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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2015/09/11


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/11/15 14:00ScrantonPAUSACigar2-3 minutesI noticed an object in the sky that looked very similar to a dirigible, or so called cigar-shaped UFO.9/11/15
9/11/15 05:00HiramGAUSALight15 minutesHovering light seen over Hiram at 5am.9/11/15
9/11/15 00:01FranklinTNUSAUnknown3 secondsOrange horseshoe-shaped, silent, moved much faster then any aircraft, came almost to complete stop, then proceeded and vanished.9/11/15
9/10/15 23:00RogersonIDUSALight45 secondsLIGHTS APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR.9/11/15
9/10/15 20:30LantanaFLUSACircle15 minutesNumerous red circles in the north west sky, apx 10-20 dark red circles. Just hovering then faded away9/11/15
9/10/15 20:21MayflowerARUSATriangle5 minutesUFO witnessed in Mayflower, AR, with brief power outage. 9-10-2015.9/11/15
9/10/15 20:15AntiochCAUSALight12 secondsRed and blue lights in California seen moving fast in strait lines and slighly changing course.9/11/15
9/10/15 19:00Virginia BeachVAUSARectangleunknownA bright white angular object in the sky during an approaching thunderstorm.9/11/15
9/10/15 17:00Santa MariaCAUSAFireball5 minutesMade a report back in July 23, 2015. Location Santa Maria California. Tonight 9-10-15. My daughter asked what are those orange light9/11/15
9/10/15 11:00BuffaloNYUSAOther15 secondsBlack cloud hovering close to ground disappears in front of my eyes9/11/15
9/10/15 05:30PortlandORUSALightStill happeningStill moving bright white lights.9/11/15
9/10/15 00:50GlenarmILUSALight3 minutes2 lights star like moving in unison leaving atmosphere.9/11/15
9/9/15 21:30San JoseCAUSAChevron10 secondsChevron and small sphere craft going south over 95128 area. Amazing to see.9/11/15
9/9/15 21:20PensacolaFLUSAFireball4 secondsSomething blue fell from the sky and crashed.9/11/15
9/9/15 21:20SalineMIUSASphere3-5 minutesThree reddish orbs that moved silently through the sky changing formation twice before vanishing.9/11/15
9/9/15 20:35Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaFireball6 minutesLarge orange glowing orb over southeast Edmonton.9/11/15
9/9/15 20:30LebanonORUSAFlash3 hoursSeveral clusters of red, blue blinking lights in the sky moving in strange patterns over 3 hour period9/11/15
9/9/15 20:00DiamondheadMSUSAFireball30 secondsGreen fireball.9/11/15
9/9/15 19:00WoodlandCAUSAOther2 minutesDaylight sighting of tailed UFO cluster.9/11/15
9/9/15 18:30MiddletownRIUSACylinder10 secondsSilver cylinder shaped object moving super fast from north to south followed by another identical object a minute or so after the first9/11/15
9/9/15 15:15SeattleWAUSAOther1 minuteNothing about the craft ever changed.9/11/15
9/9/15 07:45FrederikaIAUSALight3 minutesDriving on 63 N noticed bright light in the sky above Frederika as I watched light flash was gone and saw sigar shape craft it lit up9/11/15
9/9/15 05:45ColumbusOHUSALight30 secondsBright light in sky quickly turns into miniscule light, then nothing.9/11/15
9/9/15 04:50LynchburgVAUSALight2 secondsA green and yellow glowing, circular light appeared in the sky falling toward the earth before fading out of sight.9/11/15
9/9/15 01:00OmahaNEUSADisk~5 minutesOmaha UFO seen floating above building9/11/15
9/9/15 00:20Schofield BarracksHIUSAFireball10 minutesSaw 5 individual balls of light. They fell slowly from roughly 100 feet up. They lit up the sky like a fire. The last two fell simultan9/11/15
9/8/15 23:30PascoWAUSAOther5 minutesI was night fishing for fall Chinooks at a place called Ringgold, its a popular public fishing area directly across the Columbia River9/11/15
9/8/15 23:30PortlandORUSACircle45 secondsDime sized gray/white circle over Portland on Tuesday.9/11/15
9/8/15 23:25Marquette HeightsILUSADiamond15-20 minutesStrange aircraft spotted hovering over Marquette Heights9/11/15
9/8/15 23:00OceanoCAUSARectangle15 secondsLooking up at the stars while having a cigarette when I noticed a dark rectangular shape cross my view. Object crossed half the sky in9/11/15
9/8/15 22:30CambriaCAUSAOther30 secondsUnknown flying object over Cambria, California.9/11/15
9/8/15 22:00BrazoriaTXUSAFormation48 hoursPictures dont have to prove whats going on her,there seems to be a cluster of orbes that moves around.9/11/15
9/8/15 22:00DenverCOUSALight10 minutesLights west of Denver.9/11/15
9/8/15 22:00AllentownPAUSAFlash90 minutesCould have been a planet, but it seems odd rising in the northern sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))9/11/15
9/8/15 22:00PonchatoulaLAUSACircle2 secondsLarge fireball traveling to the ESE at 22:00 on September 8 in Southeast Louisiana9/11/15
9/8/15 21:35PittsburghPAUSALight3 secondsFalling blue round object southern sky pittsburgh helicopters flying around area of possible sighting9/11/15
9/8/15 21:34WaynesvilleNCUSACircle1 hourDots of white green and red lights, 3 dots of light. Western night time sky, just south of lyn lowry cross. Has been hovering in the ni9/11/15
9/8/15 21:30EvansCOUSATriangle15 secondsI witnessed 6 dimly lit orange red colored V shaped lights flying in a V-formation.9/11/15
9/8/15 21:30AttleboroMAUSADisk5 minutesSaucer with dome shaped top hovering in place over busy area9/11/15
9/8/15 21:28FreeholdNJUSATriangle1 minuteWhite and orange triangular blinking lights and unusual movement of aircraft heading west.9/11/15
9/8/15 21:00Red BluffCAUSACone1 minuteBright white glow, held still then just dimmed out.9/11/15
9/8/15 20:00CharlotteNCUSACircle3 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))9/11/15
9/8/15 20:00Myrtle BeachSCUSATeardropsecondsBlue teardrop appeared low in the sky above us slowly slid lower shape turned round stopped then just shut off like a light bulb.9/11/15
9/8/15 10:30VernalUTUSADisk45 minutesIt was a saucer with 4-5 lights blinking unlike any aircraft I have ever seen and sat in the sky for 45 minutes or longer.9/11/15
9/8/15 10:00ProvidenceRIUSADisk10 minutesSaw a disc shaped ufo with a green glow with green and red flashing lights hovering slowly over the Providence River Bay area9/11/15
9/8/15 09:15Las VegaNVUSARectangle2 minutesRectangular silver shape, flying horizontally.9/11/15
9/8/15 08:00GrenadaMSUSACircleN/AJust circle of lights standing still.Spotted the first one it was multi colored red white blue and as we got off the porch to look my f9/11/15
9/8/15 06:00Boston (northeast of)MAUSARectangle10 minutesBright fiery elongated object seen in sky northeast of Boston Ma, on Sept 8, 2015 at 6 am.9/11/15
9/8/15 03:15PottsvillePAUSADisk30 minutesDisc-shaped craft with blinking lights.9/11/15
9/8/15 01:45Panama City BeachFLUSAFlash15 minutesA bright white light was seen flashing over Panama City Beach that moved.9/11/15
9/8/15 01:00HendersonNVUSAFlash13 minutesLarge flashes of lights behind mountains in Henderson, but no clouds.9/11/15
9/8/15 00:30WarminsterPAUSAFlash15 minutesMy husband was outside looking into the sky when he saw what he thought was a UFO. He quickly came in the house to show me and ask what9/11/15
9/8/15 00:30BurnsvilleMNUSACircle5 minutesMy daughter Heidi saw these lights as she returned home to her apartment from work tonight. It was silent and was slowly moving to th s9/11/15
9/8/15 00:18CharlestonWVUSALightSeveral minutesColor changing light moving in erratic patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star? PD))9/11/15
9/7/15 21:15SmithfieldPAUSALight3 secondsBright light appeared, flew a direct route and disappeared.9/11/15
9/7/15 21:00KingsportTNUSACircleSecondsSmall white orb flying thru my yard.9/11/15
9/7/15 20:57MathisTXUSACircle5 minutesIn between Mathis TX and Sinton TX on FM 188 and CR 1345 an circular object moving from west to east. Object would glow bright white th9/11/15
9/7/15 20:00WhitehallPAUSASphere5 minutesBlack sphere with lights dropping off of it in the night sky.9/11/15
9/7/15 05:00CarverMNUSAFireball:30Bright light low to ground.9/11/15
9/7/15 04:59AnaheimCAUSALightSeveral hoursWhite orb flying over Anaheim, CA9/11/15
9/7/15 01:30Staten IslandNYUSACircle2 minutesCircular, buzzing, UFO, 2 green lights and 2 orange lights, speeds extremely high; non human.9/11/15
9/7/15MiamiFLUSADiskOrange orb.9/11/15
9/6/15 23:45StoningtonCTUSALight4 minutesLine of lights in the sky near midnight over Mystic/Stonington, CT.9/11/15
9/6/15 23:00MohntonPAUSACylinder2 minutesOrange fiery object, cylinder shape, moved rapidly north to south.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:40TyngsboroughMAUSACircle10 secondsTwo separate orange orbs, each lasting about 10 seconds, above Massapoag Pond in Tyngsborough, MA.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:16MariettaGAUSAFireball1 minuteBright red orb hovering in the sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:15EurekaUTUSATriangle5 secondsBlack triangular object, quiet steady movement, not very high off ground.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:12WarrenMIUSALight5-6 minutesThese red lights were very bright in the sky over Warren, MI.9/11/15
9/6/15 22:10Kanawha CityWVUSASphere10 secondsBright, oval shaped light passing through sky,9/11/15
9/6/15 22:00YukonOKUSAChevron40 minutesBlinking red, blue green lights. Movement was erratic zig zagging then just staying put. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a star? PD))9/11/15
9/6/15 22:00Whitby (Canada)ONCanada1 minuteLarge orange light sept 6,2015 in sky quickly disappearing9/11/15
9/6/15 21:50ElkhartINUSALight15 minutesRed lights in 2 different groups..first 4..then 3 more..raising up from low altitude in east Elkhart..heading north from prox sr20 @cre9/11/15
9/6/15 21:30CampbellCAUSAFireball3-5 secondsUnexplained disappearing explosion-esque orb of light sighted in suburbia.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:20NashuaNHUSACircle90 secondsA bright white light that would stop change positions then changed colors and quickly moved the complete opposite direction.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:12Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaLight1Flying west to east bright white light impulsed once very bright then dimmed down to nothing while flying at a constant pace.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:09LawrenceKSUSALight4-5 secondsPoint of light that was moving in a straight line at a good speed, almost 2 times that of a passenger jet.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:06GrayslakeILUSAOval2 minutesOrange oval seen moving south to north 9 witnesses.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:05MishawakaINUSAFireball1 minute3 burning lights cruising through air 5 seconds apart. Came from south going north not entirely in straight line, but at decent pace.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:00GibbonMNUSACigar5-10 minutesMy wife and I were watching a beautiful lightning storm when we were walking our three dogs. Off to the left hand side of what had to b9/11/15
9/6/15 21:00Sugar CampWIUSALight20 minutesBlinking red, green and yellow lights above Dam Lake, Sugar Camp WI9/11/15
9/6/15 21:00CorinthKYUSAFireball4-5 minutes12 orange/red lights traveling across the sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 21:00GibbonMNUSAOther5-10 minutesMy husband and I are camping at Clear Lake Park and Gibbon, Minnesota. My husband was outside and called for me to come quickly.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:49AmeliaOHUSALight30Orange/red lights in sky traveling Northwest9/11/15
9/6/15 20:45TaneytownMDUSACircle5-7 minutes2 bright orange objects moving south to north over Maryland 9/6 845pm9/11/15
9/6/15 20:45GlendaleAZUSAOther2 hoursBright star like object dancing in night sky for hours above North Glendale/Peoria Arizona.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:40SharonPAUSALight1 minuteA strange orange light seen in the night sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:30Red HookNYUSAFormation3 minutesTaconic State Pkwy north; saw three groups of three white orbs floating in the sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:30HanoverPAUSAFireball1 minuteSlow moving fireball.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:30SharonPAUSALight20 minutesAn orangeish-red hovering light appeared, disappeared, reappeared, then faded away into the sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:30SwanseaILUSASphere15-20 secondsMoving around in a way that not possible through normal flight9/11/15
9/6/15 20:15HanoverPAUSACircle45 secondsTwo adults and one child observe an ember glowing circular object fly across the sky.9/11/15
9/6/15 20:00BarnegatNJUSAFireball3 minutes3 Fireballs aligned in perfect symmetrical shapes such as a pyramid and then a perfect line.9/11/15
9/6/15 18:20Valley StreamNYUSAUnknown20 minutesIntermittently pulsing object at very high altitude possibly low orbital, extremely slow movement, often stationary - in daylight.9/11/15
9/6/15 12:50BayvilleNYUSAFlash40 minSmall and extremely bright intermitten white light. High altitude on clear and sunny Labor Day. Did not move for at least 40 minutes.9/11/15
9/6/15 12:00AltonNHUSACigar30 secondsLarge white cigar shaped object.9/11/15
9/6/15 11:45SpencerMAUSAChevron10 secondsV-shaped aircraft flying NW.9/11/15
9/6/15 07:42Yellowstone National Park (near west entrance)USAOval1 minute or less1 orb 4 photos with 2 cameras in the daylight moving. ((NUFORC Note: Objects are lens flares, caused by the Sun. PD))9/11/15
9/6/15 05:15IndianapolisINUSACircle20 minutesA bright orange orb, north from the moon and constellation Orion, occasionally blinking off then on again9/11/15
9/6/15 04:00RenoNVUSAhoursA lot of camera footage to back my siting.9/11/15
9/6/15 03:27GalesburgMIUSALight20 minutesI was driving home near a cornfeild, on the edge of the field was this blue whisp like light moving horizontally and dashing vertically9/11/15
9/6/15 03:00NewarkNJUSACircle10 minutesTwo white lights moving around back an fourth I can see from my apartment building one disappeared the other moves back and forth until9/11/15
9/6/15 03:00IsabellaMNUSAUnknown10-15 minutesUFO while camping.9/11/15
9/6/15 03:00WacoTXUSALight14 minutesStar like light zipped around in the sky above us9/11/15
9/6/15 02:50WinslowMEUSALight1 minuteLight chasing another.9/11/15
9/6/15 01:15New GloucesterMEUSATriangle10 minutesBright round lights in triangular form moving very slowly through the sky at 1:15am on 9/6/15.9/11/15
9/6/15 00:02Chazy LakeNYUSALight5 minutesBright orangish-red light silently moving slowly over lake.9/11/15
9/5/15 23:45Lake ArielPAUSACircle1 minuteRing of lights blink on and off.9/11/15
9/5/15 23:30AshlandORUSADisk3 minutes9/2015, 2 boys in Southern Oregon have a close encounter with a flying metallic disc that interacts with them9/11/15
9/5/15 23:30Stratford (Canada)ONCanadaOther5 minutesWitnessed a large bright bird like shape in night sky. At first thought light was a shooting star moving very fast from east to west un9/11/15
9/5/15 23:20ThomasvillePAUSASphere2 minutesObject seemed to rise from ground behind a group of trees, and travel in a north east direction. At first I thought it was someone shoo9/11/15
9/5/15 23:00KearneysvilleWVUSAFireball3 minutesRed-orange fireball moving quickly through sky.9/11/15
9/5/15 23:00WarwickRIUSAChanging4 hoursEvery night I see a bright light star shape thing move across the sky. But last night was different. This one I watched for 4 hours.9/11/15
9/5/15 23:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSATriangle5Multiple Red light objects in sky shaped as triangle formation over Hudson River9/11/15
9/5/15 22:40PittsburgNHUSASphere1 minuteBright orange circular object slowly moves across the sky9/11/15
9/5/15 22:30CaryILUSALight30 secondsUnusual bright orange light/orb over Cary, IL.9/11/15
9/5/15 22:00Milton-FreewaterORUSALight5 minutes4 white lights were circling in and out of a cloud bank over farmland. I could see no place the lights could be coming from. They cir9/11/15
9/5/15 21:35HaywardCAUSAFormation5-7minutesStrange eight light formation orange/red spheres horizontal in Northern California9/11/15
9/5/15 21:30ArlingtonWAUSALight5 minutes10+ redish orange lights.9/11/15
9/5/15 21:30MonongahelaPAUSACircle5-10 minutesThree reddish orange crafts hovering in the form of a perfect right triangle.9/11/15
9/5/15 21:30ClermontFLUSACircle15 minutes24 bright lights over Clermont fla.headed in southerly direction at approximately 9:30 at night on sept. 5th 20159/11/15
9/5/15 21:15ElyriaOHUSAFireball4 minutesWe went out the door and we saw a Fireball same size as the moon moving at approximately 5 miles an hour up in the sky in front of us.9/11/15
9/5/15 21:00DublinOHUSAFireball2 minutesOval, orange-white, large candle/fireball floated slowly across the sky at a smooth, steady speed.9/11/15
9/5/15 21:00Black CreekNYUSAFormation60 secondsDriving down unlit country road, vertical tower w/ 4 large lights moving over us-no towers in area then horizontal & disappeared.9/11/15
9/5/15 20:35PetalumaCAUSALight5 secondsLocated in western sky of Petaluma. Object looked to be an orb light. Appeared for only seconds before becoming brighter and then fadi9/11/15
9/5/15 20:30ChesapeakeVAUSACircleseveral minutes4 circular bright orange balls in sky over Centerville Turnpike in Chesapeake, racing with and around each other, then disappearing.9/11/15
9/5/15 20:00MilfordMAUSAFireball5 minutesFireball holding position with slight movement.9/11/15
9/5/15 20:00MAUSASphere2-4 hoursUnknown objects in the same place every night.9/11/15
9/5/15 20:00ErieCOUSACircle1 minuteLarge circle of light over house in front of me, the lights were spacing around and were in sync with the tapping on my window.9/11/15
9/5/15 20:00Pierrefonds (Canada)QCCanadaLight3 minutesRed pulsating lights.9/11/15
9/5/15 09:00CharlottesvilleVAUSARectangle7-9 secondsComing into Charlottesville off ramp, I noticed a square set of lights above the treeline, I at first thought it was a plane but then I9/11/15
9/5/15 05:25Boones CreekTNUSACircle5 minutes2 yellowish/red dots seen over Boones Creek, Tn9/11/15
9/5/15 00:15PottstownPAUSALight10-15 minutesAt about 12:12am tonight I was standing outside just staring at the sky when I noticed a strange light traveling NW to NE.9/11/15
9/5/15 00:00HollandMIUSALight2 nightsI went on my deck to look at the night sky and noticed an odd star in the southeast that was flickering a lot. I looked at the other s9/11/15
9/4/15 23:40Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaLight7 minutesDistance away from ufo: 2 miles approx depending on actual size. It was a bright light dimming in and out slightly. It went left about9/11/15
9/4/15 22:15MuscatineIAUSATriangle5 secondsTriangle shaped pinkish peach lights flying in arrow shape. low lights not bright but still obviously visable!9/11/15
9/4/15 22:00Wake ForestNCUSACircle3 minutesDriving down a local road, we witnessed 4 bright orange lights in the sky. They seemed circular in shape and traveling pretty fast. The9/11/15
9/4/15 21:00Los OlivosCAUSACircle3 minutesBright rainbow colored light flying in the general area of Figueroa Mountain9/11/15
9/4/15 21:00MeridianIDUSALight10 secondsI was walking along my neighborhood when i say greenish blue light burst through sky approximately 1 meter by 1 meter. It flashed faste9/11/15
9/4/15 20:30St. CloudFLUSACircle10 minutes2 bright multicolored objects flying in the sky.9/11/15
9/4/15 20:17Katrine (Canada)ONCanadaSphere2 minutes approxWent to get binoculars to better see a sphere of light that just hung in sky at first. Through the binoculars it was diffetent.9/11/15
9/4/15 18:45PhoenixAZUSAFireball90 secondsFireball in the SW Phoenix Sky 9/4/2015 6:45pm, or was it?9/11/15
9/4/15 18:00MuskogeeOKUSADisk10 minutesWhite bright lights on a mirror like saucer shape at Robinson Park, Muskogee.9/11/15
9/4/15 17:00Las VegasNVUSACylinder2 minutesOn 9/4/15, I seen 2 pill/cylinder shaped objects in the sky they had no wings and no lights and were really white. I was waiting for my9/11/15
9/4/15 01:00Rice LakeWIUSAFireball90 secondsWhite fireball round-like orb of light.9/11/15
9/4/15 00:00WoodlandALUSALightStill going onThere was a light in north eastern sky that would get brighter then change to red,it would jump around a little bit then just kind of h9/11/15
9/3/15 23:25Fort WayneINUSATriangle3 minutesWe were outside and looked up to see what we thought was a satellite, it was moving across the sky pretty fast, My father in law grabbe9/11/15
9/3/15 23:00StauntonVAUSAUnknown30 minutesIt was flying low and loud and must have been several because the roar lasted long.9/11/15
9/3/15 21:45RomeovilleILUSAFireball20 secondsBright red light in sky, moving erratically.9/11/15
9/3/15 20:45MesaAZUSATriangle10 secondsTriangle craft moved slowly and deliberately over the area, was very low, and clearly visible after thunder storm.9/11/15
9/3/15 20:30Corpus ChristiTXUSAOval5 secondsGreen oval orb seen flying over baseball field.9/11/15
9/3/15 20:00RoasharonTXUSALight2-3 secondsBright white object with green light orbiting it streaked across Hwy 288.9/11/15
9/3/15 20:00ForestburghNYUSALight2 hoursAt 8:00 pm on 9/3/2015 in Forestburgh NY we saw flashing lights in a generalized area. 6 jets flew towards it. This event lasted 2 hrs9/11/15
9/3/15 20:00ForestburghNYUSALight2 hoursSaw unidentified flashing lights in a general area that was constant in one spot. As the lights were flashing I witnessed 3-4 military9/11/15
9/3/15 11:00SpringTXUSACigar4 minutesUFO in TX.9/11/15
9/2/15 23:01WestonFLUSALight4 minutesV-formation lights over Naples area.9/11/15
9/2/15 21:57RooseveltWAUSAOval2+ minutesRed shiny globe making manuevers in Southern sky over Oregon being seen from Washington.9/11/15
9/2/15 21:45Salton SeaCAUSACircle10 minutesOnce again strange lights in sky.9/11/15
9/2/15 21:39Mayerthorpe (Canada)ABCanadaSphere10 minutesOn 2nd of Sept. 2015 6 lights in the western sky at sunset .. they were in a staggered formation. Direction North to South. Site9/11/15
9/2/15 20:18El PasoTXUSACircle40 secondsCircular shaped and moving in to the left very drastically and was very bright.9/11/15
9/2/15 20:00BillingsMTUSACircle30 minutesCraft with lights over Billings.9/11/15
9/2/15 17:00BillingsMTUSACircle1 hourBright silver/white object above 10,000 feet Hovering for 1 hour, then vanishes.9/11/15
9/2/15 15:00MalibuCAUSAOval30 minutesOrange spheres over Malibu and Pt. Dume.9/11/15
9/2/15 11:18WadsworthOHUSAFireball10 minutesA yellowish/orange fireball colored circle with white lights on the side.9/11/15
9/1/15 22:00KitimatBCCanadaTriangle5 minutesThree light triangle moving and revolving slowly.9/11/15
9/1/15 06:20Myrtle BeachSCUSACylinderUntil sunrise3 light left, middle, right stationary for over half an hour.9/11/15
8/29/15 00:00NashuaNHUSATriangle2-3 secondsLow hovering triangular aircraft, fast speed and tight turns.9/11/15
8/28/15 23:00GorhamMEUSADisk10 minutesUFO lingering low in the sky the chased off by other aircraft.9/11/15
8/27/15 09:45Pea RidgeARUSATriangle3 secondsBLACK/OPAQUE TRIANGULAR SHAPE...NO LIGHTS AT ALL, NO SOUND9/11/15
8/26/15 16:00McMechenWVUSASphere3-5 minutesSilver orb that vanished behind clouds9/11/15
8/24/15 23:00WinchesterKYUSAChevron10-15 secondsPair of V-shaped lights flying fairly fast.9/11/15
8/19/15 20:25SumnerWAUSAOther5 15 minBright white light, flying extremely low and very low sound over Sumner, WA.9/11/15
8/17/15LibertyKYUSACigarUFO flying inside a chem-trail.9/11/15
8/16/15 03:04Sparks/Spanish SpringsNVUSASphereSecondsGreen Flashing Light at Star Level in Sky 03:04 a.m.9/11/15
8/13/15 21:00Mt. WashingtonKYUSASphere2 minutes9 objects in a formation 1 object of to side bright white lite on all of them.then faded away.9/11/15
8/13/15 01:00ChattanoogaTNUSAFlash4 seconds((HOAX??)) We were sitting in a car talking about Alien Activities with a friend of my Daughters.9/11/15
8/13/15 01:00ChattanoogaTNUSAFlash4 secondsWe were sitting in a car talking about Alien Activities with a friend of my Daughters ... He just had sited a big Ship recently that wa9/11/15
8/11/15 23:00Elkins ParkPAUSAOval2 minutesDistinctly blue hexagon object came into viewable atmosphere.9/11/15
8/9/15MinneapolisMNUSARegarding the report of a ring of lights on this date-- A witness reported this sighting on reddit's r/ufos. I discussed this sighting.9/11/15
8/8/15 21:27RomneyWVUSAUnknown2 secondsSpace debris.9/11/15
8/7/15 21:00QuincyMAUSASphere10 minutes5 orbs observed for 15 minutes seen at various altitude in semi vertical formation9/11/15
8/7/15 19:00DoverDEUSAOval15 secondsTwo large oval shaped saucers were flowing low and close together in the tree lines.9/11/15
8/5/15 21:30HaywardCAUSACircle2 minutesStrange lights hovering over Highway 8809/11/15
8/5/15 21:15BayfieldWIUSAUnknown3 minutes3 bright red lights. Aircraft appeared to approach fast stop or almost stop and then took off very fast. In and out flight pattern appe9/11/15
8/5/15 19:05MariettaGAUSAFireball5 minutesObject was going I. The direction of the Dobens Air Force base at a high rate of seed red and with a smoke trail short behind it it mov9/11/15
8/4/15 02:30PortlandORUSAFlash4 secondsAn extremely fast moving blue flash. Appeared under cloud cover and was visible for approximately 4 seconds.9/11/15
8/2/15 20:40Pilot PointTXUSAFormation5-10 minutesTriangle formation seen in the sky, until they each flew away, one by one.9/11/15
8/1/15 22:00AdamsvilleTNUSAFireball4 secondsMassive fireball shot across the sky from the northwest to southeast. It had 2 smoke tails. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))9/11/15
7/19/15 09:30Ormond by the SeaFLUSACircle1 minuteA perfectly round orange, translucent orb moving slowly from the sw to ne followed 20 minutes later by a second orb, same as the first9/11/15
7/17/15 22:45KenoshaWIUSASphere3 secondsSpherical object sighted at night. Very fast. Changed trajectory in flight. Appeared to accelerate.9/11/15
7/16/15 20:00Lake George (Lake George Village )NYUSACircle5 minutes3 red lights in sky just off shore over lake george, lake george village ny lasting 5 minutes before disappearing9/11/15
6/6/15 22:57Bangor (UK/England)United KingdomChevron30 minutesDelta shaped craft going eastwards, could have been a Chinese satellite out of control/9/11/15
6/1/15 19:00WebsterNYUSAUnknown30 secondsI captured this bright white/pink elongated image on my phone while outside taking pictures of my young grandson.9/11/15
5/21/15 19:00Zion National ParkUTUSASphere1 minuteBright Orbs in Zion National Park.9/11/15
5/15/15 21:00MoultonboroNHUSAOtherBriefFlashing orange lights appeared.9/11/15
5/12/15 07:10Kenosha/Racine (between)USAExtremely bright rectangular objects in sky moving north. Clear skies, well lit.9/11/15
9/6/14 21:20Debert (Canada)NSCanadaSphere4 minsLarge orange ball in sky with no tail moving west to east approx 4 mins duration9/11/15
8/27/14 00:00CharlestonWVUSACircle30 minutesLarger craft with changing lights with smaller crafts flying around the light.9/11/15
8/15/14 00:00LongwoodFLUSAFireball10-15 minutesA bright, circular, floating orange colored object with orange fog that dissipated after mini explosions and fell out of the sky.9/11/15
9/21/12 18:07GardnervilleNVUSAOval5 minutesA silver colored UFO that morphed into an orange round shaped translucent ball and then disappeared.9/11/15
8/15/11 01:00TerrellTXUSAFormation2 minutesOne ship, 3 lights, flies over head and disappears behind treeline.9/11/15
12/21/10 02:25HammontonNJUSAFormation8 minutes2 objects (drone like) but fast multiple DNA Flight path maneuvers with bright blue yellow white , lights ... Eclipse Night.9/11/15
9/15/08 05:55StarksMEUSATriangle15 minutesTriangle shaped object, 8-10ft thick, 50-60ft long, 40ft wide, (my estimate), had three lights one on each corner, with a black to red9/11/15
7/26/00 22:00LubbockTXUSAFireball30 minutesOne large orange/amber fuzzy blob with hundreds of small fuzzy orange/amber colored spheres.9/11/15
6/30/00 12:00AuburnWAUSACircle30 secondsStopped at red light at 15th st. and Auburn way No. Waiting for light to change and noticed through my car window a chrome colored cir9/11/15
4/10/97 23:00LubbockTXUSATriangle30 minutesBlack triangle with three solid white lights and a forth blinking light in the center of the other three solid lights.9/11/15
7/4/95 19:30ClancyMTUSALightunknownJuly 4th, 1995, in Clancy Mt., I saw a brilliant bright ball of white light, fixed at a distance of about 500 ft from me.9/11/15
6/30/82CanadaBCCanadaThere was no vehicle they hiked to the top of the mountain9/11/15
6/30/79RentonWAUSAEgg15 minutesWatched stat. obj. from basement for 10 min. Obj. looked like white grain of rice. Went up stairs and got my binoculars.9/11/15
8/15/75 22:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaDisk5 minutesRed and white or white and red running lights.9/11/15
9/15/74 22:00Cuba CityILUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle of lights with a red drone(?) spotted over Southern Wisconsin.9/11/15
6/30/68 23:00AnchorageAKUSACircle1 minuteLooked out of window before going to bed. Saw a circular craft with rotating colored lights. Called Elmandorf Air Force Base. Said they9/11/15
6/30/49SeattleWAUSAOtherStudent called Air Force and was told to submit all photos and negatives to them.9/11/15