National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/02/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
2/18/16 22:00Glens FallsNYUSALight20 minutesErratic lights seen, which exchanged position and flashed out and on again.2/19/16
2/18/16 20:45AnchorageAKUSACircle3-5 minutesOrange circular craft hovering over House in Anchorage, AK. ((NUFORC Note: Video on NUFORC homepage. PD))2/19/16
2/18/16 19:00ForesthillCAUSACone13 minutesObj. was flashing different color lights, blue red and chrome like. Was hovering above the mountain top. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))2/19/16
2/18/16 18:44ChandlerAZUSALight5 minutesTwo clusters of orange flashing/flickering objects over Chandler2/19/16
2/18/16 18:00New HamptonNHUSATriangle5-10 minutesObject moving in one direction, and then switched directions, heading the opposite way. Triangular shaped, three white lights at each t2/19/16
2/17/16 22:30PhiladelphiaPAUSALight10 minutes4 orange lights seen moving W to E over Philadelphia. Two lights moving together at some distance suddenly got close to each othe2/19/16
2/17/16 20:30ChicopeeMAUSALight5 minutes2 slow, silent lights 1 mile away from WARB; followed quickly by 2 black military helicopters.2/19/16
2/17/16 20:00Spring PrairieWIUSAUnknown?Was driving N on Hwy. 120, just S of Hwy. 11, when above my car flew a triangular plane-like formation of 3 bright green lights.2/19/16
2/17/16 19:45Cape CoralFLUSATriangle6 minutesFlorida is a Hot Spot for Black Budget aircraft and Space Capable vehicles2/19/16
2/17/16 19:44Hong Kong (pilot report; in-flight)Hong KongSphere4-5 minutesAirline Captain and 1st Officer witness a bright blue, stationary, object in the northern sky, perhaps at 60,000' altitude.2/19/16
2/17/16 19:30Miami (Suburbs)FLUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle formation, three lights proceeding one red light.2/19/16
2/17/16 19:00MartinsvilleVAUSACircle~3 minutesThree circular formations of green lights seemed to float in the sky around 7:00.2/19/16
2/17/16 19:00GreeleyCOUSAFireball5 minutes2 orange glowing balls in the air, not flashing red or white like airplanes, traveling very slow then one cut W and slowly disappears.2/19/16
2/17/16 18:08YonkersNYUSALight9 secondsWhite star-like, comet-like object with white trail.2/19/16
2/17/16 18:05Rocky FordCOUSAUnknown40 minutesStrange Lights Date: 2-17-16 Time: 18:05 to 18:45 Location: Downtown Rocky Ford, Colo. Conditions: Night, partly clouded sky (Black2/19/16
2/17/16 16:49PortageINUSATriangle30 secondsIt was a black figure almost like a v it had at least 60 lights it came down low I got a good look then took off in a blink of an eye.2/19/16
2/17/16 02:00New LondonWIUSAFlash10-15 minutesRandom pulses of bright white light some brighter than others randomly appeared in the sky with no associated sound or heading .2/19/16
2/17/16 00:00TulsaOKUSALight10 minutesIt was a light going in half a circle every 6 seconds; it made a whistling sound, then it stopped and a car alarm went off.2/19/16
2/16/16 21:59FordWAUSACircle4 minutesI was in my room ready for bed. I told my 18 year old to take our dog out to go to the bathroom before bed. He took her outside. Immed2/19/16
2/16/16 19:52Birch RunMIUSAFormation3-4 minutes6 RED/ORANGE ORBS, PLUS 1--SPEED/SPACING/R SAME.2/19/16
2/16/16 19:19Kill Devil HillsNCUSAFireballLooked like a ball of fire going fast across sky and disappear into the west sky.2/19/16
2/16/16 19:14ArlingtonVAUSATeardrop5 secondsBright fast moving glowing green object low in horizon at early evening2/19/16
2/16/16 19:12HertfordNCUSASphereGreen flame with tail in Hertford, NC-was it a meteor?2/19/16
2/16/16 17:12WilliamsburgVAUSAFireball3-4 secondsObject was moving rapidly left to right, approximately 300-500' AGL, orange yellow fiery tail front end looked white/bluish in color2/19/16
2/16/16 17:00EnterpriseWAUSAFireball30 secondsA large white fireball with a smoke or vapor trail flew Northwest.2/19/16
2/16/16 06:45KasilofAKUSALight10-15 secondsUnidentified brilliant green/blue light appeared at children's bus stop.2/19/16
2/16/16 01:22Federal WayWAUSAFlashPacific Hwy((HOAX??)) As we were inside, the town goes completely black as we walk outside multiple green flashes were seen in the E sky.2/19/16
2/16/16 00:30AuburnWAUSA1 secondToday at 12:30am on 2/16/16 while heading southbound on Highway 167 I witnessed a blue flash in the sky while passing by the city of Au2/19/16
2/16/16 00:15Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown>1 hourSounds in the middle of the night.2/19/16
2/15/16 19:00DubuqueIAUSAFireball10-12 seconds((HOAX??)) I spotted a crimson light heading W for maybe 5 sec. It stopped, changed color to a emerald green and shot off to the W.2/19/16
2/15/16 18:00Newport BeachCAUSAFormation30 minutesSitting on Balboa Island looking in the direction of the pavilion which is NW two objects.2/19/16
2/15/16 17:00HoustonTXUSASphere15 secondsRed ball-like aircraft spotted from private aircraft.2/19/16
2/15/16 12:50Santa RosaCAUSAOther?Strangest thing... On our way to the lake, it caught the corner of my eye. The only way I can describe it is... Looked like a flying du2/19/16
2/15/16 09:30PhiladelphiaPAUSA2-3 seconds((HOAX??)) One or two bright green circles flashing darted through the sky, it scared the hell out of me. I live in the NW Phila..2/19/16
2/15/16 03:37Pingrup (Australia)AustraliaUnknown50 minutesCommon sightings in the mornings of red and green aircraft of some sort flying low altitudes above the township of pingrup,, Western Au2/19/16
2/15/16 03:00East AuroraNYUSATriangle10 minutesI was traveling south bound on the 400. I noticed in the distance above trees what looked like a Chinese lantern but very bright as if2/19/16
2/15/16 00:20ColumbusOHUSAFlashBriefOn 71 southbound near the Budweiser plant. A green flash lit the entire sky behind the clouds sort of like heat lightning except it's2/19/16
2/14/16 22:00Santa Fe (on ranch)CAUSALight8 minutesStrange moving light, making quick movements of great distance and s-shaped turns.2/19/16
2/14/16 20:50IndioCAUSACircle5 secondsSaw lighted object fly across sky in about 5 seconds, flying west to east.2/19/16
2/14/16 20:48WoodbridgeVAUSASphere8 minutesOrange orbs or spheres, flying in formation some materializing from nowhere, no sound whatsoever, then some ascended.2/19/16
2/14/16 20:20OrlandoFLUSALight2 minutesSaw 9 reddish/orange lights flying in very slow formation for approximately 2 before disappearing behind clouds.2/19/16
2/14/16 19:40HaywardCAUSATriangle10-15 secondsSemi-transparent triangle shaped low and slow object2/19/16
2/14/16 19:30EugeneORUSALight5 minutes((HOAX??)) Orange light in sky, moving fast until a parachute opened and object descended into Eugene area.2/19/16
2/14/16 19:00LakewoodCAUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange circular object that traveled at a high rate of speed, slowed to a stop, and then faded away.2/19/16
2/14/16 18:30NaplesFLUSACylinder5 minutesBright-orange, glowing object moving at a fast pace across the sky and suddenly vanishing.2/19/16
2/14/16 14:00South GateCAUSASphere2 minutesOne of many this day. Orb flyby captured with a telescope. Almost missed this one by mistake.
2/14/16 10:45NewhallCAUSARectangle1 minuteI looked at a picture on ufo sighting 2015 and was suprised to see a picture of what I had seen2/19/16
2/14/16 04:40Beacon FallsCTUSAFlash4 secondsWas outside smoking and a bright blue light lit up the back of my house. Thought it was a car, but happened to look up and saw the brig2/19/16
2/14/16 04:35FairfieldCTUSAUnknown3 secondsI was getting something from the car. The sky suddenly lit up blue. Then in the sky a streak of fire and it made a sparkling noice.2/19/16
2/14/16 04:35BridgewaterNJUSAFlash3 secondsMy back yard light up like lightening. 3 bright flashes blue/white color.2/19/16
2/14/16 04:30StarviewPAUSAFlash1 secondBright flash, followed by fireball.2/19/16
2/14/16 04:30East HamptonNYUSAFireball3 secondsBright orange light shines down into my bathroom window then disappears.2/19/16
2/14/16 00:30Hull (East Yorkshire) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle1 minuteDelta UFO type lights over Hull, UK.2/19/16
2/13/16 22:30Port HuenemeCAUSATriangle4 secondsBlack trianular object with six very large faint light blue lights along the leading edges of each side2/19/16
2/13/16 22:00ErieCOUSATriangle2-5 seconds5-6 objects flying in v formation2/19/16
2/13/16 21:30West MobileALUSAFireball2 minutes((HOAX??)) 5 "sequinized" fireballs in the sky.2/19/16
2/13/16 21:00CarpenteriaCAUSASphere2 minutesBright red light hovered a minute, then zoomed off fast.2/19/16
2/13/16 21:00GreensboroNCUSATriangle10 secondsBlack trangular object, silent, slow, and a set of very faint lights around it's perimeter.2/19/16
2/13/16 20:30ThibodauxLAUSALight10 minutes10 red lighted craft moving at low altitude across the sky above Thibodaux, LA2/19/16
2/13/16 20:00BoiseIDUSA2 minutesRed lights coming from the N to S, then disappearing as they came over the foothills. 5 separate lights. Would normally be airc2/19/16
2/13/16 18:30FarmingdaleNYUSALight3 minutesUnexplained very bright light in the night sky.2/19/16
2/13/16 18:22MorrisvillePAUSATriangle5-10 minutesRed Lights triangle shape flying over Morrisville, PA2/19/16
2/13/16 14:30PhoenixAZUSACircle1 hour+High altitude white disc observed.2/19/16
2/13/16 13:00Spring CreekNVUSASphere1+ hoursViewed a white orb moving north to south over Spring Creek, NV.2/19/16
2/13/16 11:30MonticelloMNUSATriangleI went out to take garbage out and I was looking at stars. Then I saw again This trianglar thing moving slowly towards me. It hovers re2/19/16
2/13/16 09:38PalmerAKUSALightSince i saw it the 10thThe continuation of the UFO activity in Palmer on the tenth at 23:00 night time. One UFO still in the general UFO hotspot with activity2/19/16
2/13/16 06:07Traralgon South (Australia)AustraliaLight2 minutesRapidly moving light travelling a large distance in short timeframe2/19/16
2/13/16 05:47Wheeler AAFHIUSALight2 secondsSeen 2 white orbs appeared to be bouncing off each other.2/19/16
2/13/16 05:30WichitaKSUSAChangingA few secondsOne light became four2/19/16
2/13/16 01:43GraylingMIUSAOval35 secondsNoticed a blue oval like orb streak past the highway as I was going up on 75 northbound, road was empty. Made me do a double take and t2/19/16
2/13/16 01:00NewburgINUSACircleloud Humming and strange ((HOAX??)) I witnessed a triangle with 3 lights on each side I've seen a bright ball with dark inside the ball I heard sirens noises.2/19/16
2/12/16 23:30SeabrookNHUSACircle10 minutesI was driving home from work. I look up and see 2 bright white circles flying in what appears to be a side by side formation, keeping2/19/16
2/12/16 23:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAChanging30 minutesLight beings bring ships onto sand @ Ft. Lauderdale Beach2/19/16
2/12/16 22:05Ojo CalienteNMUSALight75 minutesGirlfriend walked out the house looked up and saw rapidly blinking light various colors.I retrieved binoculars and was able to see diff2/19/16
2/12/16 21:00La PorteTXUSACircle7 seconds((HOAX??)) The light was so bright I thought the neighbors' house was on fire. Bright red lights there was no sound.2/19/16
2/11/16 23:35SeatacWAUSA5 minutesBlue lights over Angle Lake in Seatac, WA.2/19/16
2/11/16 22:05Casa GrandeAZUSASphere5 minutes2 amber orbs seen hovering stationary, 2 more amber orbs appeared shortly after. First set disapeared followed shortly by the second se2/19/16
2/11/16 22:00Lo de Marcos (Mexico)MexicoLight10 minutesTwo bright orange light that appeared in the sky over the Pacific Ocean . Disappears for 1min and reappear in a parallel allagment and2/19/16
2/11/16 19:40TampaFLUSAOval15-30 minutesLarge bright white/blue orb or saucer hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))2/19/16
2/11/16 19:00ZionILUSADiskFew secondsA bunch of lights with the silhouette of a saucer.2/19/16
2/11/16 17:50Salt Lake CityUTUSACircle10 minutesSilver orb hovering at 5 km, just east of the Salt Lake Valley.2/19/16
2/11/16 07:00Laguna BeachCAUSAFireball2 secondsI was looking toward the ocean when I saw a greenish blue ball sailing across the sky. It looked almost like a flare.2/19/16
2/11/16 06:45TustinCAUSALight10 secondsLime green streak of light going from east to west at 6:45 a.m. on Wed 2/11/2016.2/19/16
2/11/16 06:40VictorvilleCAUSAFireball8 secondsGreen/blue fireball travels across morning sky. ((NUFORC Note: We believe object was a meteor. See video. PD))2/19/16
2/11/16 06:20WhittierCAUSAFireball15 secondsAt approx. 0620 hrs., I was traveling southbound on the 605 freeway passing the city of Whittier. Traffic was heavy so I was travel2/19/16
2/11/16 06:00BurbankCAUSAFireball20 secondsWhile walking in Burbank on Hollywood Way, looking towards Toluca Lake, I saw a very bright green fireball streak.2/19/16
2/10/16 19:30Bothell/KirklandWAUSAOtherAll night till sun riseLarge flashing rainbow colored lights seen @630-7pm over I-405 N/S in Bothell/Woodinville/Juanita. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))2/19/16
2/10/16 05:20VancouverWAUSASphere3 minutesLarge round shape moving from the west to the east across the sky2/19/16
2/9/16 08:00White Sulphur SpringsMTUSAOther2 minutesA white or silver eye shaped craft.2/19/16
2/9/16 00:45Delta/Tsawwassen (Canada)BCCanadaSphere5-10 secondsBlue-green sphere appears over the ocean, hovers for a few seconds, before shooting off, and vanished.2/19/16
2/8/16 06:10TulsaOKUSAUnknown30 secondsOrange light.2/19/16
2/6/16 05:35North CantonOHUSAOval25 minutesSingle orange, elliptical object, hovering.2/19/16
2/5/16 20:30EverettWAUSAFormation3-5 secondsI witnessed a formation of 7-9 white lights fly silently from East to West at moderate speed and disappear after 3-5 seconds.2/19/16
2/5/16 20:00CooleemeeNCUSAUnknown4 minutes7 dark masses slowly fly past low above the trees, moving N to S following the South Yadkin River.2/19/16
2/4/16 19:30TucsonAZUSASphere20 minutesEight large, slow moving, noiseless orange-red spheres traveling over Tucson evening sky.2/19/16
2/2/16 19:00Toms RiverNJUSAOther10 minutesCraft speeding in diving position, with an orange/yellow glow. Then it came to a hault and hovered for a brief time then was gone2/19/16
1/4/16 06:30Fort St. John (Canada)BCCanadaLight30 secondsFlash of light a white beem at the end opened a blue starshap opening and vanish2/19/16
1/1/16 12:10Amelia IslandFLUSACircle30 secondsAn Orange Circle Object Flying in the Sky at Amelia Island.2/19/16
10/21/15 12:00AltusOKUSAFormation10-15 minutesOn that day i seen what appeared to be a cloud in the sky but quickly it moved forward leaving the cloud behind it was very huge and ma2/19/16
3/17/15 19:10GrayslakeILUSAChevron20 minutes((HOAX??)) 3 chevron shaped objects hovering one on top of the other.2/19/16
4/24/14 23:00Memphis (north of)TXUSARectangle2 minutesRectangular ship materialized north of Memphis, Texas.2/19/16
10/6/13 03:00Cedar Lake (south of)OKUSACircle5 minutesMultiple white glowing orbs seen in tree top near Talimena drive.2/19/16
2/11/12 21:00Flowery BranchGAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesLoud, constant sound from unidentified source.2/19/16
8/11/11 07:00FarmingtonWAUSASphere1 hourHovering stationary sphere over field. Seen on two separate days.2/19/16
10/15/06 17:00MettawaILUSATriangle15 secondsSitting in car and saw a large black triangular object hovering above the sky and then it suddenly shot up into the clouds.2/19/16
7/25/06 21:00Chula VistaCAUSALight5 minutesA friend and I saw flashing lights in sync. before violently flashing and disappearing.2/19/16
7/14/05 00:00BarabooWIUSATriangle25 minutesMassive craft seen in the Devil's Lake National Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin.2/19/16
3/13/97 20:35TucsonAZUSAChevron3-5 minutesI was driving west from Texas on interstate 10. I do not remember the time of the evening it was. I passed the Tucson city limits, and2/19/16
1/13/93 00:00Camp PendletonCAUSALight20-30 minutesRed light over Camp Pendleton, California.2/19/16
6/30/85 00:00RuskinFLUSACircleFew secondsWhite dots fade in and out.2/19/16
1/1/80 20:00LaramieWYUSAUnknown2 hoursUFO flew in a zig-zag motion from north to south in 10 seconds.2/19/16
7/17/68 21:00EdmondOKUSADisk15 minutesA close look at an EM drive vehicle July 17, 1968.2/19/16
6/1/66 01:00WashingtonINUSAUnknown10 minutesBack look like fire front look dark in color.2/19/16