National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2015/08/06


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/6/15 04:45RiceMNUSASphere20 secondsFast moving, flashing, blue object in sky.8/6/15
8/6/15 04:00PortlandORUSALight40 minutesSporadic movement: circular, straight, zig-zag. Star-like, no blinking lights. Cont. movement and short periods of complete stillness.8/6/15
8/5/15 23:45TullytownPAUSA1 hourFlashing lights for one hour, in one spot in the sky only.8/6/15
8/5/15 23:40Wildwood CrestNJUSAFireball~10 minutes4 fireballs near Wildwood Crest.8/6/15
8/5/15 23:00CentervilleMEUSASphere~20 minutesI saw these odd bright lights to the right in my window that looked like white fireworks.8/6/15
8/5/15 21:45SavannahGAUSAFormation1 minute5 white lights hovering.8/6/15
8/5/15 21:16PalmyraPAUSAOval1 minuteYellow/white lights hovering over field in Palmyr, PA.8/6/15
8/5/15 21:15IrondequoitNYUSACircle1-2 minutesFive bright red lights, flying in V-formation, over Lake Ontario at night without sound with additional two behind.8/6/15
8/5/15 21:00Weddington/Wesley ChapelNCUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shaped aircraft hovering over wooded area in night sky, with 3 distinct lights on each point.8/6/15
8/5/15 20:25TorringtonWYUSASphere5 minutesSame as last night. Bright ball of light between 5,000-10,000 feet. It is 10 times the size of a communication satellite.8/6/15
8/5/15 20:00PlymouthMAUSAFireball10 minutesOrange fireball shaped objects over Plymouth Harbour.8/6/15
8/5/15 19:05LumbertonNJUSARectangle5 minutesI was driving along the road Just behind the Shoprite in Lumberton,NJ when to my upper right of my windshield my eyes caught a large re8/6/15
8/5/15 17:45NewtonNCUSASphere30 secondsMy daughter and I were swimming and I was looking up to check out a dark cloud when I noticed a metallic sphere going from south to eas8/6/15
8/5/15 06:05GroveportOHUSATriangle2 minutesTaking pics of the sunrise at work and was going through the 5 pics when i noticed them in the top of the picture 4 together side by s8/6/15
8/5/15 03:15HudsonOHUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange communicating high-pitch whistling sounds.8/6/15
8/5/15 00:30MaidenNCUSADisk5 minutesI could see over the tree line a large object that was disc shape and almost look like a Zeppelin or some type of blimp.8/6/15
8/5/15 00:30WestlandMIUSALight2 minutesWe saw a light, whitish blue, flying just below cloud level, moving slow. It was not pulsating or sound.8/6/15
8/4/15 23:40PortlandORUSALight5 secondsGroup of 3 lights sighted heading south towards Portland.8/6/15
8/4/15 23:30American ForkUTUSALight2-3 seconds3 bright orange flashing lights, and one craft that flew very fast.8/6/15
8/4/15 23:00ModestoCAUSADiamond5 minutesSaw a yellow orange circular object not too far up in the sky and it began to streak downward like a falling star or meteor.8/6/15
8/4/15 22:30TorringtonWYUSASphere3 minutesIt's back again in the last week by itself.8/6/15
8/4/15 22:00Rehoboth BeachDEUSALight30 minutesOver the beach in Rehoboth, traveling south to north toward lightning that continued, centered over ocean.8/6/15
8/4/15 21:56New JerseyNJUSATriangle2 minutes((HOAX??)) Riding on the highway from work towards Philadelphia for 2 mins I saw 3 red lights that formed a triangle.8/6/15
8/4/15 21:30TooeleUTUSALight2-3 secondsMy 9 year old son was looking out of our kitchen window and asked me if I had seen the lights that had passed by the window, and I did8/6/15
8/4/15 16:00Rio RanchoNMUSAOther3 hoursFlash of white like a fireball and caused other lights to flash.8/6/15
8/4/15 12:20WasillaAKUSALight45 minutes +White and some orange orbs in mountain valley and sky, Wasilla Alaska.8/6/15
8/4/15 04:30Mt. JulietTNUSACircle10 minutesVery large bright round object in sky over Mt. Juliet.8/6/15
8/4/15 02:30Lake WorthFLUSAFireball10 minutesRed flashing orb moving very slow.8/6/15
8/4/15 02:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaOther30 secondsI saw this strange, what looked like a shaft with four wings coming off it sitting in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Insect in flight. PD))8/6/15
8/3/15 23:11LincolnVTUSAOval10 minutes3 large, fast and bright turquoise ovals circling each other, 15min, 2 witnesses. Lincoln, VT.8/6/15
8/3/15 23:00Morton groveILUSAFireball10 minutesI was on my roof and noticed an orange/firey ball circling around in the sky. It appeared as a Chinese lantern but it wasn't one.8/6/15
8/3/15 22:25MossTNUSAFireball2 secondsBluish green fireball.8/6/15
8/3/15 22:15GearhartORUSALight4 minutesI was outside about 10:15pm and was watching the skies. I noticed a bright "light" (about 4 times brighter than the brightest star).8/6/15
8/3/15 22:11Buena ParkCAUSALight22:14While driving eastbound on 91 freeway 3 lights 1 bright white 2 other multi color at same level in Eastern skyline a 4th appeared white8/6/15
8/3/15 21:50Mount MorrisILUSAFireball5 minutes4 orange glowing objects sighted flying in single formation.8/6/15
8/3/15 21:45West PointIAUSACircle1.5 minutesRound/circular orange object, north to south.8/6/15
8/3/15 21:30EllsworthKSUSAFormation1 minutesWitnessed a moving formation of lights in night sky.8/6/15
8/3/15 21:00Wilson LakeKSUSALight1-2 minutesAmber uniform spaced lights.8/6/15
8/3/15 21:00JonesboroILUSAFireballFireball.8/6/15
8/3/15 21:00PhillipsburgNJUSATriangle3 minutesWe went out for a drive after eating dinner and came across some triangle aircraft with bright lights hovering above a cemetery.8/6/15
8/3/15 20:00San DiegoCAUSAOval1 minutesGreen glowing oval ufo followed by helicopter.8/6/15
8/3/15 17:45TulsaOKUSAUnknown15 secondsSun was shining on hovering, still, silver object in western Tulsa sky, about 15 seconds before it vanished.8/6/15
8/3/15 13:45MinneapolisMNUSALight2 minutesThree balls of light seen moving east over industrial area of NE Minneapolis-St. Paul.8/6/15
8/3/15 13:00Las VegasNVUSAFormation5-8 minutesSitting at pool at Mirage about 8 bright dots in formation they breaking formation. Very very fast motion up down, back and forth.8/6/15
8/3/15 08:00AtlantaGAUSAOval10 minutesI saw a bright dot in the western sky, two attached circles white and silver visible only with binoculars.8/6/15
8/3/15 04:00Cranberry twp (7 Fields)PAUSAFireball10 secondsGiant green ball of fire fell from sky in 7 Cranberry, PA, last night at 4 am.8/6/15
8/3/15 03:59FairfaxVAUSAFlash2 secondsBrilliant flash of light illuminating my entire line of sight for 2 seconds approximately.8/6/15
8/3/15 03:45RichmondVAUSAFireball30 secondsLarge, silent blue meteor like object fly over James River and quickly disappear.8/6/15
8/3/15 02:00FlorenceORUSACircle1-2 minutesOrange circular object moving fast.8/6/15
8/3/15 00:30RupertWVUSAUnknownSecondsUFO with orange light in a hurry to get somewhere.8/6/15
8/2/15 23:21Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge, bright blue & red lights over Virginia Beach.8/6/15
8/2/15 23:00BozemanMTUSASphere15 minutesOrange sphere below waning moon south of bozeman8/6/15
8/2/15 22:40ReynoldsburgOHUSASphere4 minutesSphere, high in sky, west to east. Very high speed, stopped on a dime, elevated, lowered and continued.8/6/15
8/2/15 22:00New OrleansLAUSACircle10 minutesTwo circular lights shoot across the might sky.8/6/15
8/2/15 20:15SandwichMAUSAFireball15 minutesThe first sighting was two bright orange/red balls going thru the sky with no sound.8/6/15
8/2/15 19:00Las VegasNVUSASphere5 minutesSpheres.8/6/15
8/2/15 18:40WarwickRIUSASphere10 secondsBright reddish/orange self-illuminated sphere rising up from Warwick Pond in Warwick, Rhode Island.8/6/15
8/2/15 14:00BostonMAUSAUnknown3 minutesWhile at the beach with my family I noticed 4 military helicopter flying low, across Boston. This is unusual so I took a picture.8/6/15
8/2/15 09:45Warner RobinsGAUSAFireball50 secondsWife and I saw an glowing orange orb fly overhead, and then disappear to the west.....8/6/15
8/2/15 07:55Jefferson CityTNUSACylinderSecondsTubular silent unknown above flying SE.8/6/15
8/2/15 02:00Long Beach Island (North Beach)NJUSAUnknown10 minutesUnidentified object was sighted over North Beach, LBI.8/6/15
8/2/15 01:30RenoNVUSAUnknown1 minute2 women are frightened by a very loud low flying object, while in their hotel room, watching a lightening storm.8/6/15
8/2/15 01:10RenoNVUSACircleSecondsI saw a bright white light shooting across the sky, which at first I thought was a shooting star. Then milliseconds later I saw an obje8/6/15
8/2/15 00:13LewisvilleTXUSACircle30 minutesI saw a star like object flickering strangely. I got up and saw it was rapidly flashing red green orange white blue, no real pattern i.8/6/15
8/2/15 00:00Lees SummitMOUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle object seen flying over Lees Summit.8/6/15
8/1/15 23:30GlenmoorePAUSAUnknown60 seconds4 red light in sky over Glenmoore Pa. 8/1/15 at 11:30 PM.8/6/15
8/1/15 23:00Mastic BeachNYUSALight2 minutes1 Greenish changing to Red light moved slowly at first then swirled around once rapidly only to disappear after 2 min., reappears.8/6/15
8/1/15 23:00HicksvilleNYUSAFormation7 minutesInvasion of numerous bright orange/yellow lights across sky.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:45PowellOHUSACone1-2 minutesVery large orange/red circle with conicle rear; Appeared to have a tail/trail or be on fair at the rear.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:30FranklinNCUSAFireball~30 secondsSlow moving fireball, with no sound, in North Carolina.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:30BarboursvilleWVUSATriangle15 minutesOrange triangular shaped object hovering in the sky over our Beechfork State Park campgound, Barboursville, WV.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:15GamrbrillsMDUSALight2 minutesLarge mass of blinking lights that splits into 2 and moves in different directions.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:10GonzalesLAUSALight40 secondsWalking after dinner and looking to big moon in clear sky, all of sudden a very fast white light appeared in sky.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:00TorringtonWYUSASphere5 minutesOne large bright light split into two.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:00ChamplinMNUSALight30 minutesSteady orange lights traveling from SW horizon to NE horizon in under 30 seconds.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:00North Central Upper PeninsulaMIUSALight7 minutesIntensely bright, red-and-white flashing, silent, slowly moving object.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:36LagrangeNYUSACircle5 minutesWitnessed multiple red orb shapes moving in a line from below the hor. to middle sky. The lights appeared to be blinking or pulsing.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:30OttawaILUSALight2 minutesStrange fire-like lights in the sky (3 total) near Ottawa, IL, that extinguished after a few minutes, leaving only a red light.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:30Oak CreekWIUSASphere10 minutesTwo red orange fireballs fly low over neighborhood.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:30LanghornePAUSALight2-4 minutesCluster of 50 orange lights in night sky over Langhorne.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:21TempeAZUSALight10 minutesTen points of light flying formation in the sky over Tempe, AZ, 21:21 hrs 1 AUG 2015.8/6/15
8/1/15 21:20MarseillesILUSAFireball2 minutesVarious self piloting fireballs. Succeeded by red light craft.8/6/15
8/1/15 20:22TempeAZUSAFormation~4 minutesFormation of about 8 to 10 dim reddish lights.8/6/15
8/1/15 02:05VenturaCAUSAUnknown30 secondsObject slowly rising, then took off like nothing man made.8/6/15
8/1/15 00:30MiamisburgOHUSADisk2 minutesMy b.f. and I were stargazing on our back porch after I told him I saw a very vivid and long falling star trail.8/6/15
7/31/15 23:50ScarboroughMEUSACircle5 secondsBall-shaped green light zooms through the sky, stops, then continues.8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00West FriendshipMDUSAEgg2-3 minutesPictures and video of blue egg shaped orb. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, caused by pointing a camera at a bright source of light. PD))8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00DublinOHUSATrianglefast((HOAX??)) triangle craft with bright green lights and fast not very loud at all.8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00Old HickoryTNUSALight3 minutesSeen flashing over Old Hickory Lake, going towards Mount Juliet.8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00StocktonCAUSASphere2 minutesSeven Beautiful luminous orange orange orbs dance away above Stockton California8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00OrleansMAUSACylinder2 minutesVery bright object from the west moving east over Orleans MA 7-31-15.8/6/15
7/31/15 22:40SalvoNCUSAFireball1 minuteLarge and bright red fireball or light, silent and very fast moving N, and then nearly 90 degree westward turn over Pamlico Sound.8/6/15
7/31/15 22:16Venise en Quebec (Canada)QCCanadaEgg5 minutesOrange, egg-shaped orb over Venise end Quebec8/6/15
7/31/15 22:15Saint JohnsburyVTUSASphere10 minutesUnexplained Bright White Lights Over Saint Johnsbury Vermont!!8/6/15
7/31/15 22:05Buffalo GroveILUSALight5 minutesBright starlike object with changing speeds and floating movement at very high altitude moving W to E, without dimming in intensity.8/6/15
7/31/15 22:00RichmondMNUSAFlash2 secondsLooking S near Richmond, MN. It was a horizontal flash, larger than a jet in three separate jagged lines...not lightning.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:56SalemNHUSALight15 secondsLight High.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:45SuffieldCTUSALight45 minutes +Seemed like planet or bright star (white light), but then moved around in small area.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:45FrankfortILUSACircle5 minutesOne adult male and adult female witnessed 6 crafts, one orange the others orange, went from flew overhead and blinked out one by one.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:35EdisonNJUSALight<1 minuteWhite light, almost like a star.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:34BandonORUSACircle3 minutesDaughter and I were sitting in her room and heard this super loud firecracker yet metallic metal steel drum boom kind of sound outside.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:30BendORUSALight1 minuteI witnessed a object with a bright light come from the south and moved East disappearing. It had a bright white light that appeared bri8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00SomervilleNJUSAUnknown15 minutes3 objects with lights, spotted in triangular formation while driving on RT 287.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00AuburnNYUSAFireball30 secondsOrange flaming ball of fire, flying west to east, with no sound or navigation lights.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00WoodstockILUSACircle3-4 minutesMy husband and I saw a round, orange object travel in a straight southerly direction then it got smaller and disappeared.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00WindhamMEUSALight5 minutesVery bright object observed in Maine, quite high & distant, moving very steadily across sky, covering a great distance.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00JohnsburgILUSAOval1 minuteSlow, Low, from Northwest to Southeast, vertical unblinking lights, then disappeared.8/6/15
7/31/15 20:40CoalingaCAUSALight5 minutesVery bright as compared to star background. Definitely not an airplane; too fast no flashing lights. Traveled about 110 deg arc.8/6/15
7/31/15 20:30BurkeVAUSACircle2 minutesI watched for 2 mins. It hovered over Lake Royal, then slowly move to the N and disappeared over the trees. My heart is still racing.8/6/15
7/31/15 20:00Dodge CenterMNUSADisk45 minutesSlim,round disk like hovering over the ski did not move, shown through the clouds,never seen anything like it before, have pictures.See8/6/15
7/31/15 20:00King WilliamVAUSACircle2-3 minutesTwo objects formed to one, then looked as if it caught fire, moving very fast, just disappeared into the sky.8/6/15
7/31/15 19:00Long BeachNYUSATriangle.67Walking and saw it over the ocean fixed then they were gone at once.8/6/15
7/31/15 10:10PuyallupWAUSACircle~4 minutesSilver. Did not move, no contrail; 4 min.8/6/15
7/31/15 08:45WhitingNJUSACircle9 secondsLarge circle object fell straight down from the sky Ocean County, NJ.8/6/15
7/31/15 08:30SeattleWAUSACircle5 minutesTwo silent objects moving slowly. Daylight sighting.8/6/15
7/31/15 00:00NoblesvilleINUSALight10((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. E-address is suspicious. Hoax. PD))8/6/15
7/30/15 22:11ThorntonCOUSACircle3 minutesOrange flying lights over DIA seen from Thornton, CO.8/6/15
7/30/15 21:50Worcestershire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle10 minutesWitnessed two ufos and took photos.8/6/15
7/30/15 01:30PhiladelphiaPAUSASphere2 1/2 hrsStar-like object stationary for 2 hrs, then takes off at high rate of speed.8/6/15
7/29/15 20:30WeedsportNYUSAFormation20My wife myself and another couple were outside having a cigarette and noticed three red lights in a8/6/15
7/29/15 02:30Cedar FallsIAUSAFormationHourQuestion Mark Formation in the East.8/6/15
7/25/15 05:00TitusvilleFLUSACircle5-6 secondsWhite sphere, no tail.8/6/15
7/22/15 23:30SunriseFLUSACircle3 minutes6 bright orange circle objects flying bird formation with one larger one trailing behind.8/6/15
7/20/15 21:00Green BayWIUSACircle1.5 hoursGreen Bay, Bay Shore County P;ark ufo orb basically.8/6/15
7/18/15 02:30Rancho Palos VerdesCAUSATriangle15-20 SecondsTriangle UFO hovering on top of my home then accelerate very fast, after illuminating center white light.8/6/15
7/17/15 13:00AuburnMEUSAOval10 secondsSwimming at my friends pool and noticed a ring around the sun and had rainbow colors took a pic and didn't think it took so I took anot8/6/15
7/4/15 21:00MaspethNYUSAFireball4 minutes((HOAX??)) Orange red fireball.8/6/15
7/4/15 20:45LincolnNEUSALight2 minutesThree red glowing lights viewed by three individuals.8/6/15
5/6/15 21:30North Myrtle BeachSCUSAFireball20 secondsOrange ball of light, low over North Myrtle Beach May 6, 2015 during the late evening.8/6/15
1/8/15 23:30Moscow (Russia)RussiaFormation10 minutesMoving stars in South-east region of Moscow, Russia.8/6/15
8/4/14 21:00JamestownRIUSALight3-5 minutesTwo red/orange plasma shapes, soundless, close range for 3 minu by two witnesses one following the other by about 60 secs then vanished8/6/15
8/24/12 09:00Kerrville (8.5 miles E of; on I-10)TXUSAUnknown6 secondsBright blue, fast, UFOs passing over I-10.8/6/15
7/4/12 03:00SeasideORUSAFlash3 secondsshooting star ZIG ZAGS Seaside, Oregon.8/6/15
4/20/12 15:00Merritt IslandFLUSASphere5+ minutesMetallic grayish ball.8/6/15
6/30/11 19:00Québec (Canada)QCCanadaCone~5 secondsSaw something like a red cartoon rocket the black sky at night alone, felt unreal after and weird.8/6/15
10/10/09 05:00Myrtle BeachSCUSALight~2 minutesDisc-like object emitting a cluster of lights spotted over Myrtle Beach, SC.8/6/15
9/29/07 21:30Lummi Island (ferry terminal)WAUSACircleseveral hours?Stationary moon like object near lummi Island ferry terminal.8/6/15
6/1/98 22:00PortlandORUSATriangle10 secondsTR-3b low flyover Lake Oswego, Oregon.8/6/15
6/30/70 19:45MartinsvilleVAUSACircle15 secondsDancing orb in the sky.8/6/15