30 secondsA small, flame-colored light flew over Pilot Butte in Bend.1/7/15
1/4/15 18:30TalentORUSALight5 minutesA bright orange light came up over the horizon going up into the sky, it stopped and hovered. it then jolted right and diagonal left, t1/7/15
1/4/15 18:20SpringTXUSAFireball8 minutes3 red glowing lights fireball objects moving north to south in Houston area moving about 2 minutes apart in same flight path.1/7/15
1/4/15 02:05Gravesend (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1See something in sky and lost time.1/7/15
1/3/15 22:20Fort BraggCAUSAFireball10 minutes4 glowing orange lights spotted in northern sky above Fort Bragg, California.1/7/15
1/3/15 22:05Fort BraggCAUSALight5 minutes5 lights hovering over Fort Bragg, CA.1/7/15
1/3/15 22:00AustinTXUSALight5 minutesReddish lights or fireballs seen moving from west to east in Austin, Texas.1/7/15
1/3/15 21:45GlendaleAZUSAOval5 white dots flashing in the sky in a "Y" formation at 9:45 pm..1/7/15
1/3/15 21:45WoodstockVTUSAOval3 minutesSecond time I've seen this. Silent orange glowing ball moving in straight line at slow speed making 90 degree turns. No flashes.1/7/15
1/3/15 21:00Hughes SpringsTXUSACircle10 minutesObserved approximately twenty-five red/orange flying objects or balls of light in sky.1/7/15
1/3/15 21:00Hughes SpringsTXUSACircle10 minutesImmediately saw red lights in the Southwest sky.1/7/15
1/3/15 20:15BlackshearGAUSAFlash5 minutesFlashing light moving erratically.1/7/15
1/3/15 20:05Melbourne BeachFLUSAFireball5 minutesBurning object seen falling, then glowing red, and flying over night sky in Melbourne Beach.1/7/15
1/3/15 19:40TorranceCAUSADisk30 minutesBright UFO saucer with two red lights on the bottom.1/7/15
1/3/15 19:00San AntonioTXUSALight5 minutes8 lights in the sky.1/7/15
1/2/15 23:00NampaIDUSAUnknown3 minutesSaw 9 red lights scared.1/7/15
1/2/15 22:00LimaOHUSADiamond15 minutesWitness a strange event on 1-2-2015 (Lima, Ohio) There was 3 of them. Did not appear large. They all had mostly steady red lights wit1/7/15
1/2/15 21:00KennewickWAUSALight3 minutesReddish orange triangular pattern of lights.1/7/15
1/2/15 18:00BridgeportCTUSASphere15-20 minutes6 bright red glowing spheres.1/7/15
1/2/15 17:00DeBaryFLUSAOval3 minutesIn daylight, oval object traveled across sky from west to east flashing a red light at irregular intervals - Volusia County, FL.1/7/15
1/2/15 15:20CaryNCUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular craft, Cary, NC.1/7/15
1/2/15 11:34Beijing (China)ChinaLight12 secondsBeen watching videos on Youtube. I look out the window and I see 5 moving lights, then I saw a jet (probraly Eurofighter Typhoon).1/7/15
1/2/15 06:16WoodlandCAUSALight~3 minutesOrange star like UAP; not a star or planet.1/7/15
1/2/15 06:09North KingstownRIUSALight30 seconds2 separate sightings of medium brightness star lights traveling at high speed and great distance and making 90deg turns1/7/15
1/2/15 02:48West BabylonNYUSAUnknown2 secondsRed to blue streak.1/7/15
1/2/15 02:00WaynesvilleMOUSAFormation2 minutesSlowly rotating group of lights hovering with car.1/7/15
1/2/15 00:05DurhamNCUSAFireball20 seconds3 red orbs traveling quickly across the night sky. Disappeared within 30 sec. of sighting.1/7/15
1/1/15 22:20Port St. LucieFLUSATriangle5-7 minutesFive Flying Objects Spotted in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with 4 small craft and one large triangle shaped craft.1/7/15
1/1/15 22:13SequimWAUSAChanging1-2 minutesA large, silent, bright orange, hovering flying object, dimmed and brightened its "lights," and then vanished.1/7/15
1/1/15 21:45Pacific GroveCAUSASphere3 minutesTwo red-orange spheres headed west. Moved very slowly and gradually faded out of sight over the ocean.1/7/15
1/1/15 21:25Washington, D.C.DCUSAOther2 minutes2 glowing orange crafts, in the shape of hang-gliders, passed across the sky.1/7/15
1/1/15 21:00VictorvilleCAUSALight1 minuteBright light flashing into second story apartment before disappearing.1/7/15
1/1/15 21:00Nashville (Columbia)TNUSAFireball3 minutesTwo fireballs hovering over I-65 near the exit to the old Saturn Plant outside of columbia TN1/7/15
1/1/15 20:00Winter SpringsFLUSAFireball20 secondsSingle orange fireball with trail traveling northeast to southeast.1/7/15
1/1/15 19:50DenverCOUSAFireball5 minutesIntelligent burning fireball over University Hills/ Denver, CO.1/7/15
1/1/15 19:30Key WestFLUSAFireball5 minutesFireballs (4) of low altitude moving relatively slow, equal distances apart, and all ascending into the sky towards Cuba. No audible s1/7/15
1/1/15 19:00Myrtle BeachSCUSACylinder2 hoursGlowing red ufo spotted over ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC, New Year's night 2015.1/7/15
1/1/15 18:32KaunakakaiHIUSALight45 minutesWitnessed a large bright ball of light off the south ocean horizon of Moloka'i for 30 minutes. It was not a star or plane. It flashed y1/7/15
1/1/15 18:00CharlestonSCUSADisk1 minuteWe saw a fairly large disc fly slowly over rivers avenue. As we watched it, the orange light went out and we could still see the disc s1/7/15
1/1/15 18:00East StroudsburgPAUSAOther7 secondsMy wife saw lights outside the house, she told me it might be the garage truck, I went to the door and I saw several lights red,white,o1/7/15
1/1/15 17:30OaklandCAUSAOval2.5 minutesSaw what I thought to be a blimp in the sky. It actually reminded me if the H(L? ) helium blimp at first. I was facing the sith western1/7/15
1/1/15 12:07Havre de GraceMDUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange green blinking light that hoverd over our yard for 2 minutes, then disappeared.1/7/15
1/1/15 11:55Rio Negro (Colombia)ColombiaDisksecondsObject seen on a picture of an open sky, but it wasn't there when I took the picture.1/7/15
1/1/15 06:30RozetWYUSASphere5 secondsBright green meteor.1/7/15
1/1/15 05:45Kailua KonaHIUSADisk2 minutesUFO spotted by four on New Years Day at Makalawena Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii1/7/15
1/1/15 04:15HollywoodFLUSALight20 minutesA bright red light, 2015 a year I wont forget.1/7/15
1/1/15 01:45LongwoodFLUSAFireball10 minutesYellow fireball.1/7/15
1/1/15 01:20MebaneNCUSALight45-60 secondsBright orange light steadily traversing the sky from west to east for 45 seconds.1/7/15
1/1/15 01:00JupiterFLUSAFireball15 minutesFive fireballs traveling in the same direction at the same speed and somewhat equidistant from each other.1/7/15
1/1/15 01:00Kakabeka Falls (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle8 minutesOrange/red objects hovering in the moonlit night sky in rural Thunder Bay.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:30MesaAZUSASphere10-15 minutesGlowing orange light moving in a random way and then disappeared.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:30Punta GordaFLUSAFireball15 secondsObserving New Year's Eve festivities from lanai over Charlotte harbor when reddish orange fire like orb was spotted moving east to west1/7/15
1/1/15 00:30RutlandVTUSAFormation10 minutes7 fiery ufos.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:30BoiseIDUSACircle20 minutesPatterned red lights over Boise on New Year's Day 20151/7/15
1/1/15 00:24CarmelNYUSALight10 minutesBright red lights flying west-east over Lake Carmel.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:20San JoseCAUSACircle0:00:17 secondsRed bright light fading away appearing again in great distances before slowly fading away. As it moves away in the hills1/7/15
1/1/15 00:20Chilliwack (Canada)BCCanadaCircle30 secondsNew Years at 12:20 am my fiancé and I were in Bed listening to the New Years celebration going on around us as we live off Ryder lake1/7/15
1/1/15 00:15El PasoTXUSALight6 minutesOne bright object with three flashing lights. Then it split into two. It happened right after midnight on new year's eve. I obtained1/7/15
1/1/15 00:12MandevilleLAUSASphere20 secondsSpherical shape object flying silently at approximately 400 knots over Mandeville, LA, at an approximate altitude of 15,000 ft agl.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:10WhittierCAUSAFireball2 minutesOrange fireball brings in the new year in Southern California1/7/15
1/1/15 00:10SeattleWAUSAFireball25 minutes1-2 orange fireball objects in the sky.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:10OdinILUSACircle5 minutesThey flew over at about 3 times the speed of a jet they were round in shape red in color with what looked like white cone shaped points1/7/15
1/1/15 00:10QuincyCAUSARectangle15-20 minutesElongated reddish orange lights traveling from East to West in Northern California just after midnight New Year's 20141/7/15
1/1/15 00:07Cape CoralFLUSATeardrop3-5 minutesOrange lights over Cape Coral, Florida 1-1-2015.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:05Egg Harbor TwpNJUSAFormation5 minutes2 sets of red/orange glowing objects seen just after midnight in south Jersey.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:05Stayton/SalemORUSALight3-4 minutesA slow move bright reddish orange flickering light moving slowly and changing direction before burning out.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:05PortlandORUSAFormation3-5 minutes8 orangey red orbs, floating and flickering in formation in night sky over I-84 on New Year's.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:04OakvilleMOUSASphere6 minutes15-25 orange lights or orbs traveling from West to East slowly, no sound, strung out over 6 minutes.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:02St. PetersMOUSAFireball10 secondsGlowing sphere over Saint Peters, MO.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:01Rio DellCAUSAFireball5 minutesOrange ball of light/fire seen on North Coast; not Identified.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:01Rockaway BeachORUSAFireball4 minutesFive small, orange floating objects seen overhead at the beach. Erratic flight patterns.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00RedlandsCAUSACircle12:30 a.m. 3:30 a.m.8 round orange balls coming from the south, heading towards the mountains.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00La PuenteCAUSAFormation10 minutes3 orbs of light flying in slow formation.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00KissimmeeFLUSAFireball7-8 minutesSeen 7 orange/red fireballs in central Florida on New Years1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00Virginia BeachVAUSADisk20 minutesOrange glowing domed shaped disks with red lights around the bottom of each.1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00EugeneORUSALight3 minutes eachWent out to watch the fire works at midnight. Saw the usual aerial fireworks but then saw 2 bright red lights traveling from the west1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00WatsonvilleCAUSATriangle15-20 minutesI seen this triangle shaped craft flying over my city glowing a bright red light all sound..and could stop on a d1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00San AntonioTXUSASphereCaptured on video a UFO hovering over us as we watched the fireworks on New Years Eve.1/7/15
12/31/14 23:59WailukuHIUSACircle20 minutesExactly one year to the date more red orange floating objects.1/7/15
12/31/14 23:30Boynton BeachFLUSALight1 minuteOrange light moves west, flickers, then takes off full speed out of sight.1/7/15
12/31/14 23:30SmyrnaGAUSADisk15 minutesVery bright orange/red lights on disc shaped craft heading due south over Atlanta on New Years Eve1/7/15
12/31/14 23:30San Jose del Cabo (Baja California)(Mexico)MexicoTriangle10 minutesTwo triangular lights over San Jose del Cabo New Year's eve. I was not drinking.1/7/15
12/31/14 23:15OnancockVAUSALight2-3 secondsFast bright light disapears with in a second1/7/15
12/31/14 22:45SomersworthNHUSAFireball10 minutesTwo orange fireballs seen moving silently across the night sky in Somersworth, NH.1/7/15
12/31/14 22:45Bear LakeUTUSASphere5 minutesDark orange light that was stationary in the sky and turned from 1 light to 3 lights in a crescent shape. Stayed in one place for ab1/7/15
12/31/14 22:15VancouverWAUSALight15 minutesOrange orbs seen in southeast sky over Vancouver WA on New Years Eve at about 10:15pm1/7/15
12/31/14 22:00KalispellMTUSAFireball5 minutesI was walking down 2nd ave east as I watched fireworks for the New Years and I saw coming from the SW of town a totally lit object.1/7/15
12/31/14 22:00Spring HillFLUSAFireball2:00Weird fireball on the sky on Spring Hill, Florida.1/7/15
12/31/14 22:00TaosNMUSALightSeveral minutesLarge ball of orange/yellow light in Taos, NM.1/7/15
12/31/14 21:30TampaFLUSATriangle2-3 minutes3 Reddish-orange lights in a triangle moving over New Tampa1/7/15
12/31/14 21:30Port LudlowWAUSASphere10 minutesOrange ball crossing sky.1/7/15
12/31/14 21:26CayucosCAUSASphere1 minuteI feel confident of what observed.1/7/15
12/31/14 21:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaLight3 minutes3 bright orange lights.1/7/15
12/31/14 21:00RolesvilleNCUSACircle10 minutesSeen 6 objects that were orange in color round in shape ,all in a line looked like they were on a string all coming out of the west mov1/7/15
12/31/14 20:48Shasta LakeCAUSAFireball2 + secondsDec 31, 2014, Shasta Lake, CA, extra large fireball with reddish debris coming off, 2+sec. duration. Largest I have ever seen.1/7/15
12/31/14 20:30St. GeorgeUTUSALight3 minutesSeven orange lights in Saint George.1/7/15
12/31/14 20:27Grants PassORUSAFireball3 minutesBright orange light hovering in the sky.1/7/15
12/31/14 20:10JacksonvilleFLUSAFireball4 minutesI saw 3 objects one was flaming red with 4-6 flames beneath the other 2 were just red lights1/7/15
12/31/14 20:00FayettevilleNCUSALight15 minutesRed lights. Would fade out and reappear in nearby at a different height. No sound. Attempted to film it with cell phone.1/7/15
12/31/14 19:45PasadenaMDUSADisk2 minutesSeen 5 bright orange lights approaching my home traveling approx 3 to 4000 feet at 150 to 200 mph to the northeast. looking up at app1/7/15
12/31/14 19:45PasadenaMDUSADisk1 minuteSeen 5 bright orange lights approach my home from the southwest. No sound.1/7/15
12/31/14 19:40CincinattiOHUSACircle5 minutesOrange ballot light traveling at constant speed across the sky.1/7/15
12/31/14 19:30McKean Twp.PAUSALight4 secondsTwo balls of light in clear night sky.1/7/15
12/31/14 19:15ClarksvilleTNUSAFireball~10 minutesFireball type aircraft making a show on New Year's Eve in Clarksville, TN.1/7/15
12/31/14 19:00WenatcheeWAUSALight15 minutesBright red lights seen over Wenatchee.1/7/15
12/31/14 17:34LakewoodCOUSAChevron30 secondsLakewood, CO.1/7/15
12/31/14 14:00ClearwaterMNUSA20 secondsEastbound light orb seen for approx 30 seconds central MN.1/7/15
12/31/14 11:00EverettWAUSAUnknown15 minutesIt looked like what was a jet going straight up in the sky with jet streams behind it.... But wasn't moving...then two fighter jets fle1/7/15
12/31/14 10:15TemeculaCAUSARectangle3 secondsBlue rectangular, semi-transparent object (~6' x ~12') rose up out of a small grove of fruit trees and disappeared with a very bright w1/7/15
12/31/14 04:59CalhounGAUSACircle20 minutes +No word processed sorry. I'm in Calhoun ga I live estimate not address off dews pond towards country. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))1/7/15
12/31/14 00:30CroftonMDUSAChevron20 secondsChevron shaped object.1/7/15
12/31/14 00:00WaimanaloHIUSASphere5+ minutesOrange/yellow (mostly orange) spheres popping out of the sky direction of Waimanalo Beach Park, Hawaii1/7/15
12/30/14 22:30Rancho CucamongaCAUSADisk2-3 secondsThis object was huge with lights on top and bottom1/7/15
12/30/14 20:55RoyUTUSALight4-5 minutes6 lights in a random pattern over Roy, Utah.1/7/15
12/30/14 19:00CromwellMNUSA3 minutes2 flat looking planes with 3 lights on front.1/7/15
12/30/14 18:00SumnerWAUSALightSecondsFour lights flashed in the sky.1/7/15
12/30/14 16:00Drexel HillPAUSACircle10 minutesTwo spots in the sky did not move for several minutes, seen from a moving vehicle.1/7/15
12/30/14 12:14AnaheimCAUSASphere3 minutesMany silver spheres.1/7/15
12/30/14 11:40St. GeorgeUTUSAOther05:00Donut, metallic, floating object in the daytime.1/7/15
12/30/14 00:05SwannanoaNCUSALight3-5 minutesNever saw anything like B4; no sound, red lights, one by one, straight up, curved into horizontal flight.1/7/15
12/30/14Bluffton (Canada)CanadaChanging1 hour((NUFORC Note: Source provides no information about the incident. Hoax?? PD))1/7/15
12/29/14 23:00GranvilleOHUSAFireball~10 minutesBouncing ball of orange light turned into two balls of orange dancing light.1/7/15
12/29/14 22:00TustinCAUSAFormation5-8 minutesVery bright red objects, round, in formation one behind the other travelling upwards at a greater speed than any commercial aircraft1/7/15
12/29/14 19:45SouthingtonCTUSAFireball1st. sighting @ approx.(1)white-ish pink/(2)red-ish orange massive fireballs hovering over Southington, Ct. Then darted across sky at a abnormal speed.1/7/15
12/29/14 19:30WilmingtonCAUSAOther30 secondsFireball seen by multiple adults,children in Wilmington, Ca.1/7/15
12/29/14 19:30YorkPAUSACircle15 minutesLighted objects in the night over York, PA.1/7/15
12/29/14 19:00Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaChanging20 minutesStrange moving lights in sky..1/7/15
12/29/14 19:00San Luis ObispoCAUSAFireball4 secondsLarge white object with trailing fire. ((NUFORC Note: Multiple witnesses. Possible bright meteor. PD))1/7/15
12/29/14 19:00St. PetersburgFLUSAOval90 secondsRed glowing orb like on fire in a clear oval shell moving low and silent.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:45Beacon FallsCTUSATriangle~10 seconds((HOAX??)) Huge unidentifiable craft that looked like it was on fire in the front end, clearly saw it disappear before our eyes.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:44New York City (Bronx)NYUSALight4 secondsBright green object speeding in the sky.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:32TrumbullCTUSAFireball2 secondsAqua fireball trailed by orange flames followed by white tail. Northeast to northwest direction.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:30YorktownNYUSARectangle5 secondsI saw this object out of the side of my car and it was large with a big neon green glow to it thne shortly after it disapears.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:30Ballston LakeNYUSACirclevery briefTwo large very bright, circular, white lights appeared in a linear pattern for a brief moment then disappeared.1/7/15
12/29/14 18:00EssexCTUSAFireball30 secondsPurple, green and white bright colors. Fast, like shooting star, but very bright and very close.1/7/15
12/29/14 17:45BridgeportCTUSAChanging5 secondsTwo lights flying, separating and vanishing in midair.1/7/15
12/29/14 16:50KeeneNHUSAOval2 minutesOval light over preserve in Keene, NH.1/7/15
12/29/14 15:00NilesMIUSASphere~15 minutesI was visiting my mom in Oak Manor on Monday 12/29/2014. While we were in her back yard with are dogs after lunch I spotted 2 cylinder1/7/15
12/29/14 06:30PhiladelphiaPAUSATriangle5 minutesThree lighted object in triangle shape.1/7/15
12/29/14 03:55Ellicott City (outside of)MDUSATriangle1 minuteLarge triangle UFO seen on Interstate 95 in Maryland.1/7/15
12/29/14 02:30PenacookNHUSACircle2 secondsGlowing, green orb falling vertically from the sky.1/7/15
12/29/14 02:00HamlakeMNUSALight1 hourSeen bright light above the trees. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))1/7/15
12/28/14 23:00Las CrucesNMUSATriangle5 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))1/7/15
12/28/14 21:31ColdwaterMIUSALight10-15 minutes6 red lights following each other, moving quickly.1/7/15
12/28/14 21:00WestlandMIUSAUnknown3+ hoursLight in sky for 3+ hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star, maybe Sirius. PD))1/7/15
12/28/14 20:58Culver CityCAUSALight1 secondSingular red light.1/7/15
12/28/14 20:30Salt SpringsFLUSACircle5-10 minutesAmber or orange orb like with a little flash sometimes along the way South to North direction for five to ten minutes then I went back1/7/15
12/28/14 20:10Sun PrairieWIUSAFireball>5 minutesThey looked like 6 flickering fire balls.1/7/15
12/28/14 19:50SanfordFLUSACircle10 minutesCircular objects with flashing red and white lights fluttering in the sky.1/7/15
12/28/14 19:45Kanata (Canada)ONCanadaFireball8 minutesMore than a dozen round fiery orange objects floating quietly by in the night sky.1/7/15
12/28/14 19:10SalemUTUSALight5-10 minutes3 orange lights over Salem, Utah.1/7/15
12/28/14 18:25SarasotaFLUSAFireball2Orange fireball heading north from Sarasota.1/7/15
12/28/14 18:12PortlandMEUSAFireball5 minuteaMy cousin and I were having a cigarette on here porch. Happened to look up in the sky ,first we seen the orange orb. It was going towar1/7/15
12/28/14 18:00Campo Grande (Brazil)BrazilFireball15 minutes
12/28/14 17:09UK/ScotlandUnited KingdomLight12 minutesA star like light moves at high speed across the sky, with rotating colored lights.1/7/15
12/28/14 16:45EffinghamILUSASphere15 minutesWatched all 3 travel together then 1 hover while the other 2 appeared and disappear.They were all white and at times looked comet like.1/7/15
12/28/14 13:00MenifeeCAUSAOther15 minutesUFO sighting near Menifee, CA.1/7/15
12/28/14 12:10BonsallCAUSACigar2 minutesComing down Hwy 76 i notice a totally 'black' cigar shaped object in the sky and not far away and not that high up in the sky.1/7/15
12/28/14 11:55ColleyvilleTXUSAOther12:00DFW airport area, round object sighted much faster, smaller, shinier and higher than commercial jets in vicinity.1/7/15
12/28/14 11:50BellevueWAUSALight3 minutesWeird purple cloud at night.1/7/15
12/27/14 22:00Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaSphere2 secondsSmall red sphere seen by two people. Uncloaked and shot out into outer space.1/7/15
12/27/14 21:55CarmelNYUSATriangle82 red triangles flying close to the ground making no noise over Carmel1/7/15
12/27/14 21:30RaleighNCUSALight20A white light that zig zags in one area of the sky.1/7/15
12/27/14 21:30Reddinton BeachFLUSAFireball10 minutesSaw a total of 5 fire balls, 3 were in a horizontal line1/7/15
12/27/14 21:00RenoNVUSADisk3 minutesBlue ring with red blinking dots inside caught on video moving in the sky in irregular patterns.1/7/15
12/27/14 20:45NazarethPAUSAFormation5 minutesThree, solid, orange lights under the cloud ceiling. The second and third lights (the two farthest from me) appeared to have three or f1/7/15
12/27/14 20:30FayettevilleNCUSAFireball10 secondsBright blue light falling from the sky1/7/15
12/27/14 20:30MentorOHUSAFormation2 minutesFive red lights in flying in formation Mentor, Ohio December 27, 20141/7/15
12/27/14 20:00MillbrookNYUSADisk3 hoursBlinking, waivering aircraft that shoot off and disappear,1/7/15
12/27/14 19:45PearlandTXUSASphere3 secondsAn intensive white light flash on residential road, non UFO or trajectory.1/7/15
12/27/14 19:00Colorado SpringsCOUSACircle2 minutesBright orange object moving across sky1/7/15
12/27/14 18:50ThetfordVTUSATriangle5 minutes3 orange lights in triangle formation flying south on I-91 between Thetford and Hanover.1/7/15
12/27/14 18:37EdmondsWAUSACigar1 minuteBright blue cigar-shaped object that separated into two craft, one craft flew right and disappeared.1/7/15
12/27/14 18:30PhillipsburgNJUSALightA whileI couldn't find an email address, so I apologize for using a report form. I witnessed people setting off Chinese lanterns in the Logan/1/7/15
12/27/14 18:00AkronOHUSACircle1-2 hoursRotating light, making quick circles, being followed by a fainter light made a continuous circle for around an hour or two.1/7/15
12/27/14 17:15East CharlestonVTUSALight2 minutesTraveling by truck on Rte 105 East from Derby to East Charleston. Observed a bright orange light traveling slowly (est. 80-100mph)from1/7/15
12/27/14 16:55Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown1 minuteGreen glow emerges from Buffalo Mountain.1/7/15
12/27/14 11:00La CanadaCAUSASphere5 minutesLarge sphere appears in photographs of flying Hawk near Jet Propulsion Laboratory.1/7/15
12/27/14 05:30CentervilleOHUSALight2 seconds2 high intensity flashes of light in sky.1/7/15
12/27/14 05:05GreshamORUSAFireball2-3 minutesTwo fiery objects holding in a close formation changed direction and acceleration then one of them appeared to drop debris.1/7/15
12/27/14 05:00FrederickMDUSAFlash1 secondObject not seen. Only fleeting light similar to shooting star only thicker and closer.1/7/15
12/27/14 05:00GalatiaILUSADiamond3 minutesKite-shaped thing with blue/white light flew in front of suv hovered over field to my right.1/7/15
12/27/14 03:15WaddellAZUSACircle4 minutesBig orange orb emited a smaller orange orb, then that split to 2, flew different directions. Big one vanished.1/7/15
12/27/14PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown10+ minutesJust got this [5:16:36 PM] UFO flotilla over Philadelphia, PA, December 21/7/15
12/26/14 22:00PhoenixAZUSAFireball20 minutesA row of red orbs flying across city of Phoenix from the far west valley to the east valley.1/7/15
12/26/14 21:40Villa RicaGAUSACrossThere were flying objects hovering over ATLANTA skies...not at all airplanes . When they flew over us the headlights turned off!1/7/15
12/26/14 21:00Mentor HeadlandsOHUSATriangle45 minutesTriangular pulsating light drops a flashing orb.1/7/15
12/26/14 20:45ChelseaALUSATriangle5 minutes8 stationary objects with red lights hovering in a semi-circle shape for approx 5 mins in Chelsea, AL1/7/15
12/26/14 20:40AnchorageAKUSADisk10 secondsSaucer hovering over military base forest off of Seward Highway in Anchorage.1/7/15
12/26/14 20:30Cobourg (Canada)ONCanadaCircle~5 minutes4 yellow/orange lights moving with seeming deliberate movement east of Cobourg, Ontario.1/7/15
12/26/14 20:00LelandNCUSALight5 secondsVery bright white light traveling at great speed and at a low altitude was observed for approx. 5 seconds before I lost sight of it.1/7/15
12/26/14 19:15OswegoNYUSALight15 secondsSteady, orange light, moving across the sky and flickering off.1/7/15
12/26/14 18:42LancasterCAUSAUnknown((HOAX)) Every shape size form there here in Lancaster, California.1/7/15
12/26/14 18:15Los AngelesCAUSAFireball5 minutesOrange flame/fire ball disappears up into space.1/7/15
12/26/14 18:10OgdenUTUSAChevron5 secondsAn object that disrupted the star lit sky around it. Moved 3 miles in approximately 5 seconds.1/7/15
12/26/14 18:00CambriaCAUSALight8 minutesBright, star like light that hovered over ocean for 3 min, dropping into ocean with glow on horizon.1/7/15
12/26/14 17:00PalmdaleCAUSADisk1 minuteTransparent disc shape flying & caught reflection around the sun set. Full on saw this looked away looked back it was flying.1/7/15
12/26/14 17:00HempsteadNYUSACylinder20 minutesCylindrical object seen over Long Island, N.Y..1/7/15
12/26/14 06:27Shillong (India)IndiaLight3 minutesBright light moving slowly and disappearing into forest, seen from Meghalaya, India.1/7/15
12/26/14 05:00NewtonMAUSALight5 minutesSlow moving object, SE direction, definitely not a star, aircraft, or satellite.1/7/15
12/26/14 00:15WayneNJUSAUnknown5 minutesFast moving object changing color and making tight curved maneuvers/changes of direction with near equal climb and dive speed1/7/15
12/26/14TempletonCAUSATriangle5 minutesBuzzing triangle aircraft.1/7/15
12/25/14 23:45HuntingtonWVUSAChevron5 minutesUFO Sighted over Spring Valley in Huntington, WV, on Christmas night.1/7/15
12/25/14 23:00OrangburgSCUSAFormation5 minutesI felt them making me aware of their presence.1/7/15
12/25/14 23:00St. Petersburg BeachFLUSAOval3 minutesBright ball of fire moving east over gulf of mexico. st pete beach. Its real. I saw and recorded it.1/7/15
12/25/14 22:10East WenatcheeWAUSALight30 secondsTwo gold balls of light above Malaga as seen from East Wenatchee1/7/15
12/25/14 22:00CincinnatiOHUSAFireball3-5 minutesFive dancing fireballs in the sky over Cincinnati on Christmas night.1/7/15
12/25/14 21:36Los Angeles (Westlake Village)CAUSAUnknown3 - 6 secondsFlash of light that leaves a trail - spotted over Los Angeles, California!1/7/15
12/25/14 21:30KentWAUSAFireball~5 minutesReddish Orange Fireball like lights streaking across the sky barely about the trees, without making any sound.1/7/15
12/25/14 21:30Centereach/BohemiaNYUSAOther1 minuteI'M SURE OF WHAT I SAW.1/7/15
12/25/14 21:15DavieFLUSALight5 minutesOrange glow - 'twinkling occasionally'1/7/15
12/25/14 21:01FairfieldCAUSAOther180 secondsSighted a bright orange pyramid-shaped object descending through the atmosphere, leveling off, and flying in a Southeasterly direction.1/7/15
12/25/14 20:45Virginia BeachVAUSAFireball3 minutesAt around 8:45 tonight 25 Dec 2014 I was standing on my back deck looking at the moon in the western sky. When i saw what i thought we1/7/15
12/25/14 20:30HialeahFLUSATriangle2 minutes +WHO IS UP THERE?1/7/15
12/25/14 20:30DubuqueIAUSASphere2 minutesGreen orb came into sight, stopped in the sky, and started blinking; then took off.1/7/15
12/25/14 20:14BaytownTXUSAOther3 minutesSpeechless…1/7/15
12/25/14 19:30Satellite BeachFLUSA5 minutesThree bright orange objects in sky of east/southeast of Florida.1/7/15
12/25/14 19:30Coral SpringsFLUSAFormation2 minutesLeaving aunt's house for Christmas dinner look up in the sky know it is 3 orange balls in a formation 4 for 2 mins, approx.1/7/15
12/25/14 19:10NewbergORUSACircle5 minutesOrange Orbs over Newberg, OR clouded sky1/7/15
12/25/14 18:45HillsboroORUSALight1 minute4 or 5 red lights hovering in SW sky Hillsboro Oregon1/7/15
12/25/14 17:45Coatbridge (UK/Scotland)United KingdomLight5 minutesAt first I looked towards the sky at what I initially thought was a helicopter. On closer inspection the object did not was the1/7/15
12/25/14 17:20HollisterCAUSACigar5 minutesLong black, long tendrils at one end and a changing shape like the tail of an aircraft at the other. No sound.1/7/15
12/25/14 16:25Cedar RapidsIAUSACylinder4 minutesWhite wingless silent cylinder moved at constant speed without contrail along an apparent straight flight path.1/7/15
12/25/14 06:00Rocky PoiintNYUSACircle10:002 bright lights in the sky. They disappeared then reappeared.1/7/15
12/25/14 03:00SeattleWAUSA5 minutesStrange sounds in north Seattle.1/7/15
12/25/14 00:00Cabo San Lucas (Baja California)(Mexico)MexicoTeardrop25 minutesCabo San Lucas Christmas lights.1/7/15
12/25/14NashvilleGAUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange lights traveling in a southeasterly direction. Object(s) didn't blink, absolutely no sound either. Watched until it moved out of1/7/15
12/25/14East Grand RapidsMIUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball with red trail headed toward horizon.1/7/15
12/24/14 23:00VistaCAUSAFireball5 minutesMy family and I were driving home from a Christmas eve at my dads house , when my wife said look at that. to my utter amazement I saw 11/7/15
12/24/14 23:00NipomoCAUSADiamond0:00Diamond shape appeared with a red streak then vanished no trace of the red colored smoked after the other 2 were just floating.1/7/15
12/24/14 22:44Spring HillTNUSACircle3 minutes3 hovering orange round objects slowly disappeared into the clouds, no sounds coming from objects. Maybe drones?1/7/15
12/24/14 22:44Spring HillTNUSACircle3 minutesThree orange lights hovering over trees, then slowly follow each other off into clouds; no sounds at all.1/7/15
12/24/14 22:30San AntonioTXUSACircle5 minutesTwo bright orange lights were moving straight across the sky with no engine sound.1/7/15
12/24/14 22:00BeavertonORUSACone3Illuminated objects hovering, and then disappeared in thin air, one by one.1/7/15
12/24/14 20:50IrvineCAUSAFireball10 minutesAbout 8 fireballs over Irvine, CA.1/7/15
12/24/14 20:17LafayetteLAUSAFireball2 minutesTwelve orange/red orbs glided across the sky of Lafayette, LA on Christmas Eve1/7/15
12/24/14 19:20PasadenaMDUSAFormation10 minutes12 objects, with reddish orange lights, low in the cloudy sky on Christmas Eve1/7/15
12/24/14 19:00GreenfieldINUSAFormation2 minutesThe bright lights in a diagonal formation. Moved at medium speed and went out of view at the horizon.1/7/15
12/24/14 18:49SeattleWAUSALight4 minutesMany light (yellow) above my head moving slowly got disappeared in 4 min.1/7/15
12/24/14 18:45GilbertAZUSALight3 minutes3 Amber/Orange Lights over South Gilbert Arizona1/7/15
12/24/14 18:32MarysvilleWAUSASphere10 minutesThree orbs U.F.O. 'S SIGHTED AND eve 20141/7/15
12/24/14 17:30FairbanksAKUSATriangle30 minutesThree distant lights that appears to be aircraft on a collision course. Two lights disappeared leaving one.1/7/15
12/24/14 17:30Keighley (UK/England)United KingdomLight4 minutesPlease reply if other reports nr same time area PLEASE.1/7/15
12/24/14 03:35North HollywoodCAUSACircle45 secondsBright Orange Light Moving Silently, Low In The Sky1/7/15
12/24/14 00:01RosevilleCAUSAFireball45 seconds7 fireballs three the first in triangle then four, dark orange, no sound1/7/15
12/23/14 22:30Red LodgeMTUSATriangle5 secondsWhile walking out to my car I saw a silent triangle craft that consisted of 3 faint orange balls. One at tip and two at bottom forming1/7/15
12/23/14 22:15West SacramentoCAUSAChevron5-7 secondsLights in a chevron shape flying over West Sacramento, CA1/7/15
12/23/14 21:15Korfu (Greece)GreeceSphere45 minutes1 big Light.1/7/15
12/23/14 21:00HammondINUSALight2-3 minutesA group of lights moved across the sky.1/7/15
12/23/14 18:00MedfordORUSALight2 minutesBright white light moving over Medford, OR moving east accelerated out of site and disappeared as it approached a plane.1/7/15
12/23/14 18:00Rancho CordovaCAUSATriangle3-5 secondsGreen triangular craft blinks with white light, then leaves tail of fluorescent green as it shoots into space.1/7/15
12/23/14 05:00BellevilleNJUSAUnknown30+ minutesBright orange flashing sky.1/7/15
12/23/14 02:20WilmingtonDCUSACircle20 minutes +Sighting of a look alike 6 bright star like in circle with 1 bright starlike in middle in Wilmington, De 12/22/2014.1/7/15
12/23/14 00:05KenmoreNYUSADisk10 minutesLow, loud, flat bottomed craft flew over my home.1/7/15
12/22/14 23:00BrewerMEUSAFireball15 minutes2 fire ball looking objects over brewer, me 04401 around 11:pm1/7/15
12/22/14 23:00DeerfieldWIUSATriangle2 minutesSaw a triangle with lights above Jc park with couple of my friends. My phone died when j tried takin a pic of it and then it lit up.1/7/15
12/22/14 21:45FresnoCAUSAFireball4-5 minutesI saw three orange redish glowing globes in the sky!1/7/15
12/22/14 21:30Apache JunctionAZUSALight20 minutes +I witnessed a hovering line of super bright white lights over the Superstition Mountains . I first noticed these lights because of the1/7/15
12/22/14 20:30Rancho CordovaCAUSATriangle15 secondsDim red glowing boomerang shaped craft looked as if it was hovering but moving forward fast not in a straight line, As if flown like re1/7/15
12/22/14 20:27ChicagoILUSAOtherfew secondsFlash of short white light over Chicago similar to lightning followed by a bigger bright blue flash.1/7/15
12/22/14 19:50HoustonTXUSASphere15 minutesWhile walking subdivision park we saw 4 white light objects,1stayed stationary, 3moved in a > formation,then turn L,then back flat -1/7/15
12/22/14 19:00MemphisTNUSALight1-2 hoursLarge green spherical light in the clouds.1/7/15
12/22/14 19:00RedmondORUSAFormation5 minutesRed lights in big dipper formation over airport.1/7/15
12/22/14 00:40GlendaleAZUSACircle50 secondsOrange glowing light over Glendale1/7/15
12/21/14 23:45San GabrielCAUSALight15-20 minutesStrange Red lights over Irwindale, Ca.1/7/15
12/21/14 23:15EverettWAUSACircle0:00Waxed and waned for forty five minutes, in circular, in varying speeds.1/7/15
12/21/14 22:30DenverCOUSASphere12 minutesUFO over DIA.1/7/15
12/21/14 21:00TracyCAUSACircle2 secondsVery clear almost as if meant to be seen!1/7/15
12/21/14 00:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAUnknown8 minutesUnknown object hovering over Manhattan Lower East Side Sunday the 21st 0100 hrs..1/7/15
12/20/14 19:50MantecaCAUSALight1 minutePurple-Pinkish colored light hovering, then slowly moves East, speeds up & makes hard turn North, stops, then moves East again...1/7/15
12/20/14 12:45Orillia (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder15 minutesSilver object with a big contrail. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a high-altitude jet, generating a contrail in a clear, blue sky. PD))1/7/15
12/18/14 23:11MedfordORUSAUnknown1 secondLarge bright object coming in fast, then vanishes.1/7/15
12/17/14 02:30Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown1 hourPulsing noise, purposely did not look for craft. Three seperate nights. Gets louder and faster as gets closer.1/7/15
12/16/14 18:56MesaAZUSAOther~54 orange umbrella-like objects seen above Mesa, Az.1/7/15
12/15/14 05:30Lenoir CityTNUSATriangle5 minutesMy wife and I were on our way to work. She said what's that. I turned to see a triangular very dark in color, probably black, shaped ob1/7/15
12/10/14 17:48LeedsWIUSALightAmber colored lights appear in the sky.1/7/15
12/10/14 03:00MerigoldMSUSALight10 minutesLighted up yard early morn, then lights going around object in a vertical circular formation and slowly vanished.1/7/15
12/9/14 18:15BellefontaineOHUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent low level object with red&white lights flying into a head wind east of Bellefontaine Ohio.1/7/15
12/8/14 22:00Military training siteNMUSAFormation10 minutesThree lights near our training site.1/7/15
12/7/14 12:00MontclairCAUSAOther5 minutesCreepy reddish orange floating eye,(light)!1/7/15
12/7/14 06:40Los GatosCAUSAOval1 minuteA very bright oval shape object seen early in the morning while driving on highway 17.And then vanished!1/7/15
12/3/14 17:00IndependenceMOUSADisk15 minutesRound disk silver nickle collar. it had black spots on its sides as if there was air vents open with disk shape open lids above.1/7/15
11/30/14 15:58LynxvilleWIUSACircle2.5 minutesIt was 15:58 PM-The last day of Deer season. A round disk shaped object came from N/E Iowa at probably Mach 2.1/7/15
11/27/14 20:20ConcordNHUSA5 minutesTurquois light radiating from sky to ground Thanksgiving november 27th 2014.1/7/15
11/18/14 19:35Los AlamitosCAUSAUnknown4-5 minutesHovering orange-red object drops small glowing red balls, then changes into asymetrical object.1/7/15
11/15/14 00:00IssaquahWAUSAFlash10 secondsStationary white light appeared got brighter, moved in a "J" shape, then disappeared.1/7/15
11/7/14 19:00Falls ChurchVAUSAOther6 seconds((HOAX??)) I saw something in the bushes I thought it was nothing. I got para luzed and saw it and now is invisible1/7/15
10/30/14 22:00PortlandORUSACircle3 minutesBig orange ball in the sky.1/7/15
10/18/14 19:06San Francisco/Daly CityCAUSASphere35 second videoTwo pictures in a 35 second video of a UFO craft over Ocean Beach in San Francisco.1/7/15
10/17/14 22:30MandanNDUSA4 minutes2 intensely bright white lights in the north sky suddenly disappear.1/7/15
10/12/14 21:00Culver CityCAUSALight1 minuteBlue light.1/7/15
10/7/14XeniaOHUSAOtherLarge wedge-shaped craft flying over Xenia Ohio October 7, 2014.1/7/15
9/15/14 22:00NilesMIUSAUnknown5 minutesSlow moving object is joined in pursuit by another object, a plane of sorts, with a blinking light and then the solid light leaves.1/7/15
9/5/14 18:30PulaskiVAUSAChevronsecondsObject or craft trailed by orange light traveling at incredible speed.1/7/15
8/12/14 18:00Esquimalt (Canada)BCCanadaLight5-7 minutesStrange light in Vancouver island sky.1/7/15
8/1/14 21:30UncasvilleCTUSAOther2 minutesTrapezoidal figure with bright light and loud sound hovering low over road.1/7/15
7/4/14 18:30MesquiteTXUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle shaped object with 3 glowing orange lights.1/7/15
6/27/14 01:00MamaroneckNYUSAOval~5 minutesUFO sighting in June 2014.1/7/15
6/13/14 23:00DallasTXUSATriangle3-minutes, 5-secondsLighted craft hovered for 3-minutes, then dove 1-mile in 5-seconds1/7/15
6/4/14 23:55MillboroVAUSAFireball10 minutesOn June 4th, 2014, we saw a fireball at close range and were able to observe it for some minutes.1/7/15
1/22/14 19:30Los AngelesCAUSAOther30 secondsVery high, very large boomerang shaped craft, ex-ray like white soft translucent glow color, turn and sped away at rapid speed.1/7/15
1/2/14 11:45AnchorageAKUSAOval20 secondsFast flying oval seen in the daylight past Chugach Mountains.1/7/15
12/25/13 18:25SpringTXUSASphere10Orange balls in the sky.1/7/15
12/11/13 20:00DallasTXUSATriangle6 seconds1200-mph dart silhouette seen for 6-seconds.1/7/15
12/4/13 11:10Newcastle (Australia)AustraliaLight10 minutesNewcastle, Australia. 8 tiny whit dots. still at first then move out of site at 11:10am1/7/15
10/15/13 20:00Lindsay (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle2 minutes25 meter, low-flying, soundless black triangle drifting slowly, then accelerating to extreme speeds in a zigzag motion.1/7/15
9/18/13 19:00JacksonTNUSACircle5 minutesThree Orange hovering balls in West TN.1/7/15
8/14/13 21:30AllentownPAUSAFireball5 minutes12 Bright Orange Orbs In Single File Formation.1/7/15
10/16/12 20:00FayetteIAUSATeardrop5 minutesTeardrop craft 1000 ft. from house in country, turned Amber before disappearing.1/7/15
9/23/12 03:00MassapequaNYUSA1 hourContact with them.1/7/15
8/15/12Council BluffsIAUSAChevron2 minutesNo sound, no trail, fast to appear slow to leave.1/7/15
6/30/12 01:00San Tan ValleyAZUSA~1 hourI do not know what that was.1/7/15
1/28/12 12:00RondaNCUSALight30 secondsPictures capture daytime lights in the sky over Yadkin Valley, North Carolina. Not visible to eye.1/7/15
7/20/11 23:00Tybee IslandGAUSASphere~2 minutesSphere hovering over the ocean.1/7/15
2/15/10 13:30Winslow (outside of)AZUSASphere3-5 minutesSphere on I-40 east of Winslow, AZ.1/7/15
12/1/09 18:00Klamath Falls (onb Hwy 140)ORUSALight45 minutesHwy 140 bright glowing light that followed for 45 minutes stopping abruptly and creating patterns.1/7/15
11/13/09Chandigarh (India)IndiaTriangle3 minutesI have a recording... i looked up and saw these lights going across the sky.1/7/15
6/10/08 11:00Carson CityNVUSADisk30 secondsTwo football shaped objects, defying gravity, in broad daylight1/7/15
7/4/05 12:00San DiegoCAUSASphere40 seconds4th of July surprise.1/7/15
2/15/04 08:00HartfordKYUSAUnknown3 minutesMetallic objects following the ISS.1/7/15
6/1/03 08:00Carbet (Martinique)MartiniqueSphere2 hoursAn UFO can be a planet.1/7/15
10/15/02 03:35San Luis ObisboCAUSAUnknownUNKNOWNExtraterrestrial being in Camp San Luis Obisbo.1/7/15
7/15/99 20:15Cherokee PassMOUSAOther20 minutesSummer 1999, around 7pm, driving in truck with family.. Observed craft on left hand side of the highway about half a mile away, lo1/7/15
7/4/97 01:00BrainerdMNUSASphere30 secondsLevitating chrome sphere over ehrons or Aarons hill by civic center. Stayed still and reflected the lights from town.1/7/15
6/1/88 23:30ChesterfieldVAUSACircle2-3 minutesCircular object with round lights hovering above the intersection of Qualla Road and Newby’s bridge Road in Chesterfield County.1/7/15
6/24/87 12:00ManitowocWIUSADisk20 secondsTwo saucer-shaped objects at low-mid altitude, silver in color, moving eastward in broad daylight over the middle of town.1/7/15
6/30/85 16:00Clear LakeCAUSADiskminutesLanded UFO with 3 aliens.1/7/15
7/1/75 17:00Baysville (Canada)ONCanadaOther10 minutesAbout 50 ft. orange saucer with cup on top with no sound when it moved down lake and shot up in the air.1/7/15
10/1/68 03:00HastingsMNUSATriangle5 minutes +I reported this incident in approx. 2004 and got no response on perfect semi circle vapor trail1/7/15
6/30/66 23:00SeattleWAUSARectangle5 minutesI saw a monolithic "L"-shaped stone looking object in low orbit with my low powered scope one night in 1966.1/7/15
10/15/52 13:00Mount VernonWAUSACigar3 minutes1952 sighting of cigar shaped craft over Mount Vernon, Washington.1/7/15